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How to Break A Boy’s Heart LUV SUCK$ Nasaan si Hari Orosco?

Memcom: A Crackdown

DEREK PARREÑAS Editor-in-Chief SAM GONZALES Associate Editor

Voters’ Education Is Overrated

RIA TAN Managing Editor

GPOAs: The Execom


When A Woman Is In Love Lesson 2: Flirting 101


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Ecosoc’s Social Circles Things I Didn’t Need To Know II Hottest Bachelors & Bachelorettes

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Gossip G. Did you miss me? I know you did, which is why you’re looking at my page. My old page for now.


Well, ladies and germs, we’ve got this one committee that I hear has been taking 3 weeks of to plan a video for a certain event. This would be A-okay, but the only problem is they’ve been doing it slide by slide. And three weeks, really? What about all the other promotional materials you’ve got to make for Ecosoc? Talk about inefficiency.


Normally, this wouldn’t be even placed here, because it deals with another org, but borders were blurred, bitches. Talk about lack of propriety. Just because people don’t want to join in on you guys doesn’t mean you have to turn another org’s event into a recruitment center for your continuity. Get your COC’s at the back from a certain man? Talk about being shady as fuq.


A VC and Execom getting too close? Girl, we all know you had a crush on your chair since you were a sophie. Are you finally making your hot hot hot moves? I heard you two were late for a little exam set on Valentine’s Day, of all days, and had dinner instead. I hope the chicken wasn’t dry.

There is news that a certain person 4 on top may leave, and its up to us to pick

up where they’ll leave off. A little birdie told me that 10,000 years may jump ship to this committee, where what they do is a little bit far off from what he currently does. Whatever you plan, both of you, make sure that we get off the ship before it plunges into the deep.



Won’t Date Girls Taller Than Himself

您好 社理事会 (Hello Ecosoc!) So I always thought Chinese horoscope predictions were full of generic motherhood statements, but hey I said why not give it a try and see what the Chinese think of Ecosoc’s future! Fyi, Ecosoc was born on September, 55 years ago, so that makes her a year of the DOG (do correct me if I’m wrong Neil Ong). Ok so here it is, in bullet points: Expect a busy year with wonderful achievements Expect good results from your extra hard work Try to remain calm in moments of stress Avoid gossip or backstabbing Expect good career opportunities (eherm seniors)

GJ | Task Force Show it to the world! Keep the spirit burning within!

So why I shared this, I actually don’t know why... But reflecting on these points I do believe that we have a lot of great things to look forward to this coming year! And indeed we have had a lot of great things to be proud of already! I don’t have enough words left to elaborate on them… but you know what they are! So I say, be proud Ecosocer!

And remember that we in the Execom are always here to serve you first. God bless! Kisses and hugs, mwah, mwah, mwah, GJ “I got abs” Agregado February is admittedly home to one of the grossest and most commercialized holidays, and while many are quite adverse to all its trappings (myself included), this commnews will be all about love! To Ecosoc, would you look at that! That weekend of the Rundown and Litnight -- while undoubtedly draining -- was seriously a great week to be an Ecosocer. Congratulations are due of course to its organizing committees, and the best part is, there was so much love overflowing for our amazing org! To Task Force, do the words airmail, mulligan, barkies, and dance floor mean more to you now? Well, they should!!! You guys are the most eclectic yet persistent group I have ever been part of, and while we may have fumbled in the dark before, our end result is getting clearer and clearer. I know our acads have been really really getting in the way, but just a little more fighting spirit and time management will go a long way! Janeen + mktg, hunt for those sponsors! We shall find them! AK + sales team, love the cupcakes now give us something to wear! Judith + pub, more pretty and classy things please! Carlo + brograms, teach us more golf! Chello + log, always present, always dependable! To TF interns Arbie, Mira, Lisanne, Kaye & Sam, I hope you’re coming up with an awesome plan for the scholars! To V5, I think we spend too much time with each other, but know that I think you are the loveliest of people in this world. I will always have your back. (Please kiligin na kayo! Wag hard-to-get!)

Won’t Date Indecisive Boys

BB | Task Force

To the universe, thanks for Ecosoc.


Always, B

TO THE ECOSOCERS: I would like to thank you for voting me as your new secretary and seccom chairperson. For those who did not vote for me, I will strive to impress you with the services that my committee and I will provide. I know that I have a lot of undesirable attributes but I hope that you help me become a better person to be able to bring the whole ecosoc to the next level. I also invite you to tell me if you have any complaints against me, the tambayan, seccom, or the execom by telling me in person, through email, or through my VCs and members. Before I get into the other things I would like to introduce to you my 2 VCs Janina Raymundo and Shelly Umali. I hope you listen to them and treat them with respect :). Tambayan maintenances updates: We now have… New wall fan at the trophy area thanks to Finance, Glova, Botan, Jomac. Extension under the execom table thanks to Finance.Bag rack at the shelf near the TV Finance, Shelly, Jomac. YAY!!! YAY!!! Lastly, we all know that we, Ecosocers, are owners of the tambayan and so I ask all of you to help in cleaning and maintaining it. To be more specific: 1: Please do not leave your bottles, readings, balloons, roses, crumpled paper, or shredded paper in the tambayan. The more organized we are with our things the less we have to clean. 2. Now, if the tambayan is dirty and you see someone clean, PLEASE PLEASE help! Mahiya na tayong lahat if we do not help him or her because our co-Ecosocers are not janitors. To my members and the Execom: Please check our groups because I have 0 words left of my 300max. :)

Won’t Date Gold Diggers



Won’t Date Wussies

“Be miserable...or motivate yourself. The choice is always yours.” So I thought I’d start off with a quote that may or may not be relevant in your life right now, mostly because I don’t know how start these things off so maybe a fairly vague quote could do the trick. THANK YOU ECOSOC for supporting ECOSOC BINGO! To the participants, losers, winners and almost winners we hope you had fun! Also thanks for supporting our WEEKLY FOOD SALES! We ain’t stopping soon so you know where to buy your Wednesday lunches! In the coming months, watch out for the release of our ECOSOC MERCHANDISE and our first product! Also, are you ready to TAKE THE SECOND BITE? FOODGASM is on March 9!

FINANCE, you are all awesome even if I don’t tell you often. To Kamille, Louie and Brian, thanks for all your time, effort and hard work! I know sometimes it’s hard but I really appreciate all you’ve given to Finance and Ecosoc. Kristina and Justine, thank you for consistently being game to sell whatever in wherever! Monty and Miguel, thanks for still organizing the rummage sale! Kaya yan! Patmen girl you don’t know how proud I am to see you taking on a big project and handling it so well. Good job! Justin and Paul salamat sa walang sawang pagkokolekta ng AR sa mga tao kahit mahirap. Okay lang yan, magbabayad din si Ramm at Tracy. Angela, JYA, Ica and Abby you guys were the best Bingo directors I could hope for. It was tough but we pulled it off. Congrats guys! Nikki, Botan, Aeron, Ana and JYA Foodgasm is so near na! It’s been great working with you so far. I know there’s a lot of pressure right now, but honestly, I know we can pull it off! To AK, Alyssa, Pam, Kaye, Andreana, Jean and Steph thank you girls for doing your parts well and being so active!

GELI | Finance

Lots of love and kisses from the Dragon Lady Geli!



Won’t Date Boys With Many Women

Hi, Ecosoc! Thank you for supporting Rundown! Woohoo! It won’t be successful without your help. Brace yourselves for the biggest USC election forum! UPfront 2013 will be on February 26. Come and see the candidates express their platforms on stage.

To externals, congratulations! One event down! After UPfront, we’re done with hectic February! Dia and Jo, thank you for everything. One year ago, you were just my ER applicants. Now, you blossomed to ER princesses. I’m so proud of you! Ramm, you are the best usher forever! (Go, Securitization!) Continue to be close with the OSA Titas and JPES girl. Go BM! Chello, Chila, Hannah, and Red, thank you for being supportive despite your busy life. Kath, Ariane, Jade, Ines, Cathy and Gio, my ER angels who transformed to be log people during Rundown. Please continue to use your charms to other organizations. I know you can make them “fall” in love with our projects. Adriel, Dana and Flora, shout out to my active freshies! Thank you for being passionate on your tasks! You are the future of Externals and I hope your love for the committee continues to grow. Ben, Miko and Ria, good job with Econ week and UP Fair! As for my Externals apps and interns, I couldn’t ask for anyone else. You guys are super active! Enjoy the rest of your application process!

QUEK | External Affairs

To V5, congratulations on all our events and for surviving the Ecosoc weekends! I can feel magpapakain si GJ sa next execom meeting. HEHEHE! Again, thank you for everything and I hope you find your special someone even Valentines is over. PS. Happy birthday in advance to Jo and Mariel! Love you both!

Won’t Date Overly Busy Girls

Hello beautiful people! January to early February has been very hectic for us in Acad. We had a lot to prepare for, and at the same time, a lot to be proud of. First, I’d like to congratulate everyone in Acad, including my very active apps, for doing a job well done in Back to the Future, our post-grad talk partnership with Liai. The preparation leading up to the event was very very exciting indeed! Really, this event was made with you guys in mind. Thank you for coming!

NEIL | Academic Affairs

Second, I hope everyone has already visited the new Acad Portal that we’ve worked on for quite some time! It’s one of those things that we’re really proud of in Acad because… it’s simply what we stand for in this committee. Thank you to the Acad Services team that compiled most of the content and coded the additions to the website. Special thanks go to our cute resident webmaster Horace.

Third, I certainly hope you haven’t missed one of Ecosoc’s biggest events of the semester, the Rundown 2013. You know guys, a few months ago, we were wondering if we should even push through with an event of this scale. Now, after three months of conceptualizing, it’s now over, and it’s a huge success! A lot has really happened over that course: we had to change dates, we had to change venues and fix all programs and logistics concerns, and last but definitely not the least, re-confirm with every senatorial candidate who confirmed on an earlier date. I am just so glad that the all work we put into this has come into fruition. Words cannot express my gratitude for Ecosoc’s unbelievably strong support for this event. My VCs: you’re all so wonderful. I’m proud of all of you, Acad!! <3


WOW. Almost halfway through this whole journey and it has been a wild emotional ride. I remember writing my first commnews and how differently I felt then. Sometimes, I feel too jaded to care about things but somehow, just when I’m about to snap, a force keeps pulling me back in. And then, I say to myself, “Ecosoc, here we go again.” DRAMA. TULOG MO YAN. Hello Ecosoc!!! The past few months have been very fruitful and as Ellen always says, it all goes back to you! There’s so much to be thankful for and yung activeness niyo is definitely one of them. Keep the fire burning! Support CDC! To CDC, the most amazing group of people in life in general, thank you for never losing the energy and will to be the best (and to love me loljk). WE PUT THE “UGH” IN SWUGHG! Iya, fat babies are awesome. Alpo, alpo. Carlo, sabaw mo. Maan, mukha ka ngang Japayuki. Mark Bue, mascot life. Mhela, thesis. Chie, wru! Janine, active forever. Migs, flying kick plz. Rich, police escort sa next Scav Hunt ok. Toni, welcome back. Tanya, ganda. Mark Matibs, MOM in my heart nalang. Pai, cutipai. Jenina, tambay! Mariel, Tita Mila’s BFF so proud. Bettina, sneaky insider sa Scav Hunt thnkz. Giselle, strawberries ulit! Jeremae, yaay nag GK ka! Mel, paturo parkour. Tong, gising. Pauline, Torre. Cuppycakes, pakita ka more! To CDC Apps, konting push nalang! Do your best and surely, it’ll pay off! To Clingy, hi friends. Ayan, may part na kayo sa commnews ko. Paki-add sa what you’re thankful for list plz. To V5, di ako makakasurvive without you guys. LOVE AND RESPECT. Push lang! Looking forward to more bonding and privacy violations (hi GJ) with you!

Won’t Date Mataray Girls

XP | Community Development

Rest if you must but don’t quit.

<3 Xpogi Xpatootie

Won’t Date Flirty Girls

DEREK | Echoes

I’m writing this and it’s 11:44 pm on my clock. It’s a Sunday. I went to mass today. Everyone else in the committee is offline/asleep except for Jude, who’s giving me the photos. Good thing Samwise the Brave and I fixed the covers this morning. YES, COVERS. I check FB again. Apparently, the Femme Fatale and the Barbecue Princess are also online. The former must be worrying about our money and the latter should be finishing her article. The articles are supposed to be coming in. Let’s see. We have 9 out of eighteen features articles in. Lerisse is finishing hers, and she has two with her. Master Ken’s article’s been laid out. Bito’s laying out the news, supposedly. Mental note: I like how Jobius arranged the News By The Numbers this time. J’s article is supposed to come in tomorrow morning. Well, we have Paulo Antonio’s Tweetable Tweets. Pain to be laid out, Master Ken said. Big Sister’s said she reminded one writer, nice of her. Did I ask Master Horace to make that creative poster for the Black Man’s article? Yes, I think I did. His article’s pretty funny, too. WHERE IS TIMOTHY J. COBB’S

ARTICLE? WAIT, gotta text Waximilian for printing duties. WAIT, MY LAPTOP IS DYINI hope you enjoyed that stream of consciousness commnews as much as I did. And more so, I hope you enjoyed The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets! Thank you very much for going. It means a whole lot to us in Echoes, it really does. Here is another issue of Echoes, for your consumption. Thank Echoes. There, good. You know what, I’ll thank them too. They’ve made me so proud. And the interns! Litnight would not have been successful if not you guys! AND MOST ESPECIALLY OUR APPS, Lisanne, Olivia, Frances, Bryan D., and Mira! You’re doing good, even you, Mira! I know you’ll do well in your internships. V5, that rollercoaster is starting to gain speed. Its good we’re all in the same ride. Can you feel it? I can. -Derek P.



Won’t Date Boys With Bad Breath

HELLO ECOSOC! <3 YAAYYY FOR THE RUNDOWN 2013. FABULOUS COLLECTIVE EFFORT! *happy tears* Super overwhelming despite the last minute problems. God is so awesome! 2 Corinthians 12:19 But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me To Neil, Quek and GJ, SUCH A PRIVILEGE working with you in this project. :”> ANG SAYA MA-STRESS WITH YOU GUYSSSS HAHAHA

To Mabel, Jus, Telle and Anj, + apps Eina and Christine, I love you guysss! I’m sorry for my mini bursts of sermons. : ( Nonetheless IM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL! YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! AYUN. ASIDE FROM RUNDOWN, YAY FOR LIAI-ACAD PARTNERSHIP sa BACK TO THE FUTURE. Thanks Neil + acad. To all liai mems and apps who were there may talent pala kayo sa coffee making! But kidding aside, thank you so much for the help you put in! To Sel Del, YOU GO GIRL! You made the Nanays VERY HAPPY. You did an awesome job heading USAPANG KABUHAYAN. Of course also to Dea, Nicolle, and Porn. GOOD JOB GUYS! And to Eina, sobrang active mo, girl! HAHA Thank you for getting us the speakers! To Telle and to Jus, Erwin, Karla, Gel, Marte, Dea + apps, Catrice, Ida, Eina, Lyon and Christine. Your charms worked like magic! You make ECOSOC very happy with the priv card partners!

JING | Liaison

NOW TO V5: You guys are all so weird (in your own ways) … but I love each and everyone of you. (ma-flatter kayo!) I can’t believe the sem is almost oveeeer. Mag-aral na tayooo okay! =)) Lastly, to Bea and Derek …. Wala lang, hi <3

Won’t Date Maarte Girls

ANON | Membership

Sup guys! It’s the second committee news for the semester, but honestly it feels like it’s been such a long time already since I wrote for Echoes. To start things off, I’d just like to say thanks for a great first half of the sem, thank you for supporting all the events and activities of the organization. Just a few months to go til the end of this semester, but we hope that you don’t lose your energy and drive to be more and do more for Ecosoc. Sup to my members, Alan, Aris, Cam, Cel, Donelle, Francine, George, Hazel, JM, Jomac, JR, Lance, Lara, Matt, Miguel, Sarah, Stef, Trisha, and a special shoutout to my Seniors, Camille, Cocoy, Enzo, Henry, Mads! It’s been great having you guys in Memcom, and I thank you for all the support and effort you have given to our committee. I look forward to the rest of the semester and I hope that we fulfill all our goals. Let’s finish strong guys!

Sup to the Execom! Good job so far guys. We’re almost done with our events for this semester, but let’s not lose our focus. Last stretch guys, we can do this! Finally, sup to the whole membership! Let’s just continue with what we’re doing right now, continue serving and loving the org. Always remember to give importance to our thrusts; pretty soon you’ll find that loving the org will be a whole lot easier. That’s all for now. I hope to see you guys around! Keep up the good work :)


Won’t Date Boys With Body Odor

Spev Commnews Hi Ecosoc! Hope you all had a wonderful love month. <3 Well if ya didn’t, suck it up, the worst is over! First and foremost, let me congratulate COFICOM-GJ for winning our CSI-themed ScavHunt, ABLE for guessing Tammy’s killer (NEVER OVERANALYZE! Maika Tan killed Tammy?? REALLY GUYS), and SPERM for being kick ass ! Also, shout out to the victims of Vice Night. ;) You know who you are! Right Aphrodite?

Second, I’d like to thank my amazing members for making tambay week, Scav Hunt and Vice Night a possibility! Thank you to my amazing vc’s Ayi&Josh (goodluck with campaign Josh!), my super kaduper reliable Seniors Angelica, Jacques, Jason, Kelvin, Pito, Nors, my always and forever active people Romano, Mark, Loice, Klaud, Cara, Bruno, my ferowsh mems Kiele, Issa, Just, Andee, Pau, my super duper amazing apps and intern Zo, Tony, David, and Jillian! Thank you Spev I love you all and we just proved that we STILL know fierce!

RYNA | Special Events

To V5! Thank you for being such good sports! Love you all to bits and pieces. Special mention to Quekybells, thank you for taking care of Vice Night victims + drunk XPee right before JPES. Lotsoflove! xxx

Won’t Date Effeminate Boys

Hello Ecosocers! First of all, thanks to all the members and the applicants who participated in Members Bersus Applicants! Thanks as well all those who played and cheered for ecosoc in the JPES Sportsfest! To those who joined the Ecosoc Speed tournament and the Zumba Workshop during Tambay Week, we hope you all had fun! Thank you as well to those who joined the Battle Royale! It was a very intense week, but we hope you all still managed to enjoy the friendly competition! We still have other activities for you guys so watch out for them!

Hello Sports Committee! January and February have been very eventful months for us, so thank you for everything that you guys have put into planning our activities so far! Thank you for all your efforts in MBA. From your suggestions during the planning, to playing in the actual event, to making certificates, to fixing the materials, to setting up and cleaning up the place (especially assembling and disassembling the goals), to everything that you’ve done, thank you so much! To Mike’s team, thank you for all your help in the Speed Tournament! To Tracy’s team, thank you for helping out during the workshops (Cheska J and Cyvil, thank you for sharing your dance skills with us in the Zumba Workshop)! To my VC’s Mike and Tracy, thank you so much for your patience, hard work and dedication! To all the sports members, Adrian, Bing , Boz, Cesca, Cheska, Cheska, CV, Cyvil, Dustin, Erol, God, Janeen, Joc, Joseph, Luis, Miguel, Mik, Mike, Nathan, Raya, Rino, Tikay, you are all the BEST! I love you all, Sports!

RIA| Sports

Astin, Miguel, and Orion, Good luck in the 2nd half of the application process! Do your best! To the V5 family: I love you people! <3 (aww ang sweet ko naman)


INSIDE ECOSOC Academic Excellent Mems Awarded BY ViCO UBALDO Last December 12, the last Genmeet for the year, was when the semestral Recognition Day was held. Organized by the Academic Affairs Committee, it was a special day for everyone to know who did especially well for the last semesters. Since there was no Recognition Day last semester, the committee announced the College Scholars and University Scholars of the past two semesters. Von Benavidez and Carlo Magsino were the hosts who announced the scholars of Ecosoc, accompanied by a Powerpoint Presentation which showed the scholar’s picture as he or she is called. Starting with Acad, each committee’s scholars were called to the front to accept their certificate and some goodies (placed in a cup that looked like a pencil!) A photo was taken, of course, after every committee was called. As usual, we had a lot of hardworking members who were either CS or US from every committee of Ecosoc. That’s why we have to organize this event well so that everyone who worked hard academically can be recognized.


SE Joins Annual Lantern Parade BY JANINA RAYMUNDO

The UP Lantern Parade was held on December 14, the day before the start of Christmas break. 2012 marks the 90th year since the birth of the annual Lantern Parade, which was inspired by the act of carrying lanterns as a guiding light for people on their way to misa de gallo. The theme for this year’s parade was “Dangal at Kahusayan sa Paglilingkod sa Bayan”. The School of Economics Student Council and a group of volunteers worked hard to create this year’s float: a bull pulling the world behind it. (Editor’s note: the bull was to be symbolizing a “bull market” which meant a lively one) After making their rounds along the Academic Oval, the group of Econ students and staff members returned to the SE front parking lot for the culminating activity organized by the Student Council. There were games, lots of food, a Secret Santa gift exchange between Econ organizations, and musical performances by each organization’s choir.

CDC Holds First Caravan with Special Kids BY JANINA RAYMUNDO On January 14, the Community Development Committee kicked off the New Year with a heartwarming morning spent at the Sacred Heart Foundation in Fairview, Quezon City. This is the first time, in recent history, that CDC and Ecosoc have reached out to children with special needs. Members and applicants prepared a fun-filled session for the kids, with activities such as cheering, relays, coloring exercises, and a whole lot of dancing. (The kids loved to dance whenever music would play!) Some mems and apps played basketball with the kids, and spent time with them on the playground. There was even a small New Year’s celebration with a countdown and party poppers towards the end of the session. Ecosocers left that morning moved and inspired by the children of Sacred Heart.

Ecosoc Hosts Yuletide Bash for the Kids BY LISANNE GABORNI Fun, gift giving and Oppa Gangnam Style highlighted the Christmas party that the UP Economics Society (Ecosoc) hosted every December for the CDC kids and their moms. The Christmas party, which Ecosoc held at the UPSE Atrium on Dec. 15, 2012, was part of the organization’s community development activities for the Yuletide Season. Aside from serving food and drinks, Ecosoc played Santa Claus and handed out candies and toys for the kids, along with food baskets for the children’s parents. The contents of the baskets included food items for noche buena. Some of the 60 kids who came danced to Oppa Gangnam Style as intermission numbers to the amusement of the organization. The members and the kids also enjoyed playing together in parlor games, such

as Simon Says, Human Bring Me, Newspaper Dance and Trip to Jerusalem. To add excitement to the parlor games, the winning kids received token prizes. Miguel de la Cruz and Ramm Advincula, who served as emcees, tickled the audience with their jokes, banters and witty remarks. Towards the end of the program, Ecosoc’s president GJ Agregado delivered some inspirational talk before Ecosoc members started the distribution of food baskets for the 20 moms who joined the party. The kids then formed a line before getting their token gifts from Mark Buenaventura, who dressed up as Santa Claus. The party, which Ecosoc’s Community Development Committee spearheaded, started at 1 p.m. and ended 4 p.m. with the kids again dancing Gangnam style.

NOTHING There’s nothing to say more

Ecosoc Starts the Celebration of Christmas Together

UP Ecosoc Choir Sings Around the Metro BY ViCO UBALDO It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every Christmas, Ecosoc organizes a choir for that time of the year when Christmas carols can melt even the hardest of hearts. One of the main goals is to go caroling at several houses in order to raise money for the ESSF. Another purpose is to simply enjoy and sing at the different occasions that arise. This Christmas, the Ecosoc Choir sang at two events: the Father O’ Donnel Scholarship Fund Thanksgiving Dinner and the School of Economics Culminating Party. At both of these events, we were happy to know that the audience enjoyed our rendition of the classic Christmas tunes. During the Christmas break, the choir sang at the houses of Carmel Baquilod, Mads Salazar, Flora Palabrica, Carlo Magsino, and alumni Cocoy Licaros. This is usually the best part of caroling, where the members get to go to many places, sing songs, eat food, and especially spend more bonding moments with each other, including the alumni. Another special touch was to sing out of pure charity. The choir sang at the East Avenue Medical Center to the patients at the pediatric ward and and also those afflicted with cancer. Members even got to talk to the patients, give some goodies, and greet them a very Merry Christmas. A very special thank you goes out to Miguel Andres, our choirmaster, for teaching everyone how to sing, organizing the repertoire, and leading the choir in every single practice and performance.

BY MHELA CALUGAY The spirit of Christmas was not forgotten as Ecosoc celebrated back to back the start of Simbang Gabi and the org’s Christmas Party last December 16. Ecosocers took time to give thanks for the year with a Misa de Gallo especially held at JR Yambao’s house. After that,

Ecosocers bonded with the fun-filled Christmas Party. The program started with a Chubby Bunny game won by Matt Mercado’s team. Then, the spirit of giving was felt because of the exchange gift. There was also a time for

merriment and togetherness as members drank the night away. There was also the steamy truth or dare later on. Everyone was fulfilled this Christmas. After all, it’s time to give thanks to Him and to be with our friends.



Members still ‘brought the bacon home’ from MBA BY LISANNE GABORNI

UP Economics Society members and applicants competed in a series of friendly games last January 12 in the Members Bersus Applicants (MBA) held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle Covered Court. Dustin Mella and Cheska Yazon opened the event with a set of warm up exercises. It was followed by the recitation of the Oath of Sportsmanship led by Tracy Miranda. Both member and app teams were challenged to come up with their own spontaneous cheers. The apps yelled their ‘dynamite’ cheer while the members showed off their ‘milkshake’ moves. The volleyball match marked the start of the games. Despite the members

winning the first and the second set, the apps fell only 3 points behind for the latter set. The relay game came after, with the members finishing a few seconds ahead. Members owned the futsal game— scoring seven and not even letting the apps score a single goal. Men and women played alternately for the Basketball game, which concluded in favor of the members.The final game was Dragon’s Tail, which was also won by the members, leaving the applicants with no wins to boot. Despite the applicants not winning a single game, they were able to meet the goal of the event—to bond and to have fun.

LEGEND CV Vergara’s back!

Acad-Liai Forum Tackles Post-Graduate Career BY BRYAN DOMINGO Expectations and opportunities of an Economics major student on his postgraduate career were some of the topics undertaken by three Ecosoc alumni in the symposium organized by the Academic Affairs and Liaison committees of UP Ecosoc on January 9 at SE 111. In the forum “Back to the Future”, JJ de Ocampo, CFO of Macondray, Chiara Cokieng, Mitchell Madison Group business analyst, and Kat Manzano, senior student and Juris Doctor of UP College of law, shared their sentiments and advices based on their personal experiences before and after graduating. The speakers advised the audience to choose and prioritize opportunities wisely if they want to succeed earlier in their career. Manzano even warned that if they grab chances and set goals, they have to commit with it as that would drive them


to fulfillment. De Ocampo suggested the students, who wished to recover from their not-sogood performance or who strived for more profession possibilities, to take up secondary degree programs as it makes the student attain

another field of expertise, in which he cited his experience. The symposium ended with an open forum where the audience asked for their views and advices on their current circumstances.

HEY LOOK Alumna Chiara Cokieng’s back. For one night only!

Apps Cleaned the Tambayan after MBA BY BRYAN DOMINGO

With their unity and camaraderie instilled afresh from Members Bersus Apps (MBA) last January 12, Pulse Apps flocked outside of SE 127, with brooms, dusters, and rags on their hands, as they joined forces once again in cleaning the Ecosoc tambayan. Beforehand, the Secretariat Committee vice-chairpersons briefed the applicants on what each committee should clean, from the different boxes to the trophies and awards. Most apps started cleaning and carrying different things out of the tambayan at 1:00 pm. After several stuffs were brought out, some swept, scrubbed and mopped the floor while the rest were outside. Some apps wiped the awards and trophies to make them look pristine while the others repacked goods and donations for CDC events. Some fixed the Executive Committee’s table, replacing the plastic and newspaper cover with white cartolinas. At five in the afternoon, things were returned spotless and immaculate inside the tambayan after the whole cleaning process. During the whole course of the Clean App, members who were observing the apps explained to them the main reason of such – to remind that the tambayan should always be taken care of; that we should be responsible in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of the tambayan.

Members had fun in GMTBS

BY JOBY GUERRERO A fun-filled Saturday bonded the members last January 19, 2013 at the clubhouse of BF Homes at Commonwealth, Quezon City. At nine o’clock in the morning, a few members met up at the grounds of the School of Economics. They were then divided into groups. Each group was then given the chance to make a cheer while in the car going to the venue. Winners of the cheering competition were able to eat normally in a table while the rest of

Bingo Started the Year Right BY JOBY GUERRERO

It was definitely a happy new year to those who won in the Bingo organized by the Finance committee. This happened last January 20,2013 at the clubhouse of Valle Verde 4. 10 games were played and different patterns were introduced. The game of reverse bingo, which was new to most of the players, was played during two rounds. Players were very eager to win the cash prizes, ipad mini, Samsung S3 and Samsung Smart LED TV. A lot of

the winners were Ecosocers with Steph Roxas, an applicant, bagging home the grand prize. In the middle of the event, a mini-event also commenced. A food eating contest was sponsored by Ready, Set, Gyu. It was an event where Ecosocers not only had time to have fun but also bond with family and friends. Everybody, even those who did not bring home any prize, really enjoyed the day.

BINGO We wonder what’s so funny. Must be Ramm Advincula the groups were tied in together and ate in the floor. Water and Pool activities that bonded the members through teamwork and camaraderie were played. A game of transferring of pool water to a pail was excitedly played by the members. Everyone became creative in using any of their body parts to transfer water. Some used their hair, their clothes and some even stored the water in their mouth! In addition to this, a coin game was also

played in the pool. At the last part of the event, everyone got to draw a heart where they traced their hands inside the shape. They cut this shape and then they give this to anyone who attended. While giving the heart, you can say anything to your chosen person. All in all, the GMTBS was a success. The few members that went actually had fun and they had time to bond with each other.



Ecosoc goes CSI for Tambay Week BY LISANNE GABORNI


cosoc celebrated Tambay Week from January 29 to February 2 with the theme Amateur Surgeon. The Special Events committee (SPEV) prepared different activities everyday for Ecosoc members and applicants to enjoy. Winners of the games were given incentives that could be used in the Scavenger Hunt. A military relay game was played in the afternoon on the first day of tambay week. SPERM (Sports-External AffairsMembership) won the game. Points were also given to anyone who comes to the tambayan wearing nice shoes. On Wednesday, everyone was encouraged to sport a quirky hairstyle. COFICOM(Community DevelopmentFinance-Seccom) won the afternoon game, which was a jellyace and chocnut eating contest. The Sports committee also held Blood Rush, a speed tournament, and declared Miguel Salvacion as winner.

NFL Miguel Silva and Brian Cruz are ready to face the Patriots SPERM had their second victory in the polvoron eating contest on Thursday. The Sports committee had another event lined up for the day which is their zumba workshop, Heart Beat. SPEV came up with an agawan buko on Friday. After several bruises and a missing toenail, COFICOM won the game. On Saturday, the committees teamed up and competed in a scavenger hunt organized by SPEV. Everyone had to complete challenges in different stations scattered around the metro, while scavenging for items to crack a murder

mystery. Vice Night capped off tambay week where the winners for the hunt were revealed. COFICOM emerged as scav hunt winners.

Ecosoc’s detectives in Scavenger Hunt BY BRYAN DOMINGO


cosocers became detectives as they showed their investigative nature while traveling around the metro in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigationthemed Scavenger Hunt held on 2nd of February 2013 by the Special Events Committee. They were divided into three teams and were assigned with their team’s color: yellow for ABLE (AcadBB-Liaison-Echoes), blue for SPERM (Sports-Externals-Memcom), and red for GJ’s COFICOM (GJ-CDC-FinanceSeccom). Each team had to scavenge for


certain items, such as a bull testicle, a pair of size-14 shoes, and an orange traffic cone, while making their way to the stations’ locations. The stations were mostly in the East and South, like Bonifacio High Street, Luneta Park, Commonwealth, and Pasig. Dissecting a living frog, walking while being blindfolded, digging horse manure, and staying in a specific position for three minutes were just some of the challenges that the teams faced in different stations. While doing the challenges and scavenging the needed items, they also

had to solve the crime puzzle given to them during the whole course of the hunt. The puzzle wrote: Dear Tammy, you will die in a slow and painful death. –From your sister’s GF. The Scavenger Hunt followed a storyline based on an episode from the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV series. At around 8 pm, the event capped off with Vice Night, where they had drinks and snacks for everyone. Due to an incentive they gained days before, the COFICOM won the whole event. (Editor’s Note: ABLE TRULY WON


Senate wannabes face-off during RUNDOWN 2013 BY MHELA CALUGAY


ast February 7, 2013 Senate hopefuls battled it out in RUNDOWN 2013 in addressing issues that are critical in our society today. The GT-TOYOTA Auditorium was full with over 500 students from 50 organizations in and out of the university. A total of 14 candidates namely Bam Aquino, Sonny Angara, Antonio Trillanes, Risa Hontiveros, Eduardo Villanueva, Jv Ejercito, JC Delos Reyes, Lito David, Christian Seneres, Baldomero Falcone, Greco Belgica, Ernesto Maceda, Mitos Magsaysay and Grace Poe graced the event. Also present are the welldistinguished panelists Carlos Celdran, Stella Quimbo, Gang Badoy, Heart Dino and Inday Varona. UP President Alfredo Pascual also delivered the welcome address. The forum started with 5-minutes speeches from the candidates mostly about their platforms targeting in education, job provision, political system and poverty. The first round of panel questions was administered with the panelists picking from draw lots two to three candidates about the respective sectors they represent. There was a heated discussion between Bam Aquino and Panelist Gang Badoy of the education sector about non-DBM method to Teachers’ benefits. Rizalito David was also agitated because of Carlo Celdran’s requirement of having a “secular answer” about divorce. The second round was administered the same way. Gang Badoy kept it interesting by following-up on her question on the fixed term of DepEd Secretary in Baldomero Falcone’s turn. It was then followed by the questions posted by the youth body present. The RUNDOWN 2013 trended in Twitter and was featured in Blog Watch, Rappler, ABS-CBN News and Inquirer.

Spev hosts the semester’s Vice Night BY JANINA RAYMUNDO


fter a long and tiring day of deciphering clues, hunting for rare items, and performing tasks no one ever expected, Ecosocers headed over to Roces Avenue for this semester’s Vice Night. This is also where the Special Events committee brought members the first-ever Mems’ Cook-Out at the beginning of the sem. The three Scavenger Hunt teams settled down and relaxed for a while: everyone bonded over a well-deserved

dinner and played friendly games of basketball and badminton in the courts. That is, untilSpecial Events chairperson Ryna Claro gathered the teams to announce the winners of this year’s Scav Hunt: none other than GJ’s COFICOM (GJ, Community Development, Finance, and Secretariat). After the cheers from the champions (and photo-taking, of course), drinks flowed and made the celebration all the merrier.



The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets BY VICO UBALDO

The Lost Art of Keeping not a secret anymore! On February 8 at 6pm, a Friday night, Ecosocers gathered at the College of Architecture to head to the Bonsai Garden for the most awaited Literary night. In the dimly-lit garden, there were lamps hanging on a line, glass jars with glow sticks in them, a tree with anonymous secrets attached to its hanging roots, and of course the wellkept bonsai trees that dotted the grassy space. It was large enough to fit all the members comfortably where anyone can easily stand up and walk around. In a good open area was the stage where guitars, keyboard, and drums were ready to be played by anyone who wanted to.

The program ensues with various songs from all the members, usually a sweet and charming tune that’s easy on the ears and makes you want to sing along. As always, we have poetry reading for those with a knack for stringing words together. Then, in keeping with the theme, some members volunteered to share the anonymous secrets of the Ecosocers beside you. Towards the end the members were given sparklers and glow-sticks to play with, and a final singalong to Coldplay’s Yellow. With the members seated on mats on the grass, and chips and popcorn served in tiny brown paper bags, Litnight was an extraordinary night filled with music, poetry, food, and great company.

THAT SIGN Whoever took that sign will be pretty rich after a decade or so


Ecosocers kill for survival in Battle Royale 2013

BY LISANNE GABORNI The Sports Committee held Battle Royale 2013 with the theme “No Way Out” on February 12-15. Sixty people, members and applicants alike, participated. The objective of the game is to “kill” your assigned target with a water gun before your assassin kills you. Your killer will remain anonymous to you. The tambayan and a specified radius around it was the safe zone. No killings were also allowed in libraries and classrooms as well as during genmeet and commeet. After every end of the day, casualties were posted online. Eighteen people were “dead” on the first day. Casualties doubled on the second day. On the third day, only thirteen people were alive. The event ended on February 15 with Justine Apostol being the last man standing. A cash prize was awarded to the survivor.


“Give me a perfectly secular answer.” —Carlos Celdran at the recently concluded Senate Elections Forum held by our Society at the GT Toyota Auditorium. 21





employees died on the grim hostage crisis that happened in a BP gas plant in Algeria. 6 of these hostages are Filipinos.


cases were reported to have been injured due to firecrackers as the Philippines welcomed the year 2013. 25 of these cases are injuries from stray bullet incidents.



The age of Pope Benedict XVI when he announced that he will step down as the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholics. Due to advanced age and deterioration of his health, he will leave his post on the 28th of the February.


the amount Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile gave to 18 of his fellow senators as his Christmas gift. Two senators urged that there is nothing irregular with the gift.


kilometers is the length of the new High Speed Railway built to connect Beijing and Guangzhou. This link is the longest bullet train line in the world.


the measurement of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest crocodile, Lolong which had died early this month. Some believed that the salt-water reptile died due to the cold weather.


6 90

Spanish nationals have been sexually assaulted by masked gunmen in a beach bungalow located on the outskirts of Acapulco, Mexico. 5 suspects related to the incident have already been captured by authorities.


views have been reached by the “phenomenal” South Korean song “Gangnam Style.” K-pop idol PSY replaces Justin Bieber from the top of the Youtube chart.

26 26

days is the designated campaign period for the senatorial race. The campaign period started last February 12.

people died from a shootout that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School Connecticut. 20 of those who died are children.

people also died during the clash between Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) guerrillas and Abu Sayyaf bandits. The encounter was to secure the release of hostages kept in the Jolo jungle for months.


the forecasted growth in percentage of the Philippines by First Metro Investment Group for the year 2013. They also forecast the Philippines having low interest rates and an optimistic stock market this year.


died in what Justice Secretary Leila De Lima believed to be an ambush that happened in

a military checkpoint at Antimoan, Quezon last January 6.


the percent of total Filipinos who approves of PNoy’s work according to Pulse Asia’s Pre-election national survey. Binay meanwhile received an approval rating of 69 percent.


amount in dollars of the expected net oil revenue of the OPEC oil cartel for the year 2012.


Behind the scenes of the Ines and Reg Photoshoot: Here, the Echoes team decides to leave behind Hipsterdom and choose Postmodernism. For love. 24






ebruary, as people say it, is love month. It is considered to be the most romantic time of the year because of one day, and that is none other than Valentine’s Day. This is the day when you see girls holding a teddy bear or a bouquet of flowers. This is the day when you see your Facebook notifications flooded with pictures of people showing how they spent this sweet day. Contrary to this though, there are some people whose hearts have still been broken even if it is VDAY. Now, I know it would be more believable to hear a guy breaking a girl’s heart because, well, isn’t that what it’s always been? No offense meant to any guy reading this, but throughout history, and this is shown in different forms of media, there has always been this stereotype of a guy breaking a girl’s heart. But have people stopped to think that maybe guys’ hearts can also be broken? I am a feminist, but that doesn’t mean I am against guys. Guys have feelings too and sometimes, even if they don’t show it, they also get hurt. So here’s the deal. This article is about the ways in which a guy’s heart can be broken, the ways in which a guy can also get hurt. Maybe after reading this, you’ll have more respect for any guy. Maybe stop thinking of him as just another one of the ‘lot’, who are out there just to break the hearts of girls. After asking some guys around, here are the top 10 things they said: HAVING A GUY WAIT So most girls would say that they would go for the guy who can wait until the time when she is ready for the commitment. They want to see how far a guy will go just to get them. I’m a girl and yeah, I’d like to see a guy wait for me, but thinking about it from the point of view of the guy, just how long does he really have to wait? And when exactly is the right time? Girls, okay, see how long the guy can wait, but always remember that he can’t wait forever. These are still people and they still love themselves. A girl may think that a guy isn’t really the one when he stops waiting, but maybe the guy stopped waiting because he feels that he’s already giving too much, yet there’s still no guarantee. A guy I talked to said that he felt he was giving everything and waited the longest time, but there was nothing. Not even a clear “no”. And when he talked to the girl, the girl got mad at him saying that he re-


ally didn’t care and was rushing things. Girls, if you don’t like the guy, tell him. Don’t make him wait and wait and wait. And if you already do, but are still not ready for any commitment, at least give the guy that. PINAASA MO LANG Traditionally, it is the guys who do the courting. One of the worst things you can ever do to a guy is to lead him on, give him signs that you like him back, but then just reject him in the end. This is somehow related to the first one I’ve mentioned but I separated it because it is a bit more specific. Again, girls, if you don’t like the guy, don’t lead him on. Don’t flirt. Don’t show them that it might be mutual when it’s not. Know the line because you just might end up hurting the guy. They don’t like it kapag pinapaasa lang sila. They really don’t. It hurts their man-pride. It hurts them. CHEATING Contrary to popular belief, girls cheat as well. I know I’m a girl, but this is reality. Sometimes it’s harder to believe that a girl cheats on the guy. It’s probably because of the society. This is already how people think and so there, people just believe that guys are the “bad guys”. In reality, girls can also be the mean ones. They can also cheat. I don’t think there’s any other way in which I can explain this further. It’s just really simple: girls and guys both just really cheat.


PLAYING This is the connected to cheating. Girls also play with guys. Some girls also just get a guy for the heck of it. I won’t explain further, but yeah, girls and guys both just really also play. LYING In any relationship, lying is just really that something... that tears it apart. Lying, on the part of the girl, can really get him hurt. Telling him your own “a night with your girl bestfriends” story when you’re really out with a guy friend is an example. A girl can mean well, but really, don’t lie. Tell the truth. If you really have nothing to hide, then you can just say it. Even if you mean well, tell the truth. If genuine trust exists in the relationships, then don’t lie. Lying will just break trust. Getting it back is harder than most people would think. You know that the relationship is on a good track if you can tell each other anything and the love is still there. No matter how hard the truth may be, you guys can get through it. Don’t lie because it also pierces a guy’s heart. GETTING A REBOUND A guy also gets hurt when after his relationship with the girl goes down the drain, the girl will get a new guy. It’s like saying that everything they had in their relationship didn’t mean anything. It’s like saying that I didn’t really love you. A girl may do this just to not show the pain, but really, it can get to a guy. A guy I asked told me how he felt really hurt when his girlfriend of more than a year had a new boyfriend just after a few months. He was still recovering from their broken relationship and it really hurt him to see that the girl moved on so fast when things between them aren’t even formally closed. I don’t really know what to tell a girl about this. I just know that if a girl were put in a position like this, she would get hurt too.

PERSONAL ALALAY Guys hate it when girls make them their “personal alalay”. A guy is not meant to carry your bag or to get you things. He’s not there to do the things that you can do yourself. I know a guy would find it sweet if a guy does this, but a bit too much would make a guy feel really bad. He’ll feel like he’s under the girl. He’ll lose his man pride. A guy can only do so much. Let him be a man. Don’t let him be your yaya. DICTATOR GIRLFRIEND Guys feel really bad when the girl controls the relationship. Really, it hurts them. They have this conflict of trying to even it out, but it would result in the girl fighting with them. But if they don’t even try to claim some authority of their own, then the guy will feel like he’s losing his pride. A relationship isn’t meant to be controlled by a particular party. There has to be some kind of compromise. Both have to make sacrifices for the other, not just one doing everything the other wants. A relationship won’t last that way. Let’s face it girls, sometimes we just want too much without even thinking that that a guy is just human. We expect him to do everything when really, his best is sometimes enough. Don’t dictate how he should be and how your relationship should be. Just let it go its course. Get to know what would make it work. Don’t try to make things always go your way because you’ll just end up losing the guy you’re trying to control. TH YUNG GIRL TH stands for “tamang hinala” which means the complete opposite. TH means assuming the wrong thing. Girls always feel that their guy will cheat. Girls are always paranoid that their guy will do something bad. An example would be being too overly jealous when a guy goes out with his girl friends. The girl would say you’re cheating when in

truth it’s just hanging out. A guy would forget to reply and a girl would say he forgot about her. A guy would be too busy and a girl would say there’s someone else taking up his time. Girls, stop assuming the wrong things. Learn to have some faith. Sure, be a bit sceptical, but don’t overdo it. It hurts some guy feelings. Some guys really try their best to be faithful, so don’t make them leave by saying a lot of things that aren’t really true. Proper communication is really needed in making sure that a relationship lasts. Don’t assume girls. Find out the truth. Learn to trust. But guys, don’t break a girl’s trust. FIGHTING Guys absolutely hate it when girls start a fight for absolutely no reason. It just hurts. A girl would get mad just for the simplest things: a guy not replying, a guy not being sweet, a guy forgetting a ‘date’ in the relationship, a guy being busy with school, and many others. It can really get to a guy if a girl fusses about real trivial matters. I know- to a girl- it’s a big thing, but girls, learn the boundary, and guys understand that they are big things. (Editors Note: Uhh... No, we don’t. JK) So there you have it. May I just say here that I’m no love expert. I know that many might not agree with what I’ve said here, but I’m just putting a message across. I just basically wrote down what guys have said. I’m just showing the world that in the war of love, not only girls take the blows, but also guys. I think what we should all do is understand that in a relationship, both parties can get hurt and that’s why people should try hard to make things work. Sam Cinco is currently an applicant for the Secretariat Committee and she is the chairperson in her Sangguniang Kabataan. She plans to take Political Science electives in the future.




alentine’s Day has just passed us by. With the proliferation of vendors selling various kinds of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys and other paraphernalia related to that holiday, I had a sudden realization: shet single pala ako. Two Sundays ago, I came across a flower shop with a sign: “A dozen roses at 15% off.” I quickly entered the said flower shop and chatted with the saleslady about the sale, when my brother entered with a mischievous smile and yelled, “aanhin mo ang sale, kung wala ka namang bibigyan.” Embarrased, I left the store. This experience led me to the fact that we all yearn for love and affection from the opposite sex, especially during this stage in our lives. To the single ladies and gents out there: Admit it, there was one point in your lives when you saw a sweet couple and you said to yourself, sana may ganyan din ako. And to those who had relationships before, don’t you miss those “kilig” moments? Don’t you miss having that special someone? I am sure you do. Now that we are in college, we are given the perfect time to experience one hell of a rollercoaster called love. Ecosoc, the home of many handsome men and gorgeous girls, is a perfect place to start. (See Gab’s article for more details) From my viewpoint, here are the fundamentals in finding love (or something like it). 1. Get to know everyone and socialize with them, particularly with the opposite sex. Ecosoc is full of awesome and talented people. Socializing aids you in practicing your communication skills, which can become handy when you talk to your crush. I am not saying that you should hit on every guy or girl you see. Just talk with them. In this way, you would get to know them better and you might even discover your similarities with him/her. Soon, you are bound to like someone worthy of your special attention. Basically, if you want to find love, you need someone to share it with. 2. Patience is the key. Open yourself up to her/him. Love is a process. For others, it may be short, while some take a while to bloom. But whatever the case may be, do not try to rush things up. Once you are interested in someone, take time to analyze his/her actions towards you. Do not expect things to always go your way. Remember, love does not assure a return in investment. It takes time to mature and grow between two people. Some girls have this “wall” that makes them hard to be close with, thus giving some guys a hard time to compliment


or impress them (na- preemptive supalpal ka). You have to be patient in breaking this wall by befriending her. Allow him or her to discover who you really are; consequently he/she will loosen up and will soon be close to you. 3. Do not be intimidated, because you are special too. I frequently fail to initiate contact with my crush because I get intimidated. She’s down-to-earth pretty, plus she’s smarter than me…san ka pa. Some guys might share the same predicament that I am facing. The key to overcome this insecurity is to realize that you have potential. I, along with my Math 100 buddies, once saw this nerdy looking guy (I am sorry if I seem offensive— Vito: “I am offended”) making out with a hot girl in the Math building. After seeing this live performance, I realized that I can be great too. No, not in momol-ing, but in getting a girl to like me too. To this day, everytime I feel like I can’t score the girl that I like, I recall that scene with the nerdy guy and it quickly gives me the confidence to get that girl, no matter how hot/pretty/intelligent she is. Remember, you have potential. As Nike suggests, Just Do It!! 4. Do not assume, and never expect. When you assume and expect something in pursuing someone, you tend to get your hopes up. Your emotions tend to mess you up and you start to imagine things. In addition, you start to put your own meaning to the ordinary things you do with him/ her. When he asks you for a date, you may assume that he likes you. For him it might be a friendly gesture, but to you it may mean something bigger. When she texts him first, the guy might expect that she will like him if they always engage in texting each other. Assuming and expecting is a form of ignorance, and we tend dwell in it because it makes everything looks like a fairytale. You become vulnerable when you assume or expect, but when reality bites back, you will get hurt…really really bad. Remember, love isn’t always a two-way street. When you give, sometimes nothing comes in return. 4. Loyalty Let us say that he/she finally says, “I like you too.” And not in a friendly, brotherly/sisterly kind of way, but the “like like you” kind of way. BOOOOOOOM!! Kilig to da bones si ate/ kuya oh. Congrats, all of your hardwork and undying perseverance have finally paid off. If this happens to you, focus on her/ him. Furthermore, huwag mo siyang paasahin. The courtship begins here. You have caught the fish; however, do not just put

The lack of trust in a relationship may cause either one of you to cast doubts on each other. Once deceit fills the relationship, everything feels unnatural. Avoid doing the things that will taint the trust she/he has for you. If you love him/her, she is more than enough in making you happy and content. 6. Love will find you, eventually. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Let me cut to the chase, nafriendzone, bro/sis-zoned ka. Yup, it sucks that all of your effort was kinda wasted. It will hurt, but you will soon forget and learn from that experience. Basted ka nga, may natutunan ka naman. Soon, you will recuperate and will fight again in the battlefield. You may become too eager and push your next target to like and love you immediately. This will make you look weird and undesirable. In addition, you become too vulnerable due to your desperate attempt for love and affection. Take your time, at wag kang atat. Remember, if you rush love, your mind will deceive you and will play tricks with your emotions. Learn to love yourself first by protecting yourself from harm, which may come from assuming and expecting in pursuing someone. Love has its own time which you aren’t aware of. Eventually, it will be your would be your turn to enjoy the pleasures of loving someone and being loved back.

FORESHADOWING? Maybe these two will make Echoes cover in the future that fish in a bucket and fish some more, ano ka sineswerte? There is no turning back from this point. No, I am not trying to scare you. (Editor’s Note: Expect to be in Gossip G.) If you really like this guy/gal, then there is no problem in staying true to him/her at all. But if you only tricked and played with him/her with the “I like like you” peg, then SHAME ON YOU SIR/ MA’M. 5. Believe in love, and never break the trust that comes with it. Ayan, may shota ka na. Lakas! Now, every road will always have bumps and potholes. There is no perfect relationship, trust me. You will get hurt and encounter

Love is the union of the Self and the non-Self. You must truly understand the person for who he/she really is. If you are only after your wants in a relationship, then love is not present within it. If you only went for her/him just because type mo siya, then you just started with what physically suits you. Love for the sake of loving!

numerous problems along the way. These imperfections in your relationship will test how much you really love each other. When you believe in love, everything will always turn out better in the end. In acads, especially when we encounter hard lessons, we tend to say tiwala lang. In love, kailangan mo din magtiwala, especially towards your partner. Everything will fall into place when you both do your best in every aspect of your relationship. As the Tagalog saying goes, kapag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan. Getting the girl is like a buy 1-take 1 barJoseph Malcontento is from Block gain. You get her to love you, and you also E-1, a Barrio Mem, and currently a get her trust. The latter is an important sports member. He enjoys taking long factor in sustaining a healthy relationship. walks on beaches.



THE AUTHOR? I’ve never seen this girl in my life. Credit to the internet for the photo.


hey smell flowers and see chocolates. I smell dead people and see culprits for diabetes. It’s valentine’s day and nothing makes sense. What’s all the commotion? They say it’s infatuation, that happy feeling whenever he’s around, that giddy feeling that makes you smile whenever he says something sweet or even something stupid. They say it’s psychosis, that I’ve totally gotten out of my mind thinking that he’s perfect despite his flaws. That I’m crazy when I always assume any other woman he’s with is his girl. The say it’s a fantasy, that it would never happen, that things would never work out. They say it’s love. I say it sucks, love sucks. What is it about this love that makes some people happy beyond reason and others sad beyond rationality? Why do people waste so much energy for such shallow titles, for shallow reasons? Love sucks because it has become synonymous to romance. Love surpasses the boundaries set by chick-flicks and romantic comedies. It should describe far more than soulmates, partners, boyfriends or girlfriends. What we often forget is how love isn’t all about romance. Love isn’t all about kisses and flowers. The word love is too often attached to romance, desire, affection and even lust . What we fail to realize is


that love is present in simple occasions. There’s no need to cry our eyes out due to lack of love because certainly there are people who love us. It’s saddening how people fail to see that filial love or love among friends could equal or even surpass the love present within couples. Some people spend too many moments of their life looking for love when love is actually just in front of them. Love sucks because it’s full of (broken) promises When love sprouts, promises are made. Why do we have to make all these promises? You don’t win someone over because you promise happiness, prosperity, loyalty. You win someone over not because of words, but because of actions. It’s just horrible when people make empty promises to start relationships. It’s equally horrible when girls are swooned by shallow promises. Promises are nothing but promises unless they are put into action. A promise won’t feed you, it won’t make you happy, it won’t sustain you. Unless you’re reciting your vows at your wedding, promises should really be out of the picture in relationships because chances are, one of those promises will be broken and when a promise breaks, a heart breaks. As a famous saying goes, a relationship set on promises, is like a house built on sand. It can easily

be washed out. Okay, so a saying like that doesn’t really exist, but the point is, as beautiful as a sandcastle is, it won’t shelter you for a lifetime. Love sucks when it’s unrequited What’s worse than loving with all your heart and with your entire mind and nothing being loved back? What’s worse than thinking about somebody day in and day out, and never being thought about? What’s worse than seeing than person with someone else or hearing him want to be with someone else? The painful thing about love is that it’s really uncertain. When you give everything you have, you might not get anything back. Love sucks when there are trade offs For some it might be fine to give something up for the person they love. In fact, Some people are more than glad to sacrifice things for who they love. Everything to make him happy, right? But what if you have to give up yourself? What if you have to let go of your (imagined) relationship because that’s what’s going make him happy? What if that person’s genuine happiness depends upon your heartbreak? Love sucks because it’s required and due ASAP It’s funny how, for some people, love



When you give everything you have, you might not get anything back.

is like homework--with a deadline. People tend to rush love so much that at a certain age they need to love and at a certain age they need to find “the one”. People are judged for not loving. Some people’s sexuality are even questioned when they take things slow. For some reason, it’s such a necessity to love while we are young. Why? It’s when we are young that we make the most mistakes. It’s just wrong to pressure people into love because then they’ll make the wrong choices. Love sucks because it’s all life is about Particularly to those with jealous lovers, people’s lives have to revolve around their lovers. For those without lovers, finding love is all they ever think about to a point that they judge almost every person they see based on their looks and personality. Is that really what life is all about? Are we such dependent creatures that we couldn’t live half our lives without lovers? Passion shouldn’t be a problem , but sometimes it goes too far and turns into obsession. WAKE UP. What if your little fling ends? What if he walks away? Your overdependence and obsession will make you crash. Okay, so for some, love never ends, but life will end for everyone. Life’s minutes are so precious that we shouldn’t waste any moment moping because we’re “sawi” or whatnot. Life is too precious for you to waste your time staring at your phone, waiting for a reply. People have become so dependent on love that they need it to feel better about themselves

and being loved is the only way they assure themselves. Love sucks because we lose ourselves in it Every moment you lay your eyes on him, every single time he makes a joke, you lose it. You forget who you really are. You become completely unable to be happy, to be bubbly and to be carefree. You overanalyze and overthink every single thing that you say, every single thing that he says. You get to a point where you can barely even make proper conversation. You forget who you are and you make every single attempt to please that person. In the end, you become someone else. You’re not the same person your friends love, you’re the same person your family knows. They say that part of living is loving and part of loving is getting hurt. I don’t know what the world would be like if love never existed, but I’m certain that a great percentage of people will lose their purpose in life. Sometimes we have to think about who we are if don’t love. As good as it feels to love and to be loved, our perception of love can change its essence completely. True love will wait, true love will come, and true love will happen when it’s supposed to happen. This doesn’t mean that we should spend every day waiting for love. Show that you love yourself. Love your life and don’t live on love.





a liblib na lugar na kilala bilang “Econ back-parking,” ay may nakatirang nilalang na napalilibutan ng abo’t usok. Ang tawa niya’y rinig hanggang sa tambayan ng CAP. Ang halakhak niya ay kumakalembang sa mga bangungot ko. Kapag nagtitigan kayo ay mababasa niya ang nilalaman ng pinakamadilim na sulok ng iyong kaluluwa. Mali ka kung iniisip mo ay may kapre sa Econ dahil ang nilalang na ito ay ang kaibigan kong si Hari Orosco. Malamang nakita mo na siya, pero alam mo bang dati ay bibong miyembro siya ng Ecosoc? Alam mo bang kasing sikat niya dati si Gab Sollano kahit hindi siya chi-negro? Alam mo bang dati’y hindi nag-iisa si Paul na taga-sigaw pagkatapos ng bawat announcement sa genmeet? Alam mo bang naging superbiboapp siya? VC? Guardian? Balbasarado? Medusa? Oo, naging lahat na yan si Hari Orosco, pero malamang din hindi mo siya kilala dahil isang taon mahigit na siyang nawawala. Pero bago nawala si Hari Orosco, ano ba ang mga ginagawa niya dati? Nung first year kami ng daberkads ko, nung ang pagkakakita naming sa Ecosoc ay isang supergaling na org, ninais nilang maging execom. Lahat sila. Inisip namin, si Neil magiging Acad chair, si Georgina sa CDC*, si Kiele sa Externals, si Jing sa Echoes, si Andres sa Memcom (ata,) si Risa sa Spev, si JR sa Sports, si Romano bilang Vice-President at, ang pinakaunang nagsabi, si Hari Orosco ang magiging Presidente. Dati, gumawa siya ng video tungkol kay Sarah Ampil (sobra niyang chill.) Dati, siya yung isa sa mga tagahalo ng alak sa Vice Night. Dati, nagsusulat siya para sa Echoes kasama si Gab at dati, nagpapakagago sa flitop. Dati. Ngayon, isang black man ang presidente pero hindi ito si Hari Orosco. San na siya napunta?

Kahit gano kadaming pagpapapansin ang ginawa ni Hari Orosco, mayroon ba tayong ginawa para sa kaniya? Totoo na nagkaroon siya ng mga posisyon dito’t doon, pero ano ba ang mga totoong benepisyo na nakuha niya mula sa Ecosoc? (At this point, Sam could not go on because of all the feelings and her head hurt from too much Tagalog. I’m here to pick up where she left off.) Hari Orosco probably did not get anything from Ecosoc. Which is why he’s gone. He ain’t nowhere to be found in the sweat jungle called the tambayan. As far as I know, he’s expelled. A man who makes the org come alive suddenly caput. Did some other person come and take his place? Not really. (Does Matthew Mercado count?) Lookie, when you were applicants, when you come into this organization, you all feel shiny and new, like you’ve taken some sort of place at a pedestal. But the truth of the whole matter is, the longer you stay in Ecosoc, you realize you were never really on a pedestal. You were just new toys, placed on a shelf, and now you see the dust settling on your shoulders. When you come from the toy store, you feel the world being given you, but in reality, you just see the whole room from where you sit. And the longer you sit still, the more you realize that you’re nothing to the rest of the toys. You gather dust, your colors fade, and your plastic becomes brittle. Well, that’s one theory. Here is another: he moved to BS BAA. For people reading this in the future, when BS BAA is no longer a thing, it stands for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy. And again, for people in the future, the School of Economics (where this organization is based) and the College of Business Administration (Come on, future people, you can’t be that dumb) are right beside each other. He might have gotten different priorities, like the CBA crowd, Accounting stuff, man-scaping his beard, etc. Or not. He practically still hangs out in the backparking. He doesn’t have any other org (Rather, he has no org right now actually, thank you Ecosoc). Different priorities could still be plausible. Well, for one thing, is the hefty budget you gotta keep down in your wallet, for Ecosoc, plausible? First and foremost, when you try to become a member once more, you have to pay this thing called a reaffirmation fee, which costs 150 pesos (People of the future, that is the currency of this country. Whatever country you may believe this to have come from). To a lot, that is a lot.


anyone from the kids bothered to talk to the bibbo guy with the beard who always hung out in the backparking.

WHAT COULD’VE BEEN? What if this black man never left?

So much so that people don’t even pay their reaffirmation fees when asked for. Then they develop this thing called “Accounts Receivable” to the Finance Committee, which basically is all your debts to your beloved organization, snowballed into one big figure. Sometimes, people don’t even bother paying up because they feel Ecosoc just isn’t giving them any (whatever that “any” is, is a different matter altogether). What’s Hari Orosco’s, you may ask? Well, our respondent at Finance refused to give any comment. (Just kidding, we didn’t bother asking for this one). We can only imagine how big, or how small, his is. Just as how big or small the Accounts Receivable multiple members and former members had before him. And for another thing, how big was his circle of friends in Ecosoc over the years? Judging from what Sam wrote earlier (which I had a difficult time deciphering), Hari only had friends from the older batches and a few from the newer ones. Yet Ecosoc isn’t like your regular university-wide CBA org wherein people hardly know each other. Ecosoc takes pride in its application process that opens itself to the applicants on a more personal level, with Gossip G. even sharing in on the welcoming process. Everyone in Ecosoc used to know each other, at least on a face-basis. However, starting with the Power App batch, an overwhelming amount of new members came in. (Yet in the Outbreak App batch, they only had twenty or so). Maybe hardly

Have you seen the backparking area? Most of the time, its riddled with trash: uneaten slices of cakes, empty PET bottles, and all sorts of weird wooden things just loitering around. It just isn’t being cared for that much, to the dismay of those kids in Debsoc, who have to clear the tables of its garbage. Maybe that’s what happened to Hari (not that Ecosoc cleared its trash, but that he wasn’t cared for that much). Back to that toy metaphor, he was shiny and new when he came in, and he made Ecosoc livelier. Yet as the semesters passed, he began to fade away into the background. Here was a guy who used to star in Echoes TV, usually when people do that, they are well-known to a certain extent. But as for him, he just faded into the background all of so sudden. Maybe he stopped receiving texts from his commhead, telling him when CDC was and all other events. Basically, all flow of information to Hari stopped. He might have changed his cellphone number. He might have started living in a cave. He might’ve gone to the mountains and joined up with the communists. But what do we know, right? Whatever happened, people forgot about him. Only a few ever bothered to ask, “where did Hari go?” Some people now might say, “who is Hari Orosco?” A good answer would be to say, he was a good man who never failed to entertain and charm those around him, an active Ecosocer who provided a pulse to events that almost started to seem mundane, and a former future execommer, who was almost going to hold this organization from the balls up. Hari Orosco probably loved Ecosoc. That’s why he gave so much of himself to it. However, he does not stand before us anymore. Remember that quote, “Love Ecosoc, and it will love you a million times back”? So far, it seems, in the case of Hari Orosco, Risa Crisostomo (who used to be a VC and took part in Ad Hoc planning), Georgina Gonzales (who used to model all the time for Ecosoc), Pedro Indunan (A former tambay king and a Grand Trad man), Ralph Dantes (who lent his home a couple of times and was a very active member), Iso Garrido (who won the Grand Tradition and was seen to be in line for power), Stef Go (who used to be a VC and a model for various things), et al., that hackneyed “Love Ecosoc and it will love you a million times back” line does not hold true. And we all know unrequited love is such a pain. *Sam: galing kami ni Georgina sa eskwelang naglalagay ng mabigat na importansya sa serbisyo para sa mga ‘maralita.’ Samakatuwid, hindi nakagugulat na gugustuhin niyang maging CDC chair.

Sam Gonzales is the Associate Editor of the publication and formerly Ecosoc Month Publicity Director. In her spare time, she enjoys making playlists Derek Parreñas is the Editor-in-Chief of the publication, and the former Associate Editor. He has never set foot in another committee.





couple of years ago, the Membership Committee, Memcom, of the UP Economics Society was thought to be as one of the most intact, if not ever-present, body in the organization. Past members of the Society would tell us that they chose Ecosoc over other organizations because of how Memcom, with the efforts of its Chairperson, as well as its members, created an environment that would welcome them into the organization and make the love Ecosoc a (insert-numberhere)-fold. A lot dreamt of joining this committee, thinking that it was the coolest. That being in it would make them feel special, being part of the most sought after and most influential conglomeration in the Society. After all Memcom were the elite, with only a select few being taken in each semester. As the organization progresses to the future, a downturn of performance and an ever-waning presence begins to leave this committee destitute. What was once an elite group composed of the Society’s most talented and influential members is now becoming a den of inactive members who have priorities which do not include primacies for the organization. DISSECTING THE PROBLEM The Membership Committee adheres to the overall welfare of the human resource facet of the organization which includes the applicants and its general membership. Article VI, Sec. 2, Number 6, A-E of the Society’s Constitution provides us with the core responsibilities of Memcom: (6) The Membership Committee (a) It shall manage the application process. (b) It shall undertake the duties provided for in Article V, Section 6, Numbers 1 and 2. (c) It shall maintain and update membership files. (d) It shall instill discipline among members as specified in Article V, Section 3 and by enforcing the rules on attendance and punctuality. (e) It shall perform the functions assigned to it by the Executive Committee. In a nutshell, Memcom imposes rules on how the membership should perform their duties and responsibilities for the organization and its stakeholders. It may seem that there is nothing wrong with the committee’s performance of the aforementioned responsibilities vested on them by the Constitution. Albeit, it was evident that the Membership Committee, of recent semesters, posed lackadaisical efforts in


THE LAST TWO With their trademark poses the performance of its duties which in turn levied stagnation and indifference onto the organization in its supposedly smooth mechanism. Needless to say that these mediocre performances coupled with other salient malpractices engendered the committee to turn into shambles and warrant the harshest of criticisms, hurls of shit and slings of mud, perturbing bashes, and foul comments from the members of the other committees. WEAK LINKS Comparing the Memcom of past years vis-a-vis the members of present day Memcom would give us a hint on why the degradation in performance occurs as of this writing. The problem lies in the mere foundation of the committee - its members. From years past, members of the committee were thought to be of jovial spirits and pleasing personalities. They are considered as the members’ “common friends” since everyone would have known them and must have interacted with them at least once in their stay with Ecosoc. Members and applicants would want to stay in the tambayan until the late hours of the evening because they enjoyed interacting and bonding with their peers, with Memcom at the helm in stirring interesting gimmicks and activities that would entice everyone to tambay and stay. Senior members shared that in their early years as members, the committee was highly regarded as a body that is already esteemed and at par with the Executive


“The members are always missing in action” Committee because of the respect and love they garnered from the general membership. But those were, indeed, the good old days. Today, the committee is comprised of a mix of individuals of two kinds: the inactive members and the concerned ones who try to commit and keep their beloved committee afloat. It is evident that today’s Membership Committee consists of a majority that is composed of a cliquish bunch of new bloods that does not even know the entailed responsibilities of being inside the committee. These kids do not have the candor and fervor to commit themselves to the very basic provisions provided for by the constitution. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being cliquish, as proved by some other committees of the Society from both recent and present years; this nature is beneficial to the impressive output manifested by these committees. But then, in the case of the Membership Committee, we can see otherwise. This nature only steered the whole committee into a number of slumps that greatly affects the committee’s prestige and effectiveness. TUMBLEWEEDS AND GHOST TOWNS “The members are always missing in action” - was the most common comment given to the members of the committee. Memcom committee meetings every Tuesdays would only have its chairperson, at least two of its vice-chairpersons, and two-to-three members, most often than not, the senior ones, making them the most noticeable committee in terms of its poor members’ attendance. It is very saddening that we see some of its members enjoying themselves at the back parking lot corridor or at the lounge while all other members of the Society are doing their business, discussing and convening as committees to prepare and accomplish assigned tasks. It is certain that if attendance will be checked at this point, at least half of the committee would already be placed under probation because of their violation of Article VI, Sec. 2, d of the Constitution which provides for the instilment of discipline towards the membership when it comes to attendance and punctuality. They should be the ones to hold a firm grip in the membership’s compliance of the Society’s Constitution; and it is very troubling, and upsetting to say the least, that they themselves are the ones who are insolent towards its strict implementation. Who would have even thought that even in the committee’s sole event for this semester, the GMTBS, the manifestation of the non-appearance of people has been already extended to the other members of the Society.

BURDENSOME MISCALCULATIONS How on earth would the captain of the ship steer its vessel away from a siphoning whirlpool? We cannot completely blame the chairpersons for what is currently happening. However, to some extent they must be liable for some of the misgivings that seem to threaten and destroy the committee’s prestige and credibility. If not addressed at once, they could lead to the disruption of the Society’s smooth mechanism. The first point on the punch list would have to be the way that the captain chose his comrades. In choosing members, the over-all welfare of the Society and its stakeholders should be given utmost consideration. Chairpersons should be asking themselves a couple of questions before they decide on whom to take in as their members: Who are the ones fit to perform the duties tasked to the committee? Who are the ones who have the necessary characteristics called for by the assigned tasks of the committee?, etc. It is not an issue if a chairperson picks his friends as his members, but what seemed to be the concern for recent chairpersons would be the lack of judgment when it comes to their friends’ capabilities in performing tasks and the added-value that they contribute to the committee. This lack of judgment only makes things worse since, come crunch time, tasks would end up as a burden being carried-on by him plus the vice-chairpersons together with some concerned members amounting to something less than the number of fingers on one hand. DEDICATION, CHOICES, AND PRIORITIES The last thing to be considered in this downturn focuses our attention to the primacies of the members of the committee. We of course cannot dictate upon these pitiful children to put Ecosoc and Memcom first on their lists and priorities in life because that would be pretty pretentious of us, if not hypocritical. But the mere fact that the members of this committee are also members of other organizations and that they seem to be more active with these other organizations slaps the other members who have wholeheartedly wanted to join Memcom with a motive to support the committee and abide by the responsibilities entailed to a member of the Membership Committee. A true Memcom member should have the heart for the Society. He or she should be willing to step up and leave his or her comfort zone for the welfare of the general membership. Only when one realizes these things would he be considered fit to be part of the committee. WARNING Let this be clear, this article is not for the purpose of lambasting the Membership Committee rather it is a wakeup call for everyone to reconsider their purpose and their roles in the organization. It may have been a case that criticisms are overflowing for this committee because their actions and its effects have been ever noticeable but then this too can also be happening in the other committees.




(Note: This was written way back in December and edited on January. Editor’s note: Josh was waiting for the Rundown to happen.)


here have been probably numerous Echoes articles prior to this one regarding the subject of the Ecosoc “brand,” and with good reason. We are still in an ever-evolving process of improving our brand. It’s normal for any organization to always aim for good reputation and good standing. We can’t blame ourselves for this mind set because as an organization, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We try to find our own niche in a plethora of student organizations that proliferate in this university. We try to find our own identity. We try to be different things all at once, and trying to be different things all at once may not always be a good thing. The organization has beneficiaries in the form of scholars, and we know they’re the primary reason we do the things we do, but we have to admit, we also do these things not just for these beneficiaries, but to also find some recognition in the work we do as an organization. For


the few months I’ve been a member myself, there is very little I can say of or compare with when it comes to the Ecosoc brand, but looking at the history and the members themselves, they tell a clear story. DOWN AND OUT This goal of attaining the respect and admiration of our peers is naturally coursed through the events the society has. Every year, we go for bigger, grander and more bodacious events, not only to benefit our scholars, but also, to make people see and react in such a way when they hear “Ecosoc”, they’d probably say, “Ecosoc? That’s one of the best student organizations!” But this ambition can also be our downfall. What we may see as setting realistic goals may actually be already shooting for the moon. Many of the members I’ve asked say that this is one of the reasons the org had its less than remarkable semester in the previous academic year. This kind of run-and gun optimism can set goals too out of reach and can leave the members miserable and unfulfilled. Trying to achieve so many things at once has made Ecosoc, in the words of some of the members, “a cycle of unfulfilling work.”

With the lows though, come the highs. Take LIV for example. On paper, it’s something Ecosoc has never done before, something you can consider as a “high-risk, high-reward” sort of thing. I enjoyed it. My friends from other schools enjoyed it. People were still talking about it weeks after. This is the kind of fearless vision that has made many of our events bigger and better. These are just one of the events last semester that have become one of the positive products of the continuing pursuit of brand prestige. OLD IDEAS, UNFOUNDED BELIEFS We’ve become too concerned with the idea that our brand is always a recurring problem that we keep comparing ourselves to other orgs; that we think we find it hard to step out of the shadow of that org from our neighbouring college. Enough with the self-doubt, the uncertainty, the insecurities, we are socio-civic. A socio-civic org that happens to have a damn good variety of events that actually makes it hard to be classified into one category in the first place. When was the last time you actually heard someone refer to Ecosoc as a “party org”? If you look around and notice, people now actually recognize us for things like UPFront, NYC and our GK partnerships. Being at least shortlisted in TAYO solidifies this fact. This year, we have huge upcoming events like The Rundown, a forum for the 2013 midterm elections. We’ve been stuck so long with the idea that “our brand is in trouble” that we already forgot to notice all the great and positive things that have happened to this org. Ecosoc’s stock is rising quickly, and it could only get better from here. In the hubbub of “wanting to be like this” and “like that”, we tend to neglect the greatest asset of the organization: the membership. Many of the members complained about the weak internals the organization had in the last brand audit. Membership attendance in events, especially internal ones, are at a low, and fewer people actually tambay. And if some members do come to these internal events, it may be because of necessity, and not necessarily wanting to go in the first place. We shouldn’t let this happen, because the members reflect the image of the organization. If outsiders see the members unsatisfied and unfulfilled, wouldn’t they also see Ecosoc in the same way? WORTH IT AFTER ALL A few days after the smorgasbord of events that was the Ecosoc Anniversary Month, I remember having a conversation with a friend who studies in DLSU. She asked me, “Ecosoc ka diba?” Naturally, I answered “Yes” with the kind of snappy enthusiasm you would see in one who just passed the application process. She said some of the orgs here have heard about all the stuff you guys did recently, and they want to partner with you guys for some event next year.” Now I’m not sure what happened to that or if any partnerships there will actually come to fruition, but it gives you an idea of how Ecosoc is now being perceived beyond the borders of UP. In short, we’re more or less on that path to “brand prestige” we all strive to attain. The continuing pursuit of brand recognition and excellence has clearly made the org a more attractive organization as a whole. As the semester continues to roll in, we are greeted with new faces in the tambayan, eager individuals who want to be part of the organization we call home. As of this writing, we have over fifty applicants for this semester. That’s almost a first

ANGARA Speaking at the Rundown, gwapo as always

semester’s worth of applicants and a testament to how well the organization performed last semester.

So now, can we really say we are proud of being part of Ecosoc? So now, can we really say we are proud of being part of Ecosoc? Do we still find it fulfilling to be part of it despite the heavy responsibilities we have as members? The question really is up to you to interpret. Active or inactive, VC or director, hands-on project head or Pusoy Dos pro, we are all stakeholders in the organization. It is up to us in the end if we are willing to change the system, to be a part of the solution. We all have our reasons why we joined Ecosoc. The members have been through a lot. Ups and downs, highs and lows, and yet we still come back for more. If you think about it, we, the members, are the “brand” itself that permeates all facets of Ecosoc. A few months in and there is an air of excitement and optimism that hovers around the organization. When five decades have passed since its inception and this org is still up and running, then clearly we’re doing something good, right?

Josh Siat is currently a SPEV vice-chairperson, a former Marist, and a Barrio Member. He enjoys writing poetry and listening to Heavy Metal during his spare time.





ear You, You may think that when I see your Sanuks I think ‘wow, for the same price, you could’ve gotten something way better.’ That when I see you trip I think ‘wow, what a klutz.’ When I learn that your favorite song has lyrics like “Romeo, save me,” I deem you unworthy of my time. Or that when you’re a little weird or crazy or smelly or IN FLIP FLOPS I think “shit, what the fuck are you doing breathing my air?!?” And while only one of the above is my actual reaction, here is the actual truth: I do not care. This is the truth. I do not actually care about how you look, or if you like Maja Salvador, or if you’re really clumsy, or if you can’t speak fluent English or a word of internet, or if you have a porn folder under your bed or in the recesses of your laptop, or


TO EVERYONE WHO UDGMENT if your ring tone is Katy Perry’s Peacock and it played in our 101 class. Okay, maybe I care if you look “nice,” but that’s about it. Let me tell you that there is nothing in my brain linking your sleeveless plaid blouse with ruffles in the front to the core of your being, or your disliking of Watchmen to your soul (assuming souls exist,) or your love for Korean Pop to your ambitions and dreams and potential. They may tell you that I am a hater, a naysayer, a judgmental bitch, but I must remind you that I simply do not care. In my brain is not you and your hairy legs, it’s me me me me me me me me me me me me me memememememememememememe. What I do, what I plan to do, if my dreams are going to come true, what innovative excuse I’m going to use so that I could attend The Rundown (read: there was none, I didn’t ask permission because I am obviously a badass mother fucker,) how the fuck I am going to stay awake in 181/151/186, that kind of stuff. I’m kidding. I of course think about the proverbial you, (no, not the collective you, ha-ha very clever,) but in ways that are more... cheesy. Do you care about the things that are outside your sociopolitical reality (aka the things that are not in your little privileged bubble)? Do you think about things that aren’t yourself? Must you make every single thing about yourself? Are you going to lead us into another morale recession? Why is everybody so mean to you? Why are you so mean to everybody? Do you aspire to be a person who will affect the lives of others or do you just want to be another corporate vice president? What are the things you love? What are the things that offend you? What are the movies that make you cry? Why are you threatened by homosexual / non-binary love? I think of you in that way, mostly. I think of you in the contexts that matter; the ones that matter more than how put together you look, or how much acne you have. Oh, you! And all this time you were worrying about how to cajole your parents into getting you the latest iPhone. But before I leave and continue thinking about myself, let me tell you a few things. One, when I make that face that looks very judgy, I am doing it on purpose. As in, I am joking. I swear it. Two, the next time you see my face like that, want you to remember, fuck the fear.

But it is entirely up to you if you want to let the fear of being judged keep you from being free. The best thing about having freedom is that despite whatever everyone else thinks, in reality, you can do whatever you want, however you want. You are able to make decisions and love the things you love and hate the things you hate and speak the way you want to speak. You can even wear fishnet stockings and stiletto heels every damn day if you like. You could rap Gloc9 and play your stupid music out loud every morning if you want to. Shit, you could even wear brown with black and not match your shoes with your belt/bag. Sure, it’s going to bother PauBau immensely but, you know, fuck him too, you’re happy. I want you to remember that it isn’t your responsibility to be whatever they want you to be, but it is entirely up to you if you want to let the fear of being judged keep you from being free. In the end,

You do what you love and fuck the rest.

With you, Sam, Lover of Good Charlotte, heroin chic, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians





e were sitting on her bed, eating a pint of cookies and cream ice cream when she grabbed her laptop.

“Fine, I’ll show you! You’re so kulit kasi!”

Since the week before, I’ve been begging her to show me her home videos. Ines Margarita Bengzon Pagdanganan, born December 10, 1993. She never really told me much about her childhood because she always said that she couldn’t remember anything before the onset of 5th grade. But I don’t think she realizes that the random stories she tells me are 60% childhood memories. Let’s start off with the trivial things. Her favorite merienda: Lucky Me mami and a pack of cold Zesto; Her childhood shining moment: being one of the Von Trapp kids when she was in first grade; Her first crush: Elmo. In all seriousness, though, those short videos showed me what she was like. She was a cautious kid – the type who said, “May poison yung hopia, no?” when her dad offered her a piece. But more than that, she was extremely close to her family, specifically her baby sister. Only awesome big sisters would scare the bullies away, and that’s what she did for Bianca. Funny how she says she doesn’t recall, but every word sounds like a whisper from the little girl she once was. After a few minutes, the video ended; and out of nowhere, she held her ice cream spoon up and gave it to me. “It felt wrong having the cookie all to myself so I split it so we could share.”

NATURAL LOVE People should eat on the grass more


ULTIMATE ASSUMPTIONISTA: THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW She graduated with honors from Assumption Antipolo. This didn’t really surprise me because ever since we met, I pegged her as a smart girl. The things below, though, are things I never in a million years expected until she told me. Why? Simply because she was so damn shy when I met her. Now, this is the part where I brag about my girlfriend. Brace yourselves.


THEY LOVE KIDS Reg and Ines would probably do a reverse-Brangelina School Speechfest Champion Her speech “What’s in a Bag?” which was about what she learned throughout her stay in AA, was chosen as the best one in Batch 2011, and she read it in front of the whole student body. Publicity Head of the Assumption Fair She went to different campuses and joined different radio shows just to promote the famous Assumption Fair. She was the big boss. She was popular. And everyone knew it. Event Host and Almost Magic 89.9 Junior Jock She was a killer host in high school according to all her batchmates.; and she almost made it to the list of Magic Junior Jocks. Just last February 2, she hosted the Assumption prom with DJ Alven of RX. I couldn’t watch though because, well, you

know how Catholic girl schools are. Life is cruel. But it’s alright! I was her everloyal yaya, holding her things while she got ready. Needless to say, I was the best damn yaya in the world. Debater We debate about a lot of deep things in our relationship – the RH Bill, Divorce, Tang or 8 o’ clock. Most of the time she wins. I guess being a debater in high school gave her the upper hand. Here’s a tip to everyone out there, though, it’s SAFER to let your significant other win. Consider yourselves lucky. I learned that the hard way. UP LIFE She didn’t want to go to UP. She was a Blue Eagle at heart. But just as I never thought I’d fall in love with a freshman, life teaches all of us that anything can happen.

Two years later and she raves about UP and the School of Economics nonstop. She loves Ecosoc more than you’ll ever know. She loves its tambayan, and she loves its people. She volunteers for events even though she doesn’t need to. Among her favorites are NYC, The Rundown, and UPFront. “I don’t need a position to make a difference.” She’s a shining example of that. LOVE: THEN I CAME ALONG She was my applicant under the External Affairs committee, and to be honest, I didn’t really notice her. Same small eyes as at least half of the student body, and same disposition as any other freshman trying to fit in. But one day, for some rea-


FEATURES son I can’t even begin to explain, she took up more of my attention than I had ever expected. I didn’t think I had a chance because she seemed extremely straight, having had Ateneo athletes and dancers fall at her feet. But then, people started teasing her about going both ways. Score! Haha. I guess you all know how that turned out. We’ve been together for 16 months, and our families are supportive of our relationship. This may come off as a shock, but it was His blessing that got us through. He talked to us (I’m not lying) and told us that it was going to be okay. After all these months, He was right. Fact: I joined Twitter because of her. Fact: I buy her supermarket flowers every time we buy groceries. It’s a tradition. Fact: She does most of the talking. I just listen or sleep or eat. Fact: I have dinner with her family at least once a month. Fact: She’s my best friend. FUTURE As for the rest of her college life, I think she’ll shine brightest in the Student Council or in Ecosoc. (Hi Nessy, don’t kill me when you read this, please! Just saying what I think.) Honestly, I think she’ll be an amazing SAC Chairperson. I witnessed this passion in her during BEAST, and I think the Econ Men’s basketball team can attest to this too. If she chooses Ecosoc, then for sure she’ll be amazing in any committee. Of course I prefer Externals but I’ll support her no matter where she goes. Student Council, Ecosoc, or maybe even the USC. We’ll see. Five years later: I can’t really say where she’ll be or what she’ll do, but I guarantee she’ll make it. I know she wants to be in media, as a journalist or an author, though. No lie, she’s one of the best writers I know. I’ll post her work when she’s not looking, don’t worry. Ten years later: Let’s just say I hope she’ll still be here… with me. I’ll invite you all to the baby shower! :)

Reg Reinoso is the former Externals chairperson of Ecosoc, who started the National Economics Summit and the UP Elections Forum, UPFront. She is now working and plays music in her spare time.







sit with her in the quiet. Music breaks the silence and I find myself again in amazement as she sings, to its second voice, another song I have yet to find the words to. That had always fascinated me about her, how she saw things differently, and how she was always ten steps ahead...always so effortlessly. I would always tell her that it was the little things like those that always fascinated me about her, and she would do nothing but brush it off. She never really liked compliments. She ignored all of mine. That always fascinated me too. Regina Teresa Reinoso was born the second of two children of Rene and Gigi Reinoso. Excellency was something not foreign to her or her family. She attended PAREF-Woodrose for her grade school and high school education, where she graduated from both with academic honors as class valedictorian consistent as top of the class. Her mother, Gigi, graduated with a degree in Zoology and held the record for the highest postwar undergraduate GWA. Her father Rene, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s current Chief Operating Officer, graduated from the School of Economics with a degree in Business Economics -- the same course Reg pursued and graduated from as magna cum laude. Her academic achievements and the environment of its excellency in which she grew up in might seem like a lot to take in, but you should early on from here that this is just one side to


the many things Reg has achieved. I was an applicant in my freshman year when I first met Reg. Back then, I knew her only as the organization’s Public Relations Officer and head of the External Affairs Committee, which I was an applicant of. A few weeks after that I found out she was part of her high school softball team and school choir, had a kick-ass YouTube channel, was captain of the School of Economics Women’s Basketball Team, head of UP SE-RVC, a strong advocate of gender equality and was in her fourth year, magna cum laude standing. For the UP Economics Society she, along with then president Paolo Tamase, organized the first ever National Economics Summit and the USC Elections Forum UPFront. As if these things were not enough to make you feel like a useless human being wondering what you have been doing with your life, what’s most interesting to note is that I found all these things out, not from her, but from other people who were, like me, just as inspired seeing her at work. She had never been one to brag, despite her many, many, many achievements. I had only worked with her for one semester as an applicant but that one semester was enough for me to see how passionate she was and how it inspired so many of the people she worked with in Ecosoc, RVC and the team. As of the present, Reg works as a management trainee of Metrobank’s LEAP Program. She also


FEATURES trains and is part of Rogue Women’s Basketball. Despite the many teams, organizations and groups she had been part of and led, Reg had always considered herself to be an introvert. She never really liked being in the spotlight and was always more comfortable working from the sidelines. She thought of herself as awkward, and not as a people-person -which is funny, when you think about it, because even if she’ll never believe it, she is great with people. Ask the people she has worked with from RVC or Ecosoc, or anyone she’s been teammates with. She has established friendships that go beyond being committee-mates or orgmates or teammates. I have always been in awe of how she never got mad at anyone, how she just genuinely exuded a kindness that would make anyone (or maybe just especially me) feel horrible and how she would always tell me “How would you feel if you were in their shoes?”. We had always had opposing views when it came to people. I had always thought people were better off known as strangers, while she thought it was better knowing people one-on-one. It

wasn’t long until I thought I was one of the lucky ones that she got to know, and soon enough, I knew I was one of the luckier ones that got to know her. One story about us I cannot go without sharing happened almost around this very same time last year, having something to do with an advocacy she had always been so passionate about. It was a crazy horrible time for me, and I knew it was too for Reg but she set aside the apprehensions in our relationship to be a friend to me, and until now it really is one of the moments that matter most. She told me how life was made difficult for her in a high school that wasn’t LGBT friendly and how having no support system crippled her. When I came out to my parents - In true Romeo and Juliet fashion - or really, just in true traditional parenthood fashion - my parents forbid me from seeing or having any form of contact with Reg. It was probably one of the most painful things I had ever gone through, feeling worthless and disowned like I was never my parents’ daughter. She told me she didn’t want me or anyone else to have to go through that too, and so she stayed with me. She said, regardless of the outcome of our relationship, she would be the girl I could run to. She knew how painful coming out was and she knew I needed someone who understood. Talking to her made me think she was amazing because she had been through a lot, but getting to know her let me understand she was amazing, simply because simply was. It is a completely selfish thing to wish for but there are still some times I would wish she didn’t have to graduate so soon or that I could have entered UP at an earlier time. That maybe, I could have just had two more years to spend with her in college before she had set off to the “real world”. I mean yeah, okay, she’s my girlfriend and there will always be that romantic cheesy, needy,and disgustingly clingy side to me that will always want to be where she is, but more than that, I’m also one of the many people she moved to love Ecosoc. It is very easy for anyone to be selfish with a kind of girl like her. I know I am. But knowing her, and being with her, I’ve come to realize, she’s the kind of girl you cannot be selfish with, not just because you know shouldn’t be, but because you know she has so much to offer to Ecosoc, to the School of Economics, to basketball, and most especially, to “the real world”. She might have graduated from Econ, she may not be Externals Head anymore, and she might always be two tollgates away, but I will never stop being there for her, in the same way everyone else she has come to know will always want to be there for her. I will never stop throwing compliments at her, or telling her she’s amazing, because she’s the kind of girl you can’t be selfish with, and singing in second voice is always a kick-ass skill.

Ines Pagdanganan is currently a member in the Externals Committee, a former Membership Committee Vicechairperson, and Power Member. She enjoys Litnight and Jellyace.






he midterm elections are coming in a few months, which means that everybody is telling everybody to be aware, to scrutinize platforms, to arrive at an informed decision come May 2013. Go be a good citizen and spend hours critically analyzing the various details of the candidates’ plans. Add that to your usual duties of reading important bills, reading the news, sharing informative links on Facebook, engaging in debate, et cetera et cetera. What a load of boolsheet. Awareness is not good in itself, because it all depends on the quality of your awareness. It seems obvious but people forget it. There’s not much use in being aware of the “platforms” of candidates who invariably support any policy that’s pro–poor, pro–nationalism, pro–God, pro–any-damn-thing-that-wins-votes. There’s not much use either in reading the FOI bill in full; assuming you’re not a trained and practicing lawyer, you probably won’t understand the significance of its provisions as applied to actual legal practices. And about reading or watching or listening to the news? Pfft!—nothing can be more pointless. T. Jefferson said that the man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. The media is a business: their goal is not to inform, but to earn. So don’t go looking for enlightenment within the pages of the Inquirer, because you won’t find any. Neither will you in watching TV Patrol, which features probably the dumbest set of anchors that have ever graced television. All you’ll find from these media outlets is a mess of facts and names and figures littered with the obligatory sensational scoops, none of which will improve your understanding of anything, especially the miserable state of this country of ours. The problem is that the high-quality kind of awareness is much harder to get. This involves accumulating analyses, not facts. Analyses are attempts made by thinking men and women to make sense of facts, to offer fresh insights, to point out trends, to recommend courses of action. No, these aren’t the editorial or opinion sections of newspapers, whose lightweight, bite-sized bits of analyses merely provide fuel for some pseudo-intellectual dinner party conversation. I can’t tell you where exactly to find the kind of information you should be looking for, but a good place to start is UP Press. Ah yes, now you know why this is


going to be hard. This involves actually reading books, not fiveminute articles or blog posts or Facebook notes. In particular, there are three disciplines you can never read too much of: history, economics and philosophy. To formulate a proper understanding of our present condition, an understanding of the numerous steps it took to get here is terribly necessary. In short, we need to study history. We can’t just enter today’s discourse and assume we can contribute to it in any profound way—our observations, without the wisdom generated by the broader view afforded by historical awareness, end up contributing only to white noise. So quit reading about what’s happening today, and read about what happened between today and a generation ago. Not Rolando Tolentino’s latest rant against neoliberalism, but Renato Constantino’s The Philippines: A Past Revisited. Not STAND-UP’s GPOA, but Ken Fuller’s A Movement Divided: Philippine Communism, 1957–1986. Besides history, today’s precocious youths could also use a little more (and I might be biased here) economics, if only because growth and development are what’s on everyone’s mind in a poor old place like the Philippines. Not just the conventional economic analysis you learn from textbooks, but an appreciation for the shortcomings of the discipline as well. A greater understanding is also desperately needed of that brilliant heretic named Karl Marx, whose theories have been used and abused by lesser intellects for far too long. There’s this dangerous tendency I’ve found with UP students where they enter discourses on economic matters either believing totally in free markets or distrusting totally in anything that has even touched capitalism. The reality of things, of course, lies somewhere in between: capitalism is dangerous, but it is also responsible for the fact that never before in the history of mankind has this many people lived lives that are as good, on average, as this. Economics is the study of how to make things better. Finally, philosophy is also sorely needed in our ideal understanding of what it means to “be aware.” We’re turning into an army of armchair philosophers, familiar only with the superficial sound bites that reduce great metaphysical questions into simplistic quips (“my right to swing my fists ends where

your nose begins,” “I believe in God but not in the Church,” and other such nonsense). The objective of learning philosophy, I think, isn’t really about being able to spit out quotes from various Europeans: rather, it’s about learning how to think, how to approach problems and work towards an answer. In The Republic, Socrates tries to formulate the bestest government ever. In “On Liberty,” John Stuart Mill tries to deduce the appropriate amount of meddling the state may impose on people’s liberty. In A Theory of Justice, John Rawls tries to find justification for redistributionary policies. Amartya Sen pushes for a capabilities approach in measuring development. Now we read Plato, Mill, Rawls, Sen, and all other philosophers because we too are faced with problems, and we build on their approaches to arrive at our own answers. It’s not so much about which philosopher is right; it’s about letting them teach us how to think about things. If you’re looking to change the country, don’t rely too much on the democratic process. Don’t bother reading up on election platforms. Don’t bother writing blog posts and exercising your

MARX Wow, he actually has EYES

right to free speech. Don’t even bother to vote. These forms of benign activism rest on several assumptions that idealize our democracy—that the power of the better argument will triumph, that informed citizens can bring about change from the bottom-up, that scrutiny will discipline government officials, that every vote counts. The truth is that our state institutions are controlled by economic and political elites. Democracy, supported as it may be by the most informed citizens of the godforsaken Third World, will not change that. On the flipside, don’t bother with the overly aggressive activism either—rallies, riots, civil disobedience, the whole shebang. These are also useless. If the better argument will not triumph, neither will the loudest. What we need is a revolution. Not a Marxist revolution, nor a Maoist revolution. Nothing violent. God, I hate the Left for imbruing the word revolution with their own ridiculous program for progress. No, what we need is a quiet revolution. Our generation will soon be tomorrow’s elites, being as we are future graduates of the country’s premiere university. This means that it will soon be us who will hold the reins of this country’s direction. All generations have hitherto failed. Sorry mom, dad, but your generation sucks. You gave us Erap, GMA, and Noynoy. Our generation must not disappoint. We must not passively obsess over voters’ education or current events awareness. All our lives, we were told to engage ourselves in politics, that that is what makes us good, responsible youths. Those are lies. The voices of our votes are drowned by the cold, hard cash of Henry Sy and Lucio Tan, by the jingles that blast from televisions and radios everywhere, by ABS–CBN and GMA and TV5 and even MYX YOUR CHOICE YOUR MUSIC, who do not care at all about what there is to be learned. But it’s okay. Let them drown us out. We will take their place one day, and with hope, we will be equipped with a different kind of worldview. For this to happen, however, we need to start now, need to realize now that to truly be informed, responsible citizens, a much vaster ocean of knowledge must flood our minds. We can do this if we get our priorities straight. And I don’t want to sound preachy, but can we all at least agree that you’re a total loser if your life’s single greatest dream is to become a corporate vice-president? Kenneth Reyes was the Editor-in-Chief of this publication two years ago. Judging from this article, he may be planning to start never-before-seen revolution among the youth.



NO DIRECTION Ecosoc’s answer to those happy lads


y life has been ruined – completely, irreparably, and shamefully ruined.

And the truth is, One Direction is the cause of this. For the most part, it’s a daily realization that I run around the house in frustration whenever I miss a twitcam (aka a live broadcast) from one of the five (yes, they are five) sexy boys or I keysmash my feelings away every time there is an attractive picture of them that surfaced on the internet and since every picture is an attractive picture, let’s just say my keyboard knows the pain I have to go through. More recently, I spent about five-minutes (or maybe fifteen, I lost count) shrieking unintelligible words and spazzing because my copy of the One Direction autobiography arrived; all of this happened while my parents looked at me with momentary amusement and then shifted to genuine concern. But don’t worry, my Comm 3 class last semester witnessed me deliver two speeches about One Direction and thankfully, none of them have blasted me into a pit of judgment. Well, I got a few looks of wide-eyed amazement and maybe some of pity but those are just minor speed bumps on the beautiful road of fangirling that I now tread on. But worry not, dear reader, because there is a silver lining in this story. This silver lining comes in the form of Ecosoc. It also comes with a major plot twist: Ecosoc is a den of idol worship of liferuiners and a special place for fanboys and fangirls. The road to fangirling and fanboying over the celebrities, bands, and whatever pulls your heartstrings is quite a fun ride and my fellow fangirls and fanboys have shared their own idols


and liferuiners for this very special love fest. ADMIRATION The very existence of fangirling is devoted to singers, celebrities, good-looking people, TV shows, and whatever wonderful things this universe has to offer us. It could have been love at first sight or hater-turned-worshipper type of fangirling. Other times, you see something admirable in them and it draws you to them because these celebrities have built-in fangirl/fanboy magnets. Jomac Conty, who fanboys over One Direction, Backstreet Boys, and the Jonas Brothers said, “Idol ko sila kasi inaappreciate nila yung girls.” Paul Ugalde has a different celebrity in mind. When asked who he fanboys over he said, “Monty. Pero hindi ako naglalaway pag nakikita ko si Monty.” Flora, who was sitting nearby quipped, “Ako, oo.” Monty “the Viper” Banta, everyone. As for my case, well, One Direction hit me in the face with a bulldozer full of attractiveness and British asdfghjllafqwl;wjeraqness (I don’t know what that is, either). Enjoy this stage because this is the honeymoon stage of idol worship where all you see are the beautiful and perfect things about your favorite celebrity and there is a halo of fabulousness around his or her head. ATTACHMENT After a while, you get to realize that your beloved celebrity has some flaws and is indeed just as human as you are. That person’s imperfections start to crawl to the surface and after a few seconds of critical analysis (with some hints of rational

IDOL WORSHIP AND THE LIFE RUINERS OF ECOSOC BY OLIVIA SOLOMON thinking), you realize that you don’t give a damn that he or she has smelly feet or has bad breath in the morning. In your eyes, the signs of humanity that your liferuiner is showing just makes you love him or her more. The best person to give his testimony about this is Van Guno, the Swifty (Taylor Swift fan) himself. “When she sings, lagi siyang may mali sa songs niya. That makes her more human. She makes her own songs, makes it more real.” Van acknowledges the fact that Taylor may not be the strongest female singer around but her flaws also act as her redemptive factor in terms of being a country/country-pop singer. And let me note that throughout the whole interview, he said all his answers with such conviction that I could see the Taylor Swift flag waving patriotically behind him as he spoke. You should know that the One Direction fandom and the Swifties are not in the best of terms at present. Let me remind you of the Harry Styles/Taylor Swift/Haylor relationship that lasted for three months and ended last January. This plus the drama that comes with being a celebrity couple – and more importantly, dating Taylor Swift – increased the tension between both camps and their respective fans. So naturally, as a Directioner, I had to ask Van how he feels when people (like me) insult Taylor Swift. Once again, with strong conviction he answered, “If you think fondly of something, masasaktan ka din naman.” And that, folks, encapsulates the second stage of fangirling. LIFERUINER MODE: FANGIRLING TO THE MAX This is the nirvana of the road of fangirling. Once reached, it is difficult to go back. By this time, you would have met other people from your fandom, you can already sing all the songs in their album as easily as you can say your name, and you would be having the best months (or years) of your life because of your liferuiner’s everything. Basically, everything is sunshine and rainbows and you’re perpetually rolling on a field of worship for your liferuiner. (If this is not happiness, I do not know what is.) This is the part where you go lengths to show your affection/ love/a;lskdfalkjfalkja to that person by doing things like buying an album which Van Guno did because of his love for Taylor Swift or dedicating a blog to them like how Timmy’s tumblr is dedicated to metal rock bands (and tattoos) or by tweeting sweetnothings e.g. “@zaynmalik: sobrang gwapo mo di makatao” to them like I shamelessly do on a daily basis. Sometimes, you might even have the urge to send gifts to them like how AK and I plan to send a package of Filipino love to Jack and Finn Harries

COULD IT BE? The author with her object of affection aka those gorgeous twins on YouTube. After more than a year of worshipping the ground that One Direction (especially Zayn) steps on, I can honestly say that fangirling is really fun and it’s even more fun when you get to know and talk to people who also invest times, feelings, and chunks of life to celebrities, bands, and worship-worthy people. And if you still don’t believe me, let me encourage you by giving you a starter list of fellow fangirls and fanboys in Ecosoc: Van Guno – Taylor Swift Jomac – One Direction, Backstreet boys, and the Jonas Brothers Mabel – One Direction Timmy – Metal bands AK – Jack and Harries, WongFu, All-Time Low, Fall Out Boy Angela – David Archuleta Botan – Coldplay Telle – Harry Potter Now that you have people from the same fangirling/ fanboying universe of Ecosoc, may the fangirling commence. Olivia Solomon is an Echoes applicant with a penchant for being like another Echoes member.



How D Fare in

Here’s an exercise in this committee’s autonomous status. And you all thought we were all for fun and games. *Note: Committee structure promises cannot be determined from outside their respective committees, so they will not be listed. **Do keep in mind that keeping these promises are good, but do not reflect, in totality, how well the execommer does in their job. Neil Adrian Ong Committee: Academic Affairs GPOA: Internal and External Academic Symposia – half, since there was an external academic symposia Expanded Core Services – More tutorials, Revamped Acad website, and the Acad buddy. Seems more than enough, 1.5 points. ACDC Project – Didn’t happen. Does Acad CDC count? UPFront – Coming this February 26, 2013 Senate Elections Forum – Yeah, done, check. It was great. If you missed it, wait another three years. Scholar Mentoring Program – Is this happening? I don’t think so, or at least, I’m not aware. 4/6 promises kept

Paulo Damian Committee: Community Development Committee GPOA: Long-Term Partnerships – Well, GK build this entire semester, yes! And the Ibang Klase CDC! Better-Quality Service To Ecosocers – Loving the Disney theme. Keeps things interesting. But last CDC, the kids didn’t show up, so what the heck? Health Mission – It’s this Saturday, folks! February 23, 2013! CDC Caravan – CDC held one already, and there’s another one coming. Saturday CDCs – Yes, the themes go as planned, and the structure is strong! GK Builds – Oh, you promised this already. Well, it’s part of the GPOA! ACDC Tutorials – Come on, Neil and XP, let’s make this happen. CDC Electives – Well, there’s still some time left to go.


6/8 promises kept


Does the Executive Committee BY DEREK n their Promises? PARREÑAS Federico Gerard A. Parreñas Committee: Echoes GPOA: More Ecosoc-centered issuesNo Fad or Trend will be left out Unabridged and Unbiased journalism Have continuation with style & format of Echoes Revitalized Subscription Process Massive Advertising For Each Release Rebuild Echoes TV Livelier Website Get you to write for Culture and Features Well, I won’t rate myself. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

Queennie Mindanao Committee: Externals GPOA: Semestral Brand Audit – Happened before the semester started. Was even mandatory to reaff! Awards Management – Yeah, did you hear/see? We’re top three in the whole UP. Official Advertising Arm of Ecosoc – Supposed to handle the media accounts? Didn’t happen. Echoes still does that stuff. Efficient Database – Can’t say for sure. We had a lot of org partners for The Rundown though! Redefine Ecosoc News Network and X-Updates – We stopped seeing X-Updates videos. Hmmm. UPFront – LOOK AT NEIL’S LIST Senate Elections Forum – Yes, look left. IT HAPPENED. StartUP – We’re not there yet, so maybe it’ll happen. NES – Don’t get too excited, it’ll come when it’ll come. 6/9 GPOA promises kept


FEATURES Angeli Gabrielle Medida Committee: Finance GPOA: Foodgasm Pt II: Bigger and Better – Soon, she said. And we have two tents, so bigger, yes. Better, not yet. Half a point. Large Scale Sales Event to generate 30,00050,000 PHP – Well, we made around 10,000 from Bingo. There’s 20k more to reach from Foodgasm. Half a point? Sure. Create New Events – Nothing new from Finance… yet. A/R and Documentation – Oh sure, we got our financial statements presented recently! Plus the list of A/Rs are up to date. 2/4 promises kept Paolo Daniel Rolando Añonuevo Committee: Membership GPOA: Memcard – What is a memcard? Mem Stats – What are memstats? Ecosoc Calendar – Well, there is one, but its handled by the Secretariat, I’m to believe. Text Brigades – Anon says the phone’s broken, but it sent one message at least! Half a point. Member of the Month – Yes, there is. You’re supposed to get this during that ceremony for February! Improved GMTBS – Well, it was fun. But hardly any of you went. Improved Grand Trad – We have yet to see this! Senior’s Send Off – It’s coming. Committee Tasks – Nope, these would’ve been really fun though. Friday Nights Out – Not happening. We still have half a sem or so to make it happen! Pre-Semester Team Building – Didn’t happen. Fingers crossed for next sem! Org Directory – There is one, although incomplete (‘cause you probably didn’t reaffirm) and its not available in the tambayan. Tambayan Dropbox – Good idea, but where is it? Buddy System – I don’t know if this happened. Interactive Apps Orientation – Apps Orientation was a success! RTR – See entry for “Buddy system” Revised Election of App Officers – Happened! App Board – Nothing like this in the tambayan. Guardian Screening – Yeah, this happened. Effectiveness to be seen. GW Family Day – Uhhhh… Not yet, at least? Challenge Night Assistance – Apps GAs every now and then! Applicant Directory – Nope. Not for the apps and mems, Quezon Hall. Lots of kids! at least. 8.5/23 promises kept Applicant’s Team Building – Yeah, in the space behind


Jessica Ruth Biscocho Committee: Liaison GPOA: N/A Nothing to say here. Keep up the good work, Jing! :D

FEATURES Arsenio Jose Lukban Committee: Secretariat GPOA: Clean the Tambayan – Well, it was cleaned. Now, it’s not clean anymore. Birthday Greetings – Really liked this from before. Too bad it doesn’t happen now. The Cleaning Bell – We shall all await this innovation, with either dread or anticipation. Centralized Pub – Yeah, its happening… Rent Space – Cool idea, who’ll do it though? It’s not happening. 1/5 promises kept. (Well Ars is new) Ryna Claro Committee: Special Events GPOA: Improve Existing Events – Hardly any complaints in Scavhunt. Aside from one, and another that says ABLE should have won. Create New Events – Yep, at the start of the semester, we had the mem’s cookout! Creative Fundraisers – What fundraiser? 2/3 promises kept

Maria Vera Tensuan Committee: Sports GPOA: MBA – Yeah, Members won. BIG SURPRISE, APPS. Sports Cup – Still to take place. And the “teams will be made at the start of the sem” gets me pretty excited already. Run For 55 – Yet to happen!!! Sports Workshops – Zumba, anyone? Fitness Trivia – Check the sports board out! I don’t think you people do that often. Thursday Jogging Sessions – Sounds fun, if done. Sports CDC – It happened last February 16, albeit no kids. Battle Royale – Yeah, and we actually have a winner this time! Congratulations, JYA. Bridge Tournament – I especially like how this served a purpose for Battle Royale. 6/9 promises kept.


FEATURES Beatriz Raine Bayudan Vice-President GPOA: Strengthen Taskforce presence – Well, BB, you give updates every genmeet! But for the social media, it’s nowhere to be found. Half point! Integration of Ecosoc Scholars – Well, I always see the mothers of the scholars. But I don’t see them in events. But an event for the scholars is coming, surely! Team Party – Well, it didn’t happen Team Sproj – It’s happening, albeit the plans changed! Caroling: Forge a partnership with an organization from the College of Music to hold a boot camp for the Ecosoc choir – Good idea, didn’t happen. Oh well… Join university-wide competitions to motivate the Ecosoc choir members – Could’ve been great! Find corporate and non-government organizations as partners and audience for the event – The hospital performance for charity was a nice touch! Plus the Ateneo Scholarship fund celebration! Implement a stricter schedule to ensure safety and security of members – Well, GJ got into an accident. But its all good, for the rest. Musikapella – Oh, this better happen. 3.5/9 promises kept

Josemaria Gabriel Agregado President GPOA/SPOA: Boosting Membership Morale – Hmmm, Pulse Ecosoc? Yeah. Tightening the Application Process – This has yet to be determined. Be scared, apps. Jk. Lessening the frequency of genmeets – It’s in the constitution! We can’t do anything about this… for now. Continuity – Little did we know, commheads do pass down important documents to their successors. Forming Ecosoc Month and Taskforce as independent committees – Well, didn’t happen. Alumni Homecoming Dinner – yeah… plans changed. NES – Yes, Ecosoc Month event! Which is on September. Grand Caravan – I enjoyed this when I was an app. Something to look forward to, I guess? Anniversary Party – Something like LIV, you say? Ecosoc Bingo – It happened! Although, not for TF. Expand Scholars to 10 – It’s still about to happen. 2/11 promises kept Do remember from earlier, GPOA promises made do not completely sum up the performance of the execommer. Pre-semestral planning or it being second-semester may have rendered some promises invalidated.


Scavenger Hunt – An Ecosoc Verbal Chronicle FEATURES

BY THE U.P. ECONOMICS SOCIETY 55A @aylareyes Had Milo for Breakfast. #BreakfastOfChampions Hopefully their tagline works. hahaha (Feb 2, 7:20 am - ABLE) “Lets just rent the MRT” - BB, on transportation for Scav Hunt (January 31 - ABLE) "Tara, punta tayo sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas" - on seeing the 500 peso bill clue (SPERM) "Kuya, may bayag ka ba?" - BB on getting the testicles at the market (part 1 for ABLE) “Alam niyo ba kung ano yung pinaka-okay na line na pambara, ‘WHAT???’” - Mik Singson (SPERM) “Andiyan na ang Green Team!” -GJ Agregado (there is no green team) (COFICOM) “Fuck the police” -Someone, when the traffic cone was stolen (ABLE) kuya na may bayag: "Di niyo na kailangan to?" (holding up something long and white) BB: "Ano ba yan?" kuya: "Yung etits." BB: "....ang haba" (Part 2 for ABLE) @kelvinator123 Hide and seek in Luneta hahahahaha @ upecosoc #SPEV (Feb 2, 6:58 pm - SPEV) Jus Nuque: Say "BANANA" 30 times Everyone says banana 30 times Jus Nuque: Now read this. (shows her iPhone) Everyone: management

Jus Nuque: What? Aren't you supposed to read that as "mah-nah-geh-ment"? Bea Bayudan: SAGING saka MANAGING kasi! (In the car - ABLE) @whaDEAthink Ang init talaga sa New York..... Cubao (Feb 2, 12:11 pm - ABLE) “I love fat babies” -Regina Mora, upon seeing the owner of the infant shoes (COFICOM) Ayla: “What is the clue for the station?” Derek: “They’re working on it! It’s really complicated!” “What is the clue for the next station!?!” “ITS COMPLICATED” “TELL ME” “SQUARE ROOT OF...” “Okay, text it to me nalang” (On the phone with Ayla - ABLE) “I can’t wait to be pregnant” -Regina Mora (COFICOM) “Sino mas magaling? Lapu-Lapu o John Cena?” - Adri Glova (SPERM) @andeeaguila Find us pls we’re bored hahaha (SPEV) @Marielyyy Fun car rides, inside jokes and sweet, sweet victory. I love CDC and Ecosoc forevaaaa #greatday (COFICOM) “Just curious. Would you have MOMOL with a complete stranger?” (Josh Madarang to everyone in Horace’s car - ABLE) “Yes, we’re on our way to Nepa-Q to get testicles.” - Jus Nuque on the phone (ABLE)





e all have a reason why we are applying (or have applied) for Ecosoc. When Timi (Olivia) and I passed by the Ecosoc booth during last semester’s org fair, Timi inquired to the members about what they do in the org. They just asked, “Mahilig ba kayo sa mga lalaking nagcocrossdress?” and proceeded to show a picture of a guy in a Sailormoon costume. After a few moments of contemplation (about the org and/or the cross-dressing, we could never really tell), Timi signed up. But maybe for the rest of you, there’s something more to your application. Maybe for the previous semester, you’ve been listening to your friends’ endless stories about their app process and their really cool events. It could also be that some of you have Ecosoc alumni parents who’d tell you how they had a great time back then (“and kids, that’s how I met your mother”) and therefore you should be part of it, too. In the end, they were able to coax you into joining the really awesome org that is Ecosoc. From their stories you were able to form this if-I-become-an-Ecosocer scenario up in your head. According to them, “Mag-apply ka na next sem. Masaya, promise.” So we asked our fellow apps the question: What do you think does Ecosoc promise you? ONE: “ECOSOC BUILDS CHARACTER.” That’s basically what everyone has been saying. Ecosoc is a well-rounded org with its numerous committees ranging from Academics to Sports. You will be exposed to a diverse population so you can be developed in every possible aspect. Apps also believe that with Ecosoc’s socio-civic consciousness and CDC, they’d find a way to impact society in a positive way (naks). If you applied for Ecosoc thinking you’re not capable of doing anything, you’d find your niche eventually. Also, Lyon Leus said (and firmly believes), “Ecosoc will show me the true essence of being a woman.” TWO: “YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE ECON AND THE PEOPLE IN IT.” We’ll be spending about four years (more or less) of our lives in Econ and it’s great to have a place to meet and befriend the people whom you see in the hallways everyday. You will be hanging out with these people in the tambayan for the most of your college life, and you will love these people—whether you like it or not (we kid). But surely you will gain some solid


friendship, you can find your thesis partner, or you might meet that person you’ll marry someday (Vito Castaneda’s parents are both Ecosocers, how cool). THREE: “WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER.” A lot of us actually had this impression that Ecosoc is the org who loves to party. In reality, the org’s events are produced by long hours of hard work and planning. After all the effort, a good party is definitely well-deserved. Many would think that the app process is challenging. Some apps would need to scrape a few minutes off their busy schedules just so they could meet the 50-hour tambay requirement. They’d ditch previous plans to attend required events and CDCs. Aside from that, we all have jobs to accomplish for our respective committees. But sometime during the the app process, we will come to realize that all the work has been rewarding—and we have the liberty to celebrate the success of whatever we had just accomplished. Time will come that you will do things not because you have to, but because you want to.




oining in my first semester of college made freshman me hate going into SE 121. I felt that everybody in the room was ready to bite each others’ head off. Most of the freshmen applicants were from my block, but we were just a small fraction of the 80 plus who signed up. With the seniors who had their own lives and spots in the school, to the overly competitive juniors in and out of the tambayan, the math building cafeteria was just the most welcoming space on campus. I think that’s when I made my mind up that I would do other things. I passed the application process, losing my sigsheet halfway through the semester, not knowing my co-wards, and with 37 tambay hours. I wasn’t put on probation in my first semester as a member but I was put on probation as a student. 3 years later, I am still a member of the UP Economics Society (and the Special Events Committee). Mindlessly paying my reaff fee for 7 semesters has given me the opportunity to do everything you could ask of college. With an organization I took for granted, I say to all Ecosocers that you have no reason not to excel. This org has it all, from the members, to its base college - the UP Economics Society is not one of the most awarded Gawad Chanselor organizations (along with JPIA and JMA) for nothing.

Did being an Ecosocer change my life? I may not have noticed it, but looking back at how much I didn’t like how I started in the organization and my early ambitions of becoming a SPEV VC, Ecosoc did push me to do what I do now. I hope I didn’t waste the opportunities that come with being an Ecosocer, but I also hope you don’t give in to the mediocrity of membership. More than just a line or a page in your resume, the UP Economics Society, for most of us, is a litmus test of how we’d go about college. The friends, allies, and enemies we’ve made in the organization keep us grounded but our achievements and affiliations are just meant to be shared. For most of us, Ecosoc is our base organization, the organization that gave us the confidence to pursue that internship or a career student politics. For most of us, Ecosoc was the place we spent our breaks. But for all of us, Ecosoc is where we meet the people we’ll share our college experiences with, if not the rest of our lives.

Kelvin Tagnipez is a former Blue Eagle, the current Chairperson of the UP School of Economics Student Council, and an Ecosoc member for four years. He is to graduate this March.



When A Woman Is In Love... But the Man Won’t Do Anything About It. BY AYLA REYES


e always hear about the stories of the torpe guy frustrated about how he can’t ask out his crush. The reasons are usually the same, too, “I’m shy” or “I don’t want to ruin the friendship”. Then we sympathize with them and tell them that, “one day, they’ll have enough courage” or “one day, they’ll find another girl that doesn’t intimidate them as much”. A lot is known about those guys, but what do we know about those girls? In today’s era of “strong, independent (black) women, who don’t need a man to survive”, a lot still hasn’t changed. You hear about women asking guys out or buying dinners but, chances are, the one you like isn’t like that at all. In our society, even the most self-confident girls won’t admit to the guy they like before the guy admits to her. We live in a time


“For every torpe guy, there is a girl staring at her computer screen seeing you online but you aren’t talking.” where the ladies are still in waiting and, to their disappointment, for nothing. You’re probably thinking, “well, that’s just stupid. Why didn’t she say anything to begin with and they could all live happily after?” The girls that wait however aren’t just waiting patiently, they’re bending over backwards just to try to talk to you and you never even knew. For every torpe

guy, there is a girl staring at her computer screen seeing you online but you aren’t talking. Wondering to herself how many times she has to be the first one to start the conversation. She did yesterday and the day before, and even the other time before that. Her replies are open-ended. just so that you can comment more about it to keep the conversation alive. However because you don’t ask, she has to think of a new reason to message you, much to her frustration. She’ll ask you about your interests and wants to know more about it, so you’ll keep talking. She was never really into that, but because you are she’ll give it a try. She’ll even research about it. So that, the next time you talk about it, she’ll have something to say. She’s not a fake fan though, because she won’t lie about how she loves it: she’ll just give her thoughts and get you started on talking about it again.


The frequency of your conversations have led you two to have some inside jokes. An occasional “:>” during the jokes, and you think it is normal friendly banter. She will even jokingly say that you two would make a good couple, just to see how you react. You’ll just laugh at the idea because she keeps picking on you. It’s like kindergarten all over again, where you pick on the one you like just to get their attention. When she teases you with other people and you refuse them, she’s relieved you didn’t confess your feelings for another person. It has become a physical friendship now: she hugs you, plays with your hair, pokes you a lot. ( okay, maybe, not really, but there

She thinks to herself, “so what if she’s a bro, it is usually bros before hoes anyways.” are girls who do) You have a homework you need help in, but the exam she has tomorrow won’t stop her from helping you. As long as it is morally in line with her beliefs, she won’t refuse you unless she really can’t. She’ll give you everything she can no matter how simple. It was your birthday, or was it Christmas? Being the good friend she is she remembered. Aww how sweet. You opened her gift to you, it’s something you didn’t even know you wanted, but it was one of the best gifts you received. You think to yourself what an awesome friend/ My other friends don’t give me stuff like this. That’s because it was special and the amount of thought that went into it took time. Of course it isn’t a Rolex or even a PS3 game; she has saved those ideas for when you hopefully date. But to her dismay you got her nothing, she’s sad but what can she do, you’re

always complaining about how broke you are anyways. You didn’t expect her to give you a gift anyways so you think it’s okay cause she caught you off guard. She’s delighted you’re hanging out as friends even if there are other people. She doesn’t care cause it is still with you. You probably didn’t even notice she tried to sit closer to you or even across you when you guys had lunch that day. More chances for you to bring up your new favorite movie, which she watched because you recommended it. That day was fun for her and there is another hangout soon but she already had other plans in mind. But you said “it’ll be fun, come!”, how could she refuse an offer like that. She thought this time, “it would just be the two of you” but you apparently had other things in mind. She gave up all other plans and rescheduled her day just so she could hang out with you, even if it was with all of your friends. It’s okay though, she made friends with them because she knows how important they are to you. They’re talking about you now and she has learned a lot. You have to give her some props though she has managed to be your female BFF. So close you never want to lose her friendship. She’s become a bro, according to your friends: fun to hang out with, accepted. She thinks to herself, “so what if she’s a bro, it is usually bros before hoes anyways.” As long as the two of you aren’t talking about how to get another girl, she’s okay with that. Mutual respect from her, ‘cause she won’t ever talk to you about who she likes now; it’s just an insult to the other to discuss things like that. Besides how can she talk to you about you? Maybe to her friends that are girls or to your friends, but not you. Oh, the effort she made to be your

“Why risk being judged by society as the girl who asked the guy out?”

friend while you constantly assume that you can’t be more. No matter how much you try, she won’t be the first one to tell you, she’s conservative like that. You never even noticed her hints and responded the way she would’ve expected. “Why risk being judged by society as the girl who asked the guy out?” she is thinking. It takes a lot of guts for a guy to say how he feels. The girls know it is hard and she is waiting for you no matter how long cause either way you’re friends and if it never happens, the friendship was amazing. But seriously send the first text, think of something to talk about, have pity for she is doing everything she can and you don’t see the signs. You like that girl, but you don’t do anything about it. She’s what you like in a person hence why you’re friends (she probably even made sure you would be friends. From acquaintances to groupmates to BFFs). Don’t live in fear of losing her friendship if you were real friends: you’ll find your way back into each other’s lives. Though a girl can only wait so long until she finally tells you first. (Maybe after 2 years but why wait that long!)

Ayla Reyes is the former Managing Editor of this publication. She is a second generation Ecosocer, set to graduate this March.



Lesson#2 : Flirting 101 BY MONTY “THE VIPER” BANTA

Flirt (verb) \flərt\ : to behave amorously without serious intent

After setting a good impression from the target girl (as what you learned from my previous lesson), it is logical to have progress and bring the so called relationship into a deeper sense. But of course, in today’s situation, it will demand hassle to get into a serious commitment. So, for us to have an outlet to practice our kamandag and have our desires be fulfilled in a way, we should learn how to flirt. According to the Viper Dictionary, flirting is the art of fishing a girl without you having a serious intent to commit into that relationship. You purposely behave in such way that your target may be sexually aroused or maybe just fall into your


hands for a little while. The good thing about flirting is that you don’t really have a bond with the girl and you can easily get out and leave her after getting bored in the relationship to find another girl. It’s harsh, but it’s fine. That’s life. We get fed up, our marginal utility diminishes, and we need to find another girl who can give us higher utility. Getting more interested? Ugh! Feeling the intensity and insanity? Ugh x2! Learn it from the expert, learn it from the Viper! I have some rules I use to have a healthy, fun and memorable flirting sessions. Just remember DEINS 


Rule #1: Don’t Make All the Moves. Grinding, necking, hugging, kissing and cuddling - avoid these lustful physical contacts like what Carlo does. Remember that not all girls like these actions (Well, that’s for you. But when I do those to girls, all of them simply enjoy every second of my existence! Hehe!). You might be rejected and that will lower your state of manliness. But if you come to think of it, it’s kinda boring, admit it. But be patient and just flutter your eyelashes, wink once, smile, and bite your lower lip. Also, don’t forget eye contact. Botan got the right kind of techniques by the way! Let your target’s mind be blown because of your erotic movements. Trust me; your patience will pay back because you’ll just notice that the girl will be the one chasing after you. She will hunt for your banana.

Rule #2: Epic Kalandian. It will help a lot if you and your target have something in common. Share some personal stories, crack corny jokes, tell several secrets, have dares, teach her how to do something (like how to ride a bike and play a musical instrument), etc. These will all make your conversations lighter and that she will think that you are an interesting person. Also, if you crack corny jokes and tell some secrets, you can use these to tease each other and that might bring your relationship closer. But if you really are bored, tickle her. There’s a lot of chance that you might poke her thingy. Hehe (this is very desperate).

Rule #3: It is All About Her. Girls always love to feel that they are likeable or desirable that’s why they like to invest on their physical looks. They put on a lot of creams on their body, they shave, color their hair gold, paint their nails, and all. So, with this

in mind, you should flatter her. Give genuine compliments to her even though they smell bad and their make-up makes them look like a gay. They should feel that other people appreciate their beauty and effort to be beautiful as well. Don’t forget to tell that her dress is nice, or her bag is very cute, etc.

Rule #4: Never Ever Say You Love Her.

Saying that you love the girl will cut the excitement she is experiencing. If you still do not know, girls already recognize if a man likes her or not. They are sensitive, I tell you! They just like to verify that feeling of yours if you tell them personally your emotion. But behold! Never ever say you love her. Simply tell your affection indirectly so that if you ever wanted to get out in the relationship already, it would be so easy and guilt-free. Just make her feel special to you every time. Text or chat her and say sweet words.

Rule #5: So-I’mA-Nice-Guy Vibes. Don’t be so agitated and discourteous to your target. Approach her as a friendly and trustworthy person. Give advice sometimes, comfort her, and accompany her once in a while. Make her feel that you are concerned to her. Of course, don’t do these all the time. Sometimes, it would be better if the girl will miss your company and that she will just find you everywhere. This is the sign that she is already hooked to you! *** So, remember to keep DEINS in mind whenever you are in a flirting session. Also, bear in mind that practice makes perfect. Don’t lose hope when you are rejected or you didn’t get what you want. There are still a lot of fishes in the ocean! Want to practice your flirting skills? Flirt with me! LOL. Whoot-whoot! *from the writer: RT, I do not intend to do what I am saying here. I want you to know that I am serious when it comes to relationships. It’s just that, the EIC requested me to do this. Sorry. Don’t judge me right away hihi <3



What’s the worst thing that could happen? BY JUDE GERON

A standard (supposedly) safety precaution among closed-gate, private subdivisions in the Philippines is to have visitors stop their cars at the entrances where they are asked to present identification, as well as on where they are headed. In some villages, they would call the house of whoever is to be visited to confirm that they are expecting someone, and I had been asked to wait for quite a while on many occasions. Homeowners skip this process by marking their cars with stickers for easy identification. There was this one night, however, when I was in a convoy, where no phone calls or any attempts at confirmation were made at the gate of a village I was entering. We just told the security that we were accompanying the car that was just screened before us. After our driver handed an identification card, we were let in. And this isn’t an isolated experience, as I have experienced similar incidents many times in different villages, all leading to a flurry of “What if?” questions as I think about those experiences.


This particular incident was days after the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The tragedy, sadly, was not something new to the United States, however, as there had been a number of shooting incidents in schools over the past few years. What’s especially off-putting is that, as explained by my relatives from Connecticut, that Newtown and the nearby areas are considered among the safest places to live in in all of USA. If this horrible incident could happen in a town as peaceful as it, in a society supposedly as advanced and “civilized” as it is today, then I find it scary to think of other possibilities elsewhere, especially given that this incident is not the first and only one of its kind. What makes me feel even more uneasy, however, is that if we put these ideas into a Philippine context, we would find ourselves even worse off. Incidents of poor security are not even limited to residential areas, as commercial establishments, such as malls, generally do not fare better, and may even take security matters worse. Just recently, a

popular, high traffic mall was the victim of armed robbery, with the security failing to prevent the incident. Some weeks after, in another mall, undercover policemen demonstrated that they could easily enter the establishment with firearms and go undetected. It is as if no one had really learned their lesson, not just after recent events but after the other armed incidents that have occurred over the past few years. There thus seems to be a nationwide sense of indifference towards the implementation of basic, effective security measures. It also seems to me that our very University is not spared of this indifference. In terms of handling security among the top universities in the country, it is arguably one of the most lax. And the main problem is how easy it is for anyone to enter the campus and even most buildings and individual college units. One can easily enter via jeepney, and most guards based on my experience do not screen anyone who enter the buildings they are “guarding”. Many times have I felt that both my school ID and my car sticker have been a waste of

FEATURES money. And unlike the What if’s I would ask myself as I had mentioned, this is not a matter of speculating possibilities, as there have indeed been violent crimes and robberies committed on campus, and even inside jeepneys. Yet somehow, it is as if these have all been treated and accepted as reality and the norm, with the responsibility falling almost solely on the students to keep themselves safe. It is a harsh reality to accept that currently, we live our lives on campus and around the metro with a false sense of security. It’s like a lot of guards are placed at their posts just for the sake of having guards, almost a formality. Their presence in itself may be a deterrent, but when you include poor security practices, the extent of their deterrence just doesn’t cut it when

the safety of students and patrons should be a top priority. It is not a matter of trying to scare anyone or induce paranoia, but rather to get people informed that it actually is a problem and is potentially a big one. I personally don’t feel so safe on campus at times, especially at night, and surely I am far from being alone. With someone I know having escaped what could’ve been a robbery on campus, I don’t see any sort of fear for trouble being unfounded. So the question then is, how much of a priority is the security of any place in the Philippines, may it be a public space or a private domain, for us? By the looks of it, it isn’t much of one. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen, right? Jude Geron is the Photo Editor of this publication and an outstanding applicant of his batch. He enjoys speaking Jejenese and doing the manong face.

SECURITY I wonder what the guard is REALLY looking at. Stef Go probably passed by.



The Echoes Guide to:

Low-Budget Photoshoots BY VITO CASTANEDA Here at Echoes, we pride ourselves on making our limited funds go a long, long way. Gone are the days when the official org publication had more sponsormoney at its disposal than the rest of Ecosoc combined. Despite the efforts of our talented Managing Staff and fundraising teams, our committee struggles to stay financially secure. After spending precious savings on absolute essentials like printing, commeet pizzas, rhinestone headbands, red hair dye, and opera tickets, this committee barely has anything left over for itself. At one point, it even bought out an entire mini-forest so that Ecosocers could read their poems there or something. Running low on cash, we were initially worried about pulling off the photo shoot for this issue without professional equipment. We had no tripod, no studio lighting, backdrop, or any of that fancy stuff that Arsenio has. To make matters worse, Judeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flash, the most advanced piece of tech available at the time, died on us. However, Echoes people are renowned, or at least WILL BE RENOWNED, for their Macgyver-like ingenuity and grace under pressure. Using only materials that we found lying around the venue, we managed to assemble a complete, fully functional photography studio on a budget of ZERO PESOS. Should you, dear reader, ever find yourself in a situation where you need to have a photoshoot, but are too broke to do so, here are some tips you can use to achieve your goals.



The Expensive “Real Equipment”

Item: White Backdrop Average Cost: Php 1800.00 Purpose: So that photographers may have a clean background to shoot their subjects against. With cameras, I mean.

Item: Flash Diffuser Average Cost: Php 500.00 Purpose: To lessen the intensity of the flash, eliminating those pesky shadows and glare.

Credit to the Internet for Stock Photos

The Echoes Solution

Over 1000 pesos for a blank tarp!? Are you serious? Look, if you’re looking for a nice, white sheet to take your pretty pics in front of, most people probably have one lying around their houses. Looking at the finished product, no one will be able to tell the difference between “professional grade vinyl” and 3-year old blankets found in a dusty old closet.

We’re no experts, but that just looks like a random piece of plastic glued to the end of a camera. Now that I’ve mentioned it, It kinda resembles my retainer case. If all you need is some translucent thing to tame the raw power of the flash, try taping some tissue to it. Voila, instant soft lighting.



The Expensive “Real Equipment”

Item: Studio Strobe Average Cost: Php 3000.00 Purpose: Complements the camera flash with bursts of brighter lighti (I think....)

The Echoes Solution

Dear friends, that is flashlight wearing a shiny silver umbrella. If you believe that such a contraption is absolutely essential to your photography work, you’d be better off just buying the lightbulb and umbrella separately, then spraypainting the latter. We guarantee you that it’ll be much cheaper than buying... whatever that thing is supposed to be. Alternatively, you could go for Echoes’ patented ”value strobe,” featuring the latest aluminum foil technology coupled with this lamp that Horace found in his dad’s office.

Item: Reflector Average Cost: Php 2000.00 Purpose: Shines light onto subjects to reduce shadows


The function of this equipment is suspiciously similar to.... every mirror that has existed anywhere, ever. If you need something to bounce ambient light off of, you can likely get by without a pricey silver condom-looking thing designed for giants. Note how irritated Horace looks as he wonders why no one else has considered this.





THE TAMBAYS The most reassuring remark one could give the unfamiliar to describe an obvious feature or a staple piece of anything is “you can’t miss it.” The same goes for these young lads of Room 121. Tracy, Mike, Joseph, Brian, Paul, Mik, Boz, Marte and Bruno are a permanent fixture in the tambayan. If you’ve never seen them, you never really went to tambay.


POST HIPSTER HIPPIES Bruno, with his wool cardigan, tight-fitting blue chinos, boat shoes and preference for instagram-esque album covers is king (with Sam Gonzales as his queen) of this post-hipster, still mainstreamshunning, too-classy-for-mah-life breed of Ecosocers. It also seems that Timmy Jacob (and his Siamese twin, Botan) is poised to earn the crown as it takes only one more fold of his shorts to be Bruno’s rightful heir. Throw in Kenneth Reyes and Kelvin “Pinez” Tagnipez, though both aren’t as fiercely-dressed as the first two, and you got yourself a hipster sausage fest! Now while the hippies immerse themselves in everything too classy as strange during every plucking time they catch a glimpse of each other, we can’t help but think of how it feels to sip yellow coffee from a gravel road curb, if you get what I mean. Otherwise, you probably find comfort in listening to Carly Rae Jepsen.

STUPOS Speaking of the Pinez, the stupos or student politicians and their friends come into mind. They wear green once every month, look exactly the same on Facebook and do magic from a shabby little shack called the Council Room (also the Quickie Love Nest for some). This group is an unpredictable bunch of amazonas (Irene, Bettina), exiles (Patty and Chello), pretty men (Ben and Miko), Ateneans (Kelvin, Alan, Aris, Kevin), unclassified others (Justin, Romano, Cara, Reg) and a Thumbelina (Jus).




BENG’S BESHIES Angelica, once degenerating into a pariah with the absence of Gab and Friends, sought to form a random group of similarly socially confused instant friends with Sam Gonzales, the author and, once in a while, Pito Morales. The future of this new circle is yet to be ascertained but we can be sure that this friendship was formed largely due to desperation.

MOTHER RYNA AND THE BACK PARKING FELLOWS But Angelica’s best friend is really Mark Manguera, who, along with Kiele, JR Yambao, Romano, Jing, Sam Gonzales, Georgina, Mirafuente, and maybe Hari and Miguel, belongs to an association of Mother Ryna’s Back Parking Followers. At the height of day, when the Debate Club remains pacified and dispersed, they occupy the back benches under the watchful eye of Mang Claudio, whose role in this world is yet to be determined.

MADAME Q As if Ecosoc never had enough of strong, independent women, we have another group of counter-misogynistic kids who rally behind the tenacious Madame Q. The incumbent CDC and Sports chairpersons are part of this group and so is a fair share of the Thumbelinas. There is also Ramm, who will probably inherit the Madame’s scepter of sassiness sometime in the foreseeable future.



MOUNT OLYMPUS Now this is an actual barkada of Thumbelinas, seniors and Gelo Atienza who probably think they’re too divine for anything. True enough, they were all org leaders at one point. Nevertheless, it was their association with the oracle Mark Matibag that earned them their divinity. MASTER FORCE JEDI GALACTICA They wander recklessly into different realms of imagination, sometimes becoming too fanciful for normalcy. They delve into comic book universes, worlds unknown, conspiracy theories and good reads on They may seem silent most times but just an iota of anything Star Wars or contemporary politics will cause their mouth to shoot like machine guns and their pupils to dance like a transsexual grinder in a Brazilian Mardi Gras parade. They are the Master Force Jedi Galactica, a gathering of brave visionaries led by Vito Castañeda, Miguel Silva, Mik Singson and Jomac Conty. At times, they expand the force to include the last three Echoes EICs and Jude Geron.

GAB AND FRIENDS The other major pack of seniors is led by its alpha male, Gab Sollano. They’re the Anglo-tongued, borderline hippie group whose members hang out more in the library. They also have an affinity for after-school cultural experiences and casual trips to Hong Kong. Kenneth, Henry, Chrissie, Pat, Enzo, Niña, Mads, Jason, Alex and occasionally, Angelica, complete this group.

t Three of the Master Force Jedi Galactica, Horace, Vito, and honorary member, Luigi

THUMBELINAS Although rarely a tight bunch, one can’t help but classify all the teeny hyperwomen into one group. Jus, Carmel, Sol, Bea, Lara, Pai, Geli, Shelly, Jess Bodo, Karla and Jing would all drown in a kiddie pool, but even that won’t keep their mouth shut. BONUS: THE PARTY GURLS They are the counter-existence of Two and a Half Men - Two Gurls (Cocoy and Jacques) and a Girl (Camille). THE TALL SOPHOMORES (Stef, Cam, Lance, JM, Rino, et al.) They are tall sophomores. THE TERMIES Kids whose departure from school is long overdue. THE HUSTLAS Ayla, Ars, Ana Gaviola, Migs, Shaniqua, Yasmin and Jed. The Hustlas. THE CHINESE Kung hei fat choi!




I’ve been going around to ask Ecosocers things that I am better off not knowing about them. I think we are better people when we finish reading these interesting factoids. So!

• • • • • • • • • • •

Jomac’s mom video-taped his circumcision. Kenneth’s parents have a sex tape... and he SAW it. Geli once flirted with a random half-Italian guy in a reunion. It turned out to be his cousin. Matthew has to exhale on his mom’s face everyday. Erwin once tripped and rolled down a set of stairs in Greenbelt! Cath greets her friends by fondling their breasts. Lovely. Ria Tan’s tooth has an extra appendage. You may approach her for a closer look. Carlo Fernandez uses his high school uniform to blow his nose. Migs (accidentally daw) used his sister’s underwear. I am assuming the panty, not the bra. Lara was once tricked into eating her booger. Cara once (malamang) dropped her dad’s phone into the toilet bowl and had to get it with her hands. Miraculously it still worked. (Maybe it was a Nokia 5110.)

• • • • • • • •

Sometimes Pito forgets to bring extra underwear to his workout sessions. He therefore goes home commando after showering. When Derek is home alone... he practices/recites lines from his old plays. Like... out loud. “When I go poo, I strip naked.” - Mik Kevin Gavieta hit on a girl on a plane (it didn’t work out.) And at some point on a jeep. It is postulated that he will get married in a party bus/sidecar. Jason was part of a dog orgy. You may approach him for the full story. Neil used to eat Orange Happee toothpaste. Dana Dee used to make “accidental” blotches of highlighter ink on her seatmates by pretending to be sleepy. Timmy once ate a slice of pizza off the grass. Little did he know that his friend’s dog sleeps there. He also once ate a spray-painted cupcake. How he is still alive is another story.




Hello there Ecosocers. Anyone who’s anyone knows that everyone knows that February is the month of hearts. Dresses, bouquets and chocolates everywhere! Oh, how it touches my heart to see those love birds become free to express themselves. I guess it’s the only time they have an excuse to do so, especially on the 14th. I just wish everyone could muster up the courage to do their cheesy stuff in any day of the year so that those flowers wouldn’t cost me as much. Digression aside, I am writing this article because no one should be alone. Everyone deserves to be happy, and what better way to attain bliss than feeling the warmth and love of another person? Now, if you’re confused about who to look for, fear not because you’re friendly neighborhood broski is here to point you in the right direction. What’s more, you don’t have to go far for Ecosoc is a breeding ground of beautiful people both inside and out.


Let’s start with our elegant bachelorettes. I am asking for an apology to the other ladies that aren’t included here. Sadly, our paths might have not crossed yet or my memory is being blocked. Don’t worry, I will personally get to know you if the celestials allow us to meet. MONINA SANCHEZ Armed with some new chompers, Monina looks like the girl who is ready to face the world. Packed with a high IQ and a gorgeous face, she seems daunting even to the greatest of men. But I think only the zeniths of the food chain have the courage to even try. So if you think you’re one of these supreme beings, then, prove it to us. AYLA REYES A fiery woman that has no equal, Ayla is exuberates energy and passion. This proud mother of countless wards knows how to get things done. Now, all she needs is that strong man behind her because she’s the one that created the motto: behind every strong woman is a lesser strong man (at least he’s still strong). SAM GONZALES Dubbed as a hipster (I don’t really know who started it but I find it convenient to acknowledge this), this woman sets the trend in every single aspect of life. From creating her own magazine to coming up with playlist ideas, she just has a knack of creating the band wagon. The creativity overflows with this one, indeed. If you wanna try to get

a closer look at this interesting specimen, be prepared to experience something new – something you might not even heard of. HAZEL LIM If you fancy a jog around the Acad Oval, you might just spot a Brazilian beauty in the midst. No, my friend, I am not lying to you. This girl will blaze right by you if you can’t keep up with her pace. Man, what wouldn’t one do to catch a glimpse of her? Pack up those jogging gears, guys, you never know when she’s be aching to jog another round. DANA DEE Personally, I don’t know much about this girl but there’s something about her that makes all the boys go oh and ah. Is it her oriental beauty? Or maybe her dance moves? Or is it her mysteriousness that keeps a man coming back? For the brave soul who tries, please tell me. JUS NUQUE Little miss perky seems to be a favorite among every boy in school. She seems to have only one gear (high gear) and it seems to be never turned off. Now, you might say that she’s a bit small. But what is height than just a relative measurement.


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, I present to you the promising single gentlemen of Ecosoc. Don’t hate if you or your chicken ain’t included here. I can only cram in so much people and I chose the bachelors that aren’t given as much attention as they earn. PAUL UGALDE Voted as one of Ecosoc’s funniest men alive, this man just keeps getting funnier every year! I don’t know how he does it but it appears that it’s working. He’s even got a following on his own. HA! Beat that haters! But seriously, for all the ladies who think the funny man is overrated, take a gander at this guy and maybe, he might just be the one you bring home to mommy. MIK SINGSON Now, you may recognize him as a famous basketball player’s look alike but that only says what little you know of him. In fact, I personally believe that he’s far more handsome than the other kid. What’s more he’s a fountain of trivia. Ask him anything and you just might learn a new thing or two. What’s more, he’s got a car. What more can you want, ladies?

ALVAR SANTOS Now, this guy is the incarnation of hipster. He loves it, lives it and breathes it. From what he listens to to what he watches to what he even eats, he’s got the spirit of hipster right down to his core. If you want to have a different kind of loving, then, this is your man. Seriously, ladies, you don’t wanna pass up a man named Bruno, would you? JOMAC CONTY Well, if it isn’t Mr. Pure Energy. Some people just can’t keep up with him. But if you think you’re that girl who loves this playful boy’s charm, then, try and approach him and put your skills to the test. After all, you might get lucky and spend the whole afternoon with him. Or even the whole night if you know what I mean. MATTHEW MERCADO Guys want to be him while girls just want to hug him all day. And who wouldn’t wanna be him or be near him? He’s got the swag and the style to fit anyone’s needs. A fair warning to all those ladies out there: if you want this man, ladies, then, you better be ready to fight other women to have his full body and attention.

MARK BUENAVENTURA Ancient folklore tells me that this guy is groomed to be the funniest man alive. As I do not believe in folklore, I cannot agree with the statement. Needless to say, I still believe he is a funny man with the good looks to boot. Ladies who are in the market for a funny man, look not further for he IS the man to be with. I have squeezed every bit of resource I could in creating this work of art but alas, it will never be enough. Too much people in Ecosoc aren’t included and I apologize for that. But like what I said earlier, I have hand-picked this people because in my belief, they aren’t as talked about and deserve to find their one true love. As for my final remarks, all I could say is that for all the wannabe lovers out there, please be careful. I don’t want you to have your hearts broken. It isn’t the spirit of February (but statistics have shown that most break ups happen during this month). Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but none are as a beautiful, I guarantee.



hether you admire the art of film or the commerce that powers it, attention to the highest annual ritual of film—and attention will be paid, even if it comes in the form of disdain—is both rife with excitement and anticipation. The Oscars, for many cinephiles, still encapsulates a longing for quality to be recognized by a broader audience—however fleeting their regard may be—and a horse race gambler's obsessions, laying the odds on every category. The Oscars are both a defined cultural barometer and an indicator of what the immediate future of movies may


look like. As the awards season is in full swing, the Oscar will be the cornerstone of this infamous time in Hollywood. But for the moment, we will work to repress the ugly politics, transparent campaigning, and predictability of it all and look at the films the Academy has deemed to be the best of what the past year’s film industry can offer. AMOUR Director: Michael Haneke Plot: A French-language drama that gives a brutally intimate view on an elderly couple, Anne and Georges, who are retired music teachers with a daughter who lives abroad. After Anne

suffers a stroke, her health deteriorates rapidly as her devoted husband looks on powerlessly. Why It Could Win: Older Oscar voters could be swayed by the film's theme of sacrifice and undying love and the riveting performances from the valiant octogenarians. The film has been a hit with European critics; and so far, a foreign language film has yet to win the best picture award. ARGO Director: Ben Affleck Plot: A fictionalization of the 1979 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation, led by Tony Mendez, to extract six fugitive

American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran using a ruse of a phony Canadian film project. Why It Could Win: The film surprised many who had written it off before seeing it, and it’s a further example of Affleck's growing skills as a director. It is rare for a film with a comedic slant to win best picture, yet there is enough of a gritty, taut thriller within Argo to bag it the big one. Affleck has been riding the comeback train for several a while now, and he might just make it back with this film. BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD Director: Benh Zeitlin Plot: Hushpuppy is a little girl who lives a semi-feral life of freedom in a rundown Louisiana town. After a storm floods the area she sets off with her hot-tempered father on a mission to reclaim their land. Why it Could Win: Though Beasts must be considered an outsider it is one of the true originals in the best picture shortlist. An astounding central performance from its young star and an almost dreamlike-style of storytelling result in a moving modern-day fairy tale. DJANGO UNCHAINED Director: Quentin Tarantino Plot: With the help of German dentist Dr King Schultz, a slave turned bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from brutal Mississippi plantation owner Calvin Candie. Why it Could Win: Tarantino is one of the rare directors who receive top billing above the title of their films. Both Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds earned him best director nominations from the Academy, while the script for the former won him and co-writer Roger Avary Oscars in 1995. While the Academy cannot compensate for Forrest Gump’s win over Pulp Fiction, it can, though delayed, give a nod to Tarantino’s motion picture panache.

LES MISERABLES Director: Tom Hooper Plot: A musical set in 19th Century France that tells the story of Jean Valjean, who is hunted for decades by a ruthless policeman after he breaks parole. Valjean agrees to care for the daughter of factory worker Fantine, a decision which changes their lives forever. Why it Could Win: The last musical to win best picture was Chicago in 2002; before that it was Oliver in 1968. Though this is the most flagrantly Hollywood flick this year, Tom Hooper's The King's Speech won four Oscars in 2011. LIFE OF PI Director: Ang Lee Plot: A young man named Pi Patel survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor, a fearsome Bengal tiger. Why it Could Win: Yann Martel's Booker Prize-winning novel is beloved yet considered by many to be unfilmable. Ang Lee has been praised for his use of 3D and the digital creation of a life-like tiger has left audiences stunned. LINCOLN Director: Steven Spielberg Plot: In the last four months of his presidency, Abraham Lincoln struggles to end the Civil War while trying to push the 13th Amendment, which would abolish slavery, through the House of Representatives. Why It Could Win: The Academy loves a real life-based drama - recent big-hitters include The Queen and The King's Speech. Lincoln charges ahead with the most nominations and with DayLewis playing one of America's most revered leaders, Spielberg could reap the rewards of his "labors of the waning year".

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK Director: David O Russell Plot: After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own. Why It Could Win: The romantic comedy drama has been a buzz film since it premiered in Toronto in September. Director Russell enjoyed Oscar success with The Fighter, which saw both Christian Bale and Melissa Leo walk away with trophies in 2011. ZERO DARK THIRTY Director: Kathryn Bigelow Plot: A chronicle of the decade-long hunt, led by CIA operative Maya, for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden following the September 2001 attacks and his death at the hands of Navy Seal Team Six in May 2011. Why It Could Win: Kathryn Bigelow has already proved her directing chops and was rewarded with Oscar glory in 2010 for The Hurt Locker. Added to this is a strong performance from Jessica Chastain. The film has had its critics but is being roundly celebrated as an example of solid filmmaking. This year's Oscar contenders, at first glance, look like an admirably diverse batch. We have the usual pre-destined Oscar-bait (Les Misérables, Lincoln), a crop of edgier of-the-moment pulsepounders (Zero Dark Thirty, Argo), a few satisfying auteur efforts (Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, Amour), and even a few visually overpowering entries (Life of Pi, Beasts of the Southern Wild). But are the nine Best Picture nominees really that big of an unrelated jumble? Closer scrutiny reveals certain thorough lines linking most if not all of these films, sometimes in unlikely ways. It’s up to the audience to discover them through experience and perhaps take a crack at the Academy Award methodology.





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@RAMMimongalam In front of me for an hour is a breastfeeding mother showing both of her boobs -_- #IFeelLiberated #WeirdoMe #IWonderWhy? @mynameistimothy If I could change things, I’d change myself. @OreoMcfLERI @horacecima huhu can i please be girlash again HAHAHA

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@MarteteKoMaliit before i graduate magsesend ako ng “secret santa/secret valentine” gift to myself tapos I WILL ACT SURPRISED!!!

@horacecima @mynameistimothy I am made of rainbows. I am made of unicorns.

@MSilvaSurfer A little less hiatus, A little more “comeback”... #FOB :))






iddle of the day, and I have an epic five hour break. What would any normal person do? Catch a film perhaps? Go home? Sleep at the library? Eat? Coming from school, a trip to the former Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao - or locally known as Cubao X, was a spur of the moment event. I took the LRT from Katipunan where I was delighted to find a relatively empty coach. The stars are aligning, I thought, it was a good day for a Thoughts For Places article. Alighting the train at the Araneta Center-Cubao station, I took a beeline through Gateway, saw the buses and remembered that I am at a bus station, transporting busy commuters to and from home, to and from anywhere else. I took a sharp right at General Romulo Avenue after the street of shops, and reached my destination. The bold letters in red and blue and yellow mimicked the Burger King logo. Do I get to have things my way, or do I let the unassuming shop fronts lure me into this subculture? I walked pass the first few stores that sold really good-looking leather shoes; after all, I am at a shoe expo. A 1960’s bicycle greeted me by the sidewalk. It had a worn black leather saddle and a metal horn. Across from the parked bicycle was a shop display showcasing glittery sky-high heels and a red stuffed dog with glasses. Why the juxtaposition? I wasn’t sure. I guess there had to be a joke there somewhere. The hollow feeling of going there at the prime of afternoon siesta made everything feel irrelevant as Moves Like Jagger played from the neighboring thrift store. Moving on through the quaint shops, I begin to see familiar sights - establishments that existed in my consciousness even before going to Cubao X. First store was Heima - that furniture shop advertised in Bayo. From the display, I could see PopArt paintings and neon colored tables and chairs - the things you


Maybe that’s why we needed artifacts - to make us remember. wouldn’t dare put in your grand mother’s living room. The store also made use of effective typography and photo-shopping skills (from the layout of their flyer, to their logo, and even until their note at the door) I wanted to go in the store, but it was closed. Apparently, the owners are still on vacation even if their notice says they will come back at the end of 2012. I hid my disappointment upon reading their temporary closure. It was comforting to see familiar places at a foreign place and seeing the only thing closest to home closed made me want to go home, but I carried on my exploration. Approaching the curb, I saw a miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa and neon pink lights outlined with an orange glow that read Bellini’s. I refrained myself from having a One More Chance moment. In my head, I was already saying the lines, but chose not to blurt out a monologue in front of afternoon alcohol drinkers from the other side of the strip. I guess the magic of seeing an iconic movie set made the people in the movie real for a few seconds - akin to going to parks and remembering moments in your life, that once upon a time, that spot meant something important and visiting it makes you feel things, whether good or bad.

After the curved road, I began to notice that Cubao X was just one big U-turn - a homage to the subculture that resides in it: a shift of perspective, a change of lifestyle, perhaps?

courteously smiled as I made my way out of the store. Daylight again in my eyes, and I came back to the twenty-first century, where everything is digital and nothing hurts.

I entered one of the antique shops. The bells chimed at the door and an old man was there polishing vinyl records. The dim warm yellow light from the fixtures above made a filter of sepia - I felt that I was in a 70’s movie. I greeted him with a smile and looked around. A wide array of old stuff flooded my senses: the smell of an attic mixed with Febreze and Lysol, paintings dating the early 20’s to late 80’s, from rotary telephones to pagers and ancient cellphones, encyclopedias and atlases, perfume bottles with dark yellow liquid, empty cookie tins and jam jars, film reels in 8 millimeter and 16 millimeter format, silk scarves, vintage polaroid that probably don’t work anymore, Nora Aunor and Frank Sinatra vinyl records, etcetera. The place was full on Ang Nawawala. The place had a cubby niche at the back where I saw a copy of the Notes on the New Society of The Philippines by Ferdinand E. Marcos. I take that as my queue to leave. The old man was now standing behind a shelf full of old telephones. I

Why do we people keep old things? I kept on thinking that each item in that store once belonged to someone - was treasured by someone, or even gifted or stolen. Each one of those records had a moment on the table, spinning at the rate of 33 (or 45) rpm, while people listened. Each one of those telephones carried messages and within those messages carried feelings and the wonders of human interaction. Each one of those silk scarves warmed the necks (or heads) of young women in love. The past feels foreign yet familiar. Do we only see the things we want to see when we look at the past? Is history reliable? Our memories can only retain so much. Maybe that’s why we needed artifacts - to make us remember. I made my way out of the expo and found myself wondering what sort of treasure I would find on my next visit. And that I’m late for my 4 pm class.



F 7.

ebruary. Month of love and whatnot. February 2013. Month of the Rundown, a Senate Elections Forum, organized by the U.P. School of Economics Society last February

The Facebook universe and the Twittersphere were set alight by posts, all about the Rundown. The Rundown even trended on Twitter. Posts about how “great it was to be and Ecosocer” came from so many. A socially-relevant event by an organization branded before as an “Econ-based JMA wannabee”, who wouldn’t revel in delight? Finally, the “conyo kids” were actually doing something close to social relevance. Well, this senate elections was done before by the U.P. Economics Society already, albeit it fell a tad bit short of exccellence. Analyzing that, together with the juxtaposition of the Rundown, being socially-relevant (excuse the lack of socio-civic, for I don’t know what that really means) is not really the main cause of Econian Spirit. Yes, it is a cause but you should know what I’m driving at. The main cause was that it was done well. No one likes halfassed events; just imagine how the Twittersphere would have been if the Rundown was not moved a day later. Moved on account of the original date, February 6, being the last session of congress, therefore incumbents would not have attended. Don’t get me wrong, the nature of an event is very much important. But its importance is eclipsed by how the event was executed. A semester ago, a now-member of Echoes was telling me his thoughts on why people were becoming inactive. “The events of Ecosoc weren’t being innovated eh. Who would want to go to a baduy event? Would you feel good being at some baduy thing?” It follows that when the people around you are having a grand time, you would too. Herd behaviour. Psychology. If Ecosoc had events all packaged well, Econian Spirit would not be hard to find. Everyone complains about how Ecosoc only wants your money. But only because people don’t seem to get anything back for it. Unless you were really a party animal, you’d hide your head in shame for being known as a “conyo party kid”. That’s all you really got from it, yet not a lot of people join Ecosoc just for the party. If we did, we’d have more parties, right? Now, maybe you can get “conyo but socially-relevant kid” out of people. Only


Well, if you looked here first, shame on you! But gossip is pretty addicting.

because the Rundown got as far as it did. No more of backbiting, it doesn’t really get anyone anywhere as long as the person concerned knows. No more of laziness, we fall into stumps when we do. No more of complacency, we end up stagnating and feeling terrible. No more of apathy, the whole reason why that saying that goes “Ecosoc takes away, but never gives back,” exists. That’s the whole truth of things. In our society, there is a tendency to be apathetic to everyone else and what they are doing. Because of this, people we know on a personal basis end up feeling resentful because their efforts hardly pay off in the U.P. Economics Society. They leave heartbroken. Leave heartache aside and give time to actually know and understand those around you in the society. Talk to Vito, who has a bunch of interesting things to say. Approach Ica, she might give you interesting insight on things. Console Geli through her latest Foodgasm problem (kidding). There are a lot of ways to find purpose and find love in Ecosoc. After all, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. You are part of a society that boasts achievements throughout the years and resurrects itself like a rising sun every so often it needs to. In that society, there are people that make it up. It is very basic, but people forget the basics all the time. The U.P. Economics Society isn’t a faceless corporation, it’s a gathering of people. And all people, deep down inside, just want to be appreciated. So be thankful for all the things that those around you did. Without them, the Rundown wouldn’t have succeeded. Without them, you wouldn’t feel good to be an Ecosocer. Without them, you wouldn’t have an organization to love. And if you haven’t fallen in love with the organization, I suggest you find a way how to, because there’s great satisfaction to be found when all find a way to do it.

In other news, you probably went here for the gossip, That’s no way to share the love! Well, it’s not here. Enjoy the issue, which the theme of is love. Its 2:33 am on February 20, the supposed date of release. I’ll go to sleep now.



Echoes February 2013  

Echoes is the official publication of the UP Economics Society

Echoes February 2013  

Echoes is the official publication of the UP Economics Society