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Concierge Services for Corporates - Going Beyond Remittance Corporate concierge services manage requirements of corporate houses. Their services include travel bookings, conducting office parties, planning office trips, managing offsite visits, catering, procurement, car rentals and managing other events. Belgian corporates and concierge services Belgian corporates are increasingly aware of the need to enrich the lives of their employees or business associates, outside of the everyday transactions. They now enlist the help of concierge companies in Belgium to plan and coordinate almost all aspects of business operations. The corporate also benefits by this as it is perceived to be more caring and cultured. Its own portfolio is enhanced. Some of the items a corporate concierge typically takes care of are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Corporate fleet management Catered Meetings Customer loyalty programmes Retreats for executives Employee benefits Virtual assistance

All nature of corporates such as national and international banks, hospitals, law firms, IT companies, marketing and branding groups have found that retaining concierge services is greatly beneficial. Going beyond remittance In the world today, the country which receives the highest remittance from abroad is India. Nowadays, remittances are going beyond money. They are being seen in deed! This has become possible with the growth of a large number of very good concierge companies in India. For example, if an NRI ( non resident Indian) wants to have her parents home renovated, earlier she would remit the cash to India for that. Now she can direct a concierge service to undertake the project and manage it to its completion. She can do this through her corporate concierge service provider or private concierge services, which are available in plenty. Healthcare and utilitarian services have been found to be the two most required concierge services. Healthcare concierge companies provide 24x7 medical assistance. Utilitarian concierge services do household shopping and timely payment of bills Private Concierge services When people have to leave home for the holidays, looking after pets or plants becomes an issue. In such a situation, private concierge services can help out. They undertake to care for pets – grooming and feeding, watering the plants, picking up the post, keeping watch over vehicles and taking necessary action in case of break-ins. In case of storms and other natural disasters, they can keep the owners informed and take necessary remedial action immediately.

Hence concierge services, both corporate and private are becoming more popular. They save a lot of time for companies which can then focus on their core business. As far as the private concierge services are concerned, they make for peace of mind for anyone going on a holiday, leaving their homes behind in their care.

Concierge Services for Corporates - Going Beyond Remittance