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Eastrea Village News For all Eastrea residents.

No 6.

November 2001.

From: Rothay House, Mayfield Rd, Eastrea.

Where would you like our crossing to be? Thanks to everyone who gave ideas for the village hall at the public meetings. Our architect is changing the design to include many of the proposals. And the draw to find the prize-winning questionnaires will take place at the end of November. Meanwhile, you have a chance to help decide where you think our new pedestrian crossing should be.

If you have an opinion, then please mark it on the map, add your name and address (below), and drop it into the Nag’s Head or 6 Mayfield Road by the end of the week (Friday 9 November). There are several points to bear in mind - the main one being visibility. A crossing right by the letterbox or the telephone kiosk might seem a good idea, but you might feel the view is too restricted around the bend. It could go by the pub, but that might encourage children to cut straight across rather than walk the few extra yards. A site on the corner by the bus stop, opposite Springfields, seems sensible . . . but we would like you to let us have your views. Please make sure that you walk along the pavements to study the layout before you decide on your personal preference. Then mark it clearly on the map, and the results will be submitted in a report to the Council at Fenland Hall. YOUR NAME: ADDRESS:

Any questions? Ring Brian J Ford, tel: 350 888 or e-mail:

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