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No 27: October 2011

Published by Rothay House, Mayfield Road, Eastrea.

Eastrea Village News Eastrea Student Awards Eastrea students collecting their Storers’ Grants this year (L-R below) are Danielle Istead, Sophie Abbott and Gareth Prentice. Cheques and certificates were presented by Mrs Jan Ford, clerk to the Storers. The 2012

VILLAGE FLAGPOLE Cllr Kay Mayor, the appropriately-named mayor of Whittlesey, first raised the Union Flag on the new village flagpole on 22 October. Money was raised by door-to-door collection. Says villager Pete Sennett, who arranged the flagpole, ‘Everyone was so generous—we had no difficulty collecting the money for the flagpole together with two flags.’

scheme will be announced in June next year. Eastrea students of all ages are encouraged to apply when the new details are published.

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Final Funding OUR final contract with WREN was recently signed in the presence of all committee members. This is a £30,000 grant towards the cost of all the plumbing, the new kitchen, doors and windows for the new Eastrea Centre. Grants officer Mrs Noreen Smith (seated, right) says we have £20,000 from the Donarbon Trust for the new furniture, plus £50,000 from Fenland District Council towards the steel frame of the hall.

ON THE CASE THE village hall’s architect Mr David Broker with Mr Adam Sutton (right) are finalising our plans for the new building. We are still waiting to have the specifications signed off by Cambridgeshire County Council Highways, and then all the foundations can at last be laid. The footings for an adjoining house have now been installed to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations

Work on Site GOOD heavens — is this work actually taking place on the site of the Eastrea Centre? With the end of the official stages in sight, the Trust has instructed our surveyors to mark out the exact site to be occupied by the village hall. This phase means that the ground surveys have now all been completed and building work in earnest can start when we have the all-clear.

Contact by telephone: 350888


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