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Swizzle Chill TV is Washington, D.C.’s visuallyengaging and exciting video broadcast show, featuring the District's culturally-vibrant culinary scene. The show is chef-driven with an emphasis on sharing their story, from where they grew up to what inspired them to become chefs. We're tapping into the food scene from a more personal angle to share with our viewers. The episodes will also feature interviews with the head bartender or restaurant owner to learn their story and the genesis of their food and drinks. Swizzle Chill TV is passionate about the international food scene and wants to celebrate this diversity in a way that has not been done before in Washington, D.C. MEDIA KIT | 2

EATERY PULSE NETWORK Eatery Pulse Media operates the Eatery Pulse Network, which comprises a portfolio of magazines and web-broadcast shows with journalistic and highly-meaningful foodservice and food industry content. Specializing in restaurant news, Eatery Pulse Network distributes Restaurant CSuite and Swizzle Chill publications ,and operates the Swizzle Chill Channel and Eatery Pulse News Streem. Cover photo: Swizzle Chill team took this picture at the grand opening of Jinya, Pike & Rose, Bethesda, Md.

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Restaurants can utilize our show as a marketing tool across their social media channels to grow their followers A small, modest participation fee helps produce our show and provide cut-above promotional opportunities to restaurants Filming at each restaurant, which takes place at non-peak times, lasts between 2-3 hours

each promotional trailer clip Restaurant owners are encouraged to share all promotional clips across their social media platforms Editing of the ultra-HD filming of our episodes typically takes 3-4 weeks, during which time we promote restaurants with Swizzle Chill TV trailers and sneak peaks


CELEBRATING RESTAURANT DIVERSITY, RESTAURANT OWNERSHIP IN THE WASHINGTON, D.C. REGION. The Swizzle Chill Channel highlights some of the best of drinking, dining, living and “chilling” in the nation’s capital, periodically bringing exciting facets of Washington, D.C. life and its surrounding suburbs to readers and viewers. As part of the Eatery Pulse Network, The Swizzle Chill Channel brings highly-curated stories, videobased updates, interviews and exploration of the food scene in the nation’s capital in online, video broadcast, digital format and on social media. As a lifestyle brand and a supporter of the D.C. restaurant ecosystem, The Swizzle Chill Channel comprises Swizzle Chill TV, the Swizzle Chill Blog, (upcoming) District Restaurants and Living Magazine, Eatery Pulse News DC and EPN College, a cost-effective business-centric school for future restaurateurs, including current restaurant staff, chefs and aspiring restaurant owners. Swizzle Chill TV and The Swizzle Chill Channel are part of Eatery Pulse Media, founded in 2016. Swizzle Chill TV plans six episodes spring-fall 2019. Denizens Brewing, Boca Botanas, The 2018 RAMMY restaurant awards, and Spark at 12 have all been featured in the past. Swizzle Chill TV has interviewed top chefs, including Scott Drewno of Chiko and John Krinn of acclaimed eatery Clarity, a top DMV restaurant, during the 2018 RAMMY Award Ceremony and Gala.

Rick Zambrano has nearly two decades in food businesses, and has experience in menu analysis, menu rollout support, consulting, financial analysis, video marketing and research. As a thought leader specialized in the areas of menu analysis and restaurant trends, his insights appear in research reports, foodservice magazines and business periodicals. Zambrano is the editor and producer of The Swizzle Chill Channel. He started his career in the fast-casual segment, and can now be seen around D.C. scoping out new stories and supporting consulting clients.


Bryce Shemer was born and raised in the DMV area and resides in Rockville, Md. He has one younger brother he calls "E" and a sister. Bryce is currently a high school math teacher and baseball coach. Additionally, he is the anchor of Swizzle Chill. Music is one of his passions especially the 3 Rs: Rap, Rock and Reggae.

Lisa Comento grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has called Washington, D.C. home for over ten years. She is a social media strategist, public relations expert, and writer, who specializes in food, wine, and travel. Based in D.C., she is an advocate of sustainable foodways, cooking well and eating wisely. She leads the Ocean Friendly Restaurants Program for the Surfrider Foundation’s D.C. Chapter and has been proud to register them as oceanfriendly. Lisa is also an artist and designs restaurant chalkboards. More recently, she has been a co-anchor for Swizzle Chill TV since the end of the first season. Lisa is looking forward to being in front of the camera to promote the city's international food scene.



HOW RESTAURATEURS BENEFIT Restaurants need cost-effective marketing. Whether they are paying someone to manage social media, manage emails or send press releases, these are all marketing costs. The Swizzle Chill Channel provides access to high-quality coverage in an efficient manner to save restaurants money. Through EPN College, we’ll also provide restaurant business education to future restaurateurs in the spring to support the restaurant ecosystem and restaurant longevity. Swizzle Chill creates thousands of impressions on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Video ia an excellent way for restaurants to tell their story, and is more powerful than blogs or website content. Through its ultra-HD content, Swizzle Chill increases restaurant brand awareness and helps tell the story of the personalities and culinary visionaries behind D.C.’s acclaimed restaurants. The modest participation fee is $499 for non-SwizzleChill member restaurants and $399 for members.(Season 2 only) Contact Rick Zambrano at for this incredible opportunity. Request your order form today to take advantage while episodes are still available. MEDIA KIT | 6

PROMOTIONAL MEDIA PACKAGE Blog on each restaurant (or will accept write-up from restaurant or their representative, subject to editing) Content Creation: Swizzle Chill TV creates an ultra-HD video broadcast, which is powered across several social media channels to its followers and D.C. residents via hashtags We provide an ultra-HD copy of the show’s Facebook and Instagram trailers will be provided to each participating restaurant Swizzle Chill will promote the show for at least 90 days through its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Swizzle Chill will post each episode on YouTube Restaurants can pay an upgrade fee to own a copy of the show, with full license (non-watermarked). B-roll film is also available. Multi-unit restaurant operators can receive a discount on multiple show participation Two hours (optional) of strategy consulting from Eatery Pulse's arel7 restaurant consulting

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Swizzle Chill TV Media Package  

The Swizzle Chill Channel highlights some of the best of drinking, dining, living, and “chilling” in the nation’s capital, periodically brin...

Swizzle Chill TV Media Package  

The Swizzle Chill Channel highlights some of the best of drinking, dining, living, and “chilling” in the nation’s capital, periodically brin...