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January/February 2022

Bob Ott East Cobb Citizen of the Year

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EAST COBB SENIOR CENTER NEWS 2 January/February 2022

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January/February 2022


PUBLISHER’S NOTE HAPPY NEW YEAR, EAST COBB! East Cobbers, like people all over the world, are hoping that the bells ringing in 2022 will herald the start of a better era after two years of the global COVID pandemic that has decimated economies, tested health systems to their limits, disrupted our schools and work schedules as well as our own mental health. So long 2021! Can’t say I am sorry to see you go! By the time you are reading this, 2022 is here, and with it will come a whole new year of reasons to have hope for a better year and East Cobb pride. Who knows what new restaurant might open, what new subdivisions we might see, and who is going to run for local political offices? We know one thing for sure — we want to write about what matters to you, our readers, the most. That’s why we’re asking the East Cobb crowd for questions you want answered in 2022 — any piece of East Cobb life you’ve always wanted to read. Want to know where to get the best breakfast bagel? The oldest businesses in East Cobb? A local East Cobb legend? What kind of restaurants does East Cobb need? Dream big, and tell us what’s in your heart of hearts, because the questions you ask are gonna make the EAST COBBER all the more interesting. Submit your questions to me, cynthia@eastcobber.com, to influence the stories you’ll read in 2022 — it’s our New Year’s resolution to answer 22 of these. Stay tuned in 2022 as we bring you the answers you want most. Together we’ll be continuing our mission to engage, communicate, and connect readers to our great East Cobb community. Cheers to a new year!

Cynthia M. Rozzo Founder l Publisher cynthia@eastcobber.com

4 January/February 2022

On the Cover On this issue’s front cover is Bob Ott, East Cobb’s 2021 Citizen of the Year. Bob Ott, a pilot for Delta Airlines and former Cobb County Commissioner (representing District 2 which included East Cobb County) , has been an active and engaged member of the East Cobb community for more than 10 years. Ott worked tirelessly during his term and has remained a faithful servant to his community. After stepping down from politics in late 2020, Ott has continued to stay active within East Cobb. He is an active member of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church and volunteers with Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts of America. Receiving the East Cobb Citizen of the Year award capped off an exciting year for Bob. Back in September, Bob, an Air Force veteran, and pilot for Delta Air Lines for the past 31 years, had heard that Delta needed crews for military charter flights. So, on his time off, he piloted one of the flights between the U.S. and Hahn, Germany, to assist with the evacuation effort by flying 200 Afghan refugees to the U.S. Then in November, Ott got the job of flying the Atlanta Braves team back to Atlanta after they had won the 2021 World Series in Houston. An East Cobb resident since 1991, he lives in Terrell Mill Estates subdivision with his wife, Judy. He has two children: Katie (24) and Chris (22). In his spare time, Bob enjoys gardening, woodworking and making wine. Front cover photo taken by Jeremy Adamo from Adamo Photography.



January/February 2022


WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS TEEN CAN HAPPEN TO ANY FAMILY By Douglas B. Rohan, Esq. If you have a teen listen to this. Our law firm recently handled a case involving a local teen who had everything going for him when he made one poor decision that almost cost him his future. If you are thinking that your teen would never do something like this, you need to keep reading. His parents didn’t think their son would ever take drugs or get arrested but he did and you need to know what to do if something like this catches your family by surprise. The fact is, this family is just like your family and mine. We raise our kids to be responsible and we do everything we can to set them up for success. I know that my wife and I do what we can to teach our kids right from wrong and set a good example but as law firm owners we also know how quickly a split decision can turn lives upside down. So when this boy’s parents called to tell us that their Ivy League-bound

We did everything we could to protect the boy from suffering extreme consequences from one poor decision.

charges and managed to close the case without having a conviction appear on his record. He completed his community service and treatment and went on to play his favorite sport at his dream school.

son decided to take drugs at a party and behaved so erratically that he was tackled into submission by police officers and then arrested, we were moved to help. We knew that what this family needed was compassion and legal experts to guide them through the ordeal.

I share this story with you so you know that if your son or daughter gets in trouble with the law, you know where to turn for advice and support you can call us. At Rohan law, we will never judge you or your child. We will listen and help you navigate the legal system to protect your children from extreme consequences from charges ranging from speeding tickets, drug use, pranks that turn into crimes, and more. At Rohan Law, we want to be your best friend on your worst day.

We did everything we could to protect the boy from suffering extreme consequences from one poor decision. The incident was a one-time occurrence and, other than this single infraction, the young man was a model student and athlete. We obtained treatment for him and negotiated on his behalf with the prosecutor for reduced

Rohan Law is located at 375 Northridge Road, Suite #120 in Atlanta. Call Doug Rohan for a free case evaluation at 404-620-2114 or visit Rohanlawpc.com.

Julia and Doug Rohan

P A I D   A D V E R T I S E M E N T

6 January/February 2022



January/February 2022


HEALTHY HABITS FOR 2022 By Lisa Shanklin, Co-President of the East Cobb County Council of PTAs


ur health, both physical and mental, should be a priority in our lives. We need to take care of ourselves and what we do every day makes a difference for our overall health. Parents and adults sometimes have habits that wearen’t very healthy, and children also can develop bad habits. Children are more likely to develop good habits if they are shown a positive example. How we cope with disappointment, frustration, anger, illness and other challenges affects others around us. Our children need us to model healthy coping skills and to seek help when needed. Take some time to evaluate some of your daily health habits. Ask yourself - Am I getting adequate sleep? Am I making healthy choices in the food I eat? Am I drinking enough water? Are you getting enough sleep? We all function better with enough rest. What changes can you make if needed to get more sleep? Are you making healthy choices in the food you eat? We are inundated with advertisements and easy fixes all around us. Do you need to set aside time each week to do some food preparation to have healthier meals and snacks? Are you drinking enough water? Our body needs enough water to function well. Are you familiar with the PTA Healthy Hydration program? All the tools and resources you need to implement this program and make drinking water fun for the whole family are found on the PTA website www.pta.org. There are things we have a great deal of control over like how much water we drink. But there are many things we have no control over. None of us knows what the day is going to bring. In a world filled with uncertainty

and many truly sad events, we must know how to cope and help our children cope in healthy ways as well. Keep up with basics like eating right and resting. Take time to re-evaluate and make positive changes when needed. Listen to Notes from the Backpack Podcast episode 44 - Are You Practicing Parent SelfCare? We can better help others when we are taking care of ourselves. PTA encourages healthy habits, and The Healthy Lifestyles Initiative encourages people to have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy earth. The National PTA website has many resources for schools to help them host programs and while each school may choose different programs to implement, we can all take time in our homes to use the healthy minds and healthy bodies resources to improve our health and our family’s health. PTA is an organization that advocates for children and we encourage you to become involved and make a difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. As the legislative session begins this year, we will monitor and support policies that improve mental health and well-being for all children. Your voice is needed as well, and you are invited to join us at your local school and in our community as we work together to make every child’s potential a reality. Lisa Shanklin is the Co-President of the East Cobb County Council of PTAs. She is also the Co-Owner of Capstone Counseling and Coaching and is a certified professional coach. She is the mother of five children and has a three-year-old grandson.


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BLEACH FOR THE STARS! Tooth whitening has quickly become one of the most soughtafter dental procedures requested by patients. Everybody wants that porcelain white, “Hollywood” smile to sport to their friends, loved ones, and neighbors. As a matter of fact, 2,000 years ago the ancient Romans tried to whiten their teeth using urine! The Romans may have invented some impressive numerals, but their dental technologies leave something to be desired. When it comes to tooth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, there are some important things worth mentioning. Let’s start with toothpastes. Our favorite department stores are full of toothpastes that are branded as “whitening” toothpastes. However, I’ll let you in on a secret - toothpastes don’t actually whiten teeth. Instead they remove some surface stains that collect on the teeth, which can have the appearance of whitening the teeth.

But in terms of lightening the actual intrinsic color of a tooth, “whitening” toothpastes do nothing. Furthermore, whitening toothpastes are effective at removing surface stain because they are more abrasive than normal toothpastes. This added abrasion can actually wear down the enamel of a tooth, causing the tooth to permanently appear more yellow over time as the underlying dentin starts to show through. If whitening toothpastes do nothing for the shade of our teeth, where does that leave us? As it turns out, the only known way to actually whiten teeth beyond their own natural color is by bleaching. Now before you go grabbing that bottle of Clorox from underneath your bathroom sink, hear me out, because that’s not the bleach we’re talking about here. Tooth bleaching gels are actually made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, chemicals that work by dissolving into the tooth and breaking apart staining

molecules that live within the tooth - not just on it. In our office we make our patients custom bleaching trays that can be worn at home a few hours a day or even overnight, depending on the concentration of peroxide. We also offer in-office peroxide bleaching treatment which yields excellent results in just over an hour. There are a lot of trendy “tooth bleaching” products online these days, but the peroxide method is by far the most proven. George Carlin once famously said, “Everyone smiles in the same language.” A bright, beautiful smile is something that will never be lost in translation!

Dr. Houston Brice practices at Cheek Dental here in East Cobb. You may contact him at 770-993-3775 or visit www.cheekdental.com.

2872 Johnson Ferry Road • 770-993-3775 • www.cheekdental.com

P A I D   A D V E R T I S E M E N T


January/February 2022




Author Roni Robbins

am Fox spent his whole life running against the hands of time, from family obligations and military authorities, an often-fatal illness, life as an immigrant, and a tragic accident.

Author Roni Robbins’ novel, Hands of Gold, to be released February 4, 2022, is a work of fiction loosely based on an inspiring true story. Using literary license, Robbins pulls from the original cassette tapes left by her maternal grandfather, Sam, who survived TB, a workplace shooting and an accidental killing, and walked thousands of miles across several countries to flee antisemitism in pre-Nazi Europe. Hands of Gold follows Sam Fox across four countries, nine decades, and five generations. It weaves together Sam’s love affair with his “girl,” Hannah, and his immigrant adventures. From his early days as a self-centered hustler – a character you’ll love to hate – to his travails as family provider, Sam ultimately gains our sympathy as he exposes the frailty of life and proves his strength as a survivor in the face of unmistakable odds.

Sam’s path takes him from war-torn Europe at the turn of the 20th century through Prohibition, the Great Depression, labor union reforms and the golden age of radio and television in America. He’ll face a number of financial, emotional and health challenges along the way. Namely, he’ll contract tuberculosis, accidentally kill a man in a trolley collision, and lose a grown son to leukemia. The story begins and ends in a nursing home with a remarkable secret, a past worth chronicling, and a cherished treasure that was buried for years and uncovered. “A natural-born survivor, skipping across borders, changing identities, harboring secrets, Sam always made time to relish moments of happiness, always displaying — even when on the run, even when grieving his loved ones — a tremendous love of life,” says Melissa Fay Greene, author of The Temple Bombing. Hands of Gold capitalizes on award-winning author Roni Robbins’ 35 years as a published writer. Currently an editor/writer for Medscape/WebMD and previously associate editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times/The Times of Israel, she has a seasoned history as a staff reporter for daily and weekly newspapers and as a freelancer for national, regional and online publications. In 2009, Hands of Gold was a quarter-finalist for historical fiction in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. For more info and to purchase the book, visit ronirobbins.com.


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10 January/February 2022



Leana and Eric Tatum

In a family-friendly place where it’s all about the dough, there is a new sweets café in East Cobb. Called Alumni Cookie Dough, it’s conveniently located in Woodlawn Square Shopping Center, right behind Chick-fil-A. Open seven days a week from 11am-9pm, you can stop in and choose from several gourmet cookie dough flavors that are edible and delicious. Gone are the days where cookie dough consumption is off limits. In fact, this cookie dough is so good that the East Cobb location is part of an expanding cookie dough business that was voted 2021 Best Dessert in Georgia by the Georgia Business Journal. “We invite all East Cobbers to begin 2022 with a sweet start,” says Leana Tatum, franchise co-owner with her husband, Eric. “Before you make your first cookie dough choice, we offer samples so you know exactly which one is your favorite.”

Alumni’s menu consists of at least 12 flavors of cookie dough, with most flavors consistent year-round (chocolate chip, cookies and cream, red velvet, etc.) and a few seasonal ones added for fun. Vegan, gluten free, and keto options are available. Also on the menu are cookie dough milkshakes, cookie dough/ice cream sundaes, cookie dough infused with ice cream to create Dream Creme, and sodas and drinks, including Jittery Joe’s coffee. Gifts of Dough To Go in mason jars, which can also be baked, are available at the café. Party dough-bite platters for office catering, employee events, tennis matches, Bunco, birthday parties, or whatever the occasion are available for pickup and local delivery. The Tatums first discovered the joys of Alumni Cookie Dough when their daughter who attends the University of Georgia brought packaged cookie dough home from the original location in Athens where she worked part time. It proved to be quite a hit at their East Cobb residence. Eric immediately researched the business and found franchises were being offered.

Because the Tatums and their seven children are deeply rooted in East Cobb with Eric being a 1981 Walton High School graduate, one of the new venture’s greatest appeals is the prospect to work with the community. Alumni promotes fundraising programs where the local store partners with local schools to raise money by selling Alumni products at school-sponsored events. According to Eric, the East Cobb café has already joined forces with the Walton High School Band for a spirit night, the Wheeler High School Band in its concession sales, and Timber Ridge Elementary School for a fall festival. For more information about Alumni Cookie Dough East Cobb, check it out on Facebook or Instagram, or call at 678-756-0268. Better yet, stop in to find out which cookie dough flavor is your personal favorite. The café is located at 1205 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 118.

“I had been in business in Cobb County for 26 years and had been contemplating a change,” explains Eric. “This discovery was just the spark needed. When I looked at the Alumni Cookie Dough website, I said, “Who doesn’t love cookie dough? That could be a very happy place! One event led to another and we opened in October 2021.” P A I D   A D V E R T I S E M E N T


January/February 2022




Pre-K Story Time at East Cobb Library. Family Story Time is for children ages 3-5 and their caregivers. Includes stories, sing songs, fun activities and a craft. Space is limited and registration is required. Free. 10:30 -11:15am. East Cobb Library, 4880 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta/ East Cobb. More info: www.cobbcat.org.


Marietta Square Farmers Market features products that are grown and produced in Georgia, including produce, plants, honey, breads, cheese, and other items. Saturday: 9am-12pm. Rain or shine. Now open all year. 41 Mill Street, Marietta. More info: 770-499-9393 or www.mariettasquarefarmersmarket.com.


Cobb County schools closed for winter break.

JANUARY 6-9, 12-16, 19-23

Vanity Fair presented by the Georgia Ensemble Theatre. Two women—one born into privilege, another straight from the streets—attempt to navigate a society that punishes them for every misstep. This thrilling, highly theatrical (im)morality play gets a modern twist that’s bold, wickedly funny, and relevant. Wednesdays: 7:30pm; Thursdays-Saturdays: 8pm; Saturday: 1/15 & 1/22: 4pm; Sundays: 2:30pm. Tickets start at $39. Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forrest Street, Roswell. More info: 770-641-1260 or www.get.org.


The Georgia Bridal Show. Meet face to face with wedding professionals and find everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams. 12-4pm. $10 in advance online or $15 at door. Cobb Galleria Centre, 2 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta. More info/tickets: www.georgiabridalshow.com.


Family. Friends. Community.

Thyme to Read: Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Richardson. Discussion facilitated by Chris Force. This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. 10:15-11:15am. More info: 770-528-4070 or www.cobbmastergardeners.com.


Understanding Birth. Bring your partner along on this four-week, weekend journey through childbirth including labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation, hospital procedures and Cesarean birth. Childbirth classes available for teen moms as well. Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 3pm. $80. Kennestone Hospital, 677 Church Street NE, Marietta. To register or for more information, call: 770-956-STAR (7827).


770-956-1688 www.ronsprouse.com

Ron Sprouse

12 January/February 2022

2022 Eddie Glennon Gameboree. [Virtual] With the lockout, travel restrictions and other celebrity attendance considerations, the Atlanta 400 Baseball Fan Club will hold their 2022 Gameboree as a virtual event via Zoom from 7-8:30pm. The Atlanta Braves will present several awards for outstanding performances by Braves minor leaguers in 2021. Online registration will be live on January 3. Stay tuned for event details.

@eastcobber www.eastcobber.com


Cobb Young Professionals (CYP) Kick-Off Social. Cobb Young Professionals is a group within the Cobb Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of young professionals under 40 in the workplace. 5:30-7:30pm. More info: Rebecca Chadwick at rchadwick@cobbchamber.org or 770-859-2368.



Special Olympics Georgia State Indoor Winter Games. Special Olympics athletes from around the state head to Cobb County for the Indoor Winter Games. More than 1,500 athletes will compete in: artistic gymnastics, bowling, floor hockey, basketball, and powerlifting with over 500 coaches to guide them. Free. More info: Liz Smith at liz.smith@specialolympicsga.org or 770-414-9390 ext. 1108.

Cobb Chamber Executive Women (CEW) Luncheon. The speaker will be Kim Ellet, Certified Personal Coach and Owner of The Growth Coach. 11:30am-1pm. CEW Members: $15 online; Guests: $20. Virtual members and guests are free. Cobb Chamber of Commerce, 1100 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 1000, Atlanta. More info: Rebecca Chadwick at rchadwick@cobbchamber.org.


STARLAB. Come to Chattahoochee Nature Center’s inflatable planetarium and get a sneak peek with your front-row seat observing the winter sky. Learn about many constellations right before your eyes. Ages 6+. Planetarium is completely dark inside. Participants will be sitting on a hard surface. Purchase admission tickets in advance to secure a date and time for your visit. Members may also make advanced reservations. Spots are timed and limited; however, may be able to accommodate walk-ups based on daily visitation. 1pm & 1:30pm seatings. Admission: Members: Free; Adults $10; Child (3-12) $6; Senior 65+/Student (ages 13-18) $7; Children 2 and under are free. Chattahoochee Nature Center, 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell. More info: 770-992-2055 or www.chattnaturecenter.org.


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January/February 2022



34th Annual Polar Bear Run. An official Peachtree Qualifier, this race is a road race featuring a flat course in East Cobb and an electric disposable chip timing device system. The race will be held rain, snow, or shine. Benefits high school student music mission trip participants. 5k: 8:30am; 2k Fun Run: 8am; Cub Run (ages 4-5): 9am, Cub 50-yard Dash (ages 2-3): 9:15am. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. Register at www.polarbear-run.com/register. Cobb Chamber of Commerce 80th Annual Dinner. Join the Cobb Chamber for their 80th Annual Dinner Gala held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. This black-tie affair celebrates the many accomplishments of 2021 and sets the stage for a successful 2022. The Cobb Chamber’s largest networking and social event of the year! Cocktail Reception: 6pm; Dinner & Program: 7pm; Entertainment: 9pm. Tickets: $250 per individual ticket; $2,500 per Table of 10. More info: Michele Howard at 770-859-2345 or mhoward@cobbchamber.org.


Recycling Event Fundraiser. Metal, electronics, paint, appliances, paper shredding. $10 minimum donation for unlimited electronics and metal. Additional fees for TV and monitors, other items. Pick up available within 5 miles of Pope High School for additional fee. Proceeds benefit Pope High School Band. 9am-2pm. Northeast Cobb YMCA, 3010 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta/East Cobb. More info: www.popeband.com/recycle or popebandrecycling@gmail.com.


Snow White presented by the Atlanta Ballet. In this onehour ballet version of Snow White choreographed by Bruce Wells, follow the young heroine and her prince as they outwit the schemes of the Evil Queen. Performed by Atlanta Ballet 2, this shortened family version may be designed for the youngest audience members (ages 12 and under), but this production can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Friday: 7pm; Saturday: 2pm and 7pm; Sunday: 2pm. Tickets: $15-$69. Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta. More info/tickets: www.atlantaballet.com.


42nd Annual Walton Raider Chase. Considered to be one of the long-standing 5K races in Marietta, the race is expected to generate fast times as the course is composed of few hills and starts and finishes at Walton High School. The Walton Raider Chase 5K will be a celebration of both running and Raider Pride. Enjoy an Olympic style track finish and age group prizes. 8am. Registration $20-$30. Walton High School, 1590 Bill Murdock Road, Marietta. More info: www. waltoncinderclub.membershiptoolkit.com/raiderchase.

14 January/February 2022


Super Museum Sunday coordinated by the Georgia Historical Society as part of the Georgia History Festival, commemorating the founding of Georgia. Explore more than 100 sites in person and online. 12pm-4pm. Free. More info: www.georgiahistoryfestival.org.


10th Annual Luvin’ LAX Youth Clinic. Kick-off your spring lacrosse season with the Lassiter ladies high school team’s clinic. All girls from U9, U11, U13, AND U15 teams from beginner to experienced players are welcome. Work with coaches to improve and learn new skills and techniques. 9am-12pm. Lassiter High School, 2601 Shallowford Road, Marietta. More info: www.lassiterladieslacrosse.org. Winter Family Night Hike at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Listen to the sounds of winter in the woods and gaze up at the stars while enjoying the crisp air of the season. A campfire, where you can roast a marshmallow, will be waiting for you as you wrap up the evening. Limited spaces available. All Ages. Admission $12 for public; $10 for members. 7-9pm. Chattahoochee Nature Center, 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell. More info: 770-992-2055 ext. 238 or www.chattnaturecenter.org. GSO JAZZ! @ the Strand presented by the Georgia Symphony Orchestra. GSO Jazz! led by music director Sam Skelton welcomes fans of this uniquely American music genre. 8pm. The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre, 117 N Park Square, Marietta. More info: www.georgiasymphony.org. or call 770-615-2908.


BEEHIVE presented by Atlanta Lyric Theatre. BEEHIVE celebrates the powerful female voices of the 1960’s. Told from the perspective of six young women who come of age in this enigmatic decade, BEEHIVE takes us from their first Beehive Dance to the challenges we faced as a nation. Audiences will want to dance in the aisles as this show never stops moving and grooving with music by the most famous female performers of the 1960’s. Wednesday-Friday: 8pm; Saturdays: 2pm and 8pm; Sundays: 2pm. Tickets: $38-$63. Masks/face coverings will be required while inside the lobby and theatre. The Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, 548 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info: 404-377-9948 or www.atlantalyrictheatre.com.


Cobb County School District Winter Break. All Cobb County Schools will be closed.


Genealogy Society of Cobb County Meeting. 7-8pm. Free. First Presbyterian Church of Marietta, 189 Church Street, Marietta. More info: ccgs@cobbgagensoc.org. www.eastcobber.com


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January/February 2022



Submitted by Martha Jo and Jerry Katz

SHOULD YOUR PET BE OUR PET OF THE MONTH? Fill out the information on your pet and send it to: EAST COBBER, P.O. Box 680455, Marietta, GA 30068. Please include a picture with your entry. Or email description and a jpg to: petomonth@eastcobber.com Pet’s Name:_________________________________________ Animal/Breed:_____________________________________ _ Age & Gender:______________________________________

Animal/Breed: Tabby Age & Gender: 6 months; female Favorite Food: Crunchy dry Favorite Person: Gogo

Favorite Food:_______________________________________ Favorite Person:_____________________________________ Best Trick:___________________________________________

Best Trick: Shakes hands for treats

Turn Ons:____________________________________________

Turn Ons: Brushy Brushy for grooming

Turn Offs:____________________________________________

Turn Offs: Being taken down from high places Favorite Toy: Swiss Doggie Last Seen: Sleeping in her baby bopie pillow What makes your pet so special: Her markings and her personality are PURRFECTION.

Favorite Toy:________________________________________ Last Seen:___________________________________________ What makes your pet so special:_____________________ Owner’s Name:_____________________________________

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ong before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the World Health Organization had been warning that anxiety and depression were the greatest health burdens on our planet, ranking anxiety as the number one cause of disability globally, outstripping heart disease and even cancer. The ongoing pandemic has only fertilized the roots of something that has been here for a very long time. With chronic uncertainty in the world, more people than ever are having trouble focusing, feeling scattered, and overwhelmed.

In the digital age, the scarcest resource is not time, energy, or love. It’s our attention. The average human attention span has degraded to just below eight seconds. That’s shorter than the attention span of goldfish. Portable devices have eliminated boundaries between work and home, creating a constant feeling of urgency to tune-in and respond in every waking moment. Our mobile phones alert us to every new email, text, status update, and bargain deal, interrupting and eroding our calm and concentration. Succumbing to these constant distractions drains our cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence. Our cultural ADD and addiction to social media have had negative consequences both individually and collectively: • Over 40 million Americans (+20% of the US population) are on prescription medications for anxiety or depression

thy. It improves both physical and emotional resilience, lessens rates of illness and absenteeism decreasing medical benefit costs. What is mindfulness training? Science-based mindfulness is a neural process that produces a state of calm, alert awareness and strengthens brain circuits associated with attentional, emotional, and behavioral control. It produces outcomes that improves wellbeing, cognitive performance, and emotional intelligence. Our most important priorities deserve our undivided attention. Mindfulness training improves mental clarity, communication, and critical thinking which provide skills that can future-proof today’s leaders and develop braver, bolder people for our future. Lisa Wellstead is owner of Wellstead Mindfulness Training and Founder East Cobb Yoga and Mindfulness. She has been practicing, championing, and teaching mindfulness and meditation in the Atlanta community for over 15 years. Lisa has lived in East Cobb since 1990. She currently lives in the Hampton Woods subdivision with her husband Mike. She is the mother of four children: Jordyn, 25; Maddie, 25; Coleman, 23; and Katie, 21.

• 70 million Americans have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder • And for the first time, the World Health Organization has officially classified workplace burnout as an occupational work hazard If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need better ways of working, coping, and being with one another. Mindfulness training is answering the call. Businesses, senior centers, and fitness facilities are offering mindfulness programs to reduce anxiety. Tech giants like Microsoft and LinkedIn have integrated mindfulness into their workplace health strategies. And elite universities like Harvard Business School and Stanford are teaching mindfulness as part of their leadership curricula. Why? Because mindfulness delivers results. F-MRI brain studies show that mindfulness training reliably and profoundly alters the structure and function of the brain to improve the quality of thinking, feeling and empawww.eastcobber.com





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January/February 2022




Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Dr. Li Hua Shu, TCMD – Licensed Acupuncturist 3535 Roswell Road, Suite 37 • Marietta 30062 678-560-7978 • www.drshutcm.com Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat: 9am-4pm 25 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine treating pain management, respiratory system, emotional/mental health, nervous system, digestive system, smoking/weight loss, wrinkle reduction, high blood pressure, and much more.

DENTISTS Cheek Dental

2872 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta 30062 770-993-3775 • www.cheekdental.com Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm An all female dental team provides quality comprehensive dentistry to adults and children. Our high-tech office provides same day crowns and implant restorations and uses intraoral cameras and digital x-rays. Read our consistently 5-star reviews on our website and see why so many East Cobbers trust us with their smiles!

Waldron + Lee Dentistry

2419 Roswell Road • Marietta 30062 678-498-1992 • waldrondentistry.com Waldron + Lee Dentistry is committed to providing caring dental services for you and your family. Their practice has been in operation for over thirty years in East Cobb.

DERMATOLOGISTS Dermatology and Surgery Specialists of North Atlanta

4800 Olde Towne Parkway, Suite 250, Marietta 30068 770-971-3376 • www.DESSNA.com Mon-Fri: 7am-4:30pm Dermatology and Surgery Specialist of North Atlanta PC (DESSNA) is composed of a group of Board-Certified Dermatologists, Physician Assistants and medical aestheticians. Although our name is new, our clinic has been proudly serving the East Cobb community for over 30 years. We remain committed to providing expert dermatologic, surgical, cosmetic, and aesthetic services to our loyal patients.



from Dr. Azi Nia and the Nia Team www.NiaDentistry.com


1111 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta, GA 30068

18 January/February 2022



3280 Howell MIll Road, NW, Suite 101 • Atlanta 30327 404-351-7546 • www.dermatologyconsultants.org Mon-Fri: 7:30am-4:30pm Celebrating 80 years of excellence. Our board-certified dermatologists offer complete dermatological care of skin, hair and nails. Treatments of skin conditions include skin cancer, acne, warts, rashes, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, shingles, spider veins and other skin disorders. We accomplish this in our two convenient locations in Atlanta and Covington.

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Nia Pediatric Dentistry

1111 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 200 • Marietta 30068 770-479-9999 • www.NiaDentistry.com Mon-Thurs: 8am-5pm; Fri: 8am-4pm; Sat: by appointment 9am-2pm Nia Pediatric Dentistry focuses on preventative care using the latest technology and friendly environment that takes the typical child’s fear of dentistry away.


1000 Johnson Ferry Road Building 400, Suite 412 • Marietta 30068 770-321-1347 • www.fitnesstogether.com/eastcobb Hours by appointment. The leader in private, personal training. We help our clients achieve, if not exceed, their lifelong wellness goals in a clean, professional and friendly environment.

RUNNING + WALKING Big Peach Running Co.

1062 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta 30068 770-579-0444 • bigpeachrunningco.com Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm; Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 12-5pm East Cobb’s specialty running and walking shop with footwear, apparel and gear for all your adventures! May your best miles be those covered on foot!


January/February 2022




All Cobb residents age 55+ are invited to participate in activities at various senior centers throughout Cobb. The following is a partial listing of the activities scheduled at the Tim D. Lee Senior Center located at 3332 Sandy Plains Road in Marietta/ East Cobb. Call the East Cobb Senior Center at 770-509-4900 for reservations and/or more details.

Every Thursday l 10am

The GoldenK Kiwanis Club meets each Thursday at 10am. Marietta Golden K Kiwanis Club was chartered February 9, 1991 as a member club of Kiwanis International. Kiwanis also undertakes various Community and Civic projects which benefit all ages. Club meetings provide interesting programs, fun, and great fellowship. More info: www.facebook.com/mariettagoldenk.

January 10

Registration for Winter 2022 classes begins on Monday, January 10; Classes begin week of January 18. Visit www.CobbSeniors.org to see what is being offered at each center.

20 January/February 2022

January 12 l 10am-12noon

Get Walking! Kick off Party: Are you ready to challenge yourself to moving more in 2022? Then come to this fun and informative walking party. Learn about the importance of stretching and about some fun incentives. Healthy snacks will be provided. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. Free; Registration required.

January 19 l 10am-12noon

Veterans Connection: Are you a Veteran age 55 or older? Join other Veterans each month for coffee, doughnuts, fellowship and special guest presentations. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month. More info: 770-509-4900.



January/February 2022


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