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BAROQUE AVOCADO Designer and stylized avocado dishes Avocado latte, avolattes Designer avocado dishes, including avocado pate Bowls made of avocado slices Avocado ramen

TRAJECTORY No avocado-fixation end in sight - yet. Trend source: Baum+Whiteman


Overuse of term “local” dilutes meaning, significance, say experts Regional global territories: “Southern Low Country, Ozarks, Appalachia, Cuba, India and the Middle East.” Regional American: New England Lobster, Nashville Chicken, Texas BBQ

TRAJECTORY An increased use of foods that have regional popularity and provenance, including discovery of regional international foods with distrinct global flavor nuances Trend sources: Culinary Tides, Jason Dowd of Intercontinental Hotels Group and Fast Casual Executive Summit (Fast Casual) PHOTO CREDIT: THE AVOCADO SHOW

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