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The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) provides robust benefits and services to PC(USA) churches, agencies, and affiliated employers — educational institutions, camps and conference centers, retirement and senior housing communities, and human services organizations.

We are dedicated to serving the 65,000 participants in the Benefits Plan with professional expertise and care because we make decisions based on our values. As a nonprofit, our philosophy of benefits is based on the concept that we live in a caring community with one another. We are committed to wholeness and mutual care, and that is reflected through our benefits.

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Our pricing approach to healthcare benefits reflects this philosophy of community — gains and losses are shared across the total population of employers participating in the Medical Plan in the form of standard rates, adjusted for age and regional cost factors. Backed by strong operating reserves, we have demonstrated significant year-overyear pricing stability for employers.



Plan design that reflects our values. The Benefits Plan was designed with the concept of community nature in mind — supporting the community as a whole. An example of this concept is the sliding deductible design feature in our PPO medical coverage option. Deductibles are based on salaries so those with the greatest resources may help those with the least.

A culture and tradition of service. Our in-house customer service team is staffed by skilled, highly trained representatives who provide caring, thoughtful guidance to employers and plan members navigating today’s benefits world. In addition, the service teams at our vendor partners, such as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Fidelity Investments, undergo Board of Pensions culture training to ensure that our members receive consistent, quality service.


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Return on value and pricing stability. The Medical Plan’s high gross revenue-to-claims ratio is an example of how we, as a nonprofit organization, are able to pass along greater value per dollar than can be found commercially. The Board contracts for all medical services with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, the plan administrator, as part of the Church Benefits Association (CBA). As a purchasing coalition, CBA can negotiate lower administrative costs and highly favorable contract terms. This scale enables us to manage pricing changes at generally below market averages. Additionally, our high-cost claims fund insulates employers from risk.

Commitment to wholeness and well-being. The Medical Plan includes access to high-value features at no additional cost, including generous preventive care benefits; a telemedicine option; an employee assistance program; a diabetes management program; and Call to Health, the Board’s online well-being program.


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Our commitment to service excellence is a defining characteristic of who we are and what we do. We understand that excellence in benefits administration and service is an important consideration when choosing a partner to meet the needs of you and your employees. Part of our value can be found in the administrative resources and personalized service support we provide employers and plan members throughout the year.

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When you choose benefits from The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), you receive these additional resources and support at no additional cost. Guidance for employers — Whether you are a new client or an existing client adding new members, we understand that communicating and facilitating changes — especially those related to benefits — can be challenging. Our Employer Services team is designed to assist you as an employer. Knowledgeable service representatives — Our Philadelphia-based call center team is staffed by skilled service representatives who are ready to serve our members. Dedicated to compassionate care and knowledge-based service, they begin every conversation with, “How may I serve you?” Compliance support and guidance — We provide you with guidance on relevant laws and regulations that might affect how you provide benefits to employees, and we provide your employees with annual notices required by the Affordable Care Act, including summaries of benefits and coverage, as required by law.

Easy online payments — BoardLink, our online invoicing system, enables you to pay invoices quickly and conveniently — with banking industry-standard security and encryption to protect your financial account information. Features include flexible payment scheduling, recurring payment setup, and monthly email reminders. Ongoing benefits resources — offers educational and reference materials about plan features and making the most of plan benefits. Online resources include standard member-facing communications, toolkits, compliance resources, and information you can use year-round to enhance your organization’s benefits communications and knowledge.

Online benefits administration — Benefits Connect, our benefits administration platform, allows employers to select and manage benefits for eligible employees; it also allows members to enroll in benefits, access personal information, and update benefits during a plan year should they have a qualifying life event.


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Our pricing approach to healthcare coverage is based on the philosophy of community.

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The Board of Pensions offers a menu of benefits options so you can choose and create the best package to meet your and your employees’ needs. Medical Plan — The Medical Plan offers flexibility and affordability with three coverage options — a preferred provider organization (PPO), an exclusive provider organization (EPO), and a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP). You may also offer a health savings account (HSA) to employees enrolled in the HDHP. All three options include unique features that deliver outstanding value in promoting wholeness and well-being:

~ The Employee Assistance Program (EAP),

~ Generous preventive care benefits exceed

~ Centers of Excellence offer reduced-cost access

Highmark’s standards and Affordable Care Act requirements, and include an annual wellness exam, well-baby visits, specified screenings, immunizations, blood tests, and more.

~ Pharmacy benefits reflect our ongoing commitment to employees’ well-being. These benefits, offered through our partnership with OptumRx, include reduced costs for select prescription drugs that are highly effective in preventing or managing chronic conditions. Additionally, certain medications are offered in multiple tiers; members can lower outof-pocket costs when using a lower tier.

~ Call to Health, our online well-being program, focuses on four aspects of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. Members can significantly lower their annual deductible in the following plan year and may be eligible to receive gift cards for completing challenges.

~ Teladoc allows members 24-hour access to consultations with licensed physicians via voice or video call for a reduced cost. Medications may be prescribed, if necessary.

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managed by Cigna, provides members with six in-person, video, or phone counseling sessions with a licensed therapist; legal and financial consultations; immediate assistance with critical emotional needs; referrals for child and senior care; and guidance for finding local resources. Employer EAP benefits include critical incident support and staff training seminars.

to medical facilities proven to deliver superior results for complicated, costly surgical procedures, including bariatric surgery, transplants, knee and hip replacements, and spinal surgery.

~ The Livongo for Diabetes Program combines the latest technology with coaching to help members manage their condition. Participants receive an advanced glucose meter, unlimited test strips, and access to a Certified Diabetes Educator.

~ Assistance Program grants provide financial help to those in need. These grants are available to assist qualifying families with adoption-related expenses and those with freshmen entering college with transitional expenses, such as a computer. As a reflection of the community nature that underlies our Benefits Plan, the Medical Plan is designed to promote shared responsibility for healthcare costs. In the PPO coverage option, deductibles are income sensitive so those with higher salaries pay more to help support those who earn less. This sliding deductible feature is a part of our commitment to wholeness and mutual care.


Dental coverage — Administered by Aetna, this benefit provides coverage for many preventive, basic, and major dental services. Orthodontic treatment for eligible dependent children is also covered at a significantly reduced cost.

~ investment tools and resources

Vision eyewear coverage — Administered by VSP, this standalone benefit provides an annual allowance for eyeglasses and/or contacts, and discounts on extra glasses, sunglasses, lens enhancements, and more.

Employers can also make contributions on behalf of participants.

Pension Plan — The Pension Plan helps to provide financial security to participants, who receive guaranteed monthly income throughout retirement, funded through employer contributions and investment earnings. Retirement Savings Plan — This 403(b)(9) plan helps to improve participants’ financial readiness for retirement while saving on an easy and convenient tax-advantaged basis. The plan includes:

~ pretax and Roth after-tax contributions up to the IRS limit

through Fidelity Investments, including a brokerage window (Fidelity BrokerageLink) and managed accounts (investment advice through Strategic Advisers Inc., a Fidelity affiliate)

Death and Disability Plan — This plan offers peace of mind and income security through death and disability benefits, and supplemental coverage. Group term life coverage — This coverage is available for employees who are not offered coverage through the Death and Disability Plan. It provides low-cost coverage that is not age-rated, and no evidence of insurability is required. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) — These accounts, administered through Further, allow participants to set aside pretax dollars to pay for eligible expenses. The Board offers two types of FSAs: healthcare and dependent care.

~ a range of investment choices, including a fossil fuel-free global environmental fund, socially responsible investment options, and target date funds

~ a loan feature that allows participants to borrow from their account balance


Benefits to Serve More

Benefits to Serve More



Call to Health is the Board’s unique well-being program, available to members enrolled in any of the three Medical Plan options —PPO, EPO, or HDHP — and their covered spouses. This yearlong program encourages participants to focus daily on four aspects of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. By participating in Call to Health, members can lower their deductibles by nearly one-third. Through the Call to Health website or app, participants register, join challenges, and track progress, earning points as they complete the challenges. When participants reach certain point levels, they can lower their medical deductibles for the following year and receive gift cards. Examples of Call to Health challenges include: ~ weekly exercise challenge

Since the program’s inception, the Board of Pensions has received feedback from participants whose lives have been transformed through Call to Health — from those who have discovered diseases in early stages due to well visit exams to those who have set budgets and saved more money for retirement.

~ draft a gratitude list ~ rebalance your Retirement Savings Plan account

~ address your stress You may also work with the Board to create custom challenges specifically for your organization. These challenges are a great way to engage employees and boost participation.


Benefits to Serve More

Benefits to Serve More


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The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church Benefits Brochure