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for dereK

ROOm 327 Eric Sto Domingo

Malamig, may suminga Bigla na lang tumawa Hahahahahaha Kawawa lang, mag-isa

Nakaukit sa panyo Ang paghahalakhak mo Nasabihan ng guro Hoy, bakit ang ingay mo HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK

NOTE: Eric really thought we were doing this for Derek’s birthday

At first no one ever thought about it. The issue will always feel distant, it seems. The day the master steps down, knowing that Others will rise to the challenge. Did I? Good things were done according to master’s will. Even when they failed, he decreed, “Let it be.” And now, as he is leaving, The weight of a legacy echoes.


None can replace the Master, say I, But time decreed that someone should. A leader is something we must have, To continue all that he had made.

Vito Castaneda Unity, creativity, uniqueness; the entire world needs those. Whether Filipino, American, Middle Eastern, or Chinese. The thing is, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Even something as strange as a “LARP” can be worth your while.

Progress marches forward, and as the world moves, The never-ending quest for truth goes on. I know, some didn’t believe it either. It was something others never even heard of.

The new leader has greatness in him, say I. He will accomplish wonders, but still, The Master will be one of the greatest we’ve ever had, And I thank him for giving me so many chances.

I may not talk much But I do observe I’m proud to say You have grown You’re a poet, a writer You’re even our director But in the end You are a friend Always there Ready to care

Hello There-ek

Joby Guerrero

To a wise, eloquent person Yes, that’s you I have something to say Maybe a word or two Thank you for being understanding For being patient with my shortcomings Thank you for the reminders When I committed some errors

I am not as hipster Nor as cool as you So thank you for letting me be Part of the few With the few members Where I found my home I’m looking forward to Working with you more

Alfonso Roces


to my “bestie” Justine Nuque

So if I write Like this With my sentences Cut Into separate lines Does that make me a poet?

I believe We’ve learned much from each other And I’d like to say Thanks You’re like a brother HAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay This is what I’ll do I’m going to write A message for you It’s not a poem But it looks like one I’ll try some rhymes But don’t poke fun (at me)

Lastly I am grateful for My Echoes Experience Yes, my ideas They barely made sense but thanks for accepting me as I am

Let’s begin! U r my bestie I barely show it but I care for thee

Keep the fire inside of you Alive And the party don’t start Till I arrive.

THE BoY WHo tRIED GuYS, ARTIcLES nIYo Micaela Que Picture this: freshman year, I saw this guy With the crazy hair and a twinkle in his eyes Wearing an oversized tee to match his oversized grin I don’t know why but his words drew me in He says he’s not good with people, That they’re not really his thing But he has a way with words The stuff he wrote, man, they were something It’s been a while since we first met That fateful day over three months ago Followed by the 12 weeks of my life I’ll never forget Thanks to that boy who cried “Guys, articles niyo”

I AM NOT A POET Samantha Gonzales I am not a poet But when I see the beauty of the world I feel the need to write it all down When I see the sun set I feel the need to capture its hues with my words When I hear the songs of a man in love I feel like translating every note into a piece with as much cadence and vibrance as the songs’ best written parts When I smell the feint turpentine of a place I once called home I feel like painting its memories onto paper, so that when it is demolished, it lives on When I feel the rain on my neck on a day when all hope seems lost I feel the need to create a storm with my pen When I remember the taste of a kiss I’ve waited for so long I want to immortalize the one who made me wait a lifetime. When I suffer, When I yearn, When I am consumed with hatred, Or better, With love, When I look at you, It pains me that I am not a poet But just an observer With thoughts that cannot be stringed into words And dreams that cannot be read by anyone else.


The best Of the best leaders Put their faith In those Who may bring them Ill fate And trust those With no thrust Or drive to succeed And give them one And give them Several chances To better themselves And become Better off Officials themselves New leaders To replace him And further his legacy So that They may further strive Further create Further succeed

Cara Latinazo To put feelings aside Is so much simpler Why go there? When all they do Is stiffen you Your guts wrenching Your palms sweating When your feelings are bared

I do not mean to be aloof Neither am I cold nor uncaring My laughter hides no sour note I am still able to empathize But to open up my own I do so cautiously So uncomfortable am I With my own vulnerability I am careful about who can come in Perhaps it is an only child thing To show inner emotion Is simply foreign to me But I long to give it a try The walls I’ve built Will not stand forever Right now I wait for the day Note to Derek: inspired by that convo we had that one time HAHA Note again: Sorry you know I’m not poetic but I tried :3

The Greatest Treasure Martin Consing As you travel for Earth, young Shepard, wish that the road will be long, full of adventure, full of discovery. Wrestle from the dark her secrets, and monsters will be waiting: Feral Cerberus at the gates; Abominations on all sides; and the undying, eternal Reapers. You will never find such on your path, if your thoughts remain yours, and your spirit and body are touched by the finest quality. The hound and the aberration, the Reaper you will not encounter if you do not carry them within your spirit, if your spirit does not place them before you.

Wish for the road to be long. May you see the sands of Tuchanka, learn of Krogan tribes and worn battlements and lonely towers and the maws of the desert, find her ancient history and ancient knowledge, her heritage lost and found again, and the sins of the past washed away. Go to Rannoch and find that senseless feud between creators and their creations, between the displaced and the betrayed, between children lost in the past. Always keep Earth in mind, old Shepard. It has always been your final destination, and when you are there, at the end, old and tired, rich with all you have gained on the way, you will not expect Earth to offer you wealth. She has given you that great journey, without her you would not have set out, and there is nothing more that she can give.

Federico Busy, focused Writing, editing, lay outing Artist, poet, narrator, visionary Thinking, planning, working Dedicated, revolutionary Editor-in-chief Gerard Safe, reliable Joking, laughing, caring Friend, classmate, peer, secret keeper Listening, sharing, smiling Strong, capable Icon Parrenas Patient, Supportive Challenging, revising, building Leader, motivator, creator, counsel Succeeding, educating, leading Confident, wise Mentor

Frances Quezon

Misery(in three parts)) Olivia Solomon

I. I feel like I am simultaneously drowning and choking at the same time. I am resurfacing from the dust only to bury myself deeper. I am human. I am unstoppable. I am dying. II. I am solace unlaced from its seams. I am solace in sweat, in nakedness. I am solace in smoke and ash. I am solace in shame and guilt. I am solace but solace is not in me.

III. There are an infinite number of ways for me to destroy myself and I plan to count them one by one.

Marte Caronongan

oDE To DEREK Derek Parrenas Tumigil ka na sa kakakain ng ubas Kasi parang nalalasing ka na sa alak Kapag naririnig ko ang iyong magiting na halakhak Una tayong nagkakilala Sa Block E-2 na ati’y di na nakakasama Pero okay lang sa akin sapagkat ako’y happy Dahil tayo’y laging magkasama sa committee Sana hanggang sa katapusan ng ating pag-aaral Tayo’y magkasama bilang magkaibigan Pero okay rin lang naman sa akin Kapag tayo’y maging.... magka-ibigan <3

at the edge of youth Jude Geron This is no game Where victory is assured In infinite do-overs My weapon is the sword of youth It refuses wielding in vicinity of true age Of minds time-tested Solid built by the heat of experience It is then a blunt blade But a nuisance I had paraded in armor It was no armor I have paraded a joke Freedom was my mount My ticket to waste It is a steed for the wise Only

HAZE Lerizze Tan Our souls are tireless Our whispers voiceless We keep on wandering Yet we stop speaking Of quiet memories Of hazy tomorrows Our minds are restless They been going on and on We’ve been walking without end When we stopped Everything stopped Our sentiments are unheard Who cares anyway? You did. Always.

Our hearts are searching for answers to questions unasked questions unspoken, unnoticed We seek but we don’t find

I remember sunrise; I told you I didn’t I remember daybreak; the excitement, I remember broad daylight; we were burned by the heat of the scorching sun.

Our spirits are silent piecing together the scattered parts torn apart by turmoil we are lifeless bodies uncertain we are broken memories unforgotten

We’re approaching sunset As if we’re chasing the sun down we’re set to see the picturesque view we’re set discover the unpainted skies; the undearthed hues

Then we prepare for nightfall when we kiss the light goodbye Then midnight the whole world falls to slumber We’re wide awake the whispers never end yet they remain voiceless and unheard -------------------------------------------------

Our bodies are drifting We know not where we’re going We know not how we’ll get there but we will slowly, quietly ------------------------------------------------Note: This poem was written 6 am on the 2nd of October. I’m so responsible pls.

For Derek