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Strength to Strength: Psalm 84

Map/Directions to North Star Bible Camp

North Star Bible Camp is located in Willow, Alaska about 85 miles north of Anchorage. Just north of mile 71 on the Parks Highway, turn right (east) onto Willow-Fishhook Road (also known as Hatcher Pass). North Star is 12.5 miles up Hatcher Pass at 10688 Willow-Fishhook Road.



September 20th-22nd

“Strength to Strength” How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young— a place near your altar, Lord Almighty, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Psalm 84:1-4

North Star Bible Camp (907)495-6378 Love offerings will be taken for the 2014 retreat scholarship fund, North Star Bible Camp, and for the camp staff.

North Star Bible Camp, Willow, Alaska

Strength to Strength: Psalm 84

This fall we will be discovering what it means to find our strength in Christ. To learn to trust in Him and long for His presence. We will continue to weave our stories together as we fellowship in worship, in the Word, and in our recreation. We will again be blessed to hear from four very different and wonderful Alaskan ladies.

Kristi Ivanoff

Marlene Watson

Kristi lives in Anchorage and serves as editor of the Sinew, ECCAK's newsletter. She also serves as the advisor to the Alaska Covenant Women's Council. She has served alongside her husband Curtis in various ministry positions in different parts of Alaska for twenty years and now  invests most of her time into her three children. She enjoys writing, speaking and teaching the Word as well as taking on "personal challenge projects" to cause her to grow and develop as an individual, as well as coach others seeking to reach a goal or overcome an obstacle. She loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Marlene is Navajo from Tohlakai, NM and Wide Ruins, AZ. She grew up in Oakland, CA and received her MDiv degree at Fuller Seminary. She would like to teach Christian education classes in urban areas and Native American/Alaskan Native communities. Marlene pursued Christian Ethics with her degree and enjoys giving lectures on the importance of environmental stewardship. Currently a chaplain at Providence and a volunteer chaplain at ANMC, she likes to share about God’s transforming power through faith. To God be the glory as He carries her through her journey in Alaska serving the Lord at First Covenant.

In April of 1648, John Milton composed the song Psalm LXXXIV, or Psalm 84. Please take a moment to read through this Psalm, in the beautiful poetic meter that Milton saw it in, as well as meditating on Psalm 84 in your own Bible as you prepare for the coming weekend.


How lovely are thy dwellings fair! O Lord of hoasts, how dear The pleasant tabernacles are where thou do'st dwell so near. My soul doth long and almost die, Thy courts O Lord to see, My heart and flesh aloud do crie, O living God, for Thee. There ev'n the sparrow freed from wrong, hath found a house of rest,       The swallow there, to lay her young, hath built her brooding nest. Ev'n by thy altars Lord of hoasts, they find their safe abode, And home they fly from round the coasts, toward thee, my King, my God. Happy, who in thy house reside, where thee they ever praise, Happy, whose strength in Thee doth bide, and in their hearts thy waies.     They pass through Baca's thirstie vale, that dry and barren ground, As through a fruitfull watry dale, where springs and showrs abound. They journey on from strength to strength, with joy and gladsom cheer, Till all before our God at length, in Sion do appear. Lord God of hoasts hear now my praier , O Jacob’s God give ear,           Thou God our shield look on the face, of thy anointed dear. For one day in thy courts to be, is better, and mere blest Then in the joyes of vanity, a thousand daies at best. I in the temple of my God, had rather keep a dore, Then dwell in tents, and rich abode, with sin for evermore                For God the Lord, both Sun and Shield, gives grace and glory bright, No good from Him shall be with-held, whose waies are just and right. Lord God of hoasts that raignst on high, that man is truly blest Who only on Thee doth relie. and in Thee only rest. ~ John Milton, 1648

Strength to Strength: Psalm 84

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Marisol serves as the Office Manager at ECCAK. She was raised in south Texas and has lived in Kansas, Illinois and Alaska. Her husband Matt is a Covenant pastor and together they moved here with their three children to serve at Chugach Covenant Church, a new church plant in Anchorage. She is passionate about the ministry that they are doing to reach east Anchorage and knows that God can use anyone in BIG ways. She enjoys running, hiking, biking and rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Sandra King

Sandra serves the Lord in her home village of Mekoryuk, Alaska where she teaches Elementary School. She is married to Nathan Hanna, who serves as Mekoryuk's pastor, and is mother to two children Janie and Artie. She enjoys working with youth and participating in subsistence activities. She also serves on the ECCAK general council. She attended Alaska Bible College and received her M.A. from the University of Oklahoma. She and her family currently live in Soldotna while her husband is taking a sabbatical and serving at ACC.

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blessed are those whose strength is in you. Psalm 84:5a

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Registration at North Star will open at 5pm. A potluck dinner will begin at 5:30pm; please bring a dish to share. To ensure there is a good variety of food: Anchorage/Soldotna - Fruitsc & Veggies Eagle River/Fairbanks - Desserts Wasilla/Palmer - Side Dishes Everyone else, please feel free to bring a snack of some kind if you are able. Our evening worship service will begin following dinner.


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