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Give a Gift of Grace

This Christmas, support the ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska and honor someone you love by giving a “gift of grace� in their name or in honor of their memory. These gifts of any amount will bless many as they are used to deepen disciples, strengthen churches, develop leaders, and proclaim the good news of Jesus in Alaska and around the world.

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Ministry families may at times need care for storms they are facing in marriage, family, or personal lives. Partnering ministries provide reduced-rate counseling so your gift of $75 can provide one hour of counseling when care is needed. A gift of $450 provides six sessions. Care for Pastors

With vast distances between churches and communities, updates are being made to ECCAK communication strategies to maximize web-based ministry services. A $25 gift of grace will pay for one month of new web services and digital publishing fees.

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Western Alaska Ministry Training equips pastors and lay leaders for ministry in Western Alaska. Courses are offered in rural sites to increase accessibility to those in villages. Paying for travel, lodging and tuition are often obstacles for those wanting more training. A $250 gift of grace would provide one scholarship for a course in Bible and ministry.

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To equip and support ongoing outreach through church planting, ECCAK arranges coaching to new churches by through a consultant within the Covenant denomination who travels to Alaska three times a year and gives monthly support to Church Planting Coaching new pastors and their staff.

Chickaloon Retreat Center


Chickaloon Retreat Center offers a beautiful place for families, groups, and churches to gather for rest, fun and refreshment. The property was gifted to ECCAK and your gift of grace can help maintain and develop this place of ongoing renewal. $ 75

Assist an Alaskan to participate in a global mission experience. If you or a loved one has a special heart for mission work, a gift of grace designated for funding mission opportunities may mean the salvation of one who has yet to hear the name of Christ. Mission Funding

ECCAK Office Ministry Team


ECCAK serves 19 churches and 4 ministries on the road-system and in villages to resource congregations, support pastors and develop leaders. Partner with the ECCAK team as we help others grow in God’s word, relationships, outreach, worship, and service.

r by mail with the form on back

Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska P.O. Box 770749 Eagle River, AK 99577



With your gift of grace, you will receive this lovely Lenox ornament with a personalized card that can be sent directly to you or to the person you are honoring explaining the gift given in their name. Those receiving a gift of grace in their honor may also be listed in the spring issue of the ECCAK Sinew. The gift of grace artwork on the front is by David Arms—

Give online at or use this mail-in form Your name___________________________________Phone __________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________

Email :_______________________________________________________________________ Gift of $_____________For what need?_________________________________________ ____Given in honor of_________________________________________________________ ____Given in memory of______________________________________________________

Name and address that ornament should be sent to if different than yours: _______________________________________________________________________________ The gift of grace artwork on the front is by David Arms—www. _______________________________________________________________________________

“Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, ___________no and who is to come .” Revelation 1:4

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Opportunities to bless the people and ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska