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Efficient Storage for SAP solutions Hans Lamprecht Country Manager Adriatic Region

Different SAP速 Landscape Perspectives: Infrastructure, Application, Architecture The Architecture View The Application View SAP-Integrated Solutions

SAP Upgrades

Backup and Recovery

Minimize Risk and Downtime

SAP System Copies

SAP Archiving

SAP ERP Landscape

SAP BW Landscape

SAP CRM Landscape

SAP Portal Landscape


Service Automation


Shared Infrastructure



The Infrastructure View


SAP Challenges Infrastructure View

Application View

  Silos   Lack of flexibility   Inconsistent availability   Poor utilization   Lack of operational agility to quickly adapt to business needs

  Complex and costly landscape management   Need to simplify SAP test/rollout   Accommodate data growth in a scalable manner   Shrinking budgets   Risk to SAP® systems


Next-Gen Data Centers Are Service Oriented Building Point Solutions

Building Horizontal Infrastructure

Business Need

Business Need

Applications Applications VirtualizationAware Network


Virtualization-Aware Unified Fabric

Network Ethernet, FC, IB


Storage Silo



ProjectBased Vertical Decisions

Virtualized Storage

Virtualized Dynamic Infrastructure

Service-Based Holistic Decision

Data Center Evolution ApplicationBased Silos

Zones of Virtualization

ITaaS (Internal Cloud)

External Cloud Services

Apps Servers Network Storage

Virtualization Accounting Self-Service Centralization Standardization Automation


What This Means for Your Infrastructure ApplicationBased Silos

Zones of Virtualization

ITaaS (Internal Cloud)

Servers Network Storage

  Can’t rip and replace for all SAP® environments   Interoperability is critical   Storage infrastructure must support evolution   Balance agility and change with time and budget


Storage Infrastructure Requirements ApplicationBased Silos

Zones of Virtualization

ITaaS (Internal Cloud)

Servers Network Storage

Storage Pool

  Unified, virtualized storage management   End-to-end data protection   Application integration   Policy-based storage   Storage efficiency provisioning   Multi-tenancy   Data mobility   Service automation and 7

NetApp Value for SAP® Infrastructure Extreme flexibility   Unified storage platform enables application evolution on demand   Instant provisioning to match servers

First end-to-end secure multi-tenancy   Elastic scalability across all layers with zero disruption to SAP services   Isolation and security for multi-tenant SAP environments

Outstanding efficiency   70-75% reduced storage footprint and related power, cooling costs   Virtualized storage pool helps achieve 100% or greater utilization 8

Data Center Evolution: The Infrastructure View


Unified Virtualized Storage   The most flexible architecture   Instant provisioning to match servers   Increased asset utilization   The most efficient storage: 50% savings on storage, power, cooling, and space for SAP® systems


End-to-End Data Protection   Rapid, space-efficient SAP® backups: in seconds, less than 5% of additional disk space   Automated backups to primary and secondary sites   Little or no impact on system performance   GUI-based restores in minutes   Policy-based self-service data protection   Accelerated SAP processes


Service Automation and Management

Data Motion MultiStore®

Storage Pool

Policy-based storage provisioning and live data migration

  Storage Provisioning and Data Mobility   Rapidly provision complete servers or systems ondemand   Grow or shrink seamlessly virtualized storage pool to meet requirements   Transparent, non-disruptive SAP® landscape migration


Service Automation and Management SAP Admin

Basis Admin


Perform Self-Service •  Provision •  Backup/Recover •  DR •  Dev/Test Copies Policies and Management

  Policy-based SAP® data management   Close integration with virtualization solutions   Fast, integrated, on-demand data protection and rapid provisioning

Storage Admin


Storage Efficiency   Reduce storage foot print dramatically   50% lower capacity requirements   Consistent SAP® application performance   50% or greater reduction in power, cooling, and space requirements   Manage twice as much SAP data without increasing personnel


Efficient Unified Storage Architecture: Dramatic Space Reductions 33%

Thin Provisioning (FlexVol®) 20% to 33% typical savings

Save up to


Save Up to


Deduplication Saves up to 95% for full backups; 25% to 55% for most data sets

Double Parity RAID (RAID-DP®) Saves up to 46% versus mirrored data or RAID 10

Save over


Save up to


Save over


Snapshot™ Copies NetApp Snapshot copies do not require “copy” space, serve local backup purposes, deliver savings of up to 80%

Thin Replication Disk-to-disk data protection saves up to 95%

Virtual Clones (FlexClone®) Savings equal size of the original data set minus blocks subsequently changed in clone


Secure Multi-Tenancy for SAP SAP Landscape 1

SAP Landscape 2

SAP Landscape 3




SAP SAP SAP Landscape Landscape Landscape 1 2 3

  Isolation and security for multitenant SAP® environments   Highly available data mobility with little or no SAP service disruption   SAP-consistent serverless backup and recovery   Rapid, space-efficient SAP system copies   Virtualized SAP software decoupled from operating system and hosts 16

SAP速 Lifecycle Management: The SAP Application View


SAP Challenges Infrastructure View

Application View

  Silos   Lack of flexibility   Inconsistent availability   Poor utilization   Lack of operational agility to quickly adapt to business needs

  Complex and costly landscape management   Need to simplify SAP® test/rollout   Accommodate data growth in a scalable manner   Shrinking budgets   Risk to SAP systems


Application Requirements   High SAP® business process availability –  –  –  – 

Integrated data protection Optimized test cycles Accelerated SAP upgrades Rapid and isolated SAP repair system creation

  Rapid, space-efficient SAP system copy creation   Simplified SAP archiving   SAP TDMS integration 19

NetApp Value for SAP® Applications Accelerate SAP rollouts   High-speed system provisioning   Rapid system copy creation

Minimize risk   Fast recovery with little or no disruption to users in the event of failure   More testing by more people in less time and with more relevant data

Lower TCO   50% lower cost of managing the most SAP data   Best foot print and best TCO in the industry with 70-75% IT savings 20

Rapid SAP-Integrated Data Protection SAP Admin

Basis Admin


Perform Self-Service •  Provision •  Backup/Recover •  DR •  Dev/Test Copies Policies and Management

Storage Admin

  Fast and efficient backup, restore, and recovery using BR*Tools   Fast, space-efficient SAP® system copies   Storefront available on SAP EcoHub at solutions/snapmanager


Optimize and Accelerate SAP® Test Cycles Restore to Any Savepoint in a Few Minutes Change system and (re)run tests Refresh Baseline Copy with FlexClone®



Change system and (re)run tests

Savepoint Phase 1


Create Snapshot™ Copy

Create Snapshot Copy

Change system and (re)run tests

Savepoint Phase 2

Evaluate Results


Finish Training

Create Snapshot Copy


Accelerate SAP® Upgrades with NetApp   Rapid backups increase confidence and allow more time for testing and troubleshooting   Your SAP systems could go live earlier   Minimized risk of losing go-live window   SAP teams can get their weekends and holidays back


Rapid Repair Systems with NetApp

 Eliminate logical error related challenges  Minimize downtime  Avoid data loss  Achieve SAP® landscape consistency


Rapid System Copy Creation with SnapManager®   Fast, space-efficient SAP® system copies


  Fully automated clone operations


  No performance implications


  Large space savings

Primary Storage

  Accelerate projects such QA as SAP upgrades, Unicode conversions Training Production Volume

Test FlexClone® Copies 25

Simplified Archiving and Compliance   Simplified data management and lower costs   Tested and validated solutions   Partner network committed to your success


SAP® Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) and NetApp Production


Storage Network

  Minimal impact on SAP production systems   On-demand data sets and extractions   Fast and easy test system creation


Porsche Holding Drives Business with Highly Available, Flexible NetApp Solution Business Impact   Continuous availability of critical applications   Predictability and investment protection Increased Flexibility   Multi-protocol support enables flexible connection to key applications

Porsche Holding GmbH is one Europe’s most successful automobile trade companies.

  Deliver wider range of solutions and services to customers Increased Efficiency

Another NetApp solution delivered by

  Manage entire storage environment with 2 FTEs   Accelerated data recovery “…NetApp® helps us set up the most cost-effective solutions for our customers and to simplify the management for our operators…” Anton Spitzer, Manager, Infrastructure Services, Porsche Informatik 28

Renault F1 Accelerates Race Car Development with NetApp Business Impact   Accelerated time to market   Reduced admin costs by 50% Increased Flexibility   Rapid deployment without downtime   Multiprotocol support enables seamless flow of data from conception to production Increased Efficiency

Renault F1 Team is responsible for the design, manufacture, and sourcing of all parts and the assembly, testing, and running of its race cars in Formula 1 racing.

  60% performance improvement of key design tasks   Reduced servers from 96 to 8 with virtualization “NetApp® storage systems have helped reduce Renault F1 Team administrative costs by nearly 50%.” Graeme Hackland, IT Manager, Renault F1 Team 29

Built on NetApp Cloud Services Provide T-Systems with Market Advantages Business Impact   Doubled storage administration productivity   Achieved ability to offer services at 30% lower cost than on-premise hosting Increased Flexibility   Maintenance and upgrades to the system are nondisruptive and transparent to customers Increased Efficiency

T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer unit, provides IT resources on demand so that customers no longer have to invest in infrastructure and applications.

  Improved storage utilization   Achieved 100% recovery success rate   Delivered ability to scale in 1 day instead of 15 “NetApp® technology contributes to each of our competitive advantages.” Dr. Stefan Bucher, T-Systems Global Delivery Manager for Shell 30

WienIT Leverages NetApp Storage to Deliver New Public Cloud Offering Business Impact   Created a new storage-as-a-service offering Increased Flexibility   Accelerated and simplified backup processes   Enabled dynamic scaling of storage to meet customer demand Increased Efficiency   Increased storage capacity and utilization   Reduced costs in its Windows® environment

WienIT is an IT services provider in Austria that specializes in serving energy and public utility companies.

Another NetApp solution delivered by

“NetApp® helps us work with much more efficiency and flexibility, making it easy to manage storage and day-to-day services delivery with limited resources Alexander Chambre, Team Leader of Data Management 31

BSH Boosts Development and Availability Increased Efficiency   Manage 30% data growth and increased availability requirements within a consolidated SAP environment   Provisioning for dev/test in minutes rather than hours or days

BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group

  Database repair slashed from 36 hours to 20 minutes   Lower costs with 65-80% lower storage requirement Increased Flexibility   Accelerate SAP app dev & test with fewer resources   Meet variable service levels with a single solution   Keep environment running smoothly “NetApp® helps us to fulfill demanding SLAs and to act very quickly in case of data corruption and other mission-critical events.” Harald Geringer, Manager, Corporate Data Center, BSH Group NetApp Confidential – Limited Use


NetApp Confidential – Limited Use


Optimizacija namestitev SAP, ki delujejo na infrastrukturi NetApp  
Optimizacija namestitev SAP, ki delujejo na infrastrukturi NetApp  

Predstavljeni so načini, kako uporabniki rešitev SAP-a ob uporabi združene podatkovne infrastrukture NetApp dosegajo najvišje stopnje učinko...