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ISSUE 224 SATURDAY, November 28, 1987 — FRIDAY, December 4, 1987

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New-look Savemore reopens on Tuesday THE new-look Savemore Centre will open on Tuesday, December 1, . at a cost to Denhams Bros. Ltd of almost $5 million. Denham Bros. Ltd managing diector Ron Smyth said the date had `"-'been something to aim at when renovations started in June and now, months later, work would be completed on schedule. Final cost to Denhams was unknown this week, but Mr Smyth said "there wouldn't be much change out of S5 million". The months of work have been a major topic of conversation on the Coast and the shopping public will get its chance to see the result on Tuesday from 8.30am. It will be an impressive shopping centre. Despite the scaffolding, the building materials, the tools, the tradesmen, the noise and the dust, the new look has been showing through. The malls are the most impressive. There's new floor tiles, new, soft lighting, warm, inviting colours on the ceiling and a feeling of class. This isn't a cold, clinical shopping centre designed to separate shoppers from their dollars. Savemore is charming and inviting. As the work has progressed, enthusiasm has grown. Grumbles about noise have been replaced with comments on the interior touches ... the colour scheme and the skylight. The skylight is a natural addition to a tropical shopping centre. The blue of the sky complements the autumn tones in the shopping mall. While Savemore has only been renovated and extended, there is a efinite new look to the whole complex. There's more parking on three sides of the complex ... twice as much with 222 spaces within the grounds and a further 39 outside. And shoppers can drive in on one side, and around the carpark and out the other side. "There's no more reversing or fiddling around," Mr Smyth said. "Shoppers can drive around until they find the spot they want." There's three entrances and a new mall ... a bigger supermarket and a total of 26 specialty shops and a bank inside. The enlarged complex has something to crow about ... it's the biggest of the 16 Denhams centres. And, being the biggest, it also represents an impressive slice of the


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public company's investment dollar. To extend Savemore, Denhams had to buy it back. The company had earlier sold the complex and become a tenant in the centre it developed. When it wanted to extend, it had to buy it back. The freehold complex was then renovated and modified to its present state.

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This latest development is proof of Denhams' commitment to the Capricorn Coast. Mr Smyth this week paid tribute to the Denhams board of directors for their faith in both the Coast and the Savemore complex. He said buying back Savemore was a big step ... but there were distinct as flexible as we like," he said.

•_ ' '!' That flexibility has been demonSTACEY DALE stakes the perfect strated in a shopping complex de- mascot for the bonnet of thisfidly-restored signed for the Capricorn Coast ... its Mini Clubman that someone will win on warm, it's inviting, and it looks Christmas Eve just by shopping locally. friendly!.

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2 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 Consolidated



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* ABOVE: Pictured are the bitumen road making vehicles used to seal the new road around The Bluff.


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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will have postal ballots in all divisions. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said he was assured last week by Local Government Minister Russ Hinze, in answer to a question in State Parliament, that there would be no opposition to the council's request for postal ballots in next year's shire election. Council had requested intervention by Mr Hinton, following a refusal by the Department of Local Government to allow postal balloting in Divisions one and two, which includes Emu Park and Yeppoon. "I was pleased to intervene and get an assur-


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* ABOVE: The pictured backhoe was digging a drain that will take stormwater away from the new 4 lane road. Main roads is using 825min diameter dual pipes.

THE Bluff section of the new four-lane high—N.... way was bitumened and sealed last week bringing the construction one step closer to completion. Main Roads Department liaison officer Peter Evans said traffic was expected to start using the road section around the Bluff this week. A special bitumen spray and sealing gang was used to carry out the finishing touches to the upper two lanes around the Bluff. Trafficwill be shifted to these two lanes while gangs begin work on the seaside lanes. Before the bitumen could be sprayed it had to be heated to 170 degrees celcius. Bitumen spray foreman Cliffy Warkill said at high temperatures, the thermo-plastic type substance becomes like water. "It is sprayed onto the ground and when it cools becomes a sticky substance," Mr Warkill said. A screening of stones, roughly the same sizes, cover the sticky bitumen. These stones set as the bitumen hardens completing the road construction. In other constructions on the four-lane highwayworkmen have been putting drains through to the beach at the northern end of the job. Mr Evans said some sections used 61m of .dual pipes 825mm thick. Livingstone Shire council workers have also been busy working with the road works. The council'sworkers have been employed to do the kerbing and channelling. Like so much of the road construction, specialist Main Roads gangs onlywork on the fou43 lane highwayfor the length of time it takes to do their specific job. It may mean one week at the Coast or two months. Every gang that is used has a foreman with years' experience in the particular field. Bitumen Spray foremen Cliffy Warkill started out on the back of the bitumen sprayer in 1954. He was promoted to driving sprayers but has been seven years as foreman. On another section of the road construction specialist paving foreman Kev Sutherland has spent about 20 years working with Main Roads as a paver. Mr Sutherland, like Mr Warkill, oversees his gang but answers to a foreman in charge of the whole job. A vibrating roller compacts 125 cubic metres of loose crushed rock every hour. This machine is used during the paving process. Mr Sutherland said the roller compacts the rock. Following the vibrater is a multi-tyred roller which seals the top off. Liaison officer Peter Evans said to run all the equipment, plus pay wages to the different gangs used, totals about S150,000 monthly. The cost would be more with the paving crew. However, Mr Evans said the crews were needed to ensure the job was correctly completed. Mr Evans said the four-lane highway was running to schedule. Workers will start on the sea-side road around the Bluff when traffic is using the completed sections.


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ance from the minister because postal voting is a desirable method of balloting in a communi where there is a high proportion of senib—, citizens who may be stressed and inconvenienced by visiting ballot boxes, and as a result, may not vote," Mr Hinton said. He said he was also concerned that local authorities should make their own decisions in these matters without interference from State Government. "I commend the Minister on his decision announced in State Parliament."

ALP objects... CAPRICORN Coast ALP spokesman David Timbs objected this week to State Government interference in the 1988 Livingstone Shire Council elections. "I strongly object to the interference of Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. There is no justifiable reason why the shire elections should not be conducted in the open, particularly in the urban divisions," Mr Timbs said. "The Local Government Department ruled against postal voting and it was arrogant and high-handed of Mr Hinton to interfere. What's wrong with accepting the umpire's decision? "What vested interest is council seeking to serve by restricting the election to postal voting only?" He said he believed an open election was best for residents and ratepayers. The aged or injured who need a postal vote would be eligible to apply. "I am appalled at the State Government r41) in this decision. If council really wanted wide participation they should be moving to have all meetings open to the public and media." He said that council should, as far as possible, be conducting meetings in the evenings to enable more residents and ratepayers to stand for council or at least observe what was going

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 3

CitiMotors and COUNCIL PROVIDING 60 DAYS FOR NEW PLAN Mirror provide car for prize! THIS MINI Clubman could be yours on Christmas Eve ... if you shop locally. Yeppoon resident Bill Ward, principal of CitiMotors, Rockhampton, has joined with the Capricorn Coast Mirror in providing a guessing competition prize well worth winning. Tickets are available free from every Mirror advertiser. All you have to do is fill in the missing letters on the entry form and take the completed form to the Annual Ambulance Fair in Beaman Park any night until Christmas Eve. Although the entry forms are free, entrants are asked to donate S1 to the ambulance for every five tickets put in the barrel at the Ambulance Fair. Both CitiMotors and the Mirror felt the Mini Clubman provided a perfect opportunity for the Ambulance to raise much needed funds. The idea for the guessing competition came about late last year when the Capricorn Coast took part in a late-night shopping experiment. The Mirror saw that late-night shopping, and the Ambulance Fair, needed' promotion. Accordingly, Bill Ward of CitiMotors was approached to provide a prize that would ensure sustained interest from Coast residents. Anyone can give away a new car ... but a fully restored Mini Clubman is something else. Mr Ward knew what he was looking for and, when the right car came along, he put it aside for restoration. The combined efforts of CitiMotors, Keppel Bay Motors and Greg Simpson of Yeppoon Panel and Paint returned the Mini Clubman to showroom condition. Its condition is a credit to the tradesmen involved in the restoration work. Yeppoon Panel and Paint's repaint in the original Lime Green, using a special two-pack process, is probably better than the original paint job. The car will be on show throughout Yeppoon from December 1 until Christmas Eve and, for people who wish to put their name in the barrel on the spot, ambulance volunteers will have special entry forms available at Si each. Of course, by shopping locally, every Coast resident -can enter for 20 per cent of that cost! A copy of the entry form to watch for is printed on page 7. Shop locally and you win every time ... especially when you can win a Mini.

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LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will allow viewing of the Shire Strategic Plan for twice the recommended length of time. The 60 days set aside for individuals and organisations will give them time to study the document. Shire chairman CrJohn Bowen said during the viewing period people could arrange meetings with council to discuss sections of the plan and put forward any suggestions or amendments. "The document is a people's document and

any amendments or additions individuals and organisations can suggest will be appreciated," CrBowen said. At the November council meeting it was resolved that a information-sharing seminar midway through the public advertising period was a good idea. It accepted the offer of a seminar to enable council to clarifyvarious aspects of the document and to address concerns and questions. Council also intends to hold a series of educa-

tional seminars after the document's gazettal. Shire clerk Jim Brown said the series were expected to establish a better understanding of procedures and to improve the level of communication between clients, consultants and council. Cr Bowen said the Local Government Department was reviewing the plan now and had to OK the document before it could go on public display. When it does go up for public preview it would be for twice the recommended 30-day period.

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* ABOVE: Les Lawson sings the re-dedication song during the Yeppoon Seventh Day Adventist's special ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The church has been extensively renovated and the congregation organised a re-dedication service.

Adventists rededicate church THE Seventh-Day Adventists re-dedicated their church on Sunday after 18 months of extensions and renovations. The church was built in 1956. Some original members were on hand to witness Sunday's rededication ceremony. Arthur Lawn and Lou Knight were at the first dedication. They joined Les Lawson (who was also involved with the first ceremony) and a filled church to celebrate. Voluntary labour and many hours of work was spent in giving the church a new face and landscaping the church entrance.

Yeppoon pastor Neil MarkS described the volunteers' work as "a real team effort". "It took a few months to complete but we finished the job," he said. Visiting Pastor David Lawson said the efforts of the Yeppoon church had been commendable. "Eight Seventh Day Adventist churches needed help funding renovations or building but Yeppoon people showed they wanted the funding by starting late last year," he said. "It meant the council was able to help the Yeppoon people reach their goal." In an address to the congregation he congratualed parishoners for their efforts.

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4 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


Reader prefers local shopping MAY I add my bit to the Yeppoon versus Rockhampton shopping saga. I prefer to shop locally as it is nice to be called by one's name and I have always found the shopkeepers friendly and helpful, except for two whom I found grumpy. Perhaps the disgruntled shoppers should examine their own attitude to shop assistants ... a friendly word and a smile at the check-out always brings a response. There is certainly a need for a variety type store in Yeppoon where one can buy cheap children's clothes, underclothes and household linen. A shopping trip can be made quite pleasant when one meets people to chat to and there are many good places to have lunch with a friend. -- Jean Preston, 3 Stevenson Street, Yeppoon.

Can't agree about attitude RE: N Richard's letter November 21 to November 27. I couldn't agree more with his complaint about the double parking of trucks in the business sector of Yeppoon, but cannot agree with his comment on the attitude of the young people at the check-out points in the larger retail outlets. Over the several years that we have been shopping in Yeppoon, we have had nothing but helpfulness and courtesy from them and generally a cheerful farewell word. — Gordon MacKenzie, 37 Jarman Street, Yeppoon.

Rowe replies to Cr Cue YOUR October 31 issue carried comments attributed to (Cr) Geoffrey Cue concerning unprofessional advice being given to people seeking council approval of their subdivision applications. Well, perhaps Mr Cue was misquoted, misunderstood, confused or perhaps he is still unaware of the provisions of the Local Government Act. The fact is that council does not have to refer subdivision applications of recommendations to the Local Government Department. Council is required to decide subdivision applications within 40 days from the date of receipt of the application or alternatively seek an extension of time for approval from the minister. The situation is slightly different with applications for town planning consent or rezonings.

However, the 27 months taken by this council to agree to support one rezoning application makes a mockery of the requirements of the Local Government Act. Three things are clear from your article: 1. The admission that Livingstone Shire Council is spending excessive amounts of ratepayer's money on town planning matters and that 2. This council iS procrastinating and impeding development 3. Contrary to Cr Giorgi'sApril '85 statement that "the shire did not need a shire planner because there was enough expertise on the new council", it would now appear that the true value of professional advice is at last being acknowledged. The Commission of Inquiry into matters concerning Livingstone Shire Council acknowledged th6 "incredible situation of a councillor who supported the resolution without - he could not possibly have been in the situation of really understanding what the matters were about and it was not only Mr McDonald that was in this position". Crs Cue, Giorgi and Cresta were mentioned in particular. The ratepayers simply cannot afford to condone the continuing abuse by some councillors of the Local Government Act and their own bylaws. The lead up to the council election next March will provide the opportunity to examine just what is going on at present behind closed doors. — Tony Rowe, PO Box 445, Yeppoon.

Coast parallel in TV report THE Willesee Report on the bank employees who claimed mistreatment by their employers has a perfect parallel in our own community. Tony Rowe was falsely accused, forced (by council) to engage legal counsel, and cleared of any wrongdoing. In fact, Judge Gibney's report stated `his,cledication, loyalty and integrity were beyond question.' No apology was ever forthcoming from any of the seven councillors concerned, and Tony was ultimately sacked for 'incompatibility'. He appealed to the Local Government Appeal Board, which in a three to nil vote upheld his appeal, and ordered his reinstatement. The majority of councillors, who had by then been joined by John Bowen, voted not to reinstate, and therefore you, the ratepayers, were required to pay compensation. The whole issue cost Tony his career and his livelihood. It cost the ratepayers of this shire in the order of 5270,000. The councillors responsible did not pay the legal costs, nor the compensation. The ratepayers paid. Judge Gibney, in his report, stated 'there is a cogent body of evidence which suggests that there was in effect a vendetta conducted against Mr Rowe by some of the Councillors'. The ratepayers of this shire paid for the result of that vendetta. -- Carol Rowe, PO Box 445, Yeppoon.

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Rules ground congratulations CONGRATULATIONS to all those concerned with the development of the Aussie Rules field and the achievement of getting a Government grant. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has played his part well and my club supporters (Rugby League) know that he will pursue similar grants later on for them. As far as the rules field is concerned I can remember trying to convince a local official and some Rocky people about the possibilities of the present location for their code. It would seem at that time that they believed I was trying to sell them a pup. Sure, the fill from the Bluff was a catalyst, but the emergence of the league ground on Tanby Road is the result of community help and support, particularly those people with machinery. Hopefully, in the next week or so the rugby league field on Tanby Road will get a top surface as a•result of council support. With grass planted and rain appearing as often as it has been lately, games would be played there next season. The rugby league field is emerging as a result of continued effort and a fair bit of community support on the cheap ... we can do things together. Some people might question the need for separate fields for different codes. The people concerned in football promotions are not just one-eyed supporters of their own particular code. They are proving a need now and into the future. The proximity of fields to the town centre will be critical as Yeppoon blossoms into the big future ahead. Maurie Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon.

Thanks for aid Rare tree at with footy field Joskeleigh I WOULD like to express my thanks through your column to the following people for doing so much to enable the Australian footy oval to be built in Yeppoon. Livingstone Shire Council in particular has done an enormous amount for the club and special thanks go to chairman Cr John Bowen, engineers Peter Harbeck and Steve Connors also the surveyors, draftsmen and council employees involved with the project. Together with Col Huntly, for supplying his machines to the council at a discount rate, and Goldings for supplying their dozer for fuel and labour for two days over the weekend. A special thank you to Des Hallam for his donation of a dozer, for the fuel that is used. Put all this together and the club has achieved what was nearly impossible to get ... the new oval. And this includes the contribution of Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton for being able to secure a Government grant on our behalf. To all these people a big thank you for all that has been done. -- Ross Mclndoe, Old Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon.

Giorgi replies to June story I HAVE just seen the Capricorn Coast Mirror of June 20 - 26, 1987. In this issue you discuss a refund to me for S500 for gravel stockpiled for "private works"

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SOME time back I read a report in the Mirror that there were only two known occurences in Australia of the Heron Island Argusia tree (Taurnesortia Argenta), one at the Bluff in Yeppoon and one at Mackay. Recently I was bushwalking with some friends at Joskeleigh and came across one of these rare Heron Island Argusia trees on the beachfront. It was about three metres high and in bloom. As this tree is of great interest, I decided to write to the Mirror to correct the record. N Pegg, Hughes Street, Yeppoon.

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which had not gone ahead, and you state that the gravel stockpiled for me was still there. All these facts are wrong and I would like to clarify the matter. When the Keppel Sands roads were done last year I asked permission to stockpile enough gravel for the base level of a road to be constructed through a sub-division on Pumpkin Creek. This permission was granted. The council thought it such a good idea that they stockpiled another pile for themselves. Council intended to use its gravel to cover the Keppel Sands dump, which in fact it has been doing. Inadvertently, however, they used the gravel I had paid for. Now I really don't see why I should contribute gravel to the Keppel Sands dump. Therefore I asked for a refund of the money I had paid, producing the relevant proof of payment. So, as recommended, it was perfectly fair that I was repaid that money. It was not true that the gravel was still there. It was on the garbage dump. The roadworks are going ahead now. I find it extremely irritating, as I am sure most other developers do, whn people say "her" road. Maybe technically at the moment it is still "my" road, but the moment the plans are sealed it becomes the property of the shire. The shire also receives rates from the blocks created and the village eventually has another 20 or 30 families which it needs. In the Pumpkin Creek sub-division the shire also received the land upon which the Pumpkin Creek Boat Ramp stands, plus about 514,000 towards Limpus Avenue and a parks contribution. If the gravel were still there we could use it on the road next to the jetties. As it is, we are having to bring it in from miles away at a much greater cost. — Cr Ann Giorgi, Keppel Sands, Yeppoon.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 December 4, 1987 — 5

700 HOURS WENT INTO HUGE BICENTENARY MURAL PROJECT SEVEN hundred hours, 12 painters and heaps of patience has paid off for Capricorn Coast Society of Arts' members who finished their contribution to next year's bicentenary. The society members have used a series of paintings making up a mural to depict life in Livingstone Shire in its first years and in modern day. The mural will hang in the Yeppoon Town Hall's foyer in full view of everyone entering the hall. The members worked out they had spent 700 hours designing, sketching, preparing, painting and mounting the pictures in readi-

ness for hanging. No one member can claim sole credit for working on individual pieces. Society member Marie Bayliss said four to five people had worked on each painting. One of the first problems the members had to tackle was the mural's design. Limited in area and length, the members had to hit upon a theme which would suit the area but also give a broad outline of shire life. Art society member Charlie Alderdice designed the mural and members decided to paint specific features of history and modernday living in the shire. One part of the mural show the shire's early


days of cattle grazing. The modern version shows a view of pastoral life in the '80s. Staggered above the stairs in the upper half of the foyer will be pictorials representing facets of life in the shire. Agriculture is on one panel. Sugar, pineapples and citrus all feature. Military involved during the wars and present day military excercises in the shire get another panel. The old steam engine, coach and bullock represent history on the transport panel while version of modern vehicles air transport fill the top half. Fishing with the old casting net sits under

the modern version of trawlers. Mining also has its place in the art society's mural. Gold helped settle the area, and coal and chrysophase still contribute to the economy. The forestry has played an important role from logging earlier on in the shire's history to modern nurseries in the Byfield district. The society finds commerce a major contributing factor. The old travelling salesman and wagon would feel out of place in today's society of business. Sport and recreation completes the 'old and new' mural. An attempt- has been made to include all modern-day sports and a computer adds to the modern-day depiction. There is another part to the mural; one showing Captain James Cook in Keppel Bay and what was here at the time with an equivalent picture showing the process of modernisation. Mrs Bayliss said special oil colours were bought to ensure the pictures had a long life. The mural will be officially unvieled on Friday, January 1.

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* ABOVE: Living Together is Australia's bicentennial theme and Coast artists have worked over the past year to make the above contribution to our future. Pictured are Marie Bayliss, Charlie Alderdice and Peter ling admiling the Capricorn Coast Society of Ans finished work.

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6 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

POWER CUTS CAPRICORNIA Electricity Board notifies the following possible interruptions to power supply. Tuesday, December 1, between 10am and 2pm. Consumers in Emu Park township from Young'sAvenue, Kinka, south to Ziizie, including Ritamada, Tanby Point, Svenden's Road and Emu Park west from Hartley Stree west to Roberts' property. Wednesday, December 2, between 10am and 2pm. Consumers: Mt Rae Road and Bungundarra district.

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Free rail travel tickets easier to get soon for pensioners: govt PENSIONERS eligible for two free railway journeys each year will soon find ticketing arrangements much easier Family Services Minister Yvonne Chapman and Responsible for administering the scheme, Family -Services Minister Yvonne Chapman and Transport Minister Don Lane announced that two free rail vouchers would now be issued in conjunction with the Commonwealth's Pensioner Health Benefits Card, beginning with the 1988 card to be issued in early December this year. Most eligible pensioners will no longer have to make prior application to the Family and, " Youth Services Department. All that will be required is the presentation of the voucher and Pensioner Health Benefits Card at any railway booking office to obtain the free tickets. Wives of TPI pensioners not holding a Pensioner Health Benefits Card will still need to apply to the Family and Youth Services Department requesting the concessions. This application should be made in writing to Family and Youth Services Department, G.P.O. Box 806, Brisbane, 4000 and accompanied by a current certificate of payment of the TPI wives' allowance obtainable from the Veterans Affairs Department. Automatic issue of free travelvouchers to this group may occur in the future. War widow pensioners holding a Dependent Treatment Entitlement Card will receive free

travel vouchers from the Family and Youth Services Department in early December each year. The new arrangements will operate from January 1, 1988. •

$2000 cheque to coastguard KEPPEL Sands Coast Guard received a cheque for $2,054.08 from Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to assist in their operations. "The Australian Volunteer Coastguard does a tremendous job in helping the boating public, but much of their work could be avoided if adequate safety measures are taken," Mr Hinton said. "Each year the Queensland Government provides nearly half a million dollars in subsidies to Queensland's volunteer boating rescue operations." He said that these rescue operations played an efficient role in helping boat owners in distress, however many accidents and breakdowns could be avoided. "The work of these organisations is completelyvoluntary and that they must exist financially on the money they raise and the subsidies they receive from the State Government," Mr Hinton said.

Coast ALP branch getting ready for early 'crisis' State election CAPRICORN Coast ALP Branch has responded to the current political climate with plans to hold a special meeting to prepare for an early election. "The National Party Government is now so crisis-ridden it cannot survive the next two years," branch president David Timbs said. "Quite obviously Sir Joh will be replaced by Mr Ahern. In a party where half the politicians are hoping to be discovered and the others are afraid they will be, Mr Ahern is alleged to be a man of integrity. If that's the case he is, in the National Party, in a class of his own," Mr Timbs said.

He felt the new Premier would be looking for an early mandate. The election, he said , will probably be around mid-1988 in the bicentennial year among the excitement of EXPO and before the Government is forced to implement fair electoral boundaries. "The ALP is preparing for Government and marginal seats such as Broadsound will be vital to our success," he said. The meeting will be held at the Pacific Hotel on Monday, November 30, at 8pm. "We would like all members and supporters to attend."

Concern over development DEVELOPMENT to a zoned recreation land has caused concern for some Capricorn Coast residents living in the area. The residents' complain building up the grounds will only hinder, and not help, serious drainage problems. Judy and Ron Heslin said they were all for recreation grounds but not when it added to the area's problems. Charles Street and some surrounding Streets are part of the Fig Tree Creek surge area which in wet weather is prone to flooding. In past years the water has had the advantage of natural swamp drainage areas but developing the light industrial has closed off one source of drainage. It is 17 years since Judy and Ron Heslin bought a house in Charles Street. The Heslins said they knew then the area was flood prone but it didn't worry them because of the number of natural paths the water could follow to drain away. However, in the 17 years, the area surrounding Charles and Burnett Streets and Tanby Road have been developed.and built above the high tide mark. Mr Heslin said "this left an eight-foot wide creek to cope with a large area of storm-water drainage". Mrs Heslin said "it's like a big whirlpool". They claim the built up areas around them have left the residents in a type of valley where the water had no-where to drain. Assistant shire engineer Peter Harbeck said council was aware of the problems involving the whole Fig Tree catchment area. Council had employed consulting engineers to investigate the problem and find possible solutions. Mr Harbeck said there were future plans to carry out work in the area to alleviate its drainage problem. However, he assured residents the new recreation ground would not be built above the high tide mark. He said it was built at the mark so that during normal tidal patterns the salt waterwouldn't fill the land and kill grass growth but during cyclonic weather nothing would stop the area from flooding. Mr Harbeck said once the land was developed it would service the Yeppoon Aussie Rules Club and Coast schools.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING...FAST!!!' * Repairs to all makes and models * Specialist Lube Services * Wheel Alignments * *Air-conditioning re-gas and check * RWC Station * Marine Repairs * * Full Holiday Motoring Safety Checks * All your Spare Parts requirements *


We are the longest established Garage still operating under the original management.

17 years of involvement in the business

Office Manager

We have four full-time staff who, between them, offer more than 50 years of experience!

Greg Shillington Started as an Apprentice Mechanic with us in 1971

A Grade Mechanic

We opened on October 5, 1970 --17 years ago!

When you rely on your vehicle, you need to rely on your garage

John Murphy Ten years on staff

Service Technician

Geoff Kahl Eight years on staff

Our Staff's length of service speaks for itself


Spare Parts Manager


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 7

CitiMotors & INVITE YOU TO

Shop Locally AND YOU COULD


MINI CLUBMAN Look for this entry form at every store where you shop You could win the MINI CLUBMAN ECitiMotors


and Yeppoon-Emu Park District Ambulance, present

C tiM t rs

PLEASE DONATE $1 for every 5 tickets put in barrel


SHOP with any


Advertiser & pick up your

Guessing Competition


You could win a fully restored Mini Clubman by filling in the missing letters below and placing this entry coupon in the barrel provided at the Ambulance Christmas Fair in Beaman Park, Yeppoon.

(Guessing Competition)


entry form with each purchase. Fill in the Missing Letters & take the form to the


WIN a CAR--WIN a CAR A fully restored Mini Clubman


P/code PHONE

Drawn 9pm Christmas Eve at Beaman Park Ambulance Fair

AMBULANCE FAIR any night in Beaman Park.

Put as many entry forms as you like into the barrel and you could win this

Fully Restored MINI CLUBMAN More entries means more chances of winning!

onate $1 for eve proceeds to Yeppoon and Emu Park D NOTE: Principals, and permanent employees of the Capricorn Coast Mirror, CitiMotors, and any Ambulance employees, or their immediate familiv, cannot enter this Guessing Competition.


8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 - December 4, 1987


1988 Trade Fair meet THE 1988 Yeppoon Trade Fair will be discussed at the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting on Tuesday, December 1 at Bayview Tower. Other matters on the agenda are Christmas trading, traders footpath liability and a subcommittee's report on shopping locally. The meeting starts at 6.15pm and will finish at 8pm unless members vote to extend the time. Denham Bros managing director Ron Smyth will be guest speaker.

COOEE CORNER Fast Food * Chickens * Batt * Fish 'n" Chips *

7 days - 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033

Tke Stutgetvet Pate

• Ph. orders 39 1397 • Meals. snacks • Ju,ices,.vitamins *Health foods 40 JAMES ST, YEPPOOON. 39 1397

„,,010'°SHELL `MUSEUM Open 7 days a week - 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50 & children 50¢ Hill St, Yeppoon -

39 2386, 39 1313a/h


* ABOVE: Kerrie MacLaughlan of Yeppoon was delighted to receive her graduation diplonza from Yeppoon State High School principal John Gregg at a year 12 fiznction held at Bayview Tower on Thursday night.

QUEENSLAND Recreation Council will run a Fun'n Sun Camp during the Christmas school holidays at the Cooee Bay recreation camp. The camp for 7 to 12 year-olds will be for five days from Monday, December 14 to Friday 18. Among the activities offered will be a visit to Koorana Crocodile Farm, beach games, Keppel Island visit, canoeing, camp fires and games and crafts. The price of S85 includes return trip by bus from Rockhampton, all meals, accommodation and activities. Application forms are now available at the Queensland Recreation. Council Office, Reaney Street, North Rockhampton, phone 27 2266.


Reline the past at -

Saturday Sunday

lattit Emu Park Road


Fun 'n sun holiday camp

...from 10am, last guests through gates at 3pm

Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane when you visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables.

Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm.


Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560



Home Deliveries 7 Days 336680 Noon - 8pm 336680 S S

*** * *




• • •


• S

• •

• • Si

Regular Family SUPREME ❑ 7.50 9.50 SPECIAL 0 7.50 9.50 0 7.95 10.00 MARINARA HAWAIIAN 0 6.50 8.50 PEPPERONI ❑ 6.50 8.50 VEGETARIAN 0 630 8.50 GARLIC BREAD S1.00 Ham, Fish, Baconburgers 2.10 Steakburger 1.60 Toasted Sandwiches Steak Sandwich (Toasted) 2.00 Battered, Crumbed Fish 1 .30 .80 Minimum Chips 1.90 Beef, Lamb Rolls 1.90 Pork, Chicken Rolls 2.00 Chicken Nugget Pack

MEALS o Curried Prawns & Rice o Curried Chicken & Rice O BBQ Spare Ribs & Rice O 1/4 Chicken, Chips & Gravy o Sweet & Sour Chicken o Sweet & Sour Fish O Roast Pork & Apple Sauce o Roast Lamb & Mint Sauce O Roast Beef & Gravy • Roast Chicken & Gravy O Fisherman's Basket o Hot Chickens O Cold Chickens

S # S •

3.20 3.20 S 3.20 S 3.85 3.85 3.85 S 3.85 S 3.85 SS 3.85 S 7.50 6.30 0 5.70

Soft Drinks, Ice Cream. Groceries, Cigarettes,



• •


Caloundra builder for Coast units CONTRACTS have been let for the construction of eight new pensioner units in William Street, Yeppoon, at a cost of 5218,342. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton was advised by Works and Housing Minister Ivan Gibbs, that the units will be of two storey brick veneer construction, bedsitter accommodation. The work will be carried out by Hope Construction Pty Ltd of Caloundra and Mr Hinton said it will generate about 120 man weeks of direct employment. "The units were being constructed as a result of calls I have received from senior citizens needing low rental housing,and it is a fact that the need for such accommodation is acute, and of great concern to me. "The new units will be well placed in William Street, as it is easy walking distance to the shopping area."

Capricorn Iwasaki

*ABOVE: Pictured are nearly all the 86 year 1. School at a fiznction held at Bayview Tower c graduated by the size of their smiles. Picture +

Where to stay on the Coast easPray Waterfront holiday units

Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek)

Own private beach (079 39 1421 Enjoy Island Views from every unit a: the

Bay Vacationer 16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & Weekly (079) 39 1213 BEACHFRONT SELF-CONTAINED UNITS



Daily, weekly or monthly tariffs PHONE (079) 39 1594

Happy Birthday Celebrations

party to celebrate the 1st Birthday of our AUSSIE TAVERN and CAPRICIOUS NIGHTCLUB

Come and join in our

FESTIVITIES... BUCK-A-BEER 'Happy Hour' in the Tavern from 7pm to 8pm

THEN... Head down to the DISCO - FREE ENTRY until 9.30pm Dance to the sounds of 'DOUBLE VISION' (Live Rock and Roll) * LUCKY DOOR PRIZES * "se there or be Square!!!!" *

Party Time - Saturday, November 28 39 0211 Capricorn Iwasaki Resort, Farnborough Road 39 0211

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 9

An extended Denhams Supermarket 26 Specialty Shops

l'SAVEMORE CENTRE • r';-'7".:3NO".


We'll make it! SANTA CLAUS dropped in at Savemore this week to lend a hand with renovations to make sure the new-look shopping complex would be finished in time for the Tuesday, December 1, opening. Representing the anny of tradesmen swanningoverthe building are Bill Bradford, Greg Milner and Keny Pacey. Representing the tenants are Tony Bennett, Peg Mogan and Ron lafivti ... and Santa.

8.30am TUESDA DECEMBER 1 WIN $500 Grocery Hamper Check your lucky number dodger on the board and WIN WIN WIN

10 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


Night trading will be highlight of pre-Christmas shopping rush NIGHT trading will be one of the highlights of Christmas shopping at the new-look Savemore Centre. Stores will open until 9pm on those critical days just before Christmaswhen time is starting to run out and there's still so much to buy. For at least four days December 18, 21, 22 and 23 — the centre will attract night shoppers with its parking, lighting and air-conditioning ... and variety! Also, probably in the New Year, Denhams will be applying for permanent night trading on Fridays. Managing director • Ron Smyth said there would not be time before Christmas, but the company had plans to move for permanent night trading in the New Year. Friday night is the most popular choice for Denhams because there has been so much publicity about such a move in the past. The night seems to be the best for a Coastal area such as Yeppoon because the area attracts people for weekends. Night shopping on Fridays could also provide a boost from Rockhampton shoppers who, it is felt, could find the idea of a night at the Coast attractive ... especially after a week's work and with the weekend ahead. Until such application can be made, Mr Smyth said Denhams would be opening in accordance with existing trading hours conditions.

ABOVE: Denhams Supermarket manager Ron lafrati at his desk in a typical pose ... telephone in hand, ordering stock and keeping in touch with the latest supermarket trends.


ABOVE: Kerrie Pengilly is one of the many cheery faces to be found in Denhams Supermarket.

DENHAM'S Yeppoon manager Ron Iafrati came to the Coast three years ago and has built his family home here using only local tradesman. Mr Iafrati said he preferred to buy locally and encouraged family and friends to do so. He believes the service Denhams provided could only be best judged by the people who shopped at the centre. "If they have a genuine complaint I would like to hear about it so I can fix it if possible," Mr

Iafrati said. "Customer feedback is the only way to change or alter our service or line of goods offered." Mr Iafrati is familiar with Denhams service having worked with them for the past 10 years. He likes working at Yeppoon and said the supermarket understood it had a responsibility to fulfill the needs on the Coast. "If a product is unavailable on the Coast, tell us and we will do everything we can to make it part of our stocks," he said. "How else are we

supposed to find out the town's needs?" Mr Iafrati said he had faith in Coast people and businesses and automatically turned to them when he needed to buy goods. "My house was built by locals, painted by locals. I employed a local plumber and the electrical products all came from local people," Mr Iafrati said. He said he set an example to his staff, family and friends by putting his faith in local people and their products.

MORGANS BAKERIES Find us in our...


Unfilled Sponges

6 pack of any Bread Rolls

990 800

Order your CHRISTMAS CAKE opening week and receive a II 0%

discount air

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 11


Supermarket has to perform if it expects to attract Coast shoppers DENHAMS SUPERMARKET has to perform if it expects to bring in the shoppers ... that's the way company managing director Ron Smyth and supermarket manager Ron Iafrati feel. They don't expect people to flock to the supermarket just because it's bigger and better ... "we have to give the people what they want if we're going to be successful," they said. "We have to perform." Both, in separate interviews, said they wanted to hear from customers. They want feed-back. If there are complaints, they want to hear them. "Wewant everyone to shop here andwe want this supermarket to be a drawcard. We can only do that if we know exactly what customers want," they said. Mr Iafrati said, as manager, he felt a personal responsibility to the Coast. His store was the only supermarket on the Coast and it had to provide "everything". "I don't care what it is ... if customers want a particular line I'll find it, and I'll stock it," he said. "There are basic lines that all businesses carry, including Denhams, but not everybody shops for basics. "There are a l'ot of lines that afen't fastmoving but, in their own way, they're very popular. "We already carry a lot of them, following requests from customers, but there must be more. If we are told what they are, we'll look for them." Mr Iafrati said the supermarket already had a wider variety of Continental lines than other Denhams stores because there had been a

- • ,ir'


r ‘"fi d


v?! s.4


.1 ,


wpm , opssol""


serv"-7 i.aia

-1111401Milt 1




• liP

proven neea nor nemm iep~oon.

"We've prmtled 25 percrntol'errca space at


the end of the aisles leading onto the refrigerated display cabinets," he said. "There's also more room in the fruit and vegetable section and around the frozen foods. "We feel that's important because there used to be congestion in these areas. The extra room will add up to happier shoppers ... and that's


• deft •••• -


AIR •,„„ am. •„

But attracting shoppers is not all lines on shelves ... convenience is also important. Mt Iafrati said the supermarket extensions had allowed more space to be devoted to certain areas so that shoppers didn't feel like they were driving dodgems when they pushed their trolleys around.


, •



ABOVE: Denhams Supermarket assistant manager Colin Pengilly checks stock. He is one of the 70 Coast permanent and casual employees at the Denham Supermarket.

what we ie here for."


Grain Fed Yearling Our Speciality Yearling T-BONE


$499 kg




69 kg



$11 59 kg


, $299 sass

$49 7 $q 79

Fresh No 11 CHICKENS




Fresh Chicken CORDON BLEU and KIEV



99 kg




$999 kg

12 -- Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


Gadabouts new name for women's wear

A fresh start every day for Morgans hot bread, cakes

DENISES Resort Wear in Savemore Centre has been given a new face, and a new name, as part of the Savemore renovations. Proprietor Sylvia Bongers said the shop, which would cater for all ages from teenagers t o mature women, would be renamed Gadabouts. Mrs Bongers said the shop wouldn't be shifting to the newly built sections in the Savemore Centre. "We decided to redecorate the existing shop with new paintwork and carpet to suit the new decor," Mrs Bongers said. "It will be a small but select shop for women to buy something nice," Mrs Bongers said. There is already a wide range of clothing in the store — swimwear, sportswear, mix'n'match and Ken Don clothes — designed to suit the teenage buyer through to the more mature buyers. A wide range of accessories, including jewellery, belts and scarves, can also be bought. Staff includes Mrs Bongers, her daughter-inlaw Moya Bongers, and Jan Cruickshank.

REFRIGERATED display units will showoff the tempting array Morgans Bakery will be baking every day of the week. Tortes, morning tea lines, fresh cream cakes and a variety of other sweets, breads and rolls will be displayed at its relocated site in the new section of Savemore Centre. Principal Bing Morgan said there would be a larger area for customer comfort and selection. "There is also a side access and close-by parking for weekend trading when the whole centre isn't open," Mr Morgan said. The Morgans already have eight staff in their Savemore bakery and have installed new machinery to add to efficiency. "We'll be looking at introducing more lines after we've settled in with the expanded Savemore complex," he said. Morgans Bakery celebrated its 10th anniversary in May. From a husband and wife team in one shop, the business has become a family concern with son Marshall and his wife, Wendy. Mr Morgan took over the Savemore hot bread shop in 1977 and two years later he expanded and bought a factory in McBean Street. The Morgans also now own a major retail outlet in William Street, Rockhampton. Mr Morgan has had 30 years' experience as a baker and pastrycook while Marshall left a job in the bank to join the business in 1980. He has since completed his trade as a baker and pastrycook. Mrs Morgan helps out at the Savemore shop while Wendy works with accounts at the McBean Street factory.

Gifts, jewellery ideas for all DAVID and Jean McLean bought Savemore Centre's Capricorn Gifts two-and-a-half years ago and are looking forward to the opening of the redeveloped section. Their giftshop offers all gift lines and jewellery. Mr McLean said the shop aimed at attracting everyone shopping in the centre by providing an attractive store full of gift ideas. "We stock a large range of gifts from jewellery, crystal and novel gift ideas. The giftshop also has a range of cards and paper. There are gift ideas ideal to suit all ages and at a variety of prices. "We hope the Centre's renovations will make a big improvement in trading," Mr McLean said.

AT LEFT: Bing and Marshall Morgan gave their new electric sign a final polish watched by Bing's wife Peg (left) and Marshall's wife Wendy (right) before returning to the daily routine of baking.


11100 C141 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111L =111


SPECIAL... D Roo and


BOPj ROC) normally $34

NOW $20





6' Es-ruPei


normally S37




CHILD'S SPINNING normally sll




1400 items on display Camping * Hardware * Sporting Travel Goods * Beach Accessories

OPEN 6 days-a-week 8.30am to 5.30pm

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 13

GRAND RE-OP I G SPECIALSN, "Our New Supermarket is bigger with wider aisles - you can now shop in real comfort!" DENHAM'S MANAGER Ron lafrati

Golden Cockerel Frozen Chicken No 15

t1( ( %It(



€Th ade

Schweppes Drinks Asstd. 1Ltr Smiths & Samboy Chips Asstd. 200g

Dandy Picnic Shoulder Ham Random Weight



Savemore Centre Yeppoon Available from Tuesday 1st December until Saturday 5th December, or until sold out.

14 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

"Our Deli has been expanded, and we now carry fresh chickens & fresh fish. We have a new Salad Bar and a new Cheese Bar too!" DENHAM'S MANAGER Ron lafrati

Golden Carver Ham Portions Random Weight

DISCOUNT I PERMARKETS 9,00,06 Savemore Centre Yeppoon Available from Tuesday 1st December until Saturday 5th December, or until sold out. _







Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 15

"Our Fruit & Veg is now twice as big as it was ! we have more refrigeration and a wider range."

Loose Brushed Potatoes

Large Cavendish Bananas

Cool Green Cucumbers

DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS Savemore Centre Yeppoon Available from Tuesday 1st December until Saturday 5th December, or until sold out.

16 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


You can stop all over world... if first stop's at travel agency

ABOVE: At the National Australia Bank customers receivea ready smile from staff (from left) Lyn Schmierer, Bob McKay, Roger Osborne, Carol Knight, Darryl Deadon (accountant), Seamus Doollan and Rod Hancock (manager).

ROCKMANS SHOWS COAST CAN GET BIG NAMES ROCKMANS' move to Savemore shows the Capricorn Coast has potential to attract the big name retailers. Savemore is Rockmans' 120th retail shop in Queensland and New South Wales. The clothes on display at Savemore will reflect the smart casual style worn on the Coast. Rockmans opened its first clothing shop in

1927 .-.. 50 years later it's still expanding. The 120 stores in the Rockmans chain are spread about Queensland and New South Wales offering customers a varity of fashion clothing and accessories. Rockmans will be located in the new section of the Savemore Centre development. Two people have been employed. One will be

a staff member alreadyworking in the chain and she will have an assistant. The store is designed to attract women of all ages. It will have a wide range of clothing varying in style and size. Besides clothing, the store will have a range of jewellery, hair care products and sunglasses on sale.

A ONE-STOP travel agency is how John Murphy describes his business which has moved to Savemore. Yeppoon Travel is designed to help organise a person's every need while travelling; arranging transport, tours and sorting out any other problems. Mr Murphy will manage the business, son Sean is a consultant and Tony Perkins the overseas consultant. The agency has accreditations with Avis and can hire-out cars, trucks, four-wheel drives and even buses. Ansett, Australian Airlines, East West Airlines and all other domestic flights can be arranged from the agency. Mr Murphy said all buses including McCafferty's, Greyhound, Ansett Pioneer, Deluxe and Sunliner can be booked. The travel agency also books connections with all other interstate and State services. For the first time in its 15-years in business, travellers can also book train trips through the agency. The agency's list of services extend to bookings for the Pilbeam Theatre and cruise boats. It is also an agency for the Teachers' Credit Union. Mr Murphy opened the agency in 1972. "It started as part of a Golden Casket and toy shop," he said. "Three years ago the business had grown to a point where it deserved its own premises. "We moved to a shop in James Street and are now relocating to the former Sun'N'Fun Newsagency premises." Mr Murphy described the travel agency as a one-stop shopping place now conveniently situated in Savemore Centre. It will be open each weekday from 8.30am until the Savemore Centre closes. It will close at 12.30pm on Saturdays.

HIGGINS PHARMACY (formerly Savemore Pharmacy)

has relocated into new premises and welcomes new and present customers OPEN... each

$ ill 49

Monday - Saturday 8.45am to 5.30pm

100g Mint Ilk or Regular

fitt. ‘ikk, ,s ac,k3

7 For Hea. , 81thottim ii onk

500m1 Conditioner or Shampoo

6 pAck /SLIIND SP/ CESoq p j1

$ 11 49


Our Hill Street shop still offers 'special' service: Mon to Fri: 8.45am - 6pm Saturday: 8.45am - 1pm






S26' ——


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 17

The Specialty Men's Outfitter on the Coast Shirts Shirts Shirts " lin fa

MP 11/11H , :MOM


tiNe err

St10 s Short . She

Jumble Bin Calico Shorts and Pants $5 paid •

• ..../.••••••••

\*'' 41111th

SPECIAL!! Sports Shirts Normally now $1550




44 val.,:

39 3176

andmaea a ---- .............. a

18 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

Natio Starts Tues

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 19


Twice as much display area in Murph's store THERE would be no more ardent fan of the Savemore expansion than John Bretz of Murphs Sight'N'Sound ... for the past eight years he has been trying to move into a larger shop. The redevelopment gave Mr Bretz the chance to expand his business into a shop twice the size of his old one. He said it would give both the customers and himself more room and a wider variety of stock. For the first time he and co-owner Doug Cuddy are offering Tandy Electronics products. This means customers will have the choice of buying about 3500 different items stocked by more than 10,000 stores around the world. "We can't display all the products but if customers see something they like in the Tandy catalogue, we can order it," Mr Bretz said. "It can be here within 48 hours." • Tandy has more than 350 dealers Australiawide. It offers a multitude of products including antennas, TVs, radios, short-wave receivers, magnetic tapes, speakers, turntables, security devices, public address systems, telephones and intercoms and toys. Tandy owns and operates nearly 30 factories and employs about 5500 people. Mr Bretz said any gear sold through his store could also be serviced at the shop. "We will also deliver if needed," he said. Doug Cuddy and John Bretz first opened Murphs Sight 'N' Sound in 1976 and were one of Savemore Centre's original tenants. They already owned a Cuddy and Bretz store in Yeppoon at the time and had to look for a new name. They had employed a man to work in the store. His name was Bill Murphy and they decided to name the shop after him. At the time of opening their Savemore outlet, together Mr Cuddy and Mr Bretz had 26 years' retail experience between them. More than a decade later, their knowledge'of

ABOVE; Bob Walters (right) watched by his daughter Non7za, tries out the remote control on a new video recorder he bought at the re-located Murph's Sight 'n Sound in the Savemore Centre. Watching is Doug Cuddy (left) and Jolzn Bretz. the industry has grown to include computers. Mr Bretz had worked for Chandlers and was once a manager in the Willian Street shop. Mr Cuddys' experience goes back 30 years. They joined forces in 1971 and opened their first electrical store in Musgrave Street. They expanded into East Street and also had shops in Blackwater and Gladstone. "We opened a branch on the Coast becausewe believed a shop of this type was needed," Mr Bretz said. "We also believe in dealing locally. The new shop has been painted, outfitted and wired by local people. "Where-ever possible we have used local people."

$200 to spend now ataR

First customer back once again DOUG Cuddy and John Bretz opened their first store together on April 13, 1971, in Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton. They were hardly knocked over in the rush when they 'opened their doors. As Doug Cuddy said this week, "it was rather quiet". While Doug andJohn were dusting and re-dusting their stock, Bob and Vera Walters paused in front of the window. They hesitated, then walked in. They were looking for fluorescent lights. "We didn't have any in stock," Doug said. "But I knew where we could see some on display ... at the GEC showrooms. I drove them there,

they saw what they wanted ... and they also bought an elevated electric range and a deep freeze." The Walters were given invoice number 1. A fortnight ago, when John Bretz moved Sound into the new SaveMurph's Sight more premises, he had barely opened the doors before he had his first customer ... Bob Walters and his wife, plus daughter Norma. They bought a video recorder ... and were the first recorded sale in the new shop! "I'd like to thank them for shopping locally." Doug Cuddy said, who happened to be on hand when the sale was made.

NOW! 2 Morning Bulletin outlets in the Savemore Centre


Classifieds For your convenience the

Savemore Newsagency has been appointed agents for the Morning Bulletin * All Classifieds * Photograph Orders * Payments of all Accounts


INTEREST FREE" You can have from $80 to $200 to spend at Rockmans when you open a

Morning Bulletin

ROCKMANS READY CASH ACCOUNT You choose how much you'd like to pay each week as an instalment, and we give you credit for 20 times this amount. The staff will be happy to tell you how it works. You'll find shopping is easy with a Rockmans Ready Cash Account. Simply cut out voucher below and present it at our new Savemore Centre Store, Yeppoon, during opening week and $10 will be credited to your account when it is opened. 'A service fee of 5c in the S charged on each credit purchase

....' . , ,. 'vow, 4a,U1

.g.“. -.W...


This new office solely deals with Editorial matter. It is not equipped to receive classifieds, photographic orders or account payments. (They should be lodged at the Savemore Newsagency). If you have an editorial story or wish to be interviewed on an important matter, contact Brian Dorey at this Capricorn Coast editorial office.





For use at Savemore Centre Store, r i Yeppoon, only when opening a Ready Cash Account. One voucher per customer. i

AA AAA et car



ik A.





2 Editorial Office

A 7311011C)ICCIK. ,, ROC 40C

Morning Bulletin

covering the Coast with 2 new offices... Savemore Newsagency Capricorn Coast Editorial Office

20 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

3 hour Video Tapes



Headphones Stereo Radio Cassette

includes its own built-in battery charger. Various colours

60 Minute Blank aa Tapes`°‘°° Guitars and Accessories * Electric $150 * Nylon String $695° * Full size Steel String $79 Country & Western Dreadnought $139


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Disney — Children Library Cassettes with 2 stories

Cassette Carry Cases




Children's Movies


Ideal Christmas Gift



12.5cm TV. Runs on 240 volts, Torch batteries/car cigarette lighter ... and it's an AM/FM Radio too! Pink * Mauve * White



Enj dur Re( 40r 27i'

HANIMEX BOOM BOXES Stereo Cassette Players

Four colours... Red * White Blue * Pink

Complete with matching speakers

$3995 39 2454


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 21

Make Tandy your telephone company

Our VCR gives you low-profile styling. Simple backspace editor has smooth, jump-free tapes when editing. Tuner/aux input selector allows use of accessories or another VCR without having to disconnect cables. Eas-timer recording by pressing a single control. VCR stops automatically at your present time which you can extend up to 4 hours. Remote control has a TV/VCR selector so you can switch from VCR to antenna without leaving your chair. High-speed forward/reverse visible search. Power interrupt protection preserves time's accuracy and memory during brief power failure.

6-Channel Memory

■ Presets for Six Most-Used Channels • "Beeps" to Confirm Channel Change D.O.C. Approval #249A0144

Radio Shack. Place or receive calls from any room or even outside without the bother of a cord. Memory stores up to 32 often called & emergency numbers for fast, accurate auto dialling. Security code prevents others from using your line. You can connect a cord phone to the bases & use it as a 2way intercom to talk with handset user. Handset features ones button touch-redial of last number dialled. Flash button for use with special PABX function such as call-waiting, privacy button & LDT button for remotely activating tone when in pulse mode. Also has volumre, power & ringloudness control & builtin rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. Auto recharger in base.


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22 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

WIN $500 worth of

GROCERIES Watch your letterbox this weekend for your...



SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN SANTA CLAUS is coming to town on Tuesday, December 1, and is making his home in the air-conditioned comfort of the new-lool Savemore Shopping Centre. He made a surprise appearance earlier this week to lend a handwith renovations. Sweating profusely in his North Pole garb, he grabbed a jack-hammer and posed for the photograph on the cover of this feature. He had a quick look around the complex, liked what he

saw, and vowed to be back on Tuesday to greet shoppers and their children. Santa will be working a four-hour day, over six days of theweek. He will arrive daily at 10am and Ho Ho around the complex until 2pm. He will be available for those cherished photographs with the children and, for those tentative tots, he will have a bag of sweets to break the ice.

SAVEMORE CENTRE LUCKY NUMBER Check your number in the shopping centre (opposite Nora Green & Co) on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1 If you match our lucky number, you will win a...

$500 Grocery Hamper

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Allallad.1.1W74IVS. 81^1,11NISAPJaltirAIW MOSU&ararianalbletil

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 23


Coffee lounge will become the meeting place THE place to go after a day spent shopping in Savemore Centre will be Louise's Coffee Lounge. Set amid the new redeveloped section in Savemore Centre, shoppers can relax and enjoy a meal, light snack or refreshment in air-conditioned comfort. The coffee lounge will seat 40 people with either private tables inside or part-of-the-action tables in the mall. Manageress Louise Barnes said Louise's aimed to give shoppers a pleasant place for eating, drinking and relaxing. "It will be a great refuge for people to go and relax after spending time shopping in the mall," she said. Louise will be assisted by a junior, another permanent and probably a casual employee. "Everything from small snacks to full meals will be•available at the coffee lounge," she said. Some of the fare includes scones, toast, 1 k fa st, espresso coffee, softdrinks, Milkshakes, parfaits and a host of other items. Proprietor Mark Maguire said there was a definite need for the coffee lounge. "People can come and sit in the lounge to cool down in air- conditioned comfort," he said. "It will be a great meeting place for everyone." Louise's will be open every day of the week from about 7am to 9pm. Mr Maguire expects the lounge to be opened for business by December 1.

ABOVE: Keppel Art and Framing proprietor Phil Smith smiles at the prospect of opening a new retail outlet in the redeveloped Savemore Centre. Mr Smith and his wife Jacqueline will still use their Normanby Street shop as the main workshop area.

FRAMING BUSINESS EXPANDS WITH SECOND COAST OUTLET PHIL and Jacqueline Smithmoved from one Coastal area to another to open a picture framing business in Yeppoon. They started their business, Keppel Art and Framing, six years ago on the Capricorn Coast, and are now extending the service by opening a retail outlet in Savemore Centre. The Savemore shop will be used to retail their

products while the Normanby Street factory will continue to be the main workshop area. Frames, prints, posters, wedding albums, paper laminating of both documents and charts, can all be carried out by by Keppel Art and Framing. Full-time and part-time staff are Shirley Green, Warren Royal, Gillian Vanderheiden

and John Robinson will be manager of the Savemore outlet. Mr Smith works in the factory while Mrs Smith handles the books and helps out at the counter. The Smith's decided to open the Savemore outlet when poster stocks started building up. "Our growing poster business was one of the

reasons for opening the new shop but we also needed the larger outlet for exposure," Mr Smith said. "When we started the business, 65 to 75 per cent of our business came from Rockhampton. "However, in that time, there has been a complete turn-around with 65 to 70 per cent of our business now coming from the Coastal region."

Grand Opening Special

1 Hour Processing and Developing comes to Yeppoon ,

5x7 ENLARGEMENT (actual size) — recommended retail ... $5.40



The friendly people in photos

24 — Capricorn Coast Mirror

November 28 — December 4, 1987


Tuckerbox has 1 1 -year record at Savemore

Angliss offers second choice CAPRICORN Coast residents will soon have a choice of Angliss butcherswhen a second shop is opened in Savemore Centre. However, the two shops will be offering different types of meat. There are 13 Angliss shops around Central Queensland employing 'about 60 people. The Savemore Centre-based shop will have three full-time plus a casual employed. Manager will be Gavin ChillingsWorth. Head office spokesman Peter Tarlinton said customers would be able to buy grain-fed yearling at Angliss in Savemore. The Coast's traditional, Angliss butcher in James Street would still operate but serve different meat. "Carcasseswill be boned out at the new shop," he said. Mr Tarlinton said the traditional Angliss shop would sell its normal range and would service Coast businesses including Bayview Tower Motor Inn and the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. He said it would also still be valuable in serving its passing customers. "In some respects, Angliss' butchers at James Street and Savemore Centre will be offering different products, but some items will still be the same," Mr Tarlinton said. "The Savemore shop was opened to give the people who shop at that end of town the same high quality meat offered in the James Street butcher." It is believed the two stores will promote themselves as Angliss Uptown (Savemore)'and Downturn (James Street).

• WHEN Savemore Centre opened its doors 11 years ago, the Tuckerbox filled the needs of the hungry hordes shopping in the complex. A number of people have owned the Tuckerbox over the years and proprietor for the past three years is Mark Maguire. Mr Maguire said all kinds of food were available for take-away or sit-down outside in the mall. Sandwiches, ice-creams, lollies, drinks and cooked seafood is available. Mr Maguire said he employed two permanent and two casual staff to cope with the dayto-day running. The variety of fast food available is displayed in the refrigerated and heated units. Mr Maguire is looking forward to Tuesday's opening of the completed Savemore Centre.

Bulletin moves to new section ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Sports and Hobby Shop principal Ron Dawson is perfectly framed by this almost four metre Tiger Shark jaw which he has on display.

SPORT SHOP CATERS TO YEAR-ROUND ACTIVITY SUMMER or Winter people play sport ... and that's why Ron and Beryl Dawson bought Savemore Centre's Capricorn Coast Hobby and Sport Centre five years ago. They said they stock most sporting gear and accessories, including fishing gear and model aeroplanes and cars. Mr Dawson was a bank manager when he

bought the store. "It was a totally new experience buying the shop and I had a lot to learn," Mr Dawson said. The shop is being renovated and the major change is a new, angled shop front. Mr Dawson said he stocked general sporting equipment including cricket, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, squash,

table tennis, badminton and swimming gear. He also stocks snorkelling and fishing gear. "We can outfit the beginner fishermen and help professionals in choice," Mr Dawson said. For the person who likes relaxing there is a range of surf mats, seats and other beach accessories. There is also a range of drill bits and nails.

THE Morning Bulletin's office has relocated in the Savemore Centre. It is now in the redeveloped section. It's the third move in 13 years for the Coast office. The Morning Bulletin first opened an office in James Street in 1974 but moved to the Savemore Centre 10 years ago. The latest move is into a slightly larger office. Manning the office will be journalist Brian Dorey who will be handling photography and editorial. Maurie Danaher will be in charge of advertising. The office will be open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, for advertising and until 6pm, Monday to Friday, for editorial. Mr Dorey said coverage would continue on Saturday and Sunday.

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• A. re

,Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 25 00,


The Meeting Place in SAVEMORE Drop in anytime! Enjoy a cool drink, a cup of tea or coffee, light snack or meal in smart, modern, airconditioned premises

We're Open 7 days & 7 nights from 7am to 9pm to serve you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (BREAKFAST MENU SNACKS 1 Hawaiian Delight: ham, pineapple & cheese grilled Tropical Delight: banana, pineapple & cheese grilled Chicken Supreme: fresh chicken, pineapple & cheese grilled Hamburger Steak Sandwich Steak Burger Extras: Egg, Bacon, Pineapple Tropical Burger: grilled banana, pineapple & mince pattie Bacon Burger Plate of hot chips Dog

Cornflakes Rice Bubbles Toasted Muesli Bacon & Eggs .._ Scrambled Eggs

Steak & Eggs Toast Baked Beans or Spaghetti (on toast)

MORNING AND AFTERNOON TEAS Jatz biscuits Raisin Toast with variety Cinnamon Toast of toppings Cheesecake Pikelets with jam Lamingtons & Cream, butter Small Cakes Apple Danish Scones with jam Caramel Tart & Cream, Butter

HOT & COLD DRINKS HOT DRINKS Tea or Coffee 3-cup pot pot of tea Capuccino Hot Chocolate Vienna Coffee MILK DRINKS Iced Coffee Iced Chocolate Milk Shakes Malted Milks Thick Shakes

COW DRINKS Soft drinks Spiders NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS Apricot Whirl Banana Frappe Frizzy Lizzy Pineapple Crunch Passionfruit Float Apple Cider Chocolate Mint

DESSERTS LUNCH & DINNER Soup of the Day Cold Meats Rump Steak Garlic Steak Peppered Steak Mixed Grill

Roast of the Day Pork Chops Mutton Chops Sausages Pies Fish CHILDREN'S SERVES AVAILABLE All meals with veg or chips & salad

Banana Split Lemon Meringue Fruit Salad with cream or ice cream Pavlova Ice Cream Sundae Cheesecake Trifles Waffles with caramel sauce & ice cream

Hot Apple Pie with cream & ice cream Variety of parfaits: fruit salads, two fruits or pineapple For the Kids Snowmen Jelly Frogs Twinkle Stars

FREE OPENING OFFER FREE Scones or Pikelets with Strawberry Jam & Cream with your order of a Cup of Tea or Cup of Coffee & there's a FREE Post Mix soft drink for your child, too! But Hurry this free offer ends on Saturday, December 5

1S . andwiche Vegemite Cheese Egg Ham Pineapple Chicken Asparagus Creamed Corn Tomato Salmon Lettuce Corned Meat Pickles Alfalfa Sprouts & Cottage Cheese Salad: Lettuce Carrot, Cheese, Tomato Beetroot, Cucumber Extra Fillings 15 cents each All sandwiches on white or wholemeal."

Telly our friends: ill meet you at Louise's'

Louise's Coffee Lounge is adjacent to the Arthur Street entrance to Savemore — Phone 39 2332

26 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987




Flower Coast becomes new link in growing chain of shops


'4 Cod, al

1;11)V.‘lif h.'N' 2

• ---""m"..K46ivels"..1111"1111.11.1r-

11_ 0,

ABOVE: Coast resident Daphne O'Brien was one of the first customers in the relocated Savemore Pharmacy. The pharmacy's name has also been changed to Higgins Pharmacy. Pictured is Mrs O'Brien being served by staff Shirley Kuhl and Kelli Gates while at the back, owner David Higgins and pharmacist Meryl Boneham prepare prescriptions.

CHEMIST FILLS CENTRE'S PRESCRIPTION NEEDS SAVEMORE has been redeveloped with a smorgasbord of new businesses. One of the previous businesses has relocated to the new mall. Savemore Pharmacy proprietor David Higgins said he had relocated in the complex and changed the name from Savemore Pharmacy to Higgins Pharmacy. Mr Higgins owns and operates another phar-

macy in Hill Street. He employs pharmacists Meryl Boneham, who works at the Savemore business, and Robin Warren, who works at Hill Street. There are also four permanent staff, Colleen Moody, Kelli Matthews, Cindy Bauer and Shirley Kuhl, and one casual employee, Natasha Higgins. Mr Higgins said he had employed another permanent and casual to work

Kristin's Hair Design (formerly Coralie's Hair Salon)

Kris, Sonia and Joanne welcome all old and new customers to celebrate our new salon with these specials...

at Savemore. A chemist for 22 years, Mr Higgins first opened his Hill Street shop in 1970. He extended the pharmacy to Savemore in 1977 after buying the health and beauty shop. He said some people didn't realise the Savemore pharmacy could fill prescriptions. Watches, health and beauty products and small gifts are also on sale.

THE Florist Link group has added another shop to its growing chain in Central Queensland. There are already five Flower Link shops in Rockhampton and now Flower Coast will open in the new redeveloped section in Savemore Centre. Proprietor Cliff Bunn said his shop would offer both better class and inexpensive gifts. "It will be a glossy looking shop with two staff," Mr Bunn said. "We have employed two Yeppoon people to work in the shop. "Manageress will be Shirley Bauer and her assistant is Barbara McDonald. "Where possible, Flower Coast will buy from around the area but it will also be buying from other places in Queensland to ensure a consistent supply." Flower Coast will be open from Mon to Saturday. It will have a wide range of flowersnd arrangements plus inexpensive gifts and souvenirs. Mr Bunn and wife Estella have been involved with Flower Link for four years. They didn't have previous experience in a flower shop but had owned a garden centre. "We are like one big happy family and hope to bring that atmosphere to the Coast," he said. "Mrs Bauer and Mrs McDonald were employed because they live on the Coast and can give a more personal touch to any order." Another service Flower Coast will offer is State and interstate delivery. Mr Bunn said the advantage of having the Rockhampton shops would be when something was unavailable at Yeppoon. "If a customer wants a specific item the Yeppoon staff can call Rockhampton to send down the item," he said. Flower Coast also stocks some lines of flower and vegetable seedlings.

00 1000


Fresh and Frozen Seafood * Local and Imported *


FREE colour with all perms

300° Phone us — 39 2443

for an appointment


Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 27


4 generations of May family associated with McDougalls shoe stores

900 different lines on display at new store TANBY Seafoods and Ice stocks 900 different frozen food lines ... all will be available to Coast people when a retail outlet opens in Savemore Centre. Proprietor Tony Newton said the retail shop would be selling fresh seafood plus frozen seafood and the other 900 frozen food lines. "The seafood will be both local and imported," Mr Newton said. However, the shop won't be opened until about Wednesday, December 15. The shop's refrigeration won't arrive until about December 10, delaying opening time. Mr Newton started Tanby Seafood and Ice three years ago. "I felt there was a need for such an outlet," he said. He started as a wholesaler for Coast businesses but branched out into Savemore to give him a retail outlet as well. Coast people will now have the chance to selecte from the whole range of wholesale goods ... but in smaller quantities. Depending on the season, up to 74 Coast people may be employed at Tanby Seafoods. During normal operations there is 24 people employed but another 50 are employed during the scallop season. The outlet will be in the new section of the Savemore Centre, between the newsagency and Keppel Art and Framing.

FOUR generations of the May family hayed worked with McDougalls shoe shop. It was originally owned in partnership by the McDougall and Davis families. The Davis part of the name was dropped when they sold out but when McDougalls sold the business in the 1930s to the May family, the McDougalls names was retained. Fiftyyears later brothers Doug and Ken May, cousins David May and Vicki Brown, and Vicki's son Jason, carry on the family name in the business. Shops originally extended to Mt Chalmers and Mt Morgan but when the May's bought out McDougalls they phased them out. They now operate three stores in Rockhamp'One in East Street, one in the Northside Plaza and the Bon Bon Boutique in Rockhampton Shopping Fair. Yeppoon's McDougalls store was one of the original Savemore Centre tenants. The shop sells traditional family footwear, men's and women's fashion wear, sportswear, children wear and casual wear. It also has a repair service. David May said repairs were taken to Rockhampton twice a week. Mr May said Del Coughlan managed the Yeppoon store assisted by Dallas Hannay, Charmaine Scott and Jan Spencer; all Coast people.


AT RIGH'T:McDoitgalls Samnore shop manageress Del Coughlan is stinoundedby some ofthe many styles of casual and smart shoes on display it: the store.

Open 5 days-a-week

Appointments... Monday, Thursday, Friday

39 3649

Flower Coast. Yeppoon

39 2255 (a/h 28 3100)

'Gifts and all Florist Services' * Fresh and Artificial Flowers * Selected plants and flowers and vegetable seedlings

* Large range of gifts and gift accessories * Great variety of cards and wrap

Deliveries arranged on the Capricorn Coast, in Rockhampton and ... world-wide!

Takeaway bunches of fresh flowers usually '6 NOW — $3.95

046 PA•S 00 St'SC‘ • Al V A AR A • • %


Quality Jointed Bears - Pink and Blue usually great value at '27.10 S10 off NOW — 517.10 Flower and Vegetable Seedlings usually '1.50 NOW = 51.20 • • al s

9 •

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4 .1 A A. •




41/ EA,

28 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


ABOVE: Mary Lester (left) wife of Industrial Relations Minister Vince Lester cuts a ribbon officially opening Kristin's Hair Design while Kris Plahn (right) snips a locket of hair front Mary-Anne Leonard's son Justin. Justin is the first grandchild for Maly and Vince Lester.


ABOVE: Photo Fair's new Savenzore Centre manageress Kaylene Smith tests the new Fuji Minilab machine which is a vital part of their photographic operations.

KRISTIN'S HAIR DESIGN HOLDS SEPARATE OFFICIAL OPENING THERE's another new name at Savemore. Coralie's has gone to be replaced by Kristin's Hair Design. There's also a new location in the new mall. Kristin's proprietor Kris Plahn has about 21

years' hairdressing experience. Other staff include part-time hairdresser Jan Dennison, who also has about 21 years' experience, fourth-year apprentice Sonia Sheppard, and second-year apprentice Joanne Badcock.

Mrs Hahn said the salon was open six days a week and available for group bookings, including weddings. "Many of my clientele are older people so, by prior arrangement, I visit them in hospital

to cut their hair and offer them a manicure service," she said. Kristin's offers the complete range of Delva products including perms, Redkin make-up and, next month, will be engaging a beautician

Now at 2 Big locations Keppel Art & Framing has expanded ... We have now opened an exciting, new Retail Outlet in the Savemore Centre. Our new outlet is in addition to our big Framing Factory in Normanby Street. Our two, big outlets can offer our Patrons an even more comprehensive service. Drop in at Savemore ... we would like you to browse.

Savemore Opening Special

BLOCK from $3 MOUNTS Picture Boards from Mini to Maxi

Specialist Picture Framers

Ideal Christmas Gifts

to $29 Paper Laminating ON-THE-SPOT .

A Special Xmas Present When your children are photographed with Santa Claus let us Laminate and Frame them This is the ideal Gift for Grandparents!

from $2.50 to $25


* Graduation Certificates * Treasured Photos *

Limited Edition Prints Old Master Prints

All sizes up to A4 & Foolscap

All Framed or Unframed

Readymade Photo & Picture Frames

ocal Pottery L

Functional & Decorative

Keppel Art & Framing Savemore 39 1193

€Ve turn Works of Art into Works. of Art!

Normanby Street 39 1774

Capricjrn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 29

SUMMER SPECIALS Girls Darts "Star" White and Red Sizes 13 - 4

$18.99 $24.99 (SAVE

Lipstick SLAVE SANDALS Black or Tan

• Oz Gear Wedge Beach Sandals Multi-coloured

$29.99 ,v3e9r.e99 (Save $10)



HEALTH SANDALS Assorted Colours 99 $4w9 er.e99 x$29



SAVE $20)


DUNLOP KT26 JOGGERS Sizes 5 to 12




Tuf Canvas Casuals Lace or Slip-on Assorted Colours

$9.99 $74/9 AVE $5)


30 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987


Skylight brings tropics indoors at Savemore

Meeting people `best part of owning shop'

SAVEMORE has been a hive of activity in recent weeks with various tradesmen putting together a new shopping experience for Coast residents. Among the changes are a softer, curved ceiling in the malls with subdued lighting ... and a skylight that brings the tropics indoors. The skylight is a nice touch. It allows shoppers a glipse of the outdoors and will probably become a focus of attention. Parents can be expected to tell their children to meet them under the skylight ... and it won't be hard to find. Obviously, letting the tropical sun blaze into an air-conditioned shopping centre can create problems, but it seems the glare and heat will be muted by an "egg-crate" effect which will divert the direct rays into bounced light. The sun will probably only be visible at midday when it is overhead ... but the natural light will bathe the area underneath from dawn until dusk. Shop tenants near the skylight have already suggested it be decorated with ferns and there's been one suggestion for a large tree to reach from the floor of the mall into the glassed area.

RAISING five daughters was the only fulltime job Nora Green knew about until branching out into a fabric shop in Savemore Centre. With her years spent raising daughters for experience, Mrs Green opened her shop selling fabrics and dress making accessories. Mrs Green was one of the 13 original speciality shop tenants when the centre opened in July, 1975. Denhams Supa-Valu store was the major shop bringing the then total to 14. Her shop will now be one of 26 speciality shops in the redeveloped Savemore Centre. "It was a gamble because Yeppoon was a small town and I didn't know how successful a fabric shop would be," Mrs Green said. "I'm glad I did because there's now a fairly steady flow of customers." While loving the work, Mrs Green said the best part of having the shop has been the contact with people. "In the years I've been open it's the people's contact I have enjoyed most and would mi I closed," she said. She said the redevelopment of the Savemore Centre would give all shoppers a wider choice.

, • "1.4% 'If Coomg-*;IGes iktle ABOVE: This skylight shown being installed at the Savemore Centre will bring natural tropical light into the mall.

NO RIBBON-CUTTING CEREMONY FOR CENTRE'S EXTENSIONS THERE won't a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Grand Re-opening of the Savemore Centre on Tuesday, December 1. Denhams Bros Ltd managing director Ron Smyth said the company was passing up the opportunity to allow the new-look complex to settle down as quickly as possible. The disruptions caused by renovations in recent weeks have been kept to a minimum, but" the mammoth rebuilding had to, of necessity, cause some problems. Shoppers, and tenants, have had to do without air-conditioning and parking has been disrupted by construction and associated vehicles.

The centre opens on Tuesday with a countdown to Christmas. For the Coast, the reopening couldn't have happened at a better time. Just when there are renewed calls for more emphasis on local shopping, the Savemore complex provides a string of reasons for people to "pop into town". • The supermarket has been enlarged. There are twice as many specialty shops ... and there's twice as much parking. And there's a mothers' room ... a place for mothers to take babies for feeding and changing. Mr Smyth said this room was a necessity. "We knew we had to provide a room for

mothers and it was so important we cut down the size of one of the shops to provide for it," he said. And, while Denhams have been renovating and enlarging the Savemore Centre, the individual tenants have been been working hard changing their stores. Their efforts have been rewarded. The whole centre has a "new" feeling about it. There's new tiles and carpet everywhere. The latest ideas in shopping centre decore have been "imported". There's new lights in the ceilings, new display racks, soft colours on walls and new counters.

The changes, in some cases have been gradual ... in other cases, they have been carried out at blinding speed. Some shops have been transformed overnight. Painters have moved in, stock has been removed, the store redcorated ... and been back in business either the next day or after the weekend. While there won't be a ribbon-cutting ceremony, at least one shop provided a ribbon. Kris Plahn stretched a ribbon across her hair salon on Monday morning and, in front of clients and friends, Mary Lester, wife of Industrial Relations Minister Vince Lester, cut the ribbon and declared the salon open.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 31


Newsagency's new owners, new name and new location THE Sun'n'Fun newsagency has new owners, a new site and a new name ... Savemore Newsagency. New owners Noel and Patricia Ward have relocated their shop to the new section of the Savemore Mall. A colour scheme of silver, grey and red has set the scene for the shop's new decore. Savemore Newsagency will have a full range of cards, stationery, and books including fiction and non-fiction literature. Coast residents can keep up with world affairs by buying the latest papers at the newsagency. The Wards will also be the agency for any Morning Bulletin classified advertisements. They will continue to provide a booking service for cruises on the Victory as well as the agency for the Wide Bay- Capricorn Building "ciety. • —,Lotto and Golden Casket tickets can also be lodged with Savemore 'Newsagency. Mrs Ward said the newsagency had something for all ages to buy ... from children's toys to magazines for the mature-aged customers. The agency is situated on the Park Street side of the mall opposite Morgans Bakery and will open on Sundays from 8.30am until midday. From Mondays to Saturdays the newsagency will open from 8.30am until 5.30pm.


-111110 4• •••401111.144.

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/101,414/1/1/ /I


BENNETT'S AIMS DIRECTLY AT MEN'S MARKET ELEVENyears ago the Bennett family moved to Yeppoon after a number of years in Western Queensland. Tony Bennett said that when he arrived, he saw a need for a men's clothing store. Already familiar with the clothing industry, he opened Bennett's Menswear in the Savemore

Centre. Mr Bennett's store was one of the original tenants. Smart and casual clothing can be bought in the store. All styles and many well known labels are also available. "The shop aims directly at men, offering both smart and casual wear," Mr Bennett said.

For all your Holiday and Business arrangments contact your local Travel Agent...


Four years ago Mr Bennett was elected chairman of the Savemore Traders' Association, which has helped with the redevelopment. "The centre has a bright future," Mr Bennett said. "The extensions are good, there will be variety, and plenty of parking for customers."


ABOVE: Denham Bros. Ltd chairman of •directors Tom Macaulay discusses renovations at the Savemore Centre with Savemore Traders' Association chairman Tony Bennett, who is also an original tenant.

reen and Co

Threads 0 Patterns Haberdashery Fabrics 0 Buttons 0 Ribbons


AVIS we are now located in the


Sewing Thread GIVEAWAYS with every purchase

in the former newsagency OPEN 8.30 to 5.3Opm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to Noon on Saturdays ph 39 1044


Congratulations to Denhams for their Confidence and a Big Step Forward for Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast

Everything you need for sewing... and air-conditioned for your comfort

32 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987



AT LEFT: One of the first shops to be relocated and completed was Muiph's Sight IV Sound which moved after closing time Saturday and was ready for business at opening time Monday. Principal John Bretz pictured in the store.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 33

ROYAL HOTEL KEPPEL SANDS Extends a welcome to all visitors for a friendly drink

XXXX and Carlton on tap

Ike laigkint ac Mile beart tile Coat



;1. A •


Eat in or take-away Shop 4, 26 James Street, Yeppoon Third block from beach Phone orders to...39 4422

* ABOVE: Peter Malick of Emu Park is pictured receiving his graduation diploma from Yeppoon State High School principal John Great a fitnction on Thursday night at Bayview Tower.

Seafood Smorgasbord .„and Cold Meat Selection

Motel boats OK A MOTEL proprietor has been given Livingstone Shire Council approval to operate three small aluminum boats from his Kinka Beach premises. In a letter to council, Elgan Motel's Eric Nagle asked if he could increase his hire business by two additional aluminium boats outfitted with motors. Mr Nagle said he already hired one small boat to mainly motel guests who wanted to fish the estuary near by. He couldn't see any problems arising by investing in two further small boats. Council approved Mr Nagle's application to be allowed to hire a total of three small trailer boats from his Elgan Motel, Kinka Beach.

rtudents who graduated front Yeppoon High • Thursday night. You can tell they have just Rhodes Watson.

The Best Way to enjoy Meat!'



No to closure LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will object to any move for a permanent road closure of Ocean Street, Emu Park. J and M Morris submitted a road closure application to the Land Administration Commission. They asked for a section of Ocean Street to be closed but for a four metre wide strip to remain open to provide pedestrian access to the rocky shore. Assistant shire engineer Peter Harbeck said the road closure had been considered before. He said council had decided the road may be required for local government purposes and shouldn't be closed. Council will send an objection to the Land Administration Commission to the proposed road closures.

Charcoal Grill NP's road idea BYO EAT IN or TAKE-AWAY Phone orders..39


Opp Railway Station between Pacific & Railway Hotels

Open 11.30am 'til no-one about


THE National Party Emu Park branch has written to Livingstone Shire Council with an idea to improve the corner of Hill and Pattison Streets. It told Livingstone Shire Council a roundabout at the corner would "alleviate the dangerous situation". "This intersection is especially busy on weekends, and the holiday periods, and in the past there have been many near misses with the build up of traffic," the branch's letter said. Council will consider a roundabout in future works programmes but it had higher priorities in unsealed Emu Park roads.

AQUAJET and Magnificent New VICTORY

In the new-look, fully carpeted and $275° and air-conditioned Dolphin Room

Friday & Saturday from 6.30pm * Bugs * Oysters * Crabs * Fish * Prawns * * Hot and Cold Dishes * The Dolphin Room is available for private 39 1301

STRAND HOTEL 7E= 39 1301



OPEN EVERY DAY Sunday to Thursday 11 .30am - 2.30pm 5pm - 9pm


$5 Normal Dinner Menu Sit down for tour or more

$12 a head Prawn on Toast &Spring Roll and a choice of Seafood Combination Honey Chicken then.,. SpecialFried Rice Dessert & Coffee/'tea

SANDS ARCADE YEPPOON Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory.


and bookings: 33 6744; 27 2948 a/n

39 1301

39 4568

QUICK SERVICE EAT IN OR TAKEAWAY Friday & Saturday 11 .30am - 2.30pm 5pm - 1 Opm Eat in only

Special Dinner Dec 1 to Dec 25

$10 a head (Four or more) Chicken & Corn Soup Spring Roll and Dim Sim and a choice of... Lemon Chicken, Seafood Combination Sweet & Sour Pork then... Dessert, Coffee/Tea

Lunch Menu $5.50 Sit down Spring Roll & then choose any of the following with Fried Rice Steak & Veg; Steak with BlackBean Sauce; Steak with Satay Sauce; Chicken with Almond or Cashew; Curry Prawns; Chicken with Veg; Sweet & Sour Pork or Fish and tea or coffee


34 — Capricorn Coast Mirror NoVennber 28 — Deeember 4, 1987 YEPPOON CWA will have its Christmas Party on December 2 at Kanangra Restaurant. Members are to meet at the CWA Hall at 11am and then will go to Kanangra at 11.30am. Friends are welcome.

EMIT Park Nursing Mothers will have the Christmas break-up on December 1 at 9.30am. Diane O'Regan's home in Pears Street is the venue and members are invited to go along ... take a plate for morning tea and a gift to the value of Si suitable for a mum. Dianewill be receiving her community education certificate. ***


See the experts at...


•, ro,44,4,v‘iv

SCOPE'S last meeting for 1987 is on Monday, December 14 at the Railway Hotel starting time is 6.30pm and then dinner at 7.30pm. The Christmas celebrations will continue at Lynda Gustafson's honie after. Anyone who would like to go along (and you will be welcomed) can phone Lynda, 39 3152, before December 11. SCOPE goes into recess until February, 1988 and wishes everyone Seasons Greetings ... and a special thanks to all members of the community who supported the members during the year. The first function for the new year will be a stall at the Australia Day celebrations. *** CHRISTMAS trees are available again this year through the Bush Children's Home, Todd Avenue, from Friday, December 11. Also from the flea market on Saturday December 12 and 19; Savemore from Saturday, December 12 to Thursday, December 24 and Rockhampton Shopping Fair from Monday, December 21. The cost is 58.50 per tree. Orders can be taken at the home, 39 1311.

* Full lubrication service * Tune Up * Automatic Service * Brake Repairs and overhauls * Computerised Wheel Alignment and Balance * Radiator Repairs & Re-cores * Car Manufacturers scheduled book service * Roadworthy Certificates * Motor overhauls or complete replacement

McBean St (opp Iron's)


Caa6Eulu- I


AN exhibition of pottery by May Briggs, Pam Gaze and Sarah Blenkin, combined with fabric painting by Sally Corney, continues this week at the Paint Pot Gallery until Friday, December 4. Hand built platters, functional pieces and delightful gifts for Christmas, some products of wheelwork and others handcrafted are on display. *** EMU Park Pensioners League members will take a bus to Rockhampton on Wednesday, December 9. It will leave the Cultural Hall at 9am. First stop is Shopping Fair and then onto to Norman Park so that The Evergeens can entertain the residents. The bus will return to Shopping Fair before going to the Schotia Place concert. Cost is S2 return. *** WESLEYAN Methodist Ladies Fellowship will have the Christmas party to wind up the year's meetings on Thursday, December 3 at 10am in the Yeppoon CWA Hall. ***

39 3282


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LEGACY Christmas dinner for the Laurel Ladies starts at noon (The date was left off ... I'm sorry, you will have to contact Stan Kent for that) at the Leichhardt Hotel. Yeppoon ladies will leave from Beaman Park at 9.30am. *** THE Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Service recently received a donation of a special airflow mattress designed to help patients who have spend long periods in bed. Mrs Jean Preston gave the mattress in memory of her husband, Ern, and in appreciation of the untiring care of the Blue Nurses. *** DO you have any old photographs of Emu Park ... sporting, military or of the railway? The Emu Park Historical Museum would like the photos to add to its collection. The photos will be copied and returned to the owners. Have no fear about the care of your prints, the museum's committee has copied and cared for many people's photos in the past and know what to do. Contact Joan Whyte, 39 6472, who will be able to help and set any fears at rest. ***

Yeppoon office 39 1904 After hours 39 1572 Rockhampton 27 6233


PIES Scrumptious and Piping Hot at one of these

21 Popular Outlets Beachside 66 * Zilzie Store * The Deli Lammermoor Servo * Emu Park Eatery Anne's Fast Foods * Cooee Corner Denney's Ice Cream Parlour * The Oaks Olympic Pool * St Ursula's * Be Bops Yeppoon High * Rosslyn Bay Kiosk Causeway Store * Keppel Island Cafe Emu Park Grocery Store Millroy's General Store, Emu Park Emu Park State School Farnborough State School Pineapple Patch and...Annie's Pie Shop!

BUY a book prepared and written by Coast authors this Christmas for those 'special' little gifts ... or souvenirs. The books, prepared by Capricorn Coast Writers, are on sale at Coast newsagents. *** CHRISTMAS family day will be held for Multiple Birth Association members at the Capricorn Waterslide tomorrow, Sunday, at 10am. Contact publicity officer Michelle Clarke, 28 7109.

TRY ONE TODAY! 1 Charles St, Yeppoon 39 1011

QATB auxiliary will have a display party of K


Sa Rah fashions at the James Street, Yeppoon ambulance centre on Tuesday, December 8 and it includes a bring-your-own picnic lunch.

Still the best pie on the Coast ... with the most of everything!!


Morgan PIE

*ABOVE: Caveman Pat Clare sidelines as Sacred Heart Parents and Friends president. He was caught beating wife Vicki into submission ... she hadn't obeyed his every whim at the school's Christmas break up in the town hall on Saturday night. EMU PARK Choral Society will present a concert in the Emu Park Cultural Hall tonight, Saturday, at 8pm. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen will unveil a community honour board erected by the society as a memorial to the late Joan Burns who was secretary-treasurer and an active chorister for many years. Because Joan was so well known, organisations and the local school children have joined with the society to provide a good, variety evening. Linda Leech will conduct the evening and she has spent a lot of time arranging the programme which will be compered by Joe McIntyre. Admission is S3 for adults, 52.50 pensioners and 50 cents for children. There will be a raffle and lucky door numbers .can be won. ***

THE annual Keith Wright Christmas concert will be held on Friday night, December 4 at the Municipal Theatre in Rockhampton. A free bus to take pensioners to the concert will leave Yeppoon Railway Station at 6pm. Please contact Patricia King on 39 2109 for seats on this free bus. The following Monday, December 7, a bus will go to Rockhampton leaving the railway station at 9am. This bus is the only one going to Rockhampton in December. The fare is 52.50 return and applications for seats to Patricia, 39 2109. *** YEPPOON Lapidary Club's lasy 1987 meeting is on today (Saturday) at midday in the Yeppoon Showgrounds clubroom. All members and visitors are welcome. *** STJAMES Guild memberswill have a morning tea at 10am on Wednesday, December 2 in the Mary Street, Yeppoon hall to thank the people who have helped them over the year ... if you have helped the guild, go along ... they will make you feel at home. ***

PROBUS Club of Yeppoonwill hold the next business meeting on Thursday, December 3 at 10am in the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Guest speaker is Belyando Shire chairman Cr Jim Turner who will talk about the coal and grain industries. *** GIGGLE and Gossip Christmas luncheon is for the ambulance. The date is Monday, December 7. Lunch will be served at 11.30am and the function starts at 10.30am. The venue is the Royal Palm, Capricorn Iwasaki Resort, contact 39 0211 to make your booking Take along a gift worth between S2 and 52.50 and the attraction for the day is a trash n treasure auction sale.


Savemore Centre and McBean St, Yeppoon 14 William Street, Rockhampton 27 7959


CHRISTMAS dinner for Yeppoon Pensioners League is on December 1 in Yeppoon Town Hall, starting at 1pm. *** CAROLS by Candlelight. Emu Park on Sunday, December 13 in Bell Park from 7pm. Keppel Sands I'll notify next week. Yeppoon on Sunday, December 20 in Beaman Park at 7pm. Take along something to sit on and enjoy the spirit of the season, as well as our beautiful nights. *** YEPPOON guides and brownies will have carols by campfire at the hut on Sunday, December 6. Take a torch, your voice, something to sit upon and a plate. Parents are welcome.

Assemblies1 • of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593

SAT: 2.30pm, Youth, Farnborough Beach SUN: 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall TUES: 7.30pm, LLI (2). Pastor's WED: 10am, Ladies. Pam Kayes, 34 4359. aURS: 7.30pm, Prayer Cora's, Kinka. kl

ODD JOBS eating up your weekends? NOW SIT BACK!

Enjoy your leisure hours... for all •0


O Tree Lopping o Repairs O Rubbish Removal PHONE..

Florist and Chocolate Shop See Keith and Janice Hendy for flowers for all occasions

Cnr James and Mary Streets... 39 1941

Pastor Ernie PgFri

0 Fencing 0 Concreting 0 Barbecues 0 ...whatever

39 3675 Tanby Roses

can be bought at t ese popular outlets... Morgan's Bakeries, Savemore Centre and McBean Street Regent Snack Bar 0 Beachside Store 0 Cooee Corner Store Bernie's Hot Bread Shop, Emu Park 0 Zilzie Store 0 Cooee Bay Store

A family day for SCOPE members i Saturday, December 12 between 3pm and at the waterslide. The man in the red suit will probably arrive before the barbecue starts. The things inside the bag are being collected on the Friday before. *** EMU PARK Pensioners League's Christmas dinner is on December 11 at the Pine Beach Hotel, 11am, with the booking deadline at the November 25 social. Tickets are S4 each. The Christmas social is on December 16 in the Emu Park Cultural Hall. *** EMU Park Historical Museum Society craft flea market is on Saturday, today, at 9am.


Interflora Agent in the centre of town!

39 2266


39 7162


November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 35

Capricorn Coast Mirror


YOU only have two chances to see the Radio and Television revue presented by Yeppoon Little Theatre ... tonight, Saturday, and tomorrow at Keppel Bay Sailing Club. The night starts off with a smorgasbord at .)m and then it's on with the radio segment featuring skits, music and commercials. Television is presented after interval. You should make time to see this revue ... the comedy is always refreshing and the fun is guaranteed. The cost is S13 for adults and S8 children with bookings now open at GB's. *** FACTS and fallacies ... Breastfeeding. This discussion by nursing mothers is good for new and expectant mothers. The venue is Janet 'Walter's, 19 Tucker Street at 9.30am on Thursday, December 3. The Christmas break-up is on Saturday, December 5 at 3pm at Janet's home.

SUNSET Lodge residents will have their Christmas party on Monday, November 30 between 10am and 2pm. *** NEW and Pregnant Parent Support (NAPPS) is having an end-of-year get-together at Upper Stoney Creek today, Saturday, from 11.30am. Take along a picnic lunch and bathers ... the water is beautiful and so is the weather. Past and present members are very welcome to go along and relax with old friends, renew old acquaintances and make new friends. If you want to know more about NAPPS, or would just like to go along, contact Gaye O'Brien, 39 452.3.

'dem Coaattiat

.-rn Va ughan,s Furniture

** *

THERE'S a flea market at Cawarral Hall on Sunday, tomorrow, starting at 9.30am. Stalls are S4 and all proceeds will go to work to be done on the hall. Contact Rita Crowley, 34 4387, or Marion McNeill, 34 4133 to book a stall. *** WELL, the Tall Ship. Leo Carpenter contacted me with some information about the Tall Ship coming to the Central Coast next month. Glenn Reddiex of Capricorn Coast Tours, 39 1325, has arranged to take Coast people to Gladstone to see the ship which is en route from Eucador to Sydney. There is a little problem. No-one is sure of the actual date of arrival because the Pacific is talking longer to cross than was originally t,ght. If they run into any cyclones it could be longer. Glenn said he will definitely know one way or the other by December 12 whether the ship will be sailing into Gladstone. If you are interested in going to see the Tall Ship ... it is definitely the chance of a lifetime, and would like to travel by bus, contact Glen, so he will have some idea about numbers. He has promised to let me know, so I can let you know, when things start to happen. The cost will probably be S8 for adults and S4 children, but don't hold him to it yet.

77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON

Specialists in Handmade Solid Timber : Furniture We have two RED CEDAR GRANDMOTHER CLOCKS fitted with German movements ready for Christmas delivery

*ABOVE: St James indoor bowlers celebrated 8.5year-old Sophie Thompson's birthday last ' week. Pictured are Eva Gardner, Audrey Abel, Cliff Thompson (Sophie's son from Brisbane), George Miller, Lois Crockett and Mary Miller. The cake Sophie is cutting was made especially for her.

Window Repairs or Replacement 24-hour Emergency Glass Repairs

Ph: 39 1840 39 7622 a/h

All work by Sam Vaughan himself 'eme111111IIIIII111111111111111111me

Glass Cut-to-Size * Showerscreens * Aluminium Windows * Tiles * Grouting * Adhesives


Flyscreens * Security Screens Wardrobe Doors * Framed Mirrors

53 Tanby Road — 39 1840, 39 7622 a/h

38 JAMES'STREET, YEPPOON. 2-Hour Kodacolour film process! Same-day slide processing & Mounting *11-Alk:

dame-day colour enlargements to Poster size ernight black & white film processing & printin Photo Frames * Colcur &'B & W film

Commercial Photography * Instant Colour Passport photos industrial * Commercial photography Aerial photography Weddings * Parties

Family reunions Balls * Conventions



39 1645


THERE was a good attendance of Yeppoon Hospital Auxiliary committee members at the November meeting. The Christmas lunch will be held at Jim and Penny Stephens on Sunday (tomorrow) starting at 11.30am.


INfned & operated

Yeppoon residents Paul & Carol Dean


36 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 - December 4, 1987


Alt Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, Kinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympic Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079)39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.


VACANCIES QCWA Sunset Lodge Hostel for aged men and women has vacancies for permanents and respite care.

39 6484 Your Coast agent is... Chicken Capri Seafoods. Whitman Street, Yeppoon

Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1pm every day

39 2212

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates

39 1199

Australian Quality Handcrafts presents...

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants 24 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740 ADVERTISEMENT

Denis Hinton your

Local Member for Broadsound

Locally-made Quality Handcrafts for sale with a special feature... Potting and Woodtuming in action

YEPPOON TOWN HALL 9am -4.30pm, Sat, Dec 5


Jennifer Mackie


Who said life begins at 40!! started early.

Just fill in the coupon below, enclosing 51 for each letter ordered and send to...


PUBLIC NOTICES I WILL be commencing full time practice in January, 1988. Will all former patients and intending patients please note that my surgery address remains Arthur Street, next to Marie Brown's Real Estate and my phone numbers will remain ... 39 3473 working hours and 39 7578 after hours. Ami Setu, B D Sc, 1961. Dental Surgeon

Burton's Parcel Delivery IS BEST!!



Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244)

Itinerary for this weekSAT, Nov 28: Middlemount Races SUN, Nov 29: Dysart MON, Nov 30: Yeppoon Office TUES, Dec 1: 1pm, Yeppoon Pensioners

League Christmas Dinner WED, Dec 2:Deputation - Broadsound Shire Council, St Lawrence 7.30pm: Yeppoon Senior Citizens meet THURS, Dec 3: Yeppoon office. FRI, Dec 4: Yeppoon Office Night: Yeppoon Branch NP Meeting SAT, Dec 5: Yeppoon. SUN, Dec 6: Broadsound Electorate

Party Meeting, Marlborough Emu Park Progress Assn BBQ

36 ROCKHAMPTON ROAD, YEPPOON. 4703 Wait to see the expression of joy on

Due to the vast size of my Electorate, long distance calls to my Electorate Office may, be made reverse charge.

the faces of. your children or grandchildren when they open their very own letter and realise who it is from. The memory will remain with you for years. And not only that, your $1 donation will assist Yeppoon Lioness Club to help local children's charities. There are three letters, all beautifully written, and great care is taken where parents have requested individual letters for their children, that each receive differently worded letters. Alternatively, why not encourage your child to write a letter to Santa enclosing, on their behalf, a $1 donation towards helping local children's charities.

Broadsound Electorate Office Upstairs Seaview Arcade Yeppoon Phone 39 2352


EMU PARK, partly furnished, 3 bedroom house. 39 6286. CENTRE of town. Unfurnished house. $85 weekly. Phone 39 2337 after hours. UNIT, Statue Bay. Dishwasher, freezer, good furniture. No children or animals. Permanent only. $110 weekly. Phone 39 2337 after hours.

Yours faithfully,



New Image Ultra Diet II ...has come to town Your new distributor for Yeppoon is Ross Mclndoe - 33 6561 Lose excess weight at the rate you desire

I have shed 181b or nearly 8 kilos in 8 days. COritact me now for further information ROSS McINDOE f,STATUE BAY, YEPPOON .46 ,

CASH for new novels, must be in new condition, also comics (good condition only). Yellow Door Book Exchange, James Street, Yeppoon (next to Bill Green Real Estate).

SALON 24. Waxing, facials and make-ups. Phone 39 2198.

This space contributed free by the Capricorn Coast Mirror as a service to the community.

Love from Sandra, Charlie, Ronald, Jo-Ann, Andrew and Chris

OLD china, bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antique, 26 Mary Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442



Many Happy Returns Mum for last Wednesday, November 25.

WANTED: All household furniture & effects. Phone 39 6394.

POOL-TABLE, 4x8, slate top, in good condition with accessories. Phone 39 6726.


LOST AND FOUND LOST: Grey Persian female cat, missing from 914 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6476. Reward.

KINKA/EMU PARK/ZILZIE RECREATION SURVEY Residents are advised that questionnaire packages have been delivered to most dwellings in the above area and the Livingstone Shire Council, in co-operation with the Queensland Recreation Council, requests that every effort be made to complete the survey form by MONDAY, November 30. Collectors will call at most dwellings during the first week of December to collect the survey forms, and can assist any person who may have difficulty in completing same. Additional forms are available at Green's Hardware, or from the Council Office, and any person who needs personal assistance to fill out the form may also contact Mr Leicht (39 6188) or Mr Nothling (39 6620). If a collector does not call at your residence before MONDAY, 7th DECEMBER, please return the completed form to either Green's Hardware or the Council Office. The survey forms will all be conveyed to the Queensland Recreation Council in Brisbane for completion of the analysis, and we anticipate results becoming available to a public meeting in Emu Park very early in 1988. The co-operation of the community in the conduct of this survey is most appreciated. A J BROWN Phone 39 3388 SHIRE CLERK era:Ale...1

GIVE-AWAY eight female German ShepTrerjrd cross Bull Terrier pups in 6 weeks times. Contact Sandra Mackie, 39 4244 b/h. NATIONAL Party Yeppoon branch meeting, Friday, December 4, 7.30pm in CWA Hall. QATB raffle winner (folding tray table) at Savemore: D Weller, Todd Avenue. REQUIRE lift, Yeppoon-RockhamptonYeppoon, 5 days a week. Phone 39 1403 after 5pm. YVETTE'S Restaurant, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday lunch. Weddings and Christmas Party bookings. 39 3499. SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from all services.'We have now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. FISHERMAN'S Beach Restaurant closed from. Monday, November 23. Re-opening Monday, December 21. Annual holidays. GRAYDON Harric, Chiropractor, 49 Normanby Street, Yeppoon. Phone 39 2211. Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 7am to 5.30pm; Wed - 9am to noon. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833. 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship" meeting, 10am every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for wor and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os. Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo rt. 39 4523.

Capricorn Iwasaki The management of Capricorn Iwasaki Resort would like to thank all those who have applied for employment at the resort. At the present moment all positions are filled and future vacancies will be advertised locally as they occur. John Peach Personnel Manager


WANTED TO BUY Dear Father Christmas, I have enclosed cheque/money order for $ made payable to the Yeppoon Lioness Club and request you to send (qty) letters, at $1 per letter to the children whose names and addresses I have printed below. 3 (Use another piece of paper if there's not enough space).



0.0:;:f • .• WO • • • fa

URGENTLY wanted to rent, minimum of 5 years from December 1. Nice, new or near new 2 bedroom unfurn unit or town house in Yeppoon area. Some garden and carport. Approx $120. Non-smokers and non-drinkers. Please phone (08) 322 0533 5pm to 7pm or write, PO Box 93, Morphett Vale. 5162. South Aust. Dr McMenzie. THREE bedroom house, town area. Reasonable rent. Phone 39 3095.


MORTGAGEE &deta AUCTION Saturday, December 19 ON SITE - YEPPOON (Acting under instructions from National Westminster Finance Australia Ltd as mortgagee exercising power of sale) we offer the following properties. Firstly at: 10am on site at No 10

Prospect St, Statue Bay. Modern highset 3 bedroom home with both boat and car lockup accommodation, rumpus room and open patio area with seaviews and only short walk to beach. Followed by at: 10.45am on site at Gregory St, Cooee Bay. Modern lowset 4 bedroom spacious home with concrete tile roof, kitchendining, family room, rumpus room and large BBQ and entertaining area. Home is approx 44 squares under roof including BBQ area and it's on almost 1/2 acre (1953m2) !awned allotment with inground swimming pool. And then at: 1 1.30am on site at No. 81 Todd Ave, Yeppoon. Unit 2 at D J Units. 2 bedrooms with lounge dining, kitchen, laundry, bathroom. It's a ground floor unit (only four units in block) situated at one of Yeppoon's most sought after addresses and it's absolute beachfront. AUCTIONEERS COMMENTS: This auction represents a golden opportunity for you to acquire a piece of the action on the Capricorn Coast while prices are still affordable. For further details or inspections contac

YEPPOON 39 1177 A/H Bob, 33 6790; Barry, 39 4180 Mal, 39 3955

Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 - December 4, 1987 - 37

Ca ricorn Coast Mirror Classifieds - 39 4244) rRADEWORK tLEVISION. Video, .Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330_ STOVE and hot water repairs. Yeppoon Electrical Service. 39 3835. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396 SLASHING done - Inquiries phone 39 1199 during daytime. SPRAY-TANK for noxious weeds available. Phone 39 1199. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 Plumber - Keith Chivers -39 3518. BUILDING, painting and plumbing. Free quotes. EC & VP Bailey, 39 2232. or 22 1687. CASSETTE, Radio. Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LAWN-MOWING, Edging. Garden Maintenance. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. FENCING: Terry McMullan. Phone 39 1140. VIDEO. TV and Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter. phone 392330. ELECTRICIAN: Finter's Electrical Service, based Emu Park. Ph Clive., 39 6552 or 28 2902. RUBBISH removed, trees lopped, furniture removal. For prompt free quotes, phone C & L Carriers, 39 7924. LAWN-MOWING, edging, yards_. cleaned_ 'rubbish removed, odd jobs. Reliable. 39 2401 CARPENTER/BUILDER, wardrobes, '- 'tensions, new job too small! ry Bishton, 39 1784. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house .cleaning. Phone 39 2460. SLASHER hire, anytime. Les and Lorraine Hof, Emu Park. 39 6016. CONCRETE floors placed and finished. Slashing, ripping & plough work. Ph 39 7588. RETIRED carpenter, small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs, wood turning. 39 6507. FLYSCREENS and doors, made-to-measure on the Coast from Central Coast Insect Screens. 39 4318. OFFICE equipment repairs. VJ Engineering. 1/40 Knight Street, North Rockhampton. Phone 28 7889 or 28 2119. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes. 39 1404 or 39 1745. PAINTING and Wallpapering, free- quotes. Phone Vince Hannan. 39 1513.

FURNITURE Restoration * Repairs * Polishing

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MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hali. Senior Citizens' Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. WEDNESDAY: 7pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B19634. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B19768.

HOLIDAY ACCOMM COOLWATERS Holiday Village, Capricorn Coast. s/c units, o/s vans, powered and tent sites. Phone 39 6102.

WORK WANTED CARPENTER: maintenance, windows, steps, patios, bathrooms, any jobs. Free quotes, hourly rate. Phone 39 7727. •FOR carpentry work. contact Don Huttley, 15 Bartlem Street, 39 1502. HIRE a student. Mowing, gardening and cleaning. Phone 39 3935. DRESSMAKING (by pattern). Gail Matthews. Phone 39 3316. LAWNS mowed, grass removed, odd jobs by young and reliable person. Phone 33 6732. CHILD-MINDING, house-cleaning, sewing, ironing. Emu Park area. Ph Eleanor, 39 6081. LAWN mowing wanted. Average yard approx $12. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please phone 39 7578.

Emu Park Panel Beating and Spray Painting


JACK'S lawn-mowing, edging, garden waste, removal service. Will quote. Average yard $15. Phone 39 2401 b/h. CARPENTER available. Renovations & repair work at reasonable rates. Sam Crow 39 3065. CARPENTER available: Renovations and repair work at reasonable rates. Ph 39 4587.

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LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.

We specialise... in rust and restoration work

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38 - Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 - December 4, 1987

FOR SALE LAY-BY now for Christmas selections of gifts available ... also double and single Papasans. Coastal Cane, upstairs Sands Arcade, Yeppoon. TWO 10-speed racers, 60cm (24"), $75 each. Phone 39 3505. WATERBED, Queen size, chunky pine with heater and waveless mattress. VGC. Phone 39 1867. MEN'S 27" 12-speed racer. $120 ONO. Phone 39 1672. STEELCRAFT pram, near new. Assorted baby items, clothes, etc. Phone 39 1867. 1984 Mitsubishi Colt 5 door hatch, reg April '88. 37,000 km. Lots of extras. S8000 ONO. Exercise bicycle, brand new, $65. Phone 39 1417 after 6pm Saturday.

MOTOR VEHICLES FALCON XD, 4.1 auto, air-conditioned, flexibar, 12 mths reg, 1 owner, log book, VGC. Phone 39 1393. 1984 Mitsubishi Colt 5 door hatch, reg April '88, 37,000km. Lots of extras. $8000 ONO. Phone 39 1417 after 6pm Saturday.

Capr Icorn Coast Mirror Classifieds 39 4244) BEARINGS and seals - Cooee Bay Marine cnr Tanby Road and McBean Street, Yeppoon. 39 1675.


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Arthur Street (opp Railway Hotel)



Pridessionalsi When thinking of buying or selling Real Estate on the Capricorn Coast our alert and active sales team may be able to assist. Think positive ... contact the Professionals sales team locally owned and operated on the Capricorn Coast for more than a decade. --r


"e• hoe ow.

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Instructors are required by Aishin-Kai Karate Schools of Australia Ltd to operate clubs throughout Queensland. Aishin-Kai Karate Do is a practical fighting style of karate easily learned by students and is growing rapidly throughout Australia. Applications are invited from holders of brown or black belt level students of any style of karate who wish to become instructors., Inquiries from already established clubs of different styles are also welcome. For further information and details of training and assistance available write to: The Personnel Manager, Aishin-Kai Karate Do (Australia), 6 Highbury Street, BOONAH. Q. 4310 or Phone (075) 631 001

The Rock

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STAINLESS steel nuts and bolts...everything you need, at Cooee Bay Marine 39 1675. FIBREGLASS resins, and everything else you need at Cooee Bay Marine, 39 1675. GARAGE sale, 7 Prospect Street, Statue Bay, Saturday, November 28. Large sliding window, louvres, grinder, tools, handles, books, etc., etc. GARAGE sale. Many diffr'rent items. Saturday, November 28, 8am, 23 Ben Street, Yeppoon. REAR louvre for Datsun Pulsar hatch-back. $25. Phone 39 1951, Sunday.


Good quality Furniture Electrical Goods Bric-a-Brac

POSITIONS VACANT MUST be certified scaffolder and a financial member of the BLF or prepared to join. Eight weeks work over Christmas. Accommodation provided. Contact CES agent, LJ Hooker, Yeppoon. 39 2401. THREE vacancies for 15-16 year olds. Shop assistant with grade 10 English and Maths. Shop assistant in fast food shop. Waitress in cafe. Contact CES agent, L J Hooker, Yeppoon, 39 2401. ELECTRICIAN, fitter, mechanic tradesman, able to repair stoves, washing machines and small electrical appliances. Ideal for someone retired. Contact CES agent, L J Hooker, Yeppoon, 39 2401. PART-TIME Kindergarten Director required for Emu Park three mornings per week. Must have Early Childhood Experience and qualifications for same. Applications close November 28. Apply to Secretary, P 0 Box 10. Emu Park.




When planing your next outing come to Kanangra. Relax on Sunday with lunch under the Pergola overlooking the pool. Kanangra is a fully licensed family restaura.„, With group bookings catered for by arrangement, 7 days-a-week. The buffet-style menu is prepared by your hosts Hugh and Liz Pilbury. * Friday is family night $14ph * Saturday night, $16ph, there is live entertainment * Sunday lunch isacarvery$12 ph Children under 14 are half-price and pre-schoolers, free Bookings are essential Kanangra Restaurant Tanby Road South, Yeppoon 39 7144



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OPEN MONDAY TO SUNDAY 8.30am - 5pm Merry Christmas to all from...


Secret of my Success

UNTOUCHABLES Friday and Saturday Friday and Saturday December 4 and 5, 7.10pm November 27 & 28, 7.10pm Warren


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Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987 — 39


ZILZIE Golf Club Thursday break-up was a (7_, stroke over nine holes. NAP Nine hole members' winner was V Hunt with 31 and a half nett and runner up, V Svendsen with 32. Associates' winner was F Humphries with 31 nett and runner up, J Atkinson 33 nett. Putts winners were G Pearson and E Humphries. Pinshots went to D Brown, J Atkinson, 0 Phillips, G Cliffe, J Kerlin and G Pearson with the encouragement trophy going to L Crawford. On Saturday, a mixed Canadian was played and Cec Saunders won with 59 nett and the pinshot went to 0 Phillips. A 4bbb stableford was played for Jack Kerlin's trophies on Sunday. Guy Williams and Glad Hicks won with 51 points. Runners-up were Keith Miller and Fran Humphries with 50 points. Left overs winner was Ray Morgan with 41 points and G Hicks and D Campbell won the pinshots. Today, Saturday, a stableford will be played. Tomorrow, a 4bbb S/scratch will be played for club trophies. The associates' break-up and presentation of yearly trophies is on December 5. The Daph Wassman trophies will be played at 10am with a nine hole stroke then lunch. The draw for members is 12.30pm and they will then be invited to participate after the game. All members and associates are welcome.

Crocketts crack championship B grade squash HUSBAND and wife combination, Ken and Lois Crockett, took out the 1987 Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club's Championship Pairs title at the club's hall last Saturday night. For Ken it was two in a row. Last year, with Mery Eggerling as his partner, he shared in top honours in this fixture. Ken currently holds the YIBC singles championship and champion of champions titles. Last year Ken and Lois won the Rockhampton Pairs Championship. In last Saturday's fixture Ken and Lois, on their way to the top position, defeated May Hobkirk and Evie Bensen 12-4, Kath Mcllwraith and Jeff Marshall 13-6, Gary Warren and Betty Bannister 15-2, Vi Robson and Evie Cowie 13-8. Runners-up were Vi Robson and Evie Cowie who beat Mavis Brown and Adrian De Graaf 12-9, Dulcie Locke and Elma Kearney 12-10, Alma Jones and Andy Hobkirk 12-19, but went down to Ken and Lois Crockett 13-8. This was Vi Robson's second year in the runners-up position. Last year, with Cec Brown as her partner, she was relegated to second place by Ken Crockett and Mery Eggerling. Three times singles champion and champion of champions, Vi has won the Pairs Championships on two occasions ... 1978 and 1985. She is YIBC games director. Seventeen pairs turned out for last Saturday night's fixture, five down on 1986. Last Friday night two Rockhampton clubs, Capri and Wandal, visited YIBC and the

iaskins' 39 wins golf stableford YEPPOON Golf Club's Wednesday group had a good field of women players. Stableford winner was Stella Haskins with a score of 39 points, next was Daphne Gregg with 37. Daphne won the first nine with 29, from Stella who scored 32. Kay Scope won the second nine with 33 along with Esme Woodbridge also with 33. Pinshots were won by Stella Haskins and Shirley Kruger and Margaret Dunphy won the proshot. Members' stableford winner was Tony Shields with 42 points. He was followed by Ian Atkinson, Joe Kruger, Ernie Nankivill and Don Cooper with 40 each, and Edgar Shields, 38 points. T Shields won the first nine with 27 and a half, P Hogan 28 and a half, E Nankivill 30 and a half, I Murray 31, R Hansen 31, J Kruger 31 and a half and 0 McCurtayne 31 and a half. D Cooper won the second nine with 28 and a half, I Atkinson 32,J Kruger 33 and a half, E Shields 34, R McGlashan 34 and K Clements 34. Pinshots: K Clements, R Dawson. Proshot waswon by S Thorne and Ron Dawson an eagle on No 17 green. Last Friday, November 20, the veterans played a stroke for members and women over 12 holes for the Terry and Esme Woodbridge trophies. Yvonne Foxwell won the women's section with 45 and a third. Esme Woodbridge was next with 45 and two thirds, with Gwen Bullock on 47. Kay Scope won the pinshot. Members' winner was Dick McGlashan with 1411 and two third. Next was Bill Freeman and Harley Fisher both scoring 42 nett and Terry Woodbridge won the pinshot. The ladies played a 4bbb stroke last Saturday. Winners were Karen Gibson and Lorna Quigley with 66 nett on a countback from Cassie Freeman and Gladys Scharf. Gwen Dawson and Gwen Bullock 67, E Huszak and L Quigley 68, Stella Haskins and Joan Burrowes 69, Theresa Clark and Daphne Gregg 69. Pinshots were won by G Bullock and K Gibson and S Haskins won the proshot. Members also played a 4bbb stroke. The winners were: Mike Boydeand Ernie Nankivill 58 nett, Ossie McCurtayne and Mike Prior 59, Cec Cooper and Frank Huszak 60 nett.


Emu Park Bowls Club

• . (Australia's most-unique Clubhouse) A Capricorn Coast Tourist Attraction

MONDAYS: Local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens at 3pm. TUESDAYS: Mixed Bowls, fpm start. Club opens 10am. WEDNESDAYS: Ladies' Day. Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Club opens 10am. THURSDAYS: Mixed Bowls, casual dress, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Also local Cock o' the Walk Competition. Club opens 10am. FRIDAYS: Mixed Three Bowl Pairs Competition, 9.30am start. Casual dress. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Roll-up, 2pm start. Casual dress. Club opens 10am. Barbecue lunch available. Barbecue tea available. SATURDAYS: Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. SUNDAYS: Men's Turkey Triples. Nominated Teams or Single entries. Casual dress. Followed by Mixed Bowls, 1pm start. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Trophies. Barbecue lunch available. Club opens 10am. After bowls each Friday and Saturday stay on for our Barbecue. -Trophies guaranteed for euery of competition.Euery day is a Competition Day at Emu Park Bowls Club. Phone entries to 39 6503

Pinshots: J Garvey, S Thorne and 0 McCurtayne and the proshot was won by A Gabel. A mixed 4bbb stableford for the Ransome Shield was played on Sunday. Winners were Bernie and Karen Gibson with a good score of 50 points. Ian and Jan Atkinson were next with 46 followed by Allan Lewis and Hazel Fry 46, Tom and Ethel Jarman 46, Rod Young and Nancy Montgomery 46 points. Joe and Shirley Kruger 44, Vince and Gennie Hannan 44 points. Pinshots: women, N Hunt, T Clark, G Scharf and P Drillis; members, S Kim, S Mdndoe, K Rogers and E Shields. Proshot: G Williams. The leftovers game was won by Geoff Williams with 42 points followed by Michael Kinman 40 and Stuart McIndoe 38.

Yeppoonites scored a double, easily beating Capri by 70 points, 134-64, but finding Wandal a harder nut to crack, the margin of victory being only seven points, scores were YIBC 97, Wandal 90. Tomorrow (Sunday) the Christmas party for YIBC members and guests will be held in the club's hall starting at 6pm.

Triples trophies GOOD bowling and lots of fun was the theme on Saturday, November 21, when 36 Singing Ship Bowling Club members did battle for the president's triples trophies. President Trevor Gardner, in his first year as president, put up sparkling glass trophies and said he was pleased with the turn up and high standard of bowling. Scoring was one for an end, plus two for a win. After a double countback winners were: first, Cliff Anderson, Bonnie Atcheson and Merle Sheridan with 15 points, having 19 aggregate and eight aggregate against. Second, Alan Price, Jose Gart and Betty Allen with 15 points, having 19 aggregate and 11 aggregate against. Sportsmanship award went to Avis Mallory, Billie Stevenson and Audrey Tindall. Winners of the raffle were: first, Ray Farrow and second to Marg Price. "Everyone agreed that it was a beaut day," publicity officer Marg Price said. Visitors are welcome at the Singing Ship club and over the past few weeks Fred and Mabel Tooze from Devon, England, have been regular players. "Members wish Fred and Mabel Bon Voyage as they continue their travels," she said. On Tuesday, 27 members of Rockhampton Later Years club joined the local players for social bowls after their picnic in Bell Park. With 64 bowlers in hall it was a great afternoon. Raffle winners were Joy White, Aileen Clarke and Betty Phillips. The annual meeting will be on Saturday December 5, starting at 1pm followed by social bowls. Nominations for office bearers are to be given to the secretary by Wednesday, December 2. Club break-up luncheon is on Saturday, December 12 and names must be in the book soon. Used stamps are still being collected for the Mirror to hand on for the Leprosy Appeal.

Japan focuses on CQ region ALL of Japan will be focused on the Central Queensland region during the forthcoming visit by the Japanese baseball team ... the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. The Giants and their party are due to arrive in Rockhampton on Saturday, December 12, for a three day visit to the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort as a prize given to them for winning the 1987 Pennants Competition. Professional baseball is the most popular sport in Japan with fans numbering more than 50 million (half the Japanese population). When the Yomiuri Giants are playing on their home ground more than 55,000 people go to see them play. Baseball was imported into Japan from America over 100 years ago, and although Sumo wrestling remains the traditional Japanese national sport, because of its popularity, baseball has become the national sport. The pennant competition consists of six teams, with each team playing 130 games in the season which runs from April through to October. Tokyo Yomiuri Giants owner Toru Shoriki gave the trip to the Giants as a prize for winning the pennants. Mr Shoriki owns the Japanese Yomiuri newspaper which has a daily circulation of 8 million copies, making it the biggest circulating newspaper in the world.

Included in the party visiting the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort will be the players' wives and family, along with a media entourage of about 36. The Giant's trip to Central Queensland will be televised and written about in Japan, ensuring publicity for the Central Queensland area.

Day squash JAGUARS and Kate's Kites will compete for the crown in the Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures played next Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Jaguars defeated Dazzlers in games played on Wednesday. The grand final wooden spoon game next week is between Julie's Jokers and Liz's Whizzers after the Jokers downed Seagulls on • Wednesday in the semi-final. Julie Britton v Sally Corney 0-3; Jean Graff def Joyce Hinton 3-2; Jean Graff def Rosemary Jones 3-1; Jan Schmidt def Megan Anderson 31; Edrae Damrow v Anne Hodge 2-3; Lois Bayliss def Sue Anne Wilson 3-0. Nita Marxsen v Denise Campbell 0-3; Wendy Stephens def Lyn Timms 3-0; Sue Blake v Penny Munn 0-3; Cheryl Evans def Anne Priem 3-2; Leonie Warren def Carol Knight 3-1; Cordie Nugent def Cheryl Egan 3-2.

B GRADE squash finals this week saw equaltop team Performers assert themselves against the second semi-final winner Taubmans Paints. A fine performance by Taubmans' number four, Shane Miners, to win in four, against veteran 'Performer' Bill Thorpe resulted in Taubmans only point for the night. Performers number three, Barry Corney, defeated Carl Hudson 3-0, followed by similar results from Anthony Trump against Kathy Dale and Performers' captain Mark Sargood against Chris Priem. Performers now meet the Barmoyian Brutes, their co-leaders on the points table in the grand final.

Ladies bowls

A LUNCHEON was prepared by Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club committee and served to guests and members of prior to the presentation of trophies on Tuesday. CQDLBA president Ida Voulas presented the trophies to district events and various competition winners. The committee thanks president May Baglow for her personal gifts to them and the three little girls who performed so nicely to entertain the guests. Subscriptions must be paid before the annual general meeting on December 11 if members wish to record a vote. The club Christmas party is on December 8, at 6pm at the clubrooms. Games director Hilda Villiers has the sheets up on the games board ready for next year's competitions.

ICA netball

THE Indoor Netball Super-League was held at the Gladstone ICA Centre last weekend with teams competing from Yeppoon, Townsville, Gladstone and Rockhampton. There were three divisions competing. In B grade, Gladstone was the overall winner, but Yeppoon displayed a great come-back, after being last on the points table, by defeating Rockhampton in all B grade games. Townsville was over-all C grade winner ... winning five of the six games. The under 21 division had only two teams competing, Gladstone and Rockhampton. Rockhampton was over-all winner. The Yeppoon team thanks their sponsors, Kristin's Hair Design and Emu Park Aqua Bike Hire for their support. USED BOATS 13' Stacer Open 25hp Yamaha $4400 14' Qintrex Open 40hp Mercury $2890 14' Stessl R/A 40hp Suzuki $6975 14' Cruisecraft R/A & trailer $1999 Swordfish Skibike 9.9 Merc $4400 4m Trihull C/console 50hp Suzuki $7995 4.5m Trihull Cuddy 70hp Evinrude $10,995 14' Haines Runabout' 50hp Mercury $4400 14' Nova Runabout & Trailer $2495 15' Yalta H/cab 90hp Evinrude ' $7995 20' Star Cuddy Cabin 2x70 E'rudes$15,995

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I can fix Swim club's successful meeting your Computer problems

CAPRICORN Coast Swimming Club had a successful meeting night on Wednesday. Organisers prepared a lucky gate with the winner, Merle Myatt, receiving a $10 open order at the kiosk for swimming gear and accessories. "Lessee David Milburn and the committee each provided $5 for the prize," the spokesman said. Club members, Matthew and Natalie Cumming, Tony Beck and Patsy Findlay, will com_

pete at the Moura and Biloela carnivals this week. Members competed this week in the 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke. Next week's special events are the 200m butterfly and 100m breaststroke. The swimmers who earned the most pennants this week were .Roseanne Badcock, Melanie Newbery and Kerrianne Badcock in the 25/50m backstroke and ,Rachel Marshall and Kerrianne Badcock in the 25/50m butterfly.

YABA's American tournaments

YEPPOON Amateur Basketball Association ends its 1987 season with two nights of American Tournaments on Monday and Wednesday. Because of the growing interest in basketball, YABA is offering an opportunity for new juniors and seniors to join in a game with regulars of all levels of skills and experience. With competition finished, American Tournament allows anybody wishing to enjoy a social game to participate in a non-team event. New and old players, and interested people of all ages can join the tournament by taking

suitable shoes, one light and one dark shirt which will allow your placement in either side. Players substitute from the court when they feel, like a rest and the emphasis is on enjoyment. Both nights will be open to all players, but the early time slot of 6pm to 7pm is reserved for the under 13s. After 7pm players are placed in teams to keep the competition balanced and to allow everyone to have a reasonable run. Any inquiries may be made by phoning Don Willoughby, 39 3414.

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40 — Capricorn Coast Mirror November 28 — December 4, 1987

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Nine win JKA karate grachngs EMU PARK Branch of JKA Shotokan Karate Club held its first training and grading seminar on November 21 and 22 at the Catholic Hall in Emu Park. The club was formed a year ago and now has a membership of 28 students. Anyone interested in joining may do so on Wednesday or Friday nights at 6.30 at the Catholic Hall, Archer Street.

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IT is expected Yeppoon Bowls Club green could be open in the first week in December ... if everything goes according to plan. The club's publicity officer said the green was well grassed and looked quite good. The new ditch boards have been completed and the lights have been installed and tested, and bowlers are looking forward to 1988. The Savage Shield was played at Wowan on Sunday, November 15, between Wowan, Dee, Welfare and Yeppoon clubs. Dee won the shield with Welfare runner-up and Yeppoon in third place. The Roy Cliffe Shield will be played on December-6 and 32 players are needed. Please members, put your name in the red book. On Friday, November 27, it was men's presentation night with trophies, barbecue and social. Members and friends are welcome. December 16 is Pacific Hotel sponsored day ... a Wednesday afternoon bowls day, always a success. The over 60 players will play the under 60s on Saturday, December 19.

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FRIDAY NIGHT at...ICA Mixed Cricket and Netball's just not cricket or netball! It's a fun night out with your friends * * * *

Fancy Dress Nights Happy Hour (at the bar) Sausage Sizzle ...and more!


Come along and bring a friend ... or make some new ones. Relax and make Friday night a great night.

It's a hit with my mates.

2 McBean Street 39 2235


The seminar was held under the guidance of Central Queensland Chief Instructor Chris Bulbrook JKA 3rd Dan. Attaining 8th Kyu were Adam Clark, Jeff Huxtable, Michael and Helen MacKinnon, Kim and Barry Laundry. Attaining 5th Kyu were Shane and Jody Thompson and Damien Thwaite.

Yeppoon bowls green expected to be open for play in December

V Belts All Ropes

Cnr TANBY ROAD &,q.feBe,an S4 Yeppoon

*ABOVE: EMU Park JKA Shotokan Karate Club held.a training and grading seminar on the weekend at the Catholic Church Hall in E17111 Park. Pictured are: front, Jody Thompson, Jeff Huxtable, Adam Clark, Michael MacKinnon, Helen MacKinnon, Dairen Humphries and Rhonda Noonan. Middle: Shane Thompson, Damien Thwaite, instructor Chris Bulbrook and Shane MacDonald. Back: Barry Laundry, Ian Muiray, Adele Young and Kim Laundry.

It's caught on with the guys too

"This is where experienced players help the inexperienced, so put your names down and don't miss out on a good afternoon of bowls." The annual meeting is on Sunday, December 13, and starts at 9.30am. Only financial members are eligible to vote, so see secretary Frank O'Brien and pay your subscriptions. Nominations for office are now open.

Second grade cricketers have to follow-on SECOND grade Capricorn Coast cricketers were forced to follow-on when they were bowled out for 110 runs last weekend. Chasing Grammar's score of 219, Coast failed by nine runs to avoid being sent into bat again. Adrian Smith top-scored with 31 and Jeff Ingle made 27. Coast batted out the rest of the day and at stumps were three for 119. Dennis Kolega made 31, Adrian Smith 16, Brendan Fleetwood was not out on 35 and Jeff Ingle was not out on 15. In third grade, Coast resumed its innings against Commonwealth with their score of five for 42 and were all out for 126 ... missing out on the first innings point by 24 runs. A good partnership of 50 between Ron Mackie and Paul Marsh helped to put some respectability back into Coast's score. Ron Mackie made 31, Paul Marsh 39 and Brett Russell 15. Commonwealth then went into bat and made a quick 203. The only highlight of the bowling was two wickets that went to Brett Russell who was named man of the match. The opposition then sent Coast back into bat for the final 20 overs of the match. At stumps Coast was six for 35.

Mariners down to Strugglers IN the A grade squash final Strugglers displaced Mariners convincingly 3-1. Strugglers number four, Andrew Dowie, took the first match 3-0 from Val Odell who appeared to be off her recent form. Damien Bri,erty continued for Strugglers, dropping only the third game in a 3-1 result against the ever-wily Chris Callard. Peter Gordon clinched the result for Strugglers with a 3-0 win. Peter appeared to be at his best never letting Glen Ward get settled into the match and forcing many errors. Brett Stewart claimed Mariners only point with a win in three against John Briggs. Strugglers now meet top team Tony's BYO in the grand final at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre.

JOHN Bretz is the (wait for it) Bretz half of Cuddy and Bretz ... and he's the funny half. He's never short of a funny remark about anything ... absolutely anything. This week, while Cathy (Lois Lane) Logan was interviewing both of them about how long they had been in business and other world-shattering questions, John Bretz was asked how long Doug Cuddy had been in the electrical business. Bretzy, using colourful language, answered that Doug had got into the electrical business shortly after electricity was invented!!! *** KRIS PLAHN learned one of the facts of life this week. She invited Mary Lester, wife of Industrial Affairs Minister (at least, hewas on Wednesday night) Vince Lester to officially open her hairdressing salon in Savemore on Monday. Everything went so well Kris was probably thinking she would organise a few more functions along the same lines ... then Mary Lester finished her speech and invited Kris to say a few words in reply. Kris, without her scissors, made a few clipper' remarkswhich added up to thanks ... and wa,.) saved by Mrs Lester from any further speechmaking. Kris' relief was evident... * *

THERE'S an unsung hero who's doing a lot for the Coast ... Ron Smyth, the managing director of Denhams Bros. Ltd. He's the bloke who will get the kicks if anything goes wrong ... and is the sort of bloke who passes on praise for everything that goes right to the people above or below him. He has been in the firing line for months as the Savemore Centre has been renovated ... everyone who has had a complaint has had the chance to talk to him because he's probably spent more time at the centre than he has at his desk. Now it's unlikely that everyonewanted to tell him how nice everything was ... no doubt, knowing the Coast, there would have been the very occasional person who would have wanted to make a remark about dust, noise or inconvenience. Yet this week, everyone who spoke about him was full of praise for his courtesy. You see, Ron Smyth listens. It's an almost forgotten art but he'swell schooled in it. And he's a nice bloke, too! This unpaid commercial comes about because too often, the people who really count don't get the praise they deserve ... this time one did!!! * * *

BEEN a while since Suzy's made an appearance in this column (probably a whole week) but she did something this week that can't be passed up ... she went to church. Probably nothing unusual in that I suppose except she went on Saturday. Can't blame her, after all, it was the Seventh Day Adventist Church and she was attending the Rededication of thLj' Church itself. Unfortunately, for Suzy, anyway, the rededication was held on Sunday. Anyone could make the mistake ... except that Suzy set in type the advertisement saying it was to be held on Sunday!!! *** BY the way, "Lois" waswith her ... and, when Suzy was told she had arrived a day too early she simply remarked that it was "her" fault ... and "Lois" copped another blast of publicity! *** AS everyone knows, school finished on Friday for Year 12s ... the leaders of the 21st Century. One of them was especially lucky he had a job to go to; on Friday afternoon. The lucky fella was Rhodes Watson. He's a tall, blond, good-looking fella who's father's one of the nicest people you could know ... and his mother is well known for her sweet, lovable nature. Oh, by the way, this fella just happens to be the son of the Mirror's owners ... and I'm saying all this because I want to get on the boss' son's right side. Also, this is a note to introduce him to the real world. You see, Rhodes Watson is going to be a photographer, typesetter, compositor, journalist, salesman, cleaner, tea-maker, phone-answerer, paper delivery boy and lunch go and getter and don't forget the sauce. Also, he will quickly learn one of the advantages of being born into a family-owned business ... he can work any hours he likes as long as they total 105 at the end of the week. The reason ) he will be doing all the above jobs is that the-.0 Mirror is too poor to afford an office cat. If you see him out on a job, treat him gently ... he's got a lifetime ahead of him to gain cynicism. Let him do it slowly. Right now, he's one of the rare ones ...the sees good in everything!