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20. Strong


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The Proust Spotlight



Virtual Ability


The Movement

.PENUMBRA. Agency model, Calima Dufaux, debuts as both stylist and photographer!

Orchard Heights Introducing one of the newest and high quality family communities on the grid.

Page 6 | ECLIPSE April 2016

The ECLIPSE models showcase some of the hottest outfits from this monthly event.

Virtual Ability is a community of support for people with various disabilities in virtual worlds.

This month we featured the very talented Anderian Sugarplum.

Guest stylist and photographer Ashlie Coba shows us her unique perspective.

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Cover Story Amourinette Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook


The Fantasy Angels


Artist Highlight


Voices from the Grid


The Adventures of...

Tyra Eiren gives ECLIPSE Magazine a behind the scenes glance at the latest press conference.

The light shines on live singer, Jacqueline Luik, from Whispering Sands Live Promotion.

The grid gets intimate with us and shares the one memory in SL they treasure the most.

Miele Tarantal takes ECLIPSE on a photographic journey where she discovers, Bryn Oh’s The Singularity of Kumiko. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 7

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Letter From the Publisher

Did you know that April shower May flowers? I’m not sure about however, I do know that right n gearing up for .PENUMBRA. Spr Summer 2016 Fashion Week!

I may be getting ahead of myse considering I’m just releasing th edition of ECLIPSE Magazine.

For those of you reading this Pu Note, we’re having a contest! I’m all I do is work, so to remedy tha sending out a transparent board want you to take me on the coo most unique adventure. Once y the best place, snap a picture an it onto the .PENUMBRA. flickr

Winner gets decided on April 30 prize? You get to take home 5,0 plus a feature spread on you, th you took me on and anything e want.

If you want a board, all you have join the .PENUMBRA. group in-

With that, I love the artistic talen our cover story, Amourinette. Th is packed with all the excellent t you can find in Second Life, so h readings!

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rs brings t that; now I’m ring/

elf here, he April

ublisher’s m told at... I’m d of me. I olest and you find nd upload group!

0. The 000L$, he journey else you

e to do is -world.

nts of his issue things happy

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Taylor Wassep

Zzoie Zee Dethly

Creative Director

Creative Director

Writers Amity Sorbet Cajsa Lilliehook Novaleigh Freng Sarah Jane Starship Photographers Amazon Silverweb Anderian Sugarplum Daffodil Crimson Ephemeral Skye Lessthen Zero Miele Tarantal Zzoie Zee Dethly

Miele TarantalCajsa Lilliehook Amazon Silverweb Fashion Editor

Fashion Editor

Copy Editor

Models AnnaG Pfeffer Ephemeral Skye Ivyana Szondi Miele Tarantal Shazney Valentine Guest Stylists & Photographers Ashlie Coba Calima Dufaux

Ephemeral Skye Lead Photographer

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Want to advertise with ECLIPSE Magazine? Want to be featured in ECLIPSE Magazine? Do you have any suggestions for ECLIPSE Magazine? Contact Trouble Dethly in-world!

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WillowWho Flowers WillowWho Flowers is a triple threat, as a talented model, a skilled stylist and a photographer with quite the discerning eye. She is the owner and CEO of “LAS TIENDITAS” and the Director of Styling for PRET A PORTER Model Agency. As a highly experienced member of the fashion industry, she is seeking new opportunities and challenges for both print and runway work. These are her social media links: My Who’s Who... Blog Flickr Facebook Google for Bloggers Instagram

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Strong by Calima Dufaux Page 20 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photographer and Stylist Calima Dufaux ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 21

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Dress: Miamai_Kuki MiniDress_Artic Hat: Miamai_Kuki MiniDress_Artic ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 23

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Bodysuit: erratic / mirari , Chrysalis - Kaya Tights: Izzie’s - Glitter Tights Headpiece: *SoliDea FoliEs* Cristalli Necklace: .S h i : Paper Neckpiece Armband: MINIMAL - Moonwall

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Top: .: ryvolter :. Sofi Scalloped Corset Skirt: .: ryvolter :. Sofi Slit Maxi Scarf: .Shi : Zipper Vest Bracelets: [sYs] AXIOM Hair: [CheerNo] Carmem ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 27

Top: .Shi : Tie.T - Cropped Top Skirt: -Pixicat- TheDark.Dress Harness: .Shi Defiant Hat: h.m.a.e.m. - Teteoinnan Page 28 | ECLIPSE April 2016

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Bodysuit: -Thalia Heckroth- Maya Swimsuit Bodysuit: [sYs] HELLIUM - bustier Sleeve: .S h i : P l a s t i k Hat: Pure Poison - Celeste Head Armor ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 31

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Bodysuit: .ET. Vintage Romance Jacket: Zibska ~ Noname Deux Hat: AZOURY - Laurette Gloves: *COCO*_LongGloves_ ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 33

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The Artist Page 40 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 41

Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight. Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red

Page 42 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photograph provided by Amourinette

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Photograph by Lessthen Zero Page 44 | ECLIPSE April 2016

One of the paradoxes of Second Life® is that it is a social network in which the most successful citizens labor in solitude outside the network. In nearly every Second Life industry, many more hours are spent working offline in 3D modeling, graphic editing and painting programs. Reesekylan Resident, who prefers to go by Amourinette, is a Second Life® digital artist is one of those who labor offline, creating portraits that seek to capture not just the image of an avatar, but the reality behind the image. Amourinette first learned of Second Life when she saw a television advertisement several years ago. It made her think of The Sims and seemed a new venue to explore her own creativity. Like most of us, she found SL® confusing at first, but making new friends who helped her out smoothed her way. For many people, once elementary school teachers take away the fingerpaints and watercolors, art becomes a pleasant pastime, a hobby, a craft. Not for Amourinette. She never lost her passion for art, as she made clear, “I’ve been drawing and painting all my life...then when I played SL, I got back to digital art because I was so inspired by many artists in that game. So I could say that both digital art and Second Life help with each one another.” When you look at Amourinette’s work, you can see that it is a hybrid form of art. The foundation is a Second Life screenshot of an avatar, but unlike the majority of SL photographers, her work in Photoshop™ is not focused on fixing triangulated nares, rounding a shoulder or sharpening the edge of some clothing. Rather, it is a form of “over-painting” that emphasizes some ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 45

features and adds highlights and shadows, bring a new vibrancy to the picture. As she describes it, “It goes back to painting. I have a passion in traditional art. So I guess even to digital art and SL photography, it tends to have that “painterly” feeling. I also think I won’t really call my business as SL photography, but I rather prefer it SL art.” Amourinette is a self-taught artist. Perhaps that is the motivation behind her tutorials on digital painting. As someone who learned by doing, she has a more intuitive

and result-oriented approach to teac offers a few free video tutorials as a p commercial tutorials. Asked to descri she said she focuses on the tips and t and over-painting. She explains color with insights such as why you do not shadows. Although she does digital p as well as on SL photos, her course fo Life over-painting and editing skills.


Page 46 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

ching. She generously preview of her ibe her workshops, techniques of editing r and lighting theory t use black to make painting from scratch ocuses on Second

h provided by Amourinette

For a simple hint of what students can look forward to, Amourinette shared a few tips: - Your specific software program does not matter so long as it allows painting. - Use a pen tablet as painting with a mouse is too difficult for most people. She uses a Wacom® pen tablet. - Use multiple layers. If you want to be fast, you can have many layers each separated for like skin texture, hair, shadows, etc. to make it all easier. - You can blend in colors by painting on a top different layer of the base photo, then softly erase the colors. This works better than the smudge or soft brush tools to blend colors that people usually use. It has a less plastic effect. - Don’t use just “black” for shadows or darkening an area, and don’t use just “white” for highlights. It will make it look unnatural, especially on skin. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 47

I don’t want to be a tree, I want to be its meaning. Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red There is a chapter in Orhan Pamuk’s transcendent My Name Is Red narrated by a tree painted on a sheet of paper. The tree is quite full of itself, really. It was originally intended to be in an illustrated manuscript but fell into the hands of thieves, including one who “had the refinement to know that looking at a drawing of a tree is more pleasant than looking at a tree.” The tree is thwarted in his life’s purpose, he longs for his proper role, to be the tree sheltering lovers or providing shade to a general before battle. Eventually, he ends up in an artist’s studio in Istanbul, a bit of decoration. He overhears a conversation about the new realism advancing in Europe, with paintings so real that if there were a painting of a forest, someone who studied a tree in the painting could find that individual tree in the forest. This horrified our narrator tree, who cried out, “I don’t want to be a tree, I want to be its meaning.” That tree would want to be painted by Amourinette. Look at her work. Consider Aftermath, there is an entire story in that headshot. There is fear, pain and courage. It is not just a picture of a woman. It is what she means. Again and again, her work draws out the character behind the avatar, revealing emotions and stories behind the “resting bitch face” of the default avatar expression. She would make that unlucky tree very happy. Oscar Wilde once said that portraits painted with feeling are really portraits of the artist, not the sitter. Certainly, Amourinette expresses herself, her emotions and values in her art. “Art means a lot to us artists. It’s like our children. We create it with all our hearts and souls, trying our best to express something we can’t in words. Sharing stories that we probably wouldn’t able to say in reality. Art is a way of communication which could also change people in time, as mostly art touches the hearts of people.” Page 48 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 49

Amourinette credits many artists with influencing her own development, but lifts up three in particular, Audra Auclair, Lena Danya, and Chiara Bautista. She says, “I really love their art because their art styles is just so unique, but I especially love Chiara. Her work is very very conceptual and strong in emotion. I like something that’s bold and strong. I think you don’t have to create a piece that’s so detailed to be great. Even a sketch could mean so many things as long as the concept is strong.” Photograph by Lessthen Zero

Second Life ha bad for Amou a noob to the g “everybody”. D been more care the impetus fo resurgence of community of many coming of support, ap clients. “I regre much am glad Still, if I could g matters the mo

She is inspired imagination o inspires her fa great people o fantasy design design. I’m in lo Page 50 | ECLIPSE April 2016

as been a mix of the good with the urinette. “When I started out I was such game and I just tried to get along with idn’t end up well with me. I wish I’d eful.” On the other hand, it has been or a new direction in her art and a creative energy. She has built up a f artists and art lovers around her with g from Second Life. She has found a lot ppreciation for her skill and also many et nothing playing this game!... I pretty d I chose to give this online game a try. give some advice to anyone, your real life ost first.”

d by many aspects of SL. The of the creators and the bloggers. SL even ashion sense. “I really love seeing many out there with all the cool clothes, makeup, ns, even to architecture and environment ove with all of those!” Like many people

Photograph provided by Amourinette

who find success in SL, the more successful she is, the less time she has to “play” SL. Most of her time inworld is focused on client work For her, the first two or three years were a time of intense immersion in SL’s society. “It was real. It was as real as the delicious food I’m eating. I took it very seriously but I got over it. Now I use it for a social network to build more connection for my art and business.” Amourinette is unique in not wanting to change one thing about SL. Yes, she sees the ugly prims, the discordant designs, but she recognizes that they are reflections of the diversity and cacophony that is the secret ingredient that gives Second Life its magic. “I wouldn’t change a thing. The thing is, so many people with different personalities from all over the world play this game, each has their own wants and needs in this game. So, to be fair, I wouldn’t change anything. If I could have something from SL to the real world, it would be the beautiful lands I’ve visited in that game. I wish it’s a real place, somewhere.” ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 51

Amourinette is grateful to Second Life for inspiring her new direction in art and the support and connections it has given her. She believes her life would be completely different if not for SL. Even if she became a successful digital artist without the Second Life experience, she would be a different person because the route through SL changed her in other ways, as well. “I can say as far as I wouldn’t

be ‘this’ close to the person I am today. I guess in a matter of how, I wouldn’t get all the experience doing business, selling things, doing commissions, etc. All the way to being strong mentally and emotionally.” And that brings us back to that tree. It is not just Second Life. It is the meaning of Second Life. It is not just art. It is the meaning of art.

For more information: tumblr : instagram : Deviantart : Facebook : Art Prints : Flickr : For contact and business inquiries :

Photographs provided by Amourinette

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Orchard Heights Page 62 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Written by Novaleigh Freng Photography by Zzoie Zee ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 63

Page 64 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 65

Photograph by Ephemeral Skye

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ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 67

When the club scene in Second Life ® began to grow stale, Aiden Tigra [AidenTigra Resident] and his wife Aurora began to look for their next big adventure. After two-anda-half years running a club complete with its own mall and rentals, the couple weren’t really sure what that next adventure would be… until the idea Orchard Heights occurred to them. Orchard Heights is a family-friendly community that the Tigra family built from the ground up.

sims—two of which are already sold out. The fifth sim will be added in the next week, and the waiting list is already filling fast.. The Tigra family plans to continue to expand the community in the hopes of making it a truly wonderful place for its residents. Everything the family does, they do together, and everything they do seems to be geared toward turning Orchard Heights into a unique community experience in Second Life.

In the family spirit of Orchard Heights, Aiden and Aurora enlisted the help of their son Mickey Dee Tigra, a builder, to help them breathe new life into the community, and Orchard Heights as we know it today was born. The community officially opened its doors in mid March.

When asked about the inspiration behind Orchard Heights, Aiden told ECLIPSE Magazine, “I’ve always liked beautiful things, and I wanted to create, together with my wife, a place where families and couples could live and enjoy the scenery. I wanted to bring something into SL that was different to begin with. Most communities feel a bit urban…but we love nature and rustic, whimsical styles.”

Orchard Heights currently encompasses four

Orchard Heights is absolutely breathtaking

Page 68 | ECLIPSE April 2016

from the moment you arrive. The streets are lined with lush trees and colorful flowers. Wrought-iron fences and wooden bridges add an almost antique style to the community. Nestled among it all are Orchard Heights residents’ homes, each unique in its own special way, thanks to the personal attention of the Tigra family. Aiden says that the beauty of Orchard Heights is thanks in large part to the dedication of his family. “My son Mickey Dee is an amazing landscaper,” He says. “He helps bring to life everything I see in my mind.” Orchard Heights is unique beyond its eyecatching landscape, though. The Tigra family prides themselves on the beautiful scenery, but they also approach the entire rental process differently than most family-friendly communities on the grid. “We did everything from scratch,” Aiden said

to ECLIPSE Magazine. “Instead of a traditional rental office, we prefer to have conversations with people. We want to get to know them, to know what sort of things they like, and what they’d love to see in their homes. We truly care about their wishes.” Aiden’s wife Aurora is also on board with Orchard Heights. The couple has been together for a while, having met and cultivated a relationship that grew into a love that spans both worlds. When Aiden owned a club in Second Life, Aurora helped with management. Now, she says, their focus is on family, community, and friendship. “I help Aiden keep his head on straight.” She says. “He has so many ideas for this place, and so do I. I just try to help him keep things organized and plan so that we can get things done.” Aurora has her own special project at Orchard Heights. The Orchard Heights Foster Home and Adoption Agency opened on April 11, ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 69

2016. Aurora hopes that the building will be able to give a home to children who haven’t quite found their families yet. As a mother in both worlds, the project is one that is close to Aurora’s heart. Orchard Heights’ partnership with the Second Life adoption agency Next Gen Inc. will also help to further that goal. Their family is the kind of warm and welcoming kind that simply makes Orchard Heights feel like home from the moment you arrive. The Tigras take into account not only your family size, but your personal style preferences. Everything from landscaping preferences to your architectural tastes are taken into account. They’ll even decorate your home for you if you wish. And of course, as they do with every step of the rental process, everything is tailored to you, to fit your aesthetic, and to ensure that your home at Orchard Heights truly feels like home. The Tigras want their residents to be truly happy in their new homes, and that is evident in every action that they take from the moment you arrive. Aiden and Aurora place a strong emphasis on family, and it is their family, they say, that brings your home at Orchard Heights to life. Aiden and Aurora are proud that all of their children are talented and that everyone Page 70 | ECLIPSE April 2016

does something special at Orchard Heights. Son Mickey Dee is the main builder and designer. Daughter Alexis Rose is a talented interior decorator. Son Buzz is gifted with gardening, but will also be helping to run Orchard Heights’ new restaurant when it opens on April 18th. Aurora and Aiden say that it’s important that residents feel at home at Orchard Heights. They want the atmosphere to be warm and inviting, and a place residents will love to call home. When the family decided to give up the club life and invest in turning Orchard Heights into what it is today, they never could have imagined that it would become so popular in so short a time. Part of that, Aiden believes, has to do with the way they approach their residents, and the care they put into turning Orchard Heights into a unique and beautiful home away from home for those who live there.

Photograph by Ephemeral Skye

The community opened its doors to residents five short weeks ago, and the Tigra family hasn’t slowed down since. Aiden and his family have lots of plans for the future of Orchard Heights. The community already has a partnership with the wellknown adoption agency Next Gen Inc. in Second Life, ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 71

a library in place for story-time events for adults and children alike, an elementary school, a foster home, a garage, and a resident-run bakery with a tea time event.

area for live entertainment, a lak picnic area, and a dock where yo all the waterways connecting O

Aiden and Aurora say there are lots more things to come at Orchard Heights. The Tigra family hopes to expand the community to at least ten sims. Current construction projects include a restaurant, a cafĂŠ, and other builds dedicated to community events. One sim is dedicated as a park. Residents can boat and explore the community via hang-glider. The area also includes several hang-out spots for couples, kids, and families, and a beach. Another sim will include an event

“We want this place to be an evol can walk out of your house and n reference to the future of Orcha

Page 72 | ECLIPSE April 2016

His wife Aurora says that they ar new ideas and ways to expand a want potential residents to feel as soon as they arrive.

ke, an outdoor movie theater, a The Tigra family is committed to bringing true beauty to ou can rent a kayak and explore community living in Second Life, and to giving each of their Orchard Heights. residents a personalized experience. Orchard Heights is the fruit of all of that hard work and kindness. Orchard Heights lving community where you is a stunning and welcome environment to visitors and never get bored.� Aiden said, in residents alike. Second Life residents looking for a unique and ard Heights. personalized experience will find everything they are looking for and more along the tree-lined streets of Orchard Heights, re constantly coming up with where Aiden, Aurora, and their children will welcome you into and improve. She and Aiden your new home, and in many ways, into their family. the warmth of Orchard Heights ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 73

Are you curious about Orchard Heights? Pay them a visit! On behalf of Orchard Heights, ECLIPSE Magazine can offer you two free days on top of your first week of rent. All you have to do is mention the special promo code: EC0416. The offer is only valid to those who aren’t already living inside the Orchard Heights community. Explore Orchard Heights here.

Photograph by Ephemeral Skye Page 74 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 75

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Page 78 | ECLIPSE April 2016

From the creative mind of the talented Heavenly Villa, Shutter Field is a one shop stop for all things Home & Garden Decor. Offering a wide array of beach items, the highest caliber furniture, exceptional ornamentation for the garden, stunning mesh structures and prefabs and a variety of decor and accessories for that perfect final touch, Shutter Field is a store with a true focus on quality. Shop Shutter Field on the Marketplace. Shop Shutter Field in-world. Check their blog for all new releases!

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 79

[ SWANK ] Events: April Round Page 82 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photography by Ephemeral Skye ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 83

AnnaG Pfeffer in ZANZE Dress: [ZE] Luana Gown Page 84 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE April 2016

AnnaG Pfeffer in CAL Top&Pants: ~CaL~Mona Outfit ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 87

AnnaG Pfeffer in BYRNE Dress: (BYRNE) AnnbeleLee Dress Page 88 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 89

Page 90 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Ivyana Szondi in Dot-Be Hat: Dot-Be - Martine Dress Hat Boa: Dot-be - Martine Fur Boa Outfit: Dot-Be - Martine Dress ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 91

Ivyana Szondi in BlackRose Outfit: BlackRose - City Outfit

Page 92 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Ivyana Szondi in Chop Zuey Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Clouds of Athena Set

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 95

Page 96 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Miele Tarantal in LUXE Paris Outfit: LUXE Paris - PRINTEMPS ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 97

Page 98 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Miele Tarantal in PREY Outfit: PREY - Prim ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Shazney Valentine in Deche Outfit: Deche - Zaylee Dress ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 101

Page 102 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Shazney Valentine in Prism Outfit: Prism - Florence Boho Spring ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 103

Ephemeral Skye in Costarlos Shirt: Costarlos - Jacobs Shirt Pants: Costarlos - Belted Pants Shoes: Costarlos - CHUKKA Boots

Page 104 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 105

Ephemeral Skye in 69 Park Ave GQ Outfit: 69 Park Ave GQ - AT Your Leisure

Page 106 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 107

Ephemeral Skye in Prism Pajamas: PRISM for MEN - Pajamas Outfit No.1

Page 108 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 109

Page 110 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 111

Building Community with Virtual Abi Page 112 | ECLIPSE April 2016


Photography by Zzoie Zee Photography by Ephemeral Skye

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE April 2016

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead For iSkye Silverweb it means “opportunities for me to do more and to be more of the “me” that I cannot be in the physical world.” For Orange Planer it “gives me an opportunity to express myself naturally among people who have some of the same issues that I do, so I don’t need to hide that side of myself with people.” For Ruby VanDyke, it has “kept me from falling into depression. They give me something to look forward to every day and have given me a way of making many friends who I can talk to on a daily basis.” For Suin Mahogany it means “Community, I cannot stress enough that this is just a part of my life. I could stay away from both, but miss the connections, conversations and all that we can do together no matter where in this world we live.” For Roxie Marten it is “my window on to the world. I can’t get out to meet people and do things, Second Life® and Virtual Ability brings the world to me.” And for Gentle Heron, one of the founders of Virtual Ability, it is a mission that has proved Margaret Mead was right, a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens have changed the world for many people with disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds. Virtual Ability’s inception date was 2007 when an online group of people with disabilities were discussing the importance of community for people struggling with barriers in the real world. Through their discussions, they realized they had the same wants and needs as most people, to be part of the world, to work or volunteer, to be engaged, and to have friends and be part of a community. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 117

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” -Margaret Mead Because people with disabilities are often isolated by physical barriers, they hoped to find a way to build community in the virtual world. They visited several virtual worlds and chose SL® as they thought it had the richest cultural environment. This makes Virtual

Page 118 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Ability unique in that it began as an idea outside of and independent of Second Life and then chose Second Life as the medium for fulfilling its mission. Much of Virtual Ability’s mission is focused on encouraging people with disabilities to join Second Life and to provide a soft launching pad for their introduction to our world. People who sign up for

Second Life through their web site arrive at Virtual Ability’s orientation course on Virtual Ability Island. In addition to the self-guided mentoring, newcomers can make appointments with specially-trained mentors who help people learn the ropes. Virtual Ability also provides connections to more than 120 inworld support groups. There is a strong community component with activities, in-world field trips, parties,

dances and book clubs. It is this community that is Virtual Ability’s magic, but that is why the founders started the organization in the first place. They recognized the need for connection, for meaning, for humanity that all people have, but is often denied those who are isolated by disability.

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 119

“Having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night is a very old human need. ” -Margaret Mead iSkye Silverweb is a member of Virtual Ability. She joined in 2009, just two weeks after joining Second Life. She stumbled on it by accident and has been become very involved in many of its activities. Silverweb’s primary language is American Sign Language though she is fluent in English, reads and writes Spanish and is learning Italian. She is very active in Virtual Ability, helping to maintain the community calendar and plan two annual conferences. She is also a member of a committee that focuses on developing best practices in virtual world education. If that were not enough, she involved in Second Life activities outside Virtual Ability including working as support staff for BURN2, the virtual Burning Man. Because she is deaf, many first-world events and gatherings are alienating and isolating. She put the contrast between a first life and Second Life event in stark terms. Imagine sitting in an auditorium where there is a talk show going on. You can’t hear a thing, so you don’t know what they are saying about the latest news of technology and education, or that they are discussing cool tools to use in the classroom. You can see people in the audience are laughing at times, or nodding in agreement, or exclaiming something. Occasionally hands go up and people are called on by those on the stage. They stand up, facing away from you, so not only can you not hear them, you can’t even try to read their lips. You sit in silence for an hour, without a clue as to what was discussed, and you leave no wiser than when you came in. Imagine avatars in a virtual auditorium in Second Life. Discussion is lively in voice, with text transcription showing up at the bottom of the viewer screen. There is a backchannel text chat going on at the same time, as evidenced by different coloured text, and you can understand it all. You can also type in your comments, opinions and questions. And they actually ANSWER your questions! People acknowledge the things you say and validate them. They send you private messages introducing themselves, and offer friendship to you, and thereby include you into circles with other people who share your interests. You get invited to join committees, to help plan things, even to take on responsibilities and share your ideas, see them put into action. Two events, one that isolates and alienates, one that integrates and informs. And this is really what Virtual Ability is about, opening a world that is accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities so they can enjoy the social networks, friendships, social activities and community without barriers that most people take for granted. Page 120 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 121

“All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals.” -Margaret Mead For Roxie Marten, an estate manager for one of the Virtual Ability residential sims, it was an important support in adjusting to disability. She joined Second Life in 2004, before she was disabled. She enjoyed SL and had a lot of fun. When she became disabled, she turned to Virtual Ability. “In the real world I live in a rural community where resources for disabled people are not that plentiful. Having this resource at my fingertips has been a game changer. I went from being a virtual recluse to getting out and having a life. My friends say they don’t understand Second Life but they do approve of the changes my affiliation with Virtual Ability has made upon me.” Ruby VanDyke operates a business selling horses and other animals in Second Life. She values the support network and the wealth of information on health issue. Because other people in Virtual Ability face similar challenges, they truly understand her struggle and their support is invaluable. In addition, Virtual Ability commissioned her to build an in-world hospital for Tufts University. “Working on this project has given me the opportunity to develop my building and scripting skills. It’s also given me, as well as my consultants, a way of earning some income despite our disabilities. The challenge of working on a project Page 122 | ECLIPSE April 2016

“I went from being a virtual recluse to getting out and having a life.”

like this keeps my mind busy and active.” Suellen Heartsong (Suin Mahogany) joined SL in 2009, hanging out with friends and listening to music. She learned how to DJ and has worked at several clubs. When her husband died in 2012, there was an inworld ceremony in his honor. He was a Vietnam veteran. She met her current husband at the ceremony, a man who attended to honor a fallen soldier. In 2013, she moved across the country to live with him and they were married on Leap Day this year. “The community, relationships and friends are things that are difficult for me being new to the area I currently live in. Making friends and having the ability to attend seminars to learn about health, safety and how to do basic things as well as being able to share our recipes, stories and such keeps me connected in ways that I am not able to do in RL.” Perhaps the reason, Virtual Ability meets the needs of its members so well is because it was founded by people with disabilities seeking to find ways to meet their needs. Gentle Heron, one of the founders, has multiple sclerosis, a progressive disabling disease of the nervous system. “As the effects of multiple sclerosis increased, I became more isolated. I was unable to work, to volunteer, to socialize. I thought perhaps I could still do those things inside a virtual world. Once I realized the potential of virtual worlds to bring benefits to people with disabilities, it was only natural to invite others in.” ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 123

“We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.� -Margaret Mead

more accessible college textbooks and course materials, and advocating for Universal Design in virtual worlds.

One of the unexpected benefits of the passage Virtual Ability, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of the American Disabilities Act in the United that operates in the real world and in Second States was the realization that design that Life and InWorldz. Unlike many Second made communities more accessible and Life charitable enterprises, Virtual Ability is welcoming to people with disabilities also recognized by the Internal Revenue Service made sense for everyone else as well. Curb cuts as a 501(c)3 and files annual financial reports for people with wheelchairs make life easier with the IRS (Form 990) that are publicly for parents pushing strollers and travellers available. There is a Board of Directors and wheeling their luggage and, incidentally, a clear direction for the future. Heron (Alice improve stormwater runoff. Power-operated Krueger) is the President of the organization. doors for the disabled are a boon to people While they operate residential sims and coming home with an armload of groceries or provide inworld support in making Second Life a few dogs on leashes. Accessible bathroom more accessible and friendlier to people with stalls allow parents to help their children in disabilities, they also have a significant offline the restroom. This has the cultural benefit of research and advocacy component to their integrating accessibility instead of segregating work including supporting research in making those with disabilities. It brings people who health care services more equitable for people have been shut out for most of human history with disabilities, encouraging the adoption of into the hustle and bustle of life.

“... wi label text-on can r a tree bench a an env with m

Page 124 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ith clearly led prims, nly viewers recognize e, a door, a and realize vironment meaning.”

“If the future is to remain open and free, we need people who can tolerate the unknown, who will not need the support of completely worked out systems or traditional blueprints from the past.” -Margaret Mead While Universal Design is focused on virtual environments, it reflects insights from first life learnings about accessibility. With Universal Design, environments are created so that everyone can use them without specialized designs or adaptations. By focusing on the common needs of all people, they also meet the needs of those with disabilities. It is about integration, not segregation, because it is appropriate for all users. In terms of making Second Life more accessible for everyone, Heron sees two areas that need significant improvement. The Second Life viewer needs to include software “hooks” that will allow assistance technology, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, to interface easily. While that requires pressuring Linden Lab™, the other area needs the rest of us to commit to accessibility. Creators need to be more aware of making their products and environments accessible. For example, for blind users of Second Life who navigate with only viewers, the frequent naming of everything “object”, “object”, “object” renders the build insensible. But with clearly labeled prims, text-only viewers can recognize a tree, a door, a bench and realize an environment with meaning. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 125

If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” -Margaret Mead Second Life has been a lifeline for many people. For Silverweb, SL added to her life, allowing her to do more than she could in her first life. For her, “virtual is not “not real.” It is another dimension of real. People are able to get to know me more easily, and I am more confident in my ability to communicate with others in world, to meet them, make friends, [and] work with colleagues.” Planer found freedom in SL, “a place where I can express myself without reservation. Comparing myself to other has given me a lot of self-confidence about how my approach to technical issues and life in general. That’s helped me in real life tremendously.” For many, it is not a game. As Mahagony see it, “It is an extension of your life if you want it to be. It can absolutely benefit your life, no matter what your abilities are, and you can be and do almost anything you want. Nothing to lose to create your account, log in, and find out what you want to do. Look for someone in VAI, and ask questions. Find a group that you can connect with and meet people that you may never be able to meet as they are from all over the world. Jump in with both feet and try it. Need help? Find me and leave me a message, I love helping new residents.” VanDyke agrees, “SL is so much more than just a ‘game’. That the residents are all very real people who genuinely care about each other and are a community, a family. SL is truly a virtual life that’s just as valid as your real life.” It is also not a game for Marten, “I wish people understood that SL is not a game. It’s a powerful tool that I fear that most people don’t appreciate including a good share of the people who use Second Life. I think the biggest thing I hear from people who do not use SL is ‘Oh that’s that game where they have fashion shows and sex parties.” What do they do not realize there is a plethora of thriving support groups for people who face many issues. I am not just talking about Virtual Ability.” Page 126 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 127

Page 128 | ECLIPSE April 2016

“An ideal culture is one that makes a place for every human gift.” -Margaret Mead One of the great challenges for people with disabilities, with chronic illness and chronic pain is isolation. People need connection. Prisoners in solitary confinement exhibit psychopathologies within three months. That is why the connections people with disabilities make in virtual worlds or other online communities are soul-sustaining.

has found virtual worlds a useful therapeutic tool for PTSD. According to Heron, their research showed that “simply being in virtual world with no specific treatment benefited people with disabilities. They were less depressed, lonely and anxious, and had more positive affect, satisfaction with life, and selfesteem. We also know from anecdotes that the socialization aspect of meeting and interacting with people from all over the world is quite powerful, perhaps the greatest benefit of all.”

The therapeutic and educational benefits of virtual worlds like Second Life are just There is ample statistical evidence that beginning to be understood and supported. participating in a virtual community helps There may be a revolution in the making and people deal with pain, depression, anxiety, Virtual Ability will be at the forefront, leading and improve communication skills, cognitive the way with the community-centered functioning and social skills. Even the military worldview that is likely to be most effective.

“They were less depressed, lonely and anxious, and had more positive affect, satisfaction with life, and self-esteem.”

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 129

“I measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her fellow human beings.� -Margaret Mead Virtual Ability has five sims in Second Life and one in InWorldz. The original is Virtual Ability Island, the landing point for newcomers to SL and home to their new resident orientation and training. There is also an area with Advanced Tutorials. There are classrooms for training and discussion groups and a large, accessible auditorium. Their second sim is Healthinfo Island, where they provide information on topics related to physical, emotional, and mental health through interactive displays, links to other resources, educational events and personal assistance. There is a library and volunteer librarians who can create personalized reading lists to help people learn more about their health questions. There is also the Path of Support that connects people to over 120 peer support groups in SL. There is also a reading room, a wellness center and an herb garden. There are three residential sims. Cape Able is designed as a haven for deaf, hard of hearing and people with disabilities. In addition to the homes of its residents, there is an art gallery showcasing the work of artists who are deaf or disabled. There is a service center with links to support services and the Deaf Chat Coffee House to hang out and chat. Cape Serenity has a lovely pond in the center of the island where folks can sit and feed the ducks. It has a library with stories and poems written by authors with disabilities, some classics, some written by Virtual Ability members. There are poetry readings and story-telling events on the patio and it is a place where people like to congregate and chat even when no events are scheduled. Cape Heron has forty-four apartments with a common area, a tavern where there are frequent dances. There are courtyards, a fairy circle, and many other sites for impromptu gatherings. Butterflies, dragonflies, birds and fish are found throughout the island. It is a wanderer’s delight with a hidden cave, a waterfall, and a lake to laze and watch the toy boy floating in the water. This all reflects the central organizing idea of Virtual Ability. People need each other. People need connection. People need community. Not disabled people, all people. People with disabilities join Second Life for the same reasons people without disabilities join. To reach out beyond themselves and find a connection to someone else. Page 130 | ECLIPSE April 2016

For more information about Virtual Ability, check out their web site at or contact them by email at Visit the Virtual Ability sims here. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 135

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life速. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick.

Proust Spotlight: Anderian Sugarplum Page 136 | ECLIPSE April 2016


Photography by Anderian Sugarplum ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 137

Page 138 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Anderian Sugarplum in her own words is a “Sometimes blogger. All the time paparazzi.” And by paparazzi, she is an extraordinarily talented photographer whose work has appeared in numberous publications. What is your ideal of perfect happiness? A world where there is no pain, a place where there is an understanding between all people, where common courtesy is practiced daily with no hidden agenda. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is my family. What is your greatest regret? Letting people know things about me when they didnt really care about me. What is your motto? You are confined only by the walls you build yourself What is your most marked characteristic? I’ve been told that I’m humble, but I am always saying that I am quirky. I’ve also been told I am kind, So its a toss up between those. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would change how I perceive things. Check out her Flickr here. Check out her blog here.

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 141

Page 142 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 143

Page 144 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 145

Page 146 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 147

Monthly Artist Highlight Page 148 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photography by Ephemeral Skye ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 149

Page 150 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Jacqueline Luik is a talented recent addition to Whispering Sands Live Promotions, joining them only a couple months ago in February. While some SL musicians become quickly immersed into the Second Life music scene, it had been some time, since she initially started being on SL, before she first heard a vocalist at a formal venue. After she had a reliable computer, her interest peaked at the O-lounge, a place for her to “get my feet wet and I started singing in local and working out streaming issues.” Jacqueline shares with ECLIPSE, “I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of Whispering Sands and everyone involved in the organization. Jorrdan Jahrman really has a knack for managing an amazing company. He truly has built a team of wonderful people under him.” Being a part of Whispering Sands has afforded her the opportunity to perform at some of the best venues on the grid like, Live Vibrations, GSpot, Key West, The Only Venue, the Hollywood Bowl, Sun Goddess Jazz, the French venue, Makumba, 29 Palms, Dreamers Royal Opera House, Heaven Ballroom and Spin Club. Besides the great venues, she also considers herself fortunate that she can get to know, “the wonderful owners behind the venues, which of course makes what I’m doing all the more special and rewarding.” Being a singer has been a large part of Jacqueline’s real life, as well. “I’m a singer. We don’t start or stop we just change format. I started singing in church and local events with my sister, who is blind since birth and plays by ear. My first contest win was at 13 yoa, a Southern Baptist Convention with original music. Once you gain confidence in writing, you start putting music to your thoughts naturally.” As she grew older, she participated in local contents which took her to Nashville on a televised search. Throughout her college years and beyond, she did have 4 songs published and experimented with jingles; however, she soon realized that, “I took it for granted and didn’t due diligence to continue the journey. Music success had always come rather easy growing up but as time went on, my priorities changed and I fell in love and wanted a family. The rest is history.” Her top 5 favorite songs to sing are: -Get Here by Oleta Adams -Nearness of You by Norah Jones -See Beneath Your Beautiful by Emile Sande -Thousand Years by Christina Perri -Meet You at the Moon by Imelda May Listen to her music here. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 151

“The SL music scene has allowed me to reconnect with my voice and truly appreciate the solitude of music and I’m having the time of my life.”

Page 152 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 153

Page 154 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 155

The Movement by Ashlie Coba Page 156 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photographer and Stylist Ashlie Coba ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 157

Page 158 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Hair: Shag by Sebastien Aries Head: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander Turtleneck: Murray by oliviamurray Coat: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio Pants: Emery by Sunami Beck ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 159

Page 160 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Hair: Lamb by Lamb Bellic Head/Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio Top & Belt: Ohmai! by Anya Ohmai Dress: Faenzo by Faenzo Boots: GARBAGGIO by Ashleey Andrew ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 161

Hair: Little Bones by Nova Faerye Head: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander Headband: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia Shoes: ANE by Anemysk Karu

Page 162 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 163

Page 164 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Hair: Lamb by Lamb Bellic Head/Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio Glasses: Mon Tissu by Elie Spot Dress: Murray by oliviamurray

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 165

Page 166 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Hair: Tram by Moca Loup Head/Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio Hair Brooch: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia Earring: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia Dress: Milk Motion by Marie Lauridsen ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 167

Page 168 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 169

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life速 residents on the salient issues of the day. For many people, Second Life is a place where some of the best memories have been experienced. What is the one memory in Second Life you most treasure?

Voices From the Grid Page 170 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 171

Spirit Eleonara Spirit Eleonara has been in SL a little shy of six years. Shemostly take pictures which can be seen on her flickr. She takes inspiration from a myriad of things. She finds there is so much in SL that inspires and so many people creating beautiful things. She also DJs and helps manage a club called “Hard Alley Social Club” which can be found here. Hard Alley Social Club is a one of a kind custom retro build, so be sure to check it out. There are many memories in Second Life which I treasure very much. From all the friends and great people I have have met, (some come and gone, some still around) to the wonderful and beautiful sims I have visited. One memory that I treasure most among all the others is creating a beautiful sim called “Retroville” with Hart Rust, a person whom I care very much about. The entire sim was a whole city set back in the 1950’s and was the first of its kind made mostly from custom made mesh. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun to create from scratch. So many wonderful people were involved, but I look most fondly back at the planning stages and implementation with Hard. It was so exciting and new, and we loved every stage of its inception. Whether or not it was a success, we were so glad to be taking the risk. The sim lasted a year, and we were sad to see it go, but I wouldn’t change a thing about what we did. It was a beautiful sim, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Hopefully someday, we will build something else, and create a whole new set of memories to treasure. Second Life lends itself well to a plethora of memories, it is up to us to let the positive ones take root, and prune the negative ones.

Photograph by Spirit Eleonara Page 172 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 173

Neysa Rae Neysa Rae is a seven year veteran adventurer, blogger, and nerd extraordinaire of Second Life. Discovering the opportunities that Second Life offers, that moment of realizing real world limitations don’t apply. That I was genuinely free to explore, socialize with people I may not otherwise have been able to, immerse myself in environments that for whatever reason had just not been feasible for me before. That moment opened my eyes to the beauty offered here. Check out her Flickr. Check out her Plurk.

Photograph by Neysa Rae Page 174 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 175

Photograph by Annie Ingrid

Annie Ingrid Annie Ingrid is a 4 year old fashionista in the virtual world of Second Life. When she is not working on her blog, she enjoys dabbling in photography, decorating homes and slaying zombies. Check out her blog. Check out her flickr.

Page 176 | ECLIPSE April 2016

I think for me, my most always be the time I h She was the kindest, mo ever had the honor of and out. We shared so Reading stories, work redesigning our sim, w just being silly. She alw and cherished. Our tim

t treasured memory will had with my Mamaboo. ost selfless person I have meeting, both in world o many amazing times. king on arts and crafts, working in the garden, or ways made me feel loved me together lasted over

3 years. Which in this “game”, especially in the family community, is a rarity. She was, and will forever be, someone who is irreplaceable in my heart. I miss her every day and can’t help reminiscing about our time together. My Second Life is just no longer the same without her in it. Now, I’m learning to let go and love again. Even if it is only wishful thinking.

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 177

Page 178 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Jamie Wolf Jamie Wolf is a Canadian SL resident with a background in photography in real life that informs and influences his SL photography. Although relatively new to the artistic scene of Second Life, now in my second year as a photographer, he finds himself becoming more interested in the artistic photography, more so than the traditional landscape or portrait photos. He still finds pleasure in taking even the simplest photo. He specializes in landscapes, business photos, profile and portfolio photos of avatars in a natural or studio settings and is passionate about capturing the natural beauty of the subject in his photos, with an added artistic flare. I’m a romantic at heart, and seem to wear my heart on my sleeve, and one day, two years ago I met a wonderful lady by the name of Hayley, she rocked my world, helped me grow and I became a better person because of her. We shared many things with each other during the time we were together and those memories will be forever lasting... We were the perfect Second Life couple, and truly in love, and pair of nerdy dorks at the same time....and we were living the dream so to speak, our Second Life even touched our first, although we never met in person, we spoke often and became close friends, she was the one that got me into photography to begin with, and I’m not sure where I would be today had I not have met her..but to that end... I am very grateful we met and spent the time we did together as we both leaned things about ourselves that impacted us both in real life and in Second Life, that we would not have otherwise, had we not met. Our interests as a couple were very much the same, and we both expanded each others horizons, but I have to say, our most favorite activity was riding our motor bikes in Second Life and sailing, and yes, snapping photos of each other.... we have fond memories of those activities among many others. The time together with Hayley was and will always be one memory in Second life I most treasure.

Photograph by Jamie Wolf

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 179

Page 180 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Abra Zelin Abra Zelin has been a Second Life resident since 2006 under different avatars. Her appearance is variable, and sometimes she appears in masculine form, but always there is an underlying constant personality. At first, Second Life was mainly a way to interact socially with the world-wide community. Abra eventually started Flickr blogging in April of 2010, with an emphasis on creating affordable avatar looks. Over time, this morphed into a love for photographing more creatively, with additional post-processing in Adobe Photoshop. For now, she is content to explore avatar portraiture as a means of artistic expression. My most treasured memory is from my early days of Second Life. This was before SL had voice, flexi prims, sculpts, mesh, windlights, etc. I was trying to dress up my avatar, and I must admit, I was looking pretty awful with dollarbie system clothes and system hair. Finally somebody said to me, “You need prim hair!�. That was all it took for me to become a SL wig collector which ultimately morphed into also being a skin and eye junkie. I credit that moment for piquing my curiosity in exploring avatar appearance and character development, which is now a large part of my activity in SL. Photograph by Abra Zelin

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 181

LessThen Zero Lessthen Zero joined SL a little over five years in order to learn and practice her English. She became fascinated with the creative side and started doing portrait of avatars. In 2014, she founded Dream Edition, her digital art studio and focuses on digital portraiture featuring Second Life avatars. Her business has grown and her partner Apple (Autumnmarsh Resident) manages the business so she can focus on the creative side. She creates images for ECLIPSE Magazine, (red)Mint, Genesis Lab, Lybra, and Zibska. Check out her work on flickr.

Page 182 | ECLIPSE April 2016

About two years ago, Apple and I decided to renew our vows. We actually decided to “run away from it all� as they say and go on a virtual vacation. We rented a cabin on a cruise ship and had a lot of fun, taking photos of our cruise adventures, lazing on beaches for some virtual sunshine and working on our tans.

us to really let it go, to hold nothing back and fall into this virtual world. Finding myself by losing myself in this adventure. I got out of my comfort zone and now it is one of my favorite memories of SL. Looking back on our photos we make a story book, one that bring me happy memories every time.

I did not realize this before we took this time for ourselves, but this vacation allowed

I am a very reserved person, so usually in SL, I stand about and do my work. This was different and a very nice time indeed. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 183

Photograph by Ephemeral Skye Page 184 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Ruby Ornamental Ruby Ornamental is a model, blogger and stylist. She takes pleasure in being able to leverage the virtual world for helping challenges in the physical world. Ruby is a model with the Penumbra agency and works as an Instructor at SCALA™ where she graduated from in Aug 2015. Her blog is her passion and she spends time displaying work of many of her favorite creators and stores as well as covering events like SWANK, PENUMBRA fashion week among others. I have been on a Second Life just a little shy of six years and ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a model and I fully understood it was going to be a slow uphill journey. I continue to walk, but I have now crossed a few milestones that allow me to acknowledge myself as a model. There have been many occasions which have been re-defining and fulfilling for me. The time I had judges during “Face of India” and “Color of Couture” message me that they felt I had potential. The time my mentors have said “You make me proud”, the time I made it in as a model into Penumbra agency. There have been many; isolating one among those is going to be tough what will possibly the aspect I treasure most is the ability to express myself through my styling; the use of the virtual space for me has therapeutic significance. I have learned to use my art (Styling) on Second Life to cope with things I am dealing with in the physical space and this often comes through clearly in my styles. I feel the ability to express in form of art is a luxury often not many have the chance to experience. I feel privileged to be able to use my art as a method to dig into my soul and reach for questions that lay unanswered. Do I get all the answers? No – I don’t; however, what I do get is the ability to confide in myself about things that are certain and those that surround me in uncertainties. I leverage styling as a model in Second Life to realize empowerment and control that I don’t necessarily miss in the physical world but to fulfill my need to experience it in that moment or in a situation, I do this in many ways. For example, I have learned to mix “red” in my styling, as my personal signature of happiness and satisfaction. Using earth colors while bringing out fierce styling for example is like living a life without constraints; with no limitations the freedom to plunge into the depth of my emotions and rise up relieved and rejuvenated. I critique myself like a hawk, looking for opportunities to raise the bar and every time I step on my pose stand starts a journey that gives me abundance of joy and a treasure to call my own. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 185

Mich Michabo Mich Michabo wrote her bio as a form of prose poem, so ECLIPSE will share it as it came. Just making pretty pictures in Second Life. I like to show emotion through faces, a chair leg and yes, even your shoe! It’s not just pictures, it’s love... I throw dedication to those in the know. I love looking at your misty pictures, your love of art. I like the nature of rain, trees and snow. Windows, curtains and what they show. Moody pictures and bright happy ones too. I like a little bit of nude, black and white - and I really love enthusiasm, love for and trying. Yes that’s me - I love most things about you.

April 2016 I turn 11. Having just one treasured memory in my 11 years is quite impossible! So here are a few that made an impression on me; from creating my shape and the person you see today, running down that path on my rez day arrival (treasured I am still here); from meeting and hanging out with some of SL’s most awesome and creative talent; to getting my first parcel. These count, but truly the time we moved from prim to mesh stands out for all the wrong reasons. Page 186 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Around this time I was play and rubbish PC. I couldn’t Phototools let alone view m move from my sky-home s very alien to me. Having b years, everything seemed h get to play properly again?

Then one day a friend sugg viewer. Wow, life changed

ying SL on a rather elderly even see shadows, use mesh. I was unable to since everything I saw was been in SL for a number of hopeless – would I ever ?

gested I try the Singularity d for me there and then.

Photograph by Mich Michabo

The true treasure like finding lost gold. Able to hang out with friends again, make some beautiful images and leave my home in the sky – I went on some brilliant adventures and shopped lots. I am still shopping, lots! I guess this is just one memory of many – but it’s not THE TREASURED ONE – that remains very private.” Check out her flickr. ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 187

Page 188 | ECLIPSE April 2016

ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 189

The Fantasy Angels Page 190 | ECLIPSE April 2016

Photography by Ephemeral Skye Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 191

On Saturday April 9, 2016 at 3PM, ECLIPSE Magazine had the opportunity to have an exclusive behind the scenes look at The Fantasy Angels Press Conference, held in the Rose Opera House at the renowned Angel Manor Estate. The Fantasy Angels is an extraordinary company that continually raises the bar and is a true testament to the empowerment of women. Made up of the grid’s most talented top models and supermodels, their bold and breath-taking beauty, strength in diversity and independence, effortless elegance, passion and creativity is truly inspiring and unsurpassed. This was a unique event, where the four SUPERANGELS- Carley Benazzi, Eleseren Brianna, Beatrice Serendipity and Tyra Eiren shared their different experiences and perspectives tackling a variety of topics, relevant to all aspiring models. They were later joined on the stage with special guests Marcus Lefevre and Trouble Dethly. “ANGELS & MODELS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The TFA as a platform for models” The beautiful, talented and renowned top model, Carley Benazzi sheds insight on how social media is a powerful form of marketing for models and how to effectively use this tool. She tells us how, “Marketing yourself in the social media arena has to be done in a tasteful and competent manner. Strategically timed release of pictures and even blog posts can draw attention to not just the event or designer you are blogging for, but also is an influential way to showcase your abilities as a stylist.” Furthermore, she stresses the importance of creating your own personal brand or look and to always be true to yourself; however, she also explains how, “As Second Life changes and embraces social media, so should the modeling community. Social media gives you the freedom to showcase who you are. How marketable you are in the community and how valuable you are to designers, agencies but most of all to yourself.” Page 192 | ECLIPSE April 2016

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“THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ANGELS VISUAL IMPACT AS MODELS” Miss Virtual World 2015 and The Edge Editor, Eleseren Brianna explains the significance of the visual impact of your avatar for The Fantasy Angels, as well as any advertising campaign a model participates in. She tells us, “Fantasy Angels represent womanly perfection, at once beautiful and sexy, feminine and elegant and of course angelic. That is a tall order and the reason why it is so hard to become a Fantasy Angel. Only models who truly can project and encapsulate those qualities are given the opportunity to become a part of this most prestigious of companies in Second Life. When A Fantasy Angel walks out onto the runway or appears in a shoot or advert for the Fantasy Angels, her immediate visual impact should sell who the Fantasy Angels are, and why they - and she - deserve to be at the top.” She verbalizes how all top models have unique features, highlighting exactly what the modeling industry and The Fantasy Angels are looking for. “THE ANGELS & MODELS BOMBSHELL FACTOR” Ghee Designer and renowned top model, Beatrice Serendipity teaches the significance of what is considered the “Bombshell Factor.” The piece that makes the model not only unique and fabulous but captivates the audience and steals all the attention. She tells us, “One of the most crucial things for creating your own wow factor is the ability to be “yourself” to project your personality through your styling - Angels are real, genuine and unique - so it’s not about being a cookie cutter, it’s about putting your own original stamp on your look - so YOU wear the wings, the wings don’t wear you!” Taking it a step further, she explains how the process is truly a journey of practice and experimentation. And how do you know when you have achieved that “WOW” factor? Well according to Beatrice, “It’s that intake of breath when we see something that surprises and delights us.” ECLIPSE April 2016 | Page 195

“YOU WANT TO BE AN ANGEL? What it REALLY takes to become a FANTASY ANGEL” CEO and Founder of The Fantasy Angels, Tyra Eiren explained, “Over the years I have seen tons of stylings in different contests in Second Life inspired on the VS real life fashion shows and based on my own experience I dare to say that abound the good ones but scarce the fabulous. It is just a minority. And the answer is very simple; most of the girls don’t have an accurate idea about what it REALLY takes to look like a VS Angel; many of them think that look like a VS angel is just to put a nice wings and a sexy lingerie. And that’s not for sure. There’s a huge distance between dressing like a VS angel for a challenge & look like one. Look like a VS angel in SL is a high pressure job because you will be judged based on your overall look, your body, your facial features, your uniqueness, your performance, your personality,

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and just about any other perso be overwhelming. People want CAPTIVATING PERSONALITIES” w and CAPTIVATING STYLINGS”, cr SLife that fascinate the eyes of


Founder and Owner of the MIS Lefevre and CEO of ECLIPSE Ma Trouble Dethly served as specia conference. From their viewpoi castings and competitions have models within the fashion indu simply, “The industry, they watch a Top 40. Avidly, they watched ag

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heavy favorites, for that Top 40 to become a Top 24. Anxiously and excitedly, they watched again, for that Top 24 to become a Top 12. At the closing of this event, Tyra will announce the newest angels to have earned their wings. That is the power casting and competitions have in the promotion of a model.” This was an inspiring and enlightening event for all future prospective Angels and models in general, as well. Special congratulations to the newest Angels to have earned their wings: Portia Pexington, Hanna Lunna Naimarc, Jaily Bailey, Jonelle Devonshire, Misoindite Romano, Spirit Llewellyn, Scarlet Lenoirre, Rehana Seljan, Stregavento Nguy and Sienna Bellios. Even bigger congratulations to the SUPER ANGELS: Memole Giha, Danity Mynx, Saori Kido, Lolita Paragorn and Vanka Machiavello!

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