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Eastrea Village News For all Eastrea residents.

No 8.

June 2002.

Published from Rothay House, Mayfield Road, Eastrea

Want to help build the Hall? We need to hear from anyone from Eastrea who would like to work on constructing the Hall. We want to use local people wherever we can. This will be a half-million-pound project, and we want this money to be injected into the local economy. We need a list of people with skills bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, etc. Let us know your own skill, please.

Please write to the Village Hall Would you like to book Eastrea Village Hall for an activity? Please write to say so. The letters will then be sent round the Design Team. Mention the activity you have in mind - a sport, a club, a local group or a celebration - and we’ll try to ensure that it would fit into the plans. Send in your letter soon!

Current state of progress The detailed design for the Village Hall has been steaming ahead. Later this month a copy of the modified plans will be displayed in the Nag’s Head. We have specified that the Hall should be solar powered, to keep costs to a minimum. We have appointed Ian Toates of Henry Riley’s to be our Quantity Surveyor. Ian is from a

long-standing Whittlesey family and lived in Whittlesey for many years. Our Structural Engineers are to be Andrew Firebrace of Whittlesey.

The 2002 Student grant All new students from Eastrea are eligible to apply for a Storers’ Grant. Applications need to be in by 10 July. Please send (a) a letter of application, setting out social, academic and spare-time activities and a financial summary, (b) details of the student contribution due to be paid, (c) copies of exam results, or expected results, (d) letter of acceptance from University, and (e) a letter from headmaster, tutor or other supporting authority.

Can you help? Toni Arnold of 5a Mayfield Road is aiming to go to Namibia in 2003 as part of the Ramsey Abbey School Team Challenge expedition. They will be sleeping under canvas and working with local communities. Her brother Ryan has already been undertaking sponsored events, but she has to raise a total of £3,000. Apart from sponsored events, Toni says she’s eager to earn money for casual jobs of any kind. Ring her on 203734 if you’ve any suggestions.

Drop in letters to 6 Mayfield Road, Eastrea Tel : 350 888 E-mail:

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