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Vol.2,8,Tuesday, No. 25 Tuesday, May8,21, 2013 Vol. 7, No. November 2011

Skateboard and bike park supporters unite


Supporters of a proposed skateboard and bike park took town hall by storm this past Tuesday to bring forward their plans to council. A delegation, comprised of 15 community members, were in attendance and a number of them addressed council to reinforce the need for these types of facilities in Lamont. Taylor believes the coming in and out of the would help the commu- want to go try them out. they are willing to work Jazmine Inkster park, with enough sup- hospital, saying that they nity attract young fami- “It would be a viable with the committee, so it Student Reporter port, would be a valu- just wanted to respond lies, such as how the hos- option for students to can go ahead to the next steps, even though they Lamont’s town council able addition to the com- to what they saw. “It said pital and schools do. “It hang out” are still quite a ways Overall, the project would be a very valuable to me, there’s a need munity by giving youth chamber was filled to from making the project was met with strong supproject,” he explains. here.” a safe place to practice capacity this past a reality, with both sides port from the councilAlso speaking at the Harrold added that as their bike and skateTuesday with residents unsure completely of lors, even though there meeting was Jake Taylor, a parent and grandparboarding skills, instead who had come to show where the parks would were a few concerns the Athletics representaent, he thinks it would be of using other inapprotheir support for a probe placed. The possibiliregarding maintenance, tive on Lamont High a great idea, stressing the priate places in the composed skateboard and ties that were brought up liabilities and placement School’s student council. importance of exercise munity that risk their bike park in the commuduring the meeting were of the parks themselves. “I always loved mounand activity to keep the safety as well as the safenity. in Hillside Park, and as a In regards to maintetain biking” says Jake, as children healthy. ty of others. Heading the group replacement to where the nance, both Taylor and he explains that he goes “Healthy communities “We noticed kids were was Dave Bjorn Taylor, tennis courts are. Harrold agree that it is to B.C. each year to take make healthy people.” using our parking lot. It who addressed council The town, with the corstill something that part in the sport, and He also believes that if just wasn’t appropriate,” regarding the project. rect signage on the park needs to be looked into. would love to see somethe kids were to help stated Harrold to council Also backing him was would not be liable for Town Councillor Wayne thing that he could use fundraise for the parks on Tuesday. Kent Harrold, board any injuries taken at the Field stated that a conhere in town. themselves, it would According to Harrold chair for the Lamont parks, as both activities crete park would be the Lamont High School give them a sense of and his wife Shirley, the Health Care Centre, and numerous other repre- concern was not only for ownership in the project. teacher Erin Bartz also most efficient method in are considered to be hazrecreational Another strong point supported the idea, regards to the fact that it ardous sentatives from the the children who were sports, therefore placing is low maintenance overadding that her kids that was made by Taylor biking around the vehischool and community at any liabilities on the user all. always see bike parks in is that having a facility cles in the parking lot, large. According to the town, themselves. but also for the patients such as the skills parks other communities and

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chipman and area residents bring concerns regarding bridge closure to village council Michelle Pinon Editor

Tracy Childs was one of eight Chipman area residents who attended the May 6 village council meeting to bring forward their concerns regarding the temporary closure of a bridge north of Highway 15 on Range Road 184. The bridge has been closed since October of 2012 because the structure was failing and deemed unsafe. Residents wanted to know which municipality is responsible for the bridge and when it would be fixed or replaced. In a previous letter addressed to Village of Chipman councillors, Lamont County councillors and public works director Harold Hamilton, and MLA Jacquie Fenske, Childs stated they were directly affected by the closure, and had never received any formal information

or public consultation regarding the temporary closure. “This bridge is the main highway access for four families living on this road, as well as the main access to the Village of Chipman sewage lagoons, several agricultural properties, and maintenance crews servicing the several well site leases on Range Road 184.” Childs went onto state that: “This week, a large sinkhole opened up in the road just north of the bridge, and a man was trapped in the hole until emergency crews arrived. Luckily, he was rescued with only minor injuries.” According to Harold Hamilton, “The bridge is the Village of Chipman’s; this was part of the annexation from the county.” The county closed the bridge on October 25, 2012 because the bridge was failing. Hamilton said the pier piles were leaning and twisting, and the bridge

was no longer safe. Childs said village council did pass a bylaw to temporarily close Range Road 184 to through traffic until the bridge is repaired, but they don’t know when that will be. “They are working with the county to ensure the sinkhole and area around the bridge is as safe as possible.” The Village of Chipman will have to apply for provincial funding and would require federal approval because it involves a water body. “According to Chipman council, there are a lot of bridges in the province that need to be repaired or replace right now so there is no way to know when funding will be available. They will make the applications and move forward with construction when funds are available, but it could take more than three years.”


A group of Chipman area residents took their concerns about a temporary road closure to village council May 6th in search of answers to their questions.

Anticipated school boundary review could spell welcome news for Bruderheim and area residents Michelle Pinon Editor

For Bruderheim Mayor Karl Hauch, the long and short of it is wanting the school to grow and prosper and for the town to do whatever it can to help out. Case in point, is a request he made a couple of years ago on behalf of town council to Elk Island Public Schools, requesting a boundary review to increase the size of the area and better serve rural families in Lamont County. “We are focused on the future. We need to grow the school, and that’s why we wanted the review,” stated Hauch. He is glad to see things may be moving ahead in that direction. EIPS Superintendent Bruce Beliveau did con-

firm they are in the preliminary stages at this point, and will be conducting further research in the months ahead. Beliveau did not divulge any further details, but that some information would be forthcoming in the fall. Bruderheim School Principal Sven Danzinger commented that he is looking forward to the process. “This is going to be a process with many steps, and I anticipate starting in the fall when we return to school.” In order to start the process, Danzinger said the school division will gather information about what kinds of changes are possible. “Transportation and the costs and logistics that go with bussing is a specific area that has to be carefully considered.”

In terms of impact to the school, Danzinger said it is too early to tell because they don’t yet know what is and isn’t possible to change. Regardless, “We will be working with our parents and school community to keep them informed as the process moves along. If, after we’ve completed our internal research, we determine changes of any kind may be possible, we’ll work with our parents and community to collect their feedback on potential options.” Hauch said that input from parents and community members is crucial, and must be done early on in the process. “The key is for people to attend those meetings.” He strongly urges Bruderheim and area residents to communicate and get actively

involved. “Full community involvement is an important focus of Bruderheim School, and making sure parents are kept informed is a priority for the district and me,” stated Danzinger. “Bruderheim School will continue to offer the same quality education to our students in the coming years, whoever they may be,” added Danzinger. People looking to move to Bruderheim look at the education system and day care, pointed out Hauch. So having a strong, vibrant school with day care are keys to prosperity. “All those things go hand in hand,” added Hauch, who has the best interests of residents and future citizens at heart.

A possible boundary review for Bruderheim School would be welcome news, says Hauch.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 3

Firefighters battle dangerous fire north of Lamont Around 30 firefighters were called into action May 16 to battle a grass and brush fire approximately 24 kilometres north of Lamont just east of Secondary Highway 831 at Township Road 580. The Bruderheim Fire Department received the initial call around 3 p.m. and received assistance from Lamont, Chipman and Andrew

Fire Depts. Lamont Fire Chief John Helton said they were lucky the fire stopped before it reached a grove of pine trees. While firefighters fought to contain the blaze, Fort Saskatchewan RCMP rerouted traffic onto gravel roads during the course of the afternoon. Helton said the fire

was brought under control around 5 p.m. Carelessness is suspected to be the cause of the fire. “We suspect it was a cigarette because it started on the side of the road,” added Helton. On the following day, both Bruderheim and Lamont responded to a call of a flare up at the site. That was a false alarm.


Around 30 firefighters from Lamont, Bruderheim, Chipman and Andrew were on the scene of a dangerous grass fire north of Lamont Wednesday afternoon. Traffic on Highway 831 had to be diverted for a couple of hours while crews got the blaze under control.


Representatives from Lamont Elementary School were on hand to accept a cheque from Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jacquie Fenske, right, for the redevelopment of the playground at the school. The total amount of the cheque was $5,780.

Lamont Community Playschool


A representative with the Lamont Curling Club accepted a cheque for $5,802 for refurbishing from Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jacquie Fenske during her recent constituency open house at Thiel’s Greenhouse in Bruderheim.



Tuesday, June 4th 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Lamont Lions Den $20.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable) Please bring child’s birth certificateand immunization records Note: Children must be at least 3 years old as of September 1, 2013 and potty trained to register

For more info call: Nadia 780-895-7717 or Cheryal 780-233-9093

Open Th is Wee k, 8:30am - 6:00pm s al ni en r pe d an s se Ro on sp ec ia l D A I L Y ( C l o s e d S u n d a y s)

5109 50 Ave Lamont (780) 895-2454

4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013


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Resident questions inspection timeline On May 8, 2013 Mr. S. Thompson presented a report to the citizens based upon an inspection he had done on the operation of the town on behalf of the provincial government. This inspection had been requested by council members. Recently the Town of Lamont was featured on the national news because of a taped meeting with Tom miller and a developer and possible illegal activities. Myself as well as other ratepayers to whom I have spoken to assumed that the inspection requested by council would cover some period that related to and concerning Mr. Millers’ employment with the town. I was wrong. After meeting with Mr. Thompson, the timeframe that council requested the inspection

was only after Mr. Miller had left his employment with the town to the present. Mr. Thompson, pursuant to his contract with the province could not inspect nor make any recommendations on any irregularities that may have taken place during the course of Mr. Millers’ employment by the town. Shortly after Mr. Miller became employed by the town and due to one incident that took place between Mr. Miller and me, a number of irregularities came to mind. Prior to retirement, I was employed with Alberta Corporate Tax Collections, responsible for collecting and protecting the Crown’s interest who owed over $100,000.00 in taxes. This required knowledge of financial statements, business operations, and knowledge of provincial acts to recommend what

legal procedures may be required. For the past five years I have written to every member of town council (this includes all newly elected council members) by fax, letters mailed and dropped off at the town office, email, and in some cases registered letters stating that a number of irregularities were supported by documentation, in other words supported my claims. Council members over the course of five plus years did not have the courtesy of contacting myself to investigate these claims and only a couple of times when I was contacted, it was to try to silence me. A solicitor was hired by the town to exert pressure on myself to discontinue what I had started at a cost in my opinion of well over $10,000.00 but I continued on.

I followed the proper protocol required and for example, Alberta Human Rights did file an order against the town (you can see this order on the internet) - an order against a town by the province is a very serious step. In an effort to please the proving, the town for example in writing advised the province that I could review the town minutes, (the town would not let me see these minutes although they are required to by law) and when I attended the town office to review these minutes, Mr. Miller would not let me see them and I was told to leave. Again, numerous irregularities took place during my dealings with the town, and these were all documented and always sent to members of council for their action as they came to light, but

to no avail. Other examples are: financial statements, questionable use of town funds, lack of accountability, reporting of income from the town by some council members and or their families, use of town assets, questions about the purchase of town property by a previous council member, failure to adhere to the Alberta Municipal Act, vocations of provincial statuses, ect. In my opinion, the “inspection” requested by the members of council is a slap in the face to each ratepayer because it does and did not pertain to numerous irregularities (again, council was aware of these) that happened during Mr. Millers’ employment. Council can say “we had an inspection done by government and there weren’t any serious problems” but what

period does this inspection pertain to? Why did these members of council act in this manner? In my opinion, part is personalities, and because of this they chose to support and believe Mr. Miller over documentation presented to them by myself. With an election coming up, I cannot support any council member that may choose to run again and I would also like to bring to your attention that pursuant to the act Each member of council who was a sitting member at the time of any irregularities are personally liable for any amounts applicable which I did bring to their attention and may have been another factor in them not taking a different course. Regards, Daniel D. Protasiwich

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 5

Lamont physician to be honoured with a memorial golf tournament this summer Hospital surgical program to benefit from charity event Jazmine Inkster Student Reporter

Staff at the Lamont Health Care Centre have decided to honour the legacy and memories left behind by the late Dr. Mihirendra Nath Ray. The tournament will take place at Fort In View Golf Course, and will raise money for the Surgical Program at the hospital, both through registration and a silent auction. The money raised will go towards upgrading existing equipment, as well as purchasing new equipment that isn’t currently covered in the hospital’s budget. “There’s new equipment coming out that would make things better for us,” explained tournament organizer Johanne Chicoine, who had worked for Dr. Ray for 8 years. She added that the equipment would help improve the quality of care for the patients. Dr. Ray was remembered as easygoing by all those who worked for him. He had been the general surgeon at LHCC for over 30 years, and was a strong advocate for the surgical program according to Chicoine. “He was like a mentor for us in the O.R here” adding that he was supportive not only in their professional life, but in their personal life as well. She remembers him as being someone who could be very serious, but also had moments where he was quite

lively, remembering one time in particular that he was doing the “Gangnam style” dance during work. Coworker Donna Melnyk agreed wholeheartedly saying that he knew when to be serious, but when the day was over “he was one of us.” Melnyk says that the part of Dr Ray that she remembers most clearly about him was his friendliness. “Even those of us who worked for him, we always felt the compassion he had.” She added that he had no prejudice towards patients for any reason, and he would go out of his way to answer each person’s questions in a way that they would be able to understand. He fit the bill of what you’d think of a doctor.” Both ladies remember multiple sayings that Dr Ray had used, saying that many of them are still used today, such as his tendency to say “hullah” instead of hello, and always stating how things were “peculiar.” “He was known to say ‘I’ll do it my way’” said Melnyk, adding that even though he would say that, he would never ignore a suggestion that the others had made. Although there are no definite fundraising goals set being as this is the first year for the event, Chicoine says that it would be great to be able to raise $5,000.00. She would like it to be an annual event that people could look forward to throughout the year.


Well known and beloved Lamont physician Doctor Ray will be honoured with a special memorial golf tournament this summer.

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We are seeking an Advertising Traffic Coordinator, a support role to the Advertising Director. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing existing clients including market research, helping clients determine needs and providing proposals reflecting the suggested course of action, while ensuring accuracy of client bookings. Attention to detail, organizational skills, problem solving, teamwork and a personable disposition are necessary for a successful candidate.



Volunteers could be seen throughout Lamont County May 4 scouring the ditches for garbage during the annual highway clean up campagin. Are you interested in working in the RAIL industry?

RAILWAY TAMPER OPERATORS Cando, an employee-owned company providing specialized rail services across Canada, is looking for Tamper Operators to operate a Mark IV Tamper, EJ6 Tamper, or equivalent. Successful candidates will lead small teams responsible for aligning tracks, 12 12345 2ties.34 345 5 spreading ballast and tamping Top candidates will have a minimum of five years experience operating a tamper, possess CROR and TIG certifications and have experience working on Class 1 railways. Full time position with wage range of $25 to $30 per hour. Requires extensive travel throughout Western Canada. Accommodations and living allowance provided when on the road.

TO SUBMIT RESUME Fax: 204-725-4100 Email:

HELP WANTED Student reporter required part-time at the Lamont Leader starting August 15 and to work after school daily (around school commitments). Drivers license a bonus. Must have interest in writing/photography and graphics, and be a people person. Will also do general office duties. Phone Michelle 780-895-2780 or email resume:

Please submit your resume, references, and salary expectations by e-mail: or fax 780-430-5380 No phone calls please. The position is available immediately. Please visit our website for more information at

Village of Willingdon

Full time Operator Employment Opportunity The Village of Willingdon has an opening in their Public Works Department Duties: operate large and small equipment such as but not limited to - grader, loader, truck, riding mower Perform manual labour tasks as directed by the Town Foreman and/or Administration Operation of grass cutting equipment as required Ability to follow safety procedures and use appropriate safety equipment for public and personal safety Interested applicants should forward their resume to:

Administration Village of Willingdon P.O. Box 210 Willingdon, AB T0B 4R0

The village thanks all those that submit a resume for this position, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lamont County Reeve Wayne Woldanski appointed chair of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHIA) is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary of the municipal partnership, originally created in May 1998. Highlighting the anniversary at today’s annual general meeting was newly appointed board chair Wayne Woldanski, Reeve of Lamont County. “Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association has been a unique and successful model of municipal cooperation since forming fifteen years ago, ensuring coordinated planning, infrastructure, policies, and marketing,” commented Woldanski. “I am proud and excited to guide the organization and look forward to working with the community, industry, and government as board chair.”

Throughout the past fifteen years, the Heartland evolved from an industrial area with $10 billion of capital infrastructure to Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region worth over $30 billion. More than forty companies currently operate in the Heartland region providing fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals and more to provincial and global consumers. “The economy, technology, and more has changed since the municipal partnership formed. However, several elements were identified as key in 1998 and to this day remain vital to our success and commitment to community, environment, and our various stakeholders,” explained Woldanski. “Promoting value adding through the

Alberta Plus campaign and pursuing opportunities in energy, chemical, and agriculture sectors, as well as environmental projects like energy mapping and carbon capture and storage will further enhance the Heartland and our role in Alberta’s and Canada’s future.” The Association is committed to coordinated, safe, and environmentally sound development, as it has since 1998. Then Alberta Premier Ralph Klein applauded the partnership, saying “These municipalities are building on the key strengths of our Alberta Advantage. And they have also added another element to our advantages and local cooperation for better long-term, regional growth.”


On May 17 Lamont County Reeve Wayne Woldanski, left, was voted in as the new chair of the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) board of directors. Photographed from left to right are: Wayne Woldanski, Linda Osinchuk, Mayor of Strathcona County, Don Rigney, Mayor of Sturgeon County, Gale Katchur, Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan, and Ed Gibbons, councillor for the City of Edmonton. Woldanski has been a member of county council for the past nine years, and sits on various committee’s including the (AIHA) and the Capital Region Board to name a few.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 7

Youth participate in tri-club memorial trap shoot


Members of the Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont and Mundare Fish & Game Associations participated in the Jerritt Zayac Memorial Tri-Club Trap Shoot May 11. Even MLA Jacquie Fenske (front middle) got in on some of the action during the event held near Mundare.

Michelle Pinon Editor

A total of 20 local youth participated in the Jerritt Zayac Memorial Tri-Club Trap Shoot May 11 at the Mundare range. The youth, between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age, got to test their skills throughout the day with Colton Biro and Rachel Hinken reaching the top of the leader board. The winners will receive their trophies at the annual Lamont Fish & Game Association awards banquet in January. Members of the Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont and Mundare fish and game associations all took part in the fifth annual memorial trap shoot. One of the youth, 15-year-old Jason Hinken from Bruderheim, also participated in a youth archery camp at Camp He-Ho-Ha. Hinken, along with three other members of the Lamont Fish & Game Association went to the camp which is designed for kids with mental and physical disabilities. Hinken was happy to have participated in the unique camp and raise $750 for the Shoot for the Cause, the charity drive which makes the annual camp possible. Hinken said he was one of about 750 youth to attend the camp which was held May 3, 4, and 5. Hinken was one of 120 archers at the camp. “It was a great experience, and I would definitely do it again,” said Hinken. He also loves going to the camps at the Narrow Lake Youth Centre. He has gone from participant to archery instructor in a few short years, and will be spending the entire month of July at the camp where he will be doing both youth and women’s camps. Even though it was purely by chance

that Hinken got into archery and trap shooting, now his dad and his sister are involved in the sport. He is enjoying being a member of the Lamont Fish and Game Association, and would encourage other youth to get involved. The associaton will be hosting a 3-D Fun Shoot on June 15 and 16 at the Lamont Fish Pond. There will be a free pancake breakfast on Father’s Day (June 16) for all registered shooters. There will be two rounds per day of 25 plus 3-D targets as well as an apple shoot. The association will also be hosting two other fun shoots this summer on July 20 and 21 as well as August 17 and 18.

Jason Hinken, a member of the Lamont Fish & Game Association was one of four local participants at an archery outing at Camp He-Ho-Ha recently.

8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greenthumbs tour Thiel’s in Bruderheim to learn more about small container planting

Avid greenthumbs recently toured Thiel’s Greenhouse in Bruderheim to learn the latest in small container planting as well as get a first hand look at the many and varied types of vegetables, plants, products and shrubs and more during a special viewing with owner Nadine Steilow and assistant manager Shannon Dyrland.

Shannon Dyrland and Nadine Steilow share tips and advice.

A small container garden with stepping stone.

Vegreville-Fort Saskatchewan MLA Jacquie Fenske, right, recently held her constituency open house at the greenhouse. By her side is Nadine Steilow.

Customers are encouraged to sit and visit in the lounging area by the tiki hut. Photographed is longtime employee Diane Gray sporting a beaming smile and tons of information for visitors.

Bungalow,Very good condition. 3+1 bedrooms, Well finished basement, Built in china cabinet, Large lot, big double garage. Mature landscaping and more. Andrew. Is on Edmonton water system,

All for only$158,500. Carman Wyatt 780-434-0770

Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

S a t u r d a y, J u n e 1 s t Get active in support of Lamont High Schools first ever Active for Athletics! Enter as an individual or a team

Minimum $5 Donation per person This includes some post race food and prizes Registration Deadline is May 24, 2013 Registration: 10:30am Run: 11:00am For more information, or to make a donation and register, please contact Cindy Gruber or Erin Mele eskie at Lamont High School. 780 - 895 - 2228

O ur L a dy Of L o ur des , Kn ig h ts o f Colum b us wo uld lik e to ex pres s o ur s in c ere th a n k s to a ll th e volun teers , Don ors , a n d p eo ple wh o a tten de d a n d m a de o ur p a s ta s u pp er a n d fon du e n ig h t a s ucc es s

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 7, 2013- 9

Rural Crime Watch recognizes students at Andrew School


Members of the Andrew, Willingdon, St. Michael Crime Watch Association offered congratulations and prizes out to Poster Contest winners at Andrew School May 6. On hand for the presentation were members (back row left to right): Joanne Palzat, Robert Peyton, Marge Tannis and Irene Fraser. A total of 18 elementary students place first, second or third in each division. Grade 4 student Abigail Marianicz’s entry placed third at the provincial level. Middle row from left to right: Abigail Marianicz, Jayla Snyder, Curtis Zukiwski, Jeffery Fedorvich, Stanley Maynard, Kyle Fesyk and Charlotte Cressman. Front row from left to right: Lean-Marie Melenka, Rori Anderson, Taylor Lamash, Jordan Fedorvich, Britt McAmmond, Simon Anderson, Kaden VanderWal, Dylan Hewitt and Jared Perepeletza. Missing was Brandon Lamash and Nicholaus Gray.

Andrew School gearing up for second annual Run for the Bus


Fundraiser to support athletics program for students Michelle Pinon Editor

No one could be more excited than Cory Kokotailo, other than the students at Andrew School who will be participating in the second annual Run for the Bus fun run on June 1. You can count in staff, parents, and community members as well, because they lend support in a variety of ways for the fundraiser that is designed to promoted athletics and offset the cost of gas to operate the Wildcats bus. Kokotailo, who heads the athletics program at Andrew School, verified that all funds raised will be used to offset the travel expenses of the program. Kokotailo said the program is ever expanding, and they log on around 12,000 kilometres per school year transporting students to and from volleyball, basketball, golf, curling, badminton, and track and field.

“The day promises to be a great success once again, with the run starting at 10 a.m. with a barbecue lunch to follow.” Last year a total of $5,400 was raised during the fun run, and Kokotailo hopes they will be able to surpass that amount. “The fun run incorporates either a four km run/walk or a 10 km run. All participants must raise a minimum of

$50. There will be prizes for the highest fundraisers and participation prizes as well,” adds Kokotailo. He is very grateful for the support of the Servus Credit Union branch in Andrew which has agreed to be the fun run’s corporate sponsor for the second year in a row. The company will be donating t-shirts for all participants.


COMBINED ASSESSMENT / TAX NOTICES Notice is hereby given that the combined assessment/tax notices were mailed to all assessed persons in the Town of Lamont, on May 17, 2013. All persons are deemed to have received their combined assessment/ tax notices as a result of this notice. ASSESSMENT ROLL Any person who objects to the assessment values placed upon a property must, within sixty (60) days from the date of mailing of the Assessment Notice (May 17, 2013) forward a complaint in writing together with a $50.00 fee per appeal to the Town of Lamont. The assessment roll is open for inspection at the Town of Lamont Administration Office, 5307-50 Ave. Lamont, Alberta from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. PLEASE NOTE: Making a complaint against your assessment does not make you exempt from paying your taxes as a penalty will be applied if taxes are not paid in full by June 30, 2013. TAX PAYMENTS


Runners will be lacing up for second annual Run for the Bus in support of the athletics program at Andrew School. They are looking for pledges to offset travel expenses of the program.

2013 Taxes are due and payable on or before June 30, 2013. Unpaid taxes are subject to a 12% penalty on July 1, 2013 and an 18% penalty on January 1, 2014. Sandi Maschmeyer Acting Chief Administrative Officer

10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mundare School construction begins


School Principal Tracey Arbuthnott couldn’t have been happier to hear the sounds of construction equipment at work on the new site of the Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 School. “It’s very exciting,” stated Arbuthnott, who has been working on a committee alongside staff at Elk Island Public Schools for the past year and a half helping to plan the new $7.1 million facility which is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014. Contractors for the project are Govan Brown.

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Bethlehem Lutheran Church 5008 - 50 St. Bruderheim 780796-3543 Pastor Richard Williams

Bethelehem Lutheran Church

Childrens Church every Sunday Men’s bible study Wednesday nights at 7:30 Family camp weekend: June 7,8, and 9th Vacation bible School: August 19 - 23rd

Sunday Service 9:30 am Bruderheim, Ab.

Check out our website:

“Come as a guest, leave as a friend” Or Call the church for more information.

Bruderheim Moravian Church Welcomes You! 780-796-3775 Sunday Worship 10:30 am Sunday School for all ages 9:15 am Jr. Youth - Kindergarten - Grade 6: 6:00 - 7:45 pm Located at the 4-way stop in Bruderheim

Bethany Lutheran Church 20577 TWP 550 Fort.Sask. (7km East of Josephburg) 780-998-1874 Pastor Richard Williams

Worship Service 11:00 am Sunday School 11:15 am

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 11

‘Business Directory’ AGRICULTURE



Taylor Made Contracting Ltd. “Customer Driven since 1928” 6138 - 50th ave., Vegreville AB

• Basement Finish • Garage Finish • Decks • Fences • Renovations

equipment sales representative

“ Create Your Man Cave or Lady Lair”


Cell: 780•632•1148 Bus: 780•632•2514 F o l l o w m e o n Tw i t t e r : @ Wo z n i a k P a u l

TOLL FREE: 1•888•632•2514

Trevor Taylor Ryan Taylor 780-984-6356 780-953-0614 Email:



Interior Design by


Simple & Elegant

Contact Ann O: (587) 400 - 5437 C: (780) 729 - 6988

A & M One Stop Shop 780-265-6731

•towing for local service & long distance rates• •Free Unwanted Auto Removal• •Yard cleanup, from small to very big jobs•

We will remove all your old Equipment Paul Graham Owner

Chipman Alberta & area. towing services 24/7

email: website:




WITH BIG BUCK SAVING$ ON AUTO PARTS FOR YOU... •low low prices, •Warranty on All •weekly Specials parts •Tons of light trucks •Serving Canada for & cars over 35 years (780) 464 - 6922

AUTO SALVAGE Forr yourr vehiclee partss needs FREE vehicle removal Cash paid for some Please call ahead for appointment confirmation Vehicle Removal: Weekdays AM Saturdays PM


Structural Foundation Repair •Wall Leaks• •Sump• •Weeping Tile• F o u n d a t i o n

R e p a i r

7 8 0 - 7 0 9 - 4 6 8 6


KENNELS Pet Boarding Service

Cozy Critters

Box 462, Hwy 15 Bruderheim, Alberta T0B-2R0

Phone 780-992-7990

MACHINERY HEARTLAND MACHINE WORKS LTD. Custom Machining, Manufacturing, Repair, Welding and Lite Fabrication

Ser vices to: Industrial/commercial, Agricultural, 11222A-88th Ave Oil and gas and Fort Saskatchewan AB Transportation

(780) 803-7156


SMALL: $40/ MONTH LARGE: $80/MONTH Call the Lamont Leader for More information (780) - 895 - 2780

12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MÉTIS YOUTH SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM SO008392 If you’re a MÊtis youth between 15 – 30 years old, and going back to school this fall, MÊtis Training to Employment Services can give you the assistance you need to land that summer job where you can gain employable skills and the pay cheque you deserve.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:

Chipman 4-H Beef Show and Sale

‘Business Directory PLUMBING/HEATING

June 3, 2013 Lamont Arena Show: 2:30 pm Supper: 6:00 pm Sale: 7:00 pm

KT Mechanical LTD


Phone: 292-2336 Fax: 895-2809 20 years experience!


Kevin Tychkowsky Lamont, Alberta

Gerhard Rosin

Cell: (780) 490 - 8616 Office: (780) 449 - 2800 Home: (780) 363 - 3939

Commercial & Residential • Heating • Air Conditioning • Refrigeration

Metis Environmental Career Camp Gain career experience in the environmental ďŹ eld. MĂŠtis Youth Participants (15 – 18) 12345 will receive certiďŹ cation in standard ďŹ rst aid, wilderness ďŹ rst aid, H2S alive, WHIMIS/TDG, GPS, and canoe, Alberta High School credits and earn a wage!


Program Runs July 22nd - August 23rd, 2013 Application Deadline - June 21st, 2013 Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

PRINT SHOP For Sale in Drumheller, Alberta Turnkey operation, very affordable - great location and building. Owners sold wholesale business and want to retire. Approx. SQ008763 6000 sq. ft building available for sale or (affordable) lease, shop with 2 overhead doors for vehicle decaling, sign making etc. We have a TON of printing equipment – some leased – some owned. Various options for purchase available.

Phone Janis for full details and list of equipment at 403-823-2717, or 403-820-8691 or e-mail:

Drolet Plumbing & Gas Plumbing - Gas Fitting, Pressuer Water System Service and New Construction, Water Heaters, Boilers, Garage Heaters, Radiant Floor Heating

Paul Drolet - Retired Plumbing & Gas Inspector

BE BRANDT SO007027 w b dtj b

Ph: 780-895-2056 Cell: 780-722-1768

PROFESSIONAL Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fatal Accidents, Wills & More Elizabeth J. Tatchyn, B.A., LL.B BARRISTER & SOLICITOR

RURAL WATER TREATMENT (Province Wide) Tell them Danny Hooper sent you



at the Elk Island Insurance Agency By appointment only * Speaks Ukrainian * Lamont 780-895-2100 Edmonton: 780-425-5800

Proudly Serving Lamont County and surrounding area’s Are YOU TIRED of PAINTING?

C USTOM C APPING Custom Aluminum Capping

Window & Door Replacement and Installation

John Hawk P R O U D L Y S E R V I N G 780-651-1522


Cell: 587-784-4764


St Michael Ab

Do you have a business you think our readers should know about? Call the Lamont Leader to book your space today!


  ")')2/.  View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at


Lamont Leader Deadlines for all Classified Ads & all Display Ads is 5:00 pm Friday You can email your ads to: Classified ads must be prepaid. Call 780-895-2780 with your credit card information

TRUCKING Trevor Schinkinger Trucking Ltd.

ArTeam Realty

Independently owned and operated

"I live in Lamont County!" Mary Robinson

• Sand, Gravel & Top Soil • Loading & Hauling • Landscaping • Excavating • Demolition

Ph: 780-895-2349



Cell: 780-220-5405

Box 412 Lamont, Alberta T0B-2R0

Phone: (780) 895-2780

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 13

Classifieds CLASSIFIED AD RATES $10.75 first 25 words 39¢ each additional word LEGAL NOTICE RATES 79¢ per agate line/ insertion PICTURE BOLD $10.00 $5.00 ALL CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE PREPAID BEFORE INSERTION All advertising subject to the approval of the Publisher. Viking Review Ph. 780-336-3422 Fax 780-336-3223 Email: Tofield Mercury Ph. 780-662-4046 Fax 780-662-3735 Lamont Leader Ph. 780-895-2780 Fax 780-895-2705 ________________________


________________________ Bridal shower for Karen Weder, bride-elect of Robert Dammann. May 25 at 2 p.m. at Viking Legion. Everyone is welcome. 17/18p ________________________


________________________ Community Perennial Plant Exchange at Viking Alliance Church. Tuesday June 4, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact Tricia for more information at 780-688-3675. Plants are free but if you wish, donations are accepted to support African mission projects. 18-19c ________________________ COWBOY CHURCH at Viking Auction Market, Jct. of Hwy. 36 and 26. Fri., May 31 at 7:30 p.m. All welcome, Call Terry at 780-376-3599 or 780-336-2224. 18/19c ________________________ KEN GRAMBO in concert at Bardo Lutheran Church of Tofield: 7p.m., Saturday, May 25. Tickets: $10. For tickets call Trelaine at 780662-2555. TM17-18 ________________________ KRA Spring Market & Garage Sale. Kingman Community Garage, Crafts, Baking, Home Business, Various Venders. Sat. June 1, 9a.m.-3p.m., Tables Available $10. Hotdog lunch, refreshments and entertainment. Contact Colleen 780-662-3829 or Faye 780-679-0171 TM17/19p


n Ca


e ell

________________________ COMPOSTING WORKSHOP in Viking. Learn how the decomposition of organic matter becomes a soil – like amendment. Discover how to process organic matter into disease free, weed free compost. Retain valuable nutrients and reduce debris going to landfills. Are you a gardener or do you have bedded feedlot manure? Plan to attend. June 8, 2013, 10:00 a.m. $40 includes lunch. To register call or email: Diane 780385-0994. 17-18c ________________________ Viking Farmer’s Market Regular Market May 23, from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Viking Community Hall. Viking Colony will have bedding plants and fresh vegetables. For more info call 780-5922431. 18c ________________________

FOR RENT ________________________ LAMONT- 1 bdrm apt. - 5 appliances. New building near Hospital. 55+, N/P, N/S, rent $800/month, DD $800. For more info please call 780-895-2567. LL14/18p ________________________ Lamont - Commercial space on Main Street. Approx. 1800 Sq. Ft. For Retail Office, Store front, or Small Business. Alley access option, private bathroom and new furnace. Available Immediately. Call Tim 780991-0140. LL16/19p ________________________ House for rent, 13 miles north of Irma, 4 bedroom, 1 bath, power and gas included. $1,100/ month, damage deposit $1,100. Call Harvey at 780-754-2146 or Vernon at 780-754-2180. 17/19p ________________________


________________________ Two kinds of milling oats, two kinds HRS wheat, two kinds of two row feed barley. Excellent germination. Phone Randy 780-592-2259 or 780-208-5000. 15-18c ________________________ 2008 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 1500, 4WD - LT and ext. cab LWB with box cover, 108,500 KM. Asking $16,900. Phone (780) 8563616. CP17/18p ________________________ 2008 Dodge Caravan, 7 passenger, excellent condition, 176,000 km, asking $7,800. call 780-662-2644. TM17/18p

________________________ Coleman powermate tool set. Quantity new and used harness, saddle parts, 3 guitars. Call 780-879-2385 16/19p ________________________ Shares for Sale: Only a few shares left. Don’t be disappointed. Phone to save a spot. Are you concerned about the freshness & safety of your food? Are you too busy to plant your own garden? No worries. Take advantage of Viking Farm CSA (Community Sup-ported Agriculture); 1 km north of Viking, AB on Hwy 36. You’ll receive a weekly basket of organically grown fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. Limited shares are available. For more details: call Brian Rozmahel @ 780385-5570 or Diane Hanson @ 780-385-0994. tfnc ________________________ Seed For Sale Wheat - AC SHAW VB. Barley - CDC Austenson, Chigwell. Oats - AC Morgan, AC Lu, Murphy. Grass and Forage Seed Canola Seed for Sale: Fusion: (R.R.)* Early -123 % of check varieties. Rugby: (R.R.) (OP) -Highest yeilding O.P. All Brett Young Canola available. 780-662-2617 tmtfn ________________________ Registered Polled Hereford Bull, 3 yrs. old, $2,500 Howard Brown, Tofield phone 780-662-4983 tm16/19p ________________________ Registered Polled Hereford Bulls. Yearling, 2 year olds. Quiet and Haltered. Guaranteed breeders. Reasonably priced. Call Paul Dinisyk 780-336-2675. 18p ________________________ BULLS FOR SALE - Registered Polled Hereford and Red Angus. Call Dave at (780) 385-2226 or Dan at (780) 385-2298. cp15/18p ________________________ 2002 Hitchhiker II LS, 29.5 5th wheel trailer, with 2 slide outs. Includes awning, air conditioning, sound system, tub and shower, and oak cabinets. If you like luxury living at the lake or wintering in warmer climates this trailer has it all. Phone 780-672-3008 for more info. TM18/20p

To place an ad call:


Serving Beaver County & Area

Classified ads placed in any of the three publications will appear in all papers for ONE price of $10.75 for the first 25 words and .39¢ a word thereafter



________________________ Mission to Many gigantic garage sale, Wed. June 12 to Sat. June 15, Lutheran church 5227 - 56 Ave Viking. We are now accepting donations of smaller clean items in good working condition in the mornings of Mondays through Thursday. Larger items may be brought on Monday and Tuesday, June 10 or 11. Please contact Alvin at 780336-3155 or Pres at 780-3362576 for more information. 16/18c ________________________ SUMMER LONG CLOSING SALE at R.G. Stewarts' Old Creamery Road Antiques. 5304 - 56 St Tofield Tue - Sat 10a.m. to 4 p.m. Also Garage Sale Sat. May 25 only. Lots of projects. TM18p ________________________ Multi-Family Garage Sale Fri. May 24, 1 - 8p.m. and Sat. May 25, 9a.m. - 7p.m. 4236 55 ave Tofield. TM18p ________________________ Kinsella Town-Wide garage sale, Sat., May 25, 10a.m. 4p.m., Follow the signs. Cafe is featuring BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers. Something for everyone. 18/19c ________________________

HELP WANTED ________________________ SAFETY STARTS HERE TRAINING CENTRE • First Aid • CPR (AB & BC) • Child Care • H2S Alive (enform) • Ground Disturbance (Global) • Confined Space • AED • TDG • Babysitter First Aid • Heartsaver CPR • WHMIS 24 Hr. Phone 780-608-1434 50tfn-eow-c-cp ________________________ Office Administrator. Successful candidate requires excellent computer and customer service skills. The right person will have the opportunity to advance into a professional career. If you are ambitious, mature, responsible & personable, please send resume to Box 150 Tofield, AB, T0B 4J0. Only those applicants considered for this position will be contacted. TM17/18c ________________________ Wanted, Grass cutter for old Chipman United Church Cemetery. Contact David at 780-895- 2677. LL18/19p

________________________ MOBILE MEDICAL EXAMINERS: RNs, RPNs, LPNs, Lab Techs. Insurance Services Co. recruiting in Lamont and surrounding. Venipuncture experience required.Contact: LL18p ________________________ Help Wanted! Part time Handyman needed in Town of Tofield. $20 an hour. Various skills needed. If interested call 780-235-3947. TM17/18p ________________________ Best West Roofing Roofer and/or roofer's helper wanted. Must be polite & willing to work hard. Please call 780-716-8197. LL14/18c ________________________ Class 1 Winch Truck driver with oilfield experience, for local company. Safety tickets needed. Please fax resume and commercial drivers abstract to 780-6623368. TM15/18p ________________________


________________________ Old cane lost between old hospital and post office on 53rd Ave. in Tofield, by senior, sentimental value, reward if found. Phone 780662-4203. TM18p ________________________


________________________ Property in Alliance, AB. Mobile home, 2 lots, fully fenced, mature trees, 3 BDR, 2 Bath, large addition, fully upgraded and heated work shop. $95,000. 780879-2385 16/19p ________________________ Bi-level home for sale by owner. Located in Killam, AB. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. See Kijiji ad # 479316394 for more details and pictures. cp16/20p ________________________

You Name It, I Can Do It! Phone Steve For A Free Estimate Today. Specializing In, Drywall, Taping, Mudding, Installing Window and Doors, Painting, Complete Basement and Main Floor Reno’s, Additions, Siding and a lot more. Cell: 780-632-9352 or leave a message @ 780-6572066. LL13/20p ________________________ Roy’s Handyman Services. Flooring, trim work, basement finishing, decks, fences, kitchen cabinet installs and carpentry work. 780-662-0146 or 780-2323097. ttfn ________________________

Autobody - Auto Rentals Tractor Trailer Collision Sandblasting (780) 384-3080 Sedgewick, AB. CAREER OPPORTUNITY 3rd year or journeyman autobody technician CPtfn ________________________ Massage and Reflexology. 1 hour treatments. Marge 780-662-3066. ttfn ________________________


________________________ A sincere thank you to the friends and family for the cards, visits, baking and flowers we received during the time of our loss. It was very much appreciated and helped to forget the pain and sadness for a little while. Thank you so much. ~Joyce and Ken Veer 18c ________________________


________________________ Looking to rent pasture for cattle. Call Duane Schacker at 780-662-3509 TM18/19p


________________________ Carpet and upholstery cleaning - residential and commercial. Truck mount unit, sewer back-up, and flood cleaning. Auto and RV cleaning. Call Glenn and Cindi Poyser, Fancy Shine Auto and Carpet Care at (780) 384-3087, Sedgewick. CPtfn ________________________

Classified ads Work!


14 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blanket Alberta Ads take approximately 10 days to process

ANNOUNCEMENTS _______________________ South Edmonton Condo for sale. Quiet building. Close to transit and LRT. Main floor corner. 2 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 parking stalls! $228, 900. August possession. 780-718-8864. _______________________ AUCTIONS _______________________ MEIER GUN AUCTION. Saturday, June 1, 11 a.m., 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton. Over 150 guns - handguns, rifles, shotguns, miscellaneous. Call to consign 780440-1860. _______________________ WELL ESTABLISHED campground & RV Park. High Level, Alberta, July 6, 2013. Offers 12 acres with 42 sites and additional room for approximately 30 more. Immediate revenue. Team Auctioneers on; 780-9274060. _______________________ CENTRAL PLUMBING & Heating, Slave Lake, Alberta. Tuesday May 28, 10 a.m. Selling truck & forklift, compactor, river boat, snowmobile, seacan, sheet metal equipment, power threaders, shop & specialty tools, wood working & drywall equipment, plumbing & heating inventory. See www.mont or 1800-371-6963. _______________________ 75 QUARTERS LAND, Oyen, Alberta - Ritchie Bros Unreserved Auction. 1HQ, 30 Parcels Farmland, 6 Parcels Grazing Lease, $37,300 Surface Lease Revenue. Jerry Hodge 780706-6652; realestate. _______________________ AUTO PARTS _______________________ WRECKING TRUCKS all makes, all models. Dodge GMC - Ford - Imports. Lots of 4X4 stuff - Diesel - Gas Trucks up to 3 tons. We ship anywhere. Call 306-8210260 Bill - (Lloydminster) reply text - email - call We ship same day bus - dhl transport. _______________________ CAREER TRAINING _______________________ HOW DO YOU calculate the value of a house? Determine property taxes? Develop these skills and more with the Appraisal and Assessment major at Lakeland College in Lloydminster, AB. Career opportunities include property manager, assessor, realtor, appraiser, lender, or working for a development firm. Recent grads reported an average starting salary of $60,000 a year. Phone 1-800661-6490 ext. 5429 or visit: estate.

MASSAGE CAREER. Train full-time or part-time at our highly regarded, progressive school. Small classes, individual attention, confident graduates! 1-877-646-1018; www.albertainstituteofmas _______________________ OVER 90% EMPLOYMENT rate for CanScribe graduates! Medical Transcriptionists are in demand and CanSrcribe graduates get jobs. Payments under $100 per month, 1-800-466-1535;; admis _______________________ HEALTH CARE AIDE Certification in 22 weeks. Visit www.healthcareaide Enroll early to reserve your seat 403-3474233. Classes start Sept. 02, 2013 @ The Health Care Aide Academy downtown Red Deer. _______________________ COMING EVENTS _______________________ 61ST Annual International Oilmens Golf Tournament, Edmonton, June 18 - 21, 2013, Highlands Golf Club & Belvedere Golf & Country Club. Enter online at www. _______________________ EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES _______________________ $100 - $400 CASH DAILY for landscaping work! Must be competitive & energetic. Honesty is a must! Please visit us at: www.Property _______________________ AN ALBERTA OILFIELD construction company is hiring dozer, excavator, and labourer/rock truck operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction 780723-5051. _______________________ NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-2826903 ext. 228. _______________________ PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: hr@pyramidcorporation. com or fax 780-955-HIRE. _______________________ NOW LOCATED in Drayton Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 Drivers, Super Heater Operators with all valid tickets. Top wages, excellent benefits. Please forward resume to: Email: Phone 780-621-3953. Fax 780-6213959.

These blanket classified ads are produced through a joint agreement by The Community Press, Viking Weekly Review, Lamont Leader, Tofield Mercury and Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association (AWNA). These ads appear in all AWNA member papers (120 papers) for the cost of $269.00 (+gst) for the first 25 words, $8.00 per word over 25. To place a blanket classified, call a CARIBOU PUBLISHING representative at 780-385-6693 or email CATTLE RECEIVING, Shipping and Processing. Immediate full-time positions available. Cattle experience an asset but willing to train the right person. Positions offered are permanent, fulltime opportunities. Wages are negotiable and will commensurate according to qualifications and experience. Lakeside offers an excellent benefit package. Fax resume to: Duke Joy - JBS Lakeside Feeders 403-362-8231. No telephone inquiries. _______________________ AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS. Licensed, 4th year & 3rd year Technicians required. Signing/moving allowance, full company benefits, very aggressive bonus/ pay plan. Ford experience preferred, but not required. Denham Ford, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Email resume: Attention: Dean Brackenbury; dbrackenbury@den _______________________ MILLWRIGHT AND ELECTRICIAN required at Edson Forest Products a division of West Fraser in Edson, Alberta. $37.67/hour with full benefits. Trade certification required. Fax 780-7233783 or email: esuter@sun _______________________ UNITED HOMES CANADA hiring Warranty Coordinator. Detail oriented, organized candidates need apply. Customer service experience required, warranty experience is an asset. ron@united or fax 403-948-5240. _______________________ HIRING HAIRSYLISTS two positions available in Whitecourt, Alberta. Full time and part time. Top wages willing to train and share knowledge. To apply phone 780-778-4248. _______________________ LICENSED AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN up to $40/hr. Signing bonus or relocation assistance depending on experience. Send resume to; Fourlane Ford Innisfail 403227-3311; sdavis@fourlane

NEWCART CONTRACTING LTD. is hiring for the upcoming turnaround season. Journeyman/Apprentice; Pipefitters; Welders; Boilermakers; Riggers. Also: Quality Control; Towers; Skilled Mechanical Labourer; Welder Helpers. Email: resumes@newcartcontract Fax 1-403-7292396. Email all safety and trade tickets.

_______________________ VAC & STEAM Truck Operator. Valid Class 1 or 3, Safety Tickets, Top Wage, Benefits, Camp Work, Experience an Asset. Email/ Fax Resume: 780-458-8701,

_______________________ DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features & unlimited long distance available. Call Phone Factory today! 1-877336-2274; www.phonefacto

_______________________ JOURNALISTS, Graphic Artists, Marketing and more. Alberta's weekly newspapers are looking for people like you. Post your resume online. Free. Visit: resumes_add.php. _______________________ FEED AND SEED _______________________ HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. "On Farm Pickup" Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252. _______________________ FOR SALE _______________________ SAWMILLS from only $3997. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free info & DVD; www. OT. 1-800-566-6899 ext. 400OT. _______________________ METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Best prices! 36" HiTensile TUFF-Rib 29ga. Galvalume $.67 sq. ft. Colours $.82 sq. ft. 40 Year Warranty. ALTA-WIDE Builders Supplies 1-888-2638254. _______________________ STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206;

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME & leg cramps? Fast relief in one hour. Sleep at night. Proven for over 32 years; Mon-Fri, 8-4 EST. 1-800765-8660. _______________________ NEVER SHOCK CHLORINATE AGAIN! Newly Patented! "Kontinuous Shok" Chlorinator. Eliminates: Shock Chlorination; iron bacteria; smell; bacterial breeding in water wells. Phone 1800-BIG-IRON. Visit our 29 inventions; www.1800big _______________________ COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE: $1.49/each for a box of 270 ($402.30). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-873-3846 or treetime. ca. _______________________ GORGEOUS SPRUCE TREES. 4 - 6 ft., $45, machine planted, fertilized, mulched. Minimum order 20. Delivery charge: $75 - $100. Quality guaranteed. Crystal Springs 403-820-0961. _______________________ MANUFACTURED HOMES _______________________ $5,000 CASHBACK! Last 3 Brand New 2011 SRI 20'X76'. Nicely optioned. Free delivery, skirting package. New home warranty. From $118,900 (was $127,900). View at www.; 1-877341-4422. _______________________ PERSONALS _______________________ TRUE PSYCHICS! For Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-342-3036; Mobile: # 4486; http://www. _______________________ DATING SERVICE. Longterm/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-5346984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1877-804-5381. (18+). _______________________

_______________________ CENTRAL PEACE NATURAL Gas Co-op Ltd. requires full-time Gas Utility Operator. Experience, safety tickets an asset. Clean valid driver's licence required. Forward resume: cpngc@ Fax 780-8642044. Mail: Box 119, Spirit River, T0H 3G0.

_______________________ MOBILITY SCOOTERS and Stair Lifts available from MEDIchair Edmonton at competitive prices. Phone; 780-437-3300 or 1-800-5370579. See www.albertaabili

REAL ESTATE _______________________ SPECTACULAR HOME and farm operation - Three Hills area. Up to 750 acres, high end custom home, heated Quonset, grain handling system, much more. Info; 403-990-6678. _______________________ SIDNEY, BC CONDO. 25 minutes north of Victoria. 1232 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, many upgrades. Kitchen, living, dining, sunroom, includes heat, hot water, parking. No pets. $227,000.; bgerry5@shaw. ca.

15 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOTS, Vulcan, Alberta. Ritchie Bros Auctioneers. Selling by Unreserved Auction, July 18 from Lethbridge. 25 Bareland Condo Units as 8 lots + 7 single lots. Simon Wallan 780831-8529; Greg Cripps Re/Max 403-391-2648;

_______________________ ELINOR LAKE RESORT. 2.5 hours NE Edmonton. Spring Sale, fully serviced lake lots reduced by 15% May 17-31, 2013. Suitable for cabin/house, RV or investment. 1-877-623-3990;

_______________________ RECREATIONAL VEHICLES _______________________ 2006 HOLIDAY RAMBLER - "Endeavor" 38 1/2 '. Diesel Pusher 400 Cummins engine, 34,000 miles, 3 slides, Black tie Edition. $129,000 o.b.o. 403-553-4313. Kijiji RV's ad #470192385.

_______________________ SERVICES _______________________ DO YOU NEED to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It's that simple. 1-877-4862161.

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_______________________ BANK SAID NO? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, selfemployed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: www. 587-4378437, Belmor Mortgage.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 21, 2013- 15

Open House for local residents on Highway 16 management Michelle Pinon Editor

Project staff in charge of the Highway 16 Access Management Study will be on hand to answer questions and offer information to area residents during an open house at the Vegreville Centennial Library Auditorium May 29. The Highway 16 Access Management Study is part of the province’s long-term plans to convert the highway into a freeway. The study runs from Elk Island National Park (Range Road 210) to Highway 36. According to information supplied by Associated Engineering, all existing private driveways and local range and township road access to Highway 16 will be removed. Access to and from the freeway will occur only at recommended interchange locations as identified in the study.

This is the second of two open houses to be held. The purpose of the open house is to present the recommended routes and collect public input on the alternatives. The input will be used to refine the recommendations. The informal, drop in style open house will go from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. There will be no formal presentation, but project staff will be available to discuss the study. Back in April, representatives with Associated Engineering met with members of Lamont County Council. Both council and administration had serious concerns in regards to access, maintenance and associated costs, as well as possible interchange locations. Shawn Benbow gave an overview to council stating the 2005 study identified local roads that will collect traffic onto Highway 16. “As a result of this study, it will

allow landowners, businesses and municipalities plan for the future.” Council reviewed a set of recommended alignments, and the biggest concern to members would be the transferring of costs back onto the county and other municipalities for local collector roads. Representatives made it clear the roads are the Queen’s roads, and therefore the responsibility of the province to build and maintain. Even though these changes might very well be 20 years down the road, council reiterated that Alberta Transportation should foot the bill for improvements as well as maintenance. “You shouldn’t throw it into the laps of Lamont County. It’s unfair to do that. We think your report needs to reflect that,” stated Reeve Wayne Woldanski.

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Branch hosts home buyers seminar Servus Credit Union held a first time home buyers seminar on Wednesday, May 15 at the Lions Den in Lamont. The speakers included Sherry Levicki, who is a financial advisor for the Servus Credit Union branch in Lamont, and Karen Wamboldt, who is an account manager for Genworth Canada Mortgage Insurance. During their presentation, Levicki spoke about the entire process of buying a home, including credit, Mortgage insurance, and the approval process, saying “buying a home is the biggest decision you will make in your life.” The seminar helped the potential home buyers learn the benefits and drawbacks of high ratio mortgages, and how to make the correct mortgage decision for themselves, such as whether or not they would be able to Account manager from Genworth put down more of a down payment in Insurance and guest speaker Karen order to be paying for less time overall. Wamboldt

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Vehicles collide near Star At approximately 5:45 pm on Tuesday May 14, there was a collision outside of Star, on Secondary Highway 831, and Range Road 562. The primary vehicle, a

white Kia van was travelling northbound on 831, and struck a parked silver truck while swerving to miss another vehicle. While the reports do

not say whether or not there was anyone in the truck when it was hit, there were only minor injuries on the driver who came out with only bruising.

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16 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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