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elcome to I Do, the 2021 Echo Press summer wedding guide. We hope this publication will be a helpful reference guide for planning your wedding day and preparing for marriage. Inside you’ll find articles highlighting ways to fit your wedding dress, how to host a daytime wedding, honeymoon trends, ideas for making a statement with your wedding cake and so much more. It also contains information on many businesses that specialize in wedding-related services or products. We hope this guide serves as a handy reference to help you plan your most important day! A Publication of the Echo Press www.echopress.com (320) 763-3133

Diann Drew, Publisher


Lori Mork, Editor/Designer

this issue

Wedding dress fitting guide.......................................................................................5 A wedding dress for every shape.........................................................................6 ‘Knot’ your average necktie advice......................................................................7 Hosting a daytime wedding.......................................................................................8 Three tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry.......................9 Make a statement with your wedding cake.............................................10 Top honeymoon trends for 2021............................................................................ 11 Questions to ask before booking a photographer..............................12 Choosing the perfect wedding shoes............................................................13 Music: An important part of wedding celebrations..........................14 Wedding day photo..........................................................................................................15 Publish your engagement photo.........................................................................15 Larger than life wedding flowers........................................................................16 Rustic bouquets add natural flair........................................................................18 Save money and still have your dream wedding................................18 3 tools for keeping wedding guests informed.......................................20 Edgy, adventurous weddings.................................................................................22

The cover photo of Eric and Crescent Westberg is courtesy of Alexis Dooley Photography.

4 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

WEDDING DRESS fitting guide Because fashion preferences were once ornate and dependent on precise fits, ready-to-wear clothing really did not become widely available until the early 20th century. Such attire is now available in just about any retail store. Because ready-to-wear clothing is so readily available, the average person may be unfamiliar with custom-made or tailored items. In fact, a couples’ wedding may be the only instance in their lives when they require the services of a seamstress or tailor. Fittings are a part of wedding planning, and here’s how brides-to-be can navigate the process of finding and being fitted for a dress.

try on sample gowns

The first step is to make your rounds to various gown shops and try on the samples they have available. Most sample sizes will not be the size you wear every day, so expect them to be ill-fitting. Do not be discouraged. Once a gown is chosen, the dress shop will take your measure-

ments and order the gown according to the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Again, this can be shocking, since the size will likely be larger than what you wear in street clothes. Some shops will also order a little larger to allow for adequate tailoring.

schedule the first fitting

The first fitting should be anywhere from eight to 12 weeks before the wedding date, according to experts at WeddingWire, an online wedding information provider. This is the time it takes to complete most standard alterations. Complex customizations can take even longer. Brides should also budget a minimum of $500 for alterations, which may or may not be included in the price of the dress.

bring shoes and undergarments

Remember to bring along the exact shoes and undergarments you will wear with your gown. A change in shoes or

bra/corset can result in the alterations fitting poorly the next time. Bring these items along to all subsequent fittings.

speak up

Martha Stewart Weddings suggests speaking up at fittings if anything is uncomfortable or needs tweaking. Seamstresses are masters at their crafts, but only if they understand the desires of the bride.

check the details

The second fitting is designed to check that all issues from the first fitting have been addressed, the gown is comfortable and you can move freely. At the last fitting, ask the maid of honor to come along so that she understands how to bustle or help you handle complicated straps or closures. Open communication with a seamstress and bridal shop can ensure bridesto-be get a dress that fits like a glove.

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A wedding dress for One of the most important factors to consider when searching for the perfect wedding dress is what silhouette will best flatter your figure. While the consultants at a local bridal boutique can offer more personalized recommendations, here are a few tips for some common body shapes.


Show off your natural curves with a sheath dress or a mermaid gown, and accentuate your chest with a sweetheart neck­line.

every shape

pear shape

Choose an A-line or ballgown silhouette to accentuate your natural waistline, and balance the full skirt with a boat neckline or cap sleeves.


Create a sexy silhouette with a bias cut or fit-and-flare dress in a light­weight fabric, and opt for a V-neckline and low back.

inverted triangle

Balance your proportions by pairing a high neckline and long sleeves with a

slit or asymmetrical skirt that emphasizes your legs.


Select a gown with a flared skirt and thin straps or a detailed bodice that will draw attention to your upper body.


Opt for the flowing skirts of an empire-waist gown, and provide support for your chest with a boat neckline and an elegant off-the-shoulder look.

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your average necktie advice Neckties have long been a component of men’s formalwear and have evolved through the centuries. As ties change, so, too, do their appearance. Widths and lengths go in and out of fashion, as do patterns and fabrics. But one thing that remains pretty constant are the knots. Depending on who you ask, there are upwards of 18 different ways to tie a necktie knot. According to Real Men Style, a gentleman’s fashion advice site, each knot style can send a different message or complement a different shirt collar and neck. Learning to recognize which knots are best can help any man portray the desired effect. The following

are some of the more popular styles of necktie knots.


Named after an old gentleman’s club, the four-in-hand knot is among the most popular knots. It is extremely easy to tie and can be worn at most informal events, says Prestige Ballrooms. These knots are often best with skinny ties. The knot also requires less of the tie’s length, making it a great choice for tall gentlemen.

the full Windsor

Even though this is a common knot, it is not so easy to tie. It is a large knot that gets its name from the Duke


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of Windsor. It is considered to be the most formal type of tie knots and is best for special occasions or business meetings. The knot is firm and is less likely to slip out, says the clothing company Beau Brummel.

the half Windsor

This knot is straight and neat and best used with medium to lightweight fabrics. Its formality falls between the four-in-hand knot and the full windsor.

the pratt

The Pratt knot is a mix between the four-in-hand and half Windsor. It’s medium in size, elegant and can be worn at weddings, on dates and for special occasions. This knot lengthens the tie, making it convenient for tall men. Other honorable mentions include the Nicky knot, the Kelvin knot and the St. Andrew knot. Interested men can research the meanings and styles of all necktie knots to find the ones that work best for them.

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Hosting a

daytime wedding

Weddings dot the social calendars of millions of people across the globe. The Association for Wedding Professionals International says every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States and approximately 150,000 per year are performed in Canada. Evenings are the most common time of the day to host a wedding, but that does not mean a daytime wedding cannot be a beautiful event and make for a party to remember. Couples are increasingly customizing their weddings to be a reflection of their personal styles. One of the ways couples are customizing their festivities is by moving the wedding to various hours of the day that meet the couple’s needs. A wedding that takes place in the late morning or afternoon may be the perfect fit for some couples. Here’s how to navigate the specifics of a daytime wedding.

secure accommodations

An early wedding means guests may have to travel from afar the evening before to be able to attend the festivities. Daytime weddings can be complemented by working with a hotel or bed and breakfast to ensure guests will have a place to stay and get ready to arrive at the early wedding in time.

negotiate prices

The wedding resource Bridal Guide says that vendors are typically more 8 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

amenable to price discounts or offering greater value for daytime weddings. That’s because demand for their services is reduced during the day. Similarly, venues may have more availability during the day than at night, and, as a result, they’re more flexible on prices, especially since brunch foods generally cost less than dinner entrees.

choose alternative entertainment

Chances are guests are not going to feel as comfortable dancing during daylight hours. Consider other entertainment, such as lawn games, karaoke, or a comedian. A guitarist or pianist may be a nice musical touch.

hire the right photographer

Be sure to contract with a photographer who is a pro at handling photos in daylight and natural light. While many photographers are skilled in any light,

many are used to shooting in churches and venues with low lighting. Be sure to see picture samples taken during the daytime to gauge a photographer’s daytime experience and skill level.

employ color to add dimension

During evening weddings, lighting or candles help set the mood. Those same elements will be ineffective in daylight. Choose bright colors for your decor and flowers to brighten up spaces.

plan food accordingly

Just because the wedding is early does not mean the food should be. Guests still will need to eat. If you are only opting for light appetizers and cocktails, be sure to mention this on the invitation so guests can plan ahead and won’t go hungry. Daytime weddings can be successful with a little tweaking of traditional evening wedding planning.

Three tips for choosing the perfect

wedding jewelry Are you wondering what kind of jewelry to wear on your wedding day? Here are three tips to help you match your accessories to your wedding attire.

Be yourself. If you never wear jewelry in your day-to-day life, you shouldn’t be dripping in jewels on your wedding day. However, if you love the way you look in big chunky earrings or long necklaces, go for it. Match the metal to the dress. Pure white dresses look best with silver jewelry, while ivory or champagne fabrics pair well with gold. If you’ve chosen to wear a blush-hued gown, opt for rose gold. Consider the neckline. High-necked or halter dresses look best with statement earrings and a simple bracelet. A V-neck is practically begging for a beautiful necklace to fill the space. And a sweetheart or strapless gown goes with anything, from a choker to a pendant or even just the right earrings. On your wedding day, less is more. Your radiant face, your beautiful gown and your new wedding ring won’t need much embellishing.

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Make a statement with your

wedding cake

Brides and grooms may pour over every detail of their weddings, but few components of the festivities may be as fun, especially for foodies, as deciding what the wedding cake will look like. Couples who want to deliver show-stopping visuals often express some measure of their creativity and personalities through statement wedding cakes. Many couples now eschew the classic three-tiered white cake in favor of a dessert that garners instant attention. Whether the cake is brightly colored or hand-painted, a towering architectural marvel or shimmering in metallics, couples are opting to make a statement with their confections. Apart from clever cake-toppers, here are ways to stand apart when dessert is served. According to the Perfect Wedding Guide, a rising trend in cakes is to cover a white or naked cake with translucent glaze tinted in the couple’s wedding colors. This artistic expression can be especially stunning in boho-chic weddings.

10 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

religious windows and want to add that feel to the tiers of the cake. Sometimes a statement comes by way of texture. Even an all-white cake can be dressed up with interesting textural effects. Ruffles, lace, embossing, and 3-D rosettes are different textural components that can be incorporated in cake designs. Couples also may want to tell their unique stories with cake. Individual tiers designed to reflect various milestone moments from the couple’s relationship can be quite engaging. Capitalizing on the trend of edgier weddings, couples may opt for darker hues on their cakes – even a black tier – or nontraditional geometric shapes to the cake itself or its design elements. Statement tiers also are popular. The cake may be traditional in nearly every way, but couples then set the cake apart by featuring an elaborate design or a different hue in one tier. Martha Stewart Weddings advises that more than just color can be used to make a statement. Lifelike sugar flowers can really set cakes apart. Guests may not be sure if they can consume all aspects of some cakes. But delicate sugar flowers taste as good as they look. Hand-painted tiles on a cake are another way to add panache. A bride and groom may be inspired by a European vacation or the stained-glass effects of

Statement cakes can really say something about the couple getting married. Much like other wedding elements, cakes provide a window into the minds of happy couples.

top honeymoon trends for 2021 Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, your honeymoon requires a lot of thought and planning. According to wedding resource The Knot, this year’s trends in honeymoons are still leaning toward the tradition, but with some special twists.

honeymoon registries

One of the more unique ideas in recent years is to include a honeymoon fund as part of a wedding registry. In fact, one survey found that 55 percent of couples used money from their honeymoon registries or money gifted for their wedding to pay for their honeymoons.

ecotourism honeymoons

The goal of ecotourism is to either learn or participate in activities that don’t negatively affect the locale you are visiting. Many couples are making

this choice for their honeymoon as well, opting for ways to explore their destination in an environmentally responsible way.


A cost-effective way to enjoy a getaway as well as minimizing the amount of time away from from work or other commitments. Many couples are opting for a minimoon after the wedding, then heading out for a more elaborate honeymoon at a later date.

closer to home

With so many wonderful options just a short plane ride away – Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean – many couples are opting for a honeymoon that’s closer to home rather than spending long stretches on a plane heading for a further away destination.

bungalows and villas

Over-the-water bungalows, spa experiences and swim-in brunches – not

to mention being able to be socially distant – make high-end resorts such as Bora Bora and St. Lucia popular selections for honeymooners.

non-traditional honeymoon times

COVID-19 has changed the way many honeymooners select their destinations and the time of year they book it. In the past, couples have selected a honeymoon location that involved several days of travel and approximately eight days at their destination. The most popular time for honeymoons in the past has been April through June. The pandemic has caused many couples to postpone weddings, upending their plans, and many are now moving away from that time, booking last minute trips. Others have opted for planning a more luxurious getaway for later in 2021 or even moving it back to 2022.

I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021 11

Questions to ask before booking a Various components combine to make weddings beautiful and memorable. Couples rely on photographers to capture the smiles and moments and to ensure the big day is remembered for years to come. The trusted wedding resource The Knot notes that an internal study found that, among 27,000 couples who got married in 2019, an average of $2,400 was spent on a wedding photographer to document their big day. Couples who want to find the best photographer for their wedding day can ask several questions before making their final decision. What style do you specialize in? Photographers may be able to shoot various styles of photos, but may specialize in a specific type. For example, some photographers specialize in photojournalism, while others may excel at


portraiture. Going with a photographer who has the most expertise shooting the style you prefer will help produce the desired results. Who will be shooting my wedding? Certain photography studios have several photographers working under one roof. Just because you meet with one does not necessarily mean that photographer will be on site, unless it is specified in the contract. Have you ever worked at my venue before? Photographers may be familiar with several local wedding venues and houses of worship. A photographer who has experience working in the locations where couples will tie the knot and subsequently celebrate might produce the best results, but lack of experience with particular venues need not exclude other professionals.

Can we see a full gallery of a recent wedding? According to Brides magazine, unlike an album or a highlight gallery, a full gallery provides a better sense of a photographer’s style and attention to detail. Will photos be color balanced and retouched? Skilled photographers are capable of capturing winning photos. But photos can be enhanced further with retouching software to bring out specific effects. Some photographers will polish all proofs, while others only will work on the images ordered. Confirm retouching details before signing the contract. What’s included in the photo packages? A detailed price list helps you compare one photographer to another and decide which elements are covered. Additional prints, having a photographer’s assistant, ordering albums for the parents, or ordering a large framed print can alter costs. Explore all prices to ensure you’re getting the best value. In addition, consider how many hours of event coverage are included in the price. What is the payment timeline? Photographers may accept deposits for their services but expect a different timeline of payment. Some may require payment in full before the wedding, while others may offer a payment plan that includes a final payment when picking up proofs or albums.

12 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

Choosing the perfect

wedding shoes When it comes to accessories that complement your wedding dress, your shoes are arguably the most important. You want your footwear to both reflect your personal style and be comfortable enough to wear as you dance the night away. Choose your dress first. You’ll want to match the style of shoes to your dress. Make a statement. Shoes are a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding attire. Make sure they fit. The best time to shop for shoes is in the late afternoon. If they’re comfortable after a day of work, they’ll fit perfectly on your wedding day.

Don’t experiment with high heels. If you’re not used to wearing heels, don’t attempt to wear them at your wedding. There are many flat and wedge styles that make beautiful – and comfortable – bridal shoes. Bring them to your dress fitting. If your dress is long, it’ll need to be adjusted to the height of your shoes.


Break them in. Wear your shoes around the house to avoid any nasty surprises on the day of your wedding. If they’re tight or uncomfortable, bring them to a shoemaker to stretch them out a bit. Lastly, don’t forget to book a pedicure before your wedding. Nothing looks better in stunning shoes than prettily pampered feet.



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An important part of wedding celebrations Few things set the mood of a wedding more effectively than music. Beautiful songs often are incorporated into wedding ceremonies, and romantic or upbeat songs intermingle to create a festive mix at receptions. Playlists curated specifically for weddings can be found online to help couples narrow down their options. According to Wedding Forward, a wedding planning guide, wedding planning experts and modern couples agree that wedding playlists should have a 60/40 split of classics and new wedding songs. Music is a personal choice, but couples may benefit by considering who will be in attendance at their weddings. In so doing, couples can ensure the music played at their weddings reaches as many people as possible. WEDDING PROCESSIONAL SONG: The wedding processional is the moment the wedding party walks down the aisle. Music may be a traditional hymn, classical music or a favorite contemporary song. BRIDAL PROCESSIONAL SONG: In many traditional wedding ceremonies, the bride walks down the aisle separately, with her father or both parents. She customarily will have a different song from the rest of the wedding party. While ‘Bridal Chorus/Wedding March’ is a traditional choice, some brides may prefer a different tune. 14 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

WEDDING RECESSIONAL SONG: Again, depending on the ceremony location and choices, the recessional may be a classical piece or a hymn. Some couples choose an upbeat song for their first official promenade as a married couple. WEDDING PARTY ENTRANCE SONG: Couples can ask their music vendor to put together the majority of the songs for their reception, but they may want to choose their own wedding party entrance. This song typically is a fastpaced, upbeat song that gets the crowd pumping and ready for a fun night. Think ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz or ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ by Justin Timberlake. FIRST DANCE: The first dance song is another personal choice for the couple.

Slow songs traditionally are chosen, but couples who want something a little different have increasingly selected faster songs and paired them with rehearsed choreography. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran has become a popular first dance song. OTHER SONGS: Couples also will select songs to complement dances with their parents, cake cutting, garter toss, and any other special traditions or moments. They also can make requests to include songs of different eras to appeal to guests of all ages. Music is an important component of wedding celebrations and deserves some extra consideration to ensure everyone has a great time while cutting a rug.

Publish your

engagement photo

Wedding day


The Echo Press publishes engagements weekly on Wednesday or Friday. The deadline is 3 p.m. Friday for the Wednesday edition and 3 p.m. Tuesday for the Friday edition. The fee for placing an engagement announcement is $15 and includes a photo and five inches of text (approximately 125 words). Longer announcements are charged $10 for each additional inch. To submit your engagement photo, call Michelle at (320) 763-3133 for personal assistance or submit online at https://www.echopress.com/milestones and click on “place a milestone.”


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Larger than life Move over bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers are taking over weddings in a big way. While wedding trends come and go, flowers will always have a place at the wedding table. The blooms brides and grooms choose and how they decide to display them can say much about the couple’s style. Many modern couples are opting for statement pieces with their flowers to rival the

wedding flowers big and bold ideas they’re incorporating elsewhere into their occasions, such as in cakes and clothing. In fact, floral designer Tom Uberuaga says traditional hurricane vase centerpieces are outdated and only focus the eye on the middle of the table. He prefers guests enter the wedding and have their senses stimulated by flowers from all angles. Large flower installations, as well as blooms popping up in unexpected places, are some of the hot trends for couples to keep their eyes on.

fairy-tale flowers

A floral curtain of hanging flowers can line a chuppah or drape the altar in beautiful blooms. Couples who would like a fairy-tale entrance also can make their debut as a couple by coming through a flower curtain at the reception. Martha Stewart Weddings says a cascade of flowers and greens can be romantic and elegant.

floral chandeliers

There’s no need to worry about seeing over table centerpieces or flowers getting in the way of photo moments. Thanks to hanging flowers and floral chandeliers, flowers are quite literally moving up in the world. Hanging floral pieces can add instant drama and make a large visual impact. Florists can hang flowers from 16 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

beams over tabletops to increase visual impact, whether as individual baskets, single stems or floral swags. Hanging floral chandeliers are dramatic but naturally expensive. Think about a large installation that forces guests to look up into a sea of greenery and flowers. The smell and the sight can be breathtaking.

welcome wreaths

Why should wreaths only be reserved for front doors and holiday decor? A welcome floral wreath can be placed by the entryway to a chapel or reception hall with a heartfelt sentiment that shows guests how much they’re appreciated.

dance floor blooms

Who says flowers have to be overhead or on a table? With a plexiglass dance floor, or one made from some other transparent material, flowers can be underfoot, creating a magical floral carpet.

floral necklaces

Brides needn’t carry their bouquets, they can wear ethereal and whimsical floral pieces around their necks or on their waists instead. Couples are urged to speak with their florists about the innovative ways they can make flowers an even more aweinspiring component of their weddings.

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By Lori Mork

rustic bouquets add natural flair Couples opting to get back to basics, streamline their nuptials and create more intimate and less superficial affairs often gravitate toward rustic celebrations to showcase their ideals. Rustic weddings also may appeal to environmentalists and men and women who want their weddings to be as eco-friendly as possible. Rustic weddings may include those ceremonies and receptions that take place outdoors or in unconventional locations, such as barns, wineries, castles,

or converted silos or town factories. In fact, Bridal Guide says that barn weddings have never been more popular – among both urban and rural couples alike. Coordinating a rustic wedding may mean letting go of perceived notions of how everything from food to favors to flowers should be. In fact, one way to describe rustic weddings – and especially the floral arrangements that adorn them – is ‘purposely imperfect.’ Rustic wedding bouquets may seem like they were plucked right out of the garden or grabbed through a stroll in a meadow. They’re rarely symmetrical or feature the customary flowers of more formal wedding celebrations. When designing rustic bouquets, florists may keep the stems of wildflowers or other blooms untethered for a relaxed feel. Long stemmed arrangements are

quite popular, and trends point toward bouquets that are loosely tied with raffia, twine, vines and other natural materials rather than more refined ribbon. Another way rustic bouquets set themselves apart is with the introduction of other elements into the arrangements. Not merely blooms and greenery, rustic pieces may feature twigs, vines, berries, scabiosa pods, ivy, and feathery ferns. The heights of elements in the bouquet are varied, and the bouquets will not have an overly uniform shape. Rustic bouquets are far from pretentious, and brides shouldn’t feel that these bouquets are delicate or will fall apart when handled. When planning a rustic wedding, couples can work with their florists to create bouquets and arrangements that fit with their visions.

Save money and still have your

dream wedding Traditional weddings can be costly. Here are some ways to save money while still having the wedding of your dreams.

Only serve beer and wine: or if cocktails are your thing, create a signature drink to offer your guests.

Limit your guest list: only request the presence of the people that matter to you. Avoid inviting distant relatives you never see.

Get a deal on the dress: buy your dress at a sample sale, or consider renting or buying a used one.

Find a beautiful location: art galleries and botanical gardens are venue options that won’t need extra decorations. Choose a restaurant: not only will the food be better, but you’ll also have all the tables, chairs and linens you need. 18 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

Minimize your florist bill: use candles as your centerpieces instead of flowers. Make your own wedding album: find a photographer that will give you all of the day’s pictures on a flash drive and use an online tool to create your own photo book.

Barn the

Complimentary night stay for bride and groom the night of their wedding reception

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3 tools for keeping wedding guests Weddings give couples an opportunity to share the joy of joining their lives together with a host of friends and family members. Guests liven up the party and help make the celebration that much more memorable. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding in the United States hosts 131 people. Data indicates this number has been slowly decreasing over the years, after the average wedding size reached an all-time high of 153 in 2007. No matter how big or how small the guest list, keeping guests informed of what’s happening is a courtesy couples can provide. SAVE-THE-DATE ANNOUNCEMENTS Save-the-date announcements have become an increasingly popular component of wedding planning. Instead of


waiting on the wedding invitation, savethe-date cards provide guests with an advanced advertisement of the celebration to come. According to the photo and invitation specialists at Shutterfly, it’s customary to send save-the-date notes around six months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, which will require extra travel plans, an eight- to 12-month advance can be helpful. Save-the-date cards generally have basic information, including the wedding date and the venue. WEDDING WEBSITE Couples are embracing technology as they plan their weddings. Brides magazine states that, during the typical 15-month engagement period, 48 percent of couples will launch a wedding website. A wedding website is a versatile tool that can help answer questions that guests may have. It can spell out specifics, including dress code, whether children are invited, the names of wedding party participants, overnight accommodations, transportation providers, and even restaurants near the hotel for a quick bite between ceremony and reception. VIDEO CONFERENCING APPS As the world continues to adapt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing applications like Facetime, Zoom and Microsoft Teams enable people involved in the planning process to

20 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021

routinely ‘gather’ and go over details about the wedding, helping to limit in-person meetings as much as possible. These apps also can prove invaluable when conferring with wedding vendors, such as florists or musicians. You also can schedule smaller meetings with specific guests who may be playing key roles in the wedding, such as those giving speeches, doing readings, escorting guests, or serving in other capacities. Certain resources can help couples keep guests informed about what’s to come in regard to their weddings.

Wedding Service Directory

ACCESSORIES, CHURCH SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT DECORATING CENTRAL LAKES CREATIONS AN EVENT STUDIO RESTAURANT SUPPLY 1023 Broadway St. • Alexandria 1228 N Nokomis St. NE 320-846-1166 Alexandria • 320-762-8435 www.creationstudiomn.com CREATIONS AN EVENT STUDIO DECORATING RENTAL 1023 Broadway St. • Alexandria EQUIPMENT 320-846-1166 CREATIONS AN EVENT STUDIO www.creationstudiomn.com 1023 Broadway St. • Alexandria 320-846-1166 HPS RENTAL 320-763-3518 • 800-996-6881 DIAMONDS & hpsrental.com WEDDING SETS DIEKMAN’S JEWELRY BRIDAL GOWN 111 6th Ave. W • Alexandria PRESERVATION 320-762-0309 JACKIE J’S BRIDAL & FORMAL WEAR HEDINE JEWELERS 520 Broadway • Alexandria 611 Broadway 320-762-5163 Alexandria • 320-763-4940 THE SPECIAL EVENT BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall Alexandria • 320-762-0633 specialeventbridal.com

KARROW JEWELERS 628 Broadway·Alexandria 320-763-3334

FLORISTS CREATIONS AN EVENT STUDIO BRIDAL SHOWERS & BACHELORETTE PARTIES 1023 Broadway St. • Alexandria 320-846-1166 CORRAL SALOON & EATERY www.creationstudiomn.com Nelson • 320-762-2416 ELDEN’S DOWNTOWN FLORAL BRIDAL SUITE Corner of 3rd & Nokomis & DECORATING Alexandria CREATIONS AN EVENT STUDIO 320-762-7292 1023 Broadway St. • Alexandria downtownfloralco.com 320-846-1166 www.creationstudiomn.com GIFTS & GIFT REGISTRIES CAKES DIEKMAN’S JEWELRY ELDEN’S FRESH FOODS 111 6th Ave. W • Alexandria Corner of 3rd & Nokomis 320-762-0309 Alexandria • 320-763-344

HAMPTON INN & SUITES GOWNS & DRESSES SHOES 2705 S Broadway • Alexandria JACKIE J’S BRIDAL THE SPECIAL EVENT 320-763-3360 & FORMAL WEAR BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL alexandriasuitesmn.hamptoninn.com 520 Broadway • Alexandria 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall 320-762-5163 Alexandria • 320-762-0633 SUPER 8 OF ALEXANDRIA 4620 St. Hwy. 29 S. • Alexandria THE SPECIAL EVENT SUITS FOR PURCHASE 320-763-6552 BOUTIQUE & BRIDAL THE SPECIAL EVENT 2715 S. Hwy. 29 • Midway Mall BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL LUXURY RESTROOM Alexandria 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall TRAILER 320-762-0633 HPS RENTAL Alexandria • 320-762-0633 specialeventbridal.com 320-763-3518 • 800-996-6881 specialeventbridal.com hpsrental.com INDOOR/OUTDOOR TENTS & CANOPIES CEREMONIES MEN’S BRIDAL RINGS HPS RENTAL LEGACY OF THE LAKES DIEKMAN’S JEWELRY 320-763-3518 • 800-996-6881 MUSEUM 111 6th Ave. W • Alexandria hpsrental.com & GARDENS 320-762-0309 legacyofthelakes.org Alexandria TUXEDOS HEDINE JEWELERS 320-759-1114 JACKIE J’S BRIDAL 611 Broadway · Alexandria & FORMAL WEAR 320-763-4940 JEWELERS 520 Broadway • Alexandria DIEKMAN’S JEWELRY 320-762-5163 KARROW JEWELERS 111 6th Ave. W • Alexandria 628 Broadway · Alexandria 320-762-0309 THE SPECIAL EVENT 320-763-5833 BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL HEDINE JEWELERS MOTHER’S DRESSES 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall 611 Broadway · Alexandria JACKIE J’S BRIDAL Alexandria • 320-762-0633 320-763-4940 & FORMAL WEAR specialeventbridal.com 520 Broadway • Alexandria KARROW JEWELERS 320-762-5163 VEILS & HEADPIECES 628 Broadway · Alexandria JACKIE J’S BRIDAL 320-763-5833 PAGEANT AND PARTY & FORMAL WEAR DRESSES 520 Broadway • Alexandria JEWELRY THE SPECIAL EVENT 320-762-5163 DIEKMAN’S JEWELRY BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL 111 6th Ave. W • Alexandria 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall 320-762-0309 THE SPECIAL EVENT Alexandria • 320-762-0633 BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL specialeventbridal.com JACKIE J’S BRIDAL 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall & FORMAL WEAR Alexandria • 320-762-0633 PARTY SUPPLIES 520 Broadway • Alexandria specialeventbridal.com CENTRAL LAKES 320-762-5163 RESTAURANT SUPPLY 1228 N Nokomis • Alexandria KARROW JEWELERS 320-762-8435 WEDDING CONSULTANTS 628 Broadway · Alexandria JACKIE J’S BRIDAL 320-763-5833 RECEPTIONS & DANCES & FORMAL WEAR CORRAL SALOON 520 Broadway • Alexandria LODGING & EATERY 320-762-5163 AMERICINN Nelson • 320-762-2416 4520 Hwy. 29 S • Alexandria THE SPECIAL EVENT 320-763-6808 LEGACY OF THE LAKES BOUTIQUE AND BRIDAL MUSEUM & GARDENS 2715 S. Hwy 29 • Midway Mall BEST WESTERN legacyofthelakes.org Alexandria • 320-762-0633 508 Twin Blvd. • Alexandria Alexandria • 320-759-1114 320-762-5161 specialeventbridal.com I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021 21

edgy, adventurous weddings Brides and grooms once felt compelled to conform to the trappings of traditional weddings. From uber-romantic vows to pastel colors to the penultimate white tiered cake, various wedding components were long considered must-haves. But modern couples are increasingly expressing their individuality, and even embracing more edgy and adventurous elements when planning their weddings. According to The Knot, a leading bridal resource and information site, today’s weddings are not what they were just a

few years ago. Bold colors, exotic cakes and nontraditional foliage, are just some of the elements modern couples are embracing to set their weddings apart.

adventurous locales

Vineyards and catering halls can be great places to tie the knot, but couples who like to push the envelope are looking to more adventurous locales to impart their unique spin on their weddings. Sharing vows atop a mountain crest at the end of a favorite hiking trail or on a roller coaster at a theme park that harkens back to a first date are some adventurous places to tie the knot.

full of flavor

Cakes don’t have to be white with white buttercream. In fact, couples can make things even more tasty by incorporating favorite flavor combinations into their cakes. For example, a chocolate and

caramel filling reminiscent of a candy bar might be something to consider.

outside-the-box menus

Couples may want to break with tradition by offering a wide selection of foods at their receptions. These foods can include items that fit with their specific ethnic cuisines, gourmet comfort foods (think cocktail franks wellington), or foods that fit with their dietary choices, such as organic or vegan options. Work with a caterer to provide a variety of tasty choices.

bold wardrobe choices

Brides can put new spins on their gowns by adding color and texture. Sequins, bold embroidery, shorter hemlines, and whatever adventurous fashion style you want to impart can be considered. If white isn’t your thing, that’s okay, too. Yellow and slate gray look great together. Gentlemen can choose to wear a black suit or any combination of color and style they want to make a dramatic impression. Modern couples are embracing bold, unique and edgy components when planning their weddings. Putting an individualized spin on the ceremony and reception can make couples even more excited to tie the knot. 22 I Do! Bridal Guide Summer 2021



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