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Karen Atherley Richard Bawden Peter Blake Reg Cartwright Jane Charles Elaine Cox James Dodds

Paintings Prints Ceramics Sculpture Jewellery Glass Photography

Tony Foster Terry Frost Debbie George H.J.Jackson Jeremy James Ulli Kaiser Anita Klein Ross Loveday Alex Malcolmson John Maltby John Newland Elaine Pamphilon Vanessa Pooley Barbara Rae Guy Royle Barry Stedman Mary Sumner Max Tannahill Robin Welch 14 Market Place, Holt, Norfolk. NR25 6BW. Tel: 01263 713312 Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm Full Page bleed.indd 1

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ARTS GUIDE 2013 Welcome to the sixth edition of East Magazine’s guide to visual arts in East Anglia. The region’s landscape has inspired artists for hundreds of years, and today the area is full of fantastic art and craft galleries and first class arts suppliers and educational facilities.

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Buying Art


Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts


12 A-Z of Galleries 36 Art & Supplies

We hope you find this directory useful and that it will introduce you to some of the excellent visual arts available across five counties.

38 Potteries 41 Courses

ADVERTISERS INDEX 21 Angel Gallery 23 Art Breaks East Anglia 37 Art Café 19 Art Email 37 Arts Roundabout 17 The Artmonger 19 The Ashley Studios 17 Broadland Art Centre 31 Babylon Gallery 35 Beecroft Art Gallery 01 Bircham Gallery 19 Brian Lewis / Art Email 17 Burnham Grapevine 31 Cambridge Art Classes 15 Cat Pottery 27 Cork Brick Gallery 23 Craftco 19 Crome Gallery 31 Curwen Print Study Centre 25 Caroline Wiseman 39 Dedham Art & Craft Centre 25 Fraser Gallery

27 35 39 19 43 33 33 25 15 37 19 29 15 25 21 19 37 33 35 37 29 31

Gainsborough’s House Gallery 43 Gallery 1066 Garden Gallery Gallery Highwaymans Gallery at Parndon Mill Haddenham Galleries Halesworth Gallery The Hare and Hen Head Street Gallery Henderson Art & Framing Jessica Muir Gallery Kings Lynn Arts Centre Kesgrave Arts The Last Picture Show Made in Cley Marisa Arna Martine Norman Art Gallery North House Gallery The Old Fire Engine House Photoart GB

39 Robert Fogell Gallery 29 Sea Pictures Gallery 39 Selwells 21 The School House Art Gallery 31 Skylark Studios 23 Smiths Row 29 St Barnabas Press 33 St John’s Arc 17 Sticky Earth 19 Sutton Pottery 25 The Cut 21 Top Floor Studio 27 Trinity Gallery 33 Trumpington Gallery 17 Wayland Partnership 23 Westleton Gallery 21 Wildwood Gallery

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A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BUYING ART “Learning to buy art can be an art in itself” Many people who think they’d like to start collecting original art often hesitate out of fear they’ll spend lots of money on ultimately worthless artworks. While it’s true that learning to buy art can be an art in itself, it’s like any other skill: anyone with the will to learn can learn to purchase art successfully.

A first step in this overall process of learning to buy art is to make sure that the attractive artwork is actually an original. The art marketplace today is flooded with works that look original, but are actually reproductions. This reality reflects today’s technological age, in which so many original works can be reproduced mechanically. As part of the defining phase of art buying, buyers must learn how to distinguish originals from copies. Once a buyer feels confident in his or her ability to spot original art, it’s time to define the nature of what could become a personal art collection. A buyer should 4

learn the correct art terms for what they prefer so that dealers and galleries can help them find art they like in a price range they can afford. This way, the buyer and the dealer won’t waste any time with artworks that don’t fit the customer’s intention to buy art. The selection phase begins once the buyer has set his or her guidelines for dealers and galleries. The bottom line here is that art buying is like shopping for any other commodity; compare prices, vendors and quality before making a purchase. For those who wish to buy art, this means locating those vendors who deal in precisely the type of original art the buyer wishes to purchase, and then comparing their offerings. There are also nuances to buying original art. For instance, buyers who establish themselves with dealers, galleries and artists often get the first opportunity when a new work is offered

Any art purchase shouldn’t be completed until the buyer has had time to research both the artist and the artwork. Critical to this research is to learn the work’s ownership history, which often has an effect on its value. Having the artwork appraised and verified is also a good idea to avoid being taken in by forgers and scams. Finally, it’s time to conclude the purchase. Here a wise buyer should learn something about the volatility of the art market, particularly why art prices can fluctuate at times. As with all major purchases, it’s possible to negotiate a more attractive price for original art, especially when the buyer’s research shows that the asking price overstates the art’s ultimate value. Honing these skills to define, select, research and buy art will make collecting original art a truly satisfying experience.

Images courtesy Shutterstock

Experts often say that the skill of buying original art is composed of four steps: define the type of art one prefers, select one or two artists who create such art, research the artists and their works, and then negotiate the buy for the best possible price.

for sale. In addition, buying original art differs greatly from purchasing a work from a dealer, so it’s key to learn those differences and work with them. There are also ways that one should never use to buy art, and savvy customers will learn these as well.


Images courtesy Shutterstock

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BUYING ART “If you are deciding where to begin, consider your home’s furnishings...”

If you are deciding where to begin, consider your home’s architecture and furnishings.

Most open concept homes feature very modern architecture so a piece of contemporary wall art may be more fitting. Contemporary wall art is available in a range of styles and mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor. They are available as canvas paintings, pieces on board or paper so your choices are really limitless. Where will you be purchasing your pieces can have a large impact on what you can choose from. If you are buying canvas paintings from a gallery, you can often request that they reframe a piece in a way that suits your décor. If you are purchasing from an online website, you may be more interested in purchasing canvas paintings as they can be less expensive to ship than a piece painted on board or which has been framed under glass. You may wonder why paintings are done on different materials. Oil paintings need a canvas or a board background that will not move and crack the paint. Acrylic should also be done as canvas wall paintings or on board. Watercolor, ink or graphite pieces need to be painted on paper. Contemporary wall art can evoke a range of very strong feelings in the viewer.


Pieces can be painted in a variety of styles varying from completely abstract to highly representational. Abstract or non-representational pieces usually use color or pattern to fill a space as opposed to a structured piece that composed according to set rules. There are a few very famous painters of contemporary wall art. One of the most notable is Andy Warhol who created amazing pieces of pop icons and images such as his famous Campbell’s Soup Can series. Contemporary wall art is similar to modern art and there are many crossovers. Basically, contemporary wall art has been created by artists who have been active after the 1970s, whereas modern artists such as Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollack were active from the mid 1900s to the 1970s. If you are looking for canvas paintings in any style, you may be unsure about what you can expect to pay. Artwork can range significantly in price even among pieces that are painted on the same substrate (a canvas wall painting versus a painting on board) or are the same size. The fame of the artist, the rarity of their work, the size of the piece and the style it is painted in can all affect the price of an original piece of artwork.

Images courtesy Shutterstock

If you are interested in collecting art you may be unsure where to begin. The art world is so diverse with a range of styles available from contemporary wall art to classical styles such as abstract, impressionism and realism. There are also paintings that have been created on a variety of bases. You can find canvas paintings, paintings on board or paper, or even mixed media or collages that use a variety of unique items to make up a piece.

The Own Artloan scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy original, high quality contemporary art and craft. You can borrow up to £2,000, or as little as £100, to be paid back in equal instalments over a period of 10 months - interest free. Galleries participating in the Own Art loan scheme are: Art Centre & Gallery Howard Street, Bedford 01234 344784 Ceramics, Glassware, Painting, Sculpture

Cambridge Contemporary Art 6 Trinity Street, Cambridge 01223 324222

Images courtesy Shutterstock

Ceramics, Glassware, Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Wood/metalwork

Cambridge Contemporary Crafts 5 Benet Street, Cambridge 01223 324 222

Ceramics, Glassware, Jewellery, Textiles, Wood/ metalwork

Byard Art 14 Kings Parade, Cambridge 01223 464646

Ceramics, Glassware, Jewellery, Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture, Textiles, Wood/ metalwork

Wysing ArtsCentre Fox Road, Cambridge 01954 718881 Ceramics, Furniture, Glassware, Moving image, New media, Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture, Wood/ metalwork

Haylett’s Gallery Maldon, Essex 01621 851669 Painting

Pinkfoot High Street, Cley Next to the Sea, Norfolk 01263 740 947

Ceramics, Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Wood/ metalwork

Imagine Gallery Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk 01787 378786 Ceramics, Jewellery, Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture, Wood/ metalwork

Southwold Gallery High Street, Southwold, Sudffolk 01502 723888

Ceramics, Glassware, Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture, Wood/ metalwork

The Hunter Gallery Long Melford, Suffolk 01787 466117

Furniture, Painting, Prints, Sculpture

Thompson’s Gallery High Street, Aldeburgh, Suffolk 01728 453743

Serena Hall Gallery Queen Street, Southwold, Suffolk 01502 723887

Ceramics, Furniture, Glassware, Jewellery, Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Textiles, Wood/metalwork

To find out more about Own Art and how to apply, visit the website at: or give them a call on 0845 300 6200


To find out more about Own Art and how to apply, visit the website at or give them a call on 0845 300 6200 7

THE SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR VISUAL ARTS “Stunning examples of art of the modern ages are framed by Lord Norman Foster’s great masterpiece.” Paul Greenhalgh, Director

A world-class museum

The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is a world-class museum in a landmark late-modernist building designed by Lord Norman Foster and set in parkland at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich. Photo: Andy Crouch.

The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection The Sainsbury Centre was founded by Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury who in 1973 donated their private art collection to the University and commissioned Norman Foster to design a museum in which to house it. Admission is free to see this outstanding collection of world art that spans 5000 years of human creativity. Works by European masters such as Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Amedeo Mogliani, Alberto Giacometti are shown side by side with objects from around the globe, revealing the tremendous influence of world art on the modernist movement. 8


Francis Bacon

Study for a portrait of Van Gogh I, 1956 Oil on canvas Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection UEA 31 © Estate of Francis Bacon, 2005. Photo: James Austin

The Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau The Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau was given to the university by Sir Colin and Lady Anderson in 1978 and is one of the world’s most important collections of Art Nouveau. It includes spectacular pieces by the leading exponents of Art Nouveau such as graphics by Alphonse Mucha, the glassware of Emile Gallé, the jewellery of René Lalique, as well as works made for Liberty & Co. Emile Gallé

Vase ‘blow-out’ cameo glass, c. 1920. Cameo glass Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau UEA 21017 Photo: Pete Huggins

The UEA Collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art, Architecture and Design Begun in 1968 with a grant from the University of East Anglia, this collection holds a wealth of 1960s kinetic art, multiples and constructivist works from the late 20th century. In changing displays you will see architectural models, furniture reliefs as well as graphic arts and sculpture from this period. The theme of these fascinating works is the links between art and machine aesthetics, mass production, science and mathematics. 9

THE SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR VISUAL ARTS The Art Lab: Changing Landscapes Bringing together rarely displayed works of art from its collections together with stimulating new projects, commissions and residencies by visiting artists and academics, The Art Lab: Changing Landscapes is a new and unique type of exhibition that runs into 2013. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Fabrica art gallery in Brighton and three institutions in northern France. Changing Landscapes features multi-discipline contributions that will demonstrate a whole variety of the thinking about landscape and environmental issues.

Changing Landscapes Dalziel + Scullion Still from WOLF, 2012

MODERN: The Modernisms Gallery The Modernisms gallery is a 392 metre sq. exhibition space on the west mezzanine. It looks at themes in modern art and design over the last 100 years, with works drawn from the centre’s collections with loans from other major museums. Until 2 December 2012, the Modernisms Gallery will be showing Art Nouveau: Nature to Abstraction an exploration of how interest in the natural world and natural sciences influenced the artists and designers of the modernist movements in the late 19th and early 20th century. The spectacular display traces the development of Art Nouveau from highly ornate forms true to nature through to the beginnings of abstraction. The exhibition features the Sainsbury Centre’s Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau together with works on loan from major museums.

Above. Changing Landscapes:. Dalziel + Scullion Still from WOLF, 2012

Right. Mask. West Africa, Ivory Coast or Liberia. Late 19th/early 20th century Wood, metal, quills, pigment. Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection UEA 211


Thomas Houseago

Rattlesnake Figure, 2011 Courtesy the artist, and L&M Arts, Los Angeles Photo: Andy Crouch

MODERN: The Next Modern Gallery Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is hosting an ongoing exhibition of sculptures by Thomas Houseago, entitled Where the Wild Things Are. Running until 27 January 2013, the exhibition is free. Houseago’s work displays an interest in traditional materials and techniques while retaining a contemporary feel, possessing remarkable energy and vitality that marks him out as one of the most exciting talents working in the medium. Elements of popular culture and references of non-western art are visible in work that takes its cue from modernism. The artist has recently exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery and Inverleith House, Edinburgh.

MODERN: The new Modern Life café-bar The stylish Modern Life café-bar offers a contemporary menu in a beautifully designed space overlooking the Sculpture Garden. It is open for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea.

Visitor Information Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ. Tel: 01603 593199 Opening Times: Tues-Sun 10am-5pm. Closed on Mondays. Opening Times for Modern Life Café: 9am-5pm Admission: Free to Sainsbury Centre collections and other special exhibitions. Charges apply for some special exhibitions.

Access: The galleries are fully accessible. Events: The Sainsbury Centre is has a lively and changing calendar of events that includes workshops for families, schools and artists, and talks and displays to compliment the exhibition programme. Current information on events can be found at www.scva. or by calling 01603 593199.



• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Abel Arts Regular exhibitions featuring established East Anglian Artists, and exciting new talent. The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham (01508 548688) Alby Gallery Arts and crafts. Alby Crafts, Cromer Road, Erpingham. (01263 761590) Aldeburgh Gallery Contemporary, applied and visual arts. 143 High Street, Aldeburgh. (01728 452772) www.aldeburghartsgallery. Arcadia Contemporary craft and design. 12 Bene’t Street Cambridge. (01223 314411) The Art Café Modern cafe that sells and exhibits paintings, ceramics and jewellery by leading local artists. 7 Trinity Street, Colchester. (01206 577775) Art 18/21 Contemporary art. Augustine Stewart House, 14 Tombland, Norwich. (01603 763345) Art Garden Gallery High quality fine art and sculpture. High Street, Yoxford. (01728 668163) www.theartgardengallery.


Art Centre & Gallery Art Centre and Gallery, Bedford for art and craft materials, cards, gifts plus a ready made and bespoke picture framing service. Howard Street, Bedford. (01234 344784) The Artcafé Great food and coffee amongst contemporary art by mainly local artists. 2 Coast Road, West Mersea. (01206 385820) Arts Development in East Cambridge (Babylon Gallery) The Babylon space hosts exhibitions, installations and is now available for workshops, films and small scale events. An intimate, contemporary venue in a converted brewery warehouse ideally located next to Ely’s Waterside. Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely. (01353 669022) The Assembly House Regular exhibitions of art and photography. Theatre Street, Norwich. (01603 626402) The Angel Gallery A 15th century Grade II wool merchant’s residence with a wealth of oak beams situated in the historic Market Place overlooking the Guildhall. The Gallery, a splendid beamed area with historic arches,

houses exhibitions by local and national artists. Permanent collections are held of the work of Leslie Gibson A.R.C.A (1910 – 1969) and costume drawings form the 1930’s by Mary Wild A.R.C.A. Pottery by John Leach is also on exhibition. 17 Market Place, Lavenham (01787 248417) Art-next-the-Sea This gallery offers a suprisingly spacious and airy exhibition area, providing a welcome retreat from the buzz and bustle of Staithe Street. Inspirational displays of beautiful artwork, ceramics, glass, photographs and jewellery all sourced from the finest local and national artists and craftsman. 26 Staithe Street, Wells-nextthe-Sea. (01328 710722) @ The Gallery Original art & crafts. The Memorial Hall, Norwich Street, Dereham. (01362 690969) The Aubrey Art Gallery Work by established and emerging contemporary artists. Post Office Yard, High Street, Great Dunmow. (01371 873133) Bedford Street Gallery Contemporary art. 2 Bedford Street, Woburn. (01525 290996)


• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Ashwell Gallery A wide variety of styles and subject matter consisting of originals, and unusual but highly collectable limited edition prints, there is also sculpture, photography and ceramics. (01462 743366) Bedford Makers & Designers Gallery Porcelain and stoneware pottery, ceramics, sculpture and other crafts. Cardington Workshops, Harrowden Lane, Cardington. (01234 741677) Beyond the Image Seven like-minded photographers exhibit their work, plus space for other artists. 13 Red House Yard, Thornham Magna. (01508 480477) Birch Gallery & Tea Room Work by watercolour artist John Harrison. Birch Street, Birch, Colchester. (01206 331363) Birdscapes Gallery Original paintings, drawings and prints by over twenty leading bird and landscape artists. Manor Farm Barns, Glandford, Holt. (01263 741742) Artshed Arts Ware Artshed Arts and creative skills centre, is a contemporary art and crafts venue situated on the Rib Valley leisure complex at Westmill Farm, in between Ware and Hertford. The venue offers a comprehensive selection of creative art and craft activities from painting,drawing to stained glass, moasics and pottery

for beginners. The dedicated jewellery workshop offers the opportunity to run an extensive range of jewellery workshops covering skills from silver jewellery to beading, Precious Metal Clay PMC, lampworking (bead making) and fused glass. The courses run from one-day tasters to full termly evening and daytimes classes. The combination of workshop studios and gallery space and mixing tuition for fine art and ceramics and jewellery construction are unique in Hertfordshire and are easily accessible from all groups of people. Westmill Farm, Westmill Road, Ware. (01920 466446) Beecroft Art Gallery With fine sea views and a varied collection ranging from 17th century Dutch paintings to contemporary works, as well as a fine collection of local views, the Beecroft is well worth a visit. The gallery houses some 2,000 works, including works by Constable, Molenaer, Lear and Seago. There’s a temporary exhibitions programme and the gallery is host to the annual Essex artists open exhibition. Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea (01702 347418) Blake House Craft Centre Art and craft shops in rural farm buildings. Blake End, Braintree. (01376 344123) www.blakehousecraftcentre. Broughton House Gallery Contemporary art, changing exhibitions, and permanent

displays and archives of the work of Gwen Raverat. The gallery, occupying an 18th century townhouse, was founded in 1987 by the present owner Rosemary Davidson, and is the longest established commercial art gallery in Cambridge. 98 King Street, Cambridge. (01223 314960) www.broughtonhousegallery. com Brandler Galleries Small fine art gallery. Coptfold Road, Brentwood. (01277 222269) Bromham Mill Art Gallery Local arts and crafts. Bridge End, Bromham. (01234 824330) www.friendsofbromhammill. Byard Art Established gallery with ongoing displays of work by 200 artists in a range of 2 and 3D disciplines. 14 King’s Parade, Cambridge. (01223 464646) Broadland Arts Centre 1,2,3,4,5 day courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles and more. Choice of two venues at Dilham in the heart of the Norfolk Broads and a new venue in Westcliff and Leigh on Sea for coastal and marine options. The Old School, The Street, Dilham. North Walsham. (01692 536486) Café Brazil Brazilian flavoured food, coffee and funky art and prints. 64 Mill Road, Cambridge. (01223 301400)



• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Cavern 4 Art and crafts. 4 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 700009) Caxton Books & Gallery Bookshop with gallery that exhibits local and East Anglian artwork, ceramics and jewellery. 37 Connaught Avenue, Frintonon-Sea. (01255 851505) Bircham Gallery Light and spacious gallery featuring the work of over 200 artists and craftspeople, displaying a wide range of unique and beautiful art from East Anglia and beyond. Regular exhibitions. 14 Market Place, Holt (01263 713312) Brian Lewis Multi-talented North Norfolkbased professional artist with online gallery with original paintings and limited edition prints for sale. (01263 823863) Burnham Grapevine Holt Situated in one of the oldest buildings in Burnham Market, Grapevine has established a considerable reputation for the range and quality of the work shown. With ever changing displays of paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture, the gallery’s portfolio includes work by established artists and emerging new talent. Grapevine also sells one of the best ranges of artcards in North Norfolk.


Overy Road, Burnham Market (01328 730125) www.burnhamgrapevine. Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary was founded in 1988 and has a constantly changing selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and original prints by important British and international artists. 31 Crag Path, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. (01728 452754) Chelmsford Museum Wide and varied art collections including artists Lynton Lamb, Edward Bawden, John Nash, plus ceramics, pottery and glass. Oaklands Park, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. (01245 605700) Christchurch Mansion Biggest collection of paintings by Gainsborough and Constable outside of London, along with collections of other artists inspired by East Anglia. Soane Street, Ipswich (01473 433554) venues/christchurch-mansion. html Church Street Gallery Contemporary paintings, prints, photography, glassware, ceramics, sculpture, handmade jewellery, printmakers cards and cushion covers. 17 Church Street, Saffron Walden. (01799 522947)

Cambridge Contemporary Art Cambridge Contemporary Art specialises in handmade prints, paintings, sculptures and crafts. Situated just a stone’s throw from King’s College, the gallery is in the heart of the city. Since opening in 1990, the gallery as gained a reputation for its extensive range of high quality work and innovative exhibitions of local, national and international artists. 6 Trinity Street, Cambridge (01223 324222) Cork Brick Gallery Bungay Ever changing exhibition featuring a lively selection of professional artists that live around the Norfolk-Suffolk border, artists such as, Tessa Newcomb, Margaret Thomas, Lizzie Riches, John Morley, Jessica Perry, Dee Nickerson, and sculptor Rosemary Cook. Adjoining antiques gallery. 6 Earsham Street, Bungay (01986 894873) Cobbold & Judd Fine Art Specialising in 20th century and contemporary British Art. Hintlesham Hall, George Street, Hintlesham. (01473 652334) Cobwebcrafts Contemporary arts and crafts; a combined gallery of contemporary woodturning, stained and fused glass, and bespoke jewellery, plus workshops. Riverside House, Gillingham Dam, Beccles. (07951 879 617)


Visit our lively and accessible arts hub in King’s Lynn. Keep up to date with everything we do! • Twitter: @KLartscentre Tel: 01553 779095 • Find us on Facebook

Company Limited by guarantee. No: 7556544 Registered Charity 1142093 King’s Lynn Arts Centre, 29 King Street, King’s Lynn PE30 1HA

the hare and the hen philippa lee's pottery studio and craft shop

Winstanley Cats Handmade pottery cats made by Jenny Winstanley

open daily

ceramics from 10am garden pots photography art textiles glass baskets hand-painted tiles Great selection of greeting cards

Prices range from £4 to £90

commissions taken for hand-painted tiles and individual pottery for special occasions

1-3 Grammar School Road North Walsham, Norfolk, NR289JH

11 dalegate market, burnham deepdale pe31 8fb

telephone: 01485 211245 website:

Tel: 01692 402962


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Courtyard Arts Visual arts venue showing contemporary art with regular changing exhibitions. Port Vale, Hertford. (01992 509596)

which is now CRAFTCO. With about 100 associate members, a core group runs and organises the shop. They meet once a month to discuss co-op business and consider newly submitted work. Displayed you will find contemporary prints, ceramics, jewellery, textiles and toys. 40a High Street, Southwold (01502 723211)

Creake Abbey Studios Artists studios displayings and selling arts and crafts. North Creake, Fakenham. www.creakeabbeystudios. Cuckoo Farm Studios Studio space for artists in Essex with regular exhibitions and sale of works. Boxted Road, Colchester. (01787 464280) www.cuckoofarmstudios. The Cut Offering Halesworth and the surrounding countryside arts, music, theatre, dance, comedy, cinema, workshops and art exhibitions. It has a cafeteria and licensed bar. Arts venue with exhibition space. New Cut, Halesworth. (0845 6732123) The Darryl Nantais Gallery Fine Art gallery with original paintings and prints, regular exhibitions. 59 High Street, Linton, Cambridge. (01223 891289) Digby Gallery Exhibits work by professional artists living and/or working in the region. Mercury Theatre, Balkerne Gate, Colchester. (01206 577006)


Dedham Art and Craft Centre Traditional and modern art and crafts in converted church. Three floors showcase the work of more than 30 artisans. High Street, Dedham. (01206 322666)

Crome Gallery, Norwich Set in a Georgian merchants house in historic Elm Hill, one of the oldest streets in Norwich, the four galleries have original oils, 19th century and contemporary watercolours, prints and sculpture by many well known local and national artists. Framing, conservation, Giclée printing, and a print finding service is also available. 34 Elm Hill, Norwich (01603 622827) Doric Arts 20th century and contemporary fine art. 4 Albert Street, Holt. (01263 711084)

Craftco, Southwold The Great Eastern Craft Cooperative, or CRAFTCO for short, began in 1987 when ten local craftspeople formed a co-operative and opened a shop and gallery in Southwold Market Place. Five years later they bought a house in the High Street, originally a forge,

The Dunmow Art Gallery New exhibitions each month by local artists. 28 High Street, Great Dunmow. (01371 856682) Eagle Gallery Artist-led gallery, run by a cooperative of 45 Bedfordshire artists. 101 Castle Road, Bedford. (01234 346995)


The Dragonfly Gallery “The Best Little Gallery in Norfolk”

21 North Street Burnham Market PE31 8HG 01328 730370


Tucked away between Wayland House and the Library in the busy little Market Town of Watton is the Dragonfly Gallery, a small, but exceptionally well-appointed visual arts venue in the heart of Breckland. Solo and Small Group Shows; Themed Exhibitions, Ceramics, Wood; Sculpture; Textiles; Photography; Paintings in every medium, Also unique gifts & crafts hand-made by the artists

COURSES TO LEARN NEW SKILLS for all abilities SPECIALISTS IN SAILING/PAINTING HOLIDAYS AFLOAT and OIL PAINTING in the traditions of RUBENS and the GREAT DUTCH MASTERS Also: Drawing, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, printmaking and textiles RECESSION BEATING PRICES!

For details of events & exhibitions: Contact: Wayland House, Watton IP25 6AR T: 01953 880205 e. Visit us on Facebook: The Wayland Dragonfly Gallery Tel: 01702 475361 us on Twitter GV East Arts Guide 12-13:Grapevine East 10/09/2012Follow 10:34 Page 1 @WaylandDFG or @waylandjan


pinkfeet’s cinder sky - max angus

for all art-lovers

burnham market – paintings, prints, ceramics and sculpture in North Norfolk’s most attractive village

norwich – a unique blend of contemporary art, crafts and studio activities at the heart of Norwich’s Golden Triangle

Overy Road, Burnham Market, Norfolk PE31 8HH 01328 730125 • 109 Unthank Road, Norwich NR2 2PE 01603 760660 •

A Café where you can paint onto a wide range of ceramics. When finished we’ll glaze & fire your creation. • T-Shirt & Mouse Mat Painting. • Decopatching. • Jewellery Making. • Fun for all the family. • No artistic talent required. • Groups & those with special needs welcome. • Open all year. 17 Sticky Earth Cafe.indd 1

p17.indd 1

20/10/11 14:53:25 12/09/2012 10:57


• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Edmund Gallery St Edmundsbury Cathedral’s art gallery and exhibition space. Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 748730) The Exchange Gallery Varied exhibitions of contemporary art by local artists. Saffron Walden Library, 2 King Street, Saffron Waldon. (01799 523178) Fairfax Art Gallery Figurative and abstract work from established, award-winning & emerging talent. The Old Forge, North Street, Burnham Market. (01328 730001) Fairhurst Gallery This gallery, founded in 1950, upholds the traditional values it was founded on; marrying up framing, restoration and conservation methods whilst also displaying work from some of the country’s best fine artists. Bedford Street, Norwich. (01603 614214)


The Dragonfly Gallery Watton A wide range of exhibitions by local artists throughout the year, including mixed media collections, solo shows, photography, art textiles, quilts and ceramics. Wayland House, High Street, Watton (01953 880205) The 1st Floor Gallery Specialises in coloured pencil art, as well as exhibiting the work of many local artists. 1 Lower Downs Slade, Haverhill. (01440 762444) firstsite Contemporary visual arts, providing an integrated programme of work includes projects, exhibitions and publications by established and emerging artists. Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester. (01206 577067) Ferini Art Gallery Beautiful art in a special setting. 27-19 All Saints Road, Pakefield. (01502 562222)

Enterprising Art, Ipswich John Griggs established Enterprising Art in 1978. The gallery and shop offers a wide range of artists original work. 18 Thoroughfare, Ipswich (01473 213399)

The Fitzwilliam Museum World-class collections of works of art, including paintings by Constable, Hogarth, and Gainsborough. Regular exhibitions. Trumpington Street, Cambridge.(01223 332900)

The Dolby Gallery Oundle Contemporary art. 30 West Street, Oundle (01832 273801)

The Flint Gallery Contemporary and applied arts. 5 Westgate Street, Blakeney. (01263 741791)

Focal Point Gallery Photographic gallery. Southend Central Library, 2nd Floor, Victoria Avenue, Southend. (01702 534108) The Four Corners Original paintings, drawings and sculptures by renowned local artists. 24 Maldon Road, Danbury. (01245 225499) Frame Workshop & Gallery A wide range of artwork from abstract to traditional. 122 St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich. (01473 400692) Frinton Gallery 80-82 Pole Barn Lane, Frinton-on-Sea.
(01255 673707) Frameworks Framers and art gallery with a programme of exhibitions. 171 High Street, Cottenham. (01954 250138) www.frameworks-cottenham. Fry Art Gallery Paintings, prints, illustrations, wallpapers and decorative designs by artists of the 20th century. Castle Street, Saffron Walden. (01799 513779) Gallery 1066 Fine Art Collectable limited editions and original paintings from an award-winning portfolio of artists. Willow Mews, 6a Hitchin Street, Baldock, Herts. (01462 622 233) www.gallery1066fineart. com

NORFOLK Mick & Christine Bye Photography & Paintings

Brian Lewis

Garden Gallery/Studio Shernbourne 9 School Road Shernbourne King’s Lynn Norfolk T: 01485 542297

Sutton Pottery Church Road Sutton Norwich NR12 9SG

01692 580595 Open Studio creating stoneware tableware and much more Intensive Throwing Tuition (pre-booked) Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (not Bank Hols)

Bees Hall, The Avenue South, Sheringham NR26 8DH Tel: 01263 823863

Henderson Art & Framing

Art Shop, Gallery and Framing Centre 19 St Faith’s Drive, Gaywood, Kings Lynn (opposite Tesco)

Art classes for adults and children Art and craft supplies On-site quality framing centre at competitive prices Art gallery with exhibitions by local artists Originals and prints ‘Bob Ross’ stockist and workshops Card making materials Open Tuesday - Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm Tel: 01553 767662 Email:


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

The Gallery at Parndon Mill Regular exhibitions including work by artists who occupy studios and workshops at the Mill. Parndon Mill Lane, off Elizabeth Way, Harlow. (01279 426042) The Fraser Gallery 62a New Street, Woodbridge (01394 387535) Galerie Gallery & fine work for sale. 5924 High Street, Maldon. (01621 858660) The Gallery Highwaymans Eclectic exhibitions that include contemporary art, antique furniture, sculpture and jewellery. Risby, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 811833). The Gallery Norfolk Paintings, prints, jewellery, gifts and homeware. 3 Church Street, Cromer. (01263 515745) Gallery Plus The work of artist Trevor Woods plus paintings, original prints, ceramics and jewellery by artists and makers from around the country. Warham Road, Wells-next-the-Sea. (01328 711609) Gallery 43 Established in 1985 Gallery 43 is a deceptively large gallery


spread over two floors. Converted from a Victorian house it is divided into five separate showrooms each containing different types of art ensuring “something for everyone”. From contemporary artists to traditional the showrooms contain over 200 pieces of work by different artists. As well as paintings and limited editions it stocks bronzes, ceramics , glass , woodcraft and jewellery as well as catalogues containing thousands of print images. Local artist exhibitions occur every five weeks in the upstairs Gallery. Gallery 43 also offers a full framing service. 43 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. (01245 353825) Gallery at Parndon Mill The Gallery at Parndon Mill presents a series of exhibitions each lasting about six weeks. These display a wide variety of paintings, original prints, sculpture and skilled craftwork, including an annual exhibition of works of art in glass by some of the best artists in this popular medium. Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex. (01279 426042) Gibberd Gallery A permanent collection of 20th century British watercolours and drawings as well as a changing exhibition programme. Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow. (01279 446438)

Gainsborough’s House Sudbury View works by Thomas Gainsborough, plus regular guest exhibitions. 46 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury (01787 372958)

The Garden House Gallery A delightful shop and art gallery in Cromer, moments from the pier. Artwork is by some of Norfolk’s finest artists, photographers and makers and more than 70% of products are ‘Made in Norfolk’. Everything is handpicked for an eclectic, contemporary mix of the useful and the beautiful. The Garden House gallery is home to an acclaimed group of artists, all of whom live and work in north Norfolk and celebrate its beauty through their art. 31 Garden Street, Cromer (01263 511234)


Angel gallery 17 Market Place Lavenham, CO10 9QZ Telephone: 01787 248417 A 15th century wool merchant’s residence housing exhibitions by local and national artists, including collections of the works of Leslie Gibson, Mary Wild and pottery by John Leach.

Angel Gallery.indd 1

18/10/11 09:35:31

Late Winter Sky

Alfred Cohen

The School House.indd 1

The Last Picture Show13/08/2012 - in Town


This busy working-studio

and gallery in Holt, houses the thought-provoking original paintings of Carol Ann Pennington, together with associated prints and Art cards. An eclectic mix of styles, sizes and media attracts the visitor, as does the opportunity to hear the stories behind each creation.

One of four large windows and the Coffee Corner offer ‘Share-aspace’, showcasing the work of other artists throughout the year. Carol Ann’s work is also hung in three other local venues.

The Last Picture Show - in Holt, 9 Cromer Road, Peacock Corner, Holt, NR25 6EU Tel 01263 711717/825735 Email

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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Grapevine Gallery Contemporary fine art, representing over 250 artists and craftsmen. Overy Road, Burnham Market. (01328 730125) www.burnhamgrapevine.

birds, boats, mills, coast and countryside all captured by the stunning Norfolk skies he knows so well. Sharp Street, Catfield, Great Yarmouth (01692 670679)

Great Walsingham Gallery Arts, crafts and framing. Hindringham Road, Great Walsingham. (01328 820900)

The Hayes Gallery Wide range of local contemporary artists, in oils and watercolours. 9 London Street, Swaffham. (01760 723755)

Greyfriars Art Space Contemporary art. 43 St James Street, King’s Lynn. (0751 714744) Glass from the Past, Billericay Glass from the Past is a studio and gallery that houses a number of artists who have either been trained by Caroline Weidman or have come to be a part of the studio through the work they have produced in their own right. The studio undertakes a broad range of work, including restoration and design of traditional stained glass to more contemporary kiln-fired designs. Studios 22 & 28, Barleylamds Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay (07792 475085) Grove Farm Gallery, Catfield The Gallery offers high quality fine art of original paintings in oil and watercolour with prints, limited edition prints and greetings cards by Broadland artist S F Clarke, whose inspiration is drawn from his lifetimes experience of the Norfolk he loves. This is truly depicted in his scenes of local wildlife, wherries, woodland,


Harleston Gallery Spacious, contemporary gallery showcasing paintings, prints, ceramics, glass, textiles and jewellery from across the region. There’s a programme of changing exhibitions, a cafe and a delightful bistro. The Throughfare, Harleston (01379 855040)

Haddenham Galleries Creative art space, eco venue and ethnic gallery. Sculpture garden makes for an inspirational place. 20 High Street, Haddenham, Ely (01353 749188) www.haddenhamgallery.

Hayletts Gallery Work by East Anglian artists and famous British artists from the last 50 years. Ceramics, glass, sculpture and gifts accompany each exhibition. Oakwood House, 2 High Street, Maldon. (01621 851669) Henstead Arts and Crafts Centre Collection of small galleries and workshops. Toad Row, Henstead, Beccles. (01502 741248) www.hensteadartsandcrafts.

Halesworth Gallery Halesworth Contemporary art exhibitions throughout the summer months. Steeple End, Halesworth (01986 873064) www.halesworthgallery.

Hillside Gallery Arts and crafts. Hillside Lodge, Swaffham Road, Toftrees, Fakenham. (01328 856700)

Hatfield Hines Gallery Modern and Contemporary British art, specialising in Modern British Art from the 1920s to the 1980s. 3 Fish Hill, Holt. (01263 713000)

The Hunter Gallery The best of contemporary art in Suffolk, presenting an exciting and eclectic range of paintings and sculpture. Coconut House, Hall Street, Long Melford. (01787 466117)

SUFFOLK Westleton Gallery


Westleton Yoxford Road Westleton Suffolk IP17 3AF


t 01728 648404 m 07984 465026


Westleton Gallery have a new series of contemporary fine art prints by Christopher Humphries alongside an Exhibition of original Paintings by the Artist

Professionally Tutored Art Breaks and Creative Courses in Inspirational locations along the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coast

Small groups. Relaxed and friendly, with expert guidance from Christine.

For complete beginnersbeginners to more to For experienced artists.artists. more experienced

Tel: 01277 354412


Professional Artristine Lester ist & Art Tutor


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12/09/2012 11:45


• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Head Street Gallery, Halstead A wide selection of paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, toys, handmade gifts and cards spread over two floors. Exhibitions change every eight weeks. The gallery has a coffee bar, and a small art library. 1 Head Street, Halstead (01787 472705) Henderson Art and Framing Art gallery with exhibitions by local artists, art materials and classes, card making supplies and workshops, bespoke picture framing. 19 St Faith’s Drive, Gaywood, King’s Lynn (01553 767662). www. hendersonartandframing. ICAS Vilas Fine Art Fine Art gallery. 8-10 Leys Avenue, Letchworth. (01462 677455) Imagine Gallery Host to a variety of exhibitions including artworks, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and jewellery. Hall Street, Long Melford. (01787 378786) Ipswich Art School Contemporary art gallery. 1 Upper High Street, Ipswich. (01473 433681) The Jade Tree Contemporary art and crafts. 15 Elm Hill, Norwich. (01603 664615)


The John Russell Gallery Established gallery specialising in the works of contemporary East Anglian painters and sculptors. 4-6 Wherry Lane, Ipswich. (01473 212051) www.thejohnrussellgallery. Kettle’s Yard Unique house containing a distinctive collection of modern art plus on-going temporary exhibitions. Castle Street, Cambridge. (01223 748100) King’s Lynn Arts Centre Galleries exhibiting a range of visual arts. 29 King Street King’s Lynn. (01553 779095) Lavenham Contemporary 70-71 High Street, Lavenham. (01787 249451) i2 Art, Saffron Walden In the historic setting of one of Saffron Walden’s oldest buildings, i2 Art exhibits contemporary art from established and up and coming artists. With a mixture of original and limited editions at affordable prices, this privately owned gallery aims to provide quality art for everyone. 26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden (01799 668211) The Jessica Muir Gallery Fantastic Long Melford contemporary art and craft gallery. Hall Street, Long Melford (0844 556 9318)

Kesgrave Arts, Ipswich With over 20 years experience in the arts, Kesgrave Arts offers a variety of artists, crafters, sculpters and jewellers, exhibiting local and international art. Affordable, original art, gifts and jewellery. You will also find work by the gallery’s owner, Theronda Hoffman. 83 Main Road, Kesgrave, Ipswich (01473 333553) Kings Lynn Arts Centre A 15th century venue hosting a programme of comedy, drama, music, dance, cinema, and visual arts. Includes information on workshops, galleries and history. 29 King Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. (01553 779095) Les Livres Gallery Gallery providing a programme of exhibitions drawn from the local area. Colchester Central Library, 21 Trinity Square, Colchester. (01206 245900) Letchworth Arts Centre Arts venue with three exhibition galleries. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth. (01462 670788)


LOOKOUT Staircase Descending a Nude projected on to LOOKOUT. Video installation by mmmmm, 2012. Photo: Dawn Wilson

Aldeburgh Beach

Kesgrave Arts

Quarter.indd 1

10/08/2012 15:54

Picture Framing at affordable prices Classes for children and adults • Stained glass classes • Affordable art • Life drawing classes • New jewellery • •


83 Main Road, Kesgrave, IP5 1AF Tel: 01473 333553


g a l l e r y

Housed in beautifully restored 17th century almshouses in the centre of Halesworth, this is a non-profit-making gallery committed to displaying contemporary Fine Art of the highest standard.


NEW STREET, WOODBRIDGE TELEPHONE: 01394 387535 Fine Art Maps Conservation bespoke picture framing service

Open May – Sept (incl) Weekdays 11:00 – 17:00 Sundays 14:00 – 17:00 admission free

Oils, Watercolour, Fabrics & 3D Artwork

Tel: 01986 873064 Email:

Specialising in UV Conservation & Museum glass

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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Lime Tree Gallery The gallery specialises in contemporary fine art and glass, with a particular fondness for contemporary Scottish artists, and holds regular exhibitions throughout the year. Lime Tree House, Hall Street, Long Melford. (01787 319046) Lindsell Art Gallery Work by local and regional artists especially in landscape, wildlife, flower, still life and figure paintings and prints. Old Crown House, Lindsell, nr Dunmow. (01371 870777) The Little Gallery Paintings by Mary Gundry, photography by Colin Huggins, plus guest artists. 5 Market Place, Halesworth. Lowestoft Arts Centre Quality art and craft work by local artists. 13 St. Peters Street, Triangle Market Place, Lowestoft. (01502 500004) Lynne Strover Gallery Established in 1990, the Gallery houses distinctive exhibitions throughout the year. A substantial inventory is held of work by British contemporary artists, often from the Cornish West peninsular. Regular shows of gallery artists are interspersed with work from the inventory. 23 High Street, Fen Ditton, Cambridge. (01223 295264)


The Last Picture Show in Town, Holt Working studio where you can view and buy vibrant and orginal paintings, prints and art cards by Carol Ann Pennington. 9 Cromer Road, Holt (01263 711717) www. Made in Cley Workshops and a gallery in the old village shop, showcasing handmade pottery, jewellery and sculpture. High Street, Cleynext-the-Sea (01263 740134) Moulsham Mill Arts and crafts. Parkway, Chelmsford. (01245 608212) Marisa Arna Jewellery Studio & Gallery Marisa Arna specialises in handmade jewellery, exclusively by makers based in Britain.The work on display ranges from affordable little gifts, to one-off pieces, as well as fine, bespoke jewellery made at the studio. There are always new designs in progress at the studio, so, including the work by the other exhibiting jewellers, there is always something new on show at the gallery. High Street, Thorpe-le-Soken. (01255 862355) The Minories Art Gallery Contemporary art gallery run in conjunction with Colchester School of Art & Design and Media. 74 High Street, East Hill, Colchester. (01206 712437)

Mistley Quay Workshops Arts and Crafts workshop with exhibitions. Mistley, Manningtree. (01206 393884) Naze Tower Historic tower that houses an art gallery over eight floors, with three exhibitions a year. The Naze, Old Hall Lane, Walton-on-theNaze. (01255 852519) Neil Graham Gallery Fine antique and contemporary paintings and prints. 11 Ingrave Road, Brentwood. (01277 215383) Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich Mandell’s Gallery is one of Norwich and Norfolk’s most respected art galleries Mandell’s Gallery was founded in 1965. Originally specialising in 19th Century Norwich School painters, the gallery has expanded greatly and now has a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary art. Elm Hill, Norwich (01603 626892)

Martine Norman Essex-based professional artist with online gallery with works for sale. Focus on nature, humanity and spiritualism. (01376 501229)


Admission: Adult £5.00, Concession £4.00, Child/Student £2.00, Family £12.00


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

The Norman Cross Gallery Traditional, contemporary & modern works by national and international artists. Norman House, Norman Cross, Peterborough. (01733 245189) Norton Way Gallery Contemporary art. 51 Norton Way North, Letchworth. (01462 685139) Norwich Arts Centre Regular cutting-edge exhibitions. St. Benedict’s Street, Norwich. (01603 660352) Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery Permanent collections include works spanning the 17th to 20th century. Two further galleries with a lively programme of shows, including regular partnership exhibitions from Tate in London and major loan exhibitions. Castle Mound, Norwich. (01603 493625) uk Norwich Studio Art Gallery Work by resident artist Gena Ivanov. 77 Upper St Giles Street, Norwich. (01603 492093) The Octagon Gallery Arts and crafts. 5 Market Street, Wisbech. (01945 429122) Off the Wall Contemporary wall hangings, Margaret Loxton prints, ceramics, glass and more. 94 High Street, Lavenham. (01787 248348)


Outpost Gallery Artist run gallery. 10b Wensum Street, Norwich. (01603 612428) Palace Green Gallery Representing artists and designers throughout the UK, bringing new talent to the county. Stable Yard, Hatfield Park, Hatfield House. (01707 272551) New Art Gallery, Billericay An eclectic collection of painters in oils, watercolours, pastels and glass. Also photographers, sculptures, giclee prints, etchings and limited edition prints. Services include restoration and cleaning, framing, corporate placing of artwork and vintage film posters. Studio 43, Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay. (01268 288445) North House Gallery There are frequent and varied exhibitions of paintings, drawings, sculpture, original prints and books by modern and contemporary artists of East Anglian, national and international fame. The gallery was established in 1999 by Penelope HughesStanton in the former studio of her father, the painter and wood-engraver Blair HughesStanton. Exhibitions extend through the ground floor of the simple Georgian house overlooking the estuary of the River Stour, and into the letterpress workshop which houses several generations of

printing presses, type cabinets and other, now historic, equipment. The gallery is open on Saturdays but feel free to ring for an appointment at any other time. The Walls, Manningtree. (01206 392717) www.northhousegallery. The Old Fire Engine House Restaurant and art gallery situated just west of Ely Cathedral in an attractive Georgian house. The gallery has monthly exhibitions of work by leading artists, from both East Anglia and further afield. They show work in a wide range of media including, painting, prints, glass and sculpture. 25 St. Mary’s Street, Ely (01353 662582) www. theoldfireenginehouse. Primavera Some of the finest art and crafts over three floors in the gallery and shop.10 King’s Parade, Cambridge. (01223 357708) RE+New Contemporary original artwork and more. 63a Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. (01394 386314) Riverslade Gallery A wide range of artworks produced by local professional artists. 5 Jubilee Court Hill Street, Saffron Walden. (07523 893671)


Stocking high quality, original, contemporary maritime related art from artists based in Wales, Sweden and East Anglia.

Visit our website at sea pictures

Well Lane | Clare | Suffolk | CO10 8NH Telephone 01787 279 024

Etching Silkscreen Relief Woodcut Lithography Plus more

Printmaking courses in Cambridge for artists of all abilities

St Barnabas Press

open access printmaking studio 01223 413792


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Rhodes Arts venue with regular gallery exhibitions. 1-3 South Road, Bishop’s Stortford. (01279 651746). www.rhodesbishopsstortford. Romany Studio Work by artists Jenny Partridge and Nigel Casseldine and invited artists. Woodbridge Road, Tunstall. (01728 688264)

Pond Gallery Diverse collection of mixed exhibitions throughout the year. Snape Maltings, Snape, nr Aldeburgh. (01728 688303)

Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery An impressive variety of art dating from the 1600’s to the present day. Priestgate, Peterborough. (01733 864663)

Photographers’ Gallery Fine-art photography gallery showcasing collections from world renowned award winning photographers. 5&7 Cromer Road, Holt (01263 710222)

Picturecraft Gallery Award-winning gallery divided into thirty-two separate alcoves, each one dedicated to an individual exhibitor. 23 Lees Yard, off Bull Street, Holt. (01263 711040).

The Red Dot Gallery Red Dot is the Studio Showroom for Obsession Publishing, official publishers of works by Robert Heindel, Cecil Rice, John Bond. 2 Lyles Court, Lees Yard, Holt. (01263 710287).

Picturesque Originals, limited editions, and prints.85 High Street, Billericay. (01277 631336) Pin Mill Gallery Arts and crafts. Pin Mill Lane, Chelmondiston, Ipswich. (07868 899676) www.wildraspberryonline. Pinkfoot Gallery Art inspired by nature. High Street, Cley-next-the-Sea. (01263 740947)


The Platform Gallery Changing exhibitions amongst vintage finds and beautiful things.Mistley Station, High Street, Mistley. (01206 397115)

Robert Fogell Gallery Established in 2006 in a beautiful period town house in the historic heart of Stamford, South Lincolnshire. 23 High Street, St Martins, Stamford. (01780 762099) Serena Hall Gallery Contemporary art works and regular changing exhibitions. 16 Queen Street, Southwold. (01502 723887)

Smiths Row Contemporary art gallery and crafts shop with regular exhibitions, housed in an elegant and historic, Grade I listed building. The Gallery is also the main centre for contemporary craft in the East and works closely with makers and craft organisations across the UK. The shop sells high quality craft and design by some of the region’s and the country’s most interesting ceramicists, jewellers, printmakers, textile and glass artists. Smiths Row Two, in the town’s Cornhill Walk Shopping Centre, is a base for art activities aimed at children and young people with disabilities. The Market Cross, Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 762081) The Ruiz Gallery Original paintings, solid bronze sculptures, jewellery, ceramics. 4 High Street, Ely. (01353 666060). Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts With over 1,200 examples of fine and decorative arts, the centre is also home to the UEA collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art and Design. University of East Anglia, Norwich. (01603 593199) Saint Giles Street Gallery Contemporary art, regular changing exhibitions. 51 St Giles Street, Norwich. (01603 663333)


Babylon Gallery Waterside ❘ Ely ❘ CB7 4AU

Contemporary Art Gallery on Ely’s picturesque Waterside. Showcasing the work of local, regional and national Artists & Makers Open: Tues–Sun, 12 noon–4pm FREE entry Tel: 01353 616991

Large Format Digital Print Quality Custom Framing Canvas Wrap Prints Fine Art Prints Full Scanning Services Exhibition Printing Mounting Services Greetings Cards & Postcards Professional, friendly service tailored to each individual clients requirements. Working with artists, photographers, business and the public to produce high quality digital and fine art print and framing services.

“The standard of work produced by PhotoArt GB Ltd has been of exceptional quality with a clear high attention and care to detail.”

Cambridge Art Classes

Individual or small group art tuition with Maureen Mace 01223 500909


etching lino drypoint collagraphs


Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday by appointment 01223 834411

Rectory Farm, 1 Brewery Road, Pampisford, Cambridge, CB22 3EN

Hannath Road Tydd Gote Wisbech Cambs PE13 5ND

tel: 01945 420403


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

St Neots Picture Gallery Fine art and contemporary prints, original art by local artists. 23 St Mary’s Street, St Neots. (01480 215291) Saltmarsh Coast Gallery Landscape photography by Jon Gibbs and Gareth Hacon open at weekends. 35a Staithe Street, Wells-next-the-Sea.

The School House Art Gallery, Wighton Contemporary paintings, drawings, limited edition prints and sculpture. The School House at Wighton has an historic connection with 20th century art. It was where Henry Moore carved some of his earliest sculptures. Wighton, nr Wells-next-the Sea (01328 820457) East Anglia Visual Arts Directory Gallery with regular exhibitions. The Town Hall Centre Market Square, Braintree. (01376 557776). Town Hall Galleries A changing programme of contemporary visual art and designer craft plus displays and activities linked to community heritage and local history. Cornhill, Ipswich. (01473 432863).


Tudor Galleries Fine Art gallery and dealer. 14 Theatre Street, Norwich. (01603 219780). Trumpington Gallery 1 8-20 Victoria Street, Cambridge. (01223 301330). Sea Pictures Gallery Located in a Georgian shop in the heart of Clare, Suffolk and stocking high quality, original, contemporary maritime related art from artists based in Wales, Sweden and East Anglia. Well Lane, Clare, Suffolk. (01787 279024). Skylark Studios Gallery specialising in printmaking, etching, linoprinting and block printing. Hannath Road, Tydd Gote, Wisbech. (01945 420403). Snape Maltings Gallery Contemporary and traditional paintings, ceramics and sculpture. Snape Maltings, Snape, nr Aldeburgh. (01728 687171) Southwold Gallery Work by 38 of this regions most respected artists. 64a High Street, Southwold. (01502 723888) Storm Fine Arts Modern British and Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts and Modern Masters. Fern Cottage, Market Place, Burnham Market. (01328 730675).

St John’s Arc The ARC is a community Arts and Recreation Centre set in a secluded corner of Old Harlow. Offering a varied programme of activities and events for all ages which include concerts, exhibitions and workshops. St John’s Walk, Market Street Old Harlow. (01279 442447). Templeman Gallery Gallery & work for sale. 54 High Street, Burnham On Crouch. (01621 786243) Thompson’s Gallery 20th and 21st Century paintings, sculptures and photography, specialising in Contemporary British and Scottish art. 175 High Street, Aldeburgh. (01728 453743) Top Floor Studio Family team of artists working in a variety of media and styles, presenting work individually or as a group through the studio. Choice of work ranges though original paintings, drawings, and photographs to prints, wall panels and greetings cards of the group’s work. Quayside, Woodbridge, Suffolk. (01394 383 627) The Artmonger, Burnham Market The gallery stocks quality pictures of all kinds at prices to suit every pocket. Although focusing predominantly on original 18th, 19th and early 20th century watercolours and drawings, you are as likely to find oils, work by local artists, original prints or a small piece


Trumpington Gallery

Picture frame designers and makers. Fine Art conservation and restoration. Gilt wood and composition frame repair and conservation. Carvers and gilders. Hanging, re-hanging and transport service. Car parking in courtyard. 18 & 20 Victoria Road, Mitcham’s Corner Cambridge CB4 3DU

Tel: 01223 301330

Presents a series of exhibitions of contemporary arts

Arts & Craft Classes

Art Exhibitions & Concerts

Charity 291079


(01279) 442447 OPENING TIMES: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 5 Sunday 2 - 4

Parndon Mill Elizabeth Way Harlow Essex CM20 2HP Tel: 01279 426042 Email: Web:

St. John’s Walk, Market Street, Old Harlow, CM17 0AJ See our website for details of classes, forthcoming events and information regarding hire of our venue.


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

of sculpture. 21 North Street, Burnham Market (01328 730370)

Vivien Young Fine Art Contemporary fine art, and regular solo and mixed exhibitions of works by professional artists. The Old School, Old Hunstanton Road, Old Hunstanton. (01485 534566). www. The Waterfront Gallery Dynamic cometemporary art; regular exhibitions. University Campus Suffolk, Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, Ipswich. (01473 338654).

The Trinity Gallery The Trinity Gallery is an exhibition of work by Gordon Parkinson, the proprietor. The collection consists mainly of watercolour landscapes and still life studies - original paintings and prints. Trinity House, Hall Street, Long Melford. (01787 464022) University Gallery Contemporary visual art. Renowned international artists, student works and works from University’s collection of Latin American art. University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester. (01206 873184) Universty of Hertfordshire Galleries International contemporary art. Hatfield Campus, College Lane, Hatfield. (01707 285376). The Upstairs Gallery Award winning gallery with regular changing exhibitions. Bank House, Exchange Square, Beccles. (01502 717191).


Willow Galleries High quality contemporary art at affordable prices. An extensive range of signed limited edition prints, original art and sculpture from the UK’s leading publishing company, Washington Green Fine Art. 28 Bridge St, Halstead. (01787 473885). The Westleton Gallery Original paintings, signed prints, friendly creative art courses. Local accomodation available. Yoxford Road, Westleton. (01728 668932)

Westcliffe Gallery Quality works by artists from the 18th Century onwards, plus work by new and established painters. 2-8 Augusta Street, Sheringham. (01263 824320). The White House Gallery Primarily, work by Norfolk artists. Queens Square, Attleborough. (01953 455543) www. Wildlife Art Gallery Specialising in 20th Century and contemporary wildlife art. 98/99 High Street, Lavenham. (01787 248562). Wingfield Barns Regular exhibitions in two contemporary, spacious galleries. Church Road, Wingfield, Eye. (01379 384505). Williams Art Many of the most talented Cambridge artists meet, display their work and put on themed exhibitions. 5 Dale’s Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge. (01223 311687).

Wildwood Gallery, Bury St Edmunds Here you’ll find a wide variety of styles of limited edition fine art prints ranging from abstract to figurative works, as well as paintings, sculpture, ceramics and gift items. They offer a bespoke conservation picture framing service offering a wide range of mouldings and hand finishes at competitive prices. 40 Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmunds. (07710 532735). Wysing Arts Centre Art centre & gallery exhibiting contemporary art. Artist’s studios, 25 onsite artists. Fox Road, Bourn. (01954 718881).


Established in 1985 Gallery 43 is a deceptively large gallery spread over two floors. Converted from a Victorian house it is divided into five separate showrooms each containing different types of art ensuring something for everyone. From contemporary artists to traditional, the showroom contains over 200 pieces of work by different artists. As well as paintings and Limited Editions it stocks Bronzes, Ceramics, Glass, Woodcraft and Jewellery. Local Artist exhibitions occur every five weeks in our upstairs Gallery. Gallery 43 offers a full framing service with a choice of over 400 frames. All work is carried out on site by quallified framers with over 25 years experience and who have passed the Fine Art Trade Guilds standards of excellence. A full restoration service is available too.

43 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0HY Tel: 01245 353825

L O O K A T A R T I N A N E W W A Y. . .

ART PA I N T I N G S , P R I N T S , S C U L P T U R E & F R A M I N G

Tel: 01268 288445 Email: - OPEN EVERY DAY 10am - 5pm (CLOSED MONDAYS) -

Arts_Guide_Ad_128x90.5mm.indd 1

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Studio 43, Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex CM11 2UD

23/08/2011 12:33


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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Art & Stitch 33 Aston Business Park, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough. (01733 230898) The Ashley Studios 19 Staithe Street, Wells-next-the-Sea. Artists’ materials. (01328 710923) Capture the Magic Northfield Road Business Park, Soham. (01353 720105) Colemans Peterborough, Bedford & Huntingdon. Supplies for art, craft and office. Craftability 4 St Lawrence Street, Ipswich. All round crafts supplies shop. (01473 257550) Fineline Frames 9 Briston Road, Melton Constable. Bespoke Picture Framers. (01263 860440) Gills Craft Studio Unit 8, Laen Court, Horsley Fields, Kings Lynn. Craft Supplies. (01553 691914) Henderson Art & Framing 19 St Faith’s Drive, Gaywood, King’s Lynn. Art Supplies, Art Classes, Picture Framing. (01553 767662) Hobbycraft Arts and crafts superstore with brnches in Stevenage, Peterborough, Harlow, Chelmsford and Norwich. Hussey & Greaves Chelmsford, Shenfield & Ipswich. Art and crafts supplies, printing, copying. Inspirational Crafts 10 North Street Parade, Sudbury. Cardmaking and scrapbooking.


(01787 378111) Kens Krafts The Dixon Shopping Centre, 157 Reepham Rd, Hellesdon, Norwich. (01603 413031) Kookykards Sadlers Hall Farm, London Road, Basildon. Card-making supplies. (01268 569420) Millway Stationery Chapel Hill, Stansted. (01279 812009) Norwich Art Supplies 16 St Benedicts Street, Norwich. (01603 620229) Norwich Road Craft Shop 58 Norwich Road, Lowestoft. (07789 164952) www.norwichroadcraftshop. Ottewill Art & Crafts 50 St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 761172) Photoart GB Rectory Farm, 1 Brewery Road, Pampisford, Cambridge. Large format giclee printing, canvas printing and custom picture framing. (01223 834411) Picturecraft of Holt Lees Yard, off Bull Street, Holt. (01263 713259) Pondskipper Crafts 6 Woodston Business Centre, Orton Longueville, Peterborough. Papercraft supplies. (01733 371300) Rainbow Crafts 27 Green Street, Willingham, Cambridge. (01954 260959)

Stamp Addicts Unit 5A, Lyon Close, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston. (01234 855833) The Stamp Hut 98a Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds. (01284 752522 ) Storeys Art & Crafts 69 High St March. (01354 651057) Swallowtail 47 Church Street, Coltishall. (01603 737939) Tim’s Art Supplies 85 Lower Tilehouse Street, Hitchin & 20 Eastcheap, Letchworth. (Hitchin 01462 455376) (Letchworth 01462 485840) Tindalls Cambridge (01223 568495) Ely (01353 669498) Colchester (01206 579729) Newmarket (01638 672402) Art, craft, and office supplies. Trumpington Gallery 18 & 20 Victoria Road, Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge. Frame designers and makers, restoration, hanging and more. (01223 301330) UIS Art Stable Studios, Park Farm, Colchester Rd, Elmstead. Fine Art Giclée Printer. Publishers or galleries self-publishing artists and photographers, can match their requirements exactly, in terms of quantity, size, materials, at sensible prices. (01206 827744) Wickford Hobbies & Craft High Street, Wickford. Craft supplies shop. (01268 730234)


N O RT H H O U S E G A L L E RY • Exhibitions of modern & contemporary art • Overlooking the estuary of the River Stour • Open on Saturdays, 10-5 or by appointment 01206 392717

The Walls, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1AS

North House Gallery.indd 1



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jewellery studio

NAME and Website only: Hum grey CMYK 0,0,0,75, Pink CM

and gallery

Logo: Cordia New CMY

Main text: Verdana colour C :0 ,M:0 ,Y:0, K Gold, silver and gemstone jewellery, handmade at the studio by Marisa Arna. From inexpensive small gifts, to bespoke engagement rings and other commissions. R E G U L A R LY C H A N G I N G E X H I B I T I O N S a t o u r g a l l e r y, w h i c h s p e c i a l i s e s i n handmade jewellery exclusively by








A wide selection of paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, toys, cards, handmade gifts and items for your home. The gallery also has a small coffee bar and a gift wrapping service. Open daily 9.30am – 5.30pm excluding Wednesdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. 37

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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Art Café Art Café is North Norfolk’s newest gallery and licensed café. A place to buy art, enjoy coffee and tea, dine and relax. Changing exhibitions of paintings, ceramics and textiles and regular intimate evening music performances. Manor Farm, Glandford, Holt. (01263 741711) Abington Pottery 26 High Street, Little Abington. Pottery situated in a 15th century listed building displaying the stoneware pottery of David Lane. (01223 891723) All Fired Up Ceramics cafe where you can paint one of the many ceramics on offer. 21 Deveraux Court, Ipswich (01473 286142) 113 High Street, Colchester (01206 364666) Butt’s Green Pottery Willow Court, Butts Green Road, Sandon, Chelmsford. A part time smallscale ceramic studio creating handcrafted pottery. Occassional courses, weekly classes and work for sale. (01245 223672) Bodgers Farm Pottery Black Drove, St John’s Fen End, Wisbech. Bed & Breakfast on Marshland Fen in West Norfolk and working pottery where potter Kate Phillips offers courses for beginners and improvers in the pottery studio. Kate’s work - much of it available to buy online - takes inspiration from ancient pots and much of her work is based upon research into the shape, form, and surface of


10th century Viking pots and the ancient Japanese tea ceremonial vessels. Commissions undertaken. (01945 430880) www.bodgersfarm-pottery. Crafty Monkey Pottery 12 Moores Walk, St. Neots. Paint Your Own pottery, Build a Bear and Craft Studio. (01480 219222) Crazy Glazy 43 Cambridge Street, Godmanchester. Paint your own pottery, browse our variety of gifts made by local artists and crafts people, or simply sit back and relax with a cup of tea and handmade cake. (01480 350863)

Yarmouth Potteries specialise in Limited Edition pieces, in particular tankards, that are fast becoming valuable collectors items and items commissioned by individuals, companies and corporations. Art and claywork classes are also available here and you can see and buy work by Ernie Childs. Ernie’s work, whether a sculpture, a pen-andink drawing, an oil painting or a hand carved tankard is deeply influenced by the characters and characteristics that the sea-going way of life breeds. Also on site is the fascinating Herring Smoking Museum. (01493 850585)

The Glazed Look The Waterhouse Business Centre, Cromar Way, Chelmsford. Pottery painting studio. They stock over 400 pottery pieces, including a huge range of predrawn items for you just to colour in. Or you can create your own design. (01245 392285)

Carters Teapots, Debenham The highly collectable Carters Teapots are slip cast, handmade and hand painted. You can buy from their shop, online, at Harrods or Bloomingdales in New York! A visit to this unique pottery will show you these world renown teapots being made and painted by hand and you can browse around the pottery shop, where you can be sure to find the Teapot of your choice. There’s a delightful tea room or you can visit Paint it @ the Teapot Pottery, where you can create your own design from one of the many different types of bisque pots, and then have it glaze and fired great for a special gift. (01728 860475)

Great Yarmouth Potteries Trinity Place, Great Yarmouth. A fully working pottery and art studio in a historic building with a medieval wall and built from shipwrecks and driftwood. Great

Hazle’s Pottery Barn Units 33 – 35 Barleylands Craft Centre. Creative, educational and fun pottery centre for all ages. (01268 270892) www.

Doodle Pots 1A New Street, Holt. Paint anything ceramic from a mug to a vase. All with a cup of tea or coffee in a fun and creative studio environment. (01263 713135) www.





At 3 Victoria Road, Fenny Stratford MK2 2NG Retro, Collectables, Furniture, Jewellery and Lots More. Pods & Cabinets to Rent £P.O.A. Full or Part House Clearance.

Open 5 Days A Week

Tuesday – Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm Closed Sunday & Mondays Information Call Mags on 07890 631314 or Tony on 07939 378122

Parking at the Rear of the Shop or 2 Hours FREE parking Across from Londis Supermarket

Find Us on Facebook under Sellwells

Sellwells-Arts.indd 1

High Street, Dedham,24/07/2012 Essex, CO7 6AD 01206 322666

Three floors of art, craft and a vast range of unique gifts. Scrumptious home made cakes in our Tearoom lifestyle living showroom

The Robert Fogell Gallery features exhibitions throughout the year showcasing some of the best artistic talent in the country, including a range of contemporary and British Modern Art and crafts from leading and emerging artists. Reg Cartwright


Stuart Ackroyd

Gallery Open: Wednesday to Saturday 10.30am–5.00pm

23 High Street, St Martins, Stamford PE9 2LF Telephone: 01780 762099 Email:

Gallery 1066

Hertfordshire’s stylish contemporary Art Gallery

Sherree Valentine Daines

Nestled down a cobbled mews in the picturesque town of Baldock, our 4,000 sq ft gallery is fast becoming a leading arts destination in Hertfordshire offering fabulous works to suit every taste and pocket whilst offering an affordable investment to enjoy every day.

Come along and enjoy a fine art experience! private viewings available

Willow Mews, 6A Hitchin Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AE tel : 01462 622233 HALF.indd 1

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• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

The Hair and Hen 11 Dalegate Market, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk. Pottery and craft shop filled with unusual, beautiful high quality handmade items made by crafts people locally and from further afield. Mix of crafts, from baskets to glassware, ceramics and photographs, garden pots and original artwork. There is also a wide range of out-of-print natural history books. (01485 211245) www. Jars of Clay 49 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. A friendly ceramics painting studio and café where everyone, young and old alike, can go to relax, have fun and express their creativity. Choose an item of pottery to decorate, then glaze and fire your masterpiece in our studio kiln, ready for you to collect. (01394 380123) Kersey Pottery The Street, Kersey. Stoneware by Fred Bramham and Dorothy Gorst. The results of each monthly firing are exhibited at Kersey Pottery’s own gallery, occupying old stables near the centre of the village. (01473 822092) The Kiln 87 High Street, Bedford. Paint On Pottery Studio; a great way for adults and children to enjoy time together creating their own special pottery masterpieces! (01234 216799)


Phoenix Ceramics Harpenden A mobile pottery painting studio based in Harpenden. Whatever the occasion, they can be there with all you need for a fun and creative ceramics painting session. (01582 623416) Sticky Earth Café 15 Church Street, Cromer. A café where you can design, create and paint onto ceramics in a spacious, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Choose from a large variety of mugs, plates, bowls, animal figurines etc., and paint to your hearts content, after which they’ll glaze and fire your creation. Suitable for all ages, absolutely no artistic talent required. (01263 519 642) Wild Raspberry Textiles & Ceramics Cafe Pin Mill Gallery, Pin Mill, Chelmondiston. Take some time out to unwind and relax with friends and family whilst painting your own ceramics or textiles. No matter what your age or artistic ability, you can create something of beauty to use in your home, or give as a gift. (01473 780130) www.wildraspberryonline. Sutton Pottery A small ‘Open Studio’ workshop in rural East Norfolk, established by Malcolm Flatman in 1977 in the Broadland village of Sutton, near Stalham. He makes a large range of ‘reduction’

stoneware entirely by hand, in consistent styles and colours. Malcolm also offers pottery lessons for those wishing to learn to ‘throw’ pots on the potter’s wheel. A session of intensive tuition lasts 3 hours, and takes place on Summer weekday evenings, or on Winter days plus some Winter Saturdays. Church Road, Sutton. (01692 580595)

Wistanley Cat Pottery, North Walsham Winstanley Cats have been made by Jenny Winstanley for over 40 years. All the animals produced are unique in that there are no two painted exactly the same, therefore each animal is highly collectable. They are made in a range of sizes from the smallest size 1 kittens through to life-size size 8. They are also listed in the “MillersGuide” to antiques. (01279 734518) www.winstanleycats.


• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

Anteros Loddon Road, Bergh Apton. Weekend art courses, workshops, art breaks and art holidays for students of all abilities, from beginners through to those with intermediate skills. (01508 480679) Art Breaks East Anglia Professionally tutored weekend painting breaks on the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coast. The two-day tutored art breaks are based in the light and comfortable studio of Woodbridge Art Club, close to the famous Tide Mill overlooking the Deben estuary. As well as exploring special places to paint in Woodbridge itself, those on the course will be transported to other interesting locations such as Aldeburgh and Snape. These small group courses are suitable for complete beginners and experienced artists alike. (01277 354412) www.artbreakseastanglia. com Art Van Go 1 Stevenage Road, Knebworth. Workshops including watercolours, mosaic, pastels, screenprinting, and drawing. (01438 814946) Arty Crafts 10 Girton Road, Girton, Cambridge. Creative Art Workshops for children aged 5-12. (01223 277922)

Artshed Westmill Farm, Westmill Road, Ware . A whole range of art and craft workshops. (01920 466446) Arts Roundabout Children’s arts centre with holiday workshops and adults’ Discovery days. Mountnessing (01277 354727) Assington Mill Assington, Sudbury. Òne to three-day courses on over 50 different topics, focusing mainly on rural and traditional crafts. (01787 229955) Broadland Arts Centre Art and craft courses for leisure and beyond, including painting holidays, led by highly qualified tutors in an informal, friendly and stimulating environment. The Old School, Dilham, North Walsham. (01692 536486)

The Clay & Craft Cottage The Clay Cottage, Hubbards Farm Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh & The Craft Cottage, West Street, Rochford. Art and ceramics studios, offering a variety of activities and workshops. (01268 786162 & 01702 540888) Creative Way Nr Diss. Small, intimate creative art and photography courses, art workshops, one-to one art and digital photography tuition. (01379 687360) Cambridge Art Classes Maureen Mace teaches art in her studio in Cambridge to small classes or individual students. Mixed media or GCSE workshops. A maximum of 3 students in a class means lots of personal attention. 309 Milton Road, Cambridge. (01223 500909) www.cambridgeartclasses.

Burlingham Hall North Burlingham, Norwich. Studio in rural location that offers a range if creative courses. (01603 270455) Celebration Art Various locations, Suffolk. Art workshops and Suffolk Art Safaris. (01728 663722)

Curwen Print Study Centre Chilford Hall, Linton. Curwen teach traditional and contemporary printmaking skills to artists, schools;



• Suffolk • Essex • Cambridgeshire • Norfolk • Herts & Beds

students and teachers, corporate groups and families. Their general course programme offers something for everyone. There are courses for those new to printmaking and those who have previous experience. (01223 892380) www.curwenprintstudy. Draw East High Hall, Nettlestead. Innovative one, three and five-day painting, drawing and printmaking workshops designed to improve your creativity and artistic skills. Linda H. Matthews 2 Chandlers Yard, Ludham Bridge, Great Yarmouth. Painting tuition and holidays. (01692 630485) www.paintncanvasholidays. Flatford Mill Flatford Mill Field Centre, East Bergholt. Flatford Mill is instantly recognisable since they feature in many paintings by John Constable. The Centre offers a wide-ranging programme of environment and art-based


courses - over 300 residential and day activities are offered each year for people of all ages, including painting, drawing, crafts and digital photography. (0845 330 7368) www.field-studies-council. org/flatfordmill Making Mosaics Newport. Courses in contemporary mosaic and ceramic art. (01799 501137) St Barnabas Press Artists’ proofing and professional editioning services, studio space for rental by artists working on individual projects in printmaking or related disciplines and media, and open-access printmaking courses for artists. Belfast Yard, Coldhams Road, Cambridge. (01223 413792) www.stbarnabaspress. Waterfront Art Studio Digital Playdays, 3 Wherry Lane, Ipswich. Courses in painting, drawing, sewing, digital media and more. (473 232069) www.

Watershed Studio St Clere’s Hall Lane, St Osyth. A wide variety of one and two day art workshops and courses throughout the year. (01255 820466) West Norfolk Arts Centre The Old School House, Castle Rising, King’s Lynn. Structured recreational painting courses designed to meet the needs of complete beginners and experienced artists alike. (01553 631689) West Suffolk Arts Centre Brandon Heritage Centre, George Street, Brandon. Personalised art tuition for all ages and abilities. (07882 891022) www.westsuffolkartscentre. com White House Arts 72 Fen Road, Cambridge. Independent centre that offers a wide range of art and craft courses. These currently include ceramics, drawing, jewellery making, textiles and mixed media. (01223 420018)

Gallery ● Bed & Breakfast ● Holiday Home Artist Retreats - full week & weekend courses with Artistic Director Trudi Edmunds G.C.G.I

Weekly Workshops ● Woodland Walks ● Photography wildlife tours Set in a delightfully remote rural location yet within close proximity to both Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket. Highwaymans offers tranquil relaxation and optimum comfort. Light and airy rooms with excellent en-suite facilities act as a superb base for exploring the immediate region of West Suffolk and further East Anglia.

The Gallery Highwaymans is a beautiful, newly refurbished and purpose-built space, which is particularly designed to house eclectic exhibitions that include contemporary art, antique furniture, sculpture and jewellery. The Gallery Highwaymans enjoys a wonderful setting and is part of an estate that also encompasses bed and breakfast accommodation and farmland, some of which was formerly a vineyard.

The Gallery Highwaymans, Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6QP

Tel: John Fisher, Curator 01284 811833 / 01284 810283 ● ● Full Page bleed.indd 1 Highwaymans Gallery.indd 1

12/09/2012 11:53 09:26 10/09/2012

SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR VISUAL ARTS A world-class art gallery on your doorstep Admission free Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ 01603 593199 Full Page bleed.indd 1

Photo: Andy Crouch 12/09/2012 09:27

East Arts Guide 2013  

Welcome to the sixth edition of East Magazine’s guide to visual arts in East Anglia. The region’s landscape has inspired artists for hundred...

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