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The Lighter Side of Love is the literary folio published by members and applicants of the University of the Philippines Ecosonomics Society.

Copyright 2009

embrace the sunlight’s return for a celebration of its simplicity keeps alive the meaningful

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A Photographer speaks words Mistakes First love Gold swirls Istoker Anniversary A note under under my pillow Playtime SunRise Truth You > Poem If you would like Smoke Rainy day Konkretoing Tula Stranger Wind beneath my wings First sight Number 1 Skip a bit Love affair with everything Filipino Critical hit! Sonnet 143 An Old Feeling 200 beats per minute Under the Coconut Tree Cleopatra April 28, 2008 A Love Poem Peb. 14 I love you anyway

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January 26, 2009 November 16, 2007 Taking charge Hobbies Random thoughts Honorable mention Take my hand F (Love) = (ROYGBIV)-1 Plane ticket My little red balloon Struggle Click! Love letters Do You It was you! Buzzkill Heroics Moving on All you need to know about Math 100 (for now); you, the one you ove and the one who loves you Forbidden puppy love Hug Moonlight Sonata Reflection of Passion Waters Royalty Harmony Puppy Love Spirals

A photographer speaks words tivoli I lock the aperture mindfully And go trough the numbers While the world blurs and warps And all that’s left is you. Treacherous light is mine To mold and bend at will. My world-canvas fades to black for my chiaroscuro and you. Be still my hand, my breath. And my universe stops in reverence, For you are my perfect moment And these are my thousand words.


Mistakes the Jwill We all make mistakes. Whether it’s waiting in the wrong line during reg, missing the school bus going home, or something as simple as falling off your bike, we have all made mistakes. The only thing we can do is live with them, and more importantly, learn from them; so that next time, we’ll know better. But here I am again. Still waiting. Still missing.. Still falling‌ Asking you to make the same mistakes with me again.

First Love Anonymous I remember the days when we were young, When I barely could read and you hardly could write; When we rode the swing under the wrinkled tree, With my checkered blue polo and your yellow dress. I remember the days when we were free, When life was really nothing but fun and games; When we played all morning in the school yard, When I soiled my blue polo and ripped your yellow dress. I remember the days when we were happy, When I looked in your eyes and felt something inside; When I now think I felt what they call love, When I still wore that polo and you wore that dress. Years have passed since we played hide and seek; I found you once, and I seek you again. I cling to fading sunny memories under blue skies, I fear I might lose them too, soon enough. I think there were days, when we were still young, When I was happy and free; when I think you were too. God only knows if you are simply a prank of a past, But I choose to believe that I did wear that blue polo And you wore that yellow dress.


Gold Swirls D.E. Coincidence Or is it fate? Meeting you At a sudden date Little favor Turned to an art Those gestures Simply get my heart One smile from you Feel the flutter Question formed You, me forever?

Istoker Maria Clara Minsan sa AS, minsan sa Econ Minsan mas malayo pa ‘dun. Susunod, tatalikod Konting lakad sabay lingon. Minsan sa Multi, minsan sa Facebook Nakatingin na lang para di malugmok. Araw araw ay panay ang titig Sadyang walang sawang pagkahilig. Heto na naman susunod, tatalikod Sa biglang pag-ikot ika’y nabunggo. Hay, kasarap nitong nadarama Kahit buhay istoker sa inyong mata


Anniversary J.A. It has been one year Since you came into my life And I came to yours

A Note Under My Pillow The Adjutant The rays of moonbeams in your eyes Drew breaths of sunrise from a sigh Which came from depths quite nigh To where my life and love both lie And I dared not note a passing breeze As I willed time and fate to cease, Heard none but soothing peace While, despite the world, we kissed It delights my heart to reminisce Such sweet moments of matchless bliss In truth even now I deeply miss Your charm and humor as I write this So much so that every night I pray, If God were so kind as to grant a day For us to dance with the morning and sway With the stars while in your arms I lay Then with the sky as our witness I will gladly profess, admit and confess How much I love you and long to have you And hear the church bells singing as we say “I do�


Playtime Erik Around me, a deafening silence. My eyes ceaselessly dart from left to right. A false sense of insecurity floods my senses. Shuffling to the bedroom door that remains locked, I breathe a bit easier. We are finally alone. Sweat drips down my spine; I shiver in your presence. My flesh tingles in anticipation, pleading for me to quench this thirst. I grasp you with two hands, and my whole body pulsates in ecstasy. I let go, and the world grows cold again. My legs shake, an uncontrollable trembling induced by the pleasure only you could bring.

We come into contact, and everything goes blank. Imprisoned in a world where only you and I exist, I wage war with my demons. You are my weapon, and together we vanquish them. You vibrate rapidly, and the rumble sends chills to my very soul. I grip you tightly, with two hands now, but you take on a life of your own. I struggle to maintain my dominance, but I eventually lose all control. My vision blurs, the room spins, and the world goes in disarray. A sudden release; a gasp of joy; a deep breath. Around me, a deafening silence. The deed is done. Level 6 is conquered; the boss, defeated. I love my PlayStation.

SunRise W.J. We sat on that grassy hill Waiting with bated breaths For the miracle of sunrise: the mild red, the warm orange, until finally the glorious gold. I heard your sharp intake, your breath being taken away. and when it was all over, you looked at me questioning innocently, “Wasn’t that beautiful?” I wouldn’t know. Because while you were watching the sun, I was watching you And that, my dear, was the most beautiful.


Truth _thenothing_ There she was reflected in the moonlit pool water As still as the surface and as captivating as The stars that framed her in their pale light She sat there alone in the crowd of her friends On her own she and I shared long nothings about everything But in the company of others we spoke nary a thought Yet I found it deep in myself to throw Inhibition out the window. Tonight My heart would happily sing itself to sleep weeping I sat beside her and she glanced my way Kept my gaze with that quizzical look and The edge of her lips curled into her slight smile I leaned in and whispered “Shhh, give me this moment. I have to tell you something.” Her red hair so soft. “Don’t freak out. I just have to say it.” And I leaned in closer and kissed her on her cheek She slowly looked back at me, her blue eyes met mine As I stood up to leave her with that full silence As I walked away her boyfriend stopped me Stood in my way, his eyes glazed and his Breath heavy with tequila. “What the hell Do you think you’re doing?” One too many obviously. My lips curled into a slight smile and I Glanced back at her and saw her watching me. “I was telling your girlfriend I love her.” And I patted him on the shoulder and Kept walking

You>Poem fuzzywuzzy Poems will forever be beautiful especially if filled with love A Poem is love’s great tool Taking it great heights above But a poem i can never make as beautiful as you It would only be a big mistake impossible it is to do Words cannot express The beauty you behold the perfection you profess With every move you unfold You will forever be greater than the best poem i can muster


If you would like tivoli I’m not the sort of boy who can talk about The latest hollywood dramas About prom queens and socialites. But I could, if you would like, Talk about how Spiderman Made a deal with the devil. To save his aunt’s life, All he did was give up his marriage As if it never happened. I’d tell you about how, There would still be a part of his soul That calls out to her. And I’d call out to the night, “Wherever you are, I hope you’re not afraid.” “Because I will find you.” I could tell you about that, If you would like.

Smoke Constant Togetherness Today I stand alone again In this corner where I first loved Lighting a cigarette to pass some time Filling my lungs with smoke that binds And then I see you sitting there Alone, on your fourth bottle of beer Eyes wandering from left to right Then suddenly meeting the gaze that’s mine I puff the smoke that filled my lungs I puff until my vision gets blurry And as it clears I see just you Smiling, asking me to sit with you


Rainy day Jessie Yra The sun is hiding now Dark clouds are coming through Few drops are pouring down …It’s another rainy day. Every rainy day Memories of him came rushing in That when it hit me I felt so bad after all. Why do I feel so bad every time I think of him? Why do I long for his voice and face? Why do I want to be with him again? And…why do I want his love? So many questions That is not yet answered. All I know is that he loves someone, And that someone is not I. Too sad, Too painful, For our love story was not given Even the slightest chance to start. But above all that, I’m very thankful. Thankful that he came into my way And made my life happy, …Even just for a while.

Konkretong tula Cheyence Delantar


Pag Pag ba ba oong uod pag ma ba ba no pa ba ng go go han lang ba wa Isang Pag ri ki go ba na li di na Ma lim pa li nan gi a Ha ka mi Pi li a ha an wan ri la ka nang rin gang ka di sa pa tu na tao yo wat la Noon sa na la isang ta ka man des ong ta I truk gong ba’t syon ba ni i nga syon yan la dan bang yon ra laman mas u ay pi pag ri isa ins rap ang nang sa buting

Mahal ko sa hin ko di hal mag ma iyo ba ma ba pag go

ko yo hay mun I bu do sa ang ay kot kaw u I I mi

I Salamat Sa kundi big pag sa na pa ho mo iyo lubos hu ti la ay biyaya ak wag bu la tu na ong nang hay mag nay maligaya lumisan pa ko ay


Stranger Reyneil

I dared not looked at you because all i would see was pain in your eyes. was it love? was it failure? terrified, i never asked because all you are to me is a stranger Yet I tried to walk pass you thinking that you’d notice me wishing you’d hear me out hoping you’d understand but you never did It was slowly becoming dark My vision was becoming hazy I tried to follow you Grasping, reaching out but at the end of the line darkness consumed you and you were gone I waited, I waited, I waited... For nine months, i waited I met others, but none was like you then one day i heard a whisper and suddenly everything was white again i looked at you because there was no more pain in your eyes you were happy... at peace and i tried to wipe the fog off standing in front of a mirror

Wind beneath my wings cloverleaf No, she’s alive; t’was only a nightmare and now she’s awake Enough with the tears, sorrow, anger, and fear // Weave and wear your brand new wings and start to fly… again Into the lavender sky, infinite and endless sky Nostalgia. Yes, it haunts you sometimes, like a ghost Saccharine memories that will make you feel sappy yet satirical Play in the fluffy clouds, white cotton candies way up high Inhale the cool, fresh breeze as it softly touches your skin Rest your heart, your mind, your body, your soul And ultimately, your fragile wings, for it shall soar high soon… Then jump. Set off your feet, fall into the empty space, spread your wings, and fly // Intertwine with the air, the breeze, the wind beneath my wings Oxygen breathed unto my lungs, unto my heart that keeps it pumping, beating Nothing else can make me stay alive, than you… I need you.


First Sight Reuel Realin Himig ay napasaiyo sa unang tingin, pagtakbo sa isip sa bawat saglit, Isang tuluyang pagkahulog sa langit, ng ‘di mawaring pag-ibig.

NUMBER 1 Lia Lontoc When we were three You really bugged me From the sandbox we play You push all my buttons away When I was ten You’ve grown since then From the bully you once were To a cutie for sure When I was twelve I was sure to myself That I felt something new I think I love you Now that I’m older We’ve grown so much colder But this fact shall live on You were my number one


Skip a Bit England I don’t understand why when you speak Something in me skips a bit. Splattering in my heart like broken glasses So abrupt, comes without a warning. And there you go again with your smile, That captivating smile, those eyes I don’t know why I get nervous Or misplace my speech when you’re near I don’t know where this is getting Maybe it is a crush I’m feeling That puppy love kind of thing filled with hoping while loving

Love affair with everything Filipino Ivan Anthony Henares Love of country and pride of place is something which most Filipinos take for granted. Every time I travel around our country, I marvel at how rich and blessed it is. And just like in any love affair, I am mesmerized with the beauty of our culture. I hope all Filipinos are too. I look forward to a Philippines with a strong sense of nationalism and cultural identity. It is my hope that Filipinos, especially the current generation of the youth, will value our rich cultural heritage and be proud of everything that is Filipino. Preserving our culture and heritage is the duty of every Filipino. A strong national identity can become a potent force to push a nation to become great. Unfortunately, the Philippines has yet to solidify its own identity as one nation. There is thus a need to strengthen pride of place and nationalism, especially among young people, in order to harness that cultural identity and unite the country in order to move forward as a nation. Once that love for country and everything that is Filipino is instilled in every citizen, it will create a realization of our moral obligation for civic participation and volunteerism that would address pressing concerns that transcend sectors. And the best way to strengthen that love and pride is by first knowing what is Filipino and what our country is all about. This gives everyone an excuse to travel around the country in order to discover and rediscover ourselves.


Critical Hit! tivoli I’m going for the win right now. It’s not a one hit kill, more of like a three-card combo that I’ve set up from the start. Something grips my guts, like chain lightning on my Orc horde, or a sudden plot twist in a story arc. I think of all the things that could inevitably, murphy’s law-ably, go wrong. I begin to feel inadequate about this, Like I haven’t leveled up enough, And go back to level-grinding. Dull, repetitive, mechanical work. Tackling the same old challenges. Which fail at challenging my soul. When you’re always ready for surprises, It takes the magic out of things. That’s why they invented the die roll, which leads to critical hit multipliers, And the act of saying... I love you.

SONNET 143 Cherie Quirante What an offense to a heart not to love Like an angel be chained against his flight Whose beat gives melodious music to have Whose joyous soul fills any cracks of fright I’ll ask thee of happiness nothing more If wish I please I pay tribute to thee From heaven whose majesty I adore Admit worthiness and justice I see Grant descendance to earth where mortal be Up above from thy level no man can reach Revelations beyond unfold let me Where thy heart is everything I beseech Infinite across the skies soars but thee And thee alone is where my heart will be


An Old Feeling pacific sardine Bliss hangs from dust like shadowless fireworks Quiet but warm Your stare grips mine, and we’re in awe of this soft feeling Tickles our knees and sensibilities

200 beats per minute nonameface

Something was fluttering in my stomach. I still can’t believe it. I’m actually on a date with Klara, the girl I’ve been dreaming to ask out ever since I high school. No, ever since I became interested in girls. Luckily, we’re studying at the same college, maybe its destiny or fate. Maybe we’re really meant to be together. I may sound really lame and mushy, but it’s because it’s different with her. She’s not just another friend to me. You probably think I’m such a loser right now saying these things. I’m like this because… -okay I’ll admit it. I get shy around her. Whenever she’s around, my palms get sweaty, I start stuttering and I can’t seem to get myself straight. I want to approach her but I don’t know what to say. What if she ignores me? I’ll just make a complete idiot of myself. When she’s passing by at the hallway, how am I supposed to greet her, as a pal? Like, “Hey! Wussup?” or a cute “Hi!” with a matching awe smile. I don’t want to look desperate. Why am I overanalyzing thing?! I’ve been trying to get close to her but I have to be careful with my approach. I don’t want to be shunned at the “just friends” zone. I have to ask her out on a date so that I could really clear out my intentions. But what if she says no? I have to build up the friendship first so that we would be comfortable around each other. But what if I get shunned? Why the hell am I like this??

There. That’s pretty much what happens whenever I think about making my move. Fluttering. Okay, focus. We were waiting for our orders and an evil thing called awkward silence was already lurking in the air. “What’s up with the weather lately? Cold then hot, weird isn’t it?” Keep it together. Why the hell am I trying to talk about the weather? That’s just pathetic. “Jonas, are you seriously asking me about the weather? That is so not you.” She looked at me with a half smile and a half who-areyou-what-have-you-done-with-Jonas look. “You’re supposed to be this witty, fun and out going guy.” Suddenly, I lost the paranoia and blurted. “You forgot to mention genius, extremely cool and-” “AND obnoxious.” She cut me off. Then she laughed as I was starting to feel the strain on my cheeks because of the smile that I just can’t seem to wipe off my face that night. “Well at least I’m not a nerd.” I teased back. “Am not!” Klara protested. “Oh yeah, studying for two weeks ahead just for a quiz is totally not being a nerd.” I said sarcastically. “I do NOT do that!” She stuck out her tongue at me and smiled. She looked so cute. Our orders came and we just talked and


talked, about school, family and friends. (The food was great, I think. Or was that just because I was with her.) The conversation just kept on going naturally, with the occasional teasing (and a little hitting) and laughing together, it was fun. After dinner, we went to this small cake and pastry shop to have dessert. It was a really nice place, the made heavenly cakes and had cool names for their weird cakes. I got the downside up cake and got the betterthan-devil’s, - angel’s food cake. We sat next to each other in a small round table near the corner of the room and talked about new names of cakes for the shop. “What about, a cake that always long for you, a Tira-miss-you!” she suggested. “Cute. OR a cake that is shaped like a shoe and they would call it, the kick ass cake! Now that would sell!” I said. She softly laughed and then took a bite of her cake. It’s now or never. My pulse rose to around 200 beats per minute. Then…

“Yeah, I’m coming.” I said groggily. “Hello?” “Hi Jonas, this is Klara.” I immediately cleared my throat. “Hey Klara, wussup?” I said. Mental note: wussup is NOT cool. “You sound like you just woke up, I’m really sorry. I was just calling to ask when are we going to practice for our presentation of our proposal. It’s just that, I had to go to the dentist last meeting and I’m really worried about my grade in this class.” She said. “No, no. It’s okay. We’re going to practice on Thursday afternoon near the library.” My palms start to sweat. “Okay, thank you so much, see you Thursday!” “Uhh… Klara...” “Yes Jonas?” “Uhh… W-w-… Would you like to go out with me this Friday night?” “Sure, I’d love to.” n

Under the table, I reached for her hand. She didn’t pull back. Our hands clasped together. I looked up, and she smiled. “JONAS!” Shit. Just another dream. “Phone call for you!” My sister shouted from downstairs of the house.

Under the Coconut Tree Nads Tongco Under the coconut tree we first met The night starts to reign, the sun was about to set. Harmony of the breeze and waves hitting the shore Makes the night perfect forevermore. Under the coconut tree we first utter Life is hard, love is sweeter. As the dew gently touches our nose We feel the tingle in our toes. Under the coconut tree we first felt. Connection of us as I was about to melt With that irresistible smile and tantalizing eyes I couldn’t resist; makes you my personal vice. As we bid each other goodbye Promises were made, you and I And maybe, just maybe, we will soon be together Like before, underneath the coconut tree is where we’ll be forever.


Cleopatra Anonymous Your skin is black as night, Your hair was spit by the fireplace. Your eyes are two full moons not far enough above your lips like autumn leaves. Your arms are rafters that hang From your scarecrow frame. Your figure is listless and lifeless And is nothing near remarkable. You laugh like a crow cackles at the witching hour When moonlight makes your oiled face glisten. Yet, your eyes light my starless nights When I gaze at their wonder against pure darkness. Your hair is bathed in the scent of flowers And your lips remind me of summer’s warmth. I choose to be nowhere else When you lend me your arms While I delight in your stories. At the middle of the cold night You remind me of nothing But the beauty of the morning ahead.

Dated April 28, 2008 My dearest, I do not have that wide array of vocabulary to illustrate how handsome you look and think and feel. I do not have that same brave soul you have to tell you face-to-face my weakness and strength that is you. I may not be sufficiently eloquent to detail what I see when I see you, but believe me when I say there is no other fitting word to describe what I have become because of you: I am inspired. You inspire me. You inspire me with your thoughts, convictions and actions. You touch me, not in a way boys touch girls, but you touch my soul. I need not list down all your positive traits or my favorite moments because we have forever to do that. Know, though, that at the very least, the 7 months we’ve had trying to get to know each other better, you have inspired me. And frankly, that’s all I’ll ever need to be. Inspired. You are the very reason why I’ve come to understand that God truly, madly, deeply has a reason for everything. They say that there will always be a person that will instantly pop inside your head given a word, a phrase or situation. When people mention ‘Godsent’, I swear I always think of you first.


A Love Poem Hotchkiss Flashes of red Strikes of energy Avoiding tears that shed Just rivers of glee An automatic state Inconspicuous for some No need to debate Just accept it and succumb. Enjoy the sweet wave, For this much is true. It has you to save From the shades of blue. All is forgiven. Your will have fled. For nothing is written, No rules to be read.

Peb. 14 Reuel Realin

Mga bituing nahuhulog sa itim na langit, minsan lamang makita ng ika’y kapiling. Panahong malamig pa ang simoy ng hangin, Mga talang diyamante sa langit kasabay ng halimuyak ng mga bulaklak. Mga salitang nagmula sa puso, mga tulang binubuo, mga alaalang dala’y ngiti’t pagsuyo. Tinig mo’y naririnig pagkat sa aking puso, ikaw lamang ang tanging dulot ng pagpintig


I LOVE YOU ANYWAY Lia Lontoc I have no idea why I love you so You’re not good looking yo! Plus, you’re kinda slow But still I love you so My family would go And say you look like a crow But I think you oughtta know I’d die before I let you go I don’t know why my love won’t stray You can’t afford anything anyway You’re ineloquent with things you say But still I love you come what may My friends would always say “Get rid of him today” But that won’t happen any day Nothing can ever make me sway And to tell you something true There are more boys that pursue But they don’t have a clue My true love will forever be you

January 26, 2009 How does it feel to lose a friend? Sad, right? Think about you killing your friend. Then that makes feeling sad an understatement. And that’s what I did. I killed a friend. It was a Sunday yesterday. As with all other Sundays, this one was a boring one. I was all about to fall again into the realm of unproductiveness, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was yet to study for my Math 100 exam. That exam was today, Monday. Feeling so unequipped for studying with my bare notebook and feeble knowledge, I finally decided to buy myself The Calculus 7 by Louis Leithold, the book I believe that holds the key to superior Math 100 knowledge. So I called up National Bookstore in Fairview, the nearest to my house, and asked them if they had a copy of the book. Their answer was no. I called up National Bookstore Novaliches, which was next to Fairview’s but again their reply was no. I tried up Commonwealth, then Katipunan, then North EDSA and even Quezon Avenue but they all didn’t have a copy. At the last attempt to save myself from going to Cubao, I called up the bookstore’s Trinoma branch. Thank God they had a copy. I told the lady on the phone that I would be coming over to pick up the book. And I did. I drove all the way to Trinoma with my little sister Therese just to get myself that book so I could start studying. It was 2:30pm. I promised myself I’d just get the book and drive back home. That was all the reason why I’m doing this errand anyway. So I got my ass on my BMW (Big Maroon Wagon). Lucky parking wasn’t much of a hassle that time. I got into the mall, went to the bookstore and got the book. Then all of a sudden, I paused. I remembered

my friend needed earphones. So I went to buy him one. It was then that I became so excited to bond with him again. My old earphones broke down a week earlier and since then we hadn’t found time to be with each other. So when I got the earphones, I wanted to be home right away. I wanted to be with my friend. But my friend didn’t live to see the new earphones. It was 5:20 pm. I arrived at home to see the gates of our house open. My parents were about to leave. I saw my Dad’s black car backing up. Then I rolled down my car window as I saw my mum rolled down hers. She asked if I wanted to come with them. Right then and there I forgot about my Math exam. I intentionally forgot everything I had went through to get the Calculus book for that Math exam. I had just found the best opportunity to spend another precious moment with my friend. Nothing beats listening music with him while on a family trip. Besides, he was already family to us. We’ve been together for four years. From Bohol to Paris, we never missed a family trip together. So the moment I finished parking my BMW, I rushed back to our room and told my friend the big news – that we had new earphones and we were going on a trip. It was 5:30pm. My friend was all charged up. I guess he knew a trip was being planned. He was all too eager to come. It was sad I didn’t get to show him the earphones right away because I needed to use the bathroom. And there I made the biggest mistake of my life – I went to the bathroom with him. I was done draining my body’s excess water into the toilet when I pushed for the flush. Water gushed in the toilet like strong winds swirling around a tornado. The yellow-colored toilet water was rapidly being replenished by clear


and clean water. I was passively watching that usual spectacle when I tugged up my short pants a bit. Spluck! That was when I saw the most unforgettable sight that has ever unfolded before my eyes. It was all too quick to tell in detail. But the thought that had gone with it will always leave a lasting mark on my memory. I tried to reach my hand for him. I didn’t care if the water was dirty and there was piss in it. I just wanted to reach him. I stretched my arms far into the depths of the water tunnel. But I didn’t feel him. He was thin enough to have gone further into uncertainty. But what hurts me most is that I think he didn’t feel me save him too. I had lost a friend. And it was all my fault. Perhaps a minute or two had barely passed 5:30. I couldn’t tell, because time made the situation worse. The more of it passed, the more I feel the loss. With that mere spark of an event, the earphones I had just bought for us found itself in disuse. The trip and the music we had always been excited about will never come to be. The Math 100 exam was all but again, a forgotten objective. Yet this time, it was unintentional. Now all I know is that my friend suffers the stench of human waste in the darkness of the underworld – alone, hurt, or even possibly dead – something he least deserved. A day has passed and I still hate myself for losing that friend of mine. Again, it was my fault, and all the guilt lies on me. I remember when I am alone, he was always there for me. I feel naked when he’s not around. And this time, I failed him when he needed me.

In Memoriam HORACE my namesake, my friend, my iPod December 5, 2005 – January 25, 2009 He was flushed into the toilet as a result of my apathy. My friend, I dearly miss you

November 16, 2007 D.E I want to mark this day for a reason that only I will know. At the almost end of the day He called my name in the sweetest of way with a smile that only I will see. The soft pat with your call awoke me to a beautiful truth and that only I will truly value. Heart starts to beat astray But hiding my delight, I managed a Hey. You leave a mark in me Like a scar but definitely lovelier That only I will keep forever.


Taking Charge Gwen With arms crossed, jaw set and Exasperation-with-waiting painted on her face She looks him in the eye and asks “When are you going to tell me you like me?” ––– It’s like he got hit on the head By a baseball with a purpose His mind races and stumbles as Thoughts trip over themselves The back of his mouth goes dry And he can’t for the life of him Swallow and push down whatever it is That seems to have lodged itself in his throat His chest had contracted and he’s having Difficulty breathing as his stomach does Somersaults. His lunch didn’t get to put on its seatbelt His hands feel heavy at his sides Cold like deadweight while his knees Shiver and threaten to buckle under him His toes feel tingly And all he manages to say for himself is ––– “Do I like you?” He asks with raised eyebrow Smug grin, hands in his pockets She raises an eyebrow right back at him, Rolls her eyes knowingly, turns around And walks away “Let’s go out Friday?” he calls after her and she can hear Like a sharp bell his painstaking effort to hide The desperate quiver in his voice She laughs inside and glances back at him “Pick me up at seven.”

Hobbies cloverleaf

What’s a book without letters? Without words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs? It will just be an empty pile of paper, Thoughtless and undone. What’s a painting without color? Without lines, shapes, textures, and hues? It will just be a blank canvas, A white cloth in a frame. What’s a vehicle without tires? Without engine, gas, and steering wheel? It will just be a large scrap of metal, Useless and dysfunctional. What’s a dance without choreography? Without movement, steps, groove and swing? It will just be a potential energy from within; Like Newton’s Law of Inertia. What’s a song without music? Without notes, tone, melody, and rhythm? It will just be a plain poem, Lyrics that cannot be called a hymn. And what’s a guitar without strings? Without frets, soundhole, and amplifiers? It will just be a carved wood, Shaped like an avocado with a stick. …Like me without you.


Random Thoughts Neil Random Thoughts you ask me why Random Thoughts excuses to know such things Random Thoughts There are some things I could never accept Random Thoughts Why do you have to make it so hard? Random Thoughts Of things that are not so random after all.

Honorable mention Jessie Yra It was my second year in high school, and I was too pressured to grab that first honor in our batch. And to grab that precious spot means that I have to study hard and give the best of my abilities in every school work that I do, even if it’s a project or just a simple assignment. But amidst those pressures is happiness, for I have met a wonderful person who taught me how to smile and be happy despite the fact that the competition for the first honor is very tight. That special person brightens my day every time I go to school. That’s why I’m very excited every time our class will start because that means that I have the chance to see him again. For the first time in my life, I think that I have fallen in love with a guy that’s so stubborn, ill-tempered, but nice in his own simple ways. I continue to love him even though I know that he has a girlfriend in the lower year. And that continuing love grows each day that we became closer and learn to respect each other. That special person made me realized that I could be a strong person when it comes to love, that I can fight for the person I love even if I know that he can never be mine. One mysterious thing there was that he always wants to sit beside me and to be close to me every time that I tried to avoid him. I don’t know if that’s his way of showing that he also likes me or he’s just simply like that when it comes to his friends. But according to my observation, I am the only one in our classroom that he treated that way. So there might be a possibility that he also likes me. There are no confrontations about what we really feel for each other, but I can feel that there’s something between us, something that can’t be described by words that keeps us together. I don’t know if it’s really love or just plain admiration. All I know is that I’m willing to wait for him even if it takes a lifetime. That’s how much I value him.


Take My Hand onthego take my hand, i’m reaching out but why do you continue to walk away? ake my hand, i need your comfort, please tell me that you’ll stay. take my hand, i’m confused.. i don’t like feeling this way take my hand, can’t you see that i’m falling for you deeper each day..

F (Love) = (ROYGBIV) -1 cloverleaf At first, two doesn’t know each other. They came from opposite worlds. One might be the rich and famous kind of person. And the other might be the mysterious kind. This is how the magic begins. Violet. The two shall meet, out of nowhere, as if it’s really meant to happen. They will get to know each other and be friends. He (she) is a new acquaintance to the other, someone familiar and recognizable. There will be some kind of change of heart or “spark”, as others say; from nobody to somebody. Indigo. Then, they will be hanging out more often, talk about anything under the sun, converse into deep discussions, and discover their similarities and differences. They will realize that everything is possible; the limit does not exist. The world is round and vast, like the oceans and skies. Blue. Now, they’ll notice that there’s something exceptional about each other. One gets a little jealous when the other talks to another “friend”; he (she) envies all of them, yet stays humble, down-to-earth, generous and kind to that special one. And, he (she) is going to admit to one’s self that “I’ve got a crush on him (her)” or “I like him (her)”. Green.

Upon that self-confession of true feelings towards the other, they continued to spend time and had so much fun together; they enjoy each other’s company, in a very unique way. It felt like there’s heaven here on earth, so clear, bright and sunny; all positive aura; a sense of happiness, of inspiration, of contentment. Yellow. Here comes the hard part, the choice. Keep the friendship and hide the emotion or risk it for something more personal, more intimate; a romantic kind of love. It actually depends on how deep the friendship had become; that attachment, that special bond that one cannot erase. Confusion comes, all mixed emotions, yet the feeling of warmth remains and all hopes are high. Make or break. Orange. If the feeling is so strong and they can’t resist it, the relationship will step in to a deeper stage; of passion, of intensity, of commitment, of purity, of true love. It’s better to treasure the old friendship still, even if you’re intimately involved to a person. Now, they’ve reached the final stage and wishes that this love will grow and last, for the longest time possible, “forever”. Red.


Plane ticket England Leaving is the hardest part of loving But as I love, I have to learn to let go I’m leaving, and to wait for me I can’t make him Against my will, I have to set him free Looking at tomorrow without him Is just like the cold wind breezing Now to the airport we are approaching I can’t laugh nor cry my out my feelings My one and only pass to totally forgetting him Is my plane ticket at which I am looking. Tears sparkled to find a note from him saying, “I will be right here waiting.”

My Little Red Balloon mod I got from my mom a red balloon It’s red and it’s shiny I’m not letting it go anytime soon It is mine and mine only But while I was running, with my balloon at my side I tripped on my shoe laces to the floor I lay I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried Not only did I trip but my balloon flew away But then my mum shouted “I’m coming!” And said “get up, that’s ok Whenever you fall down, I’ll always come running’. Now I don’t care if my balloon is lost Compared to my mom, that’s nothing When I grow up and there is a time my mom needs me most I hope I could say “whenever you need my help, I’ll always come running.”


Struggle (rubberducky) Waking up to this day What once seemed so far away Has come without delay A cry within Urging to bare forth But awkward.. alas ‘til now I find Valour of some kind The lexis of my mind A breath drawn A choice, cease to run From that which is to be done No more, no more Of these thoughts of Anxiety, fear, else I ignore All this just to say‌. I love you

Click! _thenothing_ Click! The fire wavers slightly in the cold breeze The warmth is felt by the hand that keeps it steady A long puff and a steady release “Bad morning” she asks A heavy sigh. “Long day.” She laughs. “But it’s only 9am.” “I know.” I laugh with her now and The minutes go by like long, relaxing hours But they’re still just minutes Although ones well-spent and cherished The ash falls and the sticks burn out And the fraction of eternity slowly Speeds back to pace but “Borrow lighter” –– click! Time slows down once again to Our own chosen beat “In a hurry?” she asks A shake of the head. “No, not really.” “Great. Just hang with me.” “Sure.” The breeze blows by But things feel warm


Love letters R.G. love magical feeling you can’t stop flow of overwhelming emotions things inside me about you letters

Do You

kilalaniyoko Do you remember the day you, together with your friends, coincidentally sat beside me and my friends to watch the FUBU streetdance? I still remember. It is our first ever close encounter. Do you remember the first time you asked me out to go eat something and we ended up eating shawarma? I still remember. That was also the day that we first got to bond with each other. Do you remember the first time you texted just to greet me for New Year? I still remember. I still have that message stored in my phone’s inbox. Do you remember the first time we sat down and talked at our first ever spot at the second floor? I still remember. It was the moment when you admitted you like me and I also admitted that I like you.

Do you remember the day when you put a rose inside my bag? I still remember. It was the same day I requested a harana service for you. Do you remember your first ever surprise at the second floor of AS? I still remember. You really made me feel so special that night. Do you remember the second time we talked at the second floor of our first spot? I still remember. That night, we both realized how much we mean to each other. Do you remember the first party we both went to? I still remember. We danced the night away and ended up missing each other more. Do you remember the night before your birthday? I still remember. A birthday cake, a tarpaulin and a stuffed toy all waited for you.

Do you remember the first time you went for an MRT ride to get home? I still remember. You went out of your way just to go for a jeepney ride with me.

Do you remember the first time we ever had a misunderstanding? I still remember. For at the end of that day, we learned, respected and accepted.

Do you remember the first time you asked me out to go to a mall? I still remember. We ate then lost track of time because of our endless conversation.

Do you remember April 14, 2008? I still remember. It is the happiest moment for us, isn’t it?

Do you remember the first basketball game in which you shot your first two points for the season? I still remember. You made that gesture which really showed off to everybody what you feel.

Do you remember what happened a week after that? I still remember. It is the day when you finally said the words I waited for so long to hear from you. n


It Was You! dom When I was a kid I saw a girl She was playing tilt-o-whirl I never quite saw her face Only her blue dotted shoe lace Years have passed, Days have gone by I never quite forgot about it, I don’t know why I told this to my friend who was kind and true About the girl w/ the blue laced shoe When we were about to say good bye My heart jumped for joy & felt like I could fly For when I looked down I noticed the dotted blue laced shoe I can’t believe it! It was YOU! : )

Buzzkill Heroics _thenothing_ The night is young Cold air, warm hearts Drinks pass around and never come around As cheers are made and float up to the sky where All happy thoughts and things go Like flying with your feet on the ground When –––––! Shouting catches his ear and Flailing hands and frantic kicking fill The corner of his eye The buzz is the first to go, his drink Abandoned on the floor beside As the slight spinning stops and vision locks Before the blue in his glass can even settle He’s already there beside her asking “Are you oka–– ” she cuts him off With a cry and wraps her Arms around his neck, her face buried in His shoulder. Empassioned expletives. Incoherent sobbing. “It’ll be okay. Let it all out.” More sobbing. More swearing. The night’s still young. The air still cold. The burning heart in his hands in need of warmth So he passes on the drinks that go around and never come around And just holds the fragile, tiny dancer In a long embrace full of patience, worry and care Sometimes she can be so much trouble This little sister he never had But I’ll love you still


Moving On Rain hey i need to move on forget the feelings hey i need to move on forget the daily messages hey i need to move on forget everything? i should move on. hey i’m going to move on dont you even care? hey i’m going to move on wont you even stop me? hey i’m going to move on you never realize i love you i should move on maybe i dont want to move on but i should move on maybe i wanna love you forever but i should move on i’m about to move on i just want you to know

All you need to know about Math 100 (for now): you, the one who loves you, and the one you love Chiara Cokieng

Don’t be repelled by the concept on Calculus. That’s the point of this entry. HAHAHA One of my contacts in Y!M has this for a status message, “Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you, or are you going back to the one you love...?” and it reminded me of (HAHA!) discontinuities. For simplicity purposes, let’s not differentiate essential discontinuities from jump or step discontinuities. Let us therefore assume that there are only two types of discontinuities, Essential and Removable. Definition: Suppose a function f(x) is discontinuous at point x = c, then the discontinuity is said to be • essential if lim f(x) as x approaches c does not exist (DNE); • otherwise, the discontinuity is said to be removable. If the function has a removable discontinuity at x = c, then the function may be redefined to make it continuous at this point. Application: Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you, or are you going back to the one you love? Let: you = c L- = limit of f(x) as x approaches c from the left = the one who loves you L+ = limit of f(x) as x approaches c from the right = the one you love According to Math 100, if c makes f(x) undefined but L- = L+, i.e. you are the problematic one in the equation, but the one you love and the one who loves you are one and the same, then the discontinuity is removable and may be defined to make it continuous, hence repairable at MAY PAG-ASA PA KAYO kaya magbago ka na!!! However, if L- =/= L+, as in, L- and L+ are two very different people, then lim f(x) as x approaches c DNE. Therefore, the discontinuity between you, the one you love, and the one who loves you is essential; in Calculus, the discontinuity is not removable and in English, it is a requirement and is absolutely necessary. WALA NA KAYONG PAG-ASA. AWWW. And oh, according to Wikipedia, The term removable discontinuity is sometimes (improperly) used for cases in which the limits in both directions exist and are equal, while the function is undefined at the point c.This use is improper because continuity and discontinuity of a function are concepts defined only for points in the function’s domain.

…so what they’ve been teaching us in Math 100 was wrong all along? n


Forbidden Puppy Love Marian Trespeses


Hug Marian Trespeses

Moonlight Sonata Cheenie Quirante


Reflection of Passion Waters Cheenie Quirante

Royalty Harmony Cheenie Quirante


Puppy Love Marian Trespeses


Nads Tongco


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ECHOES Litfolio: The Lighter Side of Love  

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