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EASTBOURNE Old Town Crier Issue 27

April & May 2014


The Enterprise Shopping Centre Eastbourne Festival Butterflies of Sussex Delivered free to homes and businesses in Eastbourne

Enterprise CENTRE

01323 646488

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apple leasing • apple products • mobile phone repairs

Water damage? then Don't panic... we are the only place in eastbourne to


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April and May 2014 – Issue 27


...and welcome to the April and May issue of the Eastbourne Old Town Crier! Finally the days are drawing out and the nights are staying lighter for longer. Did you remember to put the clocks forward on the 30th March? This issue is full of interesting articles, local news and events, and includes a special feature on the Eastbourne Enterprise Centre on page 12. It’s also time for the Eastbourne Festival, which runs from 19th April to 11th May, with artist’s open houses, music concerts, theatre, displays and many other activities taking place. For more details, browse through the magazine and turn to the “what’s on” pages at the back of this issue. Don’t forget in April it’s Good Friday on the 18th, Easter Sunday on the 20th and England’s National Day, St George’s Day, on the 23rd, whilst May brings us two bank holidays on the 5th and the 26th! Thank you to everyone who has sent in articles and news for this issue. Please continue to do so. For anyone who would like to publish details of their clubs and organisations, the deadline for the next issue is Wednesday 7th May, so please email your articles to Enjoy your April and May!

“Trust Bowen to put you right” Latest News From Community Wise Centre Art Under Ground The Way of Spring Easter Eggs & Easter Bunnies Back Pain & Pilates The Enterprise Shopping Centre Important Local Numbers Tomorrow’s Women Eastbourne Festival Arts & Culture 2014 Catalyst Arts in Full Swing A View From The Potting Shed Voices and Strings Maritime Folk Festival Understanding Mental Health A Good Read Butterflies of Sussex with Bob Eade Historic Old Town Spring Fayre Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Your Local Neighbourhood Officers What’s On in April and May? Under Ground Theatre – What’s On? What’s On Weekly? Index of Advertisers

Cover photo by Mark Jarvis


by Lesley Harvey


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Nikki says, “Trust Bowen to put you right” Can you explain what Bowen Therapy is?

Can you explain what Bowen Therapy is? It’s a very gentle muscle release therapy that can be applied on various points of the body through light clothing. It is non-invasive and can be used to treat many conditions including, arthritis, respiratory problems and joint pain.

That sounds too good to be true. How can one therapy be used to treat so many different conditions?

Bear in mind, what made it so incredible was that I had not believed it was possible. It was not a question of mind over matter. Quite the opposite in fact. I became a Bowen Therapist because I had not believed it was possible for such a dramatic change to be achieved in such a gentle, simple manner. Since that wonderful day, thanks to Bowen Therapy, I don’t suffer from RSI, and another amazing improvement is that although still an asthmatic, my daily use of an inhaler has reduced to occasional use only.

Because it’s not the therapist who resolves the problem. It works by asking the brain to address the condition and in effect, the body heals itself. Results are often felt after the first session. However, in order for the results to be more permanent, I recommend a course of three treatments. After which many conditions are resolved, and need only an occasional top-up treatment.

So that’s when you decided to train to become a Bowen Therapist?

What brought you to Bowen Therapy?

How do you see the future of Bowen Therapy?

I discovered Bowen Therapy after having extensive treatment for RSI. I had been suffering from acute wrist pain for over two years, cortisone injections antiinflammatory tablets, MRI scans.You name it, I’d had it.....but I was still in a lot of pain.

That’s right, and then I started using a consulting room in the Michelham Unit at the Eastbourne DGH, where the facilities are second to none, so that I could introduce Bowen Therapy to more people. My aim is to help as many people as possible get relief from their pain or discomfort.

It makes me sad to see people suffering long-term pain, when in many cases, Bowen Therapy can be the drug-free answer. So it is my hope that this treatment will eventually be recognised and will be available on the NHS through GP referrals.

One day, I was passing a clinic that offered Bowen Therapy. Not expecting a great deal, but out of desperation, I went For more information, phone Nikki on in. The therapist offered to treat me there and then, and 07593 259188 and visit after the session, he told me that I would feel a considerable improvement the Nikki Wright is at the Michelham Private Patients’ Unit next day. “Impossible”, in the Eastbourne D.G.H. I thought. “How can G e n t le, E f f e c t i v e R e l i e f f r o m : that be?” The treatment Aches & Pains hadn’t hurt. In fact I’d Pulls & Strains felt very little at all. But when I woke up the next day, the pain that I had lived with for over two years had almost disappeared! The therapist had suggested a follow up treatment for longer lasting relief, so I went along, and asked him a lot of questions about training.


Respiratory Problems Arthritic Pain or simply to relax.

Bowen gently helps your body to fix itself.

The complete relief package of 3 treatments is only £99 Whatever your sport


or Simply young at heart

For Information: Email:

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Appointments: 07593259188


Relax your body, calm your mind and take control of your life. Simple breathing exercises, relaxation, visualisation & meditation. Day and evening classes c Learn how to meditate Meditation c 1/2 day workshops c One to one

Learn how to meditate Every Wednesday 6 - 7pm Meditation Every Wednesday 7.15 - 8.15pm

Community Wise, Ocklynge Road, Eastbourne Old Town, BN21 1PY

Please telephone beforehand: 01323 365802 or 07557 539507 Email:

Gentle Osteopathic Treatment for Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers and Children

Photo By Kim Sweet:

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LATEst NEWS FROM Community Wise Centre


Farmers market

Community Wise Farmer’s Market

Don’t forget Community Wise Farmers Markets on the last Saturday of each month – so much to choose from – cakes, scones, bread, fruit and veg, meats, pies, jams and chutneys, wool, jewellery, handcrafts. From 10am to 12.30pm on Saturday 26th April and 31st May. Refreshments on sale all morning – free tea or coffee with the token below.

Wide variety of local produce, crafts & stalls. Refreshments/teas/coffees

Last Saturday each month 10am - 12.30pm

Simply Singing

July 26 August 30 September 27 October 25 November 29 No Dec market

January 25 February 22 March 29 April 26 May 31 June 28

Starting after Easter Simply Singing workshops are on Friday afternoons for both adults from 2pm to 3pm and children from 3.45pm to 4.45pm. Details from Margot 01323 460098.

Oral History Morning

Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Motcombe Village, Eastbourne BN21 1PY

On Friday 5th April from 10am to 12.30pm Sound Architects are holding an oral history morning to bring back to life royal celebrations that have taken place over the last 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Telephone 01825 891094 to find out more and to enjoy the memories.

01323 722924

Curry Night




An ne Living Fair Healthy ’s R d St

A Healthy Living Fair takes place at Community Wise on the afternoon of Sunday Sel 6th April from 2.30 to 5pm. Look out for more information. un




Community Wise





ne ’s R



FREE TEA A259Wise Buys Shop OR Community Wise Wise Buys Shop is open Monday to Saturday COFFEE from 10am to 4pm (closed lunch times 1 to 2pm and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Browsers welcome. Snap up bargains! TOKEN Up



m Co


pto nP lR

d sR


e Dr

dis Para

rto nR d




A259 Up


Eastbourne Station

nR For more information visit our website: d Di Ar Term inus Ron lin or phone us oad gt on Sa Rd 01323 722924ffronor call into the centre on Ocklynge sR d A259 . Road, Eastbourne n tto

Take buses 1, 1A or 55, disembark at the Lamb Inn and take a very short walk down Ocklynge Road.


Av e






En ys


Th e

Greys Rd


The Goff Community Wise s

Borough Lane

Brightland Rd



atcr oft R Mo



’s R Ev er Wise on Friday 25th An afternoon of delectation... Come to Community d sfi ton eld Rd Rd On Wings of April and join Janet Togut and friends, who will be hosting Song – love and romance in song and poetry followed by a delicious St 722924 or call in to book. cream tea. £5 per personUp– tel 01323 An A2270 e



High St

Rd N ew U p p er ton


Church St

Eastbourne Old Town


Lawns Ave

Cro wn St


St On Wings of Song An n

Motcombe Ln

e Rd



Rd Lowe r Rd

Ock lynge Rd

ar y’s St M






rk e Pa Gor

Wa tts



To A22 London & A27 Brighton


lin Wil




On Saturday 4th April Community Wise is hosting a Curry Night. A threecourse Indian curry will be served at 7.30pm with musical accompaniment from talented local romantic guitarist Joe Farley. Only £10 per person – Carew Rd A2021 call in or telephone 01323 722924 to book.


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ART Under Ground

April 4th – 26th 2014

David Armitage, Alan Everard, Colin Say and Mike Tann Showing at the Under Ground Theatre this April is a maritime-themed exhibition featuring four unique and diverse local artists. Each is highly skilled in their own field and has their own individual style. The combination of these styles together will make an interesting exhibition, giving the viewer four different perspectives on the maritime theme and showing the subject matter in a new light. David Armitage is an established professional artist, who has had exhibitions not only across the UK, but also internationally. We will be exhibiting his illustrative works for The Lighthouse Keeper book series, which not only bring the stories to life, but are wonderful paintings in their own right. Alan Everard’s paintings of ships at sea are detailed and accurate, yet also capture the movement and feeling of waves, sunsets and billowing sails. He is inspired by the view of the sea from his beach-front home, and is an active member of the local art community. Colin Say is an experienced photographer; his work is technically superb, as well as artistic and creative. High contrast light and dark, but also subtle shades and tones combined with interesting compositions give many of his photographs a painterly feel, and show the drama and beauty of our local coastline.

very pleased to include his paintings of tug boats in the exhibition, which are reminiscent of pop artists such as David Hockney. Admission Free. Under Ground Theatre (below the library, Grove Rd) open on Fridays 10am – 12.30pm and Saturdays between 10am – 4pm. Exhibits are for sale. Refreshments are available. Twitter: @UnderGroundThr Charity No: 801303

The Corner Cupboard

old restored furniture Saturday 9-5 Sunday 10-12 Wednesday 9-12:30

Mike Tann is a professional artist, selling a lot of his work in the USA. His work is highly contemporary and varied, including painting, collage and assemblage. We are

23A Ocklynge Road Eastbourne 01323 725705 07903108169 To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email


The Way of Spring The three months of spring Are called springing up and unfolding. Heaven and Earth together produce life.

At night,one goes to bed, at dawn, one gets up. One paces in the courtyard with great strides, Hair loose, body at ease, Exerting the will for life. This Ancient Text from Daoist philosophy highlights the nature of Spring, a time of new beginnings and activity. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), steeped in Daoist philosophy, relates the nature of spring to the liver and gall bladder. ThelLiver, in TCM thought, promotes the free flow of Qi (energy) on a physical and emotional level, a harmonious liver equals calmness. If impeded our body does not move freely, women suffer menstrual problems, for instance, PMT, we maybe become “stuck” in life, suffering with depression or bouts of anger. The liver acupuncture channel (meridian) flows to the eyes, maintaining eyesight, and the green colours of new

Old Town Acupuncture Treatment for anxiety and depression, women's health and cosmetic acupuncture.

Joy Bell RGN, RMN, Bsc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture Registered General & Mental Health Nurse

01323 643566 8

~ For life in flow

plants in spring are particularly beneficial. TCM incorporates the use of herbs, acupuncture, specific exercise called Qi Gong and diet to promote the free circulation of energy in the body. Therefore we can do much to help ourselves with specific diet and exercise in Spring. In Spring we maybe more inclined to Spring clean the house, likewise a spring clean for the body helps us clear away excesses of winter eating. Spring is the perfect time to follow a detox diet, keeping our intake ‘light ‘, By eating more fruit and vegetables, fewer processed foods such as sugar, refined flour, fats, salt, diary and avoiding over eating. Foods to help nourish and clean the liver in particular are: young plants (beets, carrots), fresh greens and sprouted foods, which can be cooked for shorter periods at higher temperatures. liver loves pungent flavours including mint, honey, basil,fennel, rosemary, bay leaf, dill, onion and garlic. With Exercise the liver is nourished by keeping the body supple, by stretching, going for walks and cycling in particular. Sideways bends and twisting movements stretch the liver meridian. Creativity taps into the liver energy so try painting, sculpture and singing. Deep abdominal breathing helps the flow of Qi. Rest and mindfulness is important to add balance.

Liver exercise

Take the Qi Gong stance, legs hip width apart, knees slightly bent, stretch out the arms to the sides, shoulder height, with palms facing out to increase the stretch the hands can be bent inward. Hold this position for as long as feels good, then stretch the arms above the head. And relax.

Qi Gong In The Park

Join me at the Old Town Rec on Thursdays from 9.15 - 9.45am on fine days, just turn up, no charge... Joy Bell

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4 M ILE RO UT FOR 20E 14

Gath e of our brightest stars! er your girlfriends and become on

Midnight, Saturday 17 May 2014 EASTBOURNE A sponsored 4 or 10 mile walk along Eastbourne’s streets and seafront in aid of Chestnut Tree House, the only children’s hospice in Sussex To find out more & to register please visit or call the Events Team

01903 706354 Find us on Facebook

In association with:

Twitter #CTHN2R

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20/01/2014 15:01



Do you want to get fit but don’t like going to the gym?

at St Andrews Pool, Eastbourne

Why not get fit at home? Peter is an experienced personal trainer based in Old Town. He’ll bring the gym to you at a time which will fit in with your busy schedule.

3 Save time 3 Get fit 3 Lose weight Peter Lock Personal Trainer

t: 07843 182636 e: w: Book your FREE consultation today

Babies & Children

FREE TRIAL LESSON Call: 01323 491063 or 07531972019

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Easter Eggs & Easter Bunnies Eggs have been used as symbols at festivals since before the time of Jesus, but are now particularly synonymous with Easter and the story of the resurrection. Eggs are said to represent new life, and for Christians when they are cracked open, they stand for the empty tomb following Jesus’ rising. Eggs are also considered special, because although they do not seem alive they have life within them – especially in springtime when chicks hatch out. In previous times people gave gifts of eggs carved from wood or precious stones. It is only in the last 100 years or so that sweet eggs have been eaten. The size and range of chocolate eggs available seems to increase every year. The tallest chocolate egg was 10.39 metres tall and made in Italy in 2011. It weighed 7.2 kilograms and was 9.6 metres at its widest point! It is not known exactly who first created the story of the Easter Bunny, but it seems to have its origins in Germany. It was first mentioned in German texts in the 16th Century. In the 1700s German immigrants told stories when they went to America of egg-laying rabbits, and they encouraged children to use caps and bonnets to make nests which the Easter bunny would fill with coloured eggs _ if they’d been good. The first edible Easter bunnies appeared in Germany during the early 1800s and were made of pastry and sugar. The symbol of the rabbit was probably chosen because of its associations with fertility and spring. It is believed that Eostre, the Anglo Saxon God of Spring, had a hare as a companion.

is egg rolling. This is done using real hard boiled eggs, and time is usually spent decorating them beforehand. In years gone by the eggs were dyed using onion skin, today’s painting process is much easier. In the UK egg rolling is generally done by rolling eggs down a hill, and the winner is the one whose egg rolls further or survives the most rolls. In the early nineteenth century in Northern Ireland, egg rolling was described as ‘trindling’ or ‘trundling.’ Another traditional game involves holding your egg in the palm of the hand and banging against your opponent’s egg. The loser is the one whose egg breaks first. In the USA one of the most well known events is held on the White House Lawn, and involves parents and children pushing eggs along through the grass with wooden spoons. By Susan Brookes-Morris

In addition to having Easter egg hunts to search for the eggs left by the Bunny, another common Easter activity


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Local Window Cleaner

Back pain & Pilates

by Mary Thornton BSc Hons MCSP HCPC Pure Water Window Cleaning

Regular & reliable service Flexible rounds to suit you Competitive prices Family business We also do: Interior window cleaning, fascias, gutters, garage doors, solar panels, conservatories and conservatory roofs.

For a free quote call Nigel or Helen on

01323 325629 / 07879 476838

OLD TOWN HOUSEKEEPING Telephone 07528 005 651 If you would like help with your cleaning... THEN PLEASE TELEPHONE US! Based in the Old Town we provide a high quality cleaning service tailored to suit your budget and time scales. Please phone to discuss your requirements.

Reliable efficient trustworthy CRB checked and available for your inspection on request. References available on request.

I first discovered Pilates in 1995 and to me it was the missing link in the treatment of back pain. As a Physiotherapist I have learnt lots of hands on techniques to reduce back pain, but I could ultimately see that for the patients to manage their symptoms long term and prevent reoccurrence, they had to change their habitual movement patterns. It was clear to me Physiotherapy combined with Pilates was the answer! Pilates is a mind body exercise regime that was created over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It focuses on reeducating posture & spinal movement, while developing strength and endurance in the trunk muscles.To get the best results it is essential to initially have an assessment by a fully trained Pilates teacher to determine your specific needs so the appropriate exercises can be prescribed. The Clinical Pilates studio is run by Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Thornton and combines Physiotherapy with Pilates to create a unique form of exercise therapy, our dedicated team of highly experienced Physiotherapists and Pilates teachers deliver high quality clinical-level treatments and aims to produce life-changing results for our clients.

The Clinical Pilates Studio The Mews, 5A Watts Lane, Old Town, Eastbourne Tel: 01323 419083

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Enterprise CENTRE

Buying local at the

Enterprise ShoppinG Centre

Eastbourne Nowhere portrays the virtues of buying from local independent traders better than the Enterprise Shopping Centre by Eastbourne station.

This converted Victorian railway building has been home to hundreds of shops, services and places to drink and eat for over 30 years – and currently hosts over 50 such enterprises. Almost exclusively owner-run, they survive in the face of difficult times on the high street by showing a passion for their product-line or service and providing the level of one-to-one customer service that only an independent retailer can. Despite enormous competition from online shopping, there are still very strong reasons for moving away from your computer and visiting your local shop. For example, there is a strong trade online for computer equipment, yet proprietors Brenden and Liam of Laptop Station have a really healthy trade in new and reconditioned laptops and Apple Mac equipment. Why? Because many people like to discuss their requirements face-to-face and actually handle the equipment before they decide to buy. And if they have need of further help, they just pop in to get it; if their equipment fails, Laptop Station repair on-site; if they need training, they can provide that too. And all at incredibly competitive prices. “We know how


important it is for many people to have a local shop to support their needs,” said Brenden, “and we are very pleased to be able to provide that service for them. I won’t pretend it’s not hard but we have the drive and passion to make it work.” Another good example at Enterprise is Just Wood Toys. Rob is the owner and has recently doubled the size of his shop to extend his range beyond just wooden toys. “There is nothing like it for a child,” said Rob, “to walk into a shop full of toys where they can touch and feel them. I think most of us can remember the excitement of such moments from our childhood. Clicking a button online just isn’t quite the same!” Rob, Brenden and Liam are enthusiastic supporters of the Buy Local Campaign, which not only helps them as traders but all the many people who rely on there being a local shopping presence in their town.

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(parents and children from 6 years old)

10% discount on all courses, optional courses and optional activities


Please quote “Eastbourne Crier”

ACCORD Saint Nicolas Summer Campus is a fantastic place for your child to study French, visit Paris’s famous sites and make friends with kids from all over the world!

Please quote “Eastbourne Crier”

10% discount on all stays, optional courses, optional activities and transfer contact: Nathalie Harrap @Creations_ab



07894 579532


Design Print illustration High quality creative print made from beautiful design A.B.Creations is a design, illustration and printing company with professional and affordable services for businesses. The studio is on the top floor of the Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. I offer a full design and print service covering everything a business would need under one roof, ensuring that every job receives personal attention from start to finish. I provide everything from hi-tech digital print to beautiful design and immaculate finishing. Your print project is the centre of everything, and A.B Creations has the potential to make it look good, make it work and make it happen, on time and on budget. The complete design & print range, for all your promotional needs. Flyers Leaflets Postcards Business cards Letterheads Compliment Slips Envelopes Posters Greeting Cards Order of Services

Invitations Stickers Floor Vinyl Stickers NCR Sets / Pads CD Wallet Sticky Pads Folders Menus Bill Folders Brochures

PVC Banners Roller Banners Wrist Bands Tickets Signage Wall Art Site Boards A-Frames Swing Boards Magnetics


The Peoples


Imperial range or Crown Lifestyle for all budgets all fitted by us. For bedrooms & home studies Crown lifespace. Worktops from Durapol, Axiom, Maia solid surface & Duroblok solid timber. Franke sinks & taps, appliances from Bosch, Hotpoint & Luce. Our bathroom ranges include Atlanta furniture, Mira showers, shower enclosures and tiling.

Anthony james interiors Replacement doors, kitchens, bathroom, studies, bedrooms, appliances Top floor - The Enterprise Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne BN21 1BD

Tel: 01323 431166

To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 13

Enterprise CENTRE


Enterprise CENTRE

We stock a range of suits, tailcoats, stock jackets, a range tuxedos of suits, &tailcoats, PrinceWe Edward lounge suits. Prince Edward jackets, tuxedos & lounge suits. jackets, We stock a range of suits, tailcoats, Prince Edward A large selection of cravats and over A large selection cravats and tuxedos & of lounge suits. 50 waistcoats of different colours andover designs. 50 waistcoats of different colours and designs. A large selection of cravats and over 50 waistcoats of different colours and designs.

01323 729315 729315 01323

Enterprise Centre, Station Parade, 01323 729315 Enterprise Centre, Station1BD Parade, Eastbourne, BN21

Eastbourne, BN21 1BD Enterprise Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne BN21 1BD

ÂŁ180.00 per week

Monday - Friday each week 8.30am - 5.00pm

Lunch & Refreshments throughout the day Morning Activities including (Arts & Crafts, Drama, Dance, Swimming etc.) Afternoon Activities including (Football, Basketball, Rounders, Swimming, Arts & Crafts etc.) Wednesday Beach Day including picnic Integration with International Students in the afternoons from up to 20 different countries

Ages 6-14 years

To book a place on the Summer Camp please e-mail or visit ACCORD International Summer Schools


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Enterprise CENTRE



DrummerCademy EST.2007 Drumstuff drums and percussion


Drumstuff DrummerCademy Top Floor Enterprise Shopping Centre (Alongside Eastbourne Railway Station) 07934 330169 24/7 Mobile

learn to play drums the professional way We hold lessons in our Town Centre shop from ÂŁ10 per 30 minute lesson.

We teach on full size acoustic kits, no group lessons, just private one to one tuition.

We also offer Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool Examinations.

Our Teachers are DBS (CRB) checked to enhanced level.

To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 15

Enterprise CENTRE

ENTERPRISE PET STORE The enterprise pet store is a family run store in the heart of Eastbourne centre The Enterprise Pet Store is a family run We stock quality pet food pet supplies toys and accessories offer free delivery store in theweheart oflocal Eastbourne Centre We also have dog grooming in house Opening hours 9.30 to 5.00 (Monday to Saturday)

We stock quality pet food supplies, TEL 01323 638398 toys and accessories. ENTERPRISEPETSTORE@YAHOO.CO.UK


We also have a dog grooming in house. Opening hours 9.30am to 5pm (Monday to Saturday)

TEL 01323 638398


IMPORTANT LOCAL NUMBERS Police & Fire Non Emergency Eastbourne Police Station 101 Crimestoppers 0800 555111 East Sussex Fire & Rescue (free safety checks) 0845 1308855 Community Centres & Churches Community Wise & Living Stones Community Church 01323 722924 Old Town Community Centre (hall bookings) 07505 297696 Old Town Community Church 01323 470653 Edgmond Evangelical Church 01323 430571 Greenfield Methodist 01323 725420 St Elisabeths Church & Centre for Community 01323 649728 St Marys Church 01323 725722 St Michael & All Angels 01323 729142 St Gregory’s RC 01323 723222 Victoria Baptist Church 01323 737974 Upperton URC 01323 726092


Sudoku answers on page 36 Animal Care RSPCA Travel National Rail (train) Eastbourne Railway Station Council Eastbourne Borough Council Stephen Lloyd – Member of Parliament for Old Town C Heaps – County & Borough Councillor Local Facilities Motcombe Swimming Pool Cavendish Sports Old Town Community Library Eastbourne Library Health NHS Direct (24 hours) Doctor – Green Street Clinic Samaritans Eastbourne General Hospital British Red Cross (Sussex)

0300 1234999 08457 484950 0871 2004950 01323 410000 01323 733030 07845 168270 01323 410748 01323 647683 01323 649964 0345 6080196 111 01323 736664 08457 909090 01323 417400 0800 5878929

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Enterprise CENTRE

O'FISHLY HEALTHY YOUR NEW FISH SHOP If is is to to youyou as much a passion as it ours, why not why visit not If fresh freshfish fish as much a passion as itthen ours,then our New locally sourced fish shop in the Eastbourne Enterprise Centre, visit our New locally sourced fish shop In the Eastbourne just next to the station? Experience quality and knowledge alongside a Enterprise Centre, just next to the station. Experience quality mouthwatering variety of old and new.

and knowledge alongside a mouthwatering variety of old and

Get your FREE PARKING from us... new.

If time is short, us give youfrom an hour. If you spend £25 in our shop, we Get your FREEletPARKING us........ will pay your parking (look for other members the and PMPwe poster) If time is short, let us give you an hour.If spend£ displaying 25 in our shop will in enterprise park anmembers hour, giving you time visitposter) some of paythe your parking car (look for for other displaying thetoPMP in the other award wining shops such as N. Dean you (Master theof green the enterprise car park for an hour ! Giving time Butcher), to visit some the grocer, Mo’s Deli, The Biltong shop (African foods), holistic centre or other award wining shops such as N.Dean (Master Butcher) , the green eat at some,Mo's of the fine eateries from exotic, plus much more.or grocer Deli ,The Biltong shoptraditional (Africanto foods),holistic centre eat at some of the fine @ofishlyhealthy eateries from traditional to exotic plus

much more. Enquiries: 07583 804340 - Open 8.30 to 4.15 Tuesday to Saturday To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 17


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Long stay, short stay and daycare available in homely surroundings Delicious home cooked meals Companionship Enjoyable daily activities Regular entertainment Pleasant surroundings and gardens All this is included in your stay with us, even if you are a day visitor.

Tomorrow’s women

by Brent Thurston-Rogers Brent Thurston-Rogers, originally from Eastbourne has released a fantastic fiction romance based in Eastbourne titled Tomorrow’s Women. Half a dozen modern women, intuitive, inquisitive and seductive, try to form a bond with handsome, rugged Hampden. His heart is already committed to Diana, twice his age and unaware. In this labyrinth of love, players apply their separate skills to navigate the tangle of events until all manage to emerge, winners.

Sussex Elderly Care Consultancy Service Helps you find residential or home care that is suitable to your needs and sits cmfortably within your budget


Offers an advocacy service that includes assistance, advice and support to monitor your Supporting individuals with care. health & social care needs l Gives you an initial free Call us on: consultation to provide a 07708 108 077 framework for your care. l

Provides a free support line with no obligation


01323 890 063

or email us at:

Life comprises the past and the present, but love controls the future. To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 19


Also in Old Town performances at The Lamb and St Mary’s Church

Arts and Culture 2014

To find out more pick up your brochure from our main sponsor, Stephen Rimmer, the Tourist Information Centre or any participating venues.

Festival Between 19th April and 11th May, Eastbourne Festival will once again bring together both professional and amateur, performing and visual artists to showcase their work in venues across the town. Started seven years ago, the Festival has gone from strength to strength, presenting dance, music, theatre and the visual arts, including exhibitions and the ever popular artists’ open houses.

Also visit: www.

In Old Town are the following artists’ open houses. All free entry:

Mary Shemza

Internationally collected painter, calligrapher and sculptor. Outlook: celebratory. Inspiration: the natural world and calligraphy. Approach: intuitive. Price: affordable. Weekends only 3rd - 4th May, 10th - 11th May 11am - 5pm 37 Milton Road, BN211SH Tel: 01323 642877

Clock Restoration Service

Christine Munro

Varied exhibition of paintings in oils, pastel and watercolour, celebrating the natural world. Greetings cards available. Free refreshments. 19th, 20th, 21st April; 26th, 27th April and 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th May. 11am - 6pm 38 Cobbold Avenue, BN21 1UZ Tel: 01323 730446

The Drawing Room: Kate Conway, Janet Webber, and Val Maclean

A wonderful showcase of work from three local artists. Collagraphs, Etchings, Monoprints, Drawings and Paintings. 19th April - 11th May 10am - 4pm The Drawing Room, 1 Green Street, BN21 Tel: 07885 262968


For antique clocks and mercury barometers. Movements, dials and cases. Collection and delivery. Clocks and barometers bought and sold.

Robert Edwards 01323 890857 JUNE/JULY ISSUE DEADLINE

Weds 7th MAY

Email: Please recycle this magazine when you have finished with it.

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Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers

Your Local Saleroom with an International Reputation


0 OR £78




ANY Oriental Items (in any condition) Militaria (including medals & paperwork) Fountain Pens Autographs Coins Postcards & Stamps Wristwatches & Clocks Silver Any Jewellery (including costume) Toys & Dolls Any China Animals Any Knick-knacks


We sell a wide range of Fine Art, Antiques and ‘collectables’ including the following:


Auction House, Finmere Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 8QL

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-1.30pm, 2.30-4pm for FREE VALUATIONS

As seen on BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

Telephone 01323 431444 To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 21

cal Ser i r t c e l E F L D


Don L Foster MIET

A caring and courteous service for all domestic and commercial work NAPIT Registered and CRB cleared Tel: 01323 725 096 or 0754 338 0243

Catalyst Arts in full swing

Now entering it’s fifth year, Catalyst Arts has swung into a full programme of Visual Arts workshops for 2014. A team of practising artists and experienced tutors are encouraging students of all levels of experience to sign up for workshops in mixed media, pastel and gouache, soft pastel, acrylic, watercolour technique, portraiture and drawing the moving figure. In preparation for Catalyst Arts Eastbourne Festival programme a variety of ‘Taster Workshops’ have been arranged to give interested people an opportunity to ‘try out’ before signing-up for a course in any specific subject. Throughout the coming year a wide variety of additional workshops, many as ‘one offs’ will provide opportunity for people to engage with the visual arts at very affordable prices. A constantly updated list of details of all workshops is viewable on the Catalyst Arts website You can book your place online or by telephone 01323 737839. Workshops are currently held in St Elisabeth’s Centre in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne. BN20 8QX Catalyst Arts is committed to encouraging learning from traditional as well as innovative approaches to art. Each student is encouraged to develop their own response to each subject, and with the help of the tutor produce a body of work which carries the mark of their personal signature.



07760 881401 01323 520924

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IN YEARS TO COME SAVE MONEY BY USING THE SUN! Generate your own electricity with Solar PV and also earn a tax free income for the next 20 years!

Systems from £2995 – Fully Inclusive!

01273 600089 – Call now for a free no obligation survey!


SEAFORD TV - advert:Layout 1



Page 1

SEAFORD TELEVISION Ex Clear-View Service & Installation Engineers Same guys, same friendly service, over 46 years experience.



Call O u 7 Day t a wee s k

We can help!

Have you been to a big name store and bought something you can’t use or need installed?


01323 899548 01323 890328 07969 509253

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A view from the Potting Shed

Whether it’s as fast growing as a Triffid, a dainty floral twiner, or an evergreen clinger, I’m certain there’s a climber out there for you, it’s just a case of meeting your perfect match. For those of you lucky enough to have a south-facing doorway, why not spoil yourself with the highly scented fragrance of Star Jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides (photo). Not only is it evergreen, but it boasts the added benefit of a claret-red leaf colour in autumn. For those with a north-facing entrance, how about a plant combo starting with an early flowering Clematis tolerant of shade, such as Frances Rivis, followed by the stunning pink flowers of Rosa Zephirine Drouhin, perfect in shade with the added bonus of being a thornless variety.

As well as the other common examples, such as Wisteria (only plant this in full sun and if you are prepared to tie it in and prune it twice annually), Honeysuckle and Pyracantha (great for deterring intruders due to its woody thorns), there is a whole range of other shrubs which can be grown against a wall or fence, not forgetting trees of course, such as the beautiful trained fruit trees we often see in Victorian walled gardens. Shrubs planted at around 30cm away from the base of the wall or fence can be manually tied in and make excellent wall cover, often with the added benefit of


Do ensure that you provide sturdy wires for plants to travel up. The best and most cost-effective way is simply to fix vine eyes (spaced horizontally around 2m apart) to the fence or wall and vertically at 30cm intervals.  Then use a taught network of galvanised wires to provide support. Be sure to tie climbers in horizontally and not vertically as most people do… this way they will look great in your garden rather than flopping over the fence and delighting your neighbour … now that really would drive me up the garden wall! Happy (and safe) gardening. Lee Bestall to d


If it’s a shady spot and a fast growing evergreen you require you really can’t beat Ivy, but I understand many people are not huge fans, so why not put in the extra effort and seek out a great alternative known as Pileostegia viburnoides. It’s a bit of a mouthful but not only is it evergreen, it will provide white flowers in summer and like Ivy is a self clinger, but nowhere near as vigorous.

flowers. Photinia Red Robin for example, or Garrya elliptica make unusual evergreen wall coverings, and look great with a second flowering climber twining through.  Don’t forget the huge variety of annuals available which you can grow from seed, such as Sweet Peas, Morning Glory, or maybe try climbing French beans as an edible wall covering?



f your garden is short on space, rammed with plants, or you simply have an unsightly vertical surface to cover, climbing plants can be used to great effect: from clothing frameworks such as pergolas and arches to hiding sheds and even neighbours!


3 Hopefully the weather should start to warm up nicely. If so then start removing protective fleece off tender plants in the greenhouse. Dispose of any plants that have not survived. 3 Watch out for frog-spawn in the ponds. 3 Now is the time to plant your potatoes and towards the end of the month plant out the chitted potatoes. Sow carrots, lettuce, courgettes (under cover), and spring onions. Plant out onion sets. 3 Transplant autumn sown sweet peas into their main beds. 3 Beware of overnight frosts. Cover or protect plants accordingly. 3 Sow new lawns or repair bare patches.

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% un 0 1 co is D


01323 720901



Fresh flowers available for proms, weddings, funerals & events! For every occasion, there’s Blooms! 194 Seaside, Eastbourne, BN22 7QR -

Tree Wizard

Specialist in all areas of Tree Surgery & Hedge cutting Established 12 Years Fully qualified l Environment Agency Registered l Professional friendly service Services include: * Pruning * Felling * Reductions * Shaping * Hedge Cutting * Thinning * Dead Wooding * Storm Damage * Boundary Overhang * Fruit Trees * Conifers * Green Waste Removal * On Site Logging * Bat/Bird Box Installation * Chainsaw Repair/Sharpening & Maintenance * Unseasoned Logs Cut and Delivered, Ideal For Small Burners Call Alex Lucas The Tree Wizard for a Free Quote on l l

Call us now for a free estimate on 07733 267 521

e: w:

01323 439751 07708 149274

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Websites from

SBG Computers of East Sussex

ÂŁ99 A family business Est. 1999 Supporting and servicing all your PC needs

Canvas and

Repairs Servicing Upgrades Custom-built PC’s and laptops Mac repair Broadband set-up Wi-Fi Networking iPad/iPod/iPhone repair Virus removal/protection Data recovery/back-up Personal Tuition No call-out fee Free telephone advice l

Fine Art printing





T-Shirt and Hoodie printing



Email: 145, Green Street, Eastbourne BN21 1SB


Tel: 01323 721 067










l Eastbourne 01323 887997 Call any time for a prompt friendly service

We are proud to be an approved member of the Buy With Confidence scheme run by East Sussex Trading Standards.

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Voices and Strings Old Town composer, Clive Whitburn (below), is looking forward to the premiere of three new pieces, which will be performed alongside some of the Nation’s favourite classics in the Eastbourne Festival. The concert, called Voices and Strings, is at 6.30pm on Sunday 4th May, at the Underground Theatre in Grove Road. An exciting programme includes Handel’s ever popular “Zadoc the Priest” and “Hallelujah Chorus”, as well as Mozart’s stunningly beautiful “Ave Verum Corpus” performed by The New Network Singers. The Ashdown String Quartet will perform the first movements of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Schubert’s String Quartet no. 14 Death and the Maiden, and the finale of Dvořák’s “American” Quartet. Three new works by Clive Whitburn involve all the performers in different combinations. First off is a gentle

and melodic choral setting of John Donne’s “No Man is an Island”. The second premiere, “Dream of Peace” is a tuneful duet for soprano, tenor. The third, and most ambitious piece to receive its first ever performance is “The Furies – Soft Rains” for chorus, string quartet and piano. Here Clive takes a dramatic early 17th-century text by Du Bartas/Joshua Sylvester and melts it into a wistful and evocative setting of Sara Teasdale’s early 20th Century poem Soft Rains. The New Network Singers is a group of 30 highly talented and experienced choral singers. As individuals, they sing in several of the South East’s top choirs and are used to performing with the major orchestras. Many of the choir will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall in June with Alfie Boe and comedians Armstrong and Miller amongst others at a fundraiser for Parkinsons UK. The Ashdown String Quartet (below) is based in Sussex and was formed in 1999. Violinists Richard Sutcliffe and Anita Beverton, alongside Demelza Marr (viola) and Connie Sturt (cello) enjoy playing together, and this enjoyment is reflected in their performances. They have extensive experience, being regular performers with other ensembles within Sussex as well as undertaking solo recitals. They have performed throughout Sussex and London. The line up is completed by Brighton’s Ric Graebner (Piano), Sue Clough (Soprano) and Tim Peters (Tenor). Clive Whitburn said “I am absolutely delighted to have my music premiered by such talented and high-calibre musicians, and amongst some of the most beautiful and popular classics. It should really be an evening to remember.” Tickets £8.50 in advance and concessions, £10 on the door. (unreserved seating) are available from:, Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre, Cornfield Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4QA, The Underground Theatre, Central Library, 1 Grove Road, Eastbourne BN21 4TL More details on

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Spice of India Excellence Indian Cuisine

Special offers

Set meal for two people £19.95 Set meal for four people £38.95 15% discount on collection on all orders over £15 or free bottle of house wine on collection order over £35 and on delivery order over £45 Free delivery

The time has come for pastures new, 27 years of working as a chef, with the most recent 10 of which belonging to the exquisite Spice Garden of Eastbourne. Chef Anwar Ali has finally taken the plunge and opened his own takeaway Spice of India. The outfit formerly known as Zara Indian Takeaway is now officially under new management, chef Anwar Ali is looking forward to taking your order and taste buds down memory lane.

69 Seaside, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 7NG Open 7 days a week including bank holidays – 5pm to 11pm Telephone 01323 732020 or 01323 647455

THE ENGLISH WINE CENTRE Enjoy lunch, Monday to Friday or Dinner, Friday or Saturday at Flint Barn Restaurant, The English Wine Centre, Alfriston. Our two chefs will be delighted to present our latest fresh, local sourced foods, made to delicious English recipes with a culinary twist. We are very proud of our Michelin awards and also proud of our unique range of over 140 English wines to accompany your meal.


Our atmosphere is relaxed, stylish but with a ‘come as you are’ feeling. Why not eat and drink English food and wine on English Wine Week, celebrate St George’s Day or a birthday or an anniversary? You will be very welcome. Flint Barn at The English Wine Centre, Alfriston Rd (just off the A27), Berwick, BN26 5QS.

Tel Christine, Colin or Mike 01323 870164.

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Stacey Anne Sewing and alterations

Fully qualiied seamstress with a fashion design degree offering garment construction, alterations and any sewing jobs to suit your needs!

- Alterations - Made to measure - Clothing repairs - Garment replication - Upholstery and home -

s Hand-sewn, made-to-measure

curtains, blinds and soft furnishings s Choose from our great range of fabrics or supply us with your own favourite fabric s Or just buy our fabrics at competitive prices s Venetian, vertical, Roman and roller blinds Free, personal home consultations s

For all enquiries call Stacey on: 07976051892



No job too small!!

Call Katie Sillett

t: 01323 735549 m: 07905 166270 e: w:

RAINBOW CARPETS SUSSEX LTD. 12 Albert Parade, Green Street, BN21 1SD



CARPETS VINYLS LAMINATES LARGE SELECTION OF RANGES ALL WORK GUARANTEED To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 29

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Keeping Eastbourne's Pets 'Fit For Life'! St Anne’s Veterinary Group


Tel: 01323 640011

New Home Visit Service!

• 4 Local Surgeries • 7 days a week consultation • 24 hour veterinary and nursing care. • Full medical, surgical and hospitalisation facilities

Affordable, accessible, professional - book ahead for best value!

6 St. Anne’s Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2DJ 1 Antrim Court, Pembury Road, Langney, BN23 7LU

1 Gorringe Valley Road, Willingdon, BN20 9SX 15 Downland Way, East Dean, BN20 0HR

Tel: Eastbourne (01323) 64001 1

Andy Anderson & Sons


01323 899999    

07973 129550  

Based in  Wilmington  –  Covering  Eastbourne,  Seaford,  Newhaven,   Lewes  &  surrounding  areas                          

• • • • • • • •

• 24 hour Emergency Call Out • Locks replaced for new homes or our Emergency  Call  Out  service   Locks  replaced  for  new  homes  or  tenants   24  hservice • tenants No  call  out  fee   • Upgrade  your  locks  to  British  Standard   • No  No • • Upgrade locks to lBritish VAT  call out fee All  Types  oyour f  Wooden   door   ocks   Standard RB  checked   All  Types types  of  of UPVC   door  locks   • Police/   No CVAT • • All Wooden door locks insured   UPVC  handles,  window  locks  &  hinges  replaced   • Fully   Police/ CRB checked • • All types of UPVC door locks Established  30  years   • Additional  window  locks     • Free   Fully insured • UPVC handles, Security  advice   • Garage   door  locks  window locks Residential   a nd   C ommercial   p remises   huts     • Established 30 years • &Beach   hinges replaced • Free Security advice • Additional locks Please  put  my  number  in  your  phone  it’s  no  good  to  you  in  ywindow our  home!   • Residential and Commercial   premises

01323 899999/07973  129550    

01323 899999/07973 129550



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Sovereign Seas International

Maritime Folk Festival

at the Under Ground Theatre

If you haven’t heard about the Sovereign Seas International Maritime Folk Weekend Festival, you have now. The Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre is delighted to be taking a lead role in the event; packing the theatre with maritime themed live bands, classic film, family show and several free events throughout the weekend of 4th to 7th April.

Sunday April 6th 2014 Sing-a-long Maritime Style & Maritime Themed Open Stage Night On Sunday 6th April the theatre will be hosting two free maritime-themed music events and squeezing in the classic film, Moby Dick between them for good

measure. Arrive at the Under Ground for 11.30am and you will be able to listen to or join in with a maritime preferred (but not essential!) themed sing-a-long session hosted by Steve and Di Nevill. Steve and Di Nevill are two talented local musicians and vocalists. They welcome performers to play any tunes or songs they would like. This event will finish at 2pm and the classic 1956 film, Moby Dick will be screened at 2.30pm. But the fun does not stop there! Return to the Under Ground at 7pm for a special free maritime-themed Open Stage Night. The guitarist Ron Turner, from R’n’R, will be hosting the event for performers and audience alike. As usual, all musical talent is very welcome or just come to enjoy the festivities. Ron will get the party started with a few numbers of his own, but otherwise the stage is open to all newcomers until 10.30pm. The UGT coffee/bar open until 5pm, bar from 7pm. Free entry to the Sing-a-long and Open Stage Night. Moby Dick on Sunday 6th April will be screened at 2.30pm. Doors open at 3.10pm. Tickets: £6.50 to include tea and cake after the show (no concessions). Why not buy the UGT FESTIVAL WEEKENDER TICKET, on offer for ONLY £10. This will give you access to both the 5th April Saturday evening ‘Songs of the Sea’ concert. 7.30pm and Moby Dick on Sunday 6th April. Tickets from the UGT on Fri & Sat (10-4pm); at any UGT event; online at uk; via Oxboffice on 0845 680 1926 (plus ticket agency fee); from Eastbourne Tourist Info Centre; or on the door. Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre (below the library, Grove Road). Charity No: 801303 Photos: Gregory Peck in Moby Dick and Hard Pressed below.

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PHOBIAS, PANIC ATTACKS AND POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS I hope this month’s article will further enhance understanding of these distressing but treatable conditions. Here is how it works. The brain has an emotional alarm system designed to keep us safe. When people suffer from panic attacks, phobias or post-traumatic stress, it is because the system has gone into overdrive. What happens is this. There is a small, structure in the brain, known as the amygdala (Greek for almond, which is its shape), that has access to our emotional memories and learned responses. It evolved in the distant past and its job is to match new circumstances to what is already in the store and alert us to anything that previously represented a risk and might do so again. In the distant past, this might have been a movement or flash of colour that could have signified an approaching predator. The amygdala would then have triggered changes to help the body get ready to fight or flee the danger and pounding heart, racing pulse, quick, shallow breathing, etc.

vigilant amygdala to trigger another panic attack to deal with the new ‘threat’. Phobias start the same way and the amygdala makes associations with what was going on when a person first felt threatened, not all of which may be relevant. So, while it is understandable that someone who is attacked by a vicious dog may well develop a fear of dogs generally, it could equally be the case that someone develops a fear of broken glass because, on a previous occasion, when they had had a panic attack, there was broken glass lying near to where they collapsed. Agoraphobia develops when someone is too frightened of panic attacks even to leave the house. In the case of post-traumatic stress, someone who was in the back seat of a car when a collision occurred may find it frightening to travel in the back seat again but there may be other, unconscious, connections with the accident too, such as the smell of petrol. So the person may experience seemingly inexplicable panic when filling up their own car with petrol.

Now imagine this. A young woman, who has had a Fortunately, human givens practitioners are taught highly stressful day, is waiting in a long supermarket a simple and effective way to deal with all these queue, worrying whether she’ll be out of the shop circumstances. If a traumatic memory is causing in time to catch the bus to school to collect her panic attacks, phobias or post-traumatic stress, little girl. It is one pressure too many. The amygdala they can use a powerful, painless visualisation responds as if she is under threat and she starts procedure, known as the rewind technique, to take to feel her heart pounding strangely and her the emotion out of the memory and enable the breathing quickens. She becomes terrified that memory of the event to be stored away as history, she is having a heart attack and that makes the instead of as one that continues to intrude on symptoms escalate and her palms sweat; her chest the present. The memory remains, and always will feels as if it is bursting and she struggles to breathe. remain, a deeply unpleasant one but no longer is it Soon she feels overwhelmed and may collapse or emotionally arousing. This method can work swiftly run out of the shop. The amygdala, fearful that this and reliably even in the most extreme of cases. could happen again, files away the fact that there were bright lights and lots of people queuing when Lynda Bryer (GHGI, MSc, BA Hons) runs her own private practice as a Human Givens the ‘threat’ occurred. Then, when the woman is therapist. Contact 01323 897287 or email queuing in the post office the next day, the bright lights and queue may be sufficient for the overPlease mention Eastbourne Old Town Crier when contacting advertisers 32

10 Year Guarantee Insurance Backed

Enjoy a brighter outlook...

with better windows, doors & conservatories

01323 646666

Showroom: Windowcraft House Green Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1QR

Burnage garage doorS Supply, Fit & Repair all types of garage doors Local Family Business l Free Call Out Advice and Quotations l New Doors and Automatics l Guaranteed Work l Repairs and Servicing l

Call 01273 582625 w: e: To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 33

Helping Hands

Please call:

Cleaning Ironing Shopping Etc…

01323 872455 or 07723 716466

A Good Read Sophie’s Bakery for the Broken Hearted by Lolly Winston 36-year-old Sophie has just lost her husband, Ethan, to cancer. She had only been married a few years and is devastated. Lolly Winston takes us on a journey through the emotional rollercoaster of bereavement and its different stages, from denial to acceptance. At first Sophie is a wreck, someone who sleeps all day and guzzles cartons of ice cream for breakfast. When she shows up for work, distraught in her bathrobe and bunny slippers, she finds she’s not only lost her husband but her job in a Silicon Valley PR firm. Devastated, Sophie leaves California for Ashland, Oregon and through the fog of her grief starts to rebuild her life.

To advertise in this magazine, phone

01273 710793 OR email:


She discovers a previously hidden talent and opens the bakery of the title. Along the way she has to deal with her mother-in-law and also collects a rag-taggle bunch of new friends who variously try to seduce her, support her and burn her house down. As she juggles her business with her new life, Sophie proves that with enough humour and bravado it is possible to rebuild a life after a devastating loss. And who’s to say she can’t find love again in the process... Lolly Winston knows how to tug the heart strings. Sophie’s grief is present throughout the book, and heartbreakingly raw, yet the book is funny, touching and uplifting by turns. Even at her lowest, Sophie maintains a wry sense of humour: on an application which asks who to contact in case of emergency, she finds that she has no name to enter so writes “George Clooney”. Keep the Kleenex handy – this novel will have even the hardest-hearted reader in tears.

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BUTTERFLIES OF SUSSEX with Bob Eade April & May

With the arrival of April comes the promise at last of warmer weather and longer daylight hours. The countryside at this time of year comes alive with flowers, young birds and insects, including more butterflies. The butterfly species that started to emerge in March increase in numbers throughout April and from the middle of the month several new species show for the first time. On the sunny slopes of the Downs, Grizzled Skippers can be seen. This is one of the smallest of our butterflies and they can appear from early April on the warmer south facing-slopes, where they fly fast and low over the short turf. The butterflies emerging on the cooler north-facing slopes can be 2 to 3 weeks later. The slightly larger, duller and more common Dingy Skipper also starts to emerge in April, normally a week or so later than the Grizzled Skipper. Both these butterflies are

T Drury Removals Friendly family business Affordable Highly recommended Free estimates Piano removal Full packing service Local or distance continental


07760 192640 07760 192639 01323 844068

often confused with day-flying moths as they are quite furry and they fly fast like moths. Good local places to look for both these species are around the outskirts of Friston Forest, High and Over, Cradle Valley and Bo Peep. From the middle of the month Green Hairstreaks can be seen flying around bushes. Mainly found on the Downs but also in sunny spots on the edges of woodland, this small butterfly always settles with its wings closed, showing just the underside of its wings, which are green in colour. This camouflage means it is often overlooked by the casual observer. The males are very territorial and often fly up to investigate any passing insect before returning to their favoured bush. Although this butterfly is never common, it is widespread and can appear almost anywhere. Good local areas however do include the scrub between Belle Tout and Beachy Head. in the 1970s the Pearl Bordered Fritillary was found in many of our broad-leaved woodlands, however, in the last 20 to 30 years the species has suffered a major loss and disappeared from all its former haunts in East Sussex. Fortunately the species is still found in good numbers in woodland near Arundel. In 2004 butterflies from the Arundel wood were released in Abbotts Wood in a bid to bring the butterfly back to East Sussex. With careful management work carried out by the Forestry Commission the introduction has proved to be extremely successful, with the butterfly now being found in several areas of the wood and during the latter part of April and throughout May this delightful butterfly can be seen flying strongly along the woodland rides. For more information on local butterflies including recent sightings and how you can help butterflies and other wildlife visit Bob Eade Please recycle this magazine when you have finished with it.

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Historic Old Town Spring Fayre Saturday 3rd May 12 - 5pm

The second Historic Old Town Spring Fayre to celebrate our patron saint, St George, will be taking place in the grounds of St Mary’s Parish Church and the Old Parsonage in Old Town on Saturday 3rd May 2014 from midday to 5pm. There will be a selection of stalls including crafts, fudge, pies, cakes and organic candy floss. The Mews Clinic will be providing a Holistic/Healing room, and there will be tours of the St Mary’s Bell Tower. Entertainment will include live music, Morris dancers, the popular Sea Gypsies Belly Dancers and Jimmy the Juggler, along with children’s fairground rides and other side shows. Refreshments and a Licensed Bar will be available in the Old Parsonage Admission £1 adults (under 16s free) and all monies raised will be used to fund future Historic Old Town projects.

Contact Derek Legg 01323 735970 Email: or Karen Richardson 01323 733743 email: for more details.

Guided Walks in Historic Old Town

Visit Eastbourne’s best kept secret - HISTORIC OLD TOWN – The heart of old Eastbourne! A series of walks to explore the history and the people who lived here and founded our community.

Part One

To the Manor Bourne

Sunday 30th March and 11th May 2014 Meet outside the “Lamb Inn”, 36 High Street Eastbourne at 2.30pm (or inside, if wet)

Part Two

Where the Bourne Springs

Sunday 6th April and18th May 2014 Meet outside the “Lamb Inn”, 36 High Street Eastbourne at 2.30pm (or inside, if wet)

Part Three

Farms and Mills

Sunday 27th April and 1st June 2014 Meet at the Counting House, Moatcroft Road at 2.30pm

Part Four

The Church and it’s People

Sunday 4th May 2014 Meet inside St Mary’s Church, Old Town at 2.30pm Cost £5 per person (children under 16 free if accompanied by an adult). Groups by arrangement. To book contact or tel: 01323 735970. Pre-booking preferred. (numbers are limited) Further dates available for summer season, contact Derek Legg for details.


Weds 7th MAY

Email: Please recycle this magazine when you have finished with it.


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Your Local Neighbourhood Officers For Old Town

PCSO Andrew Harlow Mobile: 07827 954577 Telephone: 101 or 01273 470 101

PC Lisa Cousins Mobile: 07787 685802 Telephone: 101 or 01273 470 101 Old Town comes under Eastbourne District Neighbourhood Policing Team. We work closely with local people to identify neighbourhood priorities and work on solutions and actions to address these priorities. If you would like to get involved in priority setting for your community please contact your PC or PCSO.Your officers are readily available at local meetings and events, via phone, email or by visiting the.Eastbourne Public Contact Point at 1 Grove Road which is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. To report non-urgent crimes or incidents please call 101. You should always call 999 in an emergency. If you would like to report a crime anonymously you can contact Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111. The priorities and meetings for the Old Town area can be found on the follwing link:

Challinor Hall Associates architectural design consultants


Prepared for all types of extensions, loft conversions, new build, residential and commercial. All necessary approvals obtained for you. Free Initial Consultation. Prompt reliable service. Call David Challinor

01323 411933

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Custom made: - bookcases - kitchens -wardrobes

R i c h a rd B r a d fo rd : 07939 22327 w w w. b r a d f o rd b e s p o k e . c o m


more great offers in store

Sharp 39” Full HD LCD TV ONLY

LG 50” plasma 600hz


£449 Fully Installed

• Screen size 39” (99cm) • Full HD panel (1980 x 1080) • Freeview Built-in • PVR and timeshift ready via

USB REC • USB Media player for

video, music and pictures • Direct LED Backlight



5.5kg Load, A+ Energy Rating, 1200rpm Spin, White

Exclusive to Euronics SAMSUNG 32” Full HD with an HD Freeview Tuner

Powerful viewing that’s prepared for almost anything • Enjoy amazingly vivid and realistic Full HD entertainment • See more amazing colours with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus • Access your photos, movies and music on USB storage • Be protected against power surges, lightning and humidity

£299.99 Fully Installed

EST 1953


Special programmes: ● Wool, Delicates, Silk ● Automatic load adjustment ● Aquatronic wash system ● Reduced Time setting ● Foam detection system ● Out of balance spin control saves wear and tear on laundry and the machine

Fully installed and old machine removed if required.

EST 1953

34A Church Street, Old Town Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1HS

Tel: 01323 733279

Davis Television Services for all LATEST OFFERS & COMPETITIONS


Bosch Maxx WAB24060GB Washing Machine,

Like us on

34A Church Street, Old Town Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1HS

Tel: 01323 733279

Davis Television Services for all LATEST OFFERS & COMPETITIONS

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Inspirational kitchens by Russ Deacon

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Modern or classically elegant designs Established for over 20 years Designs for you to fit or installation service 3 major brands - Masterclass (made in the UK), Schuller and Schmidt Best prices on Siemens integrated appliances Superb quality at affordable prices

369 Seaside, Eastbourne Tel: 01323 642075

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in and a n? Old Tow April

Sunday 26th Jan - Sunday 6th April John Skoog: Redoubt at Towner Devonshire Park, College Road FREE. John Skoog works with film and video. He follows in the tradition of Scandinavian film through the use of stark landscapes and slow-pacing. Tel: 01323 434670 Saturday 8th - Sunday 4th May Near Dark at Towner Devonshire Park, College Road FREE. Explore the space between night and day, between dog and wolf, in a display curated by artist/film maker John Skoog. Tel: 01323 434670 Tuesday 1st & 8th April, Tuesday 6th May Bringing Life into Still: Life Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am. Bringing Life into Still Life with Ben Ecclestone. For more details call 01323 737839 Tuesday 1st April - Sun 1st June Behind the Portrait Redoubt Fortress Military Museum, Royal Parade 10am - 5pm. Discover the hidden stories of the Redoubt’s portrait collection at this new art exhibition in the military museum. Parking with charge. Tel 01323 410300 Thursday 3rd Family Roots, Eastbourne & District Family History Society AGM Ocklynge School,Victoria Drive 7pm. AGM followed by a talk by Jo Seaman on the eastbourne Heritage Service. Members £1, visitors £1.50 including refreshments, new members welcome. Tel: 01323 731792 Friday 4th Sound Architects: Oral History Community Wise Centre, Ocklynge Road 10am - 12.30pm. Sound Architects will bring back to life royal celebrations of the last 60 years. Tel 01825 891094 for details.

Events at the Under Ground Theatre are listed over on page 43.


Friday 4th - Saturday 26th Art at the Under Ground: David Armitage, Alan Everard, Colin Say and Mike Tann Underground Theatre, below the Library, Grove Road Fridays 10am - 12.30, Sats 10am-4pm. Fairtrade tea and coffee on sale in the coffee bar. Free. Tel. 01323 650315 Saturday 5th BriarPatch Arts and Crafts Fair Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road 10am - 3pm. This is a special Easter Fair including Easter egg scavenger hunt and other children’s activities. Hot food, fudge and hand made items. Stargazing with Eastbourne Astronomical Society Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum Royal Parade 7pm. Opportunity for beginners to become familiar with the night sky. Suitable for all ages. Members are invited to bring their own telescopes. Warm clothing advisable, hot drinks available from The Outpost café. Free. Free event. Tel: 01323 410300 Curry Night Community Wise, Ocklynge Road 7.30pm. A 3-course Indian curry served with musical accompaniment from local guitarist Joe Farley. £10 pp. To book tel: 01323 722924. uk. Hailsham Choral Society and the choir of St Bede’s School All Saint’s Church, Grange Road 7.30pm. HSC and St Bede’s School perform Mass of the Children. Also Requiem by Maurice Duruflé and solo performances. Tickets £10 on the door or in adv from Hailsham Camera Centre and Bonners of Eastbourne, includes refreshments. Sunday 6th Healthy Living Fair Community Wise, Ocklynge Road 2.30 - 5pm. Look out for more information. Tel: 01323 722924 Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Meet at The Lamb Inn, 36 High Street 2.30pm. Part 2: ‘Where the Bourne Springs' A series of walks to find out more about the history and stories of some of the people who lived here and founded our community. £5 per person, children under 16 free if accompanied with an adult. Groups of 8+ at other times by arrangement. Email: or tel. 01323 735970 Oi Oi Comedy Club The Counting House, Croft Lodge, Moat Croft Road 8pm. Free entry. To book your act tel: 07773 147986.

Monday 7th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 2.30pm. Beetle Drive. Tel: 01323 726092. Social Circles Sussex The Dolphin, 14 South Street 8.30pm. Monthly meet-up of this friendly and inclusive social group for couples and singles of all ages. Gill Pinnington 07530 064573 Wednesday 9th Ghost Walks with Sussex Darkside Redoubt Fortress Military Museum, Royal Parade 8-10pm. As with our ghost walks, Sussex Darkside has it's own style, without the use of occult items such as Ouija boards. Tel: 01323 841332 or 07956 307684. Thursday 10th St Mary’s Parish Church Mothers’ Union Old Parsonage, Church Street 2.30pm. ‘MU in Kenya’. Talk and slides from Kathryn’s recent visit. Bring and buy stall. All welcome. Tel: 01323 370403 Saturday 12th WEA Lewes: Composers and the First World War St Thomas Church Hall, Cliffe High Street, Lewes 2-5pm. How soldier-composers, like Butterworth and Gurney reflected the end of an era. Tutor Robert Carrington Fee £15. Tel 01273 477447. Book online at or post a cheque payable to ‘WEA’ to Sylvia Lawrence, 7 Priory Cresc, Lewes BN7 1HP with a SAE. Saturday 12th April & Sat 27th May Breaking into Watercolour: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Breaking into Watercolours with Bill Savidge. Workshop £13 in advance. For more details call 01323 737839 Saturday 12th & Sun 13th The Society of Eastbourne Artists Spring Exhibition and Sales Queen Alexander Cottage Homes, 557 Seaside 11am. Proceeds will go to the home. Free entry, refreshments available. Further details on facebbok or on 01323 721700 Your Country Needs You Redoubt Fortress Military Museum, Royal Parade 10am - 5pm. Historical event involving re-enactors talking about the life in the trenches during the First World War. Tel 01323 410300 www.eastbournemuseums. Monday 14th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 2.30pm. 'My Friends the Elephants' with Edward Paget. Tel: 01323 726092.

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Tuesday 15th Kids’ Workshop Redoubt Fortress Military Museum, Royal Parade 10am - 5pm. Making masterpeices. try out a range of techniques inspired by the portraits in the Redoubt’s portrait collection. Tel 01323 410300 Gouache & Pastel Workshop: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Explore an alternative to watercolours with Ben Ecclestone. £13. To book, telephone 01323 737839 Wednesday 16th The Rotary Club of Eastborne Evening of Jazz with Mark Edwards and the Cloggz Eastborne College, Theatre, Wish Road 7 for 7.30pm. All proceeds to NSPCC. Tickets £12.50 from Eastbourne Tourist Info, Cornfield Road. Tel 01323 415450 or Rotarian Ken Rawlings 01323 411988

Thursday 24th St Mary’s Parish Church Mothers’ Union Old Parsonage, Church Street 2.30pm. ‘My Life and Fegans’. Talk by Mary Dicker. All welcome. Tel: 01323 370403 Eastbourne Festival: The Opinion Makers The Lamb Inn, 36 High Street 8 -10pm. Swinging 60's comedy musical by award winning writers Mitchell and Nixon. Free. Tickets on the door or in adv. 01323 720545. Skeptics at the Festival Event Bibendum, 1 Grange Road 9 -11pm. 'The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets'. Simon Singh reveals how the writers of the Simpsons have drip-fed morsels of number theory into the series over the last 25 years..

Thursday 17th Old Town Neighbourhood Panel Meeting Community Wise, Ocklynge Road 4-5.30pm. Meeting with Eastbourne Homes Officers.

Friday 25th On Wings of Song Community Wise, Ocklynge Road 2.30 - 5pm. join Janet Togut and friends for an afternoon of love and romance in songs and poetry followed by a delicious cream tea. £5 pp. To book tel 01323 722924 or drop by.

Friday 18th April - Sunday 22nd June United Visual Artists Devonshire Park, College Road FREE. A fascination with the physical presence of light is embedded in UVA's work and they have explored different ways of creating structure from light. Tel: 01323 434670

Saturday 26th Working in Soft Pastels – Animal Portraits: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Sylvia Huggair will demonstrate and help students in the use of this media. Details on or tel 01323 737839.

Saturday 19th April - Sunday 11th May Eastbourne Festival Various venues in Eastbourne Music, theatre, fairs, art exhibitions, artists’ open houses and so much more... Email:

Community Wise Centre Farmers Market Ocklynge Road 10-12.30pm Popular farmers market selling crafts and produce from local suppliers. FREE. Join us! Contact 01323 722924

19th - 21st and 26th - 27th April, and 3rd - 4th and 10th - 11th May Eastbourne Festival Open House 38 Cobbold Avenue, BN21 1UZ 11am - 6pm. Christine Munro. Varied exhibition of paintings in oils, pastel and watercolour celebrating the natural world. Greetings cards available, free refreshments. Tel 01323 730446 Saturday19th April - Sunday 11th May Eastbourne Festival Open House: The Drawing Room 1 Green Street, BN21 10am - 4pm. Kate Conway, Janet Webber and Val Maclean. A wonderful showcase of work from 3 local artists. Collagraphs, etchings, monoprints, drawings and paintings. Tel 07885 262968 Tuesday 22nd Mixed Media Taster Session: Catalyst Arts St Elizabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Come and try the basics of this method of painting.To book, telephone 01323 737839.

Monday 28th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 2.30pm. 'The Oregon Trail to Salt Lake City' with Graham Albon. Tel: 01323 726092. Tuesday 29th Put a Paintbrush in your Hand – see what you can do: Catalyst Arts St Elizabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Open morning – come and have a go. Materials available. Contact: 01323 737839 Tues 29th April and 6th, 13th and 20th May WEA Lewes: Sussex at Work Friends Meeting House, Friars Walk, Lewes 2-4pm. Iron and glass, pots, pans, piers and proms. The rich variety of county employments over time. Tutor Geoff Mead. Fee £42. tel. 01273 477447. Book online at or post a cheque payable to ‘WEA’ to Sylvia Lawrence, 7 Priory Cresc, Lewes BN7 1HP with a SAE.

Sunday 27th Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Meet at The Counting House, 3 Moatcroft Road 2.30pm. Part 3: 'Farms and Mills' A series of walks to find out more about the history and stories of some of the people who lived here and founded our community. £5 per person, children under 16 free if accompanied with an adult. Groups of 8+ at other times by arrangement. Email: or tel. 01323 735970 Wednesday 30th Skeptics at the Festival Event Bibendum, 1 Grange Road 9 -11pm. 'How quackery corrupts real science'. David Colquhoun speaks about his disapproval of alternative medicine in academia, its misrepresentation as science in the media, and the government's support of it. Wednesday 30th April and 7th, 14th and 21st May WEA Lewes: Exploring Lewes’ Medicinal Flora Linklater Pavilion, Lewes BN7 2FG 2-4pm. 4 walks exploring the of medicinal flora growing on the hills and valleys of Lewes. Tutor Haskel Adamson. Fee £42. tel. 01273 477447. Book online at southern. or post a cheque payable to ‘WEA’ to Sylvia Lawrence, 7 Priory Cresc, Lewes BN7 1HP with a SAE.


Thursday 1st Family Roots, Eastbourne & District Family History Society Ocklynge School,Victoria Drive 7pm. ‘Apprentices and Apprenticeships’ A talk by Mark Pearsall of the National Archives. Members £1, visitors £1.50 including refreshments, new members welcome. Tel: 01323 731792 Saturday 3rd Historic Old Town Spring Fayre St Mary’s Church and the Old Parsonage, Old Town 12 - 5pm. A great selection of stalls, live music, Morris dancers, belly dancers, a juggler, fairground rides, china smash, holistic healing room, tours of St Mary’s bell tower and other side shows. £1, under 16s free. Funds raised for future historic Old Town projets. Tel. 01323 735970 email: dlegg80@ Sat 3rd - Mon 5th East Dean & Friston Annual Art Exhibition and Sale of Work East Dean Village Hall Sat 2 - 5pm., Sun 10am - 5pm, Mon 10am - 4pm. Exhibition and sale of work with refreshments, raffle, free entry and free parking.

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To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 41

Sat 3rd, Sun 4th and Sat 10th, Sun 11th Eastbourne Festival Open House 37 Milton Road, BN21 1SH 11am - 5pm. Mary Shemza, painter, calligrapher and sculptor. www. tel 01323 642877 Sunday 4th Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Meet in St Mary's Church, Church Street 2.30pm. Part 4: 'The Church and it's People' A series of walks to find out more about the history and stories of some of the people who lived here and founded our community. £5 per person, children under 16 free if accompanied with an adult. Groups of 8+ at other times by arrangement. Email: or tel. 01323 735970 Voices and Strings The Under Ground Theatre, below the Library, Grove Road 6.30pm. Favourite classics and premieres by Old Town composer Clive Whitburn featuring The New Network Singers, The Ashdown String Quartet and Ric Graebner, piano. Tickets £8.50 adv, £10 on the door. and at Eastbourne Tourist Info Centre, Cornfield Road. Oi Oi Comedy Club The Counting House, Croft Lodge, Moat Croft Road 8pm. Free entry. To book your act tel: 07773 147986. Monday 5th Social Circles Sussex The Dolphin, 14 South Street 8.30pm. Monthly meet-up of this friendly and inclusive social group for couples and singles of all ages. Gill Pinnington 07530 064573 Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th The Pirates of Penzance by Eastbourne Gilbert & Sullivan Society Devonshire Park Theatre Eves 7.45pm Weds and Sat matinée 2.30pm. An amateur production. Tickets £10 opening night, Weds - Sat £13, £14 and £15. Tel. 01323 421000 Wednesday 7th Skeptics at the Festival Event Bibendum, 1 Grange Road All day. 'When science meets shopping'. Dr David Lewis goes behind the scenes of the 'persuasion industry' to reveal the powerful tools and techniques, technologies and psychologies seeking consumers to buy more – often without them consciously realising it. Thursday 8th St Mary’s Parish Church Mothers’ Union Old Parsonage, Church Street 2.30pm. Coach outing to Windsor Castle. Tel: 01323 370403


Sunday 11th Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Meet at The Lamb Inn, 36 High Street 2.30pm. Part 1: 'To the Manor Bourne' A series of walks to find out more about the history and stories of some of the people who lived here and founded our community. £5 per person, children under 16 free if accompanied with an adult. Groups of 8+ at other times by arrangement. Email: or tel. 01323 735970 Monday 12th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 2.30pm. An afternoon with Revd Howard John. Tel: 01323 726092. Tuesday 13th Fearful of Portraits: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Ben Ecclestone guides you through a portrait. Details on www. or tel: 01323 737839 Wednesday 15th Sussex Wildlife Talk on 'Peregrines in Sussex' Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Rd 7.30 - 9.30pm. Illustrated talk by Phil Everitt from the Sussex Peregrine Society. £2 SWT members, £3 visitors. For details tel. 07704 839573. Tea/coffee/biscuits 50p. Saturday 17th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 10am - 12 noon. Coffee morning. 01323 726092 Night to Remember Sponsored Walk in aid of Chestnut Tree House Eastbourne Seafront Starts at midnight. 4- or 10-mile walk along Eastborne's streets and seafront. Register at or tel. 01903 706354 Saturday 17th - Monday 26th Eastbourne Pleasure Painters and Friends Spring Exhibition Afton Hotel, 2 Cavendish Place (opposite the pier) 10am - 5pm. Paintings, cards for sale. All original work from local artists. Free entry, refreshments available. Tel: 01323 767963. Sunday 18th Guided Walks in Historic Old Town Meet at The Lamb Inn, 36 High Street 2.30pm. Part 2: 'Where the Bourne Springs' A series of walks to find out more about the history and stories of some of the people who lived here and founded our community. £5 per person, children under 16 free if accompanied with an adult. Groups of 8+ at other times by arrangement. Email: or tel. 01323 735970

'Sing' by Sovereign Polyphony All Saints Chapel, Meads 4.30pm. A miscellany of music in song. Tickets adv £5 from members, £6 on the door. Tel 01323 729511. www. Monday 19th Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road 2.30pm. Members' afternoon. Tel: 01323 726092. Eastbourne RNLI Fundraisers AGM Lansdowne Hotel Eastbourne 7.30-9.30pm. We also meet on the 2nd Friday of the month at 10.30am for a social chat with tea and coffee. There is usually a guest speaker and a raffle. Tuesday 20th Painting Outside the Groove: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Experimenting in watercolour with Bill Savidge. £13 per workshop. For more details call 01323 737839 Thursday 22nd St Mary’s Parish Church Mothers’ Union Old Parsonage, Church Street 2.30pm. ‘Life in the Arctic’ by Jill Maddock Visitors welcome. Tel: 01323 370403 Friday 23rd 'Sing' by Sovereign Polyphony Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road 7.45pm. A miscellany of music in song. Tickets adv £5 from members or the church on 01323 737974, £6 on the door. Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th Beer & Cider by the Sea King Edwards Parade A 3-day extravaganza to tantalise the taste buds – real ale, cider and perry to enjoy with CAMRA volunteers to offer advice and tips. Saturday 24th A Spattering Workshop with Tracey King: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive 10am-1pm. Come and enjoy this new way of applying watercolours. £13. To book phone: 01323 737839. Details on Saturday 31st Community Wise Centre Farmers Market Ocklynge Road 10-12.30pm Popular farmers market selling crafts and produce from local suppliers. FREE. Join us! Contact 01323 722924 Eastbourne Carnival Grand Parade 4 - 10pm. The biggest seafront carnval in the south east. This year’s theme is Rio by the Sea, which promises to be a celebration of colour. Free.

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The Under Ground Theatre: April & May Below Eastbourne Central Library, 1 Grove Road, Eastbourne ART

Maritime Art Exhibition – Four Artists Dave Armitage, Alan Everard, Colin Say, Mike Tann 4th - 26th April Fridays from 10am to 12.30pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm and open at all times for other events at the theatre. Martimethemed exhibition featuring 4 unique and diverse local artists. Chamber music

Irina Lyakhovskaya

Sunday 13th April 2.45pm. Irina will perform Beethoven’s ‘Pathétique’ and ‘Appassionata’ Sonatas and Brahms’ Sonata No. 3 in F minor. Tickets £9 (UGT members £8) students £5.

Voices and Strings Concert Sunday 4th May 6.30pm. Come and enjoy and evening of uplifting classical music and wonderous choral voices. Tickets £8.50 in advance and conc. £10 on the door.

The Lycydas Trio Sunday 18th May 2.45pm. Works by Mozart and Brahms. Tickets £9 (UGT members £8) students £5. DRAMA

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat – Family Show Monday 7th April 2pm. The Rude Mechanicals premier this brand new slap-stick and commedia style shows. Tickets £6.50, students £5.50, UGT members £5.50.


Richard Durrant – Bicycle Tour 2014

Friday 11th April 8pm. Ian Shaw is, without a doubt, the best male jazz singer in the UK, having won ‘Best Jazz Vocalist 2004 and 2007 and this year nominated in the Best UK Vocalist category at the JazzFM awards. Tickets £12, students/UGT members £11.

Saturday 3rd May 7.30pm. Acclaimed English guitarist and multiinstrumentalist. Anecdotal and richly romantic guitar playing. Tickets £10, UGT mem/stu £9.

Ian Shaw and Barry Green

The Andy Panayi Quartet Friday 9th May 8pm. This is a band without a guitar or piano, yet it plays harmonically complex music with absolute surety of purpose. Tickets £11, students/ UGT members. £10. MUSIC

All Things Must Pass – Celebratng the Music of George Harrison Thursday 3rd April 8pm. A powerful 10 piece band plays exclusively songs written by the ex-Beatle. Tickets £12 (excl. £1.20 booking fee).

Maritime Folk Festival Sunday 6th April 11.30am. Maritime songs and tunes circle with Diane and Steve Nevill. Free. 7pm Open Stage Night. Free.

Tom Fitzpatrick and his Swing Trio Saturday 10th May 7.15pm. The UK’s youngest professional swing singer and crooner, with a huge range both in scale and music. Tickets £11, UGT memb. £9. SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC 10am - 12 noon. Free Entry

Maritime Songs with Charlotte & Spong and Friends Saturday 5th April

John Cave Saturday 12th April

Mel Hayes Saturday 19th April

The Evergreen Singers Saturday 26th April

Stray Dogs Saturday 3rd May

Wednesday Gray Saturday 10th May

Three Bands – One Great Night!

Elijah Blue

Saturday 12th April 7.45pm. Bands Yung Rarscals and A Thousand Ships plus support. Tickets £4 adv, £5 on the door.

Jo and Graham

Saturday 17th May 10am - 12pm. Free Entry Saturday 24th May

Linus and Lucy

Secret Honour

Greg Harper

Saturday 31st May

Friday 2nd May 7.45pm. A one-man show produced by the Bootcamp Theatre Company that portrays Richard M Nixon as ‘not the bogey-man, but a deeply flawed human being.’ Tickets £10, students £8, UGT members £9.

Saturday 19th April 7.30pm. Singer-songwriter from Sussex, he was finalist in the 2008 UK Songwriting Competition. Gentle evocative melodies with genuinely thought-provoking lyrics. Tickets £7.50.


Moby Dick Sunday 6th April 2.30pm. Sunday afternoon movie with tea and cakes. The classic 1952 colour movie. Tickets £6.50 (inc tea/coffee and cake).


Eastbourne Lifeboats – A History Saturday 5th April 3pm. Upbeat and highly illustrated presentation from Derek Legg with music from Malcolm West. The history of the RNLI to present day with Q&As. Free. OTHER ATTRACTIONS

An Initmate Evening with Mike McGear McCartney – Growing Up with Paul and more!

Sunday 13th April 7.30pm. Mike takes you through his family album with wonderful stories of Liverpool life from childhood to entering showbiz, when he had to change is name to McGear. Tickets by phone only on 01323 841414.

A Tribute to a National treasure – Joyce Grenfell Thursday 17th & Fri 18th Fri 7.30pm, Sat 3pm. A funny and affectionate show celebrating the life of Joyce Genfell, the much loved queen of the comic monologue. Tickets £11, UGT members/ students £9.

Lend Me aTenner Weds 23rd - Sat 26th April Eves 7pm, Sat matinée 3pm. By Ken Ludwig, presented by the Dicker Players. Rapid-fire rollicking fun. Tickets £12, concessions £9.

For more info visit: www. underground Tickets from UGT Fri & Sat 10am - 4pm, Eastbourne Tourist Information or tel 08456 801926 or from

To advertise in Eastbourne Old Town Crier please call 01273 710793 or email 43


Art and Drawing Classes No. 1 Green Street (behind Tally-Ho pub) Find your artistic talent and make friends in a relaxed, creative environment. Basic materials and refreshments included. Wed: 9.30 - 11.30am & 7 - 9pm. £10. Thur: 9.30 - 11.30am. £10. Sat: 9.30am - 12.30pm. £15. Tel: 07885 262968, email: Catalyst Arts St Elisabeth’s Centre,Victoria Drive Tues: 10am - 1pm. Come and paint together with other painters. £4 per morning inc tea or coffee. Tel: 01323 737839

CLUBS & ORGANISATIONS Boys’ Brigade Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road Wed: 5.15 - 8pm. Term time only. Tel: 01323 737974

By The Way Old Town Community Church, Old Town Community Centre Wed: 9.45am - 12.30pm. Community drop-in meeting. Do come in for coffee and a chat! Curious Beer Club The Dolphin, South Street 1st Wed: of the month 7.30pm. A quiet celebration of craft brewing with guest brewers and their beer, tastings, edible accompaniments and Q&As. 1 meeting £20, 3 meetings £50, 6 meetings £90. Tickets http:// Drop-in for members of Cavendish School Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road Weds: 3 - 5pm. Term time only. Games and other activities. Tel: 01323 737974 Eastbourne Fairtrade Meeting Bibendum, Eastbourne 4th Tues of the month: 7.30-9pm. Eastbourne residents supporting and promoting fairtrade in the town. FREE entry. Contact 01323 722256. Eastbourne RNLI Members’ meeting Langham Hotel Eastbourne 2nd Fri: 10.00am-12.30pm. A social chat with tea and coffee. 10.30m Guest speaker Judith Kinnison-Bourke “Dorothy in the workplace”. Eastbourne & District Cardiac Support Grp Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road 4th Weds of the month: 2.30pm. Social group giving support to people who have had heart problems, with guest speakers on all subjects, and lunches and outings during the year. Tel: 01323 733306 or 01323 731942


Girls’ Brigade Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road Mon: 6 - 8pm. Term time only. Tel: 01323 737974 Guild of Friendship Upperton United Reformed Church, Corner of Watts Lane & Upperton Road Mon (except in Feb): 2.30pm. Please come and join us, all are welcome. Enquiries to Gillian Grimmond on 01323 726092 Ladies’ Club Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Tue: 2.30 - 4pm. Tel: 01323 722924 Old Town Cubs & Scouts Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Thur: 6 - 9pm Tel: 01323 507391. www. Social Circles Sussex Monthly Meet-up The Dolphin, 14 South Street 1st Mon of the month: 7.30pm. Friendly and inclusive social group for couples and singles of all ages who want to have fun and socialise. All new members welcome. Tel. 07530 064573 or 07949 928527 or 07594 343581


Community Wise Wise Buys Shop Ocklynge Road Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm, closed 1 - 2pm and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Browsers welcome, snap up bargains! Contact 01323 722924 Here4U 1A Albert Parade, Green Street Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri: 9.30am - 1.30pm Sat: 10am - 12 noon. Old Town Community Church local enquiry and advice centre. Offers a friendly face, a listening ear and introduces you to the local agencies to address your needs. Eastbourne Street Market 192 Terminus Road Weds: 9.30am - 3pm. Quiz Night The Red Lion, 99 Wish Hill 3rd Thurs of the month: 7.30 - 11pm. Six people max in a team, £2 per person inc. half-time chip butty. Half of proceeds donated to charity. Old Town Community Church Old Town Community Centre Sun: 10.30am - 12 noon. Everyone invited, children’s programmes too! Pevensey Castle Ghost Walk Castle Road, Pevensey Sat: 7.30pm. Meet at the castle car park. 90 min walk by lantern light. Suitable for all ages. Adults £7, under 14s £3.50


80s Disco Lamb Inn, High Street (upstairs) 1st Fri of the month. DJ Dazzer, playing your favourite 80s disco hits. Free entry. Open to all over-18s, groups, couples or come on your own! Tel: 01323 720545, email: Archway Contemporary & Gospelish Choirs Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Tue: Gospelish Choir 6 - 7.30pm. Contemporary Choir 8-9.30pm. Open to all no audition required. £7 per session. Tel. 01323 897590. New Singing Group with a French Twist The Lamb Inn, 36 High Street Tues: 6-8pm. Quirky songs with a French twist! Upstairs at the Lamb Inn. Harmony singing. Free The Lamb Folk Club Lamb Inn, High Street 1st and 3rd Weds: 7.30pm. A wide range of professional folk singers and players as well as floor spots for visiting musicians. Everyone welcome. Tel: 01323 728268 or 638811. Open Mic Nite for 14 - 18 Year Olds The Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, 51 Seaside 3rd Fri of the month: 7.30 - 9.30pm. Too young to play in pubs but want somewhere to show off your talent? Here’s what you’re looking for! Solo/duo musicians, vocalists and bands – just turn up and sign for your slot. First come first served. Audience £3 on the door. Non-alcohol bar. Saturday Morning Music The Under Ground Theatre, 1 Grove Road Sat: 10am - 12noon. Free live music with our regular coffee morning. Tel: 01323 411906. Simply Singng Community Wise Centre, Ocklynge Road Fri: Starting after Easter. 2-3pm adults, 3.45 - 4.45pm childen. Details from 01323 460098. Sovereign Singers Eastbourne Blind Society Hall, 124 Longstone Road Wed: 9am. Female harmony choir for enthusiastic singers - if you like the Military Wives concept, you’ll enjoy this. Tuneful voice required, music-reading ability not necessary. The Voiceworks Company of Singers JPK Project, Church Street, Old Town Tues: 10.45am-12.15pm and 7.15-8.45pm. Joyful, friendly choir singing folk, classical, world, pop, musicals etc. for all types of voices - pick your part! New members welcome, first session free and 20% off fee.

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VOICES Choir Christ Church, Seaside Weds: 7 - 9pm. Baptist Church, Pevensy Bay Thurs: 12.30 - 2pm and 7 - 9pm. Rocking, swinging choir for all. No experience necessary. £5 per session. Tel: 01323 766994.



Boxercise Sussex Old Town Community Centre, Central Avenue, Eastbourne Tues 9.30 - 10.30am. Fun fitness, weight loss and body shaping workout. First class free. Also eves in Eastbourne, Wannock and Pevensey Bay. Tel. 01323 896600 or 07711 890956. www.abspersonaltraining.

Buddies Storytelling with Puppets The Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, 51 Seaside Tue: 9.30-10.30am. For mums and toddlers. £2.50 per family inc. refreshments.

Community Run Tempo, 67 Susans Road, Eastbourne Mon 6pm. A fun, sociable 5k run for all abilities and experience with the option to run further. Tel. 01323 723152.

C.A.C.L Kwik-Tots & Ball Play The Meads Parish Hall, Meads Street Mon: 10-10.45 (term time). For boys and girls 2-4years. To book tel 01323 730467

Eastbourne Folk Dance Club United Reformed Church Hall, Watts Lane Thurs: 7.45 - 9.45pm. Come and enjoy all aspects of English Folk dancing. Beginners welcome. No partners needed. £2 on the night. Refreshments inc. Tel. 01323 732948

Little Bear Soft Play for under 5’s Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Mon & Thur: Mornings from 9.30am. Cost £1+ depending on age. Just drop in. www. Little Stones Toddlers run by Living Stones Church Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Tue & Fri: from 9.45 - 11.30am. Term time. Just drop in. www. communitywise. Little Treasures Salvation Army Hall, Royal Sussex Drive Tue: 10am - 12 noon, term time only. For parents and babies/toddlers. Come along for a chat with other local parents while the children play, craft, sing, have lunch and much more! £1.50 per family, under-1s free. Kiddi Active Old Town Rec, Longland Road Tues: 1.45 - 2.30pm for 3-4 year olds. Free taster session available. Tel. 07811 447711. Kiddi Tennis Greenfield Methodist Church Hall, Greenfield Road Tue: 9.40-10.20am for 2-4 year olds. Free taster session available. Tel. 07811 447711 Vicky Bees Parent & Toddler Group Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road Mon, Wed, Fri: 10 - 11.45am, term time only. Coffee/tea and chat for adults, little ones can enjoy toys, crafts, songs and stories. Tel: 01323 737974

Eastbourne Parkrun Shinewater BN23 8EJ Sat: 9am. A 5k run, it’s you against the clock. Register beforehand at Eastbourne Scottish Dance Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Wed: 7.30 - 9.30pm. Tel: 01323 735097 www. Extend – Easy Exercise to Music Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Thur: 2 - 3pm. Tel: 01323 514152 www. Hampden Park Heathy Walk Hampden Park, Hampden Park Drive Tues: 10.30am. Meet outside the Lakeside Tea Chalet. Free. Tel. 07740 899559 Kiddi Active Old Town Rec, Longland Road Sat: 11.50 - 12.35pm for 4-7 year olds. Free taster session available. Tel. 07811 447711.

Kiddi Tennis Old Town Rec, Longland Road Sat: 10-10.45am for 3-4 year olds, 11-11.45am for 5-7 year olds. Free taster session available, £4 per session. Ladies’ Movement to Music St Elisabeth’s Church Hall,Victoria Drive Mon: 7.30 - 8.30pm. Nominal charge. Tel Margaret on 01323 723870 Musical Theatre Group singing, dancing and stagecraft for ages 5+ Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Thur: Afternoons. Tel: 01323 731762 www. Neurofit Bowls Club,Victoria Drive Mon: 2.30 - 3.30pm. Training programme, empowering people with a neurological condition to challenge their physical fitness. Tel: 01323 648202/07742 544897 or 01323 729959/07803 004002 Pilates Community Wise, Ocklynge Road Six-week courses for all abilities. Mon: 5.15pm. Foundation level mat work. 6.30pm. Improvers mat work, for those who have a full understanding of the basic principles of the pilates method and have previously attended the Foundation course. Tel Mary on 07980 655928, email: Qi Gong in the Park Old Town Rec, Longland Road Thurs: 9.15 - 9.45am on fine days. Just turn up, no charge. Shinewater Healthy Walk Shinewater BN23 8EJ Fri: 10.30am. Meet outside the Co-op on Milfoil Drive. Free. Tel. 07740 899559 Zumba Fitness Classes Get fit and burn calories! Suitable for all abilities. First class £3. St Elisabeth’s Church Hall, 268 Victoria Dr. Mon: 9.30am. Ocklynge Junior School,Victoria Drive Wed: 6.30pm. Tel: 07877 956721 or for more info visit:


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Eastbourne Old Town Crier April/May 2014  
Eastbourne Old Town Crier April/May 2014  

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