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Director’s Note Academic study and the training in the arts is as gratifying and as intensive as any subject area one will engage in at any University around the world. Here at the Errol Barrow Centre our focus is to present the best experience and training in the arts, in and for our region within a context of being an internationally accredited Director programme. Like many other Professor Gladstone Yearwood PhD, MA, BFA programmes, applicants must fulfill the University matriculation requirements which starts with passes at the Ordinary Level and Advanced Level qualifications from London, Cambridge and of course CXC Examining Boards as well as a portfolio in the arts or some other evidence of your dedication and interest in the field. We are proud to say that the EBCCI is the leading creative arts programme in the Caribbean and we attract not only the leading creatives and arts professionals from across the region and world , but we offer state of the art facilities and technologies to our regional and international students. Since opening in 2006, we are still the only arts education facility in the Eastern Caribbean to pair both the practical, theoretical and arts management in academia. The EBCCI can make your creativity flourish into a fruitful career in areas such as teaching, curators of galleries, museums and film, filmmakers and production staff and in the print and audio-visual media, as we nurture the creative and innovative mind. We are the inspirational school on the Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the names of the great Caribbean philosophers; George Lamming, Toussaint Louverture, Rex Nettleford, Earl Warner and Derek Walcott.

About the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination Set against the canvas of the Caribbean Sea, adjacent to the main campus of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, or as we affectionately call it, the EBCCI, is the Creative Arts Centre of the Cave Hill Campus. We provide creative academic training in the arts, primarily in dance, film and theatre and the minor in music. The youngest of the Creative Centres of the University of the West Indies, we are the only one to present a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and training in film, providing an exploration in to the practical and theoretical concept in the arts in the Caribbean context, with international perspectives.


The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI) provides leadership in the arts and serves the needs of the creative community in the Caribbean by harnessing the diverse resources of the university to create a truly interdisciplinary creative environment that fosters Caribbean identity and culture through the creation, exhibition and performance, study and research of the arts.


So we’ve finished Secondary School and Community College? Deciding what it is you really want to do, is often challenging. Making lists of the pros and cons of subject areas that are appealing and that you are passionate about and the career opportunities. What can you do that you can change the world. That’s what University is all about!

What next? Follow your dream and pursue study in the creative arts. Reading for a Bachelor of Fine Arts supports creativity and creative ideas, thinking and innovation and can lead to successful careers as practising artists, as filmmakers, theatre artists, playwrights, screenwriters, researchers, arts administrators in museums, galleries, theatre managers, audio-visual and print media professionals, public relations, production management, choreographers, directors, researchers, cultural administrators, website managers and teachers. The opportunities are endless in the creative fields, which one are you!

Why study at the EBCCI

The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination is the Caribbean hub of creativity which is fully equipped to the making of and the studying of the creative arts to support the creative industries. Catering to our unique region, with world class lecturers, the EBCCI, serves as the melting pot of Caribbean creative discovery and unity as we use our diverse experiences to create new age work in any field and subject area. We strongly encourage candidates to enrol in our programmes to develop their creative imagination to develop Caribbean talent and appreciation.

EBCCI PROGRAMMES The centre functions as a hub for the creation, distribution and preservation of the arts, especially in the Caribbean context. Along with the degree programmes, the EBCCI offers Certificates in Motion Picture Arts, hosts a Summer Arts Programme and conducts research in the Creative Arts.

Along with the degree programmes, the EBCCI offers Certificates in Motion Picture Arts, hosts a Summer Arts Programme and conducts research in the Creative Arts.

The EBCCI’s Bachelor of Fine Arts is a multidisciplinary programme which is designed to allow students to focus on two disciplines out of the three areas Dance, Film & Theatre, to improve career prospects, creativity and international marketability.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree provides a rigorous programme of study focusing on the creation, teaching and critical study of art. The BFA helps students to hone their artistic skills within the context of an enlightened arts and humanities education, providing

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Arts

discipline-specific study in creative arts, text analysis and the history of the arts. Students complete courses in aesthetics, theory, history and criticism and follow a programme of study in two arts disciplines (initially drawn from dance, theatre, moving picture arts and aesthetics and criticism). Students learn to

manage the creative process, work with creative artists, government agencies, cultural organisations, community groups and art institutions, such as art galleries, festivals, heritage sites, museums and dance companies,



management & hospitality, and





raise funds and


resources, and develop arts and cultural programmes. The programme of study includes service learning and internship components. Students are required to choose between a thesis project and a portfolio of creative work that must be presented




Coursework includes practicum placement with the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination in either creative arts ensembles or in the technical operation of the theatre, film-screening room, and dance studio and art gallery. Faculty will meet regularly with students to discuss progress and suggest directions for growth.

Master of Arts Creative Arts Programme The MA programme is built on the study and appreciation of the arts and grounded in the skills required for teaching and learning in the arts and the management of arts and cultural industries. Students learn the dynamics of the creative process – artistic production, working with artists, schools, government agencies, cultural organizations, community groups and art institutions, such as museums and dance companies, to promote art, enhance artistic skills, raise funds, manage budgets, and develop arts and cultural programmes. Our postgraduate programme seeks to engage artists, teachers and cultural industry workers to explore the development of an arts and cultural infrastructure focusing on national and regional objectives within a Caribbean context. With the increasing importance of arts and culture in the international economy, our post-graduate programme focuses on capacity building to develop human resources in the creative arts, to integrate the arts into schools’ curricula and to produce high-quality art work that will benefit the Caribbean and support the growth of the arts and culture sector. For further information please contact Mrs. Frances Hinds Griffith, BSc. MBA Tel. (246) 417-4776 Fax. (246) 417-8903 Or visit



Ms. F. Neri Torres, MFA Lecturer in Dance

Students who undertake this programme will have the opportunity to represent the EBCCI annually through Ensemble presentations in our annual end of year festival, and at the end of each semester, performing in our fully equipped 250 seater, black box theatre. The EBCCI Dance Ensemble has performed in festivals in Jamaica and Cuba and individual members have formed their own companies and have been invited to perform nationally and throughout the region.

Dance, the expressive bodily rhythmic and artistic form performed to sound. The Caribbean is full of sounds, from the pulsating drums, the gyrating calypsos, the tinny percussion of the steel pan, the wind through the foliage, the melodies of our dialects, rhythm is Caribbean. Students of Dance can look forward to a programme of practicum, with classes in Dance Technique, Modern Dance and Choreography paired with the study in the theory with classes in Production Management, Stagecraft, Critical Foundations in the arts, internship along with classes in your other chosen focus.

The EBCCI boasts a state of the art, air conditioned sprung floor dance studio with built in audio system, piano and drums.

Theatre Taking the story from the page and our griots and taking it to the stage is the fundamental theatre experience. Young thespian enthusiasts can look forward to not only honing their craft on the stage through studio classes such as; introduction to theatre, acting for stage and screen, writing courses such as Playwriting and Fundamentals of Story and Narration Mr. C.M. Harclyde Walcott, BA along with Aesthetics studies, delving into the History Lecturer in Theatre and Theory of Performing Arts and the culmination of it all in Theatre Ensemble and Directing Performance.

The EBCCI boasts a state of the art, wooden floor performance studio with piano .

To further develop the young artist, the EBCCI promotes the study abroad initiative and ensemble tours. To date the BFA students have won awards, accolades and showcased in Theatre in Jamaica, Cuba and at CARIFESTA X respectively.


Film The EBCCI Boasts a fully software and hardware equipped mac lab, a fifty two seat cinÊmathèque, HD Cameras, track and dolly, sound and lighting kits.

Dr. Augustin Hatar PhD. Lecturer in Film

The EBCCI is the leading film training facility in the Caribbean, led by Director of the EBCCI and renowned filmmaker Professor Gladstone Yearwood. Students who select the motion picture arts will be trained in the art of filmmaking, taking courses in cinematography, documentary, directing, production tools as well as writing for stage & screen.

By the end of the programme students would have become seasoned filmmakers whether in directing, producing, being a gaffer or boom operator as well as have their films showcased in the monthly screenings of the EBCCI Cinema Club. This practicum and theory based subject matter prepares you for independent filmmaking, careers in media and scholarly work to support the creative sector throughout the Caribbean and the wider world.

Certificate in Motion Picture Arts The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, offers the Motion Picture Arts Certificate (MPAC) through the EBCCI. The MPAC is a programme of study focusing on the development of artistic and technical skills in Motion Picture Arts, which form the basis for creative work in film, television, animation and digital storytelling. The Certificate programme offers courses in the disciplines necessary to produce music video, educational and training films, documentary and narrative film. Course work includes the fundamentals of digital film production, production planning, and the use of camera, lighting and sound packages on location and in a studio setting. Students successfully completing the Certificate programme will earn University of the West Indies credits that can be used toward a Bachelor’s degree programme. Admission to the Certificate is selective based on experience in theatre arts, video and film. Students will be required to submit a creative portfolio and undergo an audition and/or interview. Students will learn a range of below-the-line Motion Picture Arts skills, which can be used in making film and television programmes. Upon completing the programme, the specific student learning outcomes, skills and knowledge encompass: Overview of the Motion Picture Arts process Hands-on training across several key disciplines of Motion Picture Arts Fundamentals of screenwriting Technical and creative aspects of production design, cinematography, editing and sound. A range of below-the-line production skills including production management and 1st assistant directing .


Annual Calendar AUGUST Semester I Begins Registration & Orientation


FEBRUARY International Diaspora Arts Festival Black History Month Commemoration MARCH Jamaica Dance Umbrella

Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase


End of Semester Productions Annual Heroes Production

Graduation Celebrations Alumni Celebrations



End of Semester Productions Semester Ends

End of Semester Productions Annual Heroes Play

DECEMBER Written Examinations

JUNE Summer School Starts Imagine Youth The Summer Arts Programme

JANUARY Semester II Begins EBCCI Cinema Club Starts

JULY Imagine Youth; The Summer Arts Programme

Our Facilities

The Art Gallery The Cinémathèque

The Performance Studio

The George Lamming Pedagogical Centre

The Student Common Area The Dance Studio


Any Questions Why Don’t You Contact Us ! Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Bridgetown St. Michael Barbados Telephone (246) 417-4776 Facsimile (246) 417-8903 Email. Website:

Applying Visit




EBCCI Prospectus  

An infomation guide for prospective students and their parents about the Creative Arts programmes of the EBCCI, at the UWI Cave Hill Campus.

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