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At Home with Wendz

Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we showcase Chelsea Chaplynski!

The ECLIPSE stylists showcase their favorite trends of Spring 2018.

Through the Lens

The theme for this issue is “Spring Activities,” and the talented blogger and photographer Sadystika Sabretooth lends us her lens.

The Art Perspective

For her monthly art piece, Oema reviews and sheds insight on “Eidola” by Livio Korobase housed at LEA24.

Page 8 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Gather a group of friends and explore Delacruz Park.

Synful Aeon goes in depth and discovers the roleplay community “Comraich.”

From the WSL management company, we feature their artist Harper Messmer.

June Fallon shows us her current favorites for spring Home & Garden decor.


ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Cheeky Pea Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero


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Voices from the Grid


The Wayfarer

Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Noey Ivy London Flower offers the best advice on the grid for all your SL needs.

Each month ECLIPSE asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

Join the Wayfarer on a journey exploring the sim, the Free Spirit Farms. ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 9


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I have cut out energy drinks and soda from my life. Soda is a minor detail, but I used to consume at least 24 ounces daily in energy drinks. My drink of choice was Redbull - in the light green can variety. Numerous sources have told me that I should feel refreshed and excellent after two weeks. It has been over two weeks, and I still feel like death. Perhaps that is a mild exaggeration, I feel ridiculously sluggish is a more accurate summation. Regardless of that, I am excited for this issue. For our cover feature, we have Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea. I love her work and am thrilled to be able to tell her story. We also have a piece on Delacruz Park. For the past few issues, I have tried incorporating at least one article that highlights an activity in Second Life. Whether someone visits it as a group or by themselves, I feel like it offers a nice change to the monotony of business-as-usual. Since last September, I have gotten into roleplay, specifically at Mischief Managed. Because of that, I am always excited to see what other roleplay communities there are on the grid. A few of my friends actively roleplay at Comraich, which is incidentally our “World of Roleplay� feature this month. I do hope you enjoy this issue, and happy readings!

letter from the publi


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through the lens

Sadystika Sabretooth SHOWS US HER TAKE ON “spring activities.” Photography by Sadystika Sa



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Home Isn’t a Place, It’s

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by lessthen zero & wic

a Feeling

cca merlin.

Page 38 | ECLIPSE April 2018

In the epistolary romance Love, Rosie, Rosie writes her parents “I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” This is true, but it is also true that a home shows the feelings it holds when it is alive with the furniture and decor that reflects the people who live there. One of those stores that excel at creating the stuff of life and the feeling of home is Cheeky Pea, the go-to for people making a second home in Second Life®. “Comfortable, calm, laid back. I like things that look lived in. Stuff that is too perfect makes me feel like it should be in a magazine. I want it to look like a real home, pillows all chucked about and blankets thrown over the sides. A friend of mine from SL once came to my RL house and said…“Oh my goodness, it’s Cheeky Pea in RL!” That’s how Cheeky Pea’s designer describes her style. For her, it’s all about creating a feeling.

Oh my goodness, it’s Cheeky Pea in RL!

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 39

Isla Gealach is Cheeky Pea’s chief cook and bottle washer. She does the modeling, texturing, and all the creating. Her husband, Ewan Mureaux in SL®, scripts and helps out with customer service. Saffron Foxclaw is the store manager, listing items on Marketplace™, customer service, and best friend duties. As she explains, “I’ve heard tales often of many people being behind the designs, and I sign a lot of things as “we at CP” but really it’s just me that designs. I do sometimes do collabs with other creators, but they are clearly marked as collabs.” Branding can be so difficult and we see many stores changing their name and rebranding again and again, but Gealach got it right the first time. Something about the name captures the mood of the store, that mix of handcraft and casual that says “relax, you’re home.” It’s the kind of name you might hire a team of consultants to develop, but Cheeky Pea’s origin story is much more organic. “When my

Page 40 | ECLIPSE April 2018

daughter was very young I used to call her a Cheeky little Pea. It sort of stuck. She has a multitude of nicknames, but when I was choosing a store name I just picked that at random. I don’t even like to eat peas!” Cheeky Pea has enjoyed unusual longevity in Second Life. Gealach has been able to shift from sculpties to mesh, from the mainstore release tradition to the event-centric marketing without any visible difficulty. She does not see this as an accomplishment so much as merely what is expected of any business. “I think in any marketplace you have to change with the times. I will admit the event-centric environment that currently exists is actually easier for me personally. I am not very good at self-motivation and I will obsess over details forever if I have time. In many ways it means I have a more stable release schedule. Mesh is a skill that has to be continually improved on. It definitely wasn’t seamless but a product of very, very hard work.”

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 41

That, however, minimizes her ability to ride the zeitgeist, to create what the customers want before they know they want it. To do that, she focuses on creating a variety of things, not just what she herself would want. “I make things to suit all styles (or try to) and some aren’t necessarily things I want, more what my customers have asked for. I love helping my customers, and especially my VIP group, find what they want.” Of course she gets the most pleasure from items that reflect her personal style. “It may sound cliche but I love it when something I feel close to really sells well. Not because of the monetary aspect, but because people really love what I felt closest too enough to part with their own hard-earned money and wanted it too.” She continued, “My favourite projects are those I would have in my home. I do a lot of things in SL and in RL that reflect each other. I think it has made me more aware of my RL space.” Gealach finds inspiration everywhere. Her first life friends send her photos of unique things they see, design elements they think she might like. Going shopping with Gealach can be an adventure because she pulls out her phone to take a snap of a piece of fabric or a piece of furniture. “I’m *that* person that takes photos all over a department store. I store them all to a pinterest board from my phone and when it’s time to work I promptly forget that pinterest board and just mush everything up from my very poor memory.” Page 42 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ChicModa - Kim Photographer & Stylist: Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 43

Page 44 | ECLIPSE April 2018

The Creative Process My creative process is quite complex. I start with a centrepiece. Something I love and something that I find unique. It isn’t always necessarily the “wow” piece of the set. It’s not always the biggest or the main piece. I sometimes start with an obscure side piece that I love so much, and just make the rest of the items around that. I might start planning an item in my head a few days before it even makes it into Maya. Then I open maya, start with a cube, and go from there. Modelling a large set can take anywhere from 30-70 hours. And I do not mean 2-3 days. I mean 30-70 working hours. To give you an idea most people have 24 effective hours at work a week out of the 40 odd hours they may work. And that is just the modelling phase. Then you UV map it, this can take another 4-10/15 hours. After that there is baking.. Texturing (my personal pet hatred), and animations, ads, marketing, publishing, etc etc etc. The modelling aspect is maybe half of the work. Most items that you might pay for example L$2,000 for (approx $8 US) might actually have 50100 real working hours behind them. That’s 0.8 - 1 cents per hour of work. *Per hour*. Not even a full cent per hour. That’s quite a bargain for someone to buy.

Gealach has worked in SL long enough now she is habituated to the usual irritations of SL commerce. She is, however, very frustrated that she cannot troubleshoot effectively, “My biggest issue with things at the moment is a limited error message reading. If something is wrong I’d really like to know what it is. As I’ve been in SL and creating for so long, the rest of things that likely bug other people are just normal to me now. If it changed I’d probably complain :D” As she mentioned, she has adjusted easily to the shift from mainstore marketing to event marketing. As someone with so many years of success behind her, she gets many event invites. She shared the secret

to getting her attention. She wants a Joe Friday kind of event organizer who presents the even without hearts and flowers but with ‘Just the facts, ma’am’ clarity. She points out she gets ten to thirty event invites a week. “This will sound sad - but if you send me a NC with a wall of text I really do not want to read all of that... Being hip, funny, trendy, trying to tell a story… It’s just a lot. If you put it out with Date, Time, What is required, and show me a logo or some sort of provenance to show me that what you’re doing is legit, I’ll likely pay more attention to it. This is really a situation where less is more. Make this information easily available and very clear.”

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 45

exclusively in SL. “It certainly wasn’t overnight but I never regret that time I worked extra hard for what I have now. I work far more hours now, but my work is flexible in that I can spend time with my family as and when I want to for the Second Life has made a profound and most part. I have time to spend with my positive difference in Gealach’s life. daughter, I can go to her school events, When she started SL, she worked in an and I am able to compensate by working office at a 9 to 5 job which she described in the evenings or at night time. It’s give as “slowly dying inside.” Creatively, she and take, but being self-employed gives experimented with one craft or another, me that freedom. It has changed my RL learning to knit, to sew, to paint, to draw. entirely.” As she described it, “The list was endless. I think if I had found a job that I could have She also met her husband through utilised my creative energy I would have Second Life, though interestingly, not been more satisfied. If there had been in-world, but on Plurk®, a social media something satisfying about my work, I platform. Many Second Life residents would have been a happier person.” congregate on Plurk® because it is so welcoming to Second Life they allow Working on Cheeky Pea and building people to choose Second Life as the up her business over the course of a few place they are from and have special years, she was able to support herself Second Life tags. Gealach gave an example of an ideal kind of notecard from an event she loves. As she said, “That right there makes me cry little bits of happy. Please do this all event people. Please.”

Page 46 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 47

It turned out that he lived close to Gealach, just fifty miles away. Of course, they had to meet up. “I had gone through a bit of a bad time in RL with some events happening in my family and he asked if I’d like to go to a fireworks show in the city closest to me. He showed up in a kilt. :’D (We live in Scotland). A couple of weeks we went to the cinema together. We were actually friends for about 8 months before we ever started dating. SL brought us together in RL, but our relationship was totally RL. It is nice being with someone who understands the SL community. It makes things much easier if I can ask him just to hop online and fix something. He also scripts, which is never a bad thing…” In addition to meeting her husband through Second Life, she has met many very good friends who are some of her closest friends in her first life now. To put it succinctly, Gealach says, “I think SL has impacted every aspect of my life.” In a generous sharing of her first and Second Life coming together, she threw a wedding celebration with an open invitation to her customers and friends. She recalled, “We were married in Greece in RL. It was an amazing time and one I’ll never forget. We had 3 people from SL at our wedding in RL! (and a +1 - looking at you Uncle Boo). Sharing that with friends and long-time customers in SL was actually a lot of fun.” Page 48 | ECLIPSE April 2018

With the coming of Spring, Gealach looks ahead to the future and it is in Second Life. She has created a Sansar account but has not had much time to explore it. It’s on her list, but for now, she has more certainty that Second Life will continue to be part of her life for a long time to come. As she described it, “If you’d asked me 10 years ago I’d have said it was probably a passing fad. 15 years on I can’t see this changing. SL is like anything else, trying to change with the times. They fill a niche and have a very loyal following. We feel like we can criticise almost like they are a government, but they are a company, and really I feel for the most part take what their user base says on board as best as they can.” Asked what advice she would give her avatar, if she could go back in time, you can tell that by and large, she would tell herself to do exactly what she did. “Rez a prim. Learn how to script. Don’t enter the drama. Hold fast to your friends because they may become amazing RL friends, no matter where in the world.” Teleport to Cheeky Pea. Check out Cheeky Pea on Marketplace, on Flickr, their Flickr Group and website. Follow Cheeky Pea on Facebook, Twitter and Plurk. ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 49

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ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 55

the art perspect written by oema. photograph

Oema curates the ECLIPSE Magazine art column. Each piece, she discovers, reviews and highlights the work of some of the most creative and talented artists on the grid. She offers a fresh perspective in the vibrant and vast world of the arts. For this month’s feature, Oema showcases the art exhibition “Eidola” by Livio Korobase, which can be found at LEA24.

tive y by oema.

“Eidola” is an artistic installation hosted by LEA24 and created by Livio Korobase.It is a complex, structured representation of statues (3D objects) and images. To complete the pictures, some quotes from famous people in past and present history help the observer to understand the meaning of the exhibition better. The author has exploited all the space made available to him by creating rooms. Each of which delves into an aspect of “perception,” of the way that the human being has to relate

Page 60 | ECLIPSE April 2018

to the outside world and to see it, feel it, and interpret it. In simpler words: what the person believes to be the reality that surrounds him. The title of the installation takes its name from Democritus’ theory of perception. He believed that each object issued a certain number of copies of itself, called “eidola” (singular, eidolon). According to the philosopher, the “eidola” would cross the human eyes allowing the perception of the surrounding reality.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 61

The author of the “Eidola” installation is Livio Korobase, an Italian artist who loves working three-dimensionally. He does not like to call himself an artist, preferring to describe himself as an explorer of the virtual platform and its possibilities in the artistic field. His 3D modeling work is usually done in Autodesk 3D Max, a sophisticated program that allows realizing very accurate and detailed modeling (in addition to modeling, the program can even create complex animations). We could call Korobase a communicator, as he loves to transmit thoughts in different ways: in fact, in addition to art, he loves music and narration. Telling stories is an intense way of communicating, of transmitting a thought that can be shared or not by the listener. The theme of the “Eidola” artistic installation hosted by LEA24 is, as I anticipated, perception. Perception means “the act of perceiving, that is, of becoming aware of a reality that is considered external, through sensorial stimuli, analyzed and interpreted through intuitive, psychic and intellectual processes.” Korobase, in the introductory notecard, explains how, over time, the notion of perception has changed considerably. In particular,

Page 62 | ECLIPSE April 2018

he quotes Pythagoras, who believed that we could see thanks to the beams of light that the eye emits and that allowed us to perceive external reality. On the other hand, Democritus believed that it was the object perceived to emit different replicas of itself and that such replicas penetrated the human eye and allowed its perception. The retina is understood as a sensitive surface that collects images, makes the first elaboration and transmits information to higher centers, comes from Johannes Kepler and dates back to 1604. This is the theory we believe today. Korobase, in his notecard, explains that the art installation was inspired by reading the book “The Eye and the Idea� by Ruggero Pierantoni, published in 1981. Ruggero Pierantoni is biophysicist and psychologist; he teaches the all University of Genoa and the School of Design. He worked in the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Mexico. His work revolves around the different perceptions: visual, acoustic, spatial and temporal. The five rooms that make up the installation of Korobase refer to the five chapters of the book by Pierantoni. Korobase says he wants to sort out the different ideas that pertain to human perception.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 63

In my opinion, it is a complicated issue, in which the brain plays an important role and is not a mere “orderer of pieces” offered by the retina. On the contrary, I consider valid the recent theories of quantum physics which affirm the possibility that the human brain is a sophisticated “projector” of a seemingly external reality. In this case, the brain plays an active role in creating the world we experience. Whatever your idea of ​​perception and how it happens in practice, Korbase’s art installation encourages reflection and comparison. For this reason, I invite you to visit it; it will remain open until the end of June. Teleport to Eidola.

Page 64 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 65

Page 66 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 67

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the proust spotli

photography by Chelsea Ch

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented Chelsea Chaplynski. When asked to share something about herself, she tells us, “I have been in Second Life now for almost 10 Years, I have had fun times and hurtful times but all very memorable. Secondlife has taught me a lot about people that the real world hasn’t.. also so very much about myself aswell. My favourite things to do in secondlife is blog obviously, I love to play dress ups and take photos. I appreciate all of the support I get from my fellow blogging friends.”



What is your ideal of perfect happiness? My ideal perfect happiness is watching my RL kids bond and show each other love. They are all so close ( I have 4) and such generous souls. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Accepting change... I don’t do this well at all. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Apparently I use the smiley face too much :) What do you consider your greatest achievement? My 4 children obviously :) Bringing them up to be great humans. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? A puppy, so I can be lazy, told I’m cute and be petted all day long. What do you most value in your friends? Honesty! Number 1! If there is no trust there’s no friendship. Loyalty, and its awesome to have a friend with the same things in common. What is your greatest regret? Never believing I am worth it, I really wish I had more faith in myself and had loved myself more. How would you like to die? With a chocolate bar in my mouth, kay thanks. What is your motto? I am a great believer of “everything happens for a reason.” What is your most marked characteristic? I’m a lover not a fighter, I’m very caring and I am always worrying about others. Connect with Chelsea on her Flickr.

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ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 81

things to do

featuring Delacruz Technologies and Park. written by synful aeon. photography by tayl

lor wassep.

Page 84 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Delacruz Technologies has been in Second Life® since 2014, owned by Sergio Delacruz. He didn’t start off learning to build. No, he started off learning Second Life’s scripting language, and then he began making scripts. Gradually he moved onto building, then learning how to build things in mesh using Blender. He first started putting his interactive demos out on a quarter sim in 2015 and that gradually grew in size as he built more and more items. While he built park rides Delacruz worried not only about the graphical representation of them but how they would function when people interacted with them within the limits of the sim they were on. His friends also gave him a lot of support and ideas for the park rides but Delacruz painstakingly built and scripted all the amusement park rides and games himself. He built a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a water slide, and many more rides and games but the hardest of all his creations to make was the roller coaster.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 85

“If you build it he will come,” Shoeless Joe Jackson, Field of Dreams. Delacruz had no idea the excitement that would bubble up with his demos sitting out for people to test. Day by day more and more people kept coming to check them out. The quarter sim he first started laying his products out on later became a moderate-rated full homestead sim. He also put out natural decor to make the sim have more of an amusement park feel to it. “I really didn’t plan to build a park, but a simple place where I put my product demos for customers! I noticed that people loved to come and play and have fun there. So I decided to build a park environment and tried to give it a “soul,”” explained Delacruz. When landing at Delacruz visitors are met with the rules of the park, a map, links to the park’s various social media outlets: Youtube®, Facebook®, Flickr®, a shopping cart that teleports patrons to the store to buy the various creations, event signs, and a chicken avatar. One sign is marked with a red balloon and says in big black and red letters “Every One” when clicked it leads to a charity page called Save the Children. Delacruz Park donates part of its earnings to this charity to save children in hard hit areas of the world like Bangladesh and Puerto Rico. Save the Children works in one hundred and twenty five places all around the world. ”People are constantly organizing meetings or little events at the park. Recently a friend organized an Easter hunt,” said Delacruz.

Page 86 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Beside the bumper cars and Ferris wheel there are little amusement park games that Delacruz created, but the park is more than just the rides. The carefully laid out atmosphere of the park adds magic to the atmosphere hiding little gems of adventure in various areas. Lurking throughout the park are hidden stone messages. Perhaps one can be found near the Moi statues situated with a hot air balloon ride. Maybe one can be found in the koi house for those needing a moment to relax from all the park excitement. If feeling adventurous and wanting a scenic view of the park perhaps one should try the replica of a Mesoamerican step-

pyramid, called the Temple of Kukulcan or take a ride of the Drop Tower. No telling where the hidden stone messages may be found or what adventure they lead to. Wanting to get those feet off the ground? Then Delacruz Park offers hot air balloon rides, hang gliders, a mythical dragon, and even hover cars. Maybe a park goer feels the need to get their adrenaline going and shoot themselves from the human cannon located by a replica of Stonehenge or perhaps they want to go bungee jumping. Don’t forget to bring that swimsuit for the water slide and other rides that land a park patron in the water.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 89

In the park there is a horror game called “Susan’s Diary” created in 2016. The teleport to the game is one of the signs placed back at the landing point. When teleporting to the game area a player is asked to read the rules of the game and to join the Delacruz Technologies group. To be able to enter the shack and start the game it is vital enter the group. With the rules of the game there are suggested audio and atmosphere settings to improve the gamers’ experience. Clicking on items throughout the

Page 90 | ECLIPSE April 2018

shack the gamer starts off looking for several items to start the quest looking for various pages from an old diary in the haunted shack to find out what happened to little Susan. After finding those items the gamer begins their trek through secret passageways and various locations on the sim, solving puzzles that must be finished in order via the hud found at the starting point. Susan’s Diary has been mentioned on several Italian art sites for its aesthetics.

When Delacruz felt present his park to S patrons he did more his demos out for th He setup a Youtube showcased his creat help of others in a v manner, with peopl liking his videos. In Drax showcased De The Drax Files: World three and half minu that aired July 15, 20

the need to Second Life e than just set hem to enjoy. e channel and tions with the very professional le such as Drax fact, in 2016 elacruz Park on d Makers on a utes segment 016.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 91

Page 92 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Today Delacruz collaborates with several artists and institutions on content creation and programming aimed at teaching and communicative activities. He also has a site that gives tutorials on scripting and building. Second Life has some limits to creating in it and seizing the opportunities that Sansar offers creators on a VR platform Delacruz has started creating there. Recently on January 27, 2018, Delacruz released a video on his YouTube channel showcasing for everyone his newest release in Sansar, Orphanage of Angels. An adventure awaits at Delacruz Park and in Sansar for those waiting to see what is going to happen next with Delacruz Technologies. Teleport to Delacruz Park. Follow Delacruz Technologies on Facebook. Check out Save the Children: US Site and Italian Site.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 95

Page 96 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 97

Comraich Character: Akiko Nagachika aka Hanagumo Photograph by Taylor Wassep

the world of role

this month we feature “comraich.� written by synful aeon. photography by sinontherocks & tayl


lor wassep.

The World of Comraich opened March 8, 2018, and it stands out from the many mythical medieval roleplay sims in Second Life due to its lore, scenery and organization. With over two hundred and fifty pages on its wiki explaining Comraich in great detail it took years for Branwyn Emerald and her husband to create it. Starting off in 2002, Emerald and her husband ran a private Ultima Online server called Sanctuary. During six months away her family Emerald wrote the lore for Comraich. When she returned, they re-opened their Ultima Online server with the new lore, map and scripts for Comraich. It ran from 2004 to 2007 then they replaced that lore to try something new. “This will be the third time Comraich has been the lore for an online role-playing community, and I’m pleased to say it has always held up to the needs of the player base,” said Emerald.

Page 100 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 101

Page 102 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Comriach’s lore is low — fantasy and low — magic world loosely based off of Earth folklore, myths, and culture. It works in conjunction with a web-based strategy game and is designed to offer the player the opportunity to create their own unique family and house fiction. Characters are humans who have non-human character ancestors in their DNA to provide the fantasy aspect while the historical cultures of Vikings, Romans and Moors provide a bit of the historical aspect to the lore. To bring forth the soft fantasy aspects of these family bloodlines, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Narnia have been tapped into. With five (soon to be six) cities already in play there is always the possibility of families going to war or assassins and spies undermining their leaders. Comraich uses the RPCSS, Role Play Conquest Simulation System for largescale medieval fiction function to run smoothly without potential unfair involvement. “Sims like Game of Thrones can actually have a “game” to manage armies, spies and financial power with the RPCSS. However, RPCSS can not be used alone. It is inherently tied to the sim’s role-play, and we needed lore and a sim design to support the breadth of scale a game like RPCSS could provide,” said Emerald. They developed another system for Comraich to settle minor disputes between individuals using the dice and meter. While using the dice two players in a duel or a physical fight would roll for their station such as a knight or samurai to deliver a blow to their opponent.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 103

Page 104 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Comraich Character: Delilah Photograph by Absinthe Holloway-Aster (sinontherocks) ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 105

They hope to use the Unity Meter for tourneys in the future to show a person’s health. “What makes Comraich truly different is the ability to wage political and marital conflict on a scale that even a dozen game masters couldn’t manage by hand. RPCSS provides a real and viable option for a group of players to achieve control of land, castles and ultimately a throne,” explained Emerald. Teleporting into Comraich, a person first comes into a room with a giant map where various staffers are standing to assist. Looking on the walls of this landing point there are descriptions of the many races and kingdoms. The map located on the floor of the room tells when certain players are online in Comraich. Those who wish to enter the sim as an observer to see the role play in action must wear medieval clothing and an observer tag at all times. Observer tags are available near the landing point if needed. Out of character conversations should be held in private if questions for the role players come up. The entrance to Comraich transports a person into a vast wooded area on a dirt road with signs leading to different cities and event areas. Page 106 | ECLIPSE April 2018

To become a role-player in Comraich one must think of a story using the races and kingdoms from the lore and apply via an application portal on the Comraich website and wait for approval. Those needing further assistance than what the application page can give can go to the discord channel for Comraich listed on the page. There are three separate systems to register with for the role-play and all info is given on the application page. In the north there is the kingdom of Valgard, in the south there is the kingdom of Zuben, in the middle there is the kingdom of Telrae’dor and then there is a disputed area of land called Panchea. As Valgard is the northernmost kingdom, it is a blend of Nordic and Gaelic cultures with loose fictional inspiration coming from the TV show The Vikings and the films King Arthur (2004) and Braveheart. The Alfarians are tall, pale, noble, smart, and barbaric. The Frems are a large Celtish population of Valgard. Another of the races in the northern kingdom are called the Jots, and they tower over the other two races reaching over eight feet tall!

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 107

The southernmost kingdom called Zuben is composed of the Euresu, the Zephrin and the slaves of Zuben. The Euresu are the offspring of Titans and humans. They are exceedingly tall at eight foot the shortest close to six feet tall. Known for their great skill at hunting and having a very civilized societal structure. The Zephrin are descendants of jinn and humans. Not much is known about the jinn except they were well-known for their dark hair, dark skin and bright eyes. Then there are slaves from all over Comraich bought and sold in the Zuben market. In the middle kingdom, Telrae’dor, there are the Gentry and the Smallfolk. The Gentry incorporate the best and worst of Narnian and King Arthur lore with beautiful witches and noble lords that exude power and elegance. The Small folk are the descendants of humans and Broadfeet. They are skilled craftsmen, farmers, and miners. Lastly there is the disputed area of Panchea that has been under the control of most of the kingdoms in the region at one time or another. The land of Panchea is home to the Jizani from the Asian Bishani Empire based on the stories of feudal Japan. Since Comraich just opened up in March many of the kingdoms have room to grow and some even have kinks in setting up their factions. The history of Comraich states there is a coronation coming of a Dubh heir and the Valgarins have called an emergency Althing to be held at Vortigern’s Cairn in Willowyne. While many of the castle servants are putting up decorations for the festivities, there is a whisper heard all along the land that “night” has come. What will the mischief with the new heroes get into? Will a war happen in the north ? Will a crusade take place and what for? Only time and the creativity of the role-players will know for sure. Visit them in-world. Check out their website. Page 108 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 109

Page 110 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Comraich Character: Hinako Photograph by Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 111

Page 112 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 113

Trending now

photography by Temp

Trending Now is a monthly piece dedicated to showcasing some of the best ready-to-wear fashion found on Second LifeÂŽ. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine stylists put together outfits inspired by the hottest trends of Spring 2018.

pest rosca.

AnnaG Pfeffer in Americana Hair: exxess - Ferrara Glasses: Ryca - Jsca Malt color Necklace: Kunglers - Camilla Jacket: Villena - Pelted Fur Jacket - Babe Blouse: Ison - reina one shoulder shirt Pants: Rebel Hope - Val Mesh Stripe Legging Clutch: Dew - Knuckle purses Shoes: Gos Boutique - Bianca Pumps Page 118 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 119

Caesar Langer in All White Everything Top: Etham - Jase Jacket Pants: Ascend - Marc Formal Pants Shoes: Versov - Moncadov Necklace: Swallow - Rosary Short Ring (l): Ysoral - Luxe Ring Timeo Ring (r): Kunst - Stapled Ring

Page 120 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 121

Ombrebleue Winsmore in Haute Denim Hair: Dura - B&G83 Earrings: Chop Zuey - Chandrani India Jacket: sYs - Belleville BodySuit: Gizza - Bella Jeans: Mogul - Adja High Heel: Azoury - Cephase Nails: Formanails - Ciri Page 122 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 123

SaianSamuel in The Naughties Pants : Complex - Thom Shirt : Ascend - Eric Shoes : Graphit Design - mocassonis Hair : No.Match - No.Silence Page 124 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 125

Silly Avro in Saturated Hair: Due - Nomisuke Coat: Coco - Shaggy Coat Jumpsuit: KC - Mayla Jumpsuit Shoes: Blueberry - Fire Boots Page 126 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 127

Tempest Rosca in Japonica Hair: Tram - G1224 Top: *AGATA* - Youen Jacket: Villena - Rose Bud Leggings: Blueberry - Poppy Shoes: Gos - Bianca Parasol: Kosmii - Cyber Wagasa

Page 128 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 133

artist highlight

photography by taylo

or wassep.

Harper Messmer is one of the many talented live artists with Whispering Sands Live Promotions and has been with them for about two years. He learned about the SL Music industry through the late Ictus Belford, who was the first musician he had ever listened to on Second Life. Harper shares, “He was kind enough to show me the ropes and explain to me what I needed to get started. He would always jokingly say that he discovered me.” From there, he began performing in 2007, and “[I] have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the finest people in the music scene, including Maximillion Kleene, Raspberry Rearwin, Mimi Carpenter, Damien Carbenell, and Digby Smalls.” Regarding his favorite performance, he details how it is the ones where he dual streams with other musicians. “Being able entertain others while sharing the stage with my friends is something I’ll always look forward to and cherish.” These are his top 5 favorite songs to sing: James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go Ed Sheeran - Perfect Justin Timberlake - Say Something Niall Horan - Slow Hands Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel When asked to share something that our readers might not know about him, “I enjoy spending time with my family as well as learning new things in the technology field! I often have a stack of books on my night stand that I always promise to someday read. I don’t eat meat or dairy. I have watched The Office (US) at least 10 times over - it’s my goto.” For a sample of his musical talent, check out his Facebook and Patreon.

Page 136 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 137

Toxie’s Top Five Songs to Sing “Am I The One” by Beth Hart (Favorite Blues Singer) “Bilingual” by Jose Nunez (Favorite Adult Tune) “She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles (Her life soundtrack) “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies (Loves the rock vibe) “Imagine” by John Lennon (Reminds her of SL)

Page 138 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 141

Page 142 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 143

at home with wen


Wendz Tempest explores the long underappreciated and overlooked world of home and garden design. The flourishing diversity and abundance of choice since the mesh revolution has led to a bold new world of world creation. For this month’s feature, June Fallon showcases the best and brightest in Spring Home & Decor.



Page 146 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 147

Page 148 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 149

Page 150 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 151

Page 152 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 153

Page 154 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 155

Page 156 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 157

Page 158 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 159

Page 160 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 161

dust bunny . potted cheese plant Kalopsia - Blossom’s Lamp ACORN Chesterfield Sofa Black -Adult Ariskea[Sage] Window [Wood]1 Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer] Kalopsia - Pastel Morning - Table dust bunny . brunch . fig cheese board . RARE ACORN Leather Pouf -Patch Black dust bunny . potted cheese plant Fancy Decor: So Fancy Throw Pillow

.01 [ kunst ] - Wine stave wall rack Dahlia - Malta - Mirror - Copper 1Li =EliBaily= Ivy 01 brocante. unfinished wallpaper / mural ..::THOR::.. Vintage Workshop Sideboard Serenity Style- Nostalgia Rug Serenity Style- Nostalgia Rug Kalopsia - Pastel Morning - Chair .06 [ kunst ] - Don Perdigon glass #1 / Rose [ keke ] hard to find - glass of water Page 162 | ECLIPSE April 2018

Dahlia - Cabin Candle - Large Open LTD Studded Cushion (24K) LTD Chains Cushion Busy) Apple Fall Wine Glasses ..::THOR::.. Candlestick Phone dust bunny . spotted begonia Ariskea [Ophelia] Verde Painting Apple Fall Leather Moccasins ACORN Vintage Style Alarm Clock [ keke ] rug 43 - oriental peach

Granola. Zella’s Dining Table. Granola. Zella’s Old Chair. PG. Granola. Zella’s Tulip Jug. Yellow. Kalopsia - Madeleine’s Wood Box Dahlia - Malta - Peonies - Warm 1Li Dahlia - Malta - Peonies - Cool 1Li .06 [ kunst ] - Don Perdigon open bottle / Rose Granola. Zella’s Tulip Centerpiece. Yellow. Allison’s Distressed Birdcage Lamps. Copper. Fancy Decor: Bonham Place Setting (gold)

Apple Fall Long Curtain (Old Item) HPMD - Vines ACORN Eva Art floorplan. garden string light curve/7 Granola. Avalon’s Sofa Grey. ADULT. ARIA - Elah Tufted Soft Bench ACORN Rug -Duck Egg ACORN Violin -Hearts +Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Roll Over (Merle) +Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Lay (Merle) dust bunny . olivia armoire . grey ARIA - Bridal Parlour - Chandelier - Gold Granola. Avalon’s Sign. Rose Gold. FIX Granola. Tabitha’s Beaded Curtains. Dark. *LODE* Head Accessory - Juliet [iceberg] Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue Fancy Decor: Cavalieri Side Table

Kalopsia - Pastel Morning - Old Mirror dust bunny . round curtain Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot [Merak] - Rustic Decorative Chair Ariskea[Angel] Lingerie Hanger [Pink] ACORN Floor Rug -Rembrandt Fancy Decor: Chain Magazine Tray Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude PILOT - Ruffle Ottoman Decor [white]

Dahlia - Blossom Accent Pillows - .07 C/M Dahlia - Blossom Accent Pillows - .04 Dahlia - Sunday - Teacup Eggs - Robin/Rose ACORN Book and Clock Stack -JA dust bunny . book pile ACRORN Floor Rug -Rembrandt fri. - Lulu.Booties (Cloud) dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree Serenity Style- The Memories Hat Box Kalopsia - Pastel Morning - Perles Lamp Dahlia - Blossom Accent Pillows - .09 - MYSTERY C/M The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Decorative Floppy Hat ACORN 4 Post Spring Bed -Adult Dahlia - Blossom Accent Pillows - .09 - MYSTERY C/M

Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket [ keke ] winter flowers - big branch Serenity Style- Kira Travel Closet [ARIA] Bella Perfume Tray Granola. June’s Vintage Mannequin Type 2 Bronze. Granola. June’s Vintage Mannequin Type 3 Bronze. Granola. June’s Vintage Mannequin Type 1 Bronze. .05 [ kunst ] - Vintage trunk / red - copper [ keke ] winter screen - stars {anc} lacecurtain .gold:setugetuka:yuki

RJD Miles End Bungalow HPMD* Garden Tree08 - green c ..::THOR::.. Bicycle Blue M stand ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 163

Page 164 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 165

ask noey: the advice guru

send your questions to noey here, and it might be in our next issue. written by noey ivy london fl

lower. photography by TAYLOR WASSEP.

Dear Noey, Whenever I am nice to someone, they automatically assume I’m being flirtatious. I am not. How can I fix this? Not Flirting Frankie Dear Not Flirting Frankie, Second Life is kinda funny that way isn’t it? We tend to get carried away with all the flirtations of everything that we forget that there might just be some genuinely nice people out there without any hidden agendas. Best way to combat that is to continue to be nice back and just slide each sexual advance under the rug. Bypass it, dont acknowledge it. Of course if its just plain disrespectful then you you need to address them. Now to make sure you are not coming across as a flirt all the time, maybe try a few of these. ANd if these dont work maybe they will give you some ideas on how to deal with the situation in your own way. I make myself totally goofy a lot of times so that people dont take me seriously. If you say something that could be taken flirtatious, just put it out there....say “ Hey Im not hitting on you BUT...” And see where that takes you. SL is just a flirty, fun enviroment, and we just have to take our time establishing our identity, creating who we are and how we want people to take us. I think it all really depends on how you have portrayed yourself in the past. Maybe think about that and then start figuring out a new way to approach things. Just grab an idea out of a hat, try it out and if it works go with it!

Page 168 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 169

Dear Noey, One of my friends recently broke up with their ex. A few weeks later, all of a sudden he’s dating his SL daughter. I understand that they’re not actually related, but I still am disgusted. Should I say something to him? Or leave it be? Signed, Disgusted Danny Dear Disgusted Danny, Honestly... I would just let it be. I know they are not actually related, but then why did they even bother RPing the whole dynamic out if they didnt see it that way in the first place? I have to agree with you on this one, Its a little gross. Its not ok in RL, and even though this is sl, its still not ok in my eyes. I would stay out of it. Not only will you be fighting with her ex, but possibly the ex daughter as well. And no one needs to be dealing with idiotic stuff like that. You dont need to volunteer yourself for the Jerry Springer show...Not sure if you know who that was. Just wipe that slate clean and move right along. You dont need to get messed up in that kind of thing.

Page 170 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 171

Dear Noey, I have a facebook account for my SL avatar. There are a few people that always have something clever and funny to say. I really want to become their friend, but I’m unsure how. I don’t want to just send them a Facebook message because we have never spoken before. How can I become friends with them? Signed, Shy Shane Dear Shy Shane, Just go for it!!!! What do you honestly have to loose? Im assuming you are referring to SL Facebook... and that’s a social platform. SO use it for what its made for! You can say something like... ”Hey! Im always seeing you post funny stuff on FB and just wanted to let you know that I think you are freakin funny! Maybe we will run into each other in world and have some laughs!” You kinda cant go wrong with that. And most of the time, people are pretty openly receptive to that. Its better to put yourself out there then to go around trying find out who they are secretively.

Page 172 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 173

Page 174 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 175

Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine asked residents, “What is your greatest accomplishment in Second Life?”


Photograph provided by Adalynne.

Page 178 | ECLIPSE April 2018



dalynne [AdalynneReed Resident] joined SecondLife in November of 2012 and slowly found her way into blogging in 2015. Her blog is called Graceful Class and Elegant Sass

I don’t know if I can pinpoint one thing that I could call my greatest accomplishment in SL. We are all growing and changing with whatever it is that we are here in this crazy little world for. For me, anything that I have set my mind on doing, I’ve done just that. I have a great love and passion for photography as well as decorating and sim designing. These three factors have played a pivotal role in pushing me to become who I am today. I started blogging in 2015 with mainly fashion posts but was surprisingly approached by the lovely Nanda Marjeta of Chez Moi to become a part of her team. I knew then I would want to combine my blog and evolve it into what is it is today.. Both Fashion and Home & Garden. I am truly blessed to have been able to work with some truly amazing creators both currently and over the past two years. In a nutshell, I assume it is safe to say that not only has blogging become one of my greatest accomplishments, but also a healthy addiction ;) Check out her Flickr and Blog.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 179

Photograph by Tempest Rosca. Page 180 | ECLIPSE April 2018



rcangel Moonwall [Arcangel33] joined Second Life six years ago, on February 19, 2012. His first career in SL was as Music Event Manager at The Queen, his own club, on a sim with many shops. He started blogging on October 3, 2015 with the help and support of his great friend Trudina who collaborated on his blog. This excited his passion for fashion and photography, challenging himself to show designer products in the best possible light. Many designers liked his work and invited him to blog for them. He became a blogger manager for E-Clipse Design, one of the stores he blogged for. He is also grateful to his good friend David Cooper (Doux and L’etre) who also trusted him to be a blogger of their signatures. My biggest accomplishment in Second Life is to become who I am, Arcangel Moonwall, the Moonwall surname is one of my greatest pride for what it means, the union, respect, loyalty and above all the love that we have as Family. At a professional level I am proud to be a blogger and blogger manager for so many shops. I am most proud of my connection to The Bearded Guy mainly because it is the family brand, dedicated to tattoos and backdrops. I Am Blogger Manager at NOCHE, this signature has been one of my challenges since I have always admired his products and quality. Then i became Blogger Manager for WRONG & The Owl, brands that make great poses with style and exquisite taste in them. My career does not end here, with much effort I became the Blogger Manager of CheerNo, a brand dedicated to the production of masculine clothes of great originality and innovation. I kept growing in the field and got the chance to be Blogger Manager of Ascend; they make awesome clothes and accessories for women and men with sophisticated designs. I started working as Designer and Blogger Manager for The Men Jail Event, an event exclusively dedicated to the masculine sector, with great signatures and exclusive designs, Blogger Manager for DUBAI Event, a new event that is about to be presented to the public for both men and women, a good project with good perspectives. At this time the Moonwall’s family is working on a great project that we are very excited about and in the coming months we will be able to tell you more.I would like to take these lines to thank all those people who have helped me and have always been with me, mainly to the firms previously named. Check out his Flickr and Blog.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 181

Photograph provided by Mafalda. Page 182 | ECLIPSE April 2018


afalda joined SL in 2008, in these years she’s lived a thousand experiences and a thousand adventures before arriving in the world of photography and fashion. Role-playing games, discos, strip clubs, vampires and then the fashion world, not to mention photography: her great passion! Her passion? Sure: photos but also shopping! Mafalda has a blog with a very long and old story, she went hunting for free items and outfits and shared her style with the community and then she tried to grow and aim high. Now she is a blogger for many Second Life designers and works as a photographer and cover director for VSN Magazine, always looking for something that can put it in competition with her limits to create something new.


This is a good question, difficult but not impossible! First of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in this interview, I feel very honored and excited! And I suppose this can be part of the theme, right? Well, what in my opinion has given “success” to my experience in Second Life is to see many people who support me and who appreciate my work, my photos and my creativity. It isn’t easy to be satisfied and actualized in a context so rich in competition as the world of “blogging” and “photography”, however in my humility I try to take what I deserve and I get excited every time someone contact me in-world to compliment me or if they recognize me while I take a walk in some store or event. I don’t deny that it’s difficult to get something concrete, you need to have a great self-esteem and above all be self-critical, live carefree and especially you must know people who really believe in you. There were many times when I could not convince myself to do something good, I had a thousand things on my mind and I felt very stressed but it was enough to make me change my mind: one afternoon I realized that someone was writing in local chat (or rather screaming, lol) “Oh Gosh, Mafalda!”, it took me a moment to realize that that person was a very well-known blogger and I could not hold back for a whole day a gigantic smile!I assure you that it was terribly embarrassing, I felt the center of attention and did not know how to behave because I am usually a “fangirl” who screams with joy in recognizing her idol! Well, this feeling was super! Another great emotion that made me check to my goals was when I read the message of a great designer who welcomed me into his family of bloggers! That really remains a great success for me! But... Seriously speaking, the goal that I set and partly achieved is to be able to realize shots that arouse in me something, the thrill of emotion or a story within the image. This has been a long journey, which still continues to be difficult, but I know for sure that in these 5 years of mistakes, successes and hardships I managed to achieve the success I so much desired. And I’m more than sure that this invitation in ECLIPSE is also a proof of what I have just told you about me! A warm hug and a greeting to all your readers! Check out her Flickr, Blog & VSN Magazine. ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 183

Photograph provided by Danny Riley. Page 184 | ECLIPSE April 2018

danny riley


anny Riley started her work as a blogger in the year 2015 with the blog Magical Style SL. Since then, she has been walking her way, winning his space in the great nucleus of bloggers SL!

Hello, I’m Danny! I am a Brazilian, 26 years old, a blogger and happy with my work. Well, my experience in SL began in the year 2013 when, out of curiosity, I decided to create an account in Second Life. I spent 2 years, searching for what I wanted to do, I was not happy...until I became interested in the fashion world and found my place in the sun. It was not easy as soon as the bloggers started, there were not many opportunities. But I was persistent and chased after my dream! Today, two and a half years as a blogger, I feel fulfilled. I am always looking to do my best, trying to conquer even more space in this world that is so busy. Always thanking my followers, who have been following me since 2015 in the Estilo Mågico Sl blog and in my flickr. Without the people who follow me, nothing would be possible! Check out her Flickr, Blog and Facebook.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 185

Photograph provided by Suzurin Karu.

Page 186 | ECLIPSE April 2018

suzurin karu


uzurin Karu started to live Second Life from 2008 when she was college student. Her major was Web-Designing and took part in “Second Life” class as a kind of graphic art related lesson. She has experienced all the basic fun of SL, and she found most fascinating thing–gardening and vegetation. She learned how to make a good garden and landscaping in Second Life. Some friends of hers who saw her gardens offered her to create gardens for their inworld stores and shops. Especially she focused on making Japanese gardens in the traditional Yu-Kaku style. This is her current style of gardening. She also loves to take snapshot in SL, so she learned some techniques of make a better garden for taking snapshot. Actually I had a big accomplishment of my Second Life in a few days ago, I’m working for SSOC, a new Japanese City( will be released at May 2018. My part is creating a landscape around the riverbed of “Contemporary Japan”. The one snapshot preview of my landscape of the embankment had a very good evaluation on Twitter. That helped me to keep motivation. I want to make great scene including nostalgia as gardener and will continue working toward better style of gardening. Check out her Flickr, Blog and Twitter.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 187

Photograph provided by Marie Pearson.

Photograph provided by Freya Cromwell. Page 188 | ECLIPSE April 2018

marie pearson


arie Pearson landed in Second Life in February 2007 and after the initial “ooohs” and “aaahs” caused by a brand new world with infinite possibilities, started building and selling furniture, houses and jewelry. But, in 2014, due to real life issues, she left SL (apparently) for good. In 2016, led by curiosity, she decided to come back, created a new avatar and promised to just enjoy SL without any further endeavours. Roaming around the diversity of SL led to something unexpected: SL photography, which has become her major activity here; you can see her pictures at My greatest accomplishment... that’s a hard one.

Second Life is a harsh mirror of the real world where you can see the best and the worst in people, but it is also a place where we can witness the amazing creativity of everyone involved in it, and I suppose my greatest accomplishment here is to document through images this creativity, whether through the sims they create, the fashion items, the amazing buildings and all other designs. But also to try to capture the soul behind the avatars of the people I meet, their kindness, sense of humour, compassion and beauty. After some time this has become my main drive: to try to understand and really see the real people behind the 3D ‘persona’ and show a glimpse of it through a simple picture. SL — and all the people in it — never fail to amaze me and, although limited by its nature, it is an amazing, and very real, world. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 189

Photograph by provided by Dean Joe.

Page 190 | ECLIPSE April 2018

dean joe


ean Joe joined SL in 2011, and ended up bringing his first life passion for landscaping to his Second Life. He became involved in blogging decorating articles to show people how much we can let the imagination flow into the world. He like the delicacy and richness of detail of the decor items. I photograph for the pleasure of seeing the items in harmony. He is grateful to the many stores who accepted him as a blogger. He microblogs directly on Flickr. My greatest achievement in SL was to be able to understand myself, in this virtual world that is often so crazy, I finally managed to be at peace with myself. This victory translated into my first life as well. Check out his Flickr.

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 191

Photograph provided by Augusta Godenot Page 192 | ECLIPSE April 2018



ugusta Godenot has been a member of the Second Life Community since February, 2008. It took quite a while for to learn how to fly and she has left broken windows across the grid as a testament. Thanks to encouragement from her friend, Arialle Dufaux, Augusta started a blog in August, 2012. Since then, she has posted 1,461 blog entries focused on her craze for moving furniture and taking down walls. My Second Life journey has been unremarkable. I haven’t left a trail of spurned lovers or rabid enemies. In RL, I live in Washington DC and am an IT Professional. Since my time in Second Life is limited, I don’t have the luxury of building friendships and exploring the grid as much as I would like. When I began my journey in Second Life, I spent most of my time at Newbie Hubs with a cardboard looking avatar. It took me quite a while before I realized I could purchase hair or clothes and have a place of my own. I upgraded to the premium membership and set up housekeeping in my free Prime home. The Linden count made it impossible to fully realize any type of decor style, so I rented my first home and begin emptying my bank account looking for great furniture. I have been fortunate to meet some really great people. Pitsch Parx invited me to join the Inspiration Book team. I had a very limited role, but it was an incredible opportunity to learn. After viewing my first blog entry on Neva Crystal’s site, I moved to The Grove and met Umberto Giano. He opened many doors for me and I still miss him. My early design inspiration was the beautiful work of Neva Crystal and Annan Adored. I spent a great deal of time trying to duplicate their scenes. I never achieved their finesse, but began developing my own style. I met Editorial Clarity after crashing one of his beautiful homes and he was very helpful in showing me ways to push the boundaries of space and color. I became a stylist with Love to Decorate and had a few of my scenes featured on the cover. As my blog grew, I made contact with some of my favorite vendors and to my surprise, I was able to blog for them. I have enjoyed working with the creative staff at 22769, Thor, Apple Fall, The Loft, Aria, Serenity Style, Artisan Fantasy, Bazar, Cheeky Pea, Circa, Hextraordinary, Kalopsia, Keke, Mudhoney, Noctis, N4RS , Pixel Mode, Revival, Second Spaces, Soy, Striped Mocha, Zerkalo, Vagabond, Lost and Found, The Arcade, Decocrate, and Galland Homes (not all at the same time). I love helping people in Second Life and an more than happy to respond to requests for information or styling advice. Check out her Blog. ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 193

Page 194 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 195

THE wayfarer...

photography by taylo

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature by Taylor Wassep showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. For this issue, the Wayfarer sought a place of peace and love and discovered Free Spirit Farms. An open community for modern day hippies and wanderers, where they share their love of music, art, intelligent conversations and their Bohemian lifestyle.

or wassep.

Immerse yourself at Free Spirit Farms.

Page 198 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 199

Page 200 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 201

Page 202 | ECLIPSE April 2018

ECLIPSE April 2018 | Page 203

Page 204 | ECLIPSE April 2018

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ECLIPSE Magazine April 2018  

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea as our cover story. On a fashion front, our stylists showcase the...

ECLIPSE Magazine April 2018  

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea as our cover story. On a fashion front, our stylists showcase the...