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Covenant Youth of Alaska Volume 17 | Issue 2 April 2021

Taking Time to Invest in Young Leaders A new Leadership Cohort launched in 2021 amidst COVID.


n a year of the unknowns, cancelations, and group discussion that followed. “This was our first quarantine, CYAK and conference-wide leaders attempt and we had pretty good results.” says Mike came together to form a Leadership Cohort. As Alverts. While there were specific assignments to do the leaders dreamed of this group, they wanted to along the way, the main focus was on “Calling”, the intentionally focus on relationship connection with person God created them to be. The hope was that it mentors and reflective processing. The goal was to have encouraged them to reflect. Reflect on God’s greater the experience lead the time together and not solely the story, on their own story, on their belovedness being content. vital to the journey, on SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences), on the mission of The theme was “Calling/ the priesthood of believers.” God and the Character of a leader. Mike Alverts produces the majority of the curriculum and finalized it with the help of Byron, John, and Tom. Over the 6 week journey, this group of mentors and The first leadership Cohort started in January 2021 with leaders were committed to each other. They worked a 6-week commitment. Each leader was invested in at together to process and discover themselves and the the start with 3 books and the Myers Briggs leaders God made assessment. These tools helped as the group them to be. Not only “We hit the target pretty meet and learned more about themselves. will they take with well on being relationally and them the relationships When the group came together in January, they had 17 mentors and 33 leaders from reflective processing driven.” built but what they wrote of God’s hand various parts of the state: Anchorage, Eagle and shaping in their River, Mekoryuk, Nome, Fairbanks, Wasilla, own story, the time spent on assessment and reflections, Soldotna/ACC, and Galena. Each leader was paired and a calling statement focused on the next 5+ years. with a mentor and assigned to a small group which “We hit the target pretty well on being relationally and stayed the same as they met each week. Building a reflective processing driven.” Mike says encouraged. connectedness and growing trust with one another was part of the Cohort. The plan is to have another Leadership Cohort in the future but the date is not set yet. Each week they would have a time of check-in, recap of the material, presentation of new content, and a


He is Risen!

Covenant Bible Camp

Summer is Coming

Praise God for His son who died on the cross for our sins. May we take time to remember this act of selflessness as we serve otheres.

Please pray for the program staff as they plan for another year of Camp in a Box. Pray for opportunities do send some staff to villages to host.

Praise God for longer days and more sunshine. Please pray for a safe breakup and fruitful months of great harvest.

COVENANT YOUTH OF ALASKA PO Box 203356 Anchorage, AK 99520

-YAR taking time to Pray

We love that Mike has a heart to invest in young leaders.

When you give to the Mission Fund, you make it possible for young people to join work teams and invest in their peers for generations to come.

Quyana, thank you. Mike Alverts|CYAK Staff


To read more, visit: www.cyak.org/ministry-updates

A relational outreach, discipleship and leadership ministry for Alaska youth and young adults A ministry of the Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church

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CYAK April 2021 Newsletter  

Taking time to invest in young leaders

CYAK April 2021 Newsletter  

Taking time to invest in young leaders

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