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J. Crew is known for its timeless, preppy, all-American style. In 1947 this now-ubiquitous brand originated

as a door-to-door women’s outfitter named Popular Sale Club (Lepore, 2011). The retailer focused on leisurewear for upper-middle class customers; Ralph Lauren for a lower price was the objective (Funding Universe, no date). With demand growing for Popular Sale Club clothing, and the rise of catalogue retailers such as Lands’ End and L.L. Bean becoming increasingly popular, the brand decided it was time for a change. The name was changed to the preppier J. Crew and the transition to catalogue launched in 1983 (Lepore, 2011). The success was immediate; consumers loved the preppy aesthetic J. Crew was creating and within 6 short years the first flagship opened in New York (Funding Universe, no date). The J. Crew approach is to side with style over fashion, in mixing colour and pattern, sneakers with suits, and wing tips with jeans (J. Crew, no date a). They believe that things are right when something is left with just a little imperfection.

Under the guiding eye of CEO and Chairman Millard Drexler, and President and Executive Creative Director

Jenna Lyons (J. Crew Group, 2016), the company now sells women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel and accessories. However with womenswear still the biggest seller, it is important that this product is not neglected whilst the company continues to diversify. After having a “lousy year” (Bhasin, 2015) for women clothing in 2015 with their sales decreasing by 18% (J.Crew Group, 2016, p10) and their gross margin having fallen 34.5% (Wahba, 2015), J. Crew had new problems with one of its best sellers and traditional mainstays; the sweater. Once a staple of J. Crew style, the


sweaters have been fitting incorrectly, and have become of lower quality in an attempt to appeal to consumers with


a lower budget (Claveria, 2015). While appealing to an increasingly budget-conscious consumer may have seemed a


strategic movement in the aftermath of a major recession to bring in more sales, it in fact has worked the other way (Haunns and DiNapoli, 2016). Claveria states “if J. Crew brings in more budget-friendly but lower quality pieces, they risk becoming the new Gap” (2016). This new strategy is alienating loyal customer and replacing they with pricesensitive consumers who are happy to switch to another retailer if a cheaper option is offered (Claveria, 2015). J. Crew need to learn to become the high-quality classic with a twist retailer once again if they are to improve their fortunes.

This report will investigate the current market position of J. Crew, and identity what obstacles have been a

factor in the decreasing sales. A new marketing strategy will then created to improve sales and enable the company to reassert themselves within the UK market.




SWOT Strengths


• Wide variety of products

• Decreasing quality and style of the clothing

• Offers services such as free delivery, personal

• Little brand awareness in UK

stylist, gift cards

• No mobile app

• Carries specialty sizes such as Petite, Tall, and

• Online shopping does not offer a ‘runway’


version of the clothing

• Omni-Channel retailing

• Customers emails are not targeted or based on

• Strong brand recognition in US

what was previously purchased

• Keeps customers up to date with emails


• Not many bricks and mortar stores outside US,

• A cult classic among celebrities including

so J. Crew lives and dies with the US economy

Michelle Obama

• Limited information available to customer about CSR

Market Opportunities


• Going back to their roots and creating high-

• Competitors such as COS, Reiss, Jigsaw, and

quality prices at higher prices

Whistles who create high-quality fashion

• Creating a mobile app

forward pieces and are known within the UK

• Become more personal on online mediums (ie

• The current economic climate after Brexit and


the election of Trump

• Increasing J. Crew presence in the UK

• Sister company Madewell doing very well

• Creating an in-depth CSR policy to reassure

• Rinsing labour costs in supply chain

loyal clients and entice new conscious focused

• Competitors such as Gap who create large

customers in

volume basics

• Competitors such as Banana Republic leaving the UK market




PEST ANALYSIS Political Brexit

High Price

• With the uncertainty of Brexit in the UK, fashion industry is on edge. Although there is no hard evidence on what may happen, the industry is preparing itself for the devaluation of the pound (Hendriksz, 2016). With the strength of the British pound dropping and the US dollar rising, importing good from America will become more costly. • The US is the UK larges export destination (Wilson, 2016) In 2016, the US entered into the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) with the EU. This trade pact would remove tariffs, cut red tape and restrictions on investment (European Commission, 2016). However with the post-Brexit vote President Obama said the UK risk missing out on this deal if it leaves the EU. The election of Trump • President Trump has rejected the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). This partnership encompasses the 12

Low Quality

High Quality

countries that border the Pacific Ocean, which roughly represent 40% of the world’s economic output (BBC, 2017b). This rejection of the trade pack that would have given more manufacturing to countries such as Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam (Office of the United Stated Trade Representative, no date) coupled with Trump’s Anti-China rhetoric (The Economist, 2017 are likely to cause significant problems for US based companies with overseas manufacturing interest. This would increase the price of importing items for the US from Asia, which in 2015 J. Crew sourced 87% of it merchandise from (J. Crew Group, 2016, p13). • In contrast, if these trade agreements do not go through, manufacturing in Europe – which in 2016 accounted for 11% of manufacturing of J. Crew’s merchandise (J. Crew Group, 2016, p13) – could increase. This in addition to the “renewed special relationship” between America and the UK (BBC, 2017a) would make it easier to import American brands to the UK.

Economic • The political upheaval gripping the western world, as detailed above is currently dictating virtually all economic factors, such as currency value (falling GBP), trade agreements, protectionism, and tariffs.

Low Price

• The economy grew faster the expected; by 2% in 2016 (BBC, 2017c). This is strongly due to the steadily increasing consumer spending. This incline in consumer purchases indicated as the economy grows, more will be spent in retail.




PEST ANALYSIS cont. Social and Cultural


• Customers in today’s era are much more in control of their shopping

• As mentioned above, consumers are even more connected by their constant interaction with technology. It is

experience, and they know they can dictate the shopping experience

estimated that the modern consumer spend around 7 hours on screen time every day (PSFK Labs, 2015). Although

that they want,” Gayatri Patel, eBay’s Director of Global Data

J. Crew have a mobile website, they do not have a shopping app. In order to engage with these tech savvy

infrastructure. “They have the means to explore, research and share

consumers, they will have to develop an interactive

every purchase decision. And they can do it in a very quick way.

• Instagram announced last fall that it would allow users to shop directly from their feed (Wasik, 2017). As many

If you lose them, it may not be just for that purchase. It may be for

consumers not only follow the brands they like, but the bloggers and trendsetters that wear the brands this idea is

a long time. You have to be responsive to their needs immediately

ingenious. All users have to do is go to the link in the bio to shop. J. Crew was one of the first brands to trial this,

instead of trying to direct them. That balancing act is the biggest

and within hours the brand sold out of the featured products (Samuely, 2016).

challenge.” (Bolen, 2016) • With the increasing presence of social media, it is important that J. Crew stay on top of their social-media mediums. The modern consumer is connected through an omnichannel network and moves seamlessly from their desktop or laptop to their tablet to their mobile. However J.Crew do not have a mobile app, nor do they tailor their emails to include suggestions based on the items the customer has previously purchased. J. Crew need to become more personal in their marketing to ensure they keep their loyal clients but also bring in new ones. • Consumers are not only becoming increasing aware of the material cost of their clothing, but the but the environmental and human cost. After the Rana Plaza incident in Bangladesh consumers received a rude awakening to just how bad conditions can become. In a study undertake Cone Communications on a global scale it was revealed that 80% of consumers would purchase from a unknown brand with stronger social or environmental commitments as well as pay more for products (Touch, 2015, p18). J. Crew has a unique opportunity to update the CSR policies to bring in these sustainably aware consumers.




THE MARKETING MIX Threat of Substitutes Medium


• With J. Crew falling quality of clothing, consumers will be looking


for alternatives • J. Crew has exclusive collaborations with brands such as New Balance, Pierre Le-Tan, and Comme des

Bargaining Power of Buyers Medium • J. Crew uses a number of factories, however most are in Asia • High dependancy on 10 key vendors (J. Crew Group, 2016, p13)


Competitive Rivalry High • J. Crew is not a well known brand with in the UK • Stores only in London • Multiple competitors such as Reiss, COS, and Whistles

Threat of New Entrants Medium • J. Crew has a strong USP with


Bargaining Power of Buyers Low • High volume purchases • Use over 300 factories (J. Crew


Group, 2016, p13) • Wide product portfolio, able to demand higher quality merchandise for lower price

Physical Evidence

classic preppy American Style with timeless designs


• With proper PR and marketing the brand awareness will increase • Cult brand among celebrities such as Blake Lively, Michelle Obama, and Olivia Palermo


People 13



J. Crew has been a cult classic for many years, however since the

Place is about getting the right product at the right place at the right time in the right amount (Kubel,

introduction of J. Crew into the UK market in 2013 sales have been declining

Williams, and Posner, 2015, p46). J. Crew has 4 bricks and mortar stores in London as well as online shopping

world wide. This in largely due to J. Crew losing its way when it comes to their

capabilities. This lack of sufficient physical stores further hinders J. Crew’s ability to compete with other high

products, their designs, and declining quality. One diehard J. Crew fan, Belle of

street retailers in the UK by limiting their exposure to London. As young professionals move away from the ever-

blog Capital Hill Style, spearheaded the social-media uprising #reviveJCrew to

rising price of property and life in general in London, metropolitan areas such as Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, and

encourage other J. Crew shoppers to air their grievances with the brand publicly

Manchester have seen an increase in the size of this demographic - a key one for J. Crew (Wisniewska, 2016). J. Crew

(Tai, 2016). In an open letter written by another J. Crew fan, Eliza Cohen; “How

does not have enough of a presence within the UK market to be a destination shop.

to Fix J. Crew” (2015), she states “here we are in 2015 and something has been lost in translation with the brand. Your silhouettes are distorted. Your colours are

muted. You are distracted by off-brand collaborations”. This statement is further

if they aren’t aware of the brand, and even less so when the brand has been receiving poor publicity online. In

corroborated by J. Crew’s CEO Mikey Drexler blaming the sales slump on ‘ugly

addition, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of getting up (PSKF, 2015). With this modern

sweaters’ (Schlossberg, 2015) that were ill-fitting and low quality. If J. Crew are

technologically savvy consumer J. Crew need to invest in creating a shopping app if they are to stay ahead of the

to improve their sales world wide, they have to return to their roots of quality,

competition, as Reiss, Whistles, and COS have not yet created an app.

Although J. Crew’s online shopping ships anywhere in the UK, it is difficult to entice new consumers in

craftsmanship, and clean lines.


J. Crew’s product predominantly falls in the mid-priced section

in the Price Architecture Table (Kubel, Williams, and Posner, 2015, p46). However with the declining quality of their product it is difficult for J. Crew to justify their price points, which in turn gives would-be consumers little encouragement to part with their trusted competitors in favour of J. Crew (Geoghegan, 2016). The price point of the clothing is ridiculous for the quality that is being received. J. Crew’s reaction to the fall in sales is to discount, which damages the margin for the company, and the brands credibility (Strachan, 2016). If J. Crew want to avoid the current situation that Banana Republic are facing in the UK with all 8 of its UK stores closing (Taylor, 2016), they need to rethink the prices in relation to the current quality of the product they are selling.





Promotion is the process of communication and

Consumers increasingly demand a full-service experience when shopping both in store and online (Kubel,

persuasion that brands use to market their products and

Williams, and Posner, 2015, p50). One of the greatest tools a retailer can use to entice consumers in is by showcasing

services (Jackson and Shaw, 2009). One of J.Crew’s strengths

their products in an ethnically pleasing way (Koumbis, 2014). J. Crew bricks and mortar stores are visually stunning.

is having a celebrity cult following, such as former First

The store is merchandised beautifully, the mannequins are sleek and styled perfectly, and the ‘shopping flow’ is easy

Lady Michelle Obama, and actresses Katie Holmes and

to manoeuvre. J. Crew offers an in-store (and online) complimentary ‘Very Personal Stylist” who will help you pick

Reese Witherspoon (Glaze, 2013). They have capitalised

out an outfit, gift, or help you track down hard-to-find items (J. Crew, no date b). In addition, they offer a 15% student

on this influential way of marketing of getting the right

discount, as well as a Loyalty Card which saves purchasing information, the cardmembers also receive little presents

people spotted in the clothing at the right time, which

throughout the year. The staff are all dressed in the J. Crew style, and the consumer experience from walking into the

solidifies their fashion stance in the US. However this style

store, to trying on, to purchasing, and walking out with the J. Crew bag closed with a ribbon is making the shopping

of promotion has not been replicated in the UK, with the

experience a pleasurable one. The J. Crew physical store is getting it right, they just need more stores to satisfy a

Duchess of Cambridge, and celebrities such as Kim Sears,

greater number of consumers and increase their customer base.

Elizabeth Hurley, and Pippa Middleton still favouring UK retailers such as Reiss and Whistles. J. Crew have failed

The online retailer, as with the bricks and mortar store, is well designed. The layout of the initial page is

to win over the British celebrities and therefore failed to

visually stimulating, it is easy to browse, and the clothing is beautifully pictured on the models. As stated above, there

exploit this extremely effective promotional tool.

is personal styling served available online 24/7, as well as free shipping on all orders. If you are an account holder you can save items to your wishlist, store your information, and look at your order history. There is also a reviewed

When J. Crew arrived the UK in 2013 they created

section where customers can review the products, as well as assess the fit. This helps new consumers who don’t know

a pop-up store in London’s King’s Cross and collaborated

the styles and fit to assist the sizes based on the review. One criticism of the online shopping is that it does not include

with the prestigious school Central Saint Martins College

free returns, and you cannot return the items to a store. 91% of consumer interviewed in a Harris Poll advised a stores

of Art and Design (Alexander, 2013) to create a cashmere

return policy was one of the most important factors when shopping (All Business, 2007). Even with the out-of-date

piece for the launch of the new store. In addition to this

return policy, this is one area where J. Crew needs minimal work.

collaboration, for the 3 years after the launch, J. Crew


offered 1 annual scholarship for Central Saint Martins for new London’s trendsetters. This along with the launch

People does not only refer to the consumer, but all people involved in the creation of a product to the purchase of that

party which was held at J. Crew’s UK flagship store on

product (Kubel, Williams, and Posner, 2015, p51). Many consumer blame J. Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons, and

Regent Street with celebrities and bloggers in attendance

feel that she has let J. Crew down by putting her creative power into Madewell (J. Crew’s little sister brand) and let

should have created a lasting buzz, but in reality it was

J. Crew fall to the side (Friedman, 2015). This misjudgment on Lyons behalf has been detrimental to the brands image

short-lived. Both celebrities and bloggers have returned

and J. Crew has a difficult road ahead, which may require a new Creative Director bringing the brand back to what

to their favourite UK brands, and J. Crew hasn’t done

made people loved about it in the first place; high-quality basics with a personalised twist.

anything to seduce them back. 16



J. Crew should be a success in the UK, with its unique preppy style and competitive prices. By analysing

the current marketing strategy, or lack there of with the poor promotion of the brand and lack of bricks and mortar stores, decline in quality of the clothing, decline in their style identity, J. Crew have been failing in the UK for some time. If they are to avoid the problems that have plagued Banana Republic, and gain the competitive advantage over their UK competitors, using the research gained, a new marketing strategy will be created. This strategy will focus on promoting to and engaging the target consumer, reviving the product, as well as making the brand more accessible in the UK. This plan is outlined in the next section.




Aim: To devise a marketing strategy for the promotion and expansion of J. Crew within the UK over 2 years.

Marketing Plan

Objectives : • Identify target consumer • Identify J. Crew’s new market position • Generate a new awareness for the brand in the UK market through marketing mix and promotional mix • Encourage celebrities and social-media influencers to create a community behind the brand • Secure coverage in print publication such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour • Create a mobile shopping app • Increase sales to reflect the 2007 success of an increase in revenue of 27% and sales increase of 20% in the first year (Investors, 2007)




POSITIONING MAP: TARGET PRODUCT QUALITY AND PRICE The J. Crew target consumer are Generation

Y or Millennials, and are classed under Rising

High Price

Prosperity as City Sophisticates (Acorn CACI Ltd, 2013) (Appendix 1). These affluent young professionals generally rent or own their own flats in major cities or towns, and fall under the classification HEIDIs (highly education independent individuals) or DINKYs (double income no kids yet). They have graduated from higher education, and are mostly in white collar occupations. While all are not highly paid they income are above the national average with an average household income ÂŁ60,000 to ÂŁ80,000 per

Low Quality

High Quality

annum. (Acorn CACI Ltd, 2013). These individuals enjoy spending their income on fashion, music, events, entertainment as well as socialising (Cubeyou Ltd, 2016). They enjoy fine dining and trying new cuisine, and enjoy nights out with friends at bars and restaurants. They are wellness aware and enjoy participating in physical activities such as attending a gym or taking classes like yoga or pilates. These consumers are early adopters, are highly involved within the social-media communities and rely heavily on their peers and social media icons for recommendations (Kubel, Williams, and Posner, 2015, p115). They interact with many fashion brands on an array of social-

Low Price

media sites through their mobiles, tablets and computers (Cubeyou Ltd, 2016).





Product is the most important part of the marketing

mix (Jackson and Shaw, 2009, p87). It allows people to express who they are without saying anything. As discussed in the section above, J. Crew’s quality and style of their product has been slipping since 2010 and hit an all time low in 2016. This part of the marketing plan is strategic and will take the longest amount of time as the whole product range will have to be redesigned.

The new product will embody J. Crew’s core values

of high quality timeless pieces with a preppy twist. This unique style of clothing is what put J. Crew on the fashion map in the first place, and it is what will differentiate the brand from its competitors in the UK. In addition to bringing the clothing back to its former glory, this is an opportunity for the company to gain the competitive edge by becoming more transparent within the supply chain. Consumers are ready to take personal responsibility for their purchases, with 80% of consumers agreeing they would purchase from a company with stronger social or environmental commitments even if the brand is unknown (Touch, 2015, p18).


The price of J. Crew’s clothing has had a lot of bad publicity over the past few years (Geoghegan, 2016).

However it isn’t the price that reflects poorly on the clothing, but the clothing that is reflecting poorly on the price. The mid-price point is competitive with J. Crew’s UK competitors such as Reiss (appendix 1). Once J. Crew have their product back to its former quality, the price will match the product. 24



PLACE cont.

Covered in the previous section, J. Crew only has 4 physical stores in the UK, all of which are in London.

Many young professionals are now looking to move away from London to seek jobs in less expensive metropolitan areas such as Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester (Wisniewska, 2016). In order to reach this target customer, J. Crew need to expand their physical presence. J. Crew will partner with John Lewis who have 42 stores across the UK, with stores in the cities listed above. Partnering with John Lewis alleviates some of the risk by allowing J. Crew to expand their product to different parts of the UK without having to open stand alone stores. Since the start of 2017 fashion sales for John Lewis have risen by 5.5%, with womenswear revenues rising 11.4%, and menswear sales climbing 3.8% (Wilmore, 2017), demonstrating the success that could be achieved for J. Crew through partnership.

J. Crews target consumers who are Power Shoppers; seasoned shoppers that have learned the nuances of

shopping online and across channels use more technology to more things (UPS Inc, 2016, p 11). These millennial marvels have a willingness to embrace all things digital, and retailers who keep up with their need for digital newness will flourish and create a bond with these consumers. J. Crew were one of the first mid-market retailers to engage in Instagram shopping, however they still do not have a mobile app. Creating a mobile app would keep consumer connected at all times by creating a direct marketing channel that provides information straight to them. This in-turn helps with the brand recognition, as the more often you can get consumer involved with the app, the more inclined they will be to purchase the product (All Business, 2014).

To keep up with the constantly changing retail environment, J. Crew have to step up their game. They need

to reach more consumers in the UK. Buy expanding their bricks and mortar presence as well as moving into the m-commerce world will allow the brand to reach more of their target market, raising awareness for the brand, and creating a desire for their brand.






Promotion is about communicating with the consumer. This promotional strategy aim is to re-launch

J. Crew in the UK, gain more consumer awareness for the brand, acquire new consumers, and keep these new consumers loyal. The focus will be aimed at consumers through a number of social media platforms, as well as event

sponsorships and advertisements to generate desire for the brand and encouraging consumers to engage with the

Glamour, Marie Claire, InStyle, and Vogue starting the

brand on multiple levels, ensuring those ‘likes’ turn into purchases. Social media is the new forefront of fashion

month J. Crew will relaunch their product, and following

marketing. Nowadays fashion brands communicate to their customer through Instagram, Facebook, bloggers and

on for the next 16 months. As these consumers frequently

many more online channels. As J. Crew has a large social media following in the US, it is imperative that this social

use their smartphone and tablets not only to engage with

media following transfers over the UK.

social media, but to read magazines as well. J. Crew will

Print ads will be taken out in magazines such as

advertise in magazines mobile counterparts, with an

Social Media

embedded links to the website as well as #loveJCrewUK.

To start the J. Crew buzz through the social media

world, Who What Wear UK the leading online fashion


style marketing company will receive a press package Our new Crush #loveJCrewUK


outlining the brands core values along with the new

updated product. This information will go out to all their

become a celebrity favourite. J. Crew has a celebrity cult

social media platforms which will reach their 13 million

following in the US, but not in the UK. To help launch J.

subscribers, 64% which are the target consumer (CMG,

Crews image in the UK, product will be sent to the Duke

2016). The modern consumer relies heavily on their peers

and Duchess of Cambridge, where anytime she wears

as well as social media icons to endorse and validate their

anything off the high street, the item sells out in hours.

selections. With all these negative reviews of J. Crew, they

Product will also be sent to celebrities such as Emma

need to get their consumers back on their side. J. Crew will

Watson, Jamie Dornan, Adele, Eddie Redmayne, and Cara

send their product out to the UKs foremost bloggers such

Delevigne. J. Crew have long attracted celebrity status

as Sandra Hagelstam from 5 Inch and Up, Menswear Style,

figures in the US, and if they are flourish they need to

Ella Ratliff of La Petite Anglais, Matthew Zorpas of The

attract the UK celebrities to create a desire for the clothing.

Gentleman Blogger, and Carrie Harwood of Wish Wish Wish. This will allow them to review the style and quality of the product and pass on their view to their followers Matthew Zorpas of The Gentleman Blogger

with the #loveJCrewUK. 28


To launch a brand into superstardom it needs to



Launch Party

The consumer is the most important aspect of any fashion business, therefore brands need to ensure that

consumers maintain their loyalty for years to come. As stated above, the return policy is one of the most important

To re-launch J. Crew events will be held in 3 cities across the UK – Bristol, London, and Manchester – so the

aspects for consumers. J. Crew will offer a 30 day return policy, offer free returns for online purchases, and will take

brand can reach a maximum amount of their target consumer. These events will consist of a fashion show, drinks and

online returns in-store. J. Crew already offer an in-depth personal shopping experience, but this is simply not enough.

h’ordeuvres, as well as a pop-up shop. The events will be held on the same day to create a sense of excitement and

The new in-store services offered will encompass an in-house tailor, as well as a personal monograming service to

have coverage from magazines, celebrities in attendance, as well as bloggers from the local area. A large number of the

ensure that the J. Crew product is custom for every consumer. J. Crew will continue to offer the student discount, as

tickets will be reserved for consumers so they can experience J. Crew for the first time with a bang.

well as hold seminars for ‘dressing for the job you want’ to help new graduates start their professional career. Fashion shows will be held semi-annually, and with the J. Crew loyalty card, consumers will be able to win the chance to attend these coveted events.

Dress for success!

Get some first hand advce from our personal stylist for the job you want and receive a 15% discount. #JCrewlessionsUK RSVP




J. Crew have been a cult-classic in the US for many years, however due to a lack of promotion and

distribution of the product, as well as the declining quality of the product the brand is failing in the UK. If J. Crew are to have the same following in the UK, there are a few key thing they have to do. Firstly, J. Crew need to improve the quality of their product and bring it back to its formal glory. Secondly, they need an extensive marketing campaign to bring brand awareness within the UK. This campaign will consist of social media marketing, print ads, and an event to re-launch the brand. A combination of the measures or similar is crucial if J. Crew is to achieve the market position in the UK that it desires.



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Reiss Jumper

ary 2017)

68% Nylon 26% Polyester 6% Elastane

J. Crew Jumper Work selfie (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 5 February 2017)

100% Merino Wool



Workspace (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 5 February 2017)

J. Crew Mens Shirt

Reiss Mens Shirt

Cotton Linen

100% Cotton



Reiss Dress

J. Crew Dress


100% Silk

63% Viscose 37% Nylon


£190 45

Emily Hyde p14145599 Fashion Managment FBUY 3415


J Crew Fashion Fashion Marketing Report  
J Crew Fashion Fashion Marketing Report