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2 BIAD 2021 - Viking Bank

The BIAD event has honored a Douglas County company annually since 1984, based upon the following factors: Growth in number of employees; the impact on the job market. Increase in sales and/or unit volume; an indication of continued growth. Capital investment; an indication of commitment to increase community capacity. Community contributions; investment of time, skills, and resources to assist in community-oriented projects.

Viking Bank was selected as the recipient of the 2021 Business and Industrial Appreciation Day (BIAD) Award by the Boards of Directors of the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission and Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Viking Bank - BIAD 2021



Viking Bank’s core values: family, community, accountability, integrity

Mark Grandgenett is the president of Viking Bank.

4 BIAD 2021 - Viking Bank

by Al Edenloff To qualify as the 2021 Business and Industrial Appreciation Day honoree, Viking Bank can place a checkmark by a wide range of items: Providing jobs. Helping start-up businesses. Helping the community grow. Supporting schools. Supporting nonprofits. Donating to community causes – DECA, Dollars for Scholars, the Alexandria Area Athletic Foundation, the Alexandria Area High School’s Viking Bank Field, performing arts, museums, the Relay for Life, the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Ambassadors, service clubs, to name just a few. Viking Bank President Mark Grandgenett talked about his role at the bank and offered insights into the bank’s impact. How did you end up working for Viking Bank? In the 1980s, Grandgenett worked as a teller for an independent, community bank while attending college in Mankato. He went on to work for a couple of larger banks that had their corporate headquarters in the Twin Cities, and 20 years ago he moved from Hutchinson to Alexandria where he continued to work for a larger bank with its headquarters in St. Paul. Then, three years ago, he was approached by Viking Bank to serve as president. It was a difficult decision for Grandgenett. He enjoyed his job and the

people he worked with for over two decades, but ultimately, he decided to accept Viking Bank’s offer. “I kind of went full circle,” he said. “I like community banks because we can be more flexible and make all our decisions right here in Alexandria.” What are some of the major changes you’ve seen the bank go through? One big change that happened about the same time that Grandgenett became president was Viking Bank’s merger with the First State Bank of Ashby. By expanding to a second location, the bank was able to offer a more flexible banking experience to its customers in Alexandria, Ashby and surrounding communities. Advances in technology are another major change, according to Grandgenett. “Two years ago, we launched a whole new core operating system,” he said. “We’re constantly adapting to keep up with the latest changes.” Grandgenett has personally seen the benefits of online banking opportunities. Both his sons, one in Colorado and the other in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, do their banking at Viking Bank. “There are no borders,” he said. “They can go into their accounts online and manage all their financial needs.” Even though the bank has extended its reach by offering online services to customers throughout the country, it hasn’t forgotten its hometown touch. “We get to know our customers and we know them by name when they come in,” he said. “We still value our customers as individuals. That’s what sets us apart from the larger banks.”

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More than just CUSTOMERS They’re like family, says customer service rep

by Celeste Edenloff Clients that come into Viking Bank are more than just customers to Sally Harberts. She says they are like family and that she will always do the best for them as she can. Harberts, who is the senior customer service representative, has worked at the Alexandria bank for 19 years. She lives in Alexandria and said she loves working in the banking industry as it is a good profession to be in. She loves working with people, building customer relationships and simply just being there for them. “When customers come in, if they have issues, I love to get them solved,” she said. “I like to take care of their problems.” She also enjoys helping open up new accounts by figuring out which

type of account would be best suited to their needs. Harberts like to determine what services will best fit each person who walks through their doors, as well as helping them with internet banking or whatever else they need help with. And although much of her dayto-day activity is talking with people in person, Harberts said she also spends a fair amount of time on the phone, answering customer questions and again, providing them whatever assistance they may need. “Our customers are the best,” she said. “Because we are a community bank, I love being able to build a rapport with our customers and help them out.” Providing customer service is the easy and fun part of Harberts job, she said. She often doesn’t face many challenges, except when it comes to learning new systems or new system updates. “Keeping up with technology in the banking industry can be challenging at times,” she said. “But it

Sally Harberts is a customer service representative at Viking Bank. is also rewarding to conquer those challenges.” COVID-19 presented some challenges, as well, she said, but added that it just got people used to using the drive-through. However, she did admit that she likes it better now

that people can come into the bank as she looks forward each and every day to helping their customers. Harberts has two grown children, who live in Austin, Texas and she has six grandchildren.

Viking Bank - BIAD 2021


Helping businesses get from

POINT A TO POINT B by Celeste Edenloff

Matt Gilbertson is the vice president of loans at Viking Bank.

Matt Gilbertson says his job is fun and rewarding and that each transaction is a different journey. Gilbertson, who is vice president of loans at Viking Bank in Alexandria, primarily works with businesses, whether it is refinancing existing loans, acquiring new loans for an expansion project or just simply helping businesses manage their finances. “I don’t really do the same thing every day, even though I basically do the same thing,” said Gilbertson, who has been with Viking Bank for 12 years. “Each transaction is unique in its own way. I get to help businesses go from point A to point B and I get to be a part of their journey. That’s what makes it fun.” One of the more challenging aspects of his job, he said, is the tight deadlines he has to adhere to when working with others outside of the banking business. “To coordinate with everyone and meet those deadlines can be challenging, but in a good way,” he said.

It is what has kept him in the business for more than a decade, he added. “I love helping people – business owners – grow and also maintain,” Gilbertson said. “It’s fun to be a part of it all.” Gilbertson said that Viking Bank is a community bank and that he feels the bank is successful when the community is successful. He enjoys being not only an employee of a community bank, but he also enjoys being a person involved in the community. Gilbertson is the incoming president for 2022 of the Alexandria Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors and the 2022 incoming president of the Vikingland Builders board of directors. He is also on the board of directors for the Jingle Bells Telethon. “It is important to be a part of the community,” said Gilbertson. “I like the giving back part of it. Giving back makes us all successful!” Gilbertson lives in Carlos with his wife, Kari, a teacher at Voyager Elementary School, and their two children – Hannah, 3, and Hunter, who is almost 2.

CSI Celebrates Viking Bank

Well done for winning the 2021 Business and Industrial Appreciation Day award. You inspire us through your exceptional contributions to the Alexandria community! Visit to learn how your bank can be inspirational, too.

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Viking Bank - BIAD 2021


Coworkers make job by Travis Gulbrandson Bobbi Prouty will celebrate her second anniversary with Viking Bank in November, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “One of our core values is family, and I feel like this place is very family-oriented,” she said. “That’s my favorite part, because to me, family is everything.”

Bobbi Prouty is a credit analyst at Viking Bank.

8 BIAD 2021 - Viking Bank

fun says Viking Bank credit analyst Prouty’s current position is as a credit analyst. She explained, “We dig through the numbers! I break down the figures from tax returns and PFS’s, balance sheets for our business bankers. I analyze numbers for both new deals and for current customers annually to help make the best credit decisions we can for the customers and for the bank.” The banking industry is where Prouty started her working career, she started as a teller in Detroit Lakes, and she’s been in banking ever since, she also earned a two-year degree in business management from Rasmussen College in Fargo along the way. “I started going to school online while tellering full-time, and I thought, ‘I kind of like this,’ and I started working my way from the teller line into customer service,” she said. After working a few years in a corporate banking environment, Prouty applied at Viking Bank, after seeing an opportunity in loan support. “I really like the atmosphere of a community bank,” she said. “I came from a very big bank ... and it was obvious very quickly that the focus and priorities at Viking were a much better fit for me. You can tell how much community means. Everybody is very flexible, supportive and willing to jump in whenever you need something. Our managers are not only here to help us as employees, they also

make it a priority to let us know that they are here for us outside the bank.” Prouty said she also likes that everything is done in-house. “I like how we can make all local decisions,” she said. “We don’t have to send it to another state or town, and that’s one of the big reasons that it’s so convenient.” She added that she likes her coworkers most of all. “It’s just a really fun environment to work in, it’s not just strictly work all the time, we are a family,” Prouty said. Although she has worked a wide variety of positions at various banks, Prouty said she likes being “on the loan side of things” now. “I really enjoyed my time working in customer service but after doing that for six years, moving into the loan department and getting to work on the numbers I can tell that the loan side is what I truly enjoy.” she said. Prouty said when looking at her future in banking, she can see herself becoming a commercial lender. “With my customer service background and my newfound passion for crunching the numbers I think becoming a business banker would be a great fit!”

Providing customers with the best


by Celeste Edenloff When Vicki Berberich was looking to get back into community banking, she didn’t have to look any further than Viking Bank. “The respect I have for the people in this building, I knew it was the place to be,” she said. “I made the right decision and it gives me pride to be here.” For nearly five years, Berberich has worked at Viking Bank and was recently promoted to the vice president retail manager/mortgages at Viking Bank. Among many of her day-to-day activities, she helps people with financing for their homes, whether it’s buying a new home or refinancing the one they are living in. “I try to figure out what the best options are for them,” she said, noting that it is a rewarding challenge. “How can I make it work and provide them with the best financial solution.” Berberich said she is a “paperwork” type person and that she loves to be organized, which is a perfect fit for her job. She also loves to make her customers happy and said it is the best part of her job. Juggling the mortgage industry can sometimes be a challenge, especially when her job requires

her to be reliant on so many others, like those in real estate or title companies. “I love working with them together for our customers, but sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge,” she said. “We all work well together, but it is the juggling of schedules and communication, making sure we are all on the same page, that is sometimes challenging.” But, she said, that they have great connections with many people, which helps them overcome any obstacles that may arise to make sure the mortgage process is seamless and smooth for their clients. One of the greatest aspects of her job, said Berberich, is the way customers are treated. “We like to treat people like family,” she said. “We have a commitment to our customers to help them to the best of our ability while making them feel comfortable and confident that they are in good hands. And we have a commitment to the community. Being here, I can feel the community involvement.” Berberich also said that not only does the community matter, but she said she feels valued as an employee. She said she works with a great team of people and that they all get along great.

Vicki Berberich was recently promoted to vice president retail manager/mortgages at Viking Bank. “There is a comfort level and a camaraderie,” she said. “We are professional people in a professional place, but there’s a certain level of comfort. I truly have so much respect for everyone here.” Berberich lives in Osakis with her husband, Kyle. They have three sons – Todd, 29; Lane, 26; and Brady, who passed away July 1, 2020 at the age of 21. They also have three grandchildren – Taya, 5; Sawyer, 3; and Harper, 2.

Viking Bank - BIAD 2021


Heinrich likes brightening a CUSTOMER’S DAY by Travis Gulbrandson

In her six years at Viking Bank, Tiffany Heinrich has held several positions, but now she’s excited to say she’ll soon become the assistant retail manager. “In my new role I will be supervising the front end where I will focus on ensuring a strong cus-

Tiffany Heinrich has worked six years at Viking Bank and will soon be assistant retail manager.

tomer experience by helping train our Teller and CSR team as they assist our customers with opening new accounts, processing transactions and all other day to day duties.” she explained. Heinrich said she has experience working “pretty much every area” at Viking Bank. “I started as a teller, then worked my way into a customer service role,” she said. “I then moved behind-the-scenes, to the operations department. After that I moved back into customer service for a brief time, and then migrated into the loan department where I have worked as loan support specialist and loan processor which is the role I hold now until I move into the assistant retail manager position.” Tiffany described what her day looks like as a loan processor: “We process all necessary paperwork and documents to facilitate real estate loan closings for our real estate lending team, after one of our lenders meets with the customer and brings them through the loan application process and the loan can get booked, he or she then brings the file to a processor. In addition to creating the documents we also coordinate with all necessary third-party vendors, title companies and appraisers to make sure the customer’s loan closing goes as scheduled,” she said.

As much as Heinrich enjoyed doing this, she missed interacting with customers. “Building relationships with customers, and having that daily interaction is what I look forward to the most,” she said. “After being here for six years, there are customers that I see in the lobby, and we can strike up a conversation like old friends.” This relationship-building is what Heinrich said she most likes about Viking Bank. “It is something pretty special about how much a customer appreciates when they walk in the door and are greeted with their name and even better are asked about that big trip or family event that we talked about the last time they were in.” Although she started school for medical coding, Heinrich got certified in accounting online through Rasmussen College in St. Cloud. “I had taken a few accounting classes in high school and really enjoyed it, so numbers have always been my thing,” she said. Now that she does work in banking, she said it’s hard to pick her favorite thing about it. One of them would be that she doesn’t have a typical workday. “It’s always different,” Heinrich said. Another would be the family environment at Viking Bank. “It’s your second family here,” Heinrich said. “It’s a great place to build a work family. Everybody becomes your family, and it’s a close-knit group.”


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10 BIAD 2021 - Viking Bank

GET-ER-DONE GAL does a little of everything by Thalen Zimerman

Molly Baumann, vice president of operations at Viking Bank, is a “get-er-done” gal that has put in 21 years of work at the bank and does “a little bit of everything.” This includes overseeing vendor management files, dealing with wire transfers, handling automatic payment from employers and making sure checks post to the correct accounts. “I basically make sure everyone gets paid, and then some,” said Baumann. She even assists customers dealing with fraud, works with new product development, and handles the security system, from watching for intrusions into the bank’s systems to alarms and cameras. “I once assisted the police in helping identify suspects caught on our camera after a crime took place across the street. That was kind of fun!” she said. “I have so many hats,” she added. Originally from Minnetonka, Baumann worked her way up to the corporate level at a glass company in the Twin Cities where she handled insurance contracts. She moved to Alexandria after she and her husband bought a house here and renovated it. Baumann started at Viking Bank in October of 2000 as a teller and quickly rose through the ranks

again. “I think I caught on pretty quickly,” she said. After making her way into customer service, then into lending and real estate, she eventually took over the real estate department until a coworker in the operations department went on leave. The company required a replacement, so she took the position. Baumann ended up staying in the operations department and continued to excel until she reached her current position as vice president of operations. “I would just kind of come in and be like, what’s my title now.” joked Baumann. She likes the variety that comes with her job and assisting the customers by solving issues. “I like the research that comes with assessing a customer’s concern about their account,” said Baumann, “Trying to figure out if a payment should have or shouldn’t have come out of their account. I get to play detective.” She describes Viking Bank as a friendly place to work with a welcoming atmosphere, saying outings between coworkers are common, whether it is getting a bite to eat or enjoying a movie. “We try to interact with each other and other departments, so we don’t get cliquey,” she explained, “It is kind of like one big family.” She says her coworkers would probably describe her as dedicated. She punches in at 6:15

Molly Baumann is the vice president of operations at Viking Bank. a.m. and taps out at 5:30 p.m., putting in a full day. “I like what I do,” she said. “I honestly get bored on my days off.” In 21 years, she has only missed two days of work. “It is a good company to work for,” Baumann said. “Everyone is dedicated to their work and the customers. And management really cares about their employees.”

Thank You Viking Bank for Your Community Commitment. Congratulations from DAYTA Marketing

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Viking Bank - BIAD 2021


EVEN AS BANK GROWS, it still offers a personal touch, says Laven

Chief operating officer has worked in every part of the bank

Shari Laven is the chief operating officer at Viking Bank.

12 BIAD 2021 - Viking Bank

In 1991, as a teller at Viking Bank, Shari Laven’s obvious enjoyment of her work caught the eye of the bank president, Stuart Henrickson. He asked if she would be interested in becoming a lender. Laven, a college graduate, had never planned on a career in banking, but immediately she said yes. What followed was a whole bunch of saying yes. Over her 36 years with Viking, she worked in every part of the bank, currently part of the leadership team as the chief operating officer. “One thing that has been exciting over time has been to watch some of the businesses that I started out working with 30+ years ago, to see how they’ve grown,” Laven said. “It’s rewarding, to think I had a little part of it.” She has also seen Viking Bank grow. The bank was started in April 1981 by a group of Alexandria area residents in an office at 504 Broadway. When Laven started in 1985, Viking Bank had one location and nine employees. In 2017, it built a new building near I-94. In 2019,

it acquired the bank in Ashby, and now has 33 employees. Viking Bank continues to be locally owned which means that the bank is strongly connected to the community. Employees are encouraged to volunteer, and the bank donates to local nonprofits, such as the school, the Veterans Memorial Park and Relay for Life, just to name a few. “We’re on local nonprofit boards, we attend events in our community, we’re on Habitat builds, we’re involved in service organizations,” Laven said. “We have staff that are very passionate about the community.” Personally, Laven is currently on the board of Alomere Health and the ATCC Foundation as well as involved with Sertoma, the BCE Academy, and the Federal Reserve Bank Community Depository Institution Advisory Council. Its primary focus is business and home mortgage lending. “Viking Bank services the needs of our community in our Alexandria and Ashby locations. Being local we are able to give that personal touch to all of our customers,” Laven said.

MAN OF STEELE – Building relationships among the team by Thalen Zimerman

Greg Steele, executive vice president at Viking Bank, works primarily with business banking and loan functions. “Like many of us at the bank, I wear many hats,” he said. He works closely with business bankers, credit analysts, loan support, and other team members. One of Viking Bank’s goals is to provide customers with the best service through relationships; it takes the whole team to do that. Steele said he enjoys working at Viking Bank and he gives credit to the people. “Everyone is friendly and works as a team to make sure our customers are completely satisfied,” Steele said. He added that everyone works hard but they also know when to have fun. They host employee activities in the office, the most recent being a bean bag tournament. “I was out in the first round!” laughed Steele. One of the biggest challenges in Steele’s day is time. There are many days he works more hours than expected. His favorite part about his job is helping someone open or expand their business and helping them realize their dreams.

Steele always knew he wanted to be in the banking industry. His father, Ron, was a banker in Park Rapids for 50 years. With his dad as his role model, Steele knew the career path that he wanted. He graduated from Moorhead State University, with a BS degree in business administration and finance. Before moving to Alexandria, Steele was a branch manager for a bank in Minneota. He worked at that bank for 17 years. In 2009-2010, he and his family moved to Alexandria. He said the job market was tough following the recession. Viking Bank offered him a commercial lending position and he has never looked back. “The transition was pretty easy,” he said. “Everyone was very welcoming, friendly and helpful.” After a few years, he was promoted to his current position. Steele has been working in the banking industry for 28 years. “Alexandria is a great community,” he said. “I am originally from Park Rapids, so I do appreciate the lakes area and it is close enough to go and visit where I grew up.” Steele enjoys greeting his colleagues in the morning when they arrive. This positive atmosphere spills into the daily environment for all employees, which Steele believes carries into customer relationships, as well.

Greg Steele is the executive vice president at Viking Bank. Steele says his coworkers would describe him as happy, helpful and always with a smile on his face. They would also say that they’re comfortable going to his office and asking him questions. Steele summarized his statements by saying, “I look forward to coming to work. I honestly enjoy every day!”


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Viking Bank - BIAD 2021


Viking Bank’s IMPACT is all around, says CEO Doug Houska is proud of Viking Bank and the employees working hard to help Douglas County grow by funding projects throughout the area. If you drive around you will see Viking Bank Signs at construction projects saying, “Invested in your Journey,” such as: A congregation constructing its own church building. A business rebuilding after the downtown Alexandria fire. People buying their first homes. “‘Invested in Your Journey, the Viking Way,’ that’s our tagline,” said

VIKING from page 4

Houska, Viking Bank’s CEO. “We want to help them reach their dreams.” Houska has been with Viking Bank for more than three years, starting last year as the CEO. He has decades of banking experience. He grew up in Grafton, North Dakota and gravitated toward banking. He started working as a teller in his sophomore year of college, and lent a hand to that bank’s marketing department, and by the time he graduated from the University of North Dakota, he knew he wanted to pursue a banking career. Thirty-five years later,

What is the culture like at Viking Bank today? Viking Bank has a caring culture that puts family first, Grandgenett said. If, for example, an employee has something that comes up and won’t be able to close that night, another teammate will step in right away and volunteer to take their place. Another part of the culture is that it’s community focused and friendly. “Customers and business owners like to know that they’re not just an account,” Grandgenett said. The bank also gives employees a chance to advance and is committed to the community. Viking Bank has a set of core values it follows – commitment, integrity, accountability, innovation, community and family, Grandgenett said. What have been the biggest challenges the bank has gone through? During Grandgenett’s time at the bank, COVD-19 was a difficult time but the bank worked through it. They also had to adjust to a new operating system. As with so many other businesses, staffing can also be a challenge. The bank has 28 employees in Alexandria and it’s adding a real estate lender and an information technology

he still has the passion for banking. He joked that his job is “whatever it takes,” although that might not be entirely a joke. “It’s primarily to help lead the Viking Bank organization into the future, by supporting the dedicated and experienced Viking Bank team meet the financial goals for new and existing customers,” he said. “In addition, helping the communities we live in through cash donations and supporting employees volunteer hours to non-profit organizations or coaching youth organization.”

position. It’s also seeking a banker in Ashby, which has five employees. How do you envision the bank’s future, 10 or 20 years from now? Grandgenett believes the bank will continue to grow, along with the community. He can envision additional branches in the future, along with additional digital banking services. “We’ll still be here, continuing to have an impact in the community, supporting our employees, offering competitive wages, helping businesses and our communities grow.” What’s the best part of your job? “The people I work with, no question about it,” he said. “During COVID, I did work from home for a while but I need that interaction here. I like the satisfaction of helping people – both customers and employees.” What’s a fun fact about Viking Bank that most local people wouldn’t know? It’s the only bank chartered in Alexandria that’s headquartered in Alexandria, Grandgenett said. Another thing that makes the bank unique, he added with a smile, is the occasional bean bag tournaments the bank has upstairs and on the beautiful deck above the drive-up. To his knowledge, no bean-bags have landed in the parking lot…yet.


Viking Bank is the only chartered bank in Alexandria and prides itself on having the decision makers in the communities we live in. Local decision can be made quickly and customized to meet the customers’ needs for a $10,000 loan or more than $20 million if it has all the proper documentation. Just recently the bank helped a business receive a $2 million loan decision in less than two days, Houska said.


Viking Bank has a proud history dating back 40 years: APRIL, 1981: Business was first transacted in an office at 504 Broadway. Viking Savings Association began as a state-chartered mutual savings association. It was the first such charter issued by the Commerce Commission (Banking Division) in more than 20 years in the state of Minnesota. NOVEMBER, 1982: Viking Savings Association was converted to a Federal Charter to take advantage of increased services that could be offered under deregulation of banking institutions. 1984: Additional space was needed, and the bank moved to the old Pete’s Super Value building at 1311 Broadway in December of that year. OCTOBER 2007: Viking Savings was sold to another group of local owners which insured that the bank would remain an independent locally owned and operated financial institution. The name has since changed from Viking Savings to Viking Bank to better reflect the wide range of banking services that we are able to provide. 2016: Once again, additional space was needed. Construction began in the spring of 2016, and in January 2017 the bank relocated from 1311 Broadway to 4277 Dakota Street. The bank redesigned its look and added many new technology features. DECEMBER 2019: Viking Bank again had the opportunity to grow, this time by expanding to a second location through acquisition of the First State Bank of Ashby. The addition of a second location provided a more flexible banking experience to customers.



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It’s better here. Viking Bank - BIAD 2021