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If you are starting a new life or looking for a new rental, our Letting Specialists are here to walk you through the process from end to end. At RE/MAX, we pride ourselves with 15 years of delivering an unrivalled relocation service to corporate companies and individuals. Be it a home, hotel room, office or shop for your business, you will never be alone. RE/MAX: A Passionate, reliable and a wise property solution for you.

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RE/MAX Associates are direct contributors of the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation Fund (VO/1019) which focuses on helping children in special circumstances.

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memo It is an absolute pleasure to be part of EBM Magazine. EBM is a brand name that needs no introduction in online gaming circles locally and internationally. I believe that such a vibrant, fast paced and digitally driven industry like gaming, with an ever growing community in Malta, deserves a medium where ideas and opinions can be expressed, sparking conversations in and outside the office. EBM Magazine is about people who influence and inspire others through their personal experiences and career achievements. I invite you to meet the top talent in this industry on page 18 - the iGaming Idols and find out what it means for them to be recognised. On page 22 you can meet the man behind one of the top gaming providers Mr. Green whose personality is as charming as his looks (he could easily become a top model for any high fashion brand, if you ask me). If you’re into design, you’ll want to meet Angie and admire her work on page 32 or perhaps music is your thing? Then Alan is your guy on page 12. What life would it be without fashion, food and parties, right? The biggest trends, summer events and delicious food - it’s all waiting for you inside the magazine. Enjoy and embrace that “work hard, play hard” lifestyle!

Pavli Medvedova STYLIST & EDITOR

We are thrilled to launch the first edition of EBM Magazine, an idea that has been brewing in our minds for a long time. The purpose of the magazine, is to in a light-hearted way keep the readers updated about the latest news and trends both locally and internationally. Always through familiar faces, we aim to promote the hidden talents and interesting personas in our circles in an entertaining but relevant way. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

I love minimal, clean design so working on this magazine was a blast!





+356 9999 9214 // //

Go Beyond Ordinary


GISELLE SCICLUNA I am an experienced writer having my opinions and take on life published in magazines and online news portals for the past 15 years. I am an eternal optimist, I believe that the glass is never, ever quite empty.

JULIA BOIKOVA Fashion designer, creative director and food lover from Estonia enjoying the island life. WWW.JULIABOIKOVA.COM

MARGARITA SAVITSKAYA I grew up in Moscow, studied in London and I now call Malta home. I am a Project Manager by day and a freelance Lifestyle Photographer by night." page 10

JACOB SAMMUT I get a kick from being able to provide people, be it a client, viewer, friend or even myself, with an image that will provoke an emotion. Photography being my main medium to depict a story, I find myself at times at the desk writing, as I see it as a medium that goes very much hand in hand with photography. WWW.JACOBSAMMUTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Working in trading, risk management and sports betting throughout my career I have helped multiple businesses with integration of modern technology in trading, risk management as well as live wagering. I have worked and lived in Antigua, Asia, Australia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ireland, Malta, Panama and now based between Latin America and the UK.

JON THOMPSON KRIS MICALLEF Based in Malta, began my career in photography through the fascination with beauty and the human form. page 11


...THE MAN BEHIND THE MAGIC Words and photography by Jacob Sammut

Ambassador’s Irish born, Senior Events Manager / Production Manager, Alan Fitzpatrick is a man who has managed to combine both his hobbies and passions and turned them into a career. Not the easiest thing to do, but when people put their head to it, certain things can be achieved. It is for this reason that we have a word with Alan, not only to understand his job, but also to better understand who he really is.

page 13



itting on a bench outside a corner bar in Balluta Bay, Alan and I hit it off, and as one would after a long day of work, we asked each other how each other's day was. I'm pretty sure we were both knackered, and it goes without saying that there were good reasons. As we had started discussing jobs, it seemed like a good time to continue on that same path, with my first question being rather blunt and asking Alan what his role in the company is? His first reply immediately wanted me to change profession. “For the best part of my role,” he said, “I get to say no a lot to my boss.” It’s every employee's dream to be honest, but jokes aside, the whole concept is not about saying no. It is about being forwarded ideas by the boss and judging whether the ideas are practical, within budget and if they retain the wow factor. After the right number of 'Nos' the project has been filtered enough to reach a yes, and the idea takes life. This is where the rest of the team comes in. The team is now made up of seven people in total, with each member having their own responsibilities, but more importantly being creative in their own different aspect. “It's like ‘The United Colours of Benetton’ in our offices,” Alan told me, for the simple reason that the team is made up from people of different nationalities. There are people from Kenya, Colombia, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden and of course Ireland. Are there any clashes? Every team has clashes, but with each member of the Ambassador team coming from different cultural backgrounds, they all get to see things differently and when clashes occur, it simply means that the final result shall come out even better. “It is part of the creative process,” Alan said, “and clashes are part and parcel of this process.” But of course, Alan's experiences in events and at being an event manager did not come about recently. He has around 20 years of experience in the industry, back when he would manage live music events in Dublin, working with a variety of well know international acts, as well as music tours such as the Kerrang Tour, festivals such as Electric Picnic, Oxegen, smaller boutique events in Ireland and working on shows in the UK, Slovakia, Germany, New York and Boston. Music events are big, but there isn't much of a difference between production managing a music event such as a concert, to any events being organised with Ambassador. “In the long run, the goal is the same. We strive to keep the clients happy and satisfied. The premise is the same.

page 14

What is different though, is that with Ambassador I get to be more creative.” That being said I had to ask if he could recall any interesting stories, without mentioning any names that is. “Stories vary,” he said. “There were performers who wrecked their dressing room, and others who decided to graffiti the walls. Good thing someone decided to sign the graffiti. We could then send the bill for the paint! Then again, you are dealing with tired people who have been on a tour bus travelling for days on end,” he said. “The most important things to ever have backstage for any performer are clean towels and wifi, cause the first thing they want to do is have a shower and then its straight on to skype to say good night to their kids on the other side of the planet.” Keeping to the same subject, mainly in this case being music, I asked Alan what he thought about the music scene in Malta. He believes that Malta has a lot of potential, however there are certain issues that keep Malta from moving forward when it comes to live music. He believes that one of the main issues is the lack of venues. There aren't a lot of venues which could accommodate 200 or 400 spectators. The island is also very much into mainstream dance music, and that is what everyone listens to on the radio. It is very difficult for Maltese artists to garner a following. Some are lucky coming from a family who listens to Dylan or the Rolling Stones for example, but if you don't have touring bands coming to Malta to perform, then the kids don't have the chance to be inspired, to immerse themselves in the gig. You need to be exposed to more sources, for talent to evolve and diversify. Focusing more about Alan's time in Malta, I found out how he joined the Ambassador team. It is true that he has been officially working for them for the past year, but in actual fact they were his clients for the previous two years when he was working for Nexos lighting. Whilst with Nexos, Alan was already aiding Ambassador in their events and therefore it was a natural process for him to join Ambassador. The trust was there as was the bond. It was bound to happen at some point in time and it did. Without a doubt through his career choice, it is very clear that Alan worked hard to be able to mix his work with things that he enjoys and likes. One of these things being music. Alan's taste in music varies. He listens to a various styles; from Public Enemy to Sinatra to Motown, film scores and electro. It actually all depends on the mood he is in. In fact, his car is littered with USB sticks with different music. The only thing he regrets is

page 27

"For the most part of my role, I get to say no a lot to my boss."

labelling them, "Think I'll wipe off the labels and be surprised every time I pop one in!" Any favourite artists? U2 have surely left a deep impression on Alan, especially with their later material. For him they have discovered such a particular sound‌not to mention the production for their live performances (ZooTV tour being a seminal moment for concert production and was the basis for his college thesis) are beyond great. But of course, music is not the only thing that takes up Alan's spare time. Alan also enjoys both watching movies and reading and at times has several books on the go at once. "Good for me to bounce between material", he says. In fact, when on a plane, the most important item he takes with him is Empire Magazine. It has become his tradition and by the end of the flight, he would have gone from front to back cover, getting all the relevant info regarding all

upcoming movies. As with music it is difficult for Alan to just pinpoint a favourite movie, even more difficult in fact than choosing a favourite musician. Spielberg's work however, surely hits the spot with Indiana Jones surely being one of his favourite characters. Need some proof? How about the fact that as a gift he was sent to watch Raiders of the Lost Arc in the Royal Albert Hall accompanied by an orchestra. Not enough? At a job event, where the whole stage crew had promised to go in costume (and in which he was the only one to dress up) he did go as Indiana Jones; fedora, whip and all. "Pierre (Ambassador Events MD) and myself have a long running argument over which is the better Christopher Nolan movie. He claims Interstellar and I'm firmly with Inception. You could say that it pretty much sums up our relative mindsets, he's looking far afield and I'm digging inwards", muses Alan. "Definitely Inception!" But it does not end there. He does enjoy taking photographs. True, he

does not walk around with a fancy range finder or single lens reflex camera. He does not enjoy being weighed down, so his phone does the job for him. He simply believes it is easier, especially when looking around and sees something that builds on an idea. So, if you are ever in a meeting with Alan and see him raising the phone to take a picture halfway through a conversation, don't take it personally. It is simple creativity working its magic and most probably it is a photograph that, for him, has to be shot right there at that very moment. When asked about what the future holds for him, he is still uncertain. He has ticked most of the boxes, but he is sure that something will turn up and in relation to Ambassador, its growth and with it, the challenges that Alan loves to meet head on. "Party on a plane at 30,000 ft. No problem. Underwater violin players, sure thing. Let’s see what happens next".

page 17


MEET THE HEROES I Photography by Jacob Sammut

Gaming Idol is the premium award show in the industry with a clear focus on recognizing outstanding individuals, rather than company or team achievements. The award show is founded on three pillars, namely: Recognition of individuals, charity and entertainment.

“There are numerous award shows in the industry focusing on company achievements. That’s excellent of course, but we saw a clear gap for an award that recognize all the hardworking individuals in the industry instead and makes them the stars of the show – after all, a company can’t be successful if it doesn’t employ and retain the best and most talented people!” says co-founder Michael Pedersen. Do you have a talented colleague that deserves recognition? Take two minutes out of your busy day right now and nominate him/her on

Tania Johannisson Head of Game Integrity and Risk at Evolution Gaming Fraud & Risk Idol of the Year Award - 9 years experience WHY DID YOU GET THIS AWARD? WHAT MADE YOU




I have developed a tailor-made Anti-Fraud department to cater for Evolution’s online live dealer casino operation from scratch and have been managing the respective unit since 2011. It now comprises around 450 risk-related employees and is likely to be one of the biggest risk teams in the world.

Contribution as well as personal and professional growth. Feeling that every day you are part of something meaningful and making a difference in the world.

The achievements in the game protection area and the proactive approach that EVO Risk Management team is governed by is now considered as being one of Evolution Gaming's USPs, targeting both the online and land-based segments.

Challenging yourself is a great way to develop professionally. Do that, assume projects and tasks that sometimes may seem to difficult and even out of your league. “What does not challenge you does not change you.”


I can’t stop on 1 episode of a TV show if I have the whole season available.

It was such an honour to be recognised for excellence in service to gaming industry. I was delighted for myself and of course for my Game Integrity and Risk team to have our work and accomplishments acknowledged.



page 19

Nicholas Gatt

Valery Bollier

Compliance/MLRO Consultant at NG iGaming Consultancy - Compliance & Regulated Markets Idol of the Year Award - 5 years experience

CEO at OulalaGames - Data and Business Intelligence Idol of the Year Award - 13 years experience



I believe I got this award because firstly due to the hard work I put in for my clients who in turn nominated me, and second, due to my knowledge of the job as the Judges, who are some of the iGaming’s Industry top lawyers voted for me.

I suppose only the jury knows the answer to that. From what they have told me, I know that they appreciated the fact that BI was at the core of our strategy to build Oulala’s innovative Business Model.


It was a big surprise when my name was announced. The shortlist of people listed for my award was full of seasoned professionals and household names so when my name was announced I was taken back and had to compose myself to receive the award. It was a really satisfying feeling. WHAT ARE THE MAIN MOTIVATION DRIVERS AT WORK FOR YOU?

My main motivation is to make all the clients compliant and to give them the best service possible in whatever I do. I always try to be efficient and answer to the needs any time of the day. WHAT WOULD YOUR ADVICE BE FOR ANYONE WILLING TO EXCEL AT THIS JOB?

In order for one to excel in this job, he/she needs to be happy with the job they are performing. Once in a happy environment, one can take off and thrive. It is always important to learn new things everyday and listen to people around you. FUN FACT ABOUT YOU:

I am an identical twin and this confuses many people! page 20


I received the first award of the evening, so the first iGaming Idol award ever given. I was very surprised, and, of course, extremely honoured to receive such recognition. WHAT ARE THE MAIN MOTIVATION DRIVERS AT WORK FOR YOU?

To learn, experiment and find new paths. The new generations are expecting to play in a very different way than previous ones. At Oulala, our entire team is dedicated to understanding their needs and finding the best possible answers. It is truly riveting! WHAT WOULD YOUR ADVICE BE FOR ANYONE WILLING TO EXCEL AT THIS JOB?

The entrepreneurial adventure is a human adventure. The most important key factor of success is therefore to have partners and collaborators that share the same qualities as you: passion, honesty and being very hard working. FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: I would love to live on a boat with my family.


Become one of the Stars N O M I N AT E N O W


THE RISE AND RISE OF THE REMARKABLE MR GREEN Words by Giselle Scicluna // Photography by Kris Micallef // Location Intercontinental Malta Highline Suites // Hair & Makeup Tanya Cardona // Styling Julia Boikova

Mr Green’s cult status is growing in the gaming world. Built on the fictional character of an impeccably dressed gentleman, complete with green bowler hat and umbrella, his story is the classic tale of triumph over adversity. Abandoned

as a baby, but brought up in a loving environment by his adoptive parents, Mr Green grew up into a clever, mischievous teenager but managed to harness his boundless exuberance into providing entertainment for those around him.

"Growth is the indisputable measure of success."

cover story


ut his unflappable grace and sunny outlook are not only lauded by his many, many friends…Mr Green’s unique gaming experience has been well recognised by the Online Gaming Industry, rewarded 6 prestigious international awards just the past year including the most recent ‘2017 Online Gaming Operator of the Year’ IGA Award. It has duly recognised the brand’s global impact in innovation, quality of service, best games and unique brand strategy, especially given that gaming is such a competitive, cutthroat industry. In our bid to get to know better the popular Mr Green, we met up with Jesper Kärrbrink, the CEO of the company, a colourful personality and in industry circles quite a legend himself. Not that you’d have him down as the CEO of such a huge global brand, if you didn’t know. When we meet at a local hotel, he has just spent the best part of the morning being chucked in his suit, over and over again in the hotel pool, all for the sake of capturing that one, elusive shot for this interview’s photoshoot. To get a better idea of Jesper, one needs to think of how a CEO of an international company would look, talk and act, and along with any other preconceived notions, delete them all and start from scratch! Newly appointed as CEO of Mr Green a year ago, Jesper Kärrbrink’s previous five-year tenure at Euroflorist was an unqualified success, if his year on year 30 percent increase in online revenues is anything to go by. Does he envisage a similar success for Mr Green? “Growth is the indisputable measure of success,” he says simply, before continuing, “Mr Green is growing quite healthy right now, so yes we’re on the right track.”

page 24

"I have boundless energy and am a very impatient man. Things need to be done, yesterday!"

"Oh that's very simple. Get a life!"

Speaking of which, Mr Green is perhaps one of the very few operators with a Green Gaming Program in place; designed to ensure a safe environment, providing players with total control on their expenditure, by setting personal money or time limits, soon launching their Green Gaming Predictive tool to help its players identify risky behaviour and perhaps even stop any problems before they might appear, by cutting off marketing communication or guiding players towards a healthier gaming behaviour. In doing so make the player’s budget last longer while they will still experience the same high level of entertainment they appreciate and expect from Mr Green. I ask Jesper whether this might be counterproductive for the company, to which he promptly responds, “Responsibility is part and parcel of Mr Green’s DNA. There is a small proportion of players who can turn out to be problematic; with the majority,

there are no issues whatsoever. However, once a player loses track of what exactly is involved, then burnout consequently follows…This is obviously a far from ideal scenario, both for the player and the operator, who in crude terms has just lost a customer.” The ethos of entertainment and fun within a caring environment, is extended not just to actual customers, but also to Mr Greens top-notch creative workforce. And with as enthusiastic a boss as this particular CEO on board, Mr Green’s vibrant working environment ensures that every single working day is a challenge and an adventure. Dream big and think outside the box, is what Jesper encourages his people to strive for, letting their creative juices flow unrestrained. Innovation is what Mr Green is all about and this is what ultimately keeps the

page 27

cover story company ticking where of course, skill and talent are important but attitude is king. Headhunting the best in the industry, is not just about being excellent at what you do, as Jesper himself freely admits, “I cannot employ someone who is just a maverick in his field, there has to be an appetite for life itself, otherwise you’d be dealing with a one-dimensional personality. Someone who is simply immersed in work and nothing else has, in my opinion, a very limited view of life in general. There has to be a curiosity, a passion which instantly elevates a great individual into someone who’s a cut above the rest…Someone, you’d be glad to have on your team.” How would he describe himself as a boss? “I have boundless energy and am a very impatient man. Things need to be done, yesterday! That said, I’d like to think I’m fair to my staff and what I can say for sure, is that they all know exactly where I stand. I have never beaten round the bush with my views…Some say that whatever’s going through my head, is usually written across my face, so I think I can’t be more straightforward than that,” he says with a laugh. Being such a colourful character must surely rub off on his employees; how does he think his personality influences the day to day workings at the office? He thinks for a moment before replying, “It would be great if I could actually persuade them just a tiny bit more passionate. We need to be more aware of what we’re about as a brand. Also, to believe more in the power of being positive and to at least try to be cheerful no matter what, even when it’s been a crap day at the office!”

page 28

What would a typical day be like for Jesper? Asserting my initial feeling that Jesper Kärrbrink is not your typical CEO, he launches, “Wake up, go for a run or spin class, spot of breakfast, then catch the bus to the office.” Bus to the office? But with his typical zest he continues, “Then it’s our staff daily meeting where we converge to discuss the previous day’s good and bad. This, I think is the best part of the day; we can analyse what went wrong together, which inevitably something always will and discuss the best way forward. I’m a great believer in the power of communication and positivity.” From his first forays in the gaming industry as CEO of Svenska Spel in 2004, how has he seen it evolve? Jesper says, “To be honest, I was a bit disappointed this second-time round. I somehow expected the industry to have made more innovative changes over the years. That said, ten years ago it was like the Wild West, whereas today it is more orderly and controlled, which is obviously a very good thing.” As we wind down our interview, we ask what has been the best advice Jesper Kärrbrink has ever received? He ponders for moment, “Never retrace your steps – I guess that has been the best piece of advice I have ever been given, and one which has served me very well over the years.” And his advice to anyone who would listen? “Oh, that’s very simple,” he laughs, “Get a life! There is a world out there beyond work, forging a career and making money. Get a life, make time for your partner, children, friends and family, because soon enough life would’ve passed you by and what would you have to show for it?” he says and with a smile and a wave sets off into the bright day outside.


BETTING ON POLITICS Words by Jon Thompson


o with thanks to the people of France the EU survives and the gambling industry rolls on to the next major political event with the UK's General Election set for June 8th.

When the late (and great) Ron Pollard first conceived the idea of political betting at Ladbrokes in the late 70’s surely he could never have imagined that the demand would develop to the level where it is now with the 4 most recent major political events taking betting volumes into another stratosphere! Since the Conservatives total destruction of a pathetic Labour leader and the Liberal Democrats in May 2015 followed by their own leader and Prime Minister totally shooting himself in the foot with the BREXIT vote has political betting been so popular. If the exit polls were incorrect for that UK election back in 2015 then they were ‘off the chart’ incorrect for the remain/stay vote almost one year later where once again the so-called ‘sharp money’ was proved totally incorrect. What followed was the ‘monster’ of political betting in history thus far with the Presidential Election in the USA! The man with the bright orange face defeated the women who simply could not tell the truth and the rest as they say is history! Political betting is here to stay...Ron Pollard knew that over 40 years ago!

page 30


“In 2016 Trump won the great American popularity contest by a whisker, dividing the American public like never before. Arising from what can only be described as “extreme disenfranchisement”, maybe he was the inevitable choice for a culture obsessed with celebrity. The rest of the world watches on with morbid fascination…” - Rory Stewart

“Brexit boom or bust? Will the UK flourish as a free and independent country post Brexit or will the dark forces of EU fanatical federalism succeed in the quest for British blood? A firm believer in Nation State Democracy, and knowing the editor’s one-eyed pro-EU stance, I expect to be one of the few voices of reason in this article. Too many seem absolutely enthralled by the prospect of living in a United States of Europe, firmly under the thumb of ‘Mutti Merkel’ and her stooges. I say it’s time for the Brits to play hardball, strike free trade deals with all our Englishspeaking cousins in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Drop corporate tax and lift the burden of Brussels’ red tape on business and go global. If this happens then the UK might just have won the lotto.” - Danny Thomas


“I have to admit that I am generally concerned with this development. A big part of Malta’s success and competitiveness hinges on European Union with all the advantages that it carries. Brexit could be an isolated case but it could also be the beginning of a domino, with others to follow.” - Victor Martyn

Trump is shaking up the states and indeed the world in both fascinating and scary ways. People are ‘waking up’ on both sides of the spectrum, dividing people more than ever. It seems almost like a sport event. Either you are in team Trump, or you are in team Anti-Trump. Facts don’t seem to matter much anymore.

The meaning of the term BREXIT as it should appear in the Concise Oxford Dictionary in future: BREXIT: When a British Prime Minister wins a General Election by a clear majority but then loses his job due to a ridiculous manifesto promise giving unintelligent people the right to vote on the United Kingdom’s future within the European Union! - Jon Thompson

“Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog and will do it again – just watch. He can do much better!” Donald Trump actually tweeted that one time. Any president of the world’s most powerful country who likes Twilight that much deserves all our respect!

- Pierre Lindh - Damon Booth




INSIDE SPACE: THE MISTRESS OF MODERN AESTHETICS Words by Lyndsey Grima // Photography by Jacob Sammut


ngela Sciberras, commonly known as Angie the Architect on all her social media platforms, is a client-oriented freelance design architect. Her work is mostly focused on the experiential understanding of the life her clients lead. This background is necessary as it better contextualises Angie’s design process and aids with the creation of her final product. Delving deeper into her career, Angela expresses one feeling that all freelancers, including myself, can relate to. One of the most satisfying aspects of working as a freelancer is the possibility of constantly working on different projects, which leads to meeting new people and constructing exciting relationships. “The spaces I design are used by different people for different lengths of time, so I take the time to meet and involve my clients as much as possible, from early on during my thinking process at concept stage, up until the creation of a finalised, functional environment”, claims Angie. As an architect and even more so as a creative, Angie recognises the importance of aesthetics

and its effect on an individual’s wellbeing. To this end, she embarks on all of her projects with the goal of creating an ambience wherein a balanced, calm and welcoming space is top priority. It is common knowledge that the environment in which we live, work and play has an effect on our mood and overall state of mind; a dark, cluttered office as most office workers can attest to is definitely not conducive to a productive day, in much the same way as living in a stuffy, haphazardly planned home tends to feel claustrophobic. A well planned and executed space makes all the difference to the quality of life of its inhabitants, whether employees in a working environment or the residents of a home – a modus operandi which Angie religiously adheres to. Angie also firmly believes that ongoing communication, not only with clients, but also with engineers, strategists, relevant companies and other entities contributing to the design project, is key to building a successful and respectful business. In fact, positive referrals from clients always make Angie feel proud of what she has managed to accomplish. Considering

page 33

design herself as, first and foremost, a creative individual, Angie shares a common thread with all creative personalities. When asked about an achievement which proved significant in her career, Angie insists that “it would have to be when I set up the shop and started freelancing”. It is clear that the creative and dependable Angie is mostly proud of being able to create something for herself, something that she can call entirely hers. The quality I loved the most about Angie’s attitude is her firm belief in pursuing a career that one truly loves. “I really believe that finding a niche is essential to creating work you like”, says Angie. Finding your own unique way of doing things is an important feature when working towards actualising your dreams. “The more specialised you become within a field, the closer to your heart the projects start to be”. Angie also describes herself as assertive which clearly shows in her strong belief that one should leave his/her own comfort zone. That’s the real test of your capabilities! In fact, leaving one’s comfort zone bestows the ability to create your best work yet. “I draw inspiration from everything I am exposed to but I would have to say that the most original ideas have come from when I immersed myself in something which is completely new to me”, admits Angie. Fashion, travel, architecture, films, photography, sketching, people and social media are also some of the things that inspire Angie’s creative bursts. In fact, social media, especially Instagram is also one of her passions. “I like to keep a visual diary. I use all that I see around me to document what inspires me.” Apart from creating and documenting, Angie uses her free time wisely since she’s also a mentor at BPW (International Federation of Business and Professional Women). Her advice to young adults is always of the same nature: “Seek that which you love and enjoy and make a career out of it. When you find your niche, feed that passion because page 34

the results can be amazing. We need to focus less on the fear of failure, that rigid schooling methods are unfortunately instigating. The opportunity to fail is a wonderful tool in the course of one’s development!” On that final note, all I can say is… PREACH SISTER! Follow Angie’s journey on her Facebook page and Instagram at @Angiethearchitect

#MiGSeminar17 Networking Seminar with over 430 C-Level Delegates discussing Trending Topics with Top Notch Speakers

The perfect

marketing CAN’T WRITE GOOD CONTENT? Words by Mark Debono


he digital age has hardwired people to respond to content in a different way. Just think about the time you spend scrolling through newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter; chances are you’re not just scrolling, you’re also unconsciously filtering through content to find what you think is relevant. If it doesn’t hook you from the first second, then you filter it out. Enter content marketing, which has become marketer’s best bet at fighting back this problem. But content marketing isn’t just about pumping out screenfuls of flashy stuff – it’s about regularly reaching out to people on their favourite platforms in a way that is organic, that sticks with them, and that converts. Content marketing is about making and retaining audiences, who may then become consumers of your products.

WHAT CONTENT MARKETING INVOLVES Content marketing is about mass reach, sure, but the intended audience is a bit more selective than might be the case with more traditional methods. What we mean by this is that because

page 36

there’s so much content out there already, your content needs to grab the attention of not just anyone, but the demographic that will actually be interested in your brand. So, content marketing operates on the fine dynamic of what to do as well as what not to do.

SPEEDY READS The fastest thinker in the poker room calculates the odds before anyone else and has time to strategise rather than act on impulse. The quickest hand in the casino lobby gets more chances at hitting the jackpot. Mind you, this is speed we’re talking about, not recklessness. Good content writing is tailored to this fact about gamers’ psychology and reads snappily. Sentences are constructed in a concise, clear and creative way. Our goal is to cut down the time between reading and betting to mere milliseconds. Yes, we do believe that cleverly designed copy is an important, yet massively overlooked aspect, in an online gambling operator’s game plan for increased turnover and customer engagement levels. And no, it’s not hard to rectify matters if this is the first time you thought of copy this way.

CONTENT THAT PLAYERS CAN RELATE TO In the context of a popular casino game like blackjack, gamers are faced by rigid rules that somehow still enable an intensely emotional experience to be enjoyed: from the ecstasy of winning a stash to the crushing realisation that you're down to your last coin. That's exactly the way great content for gaming websites should be written. The copy must read like an organic outgrowth of the games it describes. To the trained eye, it is tightly structured and reads logically, but to the casual observer it has the same delightful, yet at

times shocking, nature of a night at the (online) casino. We don't advocate a style of writing that's glib and frothy. Customers won't be impressed by paper-thin literary contrivances like hyperbole and cliché-laden text. On the contrary, a disciplined approach which lucidly, yet light-heartedly, describes your latest big promotion comes across as more honest and therefore it is more likely to be accepted by the customer.

WORDS CAN DO BETTER Still unsure of the power of good copy? That's okay. Other media, notably images and video, have a

powerful grip over users and no one can discount their sizeable contribution to spreading your brand's message online.

time shooting a video to explain it!


The visual pathway is the quickest road to your customer's attention. Smart gaming companies exploit this by using unique and striking graphics that become closely identified to their brand in people's mind. But hear out the case for copy.

The best content out there isn’t just the most flashy and edgy – but it’s the content that your audience looks forward to receiving on the regular. Rather than solely because it looks good, the enjoyment derived from engaging such content compels them to interact directly with your brand.

As the simplest medium, text is also the most universal online. It happens to be the most flexible as well. Do you need to explain a fivestep process to activate a cash reload bonus using the code attached? Try do that with a thumbnail. Or spend

Only when digital marketers start to take content marketing this seriously, will they be able to create content that conveys the true value of their product to customers looking for an internet gaming fix and successfully elevates their brand reputation over others.

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When surrounded by the sea, it is only natural to eat fish in abundance, isn’t it? When it comes to the seafood, I enjoy experimenting with different species a lot and always look for creative ways of cooking and serving it. I always strive to try new recipes, although I have a few that are so delicious, yet simple in preparation, as well as so enjoyed by my family and friends.

Gurbell with persillade and risotto Serves 4 Persillade is a classic French seasoning mixture based on parsley, other herbs, garlic and butter. It is certainly a wonderful thing to have in your repertoire as even humble boiled potatoes could be transformed into a fabulous dish adding this sauce. I like gurbell for its meaty flash and mild flavor, however you can use literally any white fish you manage to find. page 38

• • • • • • • • • • • •

3-4 slices of white bread a splash of olive oil big bunch of fresh parsley 150 gr unsalted butter salt and pepper 2 medium garlic cloves (take one, if they are local as it can be large!) 1.5-2 litres light vegetable or chicken stock 2 shallots 2 tbsp olive oil 300 gr risotto rice (Arborio, Carnaroli or Vialone Nano) 150 ml dry white wine 4 x 170 fillets of gurbell, skin on (or fish of your choice)

Photo by Andrew Randon


Start with making persillade. Preheat the oven to 1750C. Cut the crust away from the bread and whizz the crumb in a food processor until you have breadcrumbs. Place them on a shallow baking tray and slightly sprinkle with some olive oil. Mix everything well with your hands and bake until light golden. You might want to stir them a couple of times to color evenly. Take out of the oven and set aside. Increase the oven temperature to 1800C.


Wash and dry the parsley. You will only need the leaves, so set them aside and leave the stalks for soups or stews. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and blanche the parsley for no longer than 10 seconds. Drain it, leave to cool and then squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Gently melt the butter. Mince the garlic. Place the parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs and melted oil in a blender. Season with some salt and pepper and whizz until the mixture is pureed. Stop the blender couple of times and use a spatula to push the mixture down to the blades. Set the mixture aside. Meanwhile start making risotto. Bring the stock to a very gentle simmer. Peel and finely dice the shallots. Heat the oil in a large shallow saucepan, add shallots and sweat over a very low heat until soft and translucent but not colored. It will take around 10 minutes. Add the rice to the pan and stir around to heat it up and coat in oil. Increase the heat and add the wine, bring to the boil. Then reduce the heat and cook stirring all the time until the wine is absorbed. Once the wine is absorbed, start adding the stock one ladle at a time, stirring and allowing the liquid to absorb. Cook the fish. You can bake, fry or steam it for this recipe. I prefer baked – putting the fish on a slightly oiled baking tray. Drizzle it just a tiny bit with some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 8-10 minutes depending on the thickness. Fish should just lose its translucently and turn opaque. Remember that it will continue to cook in residual heat while you are assembling the dish. Take the fish out and remove the skin. Finish the risotto. It should be oozy and spread on the plate a little bit. Please note that the rice still should be al dente. Divide the risotto between the plates, place the fish over it and top with the persillade. You will see how butter is melting over the hot fish in a second. Beautiful, isn’t it? Enjoy immediately with a glass of white wine from the South of France or Italian Vermentino. page 39

food This dish, which is easy to prepare, looks bright and colourful. It always goes with a bang among my family and friends. I advise to serve it with crushed baby potatoes to soak up the flavourful liquid that comes with this fish. You may use any white mild flavoured fish instead of seabass, as well.

Seabass with tomatoes, tarragon and saffron sauce with baby potatoes Serves 4

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 shallots 2 garlic cloves 2 tbsp olive oil 3-4 sweet and ripe Maltese tomatoes few springs of tarragon a big pinch of saffron strands (do not buy powdered saffron, it is just not the same) 1 tsp of dried chili flakes (or other chili) a splash of Pernod or Maltese Anisette 125 ml dry white wine 1 big seabass, filleted 100 ml water salt and pepper boiled baby potatoes to serve

Preheat the oven to 2000C. Peel and finely dice the shallots. Peel and finely slice the garlic. Heat the olive oil in a big oven proof pan. Add the shallots and sweat until soft, add garlic and cook for few minutes more. Roughly chop tomatoes and squeeze them in a pan with the back of a wooden spoon. Cook for a few minutes. Now add the tarragon, saffron and chili flakes. Increase the heat, add Pernod or Anisette and let the alcohol to evaporate. Add the wine and let it cook for around two – three minutes. Then put seabass fillets carefully and add the water on top. Place the pan in the preheated oven and cook for 10-12 minutes. Enjoy with hot crushed baby potatoes, while sipping Chardonnay or high quality Pinot Grigio. page 40

AZURE ULTRA: UP YOUR SUMMER GAME Along with gladiator sandals, tinted sunglasses and sandproof towels, a must-have for this summer is an Azure Ultra Sunseeker charter. For those inevitable times when temperatures soar and tourists get too much, getting out onto the sea for a day helps refresh all those parts other land-based activities fail to reach.

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lifestyle With charter specialist Azure Ultra now a household name in Malta for beyond ordinary service brilliance, more and more people are building charter experiences to perfectly align with their every expectation and preference. Tweak destinations from a selection of beaches, cities and villages in the Maltese archipelago or Sicily. Tinker with menus. Select which champagne you’d prefer. Amp up or dial down activity levels, from beach hopping in the jet-rib tender to donut rides and water-skiing. To offer you the ultimate experience at sea, every element must be done your way. Once you’ve planned your perfect getaway with our Azure charter executive, it’s all plain sailing ahead. From the moment you arrive at Birgu harbour and catch sight of your Sunseeker, you’ll be struck by her sheer grace and glamour you'll also instantly get why this brand of yacht has featured in four James Bond blockbusters. Handmade in Dorset by a team of over 2,000 highly skilled designers, engineers and master craftsmen, British-built Sunseeker yachts seriously impress with their multidimensional luxury. These stylish yachts include fully equipped bars, full-width staterooms, VIP double cabins, overhead flybridges, split level saloons, ice-making machines and outside grills. As you can see, whether you’re heading off beyond the blue horizon with a group of friends or have something more intimate in mind, such as an anniversary surprise, our Azure Ultra Sunseeker yachts set the perfect stage for every occasion. Plus, outside of hiring a Sunseeker for leisure, Azure Ultra’s corporate Sunseeker charters are also growing in popularity as ‘antiordinary’ locations for brainstorming sessions and teambuilding getaways. So, before summer arrives in its busy blaze of glory, take a look around to give yourself a few ideas on planning the perfect escape. You’ll be glad you did.

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Just the cool kids at VideoSlots showing off their 9to5 A-Game. Photography by Justin Ciappara

"My style is definitely smart casual. I like to break the rules and wear a pair of trainers with more formal pieces. My favourite fashion brands are Scotch and Soda and Burberry." JOONAS KARHU

Finnish Country Manager

"I wear a lot of different T-shirts, both oversized and slim fit paired with ripped jeans or denim shorts. Most of my clothes are from Carlings and surfer stores like Rip Curl and Quicksilver." JONATAN PETERSSON Customer Support Agent

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style "My style is quite dark. I usually wear black shorts and T-shirt or jeans and top, black of course. I shop online and when I travel abroad." LUKE DIMECH Games Assistant

"I like to wear dresses and skirts, not a fan of trousers but then I love my shorts and tee combo. I mostly shop from Miss Selfridge and some Spanish brands. My motto: Heels by day, Vans to party!" LORRAINE SAMMUT Events, Travel & Social Media

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Proudly Presenting: (SE)

Kenan & Kerim (SE) // Daniel Pereaux (SE) // SEB SOOKA (SE) DJ RUBY (MT) // Alvin Gee (MT) // JJoy (MT) I scream, you scream! Sold out 4 years running, the most anticipated event of the year, a creative master piece. This is Showers Malta. Showers is an intimite yet grand event where instead of having static happenings in front of you on stage, you are immersed in a full day extravaganza of creativity where anything can happen, anytime, anywhere !


TICKETS AT â‚Ź60 Available at

More information and tickets, visit: VIP table service +356 7995 9561 Duration: 2pm - 11pm

Presented By

Saturday 8Th July 2017 €10 DISCOUNT CODE: SHOWERSFLYER


Words by // Photography by Margarita Savitskaya

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Instead of taking cues from top fashion designers we’ve picked three biggest trends sporting at EBM’s Sunday Social Club at Buddhamann to inspire your wardrobe choices for that cocktail o’clock.


JUST BLACK One thing’s for sure – you can never go wrong with black. It’s flattering and extremely versatile. You can wear it to the office, to brunch with the girls, dress it up or down. Just play with different textures and styles to give it that sophisticated I-know-what’s-in look.


ALL WHITE There is something about an all-white ensemble….It keeps things simple, yet chic and looks so fresh! It’s a great option for when you’re headed to the beach or walking through the city streets. The best way to pull this trend off? Accessorize with bold colours! page 52

PRINT + PRINT If colour doesn’t cut it for you, move over to all over prints! You can build your look on one pattern only or make the most of this trend by mixing stripes with polka dots, flowers and animal prints. There is only one rule: MORE IS MORE!



Malta in summer comes to life with the best music events, usually headlined by the biggest names on the international scene. The choice is mind-boggling, with an event happening every week, but here’s our pick of the very best…

Isle of MTV

Showers 2017

Attracting some of the biggest name in the industry, Isle of MTV 2017 edition promises to be even bigger, better and badder! Now in its 11th year and with a screaming lineup which boasts The Chainsmokers, Jonas Blue and DJ Don Diablo amongst others, IOMTV remains the epicentre of some fine, festival action on the island.

Now in its fourth year, Showers has proved it is the unmissable event of the season. Happening at luscious Café del Mar, Showers takes the concept of sun, sea and good music and elevates it to a whole new, kickass level. Headlining the event is the fantastic DJ Mikael Weermets, who in Tiësto’s own words is “the next big thing”.

27 JUNE 2017

8 JULY 2017

The Granaries in Floriana

Café Del Mar

Unite with Tomorrowland

Fat Boy Slim at Café Del Mar

DJ Snake live in Malta plus Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and KSHMR via live satellite from Tomorrowland Mainstage, concoct their magic to bring the ultimate festival experience to our shores. People of Tomorrow unite for another unprecedented journey in the mind-blowing Tomorrowland tradition.

Legendary Fat Boy Slim is set to take G7 events first Sunset Special at Café del Mar by storm. Award winning, electro music genius Fat Boy Slim, is still going from strength to strength, more than three decades since landing in the business…now coming to a venue near you!

29 JULY 2017

30 JULY 2017

Marsa Sports Ground

Café Del Mar

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A UNIQUE EVENT D E S E RV E S A U N I Q U E L O C AT I O N The multifunctional and spectacular InterContinental Arena Conference Centre offers 3,600 square metres of pillar free and uninterrupted indoor space, perfect for any variety of meeting, event or exhibition. Additionally with an extensive portfolio of 24 elegantly furnished meeting rooms the hotel caters and provides for any eventuality, all under one roof. For more information, please contact us on 2137 7600 or email Visit

Live the InterContinental life.



“Our foundation has always been built on quality, transparency and a relentless obsession with providing excellence. Anything less has never been acceptable” Dean Nicholls, CEO, iGaming Elite

EBM Magazine #01  

EBM is a brand name that needs no introduction in online gaming circles locally and internationally. Such a vibrant, fast paced and digitall...

EBM Magazine #01  

EBM is a brand name that needs no introduction in online gaming circles locally and internationally. Such a vibrant, fast paced and digitall...