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Physiological: Food;

Social: Ecosoc!

This issue of Echoes wants every Ecosocer, as part of this organization, to see how Ecosoc becomes part of their life. And what better way to represent this than something as basic as, well, food. Food is something taken to satisfy hunger or craving. We need it as much as we want it. Ecosoc is breakfast. According to a lot of scientists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the first meal you eat after several hours of sleep. But most of us students often omit breakfast for a number of reasons. One, we are running late. Two, we are lazy to cook food for ourselves (for the boarders and dormers). Three, we are on a diet. And four, there is simply no time for it. Ecosoc is important as breakfast is. But like breakfast, it is never easy to commit yourself to it. A lot of other important things tag along the way: academics, other organizations, part time jobs, etc. But the key learning here is that Ecosoc is breakfast because breakfast is taken by people who really make time for it, or can’t seize the day without it, or both. Ecosoc is lunch - our break time. Everyday we find ourselves wanting to be at the tambayan, to unwind with our peers, to take a nap even if there’s noise all over, or just to hang out. 11:30-1pm is the peak tambay time. During those hours, we find ourselves in the middle of a haystack in Ecosoc. Not surprisingly, at 1 pm the crowd clears, and the serenity allows one to hear the ticking of the clock. Now everyone’s back in class, with heads cleared up, and minds energized. Ecosoc is dinner. It is the last meal of the day. Here, one will realize that Ecosoc is not just plain school stuff, not a class that ends when we get out of UP at 5:30 pm. Ecosoc is alive even at night. It is when we find comfort in people who feel the same trauma we experienced after an exam. It is where we find the reason to move on and accept that the very reason why we failed is that we, crammed it the night before. (For BE people, it is this same group we spend sleepless nights doing hellish cases with.) On the other hand, the Ecosoc fun lives up until night time. Talk about Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo messenger and every other social networking site available. All these sums up to one undeniable fact: Ecosoc wraps our whole day up! Ecosoc keeps us full. It strengthens, excites, and energizes us. It is food for a social being, that when we look back at the first time we approached the Ecosoc RnR booth at the start of the semester and signed in our name for application, we would be elated to see that we made the right choice. Had we not put our name on that sheet of paper, we would be missing what we enjoy now. With all of the things that we had, have and will have as an Ecosocer, we see that Ecosoc is not just a luxury food after all; it is the staple food of an Ecosocer, a craving we are addicted to. This is how the want of being a part of an organization evolves into a need; how a tambayan transforms into a home. And like food for physiological necessities, we know that as a social person in the university, we simply can’t live without our own slice of Ecosoc. n

For the last time, helloooo Ecosoc! News first: Thank you to all who have participated in the Ad Hoc Events. From the Ecosoc month launch, CDC kids’ Adhoc (McDonald’s CDC) to the Zero Hour. To our friends in OBEM, ETC, and SESC, Thank you! Your presence meant a lot to us. Although I would like to apologize to those people who came to Zero Hour but were not able to come in sooner. After 11 commnews, I have reached my last one and I would like to dedicate my last commnews to the many people who have helped me and became a part of my journey in Ecosoc. Let me begin were it all started. I think that all of this started when I became the batch head of the Hataw apps. During that day really felt something. Of course, there was pressure but along with it came the drive to make the most of my capabilities. It’s the least I can do for the trust they have given me. I never ever had an experience to be a leader, the only time I was able to lead during that time was when I became a leader in our small science projects. This was a start for me. By being a batch head, I was given a chance. So to all my co apps, The Hataw Apps, thank you. And to Inna Morillo, if you didn’t let my joke backfire on me, I’d find myself today studying in another school. The second step in my journey is the time I became the Log A Assistant Director, and the Vice-Chairperson for SPEV. To Mykel Sampan, who have shared with me his responsibility and his OC-ness, thank you. Ida, by making me your VC, during that one semester I was a regular member, I was able to learn more about SPEV and Ecosoc. And when the time came that you have turned over your position to me, you taught me one of the greatest leadership tool: that aside from all other things the first thing I should do was to love my members and they’ll love me back. My SPEV mom, thank you. Thank you, Ecosoc. For trusting me to be your Special Events Chairperson 2 years ago. This part of my life gave me an opportunity to enhance myself as a leader and make things happen. To SPEV, which have been my home in Ecosoc since I was an app, thank you. To my SPEV members, Alin, Anday, Cole, Ida, Jasper, Jo, Joy, Misha, Peachy, Raya, Regi, Rox, Triszh, Vina. My VC’s Kash Salvador, Josh Baquiran and Marianne Rosario, Thank you. Because you made me enjoy everything we do in SPEV, I never considered my job as work. This part of my journey made me realize that loving your job is the best way to do it. After this, the next step was either to continue being an execom, or not. Mind you, that the journey doesn’t necessary mean that it’s a journey to the top. I’m just lucky that I made it all the way to the top. When I ran I didn’t think of the extra line that will be added to my resume, Up to now, I’m not even sure If that extra line would be of use to my purpose. When I took on Ecosoc’s presidency, Pressure has never left my side. I know I have to improve on a lot of things. Everything seemed to be a challenge for me, and conversely, I took everything as a challenge. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself doing all these things; I never expected myself to speak every week in public. (and that must be why public speaking was also a challenge for me) My term wasn’t nice and easy at all. I guess it’s safe to say now that I was afraid at first, I was the only incumbent Execom member, I was afraid that traditions might die and that I can do more harm than good the organization. The fate of organization was left to the hands of the Executive Committee, and I was the head of that team. Aside from this, there were a few hindrances which have made my job more difficult. Hence, that must be why it was dubbed as a thankless job. But during my term, I was able to prove to myself that this was not at all a thankless job. There are a lot of perks from being a president, and the most significant probably would be the growth and experience that I was able to have. I have come to love my job, and this just makes it more difficult for me to let it go. Taking on the role has taught me lessons that I shall never learn in any other classroom. I was able to improve on a lot; I became a person

I thought I shall never be. I was able to do things that I never thought of doing. And for this, I am grateful. I’m grateful, I had gained more from it more than what I have given to Ecosoc. At this point in my journey, I would like to thank the people who have helped me in this challenge. First of all, to God, my Savior and my Guide, who have laid the plans for me, To the 50th year Execom: Aries, Mykel, Czar, Lia, Mico, Michelle, Cherish, Lucy, Kar, Minay, and Ace. For showing to me what it means to be an Execom, and how Service, Excellence, and Tradition is exemplified, To the 51st year Execom: Karlo, Triszh, CJ, Maui, Nandz, Gel, Leslie, Roda, Sieg, Triszh, Marianne, and Ogie. For bearing with me throughout the year, for being patient and understanding. And for making my job as president and Execom Chair easier. Thank you. Cheers to a life-long friendship. To the Best Adhoc Team Ever: Bianca, Mia, Madel, Aaron, Rox, Geoff, Archie, Horace, Josh C., Faye, Ray, Reyneil, Jamoy, Cheska, Therese, Kimmie, Cocoy, Jeanne, Menay, Kim, Ella, Leila, Reg, Sushi, Vina, Patrick, Andre, Wil-j, Mela, Car (Goodevening!), Paolo, and Van. Thank you for everything! Zero Hour wouldn’t have been a success without the hard work that you did. And of course, to the people that made a vision to a reality, my hardworking directors: Chesca, Laurence, Janna, Sel and Joy. Working with you is just like not working at all. You have taught me also a lot of things. To my friends who have continued to support me, Czar, Minay, Aries, Miles, Ida, Raya, Janica, Miggy, Dondon, Anjo, Andrei, To Carmi, who have been patient and understanding throughout our partnership. To Mama and Papa, who funded countable events, To Ate and Rowan, who never failed to support our movie screenings, To the my Mom, who have always been there, To the Best Ophthalmologist in Bataan, Thank you, and I love you. To the whole Ecosoc Membership, together with its applicants, It has been an honor to serve you all. Ecosoc is worth the trouble, the time lost, the days lost, the cum laude, which I never had. My term is now ending, But my responsibility as an Ecosocer remains forever. I hope I showed this more than I have said it, but for this last commnews I’ll say it: I love you, Ecosoc! For the last time as president, Raymond

Raymond Rainier Zabala president / adhoc

Karlo Miguel Patron vice-president / taskforce Please allow me first to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to ECOSOC. This organization has taught me many things. And thus far in my college life, I can say ECOSOC has given me the most room to improve myself. Without ECOSOC, I am absolutely certain that my college experience would be very different. I cannot remember any one time where I ever felt a feeling of having no place to go, or having no one to talk to. A member of ECOSOC once said that if you love ECOSOC, it will love you right back. While it is true, it is also an understatement. You can show the minutest of care or concern for ECOSOC and still it will radiate you with so much love and compassion. I am very happy to have been part of this experience. I could never imagine having my life go any other way. I cannot begin to explain how ECOSOC has helped me to become the person I am today. The choices that I have made, or the ones that I will continue to make, has happened because of how the organization has shaped me. The values of Service, Excellence and Tradition cannot be any more embodied in the things that we do. Though we never talk about it, nor do we often declare how great an organization ECOSOC is, I cannot say enough how this is true. Many people have been touched because of this organization. It is amazing just to think about how many people, even communities, the organization will be able to reach out to and transform in the future. We are definitely laying the right foundations by doing our part in contributing to our community. It may sound ridiculous or far-fetched even, but this is exactly what ECOSOC is doing. Starting with every member and applicant, in how we were able to learn to cooperate and work with one another, to compromise, to work and have fun and to give a little bit of ourselves and our time for others especially the less fortunate. This is not something to be taken for granted, or to belittle, because this is what the future of our community, our university and our country looks like. And to those the organization was able to reach out to, it has been a blessing. To the sick person who was able to receive medicine to have a healthier life, or to the scholar who was able to go to school because of our scholarship program, what help we were able to give has already transformed their lives. I do encounter some people both from within and outside the organization who say that what the organization is doing is of little help to other people and not really doing anything to make anyone better off. I cannot help but disagree. No matter how much or how little, no matter whether re able to give to a whole community or to one person, we have at least done our part. This is what ECOSOC is, nothing less, but a lot more. This is the ECOSOC who has been there in times where you had nowhere or no one to turn to, the same ECOSOC who has sent dozens of scholars to schools and who gave medicines to those who need it the most. We have already started, and from what I can see with the future leaders of ECOSOC, there are more great things to come. Many more people will be touched, and many more lives will be transformed. I sincerely believe that ECOSOC has done this and will continue to do it well into the future. How can it not? When, as also quoted from the University of California, it is an environment where champions are inevitable.

It seems just like yesterday when Raymond asked me if I would be willing, if appointed, to become the Seccom Chair. I was unsure because being part of the executive committee of one of the most prestigious organizations in UP is a very serious thing. First of all, it requires a lot of time, effort and commitment. I wasn’t sure if I could give that, given that I have time-management problems. There’s also the pressure of having to exceed expectations and keeping the organization’s good name, and I wasn’t sure if I could do that too. I then thought about why I wasn’t sure, and realized that I was just being selfish because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do other things, which were actually shallow. It then dawned on me that this opportunity may be the one that’ll make me a better person. I’m really glad because my friends helped me believe in myself and that I can do great things for Seccom. If it weren’t for them, I would have made the biggest mistake in my life (so far). It’s really surprising that I didn’t even notice that it’s been a year since that time, and my term as Seccom chair is now over. It really makes me happy to know that I have done something for Ecosoc, my second family. I couldn’t have lasted if it weren’t for these people, so I’d like to thank them. SEXYCOM, thanks for believing in me, and giving me the opportunity to lead Ecosoc. It was flattering that you considered and appointed me to be the Seccom chair last sem (kahit hindi ko pa rin alam yung famous YM confe niyo na I know has something to do with me). The past year was TRULY ELECTRIFYING :) It was great working with you. Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø


Ogie, I never thought that we’d be close. Grabe okay, I’m super happy because we got to work with each other and became really good friends. The best yung Sesame street and Power Rangers Apps Or presentation natin! OMG President ka na. I know you’ll do great things. Kami pa rin first execom family mo ha? :) Mar, sorry talaga L I knew that you wanted to make me SPEV VC. Pero I think mas naging close tayo dahil pareho tayong execom. Grabe we survived our term without being “patapon” in class (I think). Sieg, at first I thought I’d have a hard time because you were so bitchy, but then you’re not that bitchy at all :) I’ll miss your super funny comments! Doroda! Like, OMG! Without you, our term would be “blah”. You’re so sabaw kasi it makes everyone laugh… like when you said “jockstones” and “doggy, did you eat it?” Super level up ng Liai during your term! You did a good job :) CJ, super galing mo talaga. Ikaw yung pinaka-organized sa ating lahat. When we started out, we didn’t have enough funds, but now, super laki ng laman ng bank account ng ecosoc! :) M! Externals became kinky and slutty because of you! Hahaha J Kidding. You’re one of my bestest friends and I’m super happy that I we went through our execom term together. If it weren’t for your advice and support, I would’ve been soooo messed up. ILY bitch! Leslie! I know you know this already, but ikaw yung best Echoes EIC ever! Your first echoes issue is the first one I read from cover to cover. Sorry because I submit my articles and commnews late L Pero omg at least I didn’t test your “boiling point” =)) Kasi takot ako sayo… scary ka kasi magalit :P Pero honestly, you’re one of the nicest persons ever! OMG sana gawing official ecosoc event yung “Tambayan Share” =)) Gel! Super laki ng improvement ng CDC during your two terms! Idol kita kasi super patient mo and super love mo yung kids. Ang cute okay… kasi yung kids, may mommy Gel and daddy Jay ;) hihihi Nandz! Akala ko magiging close lang tayo dahil sa Philo 11 dati, pero OMG mas naging close tayo because of execom! Super happy ako kasi na-change mo yung image ng Acad from “boring and nerdy” to super fun! Mamimiss ko yung super funny “nandz moments” pag meeting :) Karlo, you’re so mean because you tease me about my food baby. But it’s okay because compared to others, you’re nicer to me! If there’s one thing I will never forget, it’s that you reminded me to become a student first, before a leader :) Raymond, you’re the reason why I had the most challenging yet fulfilling task I’ve encountered. Thank you for believing in me and for giving me that opportunity. Grabe kay, dati I just know you because ikaw yung nanalo na King of the night nung Acquiantance party niyo tapos ako yung Queen of the night, but now super close na natin. I know that when you call me fat and ugly, it really means I’m sexy and pretty =))

Len, Jeanne, Lia, Mela, Pakaye, Monique, Gene, Geoff, Jau, Chrissa and Sel, thank you for choosing Seccom and for making it the best committee ever! I could not have done it without you. I’m really happy because I saw how committed you are to our projects. Thea, Gab, Mareca, Rehi, TJ, Louise, I’m so proud of you! Congratulations for passing the application process! New members, welcome to Ecosoc! Ecosocers, thank you for supporting our events. We hope you enjoyed Artista Photoshop workshop, the CDC art workshop, the one and only sparkle club meeting, and the Ecosoc month gallery! Mom and Dad, I know that you missed me a lot because I’m always out because of my org activities. Thank you for supporting me. It really means a lot J Sel, I’m really happy you’re the new Sexytary. I’m just here if you need any help okay? I know you’ll make Seccom sparkle brighter! Okay, I thought that having to write and 850-word commnews was hard, but I realized that it’s not enough (I think I’m at around 1,025 words already) Anyway… HAVE A SPARKLING DAY!

Patricia MaeHermogenes secretary / secretariat

Christine Joy Villanueva treasurer / finance If you love Ecosoc, it will love you back. I can still remember the time when I was just an applicant. I wasn’t active, I didn’t attend commeets because of a Comm 3 class. I didn’t attend genmeets even though I had free time. I attended few events because of he-who-must-not-be-named. Well, thank God I passed. And thanks Ate for it. Siguro nakapasa lang ako kasi we had the same induction ball. Of course, I was NOT an outstanding applicant. I deserved it. I’m not saying that what I did was good, okay? I just want you to know that it is never too late to do something brilliant. Yes, I wasn’t active until second year. Maybe it’s because I found home in Finance. To the new members, I’m sure you’ll also find home in Ecosoc. Congratulations Livewire batch! To the first batch we handled - the ‘Truly’ batch - I’ve always believed in you. Keep it up! I would also like to thank the Finance committee members, both new and old. At last, nanalo na rin ang Finance sa Treasure Hunt. Woohoo! To all my vice chairs: Lia, Pat, Kenna and Niki - super galing nyo. thanks for the great ideas and for really helping out a lot. You contributed much in our events - from selling tickets to collecting the accounts payable of the members, you all did well. Mahirap din maging super kulit ah. Car, thank you for taking part in the activities of the committee, whether major or minor fundraisers. Lianne, thanks for always coming around whenever you’re needed. Rox, thanks a lot for doing countless errands to URC. Sam, thanks for assisting in the movie screenings early this sem. To my senior members - thanks for being active kahit may thesis kayo this sem. Kester, though you’re not always around, your contributions are felt, thank you. Kim, thanks for choosing finance this sem and for doing the tickets for the two screenings. At least this sem, di na ako gumawa ng tickets. Minus one task for me! Thanks also for listening to my every rant and story. Jenny, thanks also for being part of my pub team. Like Kim, you also listened to my blah blahs. Thanks. Reg, for always being in the events and for actively collecting A/Rs, thank you! I would also like to thank Archie for doing errands to URC, ADP and Cerealicious when I couldn’t make it. I would like to thank Horace for representing finance in grand trad, for being our queen and for the pub mats. My most outstanding member, Gilbert, I couldn’t thank you enough. To Dom, I appreciate every stroke you made for the movie posters, and I will never forget “dahil sayo”. Super nakaka-touch kaya yon. Job well done Bettina, Hazel, Simone, Kevin, Elwin and Ica. I hope you enjoyed your application process. Congratulations! To my family - Dad, Mom, Ate and Vince - thanks for the support. Super na-appreciate ko yun. I love you... To the EXECOM, thanks for bringing out the best in me. I’ve learned a lot from working with you. I’ll miss our table, our late night meetings, our YM confe. I love you guys! and congrats to us! Our events were all successful. Great job! :) And to YOU who took part in the events of Ecosoc, thank you! For settling your accounts, playing bingo, helping the environment through planting trees, supporting our movie screenings and other fundraising events, thanks too! Just continue supporting the fundraisers. **Congrats to the new batch of Execom. Lia, I will always be here to help. :)

They say you never know how much you love someone without knowing how it feels to let them go. This gives me comfort in the fact that now I can truly say that I love this org with all my heart. EcoSoc has been a second home for me; it has served as the reason I go to school everyday even on bad days. I cry at the thought that soon we’ll be graduating seniors; graduating being the operative word. But before I think of that, I have to first say goodbye to one of the best things that ever happened to me: being part of the Executive Committee of the best org ever! They say its tough work, but one thing I learned this past year is that if you love the people you work for and with, there’s nothing that makes anything hard to do. Externals has been my home ever since I was an applicant. Being part of this committee made me grow so much as an ecosocer. Being its chairperson for one year is an honor for me. As I pass this throne to the new externals chair, Ella, I realize that there will be a time in one’s life where we do have to let go and sometimes this is not always a bad thing. Ella, you know I love you! I took you as my vice chair because I saw something in you that I know I’ve seen before. You have the same dedication and passion for this org as when I was a new member in Ecosoc. You reminded me of me. I wasn’t mistaken by my choice; you’ve exceeded my expectations and I’m so proud of what you’ve become. Take care of externals, love it with all your heart. I trust that you will keep this family intact. To my beloved team Externals, thank you. Thank you for the ice cream cake, haha. Thank you for keeping up with me. You guys are the reasons why I’ve tried to do everything I could do for this committee. Trust me, it was all worth it. To the apps, who I hope are now members of the society. Love this org with all your heart. Now is the time to make wonderful memories together, and trust me at the end of it all, you’ll realize that the bulk of your whole college experience has been based on EcoSoc and the people you’ve met in it. To the Execom (with tears in my eyes, hahaha), it’s over and done with. 1 year just drove by so fast and we’re having a lot of ‘LASTs’. Last execom meeting, last deliberation session, last commnews, last few chances of sitting down together in the execom table and having the best time of our lives. Famous last words (inside jokes, sorry if the reader doesn’t get it): Raymond = Hindi ako nagising! Karlo = We are students first before we are leaders. Nandz = Pwede ako, pero ayoko lang pumunta. Gel = Hindi nakakatawa, Roda. Leslie = What the fuck, CJ? CJ = Ayoko na, sayang boses ko. Roda = Doggie, did you eat it? Sieg = Ganda, its Corrrrdu. Triszh = Im sorry! (with facial expression) Mar = Bili tayo ng 1.5! Ogie = No guys, kaya yan. The extent to our friendship has gone beyond what our work as the execom calls for. The numerous laugh trip sessions during execom meeting, our cranky moments and our sabaw moments are those which are at the top of my head as I write this. We’ve built a scrapbook of memories we will all look back to and smile at. And I am proud to say that EcoSoc has been that scrapbook at which we write down our memories. Execom 08-09, I love you, thank you for making it all worth it. Maui Rabuco, External Affairs Chairperson, signing off.

Maureen Joy Rabuco PRO / external affairs

Ernandi Roxas academic affairs I will miss everything… I never realized na magiging ganito kabilis at kasaya ang isang year. Thank you ECOSOC! Yeyyyyy! So, hello ECOSOCers! This is the last commnews of my life and I can genuinely feel the END of the most memorable journey of my life yet. Pero I won’t dwell on the sadness and instead dedicate this whole commnews to all the people who were with me in this journey! THANK YOU! Honestly, I was not an extraordinary applicant nor an extraordinary member before. Kasi, I chose to prioritize my academics so much more than the org. I always do what is asked of me since I was a vice chair but less often ako magtambay. This past two semesters allowed me to know and be myself more. Kaya ko pala! The two sems made me realize that ECOSOC is a family… Members, you were all the witness of how I started in the org so thank you for putting me in the position I will regret not taking. Thank you for supporting the events of Acad! Salamat sa pakikinig sa akin pag-genmeet! And, thank you for loving ECOSOC as much as I do now! Keep it up! For the record, I was with Acad since I was an applicant. Although it is not the most attractive-sounding committee, I instantly saw what the committee really is for and realized the value of what we do. Ever since, I was very passionate of everything about the committee. Masaya maging Acad…wala ng iba :) To all the people who shared this passion with me, thank you! Chrissie, Pat, Diane, Sol and Zim, thank you for giving your best sa committee! I am excited to see how you’ll be as members. Congrats! Aira, I know you are always willing to help, Congrats dahil gagraduate ka na! Mashee, I hope you enjoyed your stay sa committee. Sabi sa iyo maeenjoy mo naman kahit may thesis! Inna, I know super busy mo this sem so thanks for your valuable insights kasi it helped me a lot with my decisions. Nikko, sana ay inenjoy mo rin ung stay mo sa committee. Thank you for asking palagi how you can help. Ria, thank you for being mataray kasi it reminds me to be my best always. Wala ka kasing pinalampas na flaws ko. Anjo and Cheyence, you can’t imagine how important you are in Acad. Maasahan ko kayong dalawa parati. You always do it good together! Nads, thank you for bringing joy sa mga meetings natin. I appreciate your being active kahit BAA ka na. Marian, super thank you kasi nakikita ko ang dedication mo for our work. Sana ay magkaroon ka pa ng maraming opportunities! Cheenie, you did a good job! Sana ay ipagpatuloy mo pa ang kasipagan at pagbebenta ng mantou para dumami ang pera natin. Reuel, you’ll always be our queen of heart. Thank you for being very hyper and passionate sa committee and sa work natin. Cathy, I admire your every work. You are one of the best leader and follower na nakilala ko! I know mas malayo pa ang mararating mo. Cocoy, sana ay malabas mo na fully ang leader inside you. Sorry for stressing you a lot and thank you for being very hardworking. Dean, I am so lucky to have a vice chair like you. Thank you for being very eager and hardworking sa tasks mo. I know the committee is in good hands. Now, I am very happy to see how Acad has become. I had been always saying how happy I become kapag complete tayo sa commeet! Good luck to all our future endeavors. Magsasama-sama pa tayo next sem promise :) Yey! Fun maging Execom! Aside from leading and moulding the whole organization, I was very lucky to work with the 11 most wonderful people in the org. Execom, we may have differences, disagreements and conflicts pero we surely enjoyed lahat ng pag-aaway then pagbabati natin, for the benefit of the org. Sa dulo naman, laging ung best for the org ang nagiging decisions natin! I will never forget all our happy meetings – ym meeting, plansemsss, midsmems, delibs, execom meetings and many more meetingssss! Talagang sama-sama natin dinala lahat ng pressures, stress at crankiness ng bawat isa…Salamat! Raymond, Karlo, Gel, Leslie, Maui, CJ, Roda, Sieg, Marianne, Triszh and Ogie, you’re the best teammates na nakilala ko! I know the bond we created will not end kahit hindi na tayo Execom! Thank you sexycom! And now as I finally finish this last commnews, nahihirapan akong hindi maging sad about everything that I’ll be leaving…………making my commeet agenda, commeet TBAs na lagi akong talo, pag-aannounce sa genmeet, serious execom meeting, sabaw execom meetings, o.c.ness before events, crankiness pag event itself, NYC, writing my commnews kahit late, pagpapacute sa SE101 at marami pang iba! Pero above everything else, I am really happy! Masaya ako kasi naging Execom ako! Masaya ako sa Acad! Masaya akong maging simpleng ECOSOCer! Yeyyyyyyyyy! :D One year was really fast pero super worthwhile. THANK YOU ECOSOC!!! …I will really miss the whole experience!

Last commnews ever! Oh no, I’m not yet readyyy. Hahaha. Let me start by saying that the past year was one of the best years, if not the best year of my life so far. If I had to do it all over again, even with all the stressss, and by stress I mean STREESS, haha, I wouldn’t mind. Hindi ko maexplain yung joy na nakukuha ko from CDC and Execom work. Sobrang love ko lang talaga ang CDC, and of course, ang EcoSoc. Just thinking about graduation, yung wala na ito next year, di nako nasa tambayan everyday, di nako mag CCDC, alumni na ako basta nakakasad ng super. Yuck ang emo na. Anyway, ayun, I love EcoSoc so much. : ) I will miss the EXECOM! Like, super! Congrats to us! We’ve done it! SEXYCOOM! Honestly kaya medyo nahihirapan ako mag-let go haha sa fact na di na tayo execom, dahil sa inyoo. Parang mamimiss ko ng sobra mag work with you guys. Nandz, Leslie, Maui, CJ, Roda, Sieg, Trizsh, Marianne, Ogie, Karlo and Raymond- thank you so much for the experience, I really enjoyed working with you. Aww I think I’m going to cry. Sobrang bonded natin. This was one of the best teams I’ve been in. I will miss our sabaw meetings, Nandz’s “pwede ako pero ayaw ko” hirits, Leslie’s contras, CJ”s sungit moments (wtf CJ? Uyy nakakarelate na si Trizsh hehe), Maui’s nails hahaha, Roda’s doggie moments, Sieg’s brief! (hahaha), Trizsh’s “I’m sorry!”, Marianne being comforted by Roda using her foot haha, Ogie’s patay na kuko hahaha, Karlo’s itsura during our 4am CorDu meeting, Raymond hating the name “Sexycom”, yung ipis dati sa Bataan nung candle, yung 6 hours na candle session, yung naghanap tayo ng tao kung saan saan sa CorDu- awww I will miss laughing with you guys! Ang dami nating inside jokes haha, goes to show how we really enjoy ourselves when we’re together. I will miss you talaga! I love you all. : ) To my CDC family!!! Can I just say na ang swerte ko sa apps? Mhela, Mik, Lia, David, Jade, Myk and Perssobrang saya ko sa inyo, as in! Very very good job! Thanks so much for really putting into heart what CDC is all about. I’d know I will see you all next sem, and still here in CDC kasi bagay talaga kayo here. You guys make me extremely happy and proud. Plus nagging friends ko na rin kayo. Naiiyak ako ano ba hahaha. Wala, sobrang thank you talaga! Swerte rin ako sa members! Aww naiiyak ako talaga. I love you all and I will really miss being your commhead. Terry- Ondoy stories! Thank you for for making us laugh! Iyam- thank you for all your heeelp, kahit may thesis! Mel- thank you for your help lalo na pag medmission! Demet- tahimik ka lang pero I know you have hidden kulo hehe. Thank for everything! Gen- I’m glad you chose CDC! Thanks super! Calabs- pakita ka nga! Haha. Pero natuwa ako nung pumunta kang tribute haha thanks! Carole- bilib na bilib ako on how you handle kids! Thanks so much for everything! Totoy- aww I know you’re always there for support and to make us laugh, thank you! Matel- thank you sa load! Haha joke lang. Thanks sa friendship and thanks for everything! Kat- thanks kasi di ka naiinis pag inaasar kita na di marunong mag jeep hahaha. Aww thanks for everything! Faye- kayo na nga yung future like what I said to you and I’m happy about that. Ang galing mo, you have such a good heart! Stay in CDC forever! Hannah- omg optimal choice, love is in the air. I love how you love the kids that we help. Aww. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter sa CDC! Darrel- mean ka man on the outside at times haha, I know that deep inside you’re a very good person. Thank you for being my VC for two sems! PS I understand kaya and I miss you. Jay- it’s your turn now, I know CDC will be in very good hands. Thank you for all the help sa CDC. And and, alam mo naman how important you are to me eh hehe. Jaaay. : ) I will still be here next sem for the kids so I will not say bye first. Super love ko yung mga Ricarte and Balara kids. I found friends there who I will remember for the rest of my life. : ) Also to my Ishies hahaha Leslie and Marianne, wala lang. Remember my text before when we were starting? Wala lang. Thank you rin for being my super friends! And sige na nga, Jamoy! Hahaha I can’t believe I’m mentioning you. Kulang ka pa ng CDC haha. And also to my family, Dad, Mom, Becky, Carlo, Therese, Luisa and especially my Matty! Thanks for brining joy and happiness. I love you! Sige na bye na. Huhuhu. Future generations, love EcoSoc and CDC well okay? Please. Byee naa and thank you. Huuu teaaars. Go CDC! Go EcoSoc!

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I’ve always said that making Echoes is like going through childbirth.

You have to prepare weeks in advance before the ‘baby’ comes in order to ensure a safe and proper delivery. In Echoes speak, that’s wooing numerous writers weeks before to make sure they wholeheartedly commit to writing their article of choice. Or in special cases, article of requirement. On the night before the release, stress levels are at an all-time high -- endless string of curses directed at our slow processors, temporary rage for the last minute writers, late night to early morning layout sessions (how can I ever forget calling up Mia at around 5 am because the logo of Wendy’s was cut in half?), illegal fonts that InDesign unexpectedly recognizes and refuses to export. As I’ve deliberately pointed out, there are a lot of hidden struggles in the production of Echoes (I even have fights with the SC people to make Echoes their number one priority in terms of printing). Imagine having 6 childbirths in a year. That’s STRESS raised to the highest survival level. Funny thing is, despite these life-defying factors, given the chance, I won’t mind doing it a thousand times over :) Why? Because each release miraculously cleans the slate and suddenly, every crappy bit is worth it. --To all the writers, layout artists and photographers I have worked with, thank you for inspiring me. Art is our short-lived escape from all the Economic stuff that we have to go through every day. Thank you for choosing Echoes as your outlet. Continue doing what you’re all good at. I will sincerely miss talking to you about your assignments because from your inputs alone, I have learned a lot. (Extra hugs for those who submit on time!) My dear editors, it has been my pleasure and a source of happiness to have worked with all of you during my last two semesters as EIC. I keep saying that you’re the best set of editors that I could ever ask for and I’m not really sure repeating it one more time would make a difference. But, for what it’s worth, thank you thank you thank you. Tin, congratulations for fulfilling your New Year’s resolution! Sobrang natuwa ako dun sa letter mo. It feels good to know that BA hasn’t changed you. Thank you for your constant support. Kim, you are one of the few who constantly sees the brighter side of everything. It is undeniable how much love and dedication you have shown in Echoes. I’m so lucky for having a marketing machine in my committee. Goodluck sa lovelife/source of vague entries sa LJ. Yihee. Reyneil, I’m so lucky to be one of the few who have worked with you during the last 2 semesters. You are a good person and I will miss you. Ecosoc will miss you. The CDC kids won’t. Thank you sir for choosing to stay another sem! Also, nakakatouch sobra yung paglayout mo ng news. Patrick, Mr. Aesthetics, thank you for sharing your talent and passion for photography. Don’t stress yourself too much. Enjoy college! Natuwa ako sobra nung nalaman ko na you’re staying. Mia, layout will be downright crazy without you. You put your heart in everything that you do and I’m in luck to have found an amazing layout artist among the sea of *blink blink* new members. Your future is bright. Don’t stop believing! Paolo, I’m entrusting you one of my biggest accomplishments in college. Echoes is more than just a publication; I’m sure you’re aware of this. That’s why it is with confidence and high expectations that I am handing this committee to you. Enjoy it as much as you can. Also, it won’t hurt to smile more often. To my Echoes kids: Irene, Kenneth, Kevin, Sue and Avril, welcome to Ecosoc! I tried my best to show you how fun it is to be part of this organization. Now that you are, hold on to that enthusiasm. Be active, stay active! I hope with all my heart that you will turn out to be the great members that I expect you to be. College is and will be the best time of your life. Have fuuun :) I’m always here, just in case you get drunk and need a ride home.

I will miss all the nagging, texting and brainstorming that this wonderful committee entails. Now that you’re free, I pray that my commeet voice doesn’t haunt you in your sleep. --Being an Execom is an honor that I couldn’t equate with anything else. I’m so fortunate to have been given this opportunity, this privilege of guiding such a noble organization, which served as a second home to many. Execom, I love you! I’m so proud of us and what we have become. Thank you for putting up with my crankiness and petty annoyance with smileys. I will sorely miss our meetings, whether CJ is in a good mood or not. Our relationship as a committee is truly remarkable. (Naiiyak na meee~) Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. Future execom, letting go of this position is a lot harder than I thought. I took this responsibility seriously and held it close to my heart and I could only pray that you will do the same. Never stop challenging what you and your committee could do. Respect each other, love each other. Find it in your heart to understand what this organization represents. Everything will come naturally after that. Well, that has been life-changing. Thank you Ecosoc :)

We begin life with few obligations. We pledge allegiance to the flag. We swear to return our library books. But as we get older we take vows, make promises, get burden by commitments, to do no harm, to tell the truth and nothing but, to love, to cherish till death do us part. So we just keep running up the tap ‘til we owe everything to everybody and suddenly ... what the. (I’m watching kasi Grey’s Anatomy..kkkay?! :D) It is easy to form attachments to people and things. But it can be a very painful when you realize that it’s time to let go. Even the mere thought of not having that part in your life just squeezes your heart in pain. Here are the People in Roda’s exceptionally charming intense outrageous uproarious sugary life as an execommer… It was for the Grand Alumni Homecoming when I met Jorell. He’s the best applicant that Liai has ever had. Jes was always talking about how this one app makes her kulit for more and more and more Liai work. I honestly thought he was going to make lipat to sports but he did not and look at him now. He’s the most loved person within our committee. Pael and I first worked together in TF then the rest was history. He always makes me feel safe, like everything will be ok just because you said so. I really missed this guy! I’m super happy that he’s back. Kash is known for committee-hopping, but that was before he stuck to Liai for a year. I know I can always count on Kash. He’s the guy who will always be there for Liai when nobody else is. I never took it seriously when Carl first informed me that he’ll join Liai. It was so weird, right? It was fun having him around. Chase did set his goals and worked hard for it. Without Chase, we couldn’t bag Grand Trad. He really worked his ass out for it. Liai life won’t be the same without HAHA! Jes. She’s the unsung hero for all my heroism. LOL! wtf?! HAHAHAH! Anastasia Ysabel Alexis Rivera wants things to run smoothly and therefore reminds me of many things I often forget. She’s like the checklist person. Did you see Fin-Liai-Karlo’s plane last Treasure hunt? Kat lead the making of that! :) She has her priorities but she never failed to deliver for Liai. The goddess Ainna Anglim. She’s simply amazing. We may not see her often but whenever around she’s always bubbly and sweet. She’s into acads ok? That’s why our whole batch is very proud of her. I know Liai will be in the good hands of Maiko. I think she’s been in liai longer than I have been in liai…? :D haha wala lng. Maiko is the sweetest and she’ll charm her way to our alumni :D Oh no! Seniors, let’s go to CDCs with alumni ah! Congratulations to my apps! You all (technically) passed! Hahaha I’m so proud of you guys :) ever soft-spoken Mads, Justin B. with the long hair, the loud-one Avery, girly-girl Kris, outstanding Nadine and sweet-silly Camille. I bet no one believes Triszh when she says that I am maarte, coz I’m not! I’m very blessed that she’s my friend/classmate/co-execom because moments with her is like a rainfall of laughters. Hay naku CJ, naiinis padin ako dun sa TechnoHub thingee. Hahaha I can’t believe that happened to us. Hungry-cranky Maui…Thank you for fixing the pro-forma stuff, I slept thru my 142 classes kasi eh :) Marianne, proby sa AIESEC!! Nyahaha for 1 whole year, we took the same classes, imagine that!?! Si Gel ang pinakaunang na-emo as in right after convoc! Ok whatever. Wala pa us plans for our future! Don’t forget the Beach Resort plan ah.. haha Sorry for the late comnews Leslie. She’s the strict parent as in like scold you/me. When Nandz is not being the nerdy-smart that he is, he can be the funniest guy in the group. You’re so funny :) When we were Ondoy-stranded, Sieg and I learned a sport! He can be a bitch all he want; I don’t care: high na tolerance ko. When it comes to flash, Ogie is the man! Happy 5th year on November :) haha I remembered, nice. Karlo is the most lovable ecosocer, super funny ng corny jokes nya (or super corny ng funny jokes nya), and super sarap awayin ni karlo coz he know that it’s just for fun. Raymz daw is tone-deaf, hindi naman!! Color-blind lng! :) I know I’m super sabaw and non-value-adding in some execom meetings, I’m so so sorry! Letting go of your old self and the process of letting the new you emerge can be one of the scariest experiences in your life. But by leaving behind your old self and taking a leap of faith into the unknown, might just reveal what you are truly capable of becoming. I will never forget the precious moment of being an ecosoc-er/execommer.

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I’ve never really thought Ecosoc would have this effect in my life. Two years ago, I was just inducted as new member, and now here I am trying to search for the right words to put in my final comm news. Forgive me if this comm news will sound cheesy, but, however, it may sound this is how I really feel. Ironic—that’s how I want people to remember my Ecosoc experience. I am just like any other applicant at my time; ordinary. I have had okay interview scores, performed above average in my committee and assigned tasks, and talked to some members and co-applicants. It’s an irony that my comm head chose to nominate me for outstanding applicant. As a member, I am okay. I performed assigned tasks—failed in sponsorship marketing, and surprisingly did well in publicity work. I never really thought of myself as someone who’d be part of the executive committee. Come to think of it, I could actually spell disaster in being an execom. I have mood swings like I’m a model wannabe with an afro. I constantly roll my eyes. Unlike most of the previous execom, I delegate tasks like crazy. My mentors, on the other hand, showed me otherwise. They showed me that I can see potential in other people, and that’s why I assigned them tasks. They showed me that I’m strict and hard headed, but once you’d get to know me you’ll see my softer side. I am forever thankful to Minay, Kuya Myk, Lucie, and Ate Marj for all the faith they had in me. Fate had it’s way, and no matter how unpopular I am to the popular voting group I won. As an execom, I had actually somewhat reinforced what other people say about me—that I’m cranky, and uninspiring. Trust me, I tried. I had to reevaluate what was wrong. I had my alone time thinking what my mentors and those who voted for me saw in me. Suddenly I remembered what Minay told me, “let not being a memcom chair consume you, let it be you.” With that and a help from a few friends, I got back up, and started stronger. I started to love what I do. I, now, see memcom not as work, but as an opportunity to learn from and teach my members and applicants. I want to inspire people, and to show them that they are more than what they think they are. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I can only hope for the best. It’s now time to thank all of the people I worked with as an Execom.

To the best committee ever, thank you! Mykel, Anday, Katz, Dennis, and Noel thank you for understanding that I had to make mistakes to learn, and I thank you more for working with me—contributing in every little way even if you had to deal with more important things. Chase, even if we have had our misunderstandings you’re still one of the most creative person I’ve worked with; congratulations with grand trad. Carlo, you’re very fun to work with! Stay that way, okay? Chesca, I see great deal of myself in you. Continue to love your Ecosoc. Donna, you add diversity to memcom. :) Jamoy, you’ll forever be my girl version. We know why. Cheers to more, coffee, wishsticks, and writing! Jasper, you’re the most respectful member I had. I never expected that from you. Thanks! John, thank you for dealing with the stress. No matter how sabaw you are, you’re great. Remember that. Laurence, you’re the best. Thanks for everything, I couldn’t have done it without your help. Madel, thanks for sacrificing what you had to so you can contribute. Your ideas are breath of fresh air. Misha, thanks for bringing good vibes on every event. Paolo, your love for ecosoc is immeasurable. Regi, you surprised me more than anybody else. Continue being active, you’ll do wonders. Yka, thank you for bearing with my crankiness. Gossip Go! To the sexycom, thank you for everything! I learned a lot. To my comm heads, thank you for guiding me. Karlo, you’ve taught me to trust my decisions no matter how unpopular they are. Thanks for that. You’re great! Raymond, you’ve become more than a mentor, you’re a friend. Thanks for everything. To my babies, Truly and Livewire apps love Ecosoc it’ll love you back. Trust me in this. I love you all! To my successor, thank you for being a great VC. Take care of Ecosoc and its members. “Let not being a memcom chair consume you, let it be you.” Viel Gluck! To all my friends and family, thank you for understanding and supporting me no matter what. To those I forgot to thank, insert your name here: And thank you to _____________. So, Ecosoc did teach me a lot of things about myself and other people. I now understand why a lot of people say that you learn a lot of things outside the four walls of the classroom. Ecosoc is one great avenue for that type of learning. I’ve once said that my relationship with Ecosoc is the love-hate type. Now , I am confident that it’s a love-hate relationship skewed on the love side. Stay perky everyone! Sieg Post script. You can now tell the pope that the bitch is back.


1 kilo of evil brains of a goddess 1 kilo of loving heart of a king 2 cups of understanding vice chairs 2 cups of bibo and cute vice chairs 18 chunks of sweet and active members and applicants 11 sets of open arms I’ve been with SPEV since I was an applicant. I chose to stay because I was flattered when my former mentor, Ida, chose my proposed challenge to be part of the Scavenger Hunt. Aside from being flattered, I realized that I have what it takes to be part of this very prestigious committee. I used to believe that I was that evil and I was that capable of thinking very challenging events for the members. SPEV used to make “pahirap” to the members. SPEV used to be the deities of ECOSOC until Raymond’s term. During Rayms’s term, he approached SPEV differently. He showed that anyone can be part of and is very much welcome in SPEV and the events made were for the delight of all ECOSOCers. Though challenges remained tough and tricky, his events were mostly for FUN, mostly for the enjoyment of the members. He showed a lot of care and shared a loving heart to the members. Let it simmer for 4 fun semesters. Then, I decided to run for the Special Events Chairperson position. Let it simmer for 2 more semesters. During the first half of my term, everything felt new. Despite being part of SPEV since my app days, it felt different. Only then I knew that being a SPEV chair is not an easy task. It’s not enough that I have evil mind to make special and challenging events nor a loving heart to get everyone’s cooperation and please them at the same time. It was really hard at first. I was too bossy at times and I felt that I pushed some of my members away just to make the events I want possible even if it sounds too ambitious. I was really thankful to the 2 cups of understanding vice chairs that I had for helping me to reach the end of the first half of my term and staying with me especially when I struggled. Thank you, Joy and Rox. During the second half of my term, I tried to ease a bit. I tried to make SPEV a HAPPIIER committee. I know that wasn’t possible without the 18 chunks of sweet and active members and applicants, including, of course, the 2 cups of bibo and cute vice chairs I have right now. “Thank you” is not enough, but still thanks anyway. Salamat Andre at Aaron, at sobrang pinasaya niyo ang SPEV! :) Thanks Cole, Josh, Vina, Mocca, Myra, Noreen, Reine, Ryan, Joy, Jo and Jessie for making my last semester as SPEV chair really fulfilling and for making happy and special events with me. Last, but definitely not the least, for 1 wonderful term, add the 11 sets of open arms, always ready to serve, lead and take care of everyone. I’m super grateful for the 2 semesters of friendship that, for sure, I will treasure even after our term. I will definitely miss working with all of you. Thanks Rayms, all hands up ako sa’yo. You did a great job not only in AdHoc, but in the Execom and the whole ECOSOC as well. Salamat Karlo, para sa mga sabaw moments at sa favorite video na shinare mo sakin, yung kay Einstein! Treats, thank you, you’ll know the Execom YM secret soon! CJ (seej!), kahit na maliit (mahina) boses mo, sobrang big time ng mga fund raisers mo, good job! Maui, sobrang fave moment ko yung nagfry tayo ng 60+ na galunggong nung plansem, panalo! Nandz, sobrang wala nang tatalo sa energy mo kapag genmeet, galing! Gel, housewife. Joke! The best CDC chair ever, yung love mo for the kids never nag-fade, laging kitang-kita sa’yo yun and sobrang hinahangaan kita para dun. Leslie, never nagkaroon ng boring issue ang Echoes dahil sa’yo kasi sobrang galing na kaya mong siksikin ng sobrang gagandang articles yung Echoes. At ikaw nga pala ang Nanay namin sa Execom! Doroda, “Doggeeeh, did you eat eat?” Sobrang thankful ako na naging close tayo dahil sa Execom, sobrang tinetreasure kita as a friend! Sieg (zieg), promise, I’ll feed you…soon! Thanks for teaching me to show grace under pressure! :P and Ogie, hanga ako sa puso na pinapakita mo para sa ECOSOC, good luck and congratulations. Sobrang mahal ko kayo! :) PS: Congrats A! J I know you’ll do a great job! And yes, you made me proud! :D TRIVIA: Gender trend in SPEV chairs—Enteng, Ida, Rayms, Mar, A. After A, will the trend continue? PPS: Congratulations to Kelvin, Carrie, Ralph and Chello for passing the application process. I am so proud of you! :) Love and take care of ECOSOC okay?

Marianne Rosario special events

Oliver Godfrey Enriquez sports First of all congratulations to all the new members of EcoSoc! Yey! I hope that even though the application process is done, the effort and dedication you have shown would not die down. Continue to explore EcoSoc and I hope that as you course through the years you’d find the love and the passion for what EcoSoc is and for what it stands for. It is that time of year once again, the time where your feelings are on a high. A feeling of bliss and gratitude since the work is done. And yet you feel a bit of a heartache thinking about the things that have made the past year worthwhile, the jokes and the laughter, the arguments that you go through laugh about a week later --- things that may be simple but whose value is felt only nearing the end. To EcoSoc: I am proud to have been able to serve you for the past year. Thank you for believing in me and re-electing me as your Sports Chairperson. Looking back, I firmly believe that this year has been a wonderful year for EcoSoc. I hope and pray that EcoSoc would continue towards the path laid down by not only my colleagues, but by you, and EcoSoc’s 51 marvellous years. Let us work together to keep the flame of service, excellence and tradition alive in our hearts and ingrained in our minds. To my dearest committee: It has been such a privilege to have worked with such a wonderful and talented group. Thank you for coming along with me in our journey in EcoSoc. Throughout this journey I surely have learned so much from all of you and that somehow you guys have learned some things form me as well. I’ll surely miss our commeets! I don’t think we’ve had a commeet without cracking a joke or two, may it be green or not (mostly green *wink wink*). I’ll miss having to think of a battle cry and making Bianca scream at her high pitched voice and then rushing back inside the tambayan. Cliché as it may sound; I believe that this COMMITEE IS COMPRISED OF THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE IN EcoSoc! I love all of you! And once again thank you. PS: Congratulations Van, As you begin your own journey as the new sports chairperson, I hope you would find the same joy and passion that I have found for the past year. I know that sports is in good hands. To the execom: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your team. I am thankful that it has allowed our fates to cross. At first I was afraid that I might not fit in knowing that before everything I only knew some of you. It turned out you guys welcomed me with wide open arms. I never would have been close friends with you if not for the opportunity you guys have given me. I am forever grateful. As Corinne Bailey Ray sang: “You have appeared into my life, things will never be the same.” We have been through so much and I’m really thankful that destiny has brought all of us together. I will really miss everything, from all the side comments that have made all of us laugh and those that have made us cry, to the late nights in the tambayan just talking (tambayan share!). It is true when they say that it’s so hard to let go-especially when you’ve fallen in love. Just like a kid who was able to ride his first ever big-boy roller coaster with its surprise turns, bumps and loops, the thrill of the ride has made everything more significant – you have made every experience truly more meaningful. Guys, I just want to say that I value our friendship and our team. Forming an attachment to our group has been so easy and yet letting go is so difficult. Knowing that things that we do together as execom won’t be there anymore, it just squeezes my heart in pain, especially now writing this. I have never said it out loud but I can’t let things pass without saying: From the bottom of my heart, I love you execom.















The Finance Committee would like to thank:


The Finance Committee would like to thank:


The Adhoc Committee would like to thank:


The Adhoc Committee would like to thank:


Echoes would like to thank:


Team NYC6 would like to thank:

51st year in a Capsule. An Open Letter to the FUTUUUURE

Hello Future Ecosocers! It’s me. The president of this great organization way back in 2009. I’d like to immortalize the 51st year of Ecosoc by putting this inside the Time Capsule. I hope that with this, you can get a glimpse of how it was to be an Ecosocer back when the year was 2009. Did you know that there has been evidence to support that Ecosoc was not established in 1958? Lucy Lopez, a former Echoes Editor-in-Chief, found a logo of the organization in one of the yearbooks dated 1956! Although a simple logo inclusion cannot conclude that UP Ecosoc existed before 1958; during this time our knowledge is that Ecosoc was established in September 1958 and the first president was Godofredo Bamba. The 51st year. If you think about it, the whole year that we have spent is actually the organization’s 50th year. Since the 50th year has been celebrated already, the Execom decided that it’s the perfect time to concentrate on the socio civic causes of our organization. At the start of our term, our goal was to lay the path which we hope Ecosoc will grow into. We decided to focus more on the fact that our beloved organization is first and foremost a socio-civic organization. We have envisioned ourselves to be the prime movers of youth dynamism. With this in mind, we began with ourselves. We started by evaluating ourselves so we’d know where we should improve at in terms of our leadership and work ethics. During this year, we have increased the budget of the Monday CDC’s. Since we consider the children’s learning to be top priority, changes were made regarding the manner in which Monday tutorials were conducted. Aside from intensifying our socio-civic nature, the organization also upheld its excellence. During this year, Ecosoc had an ACLE, and it anything but ordinary; our guest was Senator Kiko Pangilinan. We also made a campaign to empower the youth and promote nationalism, not only to Ecosocers, but around the University as well. This was the driving force of Juan Republic, and to cap-off the campaign, we had a culminating party entitled Manila! Manila! For the whole year also, the organization organized three movie screenings, to raise funds for the Ecosoc Fund. This funds all the internal committees of Ecosoc. This was also the year when we have developed close ties with friends from the different Econ organizations. We have spearheaded the Friendship week, the week where the three organizations literally expressed a sense of unity by removing all the borders of the tambayan and sharing one big SE room. This year, we were able to witness an upsurge in the number of applicants, something that Ecosoc hasn’t seen in recent years. September brought a lot of Ecosoc month events -- to name a few we had the Grand Tradition and the CDC Caravan. And to culminate the month in which Ecosoc was established, we made the Ecosoc Adhoc, Zero Hour, FREE! That’s something you don’t see everyday. The year ended with the induction of the new Execom and the new members. I am proud to say that after the elections, only one position was left vacant (better than last year) and despite the fact that a lot fought for a position (though this is still good since more people are willing to commit themselves to a year’s worth of selfless service), our elections were clean, efficient, and peaceful. Also, it is to be noted that a large number of applicants resulted to a large number of new members, bringing our total number of members to roughly 200! This is how we did it back in 2009. Our year connected the first fifty years of Ecosoc to the next. I can say definitely, we made history.


Committe ReCipes A committee is like a good meal: cook it right and you’re rewarded with a serving no one would ever forget; cook it wrong and, well, prepare to flush whatever you regurgitate. Here’s what it takes to whip up a fresh batch of your favorite Ecosoc committees.

oVeRFLoWiNG-WitH-LoVe stRAWBeRRY-FiLLeD CDC CooKies By Jay Tolentino

Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 2–3 minutes


By Dean Dulay and Cocoy Licaros It’s simple on the outside, explosive on the inside, and it comes in different flavors. Preparation Time: as long as something isn’t perfect Cooking Time: simmer for a semester’s worth of sleepless nights Ingredients: a handful of sexiness boatloads of sheer intellect several buckets of patience twelve sacks of hard work a bajillion kilograms of awesome Put in blender, blend till hot and crispy or fork tender.

Ingredients: 2,789 cups of love 1,589 kg of patience 957 ¾ tbsp of dedication 889 ½ kg of heart 777 pitchers of sincerity 674 ½ cups of care 590 tbsp of understanding 532 ½ cups of happiness 532 ¼ glasses of joy 197 cans of laughter 1. Pre-heat your heart to 350°F. 2. Sift/filter first your pitchers of Sincerity and make sure it is 100% pure 3. Cream together Patience and Understanding, and mix with Dedication. 4. Carefully put in all cups of Care, make sure that there are no spills. 5. Add in your glasses of Joy together with your cups of Happiness. 6. Set aside cans of Laughter, open 2-3 cans simultaneously every now and then. 7. Sprinkle all of your love and then start baking. :) 8. Serve with open arms and share with everybody. (Suggested Serving: One cookie per day. Good for your body, mind and heart. These cookies don’t spoil.)



By Echoes

By Ella Parel

Ingredients: 7 corny tortillas 1 medium-sized brainstorm, chopped 1 clove of spelling, minced 0 piece of comma, spliced 5 cups of grammar salsa 3 tbsp. of OC paste 12 cups of creative juice (concentrated) 1 cup of canned crushed sleeping patterns Olive and CMYK oil ½ lb of aesthetic cheese, grated A handful of persistence and charm 1 cup of witty cream Half a head of EIC lettuce

Ingredients: ½ cup “friendly” guys ½ cup dedicated gals ¼ cup heartthrob singers ¼ cup exotic dancers ¼ cup talented writers ¼ cup impromptu hosts ¼ tbsp laude candidates ¼ tbsp sweet lovers ¼ tbsp classy people 2 tbsp jpes reps 1 tbsp philces rep A sprinkle of cuteness A pinch of awesomeness

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Or whatever is your boiling point. 2. Sauté up the chopped, minced and spliced ingredients then turn off the heat. Add 1 cup of grammar salsa. Dissolve the OC paste to make sure you were thorough. This will serve as the sauce. 3. Put some olive and CMYK oil on the bottom of a large casserole pan. Take a corny tortilla then roll it up (This is how we roll!! Get it) and place it in the casserole pan. Add sauce to the top of the tortillas in the casserole pan. Make sure all are covered with the sauce. If not, panic. Cover the whole thing with the rest of the grated aesthetic cheese. Put the casserole in the oven for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts. Serve with sliced EIC lettuce that has been dressed only with stressed vinegar and salt.

1. Mix all ingredients together. 2. Add a little bit of social awareness, events management and external relations to taste. 3. Top it with an excellent chairperson. 4. Bake it an oven for two semesters. 5. Chill and enjoy.

Serves 100.

Makes 17 servings.

FiNANCe CLAm CAsiNo By Kenna Barit

This dish is flavored with casino, a topping for cash, usually of Accounts Receivables, made of movie showings, treeplanting, and BINGO tickets. Sometimes, fin mems are simply topped with sexiness and fierce a la Matrix mixture. Preparation time: $$$ Ingredients: 4 slices of movie tickets 2 rolls of bingo balls 1 tbsp of tree seeds 14 tsps of face value 10 g of charisma 17 g of fierce attitude 24 cups of Ate CJ’s love Marinade the movie tickets overnight. Combine with the bingo rolls and sprinkle a tablespoon of tree seeds. Blend the teaspoons of face value and the fierce attitude. Don’t forget to mix some charisma. Top each of the slices with the right blend of face value, fierceness, and charisma. Arrange the slices in a shallow baking pan. Bake at 425°F for 10-15 minutes. There is no better way to serve it than with Ate CJ’s love.

LiAi pie

By Jess Sanchez CRUST: The Foundation and Base 50 cups love for Ecosoc 2 kg love for alumni 2 kg appreciation for the alumni 2 cups good communication 2 tbsp database management skills FILLING: The Core, Essence and Spirit 1 million great memories and moments in Liai 399 patak ng pawis sa kasasagot ng Liai commeet games Dalawampung tulo ng laway sa kakatawa tuwing Liai bonding 1 tumpok ng kulot na buhok ni Jorell 5 bags of chocolate from Roda during commeets 1 bonding trip to CME c/o Jorell 1 summer trip to EK 3 bags of wet clothes from running (and winning) in Treasure Hunt 17 handfuls of talent and teamwork to win Grand Trad 1 strong family [10 members (Maiko, Jorell, Jes, Kash, Chase, Sushi, Karl, Kat, Ainna and Pael), 6 apps (Nadine, Kris, Camille, Madz, Justin and Avery), and 1 Roda] 17 people who work together and aim to make every alumnus feel that Ecosoc will always be their home

Of course, Finance Clam Casino recipe serves everyone!

spANisH BReAD a la memcom By Chesca dela Cruz

This is an all-time favorite bread recipe. Very Pinoy, very Memcom. Dough: 3 cups fierceness ¾ cup hotness 1 tsp creativity and originality 1 cup memcomgoodness! Filling: Crumbs of ideas 1/2 cup cooperation 1½ cups hardwork 1. Mix the ingredients for the dough. 2. Knead the dough. Set aside. 3. While waiting, chi-chi muna plus THINK BIG for the next event. Just post the commnews on the yg. 4. Prepare filling. 5. Bring out pan and spray with charisma. 6. Cut and flatten dough, spread the filling, then roll dough into the crumbs. 7. Bake for 25 minutes. Let it cool, then serve.

seCCom spARKLiNG sURpRise By Seccom

Ingredients: 1 cup smiles ½ cup creativity 8 tbsp OC-ness A dash of gayness (cause it’s fun to be happy!) ½ bottle arsty fartsy essence 1 bag sparkle Pre-heat oven to 375°F (because we’re so hot like that.) Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix with love. Add sugar, spice and everything nice. Mix again, with more love! Bake in a heart-shaped pan for 30 minutes. Cool completely. Decorate with icing and sprinkles. Serve with sparkling water.


eAsiest-WAY-to-CooK spoRts spAGHetti By Bianca Alvaro and Van Valdez

Cook Time: just right Preparation Time: depends on how good you’re handling the Ingredients Ingredients: 1 B.B.B. stick (Bianca’s Buttered Bread) 1 Van’s extra large Vienna Sausage 2 Josh’s packed meatballs 1 block Chiara’s Cheese 4 R.J. Peppers (Red and Jumbo) 2 J.J. Peppers (Jana’s Jalapeño) 2 packs of T.T. Sauce (Therese’s Tomato) 1 pack Annika’s Angel Hair Pasta 1 pack Trixie’s Tortellini Pasta 10 ml Vitamin J (Jes) A drop of Special Ingredient Q half a block of DanBo* Cheese (short for Dave Anabo) a lot of Ogie Doggie Hotdogs (A LOT, literally) a dash of creativity 1 cup unity and teamwork a pinch of kamanyakan (actually depends on how much you want) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Put ingredients in a unique Wednesday Commeet Pot. Boil and simmer for only “just the right” minutes. Add a dash of creativity. Add a cup of unity and teamwork For extra flavor, add a pinch of kamanyakan.

Watch out for the latest seasonings, Salty Gab, Sweet Alex, Sour Enzo, Bitter Henry and Spicy Cocoy! Available soon in stores near you! *DAN-boh; noun; A Swiss-style cheese from Denmark with a red or yellow wax rind and pale yellow interior. Has a firm texture and mildly sweet, nutlike flavor. Regular Danbo has about 45 percent milk fat; the low-fat variety contains only 20 percent fat. (Yes, kahit dito sa cookbook matalino si Dave.)

siNAmpALUKANG speV By A Aw

Instructions: Tons of intensity Handfuls of trust Right amount of fun A dash of creativity 21 Spevers and of course…Sampaloc Let the fun simmer throughout the cooking process. Then, slowly add in the trust. When the trust is cooked thorough, mix in 21 friends. As soon as the ingredients start to get tight, drop in a dash of creativity and wait for the talents to overflow. When it’s steaming, remove the sexiness and give to the VC’s. Add in Sampaloc (may asim pa) and Maggi Magic Sarap™ to taste.

AD HoC mARtiNi

By Paolo Tamase and Chesca de la Cruz This Ad Hoc drink will definitely make you wet and want more. Best served shaken, not stirred. Ingredients: 1 shot Garnier-Raymond on-the-rocks 1 pack Ad Hoc Members’ Knotts Berry 5 drops of Zero Cal (Directors flavor) 5 ml Bacchus (Sugar-Free Energy Drink)-flavored FIC 1 can Infinit Antonov Pizza Hut Inquirer Globe John Robert Powers F&H mix 1 September olive Mix all ingredients in Bibbo! shaker. Pour in Martini amber glass, garnish with olives (picked from the best Ad Hoc team everrrrr!). Best when served by hardworking, resourceful, dedicated, and sexy bartenders. Serve. If symptoms persist, blame it on the adhocol.

tAsKFoRCe Committee CHoWDeR By Karlo Patron

Task Force is made up of five gorgeous directors and over thirty helpful members. They have so willingly given their time and effort for the scholars of ECOSOC. It is a very difficult and challenging job, but there is no more tasteful reward than that of being able to help someone in need. Preparation Time: 15 min. Cooking Time: 40 min. Ingredients: 6 slices of camaraderie, diced 5 great directors, chopped 1 scholarship fund, chopped 2 (14.5 ounce) cans fun 3 large thrusts 4 skinless arguments, discussions and games 3 tablespoons chopped fresh friendship 30 delicious members learning, to taste patience, to taste

1. In a large pot, cook camaraderie until crisp and ready. Remove camaraderie from pan and make sure everyone is ready, always have in the background. 2. Sauté directors in the pot. Give them all the problems they can handle. Add broth and 2 cans of fun. Cover, and simmer for 10 minutes. 3. Add 30 delicious members, 3 tablespoons friendship. Simmer until delicious members are cooked and friendship is tender, about 15 minutes. 4. Stir half and half into soup. Season with learning, and sprinkle patience with the directors and members. Serve.



Whenever I’m asked how the Ecosoc app process had been for me and the other apps, I would have tons of stories to tell, numerous feelings to express and countless experiences to share. So to keep it simple, I’ll compare it to a meal. A very scrumptious meal. As we sat down at this vast dinner table with all the apps, we started with the appetizers – the peanuts. Then, we were able to enjoy talking with fellow apps through the apps orientation, biting into the first pieces of our Ecosoc exposure. It was followed by the intense aroma that swept the room when, at the buffet table, each dish was revealed. It was time for the Acquaintance Party, where we got to know the wonderful people that made up Ecosoc. As we were ready to fill our plates with food, we were presented with our own personal set of utensils: a spoon and a fork, or guardians who would help us through the course of the meal. We slowly ventured into the starters through several events like the Eventology 101 and the Career Talk. With the menu – the sigsheet – as our guide. We then explored and slowly chose our spot on the long table. There were many cuisine types: Japanese, Chinese, American, Pinoy, etc. While settling with our choices, we finally dug into Ecosoc; we were assigned our committees. Yay! I guess it’s evident that we enjoyed the meal, chewing through several fundraisers for our committee, savoring every event, and consuming a sense of success and accomplishment. But just one type of cuisine doesn’t really fill up our plate; we also got a taste of the others through our internships, which tasted as great as our home committees. Let us not forget the existence of the juice bar, necessary to help gulp down the food throughout the course of the meal. What I’m talking about are the CDCs. Being the heart of the Society, it’s also the one that’s needed to efficiently chow down the food. You could pick from iced tea, lemonade, apple juice because there are many CDC activities to choose from: the art workshop, fieldtrips, caravan, among others. Along with our meals, we slowly sipped through our hot soup. It was all the commeets, genmeets, PhilCES and JPES events we went through. And before you know it, it’s already Ecosoc month, where they now bring in the deserts -- the ice cream, the chocolate fountain, and pies, all in one big bang. To cap off the celebration (with the Ad Hoc party), we were served wine. It was fine dining indeed. As the meal drew to a close, we were asked to answer a survey of some sort, which was pretty long. It was the final hurdle, the Final Interview, where we were all assessed on how we experienced the meal and the Society as a whole. Finished with the task, we were given a big cake to finally conclude our journey (Induction Ball). As we slowly made our way out of the Ecosoc restaurant, we were approached by the management team and given our personal membership card. At last, we were now finally part of Ecosoc, where we could always come back for more delightful meals (or even second helpings!).

Taking a Bite of Ecosoc: The App Experience Compared to a Meal By Zim Kho



By Q Quintos and A Aw


Intro: Oh snap! We’re back, and this time minus Jasper “Bords” Chua, to bring you the latest installment of Q & A with Q & A. Since this is Madame Leslie Octaviano’s last echoes release, we the writers of Q & A with Q & A have decided to go back to where it all started: the Q & A with Q & A drop box. For 2 whole days, we have been collecting un-serious questions from members and applicants, which we have answered (100% seriously) to the best of our abilities. Hope we were able to help.

1. For A, pag grumaduate na si Q, sino gusto mong pumalit? For Q, ok lang ba? A: I might just change the column’s name to A has the answers. Q: Haha, swabe niyan pare. A: ‘Yun na lang. Q: Oo, pangit na ‘pag ipilit mo gamit ibang name eh.

2. Nahililo ba kayo kay Jasper at Elwin? A: Yes, always. Kaya nga bords na ‘yung tawag ko sakanilang dalawa... to avoid confusion. Q: Actually, nahihilo na ako just talking about them. 3. Ano message mo kay Ondoy at Pepeng? A: Nice meeting you. Q: Not so nice to meet you, pare. A: Swabe ‘yun! 4. Sinong may advantage sa dancefloor? Q: Si jasper (aka bords). Swabe ng legit dance moves niya, eh. A: ‘Di ko alam e... ang masasabi ko lang na pinakamagaling yung mentor/choreographer namin. Jasper Chua. 5. Bakit double up ang PBB? Gusto niyo sumali? Q: Corny? A: Corny. Pero gusto kong sumali. Gusto na ayaw, eh…’di ko magagawa yung morning habits ko dyan. Q: Call na tayo diyan pare, magandang exposure ‘yan. A: Kahit 100 days and 100 nights? Q: Ay, bawal ka nga mag computer-computer niyan. (If you know what I mean.) A: Bawal… given na aabot tayo sa finals (and for sure aabot tayo sa finals.) Q: Matagal na tiisan ‘yan. 6. For A, pag naging babae si Q, paano mo liligawan? For Q, pag naging babae si A paano mo liligawan? A: Bigyan ko siguro ng BMW, house and lot, at pangkabuhayan showcase. ‘Di ako biro manligaw. Q: Hindi ko na siya liligawan. May BMW, house and lot at kabuhayan showcase na ako, eh. A: Oki ah! 7. Why are you still single? Are you over her? Q: Mahirap may girlfriend ‘pag papasok ka sa bahay ni kuya, eh. A: Matagal-tagal ko na rin kasi pinaghandaan ang pagiging housemate ko. Part ng preparation ‘yung hindi muna pag-gi-girlfriend. Q: Mahirap na. Pano kung mag-fall ka para sa ibang housemates, ‘di ba? A: Exposure din ‘yun!

A: I dont think anyone in econ deserves him. Pwede ba ‘yun o too harsh? Q: Harsh ‘yun, pero you know what they say, the truth hurts.

n q

8. What are the foundations for a successful heterosexual relationship? Q: No one should be homosexual. A: I agree.

9. Who would you hide under your bed? A: Someone ugly. Q: Bakit pangit? A: Kung maganda ‘yan, eh ‘di on top of the bed na. Q: Hahahahaha! A: Or under the blanket. Ikaw? Q: Someone pretty na. Wala naman sinabing forever siyang under dun, eh.

14. If you were a girl, who would you be? A: Virgin Mary? Ikaw, Q? Q: Wala akong dreams maging girl, eh. Pero if I had to choose, I’d the girl na bagay kay Mik. A: You mean the perfect girl, right? 15. Define a “dream girl.” Q: Nasagot na natin to dati, ah. A: Girl you see in your dreams. Next question, parang every issue may ganito, eh.

16. How does one get some? A: Actually, for me, to get some… you either have to ask for it, forcefully take it or purchase it. Pero kung wala talaga, you can always borrow it. Q: NICE… or you can ask your parents to buy you some. Pangit ‘pa “give you some” eh, noh?


10. Bro, how do you court another bro? Q: You don’t. A: You don’t. Q: Nasa bro code ‘yan. C’mon! A: That’s got to be against the bro code. Kung wala, I move for an amendment.

11. How does one have a colorful and wonderful Bromance? A: They should both be homosexual. Q: Correct. 12. If you were a plant in plants vs. zombies, what plant would you be? A: Don’t play that game, eh. Q: I’d be a zombie. Medyo gusto ko na bad boy ‘yung dating ko, eh. Gusto raw ng girls ‘yun, eh. A: Gusto ko maging flower…balita ko mas gusto ng girls ‘yun, eh. Q: Iba pag bad boy, bro. 13. Sinong bagay kay Mik? A: Actually, lahat naman ng girls bagay kay Mik. Q: Actually. A: But if I had to choose 1... Q: Mik’s one heck of a guy.

17. How do you do it? A: The only way I know how… the awesome way. Q: Relax.

18. If you were given a chance to choose your death, how would it be? Q: Next? A: Ako may sagot, eh… gusto ko while having sex. Q: Haha! Mamatay na sa sarap, ah! A: Though medyo sad yung talking about my death. Q: Sabi sayo next, eh. A: Mas ok ata ‘yung buhay parin while having sex. Q: Oo. Mas masarap yun.

19. If you were to die and give your fortune to three people you are not related to, who would they be? Q: #1. Sa mga nag-aayos ng relief goods, wild nung bagyo, eh. A: Kung namatay ako I’d probably have to give part of my fortune the girl having sex with me when I die. The rest sa charity na. Q: Ganda ‘nun… pero if you knew na you’d die na, bat mag-se-save ka pa? Indulge na. Pero the rest (most) for charity na.



Outro: When we put up a drop box, we expected, at the very least, entertaining questions. We are neither fortunetellers, nor are we your academic advisers. We are certainly not gay relationship gurus. (Yes I mean you, Michael Firefly!) In any case, your questions are still greatly appreciated and I hope we were able to answer sufficiently. Hi Leslie! Thanks for giving us the chance to express ourselves! (Editor’s note: No, thank youuu. And congrats A!) For further questions, email us at qawithqa@


The humble SPAM® has been a familiar sight on dining tables and grocery stores for over seven decades, ever since the luncheon meat formerly known as Hormel Spiced Ham was christened as such by the winner of a (re-)naming contest in 1937. The canned pork that hadn’t been flying off the shelves in 1936 then went on to see action in Europe during WWII (fifteen million cans a week were sent to Europe to feed the Allied troops) and eventually, in millions of digestive tracts the world over once it began to be exported (and later produced) outside the United States. But what exactly have we been eating?



Modified Potato Starch

One of the ingredients for the perfect little girl.


Sodium Phosphates


A food additive that extends the shelf life of the food, as well as maintains its appearance and texture. As an emulsifier, it prevents oil separation. Varieties of sodium phosphate are used as leavening agents in baking. One particular type is also an ingredient in soap.

A binding and thickening agent that also regulates taste and moisture in processed food. Also used in the manufacturing of textiles, adhesives, and cosmetics.

Surely everyone is familiar with this. Unfortunately, we’ve had a deluge of it recently. (It’s also an essential compound, which some experts claim half of the world’s population won’t have enough of by 2025.)

Potassium Chloride

A thickener and stabilizer for processed food, potassium chloride can also be consumed to replenish the potassium in the human body. An overdose may lead to cardiac arrest; not surprisingly, potassium chloride is used as a suicide aid.

Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium Nitrte

Sodium nitrite maintains the red coloring of meat. It also enhances the flavor. However, nitrite in food may break down and become nitrosamines. Although adding ascorbic acid has reduced this problem, pregnant women, in particular, are still advised to avoid eating food with nitrite.

A more soluble form of ascorbic acid, more commonly known as Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid preserves the redness of meats and helps prevent the formation of cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines. It also adds to the vitamin content of food. Because of its properties as an antioxidant, ascorbic acid can also be found in cosmetic, skin and hair products.


Together with Pepa, Salt was one of the original performers of the song “Push It”, which was most-recently covered in the second episode of “Glee”.


lo by Mia Astudil How reassuring it is to know that these ingredients are present in non-deadly doses in a tin of SPAM®.

Sources: http:// Wikipedia


tressed with all the acad stuff, org work and household chores? Depressed because you failed an exam or someone broke your heart? Happy your crush said “hi” or you heard good news? Hungry for a snack, or just feeling like a kid at heart?

Eat a scoop of ICE CREAM! What’s not to love, right? Almost everyone loves ice cream. And when asked for their favorites, there are distinct flavors that pop into their minds. But did you know that your favorite ice cream flavor tells you something about your personality and romantic compatibility?




WHAT’S YOUR FLAVA? by kenna barit





A Family Unbreakable By Henryson Tan During the Ecosoc Acquaintance Party held in the School of Economics last July 10, 2009, guardian pairs were auctioned off to the wards. As intended by the guardian-ward program prepared by the Membership Committee, applicants were able to bond with members with the help of guardian-ward tasks. These tasks were designed for fun interaction within the guardian-ward family. Aside from the GW tasks, the guardians were assigned to the wards for guidance during the whole app process, including getting to know the other members via completion of the sigsheet. (Guidance may include continued reminders and moral support.)

basketball game with my GW family. After that, we headed to Go Nuts Donuts for a snack, along with a few other members of Ecosoc who also watched the game. Speaking of snacks, we tried eating UP’s staple food fish balls, kwek-kwek, and kikiam. Honestly speaking, I never really enjoyed eating isaw, but the experience of studying in an environment that enjoys this satisfying treat makes it very enjoyable. I learned to love it as well as I enjoyed the company of my GW family.

The Tambay Week is when applicants are required to have My guardians were Carl Asiddao and Jes Manipon, while at least ten hours of tambay in one week. Different commitmy co-wards included Ica Ducanes, Bettina Ramas, Pers Be- tees commit to fun yet competitive activities that both memtana, Kendrick Cascon, and Nadine Eleazar. Throughout a bers and applicants participate in, the perfect interaction. span of three months, we comAlong with my GW family, we pleted quite a number of GW participated in various games tasks and attended a number of over the course of the Tambay Ecosoc events together. Week. These included the Race of Thunder and the Finance BinMy guardian-ward family and go. Aside from Tambay Week, I have made “tambay” for an my GW family and I also athour in the Ecosoc tambayan tended CDC’s, Sports Cup, and and gotten to know each other Genmeets together. quite well. We wrote information about ourselves including our “Nobody, nobody but you!” My likes and dislikes. We played Pu- Jane Howard GW family, along with other soy Dos together and also wrote members and apps fronted by cards to each other. With faculty Ica Ducanes, made a music members, we took pictures in the photo gallery exhibited at parody of Nobody But You by the Wonder Girls. It really the entrance of the School of Economics. We took an Ikot brought out the fun side of my guardians and co-wards. jeep together. We went to Beach House in beach attire and hung out on the AS Steps. These tasks were a lot of fun, but Throughout the whole bonding experience, I’ve learned a things were just about to get better. lot about myself as well. After this semester, I’m pretty sure that we will continue to share the joy from the experiences UP Fight! Along with my GW Family, we went to the Araneta we spent together during the GW tasks and other moments Coliseum to watch the UP Men’s Senior Basketball Team bat- that made me feel like I belonged to the family that Ecosoc tle it out against the FEU Tamaraws. Although the Maroons really is. did not emerge victorious, it was a lot of fun watching the

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family; Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

[Writer’s Note: Some facts have been slightly altered for dramatic “Quick Gilbert,” Dean said urgently, “what’s first on the list of purposes.] tasks?” Dean Dulay burst into the guardian-ward scene in early 2009 with Kenna Barit, beating the odds and raising three Outstanding Applicants from the Truly Ecosoc batch. However, the title of best guardians eluded them. That was last sem. This sem, Dean is back... with a vengeance. Seeking advice, he sought out the wisest creature in all of Ecosoc.

Gilbert looked at the list. “Eat fishballs.” “Eat fishballs! GW group, deploy!” And like a platoon ready for combat, they charged towards Vinzons at breakneck speed, crushing everything in their path. By the time they were happily munching on several sticks of fishballs, they had left a trail of destruction.

“O Great Ecosoc Cat,” he proclaimed, “what will it take for me to “Check that son of a bitch out, Gilbert,” Regi said, and with one become the best guardian in all the land?” sweeping move, the young guardian put a sticker on the box that said “Eat fishballs.” “You must recruit the best team possible, young one,” the Ecosoc Cat purred. Eating fishballs: owned. “But who?” Dean asked, and the Cat told him of the two unlikeliest people. “That’s crazy!” Dean thought, “but I must respect his wisdom.” And thus, he obeyed the feline’s wishes. For the first member of his team, he traveled to the far east of UP until he reached the shores of CSA. There, he came upon Regi Li.

The group fulfilled several more tasks in this fashion, being able to watch a UAAP game, ride an Ikot together, and create a parody of a top-rated music video, among others. They didn’t know how much they have achieved until fateful one day, during genmeet.

“The member of the month this month,” Master Alegado an“Are you kidding, man?” Regi asked. “You want me to be your nounced, “is none other than Regi Li.” guardian partner? But I’m washed up. No one in Ecosoc believes in me anymore.” The room burst into a standing ovation. With confetti flying in the air, Regi accepted a trophy made of pure gold. “I’m back, baby!” Dean looked him in the eyes. “Regi Li, I believe in you.” Regi yelled while his GW group cheered him on. With tears rolling down his face, Regi embraced Dean. “Let’s do It was the break of dawn, and Dean, Regi, and Gilbert, just having this, man.” completed the task of jogging around the Acad Oval, were looking over the Sunken Garden, watching the sunrise. For their final guardian partner, the two roamed the streets of Ecosoc and found a small-time hustler by the name of Gilbert Bueno. “Where are our wards?” Dean asked. “Ako, guardian?” Gilbert exclaimed. “Ngunit ang bata ko pa!” “What you lack in age, Gilbert,” Dean told him, “you make up for in heart.” “Okay,” Gilbert replied, “like, you know, count me in.” With their team formed, the three were ready to receive their wards. Through the guidance of Membership Master Sieg Alegado, they were bestowed with their wards Cocoy, Hazel, Mads, and Ken. Together, they embarked on the quest to complete the Guardian-Ward challenge before the time runs out.

“The young‘uns are asleep,” Regi replied.

The Legend of Dulay By Kenneth Reyes, Ecosoc’s Finest Guardian-Ward Legends Expert

“That’s good, they need their rest.” A moment of silence passed before Dean extended his fist to his two partners. “What do you say guys? Let’s finish this.” Regi placed his hand for Dean’s fist. “I’m right by your side, Dean.” This was followed by Gilbert’s hand. “Like, you know, snap snap.” No one knows what happened to them after that, whether they succeeded in becoming the best guardians or not. But all who knew of their story didn’t doubt the fact that win or lose, the three, along with their wards, had become LEGENDARY.

Eating Your Way Through College Serving Size 1 page (537 words) Written By: Ray Francisco Ever tried ordering an upsized Coke at McDonald’s and, just for kicks, adding two packs of salt? That rich blend of sodium and carbon hits the spot when you are bombarded with data that need to be regressed, or faced with an all-nighter for a 102 exam that, clearly, no one understands. And although this might not seem safe, anything this good that can keep you awake for an extra hour will surely make you want more. Stress food, comfort food, stress-busters – whatever you may call them – have always been our companions during those long nights of pain and anguish. When we try to learn a three-week lesson in three hours, we stuff ourselves with the weirdest food combinations just to stay awake. It can be a coffee-soda drink or a garlic-Nutella sandwich. Whatever it may be, we search for that exotic taste that will keep us going and going. Satisfying one’s cravings, even if it seems disgusting to others, enables us to go that extra length. In terms of nutritional value, experts say that our cravings are caused by the lack of needed nourishment from our diets, which they have not proven. Cravings are often linked to our current disposition. They are believed to be emotionally or psychologically driven, as people tend to associate food with pleasurable times and places. Perhaps our sudden craving for McDonald’s is our way of saying that we miss those late drunken nights at Coastnet (because McDonald’s is a place for sobering up – a continuing tradition for members and applicants alike); or, that a simple ice cream from Long Island is one’s way of remi-


Such impulses for sweet or creamy food and salty snacks make up the majority of our food cravings. Moreover, our creativity gets the most of us as we try to experiment with such food in order to get the best of both tastes. (Who are guilty of dipping their French fries into their ice cream sundae?) I am no food critic, but I know for a fact that certain tastes work. I mean, who would have thought siomai and mayo would go hand-in-hand in creating the heaviest fifteen-peso meal? Steamy popcorn with chocolate chip is the gooiest, yet probably most brilliant idea one had come up for a movielover’s snack. Although a majority of these experiments often fail, we have patronized such innovation, even hoping that, just maybe, we would create the next best thing in the food industry – or simply a good snack we could indulge on.

niscing what used to be a favorite stress reliever taken with one’s significant other, hypothetically speaking. Yes, cravings are linked to our emotions. If your friend is gaining weight, he is possibly dealing with a variety of pressures, either in academics or even in love life – right, Jay? My all-time favorite stress-buster would be a combination of almonds, raisins and dark chocolate. It tastes like black forest, only better – an explosion of flavors that is surely addictive especially for chocoholics, like yours truly. Studying for an exam and aiming for an uno is a walk in the park with this loyal companion.


P.S. Thank you to Kim Dayag for translating my article in the previous issue in Filipino. Mabuhay ka!


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