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eBizguides CAPE VERDE

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eBizguides CAPE VERDE


eBizguides CAPE VERDE


Jose Maria Pereira Neves

It is my pleasure to welcome eBizguides readers to invest and take advantage of trade opportunities in Cape Verde. The developments that have taken place in Cape Verde since the late 1990s position the country as an ideal destination for investors. I am confident that this representative guide will contribute to enhancing the awareness of foreign investors about our beautiful country.

Cape Verde is a country whose unique geography and history have played an important role in facilitating good governance. Cape Verde’s growth rate has been double that of African countries as a whole. In addition, Cape Verde enjoys political rights and civil liberties that favour the investment climate. Indeed, Cape Verde has shown its development as it has been reclassified as a ‘middle-income country’ due to foreign investments in infrastructure and tourism.

Our key goal is the modernization of our companies, our public organizations, our labour relations, and mainly our infrastructure – water, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications, ports, airports, roads – and not forgetting education as one of our main objectives and achievements. Education is key for progress and as such many development actions for capacity-building through education are currently being implemented in Cape Verde. Also, Cape Verde pays particular attention to the development of an independent press.

Cape Verde was one of the first countries to sign the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and today espouses equal opportunities in many aspects of its daily work and development, such as in governance, with many women in government holding high-level positions.

Cape Verde’s attractiveness as an investment destination relies on its multiparty stable democracy, its support for direct foreign investment, its huge growth potential in the tourism industry, the improvements made in infrastructure, the strong public and private investments present in the country and, of course, its beauty.

I encourage business and leisure readers of this guide to visit us in Cape Verde and see for themselves the abundant business opportunities our country and the region have to offer.

Jose Maria Pereira Neves Prime Minister of Cape Verde


eBizguides CAPE VERDE


eBizguides CAPE VERDE


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eBizguides CAPE VERDE

Did You Know? • Legend tells that the Cape Verdean islands were the crumbs that fell from God’s fingers when he brushed his hands together having finished creating the world.

• Going to Cape Verde means travelling through the history and culture of a population that is a real fusion between Europe and Africa. This cultural melting-pot is evident everywhere. It is even possible to find people who are blood brothers who seem to come from distinct races.

• Cape Verde has volcanic origins and is positioned between parallels 15 and 17 of the north latitude. They are located 1,000km from the Spanish Canary Islands, 450km from Senegal’s coast, and 3,600km from the Caribbean islands. These beautiful islands situated off the west coast of Africa still generate big debate about their discovery. It is more likely that Cape Verde’s islands were uninhabited when the Portuguese landed there in 1456. However, it is not certain whether it was really the Portuguese who discovered them. Historians believe that this discovery is rather more likely to have been by Venetian and Genovese navigators. We also know that Senegalese fishermen frequented these islands for a long time.

• Cape Verde is an obligatory stop in the middle of the ocean and is composed of 10 islands, nine inhabited and one uninhabited, and eight islets located at the crossroads of the three continents that border the Atlantic. The islands are divided into two groups: Barlavento (Windwards) and Sotavento (Leewards). In the former group are the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Santa Luzia, Sal and Boa Vista, along with the smaller islands of Branco and Raso; the Sotavento group comprises the islands of Santiago, Maio, Fogo, Sal and Brava.

• The name Boa Vista has its origins from the exclamation “Captain, good sight!” (“Boa vista!”) instead of the traditional “Land ahoy”. This is due to the joy of a sailor who had seen the island through the porthole of a vessel that faced a fearful tempest. Its climate is one of the most arid in the archipelago: it is like a piece of the Sahara lost in the Atlantic Ocean.

• Brava is reachable only by sea. Due to its altitude, Brava is the wettest and the greenest of all the islands. With its abundance of flowers it is also known as Ilha das Flores (Island of Flowers). It is the smallest island of the archipelago with the exception of the uninhabited Santa Luzia.

• At the beginning, Fogo was called San Filipe. Later, and quite appropriately, its name was changed to Fogo (Fire) as it has an active volcano that erupted in 1951. It is also the location of the highest peak, which rises to 9,281ft (2,829 metres).

• Portuguese navigators Diogo Gomes and Antonio di Noli discovered Maio Island on 1st May 1460. The island took the name of its month’s discovery date, Maio’ in Portuguese.

• Sal was discovered in 1640 and was first known as Llana or Plana, meaning ‘flat’. It was given its present name when a lagoon in a crater of an extinct volcano was discovered where, after the rains, salt was produced. This crater is now known as Pedra do Lume. Sal is the flattest and most touristy island because of the beauty of its white sand


eBizguides CAPE VERDE

Did You Know? beaches, its turquoise waters and the numerous nautical activities on offer. A visit to its salt mines is a must, as is a walking trip across the island.

• The first Cape Verdeans were born at Cidade Velha on Santiago Island, a meeting point for the first Europeans and Negroes coming from the west coast of Africa to settle and cultivate the islands of Cape Verde. Santiago is the island where some original African traditions remain, such as children carried on the back, the mystic faiths, the music and the batuque dances.

• Santa Luzia was inhabited and already possessed of a small agricultural community by the eighteenth century.

• Santo Antão is a mountainous island that offers great trekking opportunities through its green and dense valleys, where sugar cane and bananas are abundantly cultivated. It is also famous for its traditional feasts and Grogue, the Cape Verdean brandy. It is known as the artistic, cultural and party island. The Baia das Gatas carnival and festival in August is the most important theatrical event in the country. It is a dry, mountainous and gently elevated island. Cesaria Evora lives in its capital, the archipelago’s second most important city, Mindelo.

• São Nicolau is an island covered with old volcanoes and ancient dragon trees, wild landscapes, numerous mountains and beaches. It is famous for its high-sea fishing activity and the mysterious medicinal Tarrafal’s black sand…

• São Vicente was discovered on St Vincent’s Day – 22nd January – in 1462. The island remained practically uninhabited until the middle of the nineteenth century.

• Cape Verde gained independence from Portugal in 1975 and since 1991 Cape Verde has had a democratic government, which is very open and encouraging of overseas investment and developing the private sector.

• Cape Verdeans are used to saying that in their ‘ungrateful’ land, without water and with few economic resources, their major asset is themselves. They call it ‘Morabeza’, which means amiability and hospitality – fundamental features that describe this population’s way of being. These qualities define the way the people are used to sharing the few things they have.

• Repeated droughts during the second half of the twentieth century caused significant hardship and prompted heavy emigration. As a result, Cape Verde’s expatriate population is greater than its domestic one. Remittences representing about 40% of the country GDP.

• Cape Verde’s agriculture and fishing contribute only 10% to the nation’s GDP. The government, through legislation and fiscal incentives, has been actively encouraging tourism development to diversify the economy.

• Cape Verde is home to a variety of musical styles: ‘morna’, ‘coladeira’, ‘funana’, ‘mazurka’, ‘batuko’ and ‘contradança’ are some of its most important genres. African and Brazilian music are also very much appreciated.


eBizguides CAPE VERDE

Did You Know? • Cape Verde is known across the world thanks to its music. Cesaria Evora, the ‘barefoot diva’, is the island’s principal musical ambassador. With her voice she opened the archipelago to the world.

• Approximately 3,000 loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) breed in Boa Vista and Sal annually, making these areas the second-most important breeding site in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

• Cape Verde’s biodiversity is important at a global level as it includes many endemic species of plants, birds, insects, as well as marine species. Its beaches provide important breeding sites and feeding grounds for endangered marine turtles and humpback whales that are frequently seen around Boa Vista and Sal, Boa Vista’s northern neighbour.


eBizguides CAPE VERDE

Cape Verde Fact File Land Area: Total Population: Population in:

4,033km2 475,948 (2005) Boa Vista – 5,398 Brava – 6,462 Fogo – 37 Maio – 7,506 Sal – 17,631 Santiago – 266,161 São Nicolau – 13,310 São Vicente – 74,136 Santo Antão – 47,484



Other Main Cities:

Mindelo (S. Vicente Island), S. Filipe (Fogo Island), Assomada (Santiago Island)

International Airports:

Amilcar Cabral Airport (Sal Island), Praia Airport (Santiago Island), Boavista Airport, and S. Vicente Airport

Main Ports:

Porto Grande (São Vicente Island) and Porto da Praia (Santiago Island)


US $1,036 million

GDP Per Capita: Inflation:

US $1,930.2 0.4%

Government System: Head of State:

Parliamentary President Pedro Verona Pires

Official Languages:



Tropical dry

Average Outdoor Temperature: Weather in Praia:

24ºC Hottest month: August Coldest month: January Driest month: November to June Wettest month: July to October



Fiscal Year: Time:

January 1st to December 31st GMT less 1 hour




CVE – Cape Verdian escudos


eBizguides CAPE VERDE


GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1




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Kavalu di Déus ê manku, má ê ta tchiga God’s horse is lame, but it arrives Cape Verdean proverb 15

GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1



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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Verde became an important commercial slave post with the expansion of the commercial routes.

Although there are some references to the passage of Romans, Arabs and Greeks to Cape Verde, as well as the

The slave trade became a highly profitable business, and

supposition that some African populations had some

the agricultural activities carried out in the nearest island

contact with the islands, at the time considered by many

of Fogo contributed greatly to the enrichment and the

historians as the official date of discovery of the archipe-

renowned prestige of the islands, particularly of the

lago, that is 1460, it was not inhabited. It is widely

village of Ribeira Grande, presently referred to as Cidade

accepted that in 1460 the Genovese and Portuguese

Velha, located on the island of Santiago.

navigators António di Noli and Diogo Gomes, both in the service of the Portuguese Crown, discovered and regis-

The decline of the economy of the archipelago started

tered the first five islands of the archipelago. In 1462, the

when the Portuguese Crown allowed slaves to be taken

navigator Diogo Afonso would discover the other islands.

directly to Guinea without making a stopover in Cape

At this date, the settlement of the archipelago started

Verde. In addition, the islands were frequently attacked

with free Europeans and slaves from the African coast.

by pirates and struck by long and constant droughts.

The island of Santiago was the first one to be colonized

Emigration became the solution for many Cape Verdeans, which is why the emigrant population is now

and recognized.

well above the local resident population. The community In the beginning, the settlement of the islands was very

in the diaspora maintains strong ties with the homeland,

difficult due to the poor natural resources and the unfa-

both in cultural terms and through the remittance of

vourable climate conditions. The Portuguese Crown

moneys that are an important source of incoming

offered a number of benefits so that settlement would be

currency to the country.

more appealing, a decision that proved right as Cape City of Sâo Vicente (air view)

GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1



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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The affirmation of the Cape Verdean nation happened

History of the Flag

on National Independence Day, 5th July 1975, and on 13th January 1991 the multiparty system was introduced

The Cape Verde flag was adopted on 22nd September

in the country. Since then a parliamentary democratic

1992, when Cape Verde finally severed its ties with

system of government, with all the institutions of a

Guinea Bissau.

modern democracy, based on free elections, has been established in the country. Cape Verde is a politically and

Prior to 1992, the similarity between the two nations’

socially stable country, enjoying peace and the absence

flags was explained by the fact that both were derived

of any kind of conflict.

from the flag of the Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde (PAIGC), the liberation move-

The Cape Verdean nation was created from the interma-

ment which succeeded in gaining independence for both

rriage of European and African races and cultures, which

countries (Guinea-Bissau in 1974, Cape Verde in 1975).

provide the roots of an identity, characterized by parti-

PAIGC’s aim had been that the two nations should unite,

cular and unique traditions and the Creole language,

but this merger was scotched in 1980 by a military coup

with a cultural richness that constitutes one of the grea-

in Guinea-Bissau.

test assets of the country.



GOVERNMENT The large blue rectangle of the flag represents the infinite space of the sea and sky.

The republic of Cape Verde enjoys a stable democratic

• The 10 yellow stars represent the nation’s 10 islands.

system, whereby the Prime Minister is the head of

• The circle of stars represents the Cape Verdean nation’s

government and the multiparty system. Executive power


is exercised by the government. Legislative power is

• The stripes are the road to the construction of Cape

vested in both the government and the National


Assembly. The judiciary is independent of the executive

• The white is the peace that the people of Cape Verde

and the legislature. The system is derived from Portugal’s

strive towards.


• The red represents the effort of Cape Verdeans. The Movement for Democracy (MPD) captured a governing majority in the National Assembly in the country’s first multiparty general elections in 1991. The MPD was


GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1



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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

returned to power with a larger majority in the general elections held in December 1995. In 2001, the PAICV


regained power, with four parties holding seats in the National Assembly – PAICV 40, MPD 30, PCD 1, and PTS

The government of Cape Verde is led by the President,

1. Nationwide municipal elections were held on 21st

who acts as Chief of State. The President is elected by

March 2004.

popular vote to serve a five-year term. The head of government is the Prime Minister, and Cape Verde has a

There are 14 administrative districts in Cape Verde: Boa

unicameral National Assembly (Assembleia Nacional).

Vista, Brava, Fogo, Maio, Pual, Praia, Porto Novo, Ribeirna Grande, Sal, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Sao

The Council of Ministers, the Cabinet, is appointed by the

Nicolau, Sao Vicente, and Tarrafal.

President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister from among the members of the National Assembly.

The Cape Verde constitution – adopted in 1980 – forms the basis of government. The new constitution came into force on 25th September 1992 and underwent a major revision on 23rd November 1995, which increased the


powers of the President. It was last revised in 1999. The unicameral Assembleia Nacional has 72 seats, the In January 2006, Cape Verde held a successful round of

members of which are elected by popular vote to serve

parliamentary elections, followed by successful presiden-

five-year terms. The National Assembly nominates the

tial elections on 12th February 2006. The National

Prime Minister for the President’s formal appointment.

Electoral Commission (NEC) judged both elections free

The judicial system is the Supreme Tribunal of Justice,

and fair.

and is comprised of a Supreme Court of Justice – whose The judicial system in Cape Verde is based on the Portugese system


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

members are appointed by the President, the National

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and of

Assembly, and the Board of the Judiciary – and regional

Qualification and Employment

courts. Separate courts hear civil, constitutional and cri-

Palacio do Gobierno, Varzea

minal cases. Appeal is to the Supreme Court. In general,

Praia, Santiago

the judicial and legal system in Cape Verde is the same as

Tel: +238-2610515

in Portugal, except for some small changes in the law which were made after Cape Verde’s independence in

Ministry of Education and Higher Education


Achada Grande Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2631016

Office of the President

Ministry of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and

Plateau, cerca de Administración Interna, C.P. 100

of the Reform of the State and of National Defence

Praia, Santiago

Palacio do Gobierno, Varzea

Tel: +238-2615555 / 2612829

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2610520

Office of the Prime Minister Palacio do Governo, Varzea

Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Praia, Santiago

Avenida Amilcar Cabral,

Tel: +238-26610513 / 2610900

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2642315 / 2607501 Presidential Palace in Praia, Santiago island

GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1



Página 20


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture Ponta Belem, C.P. 115 Praia, Santiago Tel: +238 2615713 / 2615716 Fax: +238-2615716

Ministry of Internal Administration Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2604028 / 2604020 Fax: +238-2611132

Ministry of Decentralization, Housing and Zoning Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Plateau Praia, Santiago

Ministry of Foreign Business, Cooperation and

Tel: +238-2607561 / 2607410


Fax: +238-2607497

Achada Santo Antonio Praia, Santiago

Ministry of the Economy, Growth and Competitiveness

Tel: +238-2607863

Avenida Amilcar Cabral, C.P. 15 Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2607611 Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean, at the meeMinistry of Justice

ting point of the three continents of Africa, America and

Achada Santo Antonio

Europe, approximately 450km off the west coast of

Praia, Santiago

Africa, close to Senegal, and has a total area of

Tel: +238-2623257

4,033km2, composed of 10 islands and 8 islets. Of volcanic origin, Cape Verde is characterized by mountainous

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

landscapes, except for the islands of Sal, Boa Vista and

Centre, Piquenoti Garden

Maio, which are flat with long sandy beaches. Some alti-

Praia, Santiago

tudes are well over 1,000m, mainly in the islands of

Tel: +238-2613596 / 9980318

Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Santiago. The tip of the volcano on the island of Fogo is the highest point of the

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Sea

country, measuring 2,829m. The trade winds blowing

Plateau, C.P. 504

from the African continent that reach the country divide

Praia, Santiago

the islands into two groups: Barlavento, consisting of the

Tel: +238-2615699 / 2608302

islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São

Fax: +238-2614141 / 2611595

Nicolau, Sal and Boavista, and Sotavento, located a bit to

Ministry of Work, Family and Solidarity

Fogo and Brava.

the south, consisting of the islands of Maio, Santiago,

Monte Agarro, C.P. 453 Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2603265 Fax: +238-2618866

Cape Verde has few natural resources and suffers from poor rainfall and limited fresh water. Mineral resources include salt, pozzolana (a volcanic rock used in cement


GENERAL INFO:Maquetación 1



Página 21

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

production), limestone, basalt rock, kaolin, clay and

especially in some beaches on the islands of Sal and

gypsum. As an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, fish is

Boavista. There are projects aimed at their protection

also a significant natural resource for Cape Verdeans.

because they are considered to be endangered species.


A great variety of shellfish, crabs, lobster and rock barnacles are present and very much appreciated by tourists,

Despite the country’s small territorial area, the maritime

especially the magnificent shells and coral.

area is much larger, measuring well over 600,000km2. The sea is undoubtedly one of the main resources of the


country still to be discovered. The present maritime activity does not reach one fourth of the estimated capacity.

The cultivation of fields was the main cause for the destruction of a great part of the already poor natural vege-

The marine fauna is abundant, the sea temperatures osci-

tation. Dragoeiro (Dracaena draco) is one of the rare spe-

llate between 21º and 25º, and the sea’s purity and

cies belonging to the lily family of plants that made up

underwater coral platforms are valuable resources. There

the natural vegetation at the time of the discovery of the

are various native species of fish as well as migratory spe-

islands, and is still present today, mostly on the islands of

cies like tuna fish (which is one of the main marine pro-

S. Nicolau and Brava. It is considered a national symbol.

ducts exported, either fresh or canned). Efforts for the preservation of endemic species have been Different species of marine turtles choose the most

made throughout the country, and a national reforesta-

deserted beaches of the archipelago for laying their eggs,

tion programme has been carried out, mainly on the

Aerial view of Mindelo, capital of S. Vicente

GENERAL INFO:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 22


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

island of Maio, which now has the biggest reforested

Nevertheless, due to the north-east winds that blow up to the month of July, Cape Verde benefits from better

area of the whole country.

and milder climate conditions than its neighbouring The wildlife is not abundant and mainly consists of

countries located at the same latitude.

migrant and endemic birds, of which about 75 different species still exist spread throughout the country. There is


still a small community of baboons inland on the island of Santiago.

According to data provided by INE (National Institute of Statistics), the resident population in Cape Verde was


estimated at 475,947 inhabitants in 2005.

The climate of the archipelago is tropical and dry, with

It is a young population, 42% of whom are aged less

the standard temperatures remaining around 25ยบ, and

than 14 years old, with 17.3 years old being the average

changes that do not exceed 10ยบ due to influence from

age of the population. The density of population is 109

the ocean. The sun spreads its warmth the whole year

inhabitants per square kilometre, and 53 Cape Verdeans

round, but there are two main seasons, the rainy season

out of 100 live in the urban areas.

from August to October, and the dry or windy season from December to June. July and November are the

As far as education is concerned, many more people

months of transition. Rainfall is irregular all over the

attend schools in the urban areas, approximately 95%.

country with variations from one island to another. The

The enrolment rate for primary school (6 to 14 years of

lack of rainfall and the dry and warm winds are the main

age) is 88%, and secondary school (12 to 17 years) is

causes of the poor natural vegetation that characterizes

around 78%. The illiteracy rate fell from 37% in 1990 to

the country.

25% in 2000. Port of Sao Vicente, a privilege part of fishing


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

LANGUAGES Although Portuguese is the official language, Creole is the most spoken language all over the archipelago, and is a blend of Portuguese and West African words. English, French, Spanish and Italian are reasonably understood and spoken by some of the local residents of the main urban centres as well as in the main tourist places.

RELIGION Cape Verdeans are free to worship as they wish. The dominant religion of Cape Verde is Roman Catholicism, and over the years Cape Verdeans have infused it with

The dominant religion in Cape Verde is Roman Catholicism


indigenous beliefs. Another major religion is the


Protestant Church of Nazarene.


The national currency is the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE). There is an agreement of parity between the Cape

1st January

New Year; International Peace Day

Verdean escudo and the euro so that the exchange rate

15th January

Democracy and Liberty Day

is fixed:

20th January

National Heroes Day

1 euro = 110.265 CVE

1st May

Labour Day

5th July

Independence Day

15th August

Nossa Senhora da Graça


(Our Lady of Grace)

Cape Verde has a number of international and local

1st November

All Saints Day

banks, including Banco Comercial dos Açores (BCA),

25th December

Christmas Day

Banco Caboverdiano de Negocios (BCN), Banco Espiritu Santo, Banco Interatlantico, and Caixa Economica de

Carnivál (Mardi Gras) and Good Friday are also national

Cabo Verde. Each of these institutions has ATM services.

holidays. Banking hours are 08.00–15.00, Monday to Friday.

BUSINESS WORKING HOURS FOREX BUREAUS Monday to Friday: 08.00–12.30 and 15.00–19.00 Cape Verde’s major cities – Praia and Mindelo – each have several forex bureaus, located in the town centre.

Saturdays: 09.00–13.00

The international airports each have exchange offices, Most shops are closed on Sundays, but some supermar-

and many hotels can also change money.

kets are open on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Convenience stores and petrol stations are open every day from 08.00 to 22.30, including weekends.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



Most of the larger, well-established hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and stores will accept credit cards, but

Currently the most important phone operator in the

usually only Visa. However, when using a credit card for

country is the state-owned company CV Telecom. The

payment, expect local currency to be advanced against it.

cellular network system covers the whole country, and is

Most ATM services at banks will also accept Visa for cash

also operated by CV Telecom, although a second ope-


rator, T+, entered in the market in 2007.


1,500 CVE per person

Bottle of water:

300 CVE (restaurant)

LONG-DISTANCE PHONE CALLS In order to make an international call, dial 00 then dial the country code (351 for Portugal, 34 for Spain, etc) and

100 CVE (supermarket) Coffee:

150 CVE


300 CVE (restaurant)

Housing: (high end) Taxi fare:

then dial the phone number. To make a phone call to Cape Verde from abroad, dial the international code, and

100 CVE (supermarket)

then the country code 238 (Cape Verde), and finally dial

700 euros/month

the phone number. Prepaid phone cards as well as public


phone booths are available all over the archipelago.

200–300 CVE

Taxi to/from airport (Praia): 800 CVE

Find more addresses and phone

Taxi to/from airport

numbers in the section Business

(Sal and Mindelo):

1,500 CVE


100 CVE

Internet café, one hour:

1,000 CVE




The technological evolution in the country has allowed


for direct communication from anywhere in the archipelago to the whole world, be it by phone, fax or Internet.

Cape Verde has good sanitary standards, with no conta-


nation before entering the country. Health centres and

Post offices with fast and effective express mail services

hospitals are found in the major urban and rural centres,

are spread around the country. There are also express

in case of necessity.

gious or endemic tropical diseases and no need of vacci-

pharmacies are available everywhere in the country, and

mail companies on some of the islands (see Business The Cape Verdeans are peaceful and outgoing, and the

Resources section).

country is well known for its social stability and absence


of any kind of conflict. As far as security is concerned,

Access to the Internet is easily available in the cyber cafés

anywhere in the world.

you should take the basic precautions that are observed

found in the islands, but there is a greater choice in the major urban centres.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS/ POLICE STATIONS Santiago Island Praia: +238-2621332 Cuidade Velha: +238-2671132 Pedra Badejo: +238-2691332 Santa Catarina: +238-2651132 Tarrafal: +238-2661132

Boa Vista Island Sal Rei: +238-2511132

Brava Island Nova Sintra: +238-2851132

Fogo Island Mosteiros: +238-2831073 Sao Filipe: +238-2811132 CV Telecom is the most important phone operator in the country

Maio Island

Police – 132

Maio: +238-2551132

Detective force – 800 11 34

São Nicolau Island


Tarrafal: +238-2361132 Ribeira Brava: +238-2351132

To enter the country tourists must have a passport with a São Vicente Island Mindelo: +238-2314631

visa issued by a Cape Verde Consulate in the country of origin, or upon arrival at the international airport. Visa extensions can be obtained from the immigration police.

Sal Island Espargos: +238-2411132

Visas are not required for organized tourist groups if their

Santa Maria: +238-2421132

visit to the country is communicated in advance to the authorities, through one of the local travel agencies.

Santo Antão Island Ribeira Grande: +238-2211132

As requirements do tend to change

Porto Novo: +238-2221132

and vary from country to country, we strongly advise you contact your

Paul: +238-2231292

nearest Cape Verdean Embassy or


Consulate for all entry requirements.

In case of emergency, dial the following numbers:


Hospital – 130 Fire brigade – 131

The entry of pets, plants, guns and temporarily imported vehicles is subject to the laws in force.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Cape Verde Airports offer good connections to Europe, America and Africa

CAPE VERDE EMBASSIES AND CONSULATES GETTING THERE AND ABROAD AROUND The entry and exit of yachts to the ports is controlled by the port authorities.



R. Oliveira Martins 3, Luanda Tel: +244-2321765

The international airports Amílcar Cabral on the island of

Fax: +244-2320832

Sal and Praia (ADP) on the island of Santiago provide direct access from Africa, Europe, USA and South

Argentina – Consulate

America. Works have already started for an international

Bdo de Ligoyen 146, Piso 1 Dpto

airport on the island of São Vicente, and construction of

C 1072, Buenos Aires

the Boavista airport will soon start so as to make access

Tel: +541-3340524

to these islands much easier.

Fax: +541-2562514

The national airline of Cape Verde is TACV. Tap Air

Austria – Consulate

Portugal connects Cape Verde directly with Portugal, and

A-1170 Vienna Dornbacherstrasse 89

Air Senegal is another option for destinations via Dakar.

Tel: +431-5873166/0676 / 5499114 Fax: +431-4852300-14



The main islands of the archipelago have developed a


network of roads, but outside the urban areas the roads

Rue Antoine Laborre 30, 1050, Bruxelles

are not always well maintained. A good taxi fleet is avai-

Tel: +322-6469025

lable (most of them equipped with taximeters), as well as

Fax: +322-6463385

small buses (locally known as HIACE) and many rental car




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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


Germany – Hamburg Consulate

Shis-QL 06 Conj. 04, Casa 15 Lago Sul

11 Rodingsmarkt 26, Hamburg

Brasilia DF

Tel: +49-40-364919

CEF 71620-045

Fax: +49-40-364911

Tel: +55-613-653190 Fax: +55-613-653191

Germany – Bremmen Consulate


1 Wachmannstrasse 7, Bremmen Tel: +49-4213-48091/3

Brazil – Consulate

Fax: +49-4213-499373

Av. Paulista 2073, 1114 Horça 1, São Paulo Tel: +55-11-2833978

Hong Kong – Consulate

Fax: +55-12-843940

Room 916, Star House 3 Salisbury Road


Tsim Sha Tswi Kowloon, Tel: +852-23753728

Canada – Consulate

Fax: +852-23753969

802 the Queensway West Suite 103 Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 1 N5


Tel: +1-416-2521082

Viale Giosué Carducci, 4–1 Interno 3, 00187, Roma

Fax: +1-416-2521092

Tel: +39-64744678/4596 Fax: +39-64744764



Calle 20, 2001 Esq. A 7ma Avenida Miramar Playa, La Havana


Phone: +537-242979 / 242655

46 R. Goethe, L-1637,

Fax: +537-241072

Tel: +352-26480948


Fax: +352-26480949


Luxembourg – Consulate

Rue Jouffroy D’Abbans 80, 75017, Paris

50 Rue Albert Ier L-1117, Luxembourg

Tel: +331-42127354

Tel: +352-442641

Fax: +331-40530436 Email:

Netherlands 44 Kninginnegracht, 2514 AD, The Hague


Tel: +31-703-469623

Stavanger Str. 16, 10439, Berlin,

Fax: +31-703-467702

Tel: +49-3020-450955 Fax: +49-3020-450966

Netherlands – Consulate


Mathenesserlaan 326, 3021 HX Rotterdam Tel: +31-10-4778097 / 4778760

Germany – Frankfurt Consulate

Fax: +31-10-4774553

Oberortstr 29, D 65760 Eschborn, Frankfurt


Tel: +49-6196-484373 / 444357 Fax: +49-6196-484373

Portugal Av. do Restelo 33, 1400, Lisboa Tel: +35-11-3019521


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Fax: +35-11-3015308

Fax: +1-6178599798


Email: /

Portugal – Consulate


Av. dos Aliados, 151–3 S/4, Porto Tel: +35-12-883566

Angola Achada Santo António, Praia


Tel: +238-262-3235 / 3236

Rubliovskoe Chaussé, 26 APT 180, Moscow

Fax: +238-262-3234

Tel: +7-495-4154503


Fax: +7-4954154504 Email:

Brazil Chã D’Areia 2,


C.P. 93, Praia

3 Av. El-Hadji Djilly, M’Baye

Tel: +238-261-5607/08

PO Box 11269, Dakar

Fax: +238-261-5609

Tel: +221-224285


Fax: +221-210697 Email:

China Achada Santo António, Praia

Spain – Consulate

Tel: +238-262-3029 / 3028

Calle Capitán Haya 51, Planta 4, Of. 8 - 28020, Madrid


Tel: +34-15702568 Fax: +34-15702563



Praínha, Praia Tel: +238-261-9408 / 4644


Fax: +238-261-7527

Drottninggatan, 104 ltr, 11160 Stockholm

Telex: 6042

Tel: +468-4117170


Fax: +468-4119610 Delegation of the European Union Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Achada de Santo António, Praia

27 East 69th St, New York, NY 10021

Tel: +238-260478

Tel: +1-212-2887843

Fax: +238-260473

Fax: +1-212-7941398 France United States of America

Prainha, Praia

3415 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Tel: +238-261-5589 / 5591

Washington DC, 20007

Fax: +238-261-5590

Tel: +1-202-9656820

Telex: 6064 AMBFR. CV Email:

United States of America – Consulate 607 Boston St, 4th Floor


Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Achada Santo António, Praia

Tel: +1-617-3530014

Tel: +238-262-6097 / 3925


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Fax: +238-262-3036

Tel: +238-232-1661

Telex: 6055

Fax: +238-232-1819

Email: Denmark Russia


Av. Oua 9, Achada Santo António, Praia

Tel: +238-232-1785

Tel: +238-262-2739 / 2740

Fax: +238-232-1726

Fax: +238-262-2738 Equator


R. da Babilónia, Prainha, Praia, C.P. 25A Senegal

Tel: +238-261-8489

Rua Abílio Macedo, Praia, C.P. 269

Fax: +238-261-8569

Tel: +261-5621

Fax: +261-2838 Telex: 6085 AMBASSEN CV



Mindelo Tel: +238-231-1838



Achada de Santo António, Praia, Santiago

Sta. Maria, Ilha do Sal

Tel: +238-2604342

Tel: +238-991-9256

Fax: +238-2603108

Boa Vista Tel/Fax: +238-251-1193

United States of America Rua Abílio Macedo 6, Praia, C.P. 201


Tel: +261-5616

Achada Sto. António, Praia

Fax: +261-1355

Tel: +238-262-3100 / 3102

Telex: 60680

Fax: +238-262-3103



For those countries not featured,

Great Britain


Mindelo, C.P. 4





Foreign Affairs in your own country

Tel: +238-232-2584 / +238-230-7602

for updates on the Honorary Consul

Fax: +238-232-6629

that represents you in Cape Verde


Email: elisabete.e.soares@cvtelecom.sims

Israel Mindelo


Tel: +238-232-3353

Plateau, Praia

Fax: +238-232-3351

Tel: +238-261-3892 Fax: +38-261-6880



Chã D’Areia, Praia Tel/Fax: +238-261-9343





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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e




Plateau, Praia

Tel/Fax: +238-261-2333

Tel: +238-261-4443

R. Tomás Ribeiro, 18X, Mindelo

Fax: +238-261-1450

Tel: +238-232-1461 Fax: +238-232-4957 / 7333



Av. 5 de Julho, Mindelo Tel: +238-232-3130


Fax: +238-232-5355

Tira-chapéu, Praia, C.P. 105 Tel: +238-262-7555


Fax: +238-262-7874

Plateau, Praia, C.P. 39

Mindelo, C.P. 378

Tel/Fax: +238-261-7969

Tel: +238-232-2718


Mobile: +238-9966604 Tel: +238-232-3464 (casa)


Fax: +238-232-3471/ 231-8919

Fazenda, Praia, C.P. 876 Tel/Fax: +238-261-9868



Av. Andrade Corvo 25, 2nd Floor, Plateau, Praia Tel: +238-261-6710

United Nations

Fax: +238-261-6750

AV. OUA, Achada de Santo António, Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-260-9630 Fax: +238-262-1490 Email: info@unodc .org





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Galinha que quer honra, não põe o rabo ao vento Chicken that wants honour, don’t put your tail in the wind Cape Verdean proverb 31




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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e Tel: +238-2611485 Fax: +238-2616971 Email:

Ateliers de Artes Gráficas de Vasco Castro

Visual Publicidade e Design

Alto Sentina, R. Bote, Rua 9

Av. 5 Julho

Mindelo, São Vicente

Mindelo, São Vicente

Tel: +238-2325501

Tel: +238-2328332

Fax: +238-9922512

Fax: +238-2328332 Email:

Editora & Jacquie Lda Largo ex Bombeiro C.P. 60 Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2312730 Fax: +238-2321917

Alfa-Comunicações Lda Palmarejo C.P. 690

Francisco Henrique Silos de Brito

Praia, Santiago

Serigrafia – Impressão Offset – Papelaria

Tel: +238-2628677

C.P. 148 Espargos, Sal

Fax: +238-2628505

Tel: +238-2411374


Fax: +238-2412184 Email:

Magazine ‘Iniciativa’ Email:

GRP: Exterior media & advertising Nova Imagem: Visual communication

Climar, Marketing & Tecnologia Lda

Logojet: Large-scale printing

Rua Boîte Hi-Step

Tira Chapéu, Praia, Santiago

C.P. 283 Mindelo, São Vicente

Tel: +238-2628401

Tel: +238-2325073 / 2315512

Fax: +238-2628407

Fax: +238-2325073




EME – Marketing e Eventos Lda

Meio Achada Sto Antonio

Av. Santiago, Palmarejo

Praia, São Vicente

Praia, Santiago

Tel: +238-2624723

Tel: +238-614938/15

Fax: +238-2624724

Fax: +238-611564




MGF, Investimentos, Estudos & Gestão

Rua da Capela 251,Praia, Santiago

R. António Aurélio Gonçalves, 10–2

Tel: +238-2622043

C.P. 231 Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2303010/12

Tipografia Santos

Fax: +238 230 3011

Avenida Amílcar Cabral


Plateau, Praia, Santiago






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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m Fax: +238-2613110 Email:

Air Sénégal International


Rua Serpa Pinto, 8B Plateau, Praia, Santiago

Banco de Cabo Verde

Tel: +238-2617529/39

Av. Amilcar Cabral, Plateau

Fax: +238-2615483

Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2607000 Fax: +238-2614447 / 2613561

Cabo Verde Express


Espargos Sal Tel: +238-2412603

Banco Interatlântico

Fax: +238-2412600/03

Av. Cidade de Lisboa


C.P. 131A, Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2614008 Fax: +238-2614253


Email: Website:

BCA – Banco Comercial do Àtlantico Praia, Santiago

Espargo, Sal

Tel: +238-2600900

Tel: +238-2418085/82/87




Página 34


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Fax: +238-2413999

Fax: +238-2611969


Email: Website:

Mindelo, São Vicente Pç. Amilcar Cabral

Agência Espargos, Sal:

Tel: +238-2325585/86/87

Tel: +238-2412608

Fax: +238-2325584

Fax: +238-2413380

Email: ECV – Serviços Financeiros BCN – Banco Cabo-Verdiano de Negócios

Av. Amilcar Cabral

Av. Amílcar Cabral, Plateau

C.P. 373 C Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2617856/7849

Tel: +238-2611662 / 2617499 Fax: +238-2614006

Fax: +238-2617860




CARGO Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde Agência Praia:

Agemar – Navegação e Trânsito Lda

Av. Cidade de Lisboa

Rua Visconde de S.Januário 12, Plateau, Praia, Santiago

C.P. 199 Praia, Santiago

Tel: +238-2614860 / 2612932

Tel: +238-2604082

Fax: +238-2613931

The Cape Verdean currency is escudos


Mindelo, São Vicente Rua 29, Prédio Miguel Coronel 2º D.R. Tel: +238 - 2324562/2314593 Fax: +238 - 2324563 Email:

Espargos, Sal Rua Jorge Barbosa, 2 Andar, Ed. Central Tel: +238-2413266 Fax: +238-2413566

Agenavs – Agência de Navegação e Viagens Santana Lda Rua Av. Cidade de Lisboa, Fazenda, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2613536 / 2614192 Fax: +238 2615239 Email:

Rua Coco Nº 20, Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2322718 / 2323471

Agência Marítima de Navegação – Polar Rua Serpa Pinto, Praia, Santiago





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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Tel: +238- 2615223

Fax: +238-2328496

Fax: +238-2617224

Email: Website:

Cabo Verde Shiping Agencia Rua Visconde S. Januário 12

Canary Islands Chamber of Commerce

C.P. 501 Praia, Santiago

Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, 1st Floor,

Tel: +238-2611179

Fazenda, Praia, Santiago

Fax: +238-2611198

Tel: +238-2600478


Fax: +238-2614165 Email:




Câmara de Comercio, Indústria e Serviçios de Sotavento Av. Cidade de Lisboa, C.P. 105, Fazenda, Praia, Santiago

Hotel Oasis Praia Mar

Tel: +238-2615352

Prainha C.P. 75, Praia, Santiago

Fax: +238-2617235

Tel: +238-2614355 / 2613777 / 2614153


Fax: +238-2612972 Email:

Câmara de Comercio, Indústria, Agricultura e Serviçios de


Barlavento Rua da Luz 31,

Hotel Trópico – Pestana

C.P. 728, Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2328495

C.P. 413 Praia, Santiago Cape Verde offers excellent venues to organize conferences and business events






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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Tel: +238-2614200

Clínica Dentaria O Siso

Fax: +238-2615225

Travessa Guimarães 6 R/C


Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2328855 Fax: +238-2328847

Quinta da Montanha


Rui Vaz São Domingos Tel: +238-22685002/03

Rua Salinas-Santa Maria, Sal

Fax: +238-2685004

Tel: +238-2421213

Email: Consultório Buco Dentário


Rua Serpa Pinto Plateau, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2615444

Correios de Cabo Verde

Fax: +238-2618301

Rua Cesário Lacerda


C.P. 92, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2611049


Fax: +238-2613478 Email: correios

Lavandaria Kanimanbo Lda


Rua. Diogo Afonso, Alto Mar Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: + 238-2318845

Av. Oua

Fax: +238-2314770

C.P. 203A Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2623124 Fax: +238-2623125

Lavandaria Mindelo Expresso


Rua St António 24 Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2327676 Fax: 238-2327676

Clínica Odonto – Estomatologica


Ed Comunidades Bloco E, Achada Sto António Praia, Santiago

Lavandaria Superlimpo Lda

Tel: +238-2623500

Rua Vila dos Espargos 30, Palmarejo, Praia, Santiago

Clínica Odontoprótese Dentária

Tel: +238-2262887

Av. Holanda, 4B R/C Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2325759 Fax: +238-2325759

Correios de Cabo Verde Rua Cesário Lacerda

Clínica Dentária Odontoestética

C.P. 92, Praia, Santiago

Av. Capitão Ambrósi 1

Tel: +238-2611049

Mindelo, São Vicente

Fax: +238-2613478

Tel: +238-2310339





Página 37

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Email: correios

Salão Cibel


Plateu, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2612345 / 2612729

Cota Câmbios Av. Amilcar Cabral 14

Salão Gia

C.P. 402, Praia, Santiago

Rua Fernando F. Fortes 4

Tel: +238-2600591

Mindelo, São Vicente

Fax: +238-2600592

Tel: +238-2314580

Email: Salão das Dores ECV Serviços Financeiro Agência de Cambio

Rua Hortelã, Espargos, Sal

Av. Amílcar Cabral

Tel: +238-2411020

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2617860

Salão Monteiro Sónia M. Silva

Fax: +238-2600592

Rua 1 de Maio, Sal Rei, Boavista


Tel: +238-2511306



HEALTH CLUBS Mindelgian Associação de Ginástica

Cosmética Dirce

Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2317605

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2616021

Work out in one of Cape Verde´s gyms!





Página 38


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Seven Gym


Achada Sto António, Praia, Santiago

Av. Amilcar Cabral

Tel: +238-2624243

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2603125


Fax: +238-2613765 Email: Website:

See Leisure section São Vicente Pç Amílcar Cabral, Mindelo


Tel: +238-2326644/45/46 Fax: +238-2326643



Santiago,Cha d’Areia, Praia


Tel: +238-2608622 Fax: +238-2616117 / 2612555



Espargos, Tel: +238-2411619


Fax: +238-2411786

Santa Maria


Tel: +238-2421717


Fax: +238-2421717 Email:


São Vicente

Caber Café Sofía

Cha d’Areia, Praia

Rua Serpa Pinto

Tel: +238-2608622

C.P. 796 Praia, Santiago

Fax: +238-2616117 / 2612555

Tel: +238-2614205



IMPAR, one of the main private insurance company




Página 39

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


João Gomes

Av. Holanda


C.P. 482 Mindelo, São Vicente

Mindelo, São Vicente

Tel: +238-2318896

Tel: +238-2317654

Fax: +238-2318000 Email:

WV Consultores Prainha


Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2603670

Centro Cultural Português da Praia


Achada Santo Antonio Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2623030 Fax: +238-2623058

RTC – Rádio Televisão Caboverdiana


Achada Santo António Praia, Santiago

Centro Cultural Francês

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Beautiful handcrafted jewellery is a Cape Verdean speciality

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Pa bu alkansa bu tem ki kansa / To achieve, you have to get tired Cape Verdean proverb


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Strategically located at the crossroads of four continents – North America, South America, Africa and Europe – the geographical position of the islands creates easy access

As one of the major stops along the ancient Portuguese

by regular shipping lines and air routes.

trade route, Cape Verde’s business history runs parallel with its development as a nation. However, people are

Cape Verde’s outward-looking economy also plays a role

discovering that business opportunities in the Cape Verde

in making it an ideal place for business. Preferential trade

islands today are much more diverse, and the country has

agreements favour products made in Cape Verde, offe-

even been known as one of the ‘best-kept secrets’ of

ring easy access to the European Union, ECOWAS and

West Africa. It’s never been a better time to do business

United States markets.

in Cape Verde. The labour market is also readily and freely available to Cape Verde has a stable political and socioeconomic

businesses establishing themselves in Cape Verde. The

environment. Since 1991 there has been a parliamentary

workforce is easy to train and highly productive.

political system of free elections, with no ideology-driven conflicts, and no ethnic or religious rifts. There have been

Good public facilities and infrastructure assure high stan-

far-reaching macroeconomic changes and improved

dards for business expansion. These include two indus-

social indicators, as well as a pegged exchange rate

trial estates, international airports and ports of esta-

regime (which ties the local currency to the euro).

blished capacity; competitive and efficient information and telecommunication technologies; and shipyards, cold storage and seafood processing.

City of Praia, Santiago island

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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

To further entice foreign investors, Cape Verde has many

A foreign investments statute is in force which confers

fiscal incentives, general incentives and tax exemptions.

important incentives. The procedures to be followed in

Additionally, business warranties are in place, backed by

order to obtain such stature are outlined below.

the legal system.


DOMESTIC LAWS Potential investors in Cape Verde must take into consideration the domestic laws in place which will govern their


investments and business developments. According to the legislation in force, investors willing to do business in

Application Submission: All foreign or external inves-

Cape Verde must opt for one of the following legal types

tments are subject to prior authorization, following the

when founding a firm:

provisions of the law. Applicants must submit two forms,

• Partnership;

which can be obtained from Cape Verde Investments

• Incorporation;

(CI), the Cape Verde investment promotion agency, free

• Joint-stock company (limited company);

of charge. The stamped and sealed copies must be sub-

• Limited liability company (Ltd);

mitted in triplicate to the Minister of Finance, together

• Corporation.

with the following: • Copy of the identification card of each investor;

The most common form of doing business in Cape Verde

• Investor’s curriculum vitae and bank statement of

is through a limited liability company or joint stock com-

deposit of capital;

pany. Be aware that in order to start such business under-

• Location where the project will be implemented;

takings you must have a minimum share capital of

• In special cases, a specific viability study of the impact

€1,814 and €22,673, respectively.

on the environment.

Company legislation is contained in the Enterprises

Deadline for Reply: The Minister’s final decision is notified

Commercial Code.

to the investor within 30 days from the date of submisOne of the main squares of Praia (Square of the Central Tribunal of Justice)


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INVESTMENT & LEGAL FRAMEWORK sion. In cases where the CI requests additional information from the investor, the 30-day waiting period is suspended until the petitioner supplies the CI with the

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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


requested information. Cape Verde offers a wide range of business incentives to Investment Authorization: Upon granting of the authori-

attract foreign direct investment, export-oriented firms,

zation, the Minister of Finance issues a Certificate of

export commodities and activities performed by firms

External Investment, which the CI sends to the investor or

engaged in different economic activities.

his/her legal representative. This certificate confers to the investor access to the incentives, as stated in the Foreign

Since 2005 dividends distributed to shareholders by any

Investment Code (Law 89/ IV / 93). The certificate is

company established and doing business in Cape Verde

declared null if the investment operation does not com-

are tax exempt. Foreign direct investment initiatives are

mence within the specified deadline.

fully exempt from fiscal obligations falling on profits generated during the first five years of operations as well

Project Registration: All external investments referred to

as on profits that are invested back into the business.

in Article 5 of Law 89/IV/93 are subject to registration at the Central Bank.Three copies of the registration form

In respect of export-oriented companies, the import of

need to be submitted to the banking institution.

engines and equipment, construction materials, fuel oil,

Site Inspection: The start-up or reopening of a business is

export-oriented purposes is free from customs duty; and

lubricant and other goods to be used exclusively for

subject to prior inspection by the competent authorities,

exports are fully exempted from custom duties, according

30 days from the date of the investment application.

to Decree Law number 99/ IV/ 93 of 13th December 1999. Furthermore, Decree Law number 92/ IV/ 93 of


15th December set tax exemptions on the export of goods and total custom duty exemption, wide-ranging customs benefits, consumer tax and other taxes imposed

Application: Applicants must complete the appropriate

on export. The firm’s periodic import of raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, used exclusively in the


manufacturing of goods and services, is also tax exempt. Deadline for Reply: The same procedure as for external investment applies. The CI may request additional infor-

Additionally, specific industries benefit. The tourism

mation from the investor, in which case the 30-day wai-

industry, believed to be the energizer of economic

ting period is suspended until the requested information

growth, is the most privileged industry as regards taxa-

is provided.

tion. Law 55/VI/2005, dated 10th January, establishes the Tourist Utility regime, under which there are three main

Certificate of Free Zone Enterprise: The Minister of Finance

structures and incentives:

issues a Certificate of Free Zone Enterprise for the applicant and copies are also forwarded to the national entities

Tourist Utility for Installation – for new projects

with competence over the matter of economic labour. This

• Property tax exemption in the acquisition of buildings;

certificate confers to the investor the right to benefit from

• Customs rights exemption on importing materials and

all incentives in the applicable legislation. It should be

equipment to be incorporated in the facilities, such as

noted that only those enterprises engaged in production

civil construction materials, electric and electronic mate-

of market-oriented goods and services exclusively for

rials, sanitary equipment, vehicles for tourist transporta-

export or sale to other free zone enterprises in Cape Verde

tion, boats and materials and utilities for cultural and

are eligible to apply for such status.

sports activities.


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Página 51

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Municipal Council of Mindelo, Sao Vicente

Tourist Utility for Operation – for projects already

materials used exclusively in the construction or installa-

initiated whose works were completed in accordance

tion of tourism facilities;

with the architectural plans:

• Exemption from real estate transfer and property taxes;

• Exemption of corporate income tax for 15 years (100%

• 100% fiscal exemption for the first five-year period of

in the first 5 years and 50% in the remaining 10 years).


This period can be extended for two more years if the

• For the next 10 years following that period, the fiscal

tourist facility is located out of the city area of Praia, S.

burden imposed is 50%;

Vicente and Sal municipalities.

• Tax deduction on profits reinvested in similar activities; and

Tourist Utility for Rebuilding – for projects with a plan of

• Tax deduction for expenses incurred in training the

improvement or expansion whose budget is at least 25%

local workforce.

of the initial investment and with at least five years of activity if the Tourist Utility for Operation was obtained, or two years if not.


• During the rebuilding period, property tax exemption on the acquisition of buildings;

This public entity, created by the Government of Cape

• Customs rights exemption on importing materials and

Verde, is responsible for investment promotion by foste-

equipment to be incorporated in the facilities (also during

ring local and foreign investment, promoting the export

the rebuilding period).

of local products, developing and managing free zones, and providing all necessary assistance and information to

Other Incentives for Tourist Utilities

investment promoters.

• Exemption from general customs duties on imports of


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Among others, CI provides the followings services:

Democracy has flourished since 1991, and there has

• Assists investors in securing permissions, exemptions,

never been any civil war or political conflict in the terri-

authorization, licences, access to land and other require-

tory in the past. The country enjoys economic stability,

ments for establishing companies;

and foreign investors’ private property rights are legally

• Administers the incentive packages;

upheld. Privately managed foreign currency accounts are

• Administers and manages free zones;

legal. (See the sections Why Do Business in Cape Verde

• Administers special tourism areas such as Integrated

and The Economy of Cape Verde for further information.)

Tourism Development Areas and Tourism Reserve and Protection Areas;

The external investment law (Law 89/IV/93 of 12th

• Assists investors with the preparation of project propo-

December) establishes the following main guarantees:

sals. • Non-discrimination: The State guarantees fair and equal


treatment to the foreign investor and to ventures that have foreign investment participation. Foreign investors of a nationality other than the Cape Verdean nationality

In sub-Saharan Africa, Cape Verde is regarded as one of

are entitled to the same treatment, without prejudice to

the safest countries in which to invest. Cape Verde offers

specific conditions established in treaties and agreements

to its investors a peaceful and safe environment.

signed between Cape Verde and other States.

Port of Mindelo

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Página 53

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

• Security and protection: The State guarantees against

The ECOWAS is a regional group of initially 16 countries

expropriation and nationalization, the security and pro-

founded in 1975. Its mission is to achieve economic and

tection of assets and rights, understood within the fra-

monetary integration, creating a single large trading

mework of foreign investment, unless the expropriation

bloc, where the flow of people and goods is free bet-

is justified on the ground of public interest, in accordance

ween its member states.

with the law, which always grants to the foreign investor the right to be fairly compensated in an amount based on

CPLP was founded in 1996 in Lisbon. It is composed of

the real and present value of the investment on the date

the following member states: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde,

public interest was declared.

Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Principe and East Timor. It is a multilateral forum for

• Foreign currency transfer: Foreign investors have the

mutual friendship between the Portuguese-speaking

right to transfer abroad, in a freely convertible currency

nations across the world, whose main objective is to

and at the exchange rate prevailing in Cape Verde on the

strengthen friendship and improve economic, social and

date the request is made, all amounts resulting from

cultural relations among the member states, and develop

foreign investment operations duly registered, namely

projects to teach the Portuguese language.

the dividends and profits, capital derived from alienation, liquidation or extinction of enterprises, branches or other

In respect of double taxation Cape Verde has entered

forms of representation, any amounts earned as a result

into bilateral double taxation avoidance treaties with

of contracts, sums referring to amortization and interest

Portugal to avoid taxing non-residents twice.

rates resulting from financial operations and income derived from the exercise of management functions.

Another relevant agreement the country has entered into is the EC-backed partnership agreement with the ACP

• Accounts in foreign currency: Foreign investors are per-

group (African, Caribbean and Pacific States), signed in

mitted to hold foreign currency accounts in national finan-

Cotonou in 2000. This agreement governs cooperation

cial institutions authorized by law, through which they can

links between Cape Verde and those countries.

make all necessary banking operations. Those accounts may only be fed with foreign currency coming directly

Of relevance as well is the special trade status under the

from abroad or from other accounts in foreign currency

US-backed African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

held in the country in institutions authorized by law.

The purpose of this legislation is to assist the economies of sub-Saharan Africa and to improve economic relations

• Foreign workers: Guarantees on hiring foreign workers.

between the United States and the region. The legislation offers trade preferences for quota-free and duty-free


entry into the United States for certain goods, expanding the benefits under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) programme. As an eligible country, AGOA has expanded market access for a certain number of Cape

Cape Verde is a member state of the African Development

Verdean products, namely textiles, into the US.

Bank (ADB), the African Union (UA), and the United Nations (UN) and most of its specialized institutions.

In 2007, Cape Verde became a member of WTO, after seven years of negotiations during which the country

Because of its geographic location, the country is also a

brought its legislation in line with WTO standards, parti-

member of the Economic Community of West African

cularly regarding value-added tax, commercial code and

States (ECOWAS) and, on account of its history and offi-

the tariffs on imports.

cial language, it is a member of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).


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Página 54

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

This integration presents an important opportunity for

Additionally, the following rates apply to corporate tax:

the country to extend its commercial links and also

• 10% rate retained on payments related to profits;

symbolizes the transition of Cape Verde from a LCD to a

• 20% tax rate retained on the bank deposit interest


earned; • 15% tax rate retained on capital gains tax.



The main taxes imposed in Cape Verde are Corporate

The VAT rate in Cape Verde is 15% (6% for restaurant

Income Tax (Portuguese acronym: IUR), Value Added Tax

and hotel activities) on value added services.

(VAT), Property Tax, Stamp Duty, Social Insurance, and Personal Income Tax. Property Tax: Property (land or buildings) transactions are


subject to property tax at 3% of the registration value. The tax becomes due at the moment of registration.

The corporate tax rate is currently set at 30.6% (30% + 2% surtax). It falls on the gross income generated by

Once the property is registered, there is a five-year

companies headquartered in or with fiscal domicile in

exemption. After the exemption period, 3% property tax

Cape Verde and on income obtained in Cape Verde by

should be paid annually over 1/20 of the registration

companies without a field office or fiscal domiciliation in

value less 15%. The registration value is subject to

Cape Verde.

periodic revision by the authorities based on inspections.

Payment of corporate tax is made in three instalments. By


31st January of each year, 30% of the corporate income tax is paid based on the preceding year; by May 31st,

A stamp duty is charged on certain transactions and sales

50% of the corporate income due for the current year is

and services rendered. The rate is 0.7% and it is usually

paid; and by 31st September the final payment (20%) of

levied on documents. Typically, a physical stamp (a tax

corporate tax must be made for the following year.

stamp) must be attached to or impressed upon the document to denote that stamp duty has been paid before the

The financial statements covering a five-year period are

document becomes legally effective. Its payment delay is

delivered to the fiscal authorities for assessment. Losses

set for the date 15 days starting from the end of the

incurred in one year can be computed to compensate

month the transaction is made.

profits earned for the next three years. Compulsory Social Insurance Programme: In order to pay In regard to withholding income tax, 20% of the income

for the social welfare service, a social insurance tax of 8%

tax is retained on the payment of income tax made by

is charged to employees and a 15% rate is charged to

non-residents and related to services rendered (except

employers. This is incorporated into the taxation system

residents in Portugal, provided evidence is shown that

and is inseparable from income tax. In order to avoid

the corporate income tax has been paid, thus avoiding

double taxation, exemption is available provided expa-

double taxation). For income earned by individuals, a

triates furnish evidence they are contributing to a com-

10% to 24% income tax is retained on the payment

pulsory social insurance system in their country of resi-

made by individuals.

dence. Expatriates and local employees are required to register with the social welfare services.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


• Obtain registration with the Chamber of Commerce in order to start business.

Employees residing in Cape Verde must pay personal income tax, arising on a universal basis at marginal rates

Share capital: The minimum share capital required for a

ranging from 15% to 45% on incomes over CVE

joint-stock company is CVE 2,500,000 (equivalent to

1,890,000 (around €17,140), while non-residents are

€22,673) and for a limited liability company is CVE

taxable on income earned in Cape Verde; income earned

200,000 (€1,814).

by non-residents is taxed at a 20% flat rate. By law, the governing body of a joint-stock company is Employers must withhold personal income tax and social

composed of a general assembly, a board of administra-

insurance tax levied on the remuneration they pay to

tion and a supervisory entity.

their employees; resident employees are subject to changing tax withholding rates, depending on the level of

Companies must submit the annual accounts to the sha-

their income. Such rates range from 0% to 33% (on

reholders no later than three months after the closing

monthly income above CVE 300,000). Local employees

date of the operation and they must be available for the

and resident expatriates are required to file a tax return

shareholders at the head office of the company 10 days

form disclosing the gross total employment-generated

before the annual general meeting.

income, including amounts paid or benefits granted. The board of administration or the directors must present


meeting, including a balance sheet, profit and loss

In order for an investor to register a company in Cape

application of results as well as the auditor’s report and

Verde, the following requirements must be met:

supervisory body’s report, if applicable.

the annual accounts to the shareholders in a general

account, management report and the proposition for the

• Obtain a certificate, issued by the Registry Office, stating that no other company has been registered under

Final accounts must be filed with the tax authorities and

the same name;

with the Conservatory of Commercial Register and be

• Provide by-laws, drawn up by the founders, and corpo-

published in a newspaper.

rate charter or memorandum of association to a notary public – the memorandum of association should include the name of the company, its registered place of business


(head office and branches or delegations if applicable), the legal type, its objectives, the share capital with the

There are no restrictions on the transfer of capital and

amount subscribed and realized by each shareholder, the

profits, inter-company financing, or transfer of income

governing bodies and the closing date of annual

earned by expatriates.

accounts, if not coincident with the civil year, and the application of the results; • Attach an official bank account statement as evidence that a bank deposit in an amount equivalent to the


legally authorized joint-stock sum has been opened; • Obtain certification from a notary public for publication

In order to perform any external trading activity a prior

in the Official Gazette;

authorization is required. The government department

• Register with the Ministry of Finance for taxation pur-

responsible for commerce is charged with issuing such


authorization. Meanwhile, that power has also been entrusted to the Chamber of Commerce.


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INVESTMENT & LEGAL FRAMEWORK To get said permit the following requisites must be fulfilled.


Página 56

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

The essence of such agreement must be incorporated in a statement and an educated guess of the value of the business stated in an invoice. That done, the importer in

Overall requisites: • Have ability to trade;

a collaborative venture with a customs clearing agent fills

• Show that there is no legal restriction regarding trading

in a form provided by the external trade department,

as a result of bankruptcy or insolvency;

which is returned to the official department charged with

• Show that the investor has not been convicted for frau-

trade for prompt processing.

dulent crime against property, public health or the national economy for the last five years;

The government department responsible for trade keeps

• Hold a mandatory minimum academic certificate;

a copy of the form, which is used as a valid document in

• In the event of a collective body (e.g. corporation or

support of payment to the supplier via a commercial

partnership), a definitive registration must be furnished;

bank. The Customs department keeps a copy as well in

• Show compliance with all fiscal obligations.

its import division files for customs clearance procedures.

Specific requisites for the importer:

Certain perishable goods such as agricultural produce

• Have a minimum of CVE 5 million in capital committed

(fruits, vegetables and animal by-products) require that a

to the business;

phytosanitary or zoological certificate be issued. Such

• Own an adequate warehouse for the type and size of

certificate is issued by a responsible entity of the country

the business;

of origin of the commodities.

• Have its accounting system organized according to the National Accounting Plan guidelines, and have hired an

List of import-related documents:


• BL or AWB (bill of lading or air way bill), depending on

Law 29/2002 affects the import of staple food and

postal parcel, as a proof the merchandise was shipped;

requires a trader to:

• Certificate of origin, when required;

whether the merchandise was shipped by sea or air or

• Be registered prior to commencing any import operation;

• Zoo or phytosanitary certificate for agricultural produce

• Show evidence that he/she has appropriate facilities for

or products of animal origin;

the storage of goods;

• An estimate (not mandatory) is required to obtain the

• Show evidence that he/she can allocate 30% of the

title ‘external trader’ whenever payment to the supplier

annual import volume from the islands of Santiago and

or customs clearance procedures are needed. This condi-

São Vicente to the other islands.

tion applies whenever the importer has not been given a definitive dispatch note;

The Customs Nomenclature Department is charged with

• Definitive trading dispatch note. This is needed for cus-

issuing import permits. An import permit is valid for one

toms clearance procedures and, eventually, for obtaining

year but can be renewed provided a renewal fee is paid.

external trader status and to pay the supplier through a commercial bank, in the event such status has not been

The value of the fee varies with the type of permit.

obtained with the estimate of business volume. Prior to the issuance or renewal of a permit to undertake any business activity the entrepreneur should pay the

There are specific formalities to comply with when impor-

annual taxes, such as set in the ministerial ordinance

ting food products. Food and pharmaceutical products

31/86 of 6th September.

entering Cape Verde must comply with certain international sanitation norms. It is mandatory that imported

The process of importing commodities starts with the sig-

products bear an invoice containing their date of manu-

ning of an agreement between a willing buyer/importer

facture and validity time as well as composition, trade-

and a willing seller/supplier.

mark and manufacturer’s identification, whenever such


04 INVESTMENT & LEGAL:Maquetación 1



Página 57

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Ports of Cape Verde assure high standards for business

information is deemed reasonable. The information must

There are no restrictions on export volumes. No export

be furnished in Portuguese, French or English.

duties are levied on exports from Cape Verde. A stamp

Agriculture or animal products must be accompanied by


duty of CVE 100 is levied on each export shipment state-

a certificate of origin. Based on this certificate, the competent national authorities will issue a statement testif-


ying that the products pose no risks of spreading pest or disease in Cape Verde which may cause potential harm

Custom duties fall into five categories:

to the domestic agriculture and livestock businesses.

• Import rights (on all goods); • VAT – Value Added Tax (on all goods);

Export Regulations: Export and re-export operations can

• Special Consumption Tax (on specific goods like alcohol

be performed freely and require no prior authorization.

and tobacco);

However, an export permit is required. There are no spe-

• Ecological Tax (on non-biodegradable packages);

cific requisites to comply with except the overall requi-

• Community Tax (ECOWAS).

sites required for external trade. Decree-Law 5/99 of 1st February – on the general guidelines on the juridical


regime on trade – and the Act 92/IV/93 of 15th February grant special benefits to export and re-export goods and services.

The country’s workforce is readily available, easy to train, and productivity potential is high. No official minimum wage has been set yet.


04 INVESTMENT & LEGAL:Maquetación 1


INVESTMENT & LEGAL FRAMEWORK The domestic legislation specifies two kinds of labour


Página 58

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

In respect of trading and industrial undertakings, the

contracts, unlimited time contract and provisional con-

government of Cape Verde passed a law in 1998 which

tract. Nonetheless, the legislation does not establish a

authorizes the establishment of free trade areas, defined

deadline for a temporary labour contract and typically

as a duty-free import and export area (Law 83/V/98 of

these contracts are flexible and maintained for quite

21st December). Cape Verde has recently opened a Free

some years. But, by its very nature, this kind of contract

Trade Area in São Vicente Island (governed by the

should be time-limited.

Decree-Law 3/2001).

Employees are entitled to a minimum of 21 working days

Any legally established national or foreign company can

of vacation per year of effective work and cannot work

be classed as a free trade company provided it manufac-

for more than 8 hours a day or 44 hours a week. An

tures, trades goods or services for export or sales to other

employee can be fired on the grounds of non-proroga-

free trade enterprises in Cape Verde. Provided they get

tion of the contract or just cause.

suitable authorization, free trade enterprises may sell to the domestic market provided the total volume of such

Non-prorogation of the contract: In the event of termina-

sales does not exceed 15% of the enterprise’s output for

ting the services of an employee, the worker has the right

the preceding year. Once in the domestic market the

to a minimum of (i) 21 days’ pay if the contract term is

goods are subject to regular taxes and other duties.

one year; (ii) 15 days’ pay per each year of effective work following the first year; or (iii) 1.75 days’ pay for each

Free trade enterprises benefit from specific incentives

month if the contract term ranges from 6 months to one

under Law 99/IV/93 of 31st December, which sets a list

year. The employer must communicate to the fired

of fiscal and customs incentives.

employee the reason for non-prorogation of the labour contract no later than 10 days from the date of termination of the contract. A legitimate reason for the firing


may be disruptive behaviour, unsuitable skills for the task on hand, or termination of the task.



Rua Serpa Pinto, 23-1º

Associação Comercial de Sotavento

B.P. 78, Praia, Santiago The easiest way to acquire real estate property and build

Tel: +238-2612991

a house in Cape Verde is to contact the real estate

Fax: +238-2612964



If the land is to be used for an industrial or tourism

Associação Comercial e Agrícola de Barlavento

undertaking, it is highly recommended that investors

Avenida 5 de Julho 1º e 2º andar-

contact the Cape Verdean Investment Agency (CVI) in

C.P 62, Mindelo, Sao Vicente

order to get advice on conditions and incentives avai-

Tel: +238-2313281

lable, according to the project site.

Fax: +238-2323658 Email:

In respect of the tourism industry, the government has identified some specific sites of national interest for tou-

Cabo Verde Investimentos

rism development it calls the ZDTI (Integrated Tourism

Agência Cabo-verdiana de promoção de Investimentos

Industry Development Area).

Sede, Rua Cruz do Papa, nº5 C.P. 89 c, Achada santo António, Praia, Santiago


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Página 59

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Tel: +238-2622621 / 2622689

Tel: +238-2616446

Fax: +238-2622657

Fax: +238-2613658



A PROMOTORA (Sociedade de Capital de risco)

INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatísticas)

Plateau, Rua Andrade Corvo

Plateau, Av. Amílcar Cabral

C.P. 753, Praia, Santiago

C.P. 116, Praia, Santiago

Tel: +238-2617703 / 2611703

Tel: +238-2613960

Fax: +238-2617702

Fax: +238-2611656

Email: a

Email: Website:

IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional) Plateau, Rua Serpa Pinto C.P. 14, Praia, Santiago The Cape Verdean property market offers unique investment opportunities


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Página 60


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Tel: +238-2614773/74 Fax: +238-2611960

Ministério da Económia Plateau, Av. Amílcar Cabral


C.P. 15, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2607401 / 2607600

Banco de Cabo Verde

Fax: +238-2607613 / 2617299

Plateau, Av. Amílcar Cabral

Email: marisef@

C.P. 101, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2615530

Direcção Geral de Comércio e Concorrência

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Avenida Amílcar Cabral Prédio Finanças, C.P. 146


B.P. 105, Praia Tel: +238-2607600

Banco Comercial de Atlântico

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Email: José

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Direcção Geral da Indústria e Energia



Tel: +238-2616890

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Direcção Geral de Desenvolvimento Turístico

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Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde

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Plateau: Tel: +238-2603560

Ministério das Finanças e Planeamento

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Plateau, Av. Amílcar Cabral


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Banco Totta & Açores

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Tel: +238-614008


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Tel: +238-622291 UN - NAÇÕES UNIDAS Multilateral Financial Institutions Sede:

UN-NADAF (Programa das Nações Unidas para o

Rua Joseph Anomam, 01 BP 1387

Desenvolvimento de África)

Abidjan 01, Côte D’Ivoire


Tel: +225-20204444 Fax: +225-20204959

UNIDO (Organização das Nações Unidas para o


Desenvolvimento Industrial em países em desenvolvimento)


Sede de Nova York - USA:

Unidade de Comunicação:

New York, N.Y. 10017, USA

01 BP 1387, Abidjan 01, Côte D’Ivoire

Tel: +212-9636890

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Sede de Genebra – Suíça: Palais des Nations, Le Bocage, Pavillion I

BM (Banco Mundial)

CH-1211 Geneve, 10

Sede BM for Cape Verde

Rue de Pregny, 8 – Suíça

Mr Madani M. Tall, Country Director

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Secção África do Banco Mundial:


Website: Direcção Geral de Desenvolvimento IFC (Corporação de Financiamento Internacional)

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IFC base in Abidjan, Ivory Coast:

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APDF, Immeuble CCIA, 17e étage

Tel: +32-22993002

BP 8669, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire



Fax: +225 20 21 61 51 IFC Sub-Saharan Africa Department:

CDE – Centro para o Desenvolvimento da Empresa

2121 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.


Washington, DC 20433 - USA


Tel: +202-4730319


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Pรกgina 62

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1



Página 63


Galinha ki ta garbata tchéu, ta atcha osu na sê dona A chicken that roots around too much finds its own bones Cape Verdean proverb 63

05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1




Página 64

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


light manufacturing industries and fisheries, and the development of transport, communications and energy.

The Republic of Cape Verde is an African country formed by 10 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the wes-

In 1998, Cape Verde signed a cooperation agreement

tern coast of Africa, nearly 640km to the west of Dakar,

with Portugal, which allowed the implementation of a

Senegal. Other neighbouring countries are Mauritania,

fixed exchange rate with the Portuguese escudo, and

Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. The country – an archipelago

subsequently with the euro, and this agreement remains

of volcanic origin – was discovered by Portugal in the fif-

in effect.

teenth century and became independent in 1975. Nowadays, it is a parliamentary republic, with a multi-

Along with greater freedom in the flow of foreign

party system.

currency, this policy has promoted the economic confi-

Having a poor natural resource base, the country is lar-

the introduction of Value Added Tax (IVA – Imposto sobre

gely dependent on imports to respond to the basic needs

o Valor Acrescentado) and a higher rigour in the collection

dence. Together with the reform of the tax system, such as

of the nearly 470,000 inhabitants (2005) and to obtain

of Income Tax (IUR – Imposto Único sobre o Rendimento),

raw materials for its economic activities. External inves-

as well as the reforms of the 90s, this has enabled an eco-

tment contributes 42% of the country’s GDP of €827.7

nomic growth rate of 9% in the past decade. The GDP

million (2004: €749.5), with 30% from external interna-

growth rate from 1996 to 2005 is presented below.

tional aid and 12% from remittances from emigrants. This chart demonstrates the good economical period The economy of Cape Verde has developed significantly

experienced by Cape Verde in the past decade.

since the end of the last decade with an average annual

Nevertheless, in the past six years, there has been a slow-

growth of more than 6%, and is now considered a

down in Cape Verde’s economic growth, related to inter-

‘lower-middle-income economy’.

national change in this period.

Cape Verde obviously reduced its fiscal deficit. In 2000, it

With the increases in direct foreign investment and tou-

represented 20% of GDP, and in 2004-06, the state

rism income and good agricultural prospects in light of

maintained an average of 4% of GDP.

good rains, the forecast for GDP growth by the IMF has been reviewed, rising to nearly 6% in 2006 and 6.7% in



The economic reforms launched in 1991 were aimed at developing the private sector and attracting foreign investment to diversify the country’s economy, with the government taking the role of promoter and regulator of economic activities. Since then, successive governments have pursued the objectives of attracting foreign investors and creating a favourable atmosphere for business through the simplification of the diverse fiscal and customs procedures as well as a far-reaching privatization programme. Top development priorities are the promotion of a market economy, the development of tourism,


05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 65

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m in the next year a real growth of these items is not expected, as a result of restrictive policies imposed by the

On a more in-depth analysis of GDP, the considerable

national and international authorities.

weight of imports in the structure of the aggregate demand is clear; in practical terms this results in a deficit

The gross fixed capital formation has grown 7% in 2005,

of the balance of payments.

highly influenced by the construction sector, with the collaboration of investment in equipment. Investment in

As far as the aggregate demand is concerned, the

transportation material registered a drop as a result of

increase in household expenditure stands out, with an

the fall in the imports for this sector.

annual growth of around 5%, influenced by the increasing availability of credit, and stimulated by the less res-

Exports presented a growth compared to the previous

trictive nature of the monetary policy adopted by the

year, which was due to the increase in the export of

Central Bank (BCV). For the next two years, it is predicted

goods and services.

that private expenditure will be one of the energizers of aggregate demand since both the real growth of GDP

The islands of Cape Verde have few natural resources

and access to credit will keep contributing favourably to

and regularly experience drought, which is harmful to

its development.

agriculture. This activity is restricted to four of the islands

With regard to public expenditure, there has been a 10%

natural that the primary sector represents only 6.1% of

(Santiago, Santo Antรฃo, Fogo and Brava). It is therefore

growth in 2005, following a 9% drop in 2004; this is a

the GDP (agriculture, cattle industry, forestry: 5.2%; fis-

result of public sector expansion, including personnel

hery: 0.9%). Industry has a modest weight in the Cape

costs and the acquisition of goods and services. However,

Verdean economy. The few modern industrial enterprises

The Prime Minister and his team studying possible renewable energy sources

05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1



Página 66


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

focus on the food industry (fishing conservation, alco-


holic beverages and coffee), clothing and footwear industry and construction materials (extraction of pozo-

In the past decade, the behaviour of prices has been irre-

lana). The secondary sector is responsible for 15.3% of

gular, with alternation between periods of inflation and

the existing wealth in the country (industry: 7.1%, cons-

deflation, with an overall decreasing trend. According to

truction: 8.2%), while the tertiary sector accounts for the

some analysts, this is conditioned by the excessive weight

largest part of the Cape Verdean economy representing

of food and the rural zones in the products and services.

approximately 70.2% of the GDP (services: 59.8%, tou-

Nevertheless, inflation has been controlled, usually in a range from 1% to 3%, influenced by the low budget

rism: 10.4%).

deficit and the exchange cooperation with Portugal, In conclusion, despite the fact that the recent macroeco-

which compels Cape Verde to respect tight macroeco-

nomic indicators reveal a favourable progress, the pro-

nomic criteria, similar to those of the European Union, to

ductivity of the industry remains fragile and dependent

assure fixed exchange parity between the euro and the

on the exterior. The poor internal market, the imbalance

Cape Verdean escudo.

of external commerce, the weak competitiveness of its products, the insular conditions and the geographical dis-

Even though the forecasted inflation for 2006 is 5%, due

persion of the islands, as well as the climate conditions,

to the impact of high oil prices, the forecasts for 2007 are

are characteristics that Cape Verde will have to overcome

more favourable, with a prediction of a fall in inflation to

to reach a sustainable development. The structural pro-

values in the region of 0%.

jects in place may be important to this transformation, namely the Project for Development and Reduction of


Poverty (Projecto para o Crescimento e Redução da Pobreza) and the Millennium Challenge Account.

The cost of living in Cape Verde may be considered as being medium to high when compared with countries

Economic growth reflects on daily consumption


05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1



Página 67

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

with the same level of development, due to the shortage of natural resources, the insular condition and the geographical dispersion of its islands.

Water and energy is supplied exclusively by the company Electra, SA with the prices being regulated by the national authorities. As far as fuels are concerned, the supply is provided by the enterprises Enacol and Shell, with the prices being regulated by a government authority.

Liberalization of the telecommunications sector was due to be established in January 2007, with Cabo Verde Telecom keeping a monopoly situation until then.

EMPLOYMENT Fishing boats in the port of Praia, Santiago island

The unemployment rate in Cape Verde is in the order of

million Dollars US), which represents an inversion com-

25% and there is no minimal national wage. Salaries are

pared to the previous year.

established by agreement between employer and employee. Merely as an indication, a graduate salary is

The main reasons for the surplus in the Balance of

approximately €750, a secretary €300 and an assistant

Payments of 2006 are the significant diminishing of the

€180 per month.

balance of the current account, the slowdown of the import/export of goods deficit, which is a result of the

Labour laws are fairly inflexible, with difficulty, for

stabilization of the import of goods and the considerable

example, in terminating work contracts.

increase of exports, as well as a substantial increase in remittances by emigrants.

Cape Verde is characterized by social stability and good labour quality, which is considered competitive in terms of

The expansion of the services account is also enhanced,

cost, but also offers considerable qualifications when com-

particularly with tourism-related services. This allowed the BCV to enlarge the liquid international reserves,

pared to countries with the same level of development.

which represented at that time approximately 3.4 Employers and employees have to pay a monthly contri-

months of imports.

bution of 15% and 8% respectively from their salaries Cape Verde’s external accounts equilibrium variables

into the social insurance fund.

have been emigrant remittances and the official transfers There is also an obligation to take out insurance against

resulting from external partner aid.

work-related accidents and health risks, which costs about 2% of salary for administrative roles and 6% for

The observed increase in the level of emigrant remit-

other roles.

tances may be explained by the higher interest rates in


of the economy, a higher diffusion of online financial ser-

According to the BCV Annual Report, 2006 closed with a

compared to the US dollar, which favoured the transfer

positive balance on the Balance of Payments (-40.654

of remittances from emigrants living in the United States

foreign countries, confidence in the global performance

vices and the appreciation of the Cape Verdean escudo


05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1




Página 68

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

of America. Nevertheless, the diaspora’s ageing and the

These projections, associated with the natural difficulties

natural loss of identification of future generations with

in decreasing imports and increasing exports, force Cape

the country may lead to a progressive diminishing of

Verde to rely more on services, particularly tourism.

these remittances.

The official transfers resulting from external partner aid


are expected to decrease in the medium term, due to the development of the economy in the past decade, as well

The dependency level of Cape Verde is evident in the

as the achieving of the condition of ‘lower-middle-

values from the external commerce of 2005, with a value

income economy’.

of €402.4 million for imports, and a value of €122.3 million for exports, which, unsurprisingly, leads to a high Tourism is economically one of the major incomes of the country

05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetación 1



Página 69

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

value of the Effective External Debt (approximately 50% of GDP).


Notwithstanding the weak productive structure, the

Cape Verde became politically independent on 5th July

balance of imports and exports has progressed positively

1975. Between then and 1991, Cape Verde was

in the past two years. Nonetheless, the vulnerability of

governed by a one-party political system, with a state-

the external economy is still evident, measured by the

based economy, with private companies being only small

weight of goods and services in GDP of 96%.

and medium-sized economic agents.

Portugal is Cape Verde’s main commercial partner provi-

The commercial policy during this period was essentially

ding 46% of its imports, with the Netherlands being the

focused on the internal market, through the policy of

next biggest supplier to Cape Verde with 15.7%.

substitution of imports and the control of the economy by the government. State-owned and mixed companies


were formed in the financial services, transportation,

Exports highlight the weakness of the Cape Verdean eco-

needs sectors.

fuels, agriculture, agro-pastoral, fishery, pharmaceuticals, electricity production, telecommunications, construction, hospitality and imports and commercialization of basic

nomy, essentially composed of food industry companies in the sector of fish processing, with exports mainly to

The first signs of economic reform appeared at the end

Spain, as well as the typical production of brandy

of the 1980s and were the basis of the political reforms

(grogue), wine and coffee. The clothing and footwear

of 1990, which led to free elections in 1991. From that

industry, comprising offshore companies that work for

date, policies of liberalization and opening of the eco-

the exterior market under the protection of AGOA

nomy to the exterior have taken place, with the govern-

(African Growth Opportunity Act), rely on this important

ment having the role of promoter and regulator of the economic activity, and the transferring to private national


and foreign investors of the role of economic agent. There are no funding programmes or systems for export grants. Cape Verde promotes its exports and re-exports

Law 47/IV/92 of 6th July, later replaced by Law 41/V/97

through Cabo Verde Investimentos, which is the institute

of 17th November, defined the general process for priva-

responsible for the promotion of tourism, investment and

tization and state participation in societies with an eco-

exports under the auspices of the Ministério da

nomic nature.

Economia, Crescimento e Competitividade (Ministry of Economy, Growth and Competitiveness).

Since then, the main state-owned companies have been privatized, and this has been one of the most important

It also needs to be pointed out that Cape Verde belongs

and more effective means of reforming the enterprise

to the ECOWAS (Economic Community of Western Africa

sector. This has been an instrument of economic policy

States) and Cape Verdean companies therefore have

necessary for modernization, increase in competition,

access to the markets of this community.

increase in the Cape Verdean economic efficiency and economic and social growth and stabilization of the macroeconomic indicators.


05 COUNTRY ECONOMY :Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 70

AGRICULTURE:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 71




ร‚guas correm sempre para o mar / Waters always flow to the sea Cape Verdean proverb


AGRICULTURE:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 72


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



Agriculture in Cape Verde is an important sector in the

Cape Verde has a surface area of 403,330 hectares of

economy, contributing to the creation of jobs and the

which 219,000 hectares are uncultivable lands unsuited

subsistence of a great number of agricultural families

for any agricultural activity. This is due to the very

(about 43% of family units, according to the census of

accented slopes, ground erosion and the fact that they

2000). However, its contribution to GDP represents only

are marginal lands. In addition such land is generally poor

6% in 2007.

in nutrients and with weak retention of water capacity,

The reduced amount of arable land, sparse vegetation,

of ecosystems and constantly accelerates the desertifica-

and irregular rainfall, along with strong pressure on cul-

tion process.

which accentuates the ground erosion, the degradation

tivable lands and the fragile agrarian structure mean that development of a modern agriculture to service the

Traditional families mostly practise dry-land agriculture,

external market is difficult. Most agricultural production

on an average surface of 1.15ha. The main crops are corn

is therefore intended for the domestic market, with the

and beans (95% of cultivated lands). The corn produc-

production of corn and beans covering only 40% of

tion, the only cereal produced in Cape Verde, covers only

domestic need.

about 10% of the cereal consumption needs.

Cultivated land in Sรฃo Domingos, Santiago Island

AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 73

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

According to the 2004 census, the irrigated parcels of land cover a surface of between 335.2 hectares in the cool season and 3,190.9 hectares in the hot season. Introduced in 1993, micro-irrigation (drop irrigation) is a good solution for Cape Verde’s agriculture. The 2004 census identifies 1,395 areas equipped with drop irrigation. Of these, 942 use only this technology and 453 use both systems of irrigation.

Grapes and coffee are other crops that have a potential for exportation. They are cultivated in significant quantities on Fogo Island. Bananas and sugar cane have a

The Agricultural industry makes excellent use of its water resources

potential too and are mostly produced on Santiago and Santo Antão Islands.

average density of 400 trees/ha. The estimation of the


the territory. The highest rates are in Santiago (51.3%),

wooded area in Cape Verde is evaluated about 21.1% of

Brava (34.7%), Fogo (23.7%), Maio (14.8%) and S. Families combine cattle breeding with crop production. It

Antão (11.3%). The annual domestic consumption of

represents an important component of their incomes and

firewood was estimated at about 112,000 tonnes/year in

allows the subsistence of about 41,000 families, 60% of

2000, with 50% on Santiago Island.

the total population.

FISHERIES As they are dependent on agriculture and natural pastures, farmed ruminants have a weak productivity of both

Fishery activity constitutes a weak contributor to the GDP

milk and meat. The number of ruminants farmed exceeds

of the country (2% in the 1990s and hardly 1% in 2000).

fodder resources. The annual fodder production is esti-

However, it plays an important role in the economy of

mated at about 36,841 tonnes of dry substance.

the country. It largely contributes to employment, the balance of payments and food security.

Pig breeding (77,316 animals in 2004, with 63.5% in Santiago) is practised in more than 73% of family farms.

Cape Verde has 1,020km of coastline, with an annual potential of 36,000 to 44,000 tonnes of aquatic

The cattle production is wholly destined for national con-


sumption and is estimated at about 6,163 tonnes of meat (21.5kg/capita), 10,800 tonnes of milk equivalent

The last general survey in 1999 indicates that there are

(110kg/capita), 35,000,000 units of eggs (90kg/capita),

about 5,280 fishermen in Cape Verde, of which 80% are

according to the latest cattle survey.

artisanal fishermen. There were 1,500 fishmongers in 1990 and 3,500 in 2000. The number of artisanal fleet


boats fell from 1,400 in 1990 to 1,257 in 2001. The rate of motorization is estimated at about 73%. The industrial

Cape Verde has forest spots in all the islands, especially

fleet constituted 69 active boats in 2001.

in the lowland plains, mainly composed of American Locust trees (Prosopis julflora). At higher altitudes, other

The current catches do not exceed 9,000 to 10,000

forest species predominate, such as the Cupressus spe-

tonnes a year, resulting 64% from artisanal fishing and

cies. In 2002, the number of plants was surveyed and,

36% from industrial fishing. The main species caught by

thanks to this study, we know that Cape Verde has an

artisanal fishing are: larger pelagic species (41%), smaller


AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 74


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e Since 2006, Chinese companies are experimenting fishfreezing operations in Cape Verde and are projecting to develop exports to the Chinese market.

MODERNIZATION OF THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR From the 1980s to the 1990s, a great national effort for the modernization of agriculture was initiated, with a Fisheries is a sector that still needs much foreign investment

particular emphasis on horticulture. This initiative

pelagic species (40%), demersal species (13%) and lobs-

allowed Cape Verde to double, even to triple, the national production and to practically supply the national

ters (0.5%).

market. These efforts included the mobilization of water Different types of boats make up the industrial fleet, var-

resources and introduction of modern irrigation systems,

ying from 6 to 25 metres with crews of between 5 and

the construction of reservoirs, and the development of

14 fishermen. In 2000, there were 167 industrial boats,

drop irrigation technology; the protection and conserva-

with only 75 of these active.

tion of ground and water; the selection and introduction of horticultural varieties adapted to the agro-climatic

The fish processing industry in Cape Verde consists

conditions; the multiplication and plantation of fruit

essentially of production of canned food and its bypro-

trees; the creation and implementation of agricultural

ducts. This remained relatively stable during recent years,

extensions; the training of agricultural development tech-

varying between 217 to 390 tonnes.

nicians; the introduction and development of biological treatments; and the decentralization of technical assis-

The marketing for artisanal fishing products is mainly

tance services.

internal. Products from industrial fishing are intended to In 2004 the Strategic Plan for Agriculture for 2005–2008

be processed or exported.

was elaborated and implemented. It sets out the main The principal marketed products are tuna, frozen fish,

goals for the development of the sector including arti-

fresh fish, and in fewer quantities canned fish and lobsters.


AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 75

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

sanal fishing. In 2005 the National Action Plan for the Environment was elaborated and implemented, setting up the guidelines for the Environment Policy.

PRINCIPAL CROPS Corn and beans. The annual yields are unpredictable and depend on rainfall. Since 1988 they have varied from 1,300 tonnes to 21,000 tonnes for corn, and from 1,600 tonnes to 7,300 tonnes for beans. The average yields are very small: about 300kg/ha for corn and 90kg/ha for beans.

Horticultural production. Horticultural production grew by 14% per year during the past 10 years, reaching in 2000 an estimated total of 18,500 tonnes. In 2000 the

holic beverage from sugar cane saccharin. It is entirely

total production of roots and tubers was estimated at

destined for national consumption.

about 10,700 tonnes, distributed between sweet potato, manioc and common potato.

The yields of these cultures are not significant, and prac-

Other cultures. Cape Verde also has some specialized

tion of the production process, these cultures may be

production, such as coffee, with 30–50 tonnes per year,

able to reach an international market.

tically are not exported. However, with the moderniza-

wine with 45,000–60,000 litres/year and grogue with 12,500hl/year. Cape Verdean people produce this alcoIsland of Santiago


AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 76


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

In the recent past, Cape Verde exported bananas to

bad for customers; and 2) To promote the country’s eco-

Portugal, just before the country entered the European

nomic planning and regional supplies in basic food pro-

Union. The countries have talked about exporting again,

ducts and assure a permanent follow-up of the market to

but the right transport conditions have not been found.

guarantee a normal supply for the country without any break.

MAIN COMPANIES Two further important functions are collecting, analysing


and disseminating information about markets to deci-

Helder Foncesca Lopes

ging food aid.

sionmakers, including the private operators; and mana-

Managing Director

Tel: +238-2626290/95


Fax: +238-2626297/98

(The National Institute for the Development of Fisheries)

C.P. 262A, Encosta de Chã de Areia, Praia, Santiago

Email: Mr Jorge Nascimento Activity: National agency for food safety


Date of Creation: July 2002

INDP Headquarters, C.P. 132, Mindelo, S. Vicente Email:

ANSA, created in July 2002, is the regulation agency for

Tel: +238-2321370/1373/1374

the essential food goods market. It aims to improve the

Fax: +238-2321616

food safety of the country. It is also the government

Sotavento Regional Direction,

agency specialized in operational management of food

C.P. 545, Praia, Santiago


Email: Tel: +238-2612865

ANSA has full autonomy in administrative, financial and

Fax: +238-2612502

ownership issues. Relations with the government are established through the members of the government res-

Activity: Fisheries

ponsible for the agricultural and financial areas.

Date of Creation: 1992

ANSA operates under standards of management and pri-

The National Institute for the Development of Fisheries

vate accountability and submits itself to inspection by the

(INDP) was founded in 1992 and operates under the


Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Sea.

The mission of ANSA is to contribute to the increase in

The mission of the INDP is to promote the fishing industry

the population’s satisfaction level regarding food safety,

in Cape Verde. With regard to fisheries science, its mis-

by the identification of opportunities and constraints and

sion is to promote and coordinate all the research efforts

the best ways to manage the systems that contribute to

made in the country devoted to the development and

the improvement of quality of life and provide the best

exploitation of fisheries resources. INDP’s research pro-

conditions regarding quantity, quality and price.

gramme is centred on the pelagic species, demersal spe-

The main functions of ANSA as a regulating agency are:

and protection of the marine environment. In respect of

1) To assure the correct functioning of the market and its

training, the higher education Institute of Engineering

cies, lobster and aquaculture, as well as on management

transparency according to rules and established stan-

and Marine Sciences (ISECMAR) trains a variety of profes-

dards, avoiding any anti-competitive practice that can be

sionals in different sea-related fields.


AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 77

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The fisheries industry is a significant contributor to the

Activity: Research and development in agriculture

balance of payments. 1997 export values reached CVE

Date of Creation: 1992

250 million. Since then, and for reasons attributed to

Employees: 245

external factors, decreasing export values were recorded. Fish is a very important food for the local population and

The main agricultural research institute in Cape Verde is

is the main source of animal-derived protein. Per capita

the Instituto Nacional de Investigaçãoe Desenvolvimento

consumption of fish has increased from 16.7kg in 1996

Agrária (INIDA).

to nearly 40kg in 2007. INIDA is headquartered in São Jorge, Santiago, and has








five substations, three on the island of Santiago, one on São Nicolau, and one on Santo Antão. INIDA’s research focuses mainly on crop and animal production, as well as forestry, natural resources and, recently, farming systems.

Mr António Luis Évora President

The institute is organized into five departments, namely

C.P. 84, São Jorge, Santiago

agriculture and livestock, environmental sciences, social

Tel: +238-2711127

sciences, training, and finance and administration. The

Fax: +238-2711133

Department of Agriculture and Livestock conducts rese-


arch on corn, legumes, roots, tubers, horticultural crops, bananas, sugarcane, irrigation, water harvesting, inteHeadquartes of INIDA in São Domingos, Santiago island

AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 78


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

grated pest management, biotechnology, industrial crops, food technologies, animal health and forestry. The Department of Environmental Sciences conducts research on vegetation, wildlife, soil science, agroclimatology and hydrology. The Department of Social Sciences conducts farming systems research and research related to socioeconomic issues. In addition, the Department of Training provides training for extension workers. The training is conducted by the INIDA staff, which is composed of 245 employees, including 28 researchers.


Frescomar is undertaking modernization steps, which requires numerous investments

Frescomar SA produces canned tuna fish, melva, mackerel and sardines using high-quality control standards.

Luísa Emília da Lomba Morais C.P. 115, Praia Tel: +238-2647536

Frescomar catches its supplies in the clear waters around

Fax: +238-2647549

the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The fish


supplies are canned from fresh in a non-automated production line. The final product is also packed by hand.

Activity: Agriculture Since 2001, Frescomar has been certified by US Food and The Instituto Nacional de Engenheria Rural e Florestas

Drug Administration (FDA), and exports to the US regu-

(INERF) was created as part of the restructuring that took

larly. Exports come under the AGOA (African Growth and

place in 1992 by combining sections that were formally

Opportunities Act) programme.

administered by the Direção Geral de Conservação de Solos e Agua, Florestas e Engenheria Rural (DGCSAFER)

Frescomar also exports to the European Union, namely to

and INIA. INERF conducts research on soil and water con-

Italy, Holland and Portugal. Frescomar has the sanitary

servation, forestry and rural engineering and is divided

authority number CV002.

into five divisions: rural engineering, renewable energy, soil and forest conservation, studies and planning, and

About 200 employees work for Frescomar. From the


island of S. Vicente they work to offer the best taste of


Cape Verde communities.

Jorge Nacimento


the ocean to all who appreciate it, and especially to the

Technical and Social Director C.P. 619, Área Industrial do Lazareto, São Vicente

Emilio Lobo

Tel: +238-2326742 / 2329144


Fax: +238-2326741

C.P. 73, Palha Verde, Sal


Tel: +238 2412693


Fax: +238 2412526 Email: /

Activity: Tuna fish, melva, mackerel and sardine produc-




AGRICULTURE:Maquetación 1



Página 79

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Activity: Agriculture

operations via increased production, improved distribu-

Date of Creation: 2001

tion networks and storage facilities. This will lead to

Employees: 19

increased annual sales and job creation. The increase of the company’s production is helping Cape Verde to

Milot Hydroponics (MHL) is a small enterprise that grows

reduce its reliance on imported produce.

a variety of high-quality produce in greenhouses in Sal. It uses hydroponics techniques to produce fresh vegetable

MHL is the only fresh vegetable producer on the island of

products, including tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers,

Sal and its goal is to maintain its position as the leading

lettuces and aubergines.


A pioneer in the production and sale of hydroponics vegetables, MHL is using USADF funding to expand its Daily Market in Mindelo, São Vicente island. It’s worth a visit!


AGRICULTURE:Maquetaciรณn 1




Pรกgina 80

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 81




Fora da àgua não se aprende a nadar / You don't learn to swim when you are out of the water Cape Verdean proverb 81

ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 82

E N E R G Y & WA T E R

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


According to the government’s energy strategic plan the ultimate goal is: ‘To guarantee the satisfaction of the

The provision of energy services is central to Cape

energy needs of the population, the economy and the

Verde’s economic and social development activities.

country, making energy available in sufficient quantities and at a cost that contributes to improving the wellbeing

Cape Verde is deprived of fossil fuel resources. The bur-

and the quality of life of the population and for the com-

ning of imported oil and oil byproducts is, in essence, the

petitiveness of the national economy, without creating

sole source of production of electrical power. For that

macroeconomic or environmental imbalances or else

reason, the country’s dependence on imports to meet its

aggravating the dependence on the outside.’

energy requirements is high, the macroeconomic impact is significant as scarce financial and economic resources

On account of its weak financial clout the country cannot

are thus drained, and thus support to the energy supply

make the needed investments to guarantee supply. Thus, the opening of the sector to foreign direct investments

market is deficient.

through the development of strategic partnership agreeAlternative renewable energy sources such as wind and

ments was inevitable.

solar energy have been studied. In the city of Mindelo (S. Vicente Island) wind energy production has been injected

Nevertheless, the energy sector needs real reforms to

into the public electrical grid and accounts for around

ensure progress. The country has suffered a severe crisis

10% of the total energy consumed in the city.

over the past two years, mainly due to underinvestment and lack of infrastructures. Cape Verde is still victim of

An impressive dam holds back the waters, island of Santiago

ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 83

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

frequent power cuts as the national energy company,


Electra, is unable to match infrastructures with the increasing demand, which grows 15% yearly.

The generation and distribution of electric power across the country has been fully assigned to Electra SA. The

To palliate to this situation the Government decided to

company’s list of shareholders comprises two Portuguese

develop its wind energy potential and plans to build

companies, EDP – Electricidade de Portugal and ADP –

twenty news wind farms during the upcoming years: six

Àguas de Portugal, which together own 34% of the total

on Sal, eight on Santiago, and another six on Sao

joint stock; the remaining shareholders include the state

Vicente. The Government announced an invitation to

of Cape Verde, the major shareholder (51%), and some

tender for these constructions that aim to ensure, in

municipalities of Cape Verde (15%).

2011, 25% of national needs. The From its independence day (1975) until 1991 (political







236,057,298KWh in 2005. Of this, 97.1% was derived

opening followed by multiparty elections), the economy

from the burning of diesel fuel, 2.7% was wind energy

was under the control of the state. Some public utilities

harvested and 0.2% was derived from other thermal

rendered services as state monopolies until mid 1990.


Following the introduction of a democratic political regime, a subsequent opening of the economy to private

According to the Economic Growth and Poverty

initiative was inevitable; the economic liberalization

Reduction Strategy, access to electric power is a privilege

policy adopted led to the partial privatization of state-

of the non-poor in most of the islands. The majority

owned companies in the water and electricity and fuel

(85%) of households use electricity as their main source

supply markets. Portuguese private companies are the

of lighting, while 27% use kerosene for lighting pur-

major owners of the privatized companies and providers

poses. The energy consumption pattern differs among

of investment capital, technology and access to interna-

poor families: about 51% use kerosene as their main

tional markets.

source of energy for lighting and only 32% use electricity for lighting purposes. On the other hand, 62% of poor Electric installations under construction


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 84

E N E R G Y & WA T E R

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

families use firewood for cooking, thus putting perma-

ties. The regulatory agency charged with regulating the

nent pressure on the scarce vegetative cover. About 74%

energy sector is ARE – Agência de Regulação Económica.

of non-poor families use butane gas for cooking pur-

The trade price of liquid fuel is set and disclosed by this

poses and as a source of energy.

agency following negotiations between the agency and said companies.



Oil and oil-derived products and gas are imported, stored

Cape Verde has few natural resources; rainfall is scarce

and distributed across the country by two private compa-

and widely scattered over the islands; there is no inland

nies, Enacol and Shell.

water; and the fresh water resource is limited. Potable

There is no refinery and all the oil byproducts must be

involves desalination of seawater and treatment of brac-

water production and distribution costs are high as this

kish water. The main sources of drinking water for


domestic use are drilled and farm wells, springs and deThe legal and regulatory framework has undergone

salinated seawater.

major developments. A framework law sets the legal environment for regulating economic and financial activiCape Verde is working hard on water desalinization

ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 85

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Electra is entrusted with the production and distribution


of drinking water in the main islands (S. Vicente, Sal and Boavista) and urban centres (city of Praia). Most of the

Renewable energy development programmes have

water thus produced is desalinated.

prompted widespread use of this source of energy across the country. Some ongoing projects aim at boosting existing

In the remaining islands and the hinterland of Santiago

wind power production capacity, which is set at 2,300KW.

Island the supply of potable water is entrusted to the

This capacity is distributed as follows: the cities of Praia

municipal authorities. In major towns and villages tapped

(Santiago Island) and Mindelo (São Vicente) 900KW each,

water, drinking fountains and standing pipes are the

Sal Island 600KW and Boavista Island 125KW.

main systems of distribution of drinking water. Watertanks mounted on trucks also deliver potable water to


the residents of these places and to high-altitude areas. The Millennium Challenge Account is a programme creDesalinated seawater represents 89% of the total pro-

ated in Cape Verde to assist the country to its reach its

duction capacity. In 2005 production was 4,262,601

development goals in the agricultural, financial and

cubic metres, of which 87% were from seawater and

transport sectors. MCA – Cape Verde does not foresee

13% from groundwater tables.

any investment in the wind power generation project.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s

Shell and Enacol are currently negotiating a joint-venture

Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy paper,

undertaking. It is expected that the new logistics entity

despite considerable progress in water supply, coverage

under negotiation will significantly decrease the costs of

rates and service levels fall short of what is needed as a sig-

storage operations and conveyance of fuel between

nificant percentage of the population still has no access to

islands. The resulting project will be vital for the country’s

a regular water supply. About 3/4 of families have access

energy sector. A reshuffling of these oil companies’

to a drinking water source. However, only 1/3 of families

infrastructures is acknowledged as an alternative capable

are connected to the public water distribution network,

of bringing in increased efficiency and efficacy to the

while 8% get their water from water-tank trucks and 5%

domestic system of distribution of fuel. In such event,

own a reservoir. Thus, about half of families do not need

consumers will also benefit from it.

to leave their houses to get a water supply. As regards poor families, only 11% are connected to a public water


distribution system, while 41% of non-poor families are so connected. Public drinking fountains or standpipes are the


main source of water supply for the poor (51%). Mr António P. Pina The government’s main policy goal for the sector is to


provide universal easy access to a drinking water source

Tel: +238-2603450/3460/3470

at all times. Policy measures include the closure of a wide

Fax: +238-2618048

number of existing public drinking fountains in the main


urban centres and connecting some of these facilities and


a sizable number of households to a public water grid. In such event, a significant change of the actual situation

Activity: Electricity and Water Company

will occur as the number of households connected to a

Capital: US $7,170,500

grid will increase and the need for public water fountains

Date of Creation: 1982

and water tanks decreases.

Employees: 686 workers (year 2000)


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 86

E N E R G Y & WA T E R

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

ELECTRA, National Electric Station

At its creation, Electra was a public company created

businesses are managed under a concession contract

from three different bodies: EAM – Mindelo Electricity

signed between the company and the government that

and Water Company, CEP – Praia Central Electricity

will last till 2036. These three businesses are the sole pro-

Company, and EAS – Sal Water and Electricity Company.

viders of: electricity transport and distribution through all

It became Electra Sarl in 1998 and was privatized in

the national territory; water transport and distribution in

1999. The Cape Verdean state handles 51% of the com-

S. Vicente, Sal, Boa Vista and Praia; wastewater retrac-

pany’s capital with a golden share; the EDP Group, a

tion and treatment for reuse in the city of the Praia.

Portuguese electricity company, has 34% of the capital and Cape Verdean municipalities have 15% of the com-

Two businesses are under government licence until 2030:

pany’s capital.

electricity production in all the domestic territory and water desalination production in S. Vicente, Sal, Boa

Electra produces and distributes electricity across the

Vista and the city of Praia.

whole the country. It also produces and distributes water for human consumption in São Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista and in the city of Praia. The company collects and treats


wastewater in the city of Praia as well. C.P. 1, S. Vicente Electra’s mission consists in providing electrical energy,

Tel: +238-2306060

water and services that add value and comfort to Cape

Fax: +238-2323425

Verdean citizens. In this way, it aims to contribute to the


development of society. Its working team does its best to deliver the maximum satisfaction to customers, sharehol-

Activity: Oil distribution

ders and collaborators.

Employees: approx. 170

Following the privatization process, Electra developed its

Enacol is a Cape Verdean registered company whose

activities and manages five separate businesses. Three

main objective is the importation and distribution of


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 87

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

petroleum and its derivate products. The areas of aviation

Since 2003, Enacol has increased its net income substan-

supplies, gas butane, maritime banks, wholesale and

tially and increased its market share by more than 11%

sales posts are the core business areas where increases in

due to a consolidation of its market strategy.

the sales volumes are expected. The company, with over 165 effective workers and 36 In 1996 the Cape Verdean Government approved legisla-

under specific labour contracts, registered improvements

tion for the privatization of Enacol, which established the

in its performance indexes, namely: gross added value,

divestment of 90% of shares and the remaining 10%

average annual productivity, sales operating margin,

were kept by government as golden shares. After a pro-

capital gains, financial capability, and total solvability.

cess of direct sales to strategic partners, private subscrip-

general public, the share distribution of the company is


currently as follows:

(The National Institute for Water Resource Management)

tion by company workers and competitive bidding to the

State 29.50% Sonangol 32.50%

Mr António Pedro Borges

Petrogal 32.50%


General public 1.91%

Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Chã de Areia,

Workers 3.59%

C.P. 567, Praia Tel: +238-2613974 ENACOL, was the first modern petrol station in CV


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 88

E N E R G Y & WA T E R

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Fax: +238-2613047

legislation for water resources management, and is also


responsible for the coordination between other entities under the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture (MPAAR,


Ministério das Pescas, Agricultura e Animação Rural). Activity: Water resources If considered necessary, INGRH may make agreements

Date of Creation: 1992

for cooperation with national, foreign or international The National Institute for Water Resource Management

entities or associations

(INGRH) was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Praia. Its main mission is to control the water manage-


ment policy as well as water quality aspects. Mr Carlos Cruz Among its activities, the INGRH is responsible for the dif-

Regional Director

fusion of new techniques that respect the natural envi-

Avenida Amilcar Cabral,

ronment of Cape Verde.

C.P. 4, Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2307600

INGRH gives technical assistance to the National Council of

Fax: +238-2326629/5888

Water (CNAG Conselho Nacional das Aguas) by planning


SHELL Petrol Station


ENERGY:Maquetación 1



Página 89

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m information; Development of sustainable development

Activity: Oil and petrol products

principles; and Clarity on treatment of facilitation payShell Cabo Verde Sarl aims to meet the energy needs of


society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Shell Cabo

A principled approach to business is defined as the key to

Verde is part of Shell, the global group of energy and

Shell’s long-term success.

petrochemical companies.

SONANGOL Shell has been in the business of developing fuels and lubricants for more than a century. Its technical part-

Manuel Domingos Vicente

nership within the high-performance world of Ferrari

Chairman of the Board

motor-sport has led to exceptional fuels and lubricants

Rua 1 Congresso do MPLA 8–16,

for everyday road use. Shell supplies oils, fuels, financial

C.P. 1316, Luanda, Angola

services, dynamic business solutions and more to busi-

Tel: +244-2334448

nesses of all sizes in the country of Cape Verde, but also

Fax: +244-2391782

all around the world.

Email: Website:

The company provides a world-class range of products

In Cape Verde:

and services for business customers. The company excels

Mr. João da Silva Neto

in the exploration of natural resources, the production of


oil and chemical products and the provision of dynamic business solutions. It offers a complete range of services

Activity: Oil, transport and communications

from the exploration for natural gas through to distribution and end use. Shell is heavily involved in renewable

Created in 1976 through the nationalization of Angol,

energies issues, and offers environmentally sustainable

the company’s activities include prospecting, research,

commercial opportunities in hydrogen, solar energy and

development, sales, production, transportation and the

wind energy. Shell also has a range of specialist products

refining of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Sonangol

and solutions targeted to help improve business perfor-

is working to become a leader in the international market

mance and cut industry costs, regarding lubricants, fuels

and, in particular, the African market.

and bitumen, for example. In Cape Verde, Sonangol has since 1997 been a shareShell Cabo Verde has Eight Principles, which apply to all

holder in Empresa Nacional de Combustiveis Sarl (Enacol)

its business affairs and describe the behaviour expected

in Cape Verde. This company is marketing oil products

of every employee. The Principles are based on core

and providing related services. Sonangol has also

values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. They

acquired a stake in Cabo Verde Telecom.

also indicate how employees promote trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what they

Sonangol wants to take part in the Cape Verde govern-

do. As part of a global group of companies, Shell Cabo

ment’s project to set up an oil refinery and is looking into

Verde has a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen

the possibility of oil and gas exploration on the archipelago.

and to listen and respond to all points of view. These principles are: The emphasis on compliance; Growing

The Angolan giant is building new headquarters in Sal

concern about security; Emphasis on social performance

Island to carry out its operations in Cape Verde.

and engagement with communities; Diversity and inclusiveness; Shell’s Enterprise First values and behaviours; A focus on dialogue as opposed to the dissemination of


ENERGY:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 90

E N E R G Y & WA T E R

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


FINANCE 7:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 91




ร‰ tarde pรก economiza, oras ki bolso sta basiu It is too late to spare when the pocket is already empty Cape Verdean proverb 91

FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 92


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

OVERVIEW The country’s macroeconomic stability has helped to build a strong financial sector in Cape Verde. Since its independence in 1975, Cape Verde has not experienced any financial crisis. As the economy grows steadily, quality has become central to all sectors of the economy. The local currency, Cape Verde escudo, is pegged to the euro; inflation is kept at a low rate; and since the shift from a state-owned one-bank system to a private-led banking structure in the 1990s, four banks have entered the market and are active.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Cape Verde is considered a good case study in terms of public finance mana-

Ministry of Finance's Headquarters

gement and good governance. The size of the local banking system is small and highly Sound monetary and exchange rate policies and

concentrated and foreign-owned in essence. The finan-

improved financial regulations have contributed to

cial industry is comprised of the central bank, BCV, four

strengthening the financial sector in Cape Verde. Price

commercial banks, seven offshore banks, two insurance

stability and growth of international reserves remain the

companies, one venture capital society, two foreign

main objectives of the monetary policy of the central

exchange bureaus and a public stock exchange.

bank, the Bank of Cape Verde (BCV). The commercial banks are Banco Commercial do The Bank of Cape Verde is charged with setting regula-

Atlântico (BCA), Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde (CECV),

tion and controlling the activities of commercial banks,

Banco Interatlântico (BIA), and Banco Cabo-verdiano de

offshore banks and non-banking financial institutions. All

Negócios. With the exception of BCN, owned by

commercial banks are subject to regulatory requirements,

domestic private investors, all the others are branches of

to an annual on-site examination, and regular monthly

Portuguese banks. Banking services are offered in all the

reporting as part of the off-site reporting system.


The government perceives the financial industry as pla-

The banking sector is highly concentrated. The largest

ying an important facilitating role in the economy, a sup-

commercial bank, BCA, holds the largest share (66.3%)

porter of economic growth and development support.

of the total deposits and assets as well as the largest

The banking industry dominates financial intermediation.

share (55.6%) of the total loans offered by the commer-

Although there are a limited number of companies ope-

cial banks.

rating in the financial industry (they all need to improve their efficiency), financial indicators are sound, and above

The securities market trades Treasury bills with varying

the average for African countries. The ratio of non-per-

maturities of up to one year. BCV is charged with issuing

forming loans (net after provision for capital) declined in

Certificates of Monetary Intervention and Certificates of

recent years. However, the share of non-performing

Monetary Regulation with the purpose of injecting liqui-

loans relative to gross total loans remains high by inter-

dity into the market in the short term.

national standards. Cape Verde’s financial market organizational structure is undergoing development. At present it consists of an


FINANCE 7:MaquetaciĂłn 1



PĂĄgina 93

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

automated payments system and an inter-bank payment

One of the main objectives of the government is to build

market. The BCV has undertaken measures to strengthen

a strong and competitive financial system, capable of pla-

the financial institutional arrangement and has set regu-

ying the role of a financial market hub for the global

lations on banking, securities trading and corporate


governance. The BCV has also fostered the development of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange and the development of the secondary market for Treasury bills.

The legal and regulatory framework strongly upholds competition and is attractive compared with other countries’ legal and regulatory frameworks.

There is a partnership programme agreement with Visa International to offer Visa cards for automated payment

Cape Verde emerges as an attractive destination, which

services. Thus, it is possible for Visa card holders to pay

is already drawing in individual dealers and businesses

for purchases made in Cape Verde. This fact helps the

from Portugal, Angola and elsewhere.

development of international financial markets in Cape Verde. The automated payment system will boost the

The institutional framework gained strength with the

development of the tourism industry and will provide

reopening of Cape Verde Stock Exchange, fully refur-

business opportunities and thus draw hard currency to

bished and with a different modus operandi compared

the country.

with the preceding model. The internationalization of its activity is highly regarded. Monument dedicated to "Serpa Pinto"on front of the Praia Municipal Authority Building

FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 94


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


financial, monetary and exchange policies goals;

In accordance with the Law no. 03/V/96 of 1st July,

• Hold a fully realized joint stock not less than CVE

which governs the activities of the banking system inclu-


ding credit, this system can be categorized into three

• Be backed by sound investors and managers, thus gua-

groups as follows:

ranteeing the institution is run properly;

• Be established as a limited liability company;

• Financial institutions, namely banks, specific credit ins-

• Furnish a work programme, site location, institutional

titutions and all other entities as defined in the law;

structure, human, technical and material resources and

• Para-banking institutions;

means necessary for its running; and provide provisional

• International financial institutions (IFI), or offshore

financial statements for each of the first three years of



The conditions for the establishment and running of

holder structure for the stability of the institution;

financial institutions are stipulated in the above Law and

• Furnish the statutes of the company;

rely on a special permit issued by the government official

• Submit a list of its personnel and the CVs of its backers.

• Provide a statement on the adequacy of the share-

responsible for the area of finance, pursuant to a favourable opinion of the central bank.

In addition to the central bank the Cape Verdean financial system is comprised of four commercial banks with a

Among others requisites, the main conditions for the

total of 42 branches:

establishment of a bank are that the institution must: • Bring in increased efficiency to the domestic financial

• Banco Comercial do Atlântico Sarl (BCA): Its joint stock

system and identify itself with the country’s economics,

amounts to CVE 1,000 million and it has branches in all

Banco Interatlântico contributes to raising the standards to international levels


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 95

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

the islands of the archipelago. Its chief shareholder is

A permit to conduct an IFI company can only be granted

Caixa Geral de Depósitos, a major Portuguese bank.

to renowned and financially wealthy national or foreign bodies.

• Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde Sarl (CECV): Its joint stock amounts to CVE 348 million and it has branches in

At present 10 IFIs operate in the country:

the main islands of the country and has cooperative agre-

• Banco Insular, with a total joint stock of CVE 780

ements with official field post offices, thus it is a savings

million; it is owned by Insular Limited Holding;

banks associated with the national postal systems. Its

• Banco Internacional Fiduciário, with a total joint stock


of CVE 150,000 million (around €1,360,000);






Previdência Social (31.4%) and Montepio Geral (27.4%),

• Banco Sul Atlântico, with a total joint stock of CVE

a Portuguese branch bank.

150,000 million; • Banco Internacional de Investimento;

• Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios: Its joint stock

• Banco Internacional Trading;

amounts to CVE 308 million and it has four branches.

• Montepio Geral – Cape Verde, with a total joint stock of CVE 150,000 million;

• Banco Interatlântico: Its joint stock amounts to CVE 600

• Caixa Central Crédito Agrícola Mútuo;

million and it has some branches. It is owned by Caixa

• Banco Português de Negócios, with a total joint stock

Geral de Depósitos (70%), a Portuguese bank, and

of CVE 150,000 million;

domestic entrepreneurs (30%).

• Banco Privado Internacional; • Banco Espírito Santo (Cape Verde).

Para-banking institutions are not financial institutions, but they offer credit lines and perform some other bank-

The minimum joint stock sum required is CVE 150

like activities, which can influence the running of the

million. Where there is no relevant (minimum of 15% of joint stock) financial institution among shareholders, the

monetary, financial or exchange markets.

joint stock should exceed CVE 300 million. IFIs must be Different kinds of para-banking institutions are permitted

physically present in Cape Verde, meaning they must

under the Law 3/V/96 of 1st July, such as:

hold accounts and have supportive documentation in

• Investment societies;

Cape Verde; have at least an authorized representative

• Venture capital societies;

entrusted with management and administrative powers;

• Leasing societies;

own their headquarters by the third year in operation;

• Regional development societies;

and they must contract local accountants and recruit an

• Exchange banks;

auditor who is accredited with the Bank of Cape Verde.

• Credit sales financing societies;


• Factoring societies; • Mutual funds; • Credit card service companies;

Although the legal framework for Cape Verde’s stock

• Other entities as permitted in law.

exchange was completed in 1999, the Bolsa de Valores de Cabo Verde opened for trading in December 2005.

At present only one venture capital company and some exchange banks have been established in Cape Verde.

The securities market is governed by the code Código do

International financial institutions (IFI) are governed by

May), which sets the guiding principles of the organiza-

specific legislation; their main objective is to conduct

tion, the functioning and operation of the market, as well

international financial operations in foreign currency with

as the conditions for access and running of financial


intermediation activities.

Mercado de Valores Imobiliários (Law no. 52/V/98 of 1st


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 96


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Bolsa de Valores de Cabo Verde has a joint stock of CVE


50 million, fully realized by the state of Cape Verde.


INSURANCE Mr João Henrique Real Pereira In accordance with the Decree Law no. 52-F/90 of 4th

President and CEO

July, which governs access to insurance activities in Cape

Av. Amílcar Cabral,

Verde, insurance activities can only be exercised upon a

C.P. 474, Santiago

legal authorization. The public insurance companies that

Tel: +238-2600913

have been created by law are limited liability societies

Fax: +238-2614955


Email: Website:

Insurance companies must have as their exclusive goal the performance of activities linked to direct insurance,

Activity: Bank

and can provide ancillary insurance or reinsurance ser-

Date of Creation: 1st September 1993

vices. Insurance companies must be authorized by the government and the Bank of Cape Verde to be able to

BCA, Banco Comercial do Atlântico (Atlantic Commercial

run their businesses.

Bank) was created on 1st September 1993 as a result of the separation of Bank of Cape Verde’s (BCV) commercial

Currently, two insurers are up and running in Cape

and supervision departments. From 1993, BCA assumed

Verde: Garantia – Companhia de Seguros de Cabo Verde

the functions of a central bank, and following several pri-

Sarl and Impar – Companhia Caboverdiana de Seguros

vatization processes and alliances has become the largest


financial group in the country.

The Decree Law no. 101-P/90 of 23rd November 1990

Presently the shares of BCA are distributed between

regulates insurance intermediation activities. The insu-

Caixa Geral de Depósitos SA/Banco Interatlântico Sarl

rance companies compete to provide and assist negotia-

group (52.5%), public and emigrants (21.%), Garantia

tions for insurance policies between individuals and

Sarl (12.5%), the State of Cape Verde (10%), and BCA

collective entities and the insurers.

workers (3.6%). The group situation allows larger synergies in the activities of those institutions.

Three such insurance companies run their businesses in Cape Verde now: Assistência Global em Seguros (AGS),

By the time the commercial bank functions were transfe-

Protege – Corretora de Seguros Lda and Valor – Serviços

rred from BCV to BCA, the bank’s distribution channel

Financeiros e de Risco SA.

was limited to 12 branches and three extensions: branches in Ribeira Grande and Porto Novo in Santo Antão,


São Vicente, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, Maio, Fogo and

Venture capital societies are governed by the Decree

Santiago and extensions at Mosteiros, Fogo, Tarrafal in

Brava, as well as Praia, Santa Catarina and Tarrafal in

72/94 of 12th December. Their main goal is to back and

São Nicolau and Amílcar Cabral Airport, Sal, making a

promote investment and technological innovation pro-

total of 15 counters.

jects or companies through temporary ownership in their joint stock. The joint stock cannot be less than CVE

BCA has since increased its distribution channel signifi-

60,000 million. Promotora – Sociedade de Capital de

cantly to 23 counters, with three more branches in São

Risco is the sole such society. It holds a capital stock of

Vicente (Praça Nova, Monte Sossego and Fonte Filipe),

CVE 450,000 million.

four more in Santiago (Santa Cruz, Achada de Santo


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 97

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e António and Avenida and an extension in São Domingos) and also the branch of Santa Maria in Sal.

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m Finally, BCA offers special services for emigrants. It guarantees a personalized service with the best options for increasing money with safety and profitability, contribu-

In 2000, the bank introduced automatic machines as

ting, at the same time, to the development of Cape

another option in the diversification of the distribution


channels and created the first debit card ever used in Cape Verde, called Vinti4. It also began the installation of TAPs (terminal of automatic payment). BCA, according to


December 2002 data, is the market leader in debit cards, owning 59% of the total cards in circulation. 48% of the

Mr Manuel Chantre

TAPs installed in Cape Verde belong to BCA customers


and 49% of the ATM machines also belong to BCA, with

Av. Amílcar Cabral 97, C.P. 593, Praia

the remaining machines distributed by the other three

Tel: +238-2600900/ 2611662 / 2617499

commercial banks.

Fax: +238-2614006 Email:

The bank provides a wide range of services for personal


customers. It thinks about client needs and puts at their disposal a complete and competitive group of products

Activity: Banking

and services. It always offers the experience and the soli-

Date of Creation: February 1996

dity of the largest commercial bank of the country. The history of the bank started in February 1996, when The company also provides services for enterprises. It

the Totta & Açores bank opened a branch in Praia,

offers the best options to save time and to make money

Santiago. The branch became a bank under Cape

grow, with options for the short, medium and long term.

Verdean law in January 2003. At this time it was called

BCN is going through a complete restructuring, BANIF being one of its main players

FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 98


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

BTCV (Banco Totta de Cabo Verde) and two more agen-

BCN is a very professional and transparent bank that listens to its clients’ needs. It aims to be a bank where

cies were opened in Mindelo and Assomada.

people feel good and satisfied with the wide range and A new phase began with the creation of BTCV, and in

variety of products offered.

October 2004 the bank was totally acquired by the Cape Verdean company SEPI (Sociedade de Estudos e

You can trust in BCN, which offers professional and qua-

Promoção de Investimentos SA, Investigation and

lity services. Moreover, BCN helps businesspeople in the

Promotion of Investments Company). With this negotia-

development of their activities.

tion was created the first 100% Cape Verdean private bank in all the history of the national financial system. In February 2005, for strategic reasons, SEPI decided to


change the bank’s name to BCN – Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios (Cape Verdean Business Bank).

President Av. Amílcar Cabral,

BCN’s mission is to position itself as a universal retail

C.P. 101 Praia, Santiago

bank, with its own Cape Verdean roots. The company

Tel: +238-2607000/7183/7130/5529

reaches out to national segments, with a particular

Fax: +238-2614447

emphasis on employee training and promotion. BCN con-

Email: /

sider itself as a proactive actor in Cape Verde’s economy.


Micro-credit helps to improve economic development and poverty reduction


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 99

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m The new subsidiary aims to develop a strong affiliation

Activity: National Bank of Cape Verde

with the Cape Verdean emigrant communities in USA, The BCV is Cape Verde’s central bank. It is located in the

Portugal, France and other European countries, facilita-

national capital of Praia on Santiago in Cape Verde.

ting the movement of capital generated by these communities.

The National Bank of Cape Verde was established by law in 1976, and maintains the initial aims defined in the cre-

In line with these objectives, the bank has defined the

ation charter. On 1st June 1976 the National Bank of

following priorities:

Cape Verde began a process of development and took

• Promote and develop tourism;

over the staff transferred from the old BNU (Banco

• Support the construction sector by promoting tourism

Nacional Ultamarino) and from the BF (Banco de

and local residences;

Fomento), along with their respective activities, while

• Support Portuguese companies that have business inte-

continuing its own activity in the central commercial and

rests in Cape Verde; • Finance bilateral commerce with other African coun-

development areas.

tries. The central bank of Cape Verde, Banco de Cabo Verde (BCV), is responsible for the supervision of the financial

BES SFE Cape Verde would like to directly participate in

sector, the setting of interest rates, and price stability (the

the economic development of the country by supporting

primary policy objective).

relevant projects of aiming to create and improve infrastructure through project finance and international finan-


cial operations structuring services.

Mr António Cerveira Duarte


General Manager Avenida Cidade de Lisboa,

Mr Lucas Filipe da Cruz

C.P. 35, Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2601290

Av. Cidade de Lisboa,

Fax: +238-2601291

C.P. 131A, Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2614008 / 2613829 / 2614425 Fax: +238-2614752 Website:

Activity: Comercial / Universal Banking Date of Creation: July 2006

Activity: Comercial / Universal Banking The official inauguration of BES (Banco Espírito Santo) Financial Exterior Branch in Cape Verde was in July 2006,

In the current globalization context of the worldwide

in Praia. The launch of this subsidiary has been one of the

economy, CGD (Caixa General de Depósitos – General

most recent and challenging initiatives of BES in the

Bank of Deposits) decided to spread its activities abroad

African continent since the opening of BES Angola Sarl in

and invest in Africa. CGD inaugurated a branch in Cape


Verde in February 1998, under the name of Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Ultramarino National Bank).

The main objective of the Cape Verde subsidiary is to pro-

Taking advantage of the potential of a developing eco-

vide Portuguese residents in Cape Verde with direct

nomy and contributing to the growth of the local finan-

access to BES services in Portugal and in other countries

cial system were the objectives of this opening.

within the BES network.


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 100


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

In July 1999, to further its implementation in Cape Verde,

Firms, serving international clients. Each BDO Member

CGD transformed the branch with the creation of Banco

Firm is an independent legal entity in its own country.

Interatlântico (BI). This change represented a more solid BDO CapeAudit, founded in 1997, has a professional

presence in Cape Verde.

agreement with BDO Portugal, which allows the Cape CGD holds 70% of the capital stock of the bank. The

Verdean staff to attend the international BDO training

remaining part is distributed between a set of entrepre-

courses and the Portuguese staff to reinforce the Cape

neurs and local companies, recognized for their profes-

Verdean audit and consultancy teams whenever

sionalism, competence and credibility. The company has


a quality structure: Banco Interatlântico’s know-how, the financial capacity of the CGD Group and the knowledge

As in the rest of the world, BDO CapeAudit offers ser-

and initiative of local entrepreneurs. This professional

vices with a high professional expertise and provides ser-

structure gives the institution a great capacity to partici-

vices to a wide variety of Cape Verdean clients in diffe-

pate in the process of modernization of the financial

rent sectors such as banking, insurance, government,

system of Cape Verde.

tourism, construction, transportation and non-profit organizations.

Banco Interatlântico is also present in Santiago, São Vicente and Sal, where its branches are all endowed with


the most modern technology. Dr Verisimo Pinto Banco Interatlântico is the partner of choice for Cape


Verdean residents and emigrants, as well as foreigners

Achada Santo António

who invest in Cape Verde. Clients can take advantage of

Tel: +238-2603030/31/33/34

all the benefits related to the international group of CGD.

Email: Website:

BDO CAPEAUDIT Activity: Finances C.P. 63, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2613208

The Cape Verde Stock Exchange (XBVC) started its activi-

Fax: +238-2613209

ties in December 2005 trading 44 Treasury Bonds.

Email: Website:

BVC has a built-in and steady system of negotiation supported by credible, modern and efficient (computer) platforms, of which some are even used by the Euronext

Activity: Auditing, tax and consultancy services

Lisbon and Interbolsa. BDO is an international accounting, tax advice and consulting organization, which, since 1963, has grown to be

The operating structure combines the system of auctio-

the fifth largest in the world. From its European roots,

ning with a quote-driven one in order to encourage gre-

BDO has developed a worldwide network of about 600

ater market liquidity. For the current year, two Initial

offices in 105 countries. The group has approximately

Public Offerings (IPOS) are scheduled. The issuers are

28,000 Partners and staff, who provide professional audi-

companies trading oil and oil byproducts and pharma-

ting, accountancy, tax advice and consultancy services.

ceutical products.

Global fees income of BDO for the last year-end totalled €2,760 million. BDO International is a worldwide net-

Securities have been dematerialized with the Cape Verde

work of public accounting firms, called BDO Member

Center for Custody and Settlement of dematerialized


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 101

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

securities. Settlement is conducted based on real time

Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde (CECV) and became a

gross value, according to the specification set by the

public company under the supervision of the Minister of

Committee of Systems of Custody and Settlement


Systems of Central Banks of the G8 countries. In 1993 the company became an anonymous society, Following the establishment of BVC the government

allowing its participation in the financial system as a uni-

approved drafts of proposed new fiscal and legal legisla-

versal bank. The mission of CECV is to contribute to the

tions tailored to transform Cape Verde into an appealing

economic and social development of Cape Verde. To do

financial platform and a privileged destination for the

so, the bank develops its banking activities on a national

inflow of foreign capital. Everyone has easy and fast

and regional level, offering a high-quality service.

access to all these measures and to real time securities quotes upon consulting the BVC website.

CECV is the second-biggest universal bank in Cape Verde. The company is famous for its high level of tech-

Fiscal regulations in Cape Verde are appealing since, for

nological modernization and innovation. It is mostly

example, dividends are not taxed. Foreign investors

oriented to the retail market for personal residents and

willing to purchase stocks in Cape Verde must hold a

emigrants, and for enterprises, especially small and

bank account with one of the following banks:

medium-sized firms and micro-companies.

• Banco Comercial do Atlântico • Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios

CECV wants to play a major role in the economic deve-

• Banco Interatlântico

lopment of the country, and in this special economic

• Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde

growth environment linked to tourism and tourist property, it is willing and capable, alone or jointly with its


valuable partner network, to propose financial solutions for any specific investment project.

Mr António C. Moreira Semedo

“Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde is committed to gran-

Executive Director Av. C. de Lisboa,

ting access to financial services to all the population, by

C.P. 199, Praia, Santiago

modernizing and expanding its branch network to cover all economic and demographic centres.”

Tel: +238-2603603/60/00/01

Mr António C. Moreira Semedo, Executive Director

Fax: +238-2615560 Email: Website:


Activity: Banking

Mr Victor Cardoso

Date of Creation: May 18, 1928

Managing Director

Capital: CVE 1,696,864

Rua 20 de Janeiro 5, 2nd Floor, Espargos, Sal

Turnover: CVE 1,073,959

Tel: +238-2412457

Employees: 192

Fax: +238-2412458 / 2412456 Email:

Caixa Económica Postal (CEP) was created on 18th May


1928. At this time it was entirely integrated in the Correios e telegráficos, the Post and Telegraph services, under






Activity: Consulting agency


Telecommunications. On 30th December 1985 it was

Capital Consulting is an independent business advisory

transformed in an autonomous financial institution called

agency which has made its mission to promote Cape


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 102


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Verde, where the company is based, and attract foreign

Activity: Financial services

direct investment to the islands. Focusing on the tourism

Date of Creation: 2004

and property markets, Capital Consulting has an investment management portfolio of €1.5 billion.

Exchange Cabo Verde, or ECV, is Cape Verde’s leading exchange agency with a range of financial services and

For tourism investment, the opportunities vary greatly,

was established in November 2004. ECV has branches in

from airlines to resorts to spas. Capital Consulting there-

12 cities on six of Cape Verde’s islands.

fore offers a range of services, including Business Network to facilitate entry into the market, Management

ECV offers reliable, fast, effective services, and provides

Solutions to assist new tourism business as it operates in

solutions with a professional and confident team. The

Cape Verde, and Business Management, which is the hig-

core business of the company is in exchange services, but

hest level of Capital Consulting services for the tourism

it also offers transfers through the Ecobank Network

sector and helps investors manage companies with the

within Cape Verde as well as international transfers.

help of extensive years of experience and expertise in the sector from the Capital Consulting team.

With nearly 800,000 Cape Verdeans living abroad, almost twice the population of Cape Verde alone, inter-

With the rapid growth of Cape Verde’s property market

national transfers are a significant area of growth for

in recent years, there have been many corresponding

ECV. It is the official operator of Western Union in Cape

developments in the regulations and legislation of this

Verde, allowing Cape Verdeans access to international

sector. Capital Consulting uses its own in-house multidis-

transfers from the most established and reputable money

ciplinary team with local and international experience in

transfer agency. Incoming transfers are usually from

order to best serve its clients and advise them in all of

Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the United

their property decisions. These services include advice on

States, where the majority of Cape Verdean expats

land acquisition, property transaction management, pro-


ject design, building approval and permits, project marketing, construction management, and cost consulting.

In the coming years, ECV plans to expand its financial services and be known as Ecobank, competing with other

Services from Capital Consulting are tailor-made to suit

commercial banks throughout Cape Verde. The company

each client’s need, enabling prospective investors access to

also expects to open several new branches throughout

the local knowledge needed to make the right business

the islands to better serve its clients and to attract new

decisions. Capital Consulting strives to be the local partner


of choice for all foreign investors who have discovered the natural beauty of Cape Verde and its abundant potential for growth in the tourism and property markets.


GARANTIA, COMPANHIA DE SEGUROS DE CABO VERDE SA Jorge Alves President Agência Chã de Areia,

Mr Abdel Kader Lawani

C.P. 138, Praia, Santiago

Director General

Tel: +238-2608627/28

43A Av. Amilcar Cabral, Plateau,

Fax: +238-2616117

C.P. 374/C, Praia


Tel: +238-2617849


Fax: +238-2627860 Email:

Activity: Insurance company


FINANCE 7:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 103

FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 104


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Garantia Companhia de Seguros de Cabo Verde SA was

role in the development of the Cape Verdean economy

founded in October 1991 and it was privatized in the late

and is one of the country’s main financial players.

1990s along with over 20 other state-owned enterprises in a government attempt to stimulate private sector

Impar is always at the head of technological evolutions in

initiatives and to open up to foreign investment. The sha-

order to provide excellent services to its clients. Impar’s

reholder structure of Garantia is currently as follows:

services cover all the needs of its clients from young to

• Agrupacion Caixa Geral de Depósitos / Banco


Interatlântico 45.9% • Banco Comercial do Atlântico 35%

Impar is headquartered in Mindelo and has its main com-

• Instituto Nacional de Previdência Social 12.2%

mercial office on the island of Santiago and branches in

• Correios de Cabo Verde 4.5%

Sal and São Felipe (Fogo).

• Estado de Cabo Verde 2.4%

Its headquarters are in Praia, in Chã de Areia, but


Garantia also has offices in Plateau, Assomada, in Santiago, Espargos and Santa Maria, in Sal and Mindelo

Av. Amílcar Cabral 65,

in S. Vicente.

C.P. 372, Praia, Santiago C.P. 393, S. Vicente

Garantia is the country’s leading insurance company and

C.P. 101, Sal

is currently developing new savings and credit products

Tel: +238-2609100 / 2303600 / 2411286

with life or risk insurance coverage for foreigners and

Fax: +238-2612366

locals. Garantia could become a significant player in the


capital market as an investor in the stock exchange. Activity: Social protection


The INPS works to guarantee the rights and the fulfilment of the duties of social protection of the workers in Cape Verde. There are two main pension schemes for formal

(Headquarters) Praça Amílcar Cabral, C.P. 344, Mindelo, São Vicente

sector workers, which together cover one quarter of the

(Commercial Direction) Rua Amílcar Cabral,

formal labour force and pay pensions to about 6,000

C.P. 469, Praia, Santiago


Tel: Santiago +238-2603127/39/40; Mindelo +238-2304010/11

The Adminstragao Publica (AP) covers approximately

Fax: Santiago +238-2616025/3765

13,000 civil servants, while the Instituto Nacional de

Mindelo +238-2326643

Previdencia Social (INPS) covered over 36,000 in 2005.

Email: / Website:

The INPS was designed as a partially funded, defined-

Activity: Insurance company

pension scheme, previous governments had effectively

benefit scheme. While it continues to run surpluses in its

Date of Creation: 1992

forced the INPS to purchase government bonds in order to finance central budget deficits. As a result, the INPS

Impar Companhia CaboVerdiana de Seguros, Cape

portfolio is heavily weighted towards non-tradable

Verdian Insurance Company, is the first private financial

government bonds, which has a direct effect on the long-

institution in Cape Verde. The company has played a key

term finances of the scheme. A number of issues face the pension system. Civil service pension liabilities are high,


FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 105

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e both by international standards and relative to the INPS

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


resources, and this has resulted in a large and increasing burden on the budget. Since only a fraction of annual

Mr Luis Maximiano

spending is covered by the 8% contribution levied on civil


service salaries, and no assets have been set aside to

Achada Santo António, Praia, Santiago

meet this obligation, future pension spending represents

Tel: +238-2624973

a significant and unreported liability of the government.

Fax: +238-2624633

To cover its arrears to INPS, the government has issued


treasury securities to the INPS that cover most of the


outstanding obligations. Activity: Development Once employees are registered with a work organiza-

Date of Creation: 2005

tion, they are obliged to pay 23% of their salary. The employer will pay 15% and the employee will pay 8%.

The Millennium Challenge Account is a programme cre-

The INPS will ensure the correct use of those funds by the

ated in Cape Verde to assist the country to reach its deve-

Social Security fund.

lopment goals. It was established by the Millennium

INPS’s mission is the protection of workers and their rela-

Government corporation designed to work with some of

tives in the case of disease, maternity and paternity,

the poorest countries in the world. Established in January

Challenge Corporation (MCC), which is a United States

adoption, disability, retirement and death.

2004, MCC is based on the principle that aid is most effective when it reinforces good governance, economic

“Protecting today and always.”

freedom and investments in people. MCC’s mission is to

Millennium Challenge Account Headquarters in Cape Verde

FINANCE 7:Maquetación 1



Página 106


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

reduce global poverty through the promotion of sustai-

More than 140,000 people in 149 countries across the

nable economic growth.

PWC network share its thinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice.

Before a country such as Cape Verde can become eligible

PricewaterhouseCoopers refers to the network of

to receive assistance, MCC looks at its performance on

member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International

16 independent and transparent policy indicators. Led by

Limited, each of which is a separate and independent

a Chief Executive Officer and overseen by a Board of

legal entity.

Directors, MCC is responsible for the stewardship of the Millennium Challenge Account, which receives funds

PricewaterhouseCoopers Cape Verde has always kept a close relationship with the Portuguese firm, which pro-

appropriated by Congress every year.

vides support in all service areas whenever needed, In Cape Verde, there are three goals set by the MCC, and

through working in teams, following common methodologies, accessing shared knowledge databases and rese-

to which the funds of the MCA are administered:

arch and calling on specialist expertise to respond to the First, the increase in the agricultural production in three

ever-more-complex needs of clients.

areas nominated: the Valley of Paúl in Santo Antão, the zone of Fajã on S. Nicholas and the Monasteries in Fogo.

The staff of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Cape Verde is composed of one Senior Manager, two Senior Associates

The second goal is the increase in the integration of the

and two Auditors, all of them with degrees. The firm pro-

national market and the reduction of the cost of trans-

vides services for the top companies of the country, both

port. This is done through the development of the agri-

in the private sector and public sector/international orga-

cultural roads and bridges, and the expansion of the port


in Praia. Assurance services include statutory audit services, indeFinally, the MCA strives to support the development of

pendent audit opinions, global corporate reporting, inter-

the private sector through promotion of public and pri-

national accounting standards, technical accounting and

vate investment in the prioritized sectors of development,

regulatory advice, attestation services: independent vali-

as well as the reform of the financial system.

dation of financial and non-financial data, public services audit, and capital markets. Advisory services involve per-


formance improvement, crisis management and transactions.

Armando Rodrigues Senior Manager

With its tax services, PricewaterhouseCoopers specializes

Rua Andrade Corvo 17,

in transfer pricing, e-commerce taxation, expatriate taxa-

C.P. 303, Praia, Santiago

tion, private wealth management, deal structuring, out-

Tel: + 238-2615934/5

ward investment, inward investment, tax due diligence


and tax compliance.


Activity: Financial consultancy

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is a network of independent entities that provides industry-focused assurance, advisory and tax services that help to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.


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Pรกgina 107

FINANCE 7:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 108


e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 109

I N D U S T RY & T R A D E

Dentu di alguén ki ê alguén / Inside a person is the person Cape Verdean proverb


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 110

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

I N D U S T RY & T R A D E


sector, the main driving force behind economic development, the role of the state in the economy has been res-

Cape Verde, a small island state of scanty natural

tricted to that of a regulatory agency and facilitator.

resources, weak production base and insufficient agricultural and industrial output to feed its exports, registers a


balance of trade that is chronically negative (the difference between its imports and exports). In 2005 the

At present Cape Verde has two industrial estates (one in

volume of exports represented 4% (3.5% in 2004) of the

Achada Grande Trás in Santiago Island and the other in

volume of imports.

Lazareto in São Vicente Island) capable of supporting the installation and development of several manufacturing

From 1975 – the year of its independence – up to 1990,

units and trade company field offices.

Cape Verde had a one-party political system and its economy was under full control of the state.


Import substitution was the economic policy adopted

External trade data on hand for the 2001–2005 period

during this period and the economy was kept under tight

show that imports represent, on average, 50% of the

control of the central authorities. In order to pursue that

country’s GDP; they also confirm that Portugal is Cape

policy, 19 state-owned companies and 14 mixed compa-

Verde’s main trading partner. Holland is its second-lar-

nies were created in various sectors of the economy –

gest supply market, while Spain is its second-largest

transport (sea and air), energy and fuel, agriculture and

export market. Exports are mainly seafood products. The

livestock grazing, fisheries, pharmaceutical, civil cons-

Cape Verde Clothing Company, a manufacturer of ready-

truction, shipyards, hotel businesses and external trade.

made clothes, exports to the USA market, thanks to the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a preferen-

Procedures for import and export of commodities

tial trade agreement signed with that country.

required a prior permit and stringent control measures were imposed on the volumes assigned to individual tra-

Cape Verde imposes no restrictions on the volume of

ders (as a means of controlling scarce foreign reserves).

exports. Although not a member state of the Convention

The import and distribution in the country of essential

on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild

goods such as corn, rice, sugar, wheat and wheat flour

Fauna and Flora (CITES), the country sets restrictions on

were exclusive to public companies. Most of these were

the export of endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

donations from friendly countries.

Following the opening of the political regime (in line with


worldwide events in the late 1980s) the new multiparty democratic system of governance in 1990 led to the first

In terms of relative values, Brazilian exports to Cape

free elections in the country; a new political party took

Verde are sizeable and on a climbing trend (they

power and a vast programme of reforms was initiated,

amounted to €28.4 million or 8% of the export market in 2005 against 4.6% in 2004, €16 million). The

including reform of the economic system.

medium-term trade growth rate prospect is bright as the Trade liberalization gathered momentum with the imple-

sea transport connections between the two countries

mentation of important reforms in domains such as eco-

become more regular and frequent (monthly).

nomics, legislation, notary public services etc., all targeted at enhancing the institutional and economic condi-

With the country’s membership in the Economic

tions for fostering the development of private initiatives.

Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the intro-

By encouraging the development of a strong private

duction of export and re-export incentives, as well as the


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 111

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e development of free-trade zones (probably one of the

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


energizers of the Cape Verdean economy), it is reasonable to believe that Cape Verde can develop well eco-


nomically. Júlio Augusto P. Almeida The Directorate General of Commerce with the Ministry


of Economy, Competitiveness and Commerce is the

Zona Industrial Tira Chapéu,

government department charged with formulating, exe-

C.P. 896

cuting and evaluating the country’s trade policy as well as

Tel: +238-2628850/51

providing technical support and coordination on regional

Fax: +238-2628852

integration issues and international relations, bilateral

Email: /

and multilateral trade cooperation links. Activity: Spring water manufacturing The capital of São Vicente island, Mindelo, is a clear reference for international trade

INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 112

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

I N D U S T RY & T R A D E

Trindade (meaning Trinity in Portuguese) is a company

The company is planning to supply the domestic market

that manufactures mainly spring water and serves Cape

as well as to export its products to foreign markets, such

Verde. It is one of the few spring water companies in the

as Guinea Bissau.


CAFÉS DE CABO VERDE LDA The Águas de Cabo Verde factory is located in Trindade on Santiago Island. It began operating in 2007 initially

Mr Joaquim Policarpo

producing cola soft drinks and later orange and lemon

General Manager

juices. The factory, which represents an investment of

Zona Industrial de Achada, Grande Trás,

around US $4.7 million, will also produce flavoured

C.P. 449, Praia, Santiago

waters. The concentrates used in producing the soft

Tel: +238-2634862/63/95

drinks are supplied by the German company Döhler.

Fax: +238-2634864 Email:

The factory’s production line is entirely automated, which


will make it possible to improve the quality of the products and increase production capacity. The factory is in

Activity: Coffee production

line with the food hygiene and safety standards required by the European Union (EU). Modern shopping areas combine perfectly with local and traditional commerce


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 113

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Cafés de Cabo Verde (Coffees of Cape Verde) has pre-

Activity: Cement production

sented itself to the market as the first Cape Verdean

Date of Creation: 1996

coffee brand. Its coffee is roasted and packed in Praia

Employees: 70

city, Santiago Island, meeting the highest quality and rigour standards.

Cimentos de Cabo Verde was founded in 1994 and

Cafés de Cabo Verde’s production unit is one of the most

importer and distributor in the Cape Verdean cement

began operating three years later. It is the largest cement

modern roasting plants in Africa, with an annual production

market, a country without a cement plant. Cimentos de

capacity of 850 tonnes of coffee in 1,800 square meters.

Cabo Verde is owned by Cimpor Group, an international

The company has had the biggest quota of the coffee

cement group operating in 10 countries: Angola, Brazil,

market in Cape Verde since March 2000. Technology and

Cape Verde, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Portugal,

know-how, as well as constant staff training, guarantee

Spain, Tunisia and South Africa. It is involved in manufac-

the highest quality of the product, which is the final

turing and marketing cement, hydraulic lime, concrete

result of the combination of the best brands from

and aggregates, pre-cast concrete and dry mortars.

Colombia, Brazil and Africa. In April 2004, Cimpor acquired all the share capital of Its knowledge and experience allows it to reach the final consumer directly with its products.

Nordicave Trading Industrial Lda, which created a majority shareholding in the archipelago’s leading cement company. This acquisition gave the Cimpor Group an

Cafés de Cabo Verde’s mission consists in spreading

additional market position in the African continent.

Cape Verde’s wonderful tastes all over the world as a result of the fine and meticulous selection among the

Cimentos de Cabo Verde (CCV) employs 70 workers and

best coffee producers. Cafés de Cabo Verde aims to

runs a bulk cement depot and bagging centre, with a

make people feel totally relaxed while tasting a cup of

capacity of 50 bags per hour in Praia, the country’s

any of its wonderful brands, like Fogo and Crioula.

capital on Santiago Island.

Cape Verde’s coffee has an unforgettable taste that will

On São Vicente Island, the company has three ware-

forever be kept in your mind. Cafés de Cabo Verde aims

houses over 3,500m2 and a storage capacity of 10,000

to satisfy its clients and provides full and constant atten-

tonnes. Cimentos de Cabo Verde distributes and sells

tion to detail. It has managed to reproduce the Cape

cement on these two islands, the archipelago’s major

Verdean ambience, known for its hospitality, with a

cement consumption centres. On the other islands,

strong mixture of colours and tastes recreating a relaxing

cement is distributed and sold by sales agents.

tropical atmosphere. All the products distributed comply with national and


international standards, particularly regarding product certification and the proper application of the Quality

Mr Miguel Frota Rodrigues

Management System. It plans to maintain excellent tech-

Managing Director

nical, economic and financial performance compatible

C.P. 14/A, Tira Chapéu, Praia, Santiago

with its adopted voluntary principles of sustainable deve-

Tel: +238-2603114


Fax: +238-2612086 Email: Website:


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 114

ARE "Agência de Regulação Económica" as a Regulatory Finances Institution also controls the development of commerce & trade and establish quality standards like in the wine sector

In terms of development, the objectives of Cimentos de

Lazareto Industrial Park is located near Porto Grande Bay,

Cabo Verde are to consolidate current positions through

on the island of São Vicente, along the road connecting

internal growth, whilst increasing efficiency and capacity

the town of Mindelo to S. Pedro Airport. The Park takes

at industrial units, and to achieve greater penetration in

advantage of its excellent accessibility to the airport, the town of Mindelo and to the maritime harbour of São

islands where the company already operates.


LAZARETO INDUSTRIAL PARK The idea of constructing an industrial park at Lazareto R. Dr Martinho Nobre de Melo 9, Mindelo, São Vicente

arose in the 1990s, aiming to attract external investment,

Tel: +238-2300639

promote and encourage private initiative and national

Fax: +238-2319451

investment, promote industrial development, create jobs,


and increase exports.

Website: The Park was planned and developed in an area having Activity: Industrial development

the characteristics of a condominium in order to meet the need of an infrastructure that allows a quick set-up of industrial establishments which will foster economic activity on the island.


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 115

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The tradition of industrial activity, which the Park will


cater towards, comes from several English companies


who have established themselves on São Vicente island, taking advantage of the location of Porto Grande (bet-

Activity: Business Fair

ween Europe, the Americas and Africa) and the skilled

Date of Creation: 14th June 2001

local workforce. The Macronesia Fair is one of most important business The Park will provide advanced infrastructure (electric

events in Cape Verde, organized by the Canary Islands

power, freshwater distribution, waste and rainwater drai-

Chamber of Commerce, together with the Canary Islands

nage, roadways) and will provide the necessary services

Government, the Cape Verde International Fair, the Madeira

including maintenance, security, public lighting, garde-

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the regulator of

ning and waste collection. The Lazareto Industrial Park is

the Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

managed by SGZ – Sociedade de Gestao da Zona Industrial do Lazareto SA.

The first fair was introduced in 2002 and its success convinced its organizers that the event should become a


multisector biennial event, and it now has the participation of more than 100 businesses and attracts a large public of over 6,000 visitors.

Dña Yanira Duque Delegada Av. Cidade de Lisboa 1D, Fazenda, Praia, Santiago

The Macronesia Fair is a demonstration of this Atlantic

Tel: +238-2600478

region’s products and businesses, which traditionally has

Fax: +238-2614165

been a gateway for the distribution of commodities betLocal commerce between Islands


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 116

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

I N D U S T RY & T R A D E

ween America, Europe and Africa. The zone’s potential for development has attracted enormous economic


growth, and is something the region is exploring further, along with its enormous tourism appeal. The Fair is an

Arnaldo Rocha

important event for taking note of the commercial


advantages of the area.

Praia Negra, Praia, C.P. 320, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2615575 / 2627299 / 2615574 / 2615576

The Macronesia Fair does not only include exhibitions but

Fax: +238-2614488

is also becoming a dynamic meeting place for businesses, with the technologically advanced Business Centre facili-

Activity: Production and distribution of drinks

tating business meetings, and promoting parallel activities through strategies designed to stimulate interest in

Sociedade Cabo Verdiana de Cerveja e Refrigerantes

the business sector. The Macronesia Fair brings new

(SCCR) was the first drinks producer in Cape Verde.

opportunities to entrepreneurs, in collaboration with the Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde, with the intention

The company started exporting its star product Strela

of initiating industry in Macronesia.

beer to The Gambia. The West African state was chosen to market Strela beer because of a plant operated there


by the Equatorial CocaCola Company, SCCR’s parent company, and also an established market for the beer.

Av. Marginal, C.P. 90, Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2303100

SCCR has identified other potential markets for Strela in

Fax: +238-2323084

Portugal, where the beer will be sold in the near future,


in addition to other West African states, such as GuineaBissau, and the Netherlands, which has a large community of expatriates from Cape Verde.

Activity: Cornflour production Date of Creation: 1972

A Moave – Moagem de Cabo Verde SA was founded in


1972 and was initially composed of 18 partners, mostly former importers of cornflour. The factory started corn-

Zona Industrial de Tira Chapéu, Praia, Santniago

flour production in 1975.

Tel: +238-2627267/74/75 Fax: +238 2627273

In 1978 the state of Cape Verde was admitted as a sha-


reholder with a stake of 51% of the company’s capital.


In 1998 the capital moved to private hands, ending a proActivity: Production and trade of tints and varnishes

cess of disposal of the state’s participation.

Date of Creation: 1983 The privatization of Moave brought with it the moderni-

Employees: 35

zation of manufacturing facilities and the diversification

With more than 20 years in the market, SITA (Sociedade

of activities (milling wheat), which has allowed the com-

Industrial de Tintas SA) continues to be a leader in the

pany to market other products, particularly rice, corn and

paint, varnishes and supplies market.

sugar. As a result of this strategy, Moave is today the main company marketing these products in Cape Verde.

The technological innovation of SITA Cape Verde is based on its excellent relations with important business partners, amongst which the CIN (Corporacion Industrial del


INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetación 1



Página 117

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Norte SA) stands out. CIN is the largest ink group on the

SITA Cape Verde has a presence on all the islands of the

Iberian Peninsula. Maintaining excellent relations with its

country. It guarantees customer satisfaction, maintains

allies is a fundamental element in the SITA philosophy.

the highest quality products and prides itself on excellent customer satisfaction.

The products of SITA do not contain any additives detrimental for health or the environment. SITA Cape Verde is

From the major architectural and engineering companies

environmentally friendly and scrupulously respects the

to small offices, its many clients are scattered in all the

international rules that regulate the preservation of the

corners of the country.


“With happiness colours, we aim to paint Cape Verde from Santo Antão to Brava.” SITA factory in Santiago Island

INDUSTRY & TRADE :Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 118

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

I N D U S T RY & T R A D E





Página 119


Ka bu dizeja alguém mal, pamodi di bo sta na kaminho Do not wish bad things on anyone, as those waiting for you are on their way Cape Verdean proverb 119




Página 120

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



subsequent appearance of certain illnesses demonstrates the sector’s fragility.

Hospitals, health centres and pharmacies are to be found

With a growing population, and in view of the govern-

on all the islands. Health care in Cape Verde is generally

ment’s economic liberalization policy, Cape Verde has

free, although patients pay a moderate fee on admission.

encouraged private enterprises to increase their participation in this sector. Private sector service providers benefit

Unlike some other countries in the African continent,

from a few fiscal and customs incentives that are

Cape Verde has high sanitary standards, with no conta-

renewed annually in the state budget.

gious or endemic diseases, and with good health service coverage on all the islands. For this reason, no vaccinations are required before entering the country. Serious


medical problems are usually addressed in Portugal or other European countries if treatment is within a

(country code is +238; no city codes):

patient’s means. Santiago Island Since independence in 1975, Cape Verde has made sig-

Praia: Hospital da Praia 2612462

nificant progress in providing basic health care to its

Cuidade Velha: Posto Sanitario 2671120

population. The national health budget is one of the lar-

Pedra Badejo: Hospital de Pedra Badejo 2691330

gest in Africa, the government allocated 8% of budge-

Santa Catarina: Hospital de Santa Catarina 2651130

tary expenditure to health in the 2008 budget. The

Tarrafal: Hospital da Tarrafal 2661130

government’s efforts are meeting with some success. In the 1990s the country presented satisfactory health indi-

Boa Vista Island

cators (children’s vaccination coverage of 90%), but the

Sal Rei: Hospital da Boa Vista 2511167

The public hospital in Praia, Santiago island offers good services





Página 121

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Brava Island

rates are unavailable for Cape Verde. While enrolment

Nova Sintra: Delegacia de Saude 2851130

rates indicate a level of commitment to education, they

Fogo Island

Textbooks have been made available to 90% of school

do not always reflect children’s participation in school.

Mosteiros: Hospital dos Mosteiros 2831034, 2811130

children, and 83% of the teachers have attended in-ser-

São Filipe: Hospital de São Filipe 2811177, 2812390

vice teacher training.

Maio Island

Although most children have access to education, some

Delegacia de Saude 2551130

problems remain. For example, many students and some teachers speak Creole at home and have a poor com-

São Nicolau Island

mand of Portuguese (the language of instruction); there

Tarrafal: Hospital do Tarrafal 2361130

is insufficient spending on school materials, lunches and

Ribeira Brava: Hospital da Ribeira Brava 2351130

books; and there is a high repetition rate for certain grades.

São Vicente Island The literacy rate in Cape Verde is about 75%, and the

Mindelo: Hospital de São Vicente 2311879, 2327355

demand for primary and secondary education is approxiSal Island

mately 85% and 48%, respectively. Most professionals

Espargos: Hospital dos Espargos 2411130

are college graduates with degrees from European and

Santa Maria: Delegacia de Saude 2421130

American universities.

Santo Antão Island Ribeira Grande: Hospital da Ribeira Grande 2211130 Porto Novo: Hospital do Porto Novo 2221130

EDUCATION The government of Cape Verde has launched several initiatives aimed at improving basic education and providing universal education to all children. The government’s current education reform plan contains strategies for improving the curriculum, training teachers and extending compulsory basic education. In July 2001, Cape Verde signed agreements with the sponsors of Education for All in Cape Verde, which include FAO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, the World Bank and WHO, under which the sponsors will collaborate in preparing the National Plan of Action of Education for All, and will work to include more stakeholders in the system and share information better.

Primary school education is mandatory between the ages of 6 and 14 years and free for children ages 6 to 12. In 2005, the gross primary enrolment rate was 81%. Primary schooland 58% Secondary School. Attendance





Página 122

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



Fax: +238-2609020

Cape Verde is a destination where progress and stability



are clear to see. It is generally a peaceful and safe country. It has a stable, storm-free climate, enjoys reli-

Activity: Higher education – university

gious harmony and, as there is very little crime, Cape

Date of Creation: March 2001

Verde is an exceptionally safe and attractive tourist destination.

Cabo Verde Jean Piaget University was founded in March

The Cape Verdean Police are generally good-willed and

first college in the country. The institution has contri-

responsive, though capacity to assist and respond effec-

buted to avoiding the ‘brain drain’ and represents a big

2001. The University is situated at Praia City and was the

tively is limited by lack of resources and little language

step for Portuguese language learning in the science and

capability beyond Portuguese and perhaps French.

culture fields.

General Emergency Number: 132

The Cabo Verde Jean Piaget University belongs to the


at the end of the 1970s is a reference in knowledge and

Piaget Institute. This education cooperative was founded

learning. The main objectives are to provide quality tea-


ching, spread fundamental human values and prepare students to become professionals. The college has a firm


grounding for growth based on the theories of Jean Piaget Foi.

Jorge Sousa Brito Rector

The Cabo Verde Jean Piaget University offers the oppor-

Campus Universitário de Cidade de Praia,

tunity to develop Bachelor degrees across the main pro-

Palmarejo Grande,

fessional areas with well-qualified tutors. The courses

C.P. 775, Praia, Santiago

given are architecture and civil construction, economy

Tel: +238-2609000

and finance, medicine, and communication science.





Página 123

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m distribution of informative materials, to combat some prejudices that devalue non-university professional education.

Mr Mário Lima General Director

IEFP calls for vocational schools at this secondary level of

Rua Serpa Pinto Edifício dos TACV, 2nd Floor,

education, in scientific and technical areas such as maths,

C.P. 14, Praia, Santiago

chemistry and physics, linked to the professions in such

Tel: +238-2616446

subjects. These are the areas that offer more job oppor-

Fax: +238-2613658

tunities, especially having in mind the current priorities of


Cape Verde, and it is in these areas where vocational


education prepares students better than general high schools, whether the pupils pursue university studies first

Activity: Professional education

or enter immediately into the professional market.

Date of Creation: 1994 There are vocational education courses available in the IEFP is a public institution created in 1994 and based in

sector of building construction, a sector of great demand

Praia. IEFP was born to combat the lack of professionals

at the moment; also tourism education is rising as a prio-

in certain areas, while other professional sectors are

rity to cater for the needs of the major hotels in Sal,

being inflicted with unemployment. One of the main cha-

Santiago and Boa Vista. There are also professional

llenges of the IEFP is to sensitize the different sectors of

courses, mainly in the area of public and domestic elec-

society, through meetings, debates, discussions and the

tricity, where the emphasis is on training technicians for





domestic appliance repairs in general and for freezing

Página 124

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


equipment in particular. António Correia e Silva Besides the courses in vocational education and providing

Presidente da CNI-UniCV, Decano de la Universidad

guidance for candidates to work with companies, IEFP is

Pública de Cabo Verde

engaged with regulations and working out strategies for

Av. Cidade de Lisboa,

the sector of vocational education. Sustainability is one of

C.P. 379C, Praia, Santiago

the main concepts of IEFP along with careers guidance.

Tel: +238-2619904 / 2619894

This facility is also available in youth centres, and in a few

Fax: +238-2612660

secondary schools. Although in theory all the secondary

Email: /

schools should have an office for such goals, this is an


upcoming technique still in its implementation phase. IEFP offers a future for children with equal opportunities,

Activity: Education Terciary

and promotes a high appreciation of vocational education.

The University of Cape Verde (Universidade de Cabo Verde, Uni-CV) is a Cape Verdean university located in Cape Verde has always invested in the enhancement of its human resources as its main richness




Página 125

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Praia, with a second location in São Vicente. The 2007–

The IILP’s fundamental objectives are ‘the promotion, the defence, the enrichment and the spread of the

2008 school year is its first.

Portuguese language as a vehicle of culture, education, Uni-CV is one of the greatest initiatives that the Cape

information and access to scientific and technologic kno-

Verdean government has undertaken to establish public

wledge and of official use in international forums’.

higher education in the nation. It is a major step forward to further economic development and independence.

The members of the IILP are the member states of the Portuguese-speaking nations, the CPLP: Angola, Brazil,

Uni-CV is now trying to coordinate the education in the

Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique,

whole country, and to reach people in other islands

Portugal, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

through technology. It is signing important agreements with foreign institutions like the American Bridgewater


State College and the Spanish University of Barcelona


that will help to boost this new university.


Miguel A. Lima Casa Cor-De-Ropsa, Rua de Andrade Corvo 8,

Presidente do Conselho de Administração

Praia, Santiago

Achada de Santo António

Tel: +238-2619504 / 2619673

C.P. 296A, Praia, Santiago

Fax: +238-2619502

Tel: +238-2626410/6457/2453


Fax: +238-2624970



Activity: Lenguage Center








Pharmaceutical Products The





(Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa) or IILP is

Date of Creation: 18th October 2004 Employees: 10

the CPLP’s (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) institute supporting the spread and popularity

The liberalization of the economy, and the consequent

of the Portuguese language in the world. The Institute’s

regulation of the pharmaceutical and food sectors, led to

headquarters is located in Praia. Its president is the


Angolan linguist Amélia Mingas.

Administration Council took ownership, while in 2006









the Agency received its core administrative and technical The institute is recently established and its statutes are

staff. In 2007 the main instruments of management and

still not well regulated. Its history starts in 1989 when the

regulation of the Agency were adopted.

Portuguese-speaking countries gathered in São Luís do Maranhão in Brazil to create a base for a Portuguese lan-

ARFA is constituted by statute as the national authority

guage community. The Brazilian president, José Sarney,

tasked with regulating the quality of medicines and foods

gave the idea of an international institute to promote the

for human and veterinarian use, as well as certification

language. Only 10 years later, in a meeting in São Tomé

and accreditation, in collaboration with the competent

and Príncipe, a small island-nation in the Gulf of Guinea,

entities, and the management of setting and control of

the institute’s objectives, implementation and location

prices of medicines and food. It intends to assume a pro-

(Cape Verde) were set.

motional role with regard to the areas under its regula-





Página 126

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


tion and to safeguard the interests of consumers, to

Emprofac is a state-owned enterprise, established in

assist the development of Cape Verde. The Agency is in

1979, which has a monopoly on the import and distribu-

charge of the central laboratory for quality control of

tion of medicines and medical equipment in the archipe-

food and pharmaceutical products, as well as the


national system of quality in Cape verde. It is now being totally privatized, after being one of the ARFA, in its mission to safeguard the interests of consu-

few companies not yet privatized as a result of reforms

mers, is in partnership with the economic operators in

introduced by the government in the 1990s. Selling its

the promotion of quality in the sectors under its regula-

stake in the company is part of the country’s plan to libe-

tion. In particular it aims to:

ralize the pharmaceutical sector of Cape Verde.

• Establish standard techniques in hygiene and safety to be followed regarding food and medicines.

Emprofac holds 40% of the shares of the pharmaceutical

• Promote the development of the national system of

company Impharma. The company has gone through

quality in the provision of food and medicines.

several stages of a process of privatization. In the first

• Activate systems of monitoring and act fast on risk

phase, its production activity was transferred to


Impharma. Later on, in 1996, Emprofac transferred its

• Promote the culture of the quality in order to ensure

distribution to the private sector, by ceding its two phar-

the protection of the public health.

macies (one at the beach and another in Mindelo) and its five points of sale.

“Quality is important for everything and everyone, and it is demanded of all Cape Verdeans, in order to streng-

Finally, in 1997, the public company Emprofac was trans-

then trust between the companies who supply the

formed into a stock corporation with public capital, con-

market with food and pharmaceuticals and the custo-

tinuing to exercise the business of wholesale in the phar-

mers, users and consumers of these products.”

maceutical sector.

Miguel A. Lima, Presidente do Conselho de




Paulo O.Lima Manager Zona Industrial Tira Chapéu, Praia, Santiago

Mr Francisco Jasso Xavier Santos

Tel: +238-2627162 / 2617251

Director of Administration and Finance

Fax: +238-2627191

C.P. 59 Praia, Santiago


Tel: +238-2627700/7895/96/97


Fax: +238-2627899 Email:

Activity: Health


Employees: 45 Date of Creation: 1990

Activity: Import and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment Date of Creation: 1979

Inpharma was created in 1990 as a private company owned by three shareholders, Emprofac, Labesfal and private individuals.


PUBLIC SERVICES:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 127

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The company has 45 employees, among them pharma-

Both the production and know-how of Inpharma are

cists and engineers, who carry out a very important func-

consistent with the high standards of the world pharma-

tion for the company.

ceutical industry.

Inpharma produces a range of 66 products correspon-

In Inpharma, everything is supervised through a system of

ding to 58 active substances, including tablets, capsules,

quality control, which guarantees the safety and security

syrups, suspensions, drops and creams.

for both physicians and patients.

The company works according to the practices of the

The Government, at the end of 2007 announced, the pri-

proper manufacturing of medicines recommended by the

vatisation of these two companies for 2008

WHO (World Health Organization).

Medicines can easily be purchased in Cape Verde

PUBLIC SERVICES:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 128

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



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Página 129


Ken ki ta disdenha, krê kumpra - Whoever disdains, wants to buy Cape Verdean proverb 129

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Página 130

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



creation of new cities will help reduce the disparities between the country’s diverse regions and stimulate local

In 2006, construction represented 10% of GDP but due


to the positive rates of economic expansion and several international donors’ funding, this sector is rapidly gro-

Under the improvements made in this area, there is a

wing. The market is shared by: small companies, which

general recognition of the inclusion of political and insti-

are in charge of residential and commercial construc-

tutional agents, the cities and social organizations and of

tions; and larger ones, which are involved in infrastruc-

the importance of the decentralization process as a posi-

ture and public works projects.

tive, crucial and irreversible process. Although the limita-

The part of foreign companies in the sector is also gro-

promoted so far has already been an enormous stimulant

tions of the country are recognized, the decentralization

wing, ensured by important projects financed by foreign

of the country’s social development, contributing to an

investors. Furthermore, the development of tourism will

increase in state shares, entrepreneurial creativity and a

inevitably foster the construction sector with its large-

renewal of the local and national economies, leading to a more stable democratic system and the country’s inde-

scale projects.


DECENTRALIZATION However, the process is still incomplete, and all efforts Since the announcement of the nation’s independence

are directed to strengthening the decentralization pro-

on 5th July 1975, and particularly since the inception of

cess in Cape Verde.

the democratic system in 1990 and the accomplishment of the first free and multiparty elections in 1991, the suc-

Gradually, the government has been able to create con-

cessive governments of Cape Verde have invested signifi-

ditions for the construction of a strong local power base,

cantly in the decentralization process.

endowed with an adapted legal system, structures and

The government has promoted a systematic process of

trained staff, with the intention of continually empowe-

administrative relocation that attempts to create effective

ring the national citizens.

simplified procedures and with financial resources and

local participation together with the State, in the process of national development in all its forms. To that end,

To this end, various partnerships have been set up:

much of the legislation has been reviewed.







Administration and Management (INAG) and the Four independent elections have been held, with the

National Association of Cities (ANMCV), with French coo-

increased participation of voters, independent groups

peration and with the Canary Islands.

and political parties. Already a significant volume of

• The government has a protocol with the Operational

human resources and financial support have been given

Nucleus for the Information Society (NOSI) and with the

to Cape Verde’s cities, strengthening the capacity of

ANMCV to provide information management to all the

municipal intervention in the areas of politics and com-

cities of the country, and is currently initiating projects in cities including: the islands of Santiago, Fogo, São

munity development.

Vicente, Sal and Bravo for the computerization of the serCape Verde has 22 cities, five of which have recently

vices of municipal management, which will provide the

been created. The creation of these five cities was carried

cities with greater effectiveness in planning and process

out by the government, with the administration of its citi-

management and with greater flow of information in the

zens in mind, constituting a strategic move for the rein-

provision of services to local government administration

forcement of democracy and the promotion of social

and rendering accounts to fiscal entities.

welfare and the economies of the local communities. The

• The financing of local developments was recently


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Página 131

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

approved under a new local financial law, which is pro-

munity groups, and will also clarify the positions of the

portionate to the cities having greater chances of gaining

different parties cooperating in the relocation and decen-

financial resources, and is aimed at the transfer of state

tralization process.

budgets and for the exploration of alternative sources of


financing. • The Parliament’s approval of the Cidade da Praia Administrative Statute is another government initiative to

Land use was highlighted by the government, in its

allow Praia to have more favourable conditions for the

Indicative Program 2006/2011, as being a strategic eco-

organization of finances that increase the effectiveness

nomic and social factor of sustainable development and

and efficiency of the demands of the capital of the

able to contribute to efficient management of the terri-


tory and the natural resources, and of sustainable eco-

• The Parliament has a proposal that will regulate the

nomic and social development, of the defence and safe-

relations between decentralized bodies, and help coordi-

guarding of the environment and the improvement of

nation between the central and local powers and com-

the quality of life of Cape Verde’s citizens’.

The real estate is one of the growing sectors of Cape Verde’s economy

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Página 132

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


In the preceding years, strategic documents have

• Conception and building of a system of geographic

included an extensive legal framework; the establishment

information, and acquisition of software and hardware

of technologies (modernization of the national system

for its implementation; the creation of plans for land use

and cartography), and in 2005 and 2006 significant

and municipal urban plans:

urban and territory planning; competition for the crea-

• Creation of the regional projects for land use in

tion, for the first time in the history of Cape Verde, of the

Santiago, Santo Antão and Fogo;

regional projects for land use in Santiago, Fogo and

• Support to the cities in the creation of the terms of

Santo Antão and for support in launching these compe-

reference, in the launch of competition and a new gene-

titions and 10 urban town planning projects.

ration of municipal urban plans; • Creation of municipal directors and reinforcement of

Already the following objectives have been achieved:

the local state technician of Santiago and cities of the

• Effective ending of the laws on use of land and the law

interior of Santiago, with exception of Domingos where

of expropriation;

this is already completed; municipal modernization pro-

• The creation of a new law regulating land use and

jects (PMM II) for all cities of the country, including

urban planning, the land registry and cartographic pro-

modernization of cities to become areas of urban access,


and management and exploration of territory informa-

• The creation of the terms of reference for a new legis-


lative package on leases, condominiums, the general

• It is intended to conduct a ground survey of the urban

regulation of urban construction and the law of real

and agricultural centres of the country.

estate and agricultural promotion; modernization of the

• Cartography and survey for the land registry to create

national information system and production of digital

the basic legislation and to define a methodology of


registering for the country, as well as supporting the

• The completion of preparatory techniques for the pro-

cities and the DGOTH in the reinforcement of the techni-

duction of 1:10000 maps of all the domestic territory and

ques concerning access, management and exploration of

1:2000 maps covering 5,000 ha of urban areas; and a

the geographic and land rights information.

national system for registration; • The creation of the law in principal of land registry and


the registration process; • Testing of this methodology and preparation for the

Urban policies and housing are other factors considered

publication, in 2006, of a manual of procedures; creation

key areas for the sustainable development of the country.

of a system of territorial geographic information;

In general, access to adequate housing has not been in

Substantial government aid is available to the population to promete housing rights

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Página 133

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

step with other development of the country. The fast

C.P. 267, Praia, Santiago

growth of the urban centres has led as a consequence to

Tel: +238-2623634/35

an extreme growth of urbanization, which at a national

Fax: +238-2623632

level reached 53.3% of the total population in 2000,


with percentages of 89.3%, 89.4% and 92.8% respecti-


vely in the Beach, Sal and São Vicente. Activity: Promotion of local power and decentralization The government aims, through a policy of sustainable

Date of Creation: September 1995

housing, to ensure that the growth is followed by ade-

Employees: 7

quate policies, programmes, measures and shares in the domain of housing promotion, urban development and

The 16 municipalities of Cape Verde are all members of

urban management and administration as well as the

the Associação National dos Municípios Caboverdeanos

quality of life. Therefore, to reflect the deeper demo-

(ANMCV), an association that defends local interests

cracy, citizenship, patriotism, social justice and equity,

within the framework of the governmental policy of

the government has tried to create conditions so that all


citizens, particularly the most disadvantaged, can have access to proper housing.

ANMCV is a major actor in the decentralization process. Created in 1995, its goal is representing and defending

Housing is seen by the government as an instrument of

the interests of communities.

social inclusion, with the involvement of all the agents and operators appointed by the state, cities, property

It has already enjoyed cooperation and support from

developers, the IFH, private operators, financial groups,

France, both from the Priority Solidarity Fund and current

the ONG, and organizations of civil society and families.

support from the AFD in the amount of €200,000 to set up a credit line of €5 million for municipalities via the

A study has been completed to determine the best hou-

banking sector. The French support will mostly be

sing structure, as well as to determine the housing needs

focused on increasing ANMCV’s interface and coordina-

of the population in terms of income. Forthcoming pro-

tion roles, to develop decentralization initiatives and strengthen its advisory mission, particularly in public ser-

jects include:

vice delegation areas and autonomous service manage• A study for the the creation of a national housing plan;


• The definition of an efficient land policy; • Updating and modernizing of the urban legislation, the leases law and the creation of legislation that regulates


property and agricultural development. Mr Tito Livio Santos de Oliveira Ramos


Director Av. Cidade de Lisboa,


C.P. 335C, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2611026


Fax: +238-2613493

Mr Valter de Sá

Activity: Project development and works surveys

General Director

Date of Creation: 1991

Achada de Santo António, IFH Building C R/C,

Employees: 6



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Página 134

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Engic Engenheiros Associados Lda is a limited liability

and roads, harbour and airport works (the VIP terminal in

society that, since its foundation in 1991, prepares stu-

Praia, for example). To fulfil those activities Engic has a

dies and draws up engineering plans and town plans,

team that is very experienced in coordinating and contro-

provides technical assistance and manages civil construc-

lling all project phases, and also project delivery, equip-

tion and public works.

ment supply and fitting up.

It has been acting in Cape Verde and neighbouring

It works in collaboration with the top professional

African countries, with an emphasis on countries where

experts, such as town planners, architects, engineers,

Portuguese is spoken.

economists, geologists, sociologists and demographers. In this way, Engic is able to answer its clients’ needs per-

Engic has a team of senior engineers and consultants ski-


lled in various fields of engineering, who can manage projects and contract jobs.

“The Cape Verde construction sector offers the most interesting development opportunities. Our company

In the field of project management Engic has already

possesses the experience and the most prestigious part-

worked in several sectors such as infrastructure (water

ners necessary for the establishment of your project.

supply, sewerage, etc.), urban planning, civil and indus-

Given the international position of our company, we are

trial construction, school construction, geotechnical and

open to any collaboration or partnership.”

hydrogeology projects, environmental impact, housing,

Mr Tito Livio Santos de Oliveira Ramos, Director

The Government has established an Urban Plan to protect the coast regarding the expansion of real estate

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Página 135

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


• Apply modern techniques and cost-effective methods to meet those goals and desires;


• Deliver quality service in a timely manner; • Maintain and recruit high-performing, well-trained,

Alfredo Anselmo Rocha Moreira

loyal team members;


• Use its professional partners’ network well;

Terra Branca,

• Provide a safe working environment;

C.P. 28A, Praia, Santiago

• Offer opportunities for team members to reach indivi-

Tel: +238-2617232

dual goals.

Fax: +238-2617227

“Cape Verde’s construction market represents a strong


economic potential for the country. Trust Cape Verde, trust HBC. Our doors are open to any collaboration or

Activity: Construction and public works


Date of Creation: 2002

Alfredo Anselmo Rocha Moreira, Manager

Employees: 10

HBC provides general construction and construction


management in the private sector, and public control of engineering services. The company provides a variety of

Luis Nataniel Monteio Silva


Managing Director







Communication, listening and commitment by its team

Av Santiago 43–45, Palmarejo, Praia, Santiago

members are key throughout a project, whether they are

Tel: +238-2629951/2

building a new facility, making renovations, modifica-

Fax: +238-2629949

tions or additions to an existing structure, or rebuilding a


damaged property.

Website: Date of Creation: January 2005

Committed to providing quality structures for its clients, HBC has built a solid reputation with its team approach

Activity: Road regulation and maintenance

to preconstruction and construction services. It works with the customer, and employs the right architects and

The road network and its quality are key socioeconomic

engineers to assure creative, cost-effective solutions. HBC

development factors for any country. At the same time,

meets and exceeds expectations – every time, on time. It

the country must ensure safety for road users. With a

is recognized for its commitment to quality projects and

view to economic development and quality improvement,

creative and fast-track solutions.

the Cape Verdean state has invested heavily in road restoration and construction throughout the country. In

HBC is committed to excellence in industrial, commercial,

order to face the situation of deficiency and poor quality

private individual or public projects by analysing cus-

in the road network, the IE (Instituto de Estradas, Road

tomer needs and providing tailored solutions through

Institute) was created in January 2005.

experience, craftsmanship, teamwork and technology. IE is an entity which takes care of the management, conThe company has developed partnerships with other offices in Santiago, such as Caixa Bank, Atelio A and KDR.

servation and investigation of the Cape Verdean road network, with the appropriate tools and in an effective frame of decentralization and flexibility. IE represents the

To reach this level of excellence, HBC pledges to:

road authority and the entity responsible for the manage-

• Listen to the goals and desires of each customer;

ment of the national road network. Its creation allowed


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Página 136

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


significant progress in quality, in the management of the

inspection, using a team of six engineers, three archi-

national road system, and the setting up of a rigorous

tects, five designers, one topographer and an administra-

road investment economic plan, as well as the applica-

tion staff. This concept of ‘complete management’ sets

tion of an effective road network maintenance system,

Loid Engenharia apart as an enterprise ready to go above

and third party involvement in the road network.

and beyond for its clients.

The institute leads studies in order to provide modern


management tools. As a public collective, IE is endowed with administrative and financial autonomy. IE’s principal


objective is the conservation and investigation of roads and bridges within the roads infrastructure.

Ms Loide Monteiro Director – Cape Verde Office


R. Tenente Valadim 8, 2 Andar, C.P. 881, Praia, Santiago

Mr José Rebelo

Tel: +238-2616747

General Manager


Achada Santo Antonio,


C.P. 881, Praia, Santiago Activity: Property development

Tel: +238-2624327 Fax: +238 2624326 Email:

Cape Verde Solutions is a development company with a


unique structure. It is the only group of companies with legal entities in both Cape Verde and the United

Activity: Construction and engineering

Kingdom. It not only develops but also cooperates with

Date of Creation: 1999

indigenous developers in Cape Verde who want to do business with the EU.

Loid Engenharia (LE) specializes in project management and planning in Cape Verde’s construction and enginee-

Cape Verde Solutions Ltd has offices in Bath, United

ring sector. Founded in 1999, the company has been ser-

Kingdom, and its sister company, Cabo Verde Solucoes

vicing Cape Verde’s construction needs since the begin-

Lda, is located in the capital of Cape Verde, Praia.

ning of the country’s boom in property development, in the areas of project study, planning and management in

Cape Verde Solutions offers industry-leading technolo-

public engineering. LE is headquartered in Cape Verde’s

gical solutions that form the basis of its low-cost adminis-

capital city, Praia.

tration. The office staff and those accredited agents who are entrusted by the company are able to reserve proper-

The team at Loid Engenharia has been recognized as one

ties online through its secure servers, guaranteeing

of Cape Verde’s leading construction firms, and is well

100% administration, security and client satisfaction.

prepared for virtually any project. With property develop-

From the first contact to key delivery it is this attention to

ment on the rise across the islands, the company has

detail and client focus that governs every aspect of the

already proven its capacity, with many successful projects

company’s developments.

and satisfied clients. CVS prides itself on its values, which include efficiency, Because most of Loid Engenharia’s clientele are foreign

honesty, proactiveness, courtesy, high professional stan-

investors, the company offers all the services necessary

dards, and consistently reliable market-leading services.

for the development of projects, from inception to final

Its solutions provide the vehicle by which people can


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Página 137

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The "Ships Cementery"

launch their own profitable business, which in return will


further benefit both tourists and locals alike. Monte Babosa, Tira Chapéu, CVS also actively supports ICASE, a Cape Verde charity

C.P. 223, Praia, Santiago

that enables Cape Verdean children to fulfil their educa-

Tel: +238-2628613 / 9910929

tional potential.

Fax: +238-2629874 / +44-2079006302 Email:

“We specialize in successfully uniting Cape Verde busi-


nesses with UK-based investment capital.” Ms Loide Monteiro, Director – Cape Verde Office

Activity: Property, tourist accommodation.


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Página 138

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Capital Country Club is located on Monte Babosa, on the


outskirts of Praia on the road to Cidade Velha, 195m


above sea level. It is an ideal location that offers one of Activity: Property development and real estate

the best views to the City of Praia.

Capital Country Club is composed of 120 lots of 500–

With the tourism sector of Cape Verde prospering more

800m2 in size. It is organized in the form of gated condo-

than ever, Editur has entered the market as an ambitious

miniums with their own security systems, street cleaning,

company, with extensive experience in the local property

gardening, rubbish collection and maintenance, among

market. Additionally, Editur is involved in the Cape

other services.

Verdean communities internationally. With this framework, Editur is positioned to become one of the most

The houses, built in the centre of the lots, will have a

prominent property management companies within easy

minimum distance of 10 metres between them; they will

grasp of international investors.

each have independent access with garages or parking spaces within their garden area, balconies and barbecue

Currently, Editur is involved with several projects on the

areas, as well as space for relaxing and even private pools

Cape Verde islands of Sal and Santiago. Several local and

if desired. Each lot also has external parking space for

international partnerships with experience in tourism and

guest vehicles.

resort development allow Editur a clear advantage over other property developers. Other projects in the tradi-

The condominium will offer pedestrian areas for jogging,

tional real estate market are focused in Praia, Cape

a sports complex, communal swimming pool, tennis

Verde’s capital city.

courts, clubhouse, nursery and shopping complex. A bus shuttle service will also run for the exclusive use of resi-

Editur’s main project is Ponta Bicuda, a premier, all-inclu-

dents linking the complex with the centre of the city and

sive development area including residential condomi-

running every 15 minutes. Last but not least, Capital

niums, shopping centres, a commercial area, and recrea-

Country Club offers the ‘key-in-hand’ system for those

tional facilities including a golf course, cinemas and a

who wish it.

marina. Within Praia, Editur is also building Praia Towers, which will be both a commercial and residential district.

The firm guarantees personalized and high standards of

Other residential projects include Calheta Bay, Murdeira

finishing. Capital Country Club also offers the possibility

Beach, Atlantic Project and Santo Antonia. Additionally,

of access to easy and affordable bank loans.

land has also been acquired in São Francisco for future

The construction will respect local styles as regards the

tions, Editur offers contractual construction services for

exterior, in a harmonious and natural style integrated

all property needs.

development. Outside these many projects and acquisi-

with the landscape. As more foreign investors discover Cape Verde’s poten-


tial in the tourism real estate market, the team at Editur,

Jose Antonio Teixeira

renowned as an established, reputable company with a

led by Chairman Mr Jose Antonio Teixeira, has become


commitment to both creativity and quality. Competition

Achada de Santo Antonio,

in property agency is growing in Cape Verde, but with

C.P. 31A, Praia, Santiago

proven success in the market, the possession of conside-

Tel: +238-2623667/8

rable assets and human resources, as well as carefully

Fax: +238-2624303

chosen international partners, Editur is confident that it will soon be the leading property player in Cape Verde.


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Pรกgina 139

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Página 140

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



Email: Website:

Mr Helder Araujo Manager

Activity: Property development agency

Achada Santo António,

Date of Creation: 2003

C.P. 267, Praia, Santiago

Employees: 10

Rua Fernando Ferreira Fortes, C.P. 298, S. Vicente

Established in 2003 with the objective of meeting market

Tel: +238-26264/30/32 in Santiago

needs, IMOR initiated a new way of undertaking property

+238-2314477 in S. Vicente

business, which up to that date did not exist in the archi-

Fax: +238-2622853


Email: Website:

With a unique service in Cape Verde, IMOR offers an unrivalled service and product choice opportunity, thus

Activity: Construction

making it the best solution for all your property needs.

Date of Creation: 1982 IMOR’s mission is to conduct its property transactions IFH is a state-owned company in Cape Verde in the busi-

based upon efficiency and trustworthiness. IMOR pro-

ness of house and property promotion.

vides services in the areas of property sales, purchase, rentals, leasing and property management.

IFH also develops investments in the tourism sector, such as the project Caravela do Sol being implemented in

The company can offer a full management service for

2008 in the beautiful Beach Cabral on the island of Boa

your property:

Vista. Composed of 350 apartments, 8 commercial

• Condominium management;

spaces and 5 townhouses, Caravela do Sol is an innova-

• Architecture, engineering and electricity projects;

tive and exclusive concept, inspired by the history of the

• Property evaluation;

shipwrecks that have occurred in the seas of Cape Verde.

• Representations.

IFH aims to work with high-level property agents in nor-

IMOR assists clients in securing a range of buildings (fur-

thern Europe, especially the UK. Among other upcoming

nished or unfurnished), office and business spaces, as

projects there is Palmarejo Grande, Uma Cidade

well as building sites.

Autêntica, with 300 lots and 552 units for commerce and services, within an area of 54ha, and also Vila Cabral in

In order to handle matters with the maximum speed,

the north of Boa Vista and Laginha in São Vicente, close

security and transparency, IMOR has a highly qualified

to Baía do Porto Grande.

commercial, technical and legal team.

“IFH: Making your own house a dream come true.” Mr Helder Araujo, Manager

IMOR also offers its clients complete and personalized assistance through: • Guided tours;


• Information on specialized areas and the Cape Verdean market;

José A. Santos Silva

• Preparing documents for bank loans;

Rua Andrade Corvo 30A R/C, Praia, Santiago

• Advice and solutions for real estate business.

Tel: +238-922815 Fax: +238-616871


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Página 141

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m




Mr Piran Johnson

Tel: +238-2622066

General Manager


C.P. 406C, Predio Verde Hilario, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2648000 Email:

Activity: Tourism

Website: Paradise Beach, on Sal Island, has become one of the most anticipated new tourism developments, generating

Activity: Property development and real estate

much interest from investors. Cape Verde Development launched Paradise Beach in 2005. As an Irish company

As one of the premier developers in the Cape Verde

backed mainly by Cork and Limerick businesspeople,

islands, Sambala owns some of the most attractive sites

Cape Verde Development has been popular among Irish

in the country and is responsible for constructing the pro-

investors interested in the islands. The company also

perties and administering the properties upon comple-

attributes this popularity to the idea that Cape Verde is

tion. This includes managing property rentals for inves-

similar to what Ireland was years ago: it is a recently inde-

tors and also bringing tourists to the resort. Through its

pendent, politically stable nation with a huge diaspora,

work with the government, Sambala has created an envi-

from Portugal to the north-eastern United States, and

ronmentally-friendly plan to encourage tourism to

rapid economic growth based on tourism.

Santiago, while respecting the island’s natural resources

Paradise Beach is 34 acres of white sand bordering a tur-

employing over 250 people locally.

and maintaining a high level of social responsibility and

quoise sea about 10 minutes from Sal international airport. By 2008, Cape Verde Development expects to have

Located on Santiago Island, north-east of the capital city

built 449 low-rise units, including apartments, duplex

of Praia, the company’s major project, Sambala Resort,

penthouses and villas.

will encompass 12 square kilometres and will include top-quality luxury amenities. The resort is the first

Communal facilities include a 32-suite four-star hotel,

government-approved tourism development in Cape

conference centre, swimming pools, tennis courts, wind-


surfing, gym, restaurants, bars and 24-hour security. A German-owned health clinic has also opened nearby.

Sambala’s success has been quickly evident, with a com-

There is no golf course in the development but three are

plete sell-out of Sambala Village apartments in Spring

being built within proximity. In fact, considering Sal is just

2006. Properties in the development area of Vivendas de

30km long and 12km wide, nearly everything is nearby.

Santiago complement those in the Sambala Village, offering a commercial setting of restaurants, bars, offices,

Because drought has been a major problem for Cape

stores and recreational facilities with an impressive view

Verde, which gets its water by desalinating sea water, the

of the Ribeira de São Francisco.

development has its own back-up power generator and water desalination plant.

Within the next several years, Sambala plans to build a total of four tourism villages, which will be integrated

The company is in talks with an agency which will

into the resort, as well as development areas for private

arrange lettings for buyers, and is forecasting net returns

villas and townhouses, luxury hotels, a marina, and a 36-

of 5–6%.

hole world-class golf resort.


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Página 142

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


With these thriving projects under way and its ambitions

In the years to come, Tecnicil plans to continue building

for additional projects, Sambala has proven itself as one

strategic alliances in order to maintain its competitive

of the main contributors to Cape Verde’s rapid develop-

edge in the property market of Cape Verde. These part-

ment in the property market, and a main attraction for

nerships are allowing Tecnicil to reach its objectives as an

foreign investors.

innovative, detail-oriented property development com-


light of its current projects and ambitions for the future,

Mr Alfredo de Carvalho

Cape Verde property management market.

pany in both the commercial and residential markets. In

Tecnicil is well on its way to becoming the leader of the

Managing Director


Achada S. Antonio, C.P. 152A, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2623600

Santa Maria, Sal

Fax: +238-2623605

Tel: +238-2422004


Fax: +238-2422005



Activity: Property development Activity: Works and housing Tecnicil, a property development company headquartered in Praia, is an established property and land deve-

Stefanina Group first showed up in Cape Verde, more

loper. Branches are also available on the islands of São

precisely in Sal island, early in the 1990s, with the initial

Vicente and Sal. Operations began in 1996; since then,

objective of building villas, but ended up constructing a

the company has grown considerably and is well known

three-star hotel – Djadsal Holiday Club – along with the

in Cape Verde and abroad as the company of choice for

tour operator Cabo Verde Time. Since then tourism in the

long-term investment value and quality properties.

island, and also in the country, has climbed to another

Tecnicil offers clients personalized assistance in finding


their ideal property and property sites, whether residential or commercial, through an extensive network of pro-

Considering the development rate of the country, after a

perty agencies. Architectural styles are in keeping with

study of the market, this major foreign private investor in

the Cape Verde atmosphere, with striking oceanic views.

Cape Verde decided to diversify its areas of interest. The group started investing in fields such as property, cons-

The success of the company and its dynamic growth in

truction, industry, transportation, imports and exports, as

the Cape Verde market is attributed to its skill in choo-

well as tourism and travelling.

sing ideal locations, along with its talent for developing the property concepts that are attractive to both inves-

The core of Stefanina Group is Turinvest Holding SA,

tors and inhabitants. Tecnicil is continuously seeking pro-

which participates in and administers all the other com-

perties to support single and multi-family, mixed use and

panies. Stefanina Group in Cape Verde is composed of

business enterprises.

the following companies: Turinvest Holding SA, Turinvest

Tecnicil prides itself on corporate individuality and ear-

Crioula Abastecimento, Salinas Pedra de Lume (mineral

nest pursuit of quality, the trademarks that set it apart in

salt industry), Crioula Hotel, Santantao Resort, Excelsior

the property development market of Cape Verde.

Praia Business Hotel.

Imobilia, Engeco, Inteco, Cabocem, TH Shipping, Eneral,


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Página 143

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


and easy access to the central pedestrian boulevard encompassed by shopping and recreation areas.

Sal Tel: +238-2623600

Vila Verde has already attracted international attention as

Fax: +238-2623605

an investment opportunity. The appeal is due to the


highly desirable design of the resort, the wide selection


of properties, expected annual rise in value of 15–20%, guaranteed quality with a five-year warranty on all properties, and a return of 5% in the property rental pro-

Activity: Resort

gramme. The Vila Verde Resort, on the beautiful island of Sal, is a resort being built by the developers at Tecnicil. Sal Island

Additionally, the developers at Tecnicil offer full property

is considered to be one of the most picturesque of Cape

management and maintenance services, an excellent

Verde’s islands, ensuring the development resort of Vila

reputation for quality and integrity, business opportuni-

Verde will have stunning views and landscapes.

ties for entrepreneurs in retail and service sectors, and advance payment guarantees.

Vila Verde is planned to be a balanced mix of apartment, townhouse and villa communities, with direct access to

Prospective investors and property owners are invited to

the airport and urban centres. With careful planning,

come and see Vila Verde on the Island of Sal to fully

most units have unobstructed views of the sea, short wal-

understand the potential this development area holds.

king distances to the beaches via community pathways,


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 145


Kau ke pé ka lebau, ka bu bai Where your foot doesn’t take you, don’t go Cape Verdean proverb 145

TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 146

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e




Tourism is becoming a major source of income for Cape Verde and will very likely be the backbone of the eco-

In order to boost the development of Cape Verde’s tou-

nomy in the coming years.

rism industry, a Tourism Utility Statute was drafted and is available to investors. The Statute sets up three tourism

Cape Verde is known as the land of ‘Morabeza’. This

categories, and offers incentives to each one of them:

Creole word translates the essence of any traveller’s emotional experience when on a visit to Cape Verde. Its

1) Tourism Set-Up

literal meaning is ‘heartily warm and kind people’,

• Exemption from the payment of unique property tax

although it holds a much deeper meaning, as it portrays

falling on the acquisition of real estate (land for construc-

hospitality, a warm welcome, gentle care and expression

tion) or acquisition of a building.

of appreciation for a stay. Morabeza is deeply embedded

• Exemption from customs rights on the import of mate-

in the livelihood of Cape Verdeans.

rials and equipment for infrastructure (such as civil cons-

Hotel accommodation in Cape Verde ranges from the

ment and tools, sanitation equipment, vehicles for the

very modest to the luxurious. The higher-ranked resorts

transport of tourists, recreational boats, spare parts and

traditionally cater to business travellers.

tools for culture and sports-related activities.

truction materials, electrical fittings and electronic equip-

Tourism is the major growth sector with in the Cape Verdean economy

TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 147

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

2) Tourism Operation – For projects that have already been approved and whose construction has complied


with the architecture’s plans. • Full exemption from income tax payment for the first

• Sal: Highlights are the beaches, water sports (entertain-

five years and 50% of income tax payment for the follo-

ment and sports), windsurfing, diving, fishing, swimming

wing 10 years; this period can be expanded if the tourism

(there are excellent pools), games rooms, mini-golf

facility is located outside the city limits of Praia and the

courses, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts.

municipalities of S. Vicente and Sal.

• Santiago: Attractions include historic sightseeing such as the ruins of Cidade Velha (old town, historical capital

3) Tourism Refurbishment – For projects undergoing

of Cape Verde), beautiful scenery, mountain landscapes,

refurbishment or expansion and whose budget is the

crafts, beaches and rich gastronomy.

equivalent of at least 25% of the initial investment and

• São Vicente: Attractions include historic sightseeing,

which have been running for at least five years under the

water sports, beaches (entertainment and sports), wind-

Tourism Operation status or two years if otherwise.

surfing, evening entertainment, music festivals, carnivals,

• The same incentives as under set-up during the refur-

crafts, monuments and horsemanship. • Maio: The main features are exploration tours and

bishment stage.

water sports, rich marine life, golden sandy beaches,


ational fishing.

The country provides a wide variety of tourism products.

mountain tourism, nature exploration tours, sandy bea-

Each island is alluring with its own unique enchantments

ches, offshore deep-water fishing and cultural heritage.

crafts, beautiful scenery, walking, scuba diving and recre-

• São Nicolau: Recreational fishing, scenery and beaches,

and colours. Volcanoes, wonderful beaches, majestic

• Santo Antão: Beautiful scenery, mountain tourism and

mountains, small oases, lunar-type landscapes and a pro-

other adventures, walking trails, deep valleys, culture,

fuse cultural background are the main features.

traditional rum manufacturing sites and very agreeable countryside life.

The following potential tourism packages have been

• Fogo: Mountain tourism and spectacular sightseeing in

identified as part of the overall Cape Verdean tourism

the volcanoes and natural parks, walking and bicycling

industry products:

trails, volcano climbing, sandy beaches with coral reefs

• Sun and beach tourism (traditional and active): its main

and marine life; diving and scuba diving.

driving forces are the sea, swimming activities, the cli-

• Boa Vista: Beaches, sand dunes, monuments and water

mate and water-related sports such as diving, windsur-

sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, underwater fis-

fing and offshore deep-water fishing.

hing and recreational fishing, historical fortress and

• Nature-oriented tourism: its main motivation is to per-

beautiful dune-covered beaches.

form nature-based activities such as trekking, climbing,

• Brava: Relaxing, exploration of landscape including

horseback riding, bicycle riding etc.

natural lagoons, flowering gardens, mineral resources,

• Touring: Its main objective is sightseeing and visits to

horseback riding, beautiful scenery, beaches, lovely fis-

sites of interest. Itineraries should provide stopovers at

hing communities and cultural activities.

specified resting places. Interesting and scenic itineraries are available in almost all the islands.

In all the islands, however, there is a fascinating mixture

• Culture-driven tourism: Provides useful opportunities to

of African and European customs and life. This is best

tourists to enter into contact with Cape Verdeans and get

reflected in the foods on offer, with Portuguese foods

to know their folklore, customs and habits through active

(such as fish and seafood dishes, olive oil, garlic, lemon

participation in traditional festivities, carnivals, music

and sausage) and African foods (stews, beans, maize and

shows, gastronomy galas, literature, craftsmanship, etc.

tropical crops) comfortably combined on most menus.


TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 148

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Many of the towns on the islands have inherited and safeguard their colonial Portuguese architecture and are


worth a visit just to see the buildings. As Cape Verde is comprised of islands, it comes as no great surprise to

Demand comes mostly from European countries. Most of

learn that in the midst of a vibrant Creole culture are very

incoming visitors are from Italy (32.2%), Portugal

good conditions for water sports, such as windsurfing,

(25.4%) and Germany (10%).

diving (with shipwrecks dating back to the sixteenth century) and sailing adventures. However, many might argue

Sal Island is the most popular destination, followed by

that Cape Verde’s isolation is a blessing, leaving these

Santiago and S. Vicente.

islands unspoiled and comparatively undiscovered. On the supply side, there has been a significant increase


in hotel capacity of around 52% in 2005. The number of establishments has increased by around 22% and the number of beds by approximately 42%. This increased

The inflow of tourists to Cape Verde continues to grow.

capacity is due, in essence, to foreign direct investment.

In 2005, almost 233,000 tourists visited the country. Italians, Portuguese and Germans lead the number of visitors. Sal continues to be the island most visited, wel-


coming 70% of the foreigners who choose Cape Verde as a tourism destination. In terms of accommodation

When Cape Verde reviewed its strategy to attract foreign

offered, the country has 132 hotel units. At present, its

investment for its tourism industry, it did so with Europe

lodging capacity is over 10,000 beds.

and the United States in mind. All the right conditions are there for companies to establish themselves in the

In 2005, the rate of incoming leisure travellers soared to

islands, but the export market is still underdeveloped and

about 26% (compared to 4.7% in 2004). As a result, the

most produce stays within the country’s borders, except

ensuing revenue topped CVE 9,565.9 million, which

for textiles, shoes and seafood, which are exported to

accounts for approximately 10.4% of GDP.



TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 149

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Sal island, the biggest attraction of tourism, without lacking small details

Apart from the customary tax breaks (fiscal reform intro-

Santiago. To learn more about these projects, please see

duced VAT in 2004), exemption on import duties for

the Fact Files further on in this chapter.

construction materials, and capital contribution declarations, the islands themselves are the true incentives for


paying a visit. The recent Convention of Establishment signed between When a couple of UK media outlets earmarked Cape

Cape Verde and a Chinese entrepreneur will make pos-

Verde as the next hot property paradise, a veritable run

sible the construction of a small luxury hotel and casino

for the country’s property market developed, with coun-

in Santa Maria, in the bay of the City of Praia. The second

tless British investors and tour operators vying to capture

phase of this project will include a hotel as well as other

a plot on the tropical seaside.

tourist facilities. The investment is estimated at US $100

The origins of the tourist clientele will diversify in the

10 years.

million for the first two years and at US $300 million in

coming years, with growing interest shown by investors of English and Irish origin, as well as of Asian origin. With


year-round sunshine and a tropical climate, Cape Verde is set to be a big destination for UK and Irish holidaymakers within the next decade.

In 1999 the number of hotel rooms available was 1,825 and in 2005 approximately 5,000 (8,278 beds), and there are now more than 1,000 rooms under construction in


the islands of Sal and S. Vicente. Considering the investment projects in progress, this number will increase significantly in the next years.

There are many condominiums and resort projects under way in Cape Verde, mostly on the islands of Sal and


TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 150

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


The prices of accommodation vary between CVE 1,200

interested in buying properties, holiday homes that they

and 11,500 for single rooms, 1,500 and 15,217 for

can visit or let out when they are not around. On the

double rooms and 5,000 and 9,000 for triples and suites.

other, there are those who wish to invest in the develop-

Generally prices already include breakfast, which costs

ment of large-scale projects. Both forms are experiencing

between CVE 240 and 1,800.

a big boom, and there are a couple of local and international companies leading the market.

MARINAS Cape Verde’s government is now trying to develop the The Cape Verde Islands have historically been a popular

tourist industry, and the infrastructure is being expanded

place for sailors to stop on their voyage across the

to accommodate the increasing number of visitors

Atlantic from Europe, not just for its useful location but,

attracted to this unusual but attractive destination.

some say, for its native rum, known to many as ‘grogue’. The main ports are in Mindelo, Praia and Tarrafal, but

On 4th July 2005, Cape Verde became the third country

there are also marinas at: Porto da Praia, Porto de

to sign a compact with the US government-funded

Tarrafal, Porto Furna, Porto Inglês, Porto de Sal-Rei, Porto

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC); the three-year

Novo, Porto de Palmeira, Porto Grande and Porto do Vale

assistance package is worth over US $110 million in

dos Cavaleiros.

addressing rural economic expansion, infrastructure development, and development of tourism and a com-


munity college system.

The government is focusing on attracting foreign direct

Over the next three to five years the largest group of

investment to the tourism sector, which is taking two dif-

investors should come from the UK.

ferent forms. On the one hand, there are small investors Santiago island, perfect mixed example of a growing Tourism economy combined with local tradition

TOURISM :Maquetación 1



Página 151

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Large-scale tourist developments contrast with old-fashioned services, here a traditional barber’s shop in Mindelo

There are now weekly direct flights from the UK on


Astraeus from Gatwick and Manchester airports. Flight times are around five-and-a-half hours and the cost is


from GB £329 including tax and fuel surcharge. When the demand is sufficient it is expected that direct flights

C.P. 142, Avenida da República, Mindelo

from various airports in the UK will fly to Sal, Boa Vista,

Tel: +238-2311115 / 2321562 / 2321356

São Vicente and Santiago. TACV is the local Cape Verde

Fax: +238-2323083 / 2321445

airline, which operates both international and inter-island


flights. TAP also flies to Cape Verde daily from Lisbon.


There are also direct flights from Italy, Germany,

Activity: Tourism

Denmark, USA, Holland, Senegal and Brazil to Cape

Turnover: US $30,000,000

Verde. Agência Nacional de Viagens SA (ANV) is the national Tourism has been growing at 25% annually in Cape

travel agency of Cape Verde. The ANV performs activities

Verde for the past four years, and growth is expected to

as an agent for all services concerning transportation of

continue well into the future. Sal and Boa Vista are both

passengers and cargo.

extremely popular with Italian tourists and a large percentage of all tourists visiting Cape Verde are from Italy.

ANV has two divisions, Marine and Air. Its Marine division

Many of the businesses and developments at the

is composed of Cape Verdean crew and offers the follo-

moment are run by Italians. The Germans tourists are

wing services: shipping agencies, forwarding, brokerage

increasing rapidly due to the expansion of the Riu Hotels,

and tour operator. The Air division offers Visa services,

and the British and Irish market is due to increase rapidly

travel insurance and excursions

because of the direct flights.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


The headquarters is located near the bay of Porto


Grande, in one of the most characteristic buildings of Cape Verde, offering a unique view of the entire coas-

Rua Tierno Galvan, Torre 3, 10 Piso,

tline. It also has branches in all the islands of the archipe-

1070–274, Lisboa


Tel: +238-207-1932055 Email:



Rua Sena Barcelos, Edifico Millenium, Mindelo,

Activity: Tourism

C.P. 501, São Vicente Tel: +238-2318988

Ponta Bicuda is a property development located on the


island of Santiago in Cape Verde operated by Vilas


Oceânicas SA, with an area of 65 hectares and approximately 3.5km of coastline. The aim of this company is to promote tourist residential projects for the European

Activity: Tourism

market. Calheta Bay is a €2 billion golf and leisure resort under development on the island of Sal’s west coast, within a

This exclusive development, with a masterplan developed

425-hectare site, 10 minutes from both the tourist town

by WATG – Wimberly Allison Tong & Go, lies just five

of Santa Maria and the international airport. The deve-

minutes from Cidade da Praia and the international air-

lopment has an eco-friendly design with excellent ocean

port. Ponta Bicuda is soon to be a much sought-after des-

views from 70% of the site and a mixture of landscapes,

tination, with developments in perfect balance with their

including sandy beaches and rocky coastline. Cape Verde

surroundings and aimed at the most demanding of

Development, along with its partners Turim and Editur,

clients. Most properties will have a view of the ocean. Ponta Bicuda is made up of nine different resorts, divided

are the developers behind this new golf resort.

into three residential areas (for individual use) and six The resort will feature two Ernie Els 18-hole cham-

hotels to be sold as investment properties.

pionship-standard golf courses and luxurious Els Residences, which are being developed as a joint venture


with the golfer. PGA Golf Management will manage all of the Cape Verde Development golf facilities, which will

Murdeira, Sal

include a PGA National Golf Course and PGA National

Tel: +238-2412550/2308

Golf Academy. Near the golf resort a commercial area is

Fax: +238-2411605

being developed called Nikki Beach Resort, along with an


aqua park, golf and spa hotel, a major resort hotel and a marina.

Activity: Hotel

The developers of the resort are determined to make

Murdeira Beach Resort is one of the newest property deve-

Calheta Bay one of the top 10 resorts in the world, and

lopments on the island of Sal – Cape Verde’s most popular

therefore every measure will be taken to use the highest

island for tourism – and is setting the standard for design

standards available while keeping the design and the

on Sal. The concept aims to deliver a home away from

construction environmentally-friendly.

home with all the modern conveniences, facilities and luxuries that guests would expect of a five-star resort.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Seafront apartments and villas are being sold in this deve-

Novatur has a high-speed computer system at its disposal

lopment area, comprising one- and two-bedroom apart-

that enables the team to quickly consult on tariffs, reser-

ments, terraced and detached luxury villas in Spanish-

vations, confirmations and other services, namely trans-

Colonial style architecture. This resort catches the eye,

fers, city tours and other excursions, which renders it pos-

but is uncompromising in its attention to the laid-back

sible to offer total comfort to customers in terms of tra-

tranquillity that characterizes Sal.

velling and tourism.

In terms of luxury and positioning, the Murdeira Resort

In addition to local information and data provided by the

has some unique advantages. The developer aims to

Galileo and Amadeus communication systems (of which

deliver maximum comfort, style and modern conve-

Novatur is a member), all updated information can be

niences. The property, with its beachfront luxury villas,

conveniently accessed through the company’s website.

complete with their own private moorings, also offers

Novatur has established commercial agreements with all

facilities such as a golf course, 75-berth marina, shopping

airline companies that operate in Cape Verde.

centre and health and beauty centre. Aware of customers’ needs and the ongoing market The developers of Murdeira Beach Resort have received

changes, Novatur annually invests in the continuous

much interest from UK investors for this development,

improvement of the quality of its service, the capacity

most likely due to the fact that the island of Sal is home

building of personnel, as well as the provision of exclusive

to a new international airport with direct flights to the

services, in order to exceed expectations of its clientele.

United Kingdom. The effectiveness of the agency’s services, associated


with pleasant surprises and the Cape Verdean ‘morabeza’ (friendliness), places it in a good position within the market.

PRAIATUR LDA, TRAVEL AGENCY Alfredo Rodrigues Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Praia


Tel: +238-2618424

Av. Amilcar Cabral 36, Plateau, Praia

Fax: +238-2618344

Tel: +238-2615746


Fax: +238-2614500



Activity: Travel agency

Activity: Travel agent

Date of Creation: 2001

Date of Creation: 1st November 1989

Since entering the market in 2001, Novatur has

Praiatur is a travel and tourism agency composed of a

attempted to provide a unique quality service to the tou-

team of professionals that take care of all the details

rism and travel sector. The company is endowed with a

ensuring customers have a pleasant experience in Cape

young, qualified team and strives to supply an integrated


and global service, not only in Cape Verde but also for any international destination.

The agency provides the following services: national and international air ticket sales, reception service at any airport in Cape Verde, welcome assistance, visas, luggage


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Página 154

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


and check-in services, reconfirmation of flights, transfers

All 119 rooms in this four-star hotel have satellite TV, air

in and out, hotel reservations in Cape Verde, tours for

conditioning, mini-bar, safe and bathroom with bathtub.

groups, personalized tours for small groups, diving pro-

The hotel also has three suites with living rooms and king-sized beds. The Presidential Suite of the hotel

grammes, fishing programmes and trekking tours.

includes a meeting room well equipped for six people, It assists with all travel arrangements and tour packages

bedroom with double outlook, king-sized bed, and a

within all Cape Verde Islands. Praiatur works with several

living area with a couch, auxiliary desk, closet, and com-

airline companies, allowing customers maximum options

plete bathroom with hydro-massage bathtub. It also

and convenience. These airlines include TAP Portugal,

incorporates a specially prepared closet with refrigerator

TACV (Cape Verde Airlines), South African Airways, Hi-

and the necessary equipment to prepare cocktails and

Fly, TAAG (Angola Airlines) and Air Senegal International.

other drinks.

The tour packages on offer are interesting and include

Guests at the Praiamar Hotel can enjoy a panoramic res-

airfares and hotel reservations, transfers, group activities,

taurant, offering a taste of international and Cape

boat trips, fishing activities and the agency’s speciality,

Verdean gastronomy and a wide selection of drinks. For

adventure, cultural and religious activities. Just what you

a more casual meal, the hotel’s snack bar near the swim-

need to escape from the mass tourism and to see the real

ming pool is also available, along with several other faci-

Cape Verde.

lities including the Café Concerto, A Capital disco, a health club with sauna and Jacuzzi, and a reading centre.

“100% satisfaction! That’s our goal. We want you to have a very special moment in our country and enjoy

Praiamar is considered an ideal place for business stays; a

the real Cape Verde.”

conference room fully equipped for 200 people and a

Alfredo Rodrigues, Director

business centre with all necessary office equipment allow businesspeople the convenience to work efficiently, while


living comfortably.


Luís Leitão



C.P. 75, Santiago

Santa Maria,

Tel: +238-2612972

C.P. 63, Sal

Fax: +238-2612972

Tel: +238-2421439


Fax: +238-2421210



Activity: Hotel

Activity: Hotel

Date of Creation: 1998 Located in the magnificent Santa Maria pure sand beach Ideally located in the prestigious residential area of

in Sal Island, this hotel creates the ideal atmosphere for a

Prainha, in the city of Praia on Santiago Island, and over-

relaxing vacation or a business stay. The hotel comprises

looking the beach and ocean, Praiamar Hotel is one of

173 bungalows on the beach and 60 more superior

the most respected hotels in Cape Verde. Praiamar is a

rooms in the main building. They are all fully equipped

member of the Oásis Atlántico Hotels & Resorts Group,

with bathroom, individual air-conditioning units, hair-

which bought the property in 1998.

dryer, telephone, satellite television, mini-bar, safe and a


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Página 155

Tourism has benefitted from massive international investment

small balcony, with views over the beach or swimming

people both in theatre or school layout. In this relaxing

pool for superior rooms. Belorizonte hotel offers you a

environment, you will find the ideal place for your confe-

wide range of services, such as diving lessons, sports

rence or your business meeting.

centre, sport fishing, tennis court, two swimming pools, Jacuzzi, two restaurants facing the sea and four bars, a


children’s park, a games room, laundry, currency exchange and Internet access.

Mr Jorge Xavier General Manager

The hotel also has services provided by third parties:

C.P. 413, Praia

diving (Manta Diving Centre); car hire (Avis); medical ser-

Tel: +238-2614200

vices; excursions; handicraft and souvenir shops.

Fax: +238-2615225 Email:

For businesspeople, the Oásis Atlântico Belorizonte hotel


provides a fully equipped conference room with the most recent audiovisual technology. It has a capacity of 190

Activity: Hotel


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


The Pestana Trópico Hotel, one of Cape Verde’s leading

Activity: Property development

business and leisure hotels, is situated on a clifftop on the island of Santiago, in the most distinguished district of

Santiago Golf Resort is a private company with two sha-

the town of Praia. Recently refurbished, this four-star

reholders: Group Sacramento Campos (Portugal), and Dr

hotel has excellent views over the historic part of the

Eugénio Inocêncio, an experienced Cape Verdean businessman and former diplomat. Encompassing 650 hec-

town, the sea and the Santa Maria Island.

tares of land including 5km of coastline, the resort is The hotel is close to the historic town centre on the

located on the southern end of the island of Santiago

Plateau, with its buildings dating back to colonial times,

and is within easy reach of the international airport as

and is just five minutes from the new Praia international

well as in close proximity to the capital city of Praia,

airport and from the country’s administrative and finan-

Ciudade Velha, and the village of São Martinho. The

cial centre.

resort is also ideally situated near private residential areas, harbours, the town centre, and the various hotels.

Pestana Trópico Hotel has 51 rooms, redecorated in

In and around the resort, prospective buyers have many

2005, including four suites and three executive rooms, all

options in the Santiago Country Club, a development of

with air-conditioning, satellite television, telephone, and

luxury villas and condominiums. All of these facilities and

mini-bar. The hotel’s restaurant serves international,

development areas have been carefully chosen for their

Portuguese and typical Cape Verdean cuisine throughout

accessibility balanced with a sense of privacy, the oceanic

the day. The bar is also available to guests, with poolside

views, and an intimate setting.

tables and picturesque views of the ocean. Other facilities include a fitness centre, two outdoor saltwater pools for

The villas and apartments can be custom-built and owners can choose from a range of architecturally

adults and children, and a solarium.

designed homes on their chosen spot. Using the most For business clientele, the hotel offers two rooms for

modern infrastructure, residents can be assured of com-

meetings and banquets with audio/video equipment and

fort, convenience and the highest quality for their homes.

a capacity for up to 120 people. The premises also has

To maintain the unique atmosphere of Cape Verde, the developers of the resort have made all efforts to enhance

wireless Internet access.

the landscape in order to protect and conserve the As a member of the Portugal-based Pestana Group, the

natural areas, and continue to provide an indigenous

Trópico Hotel is dedicated to high quality standards of

character. To complement the resort, a range of activities

service and comfort, encouraging guests to feel welcome

are available to residents. Besides extensive golf facilities

to return to any of the Pestana locations, for business or

including a golf academy, there will also be tennis courts,


sailing, windsurfing, diving, deep-sea fishing, an eques-


garden experiences. Boats and seaplanes will also be

trian centre, four-wheel drive safaris, and botanical

available to visit nearby islands. Dr Eugénio Inocêncio Managing Director

With so much to offer, Santiago Golf Resort’s property

Achada de Santo António,

opportunities have gained widespread international

C.P. 157A, Praia

attention, and the development is expected to rapidly

Tel: +238-2628321

expand during the next few years.

Fax: +238-2628356 Email: Website:


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Pรกgina 157

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Pรกgina 158

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



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Página 159


Si krê pé ten raiba kaminhu, ê tem ki anda’l Even if the feet do not like the way, they have to walk it Cape Verdean proverb 159

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Página 160

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S


lities are considered very inadequate; consequently, an

At the crossroads of three continents – Africa, Europe

Vicente and Boa Vista Islands are scheduled f during

and America – Cape Verde is at the centre of the world’s

2008-9. Additionally, there are programmes targeted at

main air traffic route. TACV – Cape Verde Airlines, the

bringing in major improvements to the other airfields,

domestic flag carrier, assures flight connections between

including the ones in Sal and Praia.

ambitious infrastructure project is under way. Works for the construction of the international airports of S.

the islands (with the exception of Brava and Santo Antão Islands), and with the outside world. Brava and Santo

TACV – Cabo Verde Airlines, a fully owned public com-

Antão can only be reached by boat at the moment,

pany, is the sole provider of domestic flights to all the

though they possess airfields.

inhabited islands except Brava and Santo Antão Islands.

In respect of road transport, taxi services are widely avai-

to restructure the national airline TACV in preparation for

lable at reasonable fares in the main islands; bus routes

privatization. Since the beginning of March 2007, a

are run mostly in the islands of Santiago, São Vicente and

second airline, Halcyon Air, has started operations.

The government has selected a new management team

Sal. Car hire services are provided by several companies and are available in the main urban centres.

Cape Verde Express provides chartered flights.

Travelling in groups between the islands is possible as

The approximate travel times between the islands are as

Cape Verde Express, a private provider of air taxi services,


offers chartered flights.

• 50 minutes from Praia to S. Vicente, Sal, Boa Vista and S. Nicolau; same flight time from Sal to S. Vicente and

The entire domestic network of roads is over 2,250km


(some 1,400 miles) long, and a third of the roads are

• 15 minutes from Praia to Fogo;

paved. An ongoing road improvement programme is

• 8 minutes from Praia to Maio;

aimed at upgrading the roads. Road conditions and dri-

• 15 minutes from Sal to Boa Vista.

ving standards are in general of a reasonable quality, though paved roads are mostly narrow and winding.


Maintenance of national roads depends exclusively on the road funding institution and on a tax levied on fuel

Cape Verde has a sizeable road network. Most of the


main roads are paved and are in need of maintenance. Depending on the level of traffic density, these are being

There are no railway services in the Cape Verde Islands.

replaced with asphalt roads. The roads leading to the airports in Sal, S. Vicente and Santiago Islands are treated


with bitumen or asphalt; the main roads within the cities of Praia and Mindelo, as well as the road connecting the

The country’s main airports are located in Sal (Amílcar

cities of Praia and Assomada in Santiago Island, are

Cabral International Airport) and in Santiago (New

asphalt covered. A significant number of road projects

International Airport of Praia, running since 6th October

target the upgrading of the most important paved roads

2005). They assure direct flight connections with the UK,

to asphalt roads; future road building projects in several

Portugal, Canary Islands, Italy, Spain, South Africa, North

islands call for asphalt-covered roads.

America and some other international destinations. Macadamized roads usually become muddy and slippery With the expectation of an ever-growing number of inco-

during the rainy season. Very often such roads become

ming visitors in the next years, the domestic airport faci-

blocked by falling rocks in hilly areas.


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetaciรณn 1



e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

Pรกgina 161

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Road transport services are provided exclusively by pri-

road accident avoidance. Consequently, it is charged

vate operators. A few years ago urban road transport ser-

with the formulation of road safety and traffic flow con-

vices were provided by a state-owned road transport

trol plans and programmes; control of the process of

company. Following the execution of the privatization

licensing vehicles used for the transportation of cargo

programme this company was liquidated in 2002.

and passengers; regulation and control of automobile

Taxi, bus and car hire services are available at reasonable

driver licences; organization and updating of registered

driving schools; driving course exams and issuance of

fares in the cities of Praia, Mindelo, S. Filipe and Mindelo,

data, classification and inspection of automobiles; draf-

as well as in Sal Island. Likewise, car hire and taxi services

ting public road transport tariffs; etc.

are provided by private individuals, but not in an organized way, in the other islands. Passenger and cargo

The Economic Regulatory Agency (ARE) is the authority

transportation is mainly provided through minivans

charged with setting urban transport services fares pro-

(widely know as Hi-Ace) and pick-up trucks.

vided by taxis and buses. However, there is no efficient control over fares charged by taxi drivers. Fares for ser-

The Directorate General of Road Transport is the entity

vices provided by minivans and pick-up trucks are libera-

responsible for formulating and executing road transport

lized and drivers are free to set the fares they see fit.

policy in matters regarding traffic flows, road safety and The ship repair industry in Sรฃo Vicente is still today a major resource for maritime traffic

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Página 162

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

Traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road. Visitors

Portugal, Arnaud Logis and Portmar. The existing links

wishing to drive must hold an international driving

between these Cape Verdean and Portuguese companies

licence. Seatbelts must be worn at all times and children

makes it possible to provide a complete service.

under the age of 12 must sit in the back seat. These services are frequent and reliable, but most traveFinally, the urban bus transport system is very reliable,

llers still favour the quicker, hassle-free option of

and represents an inexpensive way of getting around.

domestic flights, leaving the ferries to play a more major

The cleanliness of the buses is of a reasonable standard,

role in industry rather than tourism.

particularly in the larger towns. A daily ferry service between the ports of Mindelo and


Porto Novo offers the transport of passengers and cargo

The maritime transport system is central to Cape Verde’s

or twice a week ferryboat services convey passengers and

between the islands of S. Vicente and S. Antão. Weekly

economic development strategy on account of the

cargo from Praia (Santiago) and Mindelo to all the remai-

country’s geographic location. The existing international

ning islands. Meanwhile, the provision of services is fre-

air and maritime routes facilitate access to international

quently subject to change.

markets for the companies operating in the country. Sea conditions around Cape Verde are sometimes rough International maritime transport is regular, and between

and treacherous; submerged rocks represent a danger to

Cape Verde and Portugal is offered by various shipping

navigation. At certain times of the year, travel by sea

agents such as Agemar, an associate of the Portuguese

from any departure port to the southern islands of Brava


and Fogo can be a headache as routes change frequently







Transitários, Horus Cape Verde, a branch of Horus in

and the sea between Fogo and Brava is rough.

Porto da Praia is the starting point of cargo transportation to the different islands

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Página 163

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Internal flights are a safe and quick way to move around the country

Cape Verde’s major shipping ports are Porto Grande in Mindelo and Porto da Praia in Praia.

In this context, and as mentioned previously, some major maritime, air and road transportation development projects are under way and others are planned for the near

The shipping lines are operated using ships owned by


Maersk, Portline, Transinsular and Cabomundo. The ports of Praia, Mindelo and Sal are connected to the

The country will soon have two additional international

ports of Leixões and Lisbon in Portugal on an almost daily

airports, one in S. Vicente and the other in Boa Vista. The

basis. Containerized cargo (20-foot containers) is the

international airports in Sal and Praia will undergo expan-

norm and the average cost of a container is €950.

sion and modernization. TACV – Cabo Verde Airlines, the


for domestic and regional flights. At present, the com-

state-owned airline, is in a process of renewing its fleet

pany is undergoing a restructuring process that may lead The Cape Verdean authorities are hoping to transform

to its privatization in the near future.

the country into a subregional transportation hub and mid-Atlantic transportation hub to provide passenger

A second private airline will also operate domestic flights.

and freight services, including transfer services for pas-

Recently, Cape Verde became the first and only African

sengers and trans-shipment of cargo between Africa,

country to receive the Civil Aviation Category 1 certificate

South America, the United States and Europe. The pro-

from the Federal Aviation Authority of the United States

ject has two main potential competitors, Dakar in

of America. As a result, TACV is now allowed to fly its

Senegal and the Canary Islands in Spain. It is important to

own aircraft to destinations where it was not possible

coordinate the integration of airports and ports in order

before. This fact will certainly increase investors’ confi-

to develop a global and fast coordination of these two

dence in Cape Verde.

transport modes.


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Página 164

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

Significant investment programmes are under way that

Direct links with almost the whole world have become

target the expansion and modernization of the Port of

possible. Current services available include the submarine

Praia (total investment of around US $55 million), the

fibre optic cable, fixed and mobile communications,

Port of Palmeira in Sal Island and the Port of Maio in Maio

transmission of data, video-text and video-conferencing.

Island. In recent years, there have also been some impor-

The mobile communications network is growing signifi-

tant private investments, national and foreign, channe-

cantly. The national company Cape Verde Telecom is an

lled at the acquisition of ferryboats for inter-island con-

associate of Portugal Telecom, which holds 40% of the

nections for both passengers and cargo. Projects for the

capital and supplies the best technology and easy access

acquisition of catamarans, an alternative to air flights

to national and international destinations. Considering

between the islands, although ongoing, have not been

the quality of the technologies used and the central geo-

fully realized yet.

graphic situation, Cape Verde presents high potential in the regional and international markets for flexible and

The subsector of road transport is also benefiting from

competitive telecommunications services.

significant investment programmes. The main roads of the country are presently or will shortly be upgraded

The rapid evolution of the telecommunications sector

from paved roads into asphalt roads. New roads are

worldwide has led Cape Verde to establish telecommuni-

being built and additional ones will be built shortly. Many

cations, broadcasting, and information and communica-

roads will undergo improvements in order to make them

tions technology (ICT) development programmes. The

safer and practicable.

technical and legal framework has been periodically revised and adapted to take into account the evolution of

A significant portion of the investments tailored at upgra-

technologies, and to adapt to the world market as well as

ding the network of ports and roads comes from the

to the socioeconomic and political structure of Cape

Millennium Challenge Corporation.



Cabo Verde Telecom is currently the only provider for fixed-line voice, mobile voice, data service, and Internet service (dial-up, ISDN and ADSL). Only major cities and

Cape Verde’s introduction to telecommunications goes

towns have Internet cafes; mobile phone services are on

back to 1874 when it was a landing point for the first

the GSM standard. International services in Cape Verde

telegraph submarine cable installed between Europe and

are dependent on transatlantic fibre optic cables, so in

Brazil. The first telephones were installed in 1919.

2004, when the main cable servicing Cape Verde was

However, not much was done to expand telecommunica-

severed, most international voice and data traffic was cut

tions for the next half century. In 1960, there were only

for approximately three weeks and satellite backup could

188 telephones in the whole nation and the first auto-

not handle the load. Visitors who need reliable commu-

matic telephone exchange was only installed a year later.

nication to other countries may consider bringing satellite-based voice or data equipment. The international

Since independence in 1975, things have changed.

country code for Cape Verde is 238. Fixed-line numbers

Network growth has been spectacular and today Cape

have seven digits and mobile phone numbers begin with

Verde has the highest telephone density of all MDCs

9. Telephone connections are good, but calls outside the

(Least Developed Countries). The nation’s telecommuni-

archipelago are very expensive.

cation infrastructure features fully digitized local exchanges, national and international fibre optic links,

There is broadband Internet connection on Sal, Santiago,

ISDN services and a second-generation GSM mobile

San Vicente and Boa Vista, but not yet on Maio. There

cellular network.

are also ISDN lines in Praia.


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Página 165

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Of contrary signal it is the trend of the Postal Services, to


the similarity of the generality of the markets, service that if finds the position of the Post offices of Cape Verde, in

The growth of fixed lines was substantial in the first years

narrow operational partnership with the CTT-Post offices

after privatization, but since 2003 that growth has

of Portugal.

reduced. This is also due to the appearance of mobile telephony and to the success of its implementation.

Meanwhile the telecommunications network guarantees conditions for global communication. Civil peace, poli-

A major challenge has been to connect the nation’s dis-

tical stability and great potential for business develop-

persed islands with high-speed fibre optic cable.

ment are some of the other advantages of Cape Verde in

Although 100% digital microwave and satellite connec-

the bid to transform the country both in its quality of life

tions were available for inter-island communication, in

and economic growth.

1997 CVT began linking the six most populated islands by a submarine cable fibre optic system. The US $7

The regulating agency for communications (CRA), a

million project was completed in 2002.

departament of ANAC (The National Communications Agency), is indispensable for the arbitration of emergent

The installation time for new telephones is approximately

conflicts, and will have to face the introduction of effec-

40 days. With a teledensity of 15.7% for fixed lines, one

tive competition, with a view to the reduction of costs,

of the highest among countries of similar income level,

the clarification of obligations in the rendering of ser-

Cape Verde Telecom aimed to achieve 17% coverage by

vices, and the modernization of the legislative package

2005. The number of public telephones is 431, and was

for the sector.

458 in 2003, and 448 in 2001 and 2002. Headquarters of Cabo Verde Telecom


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Página 166

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S


cations in Cape Verde. While the annual average growth

Mobile cellular communications came relatively late to

of fixed lines is below 20%, the growth of mobile ser-

Cape Verde. Unlike many other nations, analogue mobile

vices is catching up. Despite the higher cost of the ser-

technology was never introduced. CVT launched its

vice, the evolution of the mobile telephone network is

digital mobile Global System for Mobile (GSM) network

faster and was expected to exceed the fixed network by

in late 1997. At the end of 2001, CVT (Cape Verde


Telecom) had 31,507 subscribers and a density of 7%. The growth rate was up 60% compared to 2000. The

There is no legal barrier to mobile competition as this ser-

network is available on all the islands and population

vice is not included in CVT’s monopoly. However the lack

coverage is estimated at around 90%. Prepaid was laun-

of an interconnecting system and doubts about a poten-

ched in 1998 and by 2001 almost all new subscribers

tial competitor being able to offer international services

were on a prepaid tariff.







Nonetheless, strategic mobile investors active elsewhere The instalment of this service for Cape Verde Telecom is

on the African continent have expressed interest in Cape

made under Decree Law no. 72/95, through a licence


granted by the government member responsible for the area of telecommunications. The granting of a licence


must follow public competition, regulated by the Cabinet. Since 2004 it has been possible to grant more

The Internet developed differently in Cape Verde than in

than one licence for complementary telecommunications

many other nations. In most countries, the Internet


started as an initiative of the academic community or a

Since 2000, all the islands are covered by the service and

incumbent telecommunications operator, Cape Verde

digital telephone. Area coverage is in the order of 70%,

Telecom (CVT), which first introduced the Internet. Cape

covering 80% of the population. The density of mobile

Verde’s entry into cyberspace was relatively late – it was

development assistance project. In Cape Verde it was the

the 29th African country to get connected to the Internet

terminals is 17 for each 100 inhabitants.

– which is surprising considering the rapid expansion it The launching of the terrestrial mobile service led to con-

had made in other telecommunications areas. Even

siderable alterations in the development of telecommuni-

today, the Internet is hardly visible in Cape Verde. There


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Página 167

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

However, in comparison with other countries with similar economic conditions, Cape Verde has a good penetration in terms of subscribers to the Internet.

CVT is currently the only ISP so peering is not yet an issue. It is assumed that CVT has optimized the network so that national Internet traffic stays within the country rather than being routed overseas. CVT has also developed a portal to provide information locally to keep more Internet traffic within the country and hence reduce the need for expensive international connections.

The number of Internet points is bigger every day, though the access to the Net is still and unfortunately quite inconsistent


are a few Internet cafés and the existing ones are difficult

The acceleration of the cycle of technological develop-

to locate.

ment, provoking great changes in the field of information technologies and communications, from the fax, to

Access to the Internet in Cape Verde has been slow but

the Internet and mobile messaging, has produced direct

it is important for the social and economic development

and indirect effects on postal activity, and represents the

of the country. The legal requirements for provision of

main threat for the traditional postal businesses.

Internet services in Cape Verde are not clear enough, and

However, new opportunities for business are also emer-

are currently solely provided by Cape Verde Telecom.

ging and postal businesses can tap into the new alternatives that the technology allows. Hybrid post, electronic

In addition to the subscribers of the service provided by

messaging, digital certification, postal ‘cyber-centres’ and

Cape Verde Telecom (extension there are

electronic commerce are examples of this.

about 2,500 government subcriptions ( The total is therefore around 8,000.

With globalization, the postal services need a new

Assuming three users for every subscription, this means

tments to improve activities and manage them efficiently.

there are around 25,000 users of the Internet in Cape

The modernization of the operational systems, where

approach and need to carry through the necessary inves-

Verde, which represents 5% of the population. However,

computerization and automation are inevitable, will play

considering the state of development of the telecommu-

an important role in the re-establishment of postal ser-

nications infrastructure in Cape Verde and the use of

vices which add value for users.

other services, it is presumed that penetration of the Internet is still weak compared to the existing potential.

In the scope of the programme of privatizations initiated

This fact is the result of commercial politics and lack of

in January 1995, the government of Cape Verde divided

competitive conditions for access.

the company CTT (Correios de Cabo Verde ) into two


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Página 168

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

companies: one for telecommunications, Cape Verde

This sector will see increasing liberalization following the

Telecom Sarl, and another for postal services, CCV

appearance of new operators of Internet and mobile tele-

(Correios de Cabo Verde Sarl). Previously, the postal

phony in 2006. Preparing for this new reality, CVTelecom

system of CTT had been transferred to a commercial

created two companies, CVMóvel and CVMultimédia, for

bank, the Caixa Económica of Cape Verde (CECV).

exploring mobile services and managing the links via Internet and television.

This split represented one of historical landmarks in the life of CCV. It was a difficult challenge, but the outcome

The government of Cape Verde, in its strategy of deve-

is positive.

lopment, lends great weight to development of the information and knowledge society for the improvement of

Today, CCV offers traditional postal services and pro-

the competitiveness of the Cape Verdean economy.

ducts such as post offices, international mail (Correio

However, the legal framework for the sector of telecom-

Azul), services special and urgent post (EMS).

munications does not allow the creation of a conducive environment for the development of information and

For money transfers, it offers the traditional money order,

communication technologies.

the Eurogiro, and the service of the Western Union. CCV also offers diverse services to third parties, such as tele-


phonic collection and payment of pensions.

TRANSPORT CTT (Correios de Portugal) and CCV (Correios de Cabo Verde) use the modern computer platform developed by


Nave and used in CTT post offices in Portugal. Mr Mario Paixão Lopes DHL is the only private operator of urgent deliveries in


Cape Verde, alongside the service Urgent EMS offered by

Aeroporto de Sal

the post offices of Cape Verde.

Tel: +238-2411468 / 2633380 Fax: +238-2415770


Email: Website:

The legal framework of telecommunications allows for private market competitive business. The regulating

Activity: Airports and flight safety


Date of Creation: 1984






Communications and Information Technologies (ICTI), is looking at introducing effective competition.

Aeropuertos e Segurança Aerea (Airports and Flight Safety National Company) was created on 17th February

In accordance with the most recent legislative initiatives

1984 and became ASA SA in June 2001. With its capital

of the government allowing the launching of a public

completely held by the state, ASA’s principal objective is

competition for licences for Services of Complementary

the exploration and development of air traffic manage-

Telecommunications, there is a new operator of mobile

ment. The organization guarantees the services of aircraft

services, T+, owned by a trust formed for ASG, an

departures and arrivals, loading management, and mail

American company and Access Telecom, the proprietor

terminal management. The company provides activities

of the biggest mobile operator in the Ivory Coast, Telecel.

and services in all the airports and public aerodromes of

Services were due to commence in December 2006 cove-

Cape Verde.

ring all the territory in ‘Dual Band’ GSM900/1800.


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetaciรณn 1



Pรกgina 169

TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 170

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

Twenty-two years after its creation, ASA has progressed

51% of the company shares, with 49% being held by the

well on various levels. The company is in an important

Senegalese government. ASI has been a member of IATA

technological development phase, characterized by

since 28th May 2002, and is making a name for itself in

infrastructure modernization and human resources quali-

African air transportation as a competitive, punctual and

fication. ASA aims to be equipped with competitive

customer-friendly airline.

management tools to the same level as the most developed countries. This will allow ASA to keep up with the

The international destinations of the airline include

changes in the world air transport systems.

Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Banjul, Bissau, Casablanca, Conakry, Cotonou, Lome, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Milan,

ASA’s strategic investments, totalling €100 million, are

Malpensa International Airport, Niamey, Nouakchott,

enabling Cape Verde to utilize its potential for economic

Ouagadougou, Paris (Orly Airport) and Praia.

growth by expanding the existing travel and transport routes and establishing Cape Verde as a destination for

Flights via Dakar allow travellers to take advantage of Air

business and tourism alike. These strategic investments

Senegal International as a gateway to both European and

include a new control centre in Sal Oceanic FIR and Sal

American destinations, from major destinations in West

TMA, based on SSR and the new CNS/ATM technologies.

Africa, including daily flights from Praia.

In addition to expansions being made to the existing international airports on the islands of Sal and Santiago

Air Senegal International takes special pride in its class

(where the capital city of Praia is located), ASA is also

etoile, which allows passengers – especially business tra-

upgrading the San Vicente and Boa Vista airports in order

vellers – to fly in complete comfort. Additionally, passen-

to accommodate further international operations.

gers have the option to join Club Horizon, Air Senegal’s fidelity pack for frequent flyers.

The air transport industry has played a major role in the development of the national economy, positioning the

The goal of the airline company is to exceed the expecta-

airports and ASA as fundamental catalysts for Cape

tions of its clientele, ensuring that all passengers on

Verde’s future growth.

board feel welcome to return and to use Air Senegal International for all of their travel needs, to, from and


within West Africa.

Ms. Mariétou Ba


Representative C.P. 810, Praia, Santiago

Baltazar Ramos

Tel: +238-2617539

Managing Director

Fax: +238-2615483

Mindelo, São Vicente


Tel: +238-2314122


Fax: +238-2312874 Email:

Activity: Airline Date of Creation: 2001

Activity: Ship repairs Date of Creation: 1983

Air Senegal International (ASI) is a West African airline established on 1st February 1971 as Air Senegal. It was

Cabnave is a modern ship repair yard on the island of São

restructured as an international carrier following the

Vicente in the thoroughfare of shipping between the

acquisition of a majority stake by Royal Air Maroc in

North and South Atlantic. The company started its activi-

2001. It is part of Groupe Royal Air Maroc, which owns

ties in 1983 and since then it has become one of the first


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 171

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

The port of Mindelo is the most important of Cape Verde, it disposes of excellent infrastructures

choices for shipping companies wanting to make repairs

With modern support facilities and high standards of

along the west coast of Africa.

safety, Cabnave Shipyard has become a well-reputed establishment for West Africa’s shipping repair needs.

The yard is supported by good facilities, such as six repair

The Government has planned the privatisation of this

parks for any type of vessels and well-equipped mecha-

company for 2008.

nical, plate, electrical, pipe and carpentry shops, which allow the execution of quick and high-quality works.


The excellent weather conditions allow the company to

Amilcar International Airport, Sal

carry out all types of work throughout the year. Thanks

Tel: +238-2412600

to its slipway system, Cabnave Shipyard can guarantee

Fax: +238-2412603

four dockings in a day, allowing fast, efficient service.

Email: Website:

The shipyard contains a mechanical workshop, a plate workshop, an electrical workshop, a hull treatment divi-

Activity: Airline

sion and a storehouse where customs-free materials and paints are kept in stock in order to provide the best service.

Cabo Verde Express is a local airline company offering flights between the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Maio,


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 172

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

Santiago, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Fogo, and many other routes upon request.

For the uninitiated, arranging an air charter can be a confusing experience. Deciding which aircraft to use, pilot duty time limitations, pilot experience and the creditabi-

Cabo Verde Express specializes in daily excursions, trans-

lity of the service provider are all important considera-

fers, VIP flights, evacuation flights and cargo flights.

tions to get the safest and most beneficial solution for

Private charters are available from Cape Verde Express

customer needs.

air-taxi service.

DHL EXPRESS The airline is committed to providing customers with fivestar safety, service and comfort, which has set it apart

Mr Gilbert Gomis

from any competition.

Country Manager Avenida Oua 402, Achada, S. António

Cabo Verde Express is owned by Direct Air, an Australian-

C.P. 203/A, Praia, Santiago

based company. As an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed

Tel: +238-2623124

Company, Direct Air is committed to continually impro-

Fax: +238-2623125

ving the level of service, training and safety procedures to


ensure it provides the very best service for clients.


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Página 173

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Email: /

Activity: Express courier transport

Website: Following Deutsche Post World Net’s acquisition of DHL in 2001, DHL is the world’s leading express and logistics

Activity: Administration and operation of ports

company offering customers innovative and customized

Date of Creation: 1982

solutions from a single source. The move brought together DHL’s traditional courier and express business, Euro

Enapor is a government-owned company responsible for

Express’ parcel business and Danza’s logistics business,

the administration and operation of ports in Cape Verde.

making a one-stop shop for all movement of mail, docu-

Enapor’s creation in 1982 conferred a new management

ments, packages and shipments.

style that contributed to the growth of the company and the country’s economy. The modernization and the

With global expertise in solutions, express, air and

improvement of its management in general are principal

ocean freight and overland transport, DHL combines

issues for Enapor. The company constantly invests in

worldwide coverage with in-depth understanding of

infrastructure, superstructures, equipment and staff trai-

local markets. The company continues to be at the fore-

ning. Enapor aims to maintain the level of technological

front of technology and, with more than 150,000

development and challenge demanded by constant reform of the markets.

employees, guarantees fast and reliable services aimed at exceeding customers’ expectations.

The company’s organizational structure has a decentralization underlying philosophy, which suits better the

The company has established a solid reputation and long-

nature of the archipelago of Cape Verde. This organiza-

term experience of operation on the African continent.

tion allows productivity profits. Enapor’s structure con-

DHL provides a service for all organizations, inbound/out-

sists of two principal ports that welcome international

bound for documents and small or large parcels.

traffic: Porto da Praia, Praia’s Port in Santiago Island, and Porto Grande in San Vicente, where the principal offices

DHL Cape Verde is part of a worldwide network that pro-

of the company are located. The society also has seven

vides fast and secure transportation of consignments.

other small ports – one in each island – which operate as

The company is always improving its service and client

national ports: Porto da Palmeira, Porto Novo, Porto de

support in order to meet the demand of a constantly

Tarrafal, Porto do Vale dos Cavaleiros, Porto Inglês, Porto

changing business environment.

Furna and Porto de Sal-Rei.

“Cape Verde is a young country offering good pros-

Enapor provides a wide range of services and equipment

pects for the future, especially in the courier transport

in all its different ports. This equipment aids good perfor-


mance of the services requested by third parties. Enapor’s

Mr Gilbert Gomis, Country Manager

services include towing. The crew is prepared to work inside and outside the port offering open sea towing,


mooring, fire fighting, investigation and rescue. The company also deals with both direct and indirect merchandise traffic, and Porto Grande and Porto do Praia ports offer

Mr Franklim Spencer

large storage facilities in covered or open warehouses.


Enapor offers very interesting alternative transportation

Administration centre Cape Verde

solutions through the Atlantic Ocean maritime routes. It

Caixa Postal 82, centro historico, Mindelo, São Vicente

is also a trusted and reliable partner for foreign investors

Tel: +238-2307500 / 2324414 / 2324515 / 2609060

who want to invest in Cape Verde.

Fax: +238-2314661


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Página 174

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

The government has decided the privatisation of

network of feeder vessels, trucks and dedicated trains

ENAPOR, foretold at the beginning of 2008

allows for a unique concept of door-to-door delivery.


AP Moller–Maersk initiated coverage of the Cape Verde Islands in December 2005, offering fortnightly calls in both Praia and Mindelo, located on the two main islands

Jorge Spencer Lima Manager

of the archipelago, Santiago and São Vicente respecti-

Espargos, Sal

vely. The Cape Verde Islands are now able to access a


truly global network of transport solutions.

Activity: Airline

Maersk Line is the only truly global shipping company

Employees: 35

represented in Cape Verde, offering one biweekly sailing to and from Praia. On these vessels there are direct biwe-

Halcyon Air is a new Cape Verdean airline that began

ekly connections to and from many locations such as

operating in March 2007 with an ATR 200 aircraft with

Dakar, Bissau and Gambia. For destinations in the

capacity for 48 passengers under an operational leasing

Americas, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Oceania

agreement. The company operates daily flights between

Maersk offers swift trans-shipments fully controlled by

the archipelago’s three largest islands – Santiago, Sal and

Maersk Line in Algeciras in southern Spain from Dakar’s

São Vicente – and runs four weekly flights to Boa Vista

weekly vessel calls. Maersk also specializes in refrigerated

Island and two flights per week between Sal and Fogo

containers. Backed by a global dedicated reefer organiza-

islands. Its prices are published with taxes already

tion Maersk provides the most advanced reefers in the



The airline is planning to increase its capacity with ano-

“Creating opportunities in global commerce.”

ther airplane for inter-island flights and, in the future, to

Mr Pedro Lima, Representante

have aircraft for international routes, namely to the most important markets for Cape Verdean tourism.



Mr João Higino Do Rosário Silva Managing Director

Mr Pedro Lima

Amilcar Cabral,


C.P. 1, Praia, Santiago

Praia, Santiago

Tel: +238-2608200/71

Tel: +238-2619838 / 2612358

Fax: +238-2617275

Fax: +238-2619770




Email: Activity: Airline Maersk Line is the core liner shipping activity of the AP

Date of Creation: 1958

Moller–Maersk Group, and the leading container ship-

Employees: 750

ping company in the world. The Maersk Line fleet consists of more than 500 container vessels with a capacity

Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde SA (TACV), or Cabo

of more than 1,700,000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent

Verde Airlines, is the flag carrier of the Republic of Cape

Unit – a container 20 feet long). This ensures a reliable

Verde, and is 100% owned by the government. The com-

and comprehensive coverage worldwide. The extensive

pany was created in 1958 when the Aero Club was trans-


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 175

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

formed into Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde (Cabo

The National Communications Agency (ANAC) was cre-

Verde Air Transport – TACV). The main goal of the newly

ated in July 2006 and displaced the ICTI (Institute of

formed airline was to secure transportation by air of

Communications and Information Technologies).

people, mail and cargo around the archipelago of Cape Verde. Through the years the airline business has evolved

ANAC is an entity with administrative and financial auto-

to encompass not only travellers, mail and cargo, but

nomy and is responsible for the technical and economic

people living abroad, especially immigrants and people of

regulation of the communications sector.

Cape Verdean descent living abroad in the diaspora around the world.

The Agency’s main duty is to guarantee network access for communications operators under conditions of trans-

TACV is an entity established under the laws of Cape

parency and equality; to promote competition and deve-

Verde as a public enterprise for the purpose of conduc-

lopment in communications markets, namely in the con-

ting domestic and international air transportation. A

text of convergence of telecommunications, media and

public enterprise such as TACV is the closest Cape Verde

information technologies; to grant rights for the exercise

equivalent of a United States corporation. TACV has

of postal and telecommunications activities; to assure

throughout its history played a leading role in the trans-

management of the radio spectrum, guaranteeing coor-

portation of its citizens as well as in the development of

dination between civil and military communications,

tourism in Cape Verde.

along with management of numbering in the communications sector.

Today travel is one of the country’s biggest and fastestgrowing industries. TACV, as the country’s national


carrier, is one of the major contributors to the growth of the travel industry in Cape Verde. In 2004 TACV trans-

Mr Filinto Ilisio Alves Santos

ported some 560,000 passengers, 345,000 domestically


around the islands and 215,000 internationally. With a

Rua Cesário Lacerda, Plateau, Praia, Santiago

flight network covering destinations in Europe, Africa,

Tel: +238-2611049 / 2613275 / 2613676

and North and South America, TACV is positioned to


continue its leading role in the development of the Cape


Verde Islands. Activity: Post offices Date of Creation: 1849

This company became a private one since 2008


Correios de Cabo Verde (CCV – Post Offices of Cape Verde) is one of the oldest institutions in Cape Verde’s


archipelago and was created in 1849 by the government of Cape Verde.

David Gomes

For 157 years the company has served the Cape Verdean


people, inside and outside the country, with the same

Edifício do MIT, Ponta Belém,

high standards. This time has allowed CVV to strengthen

C.P. 892, Praia, Santiago

its space, place and role inside the country’s institutions.

Tel: +238-2604400/01/02/03

CCV is a sure, dynamic and prestigious company. A com-

Fax: +238-2613069

pany aimed at serving Cape Verde.

Email: Website:


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 176

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

One of the many Postal Offices in Cape Verde

In a constantly evolving world, CCV is the successor to


the Post Offices and Telecommunications Public Company created in 1981. In 1995, following a privatiza-

Maria João Baptista Isidoro

tion process, this company was divided into two societies

Member of Gabinete Conselho Administração

with public capital: Correios de Cabo Verde Sarl, and

Rua Cabo Verde Telecom, C.P. 220, Praia, Santiago

Cabo Verde Telecom Sarl.

Tel: +238-2617222 / 9915106 Fax: +238-2613725

CCV’s objectives include the operation of the public


post office services in all the national territory and to


assure the execution of conventions, agreements and international regulations related to the sector of post

Activity: Telecommunications

offices. Cabo Verde Telecom is the sole supplier of telecommuniAccording to its statutes and in order to realise its objec-

cations services in Cape Verde and it reports to the

tives, CCV can engage in any other additional or supple-

Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The process of

mentary activity which is traditional or in the nature of its

transforming the public post and telecommunications

operations and that is beneficial to technical progress.

enterprise to form two limited liability companies started in 1995. These companies were Cabo Verde Telecom and Correios de Cabo Verde. By 1999 Cabo Verde Telecom was in its third stage of privatization. Accordingly, the shares were divided into:


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 177

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

• Portugal Telecom (40%)

linked together by a fibre optic ring, which enables

• National Social Prov. Institute (27.9%)

advanced services like Internet access and ISDN.

• Other national private sector (13.7%) • State of Cape Verde (13.4%)

In rural areas, Cabo Verde Telecom operates remote

• Employees (5%)

digital line units, which are concentrators that route traffic to the central offices but do not need switching

Cabo Verde Telecom is an efficient, customer-oriented

functions of their own.

carrier. The company offers a wide range of services, including analogue and digital lines, Internet access and

The Mobile World reports that Cabo Verde Telecom had

mobile services. Its infrastructure is based on modern

134,000 subscribers at the end of September 2007 –

switching technology as well as a fibre optic ring that

which equates to a population penetration level of 32%.

links the six inhabited islands with one another.

DIRECTEL CABO VERDE In 2001, Cabo Verde Telecom launched a new ambitious project, a ring-shaped island network. Cabo Verde

Dr Pedro Gomes

Telecom financed the CVE 6.5 million venture on its own.

General Director

Siemens Austria installed the first part of the network in

Prédio Electra, 2 Andar, Achada Sto. António,

1996, and Siemens once again landed the new contract

Praia, Santiago

for laying the cable and implementing the optical compo-

Tel: +238-2603310

nents. Today, all the inhabited islands of Cape Verde are

Fax: +238-2625000

Cabo Verde Multimedia, one of the brands of CV Telecom


TRANSPORT 7:Maquetación 1



Página 178

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S


The Institute is responsible for the collection, analysis,


distribution and coordination of Cape Verdean statistics

Turnover: CVE 70 million in 2004

countries like Brazil and Portugal.

With headquarters in the city of Praia, Directel Cabo Verde

Cape Verde’s participation in the General Data

has as its main activity the publication of telephone lists.

Dissemination System (GDDS) of the International

and is in partnership with the World Bank, EU, IMF and

Monetary Fund (IMF) goes hand in hand with the reform Directel Cabo Verde edits the national telephone, fax,

of the National Statistics System started in 1996 and

email and Cape Verdean classified ads. It is also the offi-

bears witness to the commitment of the Cape Verdean

cial publisher of the Cape Verde Tourist Guide and the

authorities to produce statistics with the requisite availa-

Online Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages offer a quick and

bility, quality and relevance to meet the needs of Cape

user-friendly way towards finding all the information for

Verde’s national development agenda.

professional interests about Cape Verde.

Group PT holds an effective participation of 60% in the capital stock of the company, and the remaining 40% is


held by CVT. Eng. Jorge Lopes The company is thinking of developing new services to


build on the significant growth in Internet and electronic

Av. Amilcar Cabral, Predio do Ministerio de Economia &

mail, including publishing on the Internet and in hard

Finanzas, Praia, Santiago

copy the tourist maps for the main urban centres, and it

Tel: +238-2615558

will also carry out graphic design work.

Fax: +238-2615510 Website:


Activity: Communication

Francisco Tavares

The Núcleo Operacional da Sociedade da Informação


(Operational Nucleus for Information Systems, NOSI) has

Av. Amílcar Cabral,

been established under the leadership of the Prime

C.P. 116, Praia, Santiago

Minister. The government of Cape Verde is using infor-

Tel: +238-2613827

mation and communication technologies (ICT) to esta-

Fax: +238-2611656

blish an information society and promote sustainable


development in the country.

Website: The objectives of the Information Society Strategic INE is the national institute responsible for producing the

Program are to make government services more efficient,

national census. It has statistics on population, agricul-

effective, transparent and participatory.

ture, trade, consumer price indexes, energy use, transport, tourism, rainfall, etc. and a publications list.

Cape Verde has several key e-government successes, including: • The whole public administration is linked to a central network and all administration systems and databases are integrated.


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Página 179

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e • A functioning and user-friendly IFMIS is accessible from

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


all state institutions, and used to prepare and monitor the budget. Reports on budget execution are presented

Ms Ana Ribeiro

quarterly to Parliament.

Managing Partner

• Computerized fiscal management systems in three

Achada de Sto. António,

municipalities have boosted revenues. Projects under

C.P. 188, Praia, Santiago

development include a Citizen’s Portal (virtual) and a

Tel: +238-2624723/25

Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House) project, which will

Fax: +238-2624724

improve public services through a ‘One-Stop Shop’.


Priority processes are accessible online and include birth and marriage certificates, ID documentation, commercial

Activity: Advertising agency

activity licensing, commercial activities, firm creation in one day, and vehicle documentation and registration (DMV).

Opal – Publicidade de Cabo Verde Lda is a recently created company, the objective of which is the promotion of advertising, as well as providing services related to event

The NOSI aims to: promote good governance by impro-

organization. The company joined the Cape Verdean

ving the flow of resources and reporting, thus minimizing

entrepreneurial sector at the end of 2000, with its main

possibilities for abuse; promote competitiveness and

office established in the city of Praia, and it positions

growth through enhancing the enabling environment via

itself as a strategic partner for its current and potential

ICT and electronic commerce; and improve service deli-


very by bringing government closer to the population.

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Página 180

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

The vision of Opal is that of a company driven by deve-

Email: and

lopment in the domain of communication and informa-


tion, being aware that only companies with high capacity to innovate and to add value will be successful in such a

Activity: National radio and television

competitive market. The needs of Opal’s clients command the company’s strategic action, and integrity is an

Radio e Televisão de Cabo Verde (RTC), Cape Verde’s

indispensable component for it to gain trust. Success in

television and radio network, is Cape Verde’s first radio

the maintenance of the union and motivation within the

and television station. It is a publicly owned company,

working team allows it to make the difference.

created in 1998 and dependent on the Cape Verdean state. It is located in the capital city of Praia, in Santiago

The values of Opal are based on a strategic vision, on the


entrepreneurial and managing capacity, on innovation and quality of the product, as well as on the strict respect

The radio services in Cape Verde began in the 1950s with

of deadlines/terms, integrity and qualification of the

the creation of Radio Cabo Verde. This company was the

work team. As an advertising agency, Opal’s mission is to

first radio service in the nation, and it began broadcasting

be a strategic partner for its clients, promoting and carr-

news and sporting events, including soccer games, from

ying out campaigns that correspond to the goals and

the nation of Cape Verde. In the late twentieth century,

strategies of the promoter.

a television channel was added: Televisão de Cabo Verde.

Opal’s services include: Strategic Planning – the study

archipelago. At this time, it broadcasted only a few pro-

It was also the first television company in all Cape Verde’s

and elaboration of communication strategies; Creative

grammes, such as sporting events, documentaries and a

Strategy – the adaptation of the communication strategy

few other shows.

to the creative study; Creation of Brands – production of printed advertising material as well as production of

Nowadays, the company broadcasts local programmes

advertising material for radio, TV, cinema and multi-

from Cape Verde, but also from Portugal, Brazil and the

media; Graphic Design – budget, management and

rest of the world. The RTC station also broadcasts news,

follow-up of the printed advertising material until final

sports and various television shows, and recently football

destination; Radio/TV commercial spots production –

coverage from Portugal and Brazil as well as Latin

budget, management and follow-up of the produced

America. RTC showed the World Cup games, which is

material until final destination; Event Management – cre-

one of the few international tournaments shown in the

ation, production, logistics and event supervision;

country. Until 2000 there was no international coverage

Merchandising – the creation and carrying out of promo-

except for the African sporting events. RTC has partners-

tional activities at the selling point; and Corporate

hips with some local affiliates in North America as well as

Imaging – the creation and production of internal moti-

Latin America, Australia and Europe.

vating and didactic campaigns. The company is undertaking various projects, such as the


computerization of RTC. This will be cofinanced by Radiodifusão Portuguesa (RDP) of Portugal. This project

Mr Marcos Fortunato Oliveira

aims to improve quality and to provide audio streaming


over the Internet. Other plans include the publication of

Achada St. António, Praia,

RTC’s programme schedule on the Internet, the

C.P. 1, Santiago

exchange of radio programmes with other stations

Tel: +238-2623017/34/51/52/53

around the world, and digital production.

Fax: +238-2623035/54


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Página 181

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Headquarters of the Cape Verdean Radio & Television

The company is working hard on developing and expan-

mation, news and knowledge. RTC works hard to expand

ding its services and programmes, as well as restructuring

the culture and to reinforce values and national identity,

its installations and the renewal of its technologies. RTC

and to defend the peace, solidarity and friendship among

needs major renovation and improvement, but it is wor-

the population.

king hard on it.

“RTC brings radio and television in step with the RTC aims to contribute to the development of public opi-


nion and to help the civil education of all citizens. RTC is

Mr Marcos Fortunato Oliveira, President

working hard to promote democracy and broaden infor-


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Pรกgina 182

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

T R A N S P O R T & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S


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Página 183


Mel ê ka pa boca di burro - Honey is not for the donkey’s mouth Cape Verdean proverb


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Página 184

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


CACHUPA RICA Ingredients: 1L or 4 cups of beaten corn without husks 1/4L broad beans 1/4L kidney beans 1/4L string beans 500g chicken 500g salted pork 2 beef sausages 3 small pork sausages 150g bacon 200g beef 2 onions 3 cloves garlic 200g dry beans 300g pig trotters 2 big potatoes 2 maniocs 200g Savoy cabbage 2 bay leaves 300g sweet potato 300g unripe bananas 200g carrots 200g pumpkin 200g fresh tomatoes 500g cabbage Oil Salt and paprika and parsley to taste Note: the dish can be made with milho de terra (white or yellow corn prepared in a traditional manner). Preparation: 1. Put the dry beans and the corn in a pot with water the day before. 2. The next day put the beans and corn with 2 bay leaves in a bigger pot, cover with fresh water and let them boil. Then make a stew with chopped onions, tomatoes, garlic, paprika and salt and add to the corn and beans. Let this boil for a while. When the beans and corn are cooked, add the meat chops, bacon, pig trotter and sausages plus a pinch of salt and let it cook. When it is almost ready, add the potatoes, bananas, cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and parsley. Let the vegetables cook. Make sure you do not let the sauce dry, and check the salt level. 3. When everything is completely cooked, let it stand for a while and then it is ready to be served. Serve the meat and the vegetables on a different plate and the cachupa in a bowl.

OVERVIEW FOOD AND DRINK The combination of African and European cultures makes Cape Verdean food very original and much appreciated. Corn is the basic ingredient for the great majority of traditional dishes, such as cachupa, one of the most famous national dishes, xérem, and cuscus, corn patties filled with meat or tuna. A great variety of fresh fish is eaten, with tuna fish being the most popular locally, either in casseroles or fried with onions, in very spicy dishes or just grilled with a green salad. Lobster, squid, rock barnacles and various other kinds of fresh shellfish are the delight of seafood lovers. It is a good idea to try bafas, small portions of a variety of seafood served as starters or appetizers in many restaurants. Traditional tropical fruit jams such as papaya, redcurrant, coconut and sweet potato, cheeses, as well as a variety of cakes have an important place in Cape Verdean gastronomy. There is also a great variety of aromatic and fresh green teas, which are used therapeutically. The traditional dishes are always very well represented in regional feasts. In addition, the wellknown grogue, the local rum made from sugar cane, the great variety of pontches, homemade liqueurs made from all sorts of natural fruit and herb flavours, and tamarind and calabaceira juices complete the traditional Cape Verdean menu.

HANDICRAFTS Cape Verdean handicrafts are traditional objects made to meet the needs of the everyday life of the people, and the constraints caused by drought and the scarce natural resources of the country are reflected in the artisans’ creations. Basket-weaving plays a very important role in the archipelago, as well as sisal, which is used widely in decoration. Coconut shells are sculpted into different types of products by the most creative artisans. Jewellery made with shells, beautiful woven cloths with traditional patterns, and the colourful cotton tapestry or Batik are characteristic of the country’s handicrafts.

Clay is one of the most important material resources for the local artisans who create typical figures depicting the


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Página 185

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

customs of Cape Verdeans, and items such as clay pots

The combination of European and African sounds makes

for plants or for home decoration, and kitchen utensils.

music the most evocative cultural expression of the Cape

Beautiful woven cloths with traditional patterns can also

Verdean people. The native sounds of Africa combined

be found on the island of Santiago, and the colourful cot-

with European instruments and later with Latin instru-

ton tapestry or Batik made specially on the island of São

ments resulted in the creation of Creole music, as mesti-


zo as the population of the archipelago itself.

Painting is very much appreciated and is characterized by

It is said that batuko, the traditional dance to the rhythm

the use of beautiful combinations of strong colours. The

of African drums, was the first style of music played by

local artists normally paint the joys and sorrows of the

the slaves, and its rhythm had an impact on the bodies of

Cape Verdean people, as well as the landscapes.

the dancers. Stringed instruments were introduced by the


sed and played, the morna, a much slower rhythm with

Europeans, and a new type of music began to be compo-

lyrics that are mainly about love and longing. The Latin influence in the music is shown in the use of wind instru-

Cesária Évora, the famous ‘barefoot’ muse, has made the

ments. Among the traditional and new instruments that

music of the archipelago internationally known, and this

are combined in the natural evolution of the music in

is the reason why she is referred to as the Ambassador of

modern times are conch shells and flutes used as wind

Cape Verdean music. There are plenty of artists, singers

instruments, and iron bars, drums, guitars and many

and musicians of different generations who have been

other acoustic instruments.

distinguished in the world of Cape Verdean music. Singers, musicians and composers have been introducing

This combination of sounds has led to the creation of

new sounds to the traditional and well-known rhythms,

very lively Cape Verdean rhythms such as coladeira, funa-

thus making the music lively and interesting.

ná and mazurca (a dancing style used mainly in the

The traditional dishes are always very well represented in the regional feasts


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Página 186

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


A colour fest at the São Vicente carnival

islands of Santo Antão and S. Nicolau), considered to be

Tel/Fax: +238-2422050

the most reliable expression of joy and warmth of the

Mob: +238-9931332

Cape Verdeans and of the country itself.



Sal Sport Fishing Paulo Santos

The archipelago of Cape Verde offers excellent condi-

Tel: +238-9991062

tions for water sports and other sports or leisure activities of interest to tourists.

Trekking or mountaineering has gained popularity lately and trails have been established on the different islands

The waves and vast beaches of the archipelago are ideal

for this type of activity. The impressive mountains and

for body boarding and windsurfing. Line-fishing and

deep valleys invite long walks. Cycling, horseback riding,

deep-sea fishing are also excellent alternatives, and Cape

golf and tennis are also available in some of the islands.

Verde offers very good opportunities for lovers of this sport. The sea offers abundant marine life and clear and


pure waters. Diving is very much appreciated due to the cleanliness and the mild temperature of the sea.

There are two insurance companies in the country with

Fishing center

rent insurance policies for stays in Cape Verde, should

Centro Atlantis, CP 23, Praia

any accident occur.

branches in the most important islands. They offer diffe-


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Página 187

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m


Airlines and other tourist agents and international airline companies.

Water is a valuable resource in Cape Verde, which should not be wasted. Bottled water is highly recommended for


drinking. There are many guesthouses, small hotels, bungalows,


apart-hotels and hotels in the archipelago. Tourists will easily find a place to stay because there are various

Due to the country’s tropical and dry climate, and the tem-

accommodation options available on each of the islands.

peratures of about 25º the whole year round, casual and light clothes are recommended. Bikinis and swimsuits are

Even though the use of credit cards is not available in the

a must. The months of June, July, August and September

whole country yet, some of the hotels accept the most

are the warmest months of the year. Wearing a light coat

used international credit cards. The choice of currency to

at night may be necessary during the windy season.

be used is up to the tourist. Traveller’s cheques can also be used.


The power supply used in the archipelago is 220W and the plugs are similar to those used in Europe.

There are many travel agencies available all over the country, working together with TACV Cabo Verde


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Página 188

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



on the island were carried out by Francis Drake, who organized an attack on the village of Ribeira Grande with


about 600 men, and the French pirate J. Cassard, who ordered the devastation of the town in 1712.

Santiago is the biggest island of the archipelago of Cape Verde with a surface area of 991km2. The longest point

Agriculture and cattle breeding have become the means

in the direction of north to south is 55km, and the widest

of economic subsistence since that time, and today, even

is 29km from east to west. The volcanic origin of this

though the island is affected by constant droughts, these

island is clearly shown in the different mountainous

activities play a very important role in its economy.

peaks of the island, with Pico d’Antónia being the highest point at 1,392 metres.

The City of Praia, or Praia de Santa Maria as it was called in the past, is the capital city of the archipelago and the

The first Portuguese colony of the archipelago was esta-

government headquarters. It was the second region of

blished in Ribeira Grande, known today as Cidade Velha.

the island to be settled but it only developed with the

Santiago was the first island to be populated. It went

economic decline of the village of Ribeira Grande. Such

through an economic growth as a commercial trading

progress was mainly due to the great flow of people from

post with the African continent during slavery, but as this

the rural areas of the island to the city, as well as from

activity stopped, the island suffered a decline. Besides,

the other islands of the archipelago, in search of better

pirate attacks were frequent, thus leading to a greater

life conditions. The City of Praia is today the major urban

economic decline of the village. The most famous raids

centre of the country.


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Página 189

Cidade Velha in Santiago island was the first Portuguese city in Africa


Despite the attempts to ban it, Tabanka is still alive today but it is now seen just as a manifestation of folklore.

Tabanka is a cultural event, of African origin, that happens every year in the month of June. ‘Tabanka’ means


an association promoting cultural and festive activities, as well as mutual aid. One of the most well-known activities

There are direct flights from Africa, Europe and America

of Tabanka is the parade, with people wearing extremely

to Praia International Airport (ADP). There are also fre-

colourful clothes, walking in the streets to the sounds of

quent domestic flights to the islands of Fogo, Maio, Boa

drums, batuco and conch shells. Tabanka has many kings

Vista, Sal and São Vicente. Cargo and passenger ships

and queens, each one of them with a distinct role in the

arrive frequently at the port of Praia.

group, and a captain, soldiers, dames, figureheads, hornblowers, drummers and an orchestra. They are followed


by other people disguised as figures representing civil society such as priests, doctors and nurses. In the old

There are many accommodation facilities on the island of

days, the slaves were allowed to enjoy these activities to

Santiago. The city of Praia offers different alternatives

celebrate the religious days of specific saints, and to cri-

and visitors can choose among hotels of different stan-

ticize the society as well. There were some attempts by

dards to guesthouses. There are hotels and guesthouses

the colonial authorities to put an end to these cultural

in Santa Catarina and Tarrafal. Accommodation is also

events, frightened by the idea that they would lead the

available in Rui Vaz, Santa Cruz, Cidade Velha, Calheta

slaves to rebellion.

de São Miguel and Praia Baixo.


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Página 190

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



Aparthotel Praiabaixo San Domingos, Santiago Tel: +238-2687105 / 915020

Ethnographic Museum – this building was restored in

Fax: +238-2687106

1997 and displays panaria (woven cotton cloths with tra-

Email: /

ditional patterns). Located in Plateau. Museum of Praia – this building opened at the beginning Hotel America

of the 1970s and became the Regional Handicrafts

Achada Sto Antonio

Centre after independence. At present, an exhibition of

Praia, Santiago

pieces that will feature in the future National Museum is

Tel: +238-2621431 / 2621524

being held there. Located behind the National Historical

Fax: +238-2621432


Hotel Luar

Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça – a 200-year-old buil-

Terra Branca, Santiago

ding located in the heart of the city, next to the Palace of

Tel: +238-2615947/6019/6024

Justice, the City Hall, and the Military Headquarters Jaime

Fax: +238-2616038


Email: Praça Alexandre de Albuquerque – a square located in the Hotel Oasis Praia Mar

centre of the first residential neighbourhood of the city

Prainha C.P. 75

called Plateau, the commercial centre of the capital today.

Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2614355 / 2613777 / 2614153

Palácio da Cultura –located in Plateau, opposite the cul-

Fax: +238-2612972

tural garden, with a cyber café and a bookstore.

Email: Website:

Sucupira Marketplace – a very busy marketplace with

Excellent breakfast and delicious brunch. Ask for a room

people selling clothes, national and international music,

with balcony and sea view and you will enjoy unforgetta-

furniture, etc.

ble sunsets. Fortress of São Filipe – the fortress, built at the end of the Hotel Pérola

sixteenth century, is located on the cliff, before the histo-

Luís Alberto Jassy

rical centre of Cidade Velha, offering a breathtaking view


of the village and the valley. It has been partially restored.

Prainha, Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2601440

Cathedral Ruins – one of the biggest religious structures

Fax: +238-2601448

built in colonial times in Cape Verde, currently being res-



Hotel Trópico Pestana

Pelourinho – traditionally a slave trading post and symbol


of municipal power and royal justice, as well as the place

C.P. 413 Praia, Santiago

for public punishment and execution, which has been

Tel: +238-2614200

completely restored.

Fax: +238-2615225 Email:

Church of Senhora do Rosário – a church built at the end


of the fifteenth century, with a Gothic chapel initially


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Página 191

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

built in the Manueline style. It has recently been restored

Serra Malagueta – a natural park with a rich diversity of

and is still the major place for worship and all types of

fauna and flora.

religious activities. Museum of Resistance (Concentration Camp of Tarrafal) São Francisco Convent – built in the seventeenth century

– built in 1936 to house political prisoners, it was closed

and mostly restored, with some remaining ruins in need

in the 1970s and has now become a national historical

of excavation and restoration.

monument. It is currently being restored.

National Botanical Garden – located in São Jorge dos


Órgãos, with a small shop selling local handicrafts. The local food is rich and diverse, based on fresh meat Cultural Centre and Museum of Tabanka – a building res-

and fish. Delicious and traditional food is served every-

tored in the nineteenth century located in the heart of

where from Praia to Tarrafal, Santa Catarina, Rui Vaz,

the city of Assomada, with a museum displaying relics of

Cidade Velha, Santa Cruz, Calheta São Miguel and São

tabanka, a typical cultural festivity. Different cultural acti-

Jorge. The most popular dishes are barbecue chicken and

vities are held in this centre.

pintchos (spicy pork kebabs). Typical food, such as cachupa, lobster and other shellfish as well as international cui-

Municipal Marketplace of Assomada – a very busy mar-

sine are served in most of the restaurants. There are alre-

ketplace with local people selling a great variety of fresh

ady some ethnic restaurants in the capital city of Praia.

produce as well as other goods.

Ashes Day is an interesting gourmet celebration worth

Cidade Velha was for many centuries the capital of the archipelago


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Página 192

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Restaurant Alex Inside Hotel Trópico Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2614200 Fax: +238-2615225 Email: Nice food and excellent service.

Restaurant Plaza Park Restaurant Pizzeria & Bar Achada Santo António Praia, Santiago Tel/Fax: +238-2621080 Mobile: +238-9922324 Email: Great varied menu. Best meat in the city.

Cermar Gamboa Chã d’Areia, Gamboa Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2612008 Mobile: +238-9912124

Snack Bar Bom Gosto Av. Santiago 32, Palmarejo Praia, Santiago Tel: +238-2628011 Fax: +238-2629039 Tearoom, pastries, bakery and coffee. Delicious chocolate cake. Spoil yourself with luxury breakfast at the magnificent veranda in Oasis Praimar in Praia

Snack Bar Pão Quente

experiencing. It is considered to be the most important

Av. Andrade Corvo, Plateau

religious and family celebration of the island and special

Praia, Santiago

dishes are prepared only for this day, the main dish being

Tearoom, pastries, bakery and coffee. Tasty carrot cakes.

trutchida, prepared with ground beans, and naturally dried and salted fish with xerém, and cuscus with melas-

Espaço Pôr do Sol

so for dessert.

Pedra Flupo, Achada Poça, Cidade Velha Rua Andrade Corvo 35, 1st Floor,

Restaurante Bar O Poeta

C.P. 7600, Praia, Santiago

Achada Sto Antonio

Tel: +238-2671622

C.P. 259A, Praia, Santiago

Mobile: +238-9912136

Tel: +238-2613800

Fax: +238-2617652

Fax: +238-2611603



Restaurant and hotel with nice swimming pool. Perfect

Nice view during the day.

for a relaxing Sunday lunch.


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Página 193

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m






Municipality Day

15th January

Nightlife in the city of Praia is livelier at the weekends.

São Domingos

Nho Febrero Feast

2nd February

The bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are very popu-

Various towns

Ashes Day

Wednesday after Carnival

São Domingos

Municipality Day

13th March


São Salvador do Mundo

15 days after Easter

São Jorge dos Orgãos

São Jorge

23rd April

Serra Malagueta

São José

1st May

Santa Cruz

Nha Bela Cruz Feast

3rd May

Ribeira de São Miguel

São Miguel Arcanjo Feast

8th May


Nossa Sra de Fátima

13th May

Ribeira da Barca

Imaculada Conceição

31st May

Santa Cruz

Municipality Day

25th July

Vila de Calheta and surroundings

Nossa Sra do Socorro

15th August

lar in the capital. Many entertainment places can also be found in Santa Catarina, Tarrafal, Santa Cruz, São Domingos and Calheta São Miguel. Live music is played by local bands in some bars, pubs and restaurants, both in the capital city and in other regions.

FEASTS AND CULTURAL EVENTS Gamboa Festival is a musical event organized in the city of Praia around the festivities of Municipality Day on 19th May. It is a popular event, which has lately gained some international recognition. Music festivals are also organized in the different towns of the island, especially in the summer time. For instance, the Festival of Batuko and

Calheta São Miguel Municipality Day

29th September

Municipality Day, and in Praia Baixo there is a music fes-

Santa Catarina (Assomada)

Municipality Day

25th November

tival to celebrate the summer. Tabanka of São João is

Ribeira da Prata

Nossa Sra da Boa Esperança

18th December

Funaná takes place in Calheta São Miguel on

celebrated in June and is a very popular festivity in the rural areas of the island, especially in Santa Catarina.

and pots, and wood and basket products are made and sold in the Rabelados Centre in Calheta São Miguel.


Weekly fairs are very popular and take place in Assomada on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and on Mondays and

All kinds of products, from handicrafts to toiletries, are

Fridays in Tarrafal.

sold both in the city of Praia and in Assomada. There are outlets in São Jorge and São Domingos that sell handi-


crafts. A great variety of handicraft products are sold in Tarrafal including interesting ceramic cooking utensils The major developing tourism economy helps local markets to also develop and growth - Sucupira Market in Praia worths a visit!

The island of Santiago is ideal for long walks and climbing up to the highest point of the island, Pico d’Antónia, which is best done with a tour guide as the trails are not yet marked. Sports like surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving are available in some places. Tarrafal and São Francisco offer good conditions for water sports, including fishing.

EXCURSIONS There are very interesting places worth visiting in the island of Santiago. Cidade Velha, the old town and the historical capital of Cape Verde, is a must. During the rainy season, from August to October, the island is cove-


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Página 194

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


red with green vegetation, offering beautiful scenery to

Serra Malagueta at 1,064m, you will come to Boa

the visitor. Driving along the main road, you will come to

Entrada where you will see a magnificent tree of extraor-

São Jorge dos Órgãos and São Domingos, an interesting

dinary proportions and forms, the Kapok (Ceiba pentan-

community with a handicrafts centre where you can buy

da), considered to be the highest and oldest tree of the

very nice local souvenirs. Continuing up the road, you

archipelago. After Chão Bom, the village of Tarrafal is the

reach the mountain of Rui Vaz, and a bit further up

next attraction, with a beautiful and safe white sand

Monte Tchota, at 1,050m. Going towards the coast, you

beach surrounded by coconut trees.

will find Praia Baixo, a safe and interesting beach. On the way back to the city of Praia, by taking an alterAlong the same road is Santa Catarina, in the city of

native road along the coast, you can drive through the

Assomada, an urban centre that plays a very important

fishing villages such as Porto Formoso, Mangue de Sete

role in the economy of the island. Pico D’Antónia, the

Ribeiras, Calheta São Miguel and Pedra Badejo, some of

highest peak of the island, can be glimpsed from

them with black sand beaches, and glimpse at the valleys

Assomada. This city has been registering a steady growth

of cultivated farm lands with luxurious tropical vegeta-

in terms of economic and urban development.

tion, especially in the area of Santa Cruz. There is also an

From Assomada, turning left in the direction of Ribeira da

that easy due to the road conditions. There are also bea-

excellent beach in São Francisco, but access to it is not

Barca, to the next town is Achada Leite, which is only

ches such as Prainha and Quebra-canela located in the

2km away, where you can take a boat trip to the beauti-

city centre, which are very popular and lively at the wee-

ful and unusual grotto of Águas Bellas, with a small

kends and in summer.

beach inside. By driving along the main road, passing by Beautiful sunset over Praia. Oasis Hotel offers the best terrace in city!

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Página 195

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

SAL The island of Sal, being the flattest of the whole archipelago, has Monte Grande as the highest point, reaching 406m. The island has a surface of 216km2, and from north to south the maximum length is 30km and 12km in width east to west. It is so called due to the salt that was produced in the lagoon in a crater of a volcano, which became the major source of development of the island, and its main export for many decades.

The construction of the international airport in the middle of the twentieth century led to the growth of the economy Diving is one of the main attractions for tourism. Don’t miss out!

of the island, and therefore to an increase in population as well as a significant growth of tourism. The number of

The Day of Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Our Lady of Pity)

inhabitants has doubled in the past decade and the island

This is a popular festival of Pedra de Lume, promoted by

of Sal is today the second-largest of the country with the

the Sport Club Verdun, with a mass and procession, as

highest urban density (approximately 89%).

well as a sack-race and swimming contests, and a music festival on the beach with local musicians.

It is a very arid island, affected by constant erosion and very dry climate conditions, with a desert-like aspect;


however, the charm of this island is great. Travelling south you will reach Santa Maria, a magnificent and long

The Amílcar Cabral International Airport of Sal is the

white sandy beach and sea with excellent conditions for

main gateway to the whole archipelago. International

water sports. Santa Maria is a favourite with those who

flights from the United States, South America, Europe

arrive in the island, but there are many other excellent

and Africa arrive here. Domestic direct flights from the

places and tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

islands of S. Vicente, S. Nicolau, Boa Vista and Santiago are frequent.

SANTA MARIA FESTIVAL There is a port in the village of Palmeira with the capacity The Santa Maria Festival is held on 15th September,

to receive yachts and cargo ships.

Municipality Day, and it is one of the main events of the island and celebrates the patron Saint of the island of Sal,


Nossa Senhora das Dores. It has become an international festival in recent years, with the participation of a variety

There are many tourist complexes such as hotels and

of artists playing over three days, in a very lively, relaxing

guesthouses, most of them in Santa Maria, and some of

and enjoyable environment. Until very recently, the

them in the village of Espargos. A tourist village is also

patron saint was celebrated in a much more traditional

available in Murdeira.

form, with the promotion of different activities such as swimming contests, a Christian mass, and most impor-

The Oasis Hotels & Resort

tant of all a procession in the ocean, with decorated


boats following the boat carrying the image of Saint

Tel: +238-2421439

Nossa Senhora das Dores (Our Lady of Pains). At night,

Fax: +238-2421210

there are always groups of musicians playing in the tradi-


tional dances that are the heart of the festival.


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Página 196

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


We recommend Hotel Riu in Sal island

Hotel Pension Les Alizées

Hotel Odjo D’Agua



Tel: +238-2421446

Tel: +238-2421414

Fax: +238-2421008

Fax: +238-2421430 Email:

Hotel Riu

Website: www.odjodagua.nete

Cabocan Lote A”-A3, Santa María, Sal

Ask for a room with sea view, you will enjoy the beautiful

Tel: +238-2429040


Fax: +238-2429041 Email:

Hotel Novorizonte


Tel: +238-2421558 Fax: +238-2421574

Hotel Sab Sab Sal (Albatroz) C.P. 49, Santa Maria, Sal

Hotel Central

Tel: +238-2411301

Tel: +238-2421503

Fax: +238-2421161

Fax: +238-2421530

Email: Aparthotel Santa Maria Beach Hotel Morabeza

Tel: +238-2421450


Fax: +238-2421478

Tel: +238-2421020 Fax: +238-2421005

Residencial Central


Tel: +238-2411113


Fax: +238-2412581/1610


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Página 197

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Residencial Leme Bedje

from the island of Sal, lobster and much other seafood

Tel/Fax: +238-2421146

are very much appreciated by those who visit the island.

Residencial Alternativa

Funana ma Prot Sab Sal

Tel: +238-2421216

Santa Maria, Sal

Fax: +238-2421165

Tel: +238-2421119 Fax: +238-2421004

Residencial Nha Terra


Tel: +238-2421109 Fax: +238-2421534

The hotels in Santa Maria offer different entertainment


activities for those who want to have fun. Pubs and nightclubs in the hotels organize special Cape Verdean

Espargos – a village located 2km from the international

nights with live music, and they often invite local dancing

airport. It is a quiet place, and people enjoy gathering in

groups to show typical national dances. Nightlife is

the main square as well as in the bars and restaurants,

always very lively.

particularly in the evenings and at night. There is also a cinema and an amphitheatre in the village.

Entertainment places can also be found in the village of Espargos, particularly in the summertime (from June to

Salinas de Pedra de Lume –an enormous crater of an

September) when most local people are on vacation.

extinct volcano, at sea level, from which the water from

Evenings start in the main garden, where people get toge-

the sea manages to filter, producing a great salt pit. Entry

ther before they go to the different nightclubs, bars and

to the crater is possible by means of an artificial tunnel

restaurants where local and international music is played.

built in 1804. The salt that was produced and exported

The live gigs are a must for those who enjoy music.

was very important to the economy of the island until the

of Cape Verde, this economic activity ceased.


Salinas – in Santa Maria.

The patron saint is celebrated in many different places

Farol – in the region called Fiúra.

sions, sports and public dances are usually promoted

middle of the twentieth century. After the independence

around the country. Activities such as masses, proces-

during these feasts. The music festival of Santa Maria is Buracona – a natural tidal swimming pool, formed in the

one of the most popular events of the island.

rocks next to the sea. It is recommended to visit this place


in a 4x4 car because the road to it is very steep and with




São José

19th March

Alto de Santa Cruz (Espargos)

Santa Cruz

3rd May

difficult access.



Santo António

9th June

São João

24th June

There are many bars and restaurants in the villages of

Alto São João (Espargos)

Espargos and Santa Maria, as well as very good restau-

Hortelã (Espargos) São Pedro

29th June


Santa Ana

The last week of July

Pedra de Lume

Nossa Sra da Piedade (Our Lady of Pity)

15th August

rants in the hotels. Fresh fish and shellfish, grilled at the seashore, delight those who enjoy them fresh. Traditional dishes as well as international cuisine can also be ordered in many restaurants. Crab or craca, a typical shellfish


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Página 198

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


re either on foot or on sand-bikes. The village of Santa Maria has grown economically based on tourism, and the biggest hotels in the whole country can be found in this region. Some hotels rent bicycles for great tours of the island as well as sand-bikes to discover other beaches and dunes.

Many hotels have programmed excursions for visitors who do not want to explore the island alone, with local guides who will accompany you to the most interesting places on the island, such as the salt pits of Pedra de Lume, where salt was extracted, the natural swimming pool of Buracona in the rocks, and nature walks, with the

Great waves make Cape Verde a favourite destination for surfers

opportunity to witness turtles laying their eggs on the


gorgeous beaches of Parda, Serra, Negra and Igrijinha.

Local and African handicrafts are sold in shops in the

Murdeira bay is also a very beautiful place from where

villages of Santa Maria and Espargos as well as in the

Monte Leão, also known as Monte Jon Quintinha, can be

shops located at the international airport. There is a han-


dicrafts centre functioning as a training school for young people that uses local raw materials in the production of

The port of Palmeira, a community located 7km from the

original articles.

village of Espargos, is where cargo ships unload imported products, such as fuel to supply the aircraft that land at


the international airport. High-quality lobsters are also sold in this port.

The island offers excellent conditions for water sports. It is already well equipped for windsurfing, and facilities are


available on Santa Maria beach and on the beaches of Ponta Preta and Algodoeiro, which are also excellent for

Frequently known as the Porto Grande Island, São

sea sports. Every two years the International Windsurfing

Vicente has a surface area of 227km2, and it is the

Championship is held on these beaches.

second-largest island in terms of number of inhabitants. The furthest distance is around 24km from the east to

Fishing and scuba diving are popular because of the great

the west and 16km from the north to the south.

variety of fish in the sea. Scuba diving clubs provide instruction for beginners if required. It has become a very

This island remained uninhabited until the beginning of

popular sport because of the abundance of the marine

the nineteenth century. In 1838, when the coal deposit

life and the purity and transparency of the water.

was established in Porto Grande by the British to supply the ships on the Atlantic routes, some development was


brought into the region.

Santa Maria beach is without doubt the biggest attrac-

Despite its volcanic origin, the island is quite flat, and the

tion of the island of Sal. It is an extensive beach of unique

highest point is Monte Verde at 774m.

beauty with golden sand and crystal-clear water, a perfect combination for those who want to relax and enjoy

Due to the scarce rainfall and lack of natural resources,

water sports. Long walks can be taken along the seasho-

economic development of the island is based on com-


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Página 199

Take a peaceful break on the beaches in Sal

merce and services. Nevertheless, Mindelo, the capital

tars, violins, mandolins, and so on, walking through the

city, as the stopping point for many ships during the

streets and stopping at some homes and wishing a happy

Second World War, became an important cultural centre

New Year to everyone as well. These bands usually

where sailors from different parts of the world met toge-

attract many people who follow them everywhere. At

ther in the local bars, enjoyed the music and encouraged

midnight sharp, everybody goes out into the streets at

the development of literature and sports.

the lively sound of fireworks and whistles, and the youngest ones usually plunge into the ocean in order to ‘take


the old ring to the bottom of the sea’. There are always many dances and parties to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

New Year’s Eve has always been a day of great celebration in the island of São Vicente. One of the oldest tradi-


tions of this day is the playing of the racordai (a type of tambourine made on a piece of wood). Usually the chil-

Guarda-cabeça, or Sete, as it is known in the island of

dren get together in the evening in groups and go from

Santiago, the seventh day after the birth of a child, is very

house to house playing the tambourine and singing a tra-

much celebrated in most of the islands. It is an occasion

ditional song wishing happy New Year to everyone. They

for great celebration for the parents of the newborn

usually get some coins from those who live in the houses,

baby. There is a party with plenty of food and drinks, as

and at the end of the night they divide the coins among

well as music, reaching its highest point at midnight

the whole group. Many adults also get together in music

when all of the invitees get together around the newborn

bands, playing different acoustic instruments such as gui-

baby to sing a traditional song to ‘frighten the witches’.


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Página 200

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Hotel Mindel Av. 5 de Julho, C.P. 844 Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2328881/82 Fax: +238-2328887 Email: Website:

Hotel Oásis Atlantico Porto Grande Praça Amicar Cabral Mindelo, San Vicente Tel: +238-2323190/91/94 Fax: +238-2323193 Email:

Porto Grande Praca Amiral Cabral C.P. 103, São Vicente Tel: +238-2323198 Fax: +238-2323193 Mindelo, home town of Cesaria Evora

Email: The reason for this celebration is rooted in the high rate of infant mortality in the past due to the poor sanitary


conditions, and the people would associate the deaths with witches and the evil eye. Today it is just an occasion

The city of Mindelo has plenty of interesting places worth

to get the family and friends together to celebrate the

visiting. It is a structured city with well-laid-out streets

special event.

and interesting architectural traits that show the early influence of the British presence and monuments that


date back to the colonial times.

There is an airport in the island of São Vicente with

Fortim D’El Rei – a small fortress located at the highest

domestic flights from Santiago, Sal and S. Nicolau. Cargo

point of the city of Mindelo, built in 1852, offering a view

ships and yachts can use the port.

of the city and of the Porto Grande.


Igreja de N. Sra. Da Luz – a Roman Catholic Church built in 1862, located opposite Pracinha de Igreja.

There are hotels and guesthouses in the city of Mindelo, as well as in São Pedro and Baía das Gatas.

Praça Nova (Amílcar Cabral square) – a garden located in the heart of the city built in 1894 by the British.

Foya Branca Resort Hotel & Vilas São Pedro, Mindelo

Paços do Concelho (City Hall) – the construction of the

São Vicente

City Hall started in 1862 and was finished in 1873.

Tel: +238-2307400 Fax: +238-2307444 Email:


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Pรกgina 201

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Página 202

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Torre de Belem – a copy of the Belem Tower built as homage to the Belem Tower of Portugal, where the Port


Authority, built in 1920, is established. Carnival is the most important cultural event celebrated National Handicrafts Centre – built at the beginning of the

in the island. Parades are organized in the other islands,

twentieth century as the first High School of São Vicente.

but the most interesting and lively parades happen in

Farol Ilhéu dos Pássaros – a lighthouse inaugurated in

val, but it has its own particular Creole features.

Mindelo. It is inspired a great deal by the Brazilian carni-

1882 named after Farol de D. Luís I. Carnival is a very popular celebration that brings people Municipal Marketplace – the marketplace was built in

together in spontaneous groups, which fill the streets

1874 and expanded from 1930–34. The works of resto-

with lively shows as well as with the noise of the drums.

ration of the Marketplace began in 1984 and it is still

Colourful parades and music are highly appreciated by

open to the public for fresh grocery products as well

the local population and by tourists who come to enjoy

other shops.

the shows and have fun.


Besides this event, religious festivals are also important for the inhabitants of the island. The most lively is São

Many bars and restaurants with very good food can be

João (Saint John), which takes place in Ribeira de Julião,

found in Mindelo. Some good restaurants are also loca-

where people get together to dance to the rhythm of the

ted at the beaches such as Baía das Gatas, Calhau and


S. Pedro.



Typical dishes include fresh fish soup made with a variety

Municipality Day

22nd January

of vegetables, such as sweet potato, unripe banana and

Santa Cruz

3rd May

São João (Saint John)

24th June

São Pedro

29th June

Baía das Gatas Music Festival

August (week of full moon)

manioc, rock barnacle stew, fried moray with a special onion and tomato sauce.

Chez Loutcha Rua do Coco, Mindelo, São Vicente Tel: +238-2321636

Mindelact (International September Theatre Festival)

ENTERTAINMENT WHERE TO STAY Nightlife in Mindelo is considered to be the most lively of the whole archipelago. People start the night by gathe-

Aparthotel Avenida

ring in the main square, Praça Nova, and continue to

Tel: +238-2321178

amuse themselves all through the night in different bars

Fax: +238-2322333

and restaurants that offer live music, as well as in the nightclubs where they can listen to good music or dance

Pensão Atlântida

to the lively rhythms of Cape Verdean and international

Tel: +238-2313918

music. There are many cultural activities in the city, with new shows, exhibitions, plays, dances, as well as other

Pensão Chave D’Ouro

activities happening frequently, making Mindelo the cul-

Tel: +238-2327050

tural centre of the archipelago.

Fax: +238-2327050


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Página 203

Mindelo is internationally renowned for its fabulous Carnival

Pensão Chez Loutcha

Residencial Sodade

Tel: +238-2321636

Tel: +238-2303200

Fax: +238-2321635

Fax: +238-2314019

Residencial Novorizonte


Tel: +238-2323915 Handicrafts and traditional products are easy to find in Pensão Semedo e Brito

Mindelo, including paintings, batiks and so on. An incre-

C.P. 413

asing number of local artists are very productive and

Tel: +238-2312674

teach the younger people to create their own items.

Residencial Amarante


Tel: +238-2313219 Fax: +238-2326995

Undoubtedly, the island has excellent conditions for windsurfing, especially at S. Pedro beach, which has alre-

Residencial Maravilha

ady been used by international championships. Body

Tel: +238-2322203

boarding has lately become the favourite sport. Cycling

Fax: +238-2322217

and horseback riding are new alternatives that are gai-


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Página 204

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Those who prefer to walk can climb up to the highest point of the island, Monte Verde, a mountain measuring 774m, which is an ideal place for a breathtaking view of the Porto Grande Bay.

MAIO Maio is as flat as the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. There are very small vestiges of volcanic activity in the island, with Monte Penoso being its highest point at 436m. It has a surface area of 269km2, the longest point north to Beach-volleyball in Laginha beach in São Vicente

south being 24km, and the widest east to west being

ning more and more fans every day. The British presence


in the island left its mark on sports, particularly golf, which is very much appreciated by the local residents.

Maio was discovered in 1460, and it was basically used for cattle breeding, mostly goats. The settlement of the


island started at the end of the sixteenth century with the extraction of salt that was exported to different parts of

One of the great landmarks of the island of São Vicente

the Portuguese Crown, including Brazil. This activity was

is the Monte Cara (Face Mountain), named for its resem-

carried on until the nineteenth century.

blance to a human face. This can be better appreciated on a relaxing walk along the length of the beautiful

The climate of the island is arid and dry and there are very

Avenida Marginal.

few irrigated lands. A project of reforestation has been carried out in the island, mainly with acacia trees. The

As far as beaches are concerned, Laginha is located in the

island has the largest reforested area of the whole archi-

heart of the island and it is the most popular beach. At

pelago, measuring about 3,500 acres.

the weekends and in summer time it is very lively and crowded. However, the most beautiful beaches of the

There many beautiful white sand beaches with crystal-

island of S. Vicente are located a bit farther from the city

clear waters. The people of Maio are known for their

centre. Baia das Gatas is like a natural swimming-pool,

honesty and cheerful hospitality.

with crystal-white waters, and very safe. It is also very


popular at the weekends and in summer.

Calhau is a small bay with excellent conditions for fishing

A popular festival on the island of Maio that celebrates

and for family barbecues at the weekends, being a very

the day of Santa Cruz on 3rd May. Thirty days prior to the

nice option for those who want to spend a relaxing day

celebration, a group of women playing drums (batuca-

on the beach. One of the best roads of the island links

deiras) and other players go from house to house playing

Calhau to the city centre, and en route a very well-preser-

and collecting donations of either money or food that

ved crater of an extinct volcano can be seen.

will be kept in the house of the judge of the party until two days before the party, when they prepare cotchida

The São Pedro beach is internationally considered to be

(pounding ground corn). On that day the people of the

one of the best places in the world for windsurfing. It has

whole area come to the village in order to participate in

an extensive white sandy beach with excellent waves,

the festival, the dances and decoration of the house of

ideal for sea sports. Caution is, nevertheless, recommen-

the judges of the party. On the day of the festival, in the

ded when swimming there.

morning, the judges, escorted by the crowd and by a


LEISURE #92:Maquetación 1



Página 205

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

group of men, walk with the Saint in procession towards

Pottery Cooperative – located in the village of Morro.

the cross where the religious ceremony will take place. Once there, they transfer the ramo (testimony) to the jud-

Zoo – located in Calheta, a small fishing village with a

ges who will organize the festival in the following year.

black sandy beach.

On their way back, the women drummers and players parade in the streets and the festival lasts until very late.


One week after, the new judges return to the house of the old ones to collect the Saint (Santa Cruz) and they

Meat is the basis of most dishes on the island of Maio.

head towards Dona Ilizabete’s house, where the first

The main dishes are tchassina, which is salted goat meat

cross was built, in order to leave the Saint there.

eaten with cachupa, stewed beans, and goat stew with


hes. Lobster and a variety of fresh shellfish are offered in

The island of Maio is located only 25km from the island

the hotels.

xerem. Fish soup and tuna steak are also traditional dis-

the local restaurants and bars, and in the restaurants of

of Santiago and you can get there on a 10-minute flight from the capital city of Praia. Both the airport and the


port are located in the village of Maio. Maio is a very quiet island but there are nightclubs in the


villages of Maio, Pedro Vaz and one in Barreiro. Private parties and dances are organized in some places to enter-

Some guesthouses and hotels are available in the village

tain the local residents at the weekends. Some of the

of Maio, and there are two tourist villages in Morro.

hotels organize nights with live music.



Village of Maio – traces of the colonial times and the British presence are marked in the architecture of the

Municipality Day is celebrated everywhere on 8th


September, the day of the Patron Saint Nossa Senhora de Luz (Our Lady of Light). The celebrations start at the end

Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz – a Roman Catholic

of August with masses, processions, feasts and lots of

Church built in 1872, on a high part of the centre of the

celebrations. Similar to the other islands, most of the

village, where the devoted ones get together for religious

celebrations are religious in nature, but music, dance and

activities. Maio was discovered on the 3rd May 1460

Fortress of São José – located near the port, well preserved, and a reminder of the frequent attacks by pirates on the island.

Old Bridge and Lighthouse (Ponte Velho e Farol) – in the village of Maio.

Architecture Cooperative – a house built like African houses made of straw, located in Maio.


LEISURE #92:Maquetación 1



Página 206

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Handicrafts made of clay are produced and sold in a cooperative society in the community of Morro. In most of the small villages, small grocery shops in some of the local residents’ houses sell bottled water and snacks.

SPORTS The villages of Maio and Porto Cais, located between Calheta and the beach of Santana, offer good conditions for fishing, especially at the small ports nearby where fish is abundant. Local fishermen can escort visitors on fishing trips. There is currently no windsurfing or scuba diving

Salt mine in Maio island

equipment available on the island. Bicycle riding is an the sound of drums are always present. A different

excellent choice to tour around the island. However, just

patron saint is celebrated in each of the different com-

like Boa Vista, you should be prepared to face long dis-

munities of the island.

tances. Walking around the island is a good choice as

Cristo Rei (the King Jesus Christ) is celebrated on the last

water, snacks and a sunscreen protector. Sports fields are

Sunday of the month of November and the Sacred Family

available in most of the villages.

well, but be aware of the long distances and always bring

day on December 26th.

EXCURSIONS The Beach Rotcha Music Festival is celebrated on the last Friday of May.

Nearby the village of Maio are the large salt pits where in the past there was a thriving industry in the extraction of


salt. There are many unexploited beaches such as Morro, which is close to the village of Maio. Handicrafts are avai-

There are many grocery shops and small shops in the villa-

lable, and a visit to the Bay of Santana, where turtles arri-

ge of Maio. Handicrafts are sold in some of these shops,

ve in summer, is recommended.

especially handmade embroideries and needlework. Food, clothes and a variety of items are sold in the grocery shops in Calheta. There is a weaving business in this region.

Calheta is the second-most-populated village of the island. Fishing and agriculture are the main activities of the local population. Even though it is a very quiet place,




there are already signs of investment and benefits from


Twelfth Night

7th January

the excellent tourist conditions of the island.

Alcatraz and Pilão Cão

Nossa Sra do Rosário

2nd February

Continuing towards Morrinho, a fishing village, there is a large salt pit and excellent beaches such as Calhetinha


São José

19th March

Vila do Maio

Santa Cruz

3rd May

Santo António

Santo António

13th June

Ribeira de João

São João

24th June

such as Praia Real. Leaving Morrinho on the way to Praia

Pedro Vaz

São Pedro

29th June

de Galeão, there is a better view of the reforested area


Santa Ana

26th July

and Pau Seco, and towards Porto Cais there are two beautiful beaches named Tartarugas and Cais.

Going north you will find beautiful and safe beaches,

and of the islet Laje Branca. An off-road vehicle is recommended to get to some of these beaches. The golden


LEISURE #92:Maquetación 1



Página 207

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

sand beaches such as Praiona (in Praia Gonçalo), Prainha (in Pedro Vaz) and Boca Ribeira (between Pedro Vaz and Alcatraz) are worth visiting for their beauty and their turquoise blue sea.

BOA VISTA The island of Boa Vista has a surface area of 620km2 and it is the third-largest island of the archipelago. Similar to the island of Sal, it is flat. The Peak of Estância is the highest point of the island measuring about 390m. It is covered with white sand dunes. Oases of date palms are

Oases of date palms are the common vegetation in Boa Vista

found here and there, and are the typical vegetation of the island. Boa Vista has 55km of white sand beaches


and crystal-clear water. The Crosses are approximately 1m high and are made of This island is considered to be the birthplace of morna,

stone with lime plaster with a cross on the top known as

one of the main musical genres of the country. It saw

Cruz de Almas (Soul Crosses), the majority of them being

some economic improvement at the beginning of the

in very isolated places or serving as signs of communica-

seventeenth century when great amounts of salt were

tion. On 3rd May they are used to commemorate the day

found. At that time, salt was already sold in the island of

of freedom for the slaves. They are also visited by pil-

Maio. Before the discovery of this product, the island’s


economy was based on cattle breeding, just like the other arid islands of the archipelago, which had little or


no water available. The first settlement was called Povoação Velha, and the salt extraction in the island was mainly carried out by the British.

Domestic flights from the islands of Sal and Santiago arrive at the airport in Rabil, and there is a port in the village of Sal Rei.

SANTA ISABEL DAY ACCOMMODATION The 4th of July is the Day of Santa Isabel, the patron saint of the island, and this day has recently become

There are hotels and guesthouses in the village of Sal Rei

Municipality Day. Besides the procession all along the

and a modern tourist complex on the beach at Chaves,

streets, with houses decorated with colourful quilts and

with a swimming pool, bar and rooms.

leaves of date palm trees, one of the most important moments is the blessing of the sea in Sítio de Santa

Boa Vista Resort Hotel

Bárbara where there is a community of fishermen and in

Praia de Chaves

the past there was the Padrão de Cruz (Stone Cross).

Euroturística: 7km from Vila de Sal Rei, Boa Vista

There are other activities such as swimming and fighting

The biggest hotel on the West African coast.

contests (known as pigâ queda), horse races, fairs and a public dance.

Estoril Beach Resort Hotel Tel: +238-2511078 Fax: +238-2511046


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Dunas Hotel Resort

Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Dores – ruins located in

Tel: +238-2511225

Estância Baixo.

Fax: +238-2511384

FOOD AND DRINK Resort Hotel Marine Club Tel: +238-2511285

Fish and shellfish, especially lobster, are the basis of the

Fax: +238-2511370/90

traditional menu of the island. There are bars and restau-

Pousada Boa Vista

and international food. A variety of traditional dishes can

Tel: +238-2511145

be tasted in the bars in Sal Rei and Rabil. Dried mackerel

Fax: +238 2511423

baked in the oven is a speciality. Soup made with goat

Residencial Bom Sossêgo

of a sheep or goat) are the favourite dishes for the most

rants in the hotels and guesthouses that serve traditional

meat (capado) and botchada (prepared with the stomach

C.P. 31

demanding gourmet. Boa Vista is also well known for its

Tel: +238-2511155

tasty cheese.

Residencial Boa Esperança

Dunas and Resort

Tel: +238-2511170

Rua Amílcar Cabral, Boa Vista

Fax: +238-2511225

Tel: +238-2511225 Fax: +238-2511384



Village of Sal Rei – the village was known as Porto Inglês

Restaurante Oasis

in the early days, with houses and buildings showing tra-

Sal Rei, Boa Vista

ces of European culture.

Tel: +238-2511314

Fortress Duque de Bragança – a fortress located in the


islet of Sal Rei, just opposite the Port, and built in order to defend the village from the frequent attacks by pira-

There are nightclubs in Rabil and they are normally busy


at the weekends. There are also some pubs in the villages of Sal Rei and Rabil and some restaurants and hotels offer

Igreja Matriz de S. Roque – the oldest Roman Catholic

traditional nightlife and music. People get together in the

Church on the island, built in 1801 and located in the

main square in the village of Sal Rei, especially during the

village of Rabil, the capital of the island in the past.

academic summer vacation and at weekends.

Pottery Factory – a ceramic factory with a handicrafts


centre for young people in Rabil, with products manufactured using typical African methods.

Municipality Day and the Feast of Santa Isabel, the patron Capela de Santo António – a chapel located in Povoação

saint of the island, are both celebrated on 4th July in the village of Sal Rei, one day before the celebration of

Velha, the first settlement of the island.

Independence Day. It is a great celebration. The Praia de Farol de Morro Negro and Farol de Ponta do Sol – light-

Cruz Festival happens every year in August, in the week

houses located in Rotchona, which are worth a visit for

after the Baia das Gatas Festival on the island of São

the beautiful view they offer.



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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m




João Galego

Twelfth Night

6th January


Santa Cruz

3rd May



4th May

EXCURSIONS There are many local beaches on the island worth visiting. Take a boat in the village of Sal Rei to the islet of Sal Rei where you will find the Fort. From the village, head south along a road with lots of dunes, located close to

Povoação Velha

São Roque

8th May

Estância Baixo

Cruzinha Lolo

28th May

Vila de Sal Rei

Santa Isabel

4th July

Vila de Sal Rei

Praia d’Cruz Festival


the Rabil community, to Estoril beach and Chaves beach. Ribeira de Rabil is located near Chaves beach and it looks just like a natural lagoon. The extensive areas of sand and dunes are permeated by oases of date palm trees.

A bit away from Povoação Velha, all along the coast, there are many beautiful beaches, such as Curralinho and


Santa Mónica, the latter being considered one of the best beaches of Cape Verde. Further along the coast is

There are handicraft shops in Sal Rei selling a variety of

Lacação and Curral Velho, access to which is very diffi-

products, such as clay pots, decorative cooking pots,

cult; however, you can get there by taking the Povoação

straw hats, as well as products carved out of coconut

Velha road, preferably in an off-road vehicle. The island

shells and jewellery with all sorts of sea shells. All of these

has many other beaches like these, which offer the

products can be found in Rabil, and basket-work pro-

opportunity to enjoy the turquoise blue sea and the suns-

ducts such as straw hats in Bofareira. Local handicrafts

hine of Cape Verde, as well as the quietness and tranqui-

are also sold in the shops at the hotels and at the airport.

llity of the small villages of the archipelago. Turtles are

There are no shops, not even a place to buy water, at the

also frequent visitors to the beaches of this particular

most remote beaches. Plenty of drinking water and

island, and it is estimated that approximately 70% of

snacks are highly recommended when visiting beaches

those that reach the archipelago choose the beaches of

such as Santa Mónica.

the island of Boa Vista on which to lay their eggs. From the beach of Curral Velho you can glimpse the islet of


Curral Velho and the birds that live there, such as albatross, magnificent frigatebird, and water hen, one of the

Boa Vista offers a great alternative for water sports.

rarest birds in the world, which produces offspring only

Scuba diving is a very popular activity for tourists because

in Cape Verde, and specifically in the islets of Boa Vista.

of the crystal-clear waters and the rich marine life, and the great number of shipwrecks from past centuries

Leaving Rabil, drive along the road to João Galego and

along the shore. Line-fishing and deep-sea fishing and

turn to the north to arrive at the small communities of

windsurfing are also among the favourite sports. Some

Bofareira and Espingueira, or to the south for Fundo de

clubs provide scuba diving and windsurfing instruction

Figueiras, a small village from where you can easily reach

for beginners, with private instructors and equipment.

Praia das Gatas and see the islets of Pássaros and

Beach volleyball is played on some beaches. Long nature

Baluarte. Rare sea birds can also be found in those islets.

walks and cycling are also recommended, but be prepa-

There are some salt pits near the beach.

red to face long distances. Water and snacks, as well as sunscreen lotion, are required. Horseback riding is usually


included in the local religious feasts. The surface area of Santo Antão is 779km2 and it is the second-largest island of the whole archipelago. Its maximum length is 43km, and the widest point is 24km. The


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


branches, ears of corn and gifts to be offered to the Church. The group makes nine stops during the journey (known as stations) until it reaches the Chapel of São João Baptista in Porto Novo. It is said that the Saint was taken from Ribeira das Patas to be placed in the new Chapel, but Saint John did not like it and fled to Ribeira das Patas, a much calmer corner. When the image of the Saint was not taken to Porto Novo, Saint John would be angry (San Jon Revoltód). It is also said that this is the reason why there is too much wind and heat of the sun on the day of the feast. The mass is celebrated on 24th June The impressive high mountains are a tourist attraction

in the main Church. Then the feast begins with the races,

impressive high mountains are an attraction to those who

contests between the drummers and dancers, as well as

visit the island, in the heart of which is a mountain range

with public dances. On 25th June, the image of Saint

running from the north-east to the south-east culmina-

John is brought back to Ribeira das Patas. The group lea-

ting in a volcanic peak known as Topo de Coroa, 1,979m

ves Novo before dawn and walks back 21km until it arri-

high, one of the highest points of the island.

ves in Ribeira das Patas, where crowds welcome them with festivities, a mass, a bazaar and drums. This feast is

Santo Antão was discovered in 1462, but the Portuguese

known as San Jonzin (little Saint John) as there are fewer

Crown started its settlement around 1548. Major deve-

people celebrating compared to the feast of São João.

lopment of the island and a network of new roads to improve the connections between the different commu-


nities have not yet been possible due to the height of the mountains.

There is a port in Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antão, which can be easily reached on a one-hour boat

The landscape is desert to the south, but with the vege-

trip from the island of S. Vicente.

tation becoming very lush towards the north of the Island, which is also the most agricultural area of the


whole archipelago. Sugar cane, manioc, banana, breadfruit, mango, papaya and many other crops can be found

Besides one hotel, different types of accommodation

on the island. Grogue, the local rum made from the

such as guesthouses and rooms to rent can be found in

sugar cane, is produced here in a traditional way in trapi-

different places on the island.

ches (machines powered by cows that grind the sugar cane), which can still be found in some of the islands. The

Pedracin Village

people’s hospitality is usually shown in the warm way

Santo Antão

that foreigners are welcomed everywhere in the island.

Tel: +238-2242020



The feast starts on 23rd June in the region called Ribeira

ding located in the centre of the village of Ribeira Grande,

das Patas, where annually a person fulfils his or her pro-

with some colonial architecture. Recently restored.

Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário – a 19th century buil-

mise to carry the image of the Saint on his or her head, walking 21km on foot to Porto Novo. This person is

Dr Roberto Duarte Silva’s House – one of the oldest buil-

escorted by drummers, dancers and people carrying palm

dings in Povoação, where this Cape Verdean scientist


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

was born. There is a project for the restoration and trans-

area, as well as tasting the different liqueurs that are pro-

formation of the house into a Cultural Centre.

duced from coffee and lemon-scented verbena and orange flavours. The guesthouses normally offer good food

Ponta do Sol – remnants of the colonial times can still be

and there are different alternatives for eating out in the

found here, namely the restored building of the Tourist

restaurants and bars located in the main villages.

Information Centre of the village, which is of great historical value.


Terrace – located 1km from Pico da Cruz, offering a

Nightclubs, bars and restaurants, for those who want

beautiful view of Vale do Paul, Porto Novo and the island

nightlife entertainment, can be found in Ponta do Sol,

of São Vicente.

Vila de Ribeira Grande and Porto Novo. Tocatinas (tradi-

Farol de Boi (Fontes Pereira de Melo Lighthouse) – one of

in these places.

tional music played by local bands) is also very frequent

the biggest and oldest lighthouses of the archipelago,

Located in Pontinha de Janela.


inaugurated in 1886 to mark the São Vicente channel.

Santo António Monument – located near Vila a das

Most of the feasts of Santo Antão are religious.

Pombas with a view of the whole region as well as of the

Processions usually take place during these feasts and

Vale do Paul.

after the religious part they become very lively with sounds and rhythms of drums and whistles.

Mesa – until the 1970s Mesa was one of the most important agricultural and cattle-breeding centres of the




country. It secured all of the water supply to Porto Novo.

Ribeira Grande

Municipality Day

17th January


Santa Cruz

3rd May


Santo António das Pombas

13th June

Porto Novo

São João Baptista

24th June

Chã de Igreja

São Pedro

29th June


Nossa Sra da Piedade

15th August

Ponta do Sol

Nossa Sra do Livramento

24th Sept.


Ribeira Grande

Nossa Sra do Rosário

7th October


Ribeira da Cruz

Santo André

29th November.

Cova – formed in the crater of an extinct volcano, located on the road from Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande.

Miradouro de Delgadiñho – provides a beautiful view of the valley of Ribeira da Torre on the one side, and of part of Ribeira Grande on the other side.

Planalto Leste – a reforested area due to be listed by

The island’s gastronomy is rich and based on a great


variety of fish and meat. A stew made with goat meat and beans is one of the most traditional and favourite

Regional products can be bought in Ribeira Grande, but

dishes prepared during festivals. Traditional sweets are

a better selection of products, from handicrafts to diffe-

also very rich and tasty, with special recipes such as

rent flavours of liqueurs, traditional candies and jams, as

melasso, fruitcake and banana pudding. Tasting the

well as the famous grogue, can be found in Paúl.

famous grogue is recommended as it is considered as the best alcoholic drink of the country by the experts in the


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



reach Topo de Coroa and Campo Redondo with beautiful

Trekking is the main sport activity on the island of Santo

scenery for a pleasant walk.

landscapes. The green valley of Tarrafal offers beautiful

Antão, due to its impressive mountains, and especially to some of the excellent trails that have already been iden-

You can also drive from the valley of Ribeira Grande to

tified in the island.

Chã de Pedra and Cai-bros then walk up to the valley of Garça and down to Chã de Igreja and Cruzinha.

Bicycle riding or walking through the valleys is an excellent option for those who want to do sightseeing.



The island of Brava is the smallest of the whole of the archipelago, with a surface area of 64km2 and a maxi-

Ponta do Sol is a small and quiet village located on the

mum length of 9km east to west. It is very mountainous,

north-east side of the coast, and fishing is the main acti-

with deep and abrupt valleys, and its highest point is Pico

vity of the local population. The airport of the island is

Fontainhas, measuring 976m. The coastline is very rug-

located there, but it is closed at the moment. There are

ged and many bays form there. The island of Brava is

two beaches nearby this village, Aranhas and Motche,

definitely the most humid island of the archipelago, very

and the latter is nearby a community with the same

well known for its rich vegetation and diverse flower spe-

name. You can reach the beaches on foot or by boat.

cies, and thus referred to as the ‘Island of Flowers’.

Porto Novo is the entry point for visitors to the island of

The island was populated in 1620, mainly with the inha-

Santo Antão. It is characterized by activity based on tra-

bitants of the island of Fogo, which is located only 20km

ding and on entry and exit of goods. It also has a very dry

away, and who fled from the sporadic eruptions of the

landscape. Fishing is the main activity of the local popu-

volcano on Fogo, especially the great eruption of 1680.

lation. On the way to Porto Novo and Tarrafal is a beach named Praia Formosa.

The constant droughts were the main cause for the emigration of the local people to the United States in the

The capital of the island, Ribeira Grande, normally refe-

whaleboats at the end of the eighteenth century. Most of

rred to as Povoação, is a small village that can be toured

the emigrating people were local men recruited to work

on foot. It has been through some significant economic

in the whaleboats because they were considered to be

growth. There are two beautiful valleys nearby the villa-

good sailors. Many of those men from the islands of

ge, Ribeira Grande and Ribeira da Torre, rich in water and

Brava and Fogo settled in the USA and together they

crops, inviting the visitor to take long and pleasant walks.

constitute the largest Cape Verdean community of the diaspora.

Tarrafal de Monte Trigo is well known for its excellent beach, one of the longest of the island. Nevertheless, the

In the past the main economic activities were the extrac-

greatest attraction of the island is the beauty and magni-

tion of earth orchid, and agriculture and fishing, which

ficence of its mountains. The valleys and streams provide

are still today the basis of the economy of the island,

excellent place for walking. The valley of Paúl is one of

together with the remittances of money from the emi-

the greenest valleys of the archipelago and one of the

grant community in the United States to their family

most beautiful places.


There are many excursions that can be done on foot or by car, preferably in an off-road vehicle. For instance, drive from Porto Novo to Tarrafal de Monte Trigo to


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

FEAST OF SÃO JOÃO BAPTISTA IN BRAVA Usually, the celebrations start three days before with the pilão, or pestle (to grind the corn so as to make enough xérem for the day of the feast). On 23rd June the bonfires are lit in all of the houses in order to illuminate the night of Saint John and thank him for all of the fortunes that were granted to the population during that year. The dancers and drummers escort the horseman who carries the flag of Saint John to the church to be placed in the altar. The horse dances at the sound of the drums.

The small island of Brava can be crossed in a few days

Having left the flag in the church, the group heads towards the festeiro’s house (the owner of the feast) to

in the village of Nova Sintra on 18th October 1867, and

witness a show of flare rockets. On 24th June, they pre-

died in the same village in 1930.

pare the mastro (pole), attaching gifts brought by the girls (cakes, bread, fruits and candies, etc.). Around

Garden Eugénio Tavares – one of the oldest squares of

10am, the procession takes place and the mass is cele-

the village, built in homage to the famous Cape Verdean

brated in the church. In the afternoon the horse races

poet, a great writer and composer of mornas as well.

begin, and in the evening the boat feast starts with the boys trying to catch the gifts brought by the girls and

Nazarene Church –the oldest Nazarene Church, located

attached to the pole. Then the flag is handed in to the

in the village of Nova Sintra.

new festeiro who will be responsible for the organization Escola Materna (Maternal School) – located in Nova

of this festivity the next year.

Sintra, where young women make embroidery and nee-


dlepoint laces.

Presently, the only way to get to the island of Brava is by

Centenary Trapiche – the cow-driven machine that grinds

boat from the islands of Fogo or Santiago, and the main

the sugar cane, located in Ferreiros, an agricultural area

port is located in Furna.

where the very famous Djabi from Brava, an alcoholic drink made from sugar cane, is produced.

ACCOMMODATION Nascente do Encontro – the biggest water spring of the There are some guesthouses in the village of Nova de

island located on the upper side of Fajã d’Água.

Sintra and in Fajã D’Água. Rooms for rent are available in private houses, especially the houses belonging to people


who have emigrated. The food is rich and varied on the island of Brava. Many


types of fish and high-quality shellfish may be enjoyed in

Eugénio Tavares’ House – built at the end of the ninete-

traditional food includes dishes like xerém com capa, the

enth century, this is the house where Eugénio de Paula

most traditional one, and djagacida. American pies were

the villages of Nova Sintra, Furna and Fajã D’água. The

Tavares, an honourable son of the island, a distinguished

introduced to the island as a dessert by emigrants visiting

musician, composer, poet and writer, lived. He was born

from the United States, but some of the ingredients have been replaced by local fruits such as mango and squash.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



people. The Carnival is gaining more and more significance in the cultural calendar of the island.

The villages are normally very calm in the evenings, with some activity around the main squares, especially at the

Fest-Morna, a music festival dedicated to the morna

weekends. Sometimes local bands play live music in the

songs of the island of Brava, was inaugurated in April

bars. Private dancing parties and serenades are popular

2003, and it is the intention of the organizers to promote

and frequent. There are two nightclubs on the island, fre-

this festival every year in the first fortnight of June.

quented mostly on Fridays and Sundays.


Local handicrafts, consisting mainly of embroideries and crochet, can be found almost everywhere on the island.

The most important feast celebrated on the island is São

Basket products, as well as traditional cloth puppets and

João, on 24th June, but the festivities start on the day of

stone sculptures, are also made and sold on the island of

Santo António, on 13th June, and last until the day of


São Pedro, on 29th June. The biggest celebration takes place in the village of Nova Sintra on 24th June, coinci-


ding with the celebration of the patron saint of the island, São João Baptista. A mass and processions, as well

Walking towards the mountains can be a great pleasure,

as drums and music, are indispensable to the festivities of

especially to the spots from where the beauty and

São João. Many emigrants from all over the world choose

majesty of the island can be enjoyed. Fishing is also a nice

this time of the year to visit their families and homeland

alternative. There are sports fields in different areas, and

and to enjoy themselves at these feasts. The feast of

one football field in the village of Nova Sintra.

Culinha is celebrated in different places during the month of May, and it is a cultural demonstration conside-


red by the authorities in the past an act of rebellion of the A complete view of the beautiful village of Nova Sintra Community



Various places

Dia de Reis

5th January

Various places

São Sebastião

20th January

can be seen from the terrace of Nova Sintra. Access on foot to the Peak of Fontainhas is available by excellent nearby paths, which offer a truly magnificent view of the whole island as well as of the sea. Vinagre is a small place

Various places

São Paulo

1st Sunday in July

worth visiting because of the large extensions of cultivated farmlands that are irrigated by water coming from

Various places

São Paulinho

2nd Sunday in July

the springs, rich in fluoride and bicarbonate. The fishing

Mato Grande, Baleia and Garça


Last Sunday in July

in a while by the movement of boats from Santiago and

Mato and Escovinha


Last Sunday in July


Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes e Conacry

First fortnight in August

port in Furna is a peaceful and calm place, disturbed once

Fogo anchoring and leaving the port. There is an interesting local church that overlooks the sea.

You can go on foot or by car to the village of Nossa Senhora do Monte, and if it is not too foggy you can have the most beautiful views of island. This is a typical and quiet mountain village, with hospitable people and

Nossa Senhora do Monte

Nossa Senhora da Graça

15th August

very beautiful scenery. Fajã d’Água is also a small village with a privileged location at the base of a mountain, on


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Página 215

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

a small bay sheltered from the north-east winds, where

similar to Santo Antão, has majestic mountains. Monte

the whaling boats coming from the United States used to

Gordo is the highest peak of the island with an altitude of 1,304m, from where two separate clusters of peaks


part. The valleys are narrow and deep, except the Vale de


Fajã, which is wide and fertile enough for agricultural activity.

Santa Luzia is the only uninhabited island in Cape Verde, with a surface area of 35km2. The highest point measures

Settlement of this island started in the seventeenth cen-

395m. It is 5km wide and 13km long.

tury, after the islands of Santiago and Fogo, especially

Vegetation is very scarce, and the climate of the island is

was water and therefore offered good conditions for

particularly dry and arid. It has, however, interesting

activities such as agriculture and cattle breeding.

because, like Santo Antão, it was an island where there

landscape contrasts, the south offering beautiful scenery of beaches and dunes, and the north with rugged moun-

Undoubtedly, São Nicolau was for many years the inte-


llectual centre of Cape Verde, and the birthplace of the literary movement Claridade (Clarity), a major turning

Lack of water has been one of the main constraints of the

point for the literature of Cape Verde, founded in 1936

island, the major cause of it not being inhabited.

by famous writers and poets such as Baltasar Lopes,

Nevertheless, the island played a role in the economy of

Manuel Lopes, João Lopes and Jorge Barbosa.

the archipelago in the past, especially with the cattle breeding. For many years, plots of land were rented out and


contracts issued to run these activities on the island. Divinas are ancient chants sung a capella (with no instruAlthough different initiatives were taken so as to imple-

ments) by women and men, either solo, in three voices,

ment projects that would allow for the promotion of fis-

or in unison, with a reply by a choir, outside the churches

hing and cattle breeding activities in the island, the inten-

at particular times. Divinas are sung on the island of São

tion to settle the island with people was put aside due to

Nicolau with three voices in archaic Latin, although con-

the long droughts and the permanent lack of water.

sidering that they are transmitted from generation to

In the nineteenth century, 20 people lived on Santa Luzia

sions. Versions of this type of chant are found in the

generation, there has been some loss of the original ver-

and dedicated themselves to the trade of meat, dairy pro-

island of Santo Antão referred to as Ladainhas (litany)

ducts and leather known for their good quality. This small

and Salvé Rainha, and in the island of Santiago as Rezas

population was forced to leave due to the frequent

or Ressas (prayers). All of them are liturgical chants sung

droughts. However, in the twentieth century, up to the

by the people outside the churches.

1960s, a couple of shepherds, a husband and wife, lived

island public property, and nowadays it is a nature reserve.



The playing of the drums in Praia Branca is a serious mat-

Located to the north of the archipelago, the island of São

João, guided by a maestro who is highly respected, who

there. In 1990, the government declared this uninhabited

ter. Trials are done some days before the feasts of São

Nicolau covers an area of 343km2. Its widest point north

does not allow those who do not know how to play, and

to south is 25km, and it is approximately 50km long east

keeps the faster ones out.

to west. Volcanic activities in the past were very frequent and are visible in the physical aspect of the island, which,


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Barril Beach is well known on the island for its sand, reputed to have therapeutic properties

In Praia Branca the rhythm is slower and has a typical


choreography consisting usually of two rows of women who move their bodies towards each other sensuously,

There are guesthouses in Ribeira Brava and Tarrafal, the

saying at the same time malicious words, almost always

two most populated villages of the island. A hotel is

lustful and directed to the men. This slower pacing is

being built in the village of Tarrafal, with over 200 rooms.

done on purpose so that there is time for the choreo-

Rooms are available for rent in many different places.

graphy that would not be possible with a faster rhythm. This centuries-old cultural tradition stood up against the

Pensão Cruz

Inquisition and is re-enacted every year during the reli-

C.P. 36

gious feasts in the month of June.

Tel: +238-2351228


Pensão Jardim Tel: +238-2351117

There is an airport in Preguiça where domestic flights

Fax: +238-2351949

from S. Vicente and Sal land. There is one port in the island located in the village of Tarrafal.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

Pensão Jumbo

Ruins of the first concentration camp of Cape Verde –

Tel: +238-2351315

closed in 1935 and located in alto João Baptista.

Pousada Mana Guimara

Forte – a fortress located in the bay of S. Jorge, in the

Tel: +238-2351830

small village of Preguiça, the place where the population

Pensão Alice

nineteenth century to defend the region from the fre-

C.P. 12

quent attacks by pirates.

of the island would leave for the sea. It was built in the

Tel: +238-2361187 Ruins of Porto da Lapa – the first settlement of the island, Pensão Tocely

also worth visiting.

Tel: +238-2361220 Fax: +238-2361313


Residencial Natur

Bars and restaurants with typical Cape Verdean food can

Tel: +238-2361178

be found both in Ribeira Brava and in Tarrafal. Bars offe-

Fax: +238-2361175

ring good food can also be found in Preguiça and in other places on the island. Although fish is naturally the


base of the local cuisine, one of the most traditional dishes of the island is Modjo, a soup made with goat meat.

Village of Ribeira Brava – an interesting place worth visi-

However, diverse dishes, all fresh and tasty, are offered in

ting. There are still clear traces of colonial architecture

most of the restaurants. Seafood is very much apprecia-

and the place was chosen by the inhabitants as a shelter

ted, and lobster is the favourite.

in the middle of the seventeenth century because access Cuscús Caboverdiano is a type of cake made with butter and honey

to it was very difficult so they could easily flee from the frequent attacks by pirates.

Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário – built in the same century as the foundation of the village (1700), but restored later between 1891 and 1898.

Seminary High School – the first high school of the archipelago, where renowned figures of the Cape Verdean intellectual community studied. The house belonged to Dr Júlio José Dias and it was donated for the foundation of the seminary in 1866.

Praça Cónego Bouças – the main square with a bust of Dr Júlio José Dias, the island’s famous and respected medical doctor and benefactor.

Miradouro – located in Cachaço on the Caminho novo, offering a view of the whole valley of Ribeira Brava as well as of the village.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



The most popular religious feast is Nossa Sra. de Monte Cintina, celebrated in the region of Cachaço, on the

There are two nightclubs in Ribeira Brava and one in

second Sunday of May, characterized by long walks from

Tarrafal, but most of the time local residents of both villa-

one community to another, processions and religious

ges amuse themselves getting together in the main squa-

masses. The religious feasts in June and on Municipal Day

re, or in the locally organized dances and private dancing

are special celebrations. Most of the festivals are of a reli-

parties. Saturday nights are normally lively, but week-

gious nature and celebrate popular saints, and conse-

nights are usually very quiet, except in summer during

quently processions and masses are always included,

the school holidays, and in the Carnival when there is

followed by popular games, races and dancing parties.

much activity in the streets as well as a lot of parties.


Local handicrafts, as well as handicrafts from the other

Dancing is an integral part of all events in S. Nicolau, and

smaller communities such as Preguiça, Ribeira da Prata and

islands, are sold in Ribeira Brava and in Tarrafal. In the

people enjoy all sorts of dancing, from the waltz and

Juncalinho, basic goods such as water, food, toiletries etc.

square dance, with instructions in French, to the mazur-

are sold in most of the small local bars. The sugar-cane-

ka, traditions which have been passed from generation to

based alcoholic drink known as grogue and canned tuna


fish produced in this island are very much appreciated at the national level for their very good quality.

Carnival is a very animated and typical event in this island, and is considered the second-best street festival of


the archipelago, with street parades and the lively rhythm of drums.

The majesty and impressive altitude of the mountains offer excellent conditions for trekking or mountaineering

Community Estância Baixo and Caleijão

Feast Easter


in S. Nicolau, and some trails have already been identi-


fied. The deep valleys invite people for long walks and horseback riding. Fishing is a popular sport in Tarrafal, which is already frequented by lovers of fishing. It is pos-


Santo António

13th June

Praia Branca and Carvoeiros

São João

24th June

Ribeira Brava and Campinho

São Pedro

29th June

Praia da Prainha

São Pedrinho

1st Sunday after São Pedro

the direction of the airport you will come to Ribeira

Praia da Telha

Music Festival


streets and colourful houses. Continuing towards the

Ribeira Prata

Water Festival


Ribeira Brava

Nossa Sra do Rosário

1st Sunday in October

round due to good agricultural conditions.


São Francisco

1st Sunday in December

From Cachaço, a village near Fajã, you can get to Monte

Ribeira Brava

Municipality Day 6th December

sible to catch big fish such as the blue marlin.

EXCURSIONS By taking the road from the small village of Preguiça in

Brava, the island’s administrative capital, with narrow

east is Juncalinho, and to the north is the valley of Fajã where plots of farming land are cultivated almost all year

Gordo (1,304m), a natural park and the highest point of the island. A magnificent view can be enjoyed from the peak of this mountain, varying from deep valleys to


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

impressive mountains, to the Raso and Branco islets, the

The Dragoeiro, a rare tree in danger of extinction, still

island of Santa Luzia and, on bright sunny days, even a

exists on the island of S. Nicolau and can be seen in dif-

glimpse of the islands of S. Vicente and Santo Antão. The

ferent places. A curative substance is extracted from this

fishing village of Tarrafal, located towards the south, is the

tree and it is known in traditional alternative medicine for

island’s most populated area. It is developing well, and it

its power to alleviate pain. The Dragoeiro has become a

offers different attractions, especially its black sand bea-

national symbol of resistance to the constant droughts.

ches rich in iodine and titanium, which is very well known, both in the country and abroad, for its capacity to minimi-


ze the ailments caused by arthritis and rheumatism. The sea is rich in big fish and is known internationally by those

Fogo (Fire) was originally called the island of São Filipe,

who enjoy line-fishing as a sport. Baixo Rocha, one of the

and it was discovered in 1460. Its settlement started right

best beaches of the island, is located near this village.

after that of Santiago. The island is round and it looks like

By driving towards the north, through Barril, you will get

active, and the last eruption happened in April 1995. The

to Ribeira da Prata, a small village with signs of some

surface area of the island is 476km2, and it is the highest

development, where there are shops and grocery stores.

point of the archipelago, with the top of the volcano

Carriçal, located at the extreme east point of the island,

measuring 2,829m.

a volcano in shape. There is, in fact, a volcano that is still

is also worth visiting. There is important agricultural activity in the valleys of Fajã and Ribeira Prata, the two gree-

After its occupation, Fogo played a very important role in

nest areas of the island.

the economy of the country. The agricultural activity of The main tourist attraction on Fogo is the giant volcano

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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


Santiago was expanded to Fogo, and the cotton cultiva-


ted there served as money to buy slaves from the African coast, thus fulfilling the rules of the Portuguese Crown

The airport is only 2km away from the centre of São Filipe

dictating that slaves could only be bought with goods

and the port is in Vale dos Cavaleiros (locally known as

produced in the archipelago. Clothes made of the cotton

Barc’a Balêro).

produced in Fogo were very popular. The frequent droughts also affected the island of Fogo, so that the


people had to search for better life conditions. Many inhabitants joined the American whaleboats that fre-

There is one hotel and many different accommodation

quently anchored in Fogo in search of food and other

alternatives in São Filipe and its suburbs. There are some

provisions. At the end of the eighteenth century, the

guesthouses in Mosteiros and one country house hotel in

whalers recruited workers from the island of Brava, and

Chã das Caldeiras.

during the nineteenth century many inhabitants of these two islands emigrated to the United States of America.

Many local residents, who are usually very hospitable, rent rooms and one meal is normally included in the


so as to assure more privacy to the guest.

On the occasion of the feast for the day of São Filipe,


price. Most of the rooms are located outside the houses

many different rituals are organized by the local residents. The first one is the Coletcha, bringing women

Catholic Church – built at the end of the nineteenth cen-

together who start to peel and pound corn – cutchir – to

tury and functioning as the main church, it is being res-

make xerém in the pestle, working to the sound of the

tored and reflects the architecture of Portuguese colonial



On 30th April, in the evening, is the beginning of

Sobrados (colonial houses with verandas) – these houses

Cavalhada, which is the horse race. Right after the first

can be found in the city of São Filipe and they are a sign

race, people head towards the church for the blessing of

of prosperity of the great landowners of the past. There

the flag. Then they have a second horse race and head

is a project aimed at the restoration of the old houses so

towards the house of the organizer of the festival (festei-

as to make them life memories of the past, especially

ro) so that the women involved prepare and ornament

through the ‘reading’ of the history of Cape Verde in the

the framework to carry the statue of the patron saint of

old pieces of furniture, paintings, objects, etc.

the feast. The drummers and the dancers walk towards the hall of the church to light the candles with pieces of

Casa da Memória (Memory House) – this house was built

white cloth soaked in oil. On 1st May, the horse riders go

during the first half of the nineteenth century and was

to the festeiro’s house to collect the flag and start the

restored in 2001. It is a unique cultural space in the city.

races, which last for the whole day. Before lunch, there is a mass and a procession in the streets of the city of São

Alto da Aguadinha – a place from where you can have a

Filipe Antes with people carrying the statue of the patron

wonderful view of the City of São Filipe.

saint. After the last race, the flag is handed in to the festeiro who will have the responsibility to organize the fes-

Espigão (Cliff Spigon) – a view of the volcano is in the

tival next year. The flag has been transferred from hand

background as well as of the sea. On bright sunny days

to hand of different festeiros since 1917.

you can easily grasp the view of the island of Santiago. Located in the region called Cova Figueira.


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

with small agricultural areas.


Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Socorro – a small private struc-

The most important local feast is the São Filipe feast, or

Monte Genebra – a mountain located in Achada Malva,

ture from the nineteenth century that belonged to the

the Festival of Bandeiras, which starts in the last week of

ancient landowners of the island. In need of restoration.

April and ends on 1st May.


The patron saint of Mosteiros is celebrated on 13th May with a mass and a procession as well as a great party full

The food in the island of Fogo is rich in typical dishes. The

of music, drums and whistles. Music festivals are promo-

festivities always include typical dishes prepared in a tra-

ted in the summer time on the beach at the Port of Vale

ditional manner and meat is the basis of most of them,

dos Cavaleiros.

for instance gigoti, prepared with pork, cabbage and manioc, and djagacida, prepared with beans, freshly


pounded corn (rolão), national sausages, and xérem de festa. The local desserts are also very rich, with options

The typical handicrafts of the island of Fogo are made

such as coffee pudding, papaya, sweet potato and

with the lava that poured out of the chimney of the vol-

squash jams. The white and red wine of Fogo, as well as

cano. Different pieces and figures are sold almost every-

coffee at the end of the meal, are a must on the table.

where but mostly in Chã das Caldeiras. The Fogo Coffee,

There are many bars and restaurants with good food in

organic and of limited production, is well known for its

São Filipe, but not too many alternatives in Mosteiros and

quality and will last in the memory of those who drink it.

Chã das Caldeiras.

Other types of handicrafts as well as shops with other goods can be found in São Filipe.

ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS While Mosteiros is a very quiet place with no nightlife, some activity happens around the main square. São Filipe

The magnificent landscape of this island is an invitation

has many alternatives for nightlife. In Chã das Caldeiras

to take a nice walk or a bicycle ride. For those who are in

there is one place where local bands are invited to play

physical shape, climbing on foot to the top of the volcano

for dancing. Some places like Patim and Santo António

is quite a challenge. Fishing is another alternative for

have nightclubs as well.

those who like this activity, and it can be carried out in many places, particularly in the Vale dos Cavaleiros and




in Alcatraz.

Various places

São Sebastião

20th January

Various places

São João

24th June

Various places

São Pedro

29th June

Chã das Caldeiras

Santa Rainha de Cabo Verde (Santa Teresinha)

The second Sunday in July

Nossa Sra do Socorro

Nossa Sra do Socorro

5th August

island in terms of economic development, where the

São Lourenço

São Lourenço

10th August

especially producing the famous Fogo Coffee, known for


Municipality Day

15th August

its good quality and delicious aroma. Chã das Caldeiras is

24th November

a very picturesque place, where nobody would think that

Cova Figueira

Santa Catarina

EXCURSIONS You can get to Chã das Caldeiras (known as Tchã) driving from São Filipe or from Mosteiros (also known as Vila de Igreja), the second-most-important community of the

local population’s activity is mostly based on agriculture,

there could be either human life present or agriculture


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e


activity. In fact, there are two small communities called

craters, some of them still well preserved, but it is recom-

Portela and Bangaeira, with a local population that exce-

mended to do this in the company of a guide, who can

eds 600 people and very fertile land, and it therefore has

easily be found in the local population.

a diverse agricultural production, particularly the vineyards that allow for the production of the well-known

The natural park of Monte Velha is also located in Chã

Fogo wine. Nevertheless, these communities are located

das Caldeiras. Many different species of trees can be

in a risky area, on the way to the top of the volcano, and

found in this area, such as eucalyptus, jacaranda and aca-

despite them being aware of the need to move to other

cia, greatly contrasting with the arid nature of the areas

places, the local population insist on staying.

to the south.

From Chã das Caldeiras you can either walk up to the top

For those who want to swim, Salina in São Jorge is a nice

of the volcano, at an altitude of 2,829m, or explore the

and safe alternative beach surrounded by caves and reefs.

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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

BASIC VOCABULARY Cape Verdean Glossary/Creole Expressions Creole is the language most spoken all over the Archipelago. The accent may differ from island to island, with the accent of Creole spoken in Santiago mostly accepted in the islands that comprise the Sotavento group, and the accent of the Creole spoken in São Vicente mostly accepted in the islands of the Barlavento. English

Krioulo (Santiago)

Krioulo (São Vicente)


Krioulo (Santiago)

Krioulo (São Vicente)




Come here

Ben li

Ben li




Wait a minute




What is your name?

Spera un Esperá um minut momentu Mó ki bu tchoma? Mané ke bo nome?


Pur favor


Excuse me

Kon Lisensa


Pardon me



Thank you



You’re welcome

Es é ka nada

Es ne nada

Do you speak Portuguese/ English/French?

Bu ta papia Português Inglês/Francês?

Please, speak slowly

My name is…

Nha nomi ê…

Why? When?

Pamódi? Kuandu? Purque? Kondé?

Who? What?

Ken? Kuzé?

Ken? O ke?

It is all right / It is not all right

Sta dretu / Ka sta dretu

Ta dret / Ka ta dret

Bo ta falá Português Inglês/Francês?

Several / Few

Txeu / Poku

Tcheu / Pok

More / Less

Mas / Menus

Mas / Mens

Pur favor, papia divagar

Fala d’vagar, d’favor

Right now

Gosi li


I do not understand

N ka ta konprende

Un ka intende

I do not know

N ka sabi

N ka sabe

Do you want?

Bu kre ?

Bo kre?

Repeat it, please

Torna fla, pur favor

Fala ot vez, d’favor

I don’t want

N ka kre

N ka kre

I don’t know

N ka sabi

N ka sabê

What do you want?

Kuzé ki bu kre?

Cze ke bo kre? Where is?

Ê na undi?


How much is it?

E kantu?

How are you?

Modi ki bu sta?

Ke Mane bo stâ?

Listen / look here Obi li / Djobe li

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

um/uma dois/duas três quatro cinco seis (seysh) sete oito nove dez

Uvi li / Oiá

Can you help me? Bu pode djuda-m? Bo pode jdame

Ê tonté?

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Nha nome ê…

onze doze treze catorze quinze dezasseis dezassete dezoito dezanove vinte

21 22 23 30 40 50 60 70 80 90


vinte-um/uma vinte-dois vinte-três trinta quarenta cinquenta sessenta setenta oitenta noventa

100 200 300 500 1000 2000 1,000,000

cem duzentos trezentos quinhentos mil dois mil milhão

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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e



A table for one person/

Uma mesa para uma/



two people, please

duas pessoa(s), por favor





Can I look at the menu,

Posso ver o menu,




por favor?




antes de (ANtesh deh)











I want...



Use afternoon (tarde) for early evening,



and night (noite) for late evening.



Unlike English, “boa noite” is used as an



initial greeting and not just to say goodbye.



















This week

esta semana



Last week

a semana passada



Next week

próxima semana















Black pepper

pimenta negra



Quero um copo de...?

Wednesday quarta-feira Thursday




May I have a glass of...?



May I have a cup of...?

Quero uma chávena de...?

May I have a bottle of...?

Quero uma garrafa...?









Tea (drink)








(Bubbly) water

água com gás










Agosto (AGOSH-too)

Red/white wine

vinho tinto/branco



The bill, please

A conta, por favor








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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

SOURCES & USEFUL WEBSITES The majority of the information compiled in this guidebook is first hand information collected by our team in the country through a number of interviews

PricewaterhouseCoopers Cape Verde Cabinet of the Minister of Housing, Relocation and Territory Directel Cabo Verde

Comissão Instaladora da Universidade de Cabo Verde: Direcção de Formação e Qualificação de Quadros: Página Oficial do Governo de Cabo Verde: Ministério da Educação e Valorização dos Recursos Humanos: Secretaria de Estado da Juventude: Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas: Universidade do Algarve: Escola Náutica Infante D. Henrique: Instituto Politécnico de Leiria: Universidade Marítima Mundial: Câmara Municipal de Sâo Vicente: Câmara Municipal da Praia: Câmara Municipal do


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e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

COMPANY INDEX AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES ANSA ..........................................................................................................................................................PAGE 76 INPD (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DAS PESCAS) ............................................................PAGE 76 INIDA (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACION E DESARROLLO AGRARIO) ..............................................PAGE 77 INERF (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ENGENHERIA RURAL E FLORESTAS) ..........................................................PAGE 78 FRESCOMAR SA ..........................................................................................................................................PAGE 78 MILOT HYDROPONICS LDA ........................................................................................................................PAGE 78

ENERGY ELECTRA SARL ............................................................................................................................................PAGE 85 ENACOL (EMPRESA NACIONAL DE COMBUSTÍVEIS) ....................................................................................PAGE 86 INGRH (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE GESTIÓN DE LOS RECURSOS HÍDRICOS) ..................................................PAGE 87 SHELL CABO VERDE SARL ..........................................................................................................................PAGE 88 SONANGOL ................................................................................................................................................PAGE 89

FINANCE BCA (BANCO COMERCIAL DO ATLÂNTICO) ................................................................................................PAGE 96 BCN (BANCO CABOVERDIANO DE NEGOCIOS)............................................................................................PAGE 97 BANCO DE CABO VERDE (NATIONAL BANK OF CAPE VERDE) ....................................................................PAGE 98 BANCO ESPIRITO SANTO ............................................................................................................................PAGE 99 BANCO INTERATLÂNTICO ..........................................................................................................................PAGE 99 BDO CAPEAUDIT ......................................................................................................................................PAGE 100 BOLSA DE VALORES DE CABO VERDE ......................................................................................................PAGE 100 CAIXA ECONÓMICA DE CABO VERDE ......................................................................................................PAGE 101 CAPITAL CONSULTING ............................................................................................................................PAGE 101 ECV FINANCIAL SERVICES AND EXCHANGE AGENCY................................................................................PAGE 102 GARANTIA, COMPANHIA DE SEGUROS DE CABO VERDE SA ....................................................................PAGE 102 IMPAR, COMPANHIA CABOVERDIANA DE SEGUROS ................................................................................PAGE 104 INPS (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE PROVIDÊNCIA SOCIAL) ............................................................................ PAGE 104 MILLENNIUM CHALLENGE ACCOUNT (MCA) ............................................................................................PAGE 105 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS ..................................................................................................................PAGE 106

INDUSTRY & TRADE ÁGUAS DE CABO VERDE – TRINDADE ......................................................................................................PAGE 111 CAFÉS DE CABO VERDE LDA ....................................................................................................................PAGE 112 CIMENTOS DE CABO VERDE ....................................................................................................................PAGE 113 LAZARETO INDUSTRIAL PARK ....................................................................................................................PAGE 114 MACRONESIA FAIR ..................................................................................................................................PAGE 115


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Página 227

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

w w w. e b i z g u i d e s . c o m

COMPANY INDEX MOAVE – MOAGEM DE CABO VERDE SA ................................................................................................PAGE 116 SCCR (SOCIEDADE CABO VERDIANA DE CERVEJA E REFRIGERANTES) ......................................................PAGE 116 SITA – SOCIEDADE INDUSTRIAL DE TINTAS SA ..........................................................................................PAGE 116

PUBLIC SERVICES EDUCATION CAPE VERDE JEAN PIAGET UNIVERSITY ....................................................................................................PAGE 122 IEPF (INSTITUTE OF EMPLOYMENT AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION) ........................................................PAGE 123 UNIVERSIDADE DE CABO VERDE ..............................................................................................................PAGE 124 IILP (THE INTERNATIONAL PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE INSTITUTE)................................................................PAGE 125

HEALTH ARFA (AGENCY FOR THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS) ....PAGE 125 EMPROFAC (EMPRESA NACIONAL DE PRODUTOS FARMACÊUTICOS SARL) ..............................................PAGE 126 INPHARMA LABORATORIOS ......................................................................................................................PAGE 126

PUBLIC WORKS & HOUSING PUBLIC WORKS ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DOS MUNICÍPIOS CABOVERDEANOS ................................................................PAGE 138 ENGIC (ENGENHEIROS ASSOCIADOS LDA) ................................................................................................PAGE 138 HBC HIDRAULICA BETAO Y CONSTRUÇOES ............................................................................................PAGE 135 INSTITUTO DE ESTRADAS ..........................................................................................................................PAGE 135 LOID ENGENHARIA....................................................................................................................................PAGE 136

PROPERTY CAPE VERDE SOLUTIONS ..........................................................................................................................PAGE 136 CAPITAL COUNTRY CLUB..........................................................................................................................PAGE 137 EDITUR......................................................................................................................................................PAGE 138 IFH (IMOBILIÁRIA, FUNDIÁRIA E HABITAT) ................................................................................................PAGE 140 IMOR ........................................................................................................................................................PAGE 140 PARADISE BEACH......................................................................................................................................PAGE 141 SAMBALA DEVELOPMENTS ......................................................................................................................PAGE 141 TECNICIL ..................................................................................................................................................PAGE 142 TURINVEST IMOBILIA ................................................................................................................................PAGE 142 VILA VERDE RESORT..................................................................................................................................PAGE 143

TOURISM ANV (AGÊNCIA NACIONAL DE VIAGENS) ..................................................................................................PAGE 151 CALHETA BAY ..........................................................................................................................................PAGE 152


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Página 228

e B i z g u i d e s C a p e Ve r d e

COMPANY INDEX EDITUR PONTA BICUDA ............................................................................................................................PAGE 152 MURDEIRA BEACH RESORT ......................................................................................................................PAGE 152 NOVATUR TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY ..................................................................................................PAGE 153 PRAIATUR LDA, TRAVEL AGENCY..............................................................................................................PAGE 153 OÁSIS ATLÁNTICO PRAIAMAR HOTEL ......................................................................................................PAGE 154 OÁSIS ATLÁNTICO BELORIZONTE HOTEL ..................................................................................................PAGE 154 PESTANA TRÓPICO HOTEL ........................................................................................................................PAGE 155 SANTIAGO GOLF RESORT ..........................................................................................................................PAGE 156

TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS ASA (AEROPUERTOS E SEGURANÇA AEREA) ............................................................................................PAGE 168 AIR SENEGAL INTERNATIONAL ..................................................................................................................PAGE 170 CABNAVE ................................................................................................................................................PAGE 170 CABO VERDE EXPRESS ..............................................................................................................................PAGE 171 DHL EXPRESS ............................................................................................................................................PAGE 172 ENAPOR (EMPRESA NACIONAL DE ADMINISTRACAO DOS PORTOS) ..........................................................PAGE 173 HALCYON AIR ..........................................................................................................................................PAGE 174 MAERSK....................................................................................................................................................PAGE 174 TACV (CABO VERDE AIRLINES) ..................................................................................................................PAGE 174

TELECOMMUNICATIONS ANAC (THE NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY) ..............................................................................PAGE 175 CORREIOS DE CABO VERDE ......................................................................................................................PAGE 175 CABO VERDE TELECOM ............................................................................................................................PAGE 176 DIRECTEL CABO VERDE ............................................................................................................................PAGE 177 INE (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ESTATÍSTICA CABO VERDE)........................................................................PAGE 178 NÚCLEO OPERACIONAL DA SOCIEDADE DA INFORMAÇÃO, NOSI ............................................................PAGE 178 OPAL (PUBLICIDADE DE CABO VERDE LDA) ..............................................................................................PAGE 179 RTC, RADIO E TELEVISÃO DE CABO VERDE ..............................................................................................PAGE 180


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eBizguides Cape Verde  

Cape Verde, country, investment, guide, guidebook, business, entertainment, companies, top, 100, legal framework, infrastructure, energy, ed...

eBizguides Cape Verde  

Cape Verde, country, investment, guide, guidebook, business, entertainment, companies, top, 100, legal framework, infrastructure, energy, ed...