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Coast gets respite care centre THE Capricorn Coast is to have its own day respite care centre, thanks to the Federal Government's Home and Community Care Program (HACC). Announcing the grant of almost $320,000, Member for Capricornia Keith Wright said the establishment of a respite centre for the frail aged was a major win for the Capricorn Coast in the campaign to improve the quality of life for the elderly in the community. "The development of aged residential facili-

ties has been the priority but the support services are also a vital necessity," Mr Wright said. The respite care centre project has received a capital grant of 5226,000 and an increased operating grant of almost 593,000 for the year. "Providing 592,846 a year would ensure the centre will be maintained and staffed and meet the needs of the community on an on-going basis. "The capital grant consists of 5156,000 for the centre's construction costs, S25,000 for associ-


ated furnishings and 545,000 for a converted bus to transport frail aged and younger people to the centre." He said the Federal Government's decision to provide a bus and driver as part of the Capricorn Coast grant would guarantee all frail aged residents would have easy access to the new centre. Recurrent funding granted for the year provides 53,730 increase for home-based respite, S58,406 new funding for centre respite care, 518,470 for bus driver salaries, 54,180 for trans-

port expenses and 58,060 for administration costs. Mr Wright said the grant from the Government was a credit to the UnitingChurch's Blue Nursing Service which provided excellent programs under the Federal Government's HACC scheme. "Now that the Capricorn Coast Respite Care Centre has been approved, I will work towards a similar centre for Mount Morgan," Mr Wright said.

4 8 8 let • ABOVE: Capricorn Iwasaki Resort developer Yohachiro Iwasaki sparkled at the sight of his two great grandchildren during the celebration of his 88th birthday at the resort on Wednesday evening. Despite 350 Japanese and 150 Australian guests, Mr Iwasaki managed to spend time with his immediate family. Pictured (from left) are his son, Fukuzo Iwasaki, granddaughter Mrs Miyo Kitazawa, grandson Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, granddaughter Yoshitake Iwasaki, grandson Mr Tanaba and Yohachiro Iwasaki with his great grandchildren in the centre. See story page 6.

• Wright wins $30,000 for swim pool THE Don Irek. ,wimming Pool should be open this summer following the announcement of Federal Government funding of S30,000 obtained by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright. Mr Wright said he had personally taken a submission to Federal Sports Minister Senator Graham Richardson following a special meeting at Emu Park in January this year. "The need for financial assistance was brought to my attention by ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce after repeated refusals by the State Government," Mr Wright said. "The money has been approved under a new Commonwealth Sports Grants Programme which specifically targets community recreation and sporting projects that have strong local support. "Funds under this programme are limited to






one shire per year and although the Marlborough swimming pool missed out on Federal funding this year, there was a double bunger advantage for the Livingstone Shire. "Livingstone Shire Council has promised to

THE Capricorn Coast is the land of the long weekend this Queen's Birthday holiday with Yeppoon Show, Keppel Krabtastic, the annual drama festival, a boxing tournament and craft market. Yeppoon Show starts on Saturday, continues that night and Sunday. Yeppoon Little Theatre's annual drama festival is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday and Sunday nights. A boxing tournament attracting Olympic athletes is at Emu Park's Pine Beach Hotel on Saturday

night. Keppel Krabtastic is at Keppel Sands on Sunday and a craft market will set up on Yeppoon beachfront on Monday morning. Other activities are soccer at Apex Park on Saturday morning, tennis at Cooee Bay in the afternoon, bowls at Yeppoon and Emu Park, golf at Zilzie, Emu Park and Yeppoon and a special basketball-netball day at Yeppoon State High School. The Coast has something for everyone. YEPPOON beachfront will blaze with colour

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will be wonderful facilities for these communities. "Special credit has to be given to the pool committees for their perseverance and dedica• CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


'Curtain Fabric from$460 metre kg

match the federal government grant to Emu Park dollar for dollar to assist the Marlborough pool project so this means that Marlborough pool is assured of success. "The Marlborough and Don Ireland pools

ranb m y St, HANSEN'S No (Shp o 1, Eva CARPET & (0Building)783Yeppoon 8 CURTAINS 3(9 3838 13ank)

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on Monday morning with a craft market organised by the Capricorn Promotions Committee. The market is between 9am and noon and will have a cultural arts theme featuring locally produced goods. Artists, potters, leather workers, jewellers are encouraged to take part as are local shopkeepers. Entertainment will be provided in the form of buskers, poets, backyard theatre and amusements for children.

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- Capricorn 03ast Iv1irfor June 9 - June 15, 1989'

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• ABOVE: Denham Supermarket's Col Pengilly draws Ada Herd's name from the Treasure Chest winning her $100 worth of groceries. The prize was part of last week's Super Spacials promotion.

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Yeppoon Police upgrading given new boost with latest technology

& Associates

YEPPOON Police Station upgrading has been revised upwards by Police and the public works departments to now include a separate twin dwelling unit with the total estimated costs rising to 5270 000 with the station to house the latest technology. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said the original upgrading proposal for the station, following Police and Emergency Services Minister Russell Cooper's visit, which included the enclosure of the ground floor of the station and with public access at ground level was

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estimated at a cost less than S100,000. "It was further proposed that a separate transport office be leased in Yeppoon to cater for the administration of drivers' licenses and other transport department matters," Mr Hinton said. "After discussions with Mr Cooper and police department and works department officers, these plans have been cancelled and plans for a major revision upwards and police facilities are now being finalised. "A twin dwelling residence building to accommodate four single officers or two married couples will now be constructed separate from the police station. "This will allow the cramped police quarters presently under the station, to be utilised for other purposes and will improve considerably the quality of life for Yeppoon Police," he said. "Special facilities will be provided for 550,000 worth of electronic equipment and interview room, including audio-visual equipment. Yeppoon police station will incorporate with the latest in technology available to regional stations in Queensland. "The station will include room for the drivers' license section previously determined for separate transport office and provision also for the housing of water police. "The steep stairs will no longer be used by the public, who will access the station from the ground floor." He said the station, which recently had a second detective allocated to it, will be large enough to provide working room for an enlarged staff, which is needed at Yeppoon.

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CapricOrn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - 3

Fishermen, pine farmers in talks STATE Opposition Primary Industry spokesman Ed Casey will talk to fisherman and fruit growers tonight (Friday) at the Railway Hotel. Mr Casey will see the fruitgrowers at 5.30pm and fishermen at 7pm. The meeting was organised by ALP Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce. "He will explain Primary- Industry ALP policy and how it will affect them," Mr Pearce said. "He wants to hear their problems. "Mr Casey also welcomes anyone else who would like to see or speak to him about primary industry."

Two milestones for public library YEPPOON Public Library will pass two important milestones this month ... it will record its 100,000th loan for the financial year, a new record. This is the most annual loans ever made during the library's nearly 100-year history (the School of Arts operated a library in Yeppoon from 1897; since 1965 the free library service has been administrated by Livingstone Shire council). This large number of loans has been fueled by a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking membership. The 1000th new borrower for the year is expected to join in the next couple of weeks, taking total membership to about 3500. To celebrate these events, shire librarian Debbie Burn will be presenting S25 gift vouchers, donated by the new proprietors of Yeppoon and Savemore Newsagencies Eric and Rhonda Burger and Don and Cheryl Fee, to the borrower of the 100,000 book and the 1000th new borrower, respectively. A display of memorabilia from the library's history can also be seen.

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Sandy's Kinka Beach talks softly about problems...and carries big stick {CAFE 39 2394

KINKA BEACH residents have made their feelings known about the drawbacks of progress in a calm, cool and collected manner ... with a time limit on their patience. At a public meeting in front of the Kinka Kippa on Saturday morning and a follow-up meeting with Livingstone Shire Council, the residents said they were not opposed to progress but they did not want to suffer unduly from explosions, trucks and noise in general. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, shire clerk Jim Brown and engineer Pat Murphy listened while a deputation of four stated their criticisms then gave an ultimatum to marina developers to clean up their act by the end of this month. Speakers at Saturday's meeting, and the subsequent deputation, stressed they were not against progress, not against the marina in particular and, in fact agreed a quarry was needed to supply harbour works ... but they disagreed with "how it was being achieved". Trucks tail-gating private motorists, speeding trucks swerving past cars in a race to the harbour, trucks spilling loads of rocks onto the road, and empty trucks bouncing along potholed roads causing severe vibration to Kinka Beach houses were the main criticisms. Again, the Kinka Beach people had a reasonable attitude. While trucks in general were criticised, speakers said the drivers had to make a living ... but certain truck drivers gave the rest a bad name. Cr Bowen was told road rules were being broken every day; children waiting for school buses were in danger because the trucks drove so fast; residents were frightened to use the Scenic Highway because of the actions of certain truck drivers. The deputation asked Cr Bowen to pass on their feelings to Keppel Gateway, the company developing the marina, and Leightons, the contractors building it and responsible for the trucks. Other complaints concerned quarry blasts. Residents said they had no objection to the time the blasts were set off, but the severity of the noise and shock wave was in excess of what they were prepared to stand. They also asked Cr Bowen to contact the Main Roads Department and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to get a guarantee that the Scenic Highway between Kinka Quarry and the harbour, would be completely


rebuilt after the works stopped. Once again the Kinka Beach attitude was reasonable ... the roads would be torn up by the trucks because the roads were never restored after the previous harbour works about nine years ago. But this time the residents want the road completely rebuilt. Mr Murphy said the seven kilometre section could cost as much as $2.8 million to restore. The residents suggested this cost could be provided by the State Government in the same way the government had provided almost $5 million to assist the marina development. At the end of the "soft talking" the resident produced the "big stick ... the residents told Cr Bowen to tell the developers they had until the end of June to fix the problems. If, at that time, there were still complaints, residents would wage a campaign against the trucks, the explosions, the vibration, the mess and the danger. The campaign would include photographing trucks committing breaches of road rules and constant telephone calls to councillors, Members of Parliament, police and the developers.

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Charity groups won't be raided QUEENSLAND Police Minister Russell Cooper this week assured charity groups they would not be worried by police during normal fund-raising activities. Mr Cooper said as long as charities had the proper permits from police or the Justice Department they had nothing to fear. "Some people are causing concern following an incident at Yeppoon last week," Mr Cooper said. He said he had checked the relevant authorities and it was not likely any charities were breaking the law with fund-raising activities. "Organisers should ensure they have the proper permits and most of them do, before starting fund-raising schemes." He said police investigating any fund-raising activities generally did so because a member of the public had made a complaint. There was no suggestion police would be raiding charity organisations running normal, legal schemes.

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989

JACKSON: SUPPORT US AND HELP YOURSELF Three Coast schools hear Queensland Day story GREAT Keppel Island Tourist Services can handle 1000 visitors a day and those 1000 need at least overnight accommodation on the Capricorn Coast ... probably two or three nights. "Ac-corilifrociation owners who support us help themselves," Helen Jackson told more than 200 invited guests on a night cruise to Great Keppel Island and dinner aboard Reef Seeker on Friday. She outlined the promotional activities the cruise boat company, now merged with Keppel Corporation, had undertaken recently to promote the area. There was Talkabout in February and March when she met 100 travel agents from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There was a follow-up with a new brochure, one that has not been seen on the Coast. The next activity was the Queensland For Sale promotion in Brisbane and the Caravan Show. Brochures were also distributed throughout all of McCafferty's bus terminals. Mrs Jackson said Great Keppel Island Tourist Services liked using slogans to show the company's attitude ... the first was "1st-class all the way". Another was "We are innovators, not imitators," and a third, a new one she particularly liked: "Don't worry about what you can't change, worry about what you can". Andy Diehm gave a talk about the boats' crews and training they were undertaking such as firstaid and lessons in Japanese. He was wearing white trousers and a neat light


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• ABOVE: Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, shire clerk Jim Brown, Richard Wilson, Helen Jackson, Ray Hutchings and Andy Diehn together on Friday night aboard the Reef Seeker. grey and white pin-stripe shirt which he said was the new corporate uniform introduced for all Keppel Corp. staff. Peter Slaughter, the next speaker, gave details of the fun and enjoyment visitors had aboard Reef Seeker during the day cruise to North-West Island. "They come aboard with expectations of the "trip of a lifetime" and enjoy the "experience of a lifetime". Skin and scuba diving, reef walking, sunbathing, swimming and walking on a remote island made for an unforgettable day. Keppel Corp. chairman Richard Wilson, surrounded by the grey-and-white corporate uniform, drew a laugh when he remarked at the start of his address that he was wearing red and white because his uniform was in the washing machine ... he had run out of shirts. Commenting on the luxurious surroundings of the Reef Seeker, Mr Wilson said since they'd had the "bull on the boat" (the Keppel Corp. logo) he had realised how magnificent the boats were. "We're proud to have `Keppel Cruising' with us," he said. He then gave details of Keppel Corp's expansion, with particular emphasis on the Keppel Gateway project. Glossy brochures called for expressions of interest for stage two of the marina development. Townhouses and marina shops and restaurants were mentioned but Mr Wilson said there were no fixed plans ... the expressions of interest meant that everyone could be involved in the planning so that the ultimate project reflected what people wanted to see at the harbour, not necessarily what the corporation felt should be provided. Discussing the Sunrover Resorts the corporation has developed, Mr Wilson spoke of the existing resort at Fairbairn Dam, another under way at Longreach, next door to the Longreach Hall of Fame, and yet another at Fraser Island. The Fraser Island project was still on the drawing board but it would tie in with Sunrover Rentals, a four-wheel-drive rental business in Brisbane.





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He said he couldn't give further details of the Fraser Island project ... nor could he talk about another matter "but we would be very pleased if you hire a Hertz car from now on; we'll tell you about it one of these days". He closed his talk with questions. In answer to one, he said the Keppel Gateway project was costing $8.2 million for the first stage. The State Government was providing $4.6 million. The final payment, at the end of the stage one contract, was $3 million. "The next stage will start in the first week of next year," he said.

MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton visited three schools this week to spread the word about Queensland Day. The first was Yeppoon State High School where he outlined Queensland's history dating from the first settlement by Captain Logan and 100 convicts at Moreton Bay to the declaration of Queensland on June 6 1859 ... 130 years ago. He said it was his predecessor, Lindsay Hartwig, who had initiated the concept of Queensland Day as a day of celebration. Nerimbera State Primary was next with the theme, country music with 'Country Bob' Walters and the children were dressed in period costume. Mr Hinton presented a Queensland flag to the school. Next stop was Emu Park State School where Mr Hinton 'cracked the whip' with a stock-whip cracking demonstrating and coaching class with children who found it wasn't as easy as it looks. The Emu Park children were dressed in early Australina and enjoyed folk dancing, billy boiling, knot tying and other things to celebrate the day.

High school First XV moved down YEPPOON State High School First XV has been moved down to play in the second XV competition of the Rockhampton and District Junior Rugby Union. Yeppoon's coach Roy Kennedy said this would be more in line with his team's ability. The team played its first game against Emmaus Second XV on the weekend. Emmaus won, 180, but only scored in the first half. "We were slow to start and let Emmaus in for four tries but then we held them," Mr Kennedy said. He said his team was improving and would fair better in the lower competition. Scorers for Emmaus: Bernard Dunn with two tries, Richard Hinton with one try and Tony Miscle converted. Emmaus Second XV A has moved up to play First XV competition, replacing Yeppoon State High School, for the remainder of the season. Their first game was against Grammar First XV and resulted in a 30-0 score, favouring Grammar. Grammar also played St Brendan's College in the Firsts' competition. Grammar won, 23-0, against the homeside. Coach Anthony Vincent said excellent play was shown by Todd Lynch, David Small, Gavin Williams, James Knuth, David Matsen and Gareth Quinn. Grammar Second XV also played St Brendan's at St Brendan's and Grammar won 7-0. Colts defeated Yeppoon State High School in the under 15 competition. The score, 8-0, resulted from tries by Scott McOmish and Geoff Warman. Colts' coach Geoff Bloomfield said Wayde Smith for Colts and Dayle Perrin for Yeppoon played well. Organisers agreed the game lacked discipline and would need to improve. Grammar defeated St Brendan's, 31-0, in the other Under 15 game. Yeppoon State High School was defeated, 12-0, by Grammar in the under 14 competition. In a catch up game played on Tuesday, Grammar defeated St Stanislaus, 10-0. Tries were scored by Stephen Dwyer and M Lloyd. Grammar under 14 again experienced victory when they defeated St Brendan's, 13-3. St Stanislaus recovered from the loss and defeated Christian Brothers on Sunday. Tries by Chris McDougall, Ryan Brazill and Ross Bayles resulted in a score of 12-0 for St Stanislaus. Playing well for the college were, Nick Bryson, Ben Carew, Kevin Mayer and Greg Watt. Brafords had a resounding victory of 40-0 against Grammar in the under 13 competition. Speaking for Grammar Anthony Vincent said that the side was improving but had been defeated by a more experienced team. He said Ethan Isles and Mitch Cole had playedwell and the team was ably led by Charles Beckett. Ian Tyson won two tight heads and Richard Creed produced good defense. Try scorers for

Brafords were Jason Papworth (2), Mark Edgar (2), Danny Andrews, Michael Bunns, Ben Greaney and Brett McGowan. Brett McGowan made four conversions. Coach Bob McGowan said Paul Spanner and Matthew Casswell in the forwards, Mark Edgar and Ben Greaney in the backs played well. Grammar's other under 13 team won against St Brendan's. The score, 16-11, was totalled for Grammar in a fine performance by Ben Compton.

Emu Park pool to get $30,000 • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 tion. They have worked long and hard and although there is still some fund raising to be done for the Emu Park project, the Don Ireland committee is totally debt free at this stage," Mr Wright said. "Their pool is completed with a filtration plant in operation and the grass planted. The only thing needed now is the amenities block and that is what this grant will be used for." Committee secretary Yvonne Protheroe said they were excited the pool would now be opened this season. "We still have to raise $10,000 but we are confident we can do it," she said. "I have some ideas I'll start working on straight away. We have already planned a door knock in the Emu Park/Zilzie area in July. "It's going to be wonderful to have the pool open. Kids hang over the fence asking when they'll be able to use it. Nowwe'll be able to tell them this summer. "Fortunately for us, Livingstone Shire Council has been paying for the chemicals to keep the filtration system operating." Mr Wright said the Caves Lion Club had been granted 51750 towards the lighting of their tennis court. He said Central Queensland had benefited surprisingly well out of the recent Commonwealth grants with 10 projects receiving funds. "Application for the 1989-90 financial year will be called for shortly and I will keep the community informed of the deadlines involved," he said.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - 5


Strong on Central Queensland.

Like us, the Capricorn Coast is famous for its warm, friendly hospitality. As members of the Keppel group, we are dedicated to the best in service, value and entertainment.

Now every night is new at La Bamba Things are really changing at La Bamba. Over the next few weeks you'll see special value nights, cabaret nights, a new shooters cocktail bar to blast you away. New shiny outfits for our staff, new music, new videos and a new nightly programme. It's all part of our aim to make La Bamba ... the best. WEDNESDAY: DOLLAR NIGHT. THURSDAY: ADULT ROCK NIGHT, FEATURING VIDEOS AND MUSIC OF THE '50s & '60s. FRIDAY: HOT VIDEOS & DRINK SPECIALS SATURDAY: HAVE A 'DIRTY WEEKEND' SUNDAY: HAVE A 'DIRTY WEEKEND' AGAIN, $1.50 RUM & COKES. COMING SOON • BLACK LABEL, JUNE 17th & 18th. • LEROY AND THE RATS, JUNE 24th & 25th • STEVIE WRIGHT, AUGUST 4th THE CAPRICORN COAST'S No. 1 NIGHTSPOT (079) 39 3866

Sink your teeth at the Railway. stA

Our crockpot is acclaimed by locals and visitors alike

for rich, chunky stews, simmering casseroles — like oxtail and kidney — and superb goulashes. There's a different crockpot special every day, and you can eat from 10.00 in the morning till we close at night. For under $3.00 a meal. The Railway is famous for food. Our steaks are grown on our own beef properties. Our seafood comes fresh from local waters. And we have comfortable, economical Motel accommodation too. TheRailway Hotel Motel. The best place to sink your teeth into something in Queensland. Enjoy our friendly disco nights on Wed, Frid, and Sat, 8 till late. Happily managed by Ron and Jan Schmidt.

111 1





78 James St, Yeppoon Phone (079) 39 3300

Any nightclub can give you a good time on the outside, but at La Bamba, your inside gets looked after too. SIMONS NEW BLACKBOARD MENU (Wed & Thurs) Entrees: Soup of the day 52.80. Chefs Pate with salad garni $4.50. Deep fried

Camambert with a strawberry & Ginger dipping sauce $4.50. Nachos layered with chili sauce and topped with melted cheese $4.50. Crepe Madagascar, sliced beef in a light madras curry $4.20. Antipasto, a selection of cold meats, salad & cheese $5.50. Mains: Chicken Yakitori with peanut satay sauce and cucumber pickle $6.95. Fettucine Napoliana $5.50. Fettucine Marinara $7.95. Beef Shaslik, rump marinated in red wine, lemon juice & herbs $7.50. Creole blackened fillet of fish $7.95. Seafood Mournay vol au vent $7.95. Chicken Schnitzel with a green peppercorn sauce $6.95. SIMONS CHOICE, (3 COURSES $17.50 FRID, SAT, SUN) • ENTREE Pumpkin and Chives soup OR Chicken Kebabs with Mango Curry Sauce • MAINS Reef fish with Prawn Sauce OR Veal with red wine & mushroom sauce • SWEETS Strawberry Crepe OR Profiteroles with Butterscotch Sauce SIMONS WINE VALUE OF THE WEEK. Thomas Mitchell Fume Blanc 1984 Vintage $12.50 OPEN WED-SUN, 16 HILL ST YEPPOON. Reservations (079) 39 3212


Queensland is a pot —'=' at the Piney. A bout the most energetic thing at the Pine Beach Hotel is the sea breeze coming in from Keppel Bay, (though the local footie club would argue that they occasionally display a burst of activity). In other words, the Piney at Emu Park is Queensland much the way it was; relaxed and easy. You can drop in for a drink, a delicious meal, or if you dare, even stay in our budget, motel style accommodation. But when you call in, don't expect anything too hectic, it just wouldn't be the Piney if it was. Sunday. Ease along with RON GIBSON ... live in the Lounge!

Steve and Megan Anderson's

PINE BEACH HOTEL MOTEL Granville St, Emu Park. Ph: (079) 39 6100



6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 MR AND Mrs Ken Baker were shopping in Savemore last week ... not strange, they were the first proprietors of Savemore's Capricorn Gift Centre. They are renewing friendships on the Coast before returning to Maroochydore where they are building a new home. *** THE Youth Access display at Yeppoon Show this weekend has a wide range of leaflets and videos on careers ... how to decide, apply, write applications and resumes and how to conduct yourself at an interview. *** DATE CLAIMER: Yeppoon High parents and citizens meeting, Tuesday, June 13, 7.30pm in the library. ***

Gem Stones Shire s rder eryp made-intog-o JewellaP

RING 39 4510 MAGIC

7 Normanby St Come in & browse

Large range of Opal Jewellery Watch Repairs

Assemblies of God Phone

YEPPOON Camera Club meets the second Monday of each month, 8pm at the RSL Hall. *** BERNIE O'Farrell has taken up his appointment as Westpac manager Yeppoon, taking over from Jim Atkinson who has retired. Mr O'Farrell joined the bank in Gladstone and has worked in branches throughout Queensland as well as two years in Fiji. Before his Yeppoon appointment, Mr O'Farrell was manager at Cooktown. He is accompanied by his wife Claire and their two children.

39 6254 6593

or 39

Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, June 11 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall

Paint Pot Gallery Open 7 Days - Cnr Hill & Queen Sts, Yeppoon

'Winter '89' An exhibition of Paintings, Pottery, China Painting & Wood Turning DENIS HINTON MLA WILL PERFORM OPENING AT 2PM ON JUNE 17

COASTAL CREATIONS 1 Normanby Street (Bayview Tower Complex


come in and browse

(NEXT WEEK'S SPECIALS) [Pastrycooks Sped.>


Large Custard Tarts $5

Pie of the Week!

Steak & Mushroom



Bakers Special

Cinnamon Buns 90 each




McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 &14 William St, R'ton 27 7959}



'daft COMM% AT the Yeppoon High parents and citizens May meeting was informed Health Minister Ivan Gibbs has agreed to open the assembly hall or, Saturday, July 29. A gala opening function is being planned for that day. More details will be available when planning by the committee has been finalised. Department of Education liaison officer Bernice Poole held a workshop activity designed to introduce members to school based decision-making. Members were asked to look at the good things that were happening at the school and improvements or new strategies that might be considered. It was a positive and enjoyable exercise for all concerned with many good and practical ideas raised. *** THE Paint Pot Gallery's Winter '89 exhibition will be opened by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton at 2pm ib Saturday, June 15. It is a collection of paintings, pottery, china painting and wood turning by artists and craftspeople who normally exhibit in the gallery. Drinks and savouries will be served during the opening afternoon. It is an occasion looked forward to by gallery members. The Paint Pot Gallery is a Capricorn Coast Society of Arts project, is on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets, Yeppoon and manned by exhibiting arts and craftspeople who are always eager to talk to visitors. *** THERE'S a cent sale in Emu Park CWA Hall on Saturday, June 17 from 9.30am organised by the CWA. The 60 cents admission includes morning tea. *** A LARGE crowd was entertained at Emu Park Pensioners League social on May31 at the cultural hall. The Evergreens opened the afternoon with a bracket of Autumn Songs. Alf Marcombe sang `Someday I'd Love To Live In Loveland' and Twinkletoes Pearl Curry, in gold outfit, sang and tap-danced to 'Sunny Side Of The Street'. John Smyth varied his style with 'Wild Colonial Boy'. Hugh Wellesley on mouth organ was popular with 'Don't Fence Me In'. Doreen Svensen sang two numbers and then everyone took to the floor for dancing. Alex Bacon was in good voice with `Smilin' Through' and `Shortnin' Bread'. Mrs Hall was well received with 'He'll Have To Go' and `From A Jack To A King'. Tony Ceff played `Fascination' and Maureen Dinsdale, who has a lovely lilting voice, sang `Paper Roses' and `Boy Of Your Dreams'. Jack Flanagan had everyone tapping to `Pegg O'Neil' and George Cooper's mouth organ solo had the crowd singing along to some old favourites. Afternoon tea was worked off by a barn dance and a monte carlo was won by Doreen Svensen and partner. Tommy Black from Emu Park, who sang with an Army concert party during the war, rendered `Girl Of My Dreams' and `Tired Hands'. Stan Nelson was stunning with `La Amour' and `My Boy'. Bill Shuttlewood from Yeppoon sang `End Of a Perfect Day' and the haunting `Maggie'. Ella Lewis went solo with `Tulips From Amsterdam' singing to a slightly bemused Alex Bacon, with a bunch of make-believe tulips. Stan then joined Ella for a sweet duet. All too soon the afternoon closed with John Smyth's `Orange And The Green'. A great day again at friendly Emu Park. Go to the next social, it's free, on the last Wednesday in the the month. Lucky door: Edna Cameron, Muriel McLaren, Tommy Black, Sue Leader and Evie Benson; raffles, Dorothy Hawes, Pat King, Mr Shaw and Norma Lee. A free bus has been arranged by Emu Park Pensioner's League to Keith Wright's free concert at Yeppoon on June 18, (Sunday), leaving the Cultural Hall at 12.15pm. Enquiries: Stan Nelson, 39 6359.


Savemore Centre

A. T. Ralston and Associates



Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649 Jenny & Jody will care for all your Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 JENNY SHEPHERD DIP. B. T. JODY TRUELSON DIP. B. Tu.


Mill Gallery The

28 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon



• Saturday, June 17, 2.30pm • Exhibition of Creative Clothing

Walter Reid Art Centre ROCKHAMPTON Bookings Ph 39 3454 • Sunday, June 25, 7.30pm • An Evening of Music with Stewart Wadden (Jazz Piano)

Bookings Ph 39 3454 • Sunday, July 16 •

Exhibition of Hand Crafts Anyone interested in participating Contact Dale at the Mill

The Mill Gallery OPEN DAILY 39 3454 }


1989 Festival of Drama Yeppoon Town Hall

off all disc


Yeppoon Little Theatre

To help you look your best during Carnival ... we offer


PROBUS Club of Yeppoon had to cancel the social outing to Agneswaters and Town of 1770 due to weather conditions. It is now on Friday, June 23, same arrangements as before ... meeting outside Yeppoon Town Hall at 6.30am. Due to change of date some members have had to cancel. Will all those wishing to go please let George Hillier know on 39 3361 as soon as possible. The hand-over dinner/dance is at Kanangra Restaurant on Wednesday, June 28, assembling at 6.30pm. Those members who did not put their names down at the last business meeting please let George Hillier know, 39 3361, if they intend being present.


Refreshments available

plus other Winter Specials


Hurry! Sale is from June 3 to June 17 11 SHOPPING DAYS ONLY! ••••••••••

Festival ticket adult: $12 Nightly: $7 Children under 12: $4 Id.


Saturday, June 10and Sunday, June 11, 8pm

Feast of Theatre

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - 7

Classical, Pop, Country & Western, Middle of the Road

CDC $ Programmable Compact Disc Player

Remote Control Model $279

NEC Remote ntrol

Headphone Socket with Volume Music Scan & Track Skip Contro

A Midi Hi-Fi with CD This stereo, double-deck music system is packed with great features • Belt-drive turntable • Double Cassette Deck with continuous playback & high-speed dubbing • AM/FM stereo tuner. Superb matching speaker s stem • Includes matching fully Includes Compact programmable Disc Player compact disc player







8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989

YEPPOON SHOW FEATURE Fibreglass Hydrofields should be on display at Yeppoon Show COOEE BAY MARINE owner Vince Welsh has a problem ... he wants to display a fleet of fibreglass Hydrofield boats at the Yeppoon Show but as fast as he brings them up from the Gold Coast they sell! In just the past couple of months he has sold six Hydrofield Jaguar 18s and five Hydrofield Sandfly 13s. "Ever since I became the Central Queensland agent for Hydrofield I've been trying to set up a couple of display boats to demonstrate to prospective customers," Mr Welsh said. "So far, I've only managed to equip the boats

then watch them disappear from the premises behind happy owners." But don't get the idea that Vince Welsh is complaining ... it's just that he really wanted to mount a full display at the Show. "I've never experienced anything like these Hydrofields," he said. "I was taken for a demonstration on the Gold Coast and frankly, the paces they put that boat through startled me. "I had my son, John, with me at the time and when the skipper explained what he intended doing in his next manoeuvre I told John to tighten his life-jacket and pointed out that he was to swim

to South Stradbroke Island." Nothing happened ... the Hydrofield executed the manoeuvre superbly and Mr Welsh took on the agency. Since that day, he has been taking people aside and telling them what happened and how the Hydrofield hull performed. His enthusiasm is infectious ... and he wonders why he can't keep enough for display purposes! The Hydrofield Jaguar 18 was the first to arrive at the Cooee Bay Marine yard in Tanby Road. Mr Welsh towed it back from the Gold Coast and parked it behind the fence late Sunday night.

Why pay the price owning something else?

When he arrived on Monday there was a buyer waiting. That sale led to the second ... and so on. But all the time he was selling the Hydrofield Jaguar 18s he was talking about the Hydrofield Sandfly 13 that he said was going to become the family boat for the Capricorn Coast. Production started a three weeks ago and Cooee Bay Marine took the first off the line. Once again, this first boat was going to be the demonstration model. The Welsh family arrived back from the Gold Coast late at night and parked the bare Hydrofield Sandfly 13 hull behind the fence. This time there were two buyers waiting the next morning. One was successful ... and the other took the next one off the production line. "I've finally found something new in boats that I can thoroughly recommend," Mr Welsh said. "These Hydrofields have to be experienced to be believed. The ride is fantastic. The performance outstanding." He said the Hydrofield Sandfly 13 could be equipped in a variety of ways to suit the family or the fisherman. "What I like about them is the small power plant they need to drive them," Mr Welsh said. "The Hydrofield Sandfly 13 only needs a 30hp motor and the maximum recommended is a 50hp. "I've found a 40hp is a nice compromise and that's the one I'll have at the show ... unless I sell it. Also on display will be a Hydrofield Jaguar 16. Mr Welsh said these could be equipped with motors between 70hp and 120hp. For anyone looking for a larger craft, the Hydrofield range, as well as the 13, 16 and 18, includes a 24 and a 40 (the Tangalooma Jet). Of course these bigger boats won't be on display, but Mr Welsh will let you look through the collection of photographs and clippings he has managed to put together. Included in the scrapbook is a write-up from Modern Fishing, May, 1989. The writer talks about the strength of the boats ... and there's a few pictures of the boats going through their paces. Once again, the writer enthuses about performance ... and points out that "the pictures represent the sort of thing you shouldn't do on a bar (Jumpinpin) under any circumstances". (Apparently what the builders demonstrated to Vince and John Welsh is a standard demo). There's another write-up, this time by Ron Calcutt in the February/March edition of Power Boat. Writing about the Hydrofield 16, Calcutt's story starts: "Hydrofield's radical new 16 is not just good - it completely redefines our understanding of what sub 5.5metre multi-hulls should be able to get away with in rough water." Later in the article, he says: "Hydrofield is offering a boat which looks like nothing we've ever seen before, and they are selling three a week to experienced boat buyers who know what the boat has to offer." By the way, the Field part of the name comes from the builder, Len Field, who puts his name on the boats. His son, Leon, is the one who demonstrates them. Ask Vince Welsh about the builder ... but be prepared for a long story. Apparently, the builder was influenced by the famous Catalina flying boat. But Vince warns Show-goers to be prepared for disappointment ... "I'll do my best to have hulls on display but if a buyer wants them before the Show, well...". If


We've got the is; Hydrofield 13 fully equipped for under $10,000! The Fantastic Hydrofield 13 & 16 will be on display at the Cooee Bay Marine stand at the Yeppoon Show. Don't miss them! See just how much room a boat can have! Talk to Vince or John Welsh

Display at Show

SEE THEM AT THE YEPPOON SHOW! Official Opening 1pm Saturday by Denis Hinton MLA

THE Capricorn Coast branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society will take its World Environment Day display to Yeppoon Show this year. The theme, Living in a Global Greenhouse, addresses the greatest problem facing the world - one of dramatic climate change - which we have only years to try and counteract. The society's display shows how the individual can do something to help by recycling, saving energy in the home, in the work place and on the road, by planting more trees. Recycled unbleached paper will be on sale in small quantities. This can only be imported at the moment,


MEALS, including Breakfast every day

34th Annual Yeppoon Show 2 DAYS : June 10 & 11; 1 NIGHT: June 10

SATURDAY 8am ONWARD Woodchops • Dog Show Junior Equestrian Led-In & Western Pleasure Classes

SATURDAY NIGHT Woodchops Costume Classes Dancing Andalusians Fireworks

SUNDAY 7.30ann ONWARD Senior Hack & Riding Classes Show Jumping • Caged Birds Cattle • Angora Goat Show FULL GRAND PARADE in the afternoon

BOTH DAYS Fruit & Vegetable Exhibits (Pineapples), Floral Exhibits Women's Industries, Woodcraft, Photography, Homemade Wines, Beer & Mead, Schoolwork, Art & Craft, Fine Art, Pottery, Porcelain Painting, Lapidary & other Crafts Lounge Bar Facilities under Canvas with tables & chairs

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - 9


& Jim Jeffries will be die your inquiries on:

Irrigation Supplies • Windmills & Flexicolumn

• Pipes & Fittings • Pumping Specialists

There will be regular demonstrations of Spray Equipment & Pumps • ABOVE: AIS McCracken will have a display at Yeppoon Show that i?bound to be a hit with all ages ... running water. Manager Scott Landsberg and Jim J effries are pictured giving their fountain and pumping equipment a final test before heading off to the Showground.

Show president expects bigger permitting THE 35th annual Yeppoon Show will be officially opened at 1pm on Saturday by Member for Broadsound and show society patron Denis Hinton. "Weather permitting, this year's gates for Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday could continue the trend of increasing attendance and entries in our expanding show," show president Brian Dorey said. A barbecue and fireworks on Saturday night are aimed at bringing in the families for the second night show at 5pm. The show-ring will feature champion axemen, Arabian costume classes, Andalusians in Spanish turnout, a camel race, an array of Dancing Andalusians from Expo, Yeppoon State High School 44 piece concert band and a firework display.

A camel race between John Richardson's bicentennial marathon entrants, Capricorn and Sapphire, is expected to be unpredictable because they haven't raced under floodlight on a sprint track., There is a change in walkways to circulate more efficiently the crowds to all exhibits. Signs have been installed to indicate major attractions. The Capricorn branch of the Rare Fruits Council has bought a permanent display facility at Yeppoon Show in the new pavilion built at a cost of 555,000. The pavilion provides spacious, well lit areas for fruit and vegetable, pineapple, students floral, women's industries, homemade beer, wine and mead and other displays.

(SHOW SPECIALS • FREE Watering Kit (worth $32) with every Pump sold • Pressure Pumps from $194 • Garden Hose from $10 a coil

Ask our poly Pipe Prices

• We're now an

SKF Distributorship • See us for your Bearings, Seals 0-Rings etc

McCracken SalesPLITDY Your One-Stop Water Shop - Sales, Service, Spare Parts 24 Tanby Road, Yeppoon - Phone 39 2277 MANAGER SCOTT LANDSBERG - 39 7115 A/H

PRIZE WINNING SHOW WEEK SPECIALS Open 6am-6pm, Monday to Saturday including Queen's Birthday & Show Holiday next Friday

We offer Personal, Friendly Service We're in I39 7997 Phone _ ,2 y Arthur 0 St, rs [ 39 1866


10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989

Causeway Lake Store

Iwasaki celebrates 88th birthday with family and 500 Aust. and Japanese Open 7 Days, 7.30am-7pm Phone 33 6237

After the Fish Bite in the Lake... Call into Jim & Evie's Store for a bite Large Range of Takeaway Food

• Bait • Fishing Tackle • Petrol • Ice • • Groceries • Smallgoods • Milk • Cold Drinks • Remember, the Fishing's Great at the Causeway Lake!

Rehue the past at —


ia Emu Park


u ti 4

OPEN Saturday, Sunday, Monday .1 and Thursday ... from 10am, dilast guests through gates 3pm

Tours are by arrangement only


You are invited to wander through this historical complex of houses, antiques and a street of churches. Home-made sandwiches and cakes are available, but you arc welcome to bring your own food and picnic under the trees. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are on sale in one of the church halls.

Weddings, Conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome Group bookings are available

Inquiries: 39 6466

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier • Reef Trip c on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran


Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Visit Great Keppel Island & do it in style aboard


Your total fun day

CAPRICORN Iwasaki Resort developer Yohachiro Iwasaki celebrated his 88th birthday on Wednesday afternoon with family and 500 guests. He arrived by golf cart and left after a dazzling 15-minute fireworks display. In between, the man who single-handedly put Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast on the world map, received an award from the JapanAustralia Association, listened to a multitude of speeches of warm praise, cut a huge Bing Morgan-baked birthday cake ... and had time for his children and grandchildren. Despite the 350 Japanese and 150 Australian guests, Mr Iwasaki managed to make his birthday celebrations a time for other family members. He posed for hundreds of photographs, sought by the Press, TV and guests and, as so often noticed in the past, he appeared stiff and formal. But when his grandchildren ran forward he reached out his arms and a smile broke across his face. When the children stiffened as the flashlights grew in intensity, Mr Iwasaki chucked them under the chin and smiles creased their faces. As an event it was perhaps "the" event so far seen at the resort. There were two birthday cakes, both huge; the dazzling 15-minute fireworks display culminating in a sparkling silver/ white "waterfall" that lit up the resort for about a minute to be followed by Happy 88th Birthday in Japanese that burned brightly for another minute. Flowers sent as presents were arranged in front of and on the offical dais and the names on the cards were testimony to Mr Iwasaki's standing on the occasion of his 88th birthday; Kagoshima Prefecture governor Yoshiteru Isuchiya; All Nippon Airway president Naoji Watanabe; Japan Airlines president Susumu Yamaji; Qantas chief executive John Menadue; Kagoshima City mayor Yoshinori Akazaki; All Nippon Airways president Akio Kondo; Nippon Air System president Isamu Tanaka; ANZ Yeppoon manager Arthur Holt; and Tanby Roses. Grandson Yoshitaro Iwasaki welcomed guests then Fukuzuo Iwasaki (Mr Y Iwasaki's son) read a birthday speech written by his father. - Mr Iwasaki said he had lived through exciting times in Japan, and the world, since his birth around the turn of the century. He spoke of his special regard for young people and their education, the scholarships he has set up, the Iwasaki Foundation with emphasis on education and the dormitory built in the grounds of his Tokyo home for students. As a result of his efforts in this regard over the years, past students who have benefited from his gifts contributed toward a bronze statue of him, for which he was proud. He closed by saying he had tried to build a "bridge of good relationship and friendship between Australia and Japan". And, for good measure, he answeed the question so many people had asked: How to be so healthy and look so young at 88. His answer: "I keep an active mind". Then the tributes flowed. The chairman of the Mitsubishi Trust Bank congratulated him on his nbirthday ... and the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort which he said was Mr Iwasaki's "second home". He described Mr Iwasaki as a tourism pioneer with more than 4000 employees ... and a "warm-hearted man held in high regard, who was still energetic and looking for new ideas". The Bank of Kagoshima president said Mr Iwasaki had always "led by example", was still pursuing tourism and it was "pleasing that the younger generation will always benefit from his generosity". Former Japanese Prime Minister Mr Suzuki sent a message of congratulations ... delivered personally by his son. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen welcomed Mr Iwasaki to "the Capricorn Coast, the best part of Australia". He told guests Mr Iwasaki had told a public meeting in Yeppoon in 1974 his vision for a resort "and you can see it here today". The resort was an example of balance between "modern man and Mother Nature". He told Mr Iwasaki "we want more of the same". Dining out on the Capricorn Coast

transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the new resort facilities for day trippers pool, shop & bar, etc

Buffet Style Menu ... Eat as much as you like!


For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton Q, 4700 , ....... .


10 mins flan; Yeppoo;N Open 930am-4.30pm 7 days

• erne-

Phone: 39 7590

Handfeed the tame animals Shady picnic areas • Swimming Pool Group Bookings welcome New owners: John & Pattie Shannon

Try a


CLUB HOTEL Specials:: Lunches: Mon-Fri, Noon to 2pm Dinner. Fri, Sat, Char Grill, 6pm-8pm Sunday: Noon to 3pm

Tony's B.Y.O• We're right on the Yeppoon Beachfront at 14 Anzac Pde

Phone 39 2122

BRUNCH Open Saturday, Sunday & Monday from 8am to Noon

LUNCH • Roast of the Day • • Steak • Fish • OPEN FROM Noon-2pm


Tanby Road South 39.7144

KANANGRA Licensed Family Restaurant


Rockhampton mayor Ald Jim Webber described Mr Iwasaki as "a man of vision" and an "entrepreneur". Japan-Australia Association chairman Professor Shizuo Saito presented a test amonial "to honour Mr Iwasaki's long co-operation between the two countries". At the end of the formal ceremonies, Mr Iwasaki left the dais with his family and greeted guests. In a little more than two hours, the biggest party the Capricorn Coast is likely to see this century closed with a bang as fireworks lit the darkness. It was explained to guests that Japanese have a special reverance for the number 8, and even more for 88. For an event of such significance to be celebrated in Yeppoon the link between Mr Iwasaki and his "second home" must be strong. From the Coast's point of view the event took on special significance ... hordes or Press and TV carried the perfect weather and idyllic setting around the world. Mr Iwasaki, again, put the Coast firmly before the eyes of the world.



39 7144

Friday Night $15 Saturday Night $17 Sunday Lunch $13 Children Welcome Under 14: Half Price Pre-Schoolers: Free

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - it


Covering the Coast ooaLnAdN2H7piantttersland


39 64111



This older, but solidly built home (freshly painted outside) is on a corner with sea views to the Keppels. The land is 1826m2 and of such a size that it can be subdivided. Car parking under. Nicely treed allotment. Position will sell this — $67,000.

Beachfront property is getting scarce at this price so don't sit on your hands waiting for it to get cheaper because this older but sound home has great views to the island. Easy care lot. Car accommodation. Cosy home. Once again position will sell at $67,000. FOR YOUR INVESTMENT INSPECTION CALL US. ASK FOR DOUG WOODS A/H 39 6970


Superb Lots Av. Size Approx. 10Ha (25 acres)


9 10HA. 7S,

Handy Cawarral School, Electricity Connected, Permanently Running Creek, Plenty Underground Water, Easy Commutin a Distance Rockhampton

PRICED FR M $39 9500 TO $49500 I


4- 5 APPROX. 10HA






A/H Kevin Doolan 39 6316, Doug Woods 39 6970, Laing Mason 39 6174



The Great Moth Release It's time, the astute investor that you are, to let the moths escape from your wallet to invest in this great half-acre special we have on offer for you. Located 2 streets from the beach on a corner is this 2023m2 lot which is of such a size and dimension, and position that it could be subdivided into 2 allotments or, with special application, 3 lots. The vendor is only asking $35,000 but he says he is in the negotiating mood. He wants your moths.




lots sold in 10 weeks

Only 4 lots left in this Unique Subdivision Overlooking Capricorn Coast & Keppel Islands


• Brick Covenant • Fully Serviced • Underground Power • Adjoins Rainforest Parkland • from 650m2 - 2423m2



NOW THE GOOD NEWS. WE STILL HAVE DIRECTIONS 1 LOT LEFT AT $22,000 'Turn left at Bluff, follow Farnborough Road until Kerr St. Turn left at Professionals sign. Our competent staff will be available to inspect all weekend.



10 Pfifessionals °


33 6222

Lammermoor Service Station, Scenic H way, Lammermoor Bch

Stuart Yesberg 39 4015 Tracey Rich 39 6858 Fiona Barratt 39 6336 Manager Roger Barratt 39 6336

Surfside Motel


Retail Fish Outlet in Yeppoon's busy Savemore Centre. Shop The name tells the story — prime beachfront loca- particularly well set up set up tion on Yeppoon's Main Beach. High traffic flow with cold room and excellent ensures good occupancy rates and returns, Ideally display. Showing nett $54,000. suited to family operation with spacious residence Plant value approx $50,000. above the units enjoying some great sea and island Ideal husband and wife operaviews. 12 units freshly renovated and attractive tion. 2 & 3 year lease available $1000 pm. Asking only $65,000 pool complete the setting. For arrangements to inspect call

Sole Agents

Keppel Coast Real Estate Phone 33 6222 A/H Stu Yesberg (079) 39 4015 or Roger Barratt (079) 39 6336

• Architect-designed dream home on 5 acres only a minute from beach $180,000. • Gentleman's lowset residence on 1 acre rich soil, fantastic views coastline $150,000. • House allotments from $15,000 upwards. • Development blocks absolute beachfront from $150,000. • Houses from $50,000 good rental investment proposition. • Rural 25 acres estab. orchard, exotic fruits, lovely home with inground pool. Real bargain at $140,000. Many more to choose from. • li• AAAAAAAAAA 111

MAGNIFICENT Two-Storey Brick Residence-in everpopular Statue Bay, just minutes from the Harbour and lovely Kemp Beach. This house is "BIG" — Four large bedrooms; Formal Lounge and Dining — Whopping Modern Kitchen — Shady Pergolas — Great Barbecue in tree-studded garden — Self-contained Granny Flat — Double Garage and Work Area. The Presentation is a credit to the owners. You would be hard-pressed to get better value on the Coast today — $155,000





12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989




l. Capricorn Coast e


TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material. statement. representation or information contained in the advertisement: is, or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive: is in full or, in part. defamatory. in breach of copyright. trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mitror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication. the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct. alter. amend or otherwise change anyadvertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertismentsrthe Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrongclassification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed by telephone.

BIRTH NOTICES MICHELE and Russell Stewart are proud to announce the arrival of their daughter Sasky Ann, born 4th June, 6lb4oz.

ENGAGEMENTS WELLDON/PROWSE: Mr and Mrs J M Welidon of Yeppoon are pleased to announce the engagementof their daughter Louise to Wayne, son of Mr and Mrs A Prowse of Yeppoon.



EXPRESS Parcel DELIVERY 3R aarisetarsi 22 1789 [JAMES BUBB & CO PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS are open 5 days-a-week and offer

Accounting Services Business Advice TaxatIott.Serviees2 74 James Street

(next to the Rock)

39 1277

Phone Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm 1'1


Shop 3, 50 James Street, Yeppoon (next to Pacific Hotel) Closed tonoght, Friday, June 9) Reopens tomorrow 9.30am with new owners Cris and Henriette Svendsen 39 4384 Bar Attendant of the Year Quest entrant Natalie Garwood wishes to thank... Staff and patrons of the Club Hotel; GBs Hair Salon; Michael Davies; Brian Paddamore; Paul Jaques; Dave Jealous; Yvette's Restaurant; Kristin's Hair Design; BP Yeppoon; Plants & Palms 2000; Rainbow Video; Tyrer's Fruit & Veg; Club Hotel Sports Clubs; Chi Chi Murray; Angliss; Bev Horn; Coastakl Auto Repairs; Ronnie Toon; Woodsy's Aussie Dine-in; Laura Anderson ... and everyone who assisted and supported her.


Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147


Bayliss Ray Smith and Co TAX AGENT For friendly, efficient, confidential service...Lois

Normanby St, Yeppoon Reasonable-Rates • Maximum Refunds

Bill Thomson RAE office;

39 2224 for



Denis Hinton

ECKANKAR Introductory Video and Discussion Are you interested in your dreams and their spiritual meaning? How about Soul Travel to discover your divine Self? Or reincarnation, past lives, spiritual mastership and how to work with the laws of spirit in everyday situations? You're invited to see 'The Journey Home', a free half-hour videotape presentation on the teachings of ECKANKAR Date: Monday, June 19 Time: 7.30pm Place: Yeppoon RSL Hall or phone 39 7157 for information

Emu Park Rugby League Club

your Local Member for

Broadsound FRI, June 9

Yeppoon Takeaway

SAT, June 10

Inspect high school hall with Works Department Yeppoon Office Open Yeppoon Show

SUN, June 11

Yeppoon Show

TUES, June 13 Yeppoon office WED, June 14 Yeppoon office THURS, June 15 Morn: Yeppoon office Lunch with R'ton show soc Show holiday FRI, June 16 1st Floor, Seaview Arcade,

Anzac Parade, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352


Sunday, June 11, 7.30pm

Pine Beach Hotel You can be number 1 club member ... club memberships will be auctioned from 9pm by Kevin Doolan of The Professionals


Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates * Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

?4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 37491

39 2212 Parcel Delivery Burton's

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Alyson MacDonald 21 Hill St, Yeppoon Wishes to advise her rooms will be closed for one week commencing June 12. Opening June 19. Pauline and Denis Benussi of Yeppoon Takeaway wish to thank everyone for their support and wish every success to new owners Cris and Henriette Svendsen FOR SALE


WINDOWS that will

LAST and are

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street. Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition, Wednesdays, National Fitness Hall, 7.30pm. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group. ph .Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday. 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139

PUBLIC NOTICES YEPPOON Hospital auxiliary raffle: meat tray, 92, Pat the Pie Lady; fruit & veg tray, 98, S Moore. YOGA Nidra (deep relaxation) class Thursdays, 7pm to 8pm. Inquiries Pam Shukking (Dharma Vidya) 39 3539. SUE Weston wishes to advise she will not be in attendance at her practice from Tuesday, 13th June to Saturday, 17th June. The practice will be attended and appointments can be made. DRESSMAKER now on Coast. 1988 Gown of Year winner. Reasonable rates. 39 4916. VIETNAM vets raffle: J Callaway, c/- LSC. Pink E58. COUNTRY band for hire for functions, etc. Inquiries. ring (079) 95 8217 or (079) 95 1152. MUSIC teacher wanted for adult pupil learning Banjo mandolin. Phone 39 4411. POTTERY: Come browse through out wide selection of hand-crafted pottery. Zilzie Pottery, 26 Esplanade, Zilzie. 39 6223. MY surgery will be closed during school holidays from 19/6/89 to 30/6/89. If your require my services during this period, please phone me at home, 39 7578. Ami Setu, Dental Surgeon. TAICHI: Queensland Recreational Hall, Cooee Bay. Wednesday, 6.30pm. Inquiries: Lindsay Smith, 27 6270. WEIGHT Watchers: Emu Park CWA Hall, Monday 9.30am. Yeppoon CWA Hall, Tuesday 6.45pm. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisationsand most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

Thank you to all the business people and residents of the Capricorn Coast who helped to make the 9th Annual Keppel Coast Girl Guides' Hobby Horse Derby such a wonderful success. Special thanks to everyone who helped before and on the day.

Yeppoon Hire Service PARTY HIRE • Tables and Chairs • BBQs • Party Lights • Disposable Dinnerware • Bunting BABY HIRE Highchairs Folding Cots

EQUIPMENT HIRE • Cement Mixers • Wheelbarrows • Trestles & Planks • Generators • Lawnmower • Garden Tools • Spray Guns • Electrical Tools • Chainsaw

51 Tanby Road (next to Cooee Bay Marine) OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY

39 4930: a/h 39 7969

• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure Made-to-measure

(*Aluminium Awnings and

Holland Blinds Central Coast Insect Screens FREE QUOTE .39

Old Barn The

39 3119


Furniture Secondhand/New Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines. Good Gift Items,

Tools, Elec. Saws, Drills & Sanders

Consignment A/H 39 3773 Lock-up now open for ARTHUR STREET Yard Large Vehicles 1,, YEPPOON )


any design made-to-order

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989 - 13




SAVE $$$ buy LOCAL

Tree Lopping Lawnmowing Old Cars Shifted 34 3732

• Smash Repairs • Rust & Restoration • • Insurance Work • Windscreens •

39 6436 Interior * Exterior _.,,i * Free Quotes *

Allan 'Happy'


Warren 39 3113


`i; ii 7,.1Z. #;;;___ . %..wir-,2 - :*`,

'16 years on the Coast,

DARRELL WEBB R e corps &


Radiator Oxy, MIG Welding & Electric


Capricorn Radiators 53 Tanby Rd 39 4810



39 4937

Yeppoon Yard Maintenance

[LATTICE • LATTICE • Premium Grade • CCA Treated Pine FREE MEASURE & QUOTE No order too big or too small

AKENBE LATTICE 146 Kent Street Rockhampton

27 9040 - a/h 22 5653

• Gardening, Tree Lopping, Rubbish Removal, Lawns, Vacant Allotments • Including New Look Landscapes, , Paving, Stonework, Waterfalls

Phone 33 6245 or 28 1732

EL-GAS 39 1406


Aaron Patterson

39 7014

Mike St okley


Cleaning `We do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning' FREE QUOTES ANYTIME

Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service

35 1181

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39 3822

22 4049

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RE-Paints Specialist * FREE quotes All hours

39 1679

Denis Schofield

REG BUILDER 39 3680. for quotes

George Barrett & Co. All types of Painting * Answering service



39 7646

39 1764 ,

Kevin Pearce K&E


BACKHOE for hire 39 1139

) ELECTRICIAN 0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY 0 Pensioner Discounts


33 6472 a/h TRADEWORK

33 6714 .1

Brick and Block Laying

For Services at a Fair Price!

Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

I.C. & S. Stanley



Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am u 6-6.30pm

.•.L 41.1.11mmin7 ,;;

Eric Sundgren


Graeme's Plumbing St Draining Service


4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub 6, Grass Slasher

PLUMBER Phil Munro

39all4016 hours

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays'



39 7 9u.4.

D & H E Woodward

Maintenance * Renovations * New work

Coastal LP Gas Supplies

(Member of QMPA)


Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Insurance

PAINTER' • ''i





and Heat reducing coatings

f% c A



Keppel Bay CLEANING Specialising: Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning Shops • Offices Housed washed inside, outside Window Tinting


Bernie Wells 48 Nelson St


24 years Professional Experience


39 6178

Emu Park -

39 1406

39 4863

39 1975

Carpet Cleaning

up to 21/2 tonne • Capricorn Region •

• Reasonable Quotes • • Hourly Rates or Contract •


Peter and Toni






GARAGE Sale: security doors, furniture, paintings, cutlery, bullbar for truck, TV, fridge/freezer, crockery, utensils, flyscreen window. 36 Todd Ave. Saturday morning, 8am. CHESTNUT gelding, 13.3hh. $100 ONO. Phone 39 7698 a/h. HIGHCHAIR, bassinet and stand, safe n sound capsule, change table, etc. $70. High chair $10. Ph 39 1720. GROUND-COVERS: new stocks just arrived. Large range. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon (opp golf course). 39 4078. WET-SUIT, excellent condition. $150. Ph 394411. BATTERIESforyour car, boat, tractor or truck. All sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. GARAGE sale: pottery, freezer, washing machine, Avon and bottle collection, children's clothes, plenty of sundries. After 7.30am this Sunday, 16 Spring Street. FERNS: new consignment. Just arrived. Open Saturday, Sunday. Budget Nursery, Coorooman Creek, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. EXTENSION table and four cloth chairs, $180 ONO. Phone 39 4411. GREENHOUSES: arc mesh, 10'x8'x8' with 70% shade cloth, $370; 20'x8'x8'with 70% shade cloth, $740. Phone 39 4295. 12'2-BERTH caravan. Reg Victoria, Sept '89. Very sound, clean throughout. Near new tyres (3). Electrolux fridge. Good annex and curtains, 26cm TV, fan-heater. 2 wide-view rear vision mirrors. $1700. 39 4772 evenings. Inspect anytime. 48 Hughes Street, Yeppoon. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. IARAGE sale at Americana Nurseries 7.30am aturday, June 10. Furniture and effects including 3x6ft glass displays counters. SEEDLINGS: large range, flowers and vegetables. Colonial Gardens, Rockhampton Rd, Yeppoon (opp golf course). Phone 39 4078. FOUR single divan beds with drawer. VGC. Reasonably priced. 33 6137 after 6pm. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. GARAGE sale: Saturday and Sunday, 6km from Yeppoon on R'ton Road. All my own goods must be sold due to a property sale. 14HH BAY mare, excellent lady's mare or brood mare. $200 ONO. 39 7698 a/h. ALUMINIUM bullbar, suit Commodore, excellent condition, $200. Phone 39 4947. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468. 20'x12'x4' above ground pool, complete with DE filter, good condition. 39 6006 after 6pm.

Phone STEVE on

39 3646 r



* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE *. No loading for weekends Radio controlled Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

BOBCAT HIRE 4-in-1 Bucket • Post-Hole Digger Earth Bucket • Tipper Hire

39 7546 For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Yeppoon Readymix Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •

cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street

39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h Bill Green



Dave Kershaw for...

BOBCAT Hire 4 In 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 4408

-39 3193


VINCE HANNAN -- 39 1513

14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989

CAPRICORN COAST MIRROR CLASSIFIEDS Phone 39 4244"'D) MARINE WANTED TO BUY MOTOR VEHICLES Keppel Sands bowl:. 1982 Corona CS sedan, auto, airconditioned throughout, definitely no rust. Selling below value. Phone 39 3512. XC 1977 Falcon Sedan. $1500. Phone 39 4163 or 39 1181. TOYOTA Corona 1972. Good motor, gearbox and tyres. Inspect, 25 Charles Street. $1000.

TRADEWORK ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, Wand Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LANDSCAPING, rock border edging, paving, retaining walls. Free quote. 39 6921. PAINTER. Qualified tradesman. Very reasonable rates. For free quote phone 39 1862. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zllzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING: Yeppoon and surrounding area. Phone 39 1406 or 33 6472 a/h. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. TREE lopping, plumbing, drainage, repairs, renovations. Phone 33 6478. Phone 33 6478. VIDEO, Wand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330.

MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.

PRIMUS brand gas cylinder and camp oven. Phone 39 3328. POT bellied stove wanted. Phone 39 7042 WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross garage, Yeppoon. CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

WORK WANTED IRONING, mending and typing done. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 4931 anytime. RELIABLE house-cleaning. References. ZilzieYeppoon. Wage negotiable. 33 6478. CEILINGS and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. 39 7110. MOWING, gardening, rubbish removal. Cheap rates. All areas. 39 6814. TREES cut and carted. Phone 39 1140. LAWNMOWING - gardening, etc. Very cheap rates. Phone 39 3275. WATER bores drilled, Yeppoon area. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 3932. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping. rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER available; renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. MOWING, tree lopping. General yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732. LAWN-MOWING and tidying. Emu Park and Yeppoon area. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6138.



Woodbury Road

Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Word - All types • revor arl9 A/H: Simpson a 5 39 6734

63 3



39 6714


Tom Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS•pty,Ltd Industrial - Residential - Commercial ❑ Suspended floors 0 House floors 0 Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

LOST AND FOUND FOUND: Bull mastiff crossfemale puppy. Brindle and white. Found near Pacific Hotel, Saturday night. Phone 39 2204. LOST: Boy's prescription spectacles, resemble sunglasses, lost between Park Street and Yeppoon State School. Phone 39 3275.

Feeding tours hourly from-118M.

Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581

Where to stay on the Coast

METAL detector for hire for lost rings and coins. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 1640. DINGHYSfor hire, Coorooman Creek, $6 per day. Phone 34 4174. HORSES for hire. Escorted trail rides. Book in ... 34 4174.


av VacatioRer 16•ARIZAC PARADE, YEPPOON (079) 39 1213 Overnight & VV73k1

SHAVERS beachfront, Yeppoon. Stock in trade $13000. Fixture and fittings, $5000. Phone 39 3592, 39 4742. COASTAL Carriers, local carrying company. Running Rockhampton-Yeppoon, 6 ton Hino 10pallet body truck, 2 ton Daihatsu diesel van. Vehicles in excellent condition. Regular contracts with plenty of work and room for expansion. Phone owner 33 6582.


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek .1

Own private beach (079) 39 1421

Tilt-a-Doors Features Colourbond zincalume panels for a more durable & weather resistant finish

MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'n. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B22892. WEDNESDAY: 7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. B23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. 821554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B22744. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. S. Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 6C calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. 822735.



PRIVATE sale: 25 acres, 6km from Yeppoon on Rockhampton Road. Power, phone. $37,000. Phone 39 3935 or 39 3306. YEPPOON land, quiet cul-de-sac in new area, close town/schools. Private sale. 22 2211 b/h. PRIVATE sale: 55 acres, 6km from Yeppoon on Rockhampton Road. Power, phone, 2 dams, windmill, 12mx12m living area. Only $65,000. Phone 39 3935 or 39 3306.

Hawes Street, Emu Park This is your last chance to grab a big slice of the Capricorn Coast. This 8498m2 block size is very hard to find, with views over the coastline and lagoons. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, having two road frontage. You have the option to subdivide or with town water on hand you may create your own paradise, set handy to shops and beach ... almost too good to be true. AUCTIONED ON SITE

TO RENT YEPPOON. Available now. 22 acre paddock, Barmaryee. Agistment, ample feed, water. Phone R G West, 39 1386, details.

Contact: Ray White Real Estate (Lance Barrie 28 5759 a/h) in conjunction with Deasy & Doolan The Professionals, Emu Park





Pacific Hotel, 10.30am, 10th June, 1989

53 Tanby Road 39 1840 a/h: 39 7622 34 8139

(Under Instructions from Mortgagee Exercising Power of Sale) Lot. 16 on Registered Plan 17034 10-.07 Ha. Swordfish Avenue, Tarangabah. Prime Sub Divisional Property Adjoining Barrier Reef and Tarangabah Estates. Zoned Rural Residential External Works Completed Comprising Sewerage, Warer, and Stormwater Drainage to boundary of Property. Serviced by 2 bitumen roads. Area has approval for caravan park.

Add interest to a bathroom with a stylish shower screen. Choose from a variety of styles & colours. Hinged screens also available. Call us for a free measure an quote


Bill Thomson's Real Estate Cnr. Normanby & Adelaide Streets, Yeppoori. Q. 4703 Telephone (079) 39 2433 - A/H (079) 39 1718

cinemax theatre


This is a unique opportunity to secure a prime piece of Coastal real estate. Enjoy beautiful seaviews from this quaint 3 bedroom cottage situated on two blocks of land (1427m2) with cliff frontage. Close to Rosslyn Bay. Price $165,000. Inspections Welcome

contact Elders Real Estate Yeppoon Ph. 39 1177 or a.h. Chris or Jenny Ede 39 3226


$6.50; $5; $3.50

Terrific TRIPLE Feature ... all for only $6.50

Position! Position Position!





who returned to Melbourne to live. George was president/treasurer and Phyl, secretary for many years. Members, after playing two games of bowls, had a farewell afternoon tea for the guests and later the president presented George and Phyl with an oil painting of a Keppel Sands scene by Ella Richter and a copy of 'Mt Morgan, Gold, Copper and Oil' by John Kerr. The book will be a reminder of George's birthplace and Mt Morgan's colorful history. Norm and Eva Gardner, from Yeppoon's St James club, visited Keppel Sands that afternoon to farewell their friends. Raffle prizes were donated by Eva Gardner, Avis Mallory and Joan Hollands. George and Phyl resigned their positions as president/treasurer and secretary on May 7 and previous vice president Ron Hollands was elected to George's positions. Marj Black is assistant treasurer, Les Brough is vice president and Joan Hollands has taken on the secretary's job. On Tuesday Keppel Sands bowlers visited Frenchville club and had an enjoyable morning. A few weeks earlier they visited Morrison Park ... a venue members are always pleased to visit. The club plays at Larcombe Hall, Keppel Sands on Sundays starting at 1.30pm. The c( is 35 cents which includes a cup of tea ana biscuits and everyone is welcome.


Enioy Island Views from every unit a the



39 7553



Reg. Builder (21308H5)

and Cattery

We care for your pets

ON Sunday Keppel Sands Indoor Bowls Club held a farewell for George and Phyl Ogilvie,

Friday, June 9 and Sat, June 10,

opm,Naked Gun; 7.45pm,TWiilS; 9.45pm,Rain Friday, June 16 and Sat, June 17, 8pm



Married to the Mob Sunday, June 18 and Monday, June 19.

Rain Man 8pm Accused


Programme Information ... 39 4932

Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - Eine 15, 1989 - 15

Emus beat Sharks Junior Swans have win and loss 24 games played by a long neck THE mighty Emu Park Emus finally cracked it for another win when they accounted for the more fancied Fitzroy Sharks at Browne Park last Sunday. In a game that was marred by too many unforced errors the Emus were able to run out victors to the tune of 19 points to 14. The Fitzroy boys started the game on-i determined note and had the park back-pedalling for the first 10 minutes. Led by Brett Svendsen and Ginger Slotosch, the Parkies put it right back to the Green machine. At the 15-minute mark the Park launched a scathing attack down the grandstand side of the ground, only to be halted metres short. With chain passing the ball was thrown right across the paddock where Mark Briggs chimed in to make the extra man and he was able to score an excellent team try in the corner. Kirk Doak put the icing on the cake when he steered the ball over the black dot with a great conversion. With the score 6-nil the Park again went onto the attack. In particular, the lovely pass Matt Trims threw to the flying Fitzroys winger. He gratefully accepted the intercept and ran 70 metres to score a six pointer and even up the scoreboard. Kirk Doak was to have nothing of an even ,---cheet so he calmly broke the deadlock by pot1„,,,,ng over a 25-metre field goal. 1 At this stage of the game the Park made two replacements with Laurie Buckley replacing the injured Ginger Slotosch and Coconut Bob Dunlop taking over from Scott Warcon. The mighty Emus were stung back into the attack. Mark Briggs made a brilliant break from inside his own quarter. As the defence converged on him he slipped a pass on to Goodfellow who continued the good work. He found Buckley in support and it was only through desperate tackling that the movement was brought to a stop some 20 metres out. From the quick play of the ball Goodie was able to run 20 metres infield to score near the post. Doak made no mistake with the conversion and the Park had the lead at 13 points to 10. At half-time, coach Anderson stressed to the boys that they had to cut the mistakes and the game was theirs. At the break Jim Duffy succumbed to a facial injury and was replaced by big bad Kelvin West. The Emus put the game out of the reach of the Sharks when Gavin Tyd scored a brilliant individual try by stepping around three defenders to score in a very handy position. With the trusty boot of Doak adding the extras the score was now 19-10. The green machine was able to score a late try which nearly caused a coronary to the coaching staff because there were nine minutes to go and only 5 points in it. The Emus were able to keep the Sharks pinned down in their own half, and much to the delight of the loyal supporters, players and coaching staff of the mighty Emus, were able to <Tack it for a well-earned victory. • ..3est players for the Park were Jason Witt who plays half, Kirk Doak, Brett Svendsen and Kent Svendsen, who tackled like a demon all day. Don't forget the fun night at the Pine Beach Hotel on Sunday night (June 11).


Zilzie Golf PLAY at Zilzie Golf Club on Thursday, June 1, resulted in teams Red and Blue finishing with 28 points each. Stableford winners were J Webb 31 and D Webb 22. On Saturday, June 3, Associates played the first day of the six-Monthly Medal and IB. D Webb had the best score of the day with 80 nett. On Sunday, June 4, R Shepherd won the Members Monthly Medal with 62 nett and L Taylor won the stableford with 41 points. Pin Shot went to R Shepherd and 0 Shepherd won the Associates Monthly Medal with 68 nett. Pin Shot went to H Fry. Fixtures: Saturday, June 10. Stroke, Associates QLGU Brooch. Sunday, June 11, 4BBB Mixed stroke. Arrange partners please for Pine Beach Social Club Trophies. Starting time 11.30am. Members and associates are reminded of the Monthly meeting on Sunday morning and the working bee Saturday Morning, June 10. All clubs please have their nominations in for the Zilzie Open Championships by this weekend. The Open Championships will be held on June 16, 17 and 18 as per programme sent to ce s ch club.

YEPPOON Junior Swans and Brothers had a win each in last weekend's games between the two sides at Victoria Park. For the first time this season the Swans fielded a full under-11 team with credit going to coach Peter Murray for his patience and diligence in finally scraping together a full side. Brothers however came out winners on the day, fielding a stronger and more experienced side. But to the Swans'. credit they never gave in and the longer the game went on, the more the newer members of the Swans got the idea, making the final score not as bad as it could have been. Experienced players Nathan Hiring, Owen Battersby, Glen Edwards and Shaun Denning kept the Swans fighting, helping the younger members. Final score Brothers 4-8-32, Yeppoon 2-3-15. Best players Shaun Denning, Jess Upkett and John Lawton. Under-13s showed their true strength with a

convincing win over Brothers even though four of the Swans' best players didn't front on the day. Ruck Doug Edwards and Rover Hayden Steele, both had a blinder of a game and spurred the other Swans on into their typical hard and fast game. Moving the ball out wide and continually creating the loose man made for a great spectator game. Not to be outdone Brothers came back after half time and popped a few quick goals and made the score look a lot more respectable. The Swans' backs, Nathan Farlow, Andrew Mackie, Matthew Dean and Heath Devine quickly slowed the Brothers down allowing forwards Steve Broadhurst, Bradley Hirning and under-11s player Glen Edwards to shoot for goal. Final Score Yeppoon 10-12-72 to Brothers 64-40. Best players Andrew Mackie, Hayden Steele and Doug Edwards.

Stroke competition for trophy YEPPOON Golf Club ladies played a stroke for Gwen Dawson trophy on Tuesday, May 30 and Pat King won with 75 nett, followed by Glenda Watson 76 and Fay Yesberg 77. Ruby Norton won both pinshots and the proshot. The ladies closed championships will be played on August 8 to 15. On Wednesday, May 31, the Wednesday Club was back in strength despite the inclement weather. Ladies stableford winner was Kitty Jeacocke with 33 points from Mavis with 32. First nine hole winner was Eileen Longton with 35 with Esme Woodbridge 35 and a half. Second nine to Mavis Shields 32 and a half and Kitty Jeacocke 33. Pinshots: E Longton and S Haskins; proshot, K Jeacocke. Members' stableford winner was B Tennent with 43 points. Next: R Dawson 41, S Thorne 42, E Nagle 42, J Ryan 41, T Woodbridge 40. First nine: R Hansen 27, E Nagle 29 and a half, A Simpson 30, R Dawson 31, captain Jack Stratford 32, S Thorne 32, M Jeffrey 32. Second nine: P Pitt 27 and a half, R McGlashan 29 and a half, G Watt and T Longton 30 and a half, G Cliffe 28 and a half. Pinshots: E Shields, R Dawson. Proshot, I Murray. Veterans played a stableford for members and ladies over 12 wet holes on Friday.

Ladies winner was Joan Marwedel 20 points from Beryl Taylor 19, Nancy Montgomery 118. Pinshot, Gwen Dawson. Members' winner was L Taylor 32, G Cliffe 27, T Woodbridge 25, T Edmistone 25, T Gray 23, E Nagle 23. Pinshot: T Woodbridge and M Scope in hole. The ladies played their medal A, B and C grade on Saturday. A grade: Nancy Montgomery 84; B, Janet Tones 74; C, Chris Moss 68 nett. Run down: L McCamley 79, V Caseleyr 81, S Burton 82. Pinshot: V Caseleyr, T Clark. Proshot, L McCamley. Members also played medal in A, B and C grades. Winners: A, S Schuster 68; B, D Lee 68; C, M King 65. Run down: B Horton 68, M Morgan 70, M Kennedy 71, J Burton 72, L Taylor 73, J Garvey 73. Pinshots: Bayview Tower, J Cameron, K Smith, R Young, W Bartley; McWilliams wines, T Simpson. Proshot, J Marr. On Sunday the ladies played a scratch and winner was Colleen Schuster -2, V Caseleyr -4, S Burton -6. Pinshot: G Dawson and J Burrows. Proshot, G Dawson. Members also played a scratch ans the winner was J Couani +2, S Martin +1, N Gibson square and W Freeman square. Pinshots: V Hannan, N Gibson (2). Proshot, V Hannan.

Emu Park bowls has vacancies THERE are a few vacancies for players in the Emu Park Bowls Club Dick Brown trophy game on Sunday, June 11 and anyone interested in playing may phone 39 6503. A good day is assured and members would like a full green..The starting time is 1pm. Perfect weather for bowling has meant increased attendance at the club, with a high standard of bowling. The week's trophy winners: Tuesday, George Hoskings, Marg Price, Dick Brown; Wednesday, Edith Gibson, Betty Allen, John Hallsworthy; Saturday, Joe Menzel, Peg Kluver; Sunday, Ken Sinclair, Norma Westcombe. Results of recent ladies competition games: closed singles, Dot McKenzie def Joy Stewart; club triples, Lill Mills, Joyce Barber, Pat Tickner def Mary Peacock; Esme Johnson, Beryl Wincen. At North Rockhampton presidents day on Sunday, Emu Park was represented by Phil Cosgrove, Lew Tickner, Wilf Gibson and Frank Van Gestel. At a special committee meeting held on Sunday, May 28, George Cliffe was appointed junior vice president.

Several regular Southern visitors are back to play and the club welcomes then} and looks forward to many happy playing days. Future events: Sunday, June 11, Dick Brown's trophy day; Wednesday, June 14, 10am ladies committee meeting, 1pm mixed social bowling trophies; Sunday, June 18, )000£ trophies ... a great day. As usual mixed social bowlina every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday p afternoons with practice roll ups on Friday from 2pm. Social evenings with barbecue teas and music every Friday from 6pm.

Gardner beats Stratford TWENTY-TWO Singing Ship Indoor Bowls Club members competed for the Baker Singles Trophy and winner Trevor Gardner defeated Charlie Stratford in the final. Bev Farrow has again defended her Hen of the Walk title by defeating Marj Wilson. Congratulations to Trevor and Bev. Games already arranged for this month are at Morrison Park and Capri in Rockhampton and Gladstone bowlers will visit Singing Ship for a full day of bowls and a cent sale.

Swans defeat Gladstone 96-66 YEPPOON A grade Australian Rules beat Gladstone in three quarters of tough football, but seemed to give up in the last ouarter The team tried hard all day and at threequarter time was ahead 12-17-89 to 2-6-18 and the final score was Yeppoon 13-18-96 to Gladstone 9-12-66. Jason Jamieson nicked ruggedly all day and was ably backed up by Grant Boyd and Bryan Cruickshank. Steve Burns and Steven Lauritz provided drive from the centre and Bryan Munn is playing some of his best football in CAFL.

5600 subsidy

The back line played diligently with special mention to David Chapman, Mike Wozniak and Les Lacy. Awards: mug, David Chapman; Pacific dinner for two: Steve Burns; Annies Pies, Steve Lauritz; Murphs Sight and Sound, Grant Boyd; special mention, I Jamieson.

YEPPOON Golf Club has received a further subsidy of $5600 from Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. The subsidy, presented to president Shirley Burton, was for futher improvements to the course.

Goalkickers: Mark Van Gestel 3; Rod Chapman, Steve Bird, Bryan Munn 2 each; Bryan Cruickshank, Grant Boyd, Steve Burns, Greg Williams 1 each. Yeppoon reserves had a walk over finishing 11-17-83 to Gladstone 2. They played well and

new player Simon Munk showed plenty of talent. JR gave drive from the centre and Robin Masek and Matthew Eatts kept the ball moving with back up from chook Geissmann. Awards: mug to Simon Munk his first game; Danny Harris, Pacific; Ray Lawer, Bellowing Bull; J Heathcote, Kristin's. Goalkickers: one each to Simon Munk, T Masek, M Eatts, D Wetzler, R Lawer, J Pidgeon, D Roberts, Paul Minton and Rick Nestor.

YEPPOON Bowls Club games director called a massive 24 games during the week and surprisingly all were played. The most important of these was the district singles semi final between Clarrie Hinton and Peter Brown. The scores were pretty even for the first half with the lead favouring Peter 16 13. Peter then won a run of ends and had Clarrie down 22 13. It was Clarrie's turn and he took his total to 20 before Peter scored again. Peter made 25 with Clarrie 21. This means Peter will meet in-form singles player Ray Campbell in the final. Ray won a double over the weekend defeating Dave Moulds in the A grade 25 20. Dave made him work all the way and it was only in the final stages Ray drew away. In B grade Ray met Brendan Croese and with Brendan leading 6 3, Ray allowed him to score only one more single while Ray reached 26. Other A grade games played: Terry Woodbridge recorded an easy win 27 11 at the expense of Graham McCosker. Eric:Austin gave young Roy Graff a fright leading, 14 7 and 1811. Then Roy took his total to 19 while Eric had not scored. Roy ran out the winner 25 23. Don McPherson was never headed beating John Ware 26 14. Fred Baker failed to make double in his match against Tom Roos with Torn winning 26 9. Lester Findlay jnr, a new player, made 10 against his more experienced rival Peter Cowie 25. Arnold Halfpenny could not strike his recent good form going down to Mark Gustafsen 25 1. Frank O'Brien scored a double, the first against Ken Moore. Ken led the majority of the game and was in front 21 20. "In the next round I played Dave Moulds who would prefer to forget the weekend having two defeats. Dave led 14 5 and 18 9. He stayed on 18, six ends with the board showing him in front 18 16. He led 22 16 but finished down 24 25." Peter Cowie won his second game of the weekend when he beat Key Thompson 26 15. The turn-up of the competitions was Tom O'Sullivan's defeat of the more experienced Arnie Petersen 26 22. Arnold Halfpenny had a good win over Lester Findlay snr 26 16. Scott McClymont had Frank Whiteley 12 nil and went on to win 25 13. Mo Stewart, Graham McCosker, Harry McNamara and Dido Graff snr proved no match for Arnold Halfpenny, Don. Goody, Dave Moulds and Clarrie Hinton 15 24. In the triples Alan King, Don McPherson and Eric Austin were down 11 1 against Peter Cowie, Goldie Corbett and Norm Myler but by 11 ends Eric had levelled 12 all. Norm got away to a good lead then dropped a five and led 22 21. Norm finished in front 25 21. Ken Thompson, Tom Roos and Barry Atkinson did it the hard way, scoring four singles on the last four ends to defeat Geoff Lambert, Mark Gustafson and Roy Graff jnr 19 17. The two Brendans, Croese and Williams, made a meal of Max Matthews sub and Bob Bird 33 8. In a high scoring game John Ware and Bill Roberts were successful 32 16 from Jack Hoare and Gordon McKenzie. Eddie Engel played sub with Reg Gibbins and they beat George Cavanagh and Peter Brown 2115. May Manthey, Clarrie Hinton, Elinor Batts and Bill Manthey scored in the mixed fours 31 20 from Ruth Wass, Fred Baker, Doris and Dave Moulds. In the mixed pairs the two Hoares, Jack and Jill, played a close game with Elsie Hinton sub and Frank Birkett with the latterwinning 22 20. In the other game it was even closer and Esme and Terry Woodbridge had to play an extra end before losing 15 16 to Joy Barber and Norm Richards. George Rodgers, Tom Dorrell and Laurie Collinswith 18 points plus 15 looked set to take out the feathers on Wednesday when Les Taylor brought in his card. Ted Hawkswell, Norm Rich' rds and Les scored 23 points plus 36 and that is the biggest margin I can remember. Especially when they played George Maker, Alf Schofield and Harry Maher. In the Cock of the Walk, Cyril Hooper challenged Arnold Halfpenny and they played a .draw five all so as Arnold was the holder, the title stays with him. The Prestige Fours will be played on Sunday, July 9. It will be all day and over three rounds of 18 ends or the bell. The last round is the final. The draw for this event is on the club noticebbard.

Emu Park Canadian tournament EMU Park Golf Club associates played a Canadian for C Ohl trophies on May 23. Winners were C Lyon and K Killoran with 68 and a half nett. Runners up: S Mills and A Robinson 69; pinshots, D Daly and K Killoran, S Mills and A Robinson; encouragement, G Ware and L'Ufer. On Wednesday, May 24 the stableford winner was G Rudd with 42 points. Runners up: P Malick 39, T Gardner and Dawn Daly each. Ladies pinshot, Karen Brown; men's G Rudd. Saturday, May 27 stableford winner was J O'Dea on 20 points. Runners up: G Capell 16, J Elliott 14, D Tideman, P Malick and R

Robinson 12 points each. Ladies pinshot, G Capell; men's, R Robinson; eagles nest, R Robinson. On Sunday, May 28, members and associates played a 4bbb stroke for Hugh Hansen Memorial Day Trophies donated by Kim and Peter Hansen. Winners were J Fields and E Simpson with 59 nett. Runners up: P Malick and G Capell 61 nett. Run Down c/b R andA Robinson, E Scott and B Dallow, D Logan and D Daly. Men's pinshots: P Malick and P Jackson; associates' pinshots, R Schneider and I Casey.

16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror June 9 - June 15, 1989

Squash finals in all grades CAPRICORN Coast squash finals were played in all grades at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre on Wednesday night. Semi finals for A, C and Women's were played on Monday night with B grade playing the previous week due to an eight team competition. In the ladies competition, second placed Navigators defeated top team Bits and Pieces 4-2 while third placed Odds and Ends narrowly beat Professionals, three rubbers each, 12-9. Odds and Ends accounted for Bits and Pieces in the finals and will now face Navigators in the grand final on Wednesday night. Leading C grade team Bits and Pieces narrowly beat Secret Weapons two rubbers each, eight games to seven, 100-107, in the first semi final. Fourth placed Odds and Ends scraped in two rubbers each, eight games each 105-95 against Navigators. Fresh from that success they defeated Secret Weapons 3-1 in Wednesday night's final and must be considered strong contenders for the grand final. A grade saw top team Bits and Pieces defeat a weakened Odds and Ends team 4-0 in the first semi final. Fourth placed Navigators came from behind to oust Saints and Sinners 3-1 in the second semi. Navigators run came to an end on Wednesday night when Odds and Ends accounted for them 3-1. Odds and Ends will now meet Bits and Pieces again in the grand final on Wednesday night starting at 7pm at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Visitors and friends are welcome to watch the end of the winter season games.

Comp. at school


A TOTAL of nine school teams are taking part in a combined basketball and softball competition this weekend at Yeppoon State High School. Basketball games will be played from 8am to 6pm in the school stadium and softball games played at 9am and 1pm on the school oval. Teams competing include St Brendan's, St Ursula's, Ycppoon, Glenmore State High School and teams from Browne Plains State High School, Brisbane. With the range of schools competing spectators can expect a high level of competition with skillful displays of both basketball and softball. The emphasis is on social interaction. Spectators are welcome to attend and organisers hope it will be an annual event. Trophies for both sportswill be presented and they have been donated by Capricorn Printing and Publishing, Keppel Bay Motors, Yeppoon Glass and Door Centre, Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon Exhausts, Yeppoon Tyre Service and LJ Hooker Real Estate.


fin mita

Tke tioelt ob Lk Klima

BEV. GILLIGAN popped over to Hawaii last week with a few friends and while there took in the sights and soaked up the atmosphere. Des Tabone, who was also there, bumped into her on one of the days and asked her what she'd done the night before. Without batting an eyelid, Bev. replied that she'd had "Sex on the Beach". Anyone who knows Des would realise that he would have immediately given a double-take. Unabashed, Bev. ploughed on to tell him she was "going back for more that night because it cost only $2.50". For those of us who aren't world-weary travellers, Bev. explained that, in Honolulu, Sex on the Beach is a cocktail (perhaps I'd also better add the word) drink!!! •

BY the way, when asked what Honolulu was like, Bev. said it was just like the Gold Coast ... high-rise buildings everywhere and expensive shops. She didn't even a buy a tshirt because she said she could buy a t-shirt anywhere in Australia with "Hawaii" on it at a much lower price. Gawd, I wish I was r world-weary!!! • • • -

• ABOVE: Coast boxer Tony Ravell shows the style his opponent will face at the boxing tournament to be held on Saturday night at the Pine Beach Hotel from 7pm.

Seagulls win 36-12 SEAGULLS defeated Railways A grade on Sunday at the Gymnasium Ground. Gaining possession of the ball in their own half the Seagulls were the first to score points on the board in the 18th minute. The ball passed through several pairs of hands to put winger Steve Portch in the clear to run 40 touch down. Steve Stafford converted and Seagulls led 6-0. Railways fought back five minutes later when Dallas Anderson charged through the defence making the score 6 all. Yeppoon came back shortly after when Wayne Alberts sent an overhead pass. Darren Cooper caught and scored, Steve Stafford again put the ball over the black dot bringing the score to 12-6 in Yeppoon's favour. The Seagulls were in again when Steve Stafford intercepted Wayne Alberts, Darren Cooper handled and sent Stafford over for a try which he converted. Just on half time Wayne Alberts made a bust

Everybody's ball game...

Capricorn Coast Squash Centre 39 2444

just in Railways half and was pulled down a metre from the try line. From the play-the-ball went to Paul Grant, Scott Mulligan to Steve Portch back inside to the ever-present Terry Lamb. Bob Hansen touched down and Stafford kicked again and added the extras. The Seagulls had a handy lead at the break of 24-6. Railways came out and applied pressure early through their forwards but were unable to break through with both teams evenly matched. With some solid defence after 20 minutes into the second half, Yeppoon came up with a try after Darren Cooper' took the ball 30 metres from his own line then ran 60 metres at full speed beating several defenders and touched down for his second try. "Radar Boot" Steve Stafford again added the extras with the score 30-6. Railways fought back with a try by front rower Ashley Mc Illwraith which was converted by Dwayne Isles, score 30-12. With minutes ticking away, hard working half-back Adrian White rubbed salt in to the wound by scoring. Steve Stafford, who had a 100 per cent record with the boot, again added the extras to make final score 36-12. The under-19s were defeated by Railways 600. Railways led 20-0 at half time and the young Seagulls ran out of puff in the second half. The reserves defeated Railways on Wednesday night by 24-6 and never were in danger of defeat. Veteran player Gary Horstman was player of the match. They lined up again on Saturday to play competition leaders "Etna Creek". The Creek's big forward pack dominated the first half and led 18-12 at half-time. The Seagulls fought back in the second half to be beaten 26-22. Captain Dutchy Holland was named player of the match.

CapCoast side down

* Tomatoes - $259kg * * Corn on the Cob: 39¢e. Kiwi Fruit: 4 for $1 * Seaview Fruit & Veg ON THE YEPPOON BEACHFRONT - 39 3616

CAPCOAST rugby union under 19 was defeated by Brothers 20-6 on Sunday. Man of the match was Dion Stevens put a lot of effort in the scrums, rucks and mauls. The forward pack of Dion, Brad Welsh and Rhodes Watson played their hearts out to no avail. Graham Pye, Shaun Webb and Warren Brown played well in the tackling department. CapCoast lineouts weren't as good as in the game against Institute and over Coast was disorganised. Coast plays Institute at Rugby Park, Rockhampton at 1.30pm. The bus leaves the railway noon.

NOTICED a few southern caravans here in the past few days so maybe the Victorians are prepared to brave the rain-damaged roads and are heading to their usual place in the sun. Shirley Moore of Kinka Beach has just returned from another trip to Melbourne (her sons are working there so she has the best of excuses) and, while away, sent a postcard to the Capricorn Coast Mirroi saying the Melbourne days were sunny but the air was "like taking a deep breath in a deep freeze". Keep it up Shirley, you'll wind up a tourist ambassador for the Capricorn Coast the way you're going!!! • • • SHIRLEY'S latest trip came about because her car was stolen in Melbourne. The V8 Holden Premier attracted attention from car thieves because it had quadraphonic sound and chrome bits all over the motor (no, Shirley isn't a mug lair, that's how the car was when she bought it). The moral of the story is that police told her it was marked for doom down there because of the "extras". When it was found the plush bucket seats had gone, along with the sound system, the "mag" wheels and all those shiny chrome bits under the bonnet. Because Shirley was feeling down over the loss of the car, friends she was staying with told her 17 cars a week, on average, were stolen from the local shopping centre. Heck, we're still at the stage up here of trying to figure out how the steering lock works and those who don't know, leave the keys in the ignition. Perhaps it's time we became more se phisticated and enjoyed the "good life" Southern friends regard as normal!!! • • • MORE on the good life ... a few months ago the Mirror carried a story about a giant cat seen sunning itself at the rear of some Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach, homes. There was a photo of a pad print ... and an unsolved mystery. A few weeks ago, "Old Baldy", Suzy and Rhett were driving home late one night and coming up Mulambin Hill heading toward Kinka Beach they saw a tan-coloured dog standing by the side of the road. As the driving lights hit it they were sure it wasn't a dog ... it looked more like a dingo. A few nights later they saw it, or another one, again ... a bit further along the road on the other side of Mulambin Hill. They have since seen it about three more times. Perhaps that was the giant cat at Kinka Beach ... even if it wasn't, it's nice to know the most Australian of Australians has chosen the Capricorn Coast for its home! •

• •

"OLD BALDY" and Suzy were walking into the Emu Park School of Arts on Saturday afternoon when a woman coming out of the hall recognised "OB" and said: "You're the Old Bastard!" Quick as a flash, "OB" replied: "No I'm "Old Baldy". Suzy's the Old Bas, tard"!!! You're a class act mate, real class.

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