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Row erupts over van-park survey Luis Feliu

The university researcher behind a community-driven survey of Cabarita residents that revealed a strong opposition to a proposed massive caravan park in the village has challenged a Tweed Shire Council-sponsored consultancy, which criticised its methods, to put up or shut up. The call follows the leaking of a letter from council general manager Mike Rayner and a ratepayer-funded report he commissioned which is highly critical of the community survey – described by the Cabarita Beach/Bogangar Residents Association as a ‘politically-motivated stunt’ – to discredit it. The letter and report have been used by a Cabarita businessman to attack the community-based survey as biased and misleading, claims angrily rejected by the researcher and the residents. Griffith University academic, Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, was outraged at what she said was an attack on her professionalism and reputation by the eight-page ‘critique’ written by a council-paid firm, Woolcott Research, after the results of the community survey were publicly made known.

‘Distasteful and unprofessional’ ‘I find it distasteful and unprofessional they considered my survey in isolation, as mine is a multi-method approach and they don’t understand it. If the council or the firm involved had bothered to ask me about my methods I could’ve saved them a lot of time and money,’ Dr Foxwell-Norton said. ‘It also upsets me that they didn’t

Preschoolers tune in to learn

even give me a courtesy call to say they were reviewing it,’ the longtime researcher told The Echo, adding that the reasearch company should ‘go ahead and do a survey and see if it will confirm my findings’. The proposal for the 230-berth caravan park on beachfront crown land south of Norries Headland and a 37-lot residential subdivision on Sandalwood Avenue across from the van park site has met a wall of local opposition since the council, in its role as the Tweed Coast Holiday Parks Reserves Trust, and the state’s Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA), first proposed it last year.

Leak is disturbing Spokesman for the residents association, Ashley Baldry, said it was ‘extremely disturbing’ that correspondence between the council general manager and the secretary of the association had been leaked. ‘This is morally corrupt behaviour and was obviously intended to undermine our community survey and silence the 750 local residents and businesses who want to have their say in the future of our village,’ Mr Baldry said. ‘This unprecedented attack by Tweed Shire Council on a community-based consultation process has backfired on the general manager because the Griffith University Ethics Committee overseeing the survey had already determined that both the survey content and process met national standards.’ He said council had ‘previous form in bullying’ the residents association after threatening legal action against its former president and secretary to hand over confidential plans for the

Lil’ Fi and Mt Warning Preschool students give the thumbs up to the music tuition program. Photo Albert Elzinga

Albert Elzinga

Mt Warning Community Preschool, with a little help from its friend and well-known local musician Lil’ Fi, have scored a hit with their new style of music tuition called Rhapsodaisy. Teachers and parents say the new program has achieved some amazing results and is especially effective in helping children who are shy and withdrawn. The music lessons are based on the Kodaly method and heavily influenced by the early childhood teachings of the late German composer and educator Carl Orff. Orff (1895–1982) developed a unique approach to music education which encouraged children to experience music at their own level of understanding. Brisbane music teacher Annie Peterson, who has taught music using Orff ’s principles for the past two years, pioneered the Rhapsodaisy program. Ms Peterson has been a musician continued on page 2

for 20 years and made her mark as program director for the Woodford Folk Festival. Lil’ Fi and Ms Peterson have been friends for over two decades and Ms Peterson introduced Lil’ Fi to Rhapsodaisy.

Enthusiastic welcome The musician approached the preschool with the idea to teach the preschoolers music using those principles and the suggestion was enthusiastically welcomed by preschool director Pauline Hurcombe. Since March this year, Lil’ Fi has taught Mt Warning’s preschoolers and the students’ parents have said they noticed a real difference in their kids. Lil’ Fi said the program was very repetitive, which was necessary for children at preschool age. She uses plenty of props and instruments and works with the kids ‘on their level’.

‘The children really respond to it and the program affects them deeply,’ Lil’ Fi said. The feedback from parents was very positive and children with various levels of disability have achieved good results. Kids’ speech, communication skills and confidence improved dramatically and the program created a basis for the kids’ later learning, she said. Recent Tweed Shire Council funding made it possible for the preschool to offer the classes without fees and made the program accessible to all students. Lil’ Fi said Tweed Shire Council should be commended for its recognition of children’s needs and she hoped the preschool would be able to continue to offer the class free of charge. ‘Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand,’ Lil’ Fi said.


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Uki joins ban on plastic shopping bags Story & photo Albert Elzinga

One trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. They kill 100,000 sea mammals and a million seabirds every year. These figures are from a study by international environmental group Planet Ark and although the numbers have been challenged by the plastics industry, the impact of plastic bags on the environment is substantial and mind boggling. To do its bit in trying to stop this wholesale death and destruction, Tweed Shire Council, in collaboration with villages in the area, has started a ‘plastic-bag-free towns’ initiative and last weekend Uki became the seventh local town to join the growing list of those which have banned the plastic bag. At the launch, council’s sustainability officer Dan Walton congratulated retailers for their support for the initiative and asked shopkeepers to help change consumers’ expectations. Mr Walton said too many animals had fallen victim to the world’s most dangerous ‘convenience item’ and people needed to change today’s ‘throwaway society’. People were too used to having access to plastic bags whenever the

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2 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

the environment could be expected, Mr Walton added. Uki Supermarket’s Kyra Simmons said the convenience store handed out hundreds of plastic bags every week. However, the store would no longer offer them and would ask customers to use the reusable bags provided by council. Coles Bay in Tasmania was the first town to go plastic-bagfree in April, 2003, with Kangaroo Valley in NSW following suit in November of the same year. Since then many communities around the world have need arose and it was a conve- in order to change people’s at- copied the model, with four states and territories in Ausnience thing, Mr Walton said. titudes. Unless people broke the plas- tralia so far declaring bans on He said the community had to work together with retailers tic bag habit, no real change to plastic bags.

Dam upgrade may mean water bans Steve Spencer

Shire-wide water restrictions may be necessary during the $5 million upgrade of the Clarrie Hall Dam spillway, which could last for six months. Tweed residents have not had to endure water bans since March 2003, when level 3 restrictions were in force for just one month. A Tweed Shire Council report has revealed that a recent tightening of spillway safety guidelines by the NSW government means the upgrade must be completed by 2018, but may start as early as 2013. And that ‘depending on the construction technique, the water level of the dam may

need to be reduced to allow work on the spillway’. The report goes on to say: ‘If this were to occur, water restrictions would need to be implemented across the shire while ever the water level remained lowered’. The spillway upgrade, to make sure the dam can cope with large floods, is on display for the next month. According to the report, the preferred option is to widen the existing spillway from 22 metres to 35 metres and raise the spillway walls and embankment by two metres. This option was found to be the most cost effective while minimising the environmental impacts.

The preferred option requires no excavation into the adjoining rock face and so removes the need for blasting. It will also require less removal of vegetation. However, there would be noise and dust during construction, vehicle movements, closure of the picnic area for six months and a possible reduction in water quality for some distance downstream with ‘appropriate management measures implemented to minimise any such impacts’. The report is on exhibition at council offices and libraries and online (www.tweed.nsw. until September 28, and the public is encouraged to make submissions.

Row over van-park survey

‘A division of Northern Rivers Childcare Services Inc.’

400 Tweed Valley Way Murwillumbah

Left: Millie the dog, a resident of the Uki Guesthouse, grabs her new environmentallyfriendly plastic-free doggie bag during the launch at Uki of the plastic-bag-free village.

02 6672 6977

caravan park which were given to them anonymously. The former president Cath Lynch, he said, was a senior pensioner with an invalid husband. She resigned due to the stress caused by the legal threat. ‘That heavy-handed bullying tactic rightly caused uproar at the time, and it has now come to pass that the “confidential” caravan park plans at the centre of those threats have since been published in a public report by one of council’s own environmental consultants. And these are plans that council still denies even existed in the first place,’ Mr Baldry said. He said council had ‘been caught red-handed again’ and ‘we are now calling on our local member, Geoff Provest, to commission a full and independent inquiry to investigate the long history of ‘deceitful behaviour’ by the council and the LPMA (former Crown lands division) in their roles

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as developers of the Cabarita South precinct’. The person who received the leaked documents contacted The Echo this week and accused the residents association of ‘prostituting the process by this survey’. Cabarita Beach Elders Real Estate principal Mark Howlett said the association had ‘a good work ethic’ but it was ‘a shame the survey had questions weighted and written in a leading manner’.

Documents ‘landed’ Mr Howlett, who lives at Casuarina, refused to say who gave him the documents which ‘landed’ on his desk and backed up his concerns. Cabarita Beach locals were recently surprised to see staunch supporter of the development, mayor Kevin Skinner, conducting his own straw poll on the issue in the village. Dr Foxwell-Norton, who lives at Cabarita, defended the

(from page 1)

survey saying she encouraged people to scrutinise her methods. ‘I went to council’s community access and urged people get involved, but it seems the only time council bothered to get involved was to undermine the community effort,’ she said. ‘The proof is in the pudding: 700 to 750 people completed the survey, which indicates to me this was a particularly successful way of engaging with the community. ‘I used focus groups and the LPMA’s own submission process as part of the multimethod approach, and it was anonymous in order to get as many people involved; I also used IP (internet protocol) tracking and coloured forms so people can’t send multiple copies. ‘I was aware of the possibility of people filling in multiple copies; that was why this multimethod approach method was so important.’

Local News

Teenager has a swing par excellence Story & photo Eve Jeffery

Sheridan Gorton (pictured) has a golf handicap that most grown men would be proud to boast about at the 19th hole, and at just 16 years old, she’s already defending a championship title. This week will see the junior golfer stand firm against the ladies of the Murwillumbah Golf Club in the competition that will be played in four rounds over two weeks. Sheridan has had her eye on the flag for a long time and shows promise of being one of the future legends in the Australian golfing scene. Members of the Murwillumbah club have been nodding and winking at each other for years as the young lass swinging her stick around has grown into not only a

wonderful young woman but a golfer to be reckoned with. They know a champion when they see one. Sheridan has improved at a

steady pace since she started playing and recently won the ladies’ Mount Warning Classic golf tournament. Last year she was runner-up

in this event. She worked very hard over the past 12 months with coach Graeme Trew and on the first day of the tournament Sheridan shot five over 76, leading by two. The following day she shot three over 74, which extended her lead to 15 shots. Last Sunday she was relaxing with the other juniors at her home club and having one last look around the course before the start of the comp on Tuesday this week. In the first 18 of the Murwillumbah Ladies’ Championship, Sheridan set the pace finishing the round with 82, a stroke in front of the pack, but ever down to earth, Sheridan packed her lunch and books and headed off to Wollumbin High School on Wednesday morning where she is in year 10.

Councillors at odds over library takeover Steve Spencer

Tweed Shire Council has moved one step closer to handing over control of its library services to Lismore Council, but some councillors fear the Tweed’s $5 million worth of library assets will be put at risk by the amalgamation. Councillors at their last meeting narrowly voted down an amendment to seek independent legal advice about the Richmond-Tweed Regional Library service takeover and instead voted to pursue a draft agreement which would see Tweed, Byron, Ballina and Lismore libraries operated by the Lismore City Council. Crs Barry Longland, Katie Milne and Joan van Lieshout pushed for council to seek independent legal advice, fearing Tweed could lose control of its three public libraries if it pursues the agreement. NSW government red tape has been blamed for the plan to change the library system. When government bureaucrats tinkered with the Local Government Act several years ago

it became inconsistent with the NSW Library Act and Tweed libraries have since been technically operating without legal status. But the state government amended the Library Act in May to allow councils to pool their resources and jointly manage the network. Local government minister Don Page told media last week that the purpose of the amendment was specifically to allow libraries to run under a county council model in which they share provision of library services.

‘Happy to review’ Mr Page told The Echo this week that he was happy to review the issue and suggested Tweed or any other council affected write to him about their concerns ‘as soon as possible’. Cr Milne, a Tweed representative of the Richmond-Tweed Regional Library Advisory Committee which will be disbanded under the new model, said both Byron and Ballina shires were getting cold feet over the proposed library

amalgamation and seeking independent legal advice. Ballina council this week voted unanimously to reject the amalgamation and instructed staff to examine two alternative plans; a county council model similar to the current arrangements or a go-it-alone model where the council would manage its own libraries. ‘I have been told Byron is considering pulling out,’ said Cr Milne. ‘They [Byron] are upset Lismore City Council has foisted on them an area manager at a cost of seventy or eighty thousand dollars. There is no control over how much an area manager is going to cost or who he or she is.’ Cr Milne said the Tweed had one of the most successful and well managed library services in country NSW. ‘It is one of the most highly regarded libraries. Why would you want to go to a model that doesn’t work as well?’     Cr Joan van Lieshout said she also wanted independent legal advice, saying the issue had now haunted the Tweed

council for three years. ‘It first came up when I was mayor. I initially liked the idea, with councils sharing resources, but I would like to see some independent advice. We have been told it could take five years to get our assets back.’     Cr Dot Holdom, the other Tweed representative on the continued overleaf

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The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 3

Local News

Kingscliff gets ready for fourth annual triathlon

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Triathlete Ollie Whistler (front) from Robina, a recent winner of the Yeppoon Ironman title, is seen in a practice run at Cudgen Creek during the launch last week of the fourth annual Kingscliff Triathlon. The September 10–11 event features a 62km social ride, a 5km fun run, kids’ and beginners’ triathlons as well as, for the first time, a ‘mates’ noncompetitive division which allows people from all ages, gender and fitness levels to compete against each other. Race director Mike Craw-


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4 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

Road sealing sought To seal or not to seal? That’s the question for Letitia Road residents in Fingal Head after a request from the local Aboriginal land council chief to have the gravel road sealed because of the dust problem caused by four-wheel-drive vehicles. Locals have been long been divided over the issue. Some say sealing it would reduce dust blowing onto nearby properties while others worry that adding bitumen to the road surface would only encourage more motorists. A recent meeting of Tweed Shire Council’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee resolved to try to organise a survey of residents along the road.

ley said people had nothing to fear from the recent beach erosion at Kingscliff as the swim leg would be held in Cudgen Creek at high tide and the bike and run legs on the roads between Salt and Chinderah. Mayor Kevin Skinner said the event was ‘just what Kings­ cliff needs to boost tourism and morale and show our visitors that this town still has plenty to offer’. Online entries close Sunday, September 4, with entry forms at Photo Albert Elzinga

Crs at odds over library takeover Richmond-Tweed Regional Library Committee, sees nothing wrong with the draft agreement and said the change was necessary, otherwise the lib­rary service would be operating outside the Local Government Act. ‘We are not going to lose our assets. This is not the demise of the library service.’ Mayor Kevin Skinner also said Tweed library users had nothing to worry about. ‘They will get the same level of service for the same cost,’ he said. Cr Warren Polglase said he saw ‘no problem at all’ and that the only other option available was for Tweed Shire Council,

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being the second-largest council involved, to take over the running of libraries in all four shires. ‘It will be a far better service than we have had before. This is just a storm in a teacup,’ Cr Polglase said. Deputy mayor Barry Longland said he was not against the draft library agreement, but had moved his unsuccessful motion to seek independent legal advice to make sure Tweed library users were not disadvantaged by the changeover. ‘I thought if we could use some independent legal advice to make sure our library assets are protected, that service

(from page 3)

levels will be maintained and a role will continue for the Tweed’s library committee,’ said Cr Longland. ‘Cost is another issue. We don’t want to see residents paying more.’ Cr Longland said the only legal advice Tweed council had was from the same firm of solicitors who wrote the draft agreement. ‘I don’t have a prejudice against the library model. I just think independent legal advice would be a further protection for ratepayers.’   All councillors, with the exception of Cr Milne, voted to pursue the amalgamation.

Local News

Takeover bid linked to marina project fore it was released for public comment. At the time Mr Boyd pointed to the ‘great lack of detail’ and suggested several project could be in conflict with the land department’s own objectives and the council’s local environment plan. Mr Boyd said the department had turned down a request for a three-month extension of the consultation process.

Steve Spencer

Greens councillor Katie Milne has revealed that yet another NSW government Crown land takeover is linked to plans for a controversial $30 million marina at Boyds Bay. The outspoken councillor blew the whistle when the council received a formal request from the department of lands’ Crown land division (CLD) to ‘consent to the compulsory acquisition’ of councilcontrolled Crown land next to Faux Park and to forgo the need to issue a proposed acquisition notice. The state government has made several bids in the past few years to take over Crown land run by council, including a pony club lease on the foreshores of Cobaki broadwater and a marine facility at Fingal Head. In his report to the council last month, council’s engineering director Patrick Knight made no mention of the marina project or why the CLD wanted to rush the process, but added that a copy of the letter from CLD was attached as a ‘confidential’ attachment. But Cr Milne exposed the hidden connection when she pointed out the request to hand back the land to the government for inclusion in a new Crown reserve was part of the department’s long-running push to establish a marina at Boyds Bay. Secrecy has always surrounded the project, with no public release of concept plans or designs, despite the project now being more than four years old. Cr Milne, who successfully overturned council approval for a marina at Chinderah in a fight which propelled her into council, asked why the process was being hurried, considering the marina was ‘such a huge issue’. The council decided against removing the proposed acquisition notice but reduced the


02 6672 6666



Corruption inquiry period of notification from the usual 90 days to 30 days, so it expires this Wednesday (September 7). The plan includes a 185-berth marina, a multi-storey 160-berth dry boat storage building and waterfront promenade with coffee shop and boat hire business. The public jetty may also be replaced and the adjoining Faux Park upgraded. The department’s plans came under fire several years ago from the council’s administrators when they warned incoming councillors that the government’s marina plans were an overdevelopment of the site. At their last meeting before handing over the reins in 2008 former mayor and council ad-

ministrator Max Boyd and local government director Garry Payne endorsed criticism by senior council planning staff about the lack of details surrounding several large Lands Department development proposals, including the Boyds Bay marina project. Mr Boyd said he was particularly concerned about the department’s lack of consultation with the council administrators during the department’s preparation of the projects, which was followed by rushed community consultation processes limited to just a month. He said no senior Tweed council staff were represented on the government committee overseeing the projects, and only after requests did administrators receive a hard copy of the report, just one week be-

A poultry farmer accused of operating an unauthorised egg farm at Cudgen has been served with legal papers ordering him to close the operation down. Solicitors acting for Tweed Shire Council this week caught up with owner of the egg operation, Dean Sikiric, and handed him the legal papers ordering the removal of his chooks within two weeks. The legal papers also order the dismantling of two large sheds Mr Sikiric has erected on the property, which house

2,000 chickens. Council received numerous complaints from neighbours about the noise and smell coming from the farm. Two weeks ago councillors voted unanimously to begin legal proceedings against Mr Sikiric, who had been in the process of transferring a further 10,000 chickens to the Cudgen Road property from his free-range egg operation at Toowoomba. Council officers say Mr Sikiric failed to lodge a DA for the farm.


At the time the environmentalists dubbed the Crown land development push as a ‘coastal plan of development’ and with overtones of the Ocean Blue development debacle at Fingal in the 1980s, when the then NSW coalition government’s attempt to lease Crown land sparked a corruption inquiry. Environmentalists fear that space constraints on the site would lead to destruction of sea grasses and degrade nearby Ukerebagh Island nature reserve. Former planning minister Tony Kelly left out details when he spruiked the multimilliondollar redevelopment plans in public for the first time in 2009 but promises of more details and public consultation have failed to materialise.





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Eggman served notice

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The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 5


Labor should hang on and hope for a miracle


wo weeks of parliamentary recess, and the general view is that the Volume 4 #1 September 1, 2011 government must be pitifully grateful for the relief. But this is not necessarily the case. Despite Tony Abbott’s assurance that the row over Craig Thomson (for which the opBugger global warming, the really important question of the position is almost entirely responsible) has paralysed the week is whether or not Tony Abbott told Tony Windsor he government, in fact the legislawould do anything short of selling his arse to become PM, and tion has been getting through: might do that anyway if conditions required it. Abbott vehemently denies he said such a thing, while one of 22 bills in the last fortnight, his colleagues hardly helped by castigating Windsor for airing a bringing the total to an impressive 185 for the year. private conversation. Which one of them is lying? Julia Gillard needs the parGiven the standard of debate in federal parliament at the liament; in the current poisonmoment, the news media are right to concentrate upon arses ous atmosphere, delivering the instead. It’s a far more instructive area of investigation. Besides, goods is her only hope of apselling your arse is hardly as bad as selling out your principles, pearing positive. your country or common human decency. It is also the only place she What sort of price would we get for Tony’s arse? His level of can show what the electorate fitness indicates it would fetch much more than those of his increasingly sees as her best fellow frontbenchers. He would fail in terms of kilogrammage features, her courage and percompared to his mate Alan Jones but surely firmness is a more sistence. Without it, there will be reliable sales indicator. something of a vacuum; backCould we establish a market for politicians’ arses? Hell yeah, benchers will return to their the commodities market is such a corrupt and fevered arena you could sell almost anything. And Tony Windsor’s a rural man electorates to be assailed with questions and complaints – he could also get the word around the cattle saleyards in no about Thomson and the metime. dia will become a breeding Commodities traders are a feral bunch but would probably ground for yet more leadersee more value in politicians’ arses in a stable, western democship speculation. racy. At the weekend the indeIn the volatile African market a politician’s arse is likely to pendent Andrew Wilkie gave be grass at any moment, so Australian arsebearers like Abbott it a kickstart by opining that would be prime for trading. Through their agents, media barons we might see new leaders as or mining magnates could easily acquire Tony’s – or Julia’s, but soon as May next year; this probably not Bob’s – arse and have it firmly mounted on a wall should not be a real news stoof the boardroom next to Phil Ruddock’s testicles. ry, he added hastily, and it isn’t; but nor will the speculation go It would be a fine enterprise – until the bottom fell out of it. – Michael McDonald unnoticed. While the Labor Party has not yet succumbed to the deTweed Shire Echo spair which the Murdoch press Publisher David Lovejoy regards as its due, a faint murEditor Luis Feliu Advertising Manager Angela Cornell muring can be heard among Accounts Manager Simon Haslam the understandably nervous Production Manager Ziggi Browning nellies on the backbench that ‘The job of a newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’ – Finley Peter Dunne 1867–1936 it might just be time to be start© 2011 Echo Publications Pty Ltd ing to consider a plan B. PO Box 545, Murwillumbah 2484 It has become something of Phone 02 6672 2280 a chicken and egg question: email: Printer: Horton Media Australia Ltd with the party vote and the

The arse market: backside futures

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leader’s standing equally on the nose, are they both irretrievable or is one dragging the other down? And if so, which? And in the circumstances would a change of leadership make any difference? On the face of it, the move would be suicidal. There is still a substantial Rudd rump festering in the party room; to add a Gillard rump would risk open and bitter divisiveness.

For better or worse, Labor is stuck with Gillard, so the nervous nellies had better just stick up for her. by Mungo MacCallum Moreover, it would confirm the already substantial impression of a party desperate for survival and without any sense of purpose and direction. And most importantly, it could undo Gillard’s pact with the independents, who have pointed out that their deal was to support a Gillard government, not just any old Labor government. Better to hang on and hope for a miracle – after all, if there are no serious accidents (which in the wake of the Thomson affair may be an overly optimistic assumption) there is still two years to go. But, say the doubters, that is precisely the point. Two years is a bloody long time – more than long enough for the voters to forget all the current kerfuffle and embrace yet another new Messiah. Gillard is doomed; the people have stopped listening to her and if they do hear anything she says, they don’t believe it. The unrelenting hostility from the miners, the clubs and pubs, small business, the farmers

   

September 12 to December 22

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6 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

The Echo’s

sent – the problem remains: finding the new Messiah. Kevin Rudd is the voters’ choice, but absolutely unacceptable to the powerbrokers who killed him off once and would blow up the party rather than have him back. The deputy, Wayne Swan, is totally identified with the Gillard government and in any case is too boring. Defence Minister Stephen Smith has been mentioned as a relatively unknown cleanskin, but is hardly the man to excite the imagination of millions. Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is competent and convincing but tied to the unpopular carbon tax. Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten is a down-to-earth figure who has had a moment in the sun with the disability proposals but is still remembered as one of the faceless men from 2010. And this is the catch 22: all of the above were apparatchiks – party officials or union bosses, precisely the people most to blame for the Labor Party’s decline as an inclusive, open

political movement. This may be an unfair assessment of the individuals involved but nonetheless it is the public perception; they are part of the problem, not part of the solution. And, given that the same stricture applies to more than half the caucus, it would seem that any real improvement in Labor’s fortunes will have to involve change starting from the bottom, not the top. Let’s face it, there is no plan B. For better or worse, Labor is stuck with Gillard, so the nervous nellies had better just stick up for her. But Wilkie was talking about leaders, plural; is there any real threat to the smashing, bashing, crashing Tony Abbott? Well, obviously not immediately; with the polls the way they are he will cruise into government without having to consider what Tony Windsor claimed he threatened as the ultimate sacrifice: selling his arse. But the same polls indicate that the voters will elect him with considerable reluctance: a clear majority neither like nor trust him. And it should not be forgotten that he gained the leadership by just one vote, and a lot of those who didn’t want him back then have not changed their minds. If he can get them back on the Treasury benches, that’s terrific, but it doesn’t end there; having done the job he was selected to do, he might find his use-by date approaching more quickly than he thought. And the irony of all this, of course, is that if there were to be a popular vote for Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull would be a shoo-in. Abbott will always have lurking behind him the real Messiah, slouching towards Bethlehem, waiting to be born.

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and of course the shock jocks and Murdoch press is aimed directly at her: Juliar, Brown’s bitch. A new leader would not be greeted by these groups with joy and delight, but at least he – it would inevitably be a he – would not be carrying quite as much baggage. But even if this line of argument were to be accepted by the caucus – and there is no sign of that happening at pre-


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The right answer

So Kevin ‘Inspector Gadget’ Skinner took it upon himself to do a bit of super-sleuthing in Bogangar on Monday, asking all and sundry if they were in favour of, or opposed to, the proposed tourist park at Southside Cabarita. This straw poll could only be seen to be anecdotal at best. It’s amazing the lengths this council will go to when they keep getting the answer they don’t want. The Land and Property Management Authority called for public submissions; of the 377 received, 350 were opposed. Now I know Kevin never claimed to be dux of the council, and we all run out of fingers and toes all too soon; but, in this case, the figures speak for themselves. Further to that, now that Griffith University has distributed a survey with questions which came from the community focus groups interviewed by Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, the council’s General Mismanager has arranged for an assessment from a higher authority (I am not a religious man, but surely the buck must stop somewhere… speaking of ‘bucks’, those are our rates he is spending to do this), all to discredit the survey. Still trying to get the answer they want. This time by questioning the questions. How duplicitous… speaking of ‘duplicity’, note well: the council is both the developer AND the approval authority of this proposal. Our own little kangaroo court. Still, I suppose a straw poll and a kangaroo court do kinda go together. How many times do we have

Technology is nearly the root of all evil… Lau Guerreiro (letters, August 11) brings up many good points that require further discussion in regard to technology dependence and neolithic villages. Lau takes a superficial walk through my brain when he says that I think ‘technology is the root of all evil’. I do not think that. I write these words with a pen (a friend more evolved than I in this respect uses a pencil). I am fully clothed, though my jumper has holes in it, and I sit on a chair though one chosen as furniture because it was made from renewables. This letter will be posted in a recycled envelope as is mostly my habit. I acknowledge someone sitting naked on the floor, writing with a ‘thumbnail dipped in tar’ and delivering the letter by bike is more evolved in the doing of the task than myself. My admiration of such a hypothetical person is, I accept, the blueprint of my becoming. No need to hurry to this greater ideal and hurt myself in doing so.

I am obviously a technologically dependent person who is not overly enamoured of technology. Although I do not regard technology as the root of evil, I do think that if our civilisation wishes to pass through the environment crisis rather than collapse from it as most civilisations have in the past, then it needs to drop off technology dependence as soon as possible. That is, progress in the 21st century involves learning to be content with reducing technology dependence without involving oneself in sacrifice or denial. It is a finely tuned balancing act that is personal. It has nothing to do with personal obligation, and certainly one cannot oblige another in simplicity of living style. I take Lau’s point that termite mound building is use of technology. The overall effect of a termite colony, despite their movement of earth, is to increase soil fertility. That is not to say that the earth movement of the colony is not earth harmful in itself.

But a human city, even apart from the earth harm done in the construction of the city, is at this latter stage of technology development only able to function by polluting the environment. In fact, the more it becomes technologically dependent, the more it pollutes. Lau assumes I am one of a small group of people who complain about the poor state of housing services for indigenous people yet expect them to live in neolithic villages. Indigenous people require access to the same standard of housing as whites, if that is what indigenes want. All housing, indigenous as well as white, in accord with moving away from technology dependence, is more progressive the smaller it is, and the less demand it makes on resources. It is possible that those indigenous people who wish to remain on their rangelands would have some sympathy with this latter point. In regard to the neolithic village, despite what is widely

to tell you, ‘We don’t want your tourist park’? I’m not sure in just what language you would like us to communicate that message to you, but my guess is it starts with ‘Hey, stupid…’

Talk to your doctor then form an opinion. Cancer is a replication cell, and like all replication cells it appears it cannot live in a neutral ph or alkaline environment. Farmers in many countries have used bi-carb soda as an antifungal spray on crops and fruit for over 60 years (half a cup to 20 litres of water). We soaked fruit in it to remove fungus so they would keep longer. Rural doctors used a poultice of bi-carb soda and coconut oil for eight weeks as a treatment for sun cancer and warts, where they dried up and fell off. Grandparents used it in homes to kill mould, mildew, fungus; mixed it with olive oil as a poultice for sores and

boils, to cure rashes and itches; it was a hair wash, and used in washing to keep clothes clean and fresh. Bathe your feet two hours a day and see what happens to nail fungus and tinea.

Tim Smerd


The bi-carb, Jeeves

Some months ago a Brisbane doctor was suspended for using bicarbonate of soda as an adjunct to cancer treatment on the grounds it was unproven – but it was not disproven either. I direct readers to and 59880071325508140&hl=it and y?docid=8718775950691314311.

Money swearing

Again it sounds to me like money is talking. What is this big push amongst certain Tweed councillors to quickly approve so many big developments, while ignoring community concerns? The concerns about the possibility of landslip at Terranora and highway collapse

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were over-attached to the material world and wished to remain with an animal consciousness or greed that did not want to leave competitiveness, and had consideration only for the survival of the individual self. World civilisations, for example, are always hierarchically based; there are always monkeys at the top of the tree demanding many bananas from the mass at the bottom. The animal consciousness in humans was, and is generally, not able to see beyond survival of the individual self, and extend itself into its full humanness of habitually looking toward the wellbeing of the whole. Thus an environment crisis. Simplicity of living style in the midst of an environmental crisis is consideration of the wellbeing of the whole. On a shopfront hoarding in Nimbin for decades has been written a simple truth for civilisations: ‘Live simply that others may simply live’.

G J May


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believed humankind did not progress when it decided to civilise. It actually went into degradation and we are the witnesses of this civilisation’s last stages should we decide to proceed into collapse. The many games we play as though there is no environmental crisis is the decision to proceed to collapse. For approximately 12,000 years we have seen technology as a saviour, rather than notice it was the means by which we avoided the development of the higher side of humanity, which in part had to do with compassion, tolerance, mercy, ‘do unto others…’, looking after each other, etc. Our civilisation showed, and shows, signs of finding these abilities unimportant in the development of humanity. No progress here! These higher abilities are the prerogative only of humankind for they cannot be consciously understood by the other animals, including the animal vestige in each human. The avoidance took place, I would suggest, because we

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The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 7


There’s something wrong with everything

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■ At my age I should know bet-


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8 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

ter but I am still stunned by the thickness of the hides of gasmining industry spokesmen. They even manage to sound hurt – outraged by the unthinking public who fear, or are at the very least apprehensive about, the potential environmental damage inherent in this grab for gas gold. On radio they not only reassure us that ‘world’s best practice’ will be employed but have the audacity to squeal in indignation that we, the community, question the technology – even the science! Could they be genuinely blind to the track record? Of course not – they say what their paymasters tell them to say. The community has learned, from disaster after disaster, not to blindly worship at the altar of science and technology. For non-technical people

continued from page 7

at Pottsville, for example, and other concerns like the highrise in the Tweed CBD and about environmental integrity throughout the shire generally are very real. We, as ratepayers, will be financially liable in the future for ill-considered planning today. Time needs to be taken to more diligently look closely and carefully at proposed developments. The question is not, development, yes or no? The question is about the quality and sustainability of new developments, about restricting developers from cutting corners to maximise profits. Councillors need to take heed of the outcomes of the award-winning ‘My Vision, Your Vision, Our Vision’ public consultation. Hear that the community desires conservation and protection of the area’s unique heritage of rainforests and biodiversity. At this point in history the Tweed community is crying out for responsible, accountable leadership from our elected representatives. But, like every good murder mystery, if you follow the mon-

it is very simple: is that or is that not methane leaking out next to the bore pipe? Did the Queensland government insist on the closure of a well site because of toxicity, or did it not? Have governments overseas banned these activities or not? No amount of clever words can undo observable truths. We must listen to and read very, very carefully the words chosen by the professional wordsmiths. David Lintern


■ Forty-five million cars is what the carbon improvements would amount to, according to Justine (The Echo, August 18). Isn’t the public entitled to know why the combustion engine is still powering all sorts of transportation? What percentage of these cars could be replaced by elec-

tric cars? Or is it actually the petroleum industry and/or fuel taxes that are behind this? That is, is the ‘carbon’ melodrama a screen, hiding a dragon just as insidious as any chimney stack? Peter W Hickey


■ As I now live in the Northern

Rivers because of a nasty twoyear battle with two windfarm companies (which I won) it is about time that people who have not had my deep inside experience with the wind industry scam took note. I believe anyone who backs the spread of windfarms must address the issue of how to care for or compensate those affected by turbine noise. Mark Byrne, if I remember correctly, has been lamenting the lack of wind in the Northern Rivers. No, believe me, it is one thing to be grateful for.

ey trail, interesting facts are re- ard’s press release of December vealed. Who’s paying whom? 16, 1999 was, in part: ‘I am particularly disturbed Money talks. Miranda Mills by the findings of the report Mount Burrell about the extent and severity of problem gambling. The report Jones the laxative found that around 290,000 Regarding the letters from Australians are problem gamBruce Keppie and Steve Tracey blers and account for over $3 in last week’s Echo complaining billion in losses annually. This about the vitriolic outpourings is disastrous not only for these on air from Sydney shock-jock problem gamblers, but also Alan Jones: Jones’s comments for the estimated 1.5 million are invariably anti-govern- people they directly affect as a ment, racist and right wing, result of bankruptcy, divorce, bordering on fascism. suicide and lost time at work.’ I sympathise with Bruce and The second Commission’s Steve on this one. I used to be 2010 Inquiry Report zeroed in a regular fan of the station in- on the greatest damage being volved (Radio 4CRB) but now done to the 600,000 weekly I wonder if that local broad- players of the highly addiccaster has any integrity at all. tive, high-intensity Electronic Complaints from me and Gaming Machine now in pubs others to the broadcaster just and clubs, which are alone crefall on deaf ears but the easy ating and ‘spitting out onto huway out for listeners is to just manity’s dump heap’ between switch to another station or 60,000 to 90,000 problem treat the Alan Jones timeslot gamblers a year. This number as toilet time and empty one’s impacts on between 300,000 bowels! to 500,000 other Australians Neil Maxwell each year. As the club industry Banora Point now has the Liberal party in their pocket with a large anGambling fever nual financial contribution to Last week Mr Jake Barnard the coalition, they are no longwrote he did not know where er concerned for the problem Andrew Wilkie  got his gam- gambler or their families who bling industry statistics from. in NSW are now around one in Jake, it comes from the year- eight of the population. I am happy to direct Jake long and second investigation by the Productivity Commis- Barnard and his mates to sion Inquiry Report into all where all these reports are Gambling: Volume 1 and 2 No on the net or even give them 50 of February 26, 2010. copies of my proposed forum Had I been allowed in late handouts. Another good read July to distribute my four-page is in the submissions to the document at the club indus- 2011 Senate Joint Select Comtry’s misinformation ‘closed to mittee on Gambling Reform the facts’ public forum at South and its Recommendations of Tweed Sports Club, Jake Bar- May 6, 2011. nard and his mates would Laurie Ganter know a little more than club Tweed Heads propaganda. The first Report on all Gam- Inspection queries bling from the Howard govern- I would like to voice my conment-established independent cerns regarding the Area E Productivity Commission  In- Terranora proposal and the quiry was Report No 10 of No- alignment of the proposed vember 26, 1999.  John How- Broadway Parkway and the


Many of you simply will not understand this. Everyone up here (or almost everyone) is riled about coal-seam gas problems, and rightly so, but to expect that windfarms will solve this problem is ignorant in the extreme. I personally wasted years of my life studying these contraptions. My personal experience shows that they kill great numbers of birds, and do not affect the output of coal-fired power stations one bit. However, there are still plenty of windfarm problem deniers out there. I am yet to see one advocate of windfarms so much as write a quick note to the government about at least attending to those poor bastards (I know some of them) who have lost their homes as a result of this useless industry. Ammun Luca


roundabout that intersects with Fraser and Amaroo Drives. I had asked for an onsite inspection so that councillors could see for themselves the unsuitability of this option. At the council meeting it was resolved to have a site inspection to be organised by the Tweed Shire Council general manager Mike Rayner. I spoke to Mr Rayner and was told the inspection would be on August 9. He also informed me that the inspection would not include any private property and that the affected residents in this area would not be involved. When I asked what time the inspection would take place, the throwaway response was ‘midnight’. After meeting with council staff on various occasions, it has become clear that council staff wish to push this DCP through as quickly as possible under pressure from the New South Wales Planning Authority and Metricon. I believe that council staff are only going through the motions of public consultation with no regard for the residents so adversely affected by the road or the impact on the community as a whole. The properties that are being so disadvantaged by the proposed Broadwater Parkway location should have been involved in this site inspection. The steepness of this alignment cannot be properly viewed without entering my property and I invite councillors to come on to the property at 105 Fraser Drive so that they can have all the relevant facts available to enable them to make a fully informed decision. To exclude the residents concerned and their properties from the site inspection is going to offer a very biased viewpoint. Robert Eyre



Letters from Echonetdaily Our new online publication is getting a good response: Echo homework We just used The Echo for homework! I thought it was time my kids learned how to read a newspaper – The Echo is a great one to start with! Love the Mandy Nolan ‘live’ bit in the Echonetdaily – in fact, it’s all good.  The Echo is the voice of reason and I love the way you guys go after the council. Lee Rowthorn Clothiers Creek Awesome format The Echo is by far the best paper in the Northern Rivers, and the format of the new Echonetdaily is awesome. The web team have done a fabulous job, and the inclusion of videos is marvellous. Congratulations and a big thankyou for keeping us all so well informed. Jules and Maggie Uki

Community groups welcome donations

on my HTC Android mobile. It won’t zoom in to make the text readable, works fine with normal webpages. Hope the iPad readers are enjoying it ;) Bradley Editor’s note: Thanks, Bradley, for your comments. We are working on a mobile application that should be available shortly. Watch this space… Keeping up Just letting you know, I’m having a great time in Beijing but it was
 terrific getting my second issue of Echonetdaily. Keep up the
 good work. Norm Bradbrook Banora Point

Expat’s congratulations As a Bangalow home owner presently living in distant Darwin I would like to send two rounds of congratulations, the first to Michael Malloy, for receiving the richly deserved The evolving Echo NSW Premier’s Community Congratulations on an excelService Award, and the second lent production. Layout is to the new Echonetdaily, a great; navigation simple and superbly designed online pubintuitive. Long live the evolvlication, and a great way for us ing Echo! North Coast ‘expats’ to keep in Dr Ian B Kingston touch with the place we love. (former Byron Shire mayor) All strength to you both! Darwin Robin Osborne Darwin Phone app coming Hi, nice to see you up and Find out more at running! Unfortunately the viewer does not work properly

Albert Elzinga

Tweed Shire Council last week loosened its purse strings and donated a total of $70,500 to local community organisations and event organisers. The donations formed part of the first round of council’s festivals and donations policy for 2011–12 and were divided between 12 community groups and nine event organisers. Largest single recipient was Wintersun replacement, rockabilly festival Cooly Rocks On, which received $15,000, while

Representatives of community groups and event organisers are all smiles after receving council funding last week. Photo Albert Elzinga

Kingscliff Triathlon organiser QSMSports received $10,000. Festival and event organisers received nearly 85 per cent of all funds distributed in this round. Mayor Kevin Skinner said council recognised the importance of festivals and events to the quality of life in the Tweed and their significant economic benefits to tourism and other industries. Cooly Rocks On operations

manager Bob Newman said the new event would be a lot more difficult without the support from Tweed and Gold Coast councils. Council is reviewing the festivals policy and considering ways in which multi-year funding can be made available. Community organisations such as Riding for the Disabled, Tweed Valley Woodcrafters and St Vinnies received a total of $11,500.

Cr Skinner said the Tweed was fortunate to have a large number of dedicated volunteers who committed their time to community organisations, festivals and events. Donations varied from $100 to $1,500, with Friends of the Koala receiving the largest single donation of $1,500. Mt Warning Preschool received $1,000 to help finance a new musical tuition program (see separate story, page 1).


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The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 9



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10 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

The event will also include dance performances by Currumbin Primary School students, who have performed at these events before to the delight of guests. Also the senior hospitality students from Currumbin Community Special School will assist with service and enjoy interacting with the seniors throughout the day. The morning tea, held from 9.30am to 11.30am, costs only $8 and includes tea/coffee and cake. Free transport is also available within certain areas. Call the club on 5534 7999 for more information and to book.

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from Australian Hearing will discuss issues relevant to seniors and there will be a short game of trivia with fun questions and prizes for the winning team. Also Currumbin RSL’s Women’s Auxilliary will have a display table of gifts.


Currumbin RSL organise quarterly morning tea for seniors with live entertainment, guest speakers, prizes, fun and laughs. The next morning tea to be held on Tuesday 6 September, runs in line with Hearing Awareness Week.

Aged care facilities are not generally associated with dining excellence. But Raffles, a local Mckenzie aged-care facility, proves that they can be. Raffles’ head chef Jeanette Ryce explains, ‘What really makes the Raffles dining experience so out-standing, besides my lovely food, is the detail and attention payed to the ambience.’ ‘Crystal glasses, table cloths and tasteful settings complement the wide ranging meals which we serve,’ said Jeanette. ‘My curried prawns are a particular favourite, and the roasts, lamb chops and steak-and-kidney pie are always quite popular.’

Jeanette says that the healthiness of Roger Munsie be will MC and perform the meals also remains a top priority. great classics like King of the Road, Que ‘We cater for individuals’ eating Sera Sera and What a Wonderful World to requirements offering gluten-free name a few. Guest speaker Rick Davies meals and diabetic options. I mainly use


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ingredients which are low GI, high in fibre and contain little sodium’.

The McKenzie Group operates seven facilities throughout Australia including The meals are served in the three dining Murwillumbah, Burleigh Waters and Varsity Lakes – each offering their own rooms or the private room, which is available for residents to use with their unique retirement setting. families. To find out more about Heritage Lodge, or any other McKenzie Group facility, Raffles is a purpose-built living centre visit or call in Tweed Heads South that captures 1300 899 222. the charm of the historic Raffles Hotel

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SOS Support Services has been providing professional care and support The Op Shop is an Australian Disability on the Gold and Tweed coasts for over Enterprise, and provides employment ten years. opportunities for people living with If you need any kind of help or support mental illness. All workers are paid employees; every dollar made from give them a call. SOS Support Services sales supports the viability of this 1300 993 091. important service.



second chance, often saving them from landfill. Jewellery is repaired, a large array of clothing is sorted, cleaned, then classified for shop sales or shipping to third-world countries. Silverware is brought back to life with an effective cleaning process and old cabinets are remodeled into stunning modern lowline furniture.

Boyd Street

‘We provide a safe, comfortable and friendly environment with a focus on independent lifestyle through all our facilities,’ said joint director Sally McKenzie.

Perhaps you find yourself in hospital with no-one to look after the house, garden or pets or you have been called away on an emergency and not had time to organise your home or business. You might need someone to stay at home and wait for tradesmen and deliveries.

07 5536 1773 •

n Street

Raffles is part of the Australian and family-owned McKenzie Aged Care Group, which has built a strong reputation based on the quality of residents’ experiences and its consistent audit performance within the Commonwealth Quality compliance program.



in Singapore. It has 98 beds in total, offering high- and low-care options and adjoining suites for couples.

1300 993 091


WE GLADLY PICK UP YOUR QUALITY DONATIONS FR EE OF CHARGE! Please note: no access to Recreation St from south end! Go via Boyd St or Brett St.

56 Recreation St, Tweed Heads • 07 5536 2537 Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9.30am-4pm

Let us show you our hospitality. We love to warmly welcome new residents into our family, and the rare opportunity is now available to join us at The Terraces in Varsity Lakes or Raffles at Tweed Heads South. Whether it is for short-term residential, respite, post-operative or long-term care, everyone feels the comfort of being amongst friends in our delightful, relaxed homes. Spacious rooms with private ensuites and abundant natural light provide our residents with a secure, personal haven. Super Suites at The Terraces have a separate lounge and we also offer interconnected rooms for couples. Each of our facilities has Low- and High-Care accommodation, extensive activities and therapy programs, plus 24-hour professional nursing care including an emergency call system for residents.

McKenzie Aged Care facilities are the preferred choice in assisted living and caring.


With full accreditation and consistently high standards, it’s no wonder that

Call today for a brochure or appointment, and visit our website. Phone: 1300 899 222 •

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h t l a e h TY U A E B &


on Australian women to treat their heart health as seriously as their breast health with the revelation that only six per cent of women in the target age group are getting the recommended heart checks.

Dr Lyn Roberts, National CEO of the Heart Foundation, said, ‘It’s now time for women to pay attention to their heart health. ‘The reality is that 90 per cent of women have one risk factor for heart disease and 50 per cent have two or three. ‘Simply not enough women are aware of their heart disease risk even


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Timbuktu to Kathmandu – and all places in between would just about cover the fabulous array of goodies – chemical free, ecofriendly and organic choices available at Organic Revolution, your one stop healthy lifestyle store at 47 Murwillumbah St (the Main St), Murwillumbah. Robert and Wendy Cameron, natural health practitioners since 1984, have created a tranquil, fascinating collection of lifestyle choices for you, your loved ones and your home, as well as offering a clinic dispensary and art gallery that won’t cost the earth. Phone 6672 7070





Love to all Dads



Early Orthodontics


Dr Chris Jackson B.D.Sc Formerly of Kingscliff

Would like to introduce his new team:

Dr Inta Rudajs B.D.Sc Formerly of Mullumbimby

Are you concerned the wrinkles and lines on your face are making you look older than you feel? These days people stay younger for longer, and want to look younger for longer too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop the clock? Well now you can – without worrying about the ‘frozen’ look or the need to undergo surgery. The modern solution to treating wrinkles and fine lines is now available at Pureinfinity Tweed City and can be delivered in a clinic setting during a lunch hour. The results are so natural looking that even those closest to you won’t be able to pinpoint why you look younger and more refreshed. Our experienced female doctor, who understands your concerns, administers all injectables. Pureinfinity are also proud to announce Beaute Pacifique, Denmark’s leading cosmeceutical brand, is now available exclusively in store. Beaute Pacifique uses a unique, patented nanotechnology system to deliver vitamins and active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin, to create real results – rebirth the skin in five days. Shop 128A Tweed City Shopping Centre, 54 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads South. Phone 07 5523 3344.


DR CHRIS JACKSON WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE DRS INTA RUDAJS AND MICHELLE NG WHO HAVE JOINED OUR FRIENDLY TEAM. The art of smile enhancement sets Tweed District Dental apart. Our objective is to return long term function and the natural appearance of health and beauty to your smile, ‘beauty from the inside out’. We then discuss your options to achieving your needs. A variety of techniques can be used and we will consider all this when planning your new smile. Your smile, your choice, our specialty. We’ll help you to choose the best result to fit into your lifestyle and budget. We will also guide you towards a smile that looks natural for you. We feel the most successful treatments are those that make you look great without being obvious. Always lots to smile about (our motto). Opposite Tweed City. Shop 3, 91 Minjungbal Drive, South Tweed Heads. Phone 07 5513 0900.


‘JOHN OF GOD’ CRYSTAL LIGHT BED FROM BRAZIL. We are pleased to announce the opening of Empowerment Crystal Healing’s new home in Murwillumbah. Come and enjoy the relaxing, healing, pure energy of a combination of crystals, lights, colour therapy, and a direct link to the healing energy of ‘The Casa De Dom Inacio’ in the hills of Brazil. Re-balance your chakras and feel the very essense of pure love emanating from the crystals, and penetrating deep into your conscious and unconscious being. All you do is lay on a bed in light-coloured clothes, listen to beautiful calming music and melt into a deep relaxation, emerging calm and centred.

Look Younger! Refresh & Rejuvenate your skin…

Only $149

Includes: • • • •

Yag laser / IPL Photo Rejuvenation Oxygen facial Micro dermabrasion (natural crystals) Marine collagen mask – VALUED AT OVER $400 –

Anti Wrinkle injections and cosmetic fillers:

Dr Michelle Ng B.D.Sc Formerly of Murwillumbah

07 5513 0900 There’s always lots to smile about 12 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

• administered by experienced doctor • licensed professional staff • registered Nurse on staff for consultations

• full range of Skinstitue medical grade skincare available • laser capillary treatments available from $150.00

Medical Grade Hair Removal From $95.00

P 07 5523 3344 Shop 128A Tweed City Shopping Centre, 54 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486

<echowebsection=Health And Beauty>

though it’s the number one killer of Australian women – so we urge all women to discuss this issue with their GP next time they visit.’ High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are often termed ‘the silent killers’ as they don’t have any visible symptoms, so being tested is an important first step. Other risk factors include diabetes, being post-menopausal and having a family history of heart disease. The good news is that heart disease is largely preventable. Find out ways to make the appropriate changes at

obtained from the agave plant, a large, spikey plant that resembles a cactus or a yucca found in the volcanic soils of southern Mexico. This delicious goldenCall Libby on 0438 145 972 or coloured syrup is composed of 90 per cent fructose sugars and 10 per cent glucose sugars. While agave au to book an appointment. is best recognsed as the plant from which tequila is made, it has also been used for thousands of years as an ingredient in food and is fast becoming the preferred sweetener of health-conscious consumers and naturalSpiral Foods is Australia’s leading food cooks alike. supplier of quality Traditional Foods We believe good safe wholesome food is a basic with an emphasis on organics. Our human right. This earth, this food.. products are made by people with a passion for wholesome traditional foods of the highest standards and quality. Our products continue to provide nourishment and wellbeing across the generations of CUT OUT AND PRESENT OUR AD IN THIS FEATURE FOR people who care about the food they eat A $10 DISCOUNT DURING SEPTEMBER and our earth. Bowen Therapy is a relaxing hands-on holistic therapy Spiral’s Agave Nectar is a natural performed through light clothing and is suitable for anyone sweetener with a low glycemic index, including pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly. After your healing, you will be offered a cup of tea and a delicious homemade biscuit to ground you before driving.



A Bowen treatment supports the body, promoting healing, pain relief and recovery of energy, either by addressing a specific problem or maintaining a healthy body. Stephen Riches – Cabarita Beach For free consultation phone 02 6676 0265 / 0400 760 255. Visit

Bowen Therapy $C1O0UNT

DIS resent if you pduring this ad mber! Septe

Healing & Pain Relief Stephen Riches / Cabarita Beach For appointment ph: 6676 0265 or 0400 760 255

EDEN Organic Whole Grains

Available at leading whole food stores. this earth, this food...

<echowebsection=Health And Beauty>

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SEPT 1 - SEPT 8, 2011

litvaie t nmen


s d r i b k c a l B singin ) at Reggaefest



the performers are bringing a message with them – whether it be Jah Mason (Jamaica) who’s known for his ‘conscious’ lyrics that carry a positive message or Australian Indigenous band Zennith who continue to break down cultural barriers that exist in our own country. There will also be plenty of local acts playing at the festival and earlier this week The Echo caught up with Renee Simone from the Blackbirds.

The last 12 months have been huge for the Blackbirds. What has been the highlight? Thanks for thinking so! We have certainly had a blast. My highlight has been the album making. Our fans hassled us for months to As well as twenty-two hours of live music, Reggaefest will be a platform produce an album in time for Christmas last year. We didn’t have the funds for arts, culture and environmental/conservation issues. Workshops, to do it so all of our fans put their money where their mouth is and paid for cinema, kids’ activities and a busy marketplace means there will be the album before it was made and bought Blackbirds T-shirts, hoodies and plenty to do within the festival site, or you can sit badges. They raised a whopping $10,000 to fund us to create and tour the on the beach and watch the sunset metres album. The support and encouragement was overwhelming. I still from the main stages. well up when I think about it, particularly in this day and age, The festival, which was launched in Byron and as a bonus we now we have a beautiful locally made album Bay last year by a team of local people, with all of our premium fan names listed in the 12-page booklet. is taking a different approach from Speaking of the tour, how was the road? We did 21 shows in six most. Reggaefest Roots and Culture weeks, which is a comfortable amount of time to check out all of the is a grassroots event, so expect beautiful places around Australia where we were so lucky to have been to see involvement and playing. We documented the whole thing on Facebook and the fans representatives from followed us on there; it was heaps of fun. important community, cultural and environmental What has been the reception from audiences? We were very groups such as Byron Saving Australia’s Natural blessed to be touring with the delightful Mr Eric Bibb. It is because of him Environment (BSANE anti-CSG mining group), Sea that we were introduced to a new type of venue and audience. We played in Shepherd, KulchaJam and the Bunjum Aboriginal fantastic old theatres as well as more intimate plush dinner theatre venues. Co-Operative. Byron Movement, who are Generally it was an older, more appreciative crowd, who were there to hear involved with many worthwhile causes, are also the music, not to pick up or play pool. The energy was consistently focused, supporting the event and will be donating intimate and warm. The only time anyone looked away from the stage was their Geodesic Dome for the weekend as to close their eyes to swim in the sound. It was such a treat to have people well as bringing along fruit tree seedlings for hear us fully, and to be so appreciated. In the break there was always a line of people to take home and grow. people wanting to express their appreciation and to buy CDs; we were totally spoiled. The festival organisers hope that this is just the start and have big plans for the years The Blackbirds fit very well into any festival vibe and are becoming a ahead. The music is of course a huge part crowd favourite. What other festivals have you played in the last year? of the Reggaefest weekend, and being a I had a personal dream come true this year as we had our first slot at the multicultural roots festival means that a lot of legendary BluesFest. I pray that it shall be the first of many as I grow on my

14 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo


In the Washingmachine


After an extensive tour throughout Europe and UK playing all the major jazz festivals, George Washingmachine and his band are back home on his national tour called ‘Feeling The Manouche’ along with his Sydney-based band consisting of Arthur Washington on guitar, Clare O’Meara on accordion and vocals and Stan Valacos on double bass. Manouche is a term devised from the Romany (gypsies) of Europe; we in Australia call it Gypsy Jazz. Feel the Manouche has a ‘world music’ feel through its use of double groove that can take on Gypsy waltzes, swing, choro and many other flavours of jazz. Along with George and his band will be local artist Lil’ Fi along with her band The Jelly Rollers, consisting of Peter ‘Scrubby’ Hurcombe, guitar and vocals, and Robbie Tosh, double bass and vocals.

musical journey. We played Splendour in the Grass last year which is Ben’s favourite festival, so it’s been a year of magic, that’s for sure. Not strictly reggae; how do you see your music fitting into the Reggaefest? Blackbirds play island music. Ben and Adi are Indonesian and I’m Jamaican. Some of it is set in reggae rhythm but mostly it’s our own unique sound. Reggaefest is about a vibe, a culture, a lifestyle. It all goes hand in hand; its not limited to skanking. Reggaefest brings people together from around the globe who interpret this way of life through music. We are honoured to be a part of the mix. Are there any other performers at the festival that you are looking forward to seeing? Stranger Cole is an absolute legend. He is 71 years old and he’s flying all the way from Jamaica just for this one show. He had number-one hits in 1962 during the rocksteady and ska era before reggae even came about. I saw a clip of him on YouTube. He’s a complete character, still donning all the gold medallions and telling it like it is. It will be amazing to see him perform. The Blackbirds will be playing at Reggaefest on Sunday September 18. For more information about he festival visit:

Many of you may know Lil’ Fi for her strong classic blues vocals, but did you know Lil’ Fi has a trad jazz mode? This will bring a hamonious journey into musical era of sassy lyrical satire. So we invite you to sit back and feel the Manouche on Thursday night 1 September 2011 at the Condong Bowls Club, McLeod St Condong. Doors open at 6.00pm; show starts at 7.00pm. Feel the Manouche at the Condong Bowls Club on Thursday.

Tyalgum Festival of Classical Music Inspired by violinists John Willison and Carmel Kaine on their arrival in the Tweed, the Tyalgum Festival of Classical Music has grown from a congenial gathering of colleagues to a fully fledged festival that stands proud among Australia’s finest. On this 20th anniversary year, the festival has expanded to embrace the many aspects of the local creative community, and the extraordinary talent of our youth. From the opening concert of exquisite French classics to the youthful exuberance of the Young Virtuosi, the textural complexities of the wind ensemble, the rich emotional palette of the cello orchestra, the power of the Steinway concert grand piano, the theatrical flamboyance of flamenco and the spectacular finale by the Camerata of St John’s… come prepared for an exhilarating ride through a sumptuous weekend of virtuosity, sublime melodies and great musical beauty. Added to this, the inaugural Essential Energy Community Spring Fair and Music Carnivale, a celebration of Tweed village communities, will be held at Tyalgum School on Sunday 4 September. The festival runs from tomorrow to Sunday. For details visit www.


Following The Herd The Herd formed in 2001 after the core members of Elefant Traks record label decided to collaborate rather than submit individual tracks for a compilation. They retreated from the city for weekends and days off to record at a lakeside house on the Central Coast. What resulted was the self-titled album that featured the Triple J (national youth broadcast radio station) hit Scallops, a song that became an Aussie backyard anthem.

Soap Box Mandy Nolan

SHAKE ON IT In East Africa you pretend to spit on someone’s feet, in Greece it’s a slap on the back and in Tibet you stick your tongue out. All over the world the greeting code is almost as mixed up as we are. What I can’t work out is how are we supposed to greet people in our culture? We live in a genderequal multicultural society, so what is the correct greeting? Thanks to feminism, every time I meet a gentleman I am no longer expected to curtsey in obliging submission (although if you throw me $50 I’ll give it a shot). Every time I meet someone new or run into someone in the street who I’m not that familiar with I’m stumped as to how I’m actually supposed to greet them. There’s the handshake. A brief shake of the paw by two humans. Traditionally by blokes. This was an efficient way of passing on viruses and was particularly effective for efficient transmission of the bubonic plague. To make sure the girls didn’t miss out, men would bow and gob on the lady’s hand. In business situations I’ve never been entirely sure on the protocol of the handshake. There’s that split second moment while you wait to see if the other person is going to initiate a greeting, and if they fail to do so it’s up to you. A part of mine wants to give a high five, or grab their genitals, and just before they press a sexual harassment charge I’ll claim that it’s a traditional greeting for me, as I’m descended from yobbos, and we yobs always grab each other by the nuts or twat as it’s a primitive way of establishing breeding status. As a woman I never know where I stand with the handshake. When I meet other women and I go to shake their hand I always feel a little bit Alice B Toklas. It feels all lesbian and sexy, like I’m saying ‘Hey baby I’ll be the bloke’. That’s not usually the impression you want to give the admin officer at your local childcare centre. Then if I’m in a situation where I meet a bloke professionally I don’t know whether to handshake or not. A firm shake from a

woman is both emasculating and deflating. Basically it sends an underlying message ‘there is no way I’d ever consider having sex with you. Nice to meet you.’ As if the shake protocol wasn’t enough, then there’s the kiss. In Russia grown adult heterosexual men greet each other with a big kiss on the lips. I have seen photos of Mikhael Gorbachev greeting John Howard with a giant wet open-mouthed pash. Well maybe it wasn’t John Howard, but all bald men look the same from behind. I’m used to the Nanna kiss. That’s a tight-mouthed dry brush of the lips against the cheek of your fellow human. There is one basic rule. You don’t kiss people you don’t know. The cat’s bum is for friends and family only. It is not for the workplace. It’s the wrong code. Hands are for work. Mouths are for home. That’s my basic rule and I’m sticking to it. That’s why prostitutes don’t kiss their clients, they just give them a good long firm handshake. I feel all weird when I meet someone who I don’t know very well and then they go in for the kiss. I see them coming and I think, shit, now I have to respond, so I’ll angle my cheek to receive, and then retreat. Then just as I’m pulling out they go for the double banger. If you are European, fair enough, the French are known to get carried away and kiss each other as many as five times on alternating cheeks. (Only on the face, I’m told.) But having been to Bali for two weeks or watching SBS does not give you permission to pull off the cosmopolitan double peck. The second kiss is pretentious. For the simple yob like myself who recoils in shock at the lips coming for my cheek once more, it just makes me feel uncultured. I’ve been to New Zealand, for well over a week, and I didn’t come home rubbing noses. Last time I had a double kiss I decided I’d perform an overshare and I kept kissing them from cheek to cheek until they couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately it backfired and I ended up pregnant. Top that for a greeting.

The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 15

the tweed echo









Gig Guide









The Tweed Echo has the most comprehensive entertainment gig guide in the area. For your free listing, email or phone us on (02) 6672 2280. Deadline is noon Tuesday prior to Thursday’s publication. THE HERD

Known for their boisterous live shows, The Herd COOLANGATTA HOTEL flaunt their new songs on the Future Shade Tour FRIDAY this August, starting at Splendour In The Grass and ending mid-September in Canberra. They will be supported by the electrifying soul duo Sietta, who are creating quite a buzz ahead of the release of their debut album The Seventh Passenger. Coolangatta Hotel Friday.

Rockin’ till you’re Tuff Covering the best Australian rock from the 60s to the 90s, the local Aussie Rock band Tuff has, over the last six years, gained an army of supporters who just love the music the boys pump out. Featuring ‘Rock God’, John Carr on lead, ‘Strutt’in’ John Sutton on bass, ‘Throbb’in’ Robin Walsh on drums and Nige ‘The Misque’ up front on lead vocals, the guys produce a great rock sound and vibe guaranteed to get you movin’ and a-shakin’. Stevie Wright, Cold Chisel, AC/DC, Choir Boys, Masters

program guide

WINTER MAY 1 – OCTOBER 31 MONDAY 6am The Morning Mix Kabes 9am The Lighthouse Lounge Andy Travis 11am Belly BellySisters 12pm Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Nicole Foder 1pm Theme Park Lyn McCarthy 2pm Q’s Jazz ‘n Blues Quentin Watts 4pm Cruizy Beatz DJ Cruizy 6pm Grailey Whole Celtic Show Margaret Wyatt 8pm Sounds of Africa DJ Massaganda 10pm Freedom Run Callum TUESDAY 6am Clockwise Gary Street 9am Under Construction Sarah Ndiaye & Gina Baker 11am Byron Business Phil Daly 12pm Toasted Lady Marmalade 2pm The Music Garden Michael Brereton 4pm Below the Radar The Invisible Man 6pm Post Modern Backlash Hudson 8pm Radio Mundial Steve Snelgrove 10pm Shel’s Place Shel Kronich WEDNESDAY 6am Catch and Grab DJ Holly Holster 9am 2481 Undone Nicqui Yazdi 11am Go Earthcare Ros Elliott 12pm Suara Indonesia Francesca & Kirana 1pm Afternoon Tea Party Adelaide French 2pm The Junkyard Stuey 4pm Cowgirl in the Sand Mel 6pm Bongo Gum Brett Diemar 8pm B-boymixers Elixir 10pm All Funked Up Mr Mantiki

THURSDAY 6am Planet Luv Glitter 9am Arts Canvass Karena 11am Bohemian Beat Riddhi 12pm Juke Joint Tony Parker 2pm Audio Chocolate Rich 4pm Future Classics Matt Meir 6pm Crossroads Paul Martin 8pm Cruisin for a Bluesin The Honeydripper 10pm Booty Call Lainie FRIDAY 6am That Friday Feeling Nicky 9am The Spin Cycle Karin Kolbe 11am Page Turners Pip Morrissey 12pm Whirled Music Phil Hurst 1pm Mystery Train Mary Cannon 2pm Grooveyard Teesha & Nilesh 4pm Strictly Vinyl (Happy Days) Inchie 6pm Chop-Suey Rachi 8pm Submerged/Down & Out Si Clone/Slinky 10pm Rotation POB/Elixza SATURDAY 6am Bay Rock Tark 8am Musical Kaleidoscope Jill 10am Cowboy’s Sweetheart Carrie D 12pm Blues from the Bay Anthony & Ken 2pm Paris Cat Alley Lou 4pm Intersecting Cultures Angela 5pm Justice & Ms Chi Justine & Ancika 6pm Random Rhythms Ashgirl 8pm Diggin in the Archives Undertaker & Joan of Arc 10pm In the vaults Matt Wardle SUNDAY 7am Astro Alchemy Iris & Michael 8am Colours of Byron Des 10am Jazz Moods Jean Brown 12pm Omnibus RG Pedicini & Les Schmidt 2pm Radio Latina Y olanda & Salvador & David 4pm The Bay Lounge aqua 6pm Roots & Culture DJ Selector 8pm Ice Cream Truck Fulton Hobbs & Peggy Dickson 10pm The Space Between Max Zoesar

COMMUNITY RADIO BAY-FM 99.9 Phone: 6680 7999 16 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo


Apprentices, La De Das and a host more classic Aussie rock icons are represented in Tuff ’s repertoire. It’ll be a Tuff night at the Kirra Beach Hotel on Saturday.

and in The Songs of Haight Ashbury show that rocked Stokers Siding so soundly, Bill uses foot percussion, lap slide and open tuned guitars that snake and rattle around songs both evocative and passionate. The result is a repertoire of engaging and exciting material that runs the gamut from folk to funk, from hillbilly to swamp and beyond. See him this weekend at the The Sheoak Shack, Saturday and the Pottsville Sports Club on Sunday.

Poppin’ the Pop

This accomplished trio groove will hit tracks from the past 50 years. Combined with smooth vocals and funky guitar, Soda Pop deliver a refreshing twist to Just back from recent tours with his duo Method and any occasion, bringing a mix of old-school soul and a stint on the bass with old faves Floyd Vincent and rock from The Shirelles, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and the Childbrides, Bill Jacobi will be bringing some new many others. Soda Pop also cover top-40 music of today songs as well as his laid-back lap slide and foot-stompin’ including Katy Perry, Duffy, Pink, Train, Jason Mraz, Kings grooves to The Shack’s opening night of entertainment. Of Leon and many more. See the Soda Pop, Seagulls Having also been spotted of late at Ukitopia’s Cabaret 360 Lakeview Lounge Saturday

Bill’s double header

Free admission Gallery open Wed-Sun 10am - 5pm (DST)

On display until 11 September

Archibald Prize 2011 NSW Regional Tour An Art Gallery of NSW exhibition toured by Museums and Galleries NSW

Image: Ben Quilty Margaret Olley 2011 Archibald Prize winner Courtesy of Art Gallery of NSW






The tertium quid: case study - Brendan McCumstie 12 August - 5 February

Seven Little Australians: A Dromkeen Travelling Exhibition PUBLIC PROGRAMS Sun 11 Sept 2pm The tertium quid: Brendan McCumstie ‘artist-in-residence’ in Foyer Wed 7 Sept 11am Exhibition talk: Archibald Prize 2011 with Danielle Gullotta, Coordinator of Access programs at Art Gallery of NSW, all are welcome to to attend!! Wednesdays and Sundays 11am and 2pm Archibald Prize 2011 Guided Tours

(02) 6670 2790 | 2 Mistral Road Murwillumbah NSW 2484 |


Saturday 11 September Wharf St, Tweed Heads 07 55362277

Bookings 1800 014 014





Passionate storyteller Murray Kyle has emerged as a highly respected musician in the Australian roots music scene. His passionate storytelling honours his connection to humanity and speaks clearly of the hope he has for these changing times. As a young pianist he travelled the world and learned to expand his repertoire to include guitar, yidaki, woodwind and percussion. Kyle is renowned for his soaring vocals. His sound has flowed through many of the Australian music festivals including Peats Ridge, Woodford Folk Festival, Island Vibe, Rainbow Serpent and Exodus. As a member of the electronic fusion group Mystic Beats, Kyle’s evocative vocals have left an indelible impression on all who have heard him. His touring as a solo artist and in collaboration with the likes of Saritah and Loren has taken him around Australia and across the seas to perform in California, Hawaii, the UK and Bali. Kyle has released his third album Keystone. Written, recorded and produced in the lush setting of Uki, this album blends a mystical shamanic sound with global

soul, a dash of R&B and positive roots vibes. Mixed by Benjamin Last at Reel Spirit Studios and mastered by Michael Worthington, Keystone features some of the Byron Shire’s finest musicians with Shai Shriki on oud and jumbush, Rebekah Ray TUFF KIRRA BEACH on vocals, Bill Jacobi on bass, Hugh HOTEL SATURDAY Jones on drums and Cye Wood and Laura Targett on violin. Keystone is the coming of age of Murray Kyle and it is going to ignite his flame within the heart of the Australian music industry. The Sphinx Rock Café album launch is on Sunday.

Here’s your 15 minutes The lineup for Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Stokers this month features locally and overseas renowned original Fiona Ryan – a witty, engaging, variegated and very entertaining singer, songwriter, pianist and flautist. The Blackboard Acts are: Geoff Morley, comedy and song; Lara Wilkinson, young talented guitarist, singer and actor; Barry Tiffen, hilarious bush verse; Maggie Cunningham-Webb, comedy and song; Rob, Kerry and Carl, harmonious song. See all this and more at the Stokers Siding Hall Friday.

Kirtana Kirtana in Concert in Concert

for the first time in Australia. “Kirtana’s music is a pure love transmission. Her lyrics, her voice, and her playing bring me to tears of joy.” Gangaji


original, lighthearted, engaging, witty singer-songwriter-pianist PLUS variety Blackboard acts including the young and talented Lara Wilkinson


rs uthern Sta Under So ar Arena Spectacul A Musical

Directed by


Saturday Sept 10th – 1.30pm & 6.30pm CABARITA PONY CLUB / SHOWGROUND Cnr Tweed Coast Rd & Round Mt Rd, Cabarita $15 Adults $10 Child 3–15yrs Bookings: Tweed Coast Vet (02) 6676 3199, Neptune (07) 5536 2446, or tickets at the gate



“It’s nice sometimes to hear the same teaching in slightly different words expressed again... Listening to Kirtana is a beautiful meditation in itself.” Eckhart Tolle “Kirtana’s music expresses the inexpressible in the most beautiful way!” Deva Premal

In Kirtana's own words the best description for both her music and her purpose in sharing it is to "celebrate divine love and the truth of who we are." Her dusky vocals are guaranteed to provide an evening that will nourish the soul.

Byron Bay Byron Saturday Bay 3rd September 2011

Saturday September 2011 Byron Bay 3rd Community Centre Byron Bay Community Centre 6.30pm for a 7pm start Call 02 6629 1881 to BOOK YOUR TICKETS Visit

e inFo For

w.byro ViSiT: ww 00 2 6639 60 : L CAL +61

Individual tickets $45 or groups of 5 for $200 presented by

NOVEMBER 7 2011 INTAKE ENROLLING NOW CRICOS: 00312F (NSW) 02047B (VIC) 02431E (WA) Please contact relevant campuses for further information regarding open days, tours, course programs and FEE HELP options.

The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 17





Chinderah Tavern 66 Chinderah Bay Drive, Chinderah Ph 02 6674 1137 Open 7 days Lunch 12pm-2.30pm Dinner 5.30pm–8.30pm

Wilson’s by The Creek Open Fri, Sat, Sun Lunch 12-3pm Dinner 5-10pm 139 Newes Rd, Coorabell 6684 7348 Bookings essential

Alleys Currumbin RSL Club Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Open 7 days lunch and dinner 07 5534 7999

Sheoak Shack 64 Fingal Rd, Fingal Head Ph 07 5523 1130 Wed-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 9.30am-5pm


Fresh from his travels in Europe, Steven Snow is excited to launch a NEW MENU at Fins. From Basque style BBQ seafood platters to spicy Mauritian King prawn curry. Book now to sample our new flavours. Saltbar has something for everyone, a large deck, newly refurbished Sports Bar, family friendly Bistro and Kids Korner. As well as ocean views, there’s always a great atmosphere, daily food specials, a well-equipped children’s area, live music and more. Kids eat free* Mon-Thurs 5.307pm + free kids’ movie 7pm, T-Bone Tues & free trivia, Half Price Wednesday + free Karaoke 7pm. Saltbar is on the absolute beachfront, Salt Village, 15 mins south of Coolangatta Airport. *conditions apply

The ‘Chindy’ is an ideal place to bring family and friends of all ages for a real country pub experience. Kick back and watch the kids play on our brand new playground while you enjoy an ice cold beer and a dozen of our famous $12 oysters on the deck overlooking the Tweed river. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner, with afternoon entertainment on the weekends. Come and see why everyone is talking about the new Chinderah Tavern.

Saltbar Beach Bar & Bistro

Discover Wilson’s By The Creek Restaurant tucked away in the Byron hinterland. Newly open to the public, the elegant restaurant offers a truly gourmet experience, accompanied by Peppers renowned personal service. Savour the incredible flavours of the hinterland for a romantic dinner or gathering with friends, as Head Chef Adam Hall inspires you with his seasonal menu brimming with local produce.




Bells Boulevard, Salt Village, South Kingscliff Open 7 days 1300 725 822

Shop 5, 60 Marine Parade, Kingscliff (next to Subway) 6674 5822 Open 7 days 9am-5pm

Top quality Arabica coffee beans from new boutique roaster. The beans are roasted fresh weekly. 30% Certified Organic. Rainforest Alliance.

Taste the difference Overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Jack Evans Boat Harbour at Twin Towns is Horizons Lunch from 11am restaurant. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere with casual Dinner from 5.30pm Brunch Sundays from 10am indoor or al fresco dining where you can take in our spectacular views. Bring a friend to Horizons for High Phone: (07) 5536 2277 Tea available Monday to Saturday in the afternoon or visit from 2.30pm to 4.30pm for an extra special afternoon delight!

Events for food and wine lovers! Inaugural Winemaker’s dinner this October. Enjoy wines from Mandala Winery rated five stars by James Halliday and superbly complemented by an inspiring menu created by our talented chefs. If you are looking for delicious food, coffee or a romantic sunset cocktail on the riverbank, the Sheoak Shack is the beach shack for you with a funky laid back vibe. This gallery/cafe showcases the work of high quality local artists and is available for private functions… more Byron than Byron, in sleepy Fingal Head.


Salt Village, Kingscliff 6674 4833 Dinner 7 days Lunch Fri, Sat & Sun

Mount Warning Hotel


Mt Warning Hotel Open 7 days 10am till late Bistro open daily 1497 Kyogle Rd, Uki 02 6679 5111

One of the region’s great old country pubs. Delicious food, bistro open for lunch everyday from 12-2pm, dinner Thursday to Sunday from 6-8pm. Children’s playground, relaxing beer garden. Curry night on Thursday, raffles and member’s draw on Friday, punter’s draw on Saturday and on Sunday there is a delicious roast.


Mon-Thurs 9 to 5 Fridays 9 to 4 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 3/7 Brigantine Street, Byron Arts & Industry Park (02) 6685 5685


Small enough for personal care, large enough to offer competitive prices. Santos has been supplying high quality biodynamic, organic, natural foods, and healthy products since 1975. We continue our commitment to sourcing as locally as possible. Santos is the home of Rainfed Rice–zero irrigation, certified biodynamic, as local as you can get, and the most delicious rice you’re likely to find. Visit for more info, or visit our online store at Eat well.



Santos Trading Warehouse

Here you will find some of the best local dining on offer. Restaurant owners take note: Good Taste provides you with the chance to tell your customers more about your business with ample room for that extra information that may not fit in a small advertisement. Great introductory rates are on offer. Call 02 6672 2280 to find out more.


The Echo’s guide to

t n e m n i a t r te

SInging, dancing and horses – what more could you ask for? Next week will see the Tweed Coast’s Under Southern Stars Arena Spectacular held at the Cabarita Pony Club Showground.

The Kamilaroi Equine Performance Team from Cabarita is excited to have received an invitation to perform in France at the The World Percheron Horse Congress ‘Mondial’, held once every ten years. As a Farewell Performance the Team will present their Tribute to the Aussie Light Horse Brigade of WW1. The stars of Neptune Productions musicals will join forces with Kamilaroi and they have created a spectacular show. Local diva Liza Beamish, who is also an accomplished rider, will enter the arena singing while riding side-saddle on a magnificent Percheron mare. Live musicians Jed and Jean Stone will be joined by a host of 20 vocal stars including Casey Fegan, Lawrie Esmond (riding), Tammy Dundon, Andy Fahey, Caroline Dowker-Thomas and Ray Catt. The Cabarita Pony Club Showground is on the corner of the Tweed Coast and Round Mountain roads at Cabarita. The spectacular is on Saturday 10 September with a 1.30pm matinee and a 6.30pm evening performance Bookings can be made with the Tweed Coast Vet 02 6676 3199, Neptune 07 5536 2446, or at the gate. Grandstand seating or BYO seat or rug. 18 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

Television Guide


1. A small-time investigator, played by Nicolas Cage, finds himself in deep guano when he stumbles upon a snuff movie in 8MM (7Mate, Friday, 9.30pm). 2. Despite their accents Stacey Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis play respectively a truck driver and hitchhiker in the classic Australian thriller Roadgames (ABC2, Saturday 10.20pm). 3. It’s hard to believe but Anna Wintour, editor-inchief of Vogue for 20 years, carries more weight with the public than the Echo bosses. This is beautifully portrayed in The September Issue (ABC1, Sunday, 8.30pm).



4.00 rage (G) 5.00 Can We Help? 5.30 The New Inventors 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 Business Today 10.00 Kids’ Programs 11.00 Catalyst 11.30 One Plus One 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Midsomer Murders (M) 2.10 World’s Greenest Homes 3.00 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Bill’s Tasty Weekends 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 Collectors 8.30 Silent Witness (M) 9.30 Case Sensitive (M) 10.20 Lateline 11.00 Beautiful People (M) 11.30 rage (MA)

4.00 ABC News 4.05 Arts Quarter 4.20 The Drum 5.00 ABC News 5.15 Consumer Quarter 5.30 Newsline 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.00 ABC News 9.30 Business Today 10.00 ABC News 12.30 Newsline 1.00 ABC News 2.30 One Plus One 3.00 Afternoon Live 5.30 Capital Hill 6.00 ABC News 6.05 The Drum 6.45 Weather Quarter 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Contact Sport 8.00 ABC News 8.30 One Plus One 9.00 The World 10.00 ABC News 10.05 The Drum 10.45 Weather Quarter 11.00 ABC News 11.30 Capital Hill 12.00 ABC News 12.20 Lateline 1.00 BBC News 1.30 Contact Sport 2.00 BBC World News 2.30 The World This Week 3.00 Lateline 3.40 The Quarters

ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Spicks And Specks 7.30 River Monsters 8.30 Friday Night Lights (M) 9.15 On Track 9.30 Misfits (MA) 10.20 Crownies (M) 11.15 The Graham Norton Show (M) 11.50 Cold Feet 12.40 Code Geass 1.05 The Office (M) 1.35 Close

ABC 3 6.05am to 5.35pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 Big Babies 6.15 Almost Naked Animals 6.25 Trapped! 7.10 Black Hole High 7.35 The Assistants 8.00 Stay Tuned 8.30 Degrassi: The Next Generation 9.00 Close




ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Program 7.00 Monkey Thieves 7.30 Big Chef Takes On Little Chef 8.15 At The Movies 8.30 Movie: Pretty Baby (M 1978) US drama. Keith Carradine, Brooke Shields 10.20 Movie: Roadgames (M 1981) Australian thriller. Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis 12.00 Dylan Moran (M) 1.10 Eataholics 2.00 Close

ABC 3 6.05am to 5.45pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 Stoked 6.30 The Slammer 7.00 Deadly 60 7.30 Good Game SP 8.00 The Tribe 9.15 Close


This week’s new moon in Virgo opens the door to the room for improvement, giving inefficient operating methods the flick…

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 1.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 1.30 Insight 2.30 The Nest 3.30 Al Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal 4.30 Newshour 5.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News Australia 7.30 James May’s Toy Stories 8.30 Blitz Street 9.30 World News Australia 10.00 Sex: An Unnatural History (M) 10.30 Erotic Tales (MA) 11.40 La Vuelta a España Cycling – LIVE 2.10 Weatherwatch

7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 7.30 The Glee Project 6.00 Global Village 8.30 Britain’s Next Top Model 6.30 Cooking In The Danger 9.30 Sex And The City (MA) Zone 10.40 The Late Late Show 11.30 7.00 IAAF World Athletics Cheers 12.00 Roseanne 12.30 Championships South Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1.00 The Korea King Of Queens 1.30 Happy Days 10.30 Movie: Fearless (M 2006) 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Diagnosis Mandarin action Murder 4.00 Touched By An Angel 12.20 Weatherwatch 5.00 7th Heaven


TEN 6.00 Ten News 7.00 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Renovators 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.30 6.30 With George Negus 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Renovators 8.30 Hawaii Five-O (M) 10.30 Can Of Worms (M) 11.30 Late News 12.00 Sports Tonight 12.30 The Late Show 1.30 Infomercials 5.00 Religion

ELEVEN 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The Brady Bunch 8.30 Neighbours 9.00 Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00 Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 6.30 Neighbours




TAURUS: This week tickles your fancy for the expansive, but sensible spending’s the go for the mo, so no retail sprees please – postpone bigticket items or home renos till financial tides turn. A pragmatic, down-to-earth approach is needed right now, which is of course your forte. GEMINI: While Geminis forever adore the new and interesting, this week recommends finalising what’s already been started. Giving private





ARIES: There’s just no pleasing some people. But enough about them, because your commander planet Mars transiting the sign of home brings the impetus and motivation this week to begin those new regimes you’ve been planning for your physical body and also to feng-shui your surroundings.


6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Seven News 12.00 Movie: Camp (M 2003) US comedy. Daniel Letterle, Joanna Chilcoat 2.30 Dr Oz 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Prime News 6.30 Seven News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 Better Homes And Gardens 8.30 AFL Premiership Season Collingwood v Geelong 6.00 Bundesliga Football: Kaiserslautern v Bayern Munich 8.00 ATP 11.45 The Outback, My Home 12.40 Home Shopping World Tour Tennis 8.30 WNBA Action 9.00 Major League Baseball – LIVE 12.00 Fear Factor 1.00 The Game Plan 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Bondi Rescue 6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams Stewart Show 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons 5.00 Escape With ET 5.30 I Fish 6.00 & Daughters 9.00 Home & Away 9.30 Airline 6.30 Bondi Rescue 7.00 Cops Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation 7.30 World’s Toughest Fixes Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 8.30 Movie: United 93 (M 2006) Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No US drama. Polly Adams, JJ Deal 12.00 Royal Pains (M) 1.00 Grey’s Anatomy (M) 2.00 Ghost Whisperer Johnson 10.40 Sports Tonight 11.10 Breakout 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Kings (M) 12.10 24 (M) 1.10 NASCAR Court 4.00 Columbo Sprint Cup 2.10 Omnisport 2.30 Major 6.00 Bargain Hunt League Baseball 5.00 Omnisport 5.30 7.00 Harry’s Practice 7.30 Are You Being Served? FA Cup Classic 8.10 One Foot In The Grave 8.45 Escape To The Country 11.00 60 Minute Makeover 12.00 Living In The Sun 1.00 Movie: Beach Red (M 1967) US war drama. Cornel Wilde, Rip Torn 3.00 Leyland Brothers World 4.00 Coronation Street 4.30 Emmerdale 5.00 Designing Women 5.30 Home Shopping

Jag 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.00 ABC News 4.05 Environment 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 4.30 Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch Quarter 4.15 The Drum 5.00 Q&A 6.00 Wine Lovers’ Guide To 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage 6.00 7.30 6.30 Behind The News 7.00 Australia Witch ABC News 7.30 Contact Sport 8.00 6.30 Cooking In The Danger 6.30 Everybody Loves ABC News 8.45 Big Ideas 9.00 ABC Zone Raymond News 9.45 Consumer Quarter 10.00 7.00 IAAF World Athletics 7.30 Frasier ABC News 10.30 7.30 11.00 ABC News Championships South 11.30 7.30 12.00 ABC News 12.30 7.30 8.00 Everybody Loves Korea Select 1.00 Big Ideas 2.00 ABC News 10.30 Movie: Lower City (MAV Raymond 2.30 7.30 3.00 ABC News 3.30 Foreign 8.30 Biggest Loser US 2005) Brazilian drama Correspondent 4.00 ABC News 4.30 12.15 Movie: The Libertine 10.30 90210 Behind The News 5.00 ABC News (MA 2000) French comedy 2.00 12.30 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (M) 5.30 One Plus One 6.00 ABC News Weatherwatch 1.30 Happy Days 2.00 The Love Boat 6.30 Australian Story 7.00 ABC News 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 4.00 Touched 7.30 The World This Week 8.00 Four By An Angel 5.00 7th Heaven Corners 9.00 ABC News 9.30 State To State 10.00 ABC News 10.30 7.30 6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.00 Hit List TV Select 11.00 ABC News 11.30 Foreign 12.00 Landed Music 12.30 Hit Rater. Correspondent 12.00 Big Ideas 1.00 Com 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 It’s Me Or 6.00 Arsenal Football 9.00 Bundesliga One Plus One 1.30 7.30 2.00 BBC World The Dog 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Hook Football 10.00 Pro Bull Riding 11.00 World Of Free Sports 11.30 Drive News 2.30 7.30 3.00 BBC World News Line & Sinker 4.00 AFL Premiership Season 12.00 WWE Experience 1.00 Ironman: 3.30 7.30 Switzerland 2.00 Extreme Dreams LIVE – Sydney v Brisbane 3.30 Bondi Rescue 4.00 Airline 7.00 Jamie’s Thirty Minute 5.00 Australian Rally Championship Meals 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 6.00 IRC Series Sailing 6.30 WWE 7.30 Talkin’ ’bout Your 1.00 Ballet: Limen 1.30 The Emperor’s Experience 7.30 Fear Factor 8.30 Generation Secret Garden 2.45 How To Make A An Idiot Abroad (M) 8.40 Movie: The Jewel Of The Book With Steidl 4.30 Newshour 5.30 9.30 MotoGP Qualifying LIVE – Nile (PG 1985) US advenLa Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights San Marino ture. Michael Douglas, 6.00 The Passionate 11.10 UFC (M) 1.10 Rally World 2.10 Kathleen Turner Apprentices RPM 2.30 Omnisport 3.00 ATP World 10.40 AFL Premiership Season: Tour Tennis 3.30 Magic Of The FA Cup 6.30 World News Australia Carlton v St Kilda 1.10 Infomercials 5.30 FA Cup Classic 7.30 Engineering Connections 4.00 Religion 8.30 Monster Jellyfish 9.30 RocKwiz 10.25 Classic Albums The Doors 6.30 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Weekend 11.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling – 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The Sunrise 9.00 Kids’ Programs 12.30 Brady Bunch 8.30 Everybody Loves V8 Xtra 1.00 AFL Premiership Season: LIVE 2.00 Weatherwatch Raymond 9.00 Touched By An Angel Gold Coast v Hawthorn 4.00 Australia 10.00 7th Heaven 11.00 The Love Smashes Guinness World Records Boat 12.00 Diagnosis Murder 1.00 4.30 What’s Up Down Under 5.00


5.00 rage (PG) 11.00 Poh’s Kitchen 12.00 Collectors 12.30 Australian Story 1.00 Foreign Correspondent 1.30 E2: Transport Food In Miles 2.00 Treks In A Wild World 2.25 Shamwari 3.00 Shute Shield Rugby Union LIVE – Eastwood v Northern Suburbs 5.00 World Cup Bowls 6.00 Poh’s Kitchen 6.30 Gardening Australia 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Doctor Who 8.30 Monroe 9.20 Rake (M) 10.15 Doctor Who 11.05 rage (MA)





needs precedence over public appearances. Less twittering and more sorting things into order – all of which will enhance and support your future flirtations with the nouveau. CANCER: While this is definitely a Getting Stuff Done week, I somehow see you contrary Cancerians adopting recently departed Cancerian artist Margaret Olley’s methodology: I’ve never liked housework. Who wants to chase dust all their life? If the house looks dirty, buy another bunch of flowers… LEO: While you’re busy chatting up prospective playmates, wooing new business clients and charming everyone you pass, remember September is about consolidation. For best results, rise above peoples’ irritating tendency to


Guide To The Good Life 5.30 Sydney Weekender 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Movie: Monsters Inc. (G 2001) Animation 8.35 Movie: Terminator 2 Judgement Day (M 1991) US action. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong 11.25 Movie: The River Wild (M 1994) US action. Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon 1.40 Home Shopping

7TWO 6.30 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Better Homes And Gardens 10.00 The Great Outdoors 11.00 Queensland Weekender 11.30 Out Of The Blue 12.00 A House In Tuscany 12.30 Passport To The Sun 1.00 Weekend Kitchen 5.00 Great Australian Doorstep 5.30 Men Behaving Badly 6.00 Are You Being Served? 6.30 Born And Bred 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Inspector Morse (M) 11.00 That’s My Boy 11.30 Please Sir 12.00 Minder 1.00 Passport To The Sun 1.30 Movie: Call Me – The Rise And Fall Of Heidi Fleiss (MA 2004) Canadian drama. Jamie-Lynn Discala, Saul Rubinek 3.15 Movie: Parachute Battalion (PG 1941) US drama. Robert Preston, Edmond O’Brien 5.00 Weekend Kitchen

7MATE 6.00 AFL Premiership Season: Geelong v Collingwood 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 NBC Today 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 SCU: Serious Crash Unit 12.30 Racing Green 1.00 Zoom TV

dispute your opinions and opt for one-on-one discussions rather than crowd scenes. VIRGO: With the Sun and Venus maxing your attraction factor, this year’s version of the new you is definitely turning heads, and something you’ve worked hard at gets the astral thumbs-up. Just one small slice of advice: whenever you’re sharpening your skills, remember to soften your tongue. LIBRA: Your big ask at present is to find a way of working with whatever life hands you, no matter what. Applying a softly-softly approach is the best method of morphing this week’s critical edge from prickly to pleasurable, especially around midweek Libra moon. SCORPIO: Scorpios don’t like letting go – at



6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.30 Alias Smith And Jones 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 NBC Today 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 Knight Rider 1.00 The Equalizer (M) 2.00 Malcolm And Eddie 2.30 Newsradio 3.00 Xena 4.00 Hercules 5.00 The Drew Carey Show 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 My Wife And Kids 7.00 That ’70s Show 7.30 Pimp My Ride 8.30 My Name Is Earl 9.30 Movie: 8MM (AV 1999) US thriller. Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix 12.30 Newsradio 1.00 Six Million Dollar Man 2.00 Quantum Leap 3.00 Knight Rider 4.00 Hercules 5.00 Xena

6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.30 Entertainment Tonight 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 The Voice 2.00 Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Movie: Scooby-Doo And The Witch’s Ghost (G 1999) Animation 7.30 Movie: Big Daddy (PG 1999) US comedy. Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams 9.30 Movie: Pulp Fiction (AV 1994) US thriller. John Travolta, Uma Thurman 12.50 Fringe (M) 2.30 Up Late (M) 2.30 Cribs 3.00 Reno 911 (M) 5.00 The Hills 5.30 Tamagotch!



5.30 Today 9.00 Kerri-Anne 11.00 Infomercials 12.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Afternoon News 5.30 The Voice 6.00 Evening News 6.30 A Current Affair 7.30 Friday Night Football LIVE – Newcastle Knights v South Sydney Rabbitohs 9.30 Friday Night Football St George Illawarra Dragons v Penrith Panthers 11.30 Movie: The Yakuza (M 1975) US action. Robert Mitchum, Brian Keith 1.40 Movie: Everyday People (M 2004) US drama. Nathan De’Shon Myer, Jordan Gelber 3.30 Entertainment Tonight 4.00 Danoz 4.30 Good Morning America

6.00 Today 9.00 Alive & Cooking 9.30 The Zoo 10.00 Friends 11.00 Murder, She Wrote 12.00 Movie: Swallows And Amazons (G 1974) UK adventure. Virginia McKenna, Ronald Fraser 2.00 Stingers (M) 3.00 McLeod’s Daughters 4.00 The Golden Girls 5.00 Joanna Lumley Jewel Of The Nile 6.00 Friends 7.00 The Zoo 7.30 The Farmer Wants A Wife 8.30 Underbelly: Razor (M) 9.30 Movie: Donnie Brasco (M 1997) US biography. Johnny Depp, Al Pacino 12.00 Conan (M) 1.00 Psychic TV 2.25 Movie: Henry VIII & His Six Wives (PG 1972) UK drama. Keith Michell, Donald Pleasence 5.00 Murder, She Wrote

1.30 Great Grand Prix Racing Heroes 2.30 Fifth Gear 3.00 V8 Supercars 3.30 Targa Tasmania Motorsport 4.30 Monster Garage 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 Superships 7.30 Air Crash Investigation 9.30 Unsolved Mysteries (M) 12.30 Million Dollar Catch 1.00 SCU: Serious Crash Unit 1.30 Racing Green 2.00 Great Grand Prix Racing Heroes 3.00 Hercules 4.00 Quantum Leap 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping


6.00 Kids’ Programs 1.00 Married With Children 2.30 Here’s Lucy 3.00 Green Acres 3.30 Spin City 4.30 Dukes Of Hazzard 5.30 Wipeout 6.30 Top Gear 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.30 Movie: The Negotiator (M 1998) US action. Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey 11.10 Movie: Final Destination 3 (AV 2006) US thriller. Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche 1.00 Up Late (M) 1.30 Vampire Diaries (M) 5.00 The Hills 6.00 Danoz 7.00 Weekend Today 5.30 Tamagotch! 10.00 Saturday Kerri-Anne 11.00 Kids’ Programs 2.30 Movie: Big Jim McLain (G 1952) US action. 6.00 Movie: Swallows And Amazons John Wayne, James Arness 4.30 The (G 1974) UK adventure. Virginia Garden Gurus 5.00 NBN News 5.30 McKenna, Ronald Fraser 8.00 Movie: Getaway Pool Of London (PG 1951) UK drama. 6.00 NBN News Susan Shaw, Renee Asherson 9.45 6.30 Australia’s Funniest Home Movie: Up The Chastity Belt (PG Videos 1972) UK comedy. Bill Frazer, Frankie 7.30 Movie: Hairspray (PG Howerd 11.40 Movie: The Treasure 2007) US comedy. John Of Pancho Villa (PG 1955) Western. Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer Rory Calhoun, Shelley Winters 1.40 8.40 Lotto Movie: Betrayed (PG 1954) WWII 9.55 Movie: Bride Wars (PG drama. Clark Gable, Lane Turner 2009) US comedy. Kate 4.00 Movie: The Thief Who Came Hudson, Anne Hathaway To Dinner (P 1973) US comedy. Ryan 11.45 Movie: The Devil’s Own (M O’Neal, Jacqueline Bissett 6.00 The 1997) US drama. Harrison Ford, Brad Golden Girls 6.30 Antiques Roadshow Pitt 2.00 Movie: Out Of Order (MA 7.30 Secret Dealers 2003) US drama. Eric Stoltz, Felicity 8.30 CSI: NY (M) Huffman 4.00 Infomercials 9.30 CSI: Miami (M) 10.30 CSI (M) 11.30 Conan (M) 12.50 Psychic TV 1.50 Movie: Sweet Bird Of Youth (M 1962) US drama. Paul Newman, Geraldine Page 4.05 Dangerman 5.00 The Golden Girls 5.30 Garden Gurus



least till they’re well and truly finished with something. But if you’re ever going to ditch that inappropriate dream, stale relationship, bad habit or once-was-hot look that isn’t anymore, do it now. Then reward yourself with some delicious indulgence. SAGITTARIUS: Rather than doing a dozen things at once, choose what’s most important for your wellbeing this week and focus on that. When it no longer needs attention, progress to the next item on your agenda. Work methodically and efficiently instead of spreading yourself too thin. CAPRICORN: This week reboots your determination along with your mojo, putting sassy Cap back in charge. Promise yourself you won’t take on anyone’s nonsense, including your

own. Because no matter what’s going on in your corner of world, there’s still plenty of cause for celebration. AQUARIUS: Energy experts insist whatever we put out returns threefold. By whose calculations: the DIY School of Quantum Physics? People who read The Secret? In the spirit of scientific enquiry however, why not try road testing the triplepayback theory this week to see if it works. PISCES: This week’s Virgoan climate is pleasantly grounding for Pisceans, offering lots of constructive, nuts-and-bolts ideas. Leaning towards ruthless self-development, it puts the emphasis firmly on self – efforts made to develop someone else’s person mightn’t be met with noticeable cooperation.

The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 19

Sunday 4



5.00 rage (PG) 6.30 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Insiders 10.00 Inside Business 10.30 Offsiders 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus 11.30 Songs Of Praise 12.00 Landline 1.00 7.30 1.30 Message Stick 2.00 Snowy Monkeys 3.00 Theatre Of War 4.35 Flights Of Fancy 5.00 Art Nation 5.30 Dance Academy 6.00 Robin Hood 6.45 Minuscule 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Grand Designs 8.30 The September Issue (M) 10.00 Compass 10.30 Strictly Speaking 11.30 Foyle’s War (M) 1.00 Grand Designs 1.50 Movie: Time Lock (PG 1957) UK thriller. Robert Beatty, Lee Patterson 3.05 Murder Or Mutiny (M)

4.00 7.30 5.00 Big Ideas 6.00 7.30 6.30 Behind The News 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The World This Week 8.00 ABC News 9.00 Insiders 10.00 ABC News 10.30 7.30 11.00 ABC News 11.30 7.30 12.00 ABC News 12.30 Offsiders 1.00 Big Ideas 2.00 ABC News 2.30 7.30 3.00 ABC News 3.30 Australian Story 4.00 ABC News 4.30 Behind The News 5.00 ABC News 5.30 Inside Business 6.00 ABC News 6.30 Foreign Correspondent 7.00 ABC News 7.30 One Plus One 8.00 Insiders 9.00 ABC News 9.30 Tonic 10.00 50 Years Of Four Corners 11.00 ABC News 11.30 Australian Story 12.00 Landline 1.00 Big Ideas 2.00 BBC World News 2.30 7.30 3.00 BBC World News 3.30 7.30


5.00 World News 8.30 PopAsia TV 10.30 Football Asia 11.00 Football Feature 12.00 UEFA Champions League 12.30 Speedweek 2.00 Al Jazeera News 3.00 Hitler’s Bodyguard 4.00 A Fork In The Mediterranean: Venice 4.30 Living Black 5.00 Cycling Central 5.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 6.00 Trawlermen 6.30 World News Australia 7.30 Lost Worlds Ned’s head 8.30 Dateline 9.30 Why Can’t We Predict Earthquakes? 10.30 The Future Of Food 11.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling – LIVE 2.00 Weatherwatch

6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 At The Movies 7.30 Dancing King 8.30 Glastonbury (M) 10.45 Art Nation 11.15 Absolutely Fabulous 11.45 Glastonbury 2010 Highlights 12.45 The NOW Now 1.00 Later… With Jools Holland 2.00 Close

ABC 3 6.05am to 5.35pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 The Legend Of Dick And Dom 6.30 Horrible Histories 7.00 Trapped! 7.30 The Avengers 7.50 Vampire Knight 8.40 Black Hole High 9.05 Close

Monday 5

ABC 1 4.00 rage (G) 5.00 Art Nation 5.30 At The Movies 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 Business Today 10.00 Kids’ Programs 11.00 Landline 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Monarch Of The Glen 1.30 Cheese Slices 2.00 Poirot 3.00 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Time Team 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 Australian Story 8.30 Four Corners 9.20 Media Watch 9.35 Q&A 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.35 Brideshead Revisited 12.30 The Clinic (M) 1.25 Movie: Blackbeard, The Pirate (G 1952) US adventure. Robert Newton, Linda Darnell 3.00 World Cup Bowls

ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Spicks And Specks 7.30 Rude Boy Food 8.00 Outnumbered 8.30 Carlos: Part Two (M) 10.20 Graham Norton Show (M) 10.50 Identity (M) 11.40 The Beast (M) 12.25 Later… With Jools Holland 1.25 Close

ABC 3 6.05am to 5.30pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 Big Babies 6.15 Almost Naked Animals 6.25 Trapped! 7.10 Black Hole High 7.35 Iron Man 8.30 Degrassi: The Next Generation 9.00 Close

Tuesday 6

ABC 1 4.00 rage (G) 5.00 Q&A 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 Business Today 10.00 Kids’ Programs 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Egypt Unwrapped 1.30 Meerkat Manor 2.00 Poirot 3.00 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 Foreign Correspondent 8.30 Fake Or Fortune? Van Meergeren 9.35 QI 10.05 First Tuesday Book Club 10.35 Lateline 11.10 Lateline Business 11.40 Four Corners 12.25 Media Watch 12.40 Movie: Till The Clouds Roll By (G 1946) US musical. Judy Garland, Robert Walker 3.00 Big Ideas

ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Spicks And Specks 7.30 Dirty Jobs 8.30 Good Game 9.00 twentysomething (M) 9.30 Misfits (MA) 10.20 Valemont (M) 10.45 The Graham Norton Show (M) 11.15 Arrested Development 11.40 The Office (M) 12.25 Love Soup 12.55 Later… With Jools Holland 2.00 Close


6.30 Cooking In The Danger Zone 7.00 IAAF World Athletics Championships South Korea 10.15 Movie: Almost Peaceful (M 2002) French drama 11.55 A Fork In The Mediterranean: Morocco 12.30 Weatherwatch

TEN 6.00 Religion 7.00 Kids’ Programs 10.00 Hit List TV 12.00 Australian Rally Championship 1.00 Horse Trade 2.00 Renovators 3.00 Electric Dreams 4.00 Meet The Press 4.30 The Bolt Report 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals 6.00 Ten News 6.30 Renovators 7.30 Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation 8.40 Movie: Night At The Museum – Battle Of The Smithsonian (M 2009) US comedy. Ben Stiller, Amy Adams 10.55 MotoGP: San Marino 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Religion


6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The Brady Bunch 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.00 Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00 Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 6.30 Everybody Loves Raymond 6.00 Korean Food Cult 7.30 The Simpsons


8.00 Futurama 8.30 Movie: Wimbledon (M 2004) UK drama. Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany 10.30 Smallville (M) 11.30 Angel (M) 12.30 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1.00 The King Of Queens 1.30 Happy Days 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 4.00 Touched By An Angel 5.00 7th Heaven

ONE HD 6.00 500 Great Goals 6.30 Liverpool Football 9.30 IRC Series Sailing 10.00 Pro Bull Riding 11.00 World Of Free Sport 11.30 World Tour Snowboarding 12.00 Rally World 1.00 British Touring Car Championship 2.00 Isle Of Man TT 3.00 Team Hot Wheels 3.30 Airline 5.00 World Tour Tennis 5.30 I Fish 6.30 Cops 7.00 125cc, Moto2, MotoGP LIVE – San Marino 11.15 Movie: Home Of The Brave (M 2006) Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Biel 1.20 Omnisport 1.50 Pro Bull Riding 2.50 British Touring Car Championship 3.50 WNBA Action 4.20 Magic Of The FA Cup

PRIME 6.00 Religion 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 10.00 Michael Palin’s New Europe 11.00 TBA 1.00 Movie: Flight 93 (PG 2006) Canadian drama. Jeffrey Nordling, Ty Olsson 3.00 Movie: Dudley Do-Right (G 1999) US comedy. Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker 5.00 Destination New Zealand 5.30 Mercurio’s Menu 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Sunday Night 7.30 Wild Boys (M)

8.30 Bones (M) 9.30 Castle (M) 10.30 The Suspects (M) 11.30 Suburban Secrets (M) 12.00 AFL Premiership Season: Port Adelaide v Melbourne 3.00 Home Shopping 5.30 Seven News

7TWO 6.00 Home And Away 8.20 Ugly Betty 9.15 Flipper 10.05 Britannia High 11.00 Welcome Back Kotter 11.30 Movie: Clambake (G 1967) US comedy. Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares 1.35 Movie: The Muppets Take Manhattan (PG 1948) Jim Henson’s puppets 3.35 Movie: The Natural (PG 1984) US drama. Robert Redford, Kim Basinger 6.30 Some Mothers Do ’ave ’em 7.00 The Vicar Of Dibley 8.00 Homes Under The Hammer 9.15 Escape To The Country 11.30 Living In The Sun 12.30 No Going Back 1.30 Movie: Hunt The Man Down (M 1950) US mystery. Gig Young, Lynn Roberts 2.45 Leyland Brothers World 3.40 The World Around Us 5.30 Home Shopping


Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 6.05am to 5.30pm Kids’ Programs Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 6.00 Big Babies 6.15 Almost Naked The Brady Bunch Animals 6.25 Trapped! 7.10 Black 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage Hole High 7.40 Iron Man 8.30 Witch Degrassi 9.00 Close 6.30 Neighbours 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 4.00 ABC News 4.05 The Quarters 6.00 Global Village 7.30 The Simpsons 4.20 The Drum 5.00 ABC News 5.15 6.30 Iron Chef 8.00 Futurama Finance Quarter 5.30 Newsline 6.00 7.30 Merlin The Legend 8.30 The Office ABC News Breakfast 9.00 ABC News 8.30 The Wehrmacht (M) 9.30 Business Today 10.00 ABC News 9.30 Movie: Children Of Glory 9.30 Wilfred (MA) 10.00 Californication (MA) 10.30 The 12.30 Newsline 1.00 ABC News 2.30 (MAV 2006) Hungarian Late Late Show 11.30 Cheers 12.00 Tonic 3.00 Afternoon Live 5.30 drama Capital Hill 5.45 Indigenous Quarter 11.40 Movie: Come, Sweet Death Roseanne 12.30 Sabrina The Teenage 6.00 ABC News 6.05 The Drum 6.45 (MAV 2000) Austrian comedy thriller Witch 1.00 The King Of Queens 1.30 Happy Days 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Environment Quarter 7.00 ABC News 1.35 Weatherwatch Diagnosis Murder 4.00 Touched By 7.30 7.30 8.30 Lateline Business An Angel 5.00 7th Heaven 9.00 The World 10.00 The Drum 10.45 Environment Quarter 11.30 Newsline 12.00 ABC News 12.20 6.00 Ten News 7.00 Kids’ Programs Lateline 1.00 BBC World News 1.30 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 6.30 Serie A Football 8.30 ATP World Lateline Business 2.00 BBC World Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show 2.00 Tour Tennis 9.00 WNBA Action 9.30 News 2.30 7.30 3.00 Lateline 3.30 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Infomercial AFL Premiership Season: St Kilda v 3.30 Renovators 4.30 The Bold And Lateline Business Carlton 12.00 One Week At A Time The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.30 6.30 With George Negus 2.00 Ironman: Switzerland 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Bondi Rescue 4.00 7.00 The 7pm Project Quiksilver Pro Surfing 4.30 Extreme 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 7.30 Modern Family Dreams 5.00 Escape With ET 5.30 I 1.00 Movie: The Circle (PG 2000) 8.00 Renovators Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Bondi Rescue Iranian drama 2.35 Spacefiles 3.00 8.30 NCIS (M) 7.00 Cops 7.30 Black Gold 8.30 Cops Living Black 3.30 Al Jazeera News 9.30 Children Of 9/11 (M) 4.00 The Journal 4.30 Newshour 5.30 11.00 Late News With Sports Tonight (M) 9.30 Can Of Worms (M) 10.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 11.30 Late Show 12.30 Saving Grace 24 (M) 11.30 Sports Tonight 12.00 Quiksilver Pro Surfing 1.00 Black 6.00 Letters And Numbers (M) 1.30 Infomercials 4.00 Religion Gold 2.00 Omnisport 2.30 Liverpool 6.30 World News Australia Football 5.30 FA Cup Classic 7.30 Insight

Movie: A Walk In The Clouds (M 1995) US drama. Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón 2.00 Dr Oz 3.00 Samantha Who? 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Prime News 6.30 Seven News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The X Factor 8.30 Packed To The Rafters 9.30 Dinner Date Australia 10.30 Hung (MA) 11.10 Parks And Recreation 11.40 Perfect Couples 12.00 Holby Blue (M) 1.00 Home Shopping 5.30 News








that changed the world continues 10.55 Songs Of War: Music As A Weapon (M) 12.00 Movie: Jaffa (M 2009) Israeli drama 1.50 Weatherwatch


7TWO 6.00 Raggs 6.30 Martha Stewart Show 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons & Daughters 9.00 Home & Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Royal Pains (M) 1.00 Grey’s Anatomy (M) 2.00 Ghost Whisperer 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: 40 Guns To Apache Pass (PG 1967) Western. Audie Murphy, Michael Burns 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry’s Practice 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Movie: Tide Of Life (M 1996) Catherine Cookson romance. Gillian Kearney, John Bowler 12.00 The Sweeney (M) 1.00 Movie: Dance, Girl, Dance (G 1940) US comedy. Maureen O’Hara, Louis Hayward 3.00 Leyland Brothers World 4.00 Coronation Street 4.30 Emmerdale 5.00 Designing Women 5.30 Home Shopping





20 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo


Today 10.00 NBC Meet The Press 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 Knight Rider 1.00 The Equalizer (M) 2.00 Malcolm And Eddie 2.30 Newsradio 3.00 Xena 4.00 Hercules 5.00 The Drew Carey Show 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 My Wife And Kids 7.00 That ’70s Show 7.30 Minute To Win It 8.30 Family Guy (M) 9.00 American Dad (M) 9.30 Family Guy (M) 10.30 American Dad (M) 11.00 Scrubs 12.00 Malcolm And Eddie 12.30 Newsradio 1.00 Six Million Dollar Man 2.00 Quantum Leap 3.00 Knight Rider 4.00 Hercules 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping

NBN 5.30 Today 9.00 Kerri-Anne 11.00 Danoz 12.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Afternoon News 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 The Farmer Wants A Wife 8.25 Lotto 8.30 Rescue Special Ops (M) 9.30 CSI: Miami (M) 11.30 Little Britain (M) 12.05 Super League 2.00 Infomercials 3.30 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News


With Children 2.00 Here’s Lucy 2.30 The Bachelorette 4.30 Crash Course 5.30 Wipeout USA 6.30 Top Gear 7.30 Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year 8.30 Movie: Almost Famous (M 2000) US drama. Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand 11.00 Nikita (AV) 12.00 South Park (M) 12.30 Crash Course 1.30 Reno 911 (M) 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 The Flintstones

GEM 6.00 Religion 6.30 Movie: The Day The Earth Caught Fire (PG 1962) UK scifi. Edward Judd, Janet Munro 8.40 Movie: Mr Denning Drives North (PG 1953) UK drama. John Mills, Sam Wanamaker 10.35 Movie: The Brigand Of Kandahar (PG 1965) UK adventure. Oliver Reed, Ronald Lewis 12.15 Movie: The Hideaways (G 1973) US drama. Ingrid Bergman, Sally Prager 2.30 Getaway 3.00 Movie: Cheyenne Autumn (PG 1964) Western. Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker 6.00 The Golden Girls 6.30 Antiques Roadshow 7.30 As Time Goes By 8.30 Movie: Six Degrees Of Separation (M 1993) US comedy. Will Smith, Stockard Channing 10.45 Friends 11.30 Movie: In The Cool Of The Day (M 1963) US drama. Peter Finch, Jane Fonda 1.30 The Golden Girls 2.00 Home Shopping 4.30 Religion 5.00 Rainbow Country 5.30 Today

Here’s Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 Seinfeld 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Top Gear 8.30 The Big Bang Theory 9.30 Movie: The Taking Of Pelham 123 (AV 2009) US action. Denzel Washington, John Travolta 11.50 Hellcats 1.40 Reno 911 (M) 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 The Flintstones

GEM 6.00 Today 9.00 Alive & Cooking 9.30 The Zoo 10.00 Friends 11.00 Murder, She Wrote 12.00 Movie: The Guns Of Wyoming (PG 1963) Western. Robert Taylor, Joan Caulfield 2.00 Stingers (M) 3.00 McLeod’s Daughters 4.00 The Golden Girls 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Friends 7.00 The Zoo 8.30 David Attenborough’s Tiger Spy In The Jungle 9.30 Kitchen Nightmares (MA) 10.30 The Big C (MA) 11.00 Weeds (M) 11.30 Friends 12.30 Murder, She Wrote 1.30 The Golden Girls 2.00 Home Shopping 4.30 Religion 5.00 The Golden Girls 5.30 Today

6.00 Jeff Foxworthy Show 6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.30 Alias Smith 6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.30 And Jones 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 NBC Entertainment Tonight 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00


6.00 Raggs 6.30 Martha Stewart Show 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons & Daughters 9.00 Home & Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Royal Pains (M) 1.00 Grey’s Anatomy (M) 2.00 Ghost Whisperer 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: The Barefoot Mailman (PG 1951) US adventure. Robert Cummings, Jerome Courtland 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry’s Practice 7.30 The Vicar Of Dibley 8.30 Homes Under The Hammer 9.45 60 Minute Makeover 10.45 Jonathan Creek (M) 11.45 Maisie Raine (M) 12.45 Minder 1.45 The World Around Us: Africa Alive 8.30 Cutting Edge 9/11: The day 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The 3.20 Leyland Brothers World 4.10 that changed the world Brady Bunch 8.30 Neighbours 9.00 6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Coronation Street 4.40 Emmerdale 9.30 World News Australia Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th Show 11.30 Morning News 12.00 5.00 Home Shopping 10.00 Cutting Edge 9/11: The day Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00


6.00 ARL Schoolboy Cup 7.00 Weekend Today 10.00 Wide World Of Sports 11.00 The Sunday Footy Show 12.00 The Sunday Roast 1.00 Gilligan’s Island 1.30 Waratah League Basketball Finals Weekend 2.30 The Farmer Wants A Wife 3.30 Sunday Football LIVE – Brisbane Broncos v Manly Sea Eagles 6.00 NBN News 6.30 RBT 7.30 60 Minutes 8.30 Underbelly Razor (M) 9.30 Movie: The Hangover (MA 2009) US comedy. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper 11.35 Flashpoint (M) 12.30 Super League 2.30 Home Shopping 4.00 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News


6.00 Prime News 6.30 Seven News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The X Factor 8.30 Body Of Proof (M) 9.30 Castle (M) 10.30 Suits (M) 11.30 Teen Wolf (M) 12.30 Heroes (M) 1.30 Home Shopping 5.30 News



6.00 Jeff Foxworthy Show 6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.00 Alias Smith And Jones 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 Man v Food 9.30 V8 Xtra 10.00 AFL Game Day 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 SCU: Serious Crash Unit 12.30 Racing Green 1.00 Great Grand Prix Racing Heroes 2.00 Car Sharks 2.30 Fifth Gear 3.00 Monster Garage 5.00 Supercar Showdown 5.30 That ’70s 6.00 Kids’ Programs 12.00 The City 12.30 Eclipse Music TV 1.00 Married Show

The Brady Bunch 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 4.00 ABC News 4.05 Big Ideas 5.00 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 6.30 Neighbours ABC News 5.15 Weather Quarter 6.00 A Fork In Africa 7.00 Everybody Loves 5.30 Asia Pacific Focus 6.00 ABC Madagascar Raymond News Breakfast 9.00 ABC News 6.30 IAAF World Athletics 9.30 Business Today 10.00 ABC 7.30 Futurama Championships South News 12.30 Inside Business 1.00 8.30 The Simpsons For Grown Korea – Highlights ABC News 2.30 Asia Pacific Focus 7.30 First Flower Ups (M) 3.00 Afternoon Live 5.30 Capital Hill 8.30 Surgeons (M) 9.30 Being Human (MA) 5.45 Indigenous Quarter 6.00 ABC 9.30 The World Game 10.30 The Late Late Show News 6.05 The Drum 6.45 Finance 10.30 Movie: Mephisto (M 1981) 11.30 Cheers 12.00 Roseanne 12.30 Quarter 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1.00 The Hungarian drama 8.00 ABC News 8.30 Lateline Business 1.00 Weatherwatch King Of Queens 1.30 Happy Days 9.00 The World 9.30 Q&A 10.30 ABC 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Diagnosis News 11.00 The Drum 11.45 The Murder 4.00 Touched By An Angel Quarters 12.00 ABC News 12.20 5.00 7th Heaven Lateline 1.00 BBC World News 1.30 6.00 Ten News 7.00 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Lateline Business 2.00 BBC World News 2.30 7.30 3.00 Lateline 3.35 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Infomercial 6.00 500 Great Goals 6.30 Australian Lateline Business 3.30 Renovators 4.30 The Bold And Rally Championship 7.30 Pro Bull Riding 8.30 Omnisport 9.00 NASCAR The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News Sprint Cup LIVE – Atlanta 1.30 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 6.30 6.30 With George Negus MotoGP: San Marino 3.30 Omnisport 1.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 7.00 The 7pm Project 4.00 Quiksilver Pro Surfing 4.30 1.30 Dateline 2.30 Insight 3.30 Al 7.30 Renovators Extreme Dreams 5.00 Escape With Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal 4.30 8.30 Can Of Worms (M) ET 5.30 I Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Bondi Futbol Mundial 5.00 The Crew 5.30 9.30 Good News World (M) Rescue 7.00 Cops 7.30 Fear Factor La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 10.30 Late News With Sports 8.30 Burn Notice (M) 9.30 One Week Tonight 6.00 Letters And Numbers At A Time 10.30 Sports Tonight 11.00 11.00 The Late Show 12.00 Saving 6.30 World News Australia One Week At A Time 12.00 Quiksilver Grace (M) 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 7.30 Mythbusters Pro Surfing: New York 1.00 Fear Factor Religion 8.30 Swift & Shift Couriers (M) 2.00 Omnisport 2.30 Arsenal Football 9.00 Pizza (M) 5.30 FA Cup Classic 9.30 World News Australia 10.00 Flight Of The Conchords 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The 10.35 Skins (MA) 11.30 The World Brady Bunch 8.30 Neighbours 9.00 6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show Game 12.30 Living Black 1.00 Movie: Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th 11.30 Morning News 12.00 Movie: Living In Fear (M 2005) Vietnamese Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00 Lost Behind Bars (M 2006) Canadian drama 2.50 Weatherwatch Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 drama. Paget Brewster, Antonio Cupo MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 2.00 Dr Oz 3.00 Samantha Who? 3.30 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.30 Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 Deal Or No Deal


6.00 According To Jim 6.30 American Dad 7.00 Family Guy 7.30 Mythbusters 8.30 Family Guy (M) 9.30 The Chaser’s War On Everything (M) 11.00 Disorderly Conduct Caught On Tape 12.00 Man v Food 12.30 Racing Green 1.00 Great Grand Prix Racing Heroes 2.00 Alias Smith And Jones 3.00 Six Million Dollar Man 4.00 Quantum Leap 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping



6.00 Jeff Foxworthy Show 6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.30 Alias Smith And Jones 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 NBC Today 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 Quincy ME 1.00 The Equalizer (M) 2.00 Malcolm And Eddie 2.30 Newsradio 3.00 Xena 4.00 Hercules 5.00 The Drew Carey Show 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 My Wife And Kids 7.00 That ’70s Show 7.30 Mythbusters 8.30 Mighty Structures 9.30 Family Guy (M) 10.30 American Dad (M) 11.00 Scrubs 12.00 Malcolm And Eddie 12.30 Newsradio 1.00 Six Million Dollar Man 2.00 Quantum Leap 3.00 Knight Rider 4.00 Hercules 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping

6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.30 Entertainment Tonight 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here’s Lucy 12.30 The Bachelorette 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7.30 The Voice 9.30 The Bachelorette 11.00 Nikita (AV) 12.00 Eclipse Music TV 12.30 Tool Academy (M) 1.30 Reno 911 (M) 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 The Flintstones

NBN 5.30 Today 9.00 Kerri-Anne 11.00 Danoz 12.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Afternoon News 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 Top Gear Australia 9.30 Top Gear 10.50 Worst Case Scenario (M) 11.20 Little Britain (M) 12.00 20/20 1.00 Entertainment Tonight 1.30 Home Shopping 3.30 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News

GEM 6.00 Today 9.00 Alive & Cooking 9.30 The Zoo 10.00 Friends 11.00 Murder, She Wrote 12.00 Movie: It’s Great To Be Young! (G 1956) UK comedy. John Mills, Cecil Parker 2.00 Stingers (M) 3.00 McLeod’s Daughters 4.00 The Golden Girls 5.00 The Zoo 6.00 Friends 7.00 The Zoo 7.30 Lion Country 8.00 Cheetah Kingdom 8.30 David Attenborough’s Tiger Spy In The Jungle 9.30 Sensing Murder (M) 10.30 How Clean Is Your House 11.30 Friends 12.30 Murder, She Wrote 1.10 The Golden Girls 2.00 Home Shopping 4.30 Religion 5.00 The Golden Girls 5.30 Today

Wednesday 7



4.00 rage (G) 5.00 QI 5.30 Spicks And Specks 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 Business Today 10.00 Kids’ Programs 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 National Press Club Address 1.30 Surfing The Menu 2.00 Poirot 3.00 Kids’ Programs 6.30 Country House Rescue 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 Poh’s Kitchen 8.30 Spicks And Specks 9.00 The Gruen Transfer 9.30 At Home With Julia 10.00 At The Movies 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.30 An African Journey 12.35 Family Footsteps 1.30 Movie: The Spy In Black (G 1939) UK thriller. Conrad Veidt, Valerie Hobson 3.00 Big Ideas

4.00 ABC News 4.05 Finance Quarter 4.20 The Drum 5.00 ABC News 5.15 Environment Quarter 5.30 Newsline 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.00 ABC News 9.30 Business Today 10.00 ABC News 12.30 National Press Club Address 1.00 ABC News 2.30 State To State 3.00 Afternoon Live 5.30 Capital Hill 5.45 Arts Quarter 6.00 ABC News 6.05 The Drum 6.45 Culture Quarter 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 ABC News 8.30 Lateline Business 9.00 The World 10.00 ABC News 10.05 The Drum 10.45 Culture Quarter 11.00 ABC News 11.30 Newsline 12.00 ABC News 12.20 Lateline 1.00 BBC World News 1.30 Lateline Business 2.00 BBC World News 2.30 7.30 3.00 Lateline 3.35 Lateline Business

ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Spicks And Specks 7.30 Mega Builders 8.30 Louis Theroux (M) 9.30 Jeff Brazier (M) 10.30 Graham Norton Show (M) 11.20 The Children Left Behind 12.10 Inside The Actors Studio: Anthony LaPaglia 12.55 Later… With Jools Holland 1.55 Close

ABC 3 6.05am to 5.30pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 Big Babies 6.15 Almost Naked Animals 6.25 Trapped! 7.10 Black Hole High 7.35 Iron Man 8.30 Degrassi 9.00 Close


SBS 1 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 1.00 Movie: Relatives (PG 2006) Hungarian drama 3.00 Everyone Loves A Wedding 3.30 Al Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal 4.30 Newshour 5.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News Australia 7.30 Tropic Of Cancer Western Sahara to Libya 8.30 The Hotel 9.30 World News Australia 10.05 Movie: The Page Turner (PG 2006) French thriller 11.30 112 Emergency 1.30 Weatherwatch

Teenage Witch 6.30 Neighbours 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 6.00 Global Village 7.30 The Simpsons 6.30 Iron Chef 8.00 Futurama 7.30 Inspector Rex (PG) 8.30 The Simpsons 8.30 Spiral (M) 9.00 Futurama 9.30 Movie: Pomegranates 9.30 The Cleveland Show (M) And Myrrh (PG 2008) 10.00 King Of The Hill Palestinian drama 11.15 Movie: The Unforgiven (MA 10.30 The Late Late Show 11.30 2005) South Korean drama 1.30 Cheers 12.00 Roseanne 12.30 Sabrina 1.00 The King Of Queens 1.30 Weatherwatch Happy Days 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 4.00 Touched By An Angel 5.00 7th Heaven 6.00 Ten News 7.00 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Infomercial 6.30 Serie A Football 8.30 This 3.30 Renovators 4.00 Judge Judy Week In Baseball 9.00 Major League 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful Baseball – LIVE 12.00 Isle Of Man TT 1.00 NASCAR Nationwide Series 2.00 5.00 Ten News 6.30 6.30 With George Negus NASCAR Sprint Cup 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Bondi Rescue 4.00 Quiksilver 7.00 The 7pm Project Pro Surfing 4.30 Extreme Dreams 7.30 Renovators 5.00 Escape With ET 5.30 I Fish 6.00 8.30 Talkin’ ’bout Your Airline 6.30 Bondi Rescue 7.00 Cops Generation 7.30 Fear Factor 8.30 Cops (M) 9.30 9.40 NCIS (M) 10.40 Late News With Sports Tonight Sons Of Anarchy (AV) 10.30 RPM 11.10 Late Show 12.00 Saving Grace 11.30 Sports Tonight 11.35 FIBA (M) 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Religion Oceania Basketball Championships 1.35 Quiksilver Pro Surfing 2.35 Major League Baseball 5.00 ATP World Tour Tennis 5.30 WNBA Action 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The Brady Bunch 8.30 Neighbours 9.00 Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00 6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 11.30 Morning News 12.00 Movie: MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens Prairie Fever (M 2008) Western. Kevin 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 Sorbo, Dominique Swain 2.00 Dr Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 Oz 3.00 Samantha Who? 3.30 Kids’ The Brady Bunch 6.00 Sabrina The Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal





6.00 Prime News 6.30 Seven News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The X Factor 8.30 Criminal Minds (M) 9.30 Law & Order (M) 10.30 Parking Wars 11.00 Detroit 1-8-7 (M) 12.00 Style By Jury 12.30 Home Shopping 5.30 News

7TWO 6.30 Martha Stewart Show 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons & Daughters 9.00 Home & Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Royal Pains (M) 1.00 The Riches (M) 2.00 Ghost Whisperer 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: Five Golden Hours (PG 1961) Italian comedy. Ernie Kovacs, Cyd Charisse 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry’s Practice 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Movie: Harm Done (M 1987) Ruth Rendell drama. George Baker, Christopher Ravenscroft 10.50 Open All Hours 11.30 Going Straight 12.00 Minder 1.00 Coronation Street 1.30 Emmerdale 2.00 Home Shopping 3.30 Room For Improvement 4.00 Leyland Brothers World 5.00 Home Shopping


Equalizer (M) 2.00 Malcolm And Eddie 2.30 Newsradio 3.00 Xena 4.00 Hercules 5.00 The Drew Carey Show 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 My Wife And Kids 7.00 That ’70s Show 7.30 Pimp My Ride 8.30 Hardcore Pawn (M) 9.30 American Pickers 10.30 Operation Repo (M) 11.30 Rude Tube (M) 12.00 Malcolm And Eddie 12.30 Newsradio 1.00 Six Million Dollar Man 2.00 Home Shopping 3.30 Room For Improvement 4.00 Hercules 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping

NBN 5.30 Today 9.00 Kerri-Anne 11.00 Danoz 12.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Afternoon News 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Same Name 8.25 Lotto 8.30 The Mentalist (M) 9.30 RPA 10.30 Top Design 11.30 Little Britain (M) 12.00 Eclipse Music TV 12.30 What Would You Do? 1.30 Home Shopping 3.30 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News


12.00 The Voice 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.30 The Big Bang Theory 9.30 Movie: Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery (M 1997) US comedy. Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley 11.30 South Park (MA) 12.30 Spartacus (AV) 1.30 Reno 911 (M) 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 The Flintstones

GEM 6.00 Today 9.00 Alive & Cooking 9.30 The Zoo 10.00 Friends 11.00 Murder, She Wrote 12.00 Movie: Penelope (PG 1966) US comedy. Natalie Wood, Ian Bannen 2.00 Stingers (M) 3.00 McLeod’s Daughters 4.00 The Golden Girls 5.00 Top Design 6.00 Friends 7.00 The Zoo 7.30 Animal Kingdom 8.30 David Attenborough Tiger Spy In The Jungle 9.30 The Closer (M) 10.30 Rizzoli & Isles (M) 11.30 Conan (M) 12.30 Murder, She Wrote 1.30 The Golden Girls 2.00 Home Shopping 4.30 Religion 5.00 The Golden Girls 5.30 Today

6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.30 Alias Smith And Jones 8.30 Adam 6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.30 12 9.00 NBC Today 11.00 Quantum Entertainment Tonight 11.00 Leap 12.00 Knight Rider 1.00 The TMZ 11.30 Married With Children

Thursday 8

Please note: The Echo takes great care producing this guide, but unfortunately TV stations like to tinker with things at the last minute and sometimes make changes after we have gone to print.



4.00 rage (G) 5.00 National Press Club Address 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 Business Today 10.00 Kids’ Programs 11.00 The Ascent Of Money 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Heart And Soul 1.30 Mother And Son 2.00 Poirot 3.00 Kids’ Programs 6.30 Restoration Man 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 Catalyst 8.30 Crownies (M) 9.30 The Next Big Thing 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.35 Songbook: Ray Davies 12.25 Secrets Of The Forbidden City (M) 2.00 Jennifer Byrne Presents Crime 2.30 The Next Big Thing 3.30 Songs Of Praise

6.05am to 5.30pm Kids’ Programs 6.00 Big Babies 6.15 Almost Naked Animals 6.25 Trapped! 7.10 Black Hole High 7.35 Iron Man 8.30 Degrassi: The Next Generation 9.00 Close

ABC 2 6.00 Kids’ Programs 7.00 Spicks And Specks 7.30 Marngrook Footy Show 8.30 Arrested Development 9.00 How Not To Live Your Life (M) 9.30 The Gruen Transfer 10.00 twentysomething (M) 10.30 The Thick Of It (M) 11.00 Graham Norton Show 11.45 The Chaser’s War On Everything (M) 12.15 Marngrook Footy Show 1.15 Later… With Jools Holland 2.20 Close

ABC NEWS 24 4.00 ABC News 4.05 Environment Quarter 4.20 The Drum 5.00 ABC News 5.15 Culture Quarter 5.30 Newsline 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.00 ABC News 9.30 Business Today 10.00 ABC News 12.30 Newsline 1.00 ABC News 2.30 Australian Story 3.00 Afternoon Live 5.30 Capital Hill 5.45 Consumer Quarter 6.00 ABC News 6.05 The Drum 6.45 Food Quarter 7.00 ABC News 7.30 7.30 8.00 ABC News 8.30 Lateline Business 9.00 The World 10.00 ABC News 10.05 The Drum 10.45 Food Quarter 11.00 ABC News 11.30 Newsline 12.00 ABC News 12.30 Lateline 1.00 BBC World News 1.30 Lateline Business 2.00 BBC World News 2.30 7.30 3.00 Lateline 3.30 Lateline Business


8.30 Supersizers Go… 9.30 World News Australia 10.05 The Protectors (M) 11.10 High Altitude 11.40 La Vuelta a España Cycling – LIVE 2.00 Weatherwatch

Diagnosis Murder 1.00 Jag 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 The King Of Queens 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Roseanne 4.30 Family Ties 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 Sabrina The Teenage Witch 6.30 Neighbours 5.00 Weatherwatch 6.00 World News 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond 6.00 Global Village 7.30 The Simpsons 6.30 Iron Chef 8.30 Stargate Universe (M) 7.30 New York 9.30 Star Trek: Next 9.00 Mountain Bike World Generation Championships 10.30 The Late Late Show Switzerland 11.30 Cheers 12.00 Roseanne 12.30 10.00 Movie: Galantuomini (M Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1.00 The 2008) Italian drama King Of Queens 1.30 Happy Days 11.55 Movie: Lila Says (MA 2004) 2.00 The Love Boat 3.00 Diagnosis French drama 1.30 Weatherwatch Murder 4.00 Touched By An Angel 5.00 7th Heaven



6.00 Ten News 7.00 Kids’ Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah Winfrey Show 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Renovators 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.30 6.30 With George Negus 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Renovators 8.30 Rush (M) 9.30 Law & Order: SVU (M) 10.30 Late News With Sports Tonight 11.00 Late Show 12.00 Eureka (M) 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Religion

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World News 1.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 1.30 Cable 2.30 Dateline 3.30 Al Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal 4.30 Newshour 5.30 La Vuelta a España Cycling Highlights 6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News Australia 6.00 Jag 7.00 MacGyver 8.00 The 7.30 Gourmet Farmer Brady Bunch 8.30 Neighbours 9.00 8.00 The Biggest Chinese Touched By An Angel 10.00 7th Restaurant In The World Heaven 11.00 The Love Boat 12.00


5.a4 e6 6.Bg5 Nbd7 7.e3 Qa5 8.Nd2 by Ian Rogers Bb4 9.Qc2 dxc4 10.Bxf6 Nxf6 11.Nxc4 Play at Seagulls Club, Thurs 6pm Qc7 12.a5 0-0 13.Bd3! A new idea in a position thought to offer little for White. 13...c5 14.dxc5 Qxc5 15.0-0 Bd7 16.Ne4! Nxe4 17.Bxe4 Bb5 18.b3 Rac8! 19.Bxh7+ Kh8 20.Be4 Bxc4 21.bxc4 Bxa5? After 21...Qxc4! 22.Qxc4 Rxc4 23.Bxb7 Rc5! White would have only small hopes of converting his extra pawn. 22.Bxb7 Rc7 23.Bxa6! Ra8 (See diagram) Since 24.Bb5 will be met by 24...Qxb5!, Gijswijt believes he is winning a bishop, but Brown has seen further. 24.Rfd1! Qb6 25.Qe4! Qxa6 26.Qh4+ International Master Andrew Kg8 27.Rd8+ Rxd8 28.Qxd8+ Kh7 Brown from Canberra (pic- 29.Qxc7! 1-0


tured above) has been having a tough initiation on his first foray on to the European tournament circuit, but the following game was a bright spot. Haarlem 2011 White: A Brown Black: B Gijswijt Opening: Queen’s Gambit Declined 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 a6








ONE HD 6.00 NASCAR Sprint Cup 9.00 RPM 10.00 Major League Baseball – LIVE 1.00 FIBA Oceania Basketball Championships 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Bondi Rescue 4.00 Quiksilver Pro Surfing 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 Escape With ET 5.30 I Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Bondi Rescue 7.00 Cops 7.30 America’s Port 8.30 The Game Plan 10.00 The Defenders (M) 11.00 Sports Tonight 11.30 The Ultimate Fighter (M) 12.30 Quiksilver Pro Surfing 1.30 The Game Plan 3.00 Major League Baseball – LIVE

Mungo’s Crossword


8 7

Cryptic Clues


ACROSS 1. Go ahead for beginner? (5) 4. Relinquished ownership, and shouted, perhaps (9) 9. Balm for Sunday dinner (5,4) 10. Pose T (5) 11. Bahrain fliers in search of an easy target (4,2,1,6) 14. Insiders train Tony, entering

5 4 3 2 1

White to play




6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Morning News 12.00 Movie: The Riverman (M 2004) US drama. Bruce Greenwood, Sam Jaeger 2.00 Dr Oz 3.00 Samantha Who? 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Prime News 6.30 Seven News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The X Factor 8.30 Drug Bust 9.00 SCU: Serious Crash Unit 9.30 Law & Order: LA (M) 10.30 The Truth Behind The Ark 11.30 Off The Map (M) 12.30 Trauma (M) 1.30 Home Shopping 5.30 News

6.30 Six Million Dollar Man 7.30 The Alias Smith And Jones 8.30 Adam 12 9.00 NBC Today 11.00 Quantum Leap 12.00 Knight Rider 1.00 The Equalizer (M) 2.00 Malcolm And Eddie 2.30 Newsradio 3.00 Xena 4.00 Hercules 5.00 The Drew Carey Show 5.30 That ’70s Show 6.00 According To Jim 6.30 My Wife And Kids 7.00 That ’70s Show 7.30 World’s Deadliest Roads 8.30 Pawn Stars 9.30 Operation Repo (M) 10.30 Jail (M) 11.30 Ax Men (M) 12.30 Newsradio 1.00 Six Million Dollar Man 2.00 Quantum Leap 3.00 Knight Rider 4.00 Hercules 5.00 Adam 12 5.30 Home Shopping

6.00 Kids’ Programs 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here’s Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 Seinfeld 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Kids’ Programs 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7.30 The Voice 9.30 Movie: Ocean’s Eleven (M 2001) US drama. Brad Pitt, George Clooney 12.00 Up Late (M) 12.30 V (M) 1.30 Reno 911 (M) 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 The Flintstones

7TWO 6.30 Martha Stewart Show 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons & Daughters 9.00 Home & Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Royal Pains (M) 1.00 The Riches (M) 2.00 Ghost Whisperer 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.30 Columbo 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry’s Practice 7.30 Doc Martin 8.30 William And Mary (M) 9.30 Mistresses (M) 10.40 Movie: St Elmo’s Fire (M 1985) US drama. Demi Moore, Rob Lowe 1.00 Movie: A Walk In The Clouds (M 1995) US drama. Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón 3.00 Leyland Brothers World 4.00 Coronation Street 4.30 Emmerdale 5.00 Home Shopping

From The Week

27. Assume a role, and tear it to bits! (4,5) 28. Never abandon courage (5)

NBN 5.30 Today 9.00 Kerri-Anne 11.00 Danoz 12.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Kids’ Programs 4.30 Afternoon News 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 NBN News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year 9.30 The NRL Footy Show (M) 11.15 The AFL Footy Show (M) 1.00 Entertainment Tonight 1.30 Skippy 2.00 Infomercials 3.30 Good Morning America 5.00 Early Morning News

GEM 6.00 Today 9.00 Alive & Cooking 9.30 The Zoo 10.00 Friends 11.00 Murder, She Wrote 12.00 Movie: What’s Up, Doc! (G 1972) US comedy. Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal 2.00 Stingers (M) 3.00 McLeod’s Daughters 4.00 The Golden Girls 5.00 The Zoo 6.00 Friends 7.00 The Zoo 7.30 Joanna Lumley Jewel Of The Nile 8.30 A Dream Home Abroad 9.30 Embarrassing Bodies (M) 10.30 Sex Education (M) 11.00 Weeds (M) 11.30 Conan (M) 12.30 Murder, She Wrote 1.30 The Golden Girls 2.00 Home Shopping 4.30 Religion 5.00 The Golden Girls 5.30 Today

23. Southern jazzman improvised lyrics … (5) 26. … and broadcast tune (3)

many different tasks (4,6) 2. Ms Cox or Mrs Peron (3) 3. Idiot, scatterbrain (6) 4. Playwright (9) 5. Poisonous snake of India or Quick Clues Egypt (5) 6. Fans, lovers (8) ACROSS 1. Inexperienced, callow 7. Setting for the action in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series (6,5) (5) 4. Spoke forcefully, orated 8. Silly person, fool (4) 12. Another easy target (7, 4) (9) 13. European rope-soled sandal 9.Traditional weekend (10) meal in Australia (5,4) 16. Agent used to get rid of bodily 10. Representation, smells (9) working image (5) 11. Easy targets (4,2,1,6) 17. Religious prohibition, curse (8) 14. Entering, going inside 20. Summon by a gesture (6) 22. Shinbone (5) (4) 23. Style of jazz singing (4) 15. Virgin country, 26. The atmosphere (3) untouched land (10) 18. Estrangement, turning away (10) 19. Operatic song (4) 21. Become composed Last week’s solution and confident, achieve mastery or understanding (3,2,8) 24. Coarse, unrefined (5) 25. Veto for membership of an exclusive club (9) 27. Dismantle, destroy (4,5) 28. Pluck, courage (5)

DOWN 1. Female assistant has a confused diary after private football function (4,6) 2. Ms Cox is back – hello! (3) 3. Bathurst Islander led astray in the Territory – silly fellow! (6) 4. Mad artist becomes the playmaker (9) 5. Horse god becomes a serpent (5) 6. Unhappy marrieds have their fans (8) 7. R. Tolkien’s world (6,5) 8. Herb is silly (4) 12. Try cutting kids – you can’t miss! (7,4) 13. English digger goes around the creek for a sandal (10) … (4) 15. … the uncharted territory of 16. Mrs Rabbit turns up in savage seabirds to the South (10) a stick-up with a soldier – but there’s no stink! (9) 18. Turning away from a porky 17. Athena, distraught, state (10) places her mother under 19. A song, return a song! (4) a curse (8) 21. Recover – eg grit teeth to 20. Signal that American regain your composure (3,2,8) DOWN 24. Cold, insolent and coarse (5) beer is working (6) 22. Turn up a really good 1. Faithful female 25. Veto the minstrel show’s piece of bone (5) assistant, available for dance? (9)

The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 21

Follow the footy tipping fortunes of the Tweed’s local business people each week with


The Echo’s

y t o o F g n i p Tip s u r u G

Mr Rental Proudly offers an extensive range of appliances and furniture for short or long term rental. Fridges, washers, TVs, computers, furniture, fitness equipment, game consoles and heaps more! 1B/13 Greenway Drive, South Tweed • 07 5524 1500

Titans v Eels

Bulldogs v Raiders

Homemart on the Tweed Cnr Shallow Bay & Minjungbal Drive 07 5524 4444

ANZ Stadium

Dragons v Panthers WIN Stadium

Knights v Rabbitohs Ausgrid Stadium

Roosters v Storm SFS

Sharks v Tigers Toyota Stadium

Broncos v Sea Eagles Suncorp Stadium

Warriors v Cowboys Mt Smart

POINTS TALLY 250 250 247 243 243 241 233 226 223 222 213 213 211 207 189 189 175 171 159


Rory Curtis Pay less. Pay cash.

Skilled Park

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Tipping a full card earns 3 bonus points – only for full rounds with no byes.

Winston Lamont Video Pete Rory Curtis Chris Graham Mark Harriott Alison Harman Eve Jeffery Tristan Wetherelt Mr Rental Carole Goodway Peter Craddock Ziggi Browning Paul Taylor Greg Swift Phil Harris Chris Holt Phillip Kelly Barry Schadel Kel Tor

Dragons Knights Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Sea Eagles Roosters

Currently in

1st place!


Dragons Knights Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Paul Taylor This Fathers Day treat your dad to a special breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lunch and dinner special: Steak and beer $18.50. Greenmount Beach Club Cnr Hill Street & Marine Parade 07 5599 5558

Dragons Rabbitohs Cowboys Tigers Eels Bulldogs Sea Eagles Storm

Carole Goodway Call Carole at Walk on Wheels Tweed Heads for all your scooter, mobility and independent living needs. Walk on Wheels 1/29 Boyd St, Tweed Heads 07 5536 8841

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Winston Lamont Mention this page and receive a 10% discount on commission when you sell your property with Winston. 07 5506 6645 • 0414 997 722

Dragons Knights Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Phillip Kelly Wine, dine, relax and play at Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club. The best little club on the Far North Coast. Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club Marine Parade, Kingscliff 02 6674 1404

Broncos Raiders Dragons Knights Storm Tigers Titans Warriors

Ziggi Browning Production Manager for The Echo.

Titans Bulldogs Dragons Rabbitohs Storm Tigers Sea Eagles Warriors

Go the Titans!


The Tweed Echo 02 6672 2280

Greg Swift We may not get the tips right but we’ll tip you onto some great value! Great range, great prices, great location, open seven days. Taphouse Cellars – Kingscliff Shop 4, Kingscliff Shopping Village 02 6674 3366

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Chris Graham Footy Grand Finals are pretty big at the Club, especially with our great giveaways. Let us shout you! Currumbin RSL – Currumbin Creek Rd

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Titans Bulldogs Broncos Roosters

Tristan Wetherelt Blocked drains? New water heater? Whatever your plumbing needs we have the answer. Personalised, professional approach to your plumbing requirements. FREE quotes. Available 24/7. 0458 025 747 •

Dragons Rabbits Warriors Tigers Titan Doggies Broncos Storm

Peter Cradock Peter has a simple philosophy of success through honesty and hard work. Consistent feedback and professionalism in providing a complete Real Estate service from beginning to end is also essential. Peter Cradock, Ray White Tweed Heads 0414 246 998 Tweed Heads

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Eels Raiders Broncos Storm

Mark Harriott Quality brand batteries at discount prices. Automotive, industrial, personal, household. Independently owned and operated. Established for over 22 years. We care, and want you coming back! Unit 2, 25 Industry Drive, Tweed Heads South • 07 5524 4895

Dragons Rabbitohs Cowboys Tigers Eels Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Eve Jeffery I always say you should never regret not having photos taken. Tree Faerie Fotos is fotography for small occasions

Dragons Rabbitohs Cowboys Tigers Titans Bulldogs Sea Eagles Storm

Kel Torr Great food, good times at The Beach Bar, Cabarita. Open seven days from 10am till late. Entertainment every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bottleshop open seven days with great specials. 2-6 Pandanus Parade, Cabarita Beach 1800 256 911

Eels Raiders Panthers Rabbitohs Storm Tigers Sea Eagles Cowboys

Chris Holt The McGrath network covers all areas in Tweed-Byron with offices in Tweed Heads and Ballina/Byron Bay. Chris Holt, McGrath 0438 361 111 35 Wharf St, Tweed Heads

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Eels Bulldogs Broncos Storm

Alison Harman Never underestimate the power and hidden talents of a blonde! The Tweed Echo 02 6672 2280

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Eels Raiders Broncos Storm

Phil Harris Signfix is a major supplier of sign fixing systems with many of its products approved by road transport departments across Australia. For all your sign fixing needs call Signfix. Unit 4 / 7 Wheeler Cres, Currumbin 07 5598 4319 •

Dragons Rabbitohs Cowboys Tigers Titans Raiders Sea Eagles Storm

Barry Schadel The Byron Bay Brewery and Buddha Bar/Restaurant is the home of Byron Bay Premium Ale and one of Byron’s newest attractions. Open from lunch until late, seven days a week. 1 Skinners Shoot Road, Byron Bay

Eels Raiders Panthers Rabbitohs Storm Tigers Sea Eagles Cowboys

Video Pete is the name... ad sales, fishing and footy’s the game... can we please revisit ’08!

Dragons Rabbitohs Warriors Tigers Eels Bulldogs Sea Eagles Storm

22 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo



Tree Faerie Fotos

Currently in

1st place!

The Byron Shire Echo 02 6684 1777



Oh to go back to those golden school days

Pacific Coast Christian College fishing class David Solano

I have been trying to catch up with Ben ‘The Phantom’ from Bilambil Heights for a while. I know he rides by my place on his bike, so on Saturday while cleaning my gear with my neighbour Pete (we’d been out all morning on the yaks and had just opened a coldie at the bottom of my driveway) and Ben rode by and that’s how I managed to catch up with him. We had a great chat. Ben was very keen to pass on the way he thinks about the river and mullaway fishing in particular. Ben says the river is a sensitive place and you don’t want to destroy what you came to enjoy. He will keep the legal fish he catches in a live basket in the water and out of the current. Usually he finds himself releasing the earlier-caught fish and replacing it with the larger one just caught and so on. He usually only keeps one fish and releases the rest in good condition. He tells me it’s no coincidence that after he started releasing the smaller ones, the bigger fish showed up, so by keeping your fishing karma healthy you’ll do well. The Phantom reckons any quiet spot up the river will produce fish; persistence pays. Mullaway can be very timid so anchoring is not recom-


Cabarita Beach Men Club Selected Fours Championships E McGlashan, Brian Barnes, Jim Rannie and K Doolin defeated Kevin Kennedy, Ian Turnbull, Ken Ross and Graham Lake. Wednesday 17 August Winners were Dave Crow and Serge Brecard, Runners Up were Warren Chapman and Bill Parr, Consolation went to Phil Potter and Mario Azzopardi. Wednesday 24 August Winners were Dave Crow and Serge Brecard, Runners Up were Derek Hopps and Ian Turnbull, Consolation winners were Peter Schofield and Barry Moore Monday August 29; Winners were Trevor King and Murray James. Runners Up were Mick Morgan and Jimmy Stewart, Consolation went to Wayne Blackwood and Peter Jones. Cabarira Beach Women August 30: Social Bowls – Winning Rink: Max Bebe and Ken Ross. Consolation went to Linda McGlashan, Joan McCau-

mended; try drifting over the spot and watch your banging and clanging: a noisy arrival at any given spot can shut the bite down for two or so hours or they may even go elsewhere. So there your go. Thanks, Ben, for the heads up. Ben invited me out to Fido’s on the yak, launching from Fingal beach. Scary stuff. I’ve been out before and I’m keen to do it again but only with Graham from Bunyips as I’m sure he’s as nervous about it as I am. The weather was so bad on my week off I went back to work, so I owe Dale Taylor from Potty an apology for not taking him fishing; it would have been miserable. See you in a couple of weeks, mate. Oh to be young again! While cruising down the water in the hobie next to Dry Dock Road I came across 20 or so students with their teacher, all along the banks and on the jetty. ‘What’s this?’, I thought as everyone had a rod or line and they were into it. Would you believe it? I was looking at Pacific Coast Christian College fishing class. Wow! They never had that when I was a lad. What a good idea. The college is a short walk from the river. I just love the lateral thinking of this kind of class as it teaches so much more than fishing. ley and Annette McLean. Raffles were won my Sue Goode, Cheryl Morgan and Jan Bebe. Monthly raffle was won by Molly Hatcliffe. Condong Women Tues 30/8/11 Club Championship Singles 2nd Rd: P Flack def M Sweetnam, K Edmunds def N Worthy, H Ross def M Hinde, J Glasby def R Thorley.Winning Rink: K Edmunds & marker R Ross. Club Comp: P Flack. Cudgen Leagues Ladies Results for the day – Consistency singles semi final Joanne Dent defeated Faye Turner, Thurs ladies social winners – Rink6,Joanne Dent & Sharon Hinks (marker) Raffle- Trish MeGee.Congratulations everyone. Pottsville Ladies 25/08/11: Club Fours 1st Round Winners C.Mior P.Field JAppleton M.Jackson, Social Bowls Winners J.Baxter L.Dowling M.Guthrie R/ups A.Swift H.Woodbridge J.Brammer Weekly Raffle Winners W.Fielding F.Brady Lucky Bowler M.Jackson

Mustangs’ staying power takes them to grand final John Campbell

If ever a bloke deserved a try in a game of rugby league it was Lynden Murphy last Sunday. With next to no time left on the clock, the towering, tireless prop got the ball ten metres from Northern United’s line. Summoning all the strength that was left in his battered and bruised body, he powered through the desperate defence to score a scarcely believable try and, with Luke Covell’s conversion, deliver to the Murwillumbah Mustangs a miraculous 3834 victory over the Dirrawongs in their NRRRL preliminary final at Stan Sercombe Oval. Winger James Hardy gave Mur’bah an early 4–0 lead, but neither side was quick to settle. Knock-ons and poor kicks prevailed and when the Mustangs extended their advantage to 8–0 through a try to centre Richard Squires, the minor premiers looked to be on a sure course to a spot in next week’s decider. From nothing, Roy Bell sent Steve Roberts on a seventy-metre sprint to the line, reminding everybody of United’s mercurial nature. It was game-on when the visitors leveled at 8-all and after exchanging tries – Hardy got his second, captain Luke Covell notched one and, off the bench, Dan Woods scrambled through slack marking from dummy-half – Mur’bah were ahead, albeit uneasily, 22–14 at the break. The second half promised to be a showdown between the

Mustangs’ method and the Dirrawongs’ lightning improvisation. Within ten minutes the latter had asserted itself – a typical break from journeyman centre Brenton Cochrane led to a try for Willie Hammond and from the next six Steve Roberts was in again. With their noses in front 24–22, United looked too fast, too flash. Following a pass that might only have been a yard forward, the Dirrawongs had scooted away to 30–22 and, as the penalty count mounted against them, Mur’bah might have been justified in planning their mad-Monday soiree. Woods juggled a pass to go in under the posts to make it a brace and again there was nothing in it.

With both sides’ season on the line, the last twenty minutes were pulsating and drama packed. The shadows were lengthening and the Mustangs were out on their feet as their opponents sliced them up at will, repeatedly scorching the western sideline. Time and again, however, United were denied the coup de grace by a bounce of the ball or a lastditch Mur’bah tackle. It wasn’t a question of if the minor-premiers would buckle, but when. Amazingly, they hung on. Their big forwards, who had earlier seemed a luxury in such warm, taxing conditions against a more nimble adversary, found one last drop at the bottom of the well. Working as a unit, they

just kept hammering away at United, bending the line and eventually establishing a field position from where the backs might apply one of their wellworked drills. With cool heads and self-assurance, the Mustangs executed a series of beautiful cut-out passes and decoy runs that resulted in Hardy crossing for his third try. Now trailing 32–34 but with the clock winding down, it was all about heart, and the stage was set for Murphy’s heroic, last-ditch contribution. Murwillumbah have deservedly earned a second crack at the reigning premiers. The Ghosts will fiercely defend their title, but we all know now that the Mustangs are capable of wresting it from them.

Pottsville Men Weekly Results. Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th August 2011 Seabreeze Classic, Three Bowls Triples. Winners Section 1. 1st K. Lehfeldt 2nd I. Taylor 3rd A. Klaverstyn 4th P. Chorley. Section 2. 1st N. Smith 2nd I. Law 3rd. W. Homan. Section 3 1st. B. Sheppard 2nd. B. Lamb. Round Winners 1st F. Fielding 2nd R. Erickson 3rd S. Smith. Wednesday August 24th 2011. Winners: I. Sullivan – T. Wignall – G Reading. Runnersup: B. Wilson – J. Field – J. Rae. Friday August 26th 2011 Winners: C. Moir – K. Coyte Runners-up: P. Field – W. Fielding Consulation: P. Sherwood – J. Arnold. Championship Mixed Pairs Winners: N. Tait – D. Townsend Runners-up: J. Appleton – R. Appleton Score: 30-11 South Tweed Wednesday 24th Aug. a.m. pairs, 1st R Boyd & R Wildash +34. 2nd V Mc Cutchen & K Kingma +33. 3rd J Clark & M Olive + 32. p.m. Social, winning rink: N Phelp, J O Neil & G Bradshaw. Losing rink: J Lewis & R Dalton. Thursday 25th. p.m. pairs, 1st J Chapman & M Jaffray. 2nd J Lomas & R Hickman. Winners of losers: K Haworth & J Mizzy. Sunday 28th. Visit from Masonic Lodge Club. Winning rink: T Halloran, P Anderson & S Reddic. Losing rink: C Cornthwaitz, M Hubbard & V Klassen. Tweed Heads Men Round 4 results played Sat August 27 Division 1 against Kingscliff won 61/45 - 2 points played on the Indoor Green by agreement. Division 2 against Helensvale, Division 4 against Robina, Division 5 against Robina, Division 6 against Musgrave Hill, Division 7 against Broadbeach, Division 8 against Helensvale Blue and

Division 9 against Mudgeeraba all games washed out and received 1 point each. Championships: Mixed Pairs: Christine and Col Hawkins d. Laurina Spencer, Mark Howarde 29/20; Trish Dixon, Greg Ash d. Jenny Ware, Ian Wildman 19/15 Games not played due to weather conditions on Sunday August 21 were re-scheduled for Sunday August 28: Results: Barbara Makin, Bob Mullens d. Lidia Elsey 21/12 Frank McPhillips, Delma Woods d. Stephanie and Peter Goldsmith 28/17; David Dodge, Barbara Gates d. Krystyna and Rob Henshaw 31/7; Round 2: E. Hunt and Russell Luland d. Sue Cook and Eddie Vuik 29/20; Rolita Quinlan and John Millington d. Carolyn Davis and Ron Duckworth 26/12; Jack Barnes and Alice Plowright d. Audrey and Peter Harris 21/3; Gary and Francis Hewitt d. Lois and Ron Hodsdon 28/5; Jason Neville and Di Cunnington d. Karl and Karen Figura 29/22; Kristy Thatcher and Jon Bosisto d. Marjorie Croghan and Brian Scrase 30/20; Kay Cusack and Leigh Tynan d. Max and Judy Pearce 28/12; Lee Prima and Jim Bryant d. June Gilroy and Jim Hammersley 22/21 on extra end; Brndan and Wendy Wilson d. Colleen Graver and Bill Grose 23/20; Hazel Bardsley and Ron Taylor d. Pat and John Griffiths 24/15; Bernice Bryant and Leon Harvey d. Leslie-Ann French and Errol Perkins 27/6; Doreen Kendall and Dennis Agnew d. Marjorie Crane and John Parker-Smith 23/16; Pat and John Mann d. Leigh and John Rayward 25/16. Social Results Wed Aug 24: Random Rink Draw Green 1: David Nelson, Jim A. Smith; r/ up: Ray Carter, Al Blake Green 2: Laurie Rea, Eddie Vuik, Trevor Smith; r/up: Con Impellizzeri

Green 3: Brian Bitmead, Ron Duckworth; r/up: Rob Henshaw, George Hanlon Fri Aug 26: Green 1: Laurie Lennox, Bill Hagen, Gordon Henshaw; r/up: Rob Henshaw, Ramsay MacDonald, George Hanlon Green 2: Oscar Cunningham, Geoff Pike, Ken Joy; r/up: Frank Birkin, Peter Skirving, Bob Mullens. Green 3: Jack Bennett, Bill Dangerfield, Ric Gammon; r/up: Mike Goddard, John Brabham, Jim A. Smith Green 4: Mike Nash, Mike Kiker, Tom Crompton; r/up: Cliff dury, Fred Fry, Ken Scott. GOLF Chinderah Seniors Social Winner A grade – Garry Carey – net 59 – new h/cap 5 R/up – Les Kafoa – net 60 – new h/cap 13 Winner B grade – David McIlwain – net 59 – new h/cap 25 R/up – Dee Patchett – net 60 – new h/cap 18 Ball rundown to net 62 Murwillumbah Monday August 22nd Veterans V’s Par Winner B.Bolt +3 R.Up F.Berg +2 N.Pin 8th K.Bullen 10th L.Reynolds 14th K.Blyth Wednesday August 24th Individual Stableford Winner D.Watts 40 pts c.b R.Up G.Hughes 40 pts c.b Wednesday Sporters Winner Club J.Gray 26 pts N.Pin 8th B.Bright B.R.D. to 21 pts All in, Friday August 26th Winner Women J.Brooks 33 pts, Members Winner G.Johnston 41 pts B.R.D to 36 pts c.b Saturday August 27th 3 Person Ambrose Winners G.Smith, T.Taylor & T.Hindle 55.17 nett R.Up A.Chapman, M.Chapman & J.Mortimer 57.83 nett, N.Pins 2nd Steen 0th D.Cormack 14th H.Prichard, Sunday 28th Individual

Stableford Medley Women’s Winner N.Roser 32 pts, Members Winner R.Rattray 40 pts N.Pin 2nd C.Coates & C.Kaehler SHOOTING Murwillumbah Pistol Club 23-Aug-11; Standard Pistol- R Bebendorf 573, A Uren 550, L Allen 521. Air Pistol D Beeson 558. Ladies Air -E Reid 356. 24-Aug-11; Air Pistol - A Berry 586, R Cavangh 571, R Rees 564, B Thompson 554, D Reid 509. Ladies Air - E Reid 394, A Gazzard 378. 27-Aug-11; Sports Pstol - J MacLachlan 608 R Fleming 594, J Parker 584, A Berry 581, D Dowling 570. W Gray 564, P Hulme 559, A Uren 555, R Rees 541, J Hoctor515, W Byrne 472, D Gazzard 363. Air Pistol- R Cavanagh 571, D Reid 567, R Smith 537, P Hulme 486. Ladies Air - E Bartrim 392, E Reid 335. Murwillumbah Rifle Club Fullbore: Shooting was at 300 yards in good conditions followed by a barbecue lunch and Shotgun shoot. W.Shoobridge 99.9, 1, 100.9; B.Barrett 86.4, 14, 100.4; S.Dolan 95.9, 4, 99.9; A.Cronk 94.5, 2, 96.5. Visitor: Dan Chittick 98.11, 1, 99.11. Scope: G.Morris 113.4, 6, 119.4; S.Routledge 93, 20, 113. Shotgun: A.Cronk 15(single clay), 7(double), 22(tot.); S.Routledge 11, 10, 21; K.Thomson 12, 8, 20; L.MacMahon 13, 7, 20; S.Dolan 13, 6, 19; G.MacMahon 13, 6, 19. Smallbore: 50 metres: P.Loxley-Lewis 385, 21, 406; D.Williams 349, 56, 405; P.Turner 382, 22, 404; W.Sunderland 398, 5, 403; G.MacMahon 396, 7, 403; A.Cronk 400, 1, 401; A.Glover 391, 8, 399; W.Shoobridge 391, 7, 398; J.Malek 382, 15, 397; R.Couch 387, 8, 395. G.Morris 390; G.Johnston 361, 21, 382; G.Dale 306, 60, 366; A.Maloney 358.

Dan Woods slides over the line right in front of the post and the disbelieving Northern United defenders. Photo Tree Faerie


The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 23

Service Directory


Full colour display ad only $40 per week – 85mm x 28mm. Line listing only $80 for 12 weeks. Full year prepaid $280. Builders Lic. 218298C Deadline for additions and changes is 12pm Monday. Enquiries: 02 6672 2280 or


comfortable sustainable desirable affordable

02 6684 2100

licensed builder 218298C



ACCOUNTANT Jeannie Anderson .................................................................................02 6672 4044 VIRGINIA FRANCIS MYOB, qualified, experienced, reasonable rates .........................0434 630 953

0427 633 703 / 02 6674 4709

AIR CONDITIONING NAROS AIR CONDITIONING & VENTILATION..........................................................07 5524 9111


making cool waves


CONCRETING All types of concreting, decorative spray-on paving, no job too small...0414 782 866

All aspects of carpentry. Qualified, friendly & professional. Free COMPETITIVE quotes for all work – call Simon:

Energy efficient. Quiet. Comfort all year round.

Avoid the extremes with Daikin.


Lic 227281C

PAUL COOPER Building with Integrity

0414 920 741 NSW Lic 223098C Qld Lic 1120203

Residential & commercial air conditioning with over 30 years experience


• Fax: 0755245424 • 07 5524 4439


BSC Lic 1180797 NSW Lic 178680C ARC AU05854


Graeme Archer

Free quotes, free information, 17 years local experience, 12 month warranty on all installations 60 Poinciana Ave, Bogangar

Lic 222684C


1300 199 585

Green & Clean


Carpet and upholstery cleaning, urine extraction, rust removal, heavy traffic areas, deodorising and sanitation.

Cleans deeply, dries in 1-2 hours

Far North Coast

0408 232 066

(02) 6676 0903 • 0417 496 282


All aspects of concrete. No job too small. Call now for a free quote. Ph: 0403 053 073 email:

APEX CARPET CLEANING Specialising in Bond Cleans, Any Area.................. Nathan 0412 926 441

TV ANTENNA SERVICES • Satellite systems • AM/FM radio • Home audio • Sales • Service

Mako Concrete Constructions

Commercial / Domestic / Insurance

Naguar Holdings Pty Ltd T.A. Atlas Awnings, Northern Rivers NSW BLN 42748 Qld BLN 24566

DESIGN & DRAFTING GERARD BISSHOP Design, drafting, extensions & carports...........0407 151 740 or 02 6676 3405



HOUSE & OFFICE CLEANING Competitive prices .......................................................07 5536 1773


Hard to 85x28 30/01/2009 11:48:16 AM

Sales & Service


Pool pumps, electric motors, power tools, electrical equipment & repairs

Unit 2/42 Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads South

07 5524 7055

*conditions apply

• DVD/ video setup • New TV sockets • Surround sound setup • New phone sockets • Flat TV wall mounting • Pensioner discounts David Levine • FM radio antennas • Lic. electrical contractor

0402 022 111

ADVANCED Blind & Curtain Cleaning & Repairs

Verticals Curtains Timber Hollands Romans

07 5523 3622 6/6 Enterprise Ave, Tweed Heads South



      

CURTIS ELECTRICAL 24 hour service. Lic 79065C .......................................................0427 402 399

2 Pauls


All electrical work, including home maintenance and air conditioning systems

Email: NSW: 218495C, Qld: 70561

Paul Taylor 0412 506 536

MARSHALL COMPUTERS Repairs & hardware sales, business web hosting ..............02 6677 1804

Doctor Data Rescue

011001110011101011001100010110011100110111001100111001110101100110001011001110 011011100110011100111010110011000101100111001101110011001110011101011001100010 110011100110111001100111001110101100110001011001110011011100110011100111010110 011000101100111001101110011000101100111001101110011000101100111001101110011000

Have you lost

• images • videos • documents • music


Has data been • formatted • deleted • damaged

We can recover from


Call Doctor Data Rescue today! Low rates, Fast local service.

0419 146618

• hard disks • USB flash drives • ipods/mp3 players • CDs/DVDs • digital camera storage (SD etc)


 

• Hardware & software repairs • Internet connections • Home service • No job too small • PROMPT SERVICE




Ben Cullen Dip I.T.

• Professional data recovery (clean room class 100)



0408 740 480 / 07 5590 5696 24 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

0412 593 511

• Desktop/ laptop repairs & sales • Computer component sales • Network design & support • Custom build computers Honest & Reliable Service

07 5523 2384 • 8/2 Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads South

<echowebsection=Service Directory>

Ernst Max Mann

Electrical Contractor 02 6677 1943 / 0410 314 897 Lic EC 26523

FENCING BEDNARZ, H & W, FENCING Specialise in pool, Colorbond & timber fencing ............0417 491 136

GARDEN & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE RON’S MOWING Banora Point.....................................................................................0447 744 933

Prestige MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS • Fully insured • Garden maintenance • Lawn/acreage mowing • Edge trimming • Weeding/poisoning • Hedging/tree trimming • Rubbish removal • Pressure cleaning • All handyman repairs • Residential, commercial and body corporate • Lic 234358C For a free quote call

07 5524 3202

Service Directory LOCAL GARDEN MAKEOVER & MAINTENANCE • Weed control • Rubbish removal • Mowing • Whipper snipping • Hedge trimming • Small trees removed • Minor handyman work From $30 – ring Woz for a free quote

0458 795 659 (bh) 6679 5659 (ah) Poor Digestion? Tired? Lethargic? Bloated? Nauseous? Wind?

This may lead to serious long term health problems such as obesity, migraine and diabetes to name a few. Call Naturopath / Nutritionist / Herbalist Barry Donnelly

Ph: 02 6680 3025 Mob: 0429 801 320

Nice to Mow you

10% DISCOUNT WHEN YOU MENTION THIS AD! Anthony Neaves • Lawn mowing • Brush cutting • Pruning

• Hedge trimming • Rubbish removal 0421 699 872 • Pressure cleaning • BBQ cleaning • Pensioner discount


Professional Painting & Decorating

Specialising in: Customer Service, Residential Homes, Interiors & Exteriors

Joel Watson 0404 202 415 Lic No. 211420C

PEST CONTROL ARACHNID PEST MANAGEMENT Environmentally friendly ......................................0409 497 706

LANDSCAPING & EXCAVATION Specialising in • all styles of paving & brickwork • irrigation • retaining walls • turf areas• water features and all aspects of paving and landscaping.

Philip Toovey 0409 799 909 ph/fax 02 6684 3208

various implements available for limited access projects

Est. 1994

• Comprehensive management plans & property inspections • Spray-free cockroach treatments • Non-toxic termite control If you have found termites do not disturb them! Contact us for advice. 6672 4400 or after hours on 0414 769 018 •

PLASTERING MASTER PLASTER 20 years experience, best price. Lic 90972C ..................................0433 800 333

Personalised, professional approach to your plumbing requirements.

NSW Lic 204860C Qld Lic 28721

Call your local plumber

0266 841219

1446 Coolamon Scenic Drive Mullumbimby

0409 848 800

• Toilet repairs • Tap repairs • Blocked drains • Gasfitting • Hot water • Emergencys – 24 hours 7 days • 10% pensioner discount

CALL LUKE 0407 119 910

Black Orchid

Tracey Lee Morley ND DBM 24 years Experienced Practitioner

Nathan 0432 511 579 Tristan 0458 025 747

• Same day response • 10% pensioner discount • All plumbing & maintenance • Plumbing & gasfitting • Guttering & downpipe replacement

17 Morton Street, Chinderah • 02 6674 5020

Your Professional Health Coach

Ph/Fx 02 6677 9443 Mob 0421 251 477 Why wait until spring to clean out your clutter! Give us a call to do the trip to the tip!

0418 992 111

Fast delivery and friendly staff. Your local skip operator. We live work and play in Kingscliff. Call Mick & Jo 0418 992 111.

Share a bin with your neighbour!


Blocked drains? New water heater?

Whatever your plumbing needs we have the answer.





Gentlemen’s Retreat

GEOFFREY COLWILL Certified consultant, BAS agent.................................................02 6679 4231


ADM PLUMBING SERVICES No job too small. Lic 234528C .............................Adam 0466 992 483




0404 193 933

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK No. 12 Greg Chappell Drive, Burleigh Heads • 07 5522 1400

Call Gary now for a free quote 0421 999 018 or 02 6676 0098

Skip bin size 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m


Venus Lounge

OCEAN SHORES SKIPS Mini skip specialist.................................................................0412 161 564

RELAX – Safe, effective pest control is our business

Available 24/7. FREE quotes.



Lic 06105 NSW

Over 20 yrs experience - friendly reliable service Ring Dean on 0417 856 212




All scrap metal, white goods, farm machinery 4WD access • Local towing service

HANDY PERSONS FIX.MATE Building maintenance & repairs ..................................................................02 6689 7515

ROOFING CRAFTSMEN Honest, reliable, all work guaranteed. 6681 4163 / 0414 674 110 •


Fully insured



Servicing this area for 11 years.

SOLAR SYSTEMS Lic. Electrical Contractors

Your local installer dealing in Sharp Solar Modules, Australian made Latronic Inverters and Century/Yuasa batteries. Specialists in Standalone and Grid Interact Solar Power Systems. P: 02 6679 7228 E:

Northern Solar Pty Ltd

Solar Power Systems & Electrical Quality solar power systems, after sales service and maintenance program Contact Darren or Jenny – phone 0427 661 421 or email Lic No. 230119C CEC No. A7271144


REMOVALISTS • Local • Country • interstate LOCAL • Sydney • GOLd COASt • BriSBAne • MeLBOurne

02 6684 2198


From Middle Pocket to Middle Earth – just give us a ring

• Freight services to Brisbane Mon & Wed • Carriers of fine art • Furniture removal • E-bay pick up & delivery

6687 6445 / 0409 917646 <echowebsection=Service Directory>



WINDOW TINTING 6680 2484 • 0416 218 720 TWEED BYRON WINDOW TINTING The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 25


ECHO CLASSIFIEDS 6672 2280 PHONE ADS Ads may be taken by phone on 02 6672 2280 9am-12pm Wednesday, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Ads can’t be taken on the weekend. BY POST PO Box 545 Murwillumbah 2484


RATES & PAYMENT $15.00 for the first two lines (minimum charge) $5.00 for each extra line (these prices include GST) Cash, cheque or credit card – Mastercard or Visa. DEADLINE 12pm Wednesday for display ads and line ads. ACCOUNT ENQUIRIES phone 02 6684 1777



Double your exposure. Your ad will appear in over 44,000 newspapers weekly. Ask us about our great deals when you advertise in both THE TWEED SHIRE ECHO & THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO Phone 02 66722280 or 02 66841777

A Compass for the Times


Adventure Flights Gift vouchers available 0488 924 242

BATHING THE BONES Continuum & Sacred Movement With ‘Mother of the Ceremonial Space’ Amber Gray. ‘Move beyond the effects of trauma and negative patterns” FREE workshop 6th September Intensive 8-11 September at Yogalates Studio Call 0402 170 846

SUBSCRIBE TO THE ECHO If you want to be sure of your copy each week, or if you have a friend who’d like to have a subscription, why not send them one? $35 per quarter or $125 per year, post incl. Write to ‘The Echo’ 6 Village Way, Stuart St, Mullumbimby 2482 including payment in advance.

Carnaval drumming & percussion sessions. Try a drop in class, MonLismore, Tues- Bangalow, Wed- Kingscliff, Thurs- Ballina. Enq 66764558


FIND YOURSELF AT THE RUG SHOP BANGALOW PARENTS & CARERS of young children. Early Childhood Matters is running a 5 week course in October to learn the importance of secure attachments with children. Elizabeth May will be running the courses. Please contact her for more information on 0409121780 or email:


BURRINGBAR TOUCH INC Friday 2nd September 6pm Burringbar Sports Club People required


FOR HIRE EVENT & PARTY HIRE Audio & lighting. 0418676534 or 66722680 •

Ocean Shores Health

All services bulk billed Open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday Phone 6680 2300 THIS SATURDAY IN BYRON

Kirtana in Concert

An evening to nurture the soul! Join this deeply inspiring, exquisite musician and artist for a sublime evening of music that transports you into the essence of who you really are. Tickets available by calling 02 6629 1881, online at oneworldglobalevents., or at the Byron Community Centre. Byron Bay Community Centre, 6.30pm for a 7pm start

REIKI WITH DEVI Sacred Heart healing & readings. Reiki 1- 3 & 4 Sept, Egyptian Reiki 17 Sept. Ph 0401796769

Holistic Counsellor Specialising in relationships and stress related issues in any life experience. For more information & bookings please phone Rhondda 0410 528 817.

SUBARU LIBERTY wagon 97, AWD, a-c, new radiator & rear tyres, rego June 2012, good reliable car, $3300ono 0414662382

Sexual Counselling

HYUNDAI ACCENT 2001, QLD rego exp Feb 2012, $3500. Ph 0404424223

Alison Rahn qualified sex therapist 0432599812


Clear subconscious sabotages. Reprogram patterns and beliefs. De-stress. Restore vibrancy and physical health. Clear allergies. SANDRA DAVEY, Reg. Pract. 66846914 QUIT SMOKING IN 60 MINUTES How? Ask Ingrid phone 66803827 KA HUNA BODYWORK IN KINGSCLIFF MASSAGE Bring the joy of life to your body. Ph Susan 0418726877



Fertility, pregnancy & childbirth specialist.

50 CARS UNDER $10,000


Ballina Car Centre

6686 5586

DLN 19950



HAIR & MAKEUP SALON in Bangalow, long lease, prime position. Ph 66870536



MACLEAY ISLAND. Grassy, elevated, level block. 542 sqm. Some water views. Great investment & Island Lifestyle. $65,000. Ph 0407696612

Carmine 6685 4015 - 0401 208 797



LORRAINE LEA LINEN Local consultant Jeannie. Ph 66805090

SOUTH GOLDEN BEACH Recently renovated elevated 3br house, walk to beach, covered timber deck, polished floorboards throughout, 2 living areas, large backyard, large under house storage, dishwasher, in cul-de-sac, $390pw, avail 9 September. Professionals Ocean Shores Phone 66804777


from $10.50sqm & Bamboo Flooring. For ceilings, walls, doors, etc. Ph 66884188 - sample & brochure TIMBER, pine, treated pine, hardwood, mouldings, sleepers, fencing, Koppers logs, ply, MDF, lattice, made to order. Brims Builders Hardware, Billinudgel 02 66801718, Sth Tweed 07 55236002


- HONEST & RELIABLE Best rates & service in the Shire. Phone Matt 0427172684

locally made jewellery & wedding rings

WANTED 60s TEAK PARKER or Scandinavian furniture, or Scandinavian ceramics and/ or glass. Ph 0417073029


Clutter Overload?

Time to clear it out with a garage sale. Ph us on 66722280 to advertise here. HUGE BOOK COLLECTION 1000’s of vintage books, Sat & Sun 10 to 5pm 4 Seaview St, Kingscliff. 66740786

WARNING The Department of Fair Trading has warned people to be very careful about responding to advertisements offering work at home. Readers should be wary if asked to pay money upfront for employment opportunities and never send money to a post office box.

Security Guards

Required for casual forthcoming positions in the Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay & Brunswick Heads areas. The Successful candidates will have own transport, Class 1AC Security Licence, current First Aid Certificate. Master Lic # 410496387 To apply, please email CV including all contact details & copies of qualifications to:


& backloads to Brisbane. Friendly, with 10 years local experience. Ph 0409917646 FINGAL HEAD furn 1br unit, river views, rear Sheoak Shack cafe $190pw incl elect & WiFi. Phone 07 55231130 UKI modern s-c studio, views, $185pw + elec, refs. No pets, 1 person. 66795083



Would you like to become a carer and work from home? Free training & financial support is provided, to enable you to provide accredited high quality care in a home environment. You will be supported by the largest scheme in NSW. Flexible hours. Childcare benefit available. Phone Northern Rivers Family Day Care for more info on 07 5536 1865. MODELS 18+ years required. Nude female for Picture and People magazines. No experience required. All shapes and sizes. Backpackers welcome. Good money. Professional accredited ACP photographer. Ph 0413627846

VOLVO SEDAN 1988 manual, runs well, rego to Nov 2011, bargain $650. Phone 0421079561

Peppers Coorabell Retreat requires the services of a Sous Chef. Minimum 3 years experience in Fine Dining and all aspects of kitchen management. Please send CV to or fax 02 6684 8137

TUITION Enrolments now in Mermaid RG Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Join our gym! Classes for 6-12 year olds. From former Rhythmic gymnastics champion, Vanessa Ebb. Now named Kasna Su please call me if you have children who may be interested in recreation or competiton classes 0487 401 112

CAPE BYRON RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOL Temporary Part Time Teacher Term 4 Design and Technology An enthusiastic, caring and qualified teacher is sought to start 10th October until 19th December (0.64 FTE). The successful applicant will be required to deliver innovative, creative and flexible education programs for Years 7 to 12 offering a broad range of design experiences. Understanding of NSW Board of Studies syllabus requirements and assessment procedures essential. Willingness to be supportive of Steiner educational philosophy highly desirable. Position Description available Please forward application letter, CV and names of 2 referees to Principal, PO Box 736, Byron Bay 2481 by 9th September or email

David King

Adv Dip (Acup) AACMA

Pain conditions. Mental/emotional disturbances & general.

Breakfast Chef A full-time Breakfast Chef is required for our busy kitchen at The Byron at Byron Resort. We require: • • • • • •

JAZZ PIANO, DOUBLE BASS & DRUM TRIO FOR HIRE Well rehearsed & accomplished players. Phone 0412732465

PETS ADOPT A CAT from Animal Welfare League NSW. Phone 66844070 GOING AWAY? Who is looking after your pets? Kingscliff Petsitting 0419358794 or


Nikki is an 8 year old, desexed female, Himalayan Persian in foster care with friends of the Pound. She is a very quiet girl, on a special diet, who has lived inside with an elderly lady all her life. She has recently been professionally groomed. Her owner recently died and we need to rehome Nikki to a similarly quiet environment. If you can give her the loving home she needs, without children, please contact Sonia at the FoP Adoption Information Booth on 07 5524 8590. 07 5524 8590

ONLY ADULTS LADIES URGENTLY required at Lismore’s premium adult venue. Top $s, free food & accommodation. New female management. 66225533

MOTOR VEHICLES HOLDEN ASTRA 02, 4dr hatch, 5spd man, a/c, p/s, alloy wheels, vgc, low kms, $6200 ono. Ph 0439422827


WAITPERSON Sat & Sun 15 to 20 hours. Experience preferred, enthusiastic people with common sense need only apply to:

SHARE ACCOM. CABARITA unfurn room, own kitchen, bthrm, separate entry, large backyard, parking, $170pw. Ph Danny 0438208632

14 Park Street, Brunswick Heads | 02 6685 1088 | ACUPUNCTURE CHINESE MEDICINE HERBS REMEDIAL MASSAGE

26 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

BARGAINS Convertible Ford Capri 5 speed, AC, PS, 05/12 rego. Ready for summer. YXK419 ................$2,650 Daihatsu Charade 5 door, 5 speed, new timing belt + water pump + service. UO34CB ........$2,300 ’03 Toyota Hilux Tray back 3.0L diesel, 5 speed, AC, PS, steel tray. BA65LQ ..........................$9,750 ’02 Subaru Forester 5 speed, AC, PS, CD, tow bar, 176,000km, 04/12 rego. AMD44H ........$8,995 Mitsubishi Tray Back 1 Tonner 5 speed. As traded. ANB 7TC ..........................................$1,550


Excavator & tipper hire. 0427172684


HOLDEN COMMODORE 198,000km, V6, auto, great cond, must sell going OS $2,500 ono. Ph 0401796769

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage by nurturing Goddess of love, rainforest setting, Sth Golden Beach, mobile avail. Phone Yasmin 0487215968

the Samba Blisstas


Skin Cancer Clinic


Previous experience in high volume breakfast buffet Ability to work under pressure and produce a quality product Sound knowledge of food hygiene standards Good personal presentation Strong work ethic & team player Availability to work 38-40 h/w including early mornings, weekends and public holidays

The Resort offers a professional environment, friendly and hardworking team, a modern, clean & well equipped kitchen, access to the best regional produce and career opportunities. Send CV and cover letter to

CONSCIOUS EROTIC ARTS sessions with Avika. Tantra Taoist sexological bodywork, erotic massage, kinky Tantra, Byron. 0420571847

EARN BIG BUCK$ Good working environment with female staff must be 18–65 yrs old

02 6674 5020


0419 962 958 MONTHLY MARKETS 1st Sat Brunswick Heads (02) 6628 4495 1st Sun Byron Bay (02) 6680 9703 1st Sun Pottsville (02) 6676 4555 1st Sun Tweed Heads (07) 5599 1714 2nd Sat 2nd Sun 2nd Sun 2nd Sun 2nd Sun 2nd Sun

Kingscliff 0406 724 323 The Channon (02) 6688 6433 Chillingham 0437 041 023 Lennox Head (02) 6672 2874 Coolangatta (07) 5533 8202 Tweed Heads (07) 5599 1714

3rd Sat Mullumbimby (02) 6684 3370 3rd Sat Murwillumbah Cottage Markets 0417 759 777 3rd Sun Ballina (02) 6687 4328 3rd Sun Nimbin (02) 6689 0000 3rd Sun Pottsville (02) 6676 4555 3rd Sun Tweed Heads (07) 5599 1714 3rd Sun Uki (02) 6679 5012 4th Sat Kingscliff 0406 724 323 4th Sun Bangalow (02) 6687 1911 4th Sun (in 5 Sun month) Coolangatta (07) 5533 8202 4th Sun Murwillumbah 0422 565 168 4th Sun Tweed Heads (07) 5599 1714 5th Sun 5th Sun

Nimbin (02) 6689 0000 Tweed Heads (07) 5599 1714

WEEKLY FARMERS MARKETS Each Tue New Brighton (02)6684 5390 Each Wed 7-11am Mur’bah (02) 6684 7834 Each Thu 8-11am Byron Bay (02) 6687 1137 Each Sat 8-11am Bangalow (02) 6687 1137 8am-1pm Uki (02) 6679 5438 Each Sat

Noticeboard Friends of the Pound Friends of the Pound are having a fundraising and awareness day this Saturday, September 3, at the Hungry Jacks Store, South Tweed Heads 8am–7pm informing the public of the the role we play in our community rescuing cats and dogs from the Tweed Shire Pound and placing them in foster care until they find their forever home.

Girl Guides The annual Guiding Get-Together is to be held at the home of Anne Biddulph, 64 Laura Street, Banora Point on Wednesday, October 26, at 11am. All persons who have been associated with guiding at any time either past or present, local or interstate are invited to come along. For info call Pat on 02 6674 4622.

AOOB Australasian Order of Old Bastards (AOOB) Twin Towns Branch next monthly meeting will be held on Friday, September 2, at South Tweed Sports Club, Tweed Heads South at 2pm in the Secret Garden Room, guest speaker from a fitness clinic. All members and intending members are invited to attend, call 07 5536 2653.

Family history Tweed Gold Coast Family History and Heritage Assn will be holding their monthly get-together Tuesday, September 6, at South Tweed Sports Club, Minjungbal Drive, from 1.30pm. If you wish to trace your family history and don’t know where or how to begin, come along to our meeting or visit our room in the Sth Tweed Sports Club which is open 10am–7pm on Tuesday, 10am– 4pm Wed to Friday, 9.30am–3pm Saturday. For info call Noelene 07 5599 8939.

Street, Murwillumbah on Thursday, September 8, 12pm–6pm and Friday, September9, 10am–4pm. Call 131495 for an appointment to donate or visit www.donateblood.

Ovarian cancer Ladies Night Out, Salt Mantra, Kingscliff, Friday, October 7, 7pm, two-course dinner, fashion parades, auction, raffles, entertainment, tickets $65 available at Health Life Shop, Kingscliff Shopping Village or call 0407 673 701.

Al-Anon Are you concerned about someone else’s drinking? Meet others who share your problems and learn about alcoholism as an illness. Build your self-confidence and improve the family atmosphere by coming along to meetings held at Murwillumbah at the Christian Outreach Centre, 19 Prince Street on Mondays at 10am for info call 07 5532 4320.

Justices of the Peace JPs are witnessing signatures each week on Tuesdays at Tweed Centro 10am–2pm and at Tweed City Shopping Centre on Thursdays 10am–2pm and 5pm–7pm. For info call Donna on 0414 894 368.

Library storage need Friends of Tweed Heads Library need storage space for books accumulated by donations for our annual book sale. An unneeded lockable, easily assessable dry garage would be ideal. All profits from our book sale are spent on improving library facilities. Friends of Library meet 4th Wed. of the month at 10.30am at library to discuss recently reads books. New members welcome. If you can help call Rosalind on 07 5524 3342.

Blood donations


You can make a difference by donating blood when the Red Cross Blood Donormobile visits Murwillumbah on September 8–9. Donating takes about an hour of your time and every donation saves three lives. The donormobile will be at Knox Park carpark on Wollumbin

We Ought Never Feel Alone invites all to enjoy a morning of entertainment with bush poet, Kath Cherry and a musical interlude with students from Kingscliff High, on September 6 starting at 11am at Kingscliff Uniting Church, 24 Kingscliff St, followed by a two-course

First quarter September 5 Full moon


September 12 19:27

Third quarter September 20 23:39 New moon Day of month 1 T 2 F 3 S 4 S 5 M 6 T 7 W 8 T 9 F 10 S 11 S 12 M 13 T 14 W 15 T 16 F 17 S 18 S 19 M 20 T 21 W 22 T 23 F 24 S 25 S 26 M 27 T 28 W 29 T 30 F

Sun rise 0601 0559 0558 0557 0556 0555 0554 0553 0551 0550 0549 0548 0547 0545 0544 0543 0542 0541 0539 0538 0537 0536 0535 0533 0532 0531 0530 0529 0528 0526

September 27 21:09 Sun set 1731 1732 1732 1733 1733 1734 1734 1734 1735 1735 1736 1736 1737 1737 1738 1738 1739 1739 1740 1740 1741 1741 1742 1742 1743 1743 1744 1744 1745 1745

Moon rise 0739 0823 0910 1001 1056 1154 1253 1351 1449 1544 1638 1731 1823 1916 2008 2101 2155 2248 2341 0032 0120 0206 0249 0330 0410 0449 0531 0614 0702


SEPTEMBER 2011 Astronomical data and tides

Moon High tide, Low tide, set height (m) height (m) 2101 1024,1.71; 2245,1.59 0407,0.15; 1637,0.22 2209 1115,1.70; 2339,1.43 0451,0.24; 1736,0.29 2314 1209,1.66 0539,0.34; 1842,0.37 0039,1.28; 1309,1.61 0631,0.45; 1956,0.43 0017 0148,1.17; 1416,1.56 0733,0.54; 2115,0.46 0115 0309,1.12; 1530,1.55 0845,0.58; 2228,0.45 0206 0425,1.14; 1638,1.56 0957,0.57; 2328,0.41 0252 0525,1.20; 1735,1.59 1101,0.53 0333 0613,1.28; 1822,1.61 0015,0.37; 1155,0.48 0410 0654,1.35; 1902,1.62 0055,0.33; 1242,0.43 0443 0730,1.40; 1939,1.60 0129,0.31; 1323,0.40 0515 0804,1.45; 2014,1.57 0200,0.30;1400,0.38 0546 0837,1.49; 2046,1.53 0229,0.31; 1437,0.37 0617 0909,1.52; 2120,1.47 0257,0.33; 1514,0.38 0649 0942,1.53; 2154,1.40 0325,0.36; 1551,0.40 0723 1015,1.53; 2230,1.32 0355,0.40; 1631,0.44 0800 1052,1.51; 2311,1.24 0427,0.46; 1714,0.49 0841 1133,1.48; 2357,1.16 0501,0.51; 1802,0.54 0926 1220,1.44 0544,0.57; 1900,0.58 1015 0052,1.10; 1317,1.41 0635,0.63; 2010,0.59 1110 0201,1.06; 1423,1.41 0741,0.65; 2122,0.55 1208 0318,1.09; 1532,1.46 0856,0.63; 2225,0.47 1309 0427,1.17; 1634,1.55 1005,0.56; 2316,0.36 1412 0520,1.28; 1729,1.64 1105,0.46 1517 0608,1.41; 1819,1.72 0001,0.26; 1200,0.34 1624 0653,1.55; 1907,1.77 0045,0.17; 1252,0.23 1731 0738,1.67; 1957,1.76 0127,0.12; 1345,0.15 1840 0824,1.77; 2046,1.70 0209,0.11; 1438,0.11 1950 0912,1.83; 2138,1.60 0252,0.14; 1531,0.10 2059 1000,1.84; 2232,1.48 0337,0.21; 1629,0.15

All times Eastern Standard Time. Time lags: Ballina Boat Dock: 15 min; Byron Bay: nil; Brunswick River Highway Bridge: high 30 min, low 1 hr; Mullumbimby: 1 hr 10 min; Billinudgel: 3 hr 55 min; Chinderah: high 1 hr 30 min, low 2 hr; Terranora Inlet: high 2 hr 10 min, low 2 hr 25 min; Murwillumbah: high 2 hr 30 min, low 2 hr 50 min. Tides in bold indicate high tide of 1.7m or more and low tide of 0.3m or less. Data courtesy of the National Tidal Centre.

lunch. Donation $5. Reply to Estelle by September 5 on 02 6676 2577.

U3A U3A Tweed Coast: next month’s Friday Forum at Kingscliff Uniting Church Hall, 2pm on Friday, September 2. Guest speakers are Bev McLeod on needle painting and Frank Rowe on woodcarving, with an exhibition of their quilts and carvings. Afternoon tea, donation gold coin. U3A Twin Towns, Coolangatta, Tugun, Tweed Heads have various interesting classes for everyone, from exercises, dance, singing to the more academic pursuits. The Japanese class has been running now for four weeks and is very popular. For info call 07 5534 7333 before noon. U3A Twin Towns general meeting will be held at 10am on Tuesday, September 27, at 4 Boyd Street, Tugun and will be followed by a luncheon. All members are asked to bring a plate of food for the lunch and to enjoy the social occasion to follow.

Kingscliff builder wins awards

Representatives of Hammerhead Building Projects were all smiles as the company took out multiple awards, including the prestigious Home of the Year, at the 2011 HIA Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Housing Awards. The company scooped up Home of the Year, Renovation/Addition of the Year, Custom Built Home $750,000– $1,000,000, Renovation/ Addition over $600,000, Kitchen Project up to $30,000 and Energy Efficiency Award. Blue Bay Kitchens from Byron Bay won awards for Bathroom Project up to $20,000 and Bathroom Project of the Year, with owner Merv Burns taking out the Bathroom Design of the Year Award. Banora Point Interiors by Darren James Banora Point Community Centre took out the Award for Kitchen Senior Program has various groups Project over $50,000, Kitchen available on Tuesday afternoons Project of the Year and Kitchen and all day Fridays. If you are Design of the Year. Calden Cabiinterested in card playing, Stretch nets was awarded Kitchen Proyour Mind, Tai Chi, Mah Jong, Scrapbooking, Art, Scrabble, Gentle ject $30,000–$50,000. A new award, Affordable exercise with weights call Lyn on 07 5523 2030. The centre is on the Housing Awards, was presentcorner of Leisure and Woodland ed to Lateral Homes. The same Drives, Banora Point. home was awarded a commendation in the Energy Efficiency Family centre Award category. The Family Centre is taking bookDisplay Home up to $250,000 ings now for parenting and relation- and Display Home of the Year ship skills courses, ring 07 5524 8711. went to Coral Homes. Perry Homes (Aust) won the Award ZONTA for Display Home $250,000– ZONTA Club of Southern Gold $400,000 and Metricon Homes Coast/Tweed meets 3rd Monday of each month in Secret Garden Room, South Tweed Sports Club, 4 Minjungbal Drive, South Tweed. For info on community and international projects call Marie-Elise 0412 632 304 or Carolyn 0416 637 771.

Computers Computer Association Tweed Seniors meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 10.30am in the Seagulls Club. Get computer advice and learn computer skills at your own pace in a friendly social environment. All welcome. For info call Noelene on 07 5599 8939 bh.

Bridge lessons Tweed Bridge Club bridge lessons for beginners start Saturday, October 8, at 9.15am. For info call Dinah on 02 6676 3136. New members welcome.

Hospital fete Donations of goods for Tweed Hospital Auxiliary’s annual fete to be held October 8 being gratefully accepted and may be left at the hospital gift shop on 07 5506 7867. Anyone interested in joining the auxiliary call Merle on 07 5536 1441.

Garden clubs Uki Garden Club meets on the last Saturday of each month with an extra meeting of the food group on the second Tuesday. For info call David on 6679 5551. Twin Towns and District Garden Club will hold their 18th annual Flower Show and Second Garden Expo on Saturday September 10 in the Tweed Heads Civic Centre auditorium from 8.45am. As well as a judged Flower Show (cut flowers, pot plants, floral art and produce), plant sales and raffles the following workshops will be held: 9am Environmental weeds and Myrtle Rust, 10am African Violets, 11am Orchids, 12pm Roses,

1pm Cactii and Succulents, 3pm presentation of prizes and awards. Entry is $3 with children free. Light refreshments available.

View clubs Murwillumbah Evening VIEW club next meeting will be at Condong Bowls Club, September 5, 6.30–7pm start. Guest speaker will be paramedic Col Benstead. For info call Gloria 6672 3794.

Mental illness Carers and families of persons suffering mental illness are invited to join the Tweed Valley Mental Health Carers Network, a peer support group of volunteers. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 10am at the Tweed Heads Library, Civic Centre, Brett Street. For info call 07 5598 6372.

Nashos The Gold Coast South-Twin Towns Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia Serving from Tallebudgera to The Tweed will hold its next general meeting on Sunday, September 18, at 10am in the new Anzac Room, Twin Towns Services Club. If you served in any forces of the Commonwealth 1951-1972 then why not bring your partner along and join us. For info call John on 07 5535 2484.

Low cost food Low cost food available at Elevation Care, 56 Caloola Drive, off Ducat St, Tweed Heads. Mondays at 11.30am to 2.30pm. Closed public holidays. Please note as from August 1st the new opening time will be noon. Bring your pension card or students card plus your bags and receive low cost food for any struggling pensioner or student. If you don’t

A previous award winning design from Hammerhead Building Projects.

won the Award for Display Home over $400,000. Sanctuary 28 Projects took out Awards for Renovation/Addition up to $300,000 and Renovation/ Addition $300,000–$600,000. Apprentice Steven Baxter was named Apprentice of the Year and Rob McConachy was named Host Trainer of the Year. Construction Skills Queensland and

Glenfords Discount Tool Centres partnered these awards. Congratulating the winners, HIA Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Regional Director, Colin Buttenshaw, said the awards recognise the achievements of companies and individuals in the state, who lead the way in the design, construction, innovation and technology of housing.

INVESTMENT, FAMILY HOME OR REFINANCE... Get the right choices. PLUS, in the majority of cases the lender pays me, so for you I can be FREE. MY GUARANTEE. No fuss service and if I can’t find you a better deal I’ll simply tell you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, Give me a call. For an OBLIGATION FREE mortgage health check contact Russel Shaw. Russel Shaw 6680 8045 0412 833 280 have transport then a bus will pick you up outside the front of Tweed Centro. Look for the white bus with Elevation Church on the side. For info call 07 5507 6999.

End of life choices For information about end of life choices workshops and meetings that will be held during the rest of the year, please call Elaine on 0421 796 713.

Kingy fun day A Water Sports Fun Day on Saturday Sept 3 from 10am to 3pm at Kingscliff offers kayak and stand up

paddle board experience for only $5. Look for the red tent and kayaks at the bridge on Kingscliff Creek. At the Fig Tree roundabout at Kingsliff will be a sausage sizzle BBQ to raise funds for the Kingscliff Hockey Club. For info call Tim on 0430 082 890 or Tony on 0421 336 015.

Volunteering Volunteering’s Five Most Wanted volunteer positions this week: Tweed Heads, activities and food assistants; Potttsville, cleaner; Murwillumbah, coffee shop assistant; volunteers needed for Kingscliff Triathlon. For info call 02 6672 8288.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Please stick this by your phone

AMBULANCE, FIRE, POLICE .............................................................. 000 AMBULANCE Mullumbimby & Byron Bay .................................131 233 BRUNSWICK VALLEY RESCUE Sea & road rescue...................6685 1999 BRUNSWICK MARINE RADIO TOWER ...................................6685 0148 MULLUMBIMBY HOSPITAL ......................................................6684 2266 BYRON BAY HOSPITAL ............................................................6685 6200 POLICE Brunswick Heads .......................................................6685 1277 Mullumbimby ..............................................................6684 2144 Byron Bay ...................................................................6685 9499 Bangalow ....................................................................6687 1404 STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE Storm & tempest damage, flooding.6684 3444 AIDS Confidential testing & information (ACON) ................................6622 1555 AL-ANON Help for family & friends of alcoholics .......... 6685 9690, 6680 4429 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 24 hours....................................6686 8599 ANIMAL RESCUE (DOGS & CATS) .........................................6628 1358 LIFELINE .........................................................................................131 114 MENSLINE 7pm–11pm nightly (phone counselling & referral for men)..6622 2240 NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Meets daily ...............................1800 423 431 NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE ..................................................6684 1286 NORTHERN RIVERS GAMBLING SERVICE ...........................6687 2520 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 24 hour crisis line ...............................1800 656 463 GAMBLERS’ ANONYMOUS Meet 7.30pm Tuesdays at Byron Hospital Group Room, Shirly St, Byron Bay......................0466 885 820 NORTHERN RIVERS WILDLIFE CARERS...............................6628 1866 KOALA HOTLINE........................................................6622 1233 GEORGE THE SNAKE MAN.................................................0407 965 092 NSW Wildlife Information & Rescue Service (WIRES)..........6628 1898

The Tweed Shire Echo September 1, 2011 27


O P E N 7 D AY S 6 a m - 6 p m

Groceries Fruit & Veg Takeaways Authentic Indian Food

36 Dry Dock Road, Tweed Heads South

EMBRACE BETTER HEALTH WITH FREE ACUTHERAPY TREATMENTS Pain, Fatigue, Anxiety? Blissful Being Acutherapies provides natural health care through Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki. ‘Like’ us on Facebook before the end of September and go into the draw to win 6 free treatments! Go to www. blissfulbeingacutherapies. and follow the link, or search for us on Facebook. Located at Kingscliff and Tweed Heads South, and a mobile service. Call Tanya on 0413 672 160 for bookings and enquiries

28 September 1, 2011 The Tweed Shire Echo

Fingal Head residents report that ‘things are relatively quiet on the river at the moment with the wakeboarders interstate on tour’, and to prove it sent us a photo of some dolphins frolicking at Fingal Head the other day. A wakeboarding school has recently applied to conduct lessons on the river between Fingal Head and Chinderah, after being found to have been operating without authorisation for up to five years (see last week’s Echo). The high-speed motorised sport no doubt has an impact on the cetaceans who often come into the river to feed and play. Locals say they ‘want the river to be a peaceful sanctuary for these wild animals and birds’. ■ ■ ■ ■

Pro-development councillors Warren Polglase and Kevin Skinner were both keen this week to make it clear neither of them had been pushing for a police station to be built specifically on prime agricultural land at Cudgen owned by a company linked to former local National Party MP Don Beck. Both said they had been pushing for an ‘integrated site’ to house a new cop shop somewhere in the shire. Last week The Echo reminded readers that Tweed MP Geoff Provest had ‘backed a recent deputation involving National Party heavyweight and Tweed councillor Warren Polglase and mayor Kevin Skinner to meet with the police minister to push for the Cudgen location’. This information was first published in early June by at least two Tweed newspapers, but according to Crs Polglase and Skinner, it was wrong for the media to suggest they would have promoted the Cudgen site over any other if NSW police minister Mike Gallacher had agreed to meet them. Cr Polglase described our story as a ‘fabrication’ while Cr Skinner said it was ‘totally inaccurate’. Many locals fear that if the land is rezoned, it will open the floodgates to further rezoning of nearby farmland and see the

quiet Cudgen community gob- Southern Cross University (SCU) students Eric Chan, from France, who has Chinese and Cambodian heritage and is bled up in ugly urban sprawl. ■ ■ ■ ■

And on a Facebook site for community groups we spotted this comment about the Tweed coastal issues: ‘The whole foreshore redevelopment at Kingscliff is just a ruse to get the ratepayers to fork out the $6m to protect the caravan park so the Tweed Coast Holiday Parks Reserve Trust doesn’t have to foot the bill. Clever Dicks!’ Another comment said: ‘These greedy developers admit that the proposed site at Caba will also be threatened by coastal erosion in the years to come and yet they have made no provision for this in their financial modelling. Who will pay in future when it happens at Caba? You guessed it, us again!’ ■ ■ ■ ■

Councillors this month will decide who takes the mayoral reins for the next year till the September 2012 elections. Goss to Backburner is that the vote at the September 20 meeting will favour veteran National Party councillor and former mayor Warren Polglase, with the Liberals’ Joan van Lieshout, who was mayor in 2009, as his deputy, thereby maintaining the conservative parties’ pro-development domination of council.


studying for a Master of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management, and Gwen Lin, from Taiwan, who is studying for her Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management, sample some of the international food at the Fusion Festival held at SCU Beachside campus near Coolangatta airport last Thursday. Photo Sharlene King, SCU


Have a fun day with Robyn aboard a beautifully restored historic ferry. Robyn will be presenting a seminar, and a powerful healing segment. As well you will be served a light lunch and get to see interesting harbour sites. Two dates are available: Saturday 27th August 2011 • Sunday 11th September 2011 Boarding will start at 10.00am from McMahons Point ferry terminal, and finish at 4pm. Price: $175 AUD for each day. Deposit of $50 AUD will secure place. Please specify which date you require.


AUTHOR: Conversations With The Body, and Exploring Dimensions With The Body.

*Please note NO MOBILE PHONES ALLOWED For more information, contact

Tweed Echo – Issue 4.01 – 01/09/2011  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Tweed Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Tweed Echo – Issue 4.01 – 01/09/2011  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Tweed Shire in northern NSW, Australia.