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The Village of Chipman’s main street was converted into a showroom for vintage car enthusiasts during the Chipman Car Crafters 13th annuall Show ‘N Shine Sunday. Car collectors from throughout the region turned up in droves to showcase their beautifully restored cars and trucks. A total of 360 people attend the event which netted 108 entries. four small boxes of food donations and $55 in cash donations were collected for the local food bank. Winner of the 50/50 draw was Joanne Paltzat, who took home $350. For more photos go to page 15.

Former Lamont CAO Tom Miller charged Michelle Pinon Editor

A week ago Tom Miller was arrested by RCMP officers in Fort Saskatchewan and charged with forgery and counselling an offence to commit fraud. “On May 28, 2013, RCMP officers in Fort Saskatchewan arrested Thomas Miller, former chief administrative officer for the Town of Lamont as a result of an ongoing investigation. He was arrested outside a local business in Fort Saskatchewan by Fort Saskatchewan RCMP members.” In the statement released by “K” Division, it said Thomas Miller has been charged with:

*Forgery section 3661(1)CC * Utter a forged document - section 368CC *Counselling an offense to forge document - not committed - section 464CC. *Counselling an offence to commit fraud - not committed - section 464CC “Following a Judicial Interim Release (JIR) hearing, Thomas Miller was released to appear in Fort Saskatchewan Provincial Court on June 6, 2013.” The only comment Mayor Bill Skinner would make following Tuesday’s town council meeting was that the town was made aware of Miller’s arrest by RCMP. Later in the week, Skinner issued this

response: “We are aware of the recent arrest of Mr. Miller. If charges against Mr. Miller are proven in a court of law, our legal representation would be the ones to advise us on how this may affect the other ongoing legal issues.” The RCMP press release also stated: “The incident was first reported in 2008. The file later on re-opened, upon further evidence which led to the arrest and charges against Miller.” The “incident” was first reported by Quebec based developer Gilles Filatreault, who alleged Miller attempted to negotiate kickbacks on a housing deal. Filatreault, in pursuit of the truth and further evidence, had journalists

secretly record and videotape a conversation between Miller and himself in the fall of 2012. After Filatreault’s under cover operation in co-ordination with a Star report and a RadioCanada producer who were sitting at a nearby table in a restaurant recording the conversation, Miller was confronted in a parking lot shortly after the meeting. Miller refused to answer questions about the recorded conversations. Shortly after that incident, Filatreault presented the evidence to Fort Saskatchewan RCMP, who in turn, turned over the evidence to “K” Division for further investigation. On June 29, 2010 a Statement of Claim was

filed by Jabneel Development Inc. and Construction Jabneel Inc. against the Town of Lamont and Tom Miller. Damages and/or judgement in the amount of $28,523,550; punitive damages in the amount of $500,000; an order directing the plaintiffs’ construction bond in the principal amount of $406,500 be returned forthwith. On Sept. 3, 2010, the Town of Lamont and Tom Miller filed a Statement of Claim denying each and every allegation, saying Miller “acted diligently and in good faith and conducted himself appropriately” through the discharge of his duties. Miller was dismissed of his duties by members

of town council in December of 2011. While elected officials refused to disclose the amount of money to pay out the rest of Miller’s contract, an auditors report stated a final payment to Miller was made in the amount of $341,782. The report, dated March 19, 2012, also stated the payment was over and above Miller’s regular salary of $96,904 and benefits and allowances of $18,112 to equal $115,016. Jabneel’s lawsuit and the town’s countersuit have yet to be heard in a court of law.

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Local residents react to Miller’s arrest Jazmine Inkser Student Reporter

Those who the Lamont Leader spoke to believed that the arrest of Miller was all in all an expected outcome, and was deserved considering the actions he had allegedly taken. Multiple people were of the opinion that it is sad that something like this was to happen in a small town like this, but say that this apparent corruption is something that happens everywhere. “It’s tragic that Lamont is associated

with this sort of scandal” says local business owner Carmen Uva, who believes that it was unfortunate that it took so long for citizens to be made aware. “I believe the people of Lamont would not have had anything to do with it had they known,” Uva adds. Also commenting was Flower Pot owner Jean Stacey, who says she had seen it on CBC news, so it overall wasn’t surprising. Lil’ Rascals owner Kristy Wipf says that she had originally heard the news on Wednesday through the

traffic that came through the shop that day. “Somebody mentioned it,” she explains. “If somebody does something wrong, they deserve to pay for it” adds Wipf. In general, the word on the street is that Miller is deserving of his arrest, and it is really not a very big surprise to the citizens we had spoken to. Though he has not been charged, he still deserves his day in court, and has not yet been convicted of any wrong-doings.

File Photo Lamont Leader

Former Town of Lamont Mayor Denis Durand (left) pictured with former CAO Tom Miller in council chambers.

The Chipman Fire Department held their Coyote Run Motorcycle Rally this past Saturday, with the bikes leaving Chipman at 11:00 am (top), and returning to take part in the skills competition once they had returned. The center picture shows the riders taking part in a plank competition, and the bottom shows a fire department member taking part in a race to put on their gear.

Andrew Wildcats’ Bus Vandalized

Sometime between the evening of May 25th and the morning of May 27, 2013 a window was broken on the Andrew School team bus. There were multiple beer cans located near

the bus. The RCMP is seeking assistance in identifying the person(s) responsible for the damage. If you have any information regarding drug activity in the Two Hills

ST. MICHAEL HOTEL Family Emergency; Limited Food & Hours this week


Open Tuesdays to Saturdays Minors Welcome till 8:00 pm

780-896-2475 Rooms available by week or by Month

area, contact Two Hills RCMP Complaint Line or Crime Stoppers 1-800-

222-8477 or online at

Andrew Figure Skating Club AGM & Early Registration June 20th, 2013 7:00 p.m. at the Andrew Arena For More information contact: Tammy (780) 365-2042 Sandra (780)365-3676

The Lakusta family would like to thank the following: •Rev.Michael Maranchuk and mrs. Melitta Zubritsky for the wonderful burial service • All the pall bearers and cross bearer • Prairie EMS,Andrew Emergency Services,Andrew/Two Hills RCMP for their efforts • Ed Koroluk and his Park Memorial staff for their caring professional service • Susan and Nick Newchuk and helpers for the preparation of the wonderful meal • Tom Hrehorets for his kind offering of the school bus shuttle escort to the cemetery • All of our family, friends , neighbors, for their sincere phone calls,visits, flower arrangements , and food platters. •Thank you to all who made donations to St.Johns Ukrainian Orthodox church Sachavaand other organizations in memory of Syl • and to anyone who we may have missed .

We miss you Syl!! Ma rg a ret , L o rn e, E f f i e, L y le, Larissa Lakusta L ori , Ma rk , Jo n a t h o n , B ra d ley , Hann a h Jespersen

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 3

Lamont town council reviews Municipal Inspection report recommendations Michelle Pinon Editor

Lamont town council held a special meeting May 28 to review the recommendations contained in the Municipal Inspections report that were made public a couple of weeks ago. Council went over each of the recommendations, and will continue to draft a council and committees meeting procedures bylaw in the coming months. Council has adopted changes to its agenda packages, which now include all reports (except those intended to be discussed in-camera) that are available on the town’s website as well as

during council meetings to those in attendance. While council is unable to remove the elevated extension of the front panel of the council desk, councillors are speaking loud and clear and motions are being restated for the benefit of people in the visitor’s gallery. While it is not possible to separate the panels for the CAO and recording secretary, there are name plates affixed to the panels so members of the public can distinguish them from the members of council. The town is also looking into the possibility of installing a public address system, and is currently looking into quotes from companies.

“Discussions, motions, debates, and votes related to matters brought before council by a delegation be dealt with immediately following the delegation’s presentation to council, rather than at a later point in the meeting.” Council decided that when and if possible, this recommendation would be completed. The use of audio or visual recording devices is an item that is pending. The use of camera lights or flashes may be restricted or prohibited, and will be determined at a later date. Council also decided that every member of council, following every general election, participate in training or orien-

tation. The same goes for members of municipal planning commission, subdivision and development appeal board, and assessment review board. Interviews for a new chief administrative officer (CAO) have been conducted, and a new CAO is expected to be appointed in the near future. The CAO is to ensure an organizational chart is prepared, and an annual professional development plan be established by the CAO. Council will also be conducting a review of all bylaws in its records and to consolidate similar or identical bylaws and rescind bylaws which are no longer necessary.

During council’s review it was pointed out that council had no control over the appointment of the inspector nor the selection of the timeline of review which was conducted by Stephen Thompson of MuniCon on behalf of Municipal Affairs. Back on Nov. 17, 2011 town council requested an inspection be performed by Municipal Affairs in regards to any matters with management, administration and operations of the Town of Lamont. “Upon receipt of the request, the minister responded with a letter to the mayor that the inspection had been granted.” It was also pointed out

that more than 11 months passed before an inspector was appointed, which was primarily delayed due to the provincial election. The inspector was instructed to perform the inspection during the period of December 2012 to February 2013. “Town council had neither control of the appointed inspector nor the selection of the time line chosen.” Residents who have any further questions or concerns regarding the inspection report are to foward them to the department of municipal affairs as directed in the review.

Crosswalk safety concerns along SH 831 reach transportation Michelle Pinon Editor

Recent safety concerns expressed by a couple of Lamont residents has resulted in the town requesting action from the province’s department of highways. Sandi Maschmeyer, acting chief administrative officer, stated she had received several requests asking to have two pedestrian crossing signs on both sides of Secondary Highway 831 and two painted white lines across the highway at 56 Avenue and Duke Drive. As well, there was a

request to have the main school crossing (south of the four way stop) between Lamont Elementary School and Lamont High School equipped with an overhead flashing school crossing lights installed. Maschmeyer also confirmed that Richard Chernyk, public works foreman for the town, verbally requested the changes to Alberta Transportation. One of the requests had initially been made to coun. Sylvia McDonald who forwarded the matter onto Maschmeyer. McDonald stated during council’s

May 28 meeting, that children frequently cross over from Edna and Campbell subdivisions over Secondary Highway 831 and then from 56 Avenue and Duke Drive to Hillside Park. Coun. McDonald said there is a need for signage at those crossing points, and would also like to see safety measures put in place. With less than a month of school remaining, and more and more pedestrian and bike traffic on the roads, Coun. McDonald agreed the sooner safety measures are put in place the better.


Mayor Bill Skinner said he had a close encounter recently with two kids on bikes who were not paying attention while pedalling on main street, and had to put on the brakes to avoid a collision. Coun. Gail Hrehorets inquired about bike safety courses, and wondered if something like Pedal Pushers could be offered. Coun. McDonald said she did offer and operate a bike safety course a few years ago, but only had five participants.


Improved safety at crosswalks like this in Lamont was the topic of recent discussion at town council’s May 28 meeting.

Lamont Community Playschool OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION

Tuesday, June 4th


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D A I L Y ( C l o s e d S u n d a y s)

5109 50 Ave Lamont (780) 895-2454

6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Lamont Lions Den $20.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable) Please bring child’s birth certificateand immunization records Note: Children must be at least 3 years old as of September 1, 2013 and potty trained to register

For more info call: Nadia 780-895-7717 or Cheryal 780-233-9093

4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Send your Letter to the Editor to: The Lamont Leader Box 1079, Lamont, AB T0B 2R0 Fax: 780-895-2705

Letter To The Editor Ratepayers urged not to put ‘heads in sand’ when it comes to councilors responsibilities In Nov. ‘79 I moved to Lamont with my family (wife Peggy and three daughters) and became the first Credit Union manager of the Lamont Credit Union, and have resided in Lamont since then. Back then when a new person moves to a small community, there’s the old established guard and the “new people.” Traces of the old guard remain and when I chose to challenge them (some were members of council) when I discovered a number of irregularities shortly after Mr. Miller was employed by the town. Any challenges to the old guard by the new people just wasn’t done nor acceptable. Although a number of irregularities were and have been sent to every existing and new member of town council, since my uncovering of grave irregularities (over five years now), a clash of personalities between myself and some members of council created an unfortunate situation whereby some members of council council, would not accept nor acknowledge any irregularities even though I had provided documentation to support my claims. In an effort to silence myself and prevent me

from proceeding further, some tactics the council members chose were to: *Never to let me address council. *Most members of council would not acknowledge anthing I sent to them nor contact me as requested. *Council hired a solicitor who wrote to me and if you read between the lines once could easily see it was to intimidate. This effort was unsuccessful and cost us ratepayers I would estimate $20,000. This was because of events and steps I forced the council to take. *A complaint that I was “threatening members of council” was file with RCMP in the Fort and these members were told upon doing their investigation that there was no substance to the claim and I had not done anything wrong. * I did advise all members of council from day one that pursuant to the Act that if any trust funds of the town (these are dollars collected from taxes, utilities, grants, etc.) are approved by council and used for any irregularities that each member of council are personally responsible for the repayment of these. This you may appreciate was a factor

5038 - 50 Avenue Box 1079, Lamont, AB, T0B 2R0 Phone 895-2780 - Fax 895-2705 Email: Published every Tuesday at Lamont, AB Serving the Communities of Andrew, Bruderheim, Chipman, Hilliard, Lamont, Mundare, RR4 Tofield, Star and St. Michael

in the large legal bill of the town. Fom my experience when a situation such as mine came forward one cannot just proceed in a shotgun, piece meal fashion, but you must follow certain established protocols set forth and these do take large amount of time, but must be followed. For example, when I approached Municipal Affairs with these documents I was told: pursuant to the Act the government does not have to investigate any complaint. For over 40 years, Municipal Affairs has, according to my information, only proceeded on any complaint three times and this was after the fact. Can you believe that over 40 years the government only received three complaints? Poppycock. Due to the democratic process we could show any objections at voting time and therefore the government would not become involved. What this means in plain terms is that the government doesn’t want to become involved, and if any ratepayer choses to proceed, that you could do so through through the courts at great cost and time. On May 28, ‘13 Mr.

Kerry Anderson Publisher

Miller appeared on the national news as a result of a previous story they had run, and was arrested by the RCMP and four charges pursuant to the criminal code filed. The incident was first reported in 2008. Please note that I did contact the RCMP about this matter, however, the RCMP after numerous exchanges told me that they considered this to be a civil matter. Perhaps if my original complaint was carried on the national news things may have worked out differently. Remember in my situation you have a small guy like me challenging a higher authority (I was ridiculed and deemed whenever possible and was up against an entity that had a large amount of resources). Again in a situation like this when someone has a large amount of resources and time this is used to try and force a smaller guy to give. It is my understanding that a statement of claim was filed against the Town of Lamont and Mr. Miller for 20 plus million dollars concerning the story carried by the news a few months ago, where a developer was proceeding with a project in Lamont but did not pro-

Michelle Pinon Editor

ceed because of some questionable actions, and thereby incurred losses. If they win where will the money come? These are two possible answers: *Insurance will cover a small amount. *Us ratepayers will have to pay any amounts greater than the insurance. Why and how? The town has the power pursuant to the Act, borrow money again further taxes revenues. This cause interest expenses, plus our taxes will go up. Mr. Miller’s services with the town were terminated and he receive a “golden handshake.” Did you know that Mr. Miller was given a contract by the town for five to seven years at a rate of pay higher than what the CEO of Fort Saskatchewan was making? I have a copy of this contract, and mr Miller’s rate of pay - not including benefits ranged from $90,000.00 in 2007, to$104,000.00 in 2011. This contract in my opinion does have irregularities. Because Mr. Miller was terminated prior to the contract ending, I understand that he was paid out on the remaining term. Ratepayers, you have a couple of choices I

Jodie TracyDerksen Harding Ad Sales Office Manager/ Ad Composition

would like to bring to your attention because we all will have to make a decision. Each ratepayer can solicit the town to have a meeting for ratepayers to review the matter. At the meeting, ratepayers can sign a petition requesting that a plebicite be held which would allow each ratepayer to vote yes or no about pursuing members of council for the amount they maybe liable for. If the vote is no, that’s the end. If the vote is yes, then a legal firm would be hired to proceed (again any cost would come from the town’s coffers.) This would take time, however, if the defendant were to transfer, hide, liquidate, etc. any assets until this is concluded, they would then be in violation of the Criminal Code. Look, our taxes are way way high, and have been since I can remember. Now we could be looking at greater costs. What about the seniors, people on a limited income, sick, etc? Ok people you decide! Daniel D.Protasiwich

Jazmine Inkster Jazmine Inkster Jodie Derksen Student Reporter / Advertising Student Repoter Ad Sales

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 5

Local communities pitch in to support upcoming prostate cancer fundraiser Michelle Pinon Editor

Folks in the communities of Andrew, Mundare and Lamont will be putting out the welcome mat for hundreds of motorcycle riders June 8. The Edmonton chapter of the Motorcycle Ride for Dad will be cruising into the communities to raise awareness and research for prostate cancer. Depending on the weather, anywhere between 700 and 1,500

riders are expected to participate in the exciting fundraiser. There will be special cheque presentations in Andrew before cyclists head south down Secondary Highway 855 to Mundare where they will be treated to sausage burgers and salads as well as entertainment by a local blues band. Then the entourage will head west on Highway 15 to Lamont, where they will stop to rest in the arena parking lot before returning to

CFB Edmonton Garrison for a barbecue supper. Mundare Mayor Mike Saric and Lamont Mayor Bill Skinner both plan to ride their motorcycles in support of the cause. Both mayors see the charity event as a “winwin” for everybody, and are happy to assist in any way they can. So do members of the Andrew Co-op board of directors who held a two day barbecue last week to raise money for the cause. Mundare based Stawnichy’s Meat PHOTO COURTESY OF KEVIN MARKIW

Kevin Markiw, general manager for Stawnichy’s Meat Processing rides alongside Justin Barbour, chief financial officer. Processors have been a public are invited to sponsor of the ride for attend the event, and several years, and is will be able to have donating sausage burg- lunch for a nominal fee ers for the riders to eat of $5 person. Gord Steinke and Rod for lunch. Saric, Shannon Kowal of Kowal Realty, Burke are honourary and Dan Warawa have captains for the event. also pitched in to donate The Motorcycle Ride For salads for the compli- Dad was spearheaded by Garry Janz, and began in mentary meal. Also stepping in to Ottawa in 2000 as a sindonate their time and tal- gle city event. The ride ents on stage are mem- has expanded over the bers of the Blueface years to 30 cities across band. Darwin Leitch, Canada. More than $10 local resident and band million has been donated member, says they will to prostrate cancer. Mayor Skinner said be performing a 40 song wanting to set from 11 a.m. to 2:30 anyone p.m. that day on pledge support for him Mundare’s main street and the ride can donate which will be closed off money at the town office up until Friday. to traffic. Chinook Scaffold has Donations can also be donated the materials for made online through the the stage, and will be Motorcycle Ride For installing it before the Dad’s website. event. Members of the


Members of the Bluesface band will be performing during the prostate cancer fundraiser on a stage on main street Mundare from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. this Saturday, June 8. Back row from left to right: Roger Maxwell, Ken Ball, and Steve Rosborough. Front row from left to right: Darwin Leitch, Tim Enarson and Scott Pearson.

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6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Former students share laughs at Lamont High School 50 year class reunion Jazmine Inkster Student Reporter

Lamont High School held their 50 year class reunion over this past weekend and with nearly 180 people in attendance, there were lots of laughs between old friends and many memories shared. Of those who had attended, 107 of them were prior students and graduates of Lamont High School. The reunion celebrated the 50 year anniversary of graduating for three graduating classes. The class of 1962 (50 years in 2012), 1963 (50 years in 2013), and 1964 (50 years in 2014). During the supper that was provided, the guests were treated to speaches from both prior class-

mates as well as teachers, town councillor Steven Sharun, and a performance by the former Lamont High School cheerleading squad. The MC for the evening was Richard Mandryk who kept the audience on their toes with his reminiscence of the ideosyncricies of both the students and teachers, with a series of “do you remembers” that had everyone laughing all throughout the evening. Among the memories he shared with the former students were the bus rides to and from school in which the girls would have a “makeup paint by number session”, a student doing a hockey broadcaster announcer impression during school council meetings, and the boys

checking dorms for smoke detectors. “It was all part of the plan of growing up” explains Mandryk, “It was a part of creating memories.”Also speaking was class of 62 graduate Randy Harrold, who spoke of how much everything had changed in the 50 years since his graduation here in Lamont. “I’ve got a lot of miles on me, but my roots are still here,” adds Harrold. He reminded the audience of all of the milestones society here has reached since that time, speaking of the ease of travel, information, and general contact now compared to 50 years ago, referring of course to the ‘party lines’. “We might have been the first bloggers,” he laughed.

Harrold also took the time to thank all of the teachers who had taken their time to ensure the students were looked after, saying it took great dedication for them to prepare all of the students for life in a world that was so different than their own when they were growing up. Many of the students had impressions of the teachers who had been a huge part of their school lives, which Mandryk reminded the audience of. He spoke of the tendency for the hallways to empty as soon as the door to the office was opened, and how when an english assignment was handed back, there always seemed to be more red ink than blue. He also gave credit to Mr. and Mrs. Saruk, of

whom he said “you could always give a good listening to.” There were also words of advice from two of the teachers, Pat Calvert and John Howie, who both laughed at the idea of retired english teachers saying only “a few words”. Howie mentioned that although he was supposed to be giving the students advice as an elder, he explained that at the time of his position in the Lamont high school, he was only a mere five years older than the students. “So much for sage advice from an elder,” Howie joked. Calvert said that overall, she was proud of all of her students, and was pleased with where they had all gone in their

lives. Adding that nowadays she sees many parents who send their children to the city for their education, so that their kids can have the benefit of a big school. “Don’t kid yourselves,” Calvert added, “you kids come from a small school, and look what you’ve done with yourselves.” As a final English assignment to her former pupils, Calvert told the audience to ensure that their grandchildren get a good education, saying that that is the most important thing they could do.

The Village of Willingdon requires a Full-Time CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER Situated in the heart of central Alberta, the Village of Willingdon appeals to all with its outstanding location. Only one hour east from the City of Fort Saskatchewan and one hour north of the Town of Vegreville.

Jazmine Inkster Photo

Pictured above is the graduating class of 1962. There were a total of 179 attendee’s to the class reunion, 107 were students, the remainder were spouses, guests, and former staff. Those in attendance were treated to a buffet style supper, as well as speaches from student alumni, former teachers, and town councillor Steve Sharun. Many of the attendee’s had traveled quite a ways to come to the reunion, with one group coming from Ontario, and five groups coming from all different parts of British Columbia.

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The Village of Willingdon is seeking a full-time Chief Administrative Officer to provide comprehensive advice to its Council on all aspects of municipal governance and legislative requirements, to ensure the direction of Council is implemented, and to provide effective leadership to the whole organization and community. The selected candidate will be responsible for preparing, monitoring, and reporting on the annual financial plan. The incumbent will understand the local government needs and challenges of small rural communities, enjoys coordinating information and making decisions, and takes an interest in global issues that affect us all. He/She will promote community engagement to the public and be able to build long lasting relationships, encouraging others to be involved in shaping the decisions that affect them. He/She will be proficient in various computer software applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, financial management software (TownSuite), etc. Ideally, the successful candidate will possess strong technical skills in municipal administration and financial management. Excellent communication, analytical and leadership skills are just some of the requirements of the position. Desired candidates will have post-secondary education in a relevant discipline. The idyllic Village of Willingdon offers a competitive compensation package and continuous learning opportunities in a community that enables a superior work-life balance. Candidates are invited to submit their application in confidence by Friday June 14, 2013 to: Lillian Bezovie c/o PO Box 311, Willingdon, AB T0B 4R0 P: 780-367-2337

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 7

The Lamont High School Graduating class of 1963.

The Lamont High School graduating class of 1964

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Classified ads placed in any of the three publications will appear in all papers for ONE price of $10.75 for the first 25 words and .39¢ a word thereafter

________________________ You Name It, I Can Do It! Phone Steve For A Free Estimate Today. Specializing In, Drywall, Taping, Mudding, Installing Window and Doors, Painting, Complete Basement and Main Floor Reno’s, Additions, Siding and a lot more. Cell: 780-632-9352 or leave a message @ 780-6572066. LL13/20p ________________________

CALL 780-336-3422 For all your advertising needs

Autobody - Auto Rentals Tractor Trailer Collision Sandblasting (780) 384-3080 Sedgewick, AB. CAREER OPPORTUNITY Autobody technician or apprentice. CPtfn ________________________ Massage and Reflexology. 1 hour treatments. Marge 780-662-3066. ttfn

________________________ Roy’s Handyman Services. Flooring, trim work, basement finishing, decks, fences, kitchen cabinet installs and carpentry work. 780-662-0146 or 780-2323097. ttfn ________________________ Tree maintenance specialist looking for work. No job too big or too small. Please call 780-289-8243 for a free quote. 19-20p



________________________ I would like to thank Dr. Hackett and the staff at the hospital for the great care I received during my recent stay. Also a special thank you to my daughter, Elizabeth and Karen Vice for her great sense of humor. Sylvia Libby TM20p

To place an ad call:

New Classifieds deadline is now


9 a.m. Monday



________________________ Star Choice HD Satellite dish, call 662-2851. TM20-22p


8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Members of Niko’s Dance Team 2013 will be performing in a year end recital at the Mundare Recreation Centre on Sunday, June 9 at 2 p.m. A total of 42 students joined the dance team from the Lamont County region.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 9

Al Shamel Shriners make Chipman resident’s dream of new handicapped van come true Thirty-two-year-old Melinda Kykosz of Chipman was hoping she’d be among those lucky Canadians to win one of the five wheelchair accessible vans being offered last month in a contest by the National Mobility Dealers Association during May’s “National Mobility Awareness Month.” Jackie Rae Greening of CFCW even launched a campaign to get as many votes as possible with the hopes of getting a new van to replace a 17year-old one which is no longer roadworthy for wheelchair-bound Melinda who has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, and has been looked after by her grandparents since she was two. When Melinda and her 82-year-old Grandfather John Cooper of Chipman - were unsuccessful in winning one of the vans, Jackie Rae discussed that dilemma on the radio station at a time when Al Shamal Shriners Recorder Gary Willis was listening.

Willis then discussed the situation with Al Shamal President Larry Howard and the Al Shamal executive. They quickly agreed to donate the Shriners’ 2006 low mileage totally customized electronic wheelchair accessible van to Melinda in as much as it was not being fully utilized. Since Melinda’s grandmother died in 2009, she and her caregiver Grandpa John - who she calls her hero - have been struggling to live off only his seniors pension. “While the Shriners and our 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children primarily help children get well up to the age of 18,” said Al Shamal President Larry Howard, “there are always exceptions where we have assisted those who are older.” “In the case of Melinda, she touched the hearts of all Shriners and we are delighted to provide her with this van. She is truly an inspiration to one and all, as is her grandfather, John Cooper.” Howard added

that Al Shamal is always looking for ways and means of assisting those in Edmonton and North/Central Alberta. Such as establishing a $3-million Shriners Pediatric Scoliosis Research Chair at the U of A Hospital with the Alberta Government contributing $1.5 million; donating $20,000 towards The Fallen Four RCMP park at Mayerthorpe; providing $50,000 to save Grande Prairie’s Camp Tamarack for the Disabled from being closed; establishing a Shriners wing at the Glenrose Hospital to assist Shrine patients and other children who require rehabilitation; plus establishing a $50,000 endowment fund at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Al Shamal and the Shriners also established artificial skin banks for University Hospital and other Alberta and Canadian hospitals with burns centres, as well as providing transportation for patients with orthopaedic problems or burn injuries, plus a par-

ent, to any of the 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children. “Helping sick kids get well has always been our motto for the last 91 years that our hospitals have been operating,” said Howard, “including the current 100 active patients Al Shamal now have. And if that sick individual happens to be over 18 - as Melinda Kykosz is - she or he, will receive that same kind of love, care and attention.”

Chemical Information and BBQ at

Beaver Creek Co-op

Lamont, Alberta

780-895-2241 Representatives From BASF Bayer Bungee Dekalb Dow Agro Dupont Monsanto Syngenta Nu Farm AFSC Arysta FCL MICHELLE PINON PHOTO

Darvonda Nurseries in Mundare has opened its doors for the first time ever last week to local customers. General manager Debbie Vey Smale stands beside trays of flowers that are ready to be shipped to Home Depot, Costco and Sobeys outlets throughout Western Canada. The greenhouse is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the yard sale hanging baskets, trays and patio pots will be offered at wholesale prices this week.

The staff and Board of Directors invites you and your family to join our

21st Annual

Friday, June 14, 2013 11 am - 2 pm Door Prizes Give Aways!

Will be on hand to answer all your questions

Moving Ahead by Giving Back

10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013 MICHELLE PINON PHOTO

Members of the Andrew Co-op board of directors were busy serving up hamburgers during their annual charity barbecue in the grocery store parking lot May 31 and June 2. Proceeds of this year’s event will go towards the Motorcycle Ride For Dad which raises awareness and conducts research into prostrate cancer. On Saturday, June 8, members will be presenting a cheque to ride organizers when they travel through the community. Pictured from left to right are: Robert Peyton, John Kapicki, Arnie Ostafichuk and Ron Spragg.

Hospital receives funding The Providence Grain Community Fund was initiated last fall and is designed to fund educational and medical projects in rural communities surrounding our locations. The funding is awarded twice a year October & April and we distribute the funding to different communities each time if at all possible. We currently have donated 20,171 to the following projects: 1) 10,000 Lakeland Catholic School Division (Waskatenau, AB) for 10 iPads 2) 6,090 Lamont Health Care Centre (Lamont, AB) for the purchase of 2 Infusion Pumps 3) 4,081 Viking Health Centre (Viking, AB) for a 5th Wheel Stretcher We own a grain elevator in Marengo and our intent is to make the surrounding community aware of this project and give them the opportunity to apply for funding. NEED BOXES? We have a small quanitity of boxes suitable for packing books or other heavy objects available

It’s simple. We are your local electricity service provider. And our service is provided by Power Line Technicians like Kep Holmes. 13042ZF0 13044ZF0 13061ZF0

He is one of hundreds of FortisAlberta employees, who every day, deliver on our promise to provide power to homes, farms and business customers throughout Alberta. All backed by the resources to accommodate any new service connections, provide expert advice on rates and energy efficiency – and even financial support. So while the name that’s synonymous with delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity may be FortisAlberta, the face of that promise is definitely Kep’s. It’s that simple. KEP HOLMES Area Foreman

For any new service connection, service need or questions, call 310-WIRE (9473)

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 11

Dessert Theatre offers up tasty treats and delicious fare in Mundare


Grade 7 and 8 students from Mundare School performed the play After Hours in front of 80 people on Friday evening. Pictured from left to right are: Cheyenne Sharun, Jamie Perlik, Cole Burke, Brett Burghardt, and Leo Chow. Sian Vadnais, library technican and assistant said despite some technical difficulties with the lights, the show went off without a hitch. “The audience laughed in all the right places (and even some we weren’t expecting), and everyone delivered their lines with gusto.” Vadnais wanted to acknowledge the efforts of all students and parents involved in the play as well as physicial education teacher Jason Lafrance for use of the gym for rehearsals which began six weeks ago.

Leo Chow, plays a mannequin, who gets much more than her bargained for when he is delivered to the clothing store.

Delivery driver played by Hannah Saric shows store owner Briannna Patrie the time while security guard Kassidy Iwaskow checks things out at the clothing store prior to closing for the day.


Trucker's dream - 40x40 shop with mezzanine, heating, water, floor drain, 220V-100 amp. Upgraded 1999 modular home with over 2100 sq.ft. including new laminate, upgraded carpet, fresh paint, new fixtures, and All Weather windows with sunstop. Over 80 acres of land, barn, Quonset, shed pump house and more...two dugouts and a creek – cattle / horse friendly! Mr. & Mrs. will both be happy with this set up!

@LamontLeader Where e you u can n find: Call Melanie Boles, REALTOR® - RE/MAX Real Estate

780-462-5000 for more info

Upcoming news, Special dates, and important updates about your local area!

12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, Jume 4, 2013

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 28, 2013- 13

Lamont High School first annual Fun Run considered to be an astounding sucess 32 participants were able to raise $750.00 raised to make students’ extracurricular sports more affordable Jazmine Inkster Student reporter

The Lamont high School’s Active for Athletics Fun Run was considered to be a great success by both Erin Meleskie, and Cindy Gruber (coordinators). The run was held on June 1st, and both Gruber and Meleskie say the attendance was far

beyond what they had initially expected and hoped for. In total, 32 runners came for the event; many who brought their dogs to do the five kilometer walk, five kilometer run, and the 10 kilometer run. Compared to the original 25 that they had hoped for, the organizers were quite pleased. “Anything over 25 we

considered to be a success,” says Meleskie. Meleskie also added that the turnout was quite surprising considering all of the other events that had been going on throughout the weekend. The runners took off at 11:00 am, and slowly returned in groups to the school by around 12:30 to be treated to a barbe-

cue lunch. In total, the school was able to raise about $750 for the athletics program. The money raised will go towards lowering the cost for extra curricular athletics teams for the school. Previously, Gruber had stated that the goal for the event was to make the teams affordable for anyone who wanted to join.

It was a learning experience says Meleskie, who says that next year they will probably change the date of the event so that it will not

be in conflict with so many other activities happening on the same day.


Jazmine inkster Photos

The high school’s first ever Active for Athletics amazed organizers with 32 participants (and their dogs) taking part in the run/walk. There was a total of $750 raised by the runners in an effort to make sports affordable to all students in the school.

Student reporter required part-time at the Lamont Leader starting August 15 and to work after school daily (around school commitments). Drivers license a bonus. Must have interest in writing/photography and graphics, and be a people person. Will also do general office duties. Phone Michelle 780-895-2780 or email resume:

Thank you for lightening your load to protect our roads


If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by July 04, 2013 and provide details of your claim with

Robert Kiss, Barrister and Solicitor


17393 - 108 AVE Edmonton, AB. T5S 1G2

If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

ROAD BANS Lifted effective June 1, 2013 Axle -weight restrictions revert to 90% summer axle weights on the majority of County roads.

Watch for signs. Further information: Transportation and Agriculture Services 780-417-7100 (24 hours) Enforcement Services 780-449-0170


14 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jazmine Inkster Photos

(Above) Children from Lamont Playschool had their year end party on May 29th. Among the treats both the morning and afternoon classes were able to enjoy were the bouncy castle as well as popcorn. (Below) Town of Lamont public works employess were seen on Friday watering the hanging plants, as well as putting up some new ones.


You are cordially invited to attend

The Annual General Meeting of the Lamont Health Care Centre Board On Monday, June 17th, 2013 In the Morley Young Manor - Assisted Living Lounge Commencing at 7:00 p.m.

Access to the meeting area will be available from the North West Entrance via a ramp to the building. Refreshments will follow. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 15

Hundreds attend Chipman Car Crafters Show ‘N Shine

Andrew resident Marsh Pysar, bottom left, had a wide assortment of license plates available for sale during the Chipman Car Crafters Show ‘N Shine. Members of the Chipman Fire Department were kept busy cooking and flipping burgers and fries for attendees.

Church Calendar For more information call 780-895-2780 Lamont United Church 5306 - 51 Ave., Lamont 780-895-2145 Sunday Worship time 11:15 a.m. Rev. Deborah Brill Everyone Welcome! Next Church Supper: June 21, 5-7 pm Reaching out to those in need, we support: Local Food Bank, Elementary School Lunch Program, Bissell Centre, Kindred House AA Meetings Thursdays at 8:30 pm

Orthodox V Parishes All services start at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted Sunday Divine Liturgy 10:00 am 780-895-2149

Sunday June 9: Boyle Tone 5 - 6th after Easter, Graveyard service Sunday June 9: Peno Graveyard Service (3:00 pm)

Visit our website

Roman Catholic Church Cluster of Parishes of Our Lady of Angels

Fort Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Services

Lamont Auxiliary Hospital Saturday Evenings 4:00 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel - Skaro 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays 9:00 am St. Michael the Archangel - St. Michael 2nd and 4th Sundays 11:00 am For further information please call O.L.A. Fort Saskatchewan at 780-998-3288

Lamont Alliance Church 44 st. & 50 Ave. 780-895-2879 Pastor Ron Wurtz Sunday Service 10:00 am “The small family church on the far east end of town” Come join us!

Current Events

Bethlehem Lutheran Church 5008 - 50 St. Bruderheim 780796-3543 Pastor Richard Williams

Bethelehem Lutheran Church

Childrens Church every Sunday Men’s bible study Wednesday nights at 7:30 Family camp weekend: June 7,8, and 9th Vacation bible School: August 19 - 23rd

Sunday Service 9:30 am Bruderheim, Ab.

Check out our website:

“Come as a guest, leave as a friend” Or Call the church for more information.

Bruderheim Moravian Church Welcomes You! 780-796-3775 Sunday Worship 10:30 am Sunday School for all ages 9:15 am Jr. Youth - Kindergarten - Grade 6: 6:00 - 7:45 pm Located at the 4-way stop in Bruderheim

Bethany Lutheran Church 20577 TWP 550 Fort.Sask. (7km East of Josephburg) 780-998-1874 Pastor Richard Williams

Worship Service 11:00 am Sunday School 11:15 am

16 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013

‘Business Directory’ AGRICULTURE

CONSTRUCTION Taylor Made Contracting Ltd.

“Customer Driven since 1928” 6138 - 50th ave., Vegreville AB

• Basement Finish • Garage Finish • Decks • Fences • Renovations

equipment sales representative

“ Create Your Man Cave or Lady Lair”


Cell: 780•632•1148 Bus: 780•632•2514 F o l l o w m e o n Tw i t t e r : @ Wo z n i a k P a u l

TOLL FREE: 1•888•632•2514

Trevor Taylor Ryan Taylor 780-984-6356 780-953-0614 Email:


KENNELS Pet Boarding Service

Cozy Critters

Box 462, Hwy 15 Bruderheim, Alberta T0B-2R0

Phone 780-992-7990

Call 780-895-2780 for more info on our business directory

MACHINERY HEARTLAND MACHINE WORKS LTD. Custom Machining, Manufacturing, Repair, Welding and Lite Fabrication

Ser vices to: Industrial/commercial, Agricultural, 11222A-88th Ave Oil and gas and Fort Saskatchewan AB Transportation

(780) 803-7156

A & M One Stop Shop 780-265-6731

•towing for local service & long distance rates• •Free Unwanted Auto Removal• •Yard cleanup, from small to very big jobs•

We will remove all your old Equipment Paul Graham Owner

Chipman Alberta & area. towing services 24/7

email: website:




WITH BIG BUCK SAVING$ ON AUTO PARTS FOR YOU... •low low prices, •Warranty on All •weekly Specials parts •Tons of light trucks •Serving Canada for & cars over 35 years (780) 464 - 6922

AUTO SALVAGE Forr yourr vehiclee partss needs FREE vehicle removal Cash paid for some Please call ahead for appointment confirmation Vehicle Removal: Weekdays AM Saturdays PM


PLUMBING/HEATING Structural Foundation Repair •Wall Leaks• •Sump• •Weeping Tile• F o u n d a t i o n

R e p a i r

7 8 0 - 7 0 9 - 4 6 8 6


KT Mechanical LTD Kevin Tychkowsky Lamont, Alberta Commercial & Residential • Heating • Air Conditioning • Refrigeration

Phone: 292-2336 Fax: 895-2809 20 years experience!

Interior Design by


Simple & Elegant

Contact Ann O: (587) 400 - 5437 C: (780) 729 - 6988

Do you have a business you think our readers should know about? Give us a call and book your space today!

Drolet Plumbing & Gas Plumbing - Gas Fitting, Pressuer Water System Service and New Construction, Water Heaters, Boilers, Garage Heaters, Radiant Floor Heating

Paul Drolet - Retired Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Ph: 780-895-2056 Cell: 780-722-1768

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), May 28, 2013- 17


Come educate yourself! Explore all your possibilities, empower your life choices and enjoy every minute of your time this summer with respected educators, knowledgeable MÊtis elders and playing with amazing NHL Hockey players. July 1 – 5, 2013. Application Deadline June 17, 2013.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:

MÉTIS YOUTH SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM SO008392 If you’re a MÊtis youth between 15 – 30 years old, and going back to school this fall, MÊtis Training to Employment Services can give you the assistance you need to land that summer job where you can gain employable skills and the pay cheque you deserve.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) online at:


‘Business Directory PRICES: SMALL:: $40/ MONTH LARGE:: $80/MONTH Call the Lamont Leader for More information (780) - 895 - 2780




Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fatal Accidents, Wills & More


Edmonton - Calgary Lloydminster - Grande Prairie

Elizabeth J. Tatchyn, B.A., LL.B BARRISTER & SOLICITOR



at the Elk Island Insurance Agency

By appointment only * Speaks Ukrainian * Lamont 780-895-2100 Edmonton: 780-425-5800

RURAL WATER TREATMENT (Province Wide) Tell them Danny Hooper sent you





  ")')2/.  View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

ArTeam Realty

Independently owned and operated


"I live in Lamont County!" Mary Robinson 780-977-2648 w b dj b


Alberta's most popular theatre summer camp for teens

july 2013 at red deer college

85% sold - register now! [ | 1-888-422-8160 ]

Cell: (780) 490 - 8616 Office: (780) 449 - 2800 Home: (780) 363 - 3939


Window & Door Replacement and Installation

John Hawk P R O U D L Y S E R V I N G 780-651-1522


Cell: 587-784-4764


St Michael Ab

Do you have a business you think our readers should know about? Call the Lamont Leader to book your space today!


• Sand, Gravel & Top Soil • Loading & Hauling • Landscaping • Excavating • Demolition Ph: 780-895-2349

Cell: 780-220-5405

Box 412 Lamont, Alberta T0B-2R0

TREE REMOVAL Titan Tree Moving Serivce Huge 82� 6 spade mover ensures high survivability and less babysitting.

Lamont Leader Deadlines for all Classified Ads & all Display Ads is 5:00 pm Friday You can email your ads to: Classified ads must be prepaid. Call 780-895-2780 with your credit card information

Custom Aluminum Capping

Trevor Schinkinger Trucking Ltd. Gerhard Rosin



For Bookings Call 780-603-3437 Proudly Serving Lamont County and surrounding area’s

Call 780-895-2780 for more info

18 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Classifieds ________________________


________________________ Happy Birthday! June 8, 2013 Anne Gresiuk Wishing you the best day of your life with 99 hugs, 99 kissess and 99 wishes. ~Love and Blessings from your loving family 20p ________________________ Congratulations to Jim and Evelyn Christensen on the event of their 65th Wedding Anniversary and on Jim's 85th Birthday. 19c ________________________


________________________ In honour of Seniors Week we are having a Roast Beef Supper at the Viking Seniors Center on Sunday, June 9. Doors open 5 p.m., supper at 5:30 p.m. $10 per person, everyone welcome. 19/20c ________________________ Iron Creek Community Center's Annual meeting and yard clean up, June 9th, meeting to start at 2 o'clock and cleanup afterwards. 20c ________________________ Viking Community Foundation Annual General Meeting-Thursday, June 13 at 7 p.m. at the Viking Town Office. Foundation Directors and Members please attend. 19-21c ________________________ Bruce Cemetery Day, Monday, June 10, 1p.m. Everyone welcome. 20p ________________________ Viking Farmer’s Market Regular Market June 6, from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Viking Community Hall. Viking Colony will have bedding plants and fresh vegetables. For more info call 780-5922431. 20c ________________________ Lougheed Gift & Garden has a great selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials in stock just waiting to make your yard spectacular. Apple trees $49.99. Potentilla, Spiraea, and roses $19.99. Perennials from $3.99 to $14.99. Bark mulch and nuggets. New rubber mulch. Lots of yard and home decor. June hours 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 7 days a week. Lougheed Gift &Garden Hwy 13, Lougheed, AB. (780) 386-2402 CP19/20c

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this year, and this year only, the Bardo Sports Day will NOT be held on Farmers Day, the second Sat. of June, as it has been for more than 75 years. It will however be held on Sat. June 22/13. Ball games all day long. Supper will be 5-7 pm. Hope all who are able, will come out and support our community. We will return to our original day next year. Thank-you in advance for your continued support. TM20c ________________________ Holden Farmers' Day & Soapbox Derby June 7 and 8, 2013. Come and join us for a fun and entertaining weekend. Events include: Friday-Bob Layton Show at the Beaver Arts Centre at 7:00 p.m. Saturday-Pancake breakfast, Parade, Market, Soapbox Derby, Gallery & Museum exhibits, Petting Zoo, Inflatables, Fun Games, Ball Games, Supper, Entertainment, Free Hot Dogs & Pop, Fireworks. For more information call: Village of Holden 780-6883928 or see the TM20c ________________________ Bardo Cemetery Clean Up on Sat. June 8, 2013 at 1:00 pm. TM 20p ________________________

FOR RENT ________________________ 2 BDRM double-wide trailer, 4 appliances, 2 bathrooms. Located in Ryley Trailer Park. No Pets $850/month. Call 780-4722507. tm19-22p ________________________ House/Condo, 50+ Westbrook Villas, Tofield. $1200/month plus utilities. Includes lawn care and snow removal. 2 bedroom, main floor laundry, double attached garage. Nonsmoker, no pets, references required. Call 780-662-2479 or 780-886-1326. TM20/21p ________________________ Trailer pad for rent in Ryley Trailer Park. $200/month. Call 780-427-2507. tm19-22p ________________________


________________________ NATURAL PORK No animal by-products, medications or growth hormones. Government inspected. Half Pork $225.00, Whole Pork $450. Includes cutting and wrapping and curing. Larry Jakubec 780-336-2503. Order before June 16. 19/20CPc

________________________ Registered Polled Hereford Bulls. Yearling, 2 year olds. Quiet and Haltered. Guaranteed breeders. Reasonably priced. Call Paul Dinisyk 780-336-2675. 20c ________________________ One 14-foot Tri Hule Boat, 50hp Evinrude Carkins Trailer. One 2006 Dodge Durango Heimi 100,100 km. Loaded 8 pasenger seating. One 2010 Dodge TRX, 4X4 Heimi, 95,000km. One 2010 Dodge 30 foot holiday trailer with one slide out (12 feet.) Phone Lorne at 780336-3049 20c ________________________ Shares for Sale: Only a few shares left. Don’t be disappointed. Phone to save a spot. Are you concerned about the freshness & safety of your food? Are you too busy to plant your own garden? No worries. Take advantage of Viking Farm CSA (Community Sup-ported Agriculture); 1 km north of Viking, AB on Hwy 36. You’ll receive a weekly basket of organically grown fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. Limited shares are available. For more details: call Brian Rozmahel @ 780385-5570 or Diane Hanson @ 780-385-0994. tfnc ________________________ Seed For Sale Wheat - AC SHAW VB. Barley - CDC Austenson Oats - AC Morgan, AC Lu, Murphy. Grass and Forage Seed Canola Seed for Sale: Fusion: (R.R.)* Early -123 % of check varieties. Rugby: (R.R.) (OP) -Highest yeilding O.P. All Brett Young Canola available. 780-662-2617 tmtfn ________________________ Bulls For Sale. Yearling Black and Red Angus bulls for sale off the farm. Kueber Farms 780-385-1546. CP19/21c ________________________ DSP Fifth Wheel hitch complete with rails rated for 17,000 lbs. very good condition $175. 780-662-2185 or cell 780-777-7060. TM20p ________________________ Extension ladder, 20 ft aluminum, $100; Kenmore electric stove, good condition, $90; Singer sewing machine $150; Maple wood potato/onion bin $120, offers considered, 780-6624030. TM20p ________________________

Serving Beaver County & Area

Classified ads placed in any of the three publications will appear in all papers for ONE price of $10.75 for the first 25 words and .39¢ a word thereafter

1990 Toyota 4-runner $2,000, runs well, 38' Miley steel 4 horse Trailer with living quarters $5,000, 16' Steel Stock Trailer $4,000, trailers in good condition. View all at June 7-8 garage sale, 780-662-4747. TM20p ________________________ Good selection of boats in stock, pontoon and ski boats. Contact Myron 780940-8551. TM20p ________________________ 40' x 50' Metal Pole Barn located just east of Tofield. Asking $20,000 obo, serious enquiries only. 780-662-0228 TM20/21p ________________________ 2002 Hitchhiker II LS, 29.5 5th wheel trailer, with 2 slide outs. Includes awning, air conditioning, sound system, tub and shower, and oak cabinets. If you like luxury living at the lake or wintering in warmer climates this trailer has it all. Phone 780-672-3008 for more info. TM18/20p ________________________


________________________ BRUCE COMMUNITY WIDE GARAGE SALES Saturday June 15th 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday June 16th 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.There is always something for everyone! 20-21c ________________________ All proceeds go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thurs., June 6, 2p.m. 8p.m., Fri., June 7, 10a.m. 2p.m. 5203 - 57 Ave., Viking. 20p ________________________ Large Moving Out Yard and Acreage Sale. Household, Shop and Yard Equipment. Fri June 14th 5-8 p.m., Sat June 15th 9a.m. to 8p.m. and Sun June 16th 1:30-5 p.m. 51025 RR 194, 3/4 mile north of Hwy 14. TM 20/21p ________________________ GOTTA GO SALE - indoors June 7 & 8. Friday 5-8p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. #1 Simpson Grange, 20332 Twp. Rd. 512 (old Hwy 14). Household, gardening, antique loom, horse tack, saddles, acreage items and tools, camping, outfitter tent and stove. Free coffee All items to go. TM20p ________________________ ESTATE GARAGE SALE, Friday June 7 from 12-8 pm and Saturday June 8 from 9a.m. to 6p.m. 5111-56 Ave. Tofield. Weather permitting. TM20p ________________________

Another Mission to Many Gigantic Garage Sale Wed., June 12 and Thurs., June 13 10a.m. to 6p.m., Fri., June 14, 10a.m. to 7p.m., Sat., June 15 9a.m. to 2p.m. Saturday Box Sale - All you can fit in a box for $10.00 at the Lutheran Church, 5327 56 Ave Viking. We are accepting donations up till Thurs., June 13. Contact Alvin 780-336-3155 or Pres 780-336-2576. All proceeds from the Mission to Many sale procedure will go to local and international missions. Additional support from Faithlife Financial. 19/20c ________________________

HELP WANTED ________________________ SAFETY STARTS HERE TRAINING CENTRE • First Aid • CPR (AB & BC) • Child Care • H2S Alive (enform) • Ground Disturbance (Global) • Confined Space • AED • TDG • Babysitter First Aid • Heartsaver CPR • WHMIS 24 Hr. Phone 780-608-1434 50tfn-eow-c-cp ________________________ HELP WANTED Labourer/swamper/operator required for sandblast, hydrovac, directional drill operation. Oilfield tickets an aasset but can be obatined. Willing to train suitable candidate. Class 5 license required. Call Bob Ash Ltd. @ 780-336-1313. tfnc ________________________ Autobody technician or apprentice. Must be coachable and personable. One of a kind, new modern facility, competitive wages, benefits, stability.

Autobody - Auto Rentals Tractor Trailer Collision Sandblasting (780) 384-3080 Sedgewick, AB. CP19-20c ________________________ Reliable Part time help wanted, must be able to work weekends and week day shifts. See Yogi or drop off resume at Viking Meats. 780-336-3193 19/20c ________________________

The Co-operators / Ritchie Agencies (Tofield office) are hiring for a full time Sales and Service Associate position. Applicants should have or be committed to acquiring a General Insurance Licence. Position requires excellent communication and computers skills, an outgoing personality, and the ability to work as part of a team. Wages are competitive and benefits available.For more information about the position call 780-336-1180. To apply, please forward a resume in person or e-mail to

tfn-tm ________________________ Class 1 winch truck driver with equipment hauling experience and finishing heavy equipment operator (dozer/grader/excavator/s craper). For a company local to Tofield, in the construction industry. Please fax resume and references to 780-662-0010 or mail to Box 42 Tofield AB T0B 4J0. 20p ________________________


________________________ STAN CHOMIK June 7, 2001 As time unfolds another year Memories keep you ever near Silent thought of time together Hold memories that will last forever ~Lovingly remembered by wife Olga and family 20p ________________________



House For Sale By Owner 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 1166 sq.ft. 1993, corner lot. Call 780-385-0626 View Property Guys #147236 19/20c ________________________ Bi-level home for sale by owner. Located in Killam, AB. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. See Kijiji ad # 479316394 for more details and pictures. cp16/20p

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), June 4, 2013- 19

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AUCTIONS ________________________ 1200 CARS, TRUCKS, RV'S. Saturday, June 8, 9 a.m. Michener Allen Auctioneering. Edmonton. Internet bidding available for RV's. Full listing with pictures: 1-800665-5888; 780-470-5584. ________________________ 75 QUARTERS LAND, Oyen, Alberta - Ritchie Bros Unreserved Auction. 1HQ, 30 Parcels Farmland, 6 Parcels Grazing Lease, $37,300 Surface Lease Revenue. Jerry Hodge 780-706-6652; rbauc ________________________ HUGE UNRESERVED Coca-Cola Memorabilia Auction! Amazing collection, no buyer's fee! 10 a.m., Saturday, June 15 at 1235 - 1 Ave., Wainwright, Alberta. Scribner Auction 780-8425666. Details at: www.scribn ________________________ ONLINE AUCTION, Lac La Plonge Resort, SK. 12:00 Noon, June 20, 2013. Year round 1392sf home, appliances, deck, superb fishing. Kramer Auctions Ltd. 306445-5000; www.kramerauc ________________________ UNRESERVED AUCTION. Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 8 a.m., 9320 - 52 St. SE., Calgary. Late Additions: City of Calgary Gravel Trucks; 2008 New Holland TD5050 MFWD FEL Tractor; Champion 730; Deere 762 Scraper. For info www.cana or call 403-269-6600. Auction Licence #200278 AMVIC Licence #200279. ________________________ UNRESERVED FARM & Construction Consignment Sale. Saturday, June 8, Lavoy, Hwy 36 & 16 Junction. Collector Tractor & Vehicle Consignment Auction, Saturday, June 22, Redwater. ________________________ AUTO PARTS ________________________ WRECKING TRUCKS all makes, all models. Dodge, GMC, Ford, Imports. Lots of 4X4 stuff, diesel, gas. Trucks up to 3 tons. We ship anywhere. Call 306-821-0260, Bill (Lloydminster) reply text, email, call; blackdog2010 We ship same day bus, dhl, transport. ________________________ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ________________________ MAKE MONEY and save lives. We are offering exclusive rights in your area, 100% guaranteed return of investment. Don't pay until you see your business up and running. Voted top vending program in North America. Absolutely no selling involved; Call 1855-933-3555 for more information today.

NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228. ________________________ CAREER TRAINING ________________________ OVER 90% EMPLOYMENT rate for CanScribe graduates! Medical Transcriptionists are in demand and CanSrcribe graduates get jobs. Payments under $100 per month, 1-800466-1535; www.canscribe. com; admissions@canscribe. com. ________________________ COMING EVENTS ________________________ 61ST Annual International Oilmens Golf Tournament, Edmonton, June 18 - 21, 2013, Highlands Golf Club & Belvedere Golf & Country Club. Enter online at www. ________________________ THE WORKS Art and Design Festival: Starting June 20, on Churchill Square in Edmonton. Experience 13 days of music, art and visual spectacle! ________________________ EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ________________________ JOURNEYMAN/WOMAN PLUMBER. Auburn is now hiring a Red Seal Plumbing Journeyperson for our Manufacturing Facility located in Edmonton. Must have team leadership experience. Minimum of 6 years experience in residential plumbing. Benefits, RRSP, competitive wages. Excellent team atmosphere. Apply by resume only to: ________________________ CASH DAILY for outdoor work! Guys 'n Gals 16 years and up! No experience necessary; www.PropertyStarsJobs. com. ________________________ AN ALBERTA OILFIELD construction company is hiring dozer, excavator, and labourer/rock truck operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction 780723-5051. ________________________ PYRAMID CORPORATION is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HIRE. ________________________ KLASSIC AUTOBODY (Hay River, NT) seeking working Shop Foreman/ Assistant Manager - Oversee bodyshop, estimations, quality/safety, team-player. $37 $42 hourly+ OT, company matched pension plan, benefits. Apply to: employment@ Fax 867874-2843.

These blanket classified ads are produced through a joint agreement by The Community Press, Viking Weekly Review, Lamont Leader, Tofield Mercury and Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association (AWNA). These ads appear in all AWNA member papers (120 papers) for the cost of $269.00 (+gst) for the first 25 words, $8.00 per word over 25. To place a blanket classified, call a CARIBOU PUBLISHING representative at 780-385-6693 or email Marine Superintendent/ Detachment Superintendent, Canadian Forces Auxiliary Fleet, a civilian component of the Department of National Defence, seeks Marine Managers for positions in Nanoose Bay and Victoria (Vancouver Island), British Columbia. Online applications only through the Public Service Commission of Canada website, Reference # DND13J-008697-000065, Selection Process# 13-DNDEA-ESQ-373623, Marine Superintendent/Detachment Superintendent. Applicants must meet all essential qualifications listed and complete the application within the prescribed timelines. Surintendant/Surintendant de détachement de la Marine. La flotte auxiliaire des forces canadiennes, une composante civile du ministère de la Defénse nationale, cherche des gestionnaires marins pour des postes situés à Nanoose Bay et Victoria sur l'île de Vancouver, en ColombieBritannique. Les candidats intéressés doivent postuler en ligne à travers le site internet de la Commission de la fonction publique du Canada, Référence n DND13J008697-000065, le processus de sélection # 13-DND-EAESQ-373623, Surintendant/ Surintendant de détachement de Marine. Les candidats doivent posséder toutes les qualifications essentielles énumérées dans la publicité en ligne et remplir la demande dans les délais prescrits. index-eng.htm.

PROFESSIONAL SALES CONSULTANTS. Central Alberta's leading Ford dealer requires two professional sales associates. We maintain a large inventory of New & Used vehicles & friendly country atmosphere with big city sales volume. We are closed Sundays and all Statutory Holidays. We offer a competitive pay plan with an aggressive bonus structure, salary guarantee and moving allowance. Attention: Dean Brackenbury, GSM. Email: dbrackenbury@denhamford. com. ________________________ NOW LOCATED in Drayton Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 Drivers, Super Heater Operators with all valid tickets. Top wages, excellent benefits. Please forward resume to: Email: Phone 780-621-3953. Fax 780-621-3959. ________________________ VAC & STEAM Truck Operator. Valid Class 1 or 3, Safety Tickets, Top Wage, Benefits, Camp Work, Experience an Asset. Email/ Fax Resume: 780-458-8701, ________________________ AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS. Licensed, 4th year & 3rd year Technicians required. Signing/moving allowance, full company benefits, very aggressive bonus/pay plan. Ford experience preferred, but not required. Denham Ford, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Email resume: Attention: Donna Zurbrigg; dzurbrigg@den or fax 780-3526085.

________________________ AUTOMATED TANK MANUFACTURING Inc. is looking for an experience Spray/Foam Painter. $35. $45/hour depending on experience. Profit sharing bonus, full insurance package 100% paid by company, long term employment. Good working environment. Also looking for a Spray/Foam Labourer. Call Cindy for an appointment or send resume to: cindy@ 780-846-2231 (Office); 780-846-2241 (Fax).

________________________ NEWCART CONTRACTING LTD. is hiring for the upcoming turnaround season. Journeyman/Apprentice; Pipefitters; Welders; Boilermakers; Riggers. Also: Quality Control; Towers; Skilled Mechanical Labourer; Welder Helpers. Email: resumes@newcartcontract Fax 1-403-7292396. Email all safety and trade tickets.

________________________ INTERESTED IN the Community Newspaper business? Alberta's weekly newspapers are looking for people like you. Post your resume online. FREE. Visit: www.

________________________ NOW ACCEPTING RESUMES for Journeyman Mechanic in Whitecourt. Schedule negotiable, above average wages, immediate benefits. Address resumes to Laurier Laprise. Email: or fax 780396-0078.

FOR SALE ________________________ METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Best prices! Hi-Tensile TUFF-Rib/LOW-Rib 29ga. Galvalume $.67 sq. ft. Colours $.82 sq. ft. 40 Year Warranty. Available at Participating Distributors. Call 1-888-263-8254.

NEW & PREOWNED Modular homes for immediate delivery! Take advantage of our Moduline Showhome sell off and receive a $1500 gift card. Offer extended until June 30! www.craigshome or call 1-855-3802266.

________________________ STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206;


________________________ EVERY WATER WELL on earth should have the patented "Kontinuous Shok" Chlorinator from Big Iron Drilling! Why? Save thousands of lives every year. Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON. ________________________ GORGEOUS SPRUCE TREES. 4 - 6 ft., $45, machine planted, fertilized, mulched. Minimum order 20. Delivery charge: $75 - $100. Quality guaranteed. Crystal Springs 403-820-0961. ________________________ COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE: $1.49/each for a box of 270 ($402.30). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-873-3846 or treetime. ca.

________________________ DATING SERVICE. Longterm/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-5346984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-8045381. (18+).

________________________ REAL ESTATE ________________________ 15 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOTS, Vulcan, Alberta. Ritchie Bros Auctioneers. Selling by Unreserved Auction, July 18 from Lethbridge. 25 Bareland Condo Units as 8 lots + 7 single lots. Simon Wallan 780831-8529; Greg Cripps Re/Max 403-391-2648; rbauc



LIVESTOCK FOR SALE ________________________ SIMMERON SIMMENTALS Last Call for fullblood full Fleckvieh bulls, yearlings and 2 year olds, horned, very quiet, muscled, no problem calving. 780-913-7963.

SERVICES ________________________ DO YOU NEED to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money It's that simple. 1-877-4862161.

________________________ ANGUS BULLS. Large selection of 2 year olds and yearlings. Performance info available, fully guaranteed. Please call 403-742-4226. ________________________

________________________ CENTRAL PEACE NATURAL Gas Co-op Ltd. requires full-time Gas Utility Operator. Experience, safety tickets an asset. Clean valid driver's licence required. Forward resume: cpngc@telusplanet. net. Fax 780-864-2044. Mail: Box 119, Spirit River, T0H 3G0.

MANUFACTURED HOMES ________________________ OUR BEST SELLING Anchorage plan is only $129,900! 20' X 76' with arctic insulation package, oval soaker tub and stainless steel appliances. July delivery still available; www.jandelhomes. com.


________________________ GRANDVIEW MODULAR HOMES now open in Red Deer! Showcasing high-end homes from Grandeur Housing and Palm Harbor Homes. Inquire about opening specials; 1-855-3470417. 7925B - 50 Ave., Red Deer.

FEED AND SEED ________________________ HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. "On Farm Pickup" Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252.

PERSONALS ________________________ TRUE PSYCHICS! For Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-342-3036; Mobile: # 4486; http://www.truepsy

________________________ CRIMINAL RECORD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-2281300/1-800-347-2540; www.

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________________________ BANK SAID NO? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, self-employed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: www.albertalending. ca. 587-437-8437, Belmor Mortgage.

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