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The Thesis Productions of the Graduating Class in Theatre, Film & Dance


THE SCHEDULE Producer’s Note CAPSTONE Thesis is the final year dissertation of students of the Creative Arts. As all degree programmes, a thesis is the culmination and application of academic enquiry into a subject area; however, in lieu the creative arts study is one of a more practice-led investigation. As the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus continues to make revolutionary strides in expansion and diversity of training opportunities for Barbadians and the wider Caribbean, tonight’s showcase signals the UWI’s commitment in seeking to provide and support catalysts for economic diversification and industry support. Providing a renaissance of the arts, the UWI, through its Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, nurtures creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in a formal Caribbean context. This evening, as our students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme showcase their coming of age, the EBCCI has firmly committed itself to the providing of leadership in the arts. We have commenced the serving the needs of the arts and creative community in the Caribbean, by creating a truly interdisciplinary creative environment that fosters Caribbean identity and culture through the creation, exhibition and performance, study and research of the arts. Tonight’s presentation is one of a dual celebration as the EBCCI, with its students on stage tonight, celebrates a milestone in its maturity.

We thank you for your continued support of our journey and look forward to seeing you at our many other stops.

SATURDAY Theatre Dario & the La Ja Blesse

INTERMISSION Films My Frens Have Come, Give Them Some Rum Keep Moving Diaries of an Immigrant

SUNDAY Theatre Sing a Black Girl Song

INTERMISSION Films Skin Deep Going Beyond

MONDAY Films Sang Double Never

INTERMISSION Dance De Artists’ Assylum

SaskyLouison JoelBarrow

THEATRE Writer / Director


Sasky’s perfect career would include singing, acting, writing and being a radio and television personality. A graduate of the BCC Mass Communications Programme, Sasky is completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree focussing on Theatre and Film at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination. This song bird is best known for her moving rendition of the classic song “How Great Thou Art” in the renowned Honey Jam Barbados showcase. In 2010, she was awarded two medals in Barbados’ National Independence of Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) for the songs “Strange Fruit,” and “My Life is In Your Hands”. She is very passionate about her dreams and hopes that her creative career can be used one day to help children and teenagers through guidance and counselling.

Producer / Director / Writer /Cinematographer / Editor

Dario & the La Jablesse short theatrical production the infamous La Jablesse is depicted in a role which is unfamiliar for her kind. Familiarly, the La Jablesse is known as the lady-devil, the old crone who appears as a beautiful young lady to the unfortunate passer-by who immediately falls under the spell of her beauty, only to walk into his death unknowingly or suffer the consequences of the curse of perpetual madness. However, this play presents an anomaly. The La Jablesse finds herself falling in love with a human. With the unfolding of this incongruity of a story the viewers will see a Caribbean folktale taking on a new dimension. Instead of the setting being in the pre-independence era, the viewer is taken to the late 1970’s where social and economic development is taking place in the Caribbean and the influence of the popular West Indian supernatural beings appear to be dwindling. In this

CAST: Ashley Rocke Lauren Simmons Janine White

Nala Andrew Pilgrim Sasky Louison

Joel Brian Barrow is in his final year reading for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Arts focusing on film. Although best known for his musical achievements such as songwriter of various dancehall tracks for Dj Hardmout Bling and a sweet Raggasoca for Jus Smoove entitled “Mad Sweet”, Joel has a passion for making documentaries, commercials and music videos all of which incorporate his distinctive creative vision. In his second year he was awarded the Helen Carnegie Prize for the Creative Arts. From that day forth, Joel has pushed for creative excellence in anything he sets his mind to conquer.

My Frens Have Come, Give Them Some Rum This documentary explores the life of a father of three, who became an alcoholic, despite seeing his own father die from alcohol abuse. At the end of his journey he agrees that casual alcohol abuse over a period of time is seriously detrimental to one’s health. This film explores social misconceptions of the result of casual alcohol consumption in Barbados.

CAST: Bentley Welch Dr Ermine Belle Michael Hull, SN





Director /Producer/ Editor / SoundEngineer / A graduate of the Barbados Community College’s Mass Communications programme, at 26 years of age this film student has been practically immersed in all aspects of mass media creation from the tender age of 16. Proficient in Video Editing, Sound Design, Photography and Graphic work he has taken this skill set and applied it to the newest in his long line of passions; Skateboarding. In his final year at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination this film student continues to push his limits towards making meaningful contributions to the creative industry.

Keep Moving The history and origin of skateboarding stems far away from Barbadian shores, yet this cultural phenomenon has assimilated itself into an underground collective going back nearly 5 decades or more. Keep Moving is the story of the birth of the skateboarding community in Barbados; from its roots in homemade scooters to the surf culture’s transition to sidewalks. This film follows generations of skaters from the “old school” and the current flag bearers for the “new school” via members of the established local skate team, Movement. CAST:

Paul Wilson Paul Layne Mikul Miyagi Zaundre O Sullivan Adrian Bowen Martin Clarke Hakeem Scott Luke Cox Justin DeVerteuil (Trinidad) Mike Graveline (Canada) Kevin St. Hill

Writer/ Director / Production Manager / Editor With aspirations to become a Caribbean filmmaker/ producer, capable of capturing the Caribbean with an organic aesthetic, Satya has nurtured this dream from her inception of interest in the arts. She is a recreational visual artist and dancer who expanded her creativity into theatre and moved eventually into what she considers as her niche – film. Satya is fascinated with the medium of film as it tells a story that can be evocative and compelling with the capability of effecting change on a wider scale. Her vision is to be a viable force as a contributor to the nurturing of the currently slowly developing Caribbean film industry. She continues, through her films to challenge the status quo as she moves towards her vision.

Diaries of an Immigrant This film aims to investigate the problem of xenophobia in Barbados and indirectly the Caribbean. Its focus is the relationship Barbadians have with Guyanese, using an example of the life of a young mother who is trying to create a better life for herself and her child. It chronicles the life of a young woman Alicia who is used as a symbol, representing poverty stricken immigrants and the difficulties they face in trying to create a better life for them. CAST:

Nakita Kunar Jerelle Joseph Kim Weekes Corey Payne Carol Brathwaite Dominic Franklyn Neil Waithe Thomas Atkins

NakitaHolder THEATRE


Writer/ Artistic Director/ Actress


This passionate 22 year old actress, writer and graduate of the Theatre Arts Programme of the Barbados Community College, believes in expanding your artistry across the international arena. Nakita, the writer and artistic director of Sing a Black Girl’s Song has acted in numerous plays including ‘Broken Dolls’, ‘Da Kink in my Hair’, ‘Female Sexuality’, ‘Windchimes of the Labyrinth and more recently ‘Embodied Knowing’. This young thespian has represented the UWI EBCCI Theatre Ensemble in Cuba and in Jamaica at the Mona Campus Theatre competition ‘Tallawah’ where she received a High Commendation for Best Actress. Nakita has her eyes set on a career in the International Film Industry.

Director/ Videographer/ Editor/ Writer/ Sound

Sing a Black Girl’s Song This theatrical presentation features the journey of Naomi Walters who loses touch with reality. We enter the world of the Belmont Psychiatric Hospital where Naomi has recently been admitted for treatment. The play explores the lines of sanity and insanity with relation to survival. A defiant Naomi re-enters her past trials with great difficulty on separating her present from her past. Naomi seeks the assistance of Dr. Kimberly Matthews to combat this disease that is plaguing many young people across the World.

CAST: Nakita Holder Janelle Mitchell Neil Waithe Marcus Myers Clish Gittens Saran Lashley Teila Williams

Fuelled by a love for originality and the creative energy, Anton, a videographer, photographer, editor, musician and writer is looking forward to showing his versatility and artistic expression through becoming a pioneer in developing Caribbean film. This young creative artist has worked behind the scenes in projects such as Alison Hinds’ ‘Faluma/Makalele’ music video as script writer. He was also a sound engineer in the Caribbean Tales 48 hour film challenge, founded the music group Xile and is currently the artistic director for their video ‘How Much To Heaven’. Anton is one of the creative minds behind the HIV promotion 'Protect your Wicket' in Barbados. The time spent enrolled at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination has strengthened his editing and camera capabilities and affirmed his skills as a creative and a writer.

Skin Deep The project Skin Deep exposes the characteristics of the body modification practices of tattooing and piercing from a local standpoint, as well as globally, to be able to locate the Barbadian perspective within the world and highlight the significance of them to Barbadians. The work will highlight through interviews with medical and business professionals and religious representatives, the varied views on these body modification practices to provide a well-rounded view of the art in Barbados.

CAST: Anton Nixon Bianca Thorne Satya Collymore

DamienPinder FILM Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Cinematographer At 24 years of age, Damien is actively involved in the Arts and Cultural Sector in Barbados. This EBCCI final year student has won the Best Film award in the 48hour Film Challenge at the 2012 Caribbean Tales Film Festival. Damien has worked as second assistant director on Alison Hind’s Faluma/Makelele music video and as a production assistant on Livvi Franc’s “Free” music video. As a creative, Damien’s hobbies are mostly related to the discipline of Arts and Culture and they include watching films, watching behind the scenes of films, playing the guitar and drums, making beats and singing. His long-term goals in the discipline are “straightforward”, according to him: “Just to be happy with what I produce in the future, and not let people dictate my appreciation of my work.”

Going Beyond This film explores the rising issue of child custody deprivation and the effects of psychological abuse. It represents the life story of father who has been denied the privilege of seeing his son, by his ex-wife. It also seeks to address the impact of early childhood development and the significant role it plays in shaping one’s future.

CAST: Rotchelle Gibbons Clish Gittens Kyei Hope Neil Waithe Neil Marshall Rachele Proverbs Tyson Henry Damien Pinder

AndrewGreen DANCE Artistic Director/ Choreographer Andrew is a dancer who is engaged in the mixing of different movement styles, in the journey of creating a complete vocabulary of dance specifically for the communication of narrative. This final year EBCCI BFA student has received training under the direction of Gene Carson, Neri Torres, Gina Mayers and Lana Sealy. Since the start of his dance career, he has graced stages in Trinidad, Jamaica and Cuba. He is trained in gymnastics and has taken a liking to break dance and other forms of hip hop dance. In the very near future he aspires to be a hip hop choreographer and gymnastics teacher, with his own school, travelling around the world.

De Artists’ Asylum Explores the mind of the artist and reveals those mental secrets which formulate and are manifested as emotions and thoughts surrounding the artists' creative process. It involves the use of dance, paint and other artistic mediums which present a totality of artistic expression. The piece as it relates to the Caribbean establishes that in Barbados, art should exist as a single tree with many branches that extends and runs throughout human existence and is identified as an experience, expression and celebration of Life.

CAST: Shea Best Caminee Walters Courtenay Thorne Jelani Brice Amaris Clarke Sade-Maria Edwards Clare Edwards Levi King

ChakaWelch FILM Writer/ Director/Editor/Cinematographer/ Sound/ Music

JamalWeekes FILM Director/ Actor

Chaka a young biracial and bilingual artist has always been called ‘different’ and struggled to find a place in society. Having moved to Barbados and adapting a new culture she has had a passion for the visual arts since she could speak. Her love for photography has grown from living in Barbados and since then, she has completed Art at CXC and CAPE. In order to broaden her horizons in the field, Chaka took on Film as part of her medium of artistic expression. Over the years, she has worked as a photographer and videographer on many productions both local and international. Chaka believes in the strong power that Film has in telling stories and wishes to use it to reach a greater audience in expressing her reality of the world.

From a young age Jamal has had a vivid imagination, living in a world of his own creation. Currently completing his Undergraduate Degree in Creative Arts, this all-rounder in film seeks to tell stories of life, the human condition and experiencing God. He believes that everyone has a story, and everyone’s story should be heard. With an interest in the inner workings of the human mind his goal is to have his work reflect the realities that we live in and wish for. Throughout his time at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination Jamal has participated in the creation of several films including; Corrupt Reflections and Possibilities both of which he wrote and directed. He has also been in larger projects including Professor Gladstone Yearwood’s film Sweet Bottom.

Never Sang Double Sang Double is a documentary about a young woman’s journey to identity as a biracial individual. She explores her identity from different places; emotionally, culturally and racially. Her goal is to show that there are many facets to having more than one heritage and that there is a deeper matter in coming from two worlds.

CAST: Chaka Welch Gabriel Welch Nathanaele Tissieres Shana Tissieres Iago Tissieres Elina Tissieres Florence Tissieres Peter Welch Françoise Helmann Yanique Hume Deanne Forde

This film tells the story of a young man’s journey through self-destruction to possible hope. Told through intense visual metaphors we watch as he sits waiting for death. He is a broken man looking back at the tainted and distorted path he walked throughout his life. As he looks back he is bombarded with a flood of nightmares and familiar terrors. He is haunted by the demons of his past, and no matter how much he runs from them, their hold on him grows seemingly stronger with each moment. It is that very darkness that causes hope to shine even brighter. Through the horrors of his life he sees his saving grace, realising he was never alone he must make a life altering decision. Will he give into the torment he’s carried all his life, or will he reach out to this saviour?

CAST: Janelle Clarke Clish Gittens Temo Ross Angelo Lascelles Makita Wiggins Angela Bowen

PRODUCTION TEAM Executive Producer

Professor Gladstone Yearwood


Ms. De Carla Applewhaite, Ms. Janelle Mitchell


Mrs. Carla Springer Hunte

Technical Director

Ms. Paula Mascoll


Mr. Mark Maynard, Mr. Colville Thompson

Front of House Manager

Ms. Nicole Pinder

Lighting Design

Ms. Afi Farrell

Sound Engineer

Mr. Ronnellon Farley

Stage Management

Mr. Franchero Ellis


Mr. Jason Russell, Mr. Cabral Trotman Ms. Lia Gajadhar


Mr. Philip Arthur


The Progressive Optimist Club


The Progressive Optimist Club

Special Thanks & Acknowledgements

France Langlois Franchero Ellis Jason Russell AndrĂŠ Clarke KB Sharp Ian Austin Shimar Gollop Deidre Boyce Oswell Hoyte Valerie & Jomo Hope Gladis and Shanice Gittens Rosmond Pinder

Adrian Boyce Accra Beach Hotel Barbados Labour College Barbados Public Workers Co-operative Credit Union Young Starters Pre School East Point Productions The Director & Staff of the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination

COMING UP AT THE EBCCI European Film Festival May 17 to 26, 2013

BFA Capstone Thesis Presentations  

Final year graduating students of the EBCCI present publicly a creative project in Dance Theatre & or Film for completion of the BFA (Hons)...

BFA Capstone Thesis Presentations  

Final year graduating students of the EBCCI present publicly a creative project in Dance Theatre & or Film for completion of the BFA (Hons)...