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A Publication of Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse

Dream Weaver Volume 23 Number 1

Founded 1991

Spring 2014

Remembering Our Dear Friend Stuart Laidlaw by John R.

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Inside this issue: Cover……………....…….In Memorium Page 2.Employment & Internships Page 3…….....Members-on-the-Go Page 4….…….Members-on-the- Go Page 5………………..…....Party Time! Page 6…….Recovery and Outreach Page 7…..……...Kim’s Baby Shower Page 8………..……..…April Activities Thank you to the Clubhouse Members, Interns and Staff who contributed to this edition of Dream Weaver: John R. Kim T. John G. Kerry M. Mandy M. Pepa H. Norman S. Gregg S. Nancy H.

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Clubhouse community lost a very dear friend, Stuart Laidlaw. Stuart was an active member of Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse for nearly 10 years. He worked in the clerical unit and was always helping decorate the Clubhouse for holidays and parties. He also enjoyed being outside and, during the summer months, he would plant flowers and maintain the landscaping around Dreams. Stuart was very dedicated to what he did for this Clubhouse, even “back in the day”. When he first became a Clubhouse member, we were still located on Oak Park Boulevard in Oak Park, Michigan. What I liked most about Stuart is that he always greeted me, as well as others, with a smile. Now, since he is no longer with us, I miss seeing him. Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse won’t be the same without him. Stuart was a very spiritual person. He was a man who spoke openly about his beliefs, cared about others and would go out of his way to help those in need, putting others before himself. He was kind to everyone he met, whether they were strangers, friends, or family. I shed some tears last night since I am missing him so much already. Stuart passed suddenly and was in the hospital when it happened, so we can be at peace knowing that they did all they could to save him. Stuart was 76 years old, but you could never tell. Even though Stuart is no longer physically with us, he is with us in a different way. We know he is watching and overlooking us here at Dreams. We are honored and grateful that his family designated Dreams Unlimited as the beneficiary of any memorial contributions.

EMPLOYMENT AND INTERNSHIPS Employment at Holiday Market by John G. and Kim T. Mark Modich (John’s Supervisor) and John

John G. started his Transitional Employment Position at Holiday Market on July 22, 2013, working as a grocery bagger. Since then, he has had a positive experience and has made big changes in his life. John, who hadn’t worked in seven years up until this point, said, “I feel like this experience has helped me because it gave me something to do, look forward to, and throughout these nine months I have felt good about myself.” Although his nine months will be coming up this month, he is proud to announce that they have asked him to continue to work as a permanent employee. John will still be bagging groceries part-time but will be working later shifts and on the weekends. John said that the support he received from the Clubhouse gave him a lot of confidence and is ultimately what helped him secure a permanent position with the company. Congratulations and best of luck to John!

Kerry Meggison I came to Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse in January as a student of Eastern Michigan University’s Occupational Therapy Program. When I found out that I would be participating at a Clubhouse this semester, I was excited but a bit unsure of what to expect.

John remains active at DUC even on his days off from Holiday Market

Mandy McClain I am an Occupational Therapy student at Eastern Michigan University. One of the requirements of the program is to be exposed to a variety of settings in which an Occupational Therapist could be utilized in helping people to do the things that they want or need to do in their day, but are otherwise unable to do for a variety of reasons. For this semester, I was given the opportunity to work at Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse.

I had done some reading about Clubhouses, but had never visited one. Kerry Mandy My first impressions of Clubhouse were of an easy-going, fun and productive place. I was most impressed by the safe, supportive and caring Before being offered this experience, I had never heard atmosphere created by the members and staff. of or been exposed to Clubhouse. I also did not know what I have enjoyed getting to know the members and the to expect. On my first day, I was amazed at how friendly work that is done everyday to run Dreams. I was lucky to and accepting everyone was of me hanging around and be able to help set up for and participate in the Valentine getting to know them and what they do at Clubhouse. I Party in February. The DJ, food, decorations and games have been very grateful for their patience in letting me were excellent, and I had a great time! I think it is look over their shoulders and ask questions while they are wonderful that members and staff work so hard to create completing the daily tasks that keep Dreams Unlimited running smoothly and efficiently. opportunities for fun and relaxation with friends! Over the next few weeks, I am excited to be working I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know even more members and creating training with members on developing procedures for how to opportunities for the new phone system. I know my time provide effective and interesting tours to potential new at Dreams will go quickly and soon my semester will be members. I hope to continue to gain more insight into the over, but I hope to make the most of my time here by Clubhouse Model and find ways to advocate for this engaging with people and getting to know the Clubhouse program and programs that are similar to it in the future. This truly has been an amazing opportunity. model even better. Note: Kerry and Mandy’s time with us is coming to an end, but we are grateful for their time and efforts while they were here.


MEMBERS ON-THE-GO Speakers’ Bureau at Eastern Michigan University by Pepa H.

Thank you to EMU’s Occupational Therapy Students and Staff!

From Dreams Unlimited Front Row, Left to Right: Kim T., Norman S., Charlene B., Pepa H. and Lyndsey S.

On January 22 Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse had the privilege of speaking in front of forty (yes, 40!) Occupational Therapy Students at Eastern Michigan University. There were five people who spoke on behalf of the Clubhouse - Charlene, Norman, Kim, Lyndsey, and I. Each of us was assigned a different topic to discuss. The students were very interested in how the Clubhouse operates on a daily basis and learned a lot from what we had to say. I was in charge of talking about the different tasks in the Member Services Unit. I also spoke about the importance for the students to realize that mental health issues can happen to anyone regardless of their race, color, gender, age, shape, etc. I used my personal story to emphasize how much Clubhouse has helped me within the past 3 years. I ended my part of the presentation by saying, “Where life stops, Dreams begins.” Norman spoke about the transportation to Dreams. Norman, who takes the SMART Connector, explained the different ways people get to and from Clubhouse. Norman has been a DUC member for 11 years and, like me, told his personal story and how the Clubhouse has helped him in his recovery. He also spoke about the importance of getting out of the house and getting to Dreams so that he can stay busy all day. He said attending Dreams not only helps him maintain his mental health, but makes him feel like he has a purpose. Charlene discussed the Hospitality Services Unit. She talked about the different tasks people can sign up for as well as our focus on eating healthy (making fresh salads every day and eating produce from our garden during the summer). Lyndsey and Kim talked about the referral process and employment at the Clubhouse. They helped answer a lot of the questions that we weren’t sure of (for example, funding that the Clubhouse receives from Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority, the authorization process once you are a member, etc). All in all, it was a very informative presentation. After we were done, the Occupational Therapy Students threw us a pizza party; the students ate with us and kept asking more questions about the Clubhouse. We can’t wait to go back next year!


MEMBERS ON-THE-GO A Visit to V & M’s Polish Kitchen by Norman S.

One of our February week-night activities featured dinner at V & M’s Polish Kitchen in Royal Oak for eight Dreams Unlimited members and staff Nancy Heinz. Antonio, our newest staff at Dreams, works at the restaurant in the evenings since his parents own it. We had heard a lot of good things about their menu and wanted to test the food out for ourselves. One word to describe my experience at V&M’s Polish Kitchen is “fantastic”! We appreciated the great service and attention that Antonio & his mother gave us; they really made us feel like family. I would definitely recommend to everyone that they go to V&M’s and enjoy this fine establishment; the food is delicious and inexpensive, too. They offer both Polish and American fare, and all of it is homemade. Some of their menu items include pirogues filled with meat, spinach & cheese, or plain cheese. There is also stuffed cabbage, pickle soup, potato pancakes, kielbasa and sauerkraut. If you’re not in the mood for Polish food, they offer “American” fare such as fish ‘n chips, hamburgers and french fries. In addition to the food being inexpensive, the restaurant offers daily specials. Good food, good people and good prices. It doesn’t get better than that!

Moon River Soap Company by Pepa H.

On Saturday, March 15 ten Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse members got together for our weekend activity. It was a fun day as we learned about all-natural and organic soap at the Moon River Soap Company, located in downtown Rochester, Michigan. DUC staff Kim learned of this company through her second-cousin’s girlfriend, who works at Moon River and whose parents own the company. We first met and talked with the owners, Carlos and Liz Aprea (husband and wife). They explained the process of how they make their all-natural soap. They also spoke about the benefits of using natural soap and the tremendous difference different ingredients can make in your skin. After, they did a demonstration on how they make their lavender shea butter soap where they thoroughly mixed all the ingredients together and poured the large batch into a giant square molding. We ended the tour by shopping at their gift shop. We all walked away with something from the store since the owners were nice enough to give us free samples of their eucalyptus soap! They not only sell soaps, but they also sell antioxidant lotions, oils and balms, gift baskets, salt and sugar scrubs, pure dead sea bath salts, and more. They really are all about health and wellness and selling great quality products because they care about their customers. We admire all the hard work Liz and Carlos put into their business. We can’t wait to go back! Before this activity, the members went out to eat at Miguel’s Cantina in Rochester as DUC staff, Antonio, used to work there. Afterwards we attended Stuart L.’s memorial visitation in Royal Oak. 4

PARTY TIME! Our Valentine Party by Norman S. On Thursday, February 13, Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse was transformed as we held our annual Valentine Party. The party turned out to be a big success with almost 60 attendees, including D.J. Dazzling Dave. There were lots of games, good food and upbeat music. Everyone had a “lovely” time. The Valentine Party featured a photo booth where you could stand against a pink drop cloth with a lot of different props. Do you recognize any of these “sweet” people?

One of the games at the party was like horseshoes, but you tossed a pillow heart into a pan. If you could get the heart into the pan, you won candy. There was also a guessing game where members had to guess how many candy hearts were in the jar. The total count of conversation hearts was 384. Linda P. won by guessing 379. Good job, Linda, you were only off by 5 hearts! There was also our traditional game called Cupid’s Dash, which included cards, dice and play money. The winners cheered their characters on to the finish line and won candy if they won more races than the other players. We had lots of food. We started out with vegetables and dip, and then progressed to a dinner of Sloppy Joes with chips and punch. You could pick between two desserts: homemade cupcakes made by the party planners or homemade lemon poppy seed cake, courtesy of Bernie T. Best of all, we were given a goody bag filled with chocolates and candy; I ate it all before I got home. The Valentine’s Party was a lot of fun thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication. Plan on going next year; you won’t regret it!


RECOVERY AND OUTREACH WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Success Story by Gregg S.

With all the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures, the holidays were particularly difficult to get through this year. It was often difficult to get out just for shopping, or to get to Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse. I found myself isolated in my apartment for days, even weeks on end. I began to get off my usual schedule, not setting an alarm and sleeping the day away, neglecting my upkeep and hygiene, and the crucial signal was my appetite; normally a varied, enthusiastic eater, I was down to one meal a day and lost a total of 5 pounds. Normally, my knee-jerk reaction would be to call in to Easter Seals, schedule an emergency psychiatrist appointment, and go from there. But I knew I already was at the maximum dosage for most of my psychiatric prescriptions, so I didn’t think that would help much. However, I had just finished an Easter Seals WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) for employment, and realized the same principles would apply to the holidays, as WRAP also has a program for that. My next psychiatrist appointment was in 2 weeks, so I decided to give the WRAP principles a chance to get me through to the next doctor appointment. The first principle I put into action was to put myself back on a schedule. I would set my alarm daily, get up, take a shower, and try to stay as active as I could within the confines of my apartment. I would read, watch TV, and avoid naps. To battle my appetite issues, I would think of healthy foods. When I am well, I like fruits and vegetables, so I stocked up on them. I especially stocked up on orange juice to keep myself hydrated and provide nutrition while I was waiting for my appetite to return. Eventually, my appetite increased from one meal a day back to three, and I gained back four of the five pounds I had lost. For the next step, when the weather got a little better and I got plowed out of my apartment complex, I returned to the Clubhouse for support and encouragement. This reinforced my goals of keeping on a schedule and staying active while resuming my tasks and friendships at the Clubhouse. I am still in the process of getting better, but am on the right path. Thank you to John Lynn and Jacqueline Bogg, Peer Support Specialists at Easter Seals and leaders of the WRAP for Employment workshop.

DUC Member Reaches Out to Others by Nancy Heinz

Dreams Unlimited was well represented as Clubhouse member Julie K., Eastern Michigan O.T. intern Kerry Meggison and staff Nancy Heinz headed north to Woodward Hills Nursing Center in Bloomfield Hills to donate three beautiful afghans that Julie had hand-crocheted. Before crafting these afghans, she asked members and staff to donate yarn, purchased Julie is warm and cozy! yarn out of her own funds, then made phone calls to find a good home for her colorful creations. The Woodward Hills staff were very appreciative of the donation, stating that they have long-term residents who will really appreciate Julie’s thoughtfulness. Great work, Julie! We can’t wait to see your next project. If anyone has yarn to donate to Julie, please call Nancy Heinz at Dreams at 248-544-2034.

Woodward Hills R.T. staff and Julie K.



What would a Clubhouse party be without cake?

On March 27, we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Kim and Jeff Timmington’s “Bundle of Joy”. Above is her mother Paula and Grandma Dober (Kim’s in the middle!)

Pepa and Jo served punch and lots of coffee! A delicious meal was prepared by HSU.

Diana and Bernie joined in the celebration... Denise read the cards aloud while Kim opened her gifts.

We “guessed her girth”...

while Bridgette took away the “tension”!

Antonio’s mother donated a delicious dessert and girlfriend Valentina helped cook lunch & serve dessert.

and serenaded the upcoming birth!

Many thanks to all who helped with the party!


May 14, 2014 Save the Date...Walk-A-Mile Rally at the State Capitol Phone: (248) 544-2034 Royal Oak, Michigan 48067 1222 Catalpa Drive

April 2014 Activities Sun













5 Henry Ford Museum; meet at DUC at 10 am Members pay $7


9 Career Club Meeting & Dinner


11 Fish Dinner at the Royal Oak First United Methodist Church


Movie & Discussion “Music Within” Starts at 3:30 pm

Meet at DUC at 4 pm DUC will contribute $5/person





17 Tigers Game! 6 free tickets by lottery; leave DUC at noon










Independent Living Club 2:30 pm Housing Resource Center 3:30 pm





Thrift Shopping & Dinner Leave DUC at 4 pm

Dream Weaver Spring 2014  
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