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Bereavement Services Guide for Bolton Council Cemeteries and Overdale Crematorium

This guide contains all the information you require to make the right choices for you and your family.

Bereavement Services Guide for Bolton Council Cemeteries and Overdale Crematorium Contents Page 1. Introduction 2. How can Bolton Bereavement Services help you? What to do when someone dies How do you register a death? 3. What to do in the first few days 4. Opening Times Grave Plots Family History Deceased Online 5-6. Cemeteries 7. Overdale Crematorium 8. Gardens of Remembrance Chapel of Meditation 9-10. Bereavement Memorials 10. Funeral Costs 11-13. Frequently Asked Questions 14. Checklist Tell Us Once Back Cover Useful Contact Information

Introduction Bolton's Bereavement Services provides a caring, sensitive and understanding service to bereaved families and their loved ones, offering support and advice regarding all aspects of funerals and memorials. Bereavement Services consists of Overdale Crematorium and seven cemeteries situated across Bolton. This brochure contains information regarding cremation and burial provision in Bolton, the range of memorials available, contact details, a history of the crematorium and cemeteries and advice for the bereaved.



How can Bolton Bereavement Services help you? We know just how difficult a time it can be when someone close to us dies. The feelings of shock, sadness, loss and bewilderment can take over our lives. It is also a time when there are so many things to be done, just when we feel least able to do them. Bolton Bereavement Services has produced this guide to help you through this difficult time. It provides guidance, support and reassurance and may help you to access information you will need to help you through your bereavement. In the guide we give you information that we know you are likely to need in the next few weeks and months. We suggest what the first priorities are; explain how, when, and where you register the death; offer help with arranging a funeral ceremony, and organisations and agencies you may need to contact. We let you know what is required by law and what your choices are within it. Losing a loved one presents many challenges and our bereavement guide gives some suggestions of organisations you might like to contact for support. We aim to provide a sympathetic, helpful and considerate service to help you make the necessary decisions and arrangements when someone dies. It is important to us that you have the best and clearest information and guidance to make sure that the arrangements you make are the ones that are best for you, your family and friends.

What to do when someone dies When someone dies, you will need to inform a number of people and organisations and complete certain documents needed by law. If you are a relative or friend you can do some of these things yourself, others will need to be done by the executor or administrator of the estate. There is plenty of support available to help you through this difficult time.

How do you register a death? A death within fivefive daysdays fromfrom whenwhen it occurred. This period be extended in exceptional deathmust mustbeberegistered registered within it occurred. This can period can be extended in circumstances and if the Coroner involved. registrationThe must take placemust in thetake district death exceptional circumstances and if is the CoronerThe is involved. registration placewhere in thethe district occurred. where the death occurred. If for you you to to get get to to the the appropriate appropriateRegister RegisterOffice, Office,you youmay mayvisit visityour yourlocal localoffice officeand anddeclare declarethe the If it it is is difficult difficult for necessary information. In this case the registration by declaration may result in a delay in the issue of the necessary information. In this case the registration by declaration may result in a delay in the issue of the document needed for the funeral arrangements. If you need further advice and help please telephone the document needed for the funeral arrangements. If you need further advice and help please telephone the Bolton RegisterOffice Officeon on01204 01204331185 331185 Bolton Register Registering thedeath deathwill willtake takeabout abouthalf half hour. They They can canalso alsoprovide provideinformation informationabout about the ‘Tell Once’ Registering the anan hour. the ‘Tell UsUs Once’ service, which enables you to report a death to most government organisations in one go. service, which enables you to report a death to most government organisations in one go.

For further help or advice, please call Bereavement Services on 01204 334499 or consult our website at

2 2

What to do in the first few days You won't be able to do everything right away but in the first few days it's important, if you can, to:  tell the family doctor.  contact a funeral director, if you intend to use one. If the death occurs at home or in a nursing home the funeral director will need to be contacted to move the deceased to a Chapel of Rest.  begin arrangements for the funeral.

You should check the will for any special requests.

 obtain a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death signed by a doctor or if the Coroner is involved take instructions from the Coroner's Officers regarding registration of the death.  register the death at the Register Office. You'll find details of how to do this in the section on registration on page 2.  if relevant, complete the reverse of the white BD8 form and send to the local Jobcentre Plus or Benefits Agency (given when you register the death). As early as possible:  contact the executor as soon as you can to enable him/her to start the process of obtaining probate if necessary. The executor is usually nominated in the will.  if there is no will, decide who will apply to sort out the deceased's affairs and contact the Probate Registry on 0300 123 1072 to apply for 'letters of administration' if necessary. Documents you will need in the first few days You’ll need need to to gather gather together together the the following followingdocuments documentsasassoon soonasaspossible possibletotoenable enableregistration registrationofofthe thedeath death You'll and to start funeral arrangements: and to start funeral arrangements:

 Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, signed by a doctor unless the Coroner is involved and there has been a Coroner's post mortem  birth certificate *  marriage/civil partnership certificates *  NHS Number/NHS Medical Card *  organ donor card (if appropriate) necessary to have these documents but you will need to provide information contained within them, e.g. date * ItItisisnot not necessary to have these documents but you will need to provide information contained within them, and place of deceased’s birth, spouse/civil partner’s full name, etc. e.g. date and place of deceased's birth, spouse/civil partner's full name, etc.



Bolton Council Crematorium and Cemeteries Opening Times Overdale Crematorium and Cemeteries Office Monday to Friday 8.15am - 4.30pm Book of Remembrance and Chapel of Meditation Weekdays 8.15am – 5.45pm Weekends / Bank Holidays 10am – 2pm Cemeteries January – March April – September October – December

9am – 4pm 9am – 8pm 9am – 4pm

Grave Plots All of the cemeteries currently have grave spaces available for purchase. Also available in all of the cemeteries are Cremated Remains plots. These are smaller grave plots designed to take up to four caskets of ashes and are for people who prefer cremation but like the idea of visiting and tending a grave in the cemetery. A 'headstone' type memorial can be erected on each plot. Graves are prepared by Bereavement Services and may need to be topped up with extra soil after approximately 3 months or sooner at your request. Grave plots may be purchased in advance before any burial. Please contact us on 01204 334499 for further details. When the exclusive right of burial in a grave is purchased a Deed of Grant is issued which you should keep in a safe place as you will need to produce it if the grave is required for further burials. Ground conditions do sometimes dictate how many burials can be accommodated in one grave but we always endeavour to provide graves to take up to three burials.

Family History Genealogy is a very popular activity and we receive a very high volume of enquiries from researchers. Although all the cemetery records are retained at Overdale there is not the space to accommodate public access therefore burial records can be viewed free of charge on microfilm at Bolton Museum on Le Mans Crescent by contacting the History Centre on 01204 332185. Once you have found a grave number and grant/deed number if you contact Overdale we can tell you who else is in the grave and help locate it for you in the cemetery. Depending on the complexity of the request you may be charged a search fee of £10.

Deceased Online Around 450,000 burial and cremation records for the Borough of Bolton are available online. Records date back to 1858, depending on location, and include details of all graves indicating those buried in each grave, scans of all burial registers and cemetery maps indicating approximate grave location. The service costs £2.00 to access burial and cremation records and from £2.50 for more detailed information. Further details are available at

4 4

Cemeteries Bolton Council Bereavement Services operates seven cemeteries across the Borough. For all enquiries regarding these cemeteries please contact the main office on 01204 334499 or by email to Heaton Cemetery (built 1879, covers 49.5 acres) Gilnow Road Bolton BL1 4LH

Heaton Cemetery Extension (opened 2010, covers 18 acres) Overdale Drive Bolton BL1 5BU

Heaton largest Cemetery in Bolton in terms Heaton Cemetery Cemeteryis the is the largest Cemetery in Bolton of area and nowadays is the busiest. It is anIt historic in terms of area and nowadays is the busiest. is an Victorian cemetery with with many memorials historic Victorian cemetery many grand grand memorials commemorating wealthy families families and andindividuals individuals commemorating the the wealthy synonymous with Bolton’s Bolton's rapid rapid expansion expansion during duringthe the synonymous with industrial revolution and development as a thriving town. industrial revolution and development as a thrivingIt is also of ofmodern Bolton's diverse diverse town. It is representative also representative modern Bolton’s communities with significant significant Ukrainian, Ukrainian, Polish, Polish,Latvian, Latvian, communities with Hindu and Muslim Sections in addition to the original large Hindu and Muslim Sections in addition to the original Roman Catholic, Church of England and Non-Conformist large Roman Catholic, Church of England and Nonareas. Conformist areas. Tonge Cemetery (built 1863, covers 32 acres) Cemetery Road Bolton BL2 6AQ Tonge Cemetery is the oldest municipal cemetery in Bolton and when it opened in 1863 was known simply as Bolton Cemetery. It was designed by William Henderson better known for his public park designs in the North West and is an interesting example of a mid 19th century cemetery. As such in 2003, English Heritage declared Tonge Cemetery to be of sufficient historical interest to be listed in The Register of Parks & Gardens as a Grade II site. Astley Bridge Cemetery (built 1884, covers 10 acres) Eden Street Bolton BL1 6NU Astley Bridge Cemetery is a small suburban cemetery that has served the locality for over 130 years. The entrance to the cemetery is dominated by a number of imposing, ornate graves associated with the travelling community. The cemetery also has a large Catholic section including a number of graves owned by the Salesian College.

5 5

Ridgmont Ridgmont Cemetery Cemetery(built (built1928, 1928,covers covers12.5 12.5acres) acres) Chorley Chorley Old Old Road Road Horwich Horwich BL6 6BD 6BD Ridgmont Ridgmont Cemetery Cemetery isis the the newest newest of of the the Council Council Cemeteries, Cemeteries, opening opening in in the the late late 1920s. 1920s. ItItisisininaapleasant pleasantlocation locationwith withstunning stunning views views over over the the whole whole town townand andsurrounding surroundingcountryside countrysidefrom fromthe the top of of the the cemetery. cemetery.

Westhoughton Westhoughton Cemetery Cemetery(built (built1858, 1858,covers covers10 10acres) acres) School School Street Street Westhoughton Westhoughton BL5 2BG 2BG Westhoughton Westhoughton Cemetery Cemetery adjoins adjoins StSt Bartholomew's Bartholomew's Church, Church,also also known known as as Westhoughton Westhoughton Parish Parish Church. Church. ItIt has has served served the the community community of of Westhoughton Westhoughtonfor forover over150 150years yearsand andthe theland landput put aside aside for for an an extension extensionto tothe thecurrent currentcemetery cemeterywill willensure ensurethat thatthis this will continue continue for formany manyyears yearsto tocome. come. Within Within Westhoughton WesthoughtonCemetery Cemeteryisisaamemorial memorialtotothe the344 344men menand andboys boyskilled killedbybyananexplosion explosionatatthe thePretoria Pretoria PitPit in 1910, 1910, the the worst worst mining mining disaster disaster ever ever inin Lancashire Lancashireand andthe thethird thirdworst worstininBritish BritishHistory. History. A Aservice serviceofof Remembrance Remembranceisisheld heldin inthe theCemetery Cemeteryevery everyyear yearon onthe theanniversary, anniversary,21st 21stDecember. December.

Blackrod Blackrod Cemetery Cemetery(built (built1887, 1887,covers covers2.5 2.5acres) acres) Manchester Manchester Road Road Blackrod Blackrod BL6 5BD 5BD Blackrod Blackrod isis the the smallest smallest Council Council cemetery cemeteryininterms termsofofarea. area. ItItisisaa picturesque picturesque cemetery cemetery with with aa beautiful beautiful open open view view over over the the surrounding surrounding Lancashire Lancashirecountryside. countryside.

Farnworth Farnworth Cemetery Cemetery(built (built1876, 1876,covers covers22 22acres) acres) Darley Darley Street Street Farnworth Farnworth BL4 7QY 7QY Farnworth Farnworth Cemetery Cemetery isis an an open opencemetery cemeterythat thatborders bordersMoses MosesGate Gate Country Country Park. Park. The The cemetery cemetery isis made made up upofoflarge largeRoman RomanCatholic, Catholic, Non Conformist Conformistand andChurch Churchof ofEngland EnglandSections. Sections.

66 6

Overdale Crematorium Overdale Drive Heaton Bolton BL1 5BU Overdale opened in 1954, and the then Bolton Corporation had thought long and hard about the provision of cremation facilities to serve a large area and population. They decided to situate the crematorium in a secluded residential district readily accessible from all parts of Bolton but far enough from the main road networks to be quiet and restful, and for the most part overlooking open country. The crematorium was sited in Heaton, on the western side of the Borough and accessed from Chorley New Road. Over sixty years later, and despite new developments such as those along Overdale Drive, this foresight can still be appreciated today. The Gardens of Remembrance provide an atmosphere of tranquillity and peaceful charm greatly appreciated by visitors. East and West Chapels Each chapel has its own state of the art sound system and the facility for families to order any commercially available music or to provide their own music to ensure a personal touch to proceedings. For more traditional funerals each chapel also has its own organ. Both chapels also have a loop induction system installed for visitors who are hard of hearing. The East Chapel opened in 1968 and has seating for 50 mourners. It was refurbished and redecorated in March 2014.

7 7

The West Chapel is the original and larger chapel with seating for 75 mourners. It was refurbished and redecorated in Aug and Sept 2012.

Gardens of Remembrance Overdale is situated in nine acres of natural woodland and lawned gardens. It can be accessed without any actual contact with the Crematorium and away from any ongoing funerals. This secluded approach ensures the gardens have a dignified and peaceful charm and they have been designed to create a pleasant impression on visitors seeking a quiet area for meditation and restful retreat. Paths traverse the gardens in many directions, through mature wooded glades and lawned gardens. Such gardens give a wide choice to those who wish to have their loved one’s ashes scattered; appointments for this can be made by contacting the main office.

Chapel of Meditation The beautiful Chapel of Meditation was donated to Overdale in 1960 by Mr James Wigglesworth of Bolton. It is situated in a secluded part of the grounds away from the Crematorium itself. The chapel provides a fitting location for the display and preservation of the Book of Remembrance. Relatives can return here on anniversaries to view the inscriptions and honour the departed in a quiet, respectful atmosphere. It also provides a sanctuary for mourners who may feel the need for private meditation and contemplation. Floral tributes and cards can also be left here and this dignified chapel is a much used and appreciated facility.

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Bereavement Memorials at Overdale Bereavement Memorials at Overdale Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance The Book of Remembrance is situated in the Chapel of Meditation at Overdale. is a day by dayis record, month order, which The Book ofIt Remembrance situatedinindate the and Chapel of Meditation at displays the name of the deceased along with a personal message. The Overdale. It is a day by day record, in date and month order, which entry canthe be name 2, 5 orof8 the linesdeceased long, with the 5with anda8personal lines having the option displays along message. The of an illustration alongside. Our calligrapher can accommodate various entry can be 2, 5 or 8 lines long, with the 5 and 8 lines having the option designs from floral decorations, and crests to images ofvarious family of an illustration alongside. Our badges calligrapher can accommodate pets andfrom treasured designs floralmementos. decorations, badges and crests to images of family pets and treasured mementos. The book is on display 365 days a year and if families cannot visit on the anniversary itself, the 365 book cana year be turned to another date The book is on display days and if families cannot visitbyonprior the arrangement with the office. Entries in the Book are a permanent anniversary itself, the book can be turned to another date bylasting prior memorial andwith not subject to any further renewal arrangement the office. Entries in the Bookfees. are a permanent lasting

memorial and not subject to any further renewal fees. Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards Memorial Cards are an exact copy of an entry in the Book of Remembrance. Theyanareexact handmade folded Memorial Cards are copy ofand an available entry in on the aBook of Remembrance Card which is approximately 7 ¼” by 5 ¼” with a floral Remembrance. They are handmade and available on a folded cover design. Card which is approximately 7 ¼” by 5 ¼” with a floral Remembrance cover design.

Kerb Memorials Kerb Memorials Kerb memorials are available for a period of twenty years with the option to renew after that. They are for situated throughout gardens be Kerb memorials are available a period of twentythe years with and the can option placed in the same area as a loved one’s ashes. The memorial is made to renew after that. They are situated throughout the gardens and can be from honeycomb a flower in the topis of the placedpolished in the same area asgranite a lovedwith one’s ashes. holder The memorial made memorial and honeycomb has a tablet for inscription withholder roominfor or from polished granite with a flower the designs top of the photographs. memorial and has a tablet for inscription with room for designs or photographs.

Granite Vase Blocks Granite Vase Blocks These popular memorials are available in selected areas only in the gardens. The vase blocks are are available made from and income These popular memorials in polished selected granite areas only the with a polished tablet able to take two inscriptions with a number of gardens. The vase blocks are made from polished granite and come design options and a flower holder. They are available on a twenty year with a polished tablet able to take two inscriptions with a number of lease the option to renew. designwith options and a flower holder. They are available on a twenty year lease with the option to renew.

For more information or to purchase a memorial please contact Overdale Crematorium on 01204 334499. For more information or to purchase a memorial please contact Overdale Crematorium on 01204 334499.

9 9 9

Sanctum 2000 Above Ground Memorial Vault

This memorial provides an alternative to the scattering of ashes in the gardens. Each vault can accommodate up to two caskets of cremated remains, contained behind the attractive polished tablet, able to take inscriptions and many design options.

Mushroom Plaques

The Granite Mushrooms are free standing memorials in three different sizes. They range in size from the smallest three tablet mushroom to the four and five tablet variants. Circular tablets can accommodate a small inscription with gilded lettering.

Funeral Costs Many people have a pre-paid funeral plan or life insurance which may cover or help towards the cost of their funeral however for those that don’t have this in place the cost of a funeral can be a worry for their family. Some funeral directors now offer a simple, lower cost funeral which will enable you to give your loved one a dignified ceremony. Bolton Council currently offers a lower cost package that will include:     

All relevant fees, charges and administration Collection of the body and accommodation prior to burial or cremation Temporary embalming or hygienic treatment Oak Veneer Coffin with white lining and engraved plate Hearse to cemetery or crematorium

Additional services will be available for an extra charge. Please ask Bereavement Services staff for more information. There are also grants and other types of financial help available from the government to assist with funeral costs subject to specific eligibility criteria. Further details can be obtained from the Job Centre Plus or from the government’s website Additional Resources There are lots of organisations and charities that can provide advice at this difficult time – please see the back cover for a small selection, ask the Bereavement Services staff or contact your funeral director for further information.

For more information or to purchase a memorial please contact Overdale Crematorium on 01204 334499.

10 10

Frequently Asked Questions - Burials Q. Why are graves dug so deep? It’s distressing to see the coffin go down so deep. A. Graves have to be dug to a sufficient depth to allow for future burials to take place. Therefore the grave needs to be deep enough to allow not only for the depth of coffins / caskets that will be buried but also to accommodate legal requirements of undisturbed earth between each coffin and the amount of earth that must cover the last interment. Q. Are graves filled in straight after a funeral or are they left to the next day? A. Graves are normally prepared for burial at least one full day before the funeral and are covered overnight. The ICCM Guiding Principles for Burial Services states that immediately after the mourners have departed from the graveside, the grave shall be entirely backfilled and made tidy. This work is completed on the day of the burial and coffins are not left uncovered overnight. Q. I understand that some people wait while the grave is filled in. Why is this? A. Some cultures require that the grave is filled in while the family watch or they may wish to undertake the backfilling of the graves themselves. When families want this it is essential that the Bereavement Services office is made aware of their requirements when the burial is first arranged. This will ensure that the family’s wishes are met and that their safety is protected during the backfilling process. Q. Can anyone witness the grave being filled? A. Yes, but the Bereavement Services office will need to be advised of this before the funeral takes place so that they are prepared. Q. A.

I’ve bought a new grave. When will I be able to put a memorial onto it? Individual foundations are provided for memorials ideally these will be situated on un-dug ground behind the grave. In these circumstances, and with the use of ground anchors and fixings that comply with the National Association of Memorial Masons’ (NAMM) recommended Code of Practice, it is possible to erect a memorial almost immediately. On graves where the headstone is erected directly onto the excavated area of the grave the ground should be allowed to settle and consolidate before erecting a memorial. During this period the cemetery staff will monitor any sinkage that becomes apparent and top up periodically with topsoil until settlement ceases. This period may differ from cemetery to cemetery and section to section due to differing soil types and conditions. Even after settlement has ceased it is advisable to ensure that your memorial mason adopts the NAMM Code of Practice as mentioned above.

11 11

Q A.

Why have I been sold the grave for a set period of time? I want the grave forever! The law stipulates that graves cannot be sold for more than 100 years and authorities cannot go against the law. However the law does permit grant of ownership to be extended so you or your family can renew the right at the end of the current lease. In Bolton the lease is sold for 99 years.

Q A.

I own the grave – can anyone else be buried in it if I don’t want them to? No. Graves cannot be opened without the permission in writing of the registered owner of the grave. The only exception to this is where the burial is to be that of the registered owner in which case no written authority is required. The law protects your rights as registered owner of the grave.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cremations Q. How is acremation cremationarranged? arranged? A. The Cremation Regulations are complex and many people approach a funeral director immediately death occurs, and advise him that they wish to arrange a cremation. The funeral director will ensure that all the necessary statutory forms for cremation are obtained and presented to the crematorium. They will also make the practical arrangements for the collection of the deceased and will obtain the necessary medical certificates and provide help with registering the death. Q. Can a cremation be arranged without the services of a funeral director? A. Yes. The executor or nearest surviving relative may arrange the cremation service themselves. Please contact Overdale on 01204 334499 for advice regarding cremations and burials. Q. Do relatives need to decide at this stage about the disposal of the cremated remains? A. No, the funeral director will discuss this with you. The cremated remains can only be removed from the crematorium by a funeral director or the applicant for the funeral; they can be left at the crematorium for one month while a decision is made if you state this on the application form. You can then decide whether to remove the cremated remains or have them scattered at Overdale. Q. Can relatives witness the committal of the coffin to the cremator? A. Yes. The Bereavement Services office must be informed that you wish to view the committal when the cremation is booked. A maximum of 6 people can attend the committal. Advice on procedures can be given prior to the cremation. Q. Is the coffin cremated with the body? A. Yes. The Code of Cremation Practice states that the coffin and the body shall be placed in the cremator and cremation commenced. The coffin or container with the body inside shall not be opened or otherwise disturbed, other than in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the permission and in the presence of the applicant for the cremation (usually the executor or next of kin). Q. How soon after the service will the cremation take place? A. All cremations at Overdale take place on the same day, usually shortly after the service. Q. Can more than one body be cremated at the same time? A. No, each cremation is carried out separately. The aperture through which the coffin passes in the cremator and the cremation chamber are of dimensions that will only safely accept one coffin. However, exceptions can be made, for example in the case of a mother and baby, or small twin children, so long as the next of kin or executor has made this specific request. Q. Are coffins sold back to funeral directors for re-using? A. No. The coffin and the body inside are cremated together. There are occasions where the deceased or the family of the deceased has opted to use a cardboard coffin in which their loved one will be cremated. When this happens families sometimes want to have a more aesthetically pleasing coffin or container on the catafalque during the service. Families therefore will opt for either a pall (a cloth covering the cardboard coffin) supplied by the family or a ‘cocoon coffin’ (an outer shell that covers the cardboard coffin) supplied by the cremation authority or will decorate a cardboard coffin themselves. Neither the pall nor the cocoon is cremated. It is important to understand that the pall and cocoon do not contain the body of the deceased; they are simply superficial coverings for a cardboard coffin.

12 12

Q. What memorial facilities are available at Overdale? A. Most crematoria have some form of memorial facility. The most usual form of permanent memorial is the Book of Remembrance. At Overdale Crematorium the Book of Remembrance can be found in the Chapel of Remembrance and the entries are available for viewing on a chosen anniversary date. Granite memorials, benches, mushroom plaques and above ground sanctum vaults can be leased for set periods. Please see pages 9 and 10 of this brochure or contact us on 01204 334499 for more information on memorial options. Q. Can I visit a crematorium and see what happens behind the scenes? A. Yes, this can be arranged by contacting the Bereavement Services office. You do not have to make an appointment; you can visit the crematorium at any time during opening hours. The visit may take place whilst cremations are taking place or when not; the choice is yours. This open door policy helps to dispel the myths surrounding the cremation process. On seeing the cremation process the viewer can be reassured that all cremations take place individually, coffins are cremated with the deceased and that identity is maintained throughout the process so that family can be sure that they receive the correct cremated remains.

Patients and their families tell us we’ve not only provided care but given them compassion, dignity and respect at a time when they needed it most. We rely upon the support of local people to raise £3.2m a year to maintain our services.

We are very grateful for all donations, and we recognise the special significance of donations made in memory of a loved one and in celebration of their life. If you would like to ask friends and family for donations to Bolton Hospice in lieu of flowers at a loved one’s funeral we have specially designed in memory collection envelopes that will also enable us to claim the gift aid on these donations. If you would like a supply of these envelopes, please contact us on 01204 663 065 or email Bolton Hospice is a registered charity number 518704

13 13

Checklist When someone dies there are many organisations you may need to contact to tell them about the death. You might find this checklist useful to help ensure you make the necessary arrangements: Accountant Bank / Building Society Benefits Agency Bereavement Register (to remove name from mailing lists: Building insurance Car insurance Child Benefit office Child’s School or childcare provider Church or other places of worship Clubs and social groups Council Tax office Credit card companies Creditors (anyone owed money by the deceased) Debtors (anyone owing money to the deceased) Dentist Disabled parking permit (please return to: The One Stop Shop, Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton BL1 1RU) DVLA (cancel car tax and driving licence) Employers Hire purchase / loan companies Home help agency Hospital clinics (to cancel any outstanding appointments)

Household insurance Income Tax office Insurance providers Internet provider Landlord Library (return books) Meals on Wheels provider Mortgage provider Motoring Breakdown policy provider National Insurance Contributions office (self-employed) National Savings and Investments (Premium Bonds) NHS equipment (to return wheelchairs, etc.) Passport Office Pension providers Post Office (to redirect mail) Probate Office Professional Bodies Private Health Care provider Relatives and friends Solicitor TV Licence TV subscription provider Telephone provider Utilities (gas, electric, water)

Tell Us Once (Department for Work and Pensions) Tell Us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go. Your local registrar will give you a unique reference number to access the Tell Us Once service online or by phone. Please note that before giving details of the next of kin or person dealing with the deceased's estate, you need their permission to do so. To use this service you need:    

the Tell Us Once reference number given to you by the registrar name, date of death and National Insurance Number of the deceased contact details, date of birth or National Insurance Number of the next of kin (closest relative by blood or marriage) details of the person or company dealing with the deceased's property, belongings and money (estate)

14 14

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Our discreet We aim and to seesensitive all clientsStaff face tocan facecater and provide you for your every requirement, for service. groups up with a personal and accessible to 120 people in our 1906 Function Room. We can also assist with Will preparation and Lasting For a Discount on Room Hire Quote BRR1. Powers of Attorney.

For more please telephone: Pleaseinformation contact:

01204 651808

Cyril Morris Arkwright Solicitors

Tel: 01204 491661 (24hrs)

356 Halliwell Road, Bolton, BL1 8AP

Capitol House, 51 Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1LY


Birtwistle’s Funeral Service

Independent Funeral Directors

The Club’s tranquil location offers an ideal setting for funeral gatherings and offers expansive views at this time of reflection.

Ian Birtwistle Managing Director / F.D.

Bernadette Bailey Dip FD L.M.B.I.F.D

Our discreet and sensitive Staff can cater for your every requirement, for groups up to 120 people in our 1906 Function Room. For a Discount on Room Hire Quote BRR1. For more information please telephone:

Tel: 01204 491661 (24hrs)

356 Halliwell Road, Bolton, BL1 8AP

01204 651808

Broadford Road, Deane, Bolton, BL3 4NS email:

Always Here...for You! We will offer a caring and compassionate service whenever you need us Who we are

What we do

Deighans funeral parlour is a family run independent based in Horwich, Bolton.

We offer a personal individual service for the care of your loved ones.

Ken and Shirley Deighan and our dedicated team offer a personal 24 hour service.

We can assist in every aspect at this emotional time to help you choose the most appropriate farewell.

Call US

Come in

01204 694999

81 Mason Street, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5RB

Unless companies are informed of a death they will continue to send promotional mailings about their products and services. By registering deceased friends and relatives with The Bereavement Register速 companies are able to remove their names and addresses from mailing lists, stopping the majority of direct mail within as little as six weeks. Simply register with The Bereavement Register速 and we will notify companies on your behalf.

A free service which helps stop direct mail sent to the deceased

01732 467940

10245 Colchester Bereavement AD.indd 1

17/05/2011 15:38

Bromleys Independent Funeral Services

Bromleys is an independent, family owned and managed business. We are dedicated to the principles, values and benefits of the traditional Funeral Service. We are committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to each family that we serve. Our involvement begins the moment that you contact us and extends beyond the point at which the deceased is laid to rest.

A funeral is one of life’s most personal events and we know how important it is for each family to decide on a funeral which is as meaningful as possible to their particular needs and circumstances. We offer a totally professional and complete funeral service and we are at your service in this, your time of need.

We believe that a funeral should be as individual as the person who has died. We, therefore, offer a wide choice of services which can be tailored to the needs, wishes and requirements of each family.

125-127 Tonge Moor Road Tonge Moor Bolton BL2 2HR Tel: 01204 302000 Fax: 01204 304000

Livesey Funeral Service


A completely personal service Livesey Funeral Services are independent, family owned and managed funeral directors in Bolton. We were founded in 1848 and five generations later we are still owned and managed by the Livesey family. Our profession is based on tradition and we have a wealth of experience that has been passed down through the generations; however we can equally embrace the modern ideas of our times. Please explore our site and feel free to contact us by post, telephone, fax or email with any comments, suggestions or queries you may have.

The Private Chapel, Church Street, Horwich. Tel: 01204 696311 24 hour service

Long established, independent, family owned and run business. Members of NAFD and SAIF Golden Charter funeral plans; brochures available on request.

Useful Contact Information Registering a Death

Sands - Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity

Bolton Registrars Mere Hall, Mere Hall Street, Bolton BL1 2QT Tel: 01204 331185 Email:

Macmillan Cancer Support

The registration must take place in the district where the death occurred.


Tel: 08457 90 90 90 Email: Website:

Tel: 0808 808 00 00 Email: contact form on website Website:

Age UK

Tel: 0800 169 6565 Email: Website:

Cruse Bereavement Care Tel: 0844 477 9400 Email: Website:

Child Bereavement UK

Tel: 020 7436 5881 Email: Website:

National Association of Funeral Directors Tel: 0800 02 888 40 Email: Website:

Tel: 0800 02 888 40 Email: Website:

There are many other local and national organisations available to provide support and advice to families and individuals during their bereavement.

For all enquiries regarding Bolton Council Cemeteries and Overdale Crematorium please contact the main office. Overdale Crematorium Office, Overdale Drive, Bolton BL1 5BU 01204 334499 / / Photographs by Chris Kimpton Published by Brochures UK, 40 Rockburgh Crescent, Preston PR4 5RD The distributor of this guide does not endorse any of the third party goods and services advertised within these pages.

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