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his is a bumper edition of FACTS, with 116 pages and lots of interesting extra features. The big buzz is of course around the CV Show. We have more than 50 pages of news, views and products for you in this issue, together with a FACTS Special Show Guide sponsored by HINO, and inserts from both MAN Truck & Bus and GS Insurance. We have tried to include as much coverage as we can of all aspects of the show, with much more than a passing mention for Multimodal, which is going on at the NEC at the same time. This is a very important time, not simply for these shows, but for the whole commercial vehicle and transport business; indeed the whole logistics sector. The RHA and other representatives from the campaign group Fair Fuel UK, recently delivered a letter, addressed to the Prime Minister, to No 10 Downing Street. The letter stated: “We are calling on you to support a 3p duty cut that will continue to bolster the economic recovery. That recovery so far has been bankrolled by consumer spending and not by industry or manufacturing.” The economy is, at last, emerging from recession. We must hope that the Chancellor’s recent budget has the desired effects: securing the recovery, controlling inflation, encouraging consumer spending while cooling the property market, and, most importantly, driving the expansion of industry and the transport operations which are its life blood.


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SIX WAYS TO ÜBEREFFICIENCY As the road transport industry and the leading vehicle manufacturers head ever further down the EU’s Euro 6 emissions route, so the individual operator is faced with a growing number of choices; of decisions to be made. It can be a daunting prospect, but one manufacturer at least seems to have set its sights on making life easier for its customers, and, far more importantly, more profitable for them.



That manufacturer is MAN Truck & Bus UK, and its Chief Executive, Des Evans, is consistently open about his beliefs and equally straight-forward in his public utterances on the matter. He told FACTS magazine, “The transport industry has been living on an average operating profit of around 1% for years, and that’s the lucky ones! A lot of people haven’t even been able to make that. But for the vast majority of people prepared to get involved with us, I honestly believe we can show them a doubling of that bottom line profitability – maybe even more. And it isn’t rocket science….you don’t need a degree from NASA to do it!” Now, claiming the ability to increase an operators’ bottom line by 100% is the sort of thing that grabs our attention pretty sharpish, because as seasoned journalists we can be pretty sceptical about this type of claim. So we decided to push Des and his senior team for more information to feed back to you, our readers. Our first question was simple

and straight-forward, “How did they substantiate their approach. What was the ‘secret’?” “There is no secret,” said Des, “It is all about taking a dynamic and innovative look at the things any operator really needs to be controlling when they run their trucks. Basically, we have developed a practical six point programme to help these operations focus far more on the total cost of ownership of their vehicles, and less on the increasingly meaningless consideration of initial vehicle cost. Similarly the day-to-day business of keeping them inspected, maintained, compliant and running efficiently is something that now needs to be looked at differently. Because we know how hard it can be to take a strategic view of an operation, when your fleet is running hard, seven days a week, often double-shifted, and you have all the practical burdens of scheduling, route planning, drivers hours, breakdowns, traffic delays and so on to shoulder.”


SIX STEPS TO ‘HEAVEN’ So MAN’s ‘überefficient’ programme takes what Des and the team have identified as the six key opportunities for overall operational efficiency and delivers them in ways that help operators utilise them to best advantage. And for Des, that mean operators making more money. The specific areas are: Engineering, Drivers, Fleet Management, Aftersales Support, Finance and Used Vehicles. While we may have been, as we said earlier, a little ‘sceptical’ at the start, we had to admit that it was a very persuasive approach and we were taken through all six points in some detail. Indeed, we were so persuaded of the practicality of much of what we heard, and its accessibility to operators of almost any size and style that, over the coming months, we have agreed with MAN Truck & Bus UK to probe a little more deeply into each of the individual six key areas they have identified. We will be reporting back to you in much more detail on ‘überefficiency’ and just what it might mean to you. For now though, we can simply highlight some of the core elements, as follows:

Des Evans, Chief Executive, MAN Truck & Bus UK

system-based performance reporting, MAN’s ProfiDrive team has proved that ‘average’ driver efficiency can be improved consistently by at least 10%. Translate that into fuel savings alone, and suddenly you start to see their claims for improved operator bottom lines at Euro 6 become even clearer! Add in increased safety and reduced wear and tear, slowly leading to reduced insurance costs, and you are talking even greater savings.

ENGINEERING - The company’s trucks for Euro 6 feature a blend of two technologies that MAN itself helped to pioneer from the earliest days – EGR and SCR, the latter requiring the addition of AdBlue to the system. Having achieved Euro 3, 4 and 5 with EGR alone, and being among the very first to work on SCR over 20 years ago, the team is understandably relaxed about its Euro 6 combination of the two. MAN Euro 4 and Euro 5 tractors both set unbeaten fuel consumption records in independent press tests at their respective times, and already the MAN Euro 6 offerings are getting growing recognition for their frugality both with fuel and AdBlue. Right now, even with the additional AdBlue demand on its Euro 6 trucks, MAN is forecasting an overall economy improvement of some 3-5%. In fact, in a number of fleets it is doing more than simply claiming that – it is achieving it! DRIVER - There can’t be many operators who haven’t, at some time or another, wondered just what their drivers do with their vehicles when they’re away from the yard. Now, as a pioneering developer of driver training linked to accurate,

FLEET MANAGEMENT - at its simplest, the MAN EcoStyle fleet management system delivers intelligent and accurate information about your trucks, but more importantly it will tell you just what your drivers are doing in terms of economical and safe driving. Everything from fuel economy, harsh braking, location, routing, idling time, camerarecorded incidents…. as an aid to ensuring the safe, economical and efficient driving of your trucks, there’s nothing better. The biggest surprise for us was the fact that, far from seeing this level of ‘remote management’ as a threat, more and more drivers are now taking to it, as operators begin to use the individual performance reports to drive incentive schemes to reward best practice. We are convinced this is a major contributor to lowering TCO for any operator. AFTERSALES SUPPORT - yes, we’re talking service and parts, but for MAN the whole aftersales business is far more about operator support in the widest sense. For instance, the company offers operators the chance to fix their R&M costs for up to eight years in advance; at prices that make absolute sense and with programmes that go a long way to ensuring your compliance in the face of ever-tougher VOSA monitoring. And, with online documentation now available, you can build a

complete and accurate file of every important item, per truck, per depot, or however you want it – all available for review at the click of a button. FINANCE - Let’s face it, there hasn’t been any easy credit around for years, and the very few banks that still appear to have an appetite for the transport sector are demanding some really tough terms. So, while it’s one thing getting great assistance looking after your trucks once you have them, MAN has also recognised that you need the same levels of help right at the start. With MAN Financial Services, its own finance company now long-established, MAN has helped well over 50% of its customers in the past 12 months to find the right acquisition methods to suit their business. And that includes buyers of MAN TopUsed trucks as well. USED VEHICLES - though absolutely committed to its new Euro 6 ranges, MAN recognises that for some operators this is a step too far right now, so it has a healthy crop of top quality Euro 5 trucks coming back into its MAN TopUsed programme. These ‘brand new’ one, two and three year olds are without doubt a very sensible way for operators to cut the cost of vehicle acquisition, without impacting on the quality of their fleets –and without having to get involved with Euro 6 just yet. It was very pleasing to be able to confirm that, here at least, was one manufacturer thinking beyond the basic ‘hardware’ and with a real desire to help its operators improve their bottom lines. For more information: Visit stand G30 in Hall 4






hen I left the Road Haulage Association in December I never planned to do the full time retirement thing. I have taken on a non-executive directorship with McCulla Ireland and have a couple of other roles that keep me busy for a few days a month. I am still for example, a non-councillor board member of the South East Scotland Regional Transport Partnership (SESTran) and in February this year was invited to Ostend, Belgium, to attend the final Food Port conference. I have had an involvement with this over the last few years and was pleased to accept to see how it has developed. The Food Port project aims to develop the North Sea Region (NSR) as the best food cluster and hub in Europe for food products delivered via efficient and sustainable transport systems e.g. ‘green transport corridors’. It brings together partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, to find practical solutions to improve the sustainability of the food supply chain. One result of the project has been a ranking of how effective different solutions are with respect to reduction of cost and environmental impact. By far the best solution from an environmental point of view was the use of intermodal transport, while the second best solution was the use of longer vehicles. Analysis of intermodal transport, however, showed a total transport cost reduction of 8.5%.

Frank Roach


HITRANS, the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership, also had an opportunity to trial movements of bulk spirit by rail. Frank Roach, HITRANS Partnership Manager informed us that the movement of bulk spirit from the North of Scotland has been done entirely by road for many years. In the “Lifting the Spirit” project, bulk whisky is collected from four distillers, in ISO tanks, and brought to Elgin rail yard, from where they are lifted onto rail wagons for dispatch. They are conveyed to Central Scotland, lifted off and road hauled to storage, distribution and bottling plants. HITRANS tendered for rail haulage and for container tank lease. Road collection and delivery is managed by distillers through existing contractual relationships. The true costs of the rail operation were established, and environmental benefits calculated. There will also be resilience, performance and road maintenance benefits. The first train ran on 13 September 2013 and the full report from HITRANS is due in the next few months. Russel Imrie, SESTran Chairman, presented another Scottish project which was carried out by SESTran and focused on the Ferry route between Rosyth and Zeebrugge. A wide range of stakeholders were consulted (DFDS, the port operators and logistics providers/ hauliers), with a view to developing an updated picture of the ferry service. Last year volumes on the route continued to grow and if all things stay equal the potential for this service is very positive.

Russel Imrie

However, next year all shipping between the UK and the continent will have to reduce the amount of sulphur produced which will mean an increase in costs. There will be an impact on all types of shipping in the area and will possibly cause an increase in road freight. Surely not what the EU intended!

The day after the conference delegates were given the opportunity to visit a logistics operator close to the port of Zeebrugge, 2XL Logistics. The highlight of the visit was seeing a fully automated warehouse in action. All pallet trucks and stacking is computer controlled. The warehouse is 30.000m², with a fully racked capacity of 52,000 pallets as well as 25,000m² floor storage and 40 loading bays. There is a rail siding with 200m of rail actually inside the warehouse, as many customers request rail for the longer hauls. All in all an impressive operation.


QUARTIX “Quartix is one of the most financially stable telematics companies in a sector that has shown a lot of turmoil. We have a track record of profitable growth that goes back to our formation in 2001.”

Left: Andy Kirk, Sales & Marketing Director at Quartix


he number of fleets equipped with telematics in the UK is growing fast. The benefits of vehicle tracking are evident for many operators looking to save fuel, time and money and improve the safety of their drivers and customers; but what are the things to look out for when choosing a supplier and how can you limit your initial investment? Avoid long-term rentals and third-party leases The use of lease finance contracts to fund vehicle tracking systems was the main cause of business failure for a number of well-known suppliers during the recent recession and credit crunch. Customers of these companies were left with long-term obligations to banks and financial institutions as a consequence. Few customers seem to realise this, but these long-term contracts are a debt obligation, taken on and underwritten by the customer, so that the supplier can get paid out immediately. For example, if a customer signs a five year lease deal for vehicle tracking on 50 vehicles at £25 per month, that amounts to an obligation to pay the bank (or other finance house) a total of £75,000. There is normally no way out of this if the tracking supplier founders or provides bad service, as the debt contract is generally with a separate institution. And yet many operators think that this is just a service agreement that can be cancelled if problems arise. When vehicle tracking was in its infancy, asset finance had a valid role to play as the systems


were very expensive. However the costs have now dropped considerably and there is therefore no justification for committing a customer to pay so much through an onerous contract, as the following example demonstrates. If a customer signs a tracking deal at £25 for 60 months, that is a fixed debt commitment of £1500, for a piece of kit the supplier would be happy to sell for £250 if the customer only insisted on knowing the purchase price at the time of order. The difference of £1250 is therefore the service element of the contract, which the supplier is hoping to pocket on day one. This is not what “asset finance” was ever intended for. Service for the customer is, from this point on, entirely dependent on the goodwill and good fortune of the supplier. At Quartix, we only offer direct rental and purchase options, which means our customers do not need to go through third-party leasing. Our most popular package is the 12-month rental as it offers maximum flexibility and peace of mind, and only requires minimal initial investment. Make sure there are no hidden costs Long-term rentals also have hidden costs: if a customer signs a five year deal and then increases his fleet size two years later, then a new five year contract has to be signed on the additional tracking systems, meaning that the customer is tied to the same supplier for a total of seven years from the start. This makes it impractical and costly to switch supplier – a situation which may continue indefinitely if the company continues to grow.

Similarly if the fleet size contracts, the customer finds himself committed to paying for tracking systems he is no longer using – for many years in some cases. Also be aware of any additional charges such as warranty or installation. All the Quartix rental options include free installation, on-site warranty and technical support so your monthly charges will cover all of this. We have a transparent pricing policy too – all our pricing is published on our website, helping you make an informed choice which is best adapted to your requirements. Choose a supplier with a good credit rating “It is increasingly important for prospective customers to make sure their telematics supplier has a good credit rating, coupled with a strong balance sheet, as engaging in a contract with a financially weak provider is extremely risky,“ says Andy Kirk, Sales & Marketing Director at Quartix. “Quartix is one of the most financially stable telematics companies in a sector that has shown a lot of turmoil. We have a track record of profitable growth that goes back to our formation in 2001.” More than 5400 fleet companies are currently using the Quartix vehicle tracking system and this is expanding at around 130 companies per month. For more information, please contact Dale Lewis, sales manager, on 0870 013 6663 or visit


The involvement and introduction of ATF testing in the UK has been a priority for MAHA, this has resulted in successfully installing new equipment into many sites throughout the country.



n today`s modern workshops, choosing the correct equipment for the task in hand is key to a successful business, this is either for servicing and repairing your own fleet or customers vehicles, routine maintenance and test preparation are some of the main tasks so the equipment being used should be reliable and of good quality to ensure longevity with a good return on investment. MAHA know only too well the importance of quality, MAHA have been producing roller brake testers for more than 40 years for the demands of the worldwide market, in the UK alone MAHA UK have sold over 600 units since being established in 1997, with more than 200 of them fitted into operational ATF lanes. The involvement and introduction of ATF testing in the UK has been a priority for MAHA, this has resulted in successfully installing new equipment into many sites throughout the country. The equipment includes a roller brake tester, axle playdetector, headlamp tester etc, all manufactured, sold, installed and supported by MAHA, along with supplying third party inspection pits.

In addition to ATF Equipment MAHA have sold many of these sites the concept of multipurpose lanes, this allows the customer to carry out class IV, VII and VL testing during weekends or non VOSA testing times increase customer base, turnover and profit. In addition to the success of our roller brake tester we have been able to supply more than 38 customers in the last three years with combined roller brake testers which incorporates the TC Net for testing Tachograph`s at brake roller speed. MAHA have a dedicated team who will be present at the CV Show to give advice on the correct equipment for your needs, all MAHA engineers are factory trained, as we believe that you don’t just buy the equipment from MAHA you form a working relationship which gives you the confidence of knowing a quick telephone call will activate a suitable response.. For more information: e-mail: or Tel: 01945 580061. Visit stand E30 in Hall 4




Mark Askew


he trade association for the oil distribution industry FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) is offering new training programmes for tanker drivers in 2014 and now provides a complete ‘one stop shop’ driver training service. “For 2014 we’ve introduced additional training packages for drivers that are all industry specific, tailored to the individual’s needs, and from only £43 per employee,” says FPS Chief Executive Mark Askew.

“FPS now offers all the training tanker drivers need, including CPC, ADR and PDP training, making it easier and more cost effective for oil distribution companies to ensure their drivers are trained to the highest standard and continue to drive in the safest possible way.” To comply with the law, oil tanker drivers need to regularly undertake training. Mark Askew adds: “The European Parliament made training for LGV and HGV drivers compulsory from September 9, 2009 although drivers have so-called “grandfather rights” until September 9, 2014. After this date, drivers need to have completed the relevant training in order to continue driving. “Companies can choose what training course is best for their drivers, which means keeping costs low while maintaining high standards. “We offer a Platinum Package, which includes full scheduling and delivery of ADR, CPC and PDP refresher training for only £160 per driver per year,



over a five year period. “Or we can provide a 2-day ADR refresher course that includes CPC and PDP, for just £275; and a 1-day interim CPC/PDP course from as little as £43. Companies can even register their own PDP driver assessors via the FPS and cut out the cost and trouble of registering as PDP training centres” “Staying safe and competent on the roads is now far easier and more affordable too, as there are various ways drivers can complete their training this ensures oil distribution companies are not only up-to-date but they can do this in a way that works best for them and their drivers, be that an intensive course of five full days or a modular course that spreads the training out. “All our training courses are delivered to the highest industry standard and are flexible to meet each driver’s needs.” For more information: 01565 631313 or




ibration is the problem. The components of any wheel assembly for commercial vehicles are manufactured to a very high standard, but inevitably they do include acceptable imperfections. And so, assembling them all together without any thought to proper balancing does raise the risk of constant vibration at general running speeds. Just one wheel out of balance can cause vibrations which affect the entire vehicle. A mere six ounces of misbalance on an average sized trailer tyre will multiply to 60 lbs at 60 mph and will further multiply when the suspension rebound frequency and the RPM of the wheel are at the same frequency. In these circumstances, hitting a bump can induce vibration which will not abate until the vehicle significantly slows or speeds up. These vibrations, often felt through the steering wheel, don’t just damage the tyres, they also affect the driver, vehicle and cargo. The goal of balancing a wheel is to reduce its rolling resistance by decreasing sidewall flexing, tread squirming, and friction caused by reverberation. The benefits to accomplishing proper balance are greater fuel economy, longer tyre life and reduced vibration—all of which result in greater operational efficiency. Designed to work with any half-tonne vehicle or larger, Counteract Balancing

THE FUTURE OF WHEEL BALANCING Beads last for the lifetime of the tyre and ,unlike wheel weights, are both environmentally friendly and can be reused. The technology behind CBBE balancing beads is protected by international patents and only available from Counteract Balancing Beads. It has turned the commercial trucking, transportation and recreational industries on their heads, worldwide. Made of a patented specially coated glass bead that will not breakdown or degrade, our balancing beads are placed directly into the tiye where they are free to move and adjust to balance imperfections as they develop. Our balancing beads automatically balance the complete wheel assembly. Heavy vibration for extended periods of time is one of the leading causes of wheel fasteners, booster clamps, U-bolts and torque rod bolts eventually working themselves loose. It also causes cracking in frame rails and cross members, breaking of air brackets, door-hinges, lights and more; all of this adds up to expensive repair and maintenance costs. An unbalanced wheel can also wear much faster than a properly balanced one; which equates to more money spent on replacing worn tyres. Most worryingly perhaps though is the effect on the driver. A badly balanced vehicle can be very unpleasant to drive and, more importantly,

can result in the driver being both physically stressed and exhausted from fighting the vibration in the steering wheel and the squirming of the vehicle itself. Counteract Balancing Beads were introduced to the transportation market over 15 years ago and are now manufactured and sold throughout the world. A proven and trouble-free product, CBBE balancing beads provide continuous balance for the life of the tyre. Furthermore, they are very clean to work with, contain no dust, and are one of the few environmentally friendly products that actually save money, and are so effective that they actually balance the complete wheel assembly in all wheel positions on any vehicle over a half-tonne including both trucks and trailers. After 15 years and millions of packages sold worldwide to dealer, distributors, off-road enthusiasts and large transport companies, we are confident to guarantee that Counteract Balancing Beads are the best overall method of balancing tyres and complete wheel assemblies, anywhere in the world. Try it once, and if you don’t like the results, the experiment will cost you nothing. For more information:



n the ever increasing drive to improve vehicle efficiency fleet and freight operators are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and enhance safety, whether it’s minimising vehicle downtime due to maintenance or accident damage. Simply doing the routine checks associated with keeping a vehicle in optimum condition and maintaining the highest utilisation possible can effect a vehicles efficiency this is where Greoeneveld has a product that can help drive and meet those efficiency targets. At the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show on April 28 to May 1 Groeneveld will be exhibiting its range of safety and outstanding efficiency products including the launch of two new systems,


an all-new Automatic lubrication system specifically developed for use with EP-2 grease and a unique fluid level monitoring system, which can monitor up to eight different levels on a vehicle, from coolant to Adblue, details of which can only be obtained at the show. Groeneveld has a comprehensive range of autolubrication systems, from its industry leading Single line to the smaller Compalube system, and with the introduction of the new system Groeneveld has a product that can suit every application from simple steering axles on both truck and trailer to full chassis and mobile cranes, including refuse vehicles lubricating the bin-lifts and chassis. Also on show is the modular and programmable Greensight obstacle detection system. Due to the increasing demands by health and safety the driver needs to be aware of any impending danger, in particular cyclists, the Greensight system can be tailored to suit most applications and is capable of incorporating up to four cameras as well as acoustic sensors for to give a comprehensive view and detection area. The routine checking of engine oil is also an area for improvement and downtime can be reduced

in this area Groeneveld’s Oilmaster the automatic level and top up system has proven to save both time and ensures that the engine’s oil level is maintained at its optimum. Once the oil level goes below the predetermined optimum level is then the Oilmaster will automatically add oil to maintain this level. Also as part of this range Groeneveld have level monitoring system which simply indicates whether the level needs attention. All reducing the amount of manual intervention. Groeneveld continues to meet its customer’s demands with innovative and high quality products, Nationwide Service backup and an industry leading warranty which help drive business efficiency and reduce overall costs and are looking forward to meeting existing and new customers at their stand J78 in Hall 4 at the NEC where they can help you meet the ever increasing challenges faced by businesses today. Contact: Gary Hewitt, Managing Director 01509 600033 Email: For more information:




TC, the UK’s leading aftermarket supplier for Commercial Vehicle components, is delighted that its quality alternative range of LCV and HCV brake pads have proved popular. Since being launched, the TTC Friction programme has been widely accepted, with sales continuing to grow strongly. With a wide range of HCV references to cover the majority of vehicles over 7.5tonne, and LCV references to cover Sprinter, Transit, Master, Movano, Daily and Maxus models, all brake pads are supplied with accessories in a robust box design that ensures minimal transit and storage damage. The range is ECE R90 approved and tested in the UK (at MIRA) with E11 Reg 90 approvals, and all brake pads are clearly marked on the backing plate with E11 number, TTC part numbers and batch codes for full traceability. The friction materials are benchmarked against O.E pad materials and formulated to suit vehicle type and application. Tony Gunn, product marketing manager at TTC commented: “We entered the friction market at a

time when there was a lot of focus on the quality of non OE parts so we knew that this range had to be right from the outset. Sales now tell us that we have got it right. TTC work hard to support the industry and recognise fleet margins are tight. We believe that by offering a viable quality alternative range of products at an affordable price, it provides our customers with a solution to help support their fleet customers’ needs in what continues to be a challenging market sector.” TTC also offer a comprehensive range of brake discs covering the majority of the European vehicle applications. TTC brake discs are manufactured to OE specifications and are precision machined to ensure braking surface conformity, resulting in reduced judder and noise. To support the customer, TTC has also produced catalogues to accompany these product ranges. They have full application data by the manufacturer including pads, discs, wear indicators, drums and lining references, pad pictures, dimensions and kit contents, disc and drum dimensions and full cross reference information.

Since being launched, the TTC Friction programme has been widely accepted, with sales continuing to grow strongly.


T “We will be focusing on our quality alternative product ranges, while also promoting our unique selling points.”


TC, the UK’s leading aftermarket supplier for Commercial Vehicle components, will be exhibiting its exclusive quality alternative range at the CV Show held at the NEC from the April 29 to May 1, 2014. TTC will be presenting its quality alternative range for braking, lighting, steering & suspension, spring brakes, air and electrical coils, axle and suspension components for both LCV and HCV vehicle applications. TTC will also be using this year’s show to launch its latest catalogue release, in what will be the start of a number of fresh and new catalogue launches this year aimed at supporting the TTC Distributor, as well as fleets and workshops. Darren Miller, Marketing Director at TTC added: “We will be focusing on our quality alternative product ranges, while also promoting our unique selling points, such as same day service, 7pm order cut-off for nationwide next day deliveries, excellent availability, together with our new electronic catalogues and our e-commerce site.” TTC’s quality alternative range of products complements its existing O.E brand propositions

and provides customers with a quality solution to support their own customers’ growing needs in a demanding and cost conscious market sector. TTC aim to develop product propositions to align the needs of its customers and ensure the products we offer are competitively priced. TTC is the truck and trailer component distribution arm of the Unipart Group, which employs more than 10,000 personnel worldwide and has an annual turnover of more than £1billion. It has operations in the manufacturing, logistics and consultancy areas across a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, rail, automotive, retail and technology. For more information: Visit stand E26 in Hall 4


Exhaust & Emission System Manufacturer for trucks, buses, vans and industrial vehicles



inex was founded in 1982, and today the Dinex Group, with its headquarters in Denmark, operates through 20 companies and employs over 1,000 employees worldwide, with production sites in Denmark, UK, Germany, Latvia, USA, Turkey, Russia, and China, plus with the acquisition in July 2013 of the Finlandbased EcoCat group adding new technologies to the Dinex portfolio. Dinex Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of innovative engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions for the heavy duty diesel engine and vehicle industry. The constantly growing portfolio of more than 15,000 part numbers and complete systems represents everything from pipes, silencers, clamps, flexible pipes, insulations and after treatment products like SCR and DPF. Dinex is the only manufacturer worldwide of exhaust and emission products, that has its own technology and production platforms for emission substrates and coating facilities. Exhaust Spare Parts Dinex is the global market leader in development, production and sales of exhaust spare parts for trucks, vans and buses. This makes Dinex a recognized quality brand amongst distributors and OE manufacturers serving both the Original spares parts markets with OES parts as well as more than 4000 distributors worldwide. The Dinex Technology Centre - our innovative R&D Centre was completed in 2007 and is state of the art for advanced development and system integration of complete solutions for the industry. More than 15,000 part numbers With more than 15,000 part numbers and continuously increasing, Dinex strives to supply all parts of an exhaust system – silencers, pipes, clamps, fittings, flexible hoses as well as future

emission replacement parts such as silencer, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) - in order to meet the needs of our customers. Global presence With an already established market in Europe, Middle East and East Europe, Dinex will introduce new spare parts programme in Asia and the US by 2015 - becoming the first supplier servicing a global market for spare parts for the heavy duty industry. Fitting an emission control system to your vehicle to comply with legislation requirements, Dinex has developed a concept meeting every phase of your challenge. Allows access to all Low Emission Zones As opposed to EURO norms being the same all over EU, retro-fit legislation differs from country to country. Dinex has gone to the enormous effort to certify the DiSIC® diesel particulate filters in all countries that have established low emission zones; in Europe and elsewhere. With a Dinex filter, you can therefore with peace of mind take your vehicle across borders to Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Rome... Looking for a replacement Euro IV / V silencer? Dinex, with more than 30 years experience in supplying high quality exhaust and emission control products to the Truck and Bus market, is proud to be

Dinex produces more than 95% of all material for its complete exhaust systems - from turbo to tailpipe - including advanced emission technologies. 18 - WWW.FACTSMAGAZINE.CO.UK - FACTS 89 2014

the first Aftermarket supplier to offer a comprehensive range of Euro IV / V exhaust systems to the Aftermarket. An extensive range of replacements available from Dinex stock meaning; • Direct aftermarket replacement for the factory-fitted original system • Dinex manufactures all components in-house including the filter substrate • Units are fully tested in the Dinex Technology Centre to meet and exceed emissions, back pressure and noise requirements. Multi-technology product portfolio Complying with legislation inevitably means different challenges for different vehicles. Hence Dinex has developed a multi-technology product portfolio with emission control technologies for all types of driving cycles. This allows for a choice of technology to suit the individual vehicle. Whether it’s duty cycle includes lots of stop-and-go in the city or long distance distribution. Dinex - from pollution to solution. Quality products from Europe’s leading supplier of complete exhaust systems and emission technologies for commercial vehicles. For more information: Visit or contact your local Dinex distributor.




RTE’s key aim lies in improving the industry standard within road transport, and the Institute is heavily involved in this through a number of on-going projects. IRTE pioneered the irtec licensing scheme for road transport technicians. irtec promotes a common standard of technical skills across the industry, and was recently given backing by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) whose vehicle inspectors are to earn irtec licences.

IRTE also audits commercial vehicle workshops under IRTE Workshop Accreditation. IRTE offers individual membership to technicians, workshop managers, fleet engineers, transport managers and company directors, as well as Corporate Partnership to stakeholders within the transport industry. Through SOE, IRTE members can access paths to registration at Engineering Technician (EngTech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), and Chartered Engineer (CEng) levels.

Further details are available from: Please visit stand G71 in Hall 5


T Further details are available from: Please visit stand G40 in Hall 5

he Road Haulage Association is delighted that the 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show and Workshop is already very nearly fully booked! “I’m thrilled at the reaction of the industry to this year’s show”, said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. “As of the end of February, total exhibitor space amounted to 31,347 m2. That’s an increase of 2251 m2 over the 2013 Show at opening time last year. And when you consider that it was only five years ago the Show was cancelled due to the recession, that is a great achievement by any standards. We have always said that the success of the UK’s road transport and logistics industry is an accurate indicator as to the health of the rest of the

economy. On that basis, there can be no doubt that the economy is finally well on the road to recovery.” The RHA, as a Show Partner, is particularly looking forward to the event. “The CV Show is a great shop window for us”, Geoff Dunning continued. “We have been leading the industry in areas such as load securing, training and haulage company systems and procedures. All of that will be evident on our stand and we will be welcoming members and non-members along to go into all of these and other issues in more detail. This is an exciting time for our industry so if you want to be part of it, Birmingham’s NEC is the place to be, from April 29 until May 1.


T Further details are available from: Please visit stand G40 in Hall 4

he 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show is set to be one of to be the biggest, busiest and most valuable for years. Exhibition space was sold out with months to go and confidence in the industry is pushing memories of recession from the minds of manufacturers and buyers. Registration data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed the 2013 commercial vehicle market grew 14.7%, the best performance in the last five years, boosted by a strong second half to the year. The truck market rose to pass 56,000 units, while van owners and operators responded positively to the wider economic recovery finishing the year more than 13% up on 2012. The world’s biggest truck and van manufacturers lead the CV Show excitement showing their innovative new models, from 100% electric vans to

all-new Euro 6 trucks. Visitors will no doubt want to find out what this latest, highly developed generation of commercial vehicles can do for their costs and profitability, as well as for the environment. “Business confidence is crucial to the success of the UK’s commercial vehicle industry. It has therefore been hugely encouraging to see the positive announcements from manufacturers, suppliers and buyers in the run-up to the 2014 CV Show,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. “With economic and market conditions improving, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is continuing to use its political influence, technical expertise and market intelligence to help members and CV Show exhibitors meet the myriad challenges the sector faces and develop their businesses as rapidly as possible.”






hen a new vehicle comes into a light commercial fleet, it is of course bright and shiny and new, but it is not necessarily optimised for optimum fuel efficiency. Of necessity, manufacturers must choose a middleof-the road set-up for their high volume models, which might end up anywhere, in any number of different roles. Their volume productions methods shave pennies off production costs at every corner, but they leave no room for flexibility with regard to what rolls of the production line. This is a pity, because every fleet of vehicles is unique. Every fleet has its own Fleet Operational Profile; variations on a wide set of parameters which define how that particular fleet works. These parameters include things like miles per day, week, month and year. Number of trips per day, trip duration, number of stops per journey, vehicle loading parameters – does a vehicle go out heavy and come back light, or vice versa? How many drivers use a particular vehicle – just one, or any one out of hundreds? Every individual has a different driving style, some more aggressive, some more frugal – but all of this effects overall fleet fuel efficiency. And that is the key area which any fleet manager must look at. For most fleets, fuel costs represent at least 40% of the total operational expense base. In many high mileage fleets this can be up to 60% or even higher! And fuel is not likely to get cheaper any time soon, so using less will always be a good idea, for ecological reasons as well as purely financial considerations. This is where the brand new CLEANBURN technology from Green Tuning comes into the picture.


“Basically we took a look at the fleet market a few years ago, trying to work out exactly what was needed in order to address the needs of medium to large fleet operators,” explains Green Tuning Managing Director, Andrew Myall. “There are two core things which we felt would best help the fleets to save money. The first was to make sure that the operational characteristics of their vehicle fleet suited the way the vehicles were actually used. The second was to make sure that this situation continued throughout the operational life of the vehicles. It used to be the fleets would turn their vehicles over after 50 or 60,000 miles or so. These days however, many fleets are hanging on to vehicles much longer, trying to minimise spend in these financially troubled times, and an older fleet is, generally, a less fuel efficient one.” “We came up with CLEANBURN, a two pronged attack on the problem. Basically what we do is rework the engine software to make sure that it is set up for both optimum usability and optimum fuel efficiency. When we are finished with the vehicles (It takes about 90 minutes or so to do the upgrade.) the vehicles will feel sweeter, torquier, tighter and just generally better to drive. More importantly however, there will be a marked improvement in fuel efficiency.” “The other side of the CLEANBURN technology suite is our emissions management technology. Basically what we do is take an older vehicle, with more than 30,000 miles on the clock, and with our unique in-line spray technology, we can, over a period of a few hours, completely clean out the engine and get it back to as new condition,

“Basically what we do is rework the engine software to make sure that it is set up for both optimum usability and optimum fuel efficiency.”


so that, together with the engine performance recalibration, we can once again see significantly improved driving characteristics, as well as a reduction in the amount of fuel the vehicle will demand.” The difference in the Green Tuning approach is that they are focussed on “whole-fleet” solutions. Every fleet operator will, inevitably, have a whole sheaf of vehicles, some with a couple of hundred miles on the clock, some getting closer to their date with the auctioneer - though CLEANBURN may provide a reason to keep older vehicles on the books, if they can still perform as well as some newer models, at least as far as fuel consumption is concerned. CLEANBURN has only been available since mid-2013 and, though it is fully proven technology and has been installed in hundreds of different vehicles, it is currently going through extensive trials with several very large fleets. “This is the point of CLEANBURN,” continues Andrew. ”We have seen individual vehicles

returning fuel economy improvement figures of up to 26%. But that is not what we want to talk about. What we are working with the fleet operators on is the proved sustainability of the CLEANBURN technology, and ‘whole of fleet’ fuel savings in excess of 10%. We can show that virtually any fleet can save significantly on their diesel costs, and also that the return on their investment with Green Tuning will be a very straightforward calculation.” For more information, go to

”We have seen individual vehicles returning fuel economy improvement figures of up to 26%.”

Contact Details: Green Tuning Automotive Ltd Unit 9, Broadway Green Farm Broadway Road Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5SU Telephone: 01276 805852



he key message that they want to bring to the attention of every light commercial fleet manager who visits the show, is that it is perfectly possible for them to significantly reduce the fuel costs of their fleet, across the board. Not only does the CLEANBURN technology allow dramatic savings across a wide range of vehicles from the newest addition to the longest serving members of a fleet, it can do so easily, cost-effectively and with minimum disruption to fleet operations.

To find out more about Green Tuning’s CLEANBURN technology visit their new website at The CV Show is an opportunity to meet with Andrew Myall and his team, to discuss what they can do to reduce your ‘whole of fleet’ fuel costs. Visit them on Stand D61 in Hall 4.

Green Tuning Automotive Ltd Unit 9, Broadway Green Farm Broadway Road Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5SU

If you can’t get along to the CV Show this year, just give Andrew a call on 01276 805852



WEBASTO AT THE CV SHOW 2014 Webasto to exhibit its range of “Thermo” water heaters and “Air Top” air heaters including the new Thermo Pro 90, the “Vancouver” & “Moscow” air-conditioning products which are optimised solutions for Minibuses seating up to 25 passengers. Webasto will display the “Stelvio” and “Tonale” products which are vehicle refrigeration systems for cargo capacities up to 18 m3


ebasto understands that temperature management systems must meet a variety of different needs. It is a vital requirement that all vehicle workers and passengers experience a comfortable temperature. Tests have shown that a pleasant climate has a positive impact on both fuel economy and safety because the driver is more alert and aware. For decades the name Webasto has stood for high-quality heaters and air-conditioning systems.

Due to the acquisition of Diavia in May 2012, Webasto has significantly expanded its portfolio of air-conditioning systems. With expertise in both heating and air-conditioning, Webasto is now well positioned as a complete systems supplier. This means that customers can receive a customised, coordinated and efficient solution, comprising of heating and air-conditioning systems, from a single source. At the CV Show 2014, Webasto’s will be exhibiting the new Thermo Pro 90 water heater. Webasto Thermo water heaters operate independently of the engine and ensure ice-free windows and warm driver and passenger areas, even before the journey is started. The heaters are integrated into the vehicle’s water circulation system and they prevent any engine cold-starts because the system has already been pre-heated before the journey starts. If customers require a high heat output, the robust Thermo Pro 90 is the right choice. It is designed for continuous heating and delivers a heat output of up to 9.1 kW. Automatic altitude adjustment ensures optimum operation up to 3500m above sea level. The Thermo Call app will be available on the Webasto stand to demonstrate its functionality and user friendliness. The “Thermo Call” app and control device is the innovative and interactive way to operate a vehicles heater. Mini-buses and blue light vehicles operate in all weather conditions, even in extremely low temperatures. “With the Thermo Call app, it is now possible to turn the heaters on and off from anywhere. The advantage is that operatives are able to monitor their vehicles internal temperature and react remotely which minimises the distraction from their core duties” says Steve Powell, Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK Ltd Sales and Marketing Director. The app was developed in collaboration with iViNi-Apps and is available for Webasto heaters.


The Webasto Thermo Call control is required to operate Thermo Call using a smartphone. This device is installed in the vehicle along with the heater and is available at all Webasto installation partners. Besides being able to control their heater with the app, Thermo Call users can operate it via a phone call or SMS. For this purpose, up to five phone numbers that have access to the Thermo Call can be stored. With the Thermo Call app users can: • Program the heater: For example, smart phone users can use the app to turn on their air or water heater immediately or can program it up to 24 hours in advance – from anywhere. • Warning for freezing temperatures: Vehicle owners can be alerted by an alarm if the outdoor temperature exceeds or drops below a pre-set limit. • Temperature at a glance: Use the Thermo Call app to query the interior temperature of the vehicle at any time and from any place. • Reminder function: The reminder function permits individual settings for each day of the week – optimally tailored to the user’s weekly schedule. • One app for two heaters: The Webasto Thermo Call app can control two heaters simultaneously. • Available in seconds: Using the interactive widget (Android) or local notifications (iPhone), the Thermo Call app provides quick and clear information in real time about the status of the programming. Webasto’s spacious 450m2 CV Show stand (5D120) will enable the company to display eight complete vehicles from many of Webasto’s leading UK customers and bespoke builders. The display vehicles include a Mercedes Sprinter X-Clusive, Peugeot Boxer L4H2- Minibus and a Volkswagen Transporter converted refrigerated vehicle. All these vehicles utilise different Webasto systems illustrating the diversity of Webasto’s products. “Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK Ltd are proud to be associated with an internationally recognised and prestigious show like the Commercial Vehicle Show. The show offers us a great platform in which to present Webasto. We see the show as a wonderful opportunity to interact with our customers and demonstrate why our products are so popular in the market place.” comments Kirsty Dodd, Webasto Marketing and Communications Manager For more Visit stand D120 in Hall 5




aleo has signed up to exhibit at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show 2014 and will use the event to highlight its hugely expanded commercial vehicle parts progamme. The Valeo stand, number 4D18, will be specially arranged so that parts distributors, fleet operators and end users see first-hand the multi-specialisms Valeo has in CV parts and also the high quality manufacturing and support that is available from the company. On display will be specific products available for the most popular vehicles in the UK, such as the new Valeo DAF XF clutch and OptiPACK™ braking range for an increasing number of LCV and trailer applications. Also on the booth will be SWF wiper blades for Mercedes application, thermal control products for Volvo application and the FS range of starter motors for DAF, Mercedes, Renault and Volvo applications. Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to look at a number of other products in the Valeo CV programme including lighting, security and window regulators. The booth is designed to increase the awareness of Valeo’s CV and agricultural product range. The company has an excellent CV parts programme and a multi-specialist approach in place for distributors and installers and central to this is the promotion of its Original Equipment (O.E.) pedigree, backed up by market leading customer service, technical and marketing support. Valeo is an independent group, fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automobile industry, mainly for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Valeo ranks among the world’s top automotive suppliers. For more information: Visit stand D18 in Hall 4





When I talked to Bob Sockl, the man in charge of making the Commercial Vehicle Show the enormous success it always is, he had just sold the last exhibition space in Hall 5. In fact he only had five or six small spaces available and then the entire show would be full. It will certainly full by the time the doors open on April 29.

ob is the Show Organiser for the CV Show, and works for Crystal Communications who run the Commercial Vehicle Show on behalf of the three partners behind the show Itself; the Road Haulage Association (RHA) the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) The trio all came together in 2000 to run the Commercial Vehicle Show as we know it. Before then they each had their own individual events. Bob explains how it all began, “The RHA had TipCon, which was for the specialist Tipper market, and IRTE ran a show at Telford which was just known as the IRTE Show. The SMMT owned the Commercial Vehicle Show, which started in the Royal Show Ground at Stonleigh and subsequently moved to the NEC. In fact it was the Commercial Vehicle Bodywork Show originally. “The three groups decided to come together in 1999. The first integrated show was in 2000 and it went on from there, gradually growing until we got to 2008 The 2008 event was another record breaking show, but it took place during the market catastrophe, just as the recession started to bite, and in 2009 the show had to be cancelled. The partners handed back all the deposits and monies the exhibitors had paid them, cementing their reputation for ethical and moral trading, and ensuring that their members and customers weren’t out of pocket in one of the worst market downturns in a century.”


In 2010 Bob got a call from Paul Everett, the then boss of SMMT, who asked him if he could organise a show for 2010. He agreed and came up with the Commercial Vehicles Operators Show, and then, from 2011, with the market starting to recover, the CV show itself was reinstated, with the same partners. Thus the show had come back from the brink, and returned to being a successful and profitable show, meeting the sourcing and market information needs of operators from across the whole of the British Isles, and with an increasing international attendance - with over 2000 overseas visitors in 2013. “Now of course, many of our exhibitors are from overseas,” continues Bob. “Many are large multinationals, who are headquartered overseas but who have a UK presence and who set up their stands at the show to demonstrate their presence in the UK market. And then of course there are other international companies who wish to enter or consolidate their position in the UK market and come to the show to promote their products and services and to meet potential local partners, distributors or to evaluate the possibilities of establishing their own operations here, to evaluate whether the show is appropriate for them and to look at whether or not their direct or indirect presence in the UK can be justified. We believe we have established a large, successful and stable event which suits the needs of our exhibitors and our visitors, by listening to them and understanding


what they want and what they need, and be delivering that. And so we got over 18,000 people to the show last year.” The CV Operators Show of 2010 had less than 10,000 visitors. We can surmise that this level of attendance was in large part due to the fact that this show, in the middle of the recession, was primarily focussed on helping operators to keep the vehicles they already owned, on the road, looking at servicing and maintenance and potential upgrades, and, above all, cost reduction ideas. Operators were looking to stay in business in a very tight market, and not looking to make big investments in new equipment. Instead they were focused on maximising the profitability of what they had. Now times have moved on, and since 2010 the show has grown every year: 15,000 in 2011, 16,000 in 2012, and 18,176 at last year’s show. Bob Sockl tells us about the people who attend the show. “We are actually expecting about the same number of people again this year, perhaps a few more as the financial situation continues to slowly improve. The truth of the matter is that the number of people who are directly involved in the buying and specification decisions as far as commercial

vehicle operations is concerned is of course finite. We don’t actually want the CV Show to grow much in terms of the number of visitors. We want to maintain and increase the quality of the visitors – attracting as many of the fleet managers and purchasing managers as possible. “Attracting 30,000 visitors is not necessarily a good thing, if the show is crowded by the wrong kind of people, people who are there simply to satisfy their own curiosity, not to decide on what to buy over the next few years. For us, and our exhibitors, it’s all about quality not quantity. There are probably something like 15 to 20 thousand people in the UK who have got direct influence on what equipment their commercial fleets use, and most of them come along to the CV Show at some point over the three days. “We ask all of our attendees to let us know what kind of business they are in, but ultimately, what we find is that there are fundamental similarities between virtually all of our visitors. They all use tyres, they all buy fuel, but want to use as little as possible. They all use lubricants and they all use logistics management systems of one sort or another. We get visitors from all areas of the market. “If we consider the municipal operators for example, there are a variety of specialist municipal shows up and down the country at various times of year, but virtually every single council or municipal operator attends the CV Show. Even in these days, when the councils are badly strapped for cash, they understand that the CV Show presents them with a unique opportunity to see what is out there and to talk to potential suppliers, both old and new. The municipal sector is probably the worst affected by budget restrictions, so they are keenly looking at new concepts, new ideas, new

technology, anything which can help them to make their budgets stretch further.” The Workshop part of the show is another unique and essential part of the CV Show. Bob estimates that there are something like 1800 commercial vehicle workshops in the UK, and around 2500 people tick the box to tell the organisers that they are involved in the workshop side of the business, so again most of them will be at the NEC at some point during the show. This is because Workshop is really the only opportunity for visitors to see everything in the same place, all on the same day. Not many people go to the CV show just to see a single supplier, or even a single type of supplier. In general people attend because they know that they will be able to see, and interact with virtually everything that might be of interest to them as far as their CV operations are concerned. Looking for new ideas, and new products, which might help them gain that business edge. Bob has the final word. “As always, this year’s show will be bigger and better. We have more outside area this year, with massive displays courtesy of MAN and Renault and Mercedes. There will be a ride-and-drive opportunity with the new Ford Transit, and also with the Nissan NV200EV. There will also be lots of announcements at the show again this year. We, the organisers, know what most of them are of course, but we are sworn to secrecy until the actual show launch. People prefer to make these announcements at the show, and more and more people are coming along to find out what they are. I believe that everyone is much more optimistic than they have been since 2007. I am sure we will see that optimism come to the fore at this year’s show.” For more information:





f you need to provide easy access to any of your fleet vehicles - either for passengers or for the safe and easy loading of cargo - Vapor Ricon may very well have the ideal lift designed to suit your needs. As a leading manufacturer and provider of lifts to all sectors of the transportation industry for over 30 years, Vapor Ricon has developed a range of lifts which fulfil passenger and non passenger requirements in a variety of ways. Its S Series wheelchair lift gives unrivalled access to vehicles for passengers and its space saving and easy operating credentials mean that transport staff can help passengers in and out of vehicles with simplicity and dignity. Meanwhile, its K Series folding wheelchair lift offers all the same benefits as its S Series counterpart whilst having the added appeal of space saving benefits giving both passenger and driver clear, unrivalled access.


Both lifts are ideally suited to fleet or domestic vehicles but should you require a lift that is particularly suited to ambulance passengers the S Series Commercial lift will allow the easy movement of wheelchairs and stretchers to and from suitable vehicles. All lifts benefit from leading Vapor Ricon technology, anti-slip platforms, easy power assisted controls with manual back-up for complete peace of mind, and appropriate restraints and locks to ensure maximum passenger and user safety. Vapor Ricon also recognises the importance of moving other products and sundries safely and its Cargo lift fulfils this market niche. Embracing all the pioneering of its other lifts, the Cargo Lift ensures the safe loading and unloading of heavy and cumbersome goods into a host of vehicle types ensuring driver and operator safety is maintained and health and safety legislation requirements are fulfilled. Lifts benefit from the recognised industry leading

Ricon Safety Zone, which incorporates front and rear roll stops and hand rails which secures passengers during lift operation. Vapor Ricon is also proud to be associated with the British Wheelchair Athletics Association (BWAA) and is supporting a host of events taking place at Stoke Mandeville throughout the year. In addition, the British wheelchair athletics team will be heading to Portugal in spring to undertake warm weather training. One of the main trainers will be 2004 Paralympics bronze medallist, David Gale, who will also be driving them there and back in a minibus fitted out with a K Series Ricon lift. And as Vapor Ricon’s exemplary service and support stretches into Europe, David and the team can have complete peace of mind in the unlikely event of any issues arising. For more information:




spoeck is Europe’s leading manufacturer of lights and complete lighting kits for all types of commercial vehicles. They provide lamps, connectors, junction-boxes and pre-assembled cable harnesses for trailer manufacturers, commercial body builders and agricultural vehicle manufacturers. From bespoke OE equipment to spare parts, Aspoek have a range which they are confident will meet your lighting and system needs. Aspoeck UK is delighted to announce the UK launch of its latest range of rear LED lamps using Light Guide Technology. The lamps are not only more reliable, but distinctive and safer by design. The introduction of Light Guide Technology in “tail” functions enhances rear visibility while providing a unique aesthetic look. Made from 100 % recyclable plastic, the EUROPOINT III is available in a number of different options to suit your needs. Aspoeck UK is excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show. For more information: Visit stand D131 in Hall 3


T one of the leading suppliers of vehicle, driver and tachograph supplies to commercial vehicle operators, have recently undertaken a major redesign of their website and in the process turned it into a one stop for operators to purchase a huge new range of products (over 200!). As well as the popular tachograph supplies, vehicle compliance stationery and storage products, at the CV show this year you’ll be able to talk to Tachpro about your requirements in a number of other areas including workshop

supplies, material handling, health and safety, vehicle security and much more. These new product ranges include some of the biggest names in the industry including TruckMate Satellite Navigation, Smart Witness Vehicle CCTV Systems, Bulldog Vehicle Security, Fentex Spill Kits and a comprehensive range of Sealey Tools professional workshop and garage equipment. For more information: Visit stand D78 in Hall 4





ision Techniques has supplied vehicle safety solutions for 25 years, and continues to be focused on video and sensor based monitoring and alert systems. Using their unique skillset, technical knowledge and experience with an amazing range of technologies they provide individually tailored solutions to suit the requirements of any transport business. From forward facing cab-mounted CrashCAM systems, to the long established and hugely popular Banksman radar range of reversing safety products, Vision Techniques provide flexible solutions to any safety issue which a fleet might encounter, on the road or in the yard. By harnessing new technologies as they emerge, VT provide brand new ways of solving common issues faced by drivers and managing all the information that might be required by fleet management operations to resolve any issue that arises with vehicles which are out on the road. With VT it is now possible for a Fleet Manager to

VT Live™ VT Live™ is a real-time streaming CCTV recording system. Much more than a traditional mobile digital recorder, with VT Live™ you can view live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location or device using its remote connectivity capability. As well as increasing vehicle and crew safety, VT Live helps to eliminate false and fraudulent claims and provides users with immediate access to GPS and sensor data about any incident, showing the vehicle’s exact location. The ability to instantly review footage and location details of an incident allows quicker and more informed decisions to be made and provides evidence to prove liability.

25 YEARS OF SUPPLYING INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE view HD quality video of any traffic incident involving his fleet, on his smart phone or tablet, within moments of the event occurring, and have full geo-tagging information on when and where the incident occurred, wherever he is in the office, on the road, or at home trying to find a few moments away from the relentless pace of modern fleet operations. All of VT’s technology solutions are designed to do four things; • To improve safety on the road and reduce the number of incidents and accidents • To capture full information about any incident which does arise so that it can be fully understood and properly handled • To make it easier and faster for management to react to events and deal with more efficiently • To save money by reducing the number of incidents, easing resolution and exposing false or inaccurate insurance claims Vision Techniques have been in this business for 25 years, and they are the experts. Their range

VT Overview™ VT Overview provides a clear ‘birds-eye’ 360º view around a vehicle. Designed for relatively low speed vehicle manoeuvres, the system uses four cameras which merge together for a complete view of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings, and will also warn the driver, with an audible alarm, if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters the area on either side of or behind the vehicle. Ideal for vehicles working in built-up areas, this unique, stateof-the-art safety system is of huge benefit for vehicles operating in congested traffic or restricted access environments.


of technology is unsurpassed and their ability to configure uniquely flexible solutions for any particular fleet’s requirement is unique in the industry. More importantly however is their dedication to customer service and user satisfaction. “For us it is all about working with our customers to make sure we understand their problems and what we need to do resolve them,” explains Vision Techniques Marketing Manager, Dominic Benabda. “And then we also have a fantastic after-sales support team then can help customers to reap the maximum benefit from the investment they make with us and make sure everything works as it should and continues to work. What we do is leading edge technology in this sector, but we make sure that it works and that it is configured to do exactly what the customer needs.” Call us on 01254 679717 Email: For more information:

CrashCAM™ The CrashCAM range are a simple and low cost system that can save businesses money by helping to prevent false claims whilst also monitoring your drivers’ performance. The compact, forward-facing camera systems are fitted to the windscreen of a vehicle in order to record the drivers’ view during a vehicle’s journey, which allows you to assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely, and provides a video record of any incident, helping to protect the driver and his companies from crash-for-cash and flash-for-cash incidents. CrashCAM™ accident recording systems are suitable for both private car owners and fleet operators.

Banksman Radar Vision Techniques Banksman Radar systems are reversing alarm systems which provide the driver with staged visual and audible warnings to help prevent a collision occurring detecting anything or anyone which maybe in the path of the vehicle as it reverses. The reversing alert system can be enhanced with automated visual and auditory advisory systems or can even, with Banksman Auto Braking system, bring a vehicle to a halt if the driver fails to react to the alarm systems in the cab. Banksman reversing aids, with 100% reliable human detection, will help to prevent potential compensation claims arising from third party property damage, personal injury or, at worst, a fatality.


Leading the way in vehicle safety. Safety solutions from mobile DVRs to reversing cameras



TurnAlarm Improving the visibility of a vehicle when making difficult manoeuvres can reduce the chance of accidents on busy roads. TurnAlarm is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of making cyclists and pedestrians more aware of a vehicle’s presence on the road. The TurnAlarm system is a visual and audible alarm warning system. Inactive during normal driving, the system only activates when turning left and/or right. During a vehicle manoeuvre the high intensity LEDs will flash whilst the built-in speaker will emit a customisable alert warning to gain attention. By offering both light and sound, we reduce the risk of the alert being missed by cyclists and pedestrians that may not be looking, or may possibly be using headphones whilst travelling.

veryone will be aware of the issues regarding cyclist safety which have been highlighted in the media recently because of the tragic sequence of cyclist deaths, mostly in urban environments over the past few months. As the popularity of cycling as a green and healthy way of travelling round our cities has grown, it has also led, unfortunately, to a dramatic and shocking rise in fatalities involving buses, lorries and HGV’s, often occurring when these vehicles are turning left, which creates a huge blind-spot for the drivers on that side of their vehicles. With their usual ingenuity, and their passion for safety on the road, Vision Techniques have been working hard on developing and enhancing their TurnSafe range, making it ever more capable in its

ability to help prevent accidents in difficult driving conditions. These products have been specifically designed to remove blind spots, detect cyclists and pedestrians and to make road users more aware of their presence.

TurnSensor The Vision Techniques TurnSensor system detects moving objects within range using ultrasonic sensors and warns the driver of danger, both visually and audibly, on a display unit in the cab. If the pulse detection system does not reach its radius it ‘detects’ an object, sends an alarm to the display unit and calculates the distance to the object. The digital indicator uses a sleek, compact, easyto-understand design and is simple to install. TurnSensor systems are available with 2, 3 and 4 waterproof sensors and can be installed wherever required on a vehicle. As well as detecting cyclists and objects in close range of the vehicle, the system can help prevent accident damage and reduce insurance claims, lowering the risk of accidents.

TurnCamera The TurnCamera is a truly innovative approach to making sure that a driver is not only always aware that there could be danger lurking in his blind spot, but enables him to visually check that there is nothing and no-one in danger as he is manoeuvring. This ingenious system consists of cameras fitted on either side of the vehicle, fitted in the best position to give video coverage of the potential blind spot area. These cameras are connected to a display in the cab, but only appear when the vehicle is making a turn. This reminds the driver of the possibility of something in his blind spot, and enables him to visually check that there is nothing there which could come to harm during his manoeuvre. This system is set up to avoid distraction to the driver, but to alert him, when he is making a potentially dangerous turn and to allow him to check that everything is clear.

These products have been specifically designed to remove blind spots, detect cyclists and pedestrians...






the system informs them that the maximum capacity has been reached. More importantly, this keeps companies within the law and avoids penalties.” “From a weight distribution point of view, the system lets the driver know how much weight each axle is loaded with,” adds Collins. “It may be the case, for instance, that the load is towards the front and needs to be relocated to the back. In addition, there might be a situation where the vehicle can be subject to a prohibition order and taken off the road by VOSA if serious overloading is detected.” The installation and calibration of the TruckWeigh and VanWeigh systems can be completed within four hours by PM Onboard’s experienced technicians, ensuring minimal vehicle downtime. The systems’ use of solid-state electronics means no moving parts and no wear and tear or slipping out of calibration, no matter how harsh the working conditions. The systems’ sensors – designed and manufactured by PM Onboard – are extremely robust, yet still provide precise, fast, and fully accredited results. They can be employed on mechanical suspensions, air suspensions, or a combination of the two, and are equally effective on all vehicle sizes and constructions. PM Onboard also offers the PM 1300 VUE360 BulkWeigh and WasteWeigh Systems, which are

he most common Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) infringement for large capacity vehicles is overloading. In 2008, the failure rate at weighing checks was 31%. By 2011, it had grown to 61%. Beyond increasing the chances of being stopped by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), overloading can result in heavy penalties for operators. The Road Traffic Act of 1988 imposes fines up to £5000 for each offence. Dangerous overloading can lead to a charge of dangerous driving and a maximum sentence of two years in prison. If a death occurs as a result, the driver or operator can face charges of manslaughter. PM Onboard, a brand of Vishay Precision Group (VPG), offers a number of payload optimisation and overload protection systems to help operators avoid OCRS violations and fines, including the TruckWeigh® system for larger capacity vehicles up to 60 tonnes and the VanWeigh® system for twin-axle vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Requiring no driver input, the systems display front, axle, rear axle, and gross weight with accuracy better than 2.5% (90 -110% of FSD), allowing operators to load the vehicle to its absolute optimum weight for increased efficiency. “If drivers are making collections with the TruckWeigh and VanWeigh systems installed, they will not have to go back to base when they guess that their vehicle may be overloaded,” says Richard Collins, sales and marketing director of PM Onboard. “They can carry on collecting until


unique in that they feature full integration with the onboard weighing system. In addition to payload optimisation and overload protection, these systems offer video data recording capabilities and support for up to eight cameras — including near side, far side, front, rear, and load — to provide drivers with a 360º view. For increased safety, when the vehicle slows below 15 mph and the left turn indicator is on, the systems will automatically default to the near-side camera. This gives the driver a clear view of the blind spot, helping to avoid accidents with pedestrians and cyclists when turning left. Offering a 500 GB hard drive and recorder, the PM 1300 VUE360 systems record vehicle speeds, G forces, the use of brakes and indicators, GPS position, date/time, vehicle load weight, and video of the load platform for any planned load or unload. PM Onboard has been manufacturing vehicle weighing systems since 1985. In addition to next-generation products such as TruckWeigh, VanWeigh, and the PM 1300 VUE360 BulkWeigh and WasteWeigh Systems, we are still the leader in load-cell-based weighing solutions for trade-certified systems. For more information:




For more information:


lready a market leader CV and plant warning and safety products, ECCO Group Europe is expanding its range.

5,000 Lumens Worklamp An essential item for numerous vehicle applications, ECCO has a comprehensive range of worklamps including Halogen, HID and the latest LED versions. This new LED lamp (known internally as “The Beast”) has a light output more than five times the power of Halogen and twice that of HID. This premium lamp is designed to work in the toughest of conditions and features solid-state circuitry, heavy duty mounting bracket and strengthened housing. It produces almost daylight working conditions with a flood beam pattern. With LED technology becoming more and more affordable, the lamp offers a cost-effective alternative to Halogen and HID especially when taking into account low current draw and extended (mostly maintenance-free) working life.

New ECE R65 Approved* Directional LED This Directional is extremely compact but produces exceptional light output from six high intensity LEDs. It features a clear lens but is available in amber, blue, red and clear when lit. 10 flash patterns are available and the units are ECE R10 approved, IP67 rated and supplied with 0.25 m potted cable for added security. 12/24v operation is complemented by multiple mounting options, aluminium housings and polycarbonate lenses. *Amber and blue versions. Wireless CCTV System Up to four camera capable, this new wireless system uses ECCO’s unique monitor and camera design. The kit includes a touch operated 5.6” colour monitor and colour infrared camera providing high quality images in all light conditions. The compact monitor takes up minimal cab space and is simple to fit.




Oil Management Stock Control Systems. Do you have adequate control of your oil usage in your workshop?


fter pioneering the original oil stock management system in the UK Alentec Orion now set the standard with the computer based OriLink. The OriLink is now well established throughout the UK helping workshops gain complete control of their oil dispensing. It is installed in hundreds of workshops throughout the automotive and industrial sectors supporting all the leading brands. Mick Smith, Sales Manager at Alentec Orion commented, “It simply provides a mechanism for workshops to ensure that any oil dispensed is done so by an authorised user. And when that authorised user dispenses fluid it is all recorded and has full traceability. The system also integrates with


most Dealer Management Systems so workshops have an unbroken link from the oil dispense to the service invoice. Technicians simply operate a keypad mounted at their work station, confirm their job number and dispense quantity then the PC logs every transaction. Various management reports then permit users to interrogate any information that may be required.” Whether a stand alone or a DMS linked system, oil shrinkage is eradicated immediately and allows customers to increase their workshop efficiency and maximise their profit from their oil sales. Mick Smith commented further, “Most workshops have an oil shrinkage problem to a varying degree typically around 10%. With average usage of 1000L a month, say a retail value of a £15L, it is easy to

lose £18K in revenue annually from not controlling oil stocks like any other parts inventory item. Considering the potential loss in revenue, it is easy to see why installing the OriLink makes sense, and why many major brands have all ready done so. Every single litre is accounted for. The return on investment figures can be as low as three months depending on the size of the workshop.” Join the majority of workshops in the UK and install the OriLink, control your oil consumption, minimise your oil shrinkage, and maximise your profit from your oil stocks. For more information: Tel: 0116 284 6040




vast proportion of Highways Maintenance work involves working from height to move plant and materials to and from the bed of vehicles at the roadside. Latest accident statistics from the HSE suggest that this type of activity gives great cause for concern as according to the 20122013 reports, falls from height were the most common cause of fatalities. The Work at Height Regulations 2005, made to prevent the deaths and injuries caused by falls at work, dictate that those in control of those working at height such as from the bed of a vehicle, need to avoid this type of work where they can, use work equipment to prevent falls if this work cannot be avoided and ensure work equipment is properly inspected and maintained.

Penny Hydraulics has developed a mechanical handling solution for one of the most common manual handling tasks in Highways Maintenance operations; loading and un-loading barrow loads of spoil and pieces of plant to and from the bed of the vehicle to the road side. The new FV300/2 is a 300kg capacity innovative, fully hydraulic, crane supplied with a hydraulic spoil box to easily lift loads of spoil and plant onto the bed of a truck from ground level. The crane benefits from hydraulic slew, boom raise, lower and extension for controlled, proportional, precise and safe handling. Its compact design, robust construction and light weight ensure it can be installed in a wide range of commercial vehicles. Fixed proportional controls are installed at ground level allowing controlled, precise handing with the operator’s feet firmly on the ground throughout the process. A hydraulically powered spoil box can be opened and closed using the same controls,

allowing materials such as earth and sand to be unloaded from the box onto the vehicle bed at the push of a lever. The spoil box attachment can be removed and the crane can be used with different attachments such as a dumpy bag grab further enhancing the flexibility of the crane. Running off the vehicle battery, the crane is supplied in either 12 or 24 volt with safety features including overload devices, ram protection and slew stops supplied as standard. An electric winch may also be provided. Highways Maintenance Companies including Ringway Jacobs and Skanska have the FV300/2 and hydraulic spoil bucket installed and in use within their fleets and Penny Hydraulics is now delighted to roll out the launch. For more information:





erguson and Menzies Ltd is an independent Scottish company which has been based in Glasgow for more than 150 years. The company is the only manufacturer of oil and lubricants in Scotland, and is proud of its long history of technical innovation. Ferguson and Menzies’ own brand, Opus Lubricants, has been available for more than 25 years, following the company’s decision to diversify from their original primary market, which was the import and processing of Pine Oils from around the world. The company still works in that area of course, and indeed they are active across a very wide range of chemical manufacture, including being the only Scottish manufacturer of AdBlue, which they do under license from GreenChem, for whom they are a main distributor: oil manufacturing and lubrication products however, is their core business, and Opus Lubricants is the result. Part of what Ferguson & Menzies do is to make sure that they service their markets with the best possible products and product ranges. They will often be first to market with new formulations because they can move much faster than the larger multinationals, however, they will often team up with leaders in their own market areas. And so, in addition to their manufacturing and distribution agreement with GreenChem for AdBlue, they are proud to have a main distributor agreement with Petro-Canada Europe Lubricants. Whether it is a 10W-40 LDF-3 for your new Euro 6 truck fleet, or a top up for your car, Ferguson and Menzies with their brand, Opus Lubricants, can supply their customer’s every need. Over and above this however, one additional thing to consider is that, as a specialist manufacturer, Opus Lubricants will be happy to come up with a

custom product if that is what a customer requires. This is part of their expertise, and a core element in their business. Being able to talk direct to the manufacturer is a rare thing today, but that is exactly what Ferguson and Menzies represents. “Ferguson and Menzies as a company, is fully committed to strong working values, such as good, friendly and personal service, and providing high quality, technically innovative and commercially viable products to a highly demanding and ever evolving market. We recognise that success is achieved by investment in product development, in our facilities and staff, in our supply partnerships, and in the development of highly valued customer relationships,” explains Sales Manager Glenn MacPherson. “We will always do our best to provide our customers with the level of service they need and the quality of product they deserve.”

This strong relationship with PetroCanada gives the company access to an even broader range of innovative lubrication solutions, and allows them to deliver advanced new products to the UK which have already been tested and approved to the highest international standards. This approach ensures that Ferguson and Menzies are at the cutting edge of lubricant solutions and their customers have access to lubricants which are beyond today’s standards and expectations. They take pride in delivering value!

FPS EXPO APRIL 9/10 2014, HARROGATE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE Ferguson & Menzies will be attending the CV Show, to meet with customers and colleagues on the Petro-Canada stand (5C80), so why not come along and meet everyone and see what Petro-Canada and Ferguson & Menzies can do for your business! Opus Lubricants will themselves be exhibiting a few weeks earlier at the Federation of Petroleum Supplier’s FPS Expo at the Harrogate Internatonal Centre. “This year has worked out extremely well for us,” says Glenn MacPherson. “We will be at FPS Expo for the third consecutive year, and even managed to secure the usual OPUS Lubricants stand at location B3. “FPS Expo is in mid-April, and then right at the end of the month we will be going down to the NEC, to see what is going on at this year’s CV Show and to talk to our friends and colleagues from Petro-Canada’s European operations.”

ADBLUE Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is the main distributor in Scotland for GreenChem AdBlue, and, In April 2010, Ferguson & Menzies Ltd were pleased to become GreenChem’s manufacturer for AdBlue. In fact, Ferguson and Menzies’ two 132000 litre tanks, one for blending and one for storage, are the largest thermoplastic tanks in Europe.



erguson & Menzies are introducing their new OPUS FAME XS 10W-40 motor oil which has full Scania LDF-3 approval. The Scania LDF-3 approval makes FAME XS 10W40 suitable for Euro IV and V engines as well as for the latest Euro VI engines with EGR, SCR, and DPF exhaust systems. This new, high-quality OPUS UHPD motor oil will be compatible with Scania’s Long Drain interval system. FAME XS 10W40 with LDF-3 approval has been specifically developed for the Euro VI engines, which are constructed to comply with the 2012 emission requirements.. Euro VI engines are also designed to be suitable for the use of a bio diesel mix up to 8%, and are also ready for 100% bio-fuel in the future. The combination of Euro VI


emissions reduction technology, and AdBlue and FAME XS 10W-40 from Ferguson & Menzies, will mean emissions being cut to a level where they are almost immeasurable, and the smooth and fuel efficient operation of all the new Euro VI additions to the fleet.

Ferguson & Menzies would also like to stress that FAME XS 10W40 motor-oil is suitable for use as a mixed fleet product, across Euro IV and V, due to the quality and performance of the oil, but that OPUS also provide a full range of branded lubricants to cover all fleet requirements.


PETROCANADA’S DURON UHP 10W-40: ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE HEAVY DUTY ENGINE OIL Like all of Petro-Canada’s Duron HDEO range, it is made with their 99.9% pure base oils, specially formulated to deliver; superior performance, advanced engine protection, operating efficiency, extended drain intervals and all-weather performance. Duron UHP 10W-40 not only meets and exceeds ACEA specifications, it exceeds major European OEM standards by as much as 50%. Duron UHP 10W-40 is a low SAPS oil that outperforms ACEA E6 and API CI-4 Plus and it meets the latest European emission legislation: Euro IV and V in vehicles fitted with our without post-treatment systems. For more information on Petro-Canada products, please contact: Donna Currie Telephone: 0044 (0)7904 963307 Mail:

PETRO-CANADA Operating one of the largest base oil refineries in the world – one of five refineries owned by the parent company, Suncor Energy Inc. Petro-Canada have maintained a steadfast commitment to quality and excellence in processes, products and people. For over 30 years, Petro-Canada lubricants has researched, developed and produced more than

350 world-class advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases, using the HT purity process to produce its 99.9% pure base oils, resulting in products with longer lasting protection and performance efficiencies. Petro-Canada is committed to delivering tangible savings solutions Throughout their history, they have maintained a steadfast

commitment to quality and excellence in processes, products and people. Today, Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business. The majority of products are sold outside of Canada, through a wide network of distributors in over 70 countries, including extensive operations across Europe and the UK.

FERGUSON & MENZIES LTD. 312 Broomloan Road, Glasgow G51 2JW, Scotland, UK. Tel: 44(0)141 445 3555 Fax: 44(0)141 425 1079 Email: Web:




ickies - the internationally renowned workwear brand will be exhibiting at the at the CV Show to showcase some of their fantastic workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with one-off deals. Ninety years of integrity, innovation, and excellence have made Williamson-Dickie manufacturing company the trusted global leader in full-service workwear solutions. The team is showcasing some of its fantastic coveralls, trousers, polo shirts, Hi Vis range, footwear, PPE head and hand protection. The Redhawk range is Dickies most affordable workwear where economy is a requirement, often in high volume applications. Functional and

durable, these garments retain Dickies traditional construction standards. The Redhawk coverall has a concealed stud fronted pocket design, which prevent scratches to paintwork, making this the overall of choice for body repair professionals. For 2014 Dickies have introduced a new Redhawk chino with no exposed metal so is suitable for the mechanical industry. In addition a range of PPE products will be exhibited which offer maximum protection, whilst also maintaining comfort and range of vision at all times. The range includes: showa gloves, gel knee pads, goggles, safety helmets, bump caps, a range of safety spectacles, ear defenders and ear plugs, safety helmet and visor kits, respirators, disposable respirators along with some fantastic additions to the safety footwear range. Footwear from Dickies includes: Fury super safety hiker, which provides comfort and durability for optimum performance. The Dickies Antrim super safety boot is smart yet highly durable. The Antrim

benefits from a steel toecap and midsole protection with a padded tongue for all round comfort. Dickies supply the UK with a wide range of high visibility clothing, safety wear and reflective gear. High visibility clothing includes brightly coloured jackets, vests, coats, overalls and trousers that often contain strips of reflective material for additional safety. High visibility must be used on car, truck recovery or puncture and tyre repairs. Dickies will also using the opportunity to officially launch the UK Worker of the Year 2014 and inviting visitors to either apply or nominate a friend for the award for the UK’s best worker. The winner will have the choice to take home a Suzuki S-Cross car, a Suzuki V-Strom 1000 motorcycle or a Suzuki ATV Quad. For more information: Visit stand J130 in Hall 4



aragon Software Systems will demonstrate its latest transport optimisation solution at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, giving fleet operators an opportunity to learn how Paragon’s routing and scheduling solution can significantly improve efficiencies and reduce transport costs. Whilst reading about the features of any software will give you an idea of what it actually does, it is difficult to visualise just how it works, how you can alter or update a schedule by pressing a couple of keys on your keyboard, and how real-time and historical data can help you to fine-tune your transport schedules. At this year’s CV Show, visitors will have the opportunity to actually see Paragon’s truck routing software in action, and see how it can be used for daily route optimisation, strategic analysis, fixed


route planning and home delivery scheduling. Coupled with Paragon’s low-bridge avoidance HERE mapping option, the solution eliminates the need to manually input these physical limitations. This streamlines the production of accurate, feasible and cost-effective transport schedules, which can be further refined by incorporating INRIX-based road speed data. The solution can also interface with Google’s map display which provides useful information about traffic conditions affecting planned routes. Visitors will also be able to see how linking the Paragon solution to the fleet’s tracking system gives managers real-time vehicle performance visibility and enables schedule adjustments to be made if a vehicle encounters an unforeseen problem. It also enables fleet managers to compare planned versus actual schedules in terms of both route and arrival/departure times. Repeated deviations on a particular leg of a route may indicate a known obstacle, such as a school zone, or consistently longer wait times at a particular site. Such repeated deviations can be taken into account for future schedules.

Overall, the solution makes the transport plan more realistic with more reliable customer delivery times, and more achievable and therefore welcomed by drivers. Many big name commercial fleets have been using Paragon’s routing and scheduling software for more than 20 years, and with good reason. “Paragon remains focused on its commitment to developing and implementing solutions that support the changing needs of today’s transport operators,” says William Salter, Managing Director, Paragon Software Systems. “Fleet operators have realised that effective use of routing and scheduling software not only improves efficiencies and service levels, but also provides a good return on investment by reducing costs.” For more information: Visit stand J02 in Hall 4




ruck tractors, prime movers, semi-trailer trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs, 18-wheelers, lorries or artics - whatever you call them, you can find all kinds of transport trucks at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. Each year thousands of people sell and buy trucks, trailers and other transportation equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions around the world - including in the UK. In 2013, Ritchie Bros. conducted 356 unreserved public equipment and truck auctions around the world which attracted 425,000 bidders and over 43,000 sellers. Industrial auctions are an increasingly popular channel for buying and selling equipment and trucks. Founded as a small family business in 1958 in a small town in Canada, Ritchie Bros. has expanded to all corners of the world over the last five decades. Today, the company’s auctions are held in a consecutive way, with an auction taking place nearly every week of the year. In 2013, bidders at Ritchie Bros. purchased over 300,000

equipment items and trucks with a total value of US $3.8 billion. With hundreds of thousands of people relying on Ritchie Bros. to sell or buy, the unreserved auction method has demonstrated its value since the Company’s started in the late 1950s. Unreserved means that there are no minimum bids or reserve prices in the auction and every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day. Before the auction takes place, buyers can test and inspect items to determine the value of the item they’re interested in. Bidding at an unreserved Ritchie Bros. auction is exciting and never a waste of time: buyers have the guarantee that all items are sold to the highest bidders regardless of price. From surplus to sold Businesses of all sorts and sizes sell their surplus trucks and machinery at Ritchie Bros. auctions. They need an efficient and rewarding service that helps them turn their assets into cash. Ritchie Bros.

unreserved auctions are designed to get owners great results. With an international crowd of bidders joining the auction in person or live online, the seller is assured his items are sold on auction day for fair market value. Ritchie Bros. regularly holds auctions at its European auction sites, including in Donington Park (East Midlands, UK). The next auction in Donington Park will be held in April. Visit www.rbauction. com for inventory listings, upcoming auction dates and more information. People interested in selling equipment at an upcoming auction should contact the UK office at (+44) 133.281.9700. For more information:





he campaign to promote the benefits of workshops fitting original equipment (OE) parts is taking its message to the commercial vehicle (CV) market. The Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) will have a stand at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show where it will explain to visitors the merits of fitting OE parts. OESAA, whose slogan is ‘Our Quality. Your Reputation’, represents 14 leading manufacturers and suppliers of OE automotive parts to vehiclemakers, with most also supplying parts to the CV market. It is to exhibit examples of its OE parts alongside non-genuine alternative products currently available in the UK commercial vehicle component aftermarket on stand 3H95 at the show on April 29-May 1 at Birmingham’s NEC. OESAA’s main aims are to promote the benefits of fitting OE quality components and to ensure that workshops and distributors can make an informed choice when purchasing spare parts.


It does not claim that all second line parts are poor quality; indeed some are of good quality, but they are not OE. OESAA Chairman Nigel Morgan, Managing Director of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) Ltd, owners of the LuK clutch, INA tensioner & FAG wheel bearing OE brands, said: “Many of our members supply parts to the HCV and or the LCV market and the show gives us the ideal opportunity of taking our message directly to those who fit parts to lorries, trucks, buses and coaches as well as the ever expanding LCV market. “Vehicle manufacturers and OE suppliers invest millions in R&D as well as testing to ensure that their products offer the highest levels of performance and safety to the consumer. “We share a common concern – safety, and we want the CV market to recognise the risk of fitting inferior or sub-standard non-tested parts.” In addition, the end-user experience is key to this message – namely that a vehicle is more likely to ‘feel the same and drive the same’ if genuine OE

parts are fitted. Plus, the benefit for the installer is the reassurance that the product will fit first time, every time and that they can ‘fit it and forget it’. OESAA members say that some aftermarket parts suppliers are claiming to ‘match OE quality’, even though it is clear by physically comparing the components that they don’t. Members only use the OESAA logo on products that are fitted as original equipment; they do not use it for non-OE product publicity. The group stresses that there are other brands in the market offering quality products, but that its target is to raise the awareness of the need to fit the highest possible quality parts and also of the dangers of supplying and fitting sub-standard components. OESAA member companies employ more than 8300 people in the UK and will undertake a combined 10,000 hours of training this year. For more information: Visit stand H95 in Hall 3




he fifth wheel is perhaps one of the less glamorous components of a truck and trailer rig. Rarely seen by the outside world, it is all too easy for the driver and maintenance team to take this vital piece of equipment for granted, and forget its essential maintenance requirements. Part of this is of course that JOST’s fifth wheels are so well engineered that they just work, first time, every time. However JOST themselves are keenly aware that, even though they build low maintenance fifthwheel systems, these important components still need to be looked after properly, and have produced a Workshop Service Guide, which highlights the schedule and format of fifth wheel maintenance operations. As part of their programme, JOST supply the LubeTronic Low Maintenance Fifthwheel, which can be equipped with plastic wear pads on the coupling surface, avoiding the need to apply grease and lubricate the interface between fifthwheel and trailer rubbing plate. A five


point LubeTronic systems is also available; an environmentally friendly central lubrication systems for lubricating the top surface and locking jaw of fifthwheel couplings. This system eliminates the possibility of excess grease contaminating parts of the truck and its standing or parking area. To ensure that the truck and trailer is coupled correctly, JOST also offers a three sensor monitoring system. The first sensor indicates that the fifth wheel surface is in contact with the trailer rubbing plate, the second that the correct king pin position relative to the fifthwheel jaw, and sensor three confirms that the operating handle is correctly positioned. A CAN bus integrated display inside the drivers’ cab indicates coupling status. If you want to have a chat with JOST, about fifthwheels or about any of their other products which JOST group bring to the market, then the ideal opportunity will be at the CV Show. JOST have a large stand this year, and will be showing everything from their LubeTronic systems, to light-weight landing legs, Tridec trailer steering

systems, and the CS/CX Series Tipping Cylinders - the new generation of Edbro hydraulic tipping equipment for rigid truck and trailer tippers. JOST will also be showing their band new SDR roof diffuser, which cuts the drag caused by the turbulent air behind a trailer, and therefore improves fuel consumption and emissions. It even helps to keep the rear of the truck clean! Reducing the turbulence immediately behind the trailer, the SDR reduces the drag and therefore allows more of the engine’s power to be converted to maintaining speed. This allows a fuel saving of up to 4%, from a fit-and-forget piece of technology which quite simply becomes part of the trailer, and needs no maintenance beyond the normal cleaning of the vehicle. JOST is much more than just fifthwheels. Visit JOST at the CV Show, and take a look at everything they can do for modern transport operations. For more information: Visit stand D60 on Hall 5




aving under-inflated tyres can negatively affect commercial vehicle fuel efficiency by between one and two percentage points. However, because of variable loads and operating temperatures, it is very difficult and time consuming (and therefore expensive) to make sure that tyres are always at exactly the right pressure to suit particular load and temperature parameters. Apart from in extreme conditions, such as longhaul heavy-load trips in a desert environment, it is usually more cost-efficient simply to make sure that tyres are inflated to the manufacturers’ recommended standard pressures. However, making sure that they stay at that pressure is where Tyre Pressure Management System technology can pay for itself, and in very short order.


Every fleet manager should do the maths. How much did tyre failure cost in 2013? Not simply the cost of replacement tyres, but the total operational cost; including recovery and repair costs, vehicle downtime, drivers’ hours, late delivery charges and management overhead. It will soon become apparent that specifying TPMS on a fleet of trailers, particularly in conjunction with Knorr Bremse’s Trailer Access Point (iTAP – See below), will significantly reduce operational, maintenance, vehicle repair and tyre replacement costs. Knorr Bremse invite every fleet manager to work out the numbers for themselves. Over 90% of all tyre failures are due to them being run under-inflated over extended periods. More than a quarter of all commercial vehicle breakdowns are as a result


s part of Knorr-Bremse’s constant striving to improve vehicle safety and productivity, they are now offering three new systems for use on all types of trailer. These devices are designed to offer significant operational benefits to fleets, both in terms of practicality and reducing costs. The new products are 1. iTAP (Trailer Access Point*) 2. iLVL (Trailer Suspension control) 3. TPMS (Tyre Pressure monitoring) Here is a brief overview of each. Should you require more information on any of these products please contact Knorr-Bremse technical services on 0117 9846222 or email

Info Screen

iLVL screen

TPMS Screen

Reverse Camera (2015)


iTAP (Trailer access point*) Trailer Access Point (iTAP) equips the trailer with a secure Wi-Fi connection. This means that from the comfort of the vehicle cab the driver can access any number of trailer functions, to interrogate them for information and also to interact directly with them. This eliminates the need for bespoke wiring between truck and trailer, and also reduces the need for the driver to climb out of the cab to operate buttons and levers etc. – clearly this has a major health and safety benefit. Using a tablet or smartphone the driver can control lift axles, suspension height (iLVL), steering axles, tyre pressures and temperatures, bogie weight, air pressures and fault information. The iTAP is powered directly by and communicates with the trailer EBS. Future developments for the iTAP will include a wireless reversing camera. * iTAP - Available late 2014

of sudden catastrophic tyre failure on the road, and something like 50% of all trailer maintenance costs arise from tyre related charges. The Knorr Bremse TPMS alerts the driver about any tyre that is running under-inflated, indicating temperature as well as actual tyre pressure, as over-heating is a primary cause of tyre failure. The driver can then examine that wheel at the next stop, or if necessary, pull his vehicle off the road to check on that particular tyre. If it needs to be demounted and repaired, then at least it can be done in a safe and convenient location, and the vehicle doesn’t need to be recovered from the hard shoulder or the middle of a busy through route, with all the expense and health and safety issues that implies. For more information:

iLVL (Trailer suspension control) From our customers we often receive requests for suspension controls which are outside of the normal set up. In addition to manually raising and lowering, we are asked for alternate ride heights, dock heights and other ways for the driver to control the system. To this end Knorr-Bremse is now offering the iLVL suspension control system. The system replaces standard level valves and raise / lower valves with a level sensor and control buttons. These allow the system to monitor and control trailer height, as well as allowing manual control. Such control allows the trailer to be set with several selectable ride and dock heights as well as a high speed ride heights or improved aerodynamics and stability. The driver can interact with the system via the buttons (multiple sets are possible), TIM (Trailer Information Module) or iTAP. TPMS (Tyre Pres vvsure Monitoring System) How much do tyre failures cost your operation? Keep in mind that it’s not just the tyre failure, but also damage to the trailer, late delivery and of course the serious Health and Safety implications of a failure on the highway. Knorr-Bremse TPMS uses sensors mounted inside the tyre to measure the pressure to ensure correct inflation of the tyre. Also monitored is the internal temperature which can warn of not just potential tyre failure, but also dragging brakes, bearing failures or other possible causes of trailer fires. This data is then collected and transmitted via – iTAP, TIM, Vehicle dash (if compatible) or a warning light. For more information:



SunFun leads the way with first Merridale vLink into service for a UK coach and bus operator.


he latest depot fuelling points equipped with Merridale dispensing and stock control systems are employing proximity tag technology for vehicle authentication. In addition to individual vehicle tags, MIS Fuel Monitoring has taken the concept forward with the introduction of the Merridale vLink system for routine refuelling of the fleet vehicles. On these installations the ID tags are fixed to the vehicle, thus removing with the admin associated with allocating and the safe keeping of vehicle keys. Routine transactions are authenticated by a sensor head at the fuelling point. The pump reader will also work with tags assigned either to temporary vehicles or general administrative requirements. Fuelling is authorised by entering the vehicle mileage and if required, an operator PIN onto the Merridale Auditor unit keyboard. Details of the transaction are then recorded automatically and uploaded to the Merridale Fuel Management software for analysis and reports. Merridale will be showing a range of depot fuelling solutions at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show. Presentations will cover FuelWorks the webbased Fuel Management service; Tank Gauging and security upgrades for existing installations. For more information: Visit stand B72 in Hall 3





hen you maintain your own vehicles, or are an independent workshop maintaining the vehicles of other operators, then there is one area of your business where you will understand that you need to be absolutely compliant; calibration and inspection! You absolutely have to make sure that all your equipment conforms and is regularly tested, checked and recalibrated. The inspection and load testing of trolley and bottle jacks, axle stands, transmission jacks, ladders, safety lines, fork-lifts, tail-lifts, vehicle lifts and many more, all to LOLER standards, is a fundamental component of managing your business properly. And that is just the problem. There is a great deal of management time and overhead in the area of managing workshop assets. This is where CES/WS comes in. CES (Calibration Engineering Services Ltd) was founded in 2002, primarily as a calibration service company. In 2012 however they took over Workshop Solutions Ltd, a company which specialised in the sales, installation and repair of in-ground lifts from Autop. Together, as CESLtd/WS the company is able to


EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS IN ASSET MANAGEMENT provide broader and deeper capabilities in both engineering and customer service. CES/WS provide on-site calibration of workshop tools such as torque wrenches, airline gauges, multimetres, and tyre depth gauges, all to traceable standards, all certificated, and with no need to send tools away, with the lengthy downtime that demands. Also, in addition to all the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) testing, the company’s team of 14 LOLER certified field engineers, offer nationwide cover for breakdown calls and for carrying out preventative maintenance service and inspection work on contracted workshop equipment, to help prevent breakdowns and save their customers down-time and, of course, money. The key to the added-value that CES/WS bring to their customers however, lies in their on-line asset management system- “We believe that is the best online asset management system in the industry today,” states Service Manager Darren Gritten. “This web-tool enables us, and our customers, to manage their assets

online better than ever before - monitoring assets anywhere in the country, or indeed anywhere in the world, making sure inspection dates are never missed and equipment is safe and complies to the industry standards and beyond. Every piece of equipment we are responsible for is tagged, either with colour coded tags or with our advanced QR based code and asset number tracking system, so that the Mycalibrations database can be constantly and simply updated using hand-held technology. Using this technology suite, we can make sure that all of our 1000+ customers are maintained at 100% compliance. And they can do the same for themselves, simply by logging into” As well as being distributors for many makes of equipment, including Hermann and Sefac lifting, Majorlift jacking equipment, HPC compressed air systems and Sealey tools and equipment, to name just a few; CES/WS also offer installation services for a wide range of new and second hand workshop equipment. For more information:



How has TCS Products developed over the years? We started out as the retail arm of Traction Charger that made battery chargers for vehicle manufacturers. As a business, we grew through various new opportunities and eventually linked with Schumacher to help the company develop product sales in Europe. Schumacher will have a presence at various stands at the CV Show and are the largest manufacturer of battery chargers in the world, holding more than 85% of the US market. The organisation also makes and brands batteries for the world’s largest battery and tool manufacturers. The company, which has the motto ‘Faster, Smarter, Safer’, has been designing and manufacturing battery chargers and associated equipment in the USA since 1947. It works with some of the world’s largest battery and vehicle manufacturers to constantly strive to build the best products on the market. Nowadays we deal almost exclusively in Schumacher products. Partnering with Schumacher has significantly boosted both businesses and has also enhanced the exposure the products have received this side of the pond. What are your main products? The boosters and chargers are our principal products. Our professional booster packs are all fitted with Hawker EnerSys batteries, which are the best batteries on the market for booster applications

and are far more powerful than standard batteries. They also have a two-year shelf life. All except one of the battery chargers incorporates a speed charge system developed by Schumacher, which charges batteries up to three times faster than a conventional battery charger. Schumacher currently hold 22 patents for its battery charging products, which really sets them apart from anything else available. They are very advanced products. We also offer a range of battery testers – all the tools you could ever need to service batteries. Our website has a series of videos explaining our various products to assist the end user on how to get the most out of them.

What would you say sets you apart from competitors? Quite simply, our technology. For instance, in battery charging, it is definitely the Schumacher SpeedCharge™ system – the only way to look after a sealed or maintenance free battery is to keep it fully charged. The system, with its advanced monitoring, charges up to three times faster than any other charger. Without a good battery you are not going anywhere, so it pays to look after it. It’s no good driving a vehicle after a jump-start, modern charging systems cannot fully charge a flat battery even on the longest journey. And the quicker the charge time, the quicker the turnaround, which minimises downtime for our customers. Batteries are the beginning and end of a car, van or truck’s life and that it is important to take care of them. Aftersales and customer support? We aim to offer our customers the best possible service. As we don’t sell direct, we aim to fulfil every customer order from stock through our range of nationwide distributors and our precise stock management ensures customers receive their products efficiently and on time.

Main customers? We mainly serve the automotive market including cars and commercial vehicles. We sell through organisations such as the Freight Transport Association to their members and we also sell through AutoParts Ecosse in Scotland, and increasingly in England. All of our products are available through retail and independent tool brands too.

Future products? Throughout the next few months, we anticipate launching more innovative and different products including a new range of maintenance chargers, one of which includes the technology to charge lithium batteries. This is completely different to anything else that exists on the market presently. For more information:

Battery support and quality? With regards to quality, Schumacher products in the US have the reputation of using the best quality materials and this has not changed in Europe. We aim to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price.





s a reader of FACTS magazine, you are undoubtedly aware of the grave risk drivers face on the road. In fact, it is estimated that between a quarter and a third of all road crashes involve someone using the road for work purposes. In response to these shocking statistics, Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) was launched across Europe a couple of years ago as one of a series of changes in the professional driving sphere aimed at making the roads safer. While safer driving is a key focus of the scheme, it is hoped that businesses - particularly smaller firms - will also experience financial savings from fewer accidents and reduced fuel consumption. Professional drivers of lorries of 3.5 tonnes and upwards and passenger-carrying vehicles with nine seats or more are covered by Driver CPC arrangements. These drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years to maintain their CPC certification. New vocational drivers who want to drive for a living need to pass the Driver CPC initial

qualification course. Existing professional drivers are not required to pass the initial qualification, but they are subject to the periodic training requirements. The PCV deadline has already passed, but LGV drivers have up until September 9, 2014, to complete their first 35 hours, with training completed in seven-hour blocks. RoSPA and Driver CPC As an approved CPC training centre, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is delighted to be playing a part in this opportunity to improve the safety of professional driving industries. RoSPA also offers a variety of courses which contribute to Driver CPC as an approved Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training centre (JAUPT).

Any EU enforcement body, including the police, VOSA and the DVLA, can ask drivers for proof of their CPC - so it makes sense to ensure your organisation is compliant... before the deadline runs out! For more information about RoSPA’s Driver CPC courses, visit cpc/driver-cpc.aspx, or call 0121 248 2233 or email to discuss your specific training requirements. RoSPA also offers CPC courses for operators - the CPC National Passenger Transport Course and the CPC Road Haulage Course. For more information:

Its Driver CPC-approved courses include: • Driver Development - 7 hours • Drivers Hours – 7 hours • Driver CPC Workshop - 7 hours • Manual Handling Awareness – 7 hours • Driver Assessor Course - 21 hours



ir-Seal Products Tyre Sealants are now fully proven to be an integral part of all good tyre management programmes. Our world class technology has achieved outstanding operational cost savings for a number of businesses. Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealants not only protect tyres from punctures but will extend the life of your truck tyres by up to 20% and will also decrease your fuel bills. In particular, Smith’s (Gloucester) have benefited from the immediate operational and financial advantages of installing

our product in their fleet. The Air-Seal Products Team will be banging spikes into a tyre on our stand at the CV Show. Come and meet our team to discuss how we can help you to achieve substantial savings and improved profitability. For more information: Visit stand D21 in Hall 4



river First Assist is a not-for-profit UK road safety initiative seeking to reduce deaths and life-limiting injuries by training professional drivers – those most often first-on-scene at road traffic collisions (RTCs) - to manage the scene of incidents, and to administer basic, but potentially life-saving first aid. Currently, between 39 and 85% of RTC deaths are caused by airway obstruction, which causes death within four minutes – half the ambulance target time. With the support of all three emergency services and the Royal


College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Driver First Assist programme has the potential to reduce the number of fatalities caused by RTCs by up to 46%. Driver First Assist has the keen support of Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight, Rob Flello MP and many organisations such as Skills for Logistics and the Institute of Advance Motorists. Driver First Assist, as well presenting an innovative opportunity to reduce RTC fatalities also aims to restore pride in the lorry driving profession and

improve the image of the logistics industry. We look forward to meeting those who share our vision at the show. For more information: Visit stand H143 in Hall 5


HARRIS HINO: DRIVEN TO PERFECTION a beautifully styled truck that will improve your company’s image; a truck with a state-of-the-art cab that is comfortable and fitted with numerous safety features? Safety first Hino has improved its safety features from two perspectives of active safety and passive safety to ensure the daily safe performance of its trucks. The Hino 500 Series provides better environment with features such as switch layout with excellent operability and pedal layout that assists safe driving from the perspective of reducing driver fatigue. The cab is designed to be highly rigid with various collision safety features including a reinforced mainframe and door beam. In addition, the


ince 1967, Harris Hino has brought the quality, durability and reliability of Hino commercial vehicles to the UK and Irish construction industry. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 1942, J Harris Assemblers specialised in used commercial vehicles and spare parts. In 1962, J Harris was appointed sole concessionaire for Hino Trucks for Ireland and the UK, and so began a hugely successful and profitable relationship with the Japanese truck manufacturer. They now import, assemble and distribute Hino trucks through a wide network of Irish and UK dealers. “We are one of the most competitively priced commercial trucks on the market,” says Noel Lynch, Director, “and we’re completely driven to serve the needs of the construction industry – it’s 90% of our business.” The industry demands reliability, payload and fuel economy today, areas in which Hino trucks have excelled since first being introduced to the Irish and UK market by us. The 700 Series was introduced to the market in 2004 and in 2008 the Hino 300 Series (5.5T, 6.5T and 7.5T) was introduced with the Hino 500 (18T) joining a year later. Customer Service Harris Hino’s hands-on experience, with a customer first policy has enabled them to match their customers’ needs with commercial vehicles tailored to suit their individual requirements. With short lead times, and availability of pre bodied trucks they meet customers’ requirements in a timely manner.


700 Series As the world changes, new potentials are being demanded from heavy-duty trucks. To meet that demand, Hino have created the revolutionary Hino 700 Series to be the new standard for trucks in the 21st century. The stylish Hino 700 heavy-duty truck is the reliable choice for truck owners, drivers and consignors. Featuring attractive design, both inside and out, the Hino 700 Series of heavy-duty trucks was developed from the customers’ perspective. The basic development concept was to create “trucks that generate revenue for our customers”. 500 Series If you had to communicate the appeal of the Hino 500 Series in one statement, what would it be? A truck that achieves both low emissions and excellent fuel consumption; a truck with an exceptional suspension that drives nimbly around town as well as on the motorway; a truck that revolutionises the medium-duty class with its large load capacity;

steering wheel deforms in the event of a collision to absorb the force of the secondary impact when the driver hits the steering wheel. Style and performance This truck’s body is the embodiment of Hino’s uncompromising philosophy and technologies for creating trucks for the next age. Its sophisticated styling that blends in with the urban and natural landscapes is not the only reason why trucks in the Hino 500 Series appear beautiful. The cab style delivers low fuel consumption owing to our strenuous pursuit of aerodynamic performance. Equipped with the latest J-series engine that delivers low fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, through the ‘engine-collaborative control system’ that controls the ‘variable nozzle turbocharger’ and ‘cool EGR’ they were able to achieve a dramatic reduction in NOx and PM emissions. For more information: Visit stand G80 in Hall 4




very fleet and commercial operator knows the importance of their vehicle’s appearance - they are in effect the ‘rolling public face’ of the business and the vehicles will speak volumes about the company’s identity. It is crucial to have the right marketing and brand exposure. Statistically, any one of your vehicles will be seen by an average of 10 people a mile over the course of a typical day, and with vehicles covering up to 200,000 miles a year in some cases, this means that up to two million people could see your vehicle and the graphical message it conveys, in just one year. With such a large potential audience, your brand deserves to be communicated in the most effective way. If your fleet requires new livery, a rebrand or graphic refurbishment, then you should consider OP Graphics to give your fleet the edge. What sets OPG apart from others is their partnership with global media and technology company 3M. They are Scotland’s only 3M Scotchprint Approved Graphics Manufacturer, meaning you can enjoy trusted and unrivalled technical capability and expertise, and your fantastic fleet designs will be backed up by their 3M MCS warranty. OPG - who will have a presence at the upcoming CV Show in April - have been designing and fitting vehicle graphics for over 18 years across the UK. They have an extensive client portfolio, catering for virtually every size and volume of vehicle, from sweepers and trucks to low-loaders and cranes, using their own highly specialised techniques to give your vehicles the biggest impact with the most effective tailored graphics. From fleet livery project management to one-off car wraps, OPG offer a full complement of graphic services and will fully customise the graphics and artwork to suit your business and your vehicles. Alan Watson, General Manager at OPG Graphics said: “The creative artwork for your fleet begins with our individual service where we apply your specific needs and company characteristics. We love taking a customer’s original idea and creating a great finished design that they - and their own customers - will admire,” said Alan.


Once OPG’s hugely experienced in-house design team create the high-definition graphics, they are set into a mock-up design which can be simply emailed to the customer for approval. Afterwards, the design is printed directly from the approved electronic copy, ensuring the utmost accuracy. A stunning pallet of high-quality, bright and punchy colours are owed to OPG’s significant investment in state-of-the-art printing equipment incorporating eco-friendly latex technology which has highperformance durability and anti-fade. Lastly, after the vinyl is cut using the sophisticated “Once again a cracking job on our new sweeper, just as I wanted it to look, pass on my sincere thanks to all involved.” Darren Forester, M.D. Skene Group “Just a short note to thank you and your team for the artwork you supplied and fitted on our behalf. I saw the trailer yesterday and the result is brilliant. The customer is overjoyed. Thank you again for all of your hard work, it’s a shame you did not get to see our reactions.” Keith Eccles, DHL Lidl “We are delighted with the work carried out by OPG, the vehicles look fantastic and the transformation of the older vehicles is stunning”. Colin Scott, Communications and Marketing Manager, Community Safety Glasgow cad/cam plotting system to produce sharp, crisp text and endless graphic styles, the graphics are then precisely applied to the vehicle by OPG’s qualified and experienced fitters anywhere in the UK to suit your schedule and minimise your vehicle’s downtime. OPG deliver a passionate and dedicated quality service to every business - multi-national or small and local - on every size of vehicle in any number. “Our clients have found that using us to brand their fleet is the most effective form of advertising they employ. It’s a relatively low investment but

the potential audience that will see this can be staggeringly high,” said Alan. Alan commented: “If your business has ordered brand new vehicles, we can work alongside the manufacturer to apply your graphics at the factory, so it can be delivered to you ready-branded. “Rather than having you fleet painted, a big advantage of OPG wrapping your vehicles is that we colour change, meaning if your vehicle was originally white, you will avoid the paint job costs for flood colouring and applying your livery and artwork, and for restoring the original colour when you sell the vehicle or the lease period ends. The wrapping can be easily removed, not to mention the paintwork underneath will be virtually pristine thanks to the protection the vinyl brings, boosting residuals. “Give or take, there is really only so much you can do with painted graphics on a vehicle, but with OPG-designed wrappings, you can afford to be much more decorative and creative, or indeed abstract, with far greater detail in a fraction of the time,” said Alan. OPG pride themselves on offering ‘an irresistible value proposition’. Their quality is backed up by ISO9001 quality assurance standard, Health and Safety policy by OHSAS18001 and their environmental policy by ISO14001 respectively. All of which are independently audited by British Standards. “On the surface of it, all vehicle graphics boils down to is ink on plastic, and so the question we would ask is ‘what lies behind the graphics?’ Our ethos and integrated quality, Health and Safety and environmental policy is really important to us. Clients can buy with confidence and know that we’re passionate about giving you a fantastically powerful, yet affordable business tool that projects your brand across the nation 24/7,” said Alan. “Our unique depth of quality and our customer commitment is what also sets us apart from the others.” For more information:




or over 13 years, MV Commercial have established themselves as one of the most dynamic independent truck rental companies in the UK, specialising in flexible term business-tobusiness commercial vehicle rental. The company are pleased to announce the opening of two new sites last month in Luton and Livingston. Steven Cairns, Director at MV Commercial said: “As part of our continued growth and ambitious plans, this has been a great start to 2014 and another milestone in the company’s history. Our flagship Luton depot is ideally situated just off Junction 9 of the M1 and only a 10 minute journey from Luton Airport. Our new Luton depot will serve both our London-based hire and sales customers with many of our new and used crane vehicles being situated at the site. “After many years searching for a larger more accommodating site in Livingston, we are pleased to say that our new 3.5 acre site at Letham Road

is now operational. It is just a stone’s throw away from what is now our new and used sales site at Muir Road Houstoun Industrial Estate. With fresh emphasis on developing new relationships and a widening of our stock portfolio, we feel that the time is right to strengthen our business in central Scotland,” commented Steven Cairns. One of MV’s fully maintained contract hire solutions could be the perfect fit for your business. Their specialised 3, 6, 9 and 12 month contracts provide a host of benefits including inspections and servicing in accordance with your operator’s licence. As well as full repair and maintenance provision on vehicle and equipment, MV Commercial provide 24hr Nationwide assistance, replacement vehicles, MoT preparation, road fund licence, tyre replacement and access to the company’s fleet engineers. On offer this month are several new Mercedes Benz 2533 26 tonne curtain-sided vehicles, fitted

with 30ft bodies and high roof sleeper cabs, manual gearbox and Bluetec Euro 5 Engines yours for as little as a six month commitment. MV have also introduced a range of affordable DAF LF’s for the scaffolding and construction industry. With over forty 7.5 tonne units from start of April available on six month fully maintained plans from £35 per day with UK-wide delivery. And the last few remaining Euro 5 DAF 65.300 boxes and curtain bodies are available for 12 month contract hire, fully maintained including RFL and tyres. Call one of our specialists today quoting FACTS magazine: Livingston Depot, Mark Main 01506 440042; Haydock Depot, Steve Bullen 01942 723 354; Luton Depot, James Faughnan 01582 840 477 Or for more information visit:





ith their European headquarters situated just a few miles from the NEC, the CV Show has always been one of LED Autolamps’ biggest exhibitions, and this year is no exception! LED Autolamps have seen a great deal of expansion since last year’s show, with new bigger warehouse facilities, an increase in sales and logistics staff (both in the UK and in Europe), and also the expansion of their product range with the release of their biggest ever catalogue; which introduced 20 innovative new product ranges and over 70 new part numbers – which all-in-all gives them a lot to talk about at CV Show 2014! One such innovation is the newly developed ‘push & stick’ lamp-mounting system, which is now available on a range of products - all on view at the show! The system has been designed to speed up and simplify the fitting process by employing 3M tape and cleverly designed serrated plugs which allow the lamps to be simply pushed into place – providing a secure screw-less fastening, which is suitable for any vehicle type. This new mounting system is being launched on three new lamp ranges, all of which are expected to become key items in the LED Autolamps collection. LED’s Commercial Director, Maurice Bibb, gave us the following run down on the newly available ‘push & stick’ ranges. For more information: Telephone: 0121 313 2222 Visit stand C98 in Hall 5


EU140 Series Rear ‘Hamburger’ Lamps ‘This is set to become one of our most popular ranges. The EU140 series brings the well-known “Hamburger” style lamp bang up-to-date, with a low-profile design and our patented diamond pattern lens - which has been developed to provide the optimum light spread for the best possible visibility.’ This series features three rear combination lamps; Stop/Tail/Indicator, Fog/Stop/Tail and Reverse/ Stop/Tail.

EU38 Low-Profile Marker Lamps ‘Also featuring the diamond pattern lens design, these markers include in-built reflex reflectors and colour-coded bases. They are ECE approved for vertical and horizontal mounting, with pendant brackets available for both - providing a tough, durable and well-designed marker lamp at excellent value.’

37 Series Marker Lamps ‘often described as the “bug-eyed” light, the 37 series feature a rounded dual-lens design, which offers a completely different aesthetic to our other marker lamp ranges, and are available with either black or chrome housings.’ Maurice goes on to tell us ‘we are very excited to be showcasing these new ranges at the CV Show. I believe we are offering some of the best designed lamps on the market at the moment, and these exhibitions offer people the chance to come and experience the quality of our new products first hand.’




&M Radiator are the founding Company of the G&M Group, an international collection of businesses focused on designing and producing heat exchange systems for use in virtually any situation where heat transfer is required. Based in Glasgow, G&M was founded 50 years ago to produce cores for the fast growing automotive and commercial radiator repair market. Since then, the company has flourished thanks to the foresight and innovative thinking of the founding family owners and a single minded self-sufficient approach to design and engineering. In recent years, prudent acquisitions have resulted in the present G&M Group which consists of several companies working in different fields of the heat transfer industry. The combined expertise and strength of each company establishes the G&M Group at the forefront of this market. “Our aim was to create a group of likeminded and focussed businesses staffed by the most experienced and talented experts in our industry” explains Managing Director John Blake “This gives our customer the peace of mind of a “one stop” solution for their requirements. Our sales team will interpret the requirements, designs are prepared using state of the art CAD/CAM equipment and then verified in our own wind tunnel. By controlling every aspect

THE EXPERTS IN HEAT EXCHANGE from initial enquiry to final delivery of finished product we ensure our clients receive exactly what they asked for and what we promised, on time and on budget, and safe in the knowledge that at no point will we compromise on quality.” It’s a bold claim but one that is backed up by the diverse range of successful applications in service around the world. Examples such as five massive radiators supplied to a power generation plant in Panama. O.E. supply of gen-set cooling packs for a world renowned power generation company. Countless cooling systems performing in the hostile environment of off-shore oil and gas rigs. Mini excavator radiators for a leading plant equipment manufacturer. Full cooling and HVAC system for prestigious sports car constructor – the list is endless. The demands on heat exchange systems become more exacting every year. To cope with this, G&M have invested in new processes and new materials. For example, in the last 30 years manufacturers have turned towards aluminium as the material of choice for heat exchange systems. It’s relatively cheap and light but it does have certain inherent drawbacks. The Group’s aluminium specialist company are Alutec. They have developed unique processes for manufacturing and welding aluminium to ensure strength and durability and have worked

with chemical engineers to pioneer protective coatings which have extended the service life of aluminium units far beyond what was first thought possible. Each arm of the Group can, when required, call on the expertise and wisdom of other Group companies and personnel which amounts to a huge and expanding knowledge base. G&M Radiator have a highly skilled workforce who are experienced and adaptable, with many having over 25 years of continuous service with the company. In addition to their in-house specialist manufacturing operations, G&M hold a varied stock of radiators, oil-coolers and other heat exchange products which are either manufactured by G&M or are sourced from leading suppliers across the globe. They supply UK and international customers with Original Equipment or aftermarket products in sectors such as: • Automotive / Motorsport • Industrial / Locomotive • Marine / Off-shore • Plant / Agricultural • Construction / Off - highway • Industrial / Power Generation • Military So, talk to the experts at G&M – it’s the only call you will need. For more information:

G&M Radiator G&M Radiator stock a vast range of heat exchangers covering automotive, motorsport, commercial, industrial, agricultural, power generation, material handling, locomotive, marine, off-shore, construction, quarrying, mining and military applications. G&M Radiator specialises in designing and developing heat exchange systems in aluminium, copper/brass and non-ferrous materials for heating or cooling engine coolant, air, oil, fuel and A/C liquids for any application in any environment.

Telephone: 0141 550 5800

G&M Radiator are certified to ISO9001:2008 for the Manufacture of Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Radiators, Radiator Cores and Associated Components.





On display on the Bowmonk stand at the CV Show will be: • Bowmonk BrakeCheck - A VOSA/ DVSA portable electronic decelerometer (brake tester) designed to test service, hand and secondary brakes on any vehicle braking system. It also shows which side of the vehicle has brake problems by indicating left/right pull. With no connection to the vehicle, carrying out a brake test couldn’t be easier. You simply drive the vehicle to a maximum 20mph and apply the brakes. Test results can then be viewed on the display or downloaded to a PC. Printing can be done from the PC or by using an optional portable printer. • SensorCheck - The ABS/EBS SENSOR & EXCITER RINGDIAGNOSTIC TOOL Test for the six most common causes of EBS/ABS faults on trucks, trailers, and buses in just 15 seconds with the SensorCheck. It checks Correct Ohms resistance, Open circuit, Short circuit, Pole ring tooth damage, Pole ring misalignment and Sensor gap measurement. • Bowmonk 2500 HIS - A flameless induction heating system for workshops which can help with the removal of everything from rusty nuts and bolts to door skins. lt has built-in thermal control with a trip-out and re-set. Up to 2500W of power, Induction unit with power/ operation LED’S. • Plastecnic On-board Weighing System - For Air Suspension Systems, Weight display options include GVW - Nett - Difference and Axle group. Ideal for single man loading. For more information: Visit stand D128 in Hall 4

Eclipse Automotive Technology are ready to show visitors their selection of powerful Jaltest and EDIS diagnostic tools. Eclipse Automotive Technology are well known for their innovative Testpad Extreme PC which together with the powerful Jaltest software and the flexible vehicle interface built around the Link module is becoming the first choice for many of the country’s top workshops. The multi-brand functionality and ease of use is important to users as is the comfort of knowing that they are supported by a dedicated Eclipse team who will talk them through any difficult issues and resolve the problem. Visitors will be able to see the Jaltest ETM Module Tester which will be shown in a benchtest demonstration examining EBS (Electronic Braking System) modules. This multi-brand feature goes through all the diagnostic values of the vehicle component, indicating Pass or Fail to show component viability and is a fast and simple way of validating an expensive module and avoiding unnecessary replacement. The ETM kit runs on the standard Jaltest software and connects to the Testpad Extreme PC via the Jaltest Link multiplexor. The connection between the ETM and the vehicle is by one of a range of brand-specific standard cables. The diagnostic capabilities of the Eclipse Jaltest and EDIS ranges will be shown by using a vehicle simulator which will take visitors through a variety of live tests and demonstrate how this equipment could help their technicians solve problems faster and improve their workshop efficiency. For more information: Visit stand B16 in Hall 4





ften the real issue for fleet managers is not whether to invest in a telematics system but to discover just exactly what it can do to make their fleet more efficient. As the telematics market has matured, businesses are now starting to understand the value of the data and how to make the most of it, to ensure they are reaping the financial and operational benefits. Cento Engineering Company Limited is one business that has invested in the power of telematics solutions from TRACKER, to help improve fleet efficiency, driver behaviour and enhance customer relations. Cento provides façade access equipment for projects across the UK and Ireland, which means it needs to know the location of its fleet at all times. This ensures deliveries are made to site within the agreed time period and maintains good customer service levels. Through TRACKER, Cento aim to significantly improve its fleet security, productivity and efficiency, helping to reduce fleet mileage, operational costs and fuel consumption and improve customer service. Brand Management and the Customer Experience “Our fleet vehicles bear the Cento brand, so it’s essential that our drivers are ambassadors out on the road and TRACKER’s fleet telematics solution offers us up-to-date and accurate data on driver

behaviour,” says Collette Murphy, Commercial Manager for Cento Engineering Company. “This allows us to highlight areas for improvement and offer our drivers appropriate training and advice, as an essential part of our brand management. In addition, we can quickly identify mobile and stationary vehicles, allowing us to update customers on a delivery, strengthening our service offering. “The TRACKER team also offers us unrivalled support, ensuring we get the best out of the telematics units from day one. Face-to-face training has been invaluable and has already helped us to identify areas where we can enhance the efficiency of our fleet and therefore, the business as a whole. We use telematics to stay in control of our fleet, ensuring Cento maintains its market-leading position across the UK construction industry.” Controlling fuel costs One of the biggest issues facing businesses is the cost of fuel. Whilst the cost of petrol and diesel can’t be controlled, fleet managers can focus on the efficiency of their fleet by eliminate speeding, harsh acceleration and engine idling to reduce fuel consumption. To give businesses the confidence in TRACKER’s telematics capabilities, it is prepared to stand by its fuel-saving claims by becoming the first telematics provider to offer businesses a fuel saving guarantee or ‘their money back.’

“Fleet telematics offer businesses the key to controlling their costs and TRACKER is prepared to stand by our fuel-saving claims.”


CENTO ENGINEERING COMPANY REAPS THE BENEFITS OF TRACKER FLEET TELEMATICS Fuel savings guarantee TRACKER’s Fuel Savings Guarantee programme aims to ensure businesses see the benefits from lower fuel costs as quickly as possible. Harnessing the power of fleet telematics, firms can make changes to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, bringing them significant savings. TRACKER promises new customers who don’t achieve a minimum 10% saving in year one, get their subscription refunded. David Wilson, Sales & Services Director for TRACKER, says, “Fleet telematics offer businesses the key to controlling their costs and TRACKER is prepared to stand by our fuel-saving claims. In today’s challenging economy, rising fuel prices and other rising fleet costs are taking their toll on business budgets. Quality fleet telematics systems give firms the information they need to make informed decisions, by monitoring their drivers and vehicles to drive up efficiency and customer service, while reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions. And now TRACKER is the only provider to guarantee those savings to all our new customers.” To find out more about how Tracker can help your business visit us at the CV Show or call 0845 6046091 For more information: Visit stand J126 in Hall 5




he name FLAT wiper blades was first introduced into the market around 2000 and many believe this was due to the EU competition law namely; “the motor vehicle block exemption” set out in European Commission Regulation No. 1400/2002, which expired in May 2010. Arrangements were set in place for this ruling to remain in place until May 31, 2023. The Flat Blade conception was initially introduced for motor cars, but has since seen a growing presence on light goods vehicles (LGV’s) including such makes as Citroen DS5, Ford Transit, KIA Venga, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot 5008, Renault Scenic 3, Vauxhall Astra J, Volkswagen Touran to name but a few. Flat blades come in three (3) basic programmes a) Specific Fit, Multi Specific Fit and Universal Retro Fit. Isla Components also offer a comprehensive range of HGV wiper blades, Bus wiper blades and Coach wiper blades, which range in sizes from 20” (500mm) to 40” (1000mm). HGV & BUS wiper blades come with Hook fittings 9x3mm / 9x4mm – 12x4mm – Saddle fittings 13mm, 17mm, 22mm, 25mm &



27mm complete with Nuts & Bolts. Coach wiper blades are predominantly 36” (900mm) & 40” (1000mm) and supplied with 16x6mm reverse hook adapters and 22mm, 25mm & 27mm complete with Nuts & Bolts. Additionally, Isla supply a range of Wash Wipe wiper blades in sizes 22” (550mm), 24” (600mm), 26” (650mm) & 28” (700mm), which are complete with spray fitments. Available also from Isla are a range of LGV, HGV, Bus & Coach “cut to size” replaceable refill inserts in sizes 24” 28” & 40” To provide a complete service Isla offer a 2 tier (50 blade capacity) display dispenser. Isla Components Limited is the sole importer for the Sinai Imalat (SILBAK) brand wiper blades, Turkey’s most prestigious manufacturers of Windshield Wiper Products. For further information please contact: Leslie Washington Executive Director Sales & Marketing on 07899 926171 For more information:

“It is all too easy, and all too common, for insurance engineers to look at a damaged tractor unit and simply decide it can’t be repaired. But we can repair almost anything. Insurers generally write off vehicles that have sustained damage in the region of 65% to 70% of their book value as repairing them would be uneconomical. The hauliers who owns the vehicles would prefer to have their vehicles repaired as the settlement figure being offered by the insurance company, would not allow them to get a replacement vehicle of same specification, and in some occasions, leaves the haulier with a short fall of £20,000 In these instances we always try to get the manufacturers involved to come up with a write off avoidance proposal, this in turn keeps the customers vehicles on the road which generates parts and service back to the dealership. Alternatively we would also look at the possibility of using recycled parts in order to keep the cost of repairs low enough to avoid writing the vehicle off, which is obviously subject to approval. At David Philp Commercials we have heavily invested in specialist equipment and this combined with ongoing staff training gives our customers a one stop solution. We have the facility to remove a damaged cab, set it up on one of our two cab jigs, re-align the cab, replacing damaged panels and paint the cab to the customer’s specification.

We would also carry out a full geometry check to ensure the chassis is straight and that the steering is aligned correctly; adjustment would be carried out if required. Another successful repair. Another satisfied customer. If in doubt, please contact us or send us your images and vehicle details for a free expert opinion Phone: 01506 882212 (option 3) ask for David or Richard. Email: For more information:




ed Forge are pleased to be attending this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show and are proud to announce the release of the latest in their range of Axle Load indicators. On the Red Forge stand this year will be the brand new LimitliteTM Tradesman display, specifically designed at customer request in order to provide overload protection in a form that is simple to read. Using a traffic light system, combined with a vehicle outline, the Tradesman gives ‘at a glance’ warnings that are easy for the driver to interpret in the cab. LimitliteTM Tradesman is the latest in a new line of Axle Load Indicators that benefit from Red Forge’s Lifetime Warranty on parts and labour. Drop by stand 4G02 in order to find out more. The newest addition to the LimitliteTM range, the Tradesman display has been created at the request


of existing customers, in order to provide a simple visual guide to the loading condition of a vehicle. Using the same tried and tested sensor technology as the market leading LimitliteTM Plus range, which has had thousands of units installed across many years, the Tradesman allows an ‘at a glance’ check for both front and rear axle loads, as well as Gross Vehicle Weight. Equally suitable for new or retrofit applications, the LimitliteTM Tradesman has the added benefit of quicker installation thanks to data transfer via laptop or handheld programmer. The display is smaller than those in the existing range, meaning an easier installation in the cab away from the swept area. The new display uses a ‘Traffic Light’ system - showing green for safe loads, changing to amber for near full load and red for overload. It


n recent years AID Fuel Card Services have found the Commercial Vehicle show to be a huge success and a fantastic opportunity to meet prospective as well as existing customers. The friendly AID Fuel Card Services staff will be available to discuss businesses refuelling requirements. Let your search for fuel card sites, start and end with AID. In recognition of the fact that customers need to be able to find sites while on the move or in areas that are new or unfamiliar to drivers, the new AID website was launched last year inclusive of an easy to use site locator. The Commercial Vehicle Show will also see the



he Commercial Vehicle show 2014, will again feature the highly successful y Hydro Lift S2 6.2 Tonne and 8.2 Tonne capacity wireless mobile column lifts. The Hydrolift S2 wireless mobile columns add a further dimension to the already comprehensive range of commercial lifting equipment including, the Duplex in-ground truck lifting system, suspended and floor running pit lifts, gear box and engine lifting equipment, and the latest edition of the 65 Tonne King Pin Press. Rotary wireless mobile column lifts offer maximum flexibility in a workshop environment both for large and small service bays and workshops. Designed and engineered in the USA, the Hydro Lift S2 is assembled in the UK and makes a step change in design and specification from existing column lifts. It is much easier for operators to use and set up. With its user friendly controls the mobile columns are over 30% faster than competitive lifts.

has built in display damping and requires no driver input. Vehicle Telemetry (VTS) output comes as standard and allows for remote overload warnings and fault reporting. Accurate to within the VOSA/DVSA guidelines for roadside spot checks, this latest application is the most economic means of ensuring that a driver protects both himself and the company from fines, penalties or loss of license. In addition, the LimitliteTM Tradesman benefits from a lifetime warranty on parts and labour, subject to regular service and calibration, meaning that long term costs are kept to a bare minimum. For more information: Visit stand G02 in Hall 4

official launch of a new mobile version of the site locator, for ease of use on PC, smart phone and tablet. euroShell Fleet Fuel Card The euroShell fleet fuel card from AID Fuel Cards is continuing to proving to be a robust option for many fleet operators: Caroline Fearns, fuel card sales team leader commented: “In particularly turbulent market conditions, we have found that the euroShell fleet fuel card is an excellent offering for businesses looking for a large nationwide site coverage coupled with a transparent account structure”. For more information: Visit stand D02 in Hall 4

An on board battery charger for the 24V DC electric motor, means there are no wires to clutter up the service bay floor, enabling full mobility on any concrete surface. With wireless exclusive controls, there is no master or slave column, therefore the lifts can be controlled from any column. Each column has a 6200 Kg, or 8200 Kg capacity, and with a four, six, or eight column configuration, they can accommodate light duty passenger vehicles right up to large heavy duty PSV & CV’s. Please contact: Ian Gibbs, Sales Manager Telephone: 01787 477711 Mobile: 07785924333 e-mail: For more information: Visit stand D51 in Hall 4




he market leader in vehicle on-board and underbody weighing systems, Vehicle Weighing Solutions (VWS) will be presenting a host of new products at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show. The APOLLO range of Axle Weighers offers slow speed and portable weighing solutions for the fleet operator and enforcement agencies. Manufactured in Britain by VWS the APOLLO range is the next generation of “In-Motion” and static axle-by-axle weighing. The APOLLO PORTABLE Axle Weighbridge is a quick and easy to use system to weigh a vehicle in seconds, so no fleet delays. Accurate to within 2% it can weigh any vehicle up to 30,000kg per axle and with up to 16 axles. APOLLO FIXED, the Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion or Static Axle by Axle System is a low cost, high spec axle and gross vehicle weigher that can be used either as a static axle weighbridge or dynamic “InMotion” low speed weighing. All the systems can be linked to a database facility so that vehicle registrations can be stored against

vehicle types to ensure vehicles are compliant with legal requirements. Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “The accuracy of our APOLLO Axle Weighing System is hard to beat plus it is easy to install and cost effective. We are excited to be presenting this new range of high performing products at CV 2014.” · Protect Your ‘O’ Licence and OCR Score · Be Compliant using Best Practice · Accurate Full Axle and Gross Weights · Wireless Operation · UK Designed, Manufactured, Supported VWS will also be demonstrating its market leading vehicle on-board weighing products and sister company, Applied Traffic will be on hand to speak to about its range of standard and bespoke traffic monitoring solutions. VWS and Applied Traffic belong to a family of complimentary British companies known collectively as specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing and traffic monitoring systems.

Besides many Show Specials, we are offering FREE no obligation “Weighing Audits” at Your Depot! To apply Call VWS now on 0118 946 1900 or email For more information: Visit stand J114 in Hall 5



nce again Texa are exhibiting at the CV Show 2014. TEXA want to use this opportunity in the UK to demonstrate and discuss their range of service and diagnostic products for HGV, Car, Light commercial, Bus, Coach and Trailers to Fleet Managers and Engineers who are responsible for vehicle repair workshops. The main focus for the show will not just be the on new developments for vehicle and system coverage in the IDC4 operating software which extends its extensive coverage, across a wide range of vehicle applications with particular attention being paid to the new AXONE range of diagnostic tools. Another focus for Texa at the show is their successful Technical Training Program (TEXAEdu); and the latest courses that are available including ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction (AdBlue), Commercial Vehicle Common Rail Systems and the new ‘Trailer EBS’ course. In the UK over 3000 technicians have already attended a TEXA course, and we would like to use this opportunity to discuss with operators both their current and future training requirements.

The latest range of Konfort 700 Series Airconditioning machines will also be on display, including dedicated units for the service and maintenance of Commercial vehicle and Coach/ Bus AC systems. Texa are looking forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to their stand 4J30 during the 3 days, and we hope we will have something of interest to discuss with them all. For more information: Visit stand J30 in Hall 4






he haulage and transport industries are huge consumers of diesel, and because of this the growing initiative, to pinpoint a sustainable and efficient new fuel type is likely to be a forthcoming issue of paramount importance. Biofuels and biodiesel are the current forerunners in the search for fresh fuel substances, and they are already seeing some mainstream use. However, as we look ahead, this comparatively limited presence could become increasingly significant in the coming years. Every forecourt and commercial yard that stores mineral diesel is already purchasing diesel with up to 7% bio content, and if rumours are to be believed, this is set to increase to a much more notable 20% in the not too distant future. This is a huge step forward, and suggests that biodiesel is going to have a large part to play in the future. With more biofuel usage being expected, it is important to recognise that the use of biodiesel actually brings a number of benefits with it. For example, the emissions that biodiesel creates are much less than normal diesel, helping governments to achieve C02 targets without actually changing any habits, and they are also further offset by the actual process of growing the rapeseed; which


is beneficial in itself. Because of the sheer scale of transport and haulage operations, reducing individual emissions by even a small amount can swiftly add up to a major contribution. Some schemes also re-cycle waste oil, allowing it to be used within vehicles in limited capacities (especially within warmer temperatures, as cold air tends to cause the oil to solidify). Additionally, biodiesel is cheaper to produce than standard mineral diesel, although some lingering concerns over efficiency prevent it from being hailed as an innovation without fault. These concerns often centre upon the fact that biodiesel suspends more water within the main body of the fuel; this cannot be easily drained out, and so it is taken into the engine of a vehicle far more readily. This means that biodiesel is less calorific, so typically more needs to be used to achieve the same results as mineral diesel. Some individuals will also claim that the widespread growing of biofuel is detrimental, as the amount of land dedicated to food production is thereby reduced. Of course, the aforementioned environmental benefits of biofuel still stand in response, so it is likely that arguments over such principles will continue to be exchanged for many years.

Clearly, biodiesel is a contentious subject for some, although the scale of its current acceptance indicates that it is probably here to stay. The higher water content of biodiesel means that it can be problematic for storage, as this factor can promote micro bacterial growth. Because the transport and haulage industries are already making use of biodiesel, it is only natural that specialist fuel management companies should have responded to this growing demand; and that is exactly what we have done at Fueltek. We can provide equipment and advice on the correct storage, dispensing, monitoring and management of bio fuels and provide on-going support for future years. Contact: Martin Devine Fueltek Ltd, Lang Court, Nuttalls Way, Blackburn, Lancashire. BB1 2JT, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1254 291391 Fax +44 (0)1254 291 339 E-mail: For further information: Visit stand J119 in Hall 4


Brigade’s Backeye® 360 Systems offer a surround view in a single image


rigade Electronics has launched a new low-cost, intelligent camera monitor system that provides the driver with a comprehensive 360° view around the vehicle, making it the first company to offer the choice of two such systems. Brigade’s range of Backeye® 360 systems provides a ‘bird’s-eye’ view in a single image making it easier and quicker for the driver to assess possible hazards and take corrective action if required. Backeye® 360 systems use four ultrawide-angle camera lenses mounted on the vehicle to capture all blind spots. Simultaneous digital images from the cameras are processed and ‘video stitched’ resulting in a clear, real time surround view delivered to the driver’s monitor in a single image. Also on display will be Brigade’s patented bbs-tek® white sound® warning alarms. The sound from these alarms dissipates more easily outside of the hazard area than tonal alarms, making the bbs-tek models less annoying. At the same time, however, the source of the alarm and the danger is easier to locate in the hazard zone, making them safer. With cyclist safety high on the agenda, Sidescan® ultrasonic obstacle detection will also be on the Brigade stand. A simple, effective method of alerting drivers to possibly unseen cyclists in the nearside blind spot, this system is included in an increasing number of safety standards being implemented by construction companies. Brigade Electronics plc is the global market leader in reversing safety, allround visibility and collision avoidance. The company’s reputation is built upon the quality and reliability of its products and its service and support. The Brigade group is based in the UK, has subsidiary companies in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and South Africa, and is in partnership with over 50 specialist distributors worldwide. For more information: Visit stand E91 in Hall 4





minox, one of Europe’s leading emissions control engineering and design innovators to OEMs and the aftermarket, advises that its Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology (SCRT) is capable of reducing NO2 emissions potentially helping prevent the UK government and local councils from the prospect of embarrassing court appearances and significant fines. This follows the European Commission’s launch of legal action against the government for persistently breaching the EU Air Quality Directive by failing to reduce excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from traffic.

In May 2013 the UK Supreme Court declared that the limits for NO2 are regularly being exceeded in 16 of the UK’s 43 zones and that the UK is indeed violating existing laws. Air pollution causes 29,000 early deaths a year in the UK and the World Health Organisation has confirmed it is a cause of cancer. Eminox is a long-standing technology provider to the UK government. Recently the company has won several tenders to implement the Clean Bus Technology Fund (CBTF) which provides grants to Local Authorities to reduce emissions from public transport sources. To reduce hazardous emissions, Eminox uses SCRT. SCRT is the combination of CRT (Continuously Regenerating Trap) with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to produce a system which reduces diesel engine emission of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Particulate matter (PM), Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide. Eminox

SCRT technology is independently tested and approved at Millbrook Proving Ground. The systems eliminate more than 70% of Nitrogen Oxides and more than 50% of NO2 from buses retrofitted under the CBTF scheme upgrading these older buses to today’s stringent emissions standards. “Central and Local Government is already committed to reducing emissions from traffic and this legal action only adds to the speed with which we need to reduce emissions from high polluting vehicles,” said Nick Lyons, Managing Director, Eminox. “Upgrading buses and trucks with Eminox technology can help the UK to avoid these fines and significantly improve public health.”

other vehicles are all by the same manufacturer.” Plated for operated at 38 tonnes gcw, the New Actros has a range-topping GigaSpace cab and a state-of-the-art straight-six engine which transmits its 375 kW (510 hp) output via the latest Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearbox. It works with one of KJ Pike’s four Gray & Adams twin-deck trailers, each of which carries up to 720 supermarket trollies. The unit is serviced by Pentagon Commercials under a seven-year Mercedes-Benz Repair and Maintenance Contract.

“We were told the Euro VI vehicle would be economical to run and so it’s proved,” continues Mr Pike. “Fuel figures vary according to the work but whereas our older tractors are in the 7-8 mpg range, the New Actros typically returns 8-9 mpg. What’s more, it hasn’t missed a beat since day one, while driver John Fry really appreciates the space, comfort and sophistication of his cab, as well as the fact that it’s such a great looking truck.” For more information: Visit stand D10 in Hall 5

For more information:



he UK’s leading supermarket trolley maintenance specialist runs its trucks for seven years and more - which explains why it was one of the first operators to check out a fuel-efficient Euro VI truck from Mercedes-Benz. Dorset-based KJ Pike took delivery of its 4x2 New Actros 1851 tractor unit from the Poole branch of Dealer Pentagon Commercials in November 2012, a full 13 months before the latest round of EU emissions regulations came into force. Financial Director Christian Pike explains: “Our trucks don’t cover high mileages, which is why we keep them for so long. We wanted, therefore, to protect ourselves against future emissions controls in London and other cities, while also maximising its potential resale value, by buying the cleanest, ‘greenest’ vehicle we could. At the time MercedesBenz was the only truck-maker offering a viable Euro VI product, which was good news because our




artwright will this year be showcasing a new design trailer promoting the company’s latest advance in technology on its stand at the CV Show. The stand will showcase an advanced trailer with several innovative features as its centre piece. In addition one of the Cartwright Fleet Services new high specification mobile service vans will be on display together with other services provided by Cartwright particularly its Rentals and Finance Sales divisions. All of which combine to create the organisation’s ‘Manufacturing and more’ unique offering. Headlining the company’s latest technology features on its trailer products is a fully galvanised chassis which has recently become a popular option with customers. Cartwright are convinced that products with a galvanised chassis is the way forward, having the benefit of a very high quality finish and appearance and being more cost effective than a painted chassis.


Headlining the company’s latest technology features on its trailer products is a fully galvanised chassis The trailer also features Magnelis bearers and side raves which are up to 10 times more resistant to corrosion than a traditional galvanised bearer which means a longer life span and improved cosmetic appearance. The side raves include the pull up lashing ring option for deck to deck load securing. Another feature of the new hi-tech Cartwright trailer is the construction which has 30mm phenolic non slip ply hardwood floor sections which are laid on top of the trailer I beams creating a flush surface and a stronger and more robust chassis and floor which is rated to ISO1496 standard. The Cartwright trailer on the stand is a straight frame curtainsider compliant to the EN 1246XL standard but is complemented with the company’s new roof suspended load restraint system is now in operation with a number of its major customers. Cartwright has developed this roof suspended load restraint system through a combination of in-house design using Solid Works software and field trials across a range of operators and applications which have all proved successful. It is based upon a suspended rave to rave strapping system where straps or nets are suspended on bungees in the roof of the trailer. The quantity and rating of the nets or straps and their design can be infinitely varied to suit the specific application and type of load. When utilised the straps or nets can be brought down in any position to accommodate varying

height loads within the length of trailer. The system effectively over nets/straps the product restraining it to the bed of the trailer, preventing lateral or transverse load movement. This new load restraint system is another example of how Cartwright is helping its customers meet the challenges of ensuring they comply with the latest European standards on load restraint and constraint and work to the best practices laid down by HSE and DFT. Also featured on the stand is one of the Cartwright Fleet Services mobile service vans, fully liveried with the company’s logo and colours. The CFS vans are all Mercedes Sprinters supplied by Ciceley Commercials and are being used in the field by Cartwright’s team of fleet technicians servicing the company’s fleet maintenance contracts. All are fully fitted with the latest diagnostics equipment and stocked with a range of fast moving trailer parts. CFS fleet technicians are fully skilled with the additional benefit of specific Cartwright training on both chassis and double deck equipment and this ensures the ability to carry out a first time fix on the company’s extensive range of products. In addition all technicians have recently attended and passed the industry recognised IRTEC training program. Each technician works off a tablet computer, sending and receiving emails, completing PMI and documents online which are automated and

forwarded to the customer on a live basis removing the need for unnecessary paperwork which has vastly increased efficiency and is a value added bonus for Cartwright customers. The company objective is to encourage ‘e’ compliance in all areas of its service offering. Darren Holland, Group Sales Director of Cartwright commented: “We had a very successful stand at the show last year and we are confident that our showcase trailer and its advanced technological features will create a lot of interest from the industry. “This trailer unveils a range of exciting new value added features which we believe are at the cutting edge of technology in advanced trailer manufacturing. “We have always been proud of our reputation as innovators and these new features are taking trailer manufacturing to a new level with the ultimate beneficiary being our customer,” he added. For more information: Visit stand A90 in Hall 3





oodyear’s recently launched KMAX and FUELMAX tyres are to be available on Iveco’s award-winning Stralis range of trucks. From February 2014, 11 different types and sizes of Goodyear’s high mileage and fuel efficient tyres will be factory-fitted. Goodyear and Iveco worked together last year in Milan, Italy at the launch of the new tyre ranges, demonstrating the operational benefits of both the tyres and the trucks. “We are delighted that Iveco has selected Goodyear KMAX and FUELMAX tyres, which will be available on its Stralis range,” said Peter Platje, Director OE Sales Truck Tyres Goodyear Dunlop EMEA. “At the launch of the new tyres, Iveco worked with us and demonstrated the economic benefits of its truck range fitted with KMAX and FUELMAX tyres. The results were impressive and underline the advantages of using tyres with excellent economic performance.” “We are very proud of the economic performance of the Iveco Stralis range. The fitment of Goodyear’s latest Goodyear KMAX and FUELMAX tyres will further enhance that performance and help our customers reduce their operating costs even more,” said Giuliano Giovannini, Head of Iveco Product Marketing. Available in tractor unit or chassis-cab configuration, the Stralis range comprises the Hi-Street day cab version, Hi-Road sleeper cab variant and the top-of-the-range maximum-width sleeper cab Hi-Way. The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way was voted International Truck of the Year 2013 by 25 leading European commercial vehicle


journalists. High mileage performance is the main benefit the Goodyear KMAX range offers, without compromising on other important criteria. The Goodyear FUELMAX range provides optimised fuel efficiency combined with good mileage. Both ranges are suitable for both long haul and regional haul applications. The tyres designated HL (High Load) provide higher front axle load capability, as required for some of the latest generation trucks. KMAX is a dedicated mileage line, offering maximised mileage potential and all year round traction without compromise on other key performance areas. The range comprises the KMAX S steer tyre, KMAX D drive tyre and KMAX T trailer tyre. The KMAX D drive tyres have year-round capability thanks to complying with winter tyre requirements and carrying not only the M+S markings but also the ‘Alpine’ or Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol indicating that they meet the severe snow (or winter) requirements, essential in some areas to be able to operate during severe weather. FUELMAX is the fuel efficient line focusing on reduced rolling resistance. The FUELMAX range comprises the FUELMAX S steer tyre, FUELMAX D drive tyre and FUELMAX T trailer tyre. Low rolling resistance is the greatest attribute of these tyres with no compromise on mileage , wet braking or other key areas of performance. The FUELMAX D drive tyre also meets both M+S and 3PMSF requirements, making this is a true all season tyre.

oodyear, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers will return to this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show. Following the successful launch of its new KMax and FuelMax products in September, Goodyear’s dedicated stand will highlight the ability of these products and its service development programs to support customers in their businesses to be more successful. The Goodyear KMAX range, as the name implies, has been developed for improved mileage performance, while not compromising on other important criteria such as fuel efficiency and traction. Likewise the Goodyear FUELMAX range is for the operator seeking to optimise fuel efficiency combined with good mileage. With many fleet operators mindful of keeping costs low, Goodyear acknowledges that fuel efficient tyres are very much in demand and believe that their FuelMax tyre can offer substantial savings to fleets. Marc Preedy, Commercial Director at Goodyear said: “The Goodyear FuelMax tyre is a perfect example of our ability to decrease a fleets cost of ownership. The steer tyre was awarded an A-grade in fuel economy, the first in the market - an achievement we are very proud of. Label grades can point to considerable fuel savings for fleets. For example, when you compare the amount you can save on fleet of 50 trucks that have the FuelMax tyre, instead of that of an EU Tyre Label D-grade rating you are looking at savings in excess of £200,000.” Alongside its new products Goodyear provides a partnership approach to business with its customers. Marc Preedy continues: “We work with our commercial fleet customers on a partnership basis built on mutually agreed objectives. Our aim is to deliver through market-leading products substantial savings to our customers, so as the industry starts to put the recession behind it, customers can use money saved to generate growth.”

For more information:

Visit stand G80 in Hall 5




yre engineers in Japan have for the first time, employed a super computer normally used for climate simulation, together with the SPring-8 Materials Research Centre and its synchrotron radiation facility, to create a new energy-efficient tyre. These powerful simulation tools, offering the ability to analyse at sub nano level, the effects of compound and construction, form part of Falken’s new 4D NANO Design process. 4D NANO Design has enabled Falken to develop the Sincera SN832 ECORUN tyre with a 22% reduction in rolling resistance compared to its predecessor. A further 27% reduction in braking distances has led to the new tyre receiving an A rating for wet weather grip, becoming the first Falken tyre to achieve the highest grade. By combining the SPring-8 materials research centre and its synchrotron radiation technology and the Japanese government’s Earth Simulator super computer to simulate the real world conditions that a tyre experiences, Falken was able to identify how and where heat would be generated and how to minimise it. This is crucial as temperature build up results in higher rolling resistance which ultimately reduces fuel economy. For example, SPring-8’s scientists created a new compound by bonding polymers into ‘functional groups’ with silica. These groups restrict the movement of the elements and the subsequent rise in temperature. The dispersal and reaction of both the bonding and chemical reaction of these groups was simulated at sub nanometre (there are one million nanometres in a millimetre) level to prove the technology. Falken’s resultant calculations suggest the fuel saving benefit could be as much as four

percent over its previous SN828 tyre. In addition to the compound innovations, the Sincera SN832 ECORUN features a more circular cross profile, distributing load more evenly with the driver experiencing more precise handling and better directional stability. Stiffer outer shoulders with wide and straight lateral grooves improve resistance to aquaplaning, increasing the lateral aquaplaning score by 32% over that of the SN828. “To create a step performance gain in a tyre is not easy,” says Markus Bogner, sales and marketing director, Falken Tyre Europe, GmbH. “Being part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the sixth largest tyre maker, Falken can access some of the best innovations out there. The four key areas of the 4D NANO DESIGN; Research, Simulate, Extraction and Performance feed into our materials development and simulation process and use some of the most powerful research and simulation tools on the planet. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.” Japan’s Earth Simulator is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. It has a theoretical peak performance of 131TFLOPS and is typically used to model large scale climate change or to research the effects of tsunamis and earthquakes. SPring-8, the world’s largest third-

New 4D NANO Design process draws on technology from outside the tyre industry to create all new Sincera SN832 ECORUN low rolling resistance energy-efficient tyre

generation synchrotron radiation facility, produces light that is about one billion times more brilliant than conventional X-ray sources and is used by scientists for a wide range of research projects. The Sincera SN832 ECORUN will be available from Spring, initially in 19 dimensions across 13”15” sizes and a T speed rating, highlighting that advanced technology need not be the sole reserve of ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres. It will be suitable for cars such as the Ford Fiesta, Nissan Juke, VW Touran and Fiat 500. About FALKEN High Performance Tyres Motorsport has for many years formed the basis for the technology and development of FALKEN High Performance Tyres and their exceptional driving properties. FALKEN racing tyres have demonstrated their quality and performance in some of the world’s most challenging racing series. These include the American Le Mans Series and the legendary Nürburgring 24-hour race. By systematically evaluating the experience gained in motor racing, new findings are gathered which flow straight into series production. This results in outstanding products that fulfil the highest quality standards and have been succeeding for years in international competitions. Falken Tyre Europe offers a comprehensive product range which includes allseason, summer and winter tyre lines for passenger cars, heavy goods vehicles, light trucks and SUVs. For more information:





iti Tire has appointed Fabio Pecci-Boriani to the newly created position of Senior Product Marketing Manager with a brief to develop both the passenger car and light truck portfolios throughout Europe. Fabio will be responsible for preparing, coordinating and monitoring all aspects of the company’s product marketing strategies, while supporting the worldwide research and development (R&D) teams in developing new tyres and bringing them successfully to launch. The role, which encompasses the GT Radial, Primewell and Runway brands, also includes the collation of market research data and intelligence to develop the mid and long term strategic product plans, and reinforcing the company’s retail market approach per country to maximise sales. Fabio will report directly to Richard Lyons, Managing Director - Europe pending the appointment of a new Director of Marketing Passenger Car, details of which will be unveiled soon. He will be based in Giti Tire’s German HQ in Seigburg. Fabio joins from Volvo where he held the position of Pricing Manager, where he was responsible for implementing and maintaining pricing strategies towards dealers across 11 markets. Previously he worked for Bridgestone Europe for 10 years. Richard said: “This is the first of two senior

appointments that will be instrumental in shaping the future of our passenger car and light truck portfolios across all three key brands, and their importance to the future direction of the company cannot be understated, these people must be exceptional. “Fabio has a proven track-record of successfully delivering a number of projects using the full remit of marketing concepts, practices and procedures, plus a driven approach to plan and accomplish goals. For this role he is a perfect fit and warmly welcomed to the Giti Tire team.” Giti Tire is one of the largest tyre companies in the world in terms of both volume and revenue. With a portfolio including GT Radial, Primewell and Runway, the company exports to more than 100 countries and offers a complete product range for Europe including passenger car, SUV, van, light truck, heavy truck and bus tyres. Giti Tire is fully committed to maintaining the very highest standard of quality control procedures and has obtained ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2009 accreditation for all of its five key manufacturing plants. In addition, all plants supplying Europe have obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation. For more information:



elping its customers achieve lowest overall driving cost underlines Continental Tyres’ philosophy, and its presence at the CV Show 2014, April 29 - May 1, will showcase a number of products and services designed to support this goal. Following the roll out of Continental Tyres’ Generation 3 range for buses and coaches in 2013, this year it is the turn of tyres for goods vehicles. At the CV Show 2014, Continental Tyres will showcase the first two products from its goods vehicles range - the ContiEcoPlus and the Conti Hybrid. This new product launch is paired with a new naming system for the company’s truck and


bus tyres, with names which clearly describe the application the product is intended for. The ContiEcoPlus offers a range of long-distance tyres, which provide best-in-class fuel saving performance, along with great mileage, and excellent retreadability. The ContiEcoPlus HT3 trailer tyre, is available now and offers a 26% improvement in rolling resistance over its predecessor, and as a result has achieved the A label for fuel efficiency. A number of sizes for steer and drive axles, ContiEcoPlus HS3 and HD3, will follow, and are expected to be available from April. The phased launch of the ContiHybrid, Continental’s new regional range, will start from

the second half of 2014. These tyres are designed to bridge the gap between long-distance journeys, and the stop-start style of town driving, and in the development of this range engineers have focussed on maximising mileage performance as a priority, whilst ensuring good fuel efficiency and retreadability. In 2014 Continental will launch the Conti Hybrid in 22.5 and 19.5 steer (Hybrid HS3), in 19.5 drive and trailer (Hybrid HD3 and HT3), and in 17.5 steer and drive (Hybrid LS3 and Hybrid LD3). Over 90% of all tyre failures are preceded by slow leaks that cause gradual loss of tyre pressure, which can lead to punctures and increased running




ankook Tyre UK appoint Nick Maltby as Franchise Development Manager following the continued expansion of the Hankook Masters Programme. Working in partnership with independent retail customers, prime locations across the UK have been identified to create a consistent retail expression and unified brand experience to consumers. Hankook Tyre UK continue to expand the Hankook Masters Programme with the appointment of Nick Maltby as Franchise Development Manager. Nick joins Hankook with over 30 years of experience within the tyre trade industry having worked for large independent retailers at a senior level. Nick shall join existing Franchise Manager, Ben Francis, in the development of the Hankook Masters Programme adding further value for its members. The Hankook Masters Programme has been designed to create a consistent retail expression across all shop formats to provide a unified brand experience to consumers. Hankook Tyre UK has been working in partnership with its independent retail customers to identify depots situated in prime locations across the UK who stock and actively promote the Hankook brand. The Hankook Masters brand logo represents speed, high technology, prestige and innovation. Hankook’s ultimate goal is to continue to meet the needs of the company’s customers and improve both the

image of the brand and retailer by providing unique, revolutionary and optimal space to fully experience the Hankook brand. Each of the shop formats have been designed to increase brand awareness, increase sales and build relationships with customers. “Nick’s appointment highlights the continued expansion of the Hankook Masters Programme which is now making firm roots in the UK. Nick shall be instrumental in adding value to the existing programme, accelerating Hankook’s premium shop presence in the market and helping to increase brand awareness”, said Tony Lee, Managing Director. “With my experience of independent tyre retailing I would like to help create a market leading franchise programme for sales and service focused on our customer’s individual needs”, added Nick Maltby. Aspiring to bring consumers the utmost excellence in quality and driving satisfaction, Hankook Tire continuously invests in research and development maintaining five global R&D centres located in Korea, Germany, USA, China and Japan. Bespoke tyre solutions for the European markets as well as European Original Equipment according to the requirements of leading car manufacturers, are developed in the company’s regional Technical Centre in Hanover/Germany. Production is taking place in the state-of-the-art European production site

in Rácalmás/Hungary which was inaugurated in June 2007 and is continuously being expanded. Currently more than 2000 employees produce approximately twelve million tyres a year for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks. Upon completion of the latest production unit in 2014/15 the factory’s production capacity will increase to about 17 million tyres per year.

costs, such as higher levels of rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Installed on a number of fleets throughout 2013, Continental will present case studies at the show demonstrating how its ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure management system (TPMS) has had tangible effects on reducing tyre breakdowns and the associated cost and inconvenience, as well as making drivers more conscientious. But even with the best products and preventative measures, tyre breakdowns do happen, and when they do they can be costly and time consuming. In appreciation of the impact this can have on a company’s productivity, the ContiBreakdownService offers 24/7 availability, with a ‘drive-on time’ guarantee of less than two and a half hours in the UK and Ireland. This promise is supported by more than 300 service points and more than 700 mobile service vans across the UK and Ireland, with the option of European breakdown cover across 37 countries. As well as a competitive, nationwide, fixed-price service, with no payment

needed from drivers up front, Continental offers tyre dealers and fleets of all sizes an industry-leading breakdown service. Getting into the spirit for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, visitors to the Continental Tyres stand at the show will also have the opportunity to win a money-can’t-buy experience at St. George’s Park, the home of English football. The winner plus three friends will join Continental at an exclusive event at St. George’s Park on the June 14, 2014, during the World Cup in Brazil. The day will include a tour of St. George’s Park, a coaching session including the ContiWarmUp programme with FA coaches, live screening of the World Cup games in the evening and overnight accommodation at the St. George’s Park Hilton hotel. In addition, Continental will be running a football trivia quiz which offers the chance to win 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil(tm) branded giveaways, and will have the official mascot of the World Cup, Fuleco, on the stand for photo opportunities. Continental Tyres’ Sales and Marketing Director,

Commercial, Arthur Gregg said: “With almost three quarters of European tyre volume sales coming from the goods sector alone, this year is naturally going to be a very busy, but very exciting time for the company. “Purchase price is an important factor in the buying decision of all of our customers, but what is more critical is having tyres that help fleets lower their overall driving costs, as these savings can quite often be significantly higher. The range of services and products we will have on display at the show represent how we can help fleets achieve this, from offering the best quality tyres optimised for specific customer needs, to systems and solutions which efficiently manage and extend the life of those tyres, to the breakdown cover to get vehicles back on the move, should the worst happen.”

Hankook Tire’s European headquarters are located in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. The manufacturer operates further branches in Europe in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Sweden and Poland. Hankook products are sold directly through regional distributors in other local markets. Hankook Tire employs more than 20,000 employees worldwide and are selling their products in over 180 countries. Internationally leading car manufacturers rely on tyres made by Hankook for their original equipment. More than 30% of the company’s global sales are generated within the European and CIS-Region. For more information:

The Continental Tyres team will be available to talk about their products and services at the CV Show 2014, NEC Birmingham, on stand D70, Hall 5. For more information:






he UK and Ireland’s leading freight transport and logistics exhibition, Multimodal 2014, opens its doors for three days in the Birmingham NEC on April 29th. The free-to-attend event will showcase over 280 exhibitors and will also feature Best Practice seminars, a Knowledge Lounge, and a Shippers’ Village giving freight buyers a private space to meet logistics suppliers. This year, Multimodal will take place at the same time as the popular Commercial Vehicle show, and will be welcoming HRH The Princess Royal, who is attending a special seminar session about Transaid, the Charity she is a patron of. “Multimodal is now in its seventh year, and is firmly established as the one-stop-shop for freight buyers looking to find new ways of running slicker supply chains and wanting to find out more about what suppliers can offer,” said Multimodal Director Robert Jervis. “This year the show will be our biggest yet, with over 280 exhibitors already booked, and a full programme of topical seminars and masterclasses to help freight buyers stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and understand new legislation.” Multimodal 2014 has teamed up with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), as well as the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to deliver a progamme of panel discussions and tutorials. Speakers from Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative, the International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association (ICHCA), Collect+, ByBox, Barclays, Oxfam, Norbert Dentressangle, Maritime Transport, and Clipper Logistics are amongst the leading names presenting. Sessions will cover trends including click and collect, portcentric solutions, modal shift, and humanitarian logistics, as well as practical issues


such as contracts, correct packing and accurate weighing of containers, the WCO Harmonised System, and understanding supply chain finance. Delegates can book to attend these, and Knowledge Lounge sessions covering contracts, Customs, and legislation when they register for the show at Multimodal is also playing host to a number of leading logistics organisations. The European Logistics Users Providers & Enablers Group (ELUPEG), Leaders in Supply Chain (LiSC), the Logistics Leaders Network, the Transport Association, the Rail Freight Group, the CILT’s Transport Managers Forum, and Women in Logistics will all hold meetings at the event. The Shippers’ Village, which this year welcomes Boots, returns to give freight buyers a private space

to meet logistics suppliers. Sourcing and supply chain specialist Trade Extensions is continuing its sponsorship of the Village and will also offer vistors the opportunity to participate in the classic supply chain challenge The Beer Game. The Beer Game simulates a simplified supply chain manufacturing and distributing beer and demonstrates some of the fundamental challenges of supply chain management. Participants assume one of four roles Manufacturer, Distributor Wholesaler or Retailer - and the objective is for each role to minimise their costs while fulfilling the orders they receive. Trade Extensions will be facilitating the sessions from its stand and up to 16 visitors can participate in each session. Another first this year will be the ELUPEG meeting at Multimodal which is open to all visitors. The theme is ‘Collaboration in Multimodal Transport, a win win solution’ and the meeting will feature speakers from the Stobart Group and Ford with case studies from Boots and Premier Foods. Multimodal 2014 is now over 85% sold out with many exhibitors returning, as well as new companies exhibiting for the first time. Companies exhibiting include Palletline, Malcolm Logistics, Gefco, Wincanton and Knights of Old. Last year’s show attracted over 6000 visitors and 275 exhibitors.




ogether with its parent company Combilift, Aisle-Master is exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Multimodal show, demonstrating

how logistics and warehousing operations can achieve major benefits when it comes to space saving and productivity with its articulated forklifts. The range of handling solutions from these two Irish manufacturers encompasses pedestrian reach stackers with capacities of 1450kg through to straddle carriers capable of handling containers and oversized loads of up to 80t. The ingenious design of the Aisle-Masters enables them to replace a combination of reach and counterbalance forklifts to work in very narrow aisle widths of less than 2m for a vast increase in pallet density. This can double the amount of storage space available for considerably reduced perpallet costs. They are fitted with large super elastic tyres for versatile indoor and outdoor operation, so are able to offload in the yard and take loads directly to indoor racking. Time consuming double handling is eliminated, resulting in much faster procedures and there is also no need to invest in super flat floors in the warehouse, unlike operation with other traditional types of VNA trucks. A recent convert to the Aisle-Master brand is Eddie Stobart, which has placed a substantial order for its Contract Logistics and Warehousing Division, which offers over 6 million ft² of storage

facilities across the country. Twenty-five units have so far been delivered, another ten are due to be operational over the next twelve months and as new opportunities for sites and contracts are identified this number looks set to increase further. The trucks were selected following a tendering process for a new fleet prompted by changes in the business model, increased customer demand as well as the end of the operational life of the old forklift fleet. The build quality and reputation for extreme reliability of the Aisle-Masters were factors which won over Operations Director Graeme Undy, who comments: “We have seen a marked increase in productivity levels at every site where the Aisle-Masters have been introduced, which is beneficial for our operators, ourselves and most importantly for our customers.” Aisle-Masters are robustly built, extremely low maintenance machines which cope easily with intense, round the clock shifts. They can be customised to individual requirements and the range encompasses AC electric and LPG powered models with lift capacities of up to 2.5t and lift heights to an impressive 15m. For more information:



ogistics is a prime component of global trade and a defining factor in the process of value creation, where the value of goods is determined by their location, or at least by their ultimate destination. Where goods originate is good for the local economy, where they are delivered, and the process of getting them there, is fundamental to the world economy. However the whole process of logistics is also of vital strategic importance in the drive towards a low-carbon economy. Today, it is still largely true that logistics services are viewed as a commodity market, where price dominates. However socio-economic factors, driven by the governmentally promoted push for enforced reduction in corporate carbon footprint, will see this change, as customers, companies and policymakers come to understand that logistics services and expertise will be key to providing sustainable solutions for customer fulfilment. As environmental issues and the economics of international trade become increasingly intertwined, this will force logistics businesses to migrate away from being providers of a commodity service, to being focused, contributive


partners, who can help their customers to remove carbon from their supply-chain, by helping them to manage all of their distribution processes. Between the counter stresses of customer demands and regulatory measures, innovative operational

improvements will see logistics become an industry where customer-focused expertise and end-to-end service quality will come to be the dominant factor, much more important than the simple questions of pricing and profit. The market leading logistics companies of the future will be those that are able to transform their business focus in this way. Or they will be new

businesses who come to market with the specific intention of making ‘partner logistics’ their business mission. These companies will come to market with this new sales proposition; differentiating themselves from the pack by providing sustainable services, and competing on expertise and customer commitment, rather than simply offering the cheapest point to point solution. The efficiency of the supply chain has been fundamental to national and international trade since the days of the merchant-venturers out of Genoa and Cadiz, and has always been regarded as vital to economic success, but as new regulatory demands for greener corporate operation forces every customer to look to their whole carbon footprint, the monetary cost from factory to consumer, will only be a part of their consideration. Fast, efficient, holistic, environmentally-friendly supply-chain operations will increasingly become not merely important, but absolutely vital, to the bottom line as well as the corporate image. As companies come to regard the supply chain as key to their business strategy, this new holistic paradigm will also help them to explore and leverage new market opportunities.



RH The Princess Royal will visit Multimodal 2014 and take part in a seminar session focusing on the work of charity Transaid, which supports transport initiatives in developing countries. Princess Anne, who is Patron of Transaid, will attend the exhibition and seminar on the morning of the April 30, and will hear from panellists how the European logistics industry is saving lives, whilst boosting staff performance. “Transaid is delivering more projects in more countries than ever before, and that wouldn’t be possible without support from the transport and logistics industry,” said Gary Forster, Chief Executive, Transaid. “Up to 15 volunteers a year provide technical expertise to our programmes and we are delighted that our corporate supporters value the volunteering opportunities, with many integrating them into their continuing professional development (CPD) programmes.” The panel session will be chaired by Theo de Pencier, Chief Executive, Freight Transport Association (FTA) who will be joined by Maeve Magner, strategic advisor for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Transaid trustee, Mark Simmons, HR and HSE Director, Norbert Dentressangle Logistics UK, and Gary Forster, Chief Executive, Transaid. The panel is part of three days of Best Practice Seminars, which include a day of masterclasses in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), as well as the FTA sessions, held during the Multimodal 2014 show at the Birmingham NEC from April 29 to May 1. Sessions are bookable by registering for the free-to-attend show at Transaid champions and implements local transport solutions to improve access to basic services and economic opportunity for people in Africa and in developing countries. It was founded by Save the Children and the CILT. Multimodal 2014 is now over 95% sold out with many exhibitors returning, as well as new companies exhibiting for the first time. For more information:





wik Fit is giving its mobile van fleet a completely new-look with the roll-out of a striking highly visible livery. Britain’s number one fast-fit operator is transforming its 200-strong mobile fleet with a fully-wrapped blue and yellow livery reflecting Kwik Fit’s wellknown corporate colours. Twenty new Kwik Fit vans are already on the roads displaying the livery promoting the UK’s leading mobile tyre fitting service, and a further 54 vans will receive the new-look as they join the fleet over the coming weeks. During 2014/15 a further 40 Kwik Fit vans will also be wrapped in the new livery highlighting the “we’ll come to you service”, meaning that within the next 14 months more than half the fleet will display the new-look as current vehicles are replaced. Kwik Fit presently operates a predominantly Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI 3.5 tonne medium wheelbase fleet, which has proved to be a reliable and durable workhorse for the business. Additionally, Kwik Fit is introducing new equipment to the vans as they take to the roads including: a tyre balancer with a video screen replacing a digital display; a new tyre machine with an uprated third arm to aid technician fitment of run flat tyres; and an additional air tank has been added to assist in seating tyres on the wheel rim. A myriad of other more minor changes to the

design of the rear of the van have also been made following technician feedback. The further development of Kwik-Fit’s mobile tyre fitting service highlights the continued investment in the fast-fit and mechanical services business by parent company Itochu Corporation since it acquired the business almost three years ago. Simultaneously, demand for Kwik Fit mobile from both corporate and retail customers continues to increase with retail sales up by 250% year-on-year. Kwik Fit fleet operations director Simon Lucas said: “Our research revealed that we could generate improved visibility and therefore potentially extra business by introducing a more striking livery on the mobile fleet than our previous livery displayed on a white van.” A clearly liveried fleet of company cars or commercial vehicles raises an organisation’s identity, boosts their marketplace profile and is calculated to generate a significant number of inquiries with mobile marketing research suggesting

that more than 3000 people per hour see a liveried vehicle operating in a busy area. Mr Lucas said: “Utilising Kwik Fit’s corporate blue and yellow colours does, we believe, provide a significantly enhanced mobile billboard to raise greater awareness of our “we’ll come to you” tyre fitting service.” Drivers can arrange for Kwik Fit mobile to undertake tyre repair and replacement at their location of choice - usually at home or work. Mr Lucas said: “Convenience and an increase in the number of employees working from home is driving mobile demand. “Once motorists have experienced our hassle-free mobile tyre fitting service they typically look to use it again and again. Vehicle downtime is significantly reduced and with many people leading a time-precious existence Kwik-Fit mobile tyre fitting service suits their work and lifestyle balance.” For more information:



adly, Trapeze Group has to announce the death of Chris Gough, the Sales Director for the UK. Chris suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of January, and passed away in hospital on February 14, 2014. Since joining Trapeze in 2001, Chris had been responsible for selling Trapeze’s software offering predominately to our local authority clients. Many people will remember how Chris combined a clear understanding of Trapeze’s software with insight into the operational needs of local authority transport departments up and down the country. Peter Bell, Managing Director of Trapeze Group in the UK, commented: “Chris was a highly intelligent, deeply passionate member of our team;


a powerful and convincing speaker with a keen sense of humour and ‘down-to-earth’ delivery style. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and colleague.” Chris’ family have chosen the Harefield Lung and Heart Appeal at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals; and the British Cardiac Patients Association, as appropriate charities for anyone wishing to donate in Chris’ honour. Details and links are available on Trapeze’s website,




T Handtools is a lifeline to operators in the windscreen replacement business. “We have been in the windscreen equipment market for more than 30 years, and believe me, we have seen a lot of changes in that time,” says JT Handtools Director Richard Vaughan. “The thing for us is that, because we are primarily an engineering company, we can react quicker than almost anyone else to new developments. Almost every new car, van, truck or bus will have a unique windscreen architecture, and, more importantly, a unique securing system, often with unique new bolts, clips, screws and mounting design. Whenever something comes out that requires a new specialist tool to enable operators or windscreen replacement companies to take a windscreen out and replace it, we go off and design, engineer and manufacture that tool right here in Sheffield. So our customers don’t have to wait for tools to come from the OEM, or for copies to be reverse-engineered and shipped in from China. We stock everything that a business needs to keep its fleet’s windscreens intact and the vehicles on the road.”


JT Handtools specialise purely and simply, in providing all the necessary equipment for removing and replacing windscreens. For cars or trucks, vans or tractors, JCBs or even trains; JT Handtools can handle the problem. Already a supplier to many of the UK’s largest vehicle windscreen companies, JT are now finding more and more fleet operators are coming to them directly. “What we are seeing,” continues Richard Vaughan, “is that more and more small and medium fleet operators are realising that they can handle most windscreen issues in their own workshops. Some of the larger operators, with thousand of vehicles constantly out on the road, might prefer to set up a relationship with one of the national windscreen groups, and everyone needs some national coverage for when there is an incident on a vehicle which is a long way away from the home depot which has a major windscreen failure. But most companies now realise that it is easier, and almost certainly more costeffective, to have their own windscreen equipment and to manage all of their own windscreen repair and replacement requirements. That’s why we designed and manufacture the Windscreen Wizard.”

The Windscreen Wizard is a specialised, bespoke-manufactured product, which facilitates the removal of a whole windscreen in minutes. Designed in conjunction with specialist vehicle engineers, windscreen replacement companies and windscreen experts, the Windscreen Wizard finally provides the perfect wire removal system for modern day windscreens. In the hands of a trained technician, a vehicle windscreen can be removed without fuss or mess in less than 20 minutes with the Windscreen Wizard tool-kit. The system prevents damage to the vehicle interior and exterior, allows the whole glass to be removed and if necessary re-used, can be used on all sorts of vehicle glass removal, i.e. windscreen, rear glass, quarter lights, sunroofs; and for cars, trucks, or virtually any vehicle, and offers huge reductions in consumables cost. Whenever you are considering the windscreen costs of keeping your fleet on the road, give Richard at JT Handtools a call, he will be happy to help you work out what’s best for your business. For more information: 01142 449989




oldhofer’s groundbreaking MPA axle technology is coming to the United Kingdom: The Bavarian top-quality vehicle manufacturer is presenting the most innovative low loader semitrailer of all time in a joint roadshow organized in collaboration with Mercedes Benz and starring the Goldhofer STZ-MPA 4 and the new Arocs tractor. From mid-April to mid-May, Goldhofer and Mercedes Benz will be touring Britain together, presenting their latest products to numerous customers in a series of exclusive roadshow events as well as at four plant and commercial vehicle trade shows, namely ScotPlant in Edinburgh (April 25 - 26), the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014 in Birmingham (April 28 May 1), the Truckfest in Peterborough (May 4 - 5) and Vertikal Days (May 14 - 15) in Haydock Park between Manchester and Liverpool. “The MPA Roadshow is a real highlight for us and for Andover as our UK importer. We are convinced that our groundbreaking MPA axle technology will meet with a keen response in the United Kingdom,

too,” says Renato Ramella, Sales Manager Europe at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. “With the roadshow, we will be making local presentations for customers to give them an opportunity to see for themselves what this new technology is all about in an individual first-hand experience of the product.” Like a lizard With its innovative MPA axle technology, for which patents are pending, Goldhofer – as the leading global producer of oversized cargo transportation vehicles - has made a big splash in the heavy haulage industry. The STZ-MPA is as nimble as a lizard, with the maneuverability to fit into the tightest spaces - thanks to the MPA Troika: The axle comprises just one wheel carrier, one strut and one suspension arm. A suspension stroke of 315 mm plus individual choice of ride height and a steering angle of up to 60° equals ideal handling and optimum maneuverability. Reduction to such a small number of components is the key to maintenancefriendly design, outstanding durability and low kerb weight. Thanks to the independent response of


the axles, the vehicle makes light work of uneven surfaces. Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft Goldhofer is the world market leader for transport equipment in the field of general and heavy-duty road haulage and oversized cargo transportation. With a full and technologically mature range of products, Goldhofer meets an extremely wide variety of needs in almost every transport situation. In the Goldhofer plant on some 100,000 square meters of grounds, more than 650 employees work on innovative transport solutions and produce perfectly engineered vehicles for payloads varying between 25 and 10,000 tons for demanding customers around the world. The history of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft goes back to 1705. In 2013 Goldhofer acquired Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH, thus further expanding its product portfolio in the fields of civil and military aviation and the mining industry. For more information:





egras Industries is nearly one century old as a company, and has been supplying moving floor trailers for 30 years. Legras industries is able to offer a wide range of floors and related options to enable the transportation of a variety of loads: biomass, waste, RDF, paper reels, pallets, food waste, aggregates etc. Innovative and close to its customers, Legras Industries provides many bespoke options including different door configurations, different trailer sizes, including 14.6 m, and different sheeting systems including off-the-ground, safe solutions. Choosing Legras means working directly with the manufacturer’s team of experts and keeping up with all the latest technical developments. Legras also supplies turnkey equipment such as power packs, transfer stations and compactors to help you to efficiently load your semi-trailers. Contact our UK team on 07783935103 For more information:


Choosing Legras means working directly with the manufacturer’s team of experts and keeping up with all the latest technical developments.





ogan Inglis is virtually unique in terms of its capabilities with regard to delivering purposespecific, custom designed and individually built commercial vehicle solutions. Logan Inglis have got a range of standard mounting bodies, ranging from 3.5 to 32 Tonne, which they can supply to their customers, but even these “standard” bodies will often be specifically tailored to suit a customer’s particular requirements. Drop side, fixed side, all steel, aluminium or anti-corrosion you give them the specification and Logan Inglis will build you the body you need to match your work-load. On top of their core vehicle engineering skills however, Logan Inglis also offers a huge range of other options. Through their commercial relationship with HIAB, they provide both the HIAB range of truck mounted cranes and the MULTILIFT products: hooklifts and skiploaders. HIAB of course needs little introduction. The HIAB product portfolio provides the right solution for moving, hoisting, loading and unloading products, equipment or raw materials - efficiently and safely. The product line contains a complete offering for loading and delivering goods: demountables, forestry and recycling cranes, loader cranes, tail lifts, and truck-mounted forklifts. Logan Inglis offer

“There are three things which are driving the market at the moment. Operational efficiency, green issues, and compliance.”


customers optimum load handling solutions tailored to match their specific loading and materials handling needs. The HIAB MULTILIFT product range has become a global leader thanks to their excellent reliability and productivity. The core idea behind demountables is of course that one truck can perform different tasks by using different body and container types. Thanks to the wide selection of features and options, the MULTILIFT products, combined with Logan Inglis’ engineering expertise, truly allows their products to meet the customers’ application and operating environment needs. One of the key issues with running any commercial vehicle these days is making sure that the operator doesn’t fall foul of VOSA (Or indeed the DVSA, from April 1) and the OCRS system, particularly with regard to vehicle loading. Any vehicle can be subject to inadvertent overloading, but a tipper or flatbed with its own loading system, such as a HIAB rear-mounted crane, is particularly susceptible to potential overloading issues. That is why Logan Inglis now install VWS vehicle weighing systems on a high percentage of their new deliveries. General Sales Manager Robert Graham explains, “We try to provide a complete one-stop-shop solution to our customers, an approach which has seen us growing very dramatically over the past few years. Many of our customers are worried about the dangers, and expense, of being caught with an overloaded vehicle and so, many of them are specifying that a weight monitoring system should be installed as part of the build process. It is pretty well standard on the vehicles we build for our many municipal customers for example.”

With regard to municipal operations, Logan Inglis also supply the Garwood range of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) with a complete range of bin lifts and accessories, and, more particularly, can provide completely unique, highly specialised bodies to deliver some of the very specific waste and materials handling demands that are arising from the drive towards higher rates of recycling and lower operational costs within municipal and general service fleets. Robert Graham continues. “There are three things which are driving the market at the moment. Operational efficiency, green issues, and compliance. We work very closely with our customers to make sure that the equipment we deliver to them are the optimum specification to meet all their requirements. We also offer elevated platforms, tail-lifts, specialised lighting requirements and almost anything our customers might require. The key thing is though that we understand just how important our products are to our customers, and we are absolutely committed to supporting them 24/7; here at our depot, at the customers’ premises or in the field. We pledge to provide not just top quality products, but the necessary ‘aftercare’ to guarantee their effectiveness.” This year brings the introduction of Whole Vehicle Homologation which the company is addressing in conjunction with the HIAB/ MULTILIFT parent CARGOTEC, who are seeking European approval for their complete range of products. Specialist products will be addressed through the IVA program. For more information:




eading fuel storage equipment manufacturer Fuel Proof Ltd have added a new MAN TGA truck to their delivery fleet - with a further vehicle expected to arrive in the summer – to meet growing demand from UK customers. Sales figures for the Heysham based company reached record levels in 2013 and the trend has continued into 2014. This, in addition to growth in the company’s hire service which was launched last year, has led to the delivery fleet increasing from two vehicles to three to provide faster delivery to customers. The MAN TGA unit which arrived last October features a custom built trailer and Palfinger crane, together with state-of-the-art technology to


improve safety and efficiency, as director Andrew Hargreaves explains: “As part of our ongoing strategy to be ahead of legislation, the new vehicle has been specified to be Crossrail compliant, and all our drivers have attended FORS training in London.” “We reached a point last year where even with both our vehicles fully utilised we were struggling to meet demand, so it was clear we needed at least one other vehicle with a crane. Having three vehicles on the road – two with cranes - has helped bring down delivery lead times and has given us more flexibility in how we plan our routes. The end result is a better service to our customers all-round.”

“When we looked at options for the new truck we spent a lot time looking at how we could save weight on the overall unit to give us as much capacity as possible. With the HIAB crane there is a trade-off between weight and lifting capacity and reach, so we had to find the right compromise there. It’s nice to see this paying off now, especially on the hire side of the business where the lead times are a little bit tighter.” Also growing in size to meet growing demand is Fuel Proof’s hire fleet, which has doubled in size since last year. The fleet is made up of static, highway towable and site towable units ranging from 250 to 60,000 Litres, and a year after the hire service was launched the company


already have some big name customers on board, including HSS Hire, Balfour Beatty and Costain. 2014 looks set to be a very busy year, as Andrew explains. “We’ve put in a lot of work over the last twelve months to give us more capacity, both in terms of the hire fleet and our production and delivery capabilities. A good example is the new robot welding systems we’ve installed, which are now up-and-running. With this technology there is a lot of time and effort required at first to learn the systems and work out how to get their full potential, but the long term benefit will be massive. It will help increase the quality of our products, give us more production capacity and reduce costs, the net result being better products and improved service to our customers. We’re using the robots on our smaller tanks initially but we plan to roll this out over more of our product ranges in the next 12 months and beyond, so it’s an exciting time.” In 2013 Fuel Proof launched their new ‘Pro’ range of bulk diesel tanks, and these tanks together with the company’s existing bulk tank ranges have proved especially popular with hire customers. Recent arrival Jude Oversby, who oversees the hire division, sees this as an area where the company

can establish themselves as the leading provider in the UK: “It feels like we’ve really found a niche with our bulk storage range. We can confidently say the design and quality of our units is secondto-none, but what has struck me most has been the feedback I’ve received on our hire rates. Most of the time our prices are on-par or better than our competitors, which you would not expect if you were to see the units side-by-side. When they get the gear on site the customers really appreciate this and find our tanks become a key part of their operation.” “With some new products in the pipeline and the new equipment we’re investing in I’m very hopeful that over the next year and beyond we’ll firmly cement our place as the leading provider of fuel storage equipment to the UK hire market.” Fuel Proof will be taking a selection of equipment covering all of their products ranges to the ScotPlant show at Ingliston, Edinburgh which runs from April 25 – 26. For more details on Fuel Proof’s hire service please visit www.fuelproof. or call 01524 862088.

In 2013 Fuel Proof launched their new ‘Pro’ range of bulk diesel tanks

For more information: or call 01524 850685.





ichfield based Bullwell Trailer Solutions Ltd has recently received IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) accreditation in recognition of the company’s high achievements in best practice and safety in the workplace. The award winning company met strict criteria to receive the accreditation, including having an IRTE-accredited FTA (Freight Transport Association) auditor visit the premises to assess equipment, technical staff, management, clerical staff, documentation, quality and appearance. Gary Bulley, managing director at independentlyowned Bullwell said: “We are thrilled to have achieved IRTE accreditation on our first attempt. This recognition is testament to the high standards we abide by at Bullwell, both in terms of the services we offer and our working practices. “We are the first non-franchise supplier to DHL to receive this accreditation and, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring consistently high standards at Bullwell, our engineers have been undertaking the IRTE training in addition to our own training programme. It is part of our drive to bring higher quality and added value to the trailer industry.” One of the most respected names in UK transport,

the IRTE promotes competence, best practice and safety in the workplace, as well as recognising and addressing the needs of those working specifically in the transport industry. To ensure the scheme meets the industry’s current requirements, IRTE Workshop Accreditation is valid for three years. Since the current owners acquired Bullwell in 2006, the company has committed itself to changing perceptions of the trailer industry and always goes ‘the extra mile’ to ensure that it stays ahead of its competitors in offering the very best solutions to its clients’ trailer maintenance needs. Bullwell believes that its unique mobile van service can help meet all maintenance and repair requirements - as well as vastly reducing fleets’ carbon emissions. The company’s business model is based on the fact that, rather than drivers having to take their HGVs to the nearest workshop, the workshop is taken to the HGVs - resulting in the lower carbon emission vehicles doing the travelling. Not only does this result in less downtime for the fleet but it is also far safer and much more environmentally friendly than the traditional workshop method.

“We are thrilled to have achieved IRTE accreditation on our first attempt. This recognition is testament to the high standards we abide by at Bullwell” 88 - WWW.FACTSMAGAZINE.CO.UK - FACTS 89 2014

Gary continued: “Our flexible approach means that we are able to provide a cost-effective, reliable, and often quicker, service for all of our clients. Each of our mobile engineers uses electronic devices to record jobs and calculate costs, allowing us to identify reoccurring faults and forecast how much our customers will be spending, helping to take all the stress out of operators’ repair and maintenance needs.” Bullwell also commissioned an impartial report to help quantify the effect of its green policies on clients’ environmental performance. The results showed that, compared to its workshop-based competitors, Bullwell reduces carbon emissions by an average of 75% for trailer servicing and MOTs. This carbon reduction is an intrinsic part of business policy for Bullwell, which has invested over £1 million to ensure the company’s green credentials remain at the top of its agenda. Kevin Tomlinson, Finance Director of Bullwell Trailer Solutions, said: “The Bullwell Mission is: “To be recognised as the best trailer service and repair operation in the country.” “We believe environmental issues are an important part of being ‘the best’. We therefore decided to commission and voluntarily publish details of the company’s carbon emissions in order to demonstrate best practice within the industry and to identify potential carbon savings to our current and future customers.” Bullwell’s belief in environmentally friendly practices has not only resulted in the business becoming an award-winning company, but it has also helped achieve a year on year increase in profit for the last five years. The company manages in excess of 5000 vehicles (including HGVs, and PSVs), utilising its network of 55 mobile engineers located across the country, from Glasgow to Exeter and boasts a number of blue-chip clients including DHL, Royal Mail and TK Maxx. The majority of Bullwell’s customers use a fixed price maintenance contract which allows all projected repairs and routine maintenance to be built in and accurately costed. This means Bullwell can offer pre-set prices for every element of its work, calculated by using standard job times to predict total costs for each vehicle over the contract period. This unique way of pricing means customers know exactly what they will be paying and what they will get for their money. For more information: or call 0845 6024 130.




ruck drivers may bring everything from fish to fridges to our doorsteps, but what is it really like navigating London in a 44 tonne articulated lorry? Is their cabin home from home? Will it have a microwave and a bed stashed under the dash? On long haul, how do they stay alert, and how do they manage the safety risks driving these giants of the highway? One of ScreenSafe’s Sales Account Managers, Georgina Foster has spent a day recently with a truck driver to get a better view what it’s like to drive a vehicle with 22 wheels as opposed to 4. “I was discussing with ELB Partners the upcoming changes to the drug-driving laws, and how road hauliers can ensure their drug and alcohol policies are up to date. They invited me to join a driver for the day - what an opportunity I thought! To get a chance to see at first hand how they work is a great way for us to find out how we could support them in the best way possible.” Says Georgina. Mark Norman, one of ELB Partners Managers,


added: “We’re delighted to welcome Georgina to join one of our drivers for the day, just as Stephen Hammond, MP, the Transport Minister did last month. We’ve been operating for over three decades now, and we’re committed to achieving health and safety standards over and above the regulatory requirements. For example, ELB Partners has fitted all vehicles in its 40-strong fleet with cycle safety equipment, including cameras, audible left turn signals and sideguards. All of its drivers have also completed urban awareness training as part of their Driver CPC.” Last year ScreenSafe joined up with the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to introduce Smart Test and encourage haulage operators and fleet managers to prepare for the new laws in drug driving being implemented this year and the introduction of roadside drug testing devices which will lead to a significant rise in drug-driving testing. For more information: 01491 636262, or




n partnership with Powys County Council Cae post run a commercial scale recycling centre near Welshpool. Cae Post operate kerbside, bring-site and commercial recycling collections in Powys and beyond. They work closely with all the schools and communities to spread the message outlining the benefits of recycling and sustainability. In order to keep up with demand for the Kerb-Side recycling collections Cae post have purchased a new fleet of Romaquip Kerb-Sort recyclers, the first of which was delivered in January.We wish CAE post all the success with their new venture and look

forward to a long and productive partnership. CAE post are a pioneering charity and social enterprise that provides work and training for people with disabilities or disadvantaged in the job market. All businesses face increasing regulation on how to deal with waste. Costs are being driven up year on year by the landfill tax. Now you have an alternative. Cae Post is expanding its recycling collection services to businesses in Powys and Shropshire. CAE provide different types of collection containers to suit a businesses’ premises and your storage

space. You will be able to recycle a wide range of materials - paper, card, plastic bottles packaging containers and film, drinks cans and aluminium foil, glass, textiles and batteries. Customers can choose between large robust metal wheeled bins and smaller plastic domestic style wheeled bins, large and small reusable fabric bags and plastic boxes and baskets. For smaller offices and commercial premises we supply caddy units which our collector will remove and return for you on each collection. For more information:






“We firmly believe our best assets are our employees and we are committed to affording every employee the opportunity to reach their full potential within the organisation.”

fter accruing 22 years industry experience, Managing Director Kelly Dolan formed National Road Sweepers in February 2011 and ever since its inception, the company has been built upon the principal of being ‘client centric’. By August 2011, NRS had moved into Operated Sweeping Services and acquired Midlands-based DPSL Sweepers. In September last year, the company secured two major investors and now operates a fleet of over 50 vehicles. Kelly Dolan commented: “There are two sides to the business: we offer self-drive hire where we lease our precinct sweepers to self-drive customers, and then the main core of the business is the operated hire which is a driver and a vehicle. “Our long and short-term hire options are both really popular - we’ve got quite a lot of ongoing regular contracts which we can do daily or weekly, and a lot of our business is ad hoc hire. Delivery for a self-drive precinct hire, depending on availability, is approximately 48 hours and this is also subject to inspection prior to delivery to the customer. Operated sweeping hire is usually day by day so we are often able to accommodate customers on the same day,” said Mr Dolan. National Road Sweepers’ diverse customer base includes specialist waste management companies such as Cory Environmental and Virador Waste, Major House Builders Barratt Homes and other diverse users such as Land Rover and Armour Group Contracts. Commenting on what makes NRS stand apart from others in the market, Mr Dolan said: “We are one of the fastest growing sweeper companies in the UK, and I believe we are approaching the top three in first three years of trading and would like


to think we’ll be challenging for the top spot in the next couple of years. “Also, our ethos of driver training is second to none - we have a full-time, dedicated driver trainer who completes a full weeks induction with every driver we employ, but he is also responsible for checking the standard of work, ensuring we provide a consistent service delivery to our clients,” said Mr Dolan. NRS are now investing heavily into vehicle tracking systems to reduce their environmental impact and increase service delivery through effective driver routing, providing a tool for efficient planning and control. And to be even more accessible to customers, NRS is in the process of installing a ‘Live Chat Feature’ to their website to boost communication with customers. Further plans this coming year include the purchase of a permanent central operating base and having secured additional funding, NRS are seeking to purchase smaller sweeping companies. Kelly Dolan commented: “We will also continue our organic growth this year and plan to add another 20 road sweepers to the fleet by the end of the year.” “Investing in people also forms an important part of our ethos, well rewarded capable and committed employees focused on service delivery and safe

working practises are essential to our growth. The NRS family are proud to invest in people and consider that investment essential to our development. “We firmly believe our best assets are our employees and we are committed to affording every employee the opportunity to reach their full potential within the organisation. To this end in October 2013 we promoted one of our Drivers to the post of Assistant Manager and another Driver, who having completed the relevant training, became our full time dedicated Driver Trainer. All our drivers are CSCS Card Holders and our driver training is second to none, giving our customers real confidence,” concluded Mr Dolan.

For more information:




astline Group has been supplying the local commercial, truck and trailer, and diesel injection aftermarket for nearly 20 years. The company started life as a commercial vehicle factor, selling parts to the commercial vehicle trade. Eugene Finan, Managing Director at Fastline Group Ltd said: “About 12 years ago, we purchased Northampton Diesels. This strengthened our presence in the market, building on our strong brand and complimenting our significant experience and expertise in commercial vehicle parts and repairs”. Fastline Group delivers to the trade in several surrounding counties including Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Bukinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Warwickshire. Eugene Finan continued: “Our business relationship with National Road Sweepers began from a previous working relationship with their fleet and workshop managers. We have now been working with them successfully for the past nine months. “We have supplied virtually every part to them from workshop consumables to engines, and we


also supply them with fuel injection parts; indeed, any component across the board they need, we can provide. “They have just also bought some advanced diagnostic equipment, which is quite a large and growing part of our business. This is quite a specialised tool and it highlights their commitment to diagnose and repair as much as possible in their own workshops,” said Mr Finan. “Because National Road Sweepers run specialised vehicles which use a lot of electrical units, we can successfully repair them all in-house,” commented Eugene Finan. Thanks to Fastline’s stock portfolio, when NRS request a part, they can be sure of a fast turnaround and have it delivered quickly and efficiently. A stock part is normally delivered in around two to three hours; if a component is required to be repaired in-house, this will take around 24 hours. Eugene Finan added: “I think together, we have built up a solid personal relationship with NRS which is a great bonus. This has always worked

for both our benefits. Initially they were a little bit outside our delivery area but now this has afforded us to widen our customer base in the South East. “Serving customers both nationally and internationally, we are large enough to deliver on service and quality, but small enough to care. We really pride ourselves on customer support and go out of our way to ensure this happens every time. I definitely hope to see our relationship growing in the future and we look forward to seeing National Road Sweepers at the Commercial Vehicle Show,” concluded Mr Finan. For more information: and



brand new sweeper has just joined the RCM line-up - the R850. A mid-sized rideon machine, The R850 replaces the R703 - which is now beginning to show its age a little. The major advantages of the new model are its larger size and sweeping performance, its strong construction - meaning less maintenance, and its excellent value for money. Its simple construction makes it very reliable in even the most demanding of application areas. The large sweeping width allows great productivity. Technological Improvements The R850′s direct drive fans and a larger filtering surface mean that this machine will perform much better than its predecessor in mixed collection and cleaning environments. Other improvements on the R850 include a larger diameter main brush and direct drive side-brush motors. Cleaning Capacity The R850 has a class leading 120L capacity hopper which means more sweeping between empties. Cleaning performance is enhanced by the machine’s litter gate and electric filter shakers.


Available with either an electric or petrol motor this machine will provide many years of reliable sweeping. The R850 is one of the biggest ride on sweepers of its type in the market, and is intended for heavy duty and professional use. Ease of use: The R850 is ideal for the heavier jobs, even over large surfaces. With vacuum on the side brushes, the dust buster system eliminates the dust picked up by the side brushes improving the cleaning quality and safeguarding the operator’s comfort. The R850 has one of the best filtering surfaces in its market segment for ensuring perfect dust vacuuming. It also has the biggest container in its market segment; but it is easy to unload using the additional containers and the innovative dump system. It is also very robust. Being made in stainless steel with high quality components, the steel reinforced chassis and the side retractable brushes protect the machine from accidental impacts. The 36V battery and traction motor on the front wheel allow great power and long working availability. For more information:



P “The majority of our customers are having to take cost saving measures so it is important that we can deliver “more for less”


olmadie is a district situated south of Glasgow’s River Clyde and is home to the Aebi Schmidt Scottish Service Centre. The hugely impressive centre is an expansive 7000ft2 facility that boasts the very latest equipment and resources and sits adjacent to the Gorbals. The Service centre contains office facilities, service areas and storage space that houses in excess of £150k of spare parts. Donald Kerr, Scottish Service Manager said; “At a time when our competition are downsizing their after sales support levels and locations to reduce costs, it’s extremely positive from Aebi Schmidt to be investing heavily in after sales support. We now have eight service engineers, utilising Mercedes Sprinter and Vito vans that are fully stocked with a variety of spare parts, ensuring a swift and effective response to our sweeper, winter and airport customers. In addition to our day to day service and repair operation, we also have the skill-base to undertake a variety of engineering works, including fabrication, gritter mounting, DIN plate assembly and fitting and hydraulic and electrical works.”

The facility has a buzz and enthusiasm that typifies the Aebi Schmidt “Total Lifetime Care” promise and commitment to its customers. There has been an obvious commitment to a strategic investment in specialist equipment and staff and this is clear in the work ethic of the Polmadie team. David Carswell, Area Sales Manager for Scotland and Ireland explained; “The majority of our customers are having to take cost saving measures so it is important that we can deliver “more for less.” Our increased investment in after sales ensures that our products spend more time on the road, leading to improved uptime and reduced costs for our entire customer base. We are a global organisation, but over many, many years of working closely on a day to day basis with our Scottish customers, we have effectively become a local supplier.” Should you wish to visit our Scottish Service Centre, or have any queries on the services provided by the Aebi Schmidt after sales team, then please call Donald Kerr on 07970 125227 For more information:




ohnston’s new Data Capture feature is proving to be a big hit with private and public sectors alike. Introduced to Johnston’s C201 and V range as part of the new-generation CANbus electronics system, it allows a wide range of data to be downloaded via a USB stick and viewed through any standard spreadsheet package, supplying fuel consumption and productivity feedback without the need for additional fleet management tools or software systems. The JVM (Johnston Video Monitor) is standard on the C201 range, the twin engine truck mounted VT501, 651 and 801 and the truck mounted Hydrostatic VS501, 651 and 801 Sweepers. As the hardware on the C201 and V range is the same, data from both machines can be loaded on the same USB and spreadsheet, allowing management to view fleet productivity easily where

both types of product are operated. Graham Howlett, UK Sales Manager for Johnston Sweepers states, “The data certainly demonstrates the potential fuel consumption savings the C201 can achieve, and it’s worth comparing this figure to the current average fuel consumption in your operation. Due to the austerity measures introduced, all spend has been investigated in much more detail, fuel consumption is a big cost to customers and being able to show real savings has been received very well in municipal operations. We are happy to provide the information from the data capture following a sales demonstration, which will identify potential fuel savings that can be achieved in each customer’s operation.” A reduction of 1.2 litres per hour in fuel consumption at the same revs is significant and can have a big impact on operating costs. With

the average fuel consumption of the chassis being 1.75 litres per hour in sweep mode, the total fuel consumption at 1200 revs can be as low as 5.05 litres per hour. For most municipal operations 1200 - 1400 revs is more than enough to sweep channels so being able to manage the revs is very important. Why, you may ask? Well, at maximum power the Data Capture has recorded fuel consumption as high as 15.45 litres per hour including the chassis, which is a difference of 10 litres per hour. If your sweeper operates for five hours a day, the difference between operating at maximum revs and minimum revs could be as much as 250 litres per sweeper per week. So, downloading the data and monitoring the fuel used and revs can have a huge impact on operating costs - and the environment. Graham Howlett concludes “Johnston’s Data Capture also provides actual factual data to resolve the debate between twin engine and single engine sweepers. As Johnston offers both options (the VS single engine and VT twin engine), data can be compared on both types of units in your operation, removing all the speculation and arguments of which provides the lowest operating costs in the application” For more information:




In the days before telemetry, a truck driver would load his vehicle and be on his way until all drops were made, but the operator would not know how safely or economically the vehicles were being driven. Nowadays, things are very different and with vehicle telemetry and fleet management systems appearing on nearly every truck the aim of the game is to make the overall operation more efficient whilst giving the operator far greater control. The key point, that needs to be stressed, is that telemetry is only as good as its user - the data provided by telemetry can only be of use if it is properly analysed and effectively actioned by the operator. FACTS spoke to David Lester, Head of Fleet Management and Telematics General Manager at MAN Truck & Bus Ltd who shared his expertise on the topic.




e offer our MAN Fleet Management telemetry package as part of every repair and maintenance contract that we offer with a vehicle. If the operator signs up for R&M, they automatically get a telematics box installed, as well as our vehicle and driver performance reporting package. After the kit is fitted, we monitor the drivers for a period, after which, if appropriate, they can be sent to our ProfiDrive Training School in Manchester. As you would expect, the difference between a bad and good driver in terms of fuel economy can be absolutely huge; in some cases, as much as 25%. Within our telematics system, we use a grading scale from A-G to identify each driver on everything from an overall grade right down to individual elements such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, engine idling, speeding, harsh cornering. You name it, we measure and assess it. We present this information to the operator in several ways: either we present the data in the form of a driver league table, or we can produce a personal report for every driver. We find these reports almost always have a positive motivational impact. Nearly every driver we come across is a D grade when they start, but we know if we can get them up to an overall B grade, this equates

roughly to a 10% saving in fuel which will more than double the bottom-line profit of the vehicle. This aspect of telemetry is vitally important. If the operator is just printing the report and not doing anything with it, they will not see any savings. They need to sit down with the driver and explain them, perhaps with a monthly debrief, and look at how they can be helped with training for the best results. One method we have seen that works very well indeed is hauliers cutting the drivers in to these fuel savings shown through the telemetry. The most common and simple way is a bonus scheme for achieving A and B grades. One operator that uses this system remarked that if they were paying out £100 in fuel bonus, this meant he was actually saving nearer to £300 on his fleet fuel costs. The driver is happy as he is receiving more money and is encouraged to do a good job, and the operator is happy because his fleet is returning good fuel economy, will be driven safely, with less wear and tear; which will cost him less to maintain. As far as feedback from hauliers goes, we have feedback from every driver that has ever been on the training, and some of the savings are staggering. We find that it is usually the smallest changes which make the biggest results in efficiency.”



AN’s ProfiDrive Training is a great example of how telemetry reports are actioned and the resulting training is implemented to address inefficient driving. We talked to ProfiDrive Driver Training Manager, John Griffiths: “We really understand vehicles and what we pride ourselves on the ProfiDrive course is NOT showing a driver how to drive a truck; we give them a complete understanding of the vehicle. The secret of driving a modern truck is communicating with the vehicle. Some drivers we see think of the accelerator pedal as a switch; it’s either on or off, full throttle or no throttle, but there’s more to it than that. The throttle is a communication link between man and machine. This really needs emphasising - there are small tricks we teach the drivers about how to get the best of out of the whole transmission train - we find that around 90% of drivers don’t really intervene with the gearbox operations, but they can reap benefits there too. Communicating with the truck is of such importance, and is the biggest win we see. It only takes around 80bhp to keep a truck going at 30mph but it takes around 480bhp - depending on spec - to accelerate the vehicle, so we teach the importance of getting the vehicle up to speed, reading the road ahead, and then keeping it at a steady speed and backing-off early to save fuel.

ProfiDrive’s one day modular CPC course mainly consists of two drives in the day including before and after training. Generally, we can train up to four drivers a day on our ProfiDrive course. Firstly, we take them out and ask them to drive as they normally would; the route incorporates mixed driving and take around 40 minutes. As well as average fuel economy, we also monitor journey time because one of the chief things we want to highlight to operators on our course is that you don’t necessarily have to slow down to save fuel; they actually need to keep the truck moving and avoid harsh acceleration and braking. After the first test route, we go back to the training room and present the economy results. Our spreadsheets, calculated based on 100,000 miles a year, look at the average mpg they achieve on the day and what this costs in fuel. After the presentation, we go out for the second drive and generally we see between 10 - 15% average improvement in fuel economy after the ProfiDrive training, and drivers are usually slightly faster as well. Because the course is so hands on, a lot of the drivers come on our ProfiDrive course and leave having really enjoyed it, as well as learning some very valuable techniques. For more information:



reenRoad, one of the leading providers of driver-focused fleet management solutions, have announced that Swans Travel have now incorporated GreenRoad across its fleet of coaches, MPVs and chauffeur cars. The Manchester-based operator has already halved its idling and cut fuel by 5%. Swans Travel expects to save £100,000 a year through increased safety, less idling and engine wear. Since GreenRoad’s telematics technology started giving the Swans Travel team of professional drivers real-time feedback on their driving performance the overall safety scores have significantly increased. Swans is also seeing big savings using GreenRoad’s idling feature. Previously, they saw averages of over 10 hours a day of idling. This has now been cut by 60% to

less than five hours a day, reducing fuel burn and CO2 emissions. Kieran Swindells, Managing Director at Swans Travel, anticipates further savings with the launch of its driver incentive programme. “As 92% of our drivers are regularly achieving a green safety score, we estimate we will be spending £25,000 a year on incentives, whilst still achieving a sizeable return on our investment in GreenRoad. Most importantly, we are continuously increasing our safety and reducing emissions,” commented Mr. Swindells. GreenRoad telematics and innovative software can significantly reduce fleet operating costs, improve driver behaviour, manage vehicle health and monitor fuel consumption. Accidents are cut by 60%, maintenance by 20% and insurance

by 15%. Their proven results are derived from a portfolio of fleets covering more than 6 billion tripmiles tracked worldwide. For more information: or





t’s fair to say that high-quality diagnostic equipment is one of the most valuable tools in a technician’s toolbox. Being able to plug in to a vehicle and run a software program that accurately identifies the source of a problem has helped technicians save a great deal of time and money, and has streamlined the whole process of vehicle service and repair. But what if your equipment is providing unauthorised information? Software piracy is an increasingly growing counterfeit problem, where counterfeiters are cloning and selling original equipment diagnostics hardware and software to the aftermarket. Specific to the hardware, the physical module is cloned to look exactly like the official branded hardware. The same holds true for the diagnostics software. Counterfeiters hack into the software programming, clone it and sell it with the cloned hardware or online. In fact, 99% of counterfeit hardware and software is sold online. Afterall, a correct diagnosis depends on the accuracy of the information in the software and the


ability of the hardware to take the correct readings from the vehicle. In response to this, Delphi has begun an aggressive anti-counterfeiting campaign to stop the increase in pirated hardware and software. Part of the campaign’s focus is to educate the aftermarket, garages and technicians on why software piracy is bad for their business; how it may seem cost effective in the beginning, but will likely end up costing more in the long term. Using pirated hardware and software could potentially compromise the vehicle’s integrity during diagnosis and repair translating to more comebacks, as well as a potential safety risk. Delphi also wants to reinforce if garages and technicians use pirated software, they risk damaging the hardware and invalidating their warranty. And if they experience a problem after using pirated software or a counterfeit license, Delphi will not be able to support the cloned product or pirated software. The campaign will also emphasize that Delphi

will investigate and take action against software piracy, as well as shut down any software which has been unofficially licensed. Can you be absolutely certain that your software contains up-to-date and valid information? Do you know for sure that your hardware is capable of running the correct tests and decoding the messages the car is sending it? If you bought your diagnostics hardware from a Delphi approved supplier, and have updated your official Delphi software with a valid License Key, then the answer is Yes. You can be absolutely confident that you have access to the very latest Delphi solutions, training, expert support, and lifetime warranty if the software stays continuously in subscription. Delphi software provides technicians with quick and accurate diagnostic solutions for thousands of vehicle maintenance problems. The information contained within the software is copyrighted, and it is illegal to access it without purchasing a license. For more information:



• Only one of these logos represents the official product. The logo on the right is of poor quality and is positioned poorly on the counterfeit device.

Software piracy is an increasingly growing counterfeit problem, where counterfeiters are cloning and selling original equipment diagnostics hardware and software to the aftermarket.

• If you hold the device in your hand you can tell the difference immediately. The official Delphi product has an easy-to-grip rubberized black surface. The copy is made of cheap hard plastic. • The upper part of the official Delphi device is coloured in a smooth matt aluminium colour. The counterfeit product features a glossy speckledsilver coating. • The official Delphi DS150E VCI includes full Bluetooth connectivity – most unofficial versions do not. If your VCI is not Bluetooth enabled, that’s a sure sign that you’ve got an unofficial product. • On the back of the new VCI device, your 6-digit serial number should start with 30, and the bottom of the sticker should read ‘Made in Sweden.’ If your sticker says ‘Made in China’, then you have the inferior counterfeit product. The CE mark is also fake, meaning that registered businesses using a counterfeit device are at risk of potential intervention under European law.

• The weight of the official high-quality device is 485gm. The copied hardware uses cheaper, low-quality parts and only weighs 445gm. This is due to inferior quality components and missing functionality such as Bluetooth or flight recorder capability. Inferior quality components can lead to potential electronic issues, overheating and poor durability. • At the foot of the device, there is a microSD card which increases the device’s capability. If there is no card, or if the device is counterfeit, you will not be able to run the flight recorder – severely limiting your ability to diagnose correctly. • The DVD containing the unofficial software will normally not come on a genuine disc, and will often be printed with an cheap image. Do not use a counterfeit CD in your computer – there is a serious risk to your computer security if you do. • If your software asks you run a separate activation program, then it is unofficial counterfeit software and will likely damage your PC.




For more information:


lue Print, the ‘Complete Solution for Asian and American Vehicles’ are the official importer and distributor of G-Scan for the UK and are pleased to announce the launch of G-Scan 2. Introduced alongside the two existing G-Scan kits, simplicity of one unit. When working on Hyundai and Kia vehicles you can even view data from the oscilloscope alongside the DTC data and in all instances, easily switch between the three functions, without the need for viewing data on a laptop. And the upgrades don’t stop there; G-Scan 2 is noticeably bigger due to a High-Definition 7” screen, some 1.4” bigger than the G-Scan, has four times the capacity as it comes with a 16GB memory card, and once powered up (which happens even faster due to a triple CPU), the intuitive layout and menu system will be very familiar to G-Scan users and the unit can be navigated by the touch screen, or the 12 button menu navigation system. In addition to this, G-Scan 2 has new software features including a communication line inspection function, unit converter and special functions calculator. Wi-Fi is also built in to the unit, which enables it to be updated remotely, print directly to a Wi-Fi enabled printer and view graphs and information on a PC without the need for it to be connected by a cable.



irstly, using The HOOK to read an active circuit’s current draw is inherently more accurate than an amp clamp, especially with Parasitic Draw Testing where very low millilamp readings are involved (<50mA). This type of direct reading is desired (even using standard multimeters) over using an inductive clamp thanks to the more accurate readings obtained. The HOOK has the advantage of the Adjustable Circuit Breaker and up to 65 Amp current capacity so there is no danger to the circuit OR the tool when using The HOOK in this case. One happy customer of the Power Probe, Tim Green, Technician at DM Worx said: “We use The HOOK because it’s an advanced all-in-one-tool - it’s a multi-meter as well as a Power Probe. It can check resistance to identify a broken wire, and also power up individual items, such as lights or wipers, so we know they are working. The HOOK also allows you to regulate how much power you send, plus its safety cut-off function prevents overcharging a unit, causing damage.”When The HOOK’s probe tip


touches the circuit, it intelligently selects the correct meter and range for you, meaning testing is quick and efficient. When the tool senses resistance, it displays ohms, and volts when voltage is detected and it can also power components at the touch of its power switch. The HOOK’s current measurement is limited to the 99 Amp capacity of the tool - this is more than enough to test almost every component on the car. However, there are a few commonly used tests that can easily exceed this, like starter current draw tests and alternator output tests where the currents being tested are so much higher; the good news is you can use an inductive amp clamp connected to The HOOK. The HOOK ammeter can give you greater accuracy and speed in the situations that allow it, but for those situations that absolutely require an inductive pickup to be used; they can be used with The HOOK. There really is no need to pull another meter from the toolbox. “It’s a great piece of kit and their customer service is spot on,” concludes Tim. For more information:




he global muscle of automotive manufacturer HELLA is behind a package of affordable lease hire options on Hella Gutmann Solutions diagnostic equipment and software. Finance deals and special offers, including a reduced ‘catch up’ rate for garages which have missed software updates, have been specifically designed to help independent garages and technicians access new technology to future-proof their business. The move is part of HELLA’s wider commitment to help protect the aftermarket from the threat of under-investment in diagnostics. “Vehicle manufacturing technology is advancing at such a pace, it’s no longer an option to opt out of diagnostics,” says Darren Robinson, Manager Director at HELLA Ltd. “Those independent garages and technicians that do are cutting off the lifeblood of their business and they simply won’t survive.

However, we recognise that the new technology represents a high investment for garages, so we’ve introduced new financially practical ways for them to catch-up. “By helping them access the latest diagnostic technology it’s our belief they will increase their capabilities and transform into even more profitable businesses. That can only be good for the aftermarket.” Hella Gutmann Solutions is offering access to the latest mega macs diagnostic device, and the opportunity to spread the cost, with a three year business lease, which also includes three years of software updates, three years of technical support and a three year comprehensive warranty, from as little as £23.07 per week. And at the end of the term, customers can hand back the device and upgrade to the latest model. In addition, it is capping the cost of updating any mega macs device that requires one

or more software updates to just £499+VAT until April 30, 2014. This cost can also be spread over 12 monthly payments of £41.58+VAT payable by direct debit, interest free. Continued Darren Robinson: “Whilst the cost of software updates for mega macs devices are amongst the lowest of any diagnostic devices on the market, we know that many garages have struggled to afford to pay one-off annual software update costs and are using old data. Our intention with this offer is to help them catch up and keep pace with the latest diagnostic advances thereby improving their diagnostic capabilities.” For more information: 01295 225443, or



uilding on the success of the original MODIS, Snap-on has introduced MODIS Ultra. The new handheld diagnostic tool features improved functionality, a faster operating system and a bigger eight-inch full-colour screen that can be easily navigated by touch or via a four-way thumb pad. MODIS Ultra provides technicians with the sophistication and convenience of a fully integrated scanner and lab scope, as well as vehicle-specific communication software and expert information resources in a single easy-touse diagnostic tool. MODIS Ultra’s combination of sophistication and easy-to-use capabilities extend beyond interpreting fault codes and vehicle data by including the relearns, adaptations and functional tests required to complete a repair. As a result, technicians can diagnose and repair more vehicles faster and more Snap-on has introduced MODIS Ultra - the faster, more convenient and capable diagnostic tool accurately, boosting

workshop throughput and profitability. MODIS Ultra starts up in just five seconds and gets to work quickly, reading fault codes and providing technicians with live vehicle data in under 30 seconds. Featuring Snap-on’s Fast Track Guided Component Tests, MODIS Ultra swiftly pinpoints the root cause of a problem, quickly verifying component failures and adding confidence and clarification to fault diagnosis. Further convenience is provided by MODIS Ultra’s Fast Track Troubleshooter which includes millions of expert tips

to save valuable time in the workshop. By offering complete start to finish diagnostics, MODIS Ultra provides workshops with the opportunity to boost productivity and improve the bottom line. Snap-on is also encouraging workshops to take a closer at how they can increase profitability through their diagnostic expertise at www. For more information:





or Euro 6, Cummins class leading ISB engines have met the all of the stringent levels of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen when measured on the World Harmonised transient and steady state test cycles. The more challenging on-board diagnostics (OBD) regulations have also been achieved. To do this they use proven engine technologies of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and variable geometry turbo-charging (VGT). The Cummins VGT is optimised for high torque and low speed capability, delivering significant performance and driveability improvements. It works as an exhaust brake, allowing the OEM to simplify their installation. The engine works with the latest Cummins designed exhaust after-treatment technology, combining a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet the ultra-low levels of emissions. The patented SCR design uses Copper Zeolite technology for very high conversion efficiency, even at low temperatures. The 4-cylinder ISB4.5 engine is available up to 210ps for truck and bus use, with an excellent power to weight ratio and delivers a strong peak


torque of 760 Nm. The 6-cylinder 6.7 litre ISB engine extends up to 310 ps for truck and coach installations, and 280ps for bus applications. Peak torque remains at a high level of 1100 Nm. For Euro 4 and 5 Cummins adopted a very successful emissions strategy using SCR. ISB engines delivered class-leading levels of fuel economy with low Adblue usage. For Euro 6, Euro 5 fuel consumption levels will be at least maintained, and Adblue consumption reduced to around 2-3% of diesel. During the challenging Euro 6 development programme, Cumminsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; engineers carried out more than 30,000 km of product validation in challenging vehicle operating conditions in Spain and Scandinavia to ensure emissions compliance. Ambient temperatures ranged between 35C and -29C during the tests, which also took the vehicles to altitudes of more than 2000m. Also available is the 8.9 litre ISL G natural gas engine, available from 250 to 320ps for alternative fuel bus and truck applications, with a peak torque of 1356 Nm. It uses a combination of cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with stoichiometric combustion. Cummins cooled EGR

For Euro 6, Euro 5 fuel consumption levels will be at least maintained, and Adblue consumption reduced to around 2-3% of diesel. lowers combustion temperatures and reduces engine out emissions and noise. Stoichiometric combustion, where fuel is burned completely, ensures an oxygen free exhaust. It enables the use of highly efficient three-way catalyst aftertreatment. The maintenance-free, three-way catalyst technology is an effective, simple, passive device, packaged as part of the exhaust muffler, providing consistent emissions control across the operating range. For more information:




he Mayor of London has launched a year of events and activities to mark the vital contribution London’s bus network continues to make to the life and economy of the city and the UK as a whole.London’s bus network - the most accessible and one of the most extensive anywhere in the world - has, throughout its history, played a central role in keeping the city moving and maintaining London’s role as the engine-room of the UK economy. This year sees a number of important anniversaries, including 60 years since the creation of the original and iconic Routemaster, 75 years since the launch of its predecessor the RT-Type bus, and 100 years since hundreds of London buses were sent to the Western Front to play a crucial role during the First World War.

Throughout this year, Transport for London (TfL) - working in partnership with London Transport Museum - will host a number of engaging events, exhibitions, recreations and other activities that will re-connect Londoners with their bus network and remind the world of the role that London buses, the bus drivers and the staff who support them, play in keeping this great city moving 24 hours a day throughout the year. Key events in the Year of the Bus calendar include: • A major exhibition at London Transport Museum entitled ‘Goodbye Piccadilly - from the home front to the Western Front’ - which opens on May 16, 2014 to commemorate and explore the contribution of buses and bus drivers to the First World War and life on the home front in wartime London. • The restoration of a B-Type Bus, the world’s first mass produced motor bus. B-Types were commandeered in large numbers during the war and converted into ‘Battle Buses’ which carried soldiers to the frontline and were used as ambulances and even mobile pigeon lofts.

The Battle Bus will be fully restored in its original livery in the summer, will be painted khaki, be converted to a ‘Battle Bus’ later in the year and will travel back to France. The bus will then return to London to take part in events to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the war. • In the summer there will be a bus cavalcade event that will see historic vehicles from the last century back on the capital’s roads. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: ‘London buses are the pulsing red arteries of the capital, 24-hours a day, 364 days of the year and they play an undeniably important role in the city’s economy. The history of London’s bus network is a fascinating one, from George Shillibeer’s early horse-drawn omnibuses to today’s world leading New Routemaster, and this year we will celebrate the central role the bus has played, and will continue to play, in the life of our capital.’ Leon Daniels, Managing Director for TfL Surface Transport, said, ‘In London people make more than 2.3 billion bus journeys a year - more than are made in the rest of England. This year will see a richly-deserved celebration of the humble bus from its origins in the 19th century to today, and also look at what the future holds for this crucial part of London’s transport network.’ As part of the launch activity the Mayor unveiled a specially painted silver New Routemaster bus that will soon go into service, a ‘Year of the Bus’ roundel and a limited edition Oyster card which is due to go on sale shortly. A ‘Year of the Bus’ webpage on the TfL website will feature a number of short films celebrating the role of the bus network and also link to special events at London Transport Museum, including BBC London Radio presenter Robert Elms ‘in conversation’ with Leon Daniels, Managing Director for TfL Surface Transport, about the capital’s iconic red bus. The webpage will also host films celebrating the unsung heroes of the bus network, who help to keep London’s buses moving behind the scenes and ensure passengers can get from A to B as smoothly as possible.

‘London buses are the pulsing red arteries of the capital, 24-hours a day, 364 days of the year and they play an undeniably important role in the city’s economy.’ Mayor of London, Boris Johnson



ALL ABOUT LONDON BUSES »» London buses carry 6.5m passengers a day and, alongside the Tube - which carries around 4m each day - provide the backbone of London’s transport network. »» It’s one of the largest bus networks anywhere in the world, with a 8600-strong bus fleet, operating across around 700 routes serving 19,000 bus stops. »» Despite its size, the bus network remains flexible and able to adapt to the challenges of operating in a constantly changing streetscape. »» Buses are a vital daily service for millions and one that is very local with the vast majority of Londoners (95%) never more than 400 metres from a bus stop. »» Buses link homes to jobs, schools and hospitals in every part of the capital. »» They are the backbone, and often the forgotten workhorses, of London’s transport network. »» The bus network is also the most accessible in the world and a vital service for older and disabled passengers.

»» All 8600 buses are fitted with ramps that are checked each day before a bus enters passenger service. »» 71% of bus stops are wheelchair accessible and we have committed an extra £18m to ensure this figure increases to 95% by 2016. »» Buses support the needs of our growing city and in turn help London to function as the engineroom of the UK’s economy. »» The bus network in London directly employs 24,500 bus drivers and tens of thousands more in supporting roles. »» And the economic effect doesn’t stop at London’s borders - thousands of jobs around the country depend upon London’s network. »» The night bus network also transports legions of people who work outside of the 9-to-5 routine - with almost half of passengers travelling to or returning from work. »» London’s buses are also at the forefront of work to reduce the environmental impact of the transport network with the operation of electric



»» »»


buses, zero emission hydrogen buses and the delivery of Europe’s largest hybrid bus fleet. Around six hundred hybrid buses now operate on the capital’s roads, including the New Routemasters, with more being introduced in a rolling programme. By 2016 there will be more than 1700 hybrid buses in service on London’s streets representing 20% of the total bus fleet. Buses in London have also affected great social change. During the First World War women began to work in what had previously been maledominated roles - including ‘on the buses’. In the 1950s and 60s thousands of men and women came from the Caribbean to work on London’s famous red buses, helping to shape a vibrant and diverse city that now speaks more than 300 languages.



rightbus are delighted to be a leading partner in the Year of the Bus, a yearlong celebration of the contribution that London’s bus network continues to make to the life and economy of the city and the UK as a whole. Over 1800 Wrightbus vehicles are currently in daily operation right across the capital, notably including the high profile “New Routemaster”. Built by Wrightbus, these iconic hybrid-powered buses are being progressively delivered and are becoming very much a part of daily London life. Indeed as part of the Year of the Bus celebrations, a specially painted silver New Routemaster was unveiled by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Wrightbus are one of a number of partners who were present at the first Year of the Bus event at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. Speaking ahead of the event, Wrights Group Managing Director Mark Nodder said; “We are delighted to be playing our part in, what I am sure will be, an exciting and memorable year

of events and activities that rightly recognise the contribution of the bus to the daily life of London. The New Routemaster is a fantastic ambassador globally, not only for efficient and environmentallyfriendly public transport in one of the world’s greatest cities, but also for UK design, technology, engineering and manufacturing capability.” “This has been particularly evident in the recent GREAT campaign, with three New Routemasters ‘flying the flag’ for Great Britain on a globetrotting tour. At Wrightbus we are rightly proud to be the company behind this fantastic vehicle, as well as many other buses built in Ballymena that are in daily service right across London. “Two of the key themes - innovation and economy - have particular resonance for us and our involvement in the Year of the Bus campaign. Wrightbus have been innovators throughout our 68 year history - for instance the company pioneered the introduction of the low floor, accessible bus and has also led the way in the development of

low and zero emission buses - be they hybrid, hydrogen-powered or, most recently, wirelessly charged electric buses. “We also understand the importance of keeping buses on the road serving the people of London and work very closely with bus operators and Transport for London to ensure we have the right support infrastructure in place to keep the wheels of the capital’s buses turning, providing further employment and a wider contribution to the regional and national economy.” Leon Daniels, Managing Director for TfL Surface Transport said; “We are delighted that Wrightbus are on board as a partner in the Year of the Bus celebrations. Wrightbus vehicles – most notably the high profile New Routemaster - play a vital part in the 2.3 billion bus journeys made in London every year and have been an integral part of the story of the bus in London for over 30 year now.” For more information:





yder Cup Europe has appointed transport operator Stagecoach as the provider of buses to The 2014 Ryder Cup, being held at Gleneagles. The company, Britain’s biggest bus operator, will provide a fleet of 150 double decker buses to and from Ryder Cup Park and Ride sites at Perth, Stirling and Kinross during the week of the event. Richard Hills, Europe’s Ryder Cup Director, said: “It is a huge operation to transport in the region of 45,000 people to and from the golf course every day during the week of The 2014 Ryder Cup. Visitors to the event will be able to enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable journey from their Park and Ride base. “We are delighted that Stagecoach, a company

with its roots firmly in Scotland, will facilitate these transfers and ensure the smooth arrival and departure of the spectators at Gleneagles.” The majority of the operation will be managed by Stagecoach East Scotland which is based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. However, vehicles will also be provided by Stagecoach’s regional bus companies across the UK. Stagecoach also delivered a successful transport operation at The 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales. Robert Montgomery, Managing Director of Stagecoach UK Bus, said: “It’s a great honour to have been awarded the contract to operate the bus services for the Park & Ride sites for The 2014 Ryder Cup. We’re delighted to be involved in such a prestigious, global sporting event which has not been held in Scotland since 1973. “Stagecoach has wide-ranging experience of providing transport services for major sporting events including the 2012 London Olympics, the 2010 Ryder cup in Wales, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone over a number of years and many more. “We will be calling on the significant resources of our regional companies within our UK Bus division to help ensure the success of the operation and we look forward to enhancing the experience for the

spectators who play such an important role in the event.” Stagecoach Group is a leading international public transport group, with extensive operations in the UK, United States and Canada. The Group employs around 35,000 people, and operates bus, coach, train, and tram services. Stagecoach is one of the UK’s biggest bus and coach operators with around 8000 buses and coaches. Around 2.5 million passengers travel on the company’s buses every day on a network stretching from south-west England to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The Group’s business includes major city bus operations in London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield and Cambridge. Low-cost coach service, megabus. com, operates between around 60 towns and cities across the UK. Stagecoach is also a major UK rail operator, running the South West Trains, Island Line and East Midlands Trains networks. It has a 49% shareholding in Virgin Rail Group, which operates the West Coast inter-city rail franchise. Stagecoach also operates the Supertram light rail network in Sheffield. For more informaton:



ptare is delighted to be partnering with Transport for London and The London Transport Museum as an official sponsor of Year of the Bus, recently launched by The Mayor of London. Following last year’s successful celebration of 150 years of the London Underground, the Year of the Bus 2014 will celebrate a heritage of travelling by bus and the enormous contribution and central role buses, and their drivers and operators, make to keeping London’s population and the UK’s economy going every day. Enrico Vassallo, Optare’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “As a leading UK bus manufacturer, I’m delighted Optare is supporting this special focus on bus travel through the high profile activities of the Year of the Bus.


“This also represents a unique opportunity to partner with Transport for London, and we look forward to working together to celebrate bus travel and demonstrating Optare’s latest technology to reduce the environmental impact of buses,” he continued. Another highlight of Optare’s activities this year will be the launch of its double decker bus in May which will offer a new and efficient choice for operators in London and other cities across the UK. Optare is proud to have a leading, proven range of electric and hybrid buses already in use in other UK cities and Europe, and has won several awards for this technology, including the ‘Excellence in Technology’ category at the National Transport Awards 2013, the prestigious Innovation Award from the Society of Motor

Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and the Environmental Improvement Award from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. For more information:



Treka Bus has been manufacturing accessible minibuses for many years and is the largest independent manufacturer of coach-built wheelchair accessible passenger carrying vehicles in the UK. Based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, the company specialises in the manufacture of coach-built and van-conversion accessible minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats or a combination of up to six wheelchair spaces. Treka Bus have got a partnership agreement with TDS who provide the doors for all their TREKA 16 accessible medium and long-wheelbase minibuses. You can see Treka Bus and an example of the TDS Epsilon door system at the CV Show 2014 - Stand 4J90


here were just under 75,000 buses in operation in the UK at the end of 2013, according to the Department of Transport’s annual statistic. which means presumably, that there are almost exactly the same number of bus doors. As the New Routemaster rolls out, two access points will become more and more common, but for the moment let’s stick with the estimate of 75,000 bus doors in total. How many times do those doors open and shut in a day? This is a harder question to answer (The DfT’s statistics shed no light in this area.) A long distance coach might only open and close its doors 10 times in a day. Buses on busy city centre routes however, where bus stops might only be a few hundred yards apart, might open and close the door 50 times in an hour, meaning 500 or more door open and close cycles in a day To work out a reasonable door-usage figure over the whole population of buses, let’s propose that roughly one third, 25,000, are in the low opening category and open and close their doors an average of 20 times a day, that there is a median category which open their door 100 times a day, and the final, heavy usage, subset, which open and close their doors, perhaps, 400 times a day. This gives us a total of 19 million bus door opening and closing movements every day, which adds up to billions of door cycles every year, just on the buses on UK roads. That represents a lot of wear and tear. A bus that has been on the road for ten years could well have completed over a million door cycles. At some time components are going to need to be replaced or repaired. And that is why TDS (Transport Door Solutions) do what they do, and why they do it so well. The TDS website - www.transportdoorsolutions. - is the number one resource for bus door components and bus door system information on the web, and, what is more, it is backed up by a team of specialists who understand the problems, issues and solutions to operational issues

associated with bus doors. TDS will help any bus operator with door components, door operational issues, preventative maintenance and on-site support where required. TDS are an independent company with a highly knowledgeable and committed management team and staff, who have over 90 years of experience in transport door design and servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance and training, supplying worldwide support for all enquiries from the industry; from operators, repairers, distributors, body builders and councils, TDS are the UK agent

for Ventura Door Systems of Holland, and supply their own range of doors, the Epsilon range, to worldwide and UK customers. “We are the bus door experts,” says TDS M.D. Paul Rossington. “If anyone is having problems associated with their bus door mechanisms, or are trying to source a particular part, their first port of call should always be the TDS website. We have the most comprehensive image-based listing of parts and components on the web, and we have the resources and personnel to hopefully meet any challenge. From furnishing complete door systems to replacing worn guide spindles, we can meet their needs. A bus without a smoothly operating door is not available for service. Not only can we get the bus back on its route, we can help prevent these problems arising in the first place.” For more information:







ehicle electrification and in particular mild hybridisation of a conventional powertrain at 48V is a rapid growth area for the automotive industry,” says CPT’s chief executive Nick Pascoe. “As a reduced cost concept, it aims to make more intelligent use of electrical energy to achieve the desired reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The low voltage approach compared with full hybrid and EV nominal voltages, which are typically in the range of 300 to 600V, avoids the need for high cost safety features and large battery packs.” Working closely with many international automotive companies, CPT as a technology developer has been consistently in the forefront of hybrid vehicle innovations and was one of the first to spot the opportunity for low voltage electrification of the powertrain. “Sixty volts is defined by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulation R100 as the boundary between low and high voltage in a direct current circuit, and so is a critical point where a step change in system cost can be identified,” says Pascoe. “Further standards such as LV-148 as defined by the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) are providing further structure to the 48V nominal voltage approach, which allows high power energy recuperation without exceeding 60V.”

SpeedStart CPT’s SpeedStart paper describes the specification of a 48V belt integrated starter generator (B-ISG) developed to meet the growing market demand for low voltage mild hybrid passenger vehicle applications. The main areas discussed are the vehicle and application variations, considered both in terms of electrical and mechanical architecture and how these transfer into the motor design. The paper focuses in particular on the challenges of balancing the need to customise the motor for different applications against the need to maintain common variants to minimise cost, reduce risk and accelerate development cycles. “The number of architectures under consideration for 48V systems is still growing, particularly across different vehicle classes,” says Peter Scanes senior manager for SpeedStart who co-authored the SpeedStart report with lead applications engineer John Kelly and senior engineer for powertrain systems implementation Paul Bloore. “This results in a range of system level requirements from different manufacturers, dictated by vehicle targets and other issues such as battery state-of-charge and energy storage capability.” “By maintaining a common core of rotor and stator laminations and a common coolant system, it is

possible to accelerate the development of each application. This common core also provides greater confidence in the robustness of prototypes, while minimising the cost of variants further supports the development of 48V systems. SR machines are ideally suited to this concept of low cost development, while reducing the cost of production components. Moreover, compared with other electrical machines they have a high efficiency across a large speed range, good controllability, and reliability.” “For SpeedStart, we’ve established the critical design rules covering for example the optimum packaging and overall geometry of a 12.5kW belt-integrated starter generator,” says Scanes. “The commonality of machine variants allows relatively easy variation of performance for different applications including trade-offs between peak torque, peak power, steady state power and other requirements from the electrical and mechanical systems. Sophisticated modelling of the control and power electronics in addition to the electromagnetics of the motor are essential to this capability and means our control strategy can allow each machine to operate closer to the real motor limits seen in varied automotive duty cycles.”

48V and 12V LC Super Hybrid technology demonstrators



CPT engineer Julian Thompson checks Tigers installation in JLR Viper technology demonstrator

TIGERS CPT’s technical paper describing its turbo-generator integrated gas energy recovery system known as TIGERS is similarly focused on the simulation, machine design, control system development and validation of the technology. The unit can be applied to naturally-aspirated or forced induction engines – though most likely will be applied to downsized turbocharged engines as an additional unit to the existing turbocharger. “Although combustion engine turbochargers are now commonplace, replacing a compressor with an electrical generator to create a separate thermal energy recovery system, offers a set of unique design challenges – particularly given that the exhaust of a conventional road vehicle is a highly transient environment with regards to mass flow and temperature,” says Andy Dickinson senior manager responsible for CPT TIGERS/ COBRA technology, who co-authored the report with applications engineer Andrew Haughton and senior manager for advanced engineering Dr Rick Quinn. “In spark ignition applications the exhaust gas can reach temperatures greater than 900°C. Considering that the switched reluctance machine at the heart of the TIGERS technology is expected to harvest energy from the exhaust gas, it is essential that it not only survives in this extreme environment, but also produces work without


ruining vehicle performance or fuel efficiency. To ensure that the bearing system, generator core and integrated electronics are all kept within their working ranges, the coolant system taps into the engine coolant to operate between 80 and 105°C.” Commenting on the 75% of vehicle fuel combustion energy typically lost through waste heat Rick Quinn says: “Waste heat energy recovery concepts gaining interest for automotive applications include thermoelectric generation (TEG) and organic Rankine Cycle systems, whilst heavy duty markets already offer mechanical turbo-compounding systems as an efficient solution where space is less restricted.” “The concept of direct turbo generation, using a turbine coupled to an electrical generator to extract the potential and kinetic energy of the fast flowing exhaust gas, differs significantly from these waste-heat recovery devices, which rely solely on heat transfer to extract energy. With a correctly specified turbine, there is the potential to harvest significant electrical energy over a large proportion of the engine operating range as the turbogenerator can take advantage of both temperature and mass flow rate of the exhaust gas provided by the engine.” As with the SpeedStart device, the liquid cooled switched reluctance generator at the core of the TIGERS technology provides many benefits over

conventional permanent magnet generators. Due to the absence of rotor windings, SR machines possess low rotating inertias thus minimising rotor losses. In addition, due to the exclusion of permanent magnets there is no risk of torque loss due to de-magnetisation or uncontrolled generating modes at high-speed. The SR type generator also facilitates cost savings across the design, including minimal tooling investment due to the straightforward motor construction and a reduction in the rating of the power electronics due to low switching frequencies. The 65,000rpm high speed capability of the Tigers electrical generator also facilitates a direct coupling to the turbine rather than a reduction gear set. This reduces the number of components in the device, making the unit design inherently lighter, cheaper to manufacture and simpler to assemble in both its prototype and volume production form. SpeedStart and TIGERS will underpin Advanced Diesel Electric Powertrain project known as ADEPT The TIGERS system has already benefited from two research projects supported by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The HyBoost project consortium partners included CPT, the European Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, Ford, Imperial College London, Ricardo and Valeo; and the Vehicle Integrated Powertrain Energy Recovery project known as VIPER consortium members comprised BP, CPT,


Ford, IAV, Imperial College London, Jaguar Land Rover, and the University of Nottingham. CPT’s SpeedStart and TIGERS technology will now be incorporated into the recently announced Advanced Diesel Electric Powertrain project known as ADEPT. The ADEPT project combines the two technologies, which have been demonstrated individually but not yet as an integrated system, applying the low voltage concept of ‘intelligent electrification’ for the first time to a diesel car - again supported by the TSB. For the ADEPT project, the consortium comprises CPT, the European Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (EALABC), Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Ford and the University of Nottingham. The management of the project will be handled by Ricardo. Keeping the voltage below the critical 60 volt high voltage safety threshold, the nominal 48 volt technologies to be applied to a Ford Focus aim to deliver a breakthrough in diesel engine fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction by demonstrating full hybrid equivalent fuel economy and performance with less than 70g/km CO2 emissions, but at significantly lower cost. The combination of various technologies and slight engine downsizing from the baseline 1.6-litre diesel engine is expected to deliver significant synergy and cost effective benefits without compromising vehicle performance. SpeedStart and TIGERS technologies are aimed not only at the C-segment car platform represented by the Ford Focus, but also are relevant from the B-segment to the largest passenger car and rapidly growing SUV platforms. In the UK and Europe, B to D segment vehicles are responsible for almost 80 per cent of passenger car sales, and there are further significant opportunities to apply the technology in the US, Japan and China. The technology can also be applied to medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle platforms. Potentially this low voltage technology combination could be applied to something approaching 50 million vehicles per annum. The successful application of the technologies would allow a global vehicle manufacturer to reduce its in-use carbon footprint of a typical vehicle by 50g/km - a 30% reduction on today’s baseline. Universal

CPT TIGERS thermal energy recovery system has been applied to Wrightbus led TSB supported programme

CPT lead applications engineer John Kelly is responsible for SpeedStart 48 volt test rig

application to the vehicle parc would reduce annual CO2 emissions by 20 million tonnes in the UK alone and over 500m tonnes globally. Commenting on its focus on 48V mild hybrid technology, energy management and recovery systems CPT chief executive Nick Pascoe says: “There is a continual drive within the auto industry for low carbon vehicle technologies. The new 48V DC standard provides the opportunity for a cost effective approach based on switched reluctance motor generator technology with integrated power electronics and control software. SR technology not onlyeliminates the need for permanent magnets made from increasingly difficult to obtain rare earth materials, but also is uniquely well suited for electrical boosting and energy recovery in downsized petrol and diesel engines. Our various applications of low voltage switched reluctance motor-generator technology are now approaching the level of readiness required by carmakers to meet near-term European CO2 emission levels reducing further to an indicative 68-78g/km by 2025.”


ontrolled Power Technologies is an independent, clean-tech company, based at Laindon in Essex and Coventry in the West Midlands, specialising in the development of cost-effective CO2 reduction measures for the global automotive industry that avoid major redesign of the powertrain or vehicle electrical system. Its core competencies include low voltage power electronics, advanced control software and the application of low voltage electrical machines to gasoline and diesel powertrains. The business was established in 2007 to acquire Visteon’s advanced powertrain business. With asset and technology acquisitions from Visteon, and the signing of associated licensing and collaboration agreements with Switched Reluctance

Drives Limited, now part of Nidec Corporation, CPT gained immediate access to a portfolio of near-term solutions to the problem of automotive CO2 reduction – and has since developed the technology to a high level of application and manufacturing readiness. CPT is now focused on bringing its liquid-cooled COBRA, SpeedStart and TIGERS technology to mass market readiness. COBRA is an electric supercharger for commercial vehicle and off highway applications. SpeedStart is an advanced motor-generator system, recently validated for 1.2 million stop-starts, offering significant additional functionality for 48V mild hybrid applications including torque assist for launch and low speed transient acceleration, optimised motorway cruise conditions with electric assist ‘load point moving’ and a leaner fuel calibration, in-gear coast-down and the ability to harvest significantly more kinetic energy from regenerative braking compared with 12V stop-start systems. The turbine integrated gas energy recovery system known as TIGERS is a complementary application of CPT’s switched reluctance electrical machine technology providing cost-effective thermal energy recovery and a means of replacing an existing alternator. Today, CPT retains a highly experienced team of automotive engineers and is backed by a number of prominent investors specialising in the energy and environmental sectors including Conduit Ventures, Entrepreneurs Fund, Low Carbon Innovation Fund, Mowinckel Management, National Technology Enterprises Company, Reformer Group, Target Ventures and Turquoise Capital. CPT’s technology development partner remains Nidec Corporation of Japan, one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric motors. Further information on CPT is available at




2014 WORLD CONGRESS THE ESSENTIAL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY EVENT In today’s automotive climate, the automotive community is increasingly called upon to think strategically and form unique relationships that expand the reach of the industry into a new era of collaboration. While the industry continues to evolve, one thing remains constant – around every corner new possibilities exist; relationships evolve into partnerships…what once seemed innovative becomes the standard... the impossible becomes possible. By Creating New Possibilities at the SAE 2014 World Congress, together we will shape the future of the automotive industry.


In response to overwhelming positive customer feedback, an SAE Young Professional (YP) Strategic Leadership Council has been formed to support Young Professional activities associated with SAE Congresses - World Congress, Commercial Vehicle Congress & Exhibition, Convergence Conference & Exhibition and AeroTech Congress & Exhibition. The members of this Council will recommend, develop, organize, facilitate, and benchmark activities that will increase YP engagement within these events, including the SAE 2014 World Congress. These activities will engage, develop, and connect Young Professionals to their peers within the YP network, as well as with mid-level managers and executives. We thank you for your interest, and look forward to sharing updated information with you via the 2014 World Congress website. For more information:

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