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East Carolina University Tomorrow starts here.


Funding ECU Tomorrow: A Vision for Leadership and Service

The history we read is the story of the past. The history we make is the story of the future. The first century of East Carolina is ending, but not so our history. Starting now, the history of our second century is being made. Tomorrow starts here.

Dr. Steve Ballard, Chancellor


Our first century is the remarkable story of those

who have come before us. Their daring vision for East Carolina created the great university we know today.  That sense of bold vision is carried forward in our new strategic plan, ECU Tomorrow: A Vision for Leadership and Service. This bold and ambitious plan for East Carolina lays out five strategic directions by which we will chart our course into our second century. Funding this margin of excellence will require in excess of $1 billion over the next 10 to 15 years.   Make no mistake: the state will not respond at a level equal to our opportunity. I am convinced, however, that just as in the past, the entire East Carolina community will seize the opportunity that is now before us.  

Together, we will shape the future of our university.


$200,000,000 This is not our goal. It is our fund-raising target. Our goal, however, is something much more significant. A truly successful campaign is not measured simply by the quantity of money raised. A successful campaign must match fund-raising with strategic opportunity. It is this combination that can turn bold visions into exciting realities. It is this combination that can transform a university’s future. That is our goal.


The Five

Strategic Directions Education for a New Century ECU will prepare our students to compete and succeed in the global economy.

The Leadership University ECU will distinguish itself by the ability to train and prepare leaders for our state and nation.

Economic Prosperity in the East ECU will create a strong, sustainable future for the East through education, innovation, investment, and outreach.

Health Care and Medical Innovation ECU will save lives, cure diseases, and positively transform the quality of health care for the region and state.

The Arts, Culture, and the Quality of Life ECU will provide world-class entertainment and powerful inspiration as we work together to sustain and improve the community’s quality of life.

“We recognize the need for teachers in North Carolina. No profession has a greater impact than that of our educators, and no university is better prepared to meet this need than East Carolina. We are pleased that the Maynard Scholars program will prepare more teachers for North Carolina’s classrooms, and we are excited about helping East Carolina continue its important role in shaping the future.” James ’65 and Connie ’62 Maynard

“Education is a key to success, both as individuals and as community. The Bate Foundation has made a strong commitment to providing students access to an East Carolina education, and we are focused on doing even more in the university’s second century.” Donald K. Brinkley ’80 President, Harold H. Bate Foundation


For all that a university hopes to accomplish, there can be no greater goal than to provide students with the opportunity to receive an excellent education. Education is the foundation of the future.  North Carolina has a long-standing tradition of making just such an education accessible to our citizens. As we move into our second century, East Carolina is committing itself to deliver on that promise for future generations. ECU Access Scholarships will provide greater opportunity for promising students who have been overlooked by existing financial aid and scholarship programs. For North Carolina’s best and brightest students, East Carolina will provide exceptional, life-changing educational experiences by strengthening our flagship merit scholarship program, EC Scholars. Even as we remain committed to serving North Carolina, ECU will expand its reach globally by affording our students the opportunity to study abroad and by establishing scholarships and distinguished professorships that will attract outstanding students and experts to our campus from around the world.

East Carolina is opening more opportunities for students to have access to higher education through efforts such as the ECU Access Scholarships program. From scholarship programs to distance education, East Carolina will continue to offer educational opportunities to all deserving students.

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ECU will prepare our students to compete and succeed in the global economy. In support of this objective, the Second Century Campaign will raise funds to accomplish the following initiatives: • Expand the ECU Access Scholarships program, which provides need-based financial support for students who demonstrate strong academic potential. • Expand and strengthen the EC Scholars program, ECU’s flagship merit scholarship program. • Expand the global reach of our programs. • Provide scholarships for study-abroad opportunities for students. • Support scholarships to attract international students to our campus. • Establish distinguished professorships and lectureships to attract international expertise.

“The EC Scholars program has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Without being burdened with student loans to pay back upon graduation, I’ve been able to truly enjoy my college experience. Not only have I benefited from the financial aspect, but I have also grown tremendously because of the opportunities brought by the scholarship. I worked hard throughout high school in hopes of receiving a scholarship, and the EC Scholars program has truly been a great reward.” Katie Maloney EC Scholar

“East Carolina has a tradition of producing leaders. As the university continues to grow, we want to ensure that this tradition continues. At BB&T, we understand how important leadership is to success, and we are committed to working with ECU to establish its place as the Leadership University for North Carolina.” W. Kendall Chalk ’68 ’71 Senior Executive Vice President, BB&T

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Universities have long been seen as a source of society’s leaders. East Carolina can proudly point to a long list of alumni who have gone on to serve in vital leadership roles throughout our state and nation. While this expectation of producing leaders has been long-standing, few universities have been truly intentional in this regard. As we begin our second century, East Carolina is committing itself to become the Leadership University for North Carolina. To do this will require a significant commitment by the university and its supporters. New programs, new scholarships, new curricula, and new student experiences all will be developed to the end that every East Carolina graduate will have practical, applicable leadership experience. This will also require an increased commitment to building leadership expertise and experience among our faculty.  Education is vital. Ideas are important. Ethics are essential. When all of these are combined in their East Carolina experience, our students become empowered with the skills, knowledge, and dedication to change the world.  

Through intensive programs that focus on service and success, East Carolina will be intentional in its efforts to prepare leaders on campus, in the job market, and in the community.

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ECU will distinguish itself by the ability to train and prepare leaders for our state and nation. In support of this objective, the Second Century Campaign will raise funds to accomplish the following initiatives: • Support the BB&T Center for Leadership Development to enhance its work with the faculty. • Establish distinguished professorships in leadership for each of the colleges, and develop an annual leadership conference. • Strengthen the Chancellor’s Leadership Academy, which will build leadership within our faculty and staff by providing opportunities to hear from and interact with great leaders in business, education, and government. • Establish the Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, which will enhance classroom learning by incorporating community engagement and leadership training into each student’s experience.  

“We’ve entered a new era with a mission to prepare every student—not just a few, but every single one—as a leader. This bold and unique leadership development vision has been fueled by the financial leverage provided by friends and alumni. Becoming the Leadership University is a remarkable and worthwhile goal for East Carolina University, and we appreciate and solicit private partnerships for this aspiration.” Dr. James Bearden ’59 Director, BB&T Center for Leadership Development, ECU

“I understand firsthand the importance of East Carolina University to the economic growth of the region. My company would not have enjoyed the level of success it has were it not for East Carolina, not only for the start it gave me, but for the continuous support through the university’s outstanding graduates. When I think about all East Carolina has given to me, I am compelled to give back.” W. Phillip Hodges ’79 ’84 President/CEO, Metrics Inc.

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It is more than just a name. East Carolina is our home. It is part of who we are.  The optimistic spirit and determined drive to succeed are characteristics that the university and the region share. While East Carolina’s reach and influence now extend well beyond our immediate region, our commitment to eastern North Carolina has never been stronger. As we enter our second century, the university will build upon our past and work to bring sustainable economic prosperity to the East. This is a major commitment that will require wide-ranging cooperation and support from the entire East Carolina community.  

Innovative research programs will be essential in East Carolina’s role as a leader in economic development.

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ECU will create a strong, sustainable future for the East through education, innovation, investment, and outreach. In support of this objective, the Second Century Campaign will raise funds to accomplish the following initiatives: • Create multiple merit and need-based scholarship programs that will provide targeted support in the development of tomorrow’s workforce for emerging and existing economic opportunities in the region. • Provide increased support for graduate students who upon graduation will strengthen an important dimension of the workforce. • Strengthen research programs that have a direct impact on economic development, including health care, tourism, education, and biotechnology. • Support the construction of new campus facilities, including the following: Alumni-University Conference Center East Carolina Heart Institute Family Medicine Center Monk Geriatric Center Pirate Athletics Facilities School of Dentistry Visual and Performing Arts Center

“East Carolina’s research changes lives, creates jobs, and helps countless numbers of people in so many different and exciting ways. As ECU looks ahead for new ways to serve, the university will continue to need private support as it brings its research out of its labs and into the community.” Marti Van Scott Director, Office of Technology Transfer, ECU

“The Brody family is glad to have played a small role in the development of better health care for eastern North Carolina. Many of the state’s best and brightest physicians and researchers have been involved with the School of Medicine. It’s gratifying to see the medical advancements now offered to the people of our region.” Hyman and David Brody The Brody Foundation

“The sports medicine program at East Carolina set me on a path to leadership in my field. I continue to be impressed by all the great work coming out of the university, and I am committed to helping East Carolina achieve even greater things.” Ronnie Barnes ’75 Vice President of Medical Services, New York Giants

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It was not too long ago that a medical school at East Carolina was little more than a dream. Today, the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the nation. Moreover, our College of Allied Health Sciences and College of Nursing provide more health-care professionals in their respective disciplines than any other university in our state. As a result of this work, the quality of health care in our region has improved dramatically. Soon the School of Dentistry will begin to train future dentists, adding an important dimension to ECU’s health-care mission.  For all our successes, we must not be complacent. There are tremendous opportunities available to us. We can build new facilities that will enhance our ability to care for patients. We can equip new labs where cures will be discovered. We can provide new classrooms where future physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals will learn from the leading experts.

In its classrooms and its labs, East Carolina will focus health-related research efforts especially on issues that affect the people of North Carolina.

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ECU will save lives, cure diseases, and positively transform the quality of health care for the region and state. In support of this objective, the Second Century Campaign will raise funds to accomplish the following initiatives: • Increase scholarship and financial aid programs to recruit outstanding students and expand the educational opportunities in the health sciences. • Establish distinguished professorships. • Significantly expand the research into the cause, treatment, and cure of diseases and conditions most prevalent in our region and state. • Support the construction of new teaching, research, and patient-care facilities, including the following: East Carolina Heart Institute Family Medicine Center Monk Geriatric Center School of Dentistry  

“Recruiting and retaining the very best faculty members are important ways East Carolina advances its mission to serve. The endowed distinguished professorship is one specific way we can succeed. These professorships attract outstanding scholars and researchers to ECU, and our students—and the community as a whole—will reap the benefits.” Dr. Sylvia Brown ’75 ’78 Acting Dean, College of Nursing, ECU

“East Carolina University means so much to us. It has been such an important part of our lives that it’s like family—and you support your family. You help it any way you can. That’s our commitment.” Walter ’51 ’55 and Marie ’53 Williams

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The We all need to be inspired sometimes. Â Whether it is a come-from-behind victory by the Pirates or a powerful performance by the ECU Symphony Orchestra, inspirational moments motivate us and draw us together. As East Carolina enters its second century, we recommit ourselves to supporting those things that are so central to our quality of life. As we enter our second century, East Carolina is committed to strengthening our programs in the fine and performing arts, providing more resources and better facilities to develop and showcase talent. Our powerful pride in Pirate athletics will need to be matched with equally powerful financial support if we are to realize the ambitious dreams we have for the program.

From the game-winning touchdown to the crack of the bat to the swish of the basketball through the net, the Pirate athletics program is an important source of community pride and support.

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ECU will provide world-class entertainment and powerful inspiration as we work together to sustain and improve the community’s quality of life. To support this objective, the Second Century Campaign will raise funds to accomplish the following initiatives: • Cover the annual costs of all athletic scholarships. • Support faculty and students in the visual and performing arts. • Support major capital projects, including the following: Alumni-University Conference Center Expansion of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and Other Athletics Facilities Visual and Performing Arts Center • Endow established cultural programs.  

“The Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival is only possible due to the generous support of our donors. As the festival continues to develop into the future, I look forward to continuing the wonderful relationships that the festival has created with its current donors as well as meeting new people who want to become a part of the Four Seasons family. It is this joint effort between the festival and our community that truly makes the festival special and that will ensure the festival’s long-term success at East Carolina University.” Ara Gregorian Founder and Artistic Director, Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival, ECU


Patient Services 18%


Other Individuals 26%

State Appropriations 37%

Corporations 21%

Sales and Services 11%

Tuition and Fees 17%

Other 3%

Grants and Contracts 11%

Gifts 3%

Other Organizations 3%

Alumni 30%

During the Second Century Campaign, we will strive to increase the percentage of ECU’s budget supported by gifts and corporate/foundation grants. The campaign also provides the opportunity to build ECU’s endowment and improve the alumni participation percentage.





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(through December 31, 2012)

Student-Centered ($30 Million) $10 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . Need-based aid including the ECU Access Scholarships program $10 Million ������������ Merit scholarship programs including expansion of the EC Scholars program $5 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . . . International studies initiatives $5 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement

Faculty-Related ($55 Million) $25 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . Distinguished professorships and fellowships $30 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . Research funds

Campus Support ($30 Million) $30 Million. . . . . . . . . . . . Supporting portions of new campus facilities

Annual Giving/Strategic Initiatives ($85 Million) $85 Million ������������ Annual gifts and strategic initiatives in support of each of ECU’s colleges, schools, departments, athletic scholarships and programs, institutes, and centers

The Second Century Campaign is a comprehensive campaign incorporating all gifts—annual, capital, and future expectancies—to any ECU entity.

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Ways to Give You can support East Carolina University and help fund the margin of excellence in many ways. You can make a gift now or learn about other giving options below. Most donors make gifts and pledge payments by check, credit card, or automatic bank drafts. Others take advantage of tax savings that come from giving appreciated stocks, shares of mutual funds, or real estate. A growing number of alumni and friends incorporate gifts into their financial and estate planning. Give Now: Make a gift to East Carolina through annual giving, endowment support, funding capital projects, matching gifts, reunion giving, and year-end giving.   Give for the Future: Plan for future giving with bequests, retirement plans, charitable trusts, life insurance, and other contributions made through a donor’s estate.   Corporate and Foundation Support: Support East Carolina through mutually beneficial relationships with corporations and private foundations for programs and initiatives across the university.   Funding Your Gift: Make a gift of cash, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, or personal property such as art, fine furnishings, and rare books.

Where You Can Give: The Choice Is Yours Your gift—large or small—makes a difference to the future of East Carolina.   Colleges, Schools, Departments, Libraries, Athletics, Institutes, and Centers: East Carolina’s colleges, schools, and various units and programs need your support.   Current Initiatives: You can contribute to programs in the arts, athletics, the student experience, and more.   Unrestricted Gifts: Unrestricted gifts let the university or an individual school decide how best to use your gift.

For more information on East Carolina University’s Second Century Campaign, visit or call 252-328-9550.

Tomorrow starts here.

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ECU Second Century Campaign  

Second Century Campaign is a fund-raising piece to further ECU's commitment to leadership and service.