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Save Money - Register And Make Hotel R e s e r v a t i o n s To d a y The 2012 ECIA Executive Conference is a unique industry learning and networking opportunity. Being held October 28-30 at the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Hotel, the schedule includes a first-class roster of speakers, roundtable dialogue and a generous amount of time to network. The early registration discount saves attendees $100 and hotel accommodations are a reasonable $169 per night – but space is limited. Act before the October 5th cut-off date to take advantage of the savings. Contact the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Hotel directly at 800-3417949 or click here and enter group code “NEZ” to secure a room reservation at the special conference group rate. The 2012 Executive Conference “Information + Application = Innovation” will feature expert presentations that offer tactical strategies for utilizing information, engaging your team and encouraging business innovation. Industry leaders, innovation experts and marketing professionals headline this annual conference: Glenn Bassett, IHS; Guy Blissett, IBM Global Business Services; Frank Cutitta, The Center for Global Branding; Jon Dudas, FIRST; Jim Forbes, Pricewaterhouse Coopers; Rick Hamada, Avnet; Gordon Hunter, Littelfuse; and renowned speaker and innnovation expert Terry Jones, Click here to register today for this informative conference and an opportunity to connect face-to-face in Chicago with your industry partners. Sponsors of the conference include: Advantage Business Media; Allied Electronics; Bourns; Carlton-Bates Company; Cornell Dubilier; Digi-Key Corp.; Dove Electronic Components; Electronics Sourcing, N.A.; Empowering Systems; Hearst Business Media; Honeywell; IHS; KEMET Electronics; Kruvand Associates; Littelfuse; Marsh Electronics; Model N; Molex; Murata; Newark element 14; netComponents; Norris and Associates; Penton Media; Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas; Omron; ON Semiconductor; Phoenix Contact; TE Connectivity; Texas Instruments; UBM Electronics Group; and Vishay.

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To T h e P o i n t : T i p s O n Q u i c k l y A n d C o n f i d e n t l y I d e n t i f i n g A u t h o r i z e d D i s t r i b u t o r s O n Yo u r W e b s i t e The counterfeiting of electronic components is a hot topic in the industry and a growing concern for customers and the government. Customers need to be able to quickly and confidently identify authorized distributors. As a result, several organizations and the federal government are developing requirements that customers obtain proof of a distributor’s authorization. The primary method for this verification is the original component manufacturer’s (OCM) website. While many OCMs have websites that make it easy to find a list of their authorized distributors, others do not. And, some manufacturers fail to even include a list. Robin Gray ECIA President & CEO

• • • • • • • • • •

ECIA is working on a number of fronts to assist customers in finding authorized inventory through www. and by encouraging original component manufacturers to clearly identify their authorized distributors on the OCMs’ websites. To further assist OCMs, the association has developed the following suggestions that will enable your customers to find your products from your authorized distributors:

Make the list of authorized distributors easy to find on your website. Make the link less complex with no long, cryptic keys. A single link to a single distributor is preferable. Make the list easily printable. Customers often want to save or print the page for their records. Identify distributors by region and clearly note any geographic limitations. Provide a list by region rather than a pull-down or search menu. It is not necessary to list distributor branch offices. Clearly label your distributors as “authorized distributor” since this will match the terminology used in the standards and by ECIA. If it is your company policy, consider adding a statement to your website reminding customers that only product purchased directly from you or from your authorized distributors is covered by your warranty. Keep the list updated with new authorizations and terminations. Clearly indicate whether products obtained by distributors through master distributors and buying groups are considered authorized.

These are important steps that OCMs can take to enable customers to find where to buy your company’s products and to ensure the integrity of the authorized supply chain.

ECIA Announcements ECIA announces a new member benefit for all manufacturer members and those distributor member participating in the association’s inventory website Beginning September 1, these members will receive a monthly report that provides customer traffic information for that manufacturer or distributor. The manufacturer’s report will show which of their parts that customers are looking for and which distributors are being looked at for those parts. The participating distributor’s report will show the number of times customers clicked on that distributor’s buy/view button for each manufacturer. These monthly reports will be sent automatically by email at the beginning of each new month. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted regulations concerning conflict minerals. ECIA has posted the latest information about the new conflict minerals regulations on its website, Information has also been posted on the website about upcoming hearings by the U.S. International Trade Commission to revise and expand reciprocal tariff agreements on information and technology products.

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2012 Executive Conference Introduces Vivastream™ The Experiment Starts Now. Join here. Executive Conference attendees have the opportunity to take their event networking to the next level of social interaction, starting weeks in advance, with Vivastream. As the official social platform for this year’s conference, Vivastream is the most effective, fun, and practical way to connect and interact with fellow attendees before, during, and afterward. It’s fast and it’s free. Thank you to the conference technology sponsor, CarltonBates Company, for introducing Vivastream and for providing complimentary conference room Wi-Fi during the sessions.

Conference Sponsors:

Join this experiment and give us your feedback. We may use it again at future industry meetings, but it’s up to you! How Does This Social Networking Experience On Vivastream Help Me Network? Vivastream’s “Who to Know™” feature will connect you with new people who are not only interested in the same topics you care about, but also with those who have the information, knowledge, and resources you’re looking for. What Topics Are You Interested In At The Executive Conference? Click here for a list of all topics being discussed at the Conference, and select the ones that interest you. Be sure to indicate “I’m interested” and/or “I Can Help.” Doing so will help Vivastream™ build your customized Who To Know™ list, which will ensure you meet the right people at this year’s Executive Conference, and also ensure that attendees needing your help with a topic will be able to connect with you as well. Check Out The ECIA Executive Conference 2012 Sessions Click here for a list of all sessions covered over the 2.5 days, including the “From Information to Innovation” keynote address by Rick Hamada of Avnet, “The Business of Innovation” by Terry Jones,, and “Success Measured in Decades “ by Gordon Hunter, Littelfuse. Vivastream will keep track of the sessions that capture your interest in Your Sessions. If the speakers for those sessions, or someone else also attending, is on your Who To Know™ list, Vivastream will let you know. What To Do Next? Check out the Executive Conference Vivastream™ site and sign up. We put a lot into it, so that you can get the most out of it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email: Get 2012 Executive Conference!


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Advocacy & Industry Promotion Council New Member - Welcome to ECIA

The Council guides the association’s marketing efforts in the following areas:

• • • •

Promoting the authorized sale of electronic components Campaigning against counterfeiting Promoting the ECIA brand and value Driving adoption of ECIA’s deliverables such as standards, statistics, and conferences

Partner Ad Program

Promoting the real benefits of authorized sourcing XXXFDJBPOMJOFPSHtXXXZPVSVSMDPN


Minco Technology Labs, LLC - Manufacturer Click here for a complete list of ECIA Members

The Council has developed advertisements that are available to all ECIA members at no cost and has negotiated reduced advertising rates for those ads with the major trade publications: Hearst, Penton and UBM. To obtain detailed information and a digital media kit with available ad creative, please contact Debbie Conyers. The digital media kit also contains suggested verbiage for a landing page that highlights your ECIA membership and ECIA logos.

Now Available‌ Engineers’ Relay Handbook Sixth Edition The Relay and Switch Industry Association (RSIA), an ECA affiliate, has compiled and updated this handbook to provide a complete source of information on the operating principles, properties, performance characteristics, application requirements, specifications, and testing of relays. Click here to order online or click here to download an order form.

UPCOMING EVENTS Looking for more information on effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to your organization? No sweat! We’ve got you covered with a webinar series focused on the ACA and the pros and cons surrounding health coverage. Learn more about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through the Assurance educational seminar and webinar program. ECIA’s partnership with Assurance Agency provides members access to a number of educational opportunities.

Health Care Reform – Do the Math Oct. 16 | Online Join us as we dig a bit deeper and evaluate the ACA’s “Shared Responsibility� provisions for employers. With further exploration into the factors that will weigh on your decision to provide benefits, you’ll be able to decide which option is right for your company. Health Care Reform –Avoiding Penalties Nov. 13 | Online As a result of the ACA there are many provisions that will need to be included in health plans starting in 2014. To protect your company from receiving penalties and dishing out the dough, we’ll reveal steps you can take now to ensure compliance and protect your bottom line. Additionally, we’ll briefly review the general election results and what impacts they may have on the future of health care reform.

ECIA Members - Free Registration!! (a $49 value) Web: Code: ECIA912 Phone: 847.463.7872 The Source Page 

Councils Meet in Portland

The Strategic Council for Standards & Guidelines, the Statistics & Industry Data Council and the Advocacy & Industry Promotion Council gathered in Portland, OR recently to discuss industry issues and determine a path of progress for ECIA. The Association has a multitude of deliverables for members – the challenge is to maximize exposure of those offerings, rebrand them clearly as ECIA and broaden participation across all member categories: manufacturers, distributors and rep firms. Council Structures: Strategic Council for Standards & Guidelines is comprised of 2 subcouncils: Standards Council – provide a unique forum for the development and discussion of technical issues and requirements that drive the manufacture, application and use of electronic component products and systems on a global basis. The group manages and processes EIA technical standards through ANSI guidelines regimented procedures for passing and updating technical standards. ECC – provide a forum to develop and discuss business issues and requirements that drive best practices in operation, quality, management, marketing and communications strategies. The group activity generates business guidelines for the electronic component industry. Statistics & Industry Data Council: ensure the statistics and industry data programs maintain value, reliability and importance to the electronic components industry supply chain. Advocacy & Industry Promotion Council: establish the association’s brand and determine the brand positioning to define and communicate the ECIA’s unique value internally to ECIA members and externally to their customers, the industry at large and the investment community.


The following people have generously given their time and resources to assist ECIA in these endeavors that position it as the one association that speaks for the entire authorized electronic components industry. Strategic Council for Standards & Guidelines: Don Elario, Arrow Electronics Jim Matthews, Corning Incorporated Paul Krystek, IBM Corporation Brian Piscitelli, KOA Speer Electronics Frank Ruffino, Molex Inc. Merrill Mahoney, Sager Electronics Melanie Pizzey, TTI, Inc. ECC Deralee Bowlin, Allied Electronics Ty Golden, Allied Electronics Don Elario, Arrow Electronics Sri Reddi, Arrow Electronics Peter Burke, Avnet Denise Krank, Avnet Manny Brunson, Carlton-Bates Company Todd Martin, Carlton-Bates Company Matt Nemec, Digi-Key Corporation Bob Johnson, Freescale Joseph Marquez, Freescale Diane Dixon, Future Electronics Jay Smith, Future Electronics James Bruorton, Kemet Electronics Mary Radford, Kemet Electronics Cathy Whittaker, Littelfuse Chuck Amsden, Mouser Electronics Pete Shopp, Mouser Electronics Scott Macurak, Murata Electronics Melissa Vanderloop, Murata Electronics Chris Binion, Newark element 14 Thomas Mayfield, Newark element 14 Steve Barber, Phoenix Contact Joseph Walker, Phoenix Contact Paul Kopp, Sager Electronics Merrill Mahoney, Sager Electronics John Sharp, TE Connectivity Deborah Trout, TE Connectivity Mitch Krolick, Texas Instruments Cynthia Parker, Texas Instruments Jay Barnes, TTI, Inc. Melanie Pizzey, TTI, Inc. Jon Frederick, Vishay Steve Nye, Vishay

Standards Council Laird Macomber, Cornell Dubilier Michael Lauri, IBM Corporation Jayson Young, Kemet Electronics Brian Piscitelli, KOA Speer Electronics Frank Ruffino, Molex Inc. Lanney McHargue, Murata Electronics Joseph Biernacki, Stackpole Electronics Michael Cannon, TDK Corporation of America William Gisseler, TDK Corporation of America Scott Carter, TEK-PAK, INC. Doug Romm, Texas Instruments David Richardson, Vishay Statistics & Industry Data Council: Laird Macomber, Cornell Dubilier Todd Lytle, Crydom Inc. Chris Beeson, Digi-Key Corporation Jim Bruorton, Kemet Electronics Robert Tudor, Laird Technologies Joe Sanchez, Maxim Pete Shopp, Mouser Electronics Greg Pace, Ohmite Manufacturing Company Dave Herring, PUI Phillip Gerard, TE Connectivity Lee Burtelson, TT electronics Patrick Smith , TT electronics Advocacy & Industry Promotion Council: Chair, Ian Basey, Avnet Board Liaison: Blair Haas, Bud Industries Elisa Weber, Allied Electronics David Sandys, Arrow Electronics Tracy Stotts, Carlton-Bates Nathan Pray, Digi-Key Corp. Steve Nelson, Freescale Jim Harper, Harper & Two Larry Johannes, Mouser Electronics Joe Walker, Phoenix Contact Canda Carr, TE Connectivity Mike Hastings, Texas Instruments Paula Renfrow, TTI, Inc.

W h e n t h e O f f i c e G o s s i p P a s s e s Yo u B y ; How to Beat the Costs of Workplace Noise At many work sites, often the best way to stay informed is to listen to the work-floor chatter. But what if that conversation happens in hushed tones and you don’t want to appear nosy. And to complicate matters, it’s sort of noisy at work so grapevine eavesdropping is hard anyway. Perhaps you hadn’t considered it, but a workplace with a high degree of repeated noise can result in illness or even permanent disability. Noise exposures are among the most common hazards in the workplace and should be of concern to employers. Mitigating the potential effects of loud noise through proper employee awareness and training can help mitigate potential claims and lost productivity.

• Report excessively noisy machinery to a supervisor. The equipment may simply be in need of repair or maintenance to reduce the noise. • Wear hearing protection when required. There are three primary options – ear plugs, canal caps and earmuffs. Each offers a varying degree of noise mitigation capabilities so be sure to match the device with your noise levels. • Stereo headphones or wads of cotton will not protect your hearing. And speaking of headphones, try to avoid listening to your favorite music at an excessive volume. Prolonged exposure at such a volume can also affect your hearing.

How loud is loud? Noise is measured in decibels. Prolonged exposure to noise levels of 90 decibels or higher can cause hearing damage, if proper hearing protection is not applied. As a reference, the chart below displays noise sources and the associated decibel level.

Protection Matters Hearing protection devices fall into three primary categories: earplugs, canal plugs and earmuffs. Each offers unique styling, costs and protection.

Noise Levels A rtillery fire Car horn P neum atic drill S ander


F ac tory S treet S ounds Q uiet Hous e W his per 0




So how do you know if your workplace noise levels are at concerning levels? And if they are, how do you manage that potential hazard to promote employee safety? 1. Remember and acknowledge that noise can be a safety hazard. 2. Consider contacting a Certified Industrial Hygienist to assess your workplace and provide insights, including loss control opportunities. Your insurance agent or broker is a good resource, as your insurance provider may have relationships with such specialized vendors. 3. Establish a protocol for employee awareness and education regarding noise management. A campaign should include the following tips:





Earplugs can be disposable or permanent. Essentially they work by sealing the ear canal to prevent noise from reaching the more delicate part of the ear. Personally fitted earplugs are molded to the individual ear to ensure a tighter, more comfortable fit—and likely, more effective noise reduction. Canal plugs are soft ear buds fitted at the ends of a headband. While lightweight and comfortable, they don’t really seal the ear canal so best suited for employees who only occasionally enter a loud noise environment in your facility. Earmuffs provide ear cups fitted at the ends of a headband. The cups feature a cushioned surface filled with air or foam to absorb sound.

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A Certified Industrial Hygienist can assess your workplace and provide recommendations on which type of hearing protection device is most suitable for your community. As you implement a noise control awareness campaign, you can anticipate questions, so consider providing a tips sheet such as the one below. Q: Hearing protection devices are just too uncomfortable; I don’t want to wear them! A: Make sure that the device is properly fitted, as the discomfort may simply be caused by improper sizing. Q: Will I be able to hear the conversation around me; what if someone asks me a question? A: Hearing protection devices actually let you hear normal sounds more clearly as they are designed to minimize the effects of very loud noise. Q: Will I be able to detect any changes in the sound of my equipment? That can sometimes signal a problem that I may need to address. A: You will become accustomed to the sound of your equipment as heard when wearing your protective devices, and will naturally observe any changes to that sound.

Q: Won’t prolonged use of earplugs cause some infection? It doesn’t seem very sanitary. A: First, be careful not to push the earplugs too far into your ear canal; if you feel any discomfort, you may have inserted them too far. As well, be careful to keep your device clean and if you’re using a disposable set of earplugs, be sure to replace them at the recommended intervals. Q: How much sound will a protective device cut out anyway? A: While everyone’s experience will vary, as a rule, earmuffs can reduce noise by 15-25 decibels while earplugs can curb loud noise by as much as 30 decibels. What’s Lost Can’t Be Recovered As with many workplace hazards, adopt common sense as your guiding principle. If it seems loud, it probably is too loud. Get advice from a trained professional and once you’re equipped with those insights, share your findings with your leadership team and pursue a campaign to educate your workforce and provide hearing protection devices as necessary. And remember, you can always remove your earplugs, but you can never recover your hearing once lost!

A u g u s t A b e r r a t i o n o r Tr e n d ? Big Week Lifts Index A weekly surge moved the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) monthly order index upward in August but most indications point to the same pattern ups and downs as experienced in the summer of 2011. The 12-month moving average remained flat continuing a cautious approach heading into the fall. ECIA’s monthly report consolidates order information collected in confidence from leading IPE component manufacturers.


Statistics From The Association Of Franchised Distributors of Electronic Components (AFDEC) A U n i t e d K i n g d o m Tr a d e A s s o c i a t i o n

United Kingdom Statistics for July

AFDEC Monthly Statistics: Average Daily Sales by Month Sales in ÂŁk per day; ----- shows 3 month average Each month AFDEC gathers statistics from its distributor members and summarizes bookings, billings, inventory, stock turn/earn ratio, debtors, gross margin, etc., split down by semiconductors, passives and electromechanical components and, where appropriate, into more detailed sub-categories. These monthly statistics enable members to check their own trends against those of the industry.

North American statistics are available through ECIA’s Distribution Business Index.

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