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APRIL 2-6, 2014

LIVING INTO GOD'S STORY In Him we live and move and have our being Acts 17:28


growing in God's Word, relationships, outreach, worship, service

Table of Contents Greeting from ECC President Gary Walter Agenda 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes Field Director Report Associate Field Director Report Institutional Ministry Reports Covenant Youth of Alaska Report Covenant Youth of Alaska Financial Report KICY Report KICY Financial Report Alaska Christian College Report Alaska Christian College Report Alaska Christian College Financial Report Bible Camp Report Bible Camp Financial Report Covenant Women's Council Report Norton Sound Church Reports Elim Golovin Koyuk Nome Shaktoolik Unalakleet White Mountain YK Delta Church Reports Bethel Hooper Bay Mekoryuk Mountain Village Scammon Bay Road System Church Reports Community Covenant—Eagle River Community Covenant—Fairbanks First Covenant—Anchorage Mat-Su Covenant New-Song—Anchorage The River—Kenai Church Planting Report—Chugach Covenant Church Partner Ministry Reports Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC) Trailmarker Ministries ECCAK Sample General Council Ballot General Council Member Candidates Bios Proposed Constitution & Bylaws of Alaska Conference of ECC ECCAK Constitution & Bylaws

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The Evangelical Covenant Church April 2014 TO:

Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska Rev. Curtis I van off, Field Director Mrs. Lanette Forbes, General Council Chair

Grace and peace to you as you gather in the bond of Christ. To Follow the Heart of God. Since our founding, this motivation has guided the Evangelical Covenant Church. It's a commitment we live into together. There are five mission priorities around which we seek to follow the heart of God into the world. Together, we start and strengthen churches, make and deepen disciples, develop leaders, love mercy - do justice, and serve globally. That mission is only possible because of the combined efforts of the congregations in your region, together with all of the 860 churches that make up the ECC today in the United States and Canada. Because of our strong partnership, we have accomplished much. We have grown for twentytwo consecutive years, during which time we've more than doubled in size, surpassing 200,000 for the first time this year. We continue to become a more reflective mosaic of the kingdom of God, with 28 percent of our churches congregations of color or intentionally multiethnic. We are blessed with an increasing number of younger pastors, women and men of ail backgrounds, who find the Covenant a setting worthy for their very best service. Every year, leaders from scores of churches are resourced through seminars and training events held in every corner of the denomination. Globally, we are in more countries than ever before, bringing the hope of Christ in word and deed to thirty-eight countries through a growing missionary team and strong international partnerships. We are making great headway on our goal toward sponsoring 10,000 children through Covenant Kids Congo, powered by World Vision. More sponsors are needed, but this unprecedented partnership is already impacting communities in DR Congo because of the faithfulness of the people who make up the Evangelical Covenant Church. For more information, stories, videos, and downloadable resources on all that is happening with the ministries and initiatives of the Covenant around the world, please visit CQvChurch.ore. in addition to this regional gathering, we'd love to have you join with hundreds of other Covenanters for Gather 2014, a five-day event in June which encompasses Experience Chicagoland, the annual meeting of the Ministerium, and the Evangelical Covenant Church's annual business meeting. 1 am grateful to serve this movement in partnership with people like you. Everywhere I go, I'm encouraged by sisters and brothers who desire only to follow God's heart. May it ever be so. In tt Together,

Gary B. Walter, Presider

2014 ECCAK ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA Community Covenant Church Fairbanks, Alaska Aprils, 2014 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Welcome — Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Appoint Parliamentarian — Lanette Forbes Roll Call Acceptance of Agenda - Lanette Forbes Appointment of Resolutions Committee, Lanette Forbes Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting — Approved by ECCAK General Council Special Greetings 7.1. Dick Lucco - Executive Director of Ministry Development 7.2. Aune Carlson — Early Adult Ministry


Reports 8.1. Field Director — Curtis Ivanoff 8.2. Assoc. Field Director -James Barefoot 8.3. Covenant Youth of Alaska — Byron Bruckner 8.4. Covenant Bible Camp - Nick Bruckner 8.5. KICY-Dennis Weidler 8.6. Alaska Christian College - Keith Hamilton 8.7. ECCAK Covenant Women — Kristi Ivanoff

9. 2013-14 ECCAK Financial Report-Curtis Ivanoff & James Barefoot 10. 2014-15 Budget - Curtis Ivanoff & Lanette Forbes Motion to ratify: ECCAK Genera! Council moves to ratify the coordinated annual budget previously ratified by the Executive Director of Ministry Development for adoption by the Annual Meeting. 11. 12. 13. 14.

ECCAK Constitution and Bylaw proposal - to become a conference of the ECC Election of General Council Members — Lanette Forbes Daniel Savetilik, Sr. Annual Lay Ministry Award — Lanette Forbes License Report from the Ministerium - Max Lopez-Cepero, ECCAK Ministerium Chair

15. Local church reports — [see written reports] 16. 2014 Minutes Motion: Motion: The ECCAK Genera! Council makes a motion to allow the General Council to editl'approve the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting. 17. 2015 Annual Meeting Location — Curtis Ivanoff 18. Resolution Committee Report 19. Additional Agenda Items 19.1. 19.2. 20. Prayer and Adjournment

2013 ECCAK ANNUAL MEETING Minutes Mekoryuk Covenant Church Mekoryuk, Alaska May 4, 2013 Approved: May 22. 2013 1. Welcome — Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Called to order at 9:15am 2. Appoint Parliamentarian — Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Lanette appointed Pastor Bob Curtis as Parliamentarian. 3. Roll Call - Donna Erickson Donna called roll from the delegate sign in. Lanette determined that a quorum was reached. 4. Acceptance of Agenda — Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Elim written report was added to the packet. Motion made by Huge Forbes 2" by Chris Byrnes to accept the agenda as amended. Motion carried. 5. Appointment of Resolutions Committee - Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Heidi Ivanoff, Aaron Anderson, Nick Bruckner. Ethel Fuller moved to accept the resolution committee, seconded by Peter Buck, motion passed. 6. Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting The minutes of the 2012 annual meeting were approved by ECCAK General Council on April 25,2012. 7. Special Greetings a. President Gary Walter b. Executive Director of Ministry Development — Dick Lucco Curtis stated that Gary Walters greeting is written and that Dick Lucco was not able to attend. Curtis stated that there is a lot of organization change going on in the Covenant offices. Dick Lucco will have oversight of Alaska on an interim basis until duties become clearer at Covenant office. 8.

Reports a. Field Director — Curtis Ivanoff— Curtis shared how in 1935 Jacob Kenick was sent here from Shaktoolik to serve as Pastor. There is a legacy in Mekoryuk as a 'sending' church. Joel (and Sarah Oyoumick) "will be the first Alaskan Native to serve as a MARC pilot. As we grow in maturity, may we always 'send' people on the Great Commission, may it be in our hearts. Curtis written report is in the packet. Curtis shared the need for Pastors in our churches. Curtis opened the floor for questions. There were no questions. b. Assoc. Field Director —James Barefoot written report on page 27. James shared that it has been a trying year but the Lord is good. His father passed away and his mother had open-heart surgery. His mother has now moved to Alaska and is living with James and Evelyn. He stated how important it is for our local church boards need to know their constitutions and bylaws and know biblical roles in church leadership. No questions from the floor.

c. Covenant Youth of Alaska - Byron Bruckner page 29 in the packet. Covenant High School from 1954 to 1985 focused on the youth, CYAK picked up the baton when Covenant High closed until the present time. CYAK helps young people know Christ, grow in Christ, and go in Christ to serve others. Byron asked Nathan Hanna to share a short testimony. Nathan shared how CYAK helped his church find and recruit a youth pastor that was perfect for Mekoryuk. Matt Carlson took the youth to Guatemala, then to CHIC. He was a full time youth worker for two years and was a huge blessing. Pastor Max shared how CYAK partnered with his church for youth ministry and college age ministry and how their church would just be a shell of a church without the help of CYAK. Their ministry is a hub to village Alaska in Anchorage. Question from Larson King: How do we bring local people to work with the youth? Byron answered that CYAK's goal is to train and equip the youth for leadership; the question is a local church issue. Parliamentarian Curtis called a point of order to bring the meeting back to business. d. Covenant Bible Camp - Nick Bruckner submitted written report. e. KICY —Dennis Weidler submitted written report. f. Alaska Christian College — Keith Hamilton submitted written report. g. ECCAK Covenant Women — Kristi Ivanoff shared a report. No questions from the floor. John Hege made a motion to accept the reports, Brad Olson seconded. During discussion, Joel Oyoumick asked MARC to explain Joel and Sarah's plan for MARC. MARC pilot Mark Swenson shared how Joel and Sarah need support financially and prayer for their new endeavor. Motion passed. 9.

2012-13 ECCAK Financial Report - Curtis Ivanoff and James Barefoot page 19 in booklet. Question was asked by Hilma Shavings if the certificate of deposit's were in national banks, Curtis answered they were held by National Covenant Properties in Chicago. Lanette called for a ten-minute break at 10:24am. Meeting called back to order at 10:38am.

10. 2013-14 Budget - Curtis Ivanoff/Lanette Forbes The budget was gone over line by line. There was support voiced that we not spend $12,000 a year on an independent audit. Max Lopez-Cepero moved that the annual meeting instruct the General Council to not do an audit in the coming year but to report back next year with a plan for audits and financial reviews of the ECCAK financials. Seconded by Tom Luchsinger. Discussion: Bob Curtis suggested to do research for the best way to do an audit. Keith asked if we would come back with a by law proposal next year? Curtis answered that it is easier to make a change to by-laws compared to the constitution. Question called by Peter Buck. Motion passed. Herb Ivanoff questioned why counseling and pastor care were separated. Curtis answered that counseling is separate because it was a previous line item. James answered that it is not always a pastor that needs counsel. Max asked if ministerial dues, if they go to other people besides pastors? Curtis answered that he did not know, Keith answered that the Ministerium receives dues money from ECCAK for Curtis and James. Motions carried that the general council accepted this report.

Curtis explained how the process has changed on printing The Sinew newsletter. Max pointed out if we will not be doing a financial review this year then this money will not be spent. Pastor Nathan said it would be wise to do a financial review next year. Herb stated that a budget is just a general guideline to follow and it is not set in concrete. Motion to ratify: ECCAK. Genera/ Council moves to ratify the coordinated annual budget previously ratified by the Executive Director of Ministry Developmentfor adoption by the Annual Meeting.

Motion passed to approve the FY 13-14 budget. 11. Election of General Council Members — Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Max made a morion to close the nominations, seconded by Peter Buck. Morion passed. Ballots were handed out and delegates voted, the ballots were tallied by a two person team. Results: Road system: Jane Atuk -18, Sandy Gold-17. Jane Atuk elected to serve another term. Norton Sound: Donna Erickson — 36. Donna elected to serve another term. YK Delta: Sandra King - 36. Sandra elected to serve another term. 12. Daniel Savetilik, Sr. Annual Lay Ministry Award - Lanette Forbes, GC Chair Curtis presented the award to Abraham Anasogak, Sr. from Koyuk. Abraham shared how God used him and told him when he was six years old that God would use him as a pastor. He became a lay pastor when his village had no pastor at the age of 30. He shared his personal testimony of prayer life. He spoke of his experience of being medevaced to Anchorage last year and how prayer helped him. It was noted that Henry Shavings and Eula David, who were in attendance and former recipients of the award, are the last two students remaining of Grandpa Ost's teaching. 13. License Report from the Ministerium — Max Lopez-Cepero, ECCAK Ministerium Chair Max said there are two committees in the Ministerium. One is executive committee and the committee on ministerial standing. They work on license or ordination for pastors. Question was asked about bi-vocational licenses. Bi-vocational license arc similar to ministry, but the person works another job and does less than 30 hours of rninistry. Ministry License are renewed on a yearly basis. Donna asked what ordination to word and service meant. Max provided an explanation. The ECGAK Ministerium moved that the following candidates be approved for credentialing:

Ordination to Word and Service Dale Solberg Morion passed. License Renewals Bob Curtis Ross McElwee Jamie Rose Heather Smith Adam London


License Renewals Jeff Keyser George Mastroyams Ann Murphy Brad Olson Tyler Shaw


Aaron Anderson James Barefoot Neil Botts Don Cross Hugh Forbes


First Time Licenses

Motion passed.



Morion passed. Matt Cisneros Dale Smith Dan Krause

TJ Smith Erika Whittington Nathan Hanna Wass Mute


Morion passed. First Time Licenses Nick Bruckner ML Sean Hoffbeck ML Vincent Eben BVL Motion passed.

14. Local church reports — [see written reports] Elim was added to the packet. Each pastor or delegate was given 2 minutes to give one praise and one prayer request. Elim: Lily Nylin said she praised God to represent Elim, she thanked God for praying people, the church board knows that people pray for Elim. They miss Don Cross, but blessed them with Bob Curtis, who she said connects with people. The board takes turn each Sunday to share. Prayer request: pray for Elim and the church board and for unity. Golovin: Brad Olson shared that he has grown personally in the culture he is in. Had the privilege of hosting the get together between Elim, White Mountain and Golovin. The youth group from Koyuk attended. He appreciated Bob Curtis grace, who taught him not to worry about the details. Prayer request: Brad & Julie's 3cd year in Golovin, half of the teaching staff is moving away; to grow in relationships with people in the village to become more personal and relational. Jack Brown shared that their chair had to go to ANMC for heart operation and he took his place and was honored. Koyuk Covenant Church: Jesse Anasogak shared that they had Bob Curtis as interim pastor who is moving onto Elim. They have enjoyed him very much and his teachings. They love how he visited the elders and those who have lost loved ones, this was a blessing for them. They have seen the youth group grow this year. They have prayer group on Tues evening, and Wednesday prayer service Prayer request: need prayer for the community, young people, and for the church to grow. They are expecting Wass Mute to come back to Koyuk. Shaktoolik: Ethel Fuller shared about growing pains in Shaktoolik. God doesn't waste the pain, he allows pain to weed out things in that do not belong corporately, individually, and for the whole village. She shared her Grandpa Jacob Kenick's song to ''depend on the spirit of God." They found out that God never changes, they are all equal at the foot of the cross. Prayer request: for reconciliation, and for Christian Muntean who will be going to Shaktoolik to facilitate reconciliation. She thanked everyone for their prayers. She said what satan meant for harm, God meant to use for good. Pray for divine healing for Shaktoolik.

Unalakleet: Heidi Ivanoff - Unalakleet has been blessed by strong leadership. Pastor Joel Oyoumick, Pastor Adam London, Pastor Chip Swanson, Nick Bruckner, and Byron Bruckner. Adam is a huge blessing to our church, leading the youth. Please pray for Unalakleet to be faithful to share the blessings God gives them. Unalakleet has reached out to Stebbins via youth and music. White Mountain: Ruth McElwee shared that she lost her mom in September, and many changes in their home. They have lost half of their financial support. The Lord has moved Ross to work on a river project with the men. The Lord has pushed Ruth out of her comfort zone, having been called to co-pastor. She thanked the congregation for allowing her to do this. They are blessed in White Moutain to have the Hanson's there as helpers. Peter Buck shared how he gave his life to the Lord last year, and thanked Ruth and Ross for their leadership. The Norton Sound pastors were called up with their wives to be prayed for by Hugh Forbes. Break for lunch at 12:22p. Meeting called back to order at 12:46p Bethel: Pastor Hugh Forbes - God is working in Bethel. Thankful for Aaron. Praise request: want to outreach more into Bethel. They have a new espresso machine for the young people and young adults. Mekoryuk: Pastor Nathan Hanna welcomed everyone. Praise for the conference; thanked the many people who were behind the scenes doing the work. Praying to bridge the gap that exists: between rural and urban, gender differences, racial differences, economic differences. Jesus Christ breaks the wall of hostility. Prayer request - that God would make clear whom he is calling for interim pastor for the coming year. Mountain Village: Pastor Don Cross shared that he has been in Mountain since Januray 3td. It was exciting to see the ministry already in place there and to step in and come alongside to what they are already doing. It has been a challenging three months for Don. The positive thing is more people are coming to church that have not gone for a long time. A great need: the leadership is leaving and moving away or working full time. Mountain Village needs to partner with CYAK to fill these needs. Their church goal is to meet and reach the young people. Please pray for Mountain Village community, lots of deaths there, six deaths in three months. Scammon Bay: Carolyn Utteryuk shared that the girls bible study is going well, Monday night meeting with the kids moved to once a month because of the school activities. Men's group meets every Tuesday evening. The second women's conference was held at Hooper Bay. Lenna Funk was the speaker. Scammon Bay has reached out to Hooper Bay to be a support to them, they did this two times this year. Prayer request: The church really needs workers. Scammon Bay will have 21 campers going to Bible camp this summer. Pastor Frank Alioto was asked to pray for the YK Delta pastors and their wives. Community Covenant of Eagle River: Pastor Keith shared the praise of how people want to share. The church is reading the book The Hole In Our Gospel which has impacted the church, by prison ministry, soup kitchen, helping the poor, Congo kids. Prayer request: pray for a lead

pastor, for wisdom and discernment for the search committee. Thank God that He is doing a work behind the scenes. John Hege Community Covenant in Fairbanks: Lots of people have gone thru the Dave Ramsey finance studies. It is a highlight of the congregation. They are in the advanced Legacy class now. Aariga ministry has a new director Brent and Leah Amundsen at UAF and Jamie at UAA and Mike in the Mat-Su valley. There is a movement on campus with church and CYAK working together for the college age kids. Fairbanks is off the beaten track. Prayer request : they feel apart because they are far away. Pray that the people will know they are a part of something much bigger. First Covenant Anchorage: Pastor Max Lopez-Cepero. God has powerfully answered prayers for his healing from his open heart surgery. He is in awe of the prayer support Staff: Nathan Toots has stepped back and has health issues. New team members: Heather Smith and Vince Eben. Prayer request: There is a large piece of property next to the church and they are discerning what they should do with it. Pray God's will be made known to them. Mat-Su Covenant: Pastor Tom Luchsinger. Just started partnering with the Native New Life ministries to plant a native new life in the valley. It began April 7th, 2013. Please pray for this ministry. Sunday night's is the native service at 7pm. The River Covenant Pastor Frank Alioto: The River Covenant has been in existence for four years. It is exciting to be a part of ECCAK, still working on vision and purpose for ministry in the peninsula. Pray for the ministry in the community. God has allowed the local Harley Davidson dealer into Pastor Frank's congregation. Chugach Covenant: Steve Gordon. They meet in a movie theater. It is a lot of work to put stuff away and put them out for using the movie theater each Sunday. They have had 30 people come to Christ. There are no 'old timers'. Their church has been doing military outreach and to serve the lost. Prayers for creativity with limitations of the building, discernment for reaching the community and reaching the lost. Pastor Joel Oyoumick was asked to pray for the Road System church pastors. 15. 2013 Minutes Motion Motion: The HCCAK General Council makes a motion to allow the General Council to edit I approve the minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Discussion: Keith asked if this could become part of protocol so that a motion does not need to be made each year. Motion passed. 16. 2014 Annual Meeting Location: Curtis announced that Community Covenant Church in Fairbanks wrote a letter of invitation to host the 2014 Annual Meeting. Dates: April 2-6, 2014.

17. Resolution Committee Report See report submitted. Donna moved to accept these resolutions as read, seconded by Hilma. Motion passed.


18. Prayer and Adjournment Curtis said a closing prayerMax made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Frank. Morion passed. Meeting adjourned at


Submitted by

Donna Erickson, secretary

11 2014 Field Director's Report ECCAK Annual Meeting Out mission In it together to see more disciples, among more populations, in a more caring and just world. Our vision To challenge and assist every local church to become one that GROWS: in God's Word, in Relationships, in Outreach, in Worship, and in Service.

INTRODUCTION It is a joy to have gathered in Fairbanks for the 2014 HCCAK Annual Meeting. I am grateful to Pastor Ken Moore and his congregation for all of the work they have done to offer welcome and hospitality to all of the delegates and attendees. I am a believer in the significance of being connected in Christ and I trust that our connection to God and one another will be one fruit of our annual meeting conference. The theme, "Living into God's Story" is one that can help us lift up our eyes to God's horizons, for our lives, our churches, our communities and our state. When we pray, as Jesus taught us to, for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, I believe we are seeking for our stories to be in alignment with God's story in the world — which is the chief story of all. My prayer has been that the truth that Acts 17:28 professes, "For in him we live and move and have our being..." will become a deeper reality in each of our lives, and in our life together in Christ Jesus.

TRANSITIONS One way I would characterize this past year is by the word "transitions". Here in the ECCAK office we have gone through two transitions of office managers. I am grateful for the work of Sara Scoles, followed by Marisol Cisneros. We welcomed Jennifer Steinbrecher in January and look forward to her service with ECCAK. We have had several churches go through pastoral changes, or changes in leadership. With transition comes change and with change comes new opportunities for growth. It is in that spirit that I have sought to lead and serve through transitions. James Barefoot, associate field director, is going to take on an expanded role, moving to full time status. He will take on added focus of congregational vitality for our rural churches, and bookkeeping. ECCAK - MOVEMENT TO BECOME A CONFERENCE OF THE ECC Prior to 1972, the work of the Covenant Church in Alaska was under the guidance of the World Mission department of the F,CC In that year, a change was made to have the work in Alaska come under what then was called Home Mission, now known as Church Growth and Evangelism o (CG&E). This is when ECCAK, as we know it today, was organized. In the fall of 2013, ECC President Gary Walter initiated the idea to have ECCAK become a conference oj the Evangelical Covenant Church. The General Council has had discussions at their two most recent meetings and is affirming such a transition. The ECC has committed to continue supporting ECCAK financially, but there will be a new level of responsibility for how those funds are managed and stewarded by the newly formed conference, should this come to fruition. The process has been initiated by having the General Council draft and approve constitution and by-laws reflecting such a change. I am grateful to the ECC for initiating this new direction. This has no doubt been a hope of many over the years and we are the ones to be leading and serving as a new chapter for ECCAK ministry is upon us.

ECCAK*s FIVE PRIORITIES Pastoral/Church Care

12 This fall at the pastor/leader retreat, Pastor Max Lopez-Cepero did an excellent job of reaching and challenging us to "witness through compassion and justice." Pastor James Duncan, coordinator of chaplains for the Department of Corrections for the state of Alaska also participated. We also heard moving testimonies from other of our pastors and lay people who arc doing prison minis try. ITiis past year we have helped give guidance to village pastors and churches so that the pastor will have an opportunity for ministry renewal, or a sabbatical. We encourage our churches to take to heart the significance of how a time of ministry renewal can strengthen the ministry of a pastor in their church. There is need for new parsonages to be constructed in Elim and Scammon Bay. The church building in Koyuk is in need of a great deal of attention. The Mountain Village church has also expressed a need to expand their facility. KCCAK has been in communication and is working to help do what we can to make these a reality.

ECCAK Pastor Transitions.(May 2013 to April 2014) Todd Michcro — to Community' Covenant Church, Eagle River, lead pastor Bob Curtis - to Klim Covenant Church, lead pastor James Ventress — to Nome Covenant Church, associate pastor - youth Kyle Brown — to Chugach Covenant Church, teaching pastor Tom Luchsinger — from Mat-Su Evangelical Covenant, lead pastor Matthew Cisneros — from Chugach Covenant Church, associate pastor Interim pastors who have served or are currently serving: Mike Alverts (Mat-Su Evangelical Covenant), Chip Swanson (Hooper Bay), Heather Smith (Mekoryuk Covenant Church), Carl Klwood (Mekoryuk Covenant Church), Bob Curtis (Koyuk Covenant Church) Evangelism /Church planting This fall ECCAK brought on Mike Brown, director of church planting of the Northwest Conference, to serve as a coach for our church planting work in Alaska. He travels to Alaska three times per year and is signed on through Sept 30, 2014, with the possibility of serving longer. He has been a valuable resource and voice to assist the work of our church plants. Mike will also assist ECCAK by helping to think through the strategy for the future of church planting in Alaska.

Chugach Covenant Church is nearing its second year of being a church plant. The church made a move in this past year to a new facility. The River Covenant Church, while they are now a member church of the ECC, is still being supported by KCCAK by having Mike Brown provide coaching. Community Covenant Church (Fairbanks) is positioning itself to purchase higher quality video technology to help broaden the participation of those who worship with C3 on Sundays in Shageluk. Leadership Pathways Western Alaska Ministry Training continues to move forward. Old Testament Survey, Church History Survey, and Village Pastoral Care were classes taught this past year in Bethel and Unalakleet. There has also been training that James Barefoot is offering for church leadership. We arc seeking to further develop what lay training is offered. This year the Committee on Ministerial Standing approved two candidates for ordination, 1} Smith and Jamie Rose, and two first time candidates to receive licenses. KCCAK helped sponsor young adults from. ACC to do mission in Mexico. Youth CYAK, Covenant Bible Camp and Alaska Christian College arc ministries that arc vital to our outreach and discipleship of the youth of today. I thank God for these important ministries and I offer my wholehearted support of their work.

13 ECCAK, along with CYAK and ACC, has been in conversation with Aunc Carlson, Early Adult Ministry coordinator for the ECC, about the prospect of Alaska hosting a discipleship school called Hcchos29. These schools are an initiative of the church in Sweden and are three to four month programs. There is a desire among Swedish leadership to re-connect with Alaska, given our history. This spring we had one Alaskan, Tricia Ivanoff, participate in an Hechos29 school, held in India. ECCAK and CYAK have been in conversation about allowing CYAK to take over the development of the Chickaloon Retreat Center. The idea is to broaden the scope of who CRC can serve to include youth and young adults. CYAK is in the process of submitting a proposal to the General Council. Congregational Vitality John Wenrich, Director of Congregational Vitality for the ECC, lead a Veritas seminar at Mat-Su Covenant in the fall. He will return in May to lead another Veritas at Community Covenant Church (Eagle River), where Community Covenant (Fairbanks) will also participate. ECCAK has partnered with Community Covenant (Eagle River) to facilitate this planning and there is great anticipation for how God will move through these resources that the ECC provides to our churches. Congregational Vitality is all about our churches aligning themselves more deeply with the heart of Jesus. James Barefoot will assume a new responsibility to help provide resources and support to rural churches in the area of congregational vitality.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Covenant Kids Congo, Powered by World Vision The ECC has a goal of 10,000 sponsorships. To date, there are 7800 children sponsored. There is more work to do. KCCAK churches and members have contributed a total of 137 sponsorships. Samaritan's Purse contribution I give thanks to God for the partnership of Samaritan's Purse and Franklin Graham, for their generous contribution of a new church and remodeled youth center. The construction of the new Nome Covenant Church was completed and there was a dedication in November. Pray for much fruit in this new season of ministry for the Nome Covenant Church. True North Award Established in 2013 by the initiative President Keith Hamilton of Alaska Christian College, True North Awards were established to thank, honor and recognize people who have had lengthy and faithful contribution to the work of ECCAK. Nominations come from members of Alaska Covenant Churches or ECCAK ministries. Award recipients are acknowledged at the ECCAK Annual Meeting. This year, ECCAK presented True North Awards to: Chuck Hunter (Spokane, WA), Glen Mehrkens (Red Wing, MN), John Tissell (Lacey, WA) and Man' Bjorlin (Excelsior, MN).

CONCLUSION I thank God to be able to serve alongside people who care deeply about loving God and fully participating in God's mission in Alaska and the world. I continue to strive to maintain healthy balance in my personal life, making certain to care my family well. Thank you for your partnership in the work of the gospel in Alaska.

Respectfully submitted, Curtis Ivanoff Field Director

14 2014 Associate Field Director Report

It has been my great privilege to serve ECCAK as the Associate Field Director for 4 and half years.This past year has been filled with exciting ministry opportunities and God has given grace for them. This year I have had more focus on helping village church boards' return to the use of their Constitution and By-laws. Through email correspondence and personal visits I have been in this process with: White Mountain Covenant Church Elim Covenant Church Shaktoolik Covenant Church Mountain Village Covenant Church Mekoryuk Covenant Church I will continue working with these churches and any other church that invites me to work with their leadership team. I am still coaching Pastors Ross McRlwee, Brad Olson, Bob Curtis, Don Cross and Jason Stromstad. 1 have the wonderful opportunity to communicate with these men on a weekly basis. It is exciting to hear regular updates on how God is leading them in their places of ministry as well as navigating various challenges together. In the ECCAK office my work has been affected by the departure of Sara Scolcs. 1 have helped with many transitional issues during Marisol Cisneros short time replacing Sara and now Jennifer Steinbrecher's arrival as our new Office Manager. This was our first year to contract out our financial bookkeeping and I have been involved a great deal with the communication from our office to theirs. I also communicate with other ministries such as Arctic Barnabas, Inter Act Ministries, and New Hope Counseling Center that assist our pastors. SEND North, Alaska Christian CoDegc and Alaska Bible College have invited me to speak to their students. I continue to represent ECCAK office as an ex-officio member of Arctic Broadcasting Association 1'ield Director Curtis Ivanoff and I have regular times of discussing ministry challenges and praying. It has been a good year of ministry! I look forward in this coming year to making a major focus on "Congregational Vitality" and pastor recruitment for our rural churches. Thank you for allowing me to serve in this position. James W. Barefoot

15 Covenant Youth of Alaska 2014 Annual Report Covenant Youth of Alaska works to keep ministry to youth and young adults a significant priority for ECCAK. CYAK's Continuum of Care focuses on working -with the churches in Alaska to help students age 12-25 come to Know Christ Grow in Christ and Go out in the name of Christ. May-June last summer was a great ministry time when CYAK staff gathered to serve youth together at Bible Camp in Unalakleet In July, CYAK also helped support local leaders from Stebbins to develop a new youth camp, which was held 20 miles down the coast from the village. In July and August, CYAK had two Alaska student interns coordinate both a week of basketball outreach in White Mountain, and multiple mentoring raft trips. Various youth workers participated in summer outreach and relational ministry throughout various villages and communities. This fall our annual regional high school Fall Blast youth retreat was held in Golovin. CYAK also worked throughout the year to coordinate Arigaa in partnership with local Covenant churches in Fairbanks and Anchorage. This young adult ministry focuses on students ages 18-25. The Arigaa house is our discipleship house in Anchorage, and has provided young men the opportunity to study, work and live in Christian community. This faU and spring, CYAK coordinated our annual statewide young adult retreat in Big Lake so that students from UAF, UAA, AEC, ACC, and Job Corps could gather together and grow in Christ "Magnify" has been a monthly worship gathering on UAA Campus coordinated by our staff in partnership with other campus ministries. The CYAK internship program has provided 4 paid youth ministry internships this year. These internships are designed to help further equip young adults as emerging leaders. Subsist is a year-round CYAK mentoring program that is geared to help youth experience God through subsistence activities such as sled building and other outdoor subsistence projects. Covenant Youth of Alaska - Ministry Network People quit working with young people because they get discouraged. The CYAK ministry network helps people be encouraged and equipped as they reach out to youth. This year, John Hege has coordinated monthly connection calls for those working with youth in rural Alaska. Also, Phil Cannon has coordinated an in-person meeting for the Anchorage/Mat Su area network. Our CYAK staff recently begun initiating care calls to encourage, support and network with youth ministry volunteers serving in various villages. CYAK is committed to encouraging and networking with every church that desires to reach youth in Alaska. This fall, CYAK coordinated a Prayer and Strategic Planning Retreat to discern priorities for youth and young adult ministry within ECCAK. There are things we can do together that we can't do on our own. It is important that we partner together as Covenant churches if we are going to raise up leaders for generations to come. May God continue to bind us together in unity as the body of Christ for the sake of the next generation. Byron Bruckner - CYAK director

Covenant Youth of Alaska Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual April 2013 through February 2014 Apr'13-Feb14


Ordinary Income/Expense Income 4150 • General Fund 4620 - ANMP Mentoring Program Inc











4700 • Program (Designated Gifts) 4701 • Youth Workers 4709 • Scholarships Total 4700 • Program (Designated Gifts)

4950 • Pass Through Total Income

Gross Profit

200.00 721,605.13




Expense 6000 • Staff Expenses 6050 • Conferences and Meetings 6100 • Health Care 6250 • Mileage/Vehicle 6300 • Moving Expense 6350 • Postage and Delivery





118.50 4,127.89





6425 • Housing Allowance



6450 • Salaries











7150 -Equipment



7200 • Fundralsing



7250 • Hospitality



7251 • Team Care



7252 • Student Care



7253 • Staff Development



7300 • Insurance



7350 • Postage





6400 • Retirement

6655 • Fundraislng Total 6000 • Staff Expenses

7000 • Program Expenses 7050 • Administrative 7100 • Copies/Printing

7450 • Recruiting 7500 • Office Supplies



7550 • Telephone/Internet Expenses



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7700A • Arigaa-Falrbanks



7700B • Arigaa-Anchorage



7600 • Leaders 4 Life 7650 • Regional Youth Events 7654 • Resource Material 7700 • Young Adult Ministries/Events

770QC • Arigaa-MatSu Valley 7700 • Young Adult Ministries/Events - Other Total 7700 • Young Adult Ministries/Events

7800 • CYAK House 7803 • Coaching/Consulting













7810 • Conferences/Meetings



781S • Utilities.





7812A • Payroll Account



7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program - Other







7809 • Vehicle & mileage

Total 7000 • Program Expenses

7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program

Total 7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program

7813 • Professional/Licensing Pee 7814 • Pass-Through


7816 • Administrative Fees


7817 • Scholarships Total Expense

Net Ordinary Income








Other Income/Expense Other Expense 80000 • Ask My Accountant Total Other Expense

Net Other Income

Net Income

0.00 0.00 0.00




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Covenant Youth of Alaska Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual


April 2013 through February 2014

Cash Basis

9:24 AM

$ Over Budget

% of Budget

Ordinary Income/Expense Income 4150 • General Fund



4620 • ANMP Mentoring Program Inc





4700 • Program (Designated Gifts) 4701 • Youth Workers 4709 • Scholarships Total 4700 • Program (Designated Gifts)









4850 • Pass Through Total Income

Gross Profit

Expense 6000 • Staff Expenses 6050 • Conferences and Meetings



6100 •Health Cam





6250 • Mileage/Vehicle 6300 • Moving Expense 6350 • Postage and Delivery -525.41












7100 • Copies/Printing



7150 • Equipment



7200 • Fundraising



7250 • Hospitality



7251 • Team Care





6400 • Retirement 6425 • Housing Allowance 6450 • Salaries 6655 • Fundratsing Total 6000 • Staff Expenses

7000 • Program Expenses 7050 • Administrative

7252 • Student Care 7253 • Staff Development 7300• Insurance 7350 • Postage 7450 • Recruiting 7500 • Office Supplies 7550 • Telephone/Internet Expenses













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$ Over Budget 7600 • Leaders 4 Ufe 7650 • Regional Youth Events 7654 • Resource Material

% of Budget











7700 • Young Adutt Ministries/Events 7700A- Arfgaa-Fairbenks 7700B • Arigaa-Anchorage 7700C • Arigaa-MatSu Valley 7700 • Young Adutt Ministries/Events - Other Total 7700 • Young Adutt Ministries/Events

7800 • CYAK House 7803 • Coaching/Consulting













7810 • Conferences/Meetings



7815 • Uttlttles.





7809 • Vehicle & mileage

Total 7000 • Program Expenses

7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program 7812A- Payroll Account 7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program - Other Total 7812 • ANMP Mentoring Program

7813 • Professional/Licensing Fee





















7814- Pass-Through 7816 • Administrative Pees 7817 • Scholarships Total Expense

Net Ordinary Income

Other Income/Expense Other Expense 80000 • Ask My Accountant Total Other Expense

Net Other Income

Net Income

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MANAGER'S REPORT February, 2014

INTRODUCTION We are looking forward to our work teams arriving in Nome rather early this summer, starting on May 30*. We hope to get the roof finished on the Studio Building and the new Four-Plex well under construction by mid-June. The containers (2) with all the building materials won't be here until June 10th or close to it. We hope to close on the property next door next month (March, 2014)

PROGRAMMING Luda Kinok has secured a B-l Visa and is currently living in the basement of the Brown House for about two months. Then, she will be taking a charter plane full of laptops and vacuum cleaners back to Chukotka.

PARTNERING I have been asked again to be part of the Guys Read Program at Nome Elementary.

PROMOTION We continue to feature our on-air promotions and contests with movie tickets, DVD rentals and free donuts. These are all available to us through local barter. Lon resupplied the AM station with New Testaments. These were funded by his church in Rockford and are given out during Bible Trivia every Wednesday morning. We give out one solar powered radio each Friday on the Riddle Machine. FACILITIES Whew. This has been a massive technology update as we replaced all four internet computers (Office, AM, FM and General Manager) with new Windows 8 machines. Plus, the AM automation system (five

computers) has been completely upgraded The system is much Sister and more reliable, running on Windows?.



.'; •V

FUNDRAISING Salmon Dinners: I just finished five dinners around the Midwinter Conference, These included Community Covenant in Kearney, MQ» Counttysafc inifeFhetson, KS, New Hope in Richland, MI, Westwood CRC in Kalamazoo, MI and Faith Covenant in Fatmington Hills, ML There is also a Spring Tour planned and booked on the East Coast with as many as five churches participating. The Call Letter We are now sending out just over 9,000 Call Letters by mail eve^y pthet tnpntib. and another 300 by e-mail Endowment/Memorials: Due to the rebounding of the stock market, me balance stands at over $27,000 and we receive quarterly checks of over $330. KICY 100% Sunday: We had a fairly successful, and growing 100% Sunday. We. added several new churches this year which was nice to see, Capital Campaign: We are still seeking Capital contributions to build a new apartment building. •& • ' . : > . ' ' '*>?'•'•''' -''

' . '.'

And, we have began thinking about a new van, or a club cab pickup. Grants: The Murdock Charitable Trust granted us $150,000 to build the new four-plex. We have been gifted neariy $80,000 by other sources and a $60,000 mortgage to makr sure we can build me units this summer. Sales: Advertising sales continue to be extremely sluggish in Alaska, although, we were able to sell out basketball sponsorships. But.. .it IS an election year so the prospects are quite promising. Credit Cards: KICY is able to accept donations as well as payment for items from out Trading Post through VISA and MasterCard on our website. This has proven to be a major improvement in our a ,; ability to receive credit and debit card donations. Thanks to Covenant Giving for making it all possible. Donations made though this site were really significant this past year-end. TECHNOLOGY FCC: KICY AM & FM were both granted new licenses good through 2022. 5X4; We are currently on an STA (special temporary authority) granted by the FCC. K^Sf^sf,


operates at half power from 4am txi 11 pm. Currendy,trutnieansmoorHy electric costs of over $8,500 for just the AM transmitter. Now that we have been awarded the geant, I will pursue an STA until die apartment building is completed.

Power: We hare 20 wind turbines on Banner Peak and not one cent in energy savings. Seriously. Directional: This continues to remain quite stable. Only one ceramic standoff broke in the past year. Translators: As an alternative, we are proceeding with a test in both Blim and Unalakleet to apply ^-"^•'




for a fall FM license which we would program and operate;from Nome. We have received a map of Unalakleet from me Gty offices. Our attotriey sfrgpstofwe wait for the translator window to open - "'^sjii because fully licensed stations have to go ouf^brbid. That can be a very long process and we could be outbid. WcbSite: We update this at least weekly. Satelb'tc: It is working reasonably well. One of the four LNB support legs blew off early mis winter. That needs to be replaced b^ spang. NJUS"helped us secure it temporarily with their bucket truck. JSAS/CAP: We are fuUy compfiafflL


STAFFING We arc fully staffed by local volunteers and two full-time staff. Lon Swanson hosts the Breakfast Qub and Ian Cogjan hosts Up & At *Em. And,7'even-though residing in Russia., Luda hosts the Russian Programming. Frances does the Traffic and Billing while Emily Kennedy updates the PSAs and God Spots. Ian Coglan re-upped through Iditarod 2014 and plans to stay on in Nome after his official term of service. He wants to be local volunteer, hosting the Holy Growl every Saturday. We have also added Josie Stiles who is hosting SingSpiration time each evening from 7 to 10 pm. Dr. Phil, now renting the Yellow House, is waiting to resume his FM Morning Show hosting duties when Ian departs. Emfly and Hannah Kennedy, both home-schooled members of Nome Covenant are volunteering at KICV during the week. Emily is training to handle lan's program dubbing.

CONCLUSION So far, we are getting by financially and are adequately staffed. Have Salmon, Will Travel!

KICY AM/FM Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual

10:03 AM

03/20/14 Accrual Basis

January 1 through March 20, 2014 Jan1 -Mar 20,14

Ordinary Income/Expense Income 5000 Broadcast Receipts 5010 Net Sales-Cash 5020 Net Sales-Trade 5030 Political 5040 Sports 5050 Program Revenue 5060 Donations-Alaska 5061 Donations-Share-A-Thon 5070 Churches-Alaska 5075 Donations-Alaska Special 5080 ABA Board Grants 5085 Promotion Income 5000 Broadcast Receipts - Other Total 5000 Broadcast Receipts 5500 Non-Broadcast Receipts 5510 Oonatrons-Outside 5 5 1 5 C G & E Designated 5520 Churches-Outside 5530 Radios for Russia 5530 Salmon Dinner 5540 Arctic Ambassadors 5550 Rent 5560 Volunteer Appreciation 5561 Reimbursements 5562 50th Anniversary 5570 Endowment Fund 5580 100% Sunday 5581 Anniversary Appeal 5582 Russian Power 5585 In & Out 5590 Memorials 5500 Non-Broadcast Receipts - Other Total 5500 Non-Broadcast Receipts

3,864.13 5,010.58 5,630.40 6,180.00 975.02 2,446.41 0.00 3,458.20 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Expense 6000 Engineering 6010 Power Expense 6020 Parts & Supplies 6030 Engineering Maintenance 6000 Engineering -Other Total 6000 Engineering 6100 Programming 6110 Music Licenses 6120 Production Material 6130 Sports Programs 6140 Programming-Other 6150 Program m ing-Trade 6160 Russian Language Program 6100 Programming -Other Total 6100 Programming 6200 News Procurement 6210 AP Wire Service 6220 ABC News 6200 News Procurement - Other Total 6200 News Procurement

8,225.03 7,800.91 0.00 5,300.00 1,119.41 3,082.37 0.00 2,029.84 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

27,564.74 61,825.68 0.00 10,109.39 0.00 10,947.00 3,678.01 11,050.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 342.07 1,714.41 0.00 0.00 550.00 3,207.65 0.00

27,557.56 36,181.62 510.10 9,212.70 0.00 12,000.00 4,533.00 9,588.71 0.00 477.54 0.00 312.43 153.00 0.00 0.00 1,028.09 5,011.03 0.00







5600 Interest Income Total Income


25,946.05 1,717.34 8,412.05 0.00 36,075.44 3,103.86 0.00 825.00 1 ,593.77 0.00 1,289.34 0.00 6,811.97 1,184.40 0.00 0.00 1,184.40

24,376.63 330.29 410.47 0.00 25,117.39 2,759.65 11.36 850.16 1 ,328.78 0.00 3,923.55 0.00 8,873.50 1,008.26 0.00 0.00 1,008.26


10:03 AM 03/20/14 Accrual Basis

KICY AWI/FM Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January 1 through March 20, 2014 Jan1 -Mar 20,14 6300 Public Relations 6310 Advertising-Trade 6311 Advertising-Cash 6315 Promotion Expense 6320 Call Letter 6330 Salmon Dinner Expenses 6340 50th Anniversary Expenses 6350 Public Relations-Other 6300 Public Relations - Other Total 6300 Public Relations 6400 Personnel 6410 Salaries 6420 Payroll Taxes 6430 Workers Comp. 6440 Health & Life Insurance 6450 403(b)7 6460 Volunteer Appreciation 6470 Vol Appreciation-Trade 6480 Professional Development 6490 ABA Board Grant 6400 Personnel - Other Total 6400 Personnel 6500 Administrative 6510 Legal & Professional 6520 Dues & Fees 6525 ECCAK Fee 6530 Business Travel-Trade 6531 Travel-Cash 6540 Business Meeting Travel 6550 Board Expense 6560 Board Travel Expense 6S70 Bookkeeping 6580 Sales Commission 6590 Service Charges 6595 Endowment Fund Contributio 6500 Administrative - Other Total 6500 Administrative 6600 Business Expense 6610 Equipment Rental 6611 Umbrella Insurance 6615 Broadcast Liability Ins. 6620 Office Supplies 6630 Postage 6640 Sales Tax 6650 Telephone 6651 Telephone-Trade 6655 Internet 6660 Bank Service Charges 6670 Interest on loan 6680 Miscellaneous & Bad Debt 6690 Principal on Loan 6600 Business Expense - Other Total 6600 Business Expense

3,840.00 953.00 1,634.70 4,792.97 11,360.52 0.00 0.00 0.00 22,581.19 13,461.56 1,029.77 201.50 542.04 0.00 1,963.76 105.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 17,303.63 1,511.00 616.50 600.00 647.25 4,010.93 0.00 0.00 6,475.48 0.00 0.00 104.85 0.00 0.00 13,966.01 0.00 238.75 15.98 1,694.83 831.72 438.68 2,340.24 0.00 3,341.84 0.00 -32.76 0.00 359.94 0.00 9,229.22

Budget 5,800.35 212.26 0.00 8,622.77 2,000.00 0.00 757.00 0.00 17,392.38 10,173.69 778.31 238.75 291 .24 1,928.56 220.04 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 13,630.59 616.00 844.59 529.03 1,722.82 468.14 0.00 460.41 1,175.60 0.00 2,050.94 74.95 2,000.00 0.00 9,942.48 0.00 121.25 0.00 292.19 1,231.34 507.96 2,371.97 0.00 1,529.58 2,717.12 874.71 0.00 0.00 0.00 9,646.12

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KICYAM/FM Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual

10:03 AM


January 1 through March 20,2014

Accrual Basis

Jan1 -Mar 20,14

6700 Facilities Support 6710 Utilities 6720 Fuel 6730 Maintenance-Houses 6740 Telephones 6750 Property Taxes 6760 Property & Liability Ins. 6770 Cable-Other 6700 Facilities Support - Other Total 6700 Facilities Support 6800 Studio Expense 6810 Studio Electricity 6820 Studio Maintenance 6830 Studio Water 6800 Studio Expense - Other Total 6800 Studio Expense 6900 Vehicle Expense 6910 Gasoline-Trade 6911 Gasoline-Cash 6920 Auto Insurance 6930 Maintenance 6940 License 6950 Vehicle Repair-Trade 6900 Vehicle Expense - Other

Budget 2,011.68 11,145.79

937.29 9,725.83 329.71

1,235.94 414.66 0.00 3,097.32 0.00 0.00

203.76 0.00 3,172.71 0.00 -136.00 14,233.30

17,905.39 4,804.10 435.45 0.00 0.00

5,124.07 962.24 0.00 0.00 6,086.31


0.00 475.60

0.00 586.75 260.50 422.90 0.00 210.00 0.00

456.66 61.61 0.00 277.74 0.00

Total 6900 Vehicle Expense



6950 In & Out 6999 Uncategorlzed Expenses Emergency Savings Uncategorized Expenses


570.00 0.00 0.00

636.61 0.00 0.00 0.00





Total Expense Net Ordinary Income Other Income/Expense Other Income 8000 Capital Projects Income 8035 Tower Fund-Outside 8075 Tower Fund-Inside 8080 Automatlon-Outside 8081 Automation-Inside 8082 Capital Campaign-Outside A 8083 Capital Campaign Inside AK 8000 Capital Projects Income - Other

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Total 8000 Capital Projects Income



Starting Balance



Total Other Income



Other Expense 9000 Capital Purchases 9020 Tower Fund 9030 Automation 9000 Capital Purchases - Other

0.00 0.00 0.00

0.00 0.00 0.00

Total 9000 Capital Purchases



9100 Service Charges









Total Other Expense Net Other Income Net Income



CHRISTIAN COLLEGE President's Report for March, 2014 To the Board of Trustees, Alaska Christian College

Our theme this year for our campus has been "Seek First." In many ways we are learning what that means both as staff and students this year. God is clear that we are to seek Him and His kingdom and His righteousness first. God has honored ACC in innumerous ways this kst year. Here are some highlights: 1. Enrollment Current headcount 58 Current FTE: 53.75 Total Credits attempted: 708 2. Fall 2013 Student Statistics The Institutional Cumulative GPA for the 2012-2013 school year was 2.11 (Fall: 1.80; Spring: 2.38). The Institutional Cumulative GPA for Fall 2103 was 234. Based on student1 s Fall 2013 Results, 16 students made the Dean's list (3.0+ GPA) 3. Funding Scholarship funds have decreased significantly and amount to a shift in donor giving from scholarships to the general operating fund. Development income is down ($1,071,110 through Feb. 2013 and $1,001,112 through Feb. 2014 a difference of $69,998), cash outflows are growing at a greater rate than cash inflows, and direct loans have grown. 4. Human Resources & Staffing Since June 1, 2013, the College has hired six full-time, three part-time staff, and one new adjunct faculty. Two full-time and eight part-time staff terminated their employment ACC is searching for a Dir. of Finance and a Campus Pastor currently. We are also seeking 9 new board members. 5. Student Life The student body this semester has been the largest in the history of ACC with 51 students currently living on-campus. In this brutal winter, students have gone on hikes, played a lot of basketball, rode bikes to Short Stop, and of course plenty of studying. A total of 12 students attended the CYAK spring retreat in Big Lake. There was also a crew that attended Native Musicale recently in Anchorage and are engaged in two fundraiser desserts in Kenai and Eagle River this month. 6. Strategic Planning The plan is now in its draft form for approval by the Board of Trustees. It has been through the filter of the staff on two occasions, the vice presidents, the student leadership team, and the President's Advisory Council meeting. The seven areas of developing the Plan are solid as is the thinking of how best now to begin implementation of some of these goals in the next three years. 7. Property Acquisition ACC has completed the closing on the five acres to the north of our property for $60,000. Respectfully submitted, Dr. Keith J. Hamilton, President

Alaska Christian College Profit & Loss Prev Year Comparison

9:14 PM 03/09/14 Accrual Basis

June 2013 through February 2014 Jun'13-Feb14

$ Change



Ordinary Income/Expense Income 4000 • Enrollment Revenue 4100 • Public Support 4200 • Auxiliary Revenue 4300 • Investment income 4500 • Debt Recovery Income 4700 • Designated Gifts Income 4800 • Miscellaneous Income Total Income Cost of Goods Sold 5000 • COGS Total COGS

Gross Profit Expense 6000 • Payroll Expense 8999 • UncAtegorlzed Expenses 702S • Equipment 7030 • Furnishings 7100 • Maintenance 7200 • Utilities 7220 • Contracted Services 7225 • DUBS, Fees & Subscrlptons 7230 - Licenses & Permits 7236 • Bank Fees & Interest 7245 • Loan Interest 7250 • Insurance 7300 • Supplies 7400 • Communications 7500 • Travel 7600 • Training 7700 • Miscellaneous 7720 • Designated Gifts Exp Total Expense

Net Ordinary Income
























100.0% 56.79%





5.159.87 .^—170,004.94 ^———









1. 357,785.66




































-11.64% -51.85%

18,809.56 65.00















































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Alaska Christian College Profit & Loss Prev Year Comparison

9:14 PM 0 5/09/14 Accrual Bssl*

June 2013 through February 2014

Other Interns/Expense Other Income 8000 • Scholarship Funds 8060 • BOT Endowment Fund 8100 • Designated Funds (income) 8300 • Title III Federal Grant Income 8400 • Federal Work Study 8410 • Gain Atset Disposal 8420 • tn-Klnd Donation Total Other Income


















132.425.98 1,390.00 40,466.26



































Other Expense 9000 • Scholarship Awards 9100 • Designated Funds Expenses 9300 • Title ill Federal Grant Expanse Total Other Expense

Net Other Incom*



Net Income

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Covenant Bible Camp P.O. Box 202 1 Unalakleet, AK 99684 | 907-624-5050 | *^|Nl^ xTW"~~ "TV



20. 13_-201-4 Ajiqual B,epott 2013 At A Glance In March of 2013 the CBC Board voted to improve Camp's insurance coverage Unalakleet Covenant Church hosted Youth Rally in April. 30 students attended Summer volunteers arrived May 21 and were stuck in town for several days due to a late thaw 386 campers registered, and 380 attended our five camps between May-25-June 26 Many youth came to know Jesus & many others recommitted their Eves to Him CEF Training was June 29-July 5. They went on to lead VBS in Shaktoolik and Koyuk July 5-10 A mother bear and two cubs wreaked havoc on the kitchen/infirmary while no one was at Bible Camp, July 13-15 July 21-29, a team of 13 volunteers from Faith Covenant in Manistee, MI, worked on many projects at Camp 25 people attended the CYAK Team Planning Retreat, August 2-5 55 people attended the BSSD/UAF REACH Culture Camp, August 4-9. This was a significant fundraiser for Camp Twenty people attended CYAK ReVision Camp, August 6-11 Local volunteers cleared the Paul Johnson Memorial Shop building site and staged the building materials Summer food costs totaled around $28,000 (shipping included) Quyanna Drive was funded mis year! Donors giving exceeded out hopes and expectations in 2013-2014. We praise God for providing resources through his People for sorely needed for camp upgrades 2013 Representation & Service 85 total adult volunteers; 65 Alaskans represented 15 communities. Incredible staff shared God's love 10 village high school students participated in our Junior Staff training program (led by Paul Swanson) 20 villages were represented by campers; 4 road system communities were represented by campers Harbor Covenant (Gig Harbor, WA) gifts were put into use: Connex, luggage trailer, Kubota 900 RTV, 2 ATV trailers Six new donated canoes arrived in mid-July Volunteers installed two new wells at Camp (Kurt Smoker, Dennis Carlson, and many others) Dave Cunningham's company greatly improved Bible Camp access by enhancing the trail into the Potato Field 2014 Plans Camp Program Team and CYAK staff voted to combine Vision with Leadership Camp which will occur June 3-9, 2014 We are approximately $5,000.00 shy of our goal of raising $15,000.00 for camper scholarships for 2014 Ruth. Johason (River Covenant) will serve as Interim Director 5/17-June while Nick cares for Nikki and baby (due 5/19) Summer Needs: Prayer, 50 new sleeping mats, new refrigerator, scholarship funding, a sauna retrofit, a new camp truck, a couple coats of stain on all cabins, our new well plumbed, several minor construction projects, help building the Paul Johnson Memorial Shop, repair of floor joists in the Temple. Prayer for several Grant applications for our 'Transportation Safety Enhancement Project" to fund new camp truck and trail improvements. You to come join our staffŠ All Alaska Covenanters and their families & friends are invited to come to Bible Camp Service week - July 23-30, 2014. Camper Early Bird Registration Deadline: 4/25/14 (discounted early rate); Camper Registration Deadline: 5/23/14 It is awesome to see all of the Covenant Churches sending staff, youth, and some even sending funds to help the ministry. I praise God for the Covenant Churches & ministries in Alaska. Please remember our ministry your prayers as more volunteers are still needed to serve at Bible Camp. Quyanna for your partnership. Serving Christ and His Kingdom, [U

Nick Bruckner

Covenant Bible Camp Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual


April 2013 through February 2014



$ Over Budget

% of Budget

14,500.00 12,500.00

14,360.00 1,586.52

199.03% 112.69%

11,000.00 38,000.00

2,630.00 20,693.58

123.91% 154.46%


400 • Income 410 - Contributions 410.1 -AK Churches/Individuals 410.2 - Non-AK Churches/Individ 410.3 • Camp Fundraislng Development 410.5 • Building/Facility Total 410 - Contributions

28,860.00 14,086.52 2,117.06 13,630.00 58,693.58

414 • Other Income 415 • Interest Total 400 - Income





413 • Program 413.1-Staff Travel 413.2 • Missions Offering 413.3 • Camper Fees and Travel Total 413 • Program

455.00 1,486,02 76,837.88 78,778.90

1,000.00 68,000.00 69,000,00

486.02 8,837.88 9,778.90

148.6% 113.0% 114.17%





22,000.00 22,000.00

24,000.00 24,000.00

-2,000.00 -2,000.00

91.67% 91.67%





1,005.39 238.25 2,471.32 352.42

-194.61 -61.75 -1,028,68 -1,847,58 -500.00 854.21 49.22

83.78% 79.42% 70.61% 16.02%

1 ,454.21 249.22

1,200.00 300.00 3,500.00 2,200.00 500.00 600.00 200.00

242.37% 124.61%

310.42 260.10 570.52

500.00 500.00

-239.90 70.52

52.02% 114.1%

500.00 100.00 2,300.00

-250.00 -100.00 -1,869.37






735.61 -300.00 -960.98 -2,731.96 -4,640.00


39.02 4,768.04 360.00 192.66 21,836.15

500.00 300.00 1,000.00 7,500.00 5,000.00 14,300.00







Total Income Expense 500 - Expenses 500.1 • Staff 500.11 Director Salary Total 500.1 • Staff 500.2 • Payroll Expenses 500.21 • Taxes Total 500.2 • Payroll Expenses Total 500 - Expenses 511 -Administration 511.01 -Telephone/Internet 511.03 • Office Supplies 511.04 • Insurance 511.05 • Bookkeeping/Financial Svs 611.07-Publicity 511.08 • Bank/ Covenant Giving Pees 511.09-Postage 511.10 • Travel, meetings and conference 511.102 • Staff 511.10 • Travel, meetings and conference - Other Total 511.10 • Travel, meetings and conference 511.11 • Funds Development 511.12 • Office Equipment 511.13 • Printer Charges 511 - Administration - Other Total 511 'Administration 512-Facilities 512.5 • PJMS 512.2 - Equipment Maintenance 512.3 - Land/Trail Maintenance 512.1 - Building Maintenance 512.6 • Fuel/Oil 512.7 • Shipping 512-Facilities-Other Total 512 - Facilities 513 - Program 513.1 - June Camps and Vision 513.11 • Staff/Camper Travel

1,411.30 0.43

1,377.00 1,377.00


250.00 0.00

430.63 109.00 7,130.96

15,240.82 1,235.61 0.00



0.0% 3.9%

63.57% 7.2%

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Covenant Bible Camp Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual


April 2013 through February 2014

Apr 13 -Fab 14

513.12 •CamparTravat 013.1* • MiaalOM ORwtng 813,18 • T-Wthti 813,1 - Juna Gamp, and VWon - Omar Total 813.1 - Jun» Campa md VWon

3,200.54 2,639,97 2,962.90 233.72 36,351.58

61U • Program Gqulpnwnt and SuppIlM 81J - ProQiwn - Othtr Total 813 - Program

1,110.75 150.00 37,612.33

114.1 HO SMpphig 814J • Cwnp QroeMlMAuppHM -Ottw Totri B14J - Camp OrooartaafSuppHat Tot*) 814 . HoapJtaHty PayroM bpanaw Total Bxpana* Nat Inoonw


% OvarBudgtt


1,000.00 5,500.00

1,638.97 -2,537.10

264.0% 53.67%











62.12% 133.36% 109.61%

36.96 4,90942 21,336.77




-3.030.S8 5,336.77 2.306.19





0.00 116,301.81

250.00 105,650.00

-250.00 10,451.61








32 2014 Akska Covenant Women Report Last year's -women's craft sale brought in approximately $2000. This and other donations from individuals and churches were used to encourage women and women's ministries around the state and nationally. These funds were used for the following projects and expenses: •

Purchase a washing machine for the Scammon Bay parsonage (shipping costs also)

• •

Special Interest Missionary support through ECC Scholarships and Travel for pastor's wives, ACC students and other rural women for Covenant Women's Retreat in Willow in September and annual meeting Travel for president to attend annual meeting.

• • •

Tithe for support of National Women's ministry projects Travel for speaker, food, journals for YK Delta Women's Retreat in Mountain Village in February • Hotel for Akska AVA representative Ruth McElwee to attend AVA training at Triennial in San Diego Until two years ago, Covenant Women's funds had been used primarily for rural parsonage needs and dues to national Covenant Women projects. There has been an increasing emphasis on using resources to encourage women's ministries in the state, in addition to rural parsonage needs. The Women's Council meets via conference call three times a year to deliberate designation of funds. Requests for project assistance or parsonage needs can be submitted to the council for consideration. As the advisor for the council, I hope to have the council consider formukting a mission statement to help guide decisions rekted to fund. It would be nice to consider hosting another fundraiser during the year. We had planned to participate in "From Akska With Love" again to partner with the ongoing Congo Hospital supplies need. However, ECC has put a temporary stop on receiving supplies as conditions are turbulent in Congo and they travel route for supplies is threatened. We hope to do another state-wide mission project in the coming year. 2013 Council members were: Norton Sound: Julie Cross, Nome (president); Rosemary Otton, Koyuk (term completed) YK Delta: Darlene Ukk, Scammon Bay (term completed); Meknie Shavings (term up for renewal) Road System: Amber Khuhs, Kenai (resigning, 1 year term to be filled) Sara Battiest, Kenai (term up for renewal) Ruth Johnson, Kenai (term completed); Cark Eisberg (treasurer) Blessings, Kristi Ivanoff, Covenant Women's Council Advisor

Greetings from Eltml After prayerfully reviewing the Letter of Call from the Elim Evangelical Covenant Church in May 2013,1 signed on and moved to Elim on June 16,2013 to begin serving in the capacity as a permanent pastor. Shortly upon arrival I got to share with the church board a four-point approach the Lord had laid upon my heart to launch the ministry: preach Christ, edify the body, practice God's presence, and evangelize Elim and beyond. The church board affirmed the vision and we have made significant strides already. The church body is beginning to actualize its calling in Christ Jesus. Listed are areas we have moved forward towards with encouraging results in the community: •

Presented a calendar year budget for consideration and approval for CY14

Developed a Ministry Request Form for ministries desiring to visit Elim

• •

Review the church Constitution for proposed changes and eventual approval Conducted two ministry outreach trips to Shaktoollk

Reinstitute the midweek service and bible study. To date we have completed: Colossians and John and have started on Acts. We take a chapter-by-chapter approach in hopes of encouraging contextual study. Also to help promote reading books of the bible.

We continue in earnest with Tuesday night prayer meeting at homes. This ministry allows us to come into homes to reflect Christ's light and grace to families.

Conduced two water baptisms in August 2013 within city limits on the cove. Quite a number of local people congregated along the beach and banks to observe. Several commented that they had not experienced this event in years in EJim.

Looking forward to the White Mountain 'Get-Together' in April 2014.

Despite the numerous memorials and funerals we have had since June 2013 to present, the church body have been encouraged as we continue to see God's and faithfulness throughout every situation and circumstance.

We have experienced approximately 20 individuals and families either rededicating or coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ during this season of time. Pray with us that they continue to experience God's grace and would be faithful Disciples of Christ. We continue to pray in earnest for a youth pastor. Perhaps a sending church from the road churches would consider deploying a pastor for the duration Of one-year. What better way to be enriched and acculturated to better serve native populations within the urban setting.

We are grateful for the continued support and prayers of the ECCAK staff. Taikuu! Pastor Bob Curtis - EECC



WI13 3EitfTlIA 3AUVN


Golovin Covenant Church 2014 Annual Report

Grace and peace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from Golovin Covenant Church. This past year Broken Walls came in March carrying the "cure" of Jesus Christ as they made stops along the Iditarod trail. Their message is about suicide awareness and prevention. The Golovin Covenant Church also hosted the annual Get Together in kte March. The theme was "I Surrender AIL" People traveled from White Mountain, Elim, Koyuk, Nome, and even Anchorage to attend. Chip Swanson was the guest speaker, and it was an absolute pleasure for him to be back in Golovin to minister to us all Also, in conjunction with the Village Based Counselor, we hosted a Choose Respect weekend. A community walk took place as well as a community poduck. Pastor Brad, Julian Navarro (VPSO), and Duane Lincoln (Village Based Counselor) all spoke on different aspects of physical and sexual assault Pastor Heather Smith was the guest speaker. In all, there were seven people who had individual healing prayer sessions. Men's and Women's small group bible studies continue throughout the week. Sunday School has been well attended with averages of around seventeen kids. The Sunday night youth group now has four kids who are regularly attending. This past summer we sent 12 kids to Bible Camp in Unalakleet The City of Golovin and NSEDC continue to be generous to the church as we received another $8,000 to use for youth activities and supplies in 2014. This past summer Pastor Brad performed one wedding between Donna Brown and Jerry Katchatag. He also presided over the funeral of Alfred "Butch" Moses. In October, Golovin hosted the Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) Fall Blast Youth from all over Norton Sound traveled here for the event Golovin had five youth attend the events. Even though it was cold and windy they were still able to build a bonfire and play outdoor games. Brad Olson, Pastor


KOYUK COVENANT CHURCH REPORT Pastor Wass Mute had a heart attack in the month of December but is doing a lot better. There's been one episode after another but, he's still serving the LORD strongly. We are all so gkd that he is still recovering and that the Lord is his great physician. We had church board elections in the month of February after his return. We've had several medivacs from our community but everyone's recovering. Please continue to pray for those that are physically unable to help themselves. We especially want you to remember Abraham Anasogak Sr., Lucille Charles, and Allen Kimoktoak and to mention continued healing for Wass Mute and Elvina Naranjo. Again we would like to thank you all for your prayers. Our church is still going strong with Sunday School. Most Sundays we have 25-35 students in attendance plus teachers. Church activities are as follows: Sunday: Sunday School 10:00 am Morning Service 11:00 am Northern Lights Choir practice 2:00pm Sunday Evening Service 7:00pm Monday Northern lights Choir practice 7:00pm Tuesday Prayer Group 7:00pm Wednesday Mid week Bible study 7:00pm In January we had Koyuk-Shaktoolik get-together. People came from different villages. Our main guest speaker was Tom Mute. We all enjoyed the week-end and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves as well. February we had people from BROKEN WALLS group and it was a blessing to see them come and encourage those that do feel they are so broken that there's nowhere else to go. Knowing it made some people to know that there is HOPE helped me to recognize that there is HOPE for those that need it March is I-dit-a-month and as usual we watched Iron Dog racers and Iditarod dog racers as well. So gkd GOD took care of them all. Looking forward to attending the conference in Fairbanks in April and see what GOD has in store for us. Hope to see friends and family again. GODS blessings IN CHRIST, Grace Morris, chair

Annual Report Nome Covenant Church

2014 "Now to Him who by the power that is working within us is able to do far beyond all that we ask or think, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. (The NET Bible, Eph 3:20-21) It is with much praise that we celebrate the wonderful things God has done for us this past year. Who could have ever thought that we would see the demolition of our old church, the removal of the Madden house and CRN apartment building, the purchase and renovation of the former Arctic Trading Post, and the construction of a multi-million dollar new church building for future generations to come. Thank God for Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse who gifted us with these facilities for the salvation of souls, edification of believers by the Word, and the potential of impacting a generation of community youth through our new Checkpoint Youth Center. All I can say is "Glory Hallelujah, Praise the Lord". Since our congregation has been increasing, we are trying to keep pace with what God is doing by strategizing for future ministry growth. Our congregation accepted the proposal of adding another Associate Pastor to our staff. As you know, Nathan Hobbs has done a wonderful job leading our youth ministry for the past several years. We have asked Nathan to serve as Associate Pastor for Family in developing a ministry to the multifaceted needs of our church and community families. We also called James Ventress as our new Associate Pastor for Youth. As a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and a partner with CYAK, James is equipped and energized to minister to the needs of our youth in Nome. These are challenging times that require prayer, skill, dedication and bold action. We believe and are excited for this newly assembled team. This weekend we have scheduled a special training event with CYAK Director Byron Bruckner and Pastor Mike Alverts of Wassilla, AK. We are seeking to equip the saints for ministry to Christ's body and the local youth community. We want to express special thanks to Lloyd Perrigo for leading our council and congregation during the past two years of ministry and property development. Lloyd has been one of the most dedicated and hard working men we have ever known. God has used Lloyd to advance His cause through our church and community. During our last Annual Congregational Meeting, our church voted to adapt a new "Leadership" Constitution. Currently, Nathan Nagaruk is chairman of our Leadership Team. We are grateful also for the many who have taken up serving mantles with us in ministry as local volunteers. God is rewarding their faithful service as souls are being added to His kingdom, encouraged and edified. We move forward together in prayer and peace with the clear proclamation of His glorious saving Gospel. To God be the glory great things He has done! With His glorious love, under abundant grace and in persistent prayer, Pastor Harvey J. Fiskeaux


Shaktoolik Covenant Church No report submitted

Annual Report Unalakleet Evangelical Covenant Church 2013 Unalakleet Evangelical Covenant Church was shown more grace and mercy for the year 2013 in comparison to other recent years. There were nine funerals/memorials, three weddings, four confirmed youth, and one dedication. Although there was much unexpected sadness in the loss of loved ones, God's comfort and strength were demonstrated by the members of this church to assist those grieving with unity. Where would we be without his steadfast love, and his faithful protection in our greatest time of need? This year mid-winter was held in San Diego, California at the end of January. I attended sessions while Olga and some family members toured and enjoyed some time off touring and enjoying warm weather and sites of interests there. In March I was invited to speak at the Easter get together in Koyuk, Alaska. Usually the schedule provides some time for rest and recovery, but much time was spent in prayer and encouragement of members of that church and that of the Shaktoolik Church. In April we attended ECCAK annual conference in Mekoryuk, Alaska with Herb and Heidi Ivanoff and myself as delegates. All attending were blessed by the warm hospitality and strong singing and preaching. At the end of May, Christian Youth in Action/Child Evangelism Fellowship was held here at the Bible camp and VBS meetings took place here in Unalakleet, Shaktoolik and Koyuk. We thank Francisco and Ramsey Vega along with Joel and Sarah Oyoumick, and Adam and Shirleen London for their dedication and time to invest in our youth in training them to reach our little children for His kingdom. Tim Daniels donated the use of his aircraft for transporting groups to the other villages. As a church sending members on missions, Joel and Sarah Oyoumick and family have moved to Soldotna, Alaska to serve with MARC aviation. Tricia Ivanoff will be going to India as interim missionary for a few months this year. We remember to pray for them and help in any way possible for their finances. I was asked to speak at the fall Lutheran conference in Teller, Alaska in September, and it was a unique experience to reconnect with acquaintances I met in a former job. The gospel message is universal and I was blessed to speak there. Finally, we experienced God's healing first hand as Olga had to have surgery on her large intestine to remove a lingering illness. We are grateful to God for all the prayers and support from our church body and the understanding each shared even we tried to keep everything low keyed. We know what it is like to be on the giving end, but God is gracious as we found ourselves on the receiving end. To God be all glory and praise for his great love and mercy!

In His Service, Joel M. Oyoumick, Pastor


White Mountain Annual Report 2014 Over the course of the last year, we have watched God establish a new church Board for us which took many months of planning, prayer and preparation along with the implementation of the new church constitution. In addition, we have expanded ministry opportunities with Pastor Ross McKlwec taking on a part-time job in the village. These decisions were made in part, based on the need to offset the loss of outside financial support of the pastor's family. This job permits Ross closer interaction with people who generally do not associate with Church activities. The Women's Bible study and craft nights have continued weekly under the guidance and direction of Mary Hansen. She has also overseen the Children's ministry on a weekly basis. We have hosted various Bible Camp fundraisers and also had a Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) basketball camp. The Lord has added more members to our church and we have seen growth in numbers and in heart attitudes and lifestyle changes. This has been very encouraging to us. One wedding was celebrated in August 2013 and three re-dedications to Jesus were also witnessed. Ruth McElwee attended Triennial in San Diego, California in August and was pinned and commissioned as Alaska representative for Advocacy for Victims Against Abuse (AVA). This conference occurs every three years. Our dear sister, Sadie Shoogukwruk passed away in September and though we mourn her loss, we are grateful for the commitments other believers have made due to her example of a changed and redeemed life in Christ. Her daughter came to live at the parsonage until she graduated in December. She is now attending Alaska Christian College. We look forward to God's continued blessing and favor on the village of White Mountain. Ross and Ruth McRlwee


The Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church 2014 Annual Report The Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church would like to extend a greeting to the rest of the Covenant family serving in Alaska. We are so thankful for your work and service. We are also thankful for the opportunity that God has given the Bethel Bvangclical Covenant Church to serve the community of Bethel with another year of ministry. Our church continues to grow and is always seeking new areas in which God wants us to be serving. Here is a look at some of the ways we are serving both our church family and our community in new ways. This year we have added to our youth ministry program with a Monday Night Coffee House, a ministry aimed towards both junior and senior high aged students. The purpose of the coffee house is to provide a safe and fun environment for students to be a part of after school. Students who come are given to opportunity to seek help with their homework through tutoring and are also able to socialize with friends and volunteers through board games and card games. They also each get free hot drinks and a warm meal from time to time. This ministry has been an incredible success as we serve between 12-20 students every Monday night. This outreach has also led to growth in our Wednesday night youth program which is discipleship oriented. We are also grateful for the opportunity' that we were given to join the Bethel community by providing our building and volunteers for an emergency homeless shelter that was started in Bethel. This shelter was started by a group of volunteers who were concerned about the growing need for a warm place to sleep for the many who arc homeless in Bethel. The name of the shelter is "The Winter House." It has been such a blessing to be a part of this community effort to provide emergency shelter for the homeless population of Bethel. The shelter was run by community volunteers and rotated every 30 days between the Covenant church and the Catholic church. It has been an incredible success; God's hand can be seen so clearly through this effort. Alongside of these new areas of ministry, we continue to serve through Supper Club, AWANA, several small groups, jail ministry, van ministry, fish camp ministry, and youth ministry. Our hope and vision is that we would be a church that reaches out to the community around us. As we journey into this new year of ministry, we prayerfully look forward to the opportunities that God will give the Bethel Covenant Church to serve the Community of Bethel. We are so thankful to be part of the ECCAK family and all that God is doing in Alaska through the Covenant Church. God's love and peace, Pastor Aaron Anderson

Birchcrest News looking forward-Lent, signs of spring, Palm Sunday—then Easter, when we proclaim in one accord; "He has conquered sin, death and the devil!" -soon to follow. Pastor Chip and Joanne Swanson- (907)-625-1200 or 1201 E-mail: Box 338, Unalakleet, Alaska 99684 Dear Friends in Christ, +Hooper Bay, Alaska, in Yup'ik: Naparyarmiut. Someone said the name means "by a standing tree"j(There are not many here!) Joanne and I answered the call of our Lord, through our church, to serve here from the first Sunday in Advent to the last day in March. +My how the time has flown! Our goal has been to disciple all into the life of the church and V*-' X prayer to see some obvious victories. We believe God has honored our desires. We have seen \g attendance, many affirming their baptismal covenants, men and women asking the y^f Lord and his church to help them out of alcohol, care of 7 students from our village studying at \* Alaska Christian College and David Smart at Bible school in Oklahoma. Joanne's ministry has ^i been with women and teaching piano to at least 4 students. +Last Sunday the church choir sang a hymn that caused me to ask if the congregation had "taken the plunge". The hymn was "Victory in Jesus". Many raised their hands. We continue to pray for victories in Christ's blood. At our table recently an elder prayed that many would grow their roots deep into Christ before we leave. We agree with that prayer also! Please pray that Hooper Bay Covenant Church will find a permanent Covenant pastor to shepherd the flock which was established by Rev. I.E. Ost about 1920. Pray that a vision of the good plans that God has for his flock here will thrill and encourage a desire for all parts of the body to fulfill that plan. All glory to God the Creator, Sustainer, Savior and coming King! +We are looking forward to finishing well here and by way of the ECCAK conference in Fairbanks hope to be home in our beautiful and quiet "Birchcrest" by Palm Sunday. On the way we also look forward to some good times with our daughter and grandson, visiting friendsjover L Co**tawdlHtt«W *•)*•« it*t*tm*> hMb OBT.taut* • And Ik MM mta Item. O

relatives, and getting in economical shopping. Chip continues with his book, Joanne on her art and our daughter on her near completion of her bachelors degree from UAA. Come and visit. We have many things to enjoy here- song birds, a beautiful and colorful tundra and birch grove, possible sightings of brown and black bear, moose, ptarmigan, spruce hens, porcupine, red squirrels, eagles, many unukteooks and much more! Oh, and, if you want your coffee hot when you arrive please give us a least 20 minutes notice! Time is precious, especially in light of the passing of so many of our friends and relatives. It is even more certain as Jesus said, "Behold I come quickly."



Our pet Kerik (grey jay), awaits us just outside our window™ My fellow\pastor, Jason Stromstad, {very center of this Covenant Bible Camp picture) serves the Covenant Church in Scammon Bay, 30 miles north of Hooper Bay.

ande of scenijWfhey need that


Mekoryuk Covenant Church Annual Report for 2014 Annual Meeting 2013 was a year of being flexible in leadership. Pastor Nathan took a sabbatical, beginning in August, in order to serve at Alaska Christian College in Soldotna. In August, Heather Smith came as interim and served until mid-December. She preached and prayed with many people. In December, Pastor Carl Elwood came as interim and will serve through August 2014. During the year, the different services were well attended. Sunday School has most of the children from the village attending and is well staffed by teachers. The adult Sunday School, taught by different teachers, also has many participants. There is a Sunday morning worship service and a Sunday evening worship service, with people sharing songs and testimony. Friday nights usually finds a lot of people at the Singspiration. There is currently a Wednesday night Bible study for anyone and a women's Bible study on Thursday evenings. There were special happenings also. Merkoryuk was blessed to hold the ECCAK annual meeting during 2013. It required work but was well worth it. It's always encouraging to have the body of Christ get together. Our Island Jubilee was also a time of sharing and encouragement, brought to us by Don Cross. We had two conversions and two baptisms that blessed the church. We thank God for the many blessings He poured out on us during 2013 and pray for unity and that we did, and will continue to, bring glory to His Name. In Christ, Pastor Carl Elwood


Mountain Village Covenant Chutch Annual Report 2014 On January 3rd, 2013 the Mountain Village Covenant Church received Don & Fci Cross and their three children as pastor for our church. Our regular scheduled services are Sunday morning at \, and Wednesday evening service at 7pm. On Monday evening at 7pm the church hosts a twelve-step group which is open to the community and is facilitated by Alice Mathlaw and Pastor Don. On Tuesday evening we have a men's fellowship group that meets in the church at 7pm. They mix their fellowship in with Bible study, personal needs of prayer, and talking about 'guy stuff, as well as practicing songs for the upcoming Lower Yukon Conference. On Wednesday evening we have a midweek service at 7pm, which has been much less formal and more interactive with those attending. We will begin studying the 14 basic principles for Christian living, (this is a part of the discipleship ministry of Teen Challenge). Amanda has continued to minister to the Jr. high students through the Leaders for Life ministry on Sunday evenings at the church. 2013 has been very difficult for the community of Mountain Village. There have been many deaths and funerals, with most everyone in the community being affected directly in some way. As hard as it has been, there have been many opportunities for the good news of the Gospel to be proclaimed, and many responses of faith. Three of those that have passed on are elders in the Covenant Church: Evelyn Walters, Andrew Brown and Agnes Brown. The Mountain Village Covenant Church requests prayer for their families, as well as the all the families that have lost loved ones in our community. We also request prayer for our church body, our church board, and for clear direction for wisdom on reaching our young people.

Blessings, Pastor Don Cross

45 Scammon Bay Covenant Church 2014 Annual Report Blessings dear brothers and sisters in Christ through all life's joys, trials, and sorrows, we arc 'in it' together with you all. On December 31", we gathered together at 11pm for our New Year's Live sendee as we usually do and afterwards quickly go home to shoot off fireworks and guns in celebration. Our New Year celebration continued with a local Singspiration the last weekend of January with a great time of singing and fellowship. The Scammon Bay Covenant Church hosted the Lower Yukon Covenant Church Conference from April 4-7, 2013. Hooper Bay and Mountain Village Covenant churches and people from nearby villages gathered with us as we were reminded by our theme verse, II Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" Our theme song was *When I See the Blood' sung in Yupik. It's always fun to see how many people we can squeeze into our small church and it was a meaningful and moving time of singing, fellowship, and hearing from God's Word. Pastor Jason did not officiate at any funerals in Scammon Bay this year, but he did celebrate one wedding. He was asked to officiate services in Hooper Bay at times when Grant Funk was out of the village which included the celebration of two weddings and two funerals for elders David Simon and Aaron Rivers, Sr. (Aaron offered comfort for many families over the years leading people with his guitar in singing hymns and Gospel songs at homes when their loved one passed away.) Pastor Jason and Eucharistic minister, Elizabeth Kasayuli, shared a Memorial Day sendee for our village at our cemetery. This year, as a village, we were able to send 31 Scammon Bay youth to Covenant Bible Camp with the help of local and corporation donors. Pastor Jason served as Camp Pastor and speaker for Trailblazers Camp at Covenant Bible Camp in Unalaklect for the month of June. Teacher, Michelle Benisck served as a counselor at Bible Camp and she continued to faithfully lead a girl's Bible study during the school year. We were blessed as the Ohio group from the Missouri Lutheran Synod church returned this past July to conduct Vacation Bible School in our village; this was the twelfth year in a row that they have ministered with us. Another significant ministry outreach this year was the second annual Women's Conference that was held in the Hooper Bay Covenant church during the winter. Women from Hooper Bay and Scammon Bay Covenant Churches helped to plan and prepare for this special time of ministry to women in our region. Three weeks before Thanksgiving, we celebrated God's provision and care for us as a village by hosting a Community Thanksgiving dinner at our church. It was a great evening of food and fellowship as people from the village brought food to share and we showed the recent Billy Graham video entitled, 'The Cross.' This year we were blessed by the hard work of church board members John Uttereyuk, George Smith, Darlene LJlak, Byron Ulak, Jacob Rivers, and Carolyn Uttereyuk; a special thank you to Carolyn who resigned from the board this winter. "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." (Philippians 1:6) Submitted by Pastor Jason Stromstad on behalf of the Scammon Bay Covenant Church.


Community Covenant Churchy Eag/e River Community Covenant Is On the Move! Have you ever started your day with a plan in mind only to discover that things were not working according to your plan? Sometimes this experience leaves us frustrated; however, on some occasions we are pleasantly surprised, when in the end, things turn out better than we could have planned or even imagined. As we look back at all that our church has experienced over the past several months, and consider all that God has accomplished, we can celebrate this truth - God is faithful!

Our church didn't faint in the face of challenge or succumb to adversity; instead, we were reminded that Community Covenant belongs to God and that he will provide. Our church celebrates that God has been guiding us through the uncertainties of transition to where we arc today; a church poised to experience his presence, his purpose and his power as never before. The wonder is that He has been, and continues to lead us, even though it is not always clear where it is we are going. The author of Hebrews reminds us, "By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even when he did not know where he was going" (Hebrews 11:8). Knowing where we are going does not constitute faith. Trusting that God, who is leading us, will ensure that we arrive where he wants us to be does. Therefore, the ultimate test of faith is not found in one's ability to lead but in their willingness to follow.

In his book, Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby calls us to "look to see where God is at work and join him in it." I've been amazed at the number of -ways our congregation has been able to discern God's activity and respond by joining Him. What makes me most hopeful about Community Covenant's future isn't our resourcefulness or initiative, but our desire to be led by God. It is in following Him that we will realize our future. A future He has planned for us, "For I know the plans 1 have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11). At Community Covenant, we live in the certainty of that hope as we are on the move, a family on mission together, following God who is unfolding our future before us. Celebrating God's goodness, Pastor Todd Michero


COMMUNITY COVENANT CHURCH, FAIRBANKS Loving God,..Loving People, Here, there., and everywhere.

This mission that motivates us to participate in the enlarging of his kingdom reflects Christ's commissions in the Great commandment and Acts 1:8.

HERE: On the home front, one of our predominant values is ieLiving LJfe Together—Generation with Generation. "With increased intentionality throughout our entire ministry at C3, we are seeking to encourage connections between people of different generations and ages, enabling them to learn and benefit from one another. Whereas all ages need peer relationships, those we often benefit from most are with folks of other ages—older or younger than we. Stories are being written everyday at C3 that will impact people for eternity. THERE: One of our exciting ministry ventures is planting a church in the interior Athabascan village of Shageluk, in collaboration with several of the leaders of the village. As soon as sufficient funding is secured to cover the technology needs for consistent long distance two-way real time communication between C3 and the village, mutual worship will begin. We pray and anticipate that both the village and the C3 congregation will be transformed through the breaking of cultural barriers while seeking God together.

EVERYWHERE: Through the congregation's support of international missionaries, Pastor Ken and Sandy Moore's ongoing mission to Unreached People Groups in South Asian countries and our partnership with our larger church family, the Evangelical Covenant Church, C3 is actively engaged in kingdom ministry beyond the boundaries of Alaska and the rest of the United States. Many other initiatives and fruitful ministry are taking place in and through C3. From the forming of a new discipleship team, concentrated prayer emphasis, new financial the entire church "More Uke Jesus" theme from Matthew, in everything we do ...

We dream of changed communities, neighborhoods, generations, cultures ... transformed by the presence of Jesus working through us. THANK YOU once again to our ECCAK friends and churches for your prayers and partnership with C3—-your ministry to the Interior of Alaska.

48 Anchorage First Covenant Church 2014 Annual Report Our Mission Statement: We ate God's caring family, reaching out to disciple a new generation for Christ, empowering them to serve. The past year has been another year in which we at First Covenant have witnessed God's faithfulness within our community and we trust that God continues to use us to influence our community and the world around us for His sake. We sense that we are called to be a missional church — serving locally here in Anchorage, serving throughout the state of Alaska, and serving the kingdom of God around the globe as well. Some of the exciting ways we see that happening at First Covenant include the development of ministry teams - both old and new. In the past year, we've seen a Community Outreach Ministry Team (working with a group other churches in Anchorage called AFACT) begin to investigate how we are suited to make a difference in our city. Our Missions Ministry Team has done some excellent work helping us consider how we spend our missions budget as well as how we communicate with our missionaries, how we facilitate missions opportunities for our congregation and more. We also had a Ministry Team tasked with exploring options of what we can do with our existing property north of the church building come together in some exciting ways. We expect we may see a proposal this year come to the church for expanded college and young adult discipleship housing space. In addition, we've just begun to consider anew the development of a Children's Ministry Team and a Facilities Team is likely just around the corner. We hope that in the coming year and years to see even more engagement and participation from within the congregation so that we can really step into being the church that we sense God has called us to be in this place and time. We continue to want to live into our sense that we are called to be a "hub-church" in the state of Alaska. We know that we are centrally located and want to be more than just a familiar church that our brothers and sisters can attend when they are passing through. To this end, we pray for a different Covenant congregation each month and send postcards of encouragement as well. We want to strengthen our relationships with our sister churches and be as supportive as we can be of God's mission in this state. In fact, we just sent a team this last week to Mountain Village to encourage and support the church there! We pray that God will continue to help us discern how we can be a blessing to the KCCAK family and to God's kingdom here. Financially, we had a budget shortfall this year and had to make some cuts to our overall budget proposal for next year, which is tough, but there are signs of life and reasons for hope all over the place! It is really encouraging to see the number of children that are worshipping here with their families on Sundays. We know that God is growing us — hopefully not just in attendance, but growing us deeper and more rooted in him.

49 Mat-Su Evangelical Covenant Church We are a community becoming "deeper in Christ and further in mission." We have experienced God's goodness during the year as we move forward after Pastor Tom Luchsinger's and family returned to Minnesota in August. Pastor Tom served well in his 10 years at Mat-Su and we are grateful for the good soil he left behind. The first sign of God's good hand was how we had John Wcnrich facilitate our church through the "Veritas: telling the truth about church vitality" workshop. It was perfect timing for us to take a look at who we are, where we are trending, and ask questions about how we can move toward becoming a healthy and missional church (by healthy we mean pursuing Christ, by missional we mean pursuing Christ's priorities in the World). Part of our new season is to match our programming to our leadership capacity. We need to orient our programs to build further capacity rather than deplete it. While we continue to nose into a sense of hope, some of our members are working incredibly hard. We started looking at our church mission statement as a council and arc beginning to ask the questions "what does it mean for us to be deeper in Christ and further in mission?" "How does God intend for us to live this out in our community and in connection with His work across the slate?" We have a highly committed and hard working pastoral search committee faithfully engaging in the search process. Please join us in praying for the right person to be evident and available to lead our community forward. Some capacity' building steps we have taken: • We completed some long standing building projects, held a maintenance day, and began addressing the care of our facilities as a whole congregation. It is nice to have a little momentum is built through completing tasks. • We held a church council retreat day, setting aside our "business hats" to address our personal and council wide spiritual vitality. We want to encourage one another and those in our body to walk close with the Lord • We held an "Immersion Experience" weekend led by Aphesis Group ministries. Their focus is to deeply address our inner lives in profound and biblical ways. This is a highly encouraging group discipleship process that fits very well into our Alaskan context. • We hosted Anchorage Arigaa for a worship, lunch, and sledding day. • We hosted Kristi Ivanoff to address the value, roles, and place of Women in the leadership of the Church. • We have held 3 church wide lunches after our Sunday service. One was to form our relational covenants (how we will treat one another), one was for fun, and one was hosted by our discipleship team. • We have seen our youth start to lead worship songs during our Sunday service. • We have continued serving our community and partnering throughout the state through "Family Promise" (a local, temporary family housing provider), Denali New Life, CYAK, NA, BSF women's pilot class, and other community based organizations. Looking ahead: Please join us by "praying in" the next pastor of our church. We also ask that you join us in praying that we would walk humbly and closely with God as individuals and as a church body. This is a season of change for our community and we need to the walk the paths lie leads us to. We want to live into who He wants us to be as a church and as his people. Mike Alverts, Interim Pastor


New Song Covenant Church What a difference a year makes! As I shared last year we had just moved to a place to call home and to a morning sendee for the first time in 9 plus years. This last year in transition has been a breath of life for us as a community and Church. It has given us a place to call home and a place to develop and grow. Here are some ways that God has answered our prayers over the last year... x We have developed our own flow of worship in our new facilities. > We have started a Junior High Youth Group, D.K.n.C, (Dedicated Kids in Christ). At this time they meet every other week. 5s" We know have a younger kids Sunday School and an older kids one. 5^ We have added families that did not have a Church home. X A couple marriages have been restored. )-* We have two others from the Church that are now growing in leadership and speaking on a regular basis. 'r We have experienced a growth in Christ as individuals and as a community. ^ Our members are using the gifts that God has given them, financial, servant heart, hospitality, realizing that all gifts arc important! >* Our members have seen the power of prayer and are relying more on God through it.

Prayers asked for... ^ We are looking for a person to do part time youth work. !*• We are in need of a keyboard player. ^ Continued growth and depth in our relationship with God. >• For a potential change that would allow us to do ministry in a more complete way to the community. /•• For a growing desire to reach in our actions and as a last resort words to share the grace, mercy and love of God. I am honored to serve this community and humbled in how and what God has done in this community over the last year. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the next year. If you are in Anchorage on a Sunday, we would love to have you join us at 10:30 am 8225 Spring Street. Blessings to all.

The River Covenant Church 2014 Annual Report The River Covenant Church exists to "Overflow with Christ, Community and Calling." We continue to seek ways to be a part of what God is doing on the Kenai Peninsula. We believe the best way to live is in relationship with Jesus, connecting with other followers, and using our gifts to proclaim His love. Our identity statement is "We are an Alaskan church, for people who would rather go to The River." This statement celebrates the adventurous and hearty nature of our people while celebrating how diverse we are in ethnicity and age groups. It also expresses how we are being intentional about sharing God's love with those seeking God in His creation. Throughout the year we evaluate and explore the best way to bring God our best for His glory. Our Leadership Team has worked to help us grow in structure and organization. Lay leaders support the ministry within the church in a variety of ways. We met at The Challenger Learning Center in Kenai, but in the beginning of 2014 we moved to K-Beach Elementary School in Soldotna which is basically right across the street from Alaska Christian College. This move has been great in that it has given us a place to live out ministry with the school and it feels like "home." Students can walk to church and the move has fostered some new excitement in being Missional in our new "neighborhood." We have some ACC students who are helping us with our youth ministry and many help with set/up and takedown. While Sunday mornings have given us a one day expression of our celebration of CHRIST, we believe the church needs to grow beyond one weekly gathering. We have sought ways to live out our faith beyond these times through women's and men's COMMUNITY Life Groups. In living out our CALLING, our goal is to help the congregation find specific ways to serve God in ministry. Many of our leaders serve in a variety of ways. We look for ways to help people grow in service within the church and in our community. We praise God for how he has guided, protected and provided for The River since its beginning. We praise God for new people who have roots in the community that are making The River their church home. We praise God for the way he has provided for us through giving of the church community and providing for finances in other ways. In faith we are relying on Him to financially sustain us to live out the mission he has begun in us. Our prayer is that we would continue to bless others in our community as we overflow with Christ's love. Please continue to pray that God would guide us as a church to "overflow" with CHRIST in our COMMUNITY and that we would live out our CALLING to use our gifts and share His message. Pastor Frank Alioto The River Covenant Church — Soldotna/Kenai, Alaska


Church Plant Report Chugach Covenant Church At Chugach Covenant Church It is our vision to be a multiplying church that God uses to bring thousands of people of all race, culture, and economic standing to a transformational and reproducing faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. Starting in East Anchorage and extending into the surrounding communities and to the rest of the world, we will be a church without walls that seeks to love and glorify God, love others, and serve all in Jesus name. This statement expresses our strong desire to a transformational force in the community we serve. Throughout the year we continue to adjust our methods to meet the critical, ends that we exist to serve, all while giving God the very best we have to that He can receive glory. At the beginning of this last year we were meeting in Totem movie theater, which was directly in the heart of the neighborhood we were called to be part of. After growing to roughly 120 people on an average Sunday we realized that our space was limiting the ministry at Chugach. We sought after other spaces available in the area, knowing that our number one choice was not available. After weeks of searching God came through and provided us our first choice location at Begich Middle School which had just recently become available. Since then we have been meeting regularly at Begich and are able to stay right in the heart of east Anchorage and the place of our calling. The move to Begich was a great move for us and it will be exciting to see what God can do through His people and His space over the next year! As much emphasis as we have placed on Sunday morning worship we are also very intent on living life together on a personal level, to develop each other spiritually, and to disciple one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. At Chugach we have put a big emphasis on participation in small groups. During 2013 we have seen our small groups flourish and turn into places where people can connect and grow together. Currently, Chugach maintains five small groups all meeting on average approximately 12 adults. At Chugach we continue to plan for more groups as new leaders become available. Just recently one of our small groups experienced amazing growth and "will be splitting into two separate groups to accommodate for space. God is good!! At Chugach we also place a great emphasis on raising up leaders to send out into the world and to serve locally. This year we were blessed to have two men step up into the preaching rotation along with Pastor Dan and a lady to step in as a youth leader, it is a blessing to be able to lift them up as they serve us. It has always been a goal of Cbugach to continually train leaders to be able to go out and do ministry effectively. God is truly at work in the ministry at Chugach and we have been blessed to have people with servant's hearts who have stepped up to serve in many different capacities. As God continues to bless the ministry at Chugach Covenant Church we reflect on his faithfulness over the past year. We thank him for His guidance, His provision, and His grace. God has blessed Chugach financially through the first year and we have been able to really extend the ministry in ways that many first year churches are unable to due to lack of financial support. Our prayer is that He would continue to work in the hearts and lives of everyone here at Chugach and in the community we serve and that we "would continue to be faithful to HIS plan. We pray that God would work through us as we continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in cast Anchorage!! Kyle Brown, Associate Teaching Pastor


Missionary Aviation Repair Center Our vision at MARC is to Impact Alaska with the hope of Jesus Christ through aviation. We are endeavoring to expand the reach of the Gospel in Alaska by flying the Lord's servants & supplies where there are no roads, supporting other missionaries & their aircraft, and training missionaryminded pilots & mechanics. This vision and purpose of MARC is what has fostered the partnership we have with ECCAK and its various ministries. MARC has seen itself as a support arm of ECCAK for our entire 50 years of existence. One of our biggest joys is to hear the testimonies of our passengers after some kind of ministry event. This is doubly true of the many testimonies that begin with meeting Jesus at Bible Camp! In 2013 MARC flew over 900 passengers and 78,000 pounds of cargo and supplies. These numbers include over 250 young people that were taken to evangelistic events and Bible Camps where they heard the gospel. Several times this year our planes provided support for activities that would not be possible by commercial means. $26,000 was raised by MARC in support of Covenant Camp in 2013. This figure does not reflect the thousands of dollars that was raised in support of various other Covenant ministries and activities, and thousands of pounds of cargo sent out on empty legs at no cost 50K for the 50th As we look to celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, MARC has endeavored to raise $50,000 of camp scholarships for Covenant Camp in 2014! We anticipate this to be a 100% travel subsidy for kids traveling to Cov. Camp on MARC planes! Please plan on celebrating with us as we commemorate what God has done the first 50 years of our history as well as praise Him for what he is planning to do with our future! Mark the 27 of Sept. 2014 on your calendar and join us in Soldotna! MARC was excited to welcome )oel and Sarah Oyoumick into the MARC family in 2013! We look forward to see what God has in store for this great addition to our team! The Lord has also led several other families to minister with MARC. We have grown to 13 full time families and 6 families raising support. Other highlights of 2013 included: Broken Walls and Carry the Cure visit Covenant churches in Norton Sound, Grace Christian youth ministry in Norton Sound villages, ECCAK Conference in Mckoryuk, Cov Camp!, Work and Gospel teams to several Covenant churches , and Fall Blast in Golovin (Our pilots love the opportunity to get involved at this annual event!). Other notable events of 2013 included the evacuation of the village of Galena. We have received many letters, e-mails and phone calls of gratitude from various people, including a commendation from Missionary Aviation Fellowship's disaster and emergency response director and an award from the Alaska Air Carrier Association commending us for such a rapid response. Flooding affected many bush communities this past year including Kobuk, where we were able to respond to the Stewart's (Sarah hunk) plea for help and gave them safe transport to a suitable location while their water damaged and mold infested house was repaired. MARC resumed capabilities to provide ministry flights into eastern Russia in 2013. We were able to partner with a Slavic Church in Wasilla and took two trips to Anadyr for them. This church, another church in California, and Elim Covenant church all have trips to Russia scheduled in 2014. There is also a trip scheduled to Yellow Knife Canada on the books!


2013 marked the first full year of MARC having full time staff in Fairbanks. Bob and Joyce Widman with their daughter Faith are currently stationed in Fairbanks with a Navajo. MARC is praying about the possibility of acquiring a hangar in Fairbanks to build on our capabilities to facilitate more ministry in the interior. Looking ahead to 2014, we are investigating partnerships with a couple of ministries including 1AM (Integrating Aviation and Ministry) these partnerships would include aircraft use agreements that would make a Cherokee 6 and Cessna 206 available for MARC's use. If these aircraft are utilized, their primary use would be to augment our Bible Camp flying capabilities. We are also partnering with Grant Funk in McGrath where we are supplying an airplane and flight instructors to provide flight training as well as discipleship and mentoring of local students. This goes hand in hand with our brainstorming with ACC about how we might be able to develop an aviation training program for native college students. Fun MARC/Covenant Facts: Did you know that MARC founder Roald Amundsen, also was a founding figure of KICY, Soldotna Bible Chapel, and AEC? And that he first arrived in Alaska with his wife Harriett as a Covenant missionary in 1944? Did you know that Rev. Curtiss Ivanoff received his pilot's license at MARC and has been considered official MARC ground crew for many years? Did you know that Jerry and Lucy Daniels hold the record for the longest MARC flight? They flew over 8,500 miles that even included a stop in Pompano Beach Florida! Did you know that Golovin Covenant, Mountain Village Covenant, and more recently Hooper Bay Covenant Church was built by MARC staff member Dave Pctersen? Fact or Fiction? Roald Amundsen is rumored to have performed a mass marriage in Mekoryuk back in the day! And how can anyone preach unless they arc sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15 NIV and how can they get there unless someone flies them?

Tratimarker M tistrtes was established and incorporated in Hooper Bay a short time after the joint church and ta Âťcenter buikltng was bultt by Samaritan's Purse in QT-OS'. in the last few years we have seen mud) tra sition and growth, a board of directors established, and many young people being challenged, cri nged and growing In their tove for Christ. With Grant Funk leaving last year to pursue other minlstrH ,Trallmarker is now being managed by Patrick Mctean. Ministry to thi youth in Hooper Bay Is stow, but the Word of God is going forth and we trust God's commitment i His Word in tsa 55:11, "it wW not return to Him void, but win accomplish His desire and achieve the JH pose for which He sent it" We have 5-6 consistent teen center volunteers for all of the ministries don In the Teen Center, who are also completely involved in the body of Hooper Bay Covenant Chub, The main ministries include an AWANA program (averaging around 40 kids), open ministry on Friday nights to the youth and we are also seeking to train young people who want to follow Christ to work in the teen Job skUts and learning life responsibilities, Dfsciptesnip is the heart of TraBmarker Ministries so cLf relationships with the youth and volunteers go much deeper than just the normal operating hou \d ministries of the teen center. Operating cos continue to be high here, so we run a snack shop to help pay for the utilities and budding malm nance. God has been blessing Trailmarker Ministries and we are looking to start being able to provto scholarships to youth and young people for Bible Camps, training, education and conferences feithe near future. Trailmarker Ministries is atso in the final stage of obtaining SOlcS nonprofit status td provide more opportunities for growth and accountability, and keep the operating costs astowasposslrie. Please contim want to get in Jesus and brot favor and that volunteers (yo togrowdosei

i to pray for the teen center ministry here. Pray that more of the local church would otved in this critical ministry. Pray that youth would be confronted with the truth of [ht to life-changing dedslon points. Pray that God would show Traflmartcer Ministries he government would grant 501c3 status soon. Pray that the main teen center ith and adults) would stand strong in the face of much spiritual opposition, and continue ;o Jesus through godly oversight and mentorship.

Thank you for raring and praying) Grace and peace to you alt. Patrick McLea

Norton Sound


3-year (•term ,*„ i

3-yeiar term

- t, jt

Vote for 1 j^ Currently held by Betty Jackson (served 1 term)


Forbes (Bethel) DJaSon Stromstad

(Write-in candidate)

2-year term Vote for 1 Completing 3 year-term formerly served by Donna Erickson

DAdam Lonon (Unalakleet)

D (Write-in candidate)

3-year term c ' - •.>


Currently held byianette Forbes ^served 1-term)





D Betty Jackson,? (Shaktoolik)

Road System


Vote for 1 Currently held by Frank Alioto (term complete)

LJSandy Gold (Eagle River) Dcurt Lindner

(Scammon Bay)

n ^Write-in candidate)

(Eagle River)

D (Write-in candidate)

2014 General Council Member Candidates Road System Candidates Sandy Gold, Eagle River Sandy Gold has been a resident of Eagle River for 25 years and member of the church since 1997. She is married to Bob (36 years) and they have two sons, one daughter in law and two grandchildren. Sandy became a Christian at the age of 15.Education & Experience: Bachelor of Accountancy, CPA, 18 years experience as tax Accountant. Sandy's ministry experience: 6 years on staff at Community Covenant-coordinator of prayer, member of ACC board, CCC treasurer 4yrs, CCC budget coordinator 8yrs, Current Volunteer counselor at Hiland Women's Prison, Current Member of Open Table-ministry to help women coming out of Prison reenter society. Curt Lindner, Eagle River Curtis Lindner is a fifteen-year member of Eagle River Community Covenant Church. He serves as a leadership member for Building and Maintenance, is the Finance Secretary, and leads a men's small group. Curt is a retired business manager. He is married and has one adult son and one grandchild

YK Delta Candidates Lanette Forbes, Bethel I grew up in Oklahoma and came to Christ at 8 years of age. 1 attended college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, earning a degree in Business Management. While in college, I met and married Hugh and we soon moved to Alaska. I have been in Alaska over 20 years, 16 of those in Bethel. 1 have been involved at the Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church in various ministries and activities. For the last 8 years, Hugh has been the pastor. 1 taught Children's Sunday School classes, Children's Church, participated in Ladies Bible Studies, hosted small groups in our home, been an AW ANA leader, and been a member of the worship team, planning worship services. Hugh and 1 have three children, Lauren ~ 21, Mitchell - 18, and Ethan - 16. Jason Stromstad, Scammon Bay 1 am beginning my fifth year as pastor of Scammon Bay Covenant Church. I answered the call to serve in the Yupik village of Scammon Bay after receiving a year of excellent preparation in the form of a hospital chaplain residency at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. T entered this chaplain residency right out of North Park Seminary in 2008. 1 prayed to receive Jesus with my mom as a child and had opportunities to grow in faith in my home town of Roseau, Minnesota where I served as a youth leader, Sunday School teacher, missions committee member, deacon, and helped with Covenant Women events. 1 got my first taste of ministry in Alaska as a volunteer at KICY from 1985-88 and that began an appreciation of the Inupiaq and Yupik cultures I enjoy today.

Norton Sound Candidates Betty Kay Jackson, Shaktoolik I was born at Yakutat and raised in Shaktoolik since 1 was 2yrs old by my grandparents Edward and Gertrude Sagoonick. Married to Lynn Jackson for 37 yrs. We have 4 girls and adopted one of our grand boys Matthew. We have 11 grand children with one on the way in a couple weeks. I currently work at the Shaktoolik School as an Educational Aid. I was on the GC for 3 yrs now. So if elected this would be my second term. 1 confess Jesus as my personal Savior and pray I will do what He wants me to do as His servant Thanks for your trust and confidence in me and if re-elected I will do the best 1 can to serve you. Thank you

Adam London, Unalakleet Adam and his family serve in Unalakleet. He and his wife, Shirleen, have 3 children, Adam has been a parttime Covenant Youth of Alaska staff member for 5 years and has served with the Covenant Church in Unalakleet going on 4 years, working mainly with the youth, but also with the adult ministries. , Adam and Shirleen have recently begun leading the Christian Youth in Action children's ministry as well. Adam had previously served as the Associate Director of Covenant Bible Camp, as wel! as serving at Alaska Christian College, Amundsen Educational Center, and Nome Covenant Church. Adam is a graduate of Alaska Christian College 002), North Park University ('04), and North Park Theological Seminary (' 12).


Proposed Constitution and Bylaws of the Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church Constitution Preamble

The Evangelical Covenant Church is a communion of congregations gathered by God, united in Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. It affirms its companionship in faith -with other church bodies and ail those who fear God and keep God's commandments. The Evangelical Covenant Church adheres to the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Bible. It confesses that the Holy Scripture, the Old and the New Testament, is the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct It affirms the historic confessions of the Christian Church, particularly the Apostles' Creed, while emphasi2ing the sovereignty of the Word of God over all creedal interpretations. In continuity with the renewal movements of historic Pietism, the Evangelical Covenant Church especially cherishes the dual emphasis on new birth and new life in Christ, believing that personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is the foundation for our mission of evangelism and Christian nurture. Our common experience of God's grace and love in Jesus Christ continues to sustain the Evangelical Covenant Church as an interdependent body of believers that recognizes but transcends our theological differences. The Evangelical Covenant Church celebrates two divinely ordained sacraments, baptism and the Lord's Supper. Recognizing the reality of freedom in Christ, and in conscious dependence on the work of the Holy Spirit, we practice both the baptism of infants and believer baptism. The Evangelical Covenant Church embraces this freedom in Christ as a gift that preserves personal conviction and the mutual responsibilities and disciplines of the spiritual community, yet guards against an individualism that disregards the centrality of the Word of God. The Evangelical Covenant Church has its roots in historical Christianity, the Protestant Reformation, the biblical instruction of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, and the great spiritual awakenings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These influences, together with more recent North American renewal movements, continue to shape its development and distinctive spirit The Evangelical Covenant Church is committed to reaching across boundaries of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and status in the cultivation of communities of life and service. Introduction The Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, in order to accomplish its mission and purposes, has formulated and adopted this Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution recognizes that the highest constituted authority of the Alaska Conference is the convention of delegates known as the Annual Meeting, which alone can adopt and amend the Constitution and Bylaws. The Alaska Conference shall be governed by this Constitution and Bylaws, its Articles of Incorporation., and all applicable laws. ARTICLE I


The name of this organization shall be the Alaska Conference (AC) of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECQ. Hereinafter, the Alaska Conference may be called the Conference and the Evangelical Covenant Church be called the ECC.




The Conference confesses that the Holy Scripture, the Old and the New Testament, is the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. ARTICLE III

Establishment and Purpose

Section 3.1. The Conference is a mission region of the ECC. As such, it is a separately incorporated association of ECC congregations, recognized as provided in the bylaws of die ECC. Section 3.2. As a mission region, the Conference exists to serve Its local churches and to minister on their behalf to better make known the good news of saving faith in ]esus Christ, to encourage a Christ like life among its members, and to carry out Christ's redeeming work of love, mercy, and justice in the world. Section 3.3. The Conference is incorporated in the state of Alaska as a not-for-profit organization. The delegates to the Annual Meeting are the corporate members of the Conference. ARTICLE IV


Section 4.1. The boundaries of the Conference shall be determined by the ECC Annual Meeting, upon the recommendation of the Executive Board of the ECC after consultation with the Conference. Section 4.2. The territory assigned to the Conference comprises the state of Alaska, Article V


Section 5.1. The Conference is composed of Christian congregations united in faith and service. Section 5.2. Membership is open to evangelical Christian congregations that are in accord with the Preamble and Confession of the ECC, and that meet the requirements stated in the ECC Constitution and Bylaws, which are repeated in this Constitution and Bylaws. A congregation seeking membership shall follow the procedure determined by the ECC Executive Board, which is repeated in these Bylaws. Section 5.3. Membership is granted dually in both the Conference and die ECC. A congregation cannot be a member of one without being a member of the other. Section 5.4. Member congregations pledge mutually to support the principles, policies, programs of the Conference and the ECC. This includes regular financial support of the Conference and the ECC. The Constitution and Bylaws of member congregations shall be in general agreement with the principles of the ECC Preamble, Constitution, and Bylaws. Member congregations have freedom in the management of local matters. Section 5.5. Member congregations that through decision or practice are out of harmony with the principles, policies, programs, or institutions of the ECC may be dismissed from the ECC and Conference, according to the procedures stated in the Bylaws. Section 5.6. A congregation seeking to sever its affiliation with the ECC and Conference shall follow the procedures stated in the Bylaws.



Section 6.1. One of the officers of the Conference shall be a Superintendent. Other officers shall be a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary, and Associate Superintendent^), if there are any Associate Superintendent(s), who shall also serve in those capacities on the Executive Board. The Bylaws may provide for assistant officers. Section 6.2. Officers shall be selected according to the procedures stated in the Bylaws. Section 6.3. Officers shall have duties and responsibilities provided in the Bylaws. ARTICLE VII Annual Meeting Section 7.1. A convention of delegates, known as the Annual Meeting, shall be the highest constituted authority in the Conference. Section 7.2. There shall be one regular session of the Annual Meeting each year, the date of which shall be prior to the ECC Annual Meeting as determined by the Executive Board. Section 7.3. As the highest deliberative and decision-making body of the Conference, the Annual Meeting shall approve the admission and dismissal of congregations, elect or call persons to leadership positions as provided in the Bylaws, approve the budget of the Conference, receive and approve reports, amend the Constitution and Bylaws, conduct other such business as may properly come before it, and make decisions necessary to the mutual work of the Conference, affiliated institutions, and the ECC, as provided in the Bylaws. Section 7.4. Each Conference congregation is entitled to two delegates plus a pastoral delegate. A pastoral delegate can be any one of the pastoral staff persons (paid or unpaid) for a congregation. If a congregation is not able to send a pastoral delegate, they may not send a layperson in place of a pastoral delegate. The Conference Superintendent, Associate Superintendent and elected members of the Executive Board shall be ex officio delegates. The Bylaws may provide for additional delegates and advisors. Each delegate shall serve for a term that expires at the convening of the next Annual Meeting as provided in the Bylaws. Each delegate shall be a corporate member of the Conference for the duration of that delegate's term. Section 7.5. Special sessions of the Annual Meeting may be called by the Executive Board, by the Superintendent with the concurrence of the Executive Board, or by a majority of the current delegates. At least thirty days before the date of each special meeting, the secretary of the Conference shall send a notice to each current delegate, stating the time, place, and purpose of the meeting. Section 7.6. A majority of delegates registered and certified in accordance with the Bylaws shall constitute a quorum for any regular or special session of an Annual Meeting. ARTICLE VIII Executive Board Section 8.1. The Executive Board shall be the agent of the Annual Meeting in making decisions for, and otherwise acting on behalf of, the Conference when the Annual Meeting is not in session. This agency does not include powers reserved exclusively to the Annual Meeting by the constitution and bylaws or by decision of the Annual Meeting. The Executive Board shall be responsible to the Annual Meeting for its decisions and actions. The Executive Board shall function as the board of directors for the corporation as defined under AS 10.20.081 of the Alaska Statutes. Section 8.2. The Executive Board shall be responsible for ensuring that all matters required to be brought to the Annual Meeting under this Constitution and Bylaws are in fact brought to the Annual Meeting. Section 8.3. The Executive Board shall have the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the policies,

61 procedures, and actions of the Conference comply with this Constitution and Bylaws. Section 8.4. The Executive Board shall have the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the officers and staff of the Conference comply with this Constitution and Bylaws. Section 8.5. The Annual Meeting shall elect members of die Executive Board as provided in the Bylaws. Section 8.6. The Superintendent shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Board. The Bylaws may provide for additional ex officio members, as well as for advisors. Section 8.7. The Executive Board may establish committees and otherwise organize itself for the accomplishment of its assignments. Section 8.8. Additional responsibilities for the Executive Board shall be delineated in the Bylaws. ARTICLE IX


The Conference shall have ministries to be responsible for specific missions and purposes of the Conference. These shall be in cooperation with each other, the congregations, the ECC, and affiliated corporations and institutions. Conference ministries shall be recognized and organized according to provisions identified in the Bylaws. ARTICLE X

The Superintendent

The Superintendent shall be the pastor and chief executive officer of the conference and its mission, with responsibilities delineated in the Bylaws. The Superintendent, or their appointee, shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Board and all other administrative entities aligned with die Conference. The Superintendent shall be elected according to provisions in the Bylaws. ARTICLE XI

Corporations and Institutions

Section 11.1. The Conference may establish corporations and institutions to be responsible for specific missions and purposes of the Conference, in cooperation with each other, die congregations, and the ECC. Section 11.2. Each corporation and institution established by the Conference shall be identified in the Bylaws. Section 11.3. Each corporation and institution established by the Conference shall have officers and boards of directors as required by law and provided in the Bylaws. The Superintendent shall be an ex officio member of the Board of Directors of each corporation and institution established by the Conference. ARTICLE XII Asset Resolution and Distribution of Assets Section 12.1. In case of schism within the Conference, all property and other assets belonging to the Conference shall belong to the group that upholds and adheres to this Constitution and Bylaws as determined by tile ECC Executive Board. Section 12.2. Should the Conference be dissolved, all right, tide, and interest to property, real, personal, tangible, and intangible, and all other assets shall pass to the ECC. Section 12.3. A member church that withdraws or is dismissed from this Conference and the ECC shall be subject to immediate payment of all loans, grants, or property received from the Conference and the ECC. The church shall also forfeit all rights to Conference and ECC property.


ARTICLE XIII Amendments Section 13.1. Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be introduced in writing at an Annual Meeting, but may not be acted upon until the next Annual Meeting, and for adoption must receive the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the accredited delegates present and voting at the Annual Meeting. Section 13.2. Proposed amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws shall be in harmony with the ECC Constitution and Bylaws. Section 13.3. The secretary shall have proposed amendments published in an official publication of the Conference and shall transmit them in writing to each source of delegates at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting, at which final action is to be taken.




Section 1.1. Admission to Membership. A congregation seeking membership in the Conference shall apply for membership in the Conference and the ECC concurrently. The application shall be made at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting of the Conference on a form provided by the ECC. In order for the applying congregation to become a member of the Conference and the ECC, the membership application must be approved by the Conference Executive Board, the Conference Annual Meeting, the Executive Board of the ECC, and the Annual Meeting of the ECC, in that order. Upon approval by the Annual Meeting of the ECC, the congregation shall simultaneously become a member of the ECC and of the Conference. The Conference and the ECC shall maintain a roster of member congregations. Section 1.2. Involuntary Dismissal from Membership. a.

Charges that a congregation is out of harmony with the RCC shall be presented to the Conference Executive Board, which shall immediately inform the Executive Board of the ECC and the President of the ECC of the charges. i.

If the Conference Executive Board finds the charges to be credible, the Conference Executive Board shall seek to guide the congregation into harmony with the ECC. The Conference Executive Board shall then make a report and recommendation to the Executive Board of the ECC and the President of the ECC.


The Executive Board of the ECC shall independently consider the credibility of the charges based on all the information and recommendations available to it. The Executive Board of the ECC may then, at its initiative and in communication with the Conference, seek to guide the congregation into harmony with the ECC. If the Executive Board of the ECC determines that the congregation is and remains out of harmony with the ECC, the Executive Board of the ECC shall make a report and recommendation to the Annual Meeting of the ECC.

iii. The Annual Meeting of the ECC shall vote on the recommendation of the ECC Executive Board. iv. If a congregation is dismissed from membership in the ECC by action of the Annual Meeting of the ECC, its membership in the Conference shall also be terminated. b.

In all cases, congregations shall have opportunity to defend themselves before the Conference Executive Board, the Executive Board of the ECC, and the Annual Meeting of the ECC.

Section 1.3. Voluntary Dismissal from Membership. a.

A congregation seeking to terminate its membership in the ECC shall signify its intention, in "writing, to the Conference Executive Board at least one month prior to the Conference Annual Meeting. Action on such a request shall take place in the following sequence: i.

the Conference Superintendent shall notify the president of the ECC and the Executive Board of the ECC of the intention of the congregation to terminate its membership;

ii. the Conference Executive Board shall make a report and recommendation to the Annual Meeting of the Conference regarding the request of the congregation to terminate its membership; iii. the Conference Annual Meeting shall make a report and recommendation to the Executive Board of the ECC regarding the request of the congregation to terminate its membership;

64 iv. the Executive Board of the ECC shall make a report and recommendation to the Annual Meeting of the ECC regarding the request of the congregation to terminate its membership; and v.

the Annual Meeting of the ECC shall vote on the recommendation of the Executive Board of the ECC. If the Annual Meeting of the ECC decides to terminate the membership of the congregation, the congregation's membership in the ECC and in the regional Conference shall be terminated.

Section 1.4. Disbanded Congregations. Recommendations regarding the removal from membership of congregations that have disbanded shall come to the Annual Meeting of the ECC from the Executive Board of the ECC upon prior recommendation of the Conference Executive Board and the Conference Annual Meeting. Section 1.5. Use of the Conference and ECC name and logo. When a congregation is no longer a member of the ECC, it shall cease all use of and reference to the name "The Evangelical Covenant Church," shall cease all use of the logo of the Conference and ECC, and shall not represent itself as being a member of the Conference or ECC. ARTICLE II

The Annual Meeting

Section 2.1. The Executive Board shall designate the time and place of each Annual Meeting, which shall be held prior to the ECC Annual Meeting. Section 2.2. Delegates. a.

b. c. d. e. f.

g. h. i. j.


Member congregations shall be entitled to two delegates plus a pastoral delegate. A pastoral delegate can be any one of the pastoral staff persons (paid or unpaid) for a congregation. If a congregation is not able to send a pastoral delegate, they may not send a layperson in place of a pastoral delegate. The Superintendent, Associate Superintendent(s) or directors, and members of the Executive Board shall be ex officio delegates. Each standing commission shall be entitled to one delegate. Each association recognized by the Conference shall be entitled to one delegate. Each affiliated corporation and institution shall be entitled to one delegate. Each delegate to an Annual Meeting shall be a member of an ECC congregation. Delegates representing local congregations shall be members of the congregation they represent. No delegate may.represent more than one entity, except a member in good standing of the Ministerial Association serving two or more congregations may represent those churches being served, yet with only one vote. A member in good standing of the Ministerial Association who Js serving as an interim pastor in a member congregation may serve as a delegate from that congregation without being a member of that congregation. The names of all delegates and alternate delegates shall be registered with the secretary prior to the Annual Meeting A church plant within the Conference that is not yet a member congregation may send two advisors and their pastor to the Annual Meeting. A member in good standing of the Ministerial Association who is not a delegate may be an advisor to the Annual Meeting. With the consent of the Executive Board, a congregation that cooperates with and supports the ECC but is not a member of the ECC for a reason approved by the Executive Board may send one advisor to the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting may recognize honorary delegates. Honorary delegates shall be advisors to the Annual Meeting.

65 Section 2.3. Registration, Certification and Term. a. The Annual Meeting shall consist of the registered delegates whose credentials have been certified by the committee on credentials appointed by the Chair. When approved by the Annual Meeting, this list shall constitute the official roster of the Annual Meeting. b. Certified delegates and alternates shall serve until the start of the next Annual Meeting. Section 2.4. The Agenda and Standing Rules. a.

Agenda. i.

An agenda to be presented to the Annual Meeting shall be prepared by an agenda committee consisting of the chair, the vice chair, and the Superintendent. The agenda shall be approved by the Executive Board prior to distribution to the delegates.


As the highest deliberative and decision-making body of the Conference, the Annual Meeting shall recommend to the ECC the admission and dismissal of congregations, elect or call persons to leadership positions as provided in these Bylaws, approve the budget of the Conference, receive and approve reports, and make other decisions necessary to the mutual work of the Conference, the ECC, and affiliated institutions and corporations, as provided in these Bylaws.

iii. Copies of the proposed agenda shall be available to delegates when they arrive at the Annual Meeting. iv. Items of business that are not on the proposed agenda may be submitted in writing by a delegate to the moderator. If the item submitted is in order, a majority vote of the delegates present and voting shall be required to place that item on the agenda. b. Standing Rules. i.

Standing rules shall be prepared by the agenda committee, approved by the Executive Board, and adopted by the Annual Meeting.

ii. Copies of the proposed standing rules shall be available to delegates when they arrive at the Annual Meeting. iii. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall instruct the proceedings, except where standing rules so direct. ARTICLE III


Section 3.1. The Superintendent a. Responsibilities. The Superintendent shall be the pastor and chief executive officer of the Conference, supervising and promoting its work in accordance with the decisions of the Annual Meeting, and under the direction of the Executive Board. In accomplishing such, the Superintendent shall provide particular leadership in the areas of mission, pastoral care, congregational support, executive operations, and coordination with the ministries and resources of the ECC. The Superintendent shall provide personnel supervision for all positions employed by the Conference. The Superintendent shall submit a written report to the Annual Meeting. The Superintendent may sign all necessary legal documents as required by law. b. Administrative Assignments. The Superintendent shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Board except when the Executive Board is acting as the Nominating Committee for naming candidates for the office of Conference Superintendent, in which case the Superintendent shall not participate, and except when the Executive Board is performing a job appraisal for the

66 Superintendent, in which case the Board may meet in executive session apart from the Superintendent and other ex officio members and advisors. The Superintendent shall be an ex officio member of all boards, commissions, committees, institutions, and corporations of the Conference. c. Nomination of Conference Superintendent. Candidates for Conference Superintendent shall be ordained ministers of the ECC in good standing. The Executive Board shall serve as the Search Committee. The Executive Board shall put forward one nominee after the concurrence of the Executive Board of the ECC. The President of the ECC shall serve as an advisor to the process for the selection of a nominee, with privilege of attendance and voice at all meetings. d. Election. A two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting shall be required for election. All voting shall be by written ballot. Should the candidate fail to receive the required vote, the position shall be tilled temporarily under Section 3.1.1. of this article. A new nomination process for the permanent position shall proceed according to Section 3.1.c of this article. e.

Installation. The Conference Superintendent shall be installed in office at an Annual Meeting of the ECC and assume office on a date determined by the Conference Executive Board. f. Term and Tenure. The Superintendent shall serve for a term of 4 years. The Superintendent may be re-nominated for subsequent terms. g. Suspension. i. By vote of two-thirds of its elected members, the Executive Board may suspend the Superintendent The Executive Board may lift the suspension by vote of two-thirds of its elected members. ii.

Causes for suspension include failure to perform duties, malfeasance, misfeasance, immorality, indiscretion, unethical behavior, doctrinal error, breach of a fiduciary duty owed to the Conference, breach of a duty of confidentiality owed to the Conference, or breach of a duty of loyalty owed to the Conference.

iii. Suspension may be with or without pay as the Executive Board may determine. iv. After a suspension, the Executive Board may appoint a person to serve in the capacity of the suspended person on an interim basis. v.

If a person is still under suspension at the time of the second Annual Meeting following suspension, the Executive Board shall submit the matter to the Annual Meeting, which shall either remove the suspended person for cause by majority vote or reinstate the suspended person with or without back pay. The Executive Board may, in its discretion, submit the matter to the Annual Meeting at the first Annual Meeting following suspension.

h. Vacancies. The Executive Board shall declare the position of Superintendent vacant upon the removal, resignation, permanent incapacity, or death of the person holding that position. i. Removal. The Superintendent can be removed only by majority vote of the Annual Meeting. j. Resignation. The Superintendent may resign upon written notice to the Executive Board. k. Permanent Incapacity. The Executive Board shall develop a policy for determining permanent incapacity. 1. Filling Vacancies. In the event of a vacancy in the position of Superintendent, the Executive Board shall appoint an acting Superintendent. The acting Superintendent shall perform all the duties of the Superintendent, and when so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the limitations of the Superintendent. The permanent position shall be filled in a reasonable and expeditious time period. Section 3.2. Associate Superintendent(s). The Conference may have an Associate Supcrintendent(s). If the Conference has an Associate Superintendent(s), he or she shall be a pastor and officer of the Alaska

67 Conference, supervising and promoting its work under the direction of the Executive Board, having the following responsibilities and administrative assignments: a. Responsibilities. Associate Superintendent(s) shall work with and be responsible to the Superintendent. In accomplishing such, the Associate Supenntendent(s) shall provide particular leadership in areas designated by the Executive Board. The Associate Superintendent(s) shall submit a written report to the Annual Meeting. b. Administrative Assignments. The Associate Superintendent(s) shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Board except when the Executive Board is acting as the Search Committee for naming candidates for the office of Conference Superintendent or Associate Superintendent(s), in which case the Associate Superin ten dent (s) shall not participate, and except when the Executive Board is performing a job appraisal for the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent(s), in which case the Board may meet in executive session apart from all the ex-officio members and advisors. The Associate Superintendent(s) shall fill the Superintendent's role as an ex officio member of all boards, commission, committees, institutions, and corporations of the Conference when the Superintendent cannot be present. Upon death or incapacity of the Superintendent, the Executive Board shall designate an Associate Superintendent as acting Superintendent until a successor Superintendent is elected. c. Selection. Candidates for Associate Superintendent(s) shall be credentialed ministers of the ECC in good standing. The Executive Board shall serve as the Search Committee and shall take the final selection of any candidate. Section 3.3. Chair. The Chair shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and sessions of the Annual Meeting, sign all necessary legal documents on behalf of the Conference, and provide that all measures adopted by the Executive Board or the Annual Meeting are properly executed. Section 3.4. Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair and serve as the Chair when the Chair is absent or unable to perform the duties of the Chair. The Vice Chair shall chair the Personnel Committee of the Executive Board. Section 3.5. Secretary. The Secretary shall perform the duties of a corporate secretary. The secretary shall record and preserve minutes from each meeting of the Executive Board and Annual Meeting, sign all necessary legal documents as required by law, and attend to such correspondence as is necessary to carry out the decisions of the Annual Meeting and Executive Board. Section 3.6. Treasurer. The treasurer shall perform the general duties of a corporate treasurer as the responsible financial officer of the Conference. The treasurer shall submit complete and accurate reports on Conference finances to the Executive Board and to the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee of the Executive Board. Section 3.7. The Executive Board may establish additional assistant positions to the offices of secretary and treasurer. ARTICLE IV

Executive Board

Section 4.1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall function as the board of directors for the corporation as defined under AS 10.20.081 of the Alaska Statutes and shall coordinate and implement the common mission of the Conference as developed and articulated by the Annual Meeting, this Constitution and Bylaws, and the mission planning processes of the Conference and ECC. The Executive Board shall carry out its work with an integrity and character consistent with Christian principles. Within this authority and in the course of its duties, the Executive Board shall a. be responsible for ensuring that the policies and decisions of the Annual Meeting are carried out; b. approve an agenda for each session of the Annual Meeting and recommend it to the Annual Meeting; c. approve a proposed annual budget for the Conference and recommend it to the Annual Meeting;

68 d. determine policies and procedures for the appointment and termination of Conference staff, including establishment of salaries and other terms of employment of all employees of the Conference; e. assign ex officio and advisor responsibilities for Conference staff on boards, commissions, and committees consistent with other provisions in the Bylaws; f. delegate such responsibility for the administration of the Conference as may be required by the temporary absence or temporary incapacity of an officer or staff member of the Conference, unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws; g. approve the fiscal policy of the Conference; h. approve the acquisition, encumbrance, and disposition of the property and assets of the Conference; i. promote coordination among the Conference, the ministries of the ECC, and the corporations and institutions of both; j. approve the salaries of those in service to the Conference; k. approve the salaries of the executive leader of any affiliated corporations or institutions; 1. adopt a policy concerning insurance coverage and risk management practices for the Conference; m. establish Conference ministries; n. recommend the establishment of commissions to the Annual Meeting when needed to accomplish Conference ministries; o. be known as the Board of Directors or Trustees of the Conference when law or legal instruments require action by the Board of Directors or Trustees of the Conference; p. comply with and be responsible for ensuring that the Conference complies with all applicable laws; q. appoint members to fill unexpired terms on the Executive Board, commissions, and committees of the Conference; r. organize among itself committees necessary to accomplish its task; and s. perform other duties consistent with, and as set forth in these Bylaws. Section 4.2. Composition, Selection and Term of the Executive Board. a.

Number and Composition. i.

The Executive Board shall have six (6) to nine (9) members elected by the Annual Meeting, determined by the Annual Meeting upon recommendation of the Executive Board.

ii. The composition shall be reflective of the constituencies of the Conference and shall have the following geographic representation, provided however that no congregation shall have more than two elected members: a) Up to three (3) representatives from member congregations in the Y-K Delta; and b) Up to three (3) representatives from member congregations in the Norton Sound; and c) Up to three (3) representatives from member congregations in the road system. iii. At least one third of the elected members of the Executive Board shall be lay. At least one third of the elected members of the Executive Board shall be clergy. iv. llie Superintendent and any Associate Sup crin ten dent (s) shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Board. v.

Each commission shall have one advisor to the Executive Board. The Executive Board may designate additional advisors from the Conference staff.

b. Term of Office. Each elected member of the Executive Board shall be elected for a term of three years. Each term shall begin immediately following the Annual Meeting at which the member was elected. Terms shall be staggered in such a way that no more than one-third of the Executive Board is elected in any given year, except in the event of the removal, resignation, permanent incapacity, or death of a member. An elected member of the Executive Board shall not be elected for more than

69 two consecutive three-year terms. Section 4.3. Officers of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall elect a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer from among its members. Each officer of the Executive Board shall be an elected member of the Executive Board. These officers shall also serve in the same capacity for the Annual Meeting. Section 4.4. Meetings. a. b.

c. d. e.

The Executive Board shall hold at least three regular meetings in each calendar year. Notice of each regular meeting shall be sent to each member of the Executive Board at least thirty days in advance. The Executive Board may hold special meetings. A special meeting may be called upon the written approval of four elected members of the Executive Board, by the chair, or by the Superintendent. Notice of each special meeting shall be sent to each member of the Executive Board at least fourteen days in advance, except in emergencies. A majority of the elected and ex-officio members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for any regular or special meeting of the Board or its committees. At any meeting, the Executive Board may hold executive sessions from which any or all advisors may be excluded. When the Executive Board is reviewing the performance or compensation of the Superintendent, the Executive Board shall exclude from its meeting all ex officio members and all advisors. The President of the ECC shall not be excluded.

Section 4.5. Liaisons from the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall appoint elected members of the Executive Board to serve as liaisons to and ex-officio members of the commissions of the Conference. Each commission shall have only one ex officio member from the Executive Board. A member of the Executive Board may serve as liaison to only one commission. Section 4.6. Standing Administrative Committees. The Executive Board shall have the following standing administrative committees: Executive, Finance and Personnel. Each standing administrative committee shall have three members who are elected members of the Executive Board and up to two additional members appointed by the Executive Board. a. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall i. be composed of the chair, vice chair, secretary, Superintendent and Associate Superintendent; ii. develop and recommend agenda for the board meetings; iii. make recommendations concerning policy and procedures for all Conference entities and; iv. take any action delegated to it by the Executive Board that can legally be delegated to it. b.

Finance Committee. The Finance Committee shall i.


develop and recommend to the Executive Board policies concerning the financial governance of the Conference; ii. make recommendations concerning financial matters for which the Executive Board is responsible; and iii. take any actions delegated to it by the Executive Board that can legally be delegated to it. Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee shall i.

develop and recommend to the Executive Board policies concerning the employment, performance, and compensation of officers and employees of the Conference;

70 ii.

review and make recommendations concerning the performance and compensation of the superintendent and other executive staff of the Conference;

iii. review and make recommendations concerning the compensation of any other persons whose compensation is required to be approved by the Executive Board; and iv. take any actions delegated to it by the Executive Board that can legally be delegated to it. ARTICLE V

Conference Ministries

Section 5.1. The Executive Board, as the agent of the Annual Meeting, may establish and govern particular ministries to accomplish the mission of the Conference. Section 5.2. Standing Commissions. a.

b. C.




The Executive Board, upon approval of the Annual Meeting, may establish standing commissions to coordinate and make recommendations on Conference ministries assigned to them. The Executive Board shall delineate the scope of the responsibilities for each commission. Each commission shall consist of at least six members. The Annual Meeting shall elect members to each commission for terms of three years, except as provided in the Bylaws. The Executive Board may appoint such ex officio members and advisors as may be appropriate. No elected member shall serve for more than two consecutive full terms. Each commission shall establish working rules and submit them to the Executive Board for approval, meet at least once a year, submit recommendations to the Executive Board, present reports to the meetings of the Executive Board, and present a written report to Annual Meeting. Each standing commission shall not exist for more than five years unless the Annual Meeting takes action to extend the life of a commission for another period not to exceed five years. A commission may be renewed an indefinite number of times. During the fifth year of a commission's term, it shall have opportunity to present a rationale to the Executive Board for its continuance or dissolution, which shall then make recommendation to the Annual Meeting. The list of standing commissions shall be kept current by the secretary and published annually.

Section 5.3. Special Commissions. a. The Annual Meeting or the Executive Board may establish special commissions to coordinate, study, and make recommendations on matters assigned to them. A special commission shall be responsible to the body that established it. b. Each special commission shall be limited to a specific period of time, but may be extended by the body that established it c. The members of a special commission shall be appointed by the Executive Board. d. A list of the special commissions shall be kept current by the secretary and published annually. Section 5.4. Permanent Commissions. a.

The Annual Meeting may establish permanent commissions. These shall be identified in this article of the Bylaws, including responsibilities, composition, selection and accountability. b. Nominating Commission. i. The Nominating Commission shall prepare the ballot for the Annual Meeting with at least one, but no more than two, nominees for each elected Executive Board position and each elected Commission position to be filled. (a) One additional candidate may be nominated from the floor, for a maximum of three candidates per elected position. If more than one additional candidate is nominated from die floor, a vote shall be held among those so nominated. The nominee with the plurality of



votes shall stand on the ballot along with the Nominating Commission nominee. (b) Voting shall be accomplished by written ballot. A majority vote shall be needed for election. In the event of more than two nominees where no majority is received, a runoff shall be held between the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes. The Nominating Commission shall make recommendations to the Executive Board for any appointed positions on boards or commissions to be filled.

iii. The Nominating Commission shall be appointed by the Executive Board. It shall consist of an Executive Board member as chair, two additional clergy members of the Conference, and two additional lay members of the Conference. ARTICLE VI

Institutions. Corporations, and Associations

Section 6.1. Institutions and Corporations. Upon recommendation of the Executive Board, the Annual Meeting may establish institutions and corporations to help accomplish the mission of the Conference. These Bylaws shall be amended to add and include the name, purpose, matters requiring Executive Board approval, and matters requiring Conference Annual Meeting approval, for each institution or corporation established. a.

Reserved Powers. The Executive Board shall serve as the Member of all affiliated corporations of the Conference. For the current affiliated corporations, the Conference shall have the following reserved powers, which may not be changed or amended by the affiliated corporations without the express approval of the Conference: i. Arctic Broadcasting Association (ABA) a) Appoint and remove directors; b) Amend the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws; ii. Alaska Christian College (ACC) a) Appoint and remove directors; b) Amend the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws; c) Approve the appointment of President and to consult with the President and directors on the policies of the corporation. d) In the event of a transfer of Membership, or sale or transfer of the Corporation to any non-Evangelical Covenant Church related entity, the Corporation, by twothirds vote of the Board of Directors, shall recommend such transfer or sale to the Members. Prior to making this recommendation, the Directors shall consult with the Members. e) In the event the Members accept the recommendation of the Corporation, they shall recommend such affiliation to the Executive Board of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Prior to making such affiliation/transfer or sale, the Members shall obtain the approval of the Executive Board of the Evangelical Covenant Church. iii. Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) a) Appoint and remove directors; b) Amend the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; c) Ratify the appointment of an CYAK director and to consult with the CYAK director and directors on the policies of the corporation; d) Approve the purchase or sale of property; e) Approve the mortgaging, pledging or leasing of property'; f) Approve the incurring of liabilities or borrowing of money, iv. Covenant Bible Camp (CBC) a) Appoint and remove directors; b) Amend the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws; c) Ratify the appointment of an Executive Camp Director and to consult with the Executive Camp Director and directors on the policies of the corporation;

72 d) Approve the purchase or sale of property; e) Approve the mortgaging, pledging or leasing of property; f) Approve the incurring of liabilities or borrowing of money. Section 6.2 Associations. Associations are self-governing groups of individuals, congregations, and ministries united for tine purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and the advancement of a specific mission. a. The following arc ECCAK associations: i. Ministerial Association of Alaska ii. Covenant Women b. A group seeking to be recognized as an official association by the Conference shall make a written request for approval by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may withdraw recognition of an association. c. Associations shall operate under their respective Constitutions as approved by the Executive Board and shall be subject in their activities to its approval. d. Each association shall submit such written reports to the Executive Board as may be required but not limited to, annual financial review, annual operating budget and plan, and interim financial statements and operating results. A copy of the minutes of all meetings and associations shall be filed with the Conference Superintendent.

e. Each association shall submit a written report to the annual meeting of the General Assembly. ARTICLE VII


Section 7.1. Proposed amendments shall be in harmony with the ECC Constitution and Bylaws. Section 7.2. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed in the following ways. a.

A delegate may introduce a proposed amendment to these Bylaws in writing at an Annual Meeting. Such proposed amendments cannot be acted upon until the next Annual Meeting.

b. The Executive Board may propose an amendment to these Bylaws in writing at least 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting for action at that Annual Meeting. A delegate may forward a proposed amendment to the Executive Board prior to that time for Executive Board consideration. Section 7.3. At least ninety days before the Annual Meeting when final action is to be taken on a proposed amendment to these Bylaws, the secretary shall send a copy of each proposed amendment to each congregation and shall cause the text of each proposed amendment to be published in an official print publication of the Conference and in any electronic media that the Conference regularly uses for communication with congregations and members of congregations. Section 7.4. A proposed amendment shall be adopted upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the delegates present and voting at the Annual Meeting. ARTICLE_Vni Indemnification and Insurance Section 8.1. As permitted or required by applicable law and as provided in these Bylaws, the Conference shall indemnify and provide liability insurance for any person acting as an officer, director, employee, or agent of the ECC or of any corporation or other entity established by the ECC. The Executive Board of the ECC shall adopt such policies and take such actions as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this article.


Fiscal Year

Section 9.1. The fiscal year shall be determined by the Annual Meeting upon recommendation of the Executive Board. ARTICLE X

Annual Financial Review

Section 10.1. The accounts of the Conference shall be reviewed annually by individuals appointed by the Executive Board.


THE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH OF ALASKA Amended Match 25, 2012 Preamble (Historical Statement from the Constitution and Bylaws of the Evangelical Covenant Church) The Evangelical Covenant Church has its roots in historical Christianity, as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century. These three influences have-in large measure shaped its development and are to be borne in mind in seeking to understand its distinctive spirit. The Covenant Church adheres to the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Holy Scriptures, the Old and the New Testament, as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith doctrine, and conduct. It has traditionally valued the historic confessions of the Christian church, particularly the Apostle's Creed, while at the same time it has emphasized the sovereignty of the Word over all creedal interpretations. It has especially cherished the pietistic restatement of the doctrine of justification by faith as basic to its dual task of evangelism and Christian nurture, the New Testament emphasis upon personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, the reality of a fellowship of believers which recognizes but transcends theological differences, and the belief in baptism and the Lord's Supper as divinely ordained sacraments of the church. While the denomination has traditionally practiced the baptism of infants, in conformity with its principle of freedom it has given room to divergent views. The principle of personal freedom, so highly esteemed by the Covenant, is to be distinguished from the individualism that disregards the centrality of the Word of God and the mutual responsibilities and disciplines of the spiritual community. The Covenant Church in order to accomplish its objectives has formulated and adopted a Constitution and Bylaws. This document seeks to clarify and interpret the derivation of rights and responsibilities and the proper exercise thereof and sets forth the name, confession, membership, objectives, Officers; administration, and meetings of the meetings of the Covenant. The Constitution recognizes that the highest constituted authority of the Covenant is the general assembly known as the Annual Meeting of the Covenant which assembly alone can adopt and amend the Constitution and Bylaws. Together the Articles of Incorporation of the Covenant, the laws of the State of Illinois, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Covenant shall constitute the law governing The Evangelical Covenant Church.

75 Article: I

NAME The name of this body shall be the Rvangelical Covenant Church of Alaska [ECCAK] and shall be known as a regional church. Article II AFFILIATION This regional church shall be a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Article III CONFESSION This regional church believes in the Holy Scriptures the Old and the New Testaments, as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. Article IV OBJECTIVES Section 1. llie objectives of this regional church shall be to propagate the Gospel in accordance with the precepts of Christ and His apostles and to promote Christ-like life among the churches and their members as well as to apply the Gospel in ever)' area of life within the State of Alaska.

Section 2. For the accomplishment of these objectives, this regional church in cooperation with the Evangelical Covenant Church may:

a) Formulate policies for its ministry within the State of Alaska, b) Organize, build, and develop local churches. c) Own, operate and maintain camps and other facilities for Christian education and benevolence,

d) Own, operate, and maintain institutions e) Acquire and own by purchase, gift or granl such real property as may he necessary1 to carry out these objectives.

76 Article V MEMBERSHIP Section 1. Local Churches: Membership in this regional church is open to any Evangelical Christian Church which is in accord with the tradition of the Evangelical Covenant Church as stated in the Preamble of this constitution and which meets the requirements stated in this constitution. Article VI ADMINISTRATION Section 1. General Administration: a) The general administration of this regional church shall be vested in a body known as the General Council, elected by and responsible to the official meetings of this regional church. b) The General Council shall consist of nine elected members. The Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism and the Field Director of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska shall also be members of the General Council. c) The General Council shall designate from its membership a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and other such officers as the By-laws provide. These officers shall be the officers of this corporation. Section 2. Administrative Boards: The institutions of this regional church shall be incorporated; however, the administrative boards of these institutions shall be appointed by the General Council who shall seek the counsel of the Annual Meeting of this regional church. Section 3. Committees: The General Council may appoint committees for specific responsibilities and determine the size, duties, and term of said committees. Section 4. Quorum: A majority of the members of each shall constitute a quorum of the General Council, Administrative Boards, and committees. Section 5. Vacancies: Any office which has been vacated shall be filled by the appointment of the remaining council members at the next meeting of the General Council and such replacement shall serve until the vacated term is expired or his or her successor is elected and qualified. The appointment shall be ratified at the next annual meeting of the regional church. In the event that the appointment is not ratified, the delegates may elect a person to serve the remainder of the term of the vacated position. Article VII MEETINGS Section 1. The highest constituted authority of this regional church shall be the Annual Meeting of this regional church.

Section 2. The Annual Meeting shall be held at such time and place as specified in the By-laws. Section 3. The Annual Meeting shall elect members to the General Council, receive reports from the General Council, the Administrative Boards, and committees and act upon the report from

77 auditors of the preceding fiscal year and conduct such other business as may properly come before it. Section 4. Special meetings may be called according to procedures specified in the By-laws. Section 5. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the duly accredited delegates shall constitute a quorum at the Annual and special meetings of this regional church. Article VII PROPERTY In the event of schism within this regional church, from which we earnestiy pray God to spare us, the title of all property, real or personal, shall remain with the group which abides by this constitution. In the event of dissolution, the property and all assets shall become the property of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Article IX AMENDMENTS Amendments in harmony with this constitution and not in conflict with Covenant Principles and Policies may be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) plurality of those present and voting in an Annual Meeting of this regional church, providing the proposed amendment was presented in written form at the preceding Annual Meeting of this regional church, and further providing that approval is also granted by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee.

78 BY-LAWS Article I MEETINGS Section 1. The Annual or special meetings of this regional church shall be composed of only accredited delegates whose credentials have been certified by the General Council or a committee appointed by the General Council. Section 2. Representation: a) Member churches shall be entitled to two (2) delegates and one (1) pastoral delegate. They shall be members of the church they represent. b) Members of the General Council shall be delegates. c) The Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee shall be a delegate. d) The Field Director of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska shall be a delegate. e) No person may be a delegate in more than one category and no delegate may serve in such a manner that the delegate shall be entitled to more than one (1) vote. f) The Arctic Broadcasting Association shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. g) The Alaska Christian College shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. h) Covenant Youth of Alaska shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. i) Covenant Bible Camp shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. Section 3. The time, date, and place of the Annual Meeting and special meetings of this regional church shall be as designated by the General Council not less than ninety (90) days prior to said meeting. A notification of said meeting shall be sent not less than sixty (60) days prior to said meeting to member churches and ex-officio members of this regional church. Section 4. Special Meetings: Special meetings of this regional church may be called by the General Council provided that notification as to time, date, and place shall comply with the provision of Section 3 of this Article and, in addition said notification shall include the reason for the convention of the special meeting Section 5. Agenda: The agenda for the annual and special meetings of this regional church shall be prepared by the General Council. Article II GENERAL COUNCIL Section 1. a) Only members in good standing of member churches and staff of incorporated ministries are eligible for nomination or election as a member of the ECCAK General Council. b) All nominations for General Council members made from the floor at an ECCAK Annual Meeting shall require a second. The delegate making the nomination shall provide descriptive information similar in scope and content to the information provided by the General Council on other candidates being nominated at the Annual Meeting. Once this

79 information has been made available to the delegation, the nominated candidate can then be considered as a write-in candidate on the ballot. c) Elected members of the General Council shall serve for three (3) year terms and be elected in such a manner- that the terms of one-third (1/3) shall expire each year. Elected members shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. Section 2. Working Rules: The General Council shall have the power to establish and change its working rules including the fixing of time, date, and place of its meetings. Scction_3. The General Council shall: a) Following the Annual meeting of this regional church, elect a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such other officers, which it deems necessary, who shall serve as the officers of this corporation. b) Exercise general supervision of the work of this regional church and act on behalf of it between meetings. c) Adopt a coordinated budget which must be ratified by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee. d) Prepare and recommend the agenda for all meetings of this regional church. e) Administer the property and the treasury of this regional church. f) Approve the Board of Directors of all institutions of this regional church with the advice of the annual meeting of this regional church. g) Provide for an independent annual audit of the records of this corporation for presentation to the Annual Meeting of this regional church. Section 4. The General Council may: a) Purchase from time to time such real or personal property as may be required for the work or activities of this regional church and its institutions, as determined by decision of a meeting of this regional church or by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the General Council and ratified by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee. b) Participate in the financing of any project as may be required for the work and activities of this regional church including the giving of a mortgage or deed of trust as collateral for said indebtedness, provided that this action is ratified by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee. c) Sell and convey, with full power and authority, any and all real estate or personal property belonging to this corporation which is not necessary for corporate purposes for such price and at such terms as the General Council may deem proper and for the best interest of this regional church. This authorization shall include the execution of deeds of conveyance and all other documentation as may be necessary or required to convey good title to real or personal property sold by said General Council. The above authorization is granted provided said action has been approved by a meeting of the regional church or by a two-thirds (2/3) plurality of the members of the General Council and ratified by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee. d) Establish and appoint the membership of Administrative Boards and committees which it deems necessary for the administration of the affairs of this regional church.

80 e) Employ and fix compensation for such persons as may be necessary to carry on the affairs of this regional church.

Article III OFFICERS Section 1. Tenure: The term for each corporate office shall be one (1) year, however, each officer may serve a maximum of three (3) successive terms in the same office. Each officer shall serve until a successor is elected. Section 2. Chairperson: The Chairperson shall preside over meetings of this regional church and it's General Council. Duties include the signing and imprinting of the corporate seal on all official and/or legal documents that require the signature of the chief executive officer of this corporation. Section 3. Secretary: The Secretary shall perform the duties of a corporate secretary. Duties are to record and preserve the proceedings of all meetings of this regional church and its General Council, and to sign and imprint the corporate seal on such official and/or legal documents as they require the Secretary's signature. The Secretary shall give official notice of meetings of this regional church and it's General Council. Upon the expiration of the Secretary's term of office, the secretary shall surrender and deliver all records in possession to the successor of this office. Section 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall perform the duties of monitoring all funds and securities of this regional church and disbursements as authorized by General Council and the ECCAK Regional Field Director. The Treasurer shall monitor all accounts and deposits of all funds in such financial institutions as the General Council may direct. The Treasurer shall render a comprehensive annual report to the annual meeting of the regional church and submit for audit the records and reports as the General Council shall require. Upon expiration of the Treasurer's term of office, the treasurer shall train his/her successor on all records in the ECCAK office's possession Article IV ADMINISTRATIVE BOARDS Section 1. General Provisions a) Although the institutions of this regional church such as the Arctic Broadcasting Association shall be incorporated, the administrative boards, which may be called Boards of Directors, of these institutions shall be appointed by the General Council which shall seek the counsel of the Annual Meeting of this regional church. b) The Administrative Boards shall consist of srx (6) members, except those of the Arctic Broadcasting Association which shall have ten (10) members. Members appointed by the General Council shall be appointed in such a manner that the terms of not more than sixty percent (60%) shall expire in any year and shall serve for terms of two (2) years. The chief executive officer of each institution shall serve as an ex-officio member of the respective administrative board. The Held Director of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska and the Executive

81 Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee shall be ex-officio members of each administrative board. c) Each administrative board shall secure the ratification of the General Council for the employment of the Chief Executive Officer of the institution for which it is appointed. The administrative board shall fix the compensation and conditions of employment of its employees except that of the Chief Executive Officer which shall be ratified by the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee. d) Each administrative board shall submit a budget to the General Council which shall have full authority to accept, reject, or modify the budget thus submitted for inclusion of the coordinated budget of this regional church. c) Each administrative board shall organize as it deems appropriate.

Article V COMMITTEES Section 1. The General Council may appoint committees and structure said committees, as the General Council may deem appropriate. Section 2. All committees shall cease to exist at the next subsequent Annual Meeting of this regional church except that said Annual Meeting may choose to expressly extend the life of a committee. No Annual Meeting, however, may extend the life of a committee beyond the next subsequent annual meeting.

Article VI FISCAL YEAR The fiscal year shall be determined by the General Council in consultation with the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and Evangelism or a designee.

Article VII RULES OF ORDER The proceedings of meetings of this regional church, its General Council, its administrative boards, and its committees shall be governed by and conducted in accordance with the latest edition of Roberts Ruks of Order except as otherwise provided herein. Article VIII AMENDMENTS Amendments to these By-laws shall be submitted in writing to the General Council not less than ninety (90) days prior to an annual meeting of this regional church. The General Council shall submit these amendments in writing to the members of this corporation not less than sixty (60) days prior to said annual meeting and shall provide comment and recommendations together with notification regarding the proposed amendments. All amendments shall require the ratification bv the Executive Secretary of the Department of Church Growth and E.vangelism or a designee.

2014 ECCAK Annual Meeting Book  
2014 ECCAK Annual Meeting Book  

2014 documents for annual meeting, April 5, 2014