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It's the day of Sharon and Jack's wedding. Still fearful that Phil could tell if he does anything to ruin the day. Jack also has a run-in with Phil, warn tion and soon puts her foot in it by mentioning the row in front of Sharon. message for Jack to urgently meet her there. Jack fears it's all about to h Sharon just wants his reassurance that he loves her. Both Jack and Shar knot, later, a nervous Sharon heads towards the club to get married. Her his congratulations. As Tanya and Sharon stand in the office, Tanya gives thing. Sharon assures Tanya that she loves Jack and can't wait to marry Jack and the registrar. Sharon appears delighted about what's to come, b can't marry her! Meanwhile, Ian takes charge of the wedding catering at to help, Ian loses patience and sends them both away. However, when Ia help.

Jack about their kiss, Sharon warns him that she'll never forgive him ning him not to tell Sharon about Ronnie. Poppy witnesses the alterca. Concerned, Sharon heads towards the playground while leaving a hit the fan when he receives the message, but he's relieved when ron seem determined that they're doing the right thing by tying the r smile fades when she sees Phil waiting for her, but he simply offers s her friend one last chance to think about if she is doing the right him. Emerging in front of the wedding guests, Sharon walks towards but she's soon left devastated when Jack suddenly declares that he The Vic and gives Jean menial tasks to do. When Jean asks Shirley an makes a rookie error with the food, he's forced to beg Jean for

Locked in the R&R office together, Phil and Jack start winding each other up. However, their bickering is interrupted when Jack's phone rings and it's Ronnie's name on the screen. Jack ignores the call, but Phil questions why Ronnie would be calling and questions whether Jack really has moved on from his ex-wife. Ronnie then leaves a voicemail, so Phil grabs Jack's phone and listens to what she has to say. In doing so, Phil discovers that Jack secretly met up with Ronnie earlier that day. Jack insists that there's nothing going on between him and Ronnie, but what will Phil do with this information? Soon afterwards, the hens arrive at R&R, wanting to give Sharon a proper send-off. When the stags find out that Sharon is at the club, they panic in case Jack is found in a compromising position with the stripper. It's not long before Jay and Dexter spot the stripper sitting outside the office, and they immediately realise something isn't right. As the reality of the situation begins to dawn on everyone, Sharon is filled with horror as she realises that Jack is locked inside the office with Phil. They kick the door down, but when they open it, Phil and Jack claim that everything is fine‌


ove rat Max Branning breaks his wife’s heart this week by telling her that he doesn't want to become a father again. It’s clear that things aren't panning out as Kirsty would like things to when Max desperately tries tp avoid discussing her pregnancy bombshell she just dropped. The situation get’s ten times worse when Max keeps it secret from Tanya + the kids. Max tells her he wants her to have an abortion. “Max thinks he’s being responsible by trying to resolve the situation before it gets any more complicated.” sighs Jake Wood—who plays Max. “Max is truly aware his true feelings are for Tanya. He doesn't want to have a baby with her as he might not be a proper dad to it.” Unfortunately, while Tanya remains resisant to him Max is hedging his bets by remaning in a relationship with Kirsty. After Lauren finds out about the unwanted pregnancy, Max begs his daughter to lie. It’s Lauren’s unwanted drinking habbits which bring Max and Tanya closer at Jack and Tanya’s wedding reception.

Will Ronnie Mitchell be returning anytime soon? We would love to say yes, but it is uncertain. Many are predicting she is back as she is being released but EastEnders producers could easily just say she bought a new house as she wants a fresh start. When is Janine back? Janine will return onto our screen on the 18th April! When will “Kat and Alfie get back together? Unfortunately, We don’t think they will. They will be seen onscreen arguing over the next few weeks. What happens with Max & Tanya? Kirsty is pregnant then Lauren finds out and stupidly tells her mother, Tanya decides its all too much, and leaves the square for the foreseeable future. When are Grant, Peggy, Stacey, Ryan, Anthony coming back? All cast have left the show to go on with other projects with the exception of Anthony who was axed. The door has been left open for most of them.

"EastEnders’ and related images are registered trademarks of and © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). We are just a fan site and we do not make any profit nor do we intend to. All images copyright EastEnders 2013. EastEnders is one of the BBC's most popular programmes, with an average of over 8 million viewers per episode. The show first aired on 19th February 1985 with two episodes being shown a week. It now has four episodes a week on BBC One. Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale. If you miss the show, there are always repeats on BBC 3, and there’s the BBC 1 omnibus on Sunday afternoons. All the programmes are available for seven days on the Eastenders website and BBC iPlayer. You have no excuses to fall behind!

EBSP Magazine Issue Two  

Wedding Special!

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