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Members’ Open Studios 14–20 October 2013 Artists’ Directory

Eleventh Avenue

Dundas House

Horsforth Progress House Stanningley Barkston House

Patrick Studios Union 105 Oak House

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Redbrook Grimes & Jones

Open Studios: Bridging the Gap. By Jon Cronshaw The open studios concept is always an intriguing prospect for artists and audiences alike. It’s a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between creator and consumer that is often lacking in a traditional gallery setting. These are working spaces – the studio is where artists spend their time thinking, creating and making – they are not exhibition spaces. But equally, they are more like homes than workplaces. The studio can often be a reflection of the artist’s personality, their interests and values. Just look at how they are arranged (or not) and you will see that the artists are comfortable and have the space and inspiration to create and make.


Image left: Josephine Flynn

How the artists respond to the challenge of opening up their studio is of equal interest to the work itself. Do the artists turn their studios into polished exhibition spaces to showcase their work, or do

they simply allow the visitor to get a glimpse of how they work on a day-to-day basis? These are both extremes, of course, but they illustrate one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of open studios – you don’t really know what to expect. Perhaps you will find a series of finished works or maybe just some notes on a computer screen or scribbles on a sketch pad: either way, it offers a fascinating insight. What is central to the open studios concept is that it’s an opportunity to meet the artists. The audience are encouraged to talk to the artists and understand what it is they do. But it is also beneficial to the artist to see how people engage with their work, and see first-hand the questions their work raises – it is the dialogue that makes the event so rewarding for everyone involved. So much of our experience of art is through means where the artists themselves are largely absent – perhaps only present as a name or signature style. Whether it is a piece of art hanging on a wall, a digital animation on a

computer screen, or a sound installation – we are given the chance to meet and engage with the creator rather than just the objects, installations and happenings that they exhibit. So take the opportunity to speak to some interesting people and enjoy the unique experience. Take in the art, and feel inspired that so many artists are busy creating such a diverse range of artworks in Leeds.

Practical Information Opening Night Friday 18th October, 7pm at Barkston House Opening Hours Saturday 12-6pm Sunday 12-6pm (Some studios opening times may differ so please make sure you check our website for up-to-date information before your visit) Access Not all venues have fully disabled access or a lift, please check each venue’s details Getting Around For info on public transport visit By Car Please see individual venues for details on parking

Jon Cronshaw is a Leedsbased freelance culture journalist. He has a PhD in the history of art specialising in British sculpture. To find out more visit or follow on Twitter @Jon_Cronshaw.

Free Shuttle Bus Between venues in Leeds on Saturday and Sunday. Check the website for times For more infomation visit Or call 0113 248 0040

Special events by East Street Arts members for you to get involved in

Carrieanne Vivianette Performance Friday 18th at Barkston, 8pm Saturday 19th at Patrick Studios, 4pm Look out for Rayon Rose’s shiny silver caravan, fun things will be happening inside…’ Sandraw Whyles Ceramics Workshop Sat 19th Barkston A hands-on workshop in our new ceramics facility at Barkston House. More info on how to book on our website

October Events

Salon Exhibition Preview event on Friday 18th at Barkston, 7pm Showcasing the variety of our members’ work, the salon exhibition spans across our various studio venues in Leeds throughout the weekend Book Launch ‘Cigarettes, Beer and Love’ Sunday 20th at Patrick Studios, 6pm onwards Launch event for Ralph Dartford’s new collection of poetry

For this year’s Open Studios, East Street Arts has commissioned the team at Mexico to curate an exhibition from our members’ work, to be shown at Union 105 in Chapeltown. Preview Night Thursday 17th 6pm Exhibition continues until the 27th (check website for opening times) Mexico is a gallery and curatorial project in Leeds city centre. It aims to show and support the best contemporary art from across the UK and beyond. Mexico is directed by
Joanna Aldoori,
Simon Boase,
Pat Creedon,
Ollie Jenkins,
James Maxfield,
Leo Plumb,
Zoe Sawyer, and
Karl Vickers.

Check out our website for up-to-date information on all events

East Street Arts are hosting FrenchMottershead, the collaborative practice of artists Rebecca French & Andrew Mottershead at Barkston House in October as they undertake a well-earned Creative Sabbatical. Over three weeks, they’ll use the time and space to generate ideas for major new participatory projects in response to people and situations they encounter in and around the city. Come and say hello during Open Studios and find out about their research, workshops and practical sketches, and their end of sabbatical ‘Sharing’. Supported by Arts Council England - Grants for the Arts.

Patrick Studios is a bespoke centre for artists and provides up to 34 quality studio spaces, with additional resource areas, a large project space and East Street Arts’ headquarters. It is unique as it addresses artists’ needs for structured support outside of academic institutions and fosters an ethos of professional development. It is a place for artists endeavouring to be professional in their chosen discipline and it is expected that a reciprocal culture will evolve whereby new relationships and collaborations are established and careers can flourish.

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Patrick Studios

Patrick Studios St Mary’s Lane LS9 7EH 0113 248 0040 Access: Disabled access and lift (not to all parts of the building) Parking: Some free public spaces outside the building and Pay & Display.

Other interesting places in the area... Enjoy Studios 1 Melbourne Street Studios 2 The Reliance Bar & Restaurant 76-78 North St, LS2 7PN

Inc. Workshop Sheepscar House, 15 Sheepscar Street South, LS7 1AD

Alex Dunn

Alfie Strong

Alison McIntyre

Andrew Lister

My practice as a painter is embedded in the idea that consciousness is both an individual and collective phenomenon. I reject the Cartesian duality, which has introduced a philosophical dilemma of how to reconcile mind and matter when it is rationally impossible to reconcile but at a profound and intuitive level we feel we do so. As a painter I try to work out the problems of how to visually articulate and work out this problem of - what is real? I want to communicate my ideas of the spiritual in Art and a shared human consciousness of empathy.

I am really interested in formalism at the moment. My work aims to reduce my observations and interests into a component set of lines, colours and shapes. I attribute meaning to every formal quality in my work, taking into consideration a very specific use of material and process that reflect my constant research efforts.

I discovered curve stitching about three years ago whilst teaching an over 55’s class at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I love the technique and the magic of sewing straight lines and ending up with such beautiful curves; it’s the perfect combination of art and maths. I make curve stitched cards and am often working on quite a small scale so my challenge for the Open Studios event is to develop the technique and make some large scale pieces.

I use recognisable images and interpret them using paint, inlay and a variety of found objects.

Exclusively for the Open Studios Alison is guest artist in Hondartza Fraga’s studio.

In ‘Doge’ the Bellini painting from the National Gallery in London is repainted on a spotted handkerchief.

Beth Gadd

Caleb Parkin

Carla Moss

Griet Beyaert

My work deals with The Self, and the effect that living in our current society has on us as individuals and social groups. I am particularly interested in the physical aspect of this, and my work is a response to issues such as the size zero culture, and what is typically considered to be ‘ugly’.

I am a writer (a poet, really), performer, educator and workshop-facilitator, developing ways to get people writing together. My poetry’s been in various online and print journals, I’ve performed at umpteen spoken word nights and it’s been encountered in galleries, cinemas and DVD shops. The comic, gothic, scientific, tragic, trippy and transcendent interest me. I often write about animals and machines; I have a longstanding preoccupation with cephalopods, bugs and 1970s science-fiction.

I am a project and process based artist, making paintings, drawings and artist’s books. Inspired by the organic aspect of life, our interaction with nature and with ‘time’, I have a particular interest in Kazakhstan and the Aral Sea (that has shrunk due to irrigation for cotton). The mark making is often created with a sewing machine, thread and tracing wheel amongst other things. I am also a professional life and business coach working with people who want to get more creative in their lives.

Painting and drawing, Griet’s work is informed by her interest in the human condition and its manifestation in the physical body. ‘I’m fascinated by the human body, every single line and shape, part of the story that amounts to a person.’

Hondartza Fraga

Ian Kirkpatrck

Invisible Flock

I work primarily with drawing and video, and often from found objects and images. In my work I research the emotional dependency relation between person, object and image. My latest works revolve around the notion of loss, distance, journey and the meaning of home. During 2013 I am Leverhulme artist-inresidence at the University of Hull Maritime Historical Studies Centre.

My work explores the sculptural and communicative potential of commercial packaging design. I’m interested in the ways that everyday disposable products can be used to express society’s myths, fears and obsessions—recalling the ritualistic function of ancient decorative vessels such as Greek vases and Egyptian sarcophagi. My sculptures collapse and travel in their own plinths, and are easily assembled into ‘instant’ exhibitions that reflect the parallel aesthetics of museums, galleries and department stores. www.iankirkpatrick.wordpress. com

Invisible Flock are interactive artists. They make installations, public art, digital, performance and game based work.

John Byrne

I’ve always been passionate about painting. I’m fascinated by portraiture in particular and its cultural history as a record of a likeness, a presence, They are Ben Eaton, Victoria an event and a moment in Pratt and Richard Warburton. somebody’s life. The recording They are based and work out of of a likeness is the focus of my their studio in Patrick Studios practice. and create work that is shown Contemporaryportraits @ all over the country. They have made work for galleries, city streets, theaters, the Internet, mobile phones and the open sea.

Josephine Flynn

Katy Devine

Lorna Barrowclough

Lydia Haines

Working between Leeds and Berlin, my drawing based practice is underpinned by my interest in different spatial fields. These spaces - whether an urban landscape, the interior of a room or the plane of a piece of paper - all embody certain codes which constitute a language of that given space. From my methods of enquiry, to the techniques which I employ in the making process, I am concerned with exploring the architectonics of these codes.

Working predominantly with sculpture, collage and photography my work is inclusive and experimental. The theme of protection is an underlining thread throughout my work. My work as a whole actively seeks out more commonplace materials and homes in on the already formed associations with these materials or objects. My sitespecific pieces have engaged with objects and materials that have particular place meaning; a process of importing a history to export it back out to the place in reference. To either reinforce an already acknowledged site or industry heritage to the viewer; or reawaken a heritage that should be remembered.

I am a Leeds based kiln-formed glass artist. Reminiscing the rich history of the wool and textile industries of Yorkshire and its relationship with the land, waters and people, my new Woven Glass series explores the interconnectedness, ebb and flow, strength and fragility of life. Fine stripes of glass are hand-tinted and fused with gold, silver, copper, bronze powder and fine glass powder to create subtle coloration before woven together (over and under) to form an integral piece. The glass is then slumped under heat and gravity into organic forms that mimic the fluidity and softness of woven fabric. designs@vitrumglassdesigns. com

Martha Jurksaitis

Paul Hurley

Paul Miller

Rachel Hunter

Analogue artist filmmaker and photographer whose early years were spent looking through kaleidoscopes, exploring gardens, and watching films. She works with the Super 8 and 16mm film formats which she processes by hand using a variety of alchemical techniques. Her art celebrates the phenomenal natural world we live in, and expresses her delight at working with the sensual and tangible material of analogue film. She has lived in England, Germany, Australia and Iceland, and she still loves kaleidoscopes!

I am an artist working predominantly with performance, and occasionally with video and installation. Central to my work is the live moment: the ‘in-betweenness’ that manifests in the mediation of a reality and a relation between artist and spectator, and between image or text (in its widest sense) and action. Recent work has explored questions of documentation, and the co-creation (with Dane Watkins at Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol) of an interactive online documentation tool. Alongside studio - and gallery-based work, I am also involved in creating participatory and socially-engaged projects, and in teaching live art to students and to other artists.

I am a hoarder of emotions, objects, thoughts and investigations. They constantly clash within me, until I find an outlet, thereby (sometimes narrowly) averting a tendency toward total introversion. My interest in the connective tissue of unexplained universes and the shifting laws of physics and humanity influences my own desire to hide in and explore many parallel worlds and realities. The nerve endings of my work take the form of photography, painting and drawing using traditional and digital media, video and animation and large-scale sound and vision installations.

Whilst studying for my degree in Illustration I developed a fascination in printmaking. Now driven with a passion for textures, forms and shapes, I mainly work with Lino and collagraph trying to exploit these printmaking techniques to create work that is interesting and captivating. I have always been inspired by the extraordinariness of the ordinary, a windy evening, a crow in the tree, a derelict building, I love looking closer at the overlooked.

Rose George

Teresa Flavin

Valerie Zwart

Leeds Weirdo Club

Rose George is an author, journalist and TED2013 speaker. Her second book, The Big Necessity, about sanitation & shit, came out in 2008. Her latest book is Deep Sea and Foreign Going: Inside Shipping, the invisible industry that brings you 90% of everything, was published in September.

Internationally known artist, children’s book author and illustrator, she has illustrated a wide range of materials from picture books to archeological reconstructions. Her illustrated art historical fantasy novels for 9-14 year olds, The Blackhope Enigma, The Crimson Shard and The Shadow Lantern have been nominated for a number of awards in the UK and abroad. In addition to writing and illustrating, Teresa speaks widely in schools, libraries and at literary festivals. She leads illustration, book-making and writing workshops for young people and adults and exhibits her work in galleries and at open studio events.

Valerie Zwart makes contemporary landscapes in a variety of conceptual frameworks. Especially for the open studios, Valerie will be showing a variety of small format landscape oil paintings.

Leeds Weirdo Club is the working studio of artists Matthew Crawley, Harry Meadley and David Steans. It is not an artist collective, but rather a site, an entity unto itself that is produced by the three artists. The ongoing history of the Leeds Weirdo Club is a prosthetic one. On March 22nd 2013 Leeds Weirdo Club staged the first of its quarterly exhibitions. These will occur in March, June, September and December each year. The Club will also produce an annual, to be launched at its December exhibition each year, and host a series of informal nights and evenings.

Also, why not check out our neighbour studio groups, Enjoy and Melbourne Street Studios, both just under 5 minutes walk from Patrick Studios...

Melbourne Street Studios Melbourne Street, LS2 7PS

ENJOY Art Space 64 Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ Fri 5-10pm /Sat & Sun12-4pm

Melbourne Street Studios are a creative hub for arts practitioners, creatives and businesses in Yorkshire. We offer resource and support to creative practice through our lively events programme, event space, studio facility and membership activity. As well as providing a space and creative resource we also have an exciting event programme of workshops, exhibitions, music events and mini festivals.

ENJOY Art Space have been invited by East Street Arts to take part in their annual open studio event. Located just around the corner from Patrick Studios, ENJOY invite you to come along for a drink, a look round the studios and meet some of the artists at work.

www.melbournestreetstudios. com

Image: ENJOY Art Space

As part of the event there will be an exhibition by artists who work closely with ENJOY and who are involved with the collective.

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Union 105 provides support to people who want to develop arts practices, particularly but not exclusively, in the visual arts. We do this through provision of affordable studio facilities, one-to-one support, helping to formulate and structure professional development and provide a framework for exchange, dialogue and collaboration.

Union 105

Union 105 also provides an accessible project space that is a focus for activity and provides opportunities to show work and engage with audiences. And a bit further up the road from 105 you can find Feel Good Factor (A Healthy Living Centre), Footprint Workers Co-op, Inkwell Creative Minds and The Workshop Press Gallery.

Union 105 105 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 3HY

Also based in the area...

Parking: Some free public parking at the back.

2 Northern School of Contemporary Dance 98 Chapeltown Rd, LS7 4BH

Space 2 1 Leeds Media Centre Access: No disable access 21 Savile Mount LS7 3HZ or lift to studios. Project Space has off street access.

David Nevard

Julia d’Albert

Natalie Searle

Polly Cummings

Dave Nevard is a visual artist who has worked internationally in using street art and gallery spaces to give those in the margins of society a voice. Pursuing his practice with a passion for creative community development has led Dave to work alongside the homeless in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, orphans in China and refugees in Paris. Dave is also committed to developing community art projects in Leeds and London.

Julia d’Albert grew up in the North of England, surrounded by art literature and paintings; the smell of turps lingering for days. Her father, an artist and sculptor, is credited for giving Julia her creative flair. Julia studied Tailoring at London Collage of Fashion. After graduating, she won the prestigious Silver Sheers from the Merchant Taylors Awards. From there, Julia studied a Post Graduate specialising in ‘Pattern Cutting’ at Central Saint Martins and most recently completed a Masters in Couture at ESMOD in Paris. Julia is currently working on a SS14 collection inspired by 1950s modernist architecture.

I completed a Foundation Course at Leeds College of Art and Design in the early 90s specialising in textiles. During a decade in the Lake District I then studied photography and graphic design, which is where I make my bread and butter. Personal work revolves around a love affair with printmaking. I often use strong graphical elements within my work, and like to create beautifully simple pieces. That said, I am currently working on a series of prints that are more abstract in nature, and involve layering up multiple images.

Working with found old magazines, as well as paint, I recycle and reuse materials to create my portraits. As a visual technique I think it suits the subjects of my portraits well as I like to think it expresses something of the uniqueness of their character. Drawing inspiration from 20th Century music, fashion and popular culture, I mine the rich source of personalities and faces within those cultures to come up with suitable portrait subjects. I’m mostly interested in the different ways people are portrayed through art and how they express themselves through their art, music, words and style. tel: 07903380067

Verity Dolan My grandma taught me to sew 24 years ago. I started making dresses for myself and then after studying fashion at Leeds College of Art and Design I started making things for others. I am the mother of two small boys, Jimmy and Milo, and I started making fancy dress costumes for them and t-shirts which I now make to order as the word has spread. clothing

In addition to workspaces, Barkston studio holders have access to artists’ networks, resources and opportunities. Earlier this year East Street Arts opened a new ceramics facility at Barkston House. Eight studio spaces are available to rent, there is also a functioning classroom (that accommodates 20) and a separate kiln room. With access to a professional facility, Barkston House offers the opportunity for artists and educators to deliver well equipped and resourced workshops.

Barkston BAR KSTON

Barkston House Croydon Street, LS11 9RT Access: There is full Disabled & Lift access to all studios. Parking: There is a car park just next to Barkston, it is free to park there and it is open until 9pm

Also based at Barkston House... Pyramid of Arts Jewellery Workshop Leeds Lumen Skippko

Sandra Whyles

Andrea Thoma

Bobby Nixon

Ceramics Workshop Barkston House Saturday 19th 11am- 6pm

Andrea Thoma is a visual artist who is interested in place and nomadic dwelling in a contemporary art context. She examines through painting, photography and video how the everyday allows for philosophical considerations regarding our being in the world. She is particularly interested in the juxtaposition of diverse media to reflect on aspects of image making. The phenomenological aspect of perception and its partaking in the cognitive process are a main driving force in the collation of visual material.

Recent drawings reference my interest in extreme cultures. I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 and have since exhibited work in New York, Minneapolis and Birmingham.

Booking required, contact Sandra Whyles A hands-on workshop at the new in-house ceramics facilities at Barkston. Something for all ages. Try your hand at ‘clay doodles’. Experimental fun. Sandra is a Visual Artist and Maker. Her specialism is working primarily with ceramics making functional and none functional objects. She also uses photography and printing techniques to enhance the work.

Calum Paterson

Elizabeth Neylan

Emma Tallet

Gillian Holding

At present my one concern is with portraiture and the developing systems by which to develop and execute it. Process, purity in mark making and learning how to not be there when drawing are ideas that drive me. Very little else connected with the art world interests me; in fact sometimes as I sit and watch the world go by, I realise that often I don’t really care about anything at all. cpaterson

Elizabeth Neylan is an artist based in Leeds and has been an East Street Arts studio holder for over 18 years. Elizabeth’s paintings are inspired by places visited or ideas from songs and popular sayings. She revels in colour and some of her most immediate influences are the works of Chagall, Bonnard and Cornish artists. She has exhibited widely over the last 20 years.

I work in a range of media and my practice specialises in portrait and oil painting. I support my practical work with essay writing. My work studies emotions and the physical. Paintings reflect and develop an understanding of the relationship between self and body, as well as the responsive, subjective, physical and emotional relationship between self and others. The paintings explore and work within the context of people’s lives and relationships.

Gillian’s work explores the everyday and familiar; looking at the unremarkable and what happens when nothing is happening; and how where we find ourselves
affects our notions, perceptions and assumptions about places, people and identity. This lies at the heart of the sudden feelings of dissonance she experiences in
her encounters with the everyday: it’s a glimpse of the familiar seeming out-ofplace, almost absurd, within its daily ordinariness.
 www.gillianholding.wordpress. com

Jean Carabine

John Wright

Nichola Pemberton

Paul Digby

My current work is about time and memory, past and present, and transformation. What happens to memories over time especially when they remain unshared or rarely re-lived? Does the life and colour seep out of them and the original memory fade and become obscured over time? These questions are explored through the medium of painting. Since January 2012 I have also been undertaking research on creative practices with a range of different artists, creative practitioners and art groups/organisations in both Yorkshire and in Ireland as part of research project - ‘Creative Practices and Processes’.

Interested in the hinterland between science and art. Wright creates isolated systems and documents them in different stages of entropy. These specific events or experiments are conducted in a variety of locations as Wright aims to draw different elements into the image through the interaction between the materials and their environment. Wright has recently moved into exploring the figural side to his work that he terms the Figural Hemisphere. This side to his practice is concerned with human perception of reality and its possible limits. Wright works in a variety of mediums from installation to painting.

My work is based in drawing with some performance in my making and some video in my documentation and showing. Whether aesthetic or process is fore fronted, the execution of my work wholly consumes my headspace at the time of making offering an escapist retreat from critical and everyday concerns. Attention is drawn to issues of the expectation and responsibility of an artist and their work. nicholapemberton@hotmail. com

This image is from a series of portraits of people from the LS7 area of Leeds. The works portray people’s faces expressing emotions that they wanted to express. This idea partly stems from Darwin’s Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals and in the series I focus on drawing using different materials. I have shown in numerous solo/group shows in private/ public galleries and spaces, and have work in the Wellcome Trust archive and private collections.

Robert Thompson

Susan Watts

Tom Palin

Valerie Halliwell

My approach to producing art is very much involved in the process of painting rather than outcomes. Within this process my painting and the application of the medium becomes both and exploratory and investigatory, while engaging intuition and chance.

Susan Watts works with acrylics, watercolor and a range of mixed media. The starting point for work comes from the expressive qualities of the materials themselves as a means of exploring ideas. The work is often abstract but inspiration comes from life experiences and impressions, which can be impossible to represent figuratively such as memories of place and atmosphere. Her involvement in music and her travels to many different places add their influence to the work also. She has an ongoing interest in the ways both people and landscapes present their public face whilst hiding layers of history beneath.

The processes of involuntary memory act as a starting point for a prolonged game of assertion and negation, statement and modification. Images come, go and transform, layers of paint obscuring and revealing what has been in an attempt to arrive at a position between object and image. For the past two years I have worked on small blocks of hardwood, mostly oak. It’s textures and edges reaffirm the object of painting. However seductive the representation, the painting is never wholly elsewhere.

I joined East St Arts at Barkston House approximately four years ago. I usually work by expressing my thoughts and feelings in oil paint on large canvasses. A sort of diary, exploring the underlying narrative of my consciousness.

Throughout history artists have made use of temporary spaces for exhibitions and events in order to present their work and engage the public in interacting with current trends in the visual arts.

In 2010 East Street Arts developed a strategic approach to linking temporary or empty spaces to artists and other creative practitioners and this launched the In Situ Programme. Since then East Street Arts has moved in and out of a wide range of spaces across the country including Grade-A offices, nightclubs, warehouses, retail units and post-civic spaces.

In Situ

The response artists and other creatives have to these spaces is continuously surprising as is the quality and range of work, events, discussions and workshops that East Street Arts has had the privilege to be part of.


Main Street Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 1AA Access: the entrance to the studio is immediately next to William Hill. We’re situated at the top of the stairs, next to the dentist. (No disabled access).

Parking: Free parking is available to the rear of the building for up to 90 minutes. There are two separate car parks on the west side of main street. The closest is accessed between The Factory Shop and Barclays Bank - directly opposite William Hill. Train: Garforth Station is approximately 5 mins walk from the studio.

Mike Lester Photography Interested in improving your photography? Mike Lester Photography offers the very best in photography courses for beginners, serious amateurs and professionals. All training is delivered by Mike, a fully qualified Trainer & Teacher, with over 40 years experience in education and photography. Mike’s fully equipped studio in Garforth provides everything you need for successful learning. It’s also good for the occasional Family Portrait, Model Portfolio or Artistically Creative shot. Mike also works closely with Students from Leeds City College – helping to develop skills in Media makeup and providing images to be used by students as part of their assessment portfolios. www.mikelesterphotography. tel: 07943 325591


Tithe House, Town Street, Horsforth, LS18 5LJ Access: No disabled access or lift. Studios are on the first floor. Please phone the artists directly to access. Parking is available on the Main Street or in the supermarket car park.

Danielle Solk

Julia Barham

I am a practicing artist and secondary school Art teacher. My work can be an eclectic mix of traditional themes such as portrait and landscape, as well as abstract paintings and at times political work. I try to take the viewer on a visual journey into their own imagination. I want to suggest through carefully considered colour combinations, marks and shapes rather than to dictate, so that each person may experience something unique to them. I love to experiment with layers of collage, poetry and different materials and techniques. I have lived, worked and exhibited in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico and Indonesia. tel: 07846603621

I am fascinated and inspired by nature with its propensity to grow and renew. This is reflected in the interpretation of the environments I have painted. I have been inspired by locations throughout the world. My most recent work has been influenced by close observation of hedgerows, rocks by water and landscape that our pace of life often screens from us. First and foremost I am a painter using traditional methods, but in the last decade I have developed the use of a wide range of materials, focusing on texture and colour to achieve the impact I have been seeking. tel: 07753804401


Floor 3 Oak House, Park Lane, LS3 1EL Access: Full disabled access. Please phone the artists directly to access the studios. Parking: on-street parking

Kasia Breska

Lisa Stansbie

Kasia is an artist based in Leeds, she recently graduated from Bradford School of Arts and Media where she researched the subject of ‘natural’ and ‘wild’ in the context of modern Romanticism and the impact of her memories, associations and cultural background. She recently set up a new project - ‘Studio Voozek’, where she aims to explore the ‘wild’ and ‘natural’ by using a pace of a bicycle, pulling along her dog Laika across Scotland in a trailer whilst drawing, filming and photographing. www.studiovoozek.blogspot. com tel: 07587146675

Lisa Stansbie is an artist whose work crosses the disciplines of film, sculpture, drawing, photography and digital practices. Stansbie has undertaken residencies and exhibited across Europe and the U.S. Stansbie’s films have been shown internationally at galleries and festivals from Bury to New York. Recent work investigates the narratives, processes, rituals and apparatus of the sport of open water swimming with a focus on the ‘cult’ of channel swimming, in particular the training methods, collective interaction and the identity of the channel swimmer. This recent body of work involves Stansbie herself as a swimming subject. tel: 07951908293

Stanningley Progress House Stanningley, 99 Bradford Road, LS28 6AT Access: Studios are on the first floor. No lift or disabled access. Please phone any of the artists to access.

Parking: There is parking outside as you look at the building on the right, the car park on the left is locked at 6.30pm.

Anna Turner

Brisbane Taylor

Despite coming from a graphic design/typography background my fine art practice is predominantly 3D based work. My sculpture is relatively minimal in form frequently making use of repetition. It is chiefly materials led, these have varied from computer parts and wooden type blocks to latex, concrete and wax. In 2011 I won the Departure Student Art Prize for my piece ‘Communication Breakdown’. I have been a studio holder with East Street Arts since January 2012 and graduated from Leeds College of Art in June 2013. tel: 07712 002 922.

One strand of my work investigates the tensions between order and chaos, control and lack of control, with a particular interest in process and use of a variety of materials and interventions. I am also interested in exploring ways of creating work which contain tension, expression and a sense of energy through the use of mark making, layers, depth, colour and black, through the medium of paint. html tel: 0796 245 3419

David Bridges

Frances Norton

Liz Tolan

Roza Zaleska

My work centres on how I experience cinema. Cinema has such a profound effect on me that at times I enter into a state where I sense I can physically feel the materiality of the world represented on screen. My work centres on an analysis and a deconstruction and reconstruction of these experiences in sculptural form. The scale I work on is intended to mirror that of the conventional cinema theatre. In this way my work takes the form of site-specific installations that evoke an experience for the viewer that is simultaneously like and unlike the conventional ‘cinematic experience’. tel: 07515 164969

Frances-Ann is a visual artist; trained as a potter she uses clay in an interdisciplinary way. She combines magic realism painting and drawing with puppets, mixed media sculptures, printmaking and quilting. Collecting is part of her art making and inspiring objects in her studio become an extension of her art practice, it becomes a stage set, a back drop for creativity to emerge and sit.

Primarily a painter. Recent work has been concerned with the growth, development, decline, deterioration, decay and change of a city something like Bradford, being watched by an ever-present sky. Future work may return to the inhabitants of the imaginary Museum Cafe who, along with an intrusive dog and some icecream, emerged through paint some time ago. What paint gets up to, while it is being watched, drying, and when left to its own devices, is a constant preoccupation. tel: 07780 322 703

The relationship between distance, time, space, thoughts and emotions feature in my short experimental filmic
experiences. Capturing the spectator gaze, the location and maverick methods of projection provoke a reaction. Maurice Merleau Ponty spoke of ‘sense’ being a ‘vital process, no less than procreation, breathing or growth’. My studio practice is guided by this sentiment.

Barnsley Redbrook

Unit 1F Redbrook Business Park, Barnsley, S75 1JN Access: no disabled or lift access, entry to the Unit is via twenty stone steps.

Parking: approximately 20 spaces specifically for our unit, and ample space around the Business Park area.

Northern Young Artists The project space at Redbrook hosts an exhibition curated by Northern Young Artists incorporating new and old members alike. For more details visit www. northernyoungartists.tumblr. com Northern Young Artists are working in partnership with East Street Arts to manage the temporary art space at Redbrook Business Park. www.northernyoungartists.

Fiona Halliday Fiona Halliday is a painter currently based at Redbrook Business Park, Barnsley. Her current practice has an emphasis on exploring the vehicle of still lifes as a tool to create a visual language, for simply exploring the medium of oil painting but also as a means of visual communication. Fiona also has a continued interest and practice in portraying the human figure and flesh through portraiture and life drawing.

Grimes & Jones Unit 2C Bankwood Industrial Park, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0PN Parking Step into the minds of Yorkshire’s frutiest art duo: Grimes & Jones - a world of lies, hot dinners and bad smells. Childhood friends who stumbled across a natural ability to make people laugh and cause a stir through simple sketches and comics as youngsters. Together they have developed a colourfully impatient and honest style which delights in the bizarre, encourages the nonsensical, and serves as a beacon of levity in a world of seriousness. Driven by a constant need to out-do one another, they create high energy, impulsive, multi disciplinary art works. Truly great art has always been routed in the creatively unrestricted minds of children.

Preserving the part of childhood that brought these two together is important as they clumsily render their heroes and feelings the way an overexcited 5 year old (genius) might do. keep an eye on their website for more details on times.

Gateshead Eleventh Avenue

Eleventh Avenue Studio is run in association with East Street Arts. It houses a diverse Team Valley, Gateshead, NE11 mix of creatives, practitioners 0NJ and artists, each operating independently. Access: limited disabled access (lower floors only) with Currently in residence are: disabled toilets. Corinne Lewis, Terri Miles, rednile, Steph Oliver, Mark Parking available Lloyd, Chris Kell and Jonathan West. The Open Studios event provides a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes, explore the building and meet the artists and makers. EleventhAvenueStudio

Middlesborough Dundas House

Dundas House, Middlesborough, TS1 1BA Access: Visitors need to access the building through reception which is inside Dundas Arcade, opposite Fulton Foods. There is lift access to

Navigator North

all the studio spaces, but not to the roof where there will be ‘rooftop tours’. Parking: directly underneath Dundas Arcade.

Other spaces across Tees Valley will also be involved, check website for further updates

Open Studios on Saturday 19th October 2013, 1pm – 6pm at Dundas House. With over 30 visual artists resident in In Situ spaces across the Tees Valley, Navigator North opens its doors to visitors for the first time. Meet a range of artists from photographers, to sculptors and painters, visit artist studios, see our event spaces and maybe even make a print in The Print Room. Navigator North are an arts organisation which aims to ‘explore the connections between artists, spaces and audiences.’

The David Young Community Academy opened in September 2006 and serves the area of East Leeds. We are part of the government’s original Academies programme, working within a network of high-performing Specialist Schools and Academies nationally. Our building is a state of the art 21st Century Academy with students and staff working in an ICT rich environment. Canal Connections is a Social Enterprise working on and around canals to provide a unique learning environment particularly for those who benefit through a practical and vocational experience. We believe that the waterways are an asset that is under realised by both individuals and agencies who are seeking an alternative to traditional methods of engagement and empowerment.

East Street Arts would like to thank David Young Academy and Canal Connections for the kind contribution and support to the Members’ Open Studios. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the team of volunteers and staff that made the event possible. And of course, thanks to all our members for welcoming us into their spaces and sharing their work!

change through creativity Patrick Studios St Marys Lane LS9 7EH

East Street Arts is a contemporary visual arts charity based at Patrick Studios in Leeds, and was founded by Jon Wakeman and Karen Watson in 1993. It believes art and creativity can transform the world for the better and initiates multiple areas of activity developing engagement between artists, their peers and audiences. Registered charity no. 1077401

Welcome to East Street Arts Members’ Open Studios! Including workshops, performances, exhibitions and much more to celebrate the breadth of art practices across Leeds and beyond. Take this unique opportunity to visit our working spaces and meet the artists. Come, we want to meet you!

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