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June 2015


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Voices From the Grid

Gold and Steel (and the Bodies of Women) Exploring the culture of Goreans, ECLIPSE sheds insight on this lifestyle, while addressing common misconceptions.

Urban Street Wear ECLIPSE Models, Dimitri Shinn, Ela Enchanted, Leezah Kaddour, Lua Vendetta, Miele Tarantal and Wicca Merlin showcase their take on Urban Street Wear.

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No two people are alike; thus, no two models will ever style exactly the same. The most talented models on the grid highlight exactly how differently the same outfit can be styled.

Residents speak their mind on what their hopes are for Project Sansar.

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Cover Story Draxtor Despres Cover Photographer Natzuka Miliandrovic Article Photographer: Natzuka Miliandrovic Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook



Zanze Provocateur A sneak peak on what to expect for the newest Zanze Provocateur fashion line.

Miss SL Presenting the first winner of the Miss SL Pageant: Shinobu Istmal.

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Letter From the Publisher While attempting to categorize and organize my thoughts between this Publishers Note and the last, I have found difficulty in pin pointing one specific recurring theme. These past few weeks have been paramount to my own personal growth, and truthfully has left me rather pensive. My friends have noted a slight change in demeanor, simply put I am not as playful as I once was. What happened? Change. Life. I am told that the good would not be so good, if there wasn’t the bad to make comparisons. I have also been told these situations afford for excellent learning opportunities. Perhaps, I will remember this when I face obstacles that must be overcome, feel pain at times that must be endured and ultimately my heart that must remain strong even in the face of adversity. For a brief moment, I contemplated truly changing who I was. To be less trustful. To be less optimistic. To be less diplomatic. To be less kind.

kind. It takes an even greater ability to see beyond a repeated action or behavior... the good in someone, the beauty in someone. Being kind through a genuine concern and consciousness for others, regardless if earned or deserved, requires a unique level of inner courage, dignity and grace. It is not a reflection of a persons ability to stand up for themselves, but rather a testament to a persons introspective and tolerant compassion. No, I could never be less kind. Instead, I would remain steadfast in my beliefs, but not so rigid that I am not open to different perspectives. I would remain loyal to those that supported me throughout my journey, but keep my heart open to those who wish to earnestly embark on this new one. I would never forget the person I was and am, but will always keep my eyes locked on the horizon.

To be less kind?

This is an open challenge to anyone reading this Publishers Note. I challenge you to display this inner strength, at least three more times a day in situations where you typically wouldn’t. Be kind.

I have always felt that kindness is a person’s greatest strength. It takes such a great level of self-awareness of personal power to be

With that, it is my sincerest wish that you do enjoy everything this issue has to offer. Happy Readings!

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ECLIPSE Magazine is looking to expand their team. We are seeking self-motivated, dedicated and outgoing individuals who want to work with a team that values integrity, honesty and handwork. We are hiring: Marketing Directors Photographers We ask that interested individuals send their resume to Trouble Dethly in-world.

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Taylor Wassep Creative Director

Cajsa Lilliehook Copy Editor

Zzoie Zee Creative Director

Styling Manager: Miele Tarantal Models: Writers: Casja Lilliehook Landa Crystal Taylor Wassep Tiviyah

Adonis Hansome AnnaG Pfeffer BloodyMistress Serenity Dimitri Shinn Ela Enchanted Elleonna Falbala Fairey Ivyana Szondi Landa Crystal Leezah Kaddour Lua Vendetta Miele Tarantal Spirit Llewellyn Steele Sirnah Sylphia Constantine Wicca Merlin

Photographers: Anderian Sugarplum Grace Winnfield Natzuka Miliandrovic Rodric Kayden Bernard Sylphia Constantine Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca

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nderian Sugarplum

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BloodyMistress Serenity Zanze Provocateur: Lang Syne Gown ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 23

Ivyana Szondi Zanze Provocateur: Riviera Dress Page 24 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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BloodyMistress Serenity Zanze Provocateur: Dewey Dress & Headpiece ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 27

Ivyana Szondi Zanze Provocateur: Strathmere Top & Skirt Page 28 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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BloodyMistress Serenity Zanze Provocateur: Destin Dress ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 31

Ivyana Szondi Zanze Provocateur: Torrance Top & Harem Pants Page 32 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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Ivyana Szondi Zanze Provocateur: Brigantine Jumpsuit Page 34 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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BloodyMistress Serenity Zanze Provocateur: Corona Del Mar Gown Page 36 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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Draxtor Despres

Photography by Natzuka Miliandrovic Page 40 | ECLIPSE June 2015

s: The Evangelist

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 41

That first day in Second Life® is so important. The learning curve is high, everything seems fast, frenetic, and chaotic. If you make it past the introduction, you can teleport from places of stunning natural beauty to crassly commercial malls to “not possible in real life” imaginaria. It is creative chaos and it is not for the faint of heart. That creative chaos, though, is what captured the heart of Second Life’s evangelist, Draxtor Despres. Page 42 | ECLIPSE June 2015

On his first day in SL®, Despres immediately recognized the singular exceptionalism of Second Life. Everything in Second Life is usercreated. “I knew right away that was the case. In fact, the chaos that turns off a lot of people really appealed to me...The chaos of the place, that some stuff looked really good and some looked really crappy, that is just totally up my alley.” He found rich rewards in being a voice for people who are often very shy and found

a calling in translating the beauty of their creative passion to the outer world. Despres is a journalist, producer, filmmaker and artist with films set in first and Second Life, but most of all, he an evangelist of Second Life. He is also a man with a strong proletarian ethos that guides his work. Every week, Despres produces a podcast with Jo Yardley called DraxFiles and each month

he produces a short film profiling a creator, or as he calls them, a world maker. This is in addition to his day job as a producer/ filmmaker. Despres is best known for his World Makers series that introduces viewers to the creators of Second Life. His overarching message is that “dedicating yourself to a creative life is beautiful and rewarding.� Despres defines ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 43

creativity broadly. For example, Despres featured Editorial Clarity who said of himself that he is not a creator; he merely arranges furniture. To Despres, that is a creative endeavor. Despres has no time for elitist definitions of creativity that limit it to the milieu of the beautiful, the successful, the acknowledged and well-known. That is Second Life’s great gift, we are all creators in our new world. Critical reflection and self-awareness keep Despres constantly checking his work against his egalitarian values. “As a matter of fact, I realize that I have to profile people who are not as financially successful…or it may discourage people ...I am very passionate about the small individual who just does prim manipulation in this world of polished mesh and who derives a lot of satisfaction out of it. That it the point.” He recognizes the anonymity of Second Life is a “beautiful thing, that it is empowering.” It lets us be in a world where we are not judged on immutable characteristics. However, in his World Makers series, the people he profiles give up that anonymity. He recognizes the peril of his commitment to showing the physical and virtual person. The people he

Page 44 | ECLIPSE June 2015

has profiled generally fit into conventional stereotypes of people who look good in the physical world. “I don’t look at people that way. I don’t judge people and realize if I keep profiling people who look a certain way, other people may get discouraged from coming to me to tell their story...I depend on people coming forward, I depend on people agreeing to the fact their real life is exposed. It’s a scary step, but a necessary step for this format.” In choosing his subjects, he seeks a balance. He does not want to focus on just fashion, gaming, exploring, or sim building. “I want the whole, I want to cover everything.” It makes sense, then, that one of his journalistic heroes is the great Studs Terkel, considered by many the greatest interviewer of all time, certainly the most prolific. The president of the Chicago History Museum said of Terkel that, “there was not a voice that should not be heard, a story that could not be told. He believed that everyone had the right to be heard and had something important to say. He was there to listen, to chronicle, and to make sure their stories are remembered.” In listening to Draxtor Despres speak about his calling as a chronicler of Second Life, it is clear that with ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 45

his style, method and purpose embody those same values. Studs Terkel interviewed presidents and protesters, artists and workers, entrepreneurs and the dispossessed, the great, the small, the high, the low, the famous and the infamous. In his decades of radio interviews, he captures the 20th Century better than anyone and did it with enthusiasm, optimism and joy. Despres

Page 46 | ECLIPSE June 2015

is doing the same thing in Second Life. As an evangelist, he runs up against the common media stereotypes of Second Life’s denizens, young adult basement dwellers dependent on parental largesse or recently retired truckers playing female avatars while smoking a joint in the nude. As a consumer and critic of the media, he recognizes that most journalists are captive to pre-formed

narratives. “Once a narrative is crafted, it is very easy to take it out of the drawer on a slow news day. It’s very easy to regurgitate stuff than to go in and really report because that takes time... Investigative reporting is on decline.” This is as true in reporting on first life issues as it is for Second Life. When writing about elections, for example, a narrative is established and every story is framed to confirm that narrative. Journalism today is all about dogs biting men.

Despres thinks it is hard for people to be selfmotivated and that makes it hard for people to understand Second Life. Schools do not foster exploratory self-motivated learning when they are teaching to the test. As he explains, “everything is sort of pre-digested. Do this. Do that. Then do this and do that.” In his opinion, Second Life appeals to people who are inherently self-motivated; who like to explore. As he explains, when he invites

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 47

people to join Second Life, they want to level up. They are looking for the monsters to kill, the quests to complete. Finding your way on your own, doing anything you like, that is a foreign concept. As he put it, “If you can only enjoy stuff that gives you cookies at the end of the day, that’s kind of sad, isn’t it?” What does Despres do in SL when he’s not working? That’s a challenge in itself. He spends many hours finding people to interview, doing research, finding locations, filming and editing. Most of his time in Second Life is spent working. Still, he wants to explore, to wander around without a set purpose or agenda, to marvel at things and meet people. “I have so many favorite places. My most favorite places are the places I haven’t been.” For him, Second life is a garden, “a huge, wonderful, blooming garden of creativity.” A garden he seldom gets to enjoy as he would like because this mission he has set for himself takes so much time. If he had an SL Bucket List, though, exploring would top the list. “Leisurely exploring without the pressure to produce” is what he most wants in SL. As an evangelist for Second Life, he wrestles with the existential questions having Page 48 | ECLIPSE June 2015

a Second Life evokes. What is our relationship between our first and our second lives? Is “real life” the proper term for our physical life? Is Second Life unreal? What is reality? “Real and virtual, that drives me crazy.” We have all been told to go outside and smell the flowers. His response to that is “Do you ever watch a film, do you read a book, do you lose yourself in a narrative? It’s the same thing.” He does not see Second Life as a separation, but an extension of our first lives. “My avatar is an extension of myself.” Besides, he does go out and smell the roses, usually with his dog Gustav. His life is firmly anchored in the physical realm with a family, a dog, a job that all keep him busy. Second Life is an enhancement, an extension, not a replacement. Besides, he is resolutely non-digital in pursuit of his other passion, literary fiction. He’s reading Honoré de Balzac at the moment. “I only read real paper books. Literature, literary features, on PAPER, is the best balance to the life in the digital realm. I don’t read on a digital device. My favorite magazine, The Nation has an excellent electronic edition, I don’t read it, I read it on paper.” As he puts it, single-tasking provides the balance he ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 49

needs. “Real life is such a stupid term. I like to use the terms physical realm and digital realm. Second Life is not unreal. The relationships we have are real. The experiences we have are real. They have a real impact on us, how we feel.� When asked to go and smell the real flowers, he wonders why there is an either-or dichotomy. Is reality binary? What is wrong with smelling the Page 50 | ECLIPSE June 2015

physical and the digital flowers? He hopes that advances in Virtual Reality will help change this perception. Certainly his most precious memory of Second Life is as real as can be. He and his wife married each other for a second time in Second Life. They took photos in a bed of flowers. They met and married before either of them were in SL. For her, SL is more of a

passing interest while for him it is a passion and a calling, one she supports and was able to share though their in-world marriage. “It was a great memory for us...when I look at these photos I have very fond memories of that time.” He also hopes that Project Sansar, the Second Life 2.0 that Linden Lab™ is working on, will bring a renaissance. He hopes it will keep the spirit of Second Life while solving the

technical problems we all know too well. He stresses that Second Life is not dying and will not die, even with the birth of its next generation. Sansar is not a replacement for Second Life. It will run in parallel to SL for many years to come. Not all changes in Second Life have been positive. The nonprofit and education sectors have greatly reduced their role in ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 51

Weekly Podcast: Web Site: Facebook: YouTube: Stitcher Podcasts: Page 52 | ECLIPSE June 2015

our world. Despres has produced documentaries that may have aired one or two times with a Second Life component that reinforced the message 24/7, anytime and anywhere. That is happening less and less. There are many reasons, including the loss of the education/nonprofit discount that made sims more affordable and changes in metrics by which foundations evaluate grantees. Measurable outcomes are the ruling paradigm right now and it is often to difficult to see a concrete and measurable return on their investment. In much the foundation world, if it cannot be measured it did not happen. Despres is cheered by the efforts of new leadership at Linden Lab to turn that around and reestablish good relationships with the nonprofit and educational sectors. But whether foundations can measure it or not, Second Life keeps happening and as it continues to happen, Despres will continue to chronicle it with joy, a proletarian ethos and the heart of an evangelist. For Despres, Second Life serves his passion, which is not Second Life, in and of itself, but, Second Life as a medium to democratize creativity, to take it out of the elite institutions that serve as gatekeepers closing the doors on the creative impulse of the unelect. Despres wants his gravestone to read, “He inspired people to pursue a creative life.” He wants that epitaph to be true, and, daily he is working to make that true. “If I have a positive impact,” he says, “I have done my job.” ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 53

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ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 55

Voices From

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ide Recently, Linden Lab™ announced the name of “Second Lif building from the ground up. They are calling it Project Sansa when it is launched. Sansar is the Sanskrit word for life, so th Second Life are filled with curiosity, excitement, anticipatio residents what they Page 56 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Written by Ca

m the Grid

eas of Second LifeŽ residents on the salient issues of the day. fe 2.0�, a new immersive user-created environment they are ar while in development, though that name is sure to change he name is encouraging. Meanwhile, residents of the current on and trepidation. To capture that feeling, we asked a few y want from Sansar.

ajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 57

Second Life 2.0 needs to be beau Phoenix Welles is a published author and the founder of the Inkwell Literary Club in Second Life. with a new high-end machine ea I think my primary desire is accessibility in terms of hardware. Second Life as it currently stands has immense hardware requirements, and people who don’t or can’t upgrade to top of the line computers every year or so quickly find themselves with graphics glitches, crashing and ultimately difficulty even moving around the world. Page 58 | ECLIPSE June 2015

populace who might be on olde well.

I would also like to see adoption that people who have alts for rol fun can access basic things with and off their varied personas. Th

Photograph by

utiful and usable by not those umbrella accounts: a two-tier inventory system, where each ach year, but to the larger avatar contributes to a shared inventory under the umbrella, er or less expensive machines as and personal for each; all avatars under the umbrella account have equal access to account $$ balances; and a dummy mode, where if a creator, photographer etc needs to be logged in as n of umbrella accounts, so multiple avatars at the same time they can log additionals in as leplay, business or just for a dummies and control them while avoiding eating precious hout repeatedly logging onto resources by running multiple clients simultaneously. hings I would like to see with

y Taylor Wassep

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 59

Tymmerie Thorne is a blogger whose Girl Wonder Spe journal of her many Second Life adventures and a favori for her witty and joyous exploration of Second Page 60 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Photograph b

eaks blog is a ite far and wide d Life.

by Taylor Wassep

Sansar needs to be easier to use than SL. Right now it is almost as though you need to have a Computer Science degree in order to use Second Life. The learning curve is too steep and I’m sure that is the main cause of people leaving SL. For example, it should take one click to change windlight settings. Making sure mesh doesn’t disappear should not require clicking ctrl-alt-D to display the advanced menu > click debug settings > type in rendervolumelodfactor > type in 4. The interface should use terms that aren’t programming jargon. It should not take 30+ minutes to get an avatar dressed because we are trying to overcome the limits of the game by putting on HUDs, mesh body parts, the matching appliers for those body parts, tattoo layers, etc. Sansar needs to be a finished product. In many ways, SL feels like a beta version of a game. You can see the bones in the interface. It seems “easy to break” or click the wrong thing. And honestly, it is easy to break. (I just logged to check a message and my shoes were exploding with script errors. I have no idea how to fix that or why it’s happening -- and I have played since 2007!) A month or so ago, I told a friend that I played SL. I was in a social mood that day, so I suggested that she should try it out and I would help her. But I got to thinking: there is no way her very nice computer was powerful enough to play SL without a lot of frustration. Also, I’d have to be right the with her to help her out. Explaining the tricks of SL is too complicated to handle over the phone. I also realized that she would have a very hard time choosing a unique log in and would probably want a last name like my avatar has. In the end, there were too many obstacles to overcome, so I never mentioned SL to her again. She hasn’t mentioned it to me either.

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 61

Nalates Urriah is a professional writer and blogger whose Second Life blog Nalates’ Things & Stuff focuses primarily on the nuts and bolts of Second Life technology. She is adept at making complicated technical issues comprehensible to those who think they cannot understand technology. I like Second Life™. So, I am hoping the new world will be very much like Second Life. But, as Ebbe [Ebbe Altberg, the CEO of Linden Lab] says, similar but better. So, what is better? And better for who? The who is easy enough for me, everyone. But, to have an outstanding new world we need creative teams like MadPea and creative people like Loki Elliot, Peny Patton, Siddean Munro, Jo Yardley, and many many other talented creative types. So, I would like to see things better for this type of user.

difficult. So, I am hoping for a simpler process. A simpler world would be nice. But, I doubt that will happen. In Second Life the Lab doubled down on complication when they introduced the new starter avatars with mesh bodies. I think mesh bodies opened a pathway for advancing Second Life. But, almost every day I see posts in the SL forum from someone asking why they cannot change clothes. Mesh bodies are nice, I like them. But, by adding them the current learning process for new people became much more confusing. That needs to change.

Ebbe says the content providers’ needs will get special attention during the design In the Next Generation Platform (NGP) I think process. So, initially the idea of ‘better for who’ we will have an avatar with a single type is the builders of the new world. of body. Thus removing the confusion new people face now. I want a changeable mesh We have some challenges in SL. There are body. We won’t just cover up one body and things I would like to see change. Buying wear another. We will replace it. things, receiving them, unpacking them, wearing them… the process we have is The skeleton will be changeable too. So, we Page 62 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Photograph by

can add bones for wings or a tail. That will allow us to better animate the avatar. It will be easier to have a horse, spider, or other nonhuman body. Fitting mesh clothes to the avatar now is a REAL pain. That is because creative types cannot use the same process to change the shape/size of clothes that the Lab uses to change the avatar shape (morphing). I am looking for that problem to be removed in the NGP/SANSAR. There will always be problems getting clothes to fit, just as in RL. But, it can be much easier and work better than it is now. Better animation is something I want. There are way more animations features in Blender & Maya than we can bring into SL now. I am hoping that improves in the NGP. Of course with a modifiable skeleton, animation gets more complicated. But, more design freedom is ALWAYS a good thing in my thinking. Scale… Penny Patton has written a lot about the problems of scale in Second Life. I agree with her and have written my share about scale. Getting scale right in the NGP is important to me. With VR in mind I think having scale right becomes far more important than it is in SL. 1920’s Berlin is a favorite destination for those with VR headsets because Jo Yardley has rebuilt it to be to scale. Scripting – We are going to get a real scripting language. From what we know now, it will be C#. We may also get JavaScript. The current Linden Scripting Language (LSL) is missing some basic features. There are ways to work around them. But, we need a good language for the new world. We have tools in SL (Pathfinding, Keyframing…) that I think are under used because it is so hard to develop AI apps in LSL. Fashion Tools – I am hoping for a viewer user interface that is easier to use. The Lab doesn’t have a good track record on this point. Their Viewer 2.0 was rejected by users. But, I think 50% of users will reject any change.

more efficient clothing. As it is now people are buying mesh clothes and bodies that are extreme examples of poor design. I suspect those designers simply do not understand how to optimize for a virtual world. Since consumers cannot know how well an item is optimized, they buy whatever looks good. I am hoping we get tools in SL to turn that around. Basically something to tell the user that the mesh head they just put on has increased their Avatar Render Cost (ARC) by 100,000 points. (Not all of them are that bad. Some have a low ARC.) That would let us try on a demo, see the cost and compare to other mesh heads. Such a tool would make a smart customer and put pressure on designers to learn to optimize their creations. I have an outfit for events that includes mesh feet, hands, and hair that has a 15k ARC and looks pretty nice. That is much lower than any outfit with sculpty feet/shoes and hair that I have. I see avatars in various places that have a 250k ARC rating. I am hearing of avatars that have ARC’s of 500k. Walk into a region with poorly designed mesh structures and avatars with poorly designed mesh bodies and/or clothes and frames rates plummet. I would like to see steps taken in NGP/SANSAR to avoid that. Population Limits – we are limited to 40 or so avatars per region. In some cases we push that up to 100. When we do lag is horrible. Intel did experiments in OpenSim and got the limit up to 1,000 avatars will little lag. I want higher limits in NPG. Regions – Our regions are 256x256 meters. Region crossings are a pain. I would like better region crossing. I know there are complications when moving data from one server to another, so that may be asking a lot. So, like OpenSim I would like to see regions of various sizes, basically the possibilities for large regions.

I want motivation for designers to make

y Taylor Wassep

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 63

With project Sansar the most important aspect would be creative freedom. Second Life is a very diverse community and its success entirely has been built on the creative freedom that both creators and residents enjoy. That creative freedom has to be maintained in Sansar if it hopes to be as huge of a success as Second Life was and has been over the years. We shouldn’t really worry about if we like how the new avatars look, or if we like how the land/environment looks, etc, as long as the creative freedom is maintained, we can make new hair, new eyelashes, new bodies, and virtually anything else that we may not like with the default package -just as we have done with the current Second Life. My second concern regarding project Sansar would be the use of materials and proper lighting. In Second Life, “materials” are vastly misunderstood by a great number of creators and residents alike. Materials serve two main purposes: 1. They allow 3D artists to bring to life mesh details that otherwise would take millions of polygons to make in order to render them in real-time on average home PCs or game consoles; 2. They use incident light, diffuse reflection, and specular reflection to define the surface of an object in order to create realistic Page 64 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Sands Leavitt has been a resident of Second Lif designer of A

Photograph by

fe and is a mesh content creator, the owner and Azuchi Brand.

y Sophee Mojo

surfaces such as “metal”, “plastic”, “cotton” etc. Materials rely on directional lighting, simply turning on advanced shaders in viewer is not enough to properly see the effect of materials. In Second Life you must have a local light placed and have your advanced shaders enabled in your options. Unfortunately local lights (created through prims with light feature turned on) are not used by majority of SL residents and therefore materials are not properly displayed by most, forcing designers to be stuck with ancient texturing techniques. In Sansar it is absolutely essential for users to have materials turned on by default (without the option to turn them off ) and allow user friendly access to point/ directional/spot lights to light up environments rather than using windlight/ ambient lights within Sansar. If Sansar is to take its visual quality to the next level, designers and creators need to be able to completely move away from shaded and baked textures, and rely on real time rendering of shaders through materials. This will allow mesh content that not only look far more realistic and beautiful than what we in Second Life, but also run smoother and better on average home computers.

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 65

What do I want from Sansar?

Gorgeous Yongho is the popular and respected I want Sansar to be an entirely ne fashion blogger at JuicyBomb and the owner of from Second Life. When I joined S the Second Life Fashion Feed I Heart SL. expectations, and because of this Second Life to the fullest.

Page 66 | ECLIPSE June 2015

I want to experience Sansar that same way, without expectations, and allowing it to charm me with dazzling new ew and different experience features and places to explore. Only time will tell if Sansar can Second Life, I had no replace Second Life, but for now, I am glad that we will have the s, I feel that I have truly enjoyed option to play in both worlds at the same time. Photograph by Gorgeous Yongho

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 67

Urban Str Page 68 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Photography by Sy

reet Wear

ylphia Constantine

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 69

Page 70 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Ela Enchanted Top: Paperbag. - D&G Cut Off Top Bottoms: BLK2.0 - Evuza Jeans Hair: [taketomi] - Kira Hair & Beanie Watch & Bracelets: -UtopiaH- Anchor Shoes: FLite. - Outsiders ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 71

Page 72 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Ela Enchanted Top: Rowne *Previously H.O.F* - Jersey Tee Bottoms: BLK2.0 - 2Low Slim Baggies Hair: TRUTH HAIR (Maisy/Variety) Cap: Beusy: - White Vyper Snapback Bangle: Cute Poison - Eruli Bracelet Skelly Glove: [G/C] - Lady Death Hand Shoes: Cashmere & Keane* - Dread Platforms ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 73

Page 74 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Leezah Kaddour Hair: *Milk* Hair~ Space Cake *Noir* Shirt & Jacket: [LaVian&C0] FW2015 View From A Hill 1 Jacket Pants: [LaVian&C0] FW2015 Break Free Jeans Shoes: Viviane Fashion - Sneakers Diamond Hearts Black Necklace: [ glow ] studio My Music Necklace Silver Piercings: ::Rebel Yell:: - Piercing Ear 2 (Plug) right ::Rebel Yell:: - Piercing Ear 4 (Creole) left Gloves: Izzie’s - Slink HUD - Fingerless Leather Gloves (black) Ears: [MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU Makeup: October’s 4Seasons - Gloss Lips Tattoo October’s 4Seasons - Flossy Eyeshadow -Dusty Rose Clutch: ^^Swallow^^ Clutch Queen strawberry /SILVER ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 75

Page 76 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Leezah Kaddour Hair: Lyrical Store - Brun Superdark Shaved Hairbase Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Hoodie Fem - Hood Up /// Five Alive Pants: GizzA - Let Loose Pants [Grey] Shoes: GizzA - Combat Boots & socks [Black] Piercing: [Mad Echo] - Abbey Piercing Ring: Swallow Ring Fuck off Silver Makeup: Lush Cosmetics: Two Tone Lip (Frost Bitten) Rapture Smokey Eyess

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 77

Lua Vendetta Top: :: D-Style - Knotted Shirt Pants: D-Style - Unisex Sport Baggy Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 54 with hat Shoes: ! M&E ! Sneaker black Armwarmers: Blueberry Nati - Mesh - Tied Armwarmers Necklace: EarthStones Cayuse

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ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 79

Top: Blueberry - Calyn - Double Layered & Single Tank Top Shorts: Blueberry - Cossy - Denim Ripped Shorts Leggings: BAX Ornament Leggings Ripped Shoes: Eudora 3D Laika Boots BBG Hair: TRUTH HAIR Katya Sunglasses: Prism Aviator Sunglasses Blue (Bagged) Jewelry: UNISEX[MANDALA]TAIGA Necklace Pure Poison - Cool Bracelets Page 80 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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Miele Tarantal Blueberry - Tank Top - Venus Reg - White R3VOLT - Adrie Shorts AviCandy Basic Ultra Sheer - Licorice - Glitch Free Pantyhose Corvus : Cateyes Eyeliner Lips - Dead Apples - Matte Le Rouge Blackliquid NAILS - SLink AE - Metal Tattoo - .Reckless. - Haze (Chemistry) Hair - Lyric beanie - Black [MANDALA]LUSTFUL-Jewelry-Bracelet Mhaijik Things O-Ring Bracelets SLink Sultry Lashes Anise Gos [DOCS-V2] 8 HOLE ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 83

Miele Tarantal Collette’s Grafitti Corset Multi Kapone sarouel pant [VALE KOER] THE BEEZY SNEAKERS *ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Grace (Yummy) Polyex Sports Watch Izzie’s - Fingerless Leather Gloves AITUI - Sk8 Bag Ramon Solution - razorblade [BamboO] Melisa Lips Dark Pink SLink Sultry Lashes Anise Page 84 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 85

Dimitri Shinn Cap: Rerty - Foolek Design 1 Jacket: [ Excellence ] - Jacket & T-Shirt Varan Pants: [Pumpkin] - Patched Skinnies Shoes: [VALE KOER] - Apex Stompers Piercing: PUNCH - Sucked Male Gold Page 86 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 87

Dimitri Shinn Hair: Modulus - Vercetti Jacket: Addams - Denim Vest & Hoodie Pants: [2 byte] - Waist Shirt Jeans Shoes: Bleich - Mesh Unisex Buckle Shoes Black Necklace: Wonton - Mesla Pearl Piercing: [MANDALA] - Silver Eye Brows Tattoo: .Reckless. - Wix Fresh Page 88 | ECLIPSE June 2015

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Wicca Merlin Top: [R3] - “Zelina Coat [V3]” Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe - “Renraku Pants” Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe - “Lipstick Heels [Black/Red 1]” Head Piece: Wicca’s Wardrobe - “RamHorn Mask [Black]” Collar: [R3] - “Lexi Collar [V3]” Hair: Vanity Hair - “Guns & Pearls” Pierceing: [ni.Ju] - “Amped Piercing . brow” ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 91

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Wicca Merlin Top 1: Maitreya - “Cul-de-Sac” Top 2: [R3] - “Steampunk Armour (Female) [V2]” Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe - “Kim Pants (female)” Shoes: VC Designs - “C-001 Boot (Womens)” Hair: .:EMO-tions:. - “JADE” Necklace: [MANDALA] - “LEGENDARY” Accessories:**{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires - “NIKOLAJ2” Glasses: [URIZASK] - “Glasses “Vintage”Silver_Bike_Black” ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 93

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ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 97

Photography by Rodric Kayden Bernard

Gold and Steel (and th

Page 98 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Written by Tivi Inglewood

he Bodies of Women)

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE June 2015

“There were, in the end, only gold and steel, and perhaps the bodies of women.” -Raiders of Gor; Book 6; Page 226

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 101

There is a culture that is taboo in our world. There is a lifestyle that will immediately repel most people. So many are disgusted with this culture, and yet, so few truly understand it. Identifying oneself as a member of this particular community, or even uttering a single word, has the potential of alienating oneself from a good portion of residents in Second Life®. What is this word that people detest so much? Gor.

To begin, let us go over where the idea of “Gor” even comes from. The planet of Gor is a ‘counter-earth’ and is the focus of a series of science fiction novels written by John Frederick Lange, Jr., better known by his pen name of John Norman. The series contains 33 books, and has developed into a subculture that is roleplayed out in Second Life® and other online platforms. The focus, generally, of this series is the idea of masculine dominance and female slavery, though this does not play out exclusively.

While some have logical objections to the lifestyle that Goreans live, you’ll find that the hatred of their culture is rooted only in lack of understanding of what it truly is. It is our hope that this article may provide some much-needed clarity. With the aid of a few people within this community, we will clarify those misconceptions in several different ways, both with short excerpts from the actual novels, as well as their own opinions.

One of the main criticisms of Gor is the critique that it is abusive or only sexual in nature, with no real depth. Both of these assumptions are inaccurate. There is an underlying ethical foundation that may not be perceived from the surface, but can possess a depth that is beyond what one would ever imagine, from the outside. To illustrate some of these depths, we’ve asked some residents in Second Life who roleplay

Page 102 | ECLIPSE June 2015

characters in Gor to give us some insight into what Gor is, in their own words, as well as in John Norman’s. “Gor is a place where you don’t have to censor yourself; you don’t have to fit into societal norms,” says Julienn Sands, who roleplays a female slave named Juls. She goes on to say, “No one will judge you if you aren’t trying to break the glass ceiling as a woman, or aren’t constantly in touch with your ‘feminine side’ as a man.” The idea of masculine and feminine is a major focus in the novels, where Norman portrays men as the naturally dominant gender. When asked what quote from the series, in her opinion, could sum up Gor, Juls chose one from page 205 of Explorers of Gor, Book 13 in the series: “Masculinity and femininity are complementary properties… If a man wishes a woman to be more feminine, he must be more masculine. If a woman wishes a man to be more masculine, she must be more feminine.”

Another resident who offered his perspective on this issue is Dayshield Resident who roleplays his character Etsuo Praeses, a Free Man of Gor. “Gor, for me, is less a game and more about being a better person.” This idea may sound ironic to some who assume that all men in Gor are cruel and brutal, simply because it centers around male dominance. Goreans value honor, life, education, and other things that we as people behind the keyboard would value as well. They are more than the sex-crazed abusive beasts that they may be sometimes made out to be. Praeses continues, “I find myself thinking about how I can be true to my word, honest, open, expressive, interested in others and not my own well-being, how I can encourage others to be the best they can be. Gor, for me, is more than a bit of sex, is more than BDSM with swords and arrows… it’s about being a man.” Here we see that those who identify as Goreans possess a bit more depth than the ruthless monsters one may initially assume ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 103

Goreans value honor, life, education, and other things that we as people behind the keyboard would value as well. Page 104 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 105

them to be. Unlike real life slave trafficking, Gorean Slavery, whether in a virtual role play or a physical private relationship, is consensual. Since people consent to the role of slave, it is not about the exploitation of weakness. It is, in fact, rather about simply being who one feels themselves to be, whether that means being the one to lead or the one to follow. Just because one chooses to be a slave does not make them a doormat with no feelings or opinions. Respect is paramount in how opinions are expressed, but is that really so different in how we expect each other to act in the real world? In everyday life, class and standing limit what we can say and do with a series of unwritten rules. In Gor, the rules are clear. Speak your mind, but do so at an appropriate time with the appropriate amount of respect? Are we as real people really that much different than the Gorean characters that some portray? Minus, you know, the gladiator-style warfare and legal slavery. Though, that said, it is worth noting that there are also those in real life that live in Gorean-style Master/slave relationships, and they usually do not view their real life Gorean lifestyle as roleplay. It is their life, their lifestyle and not something they take off and put on like a piece of mesh clothing. “Gor is about beauty, honor, and respect. Too many times it [can be] about egos and drama, but if you’re lucky, you get into a place that lives by those values,” says Rya Inglewood, who roleplays a female slave named Rya. Having been around Gor for quite some time, and having lived in Master/slave style relationships both online and in real life settings, Rya’s perspective offers a lot of insight into what goes through the minds of someone who identifies as Gorean. “As I told my Master long ago, Gor is more than furring and collaring,” Rya says. “Furring” is the term often used in Gor to identify sex. In speaking of beauty, some may find Page 106 | ECLIPSE June 2015

themselves reminded of the age-old debate about physical beauty. It is generally assumed that Goreans concern themselves solely with appearance, but listen to where Rya finds beauty in Gor. “The beauty you see when a slave looks up to her Master, and the bond you see between them. A serve given to a Free Woman, or a conversation of one man to another. [It’s] the care to make the meals, tending to the animals [and] the children. The list goes on and on. One only has to open their eyes to see beauty there.” The beauty that Rya sees in Gor is the same beauty that anyone can find in the world around them. The fact of the matter is, the culture of Gor is not about barbaric behavior, abusing women, rampant sex, or arrogant men. Gor is not one big sexual playground where women are passed around like mashed potatoes at the dinner table. It does not, for the most part, promote negative stigmas against female strength. In fact, some of the strongest women in Gor are those who choose to be slaves. Gor is simply another way to express oneself and one’s desires. It is another way to relate to the world around you. And because people are individuals, and because everyone relates to the world in the way that is best for them, Gor may not be for you. That is perfectly OK! With that said, we return to a quote shared by Etsuo Praeses as a way to bring to a close what we hope has been an informative, insightful look into the Gorean culture: “Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live; they cannot tell you, they do not have tongues. Do not ask the wise man how to live, for if he knows, he will know he cannot tell you. If you would learn how to live, do not ask the question. Its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words. Do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so.” - Marauders of Gor; Book 9; Page 9. ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 107

Page 108 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 109

Ways to Page 110 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Photography by An

o Wear

nderian Sugarplum

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 111

Page 112 | ECLIPSE June 2015

AnnaG Pfeffer q p Sylphia Constantine

Outfit: Lumiere Apparel - StadiumDress Hair: Vanity Hair::Guns & Pearls Face mask: no. 7 Warrior Tiger Face Mask Jewelry: Pure Poison - Silver Tomnia Jewelry Shoes: Essenz- Sacramento Nails: Nailed it - Neon Set Eye Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Midnight Haze

Outfit: Lumiere - Stadium Dress Necklace: Modern Couture - Chacal Shoes: Dirty Princess - Maleficent Clutch: Lagyo - Baroque Bracelet: Modern Couture - Marina ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE June 2015

AnnaG Pfeffer q p Sylphia Constantine

Outfit: { V I N C U E } Fiorella+Dress Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*49 Glasses: Arisaris Igs95 Azahara Fantasy Glasses Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Suzanna Bag:-David Heather-Frange Bag Shoes: MIAMAI_Armoniu Wedges

Dress: Vincue - Fiorella+Dress Bag: Pure Poison - Flowers cabin Necklace: Pure Poison - Folium Shoes: Hucci - Paine Bracelet: Amarelo Manga - Istambul ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE June 2015

AnnaG Pfeffer q p Sylphia Constantine

Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. Etiquette Hair: *booN DES423 Headpiece: AZOURY - Ashera Head Accessory earrings: Donna Flora ESTER Nails: Nailed it. French M Pastel set

Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. Etiquette Blindfold: Anc - Speareye Jewelry: Lagyo - Roysin Hat: Astralia - Maga Circe Gloves: Blacklace - Harlequin ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 117

Elleonna q p Landa Crystal

Page 118 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: Fishy Strawberry Anniversario Playsuit Ring: ISON - Safari Tribe Necklace: Ryka - Metal Plate Hair: Rowne - Leighton Head Flowers: Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 119

Elleonna q p Landa Crystal

Page 120 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Dress: Cracket Mirror - Rhonda Ring: Swallow - Single Hair: Lelutka - Cassie Earring: .Shi - Journey Shoes: Rayne Couture - Peep Tie Jewelry: ISON - Safari Tribe ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 121

Elleonna q p Landa Crystal

Page 122 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: Coquet - Mayella Ring: Yummy - Garden Cocktail Head Accessory: LODE - Snapdragon Bracelet: MG - Honey Diva Anklets: .Shi - Anklets with Chains Hair: Truth - Celeste ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 123

Falbala Fairey q p Spirit Llewellyn

Outfit: PurpleMoon- Who Romper Classic Neckcorset: *Perception* Neck Corset Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * RINA * Hat: ** DIRAM ** BRIGITTE Chinese Hat Earrings: (Dahlinks) Fan Earrings Ring: FINESMITH - Kagami MakeUp: TuTy’s Runway on the moon of the moon White Swan Make-up by Luciano Enoch Pipe: FINESMITH - BACK TO NATURE Alp Horn Nails: **{FORMANAILS}**- JAPAN NAILS Shoes: [CX] Grungy Geta Page 124 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: PurpleMoon- Who Romper Classic Shoes: Shey- Minnesota Hair: Argrace- Konomi Bag: Ghee- Edie Jewelry: PM- Ireth Earrings Bens Beauty- October Earrings and Necklace Ghee Hip SS15 Glasses Makeup: Madrid Solo- Ensemble Lash & Liner Only ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 125

Outfit: !Rebel Hope - So Beachy Dress Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LALEEN * in silver Headpiece 1: *LODE* Head Accessory - Peony Double Headpiece 2: *LODE* Head Accessory - Daffodil Headpiece 3: *LODE* Headwear - Boohoo Eyepiece: *Asteria Full Perm - Flower Eyelashes MakeUp: MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Asian Earrings: (Kunglers Extra) Walhalla - Copper Ring: (Kunglers Extra) Primavera Collection Nails: Orc Inc : - Glitter Blend 1 Shoes: ieQED

Falbala Fairey q p Spirit Llewellyn

Page 126 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: !Rebel Hope - So Beachy Dress Shoes: [HH] Katie Wedges Hair: Lelutka- Vibrato Hat: !Ohmai Salon- Callia Tweeter Bag: =Zenith= Pink Summer Glasses: Redgrave- Maddison Jewelry: CPD- Under the Sea Full set Makeup: Madrid Solo- Mix&match Melancholy shadow Ensemble Lash & liner only Fishy Strawberry- Kokeshi Lip Maitreya- Lara Mesh Body

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 127

Page 128 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Falbala Fairey q p Spirit Llewellyn

Outfit: [sYs] MAEVA Shoulderpieces: Zibska- Keallach Pauldrons Earrings: Persefona Peacock - Teal Earrings Headpiece: *MonCheri* Peacock Feather Earrings MakeUp: +Nuuna+ Ina Makeups Bangs: *booN hairpieces GURA21 Hairbase: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 15 shaved-browns “LoQ Hair” Shaved Hairbase Ponytail: Baiastice-Arisa hair attachment Rings: Zaara : Kashiti bobble ring Nails: Orc Inc : - Glitter Blend 37 Shoes: Blah. (My Elevated Getas)

Outfit: [sYs] MAEVA Dress Shoes: Slink- Garielle Hair: Karrueche- Updo/Bun Accessories: SoliDea FoliEs Pink Paradise Headpiece Alchemy Immortalis- Centre Vined Lily (chest) Purple Moon: Queen of Hearts Crown Piece Gloves: Sweet Tea~ Metallic Embossed Makeup: VN- Eyelash Prim Cleopatra Madrid Solo- Mix & Match Melabcholy Shadow Fishy Strawberry- Kokeshi Gloss Emo-Tions- Hairbase Curls ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 129

Adonis Hansome q p Steele Sirnah

Outfit: Legal Insanity Compton Jeans and Bandana Shoes: ::GB::-sneaker black Accessories: **RE**-ReVoX MTX Watch FLite-Trucker Cap AR2Style- Phoenix Tattoo Page 130 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: Legal Insanity Compton Jeans and Bandana Hair: Dela - Hair Violetta Accessories: Chop Zuey - Southern Pride Necklace Chop Zuey - Genetlemen’s caller ring Mandala _Bracelets SANKARA ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 131

Adonis Hansome q p Steele Sirnah

Outfit: Howl-SUN Denim Jacket Pants: Razor-Cargo Faders Shoes: LRD-Street Sneakers Hair: To Be Unique-Hat w/ hair Page 132 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: Howl Siun Denim jacket Pants: Legal Insanity Kurt Cargo Pant Shoes: Gizza Worker Boots Accessories: Plume - LJ attachment Unorthodox Arab Beard ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 133

Adonis Hansome q p Steele Sirnah

Outfit: Sys-EROS Tuxedo Accessories: Jeeps Creeps-Black Buckles ^^Swallow^^-Ear Cuff Cross LaGyo-Baroque Collier Black Hair: INK- SPRSTOME Hair Page 134 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Outfit: Sys-EROS Tuxedo Shoes: Sys Doom Boots Accessories: Zibska Harbinger Eye and Mask Zibska Hitraud Uomo Necklace Madrid Solo My Demons Makeup Hair: Wasabi Pills Hairbase ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 135

Page 136 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 137

Introducing: S Photographs provided by the Miss SL Organization Page 138 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Shinobu Istmal Written by Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 139

Pageants in Second Life® have come to be as synonymous with fashion as gacha games to events. It seems as if new and better pageants keep popping up. The newest, Miss SL, has brought a fresh breath of air to the grid. Miss SL Organization was created less than a year ago and has already been on the tip of

Page 140 | ECLIPSE June 2015

everyone’s tongues since its inception. Founded by Marcus Lefevre in late 2014, Miss SL goal is to be a “celebration of beauty, creativity and talent,” according to its Facebook page — a clear demonstration that the people behind it know that they how to get the word

out. That announcement kicked off the search for the most beautiful female avatar on the grid. Many girls applied, but only a select few made it past their rigorous requirements. In the end, 29 stunning women stood proud to represent

the country they selected on this journey to the crown. This journey ended when the custom-crafted crown, made by Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Couture, sat upon the head of Shinobu Istmal, Miss Japan 2015 the first Miss SL.

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 141

I was able to sit down with Shinobu for a brief time and talk to her about her experiences in Second Life and how she found herself with a shiny new piece of jewelry and a platform that could really change people’s lives. Shinobu started out her Second Life due to boredom. She is a potter by trade and at night, while the porcelain wares were processing for hours; she looked for something to do. After browsing on the internet for a while, she came across Second Life and the rest is history.

to look for modeling schools, but it became apparent that you had to be able to speak English,” said Shinobu. She almost gave up when someone told her about a Japanese group called SLTV. This group was offering trainings and could help with translations. So she did some interviews and was accepted as a trainee at Dion Fashion Agency, where she met the lovely Kay Fairey who later became her instructor.

That is until one day, while shopping around, Shinobu found herself in the mecca of fashion, AZUL.

Through the many years that Shinobu has been modeling and blogging, pageants have been something that didn’t really pique her interest, until she was persuaded to enter pageant in 2013.

“I saw a picture of a beautiful woman there which I thought was a painting at first. Then my friend told me about fashion models in Second Life. The model in the picture was Sora Tatham. I became obsessed with the idea and started

“I was a [Miss Virtual World] MVW candidate in 2013, but at that time I wasn’t used to such big pageant. I was under huge pressure and couldn’t do as well as I wished I had,” Shinobu said, “I regretted not the result, but my own immaturity.

Page 142 | ECLIPSE June 2015

Since then I had been searching for answers to how I should be as a model in SL. When I learned that there was going to be a Miss SL pageant, I felt this was it. It would be my big chance to prove myself of what I could really do with my coordinating skills.� That is when she entered and claimed the title of Miss SL Japan 2015, her home country and place she loves dearly. For months, Shinobu and the other 28 girls were challenged to style amazingly beautiful looks, from Goddesses to the Far East, from The Devil Wearing Prada to the Pierrot; these girls were put through the wringer for Miss SL It was after the second challenge, Lefevre encouraged them all to do

their utmost, that it was important not to cut corners, when styling and to always take extra care with the fine details. “His words inspired me to start working for the coming challenges with even more heightened awareness,� said Shinobu. His advice helped Shinobu throughout the rest of Miss SL competition; right up to the finale. If you have not been to the finale of a fashion competition or a pageant; than you have never seen such high glamour styling. Because this is when adults come to play and leave the children at the door. Shinobu, like most contestants had custom-created gowns made for her in the finale. ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 143

Page 144 | ECLIPSE June 2015

“I wanted my dress to represent a white butterfly, in the style of cutout paper art which is a traditional art form in Japan. Mami has made this fine art into the beautiful white gown which won me the title of Miss SL,” said Shinobu. But of course, she had time to look around and fall in love with a beautiful gown worn by Miss Indonesia, Mio Linette. Then, the moment comes, that moment each and every one of these women have been waiting for. The crowning of Miss SL. I’m sure not one of those women were breathing as the seconds, which must have felt like hours, ticked by before the winner was announced. “Shinobu Istmal is Miss SL 2015!” “I was dazed with astonishment for a moment! Then there were only three letters of “O M G” in my head, with my jaw dropping…,” she said. “I feel very lucky that I had such a great experience during the pageant. I was not only able to learn about creating better coordinates[styling], but also to experience everyone’s energy and passion towards the success of this pageant. I am very happy and greatly honoured to be chosen as Miss SL 2015. However, although I won the title, I think the crown belongs to everyone who has been working hard for this ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 145



The crown and the lovely custom clothing are definitely beautiful possessions to have in Second Life, but the bigger picture is the way that Shinobu can now use this amazing platform she has found herself on to bring awareness and help to a cause dear to her

“I brought up an idea of two charity events during one of the Miss SL interviews. I am going to start planning for these events to support people in need of help,” said said. “Also I would like to help and support girls who wish to become a model in SL, as I have been helped by

Page 146 | ECLIPSE June 2015

so many wonderful people in the past.� So now, a chapter in the book of Miss SL Organization is done and closed, and many memories and friendships were created by this pageant. What will come in the future for Shinobu and Miss SL Organization? Only time will tell, but we are eager to find out. ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 147

Page 148 | ECLIPSE June 2015

ECLIPSE June 2015 | Page 149

ECLIPSE Magazine June 2015  

This issue we showcase the talented journalist, producer, filmmaker and artist Draxtor Despres on the cover. From there, we take it to the s...

ECLIPSE Magazine June 2015  

This issue we showcase the talented journalist, producer, filmmaker and artist Draxtor Despres on the cover. From there, we take it to the s...