East Austin Studio Tour 2006

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East Austin Studio Tour 1


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S u n d a y November 19th

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Executive Directors: Jana Swec, Joseph Phillips & Shea Little Editors: Joseph Phillips, Shea Little & Jana Swec Copy Editors: Michelle Mayer & Matt Norris Design: Bolm Studios Intern: Sarah Stevens

E.A.S.T. is funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

All works represented in this magazine were reproduced with expressed permission from the artists. All text and images are copyrighted by each individual artist.


WELCOME TO THE EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR S a t u r d a y No v e mb e r 1 8 t h


S u n d a y N o v e m b e r 1 9 th

10 am - 5 pm E.A.S.T. has become a great way for east Austin artists to meet and connect with a large and diverse section of people from our city and beyond. November 18th & 19th is your chance to stroll through the working spaces of over 120 artists, and converse with them about how and why they do what they do. This studio tour first began in 2003 as a one day event with only twenty-eight studios. Now, with eighty-six studios, one would be hard pressed to visit every artist even over the course of the entire weekend. That's where this book comes in as it gives you the opportunity to preview the work of every artist on the tour. While this book was designed and compiled by us, it was authored by the artists themselves. Each artist decided on which image to publish, and word for word what to say about themselves. We find this not only gives you a glimpse into their work, but often into their personality as well. So read carefully, make notes, and figure out who you don't want to miss. Then, when the weekend of November 18th and 19th arrives, visit the studios, meet the artists, and hopefully come home with some new art to enrich your life. The studios are all located east of I-35, west of 183, south of 51st street, and north of the river. The map on pages 8 and 9 shows the location of all the studios, and the numbers refer to the studio numbers in red on the index on pages 6 and 7. Larger, more detailed fold-out maps are also available from the studios and will be distributed around town in the weeks before the tour. This is a self guided tour, so pick up a map and get to it. Come rain or shine, we'll be waiting. EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR 5305 Bolm Rd #12 Austin TX 78721 512.385.1670 info@eastaustinstudiotour.com www.eastaustinstudiotour.com


SODALITAS 1000 CRANES PROJECT As part of the 2006 E.A.S.T. experience, this book includes a project initiated by the Sodalitas Art Group that is contingent on the participation of those attending the studio tour. You may have noticed the origami crane theme running through this book, and some of you may already be familiar with the origami crane as a symbol of peace, and more specifically the tradition of '1,000 Cranes for Peace.' For those of you who are not familiar with the origins of this tradition, it lies with the story of Sadako Sasaki. Sadako was just two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. While she suffered no immediate injury, the effects of her exposure caught up with her some ten years later and she fought a courageous battle with leukemia. After she had become sick, Sadako’s best friend told her that the crane, which is a sacred bird in Japan, grants a wish to someone who folds one thousand paper cranes. After hearing this, Sadako immediately began folding cranes for her one wish: to get well again. Her health gradually deteriorated and Sadako began to wish instead for world peace, that children could live safe from the effects of wars. Sadly, she did not finish. When Sadako died in October of 1955, she had folded a total of 644 cranes. Her classmates folded the remaining cranes in time for her funeral. This tradition has continued and the paper crane has remained a symbol of peace for children around the world. Sodalitas is trying to collect at least 1,000 folded cranes over the course of the E.A.S.T. weekend to be added to a continually growing installation at Bolm Studios. To aid in this endeavor, this book includes three pages of patterned origami paper for you to use located on pages 45, 97, and 159; as well as instructions for folding the crane on the opposite page. We hope everyone who visits Bolm Studios during the tour will bring with them a crane, ambitious individuals are welcome to bring as many as they wish. All you need is a square of paper and a moment or two to fold, reflecting on the possibility of peace, and what can be accomplished by people working together towards a common goal.









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Alonso Rey Andrew Long ARCHAIC Art Palace ArtAmici Arthur Simone Studio Terrence Moline Artillery Gallery Hank Waddell Scarlett Olson Fine Art Shawn Camp ArtSpark Collective Assemblage Austin Metal Authority Bad News Bingo Amazing Hancock Brothers dg Barbara Irwin Barrio Mexican Religious Art Barry George Sculpture Studio Biking Fish Blackspeer Studio Holly Fisher Blue Genie Art Industries Bolm Studios Sodalitas Joseph Phillips Shea Little Jana Swec Michael Schliefke Matt Norris Michelle Mayer Meg Stone Uber Barn Adam Carnes Marguerite Phillips bonefire studio Bonnie Gammill Studio Brenna H. Byerlotzer



59 54 9 16 17 55 30 14 44 31 31 6 78 78 24 24 24 72 79 79 79 79 79 12 47 47 47 32 32 32 43 53 53 53 53 53 53 53 53




Studio 62 19 11 18 1 50 50 57 57 57 57 70 41 73 22 22 22 84 20 10 36 5 5 51 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 26 80 4

122 114 19 28 29 115 51 26 78 52 53 15 150 151 39 40 143 152 153 154 155 156 24 93 94 54 55 77 105 106 107 108 109 110 111

Broesche Design Catherine McMillan Cesar Alexander Sylva Clayworks Studio Gallery Darkroom Studio and Gallery DeCola & Eusebi Studio-Gallery Dillo Glass Studio Dumont Gallery Dusty Whipple Designs Fire Island Hot Glass Studio, Inc Laura Sturtz Fisterra Studios Flatbed Press Elvia Perrin Flux Studio Lisa Crowder Lance Bradley Gallery DV8 GAT5 Studios Charles Ferraro James Ferraro Val Brown Bonner Fowles Graphic Glass Studio Ginko Studios Sunyong Chung Melanie Schopper Hardcourt Studios Coutrney Gray Veronica Ceci Hillary McMahan IDEA Studios BennĂŠ Rockett Jacqueline May Deanna Miesch Tina Weitz Photography Suzanne Dulany Germaine Keller Larry Sunderland

146 147 116 117 69 41 163 76 35 27 12 145 121 100 104 43 162 124 125 123 17 18 72 79 148 25 137 138 16 68 135 136

In House Gallery Ethan Azarian Kala Fine Art Iona Handcrafted Books Greg Davis Photography Jaime Jo Fisher JosĂŠ Acosta Karen Maness Kollin Baker Ladybug Studio Las Americas Fine Art Gallery Liliana Wilson Art Lion Tiger Bear Studios Littlebird Studios Lost Pines Metalworks Luis Abreux Maggie DeSanto Marilyn Fenn Maude House Studios Eric M Mills Rob Harrell Melanie Sallis Mendoza's Bellas Artes Robert Mendoza Sandra Saucedo Michael Merritt Michael Yates Design Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata Obsolete Industries Ohlerking Paintings David Ohlerking II Chris Chappell Okay Mountain Painterly Handsomes Pandora Studios Ryah Christensen Sun McColgin

83 83 83 83 64 65 65 48 2 29 28 28 85 35 35 35 35 77 33 33 33 33 34 34 34 71 67 63 65 40 40 23 86




Studio 75 75 75 56 56 38 25 82 42 21 15 3 74 58 49 52 27 81 61 61 61 60 8 8 8 39 45 76 13 69 69 69 7 37 68 68 68

164 165 166 130 131 132 95 11 50 48 49 168 63 64 65 66 149 56 57 60 61 62 142 134 129 133 73 74 38 169



Pascal Simon Studio Pascal Simon Michael White Sarah Bird Peter Ortiz Peter Staats Design Studio April Garcia Philippe Klinefelter Piercarlo Abate Photography Rhizome Collective Studio Ryan McKerley Edmo Art Satch Grimley Shady Tree Studios John Mulvany Taylor Winn Walker Winn Slugfest Printmaking Workshop & Gallery Splinter Group South Hawkeye Glenn Joseph Zambarano Macek Solid Arts Splinter Group North Andy St. Martin Brian David Johnson Susan Wallace Terra Firma Studios Texas Center for Documentary Photography The Factory Traci Goudie Angela Piehl Venus Love Arts William Bozarth 5 8 45 97 159

Crane Instructions Studio Map Origami 1 Origami 2 Origami 3 7


ArtAmici Painting | Drawing | Sculpture | Photography

ArtAmici Fine Art Gallery not only hosts artwork created by artists from several countries, some of whom live and work in Austin, but it is also a community center where visual arts and musicians gather. It offers an opportunity for the local community to experience and participate in the arts. ArtAmici’s scheduled “Fall of 2006” events includes a benefit for a Zimbabwe relief organization, (October 14), a performance and art auction fund-raiser for Yellow Tape Construction Co. Dance Group, (November 11), and weekly (Th 6-8pm) drum circle sessions. Artamici Gallery is pleased to introduce new work by a contemporary pastel artist Joseph Malloy, (USA), pen and ink drawings by Mexican artist Gilberto Ramirez, the wonderful abstract-realist photography of Mendy Holiday, pencil drawings by prize winning caricaturist and artist Alonso Araya (Chile) and new work by Pablo Taboada. 10 10

78 San Marcos St | 457-0171 | artamici.com | pablotaboadastudio.com | artamici@yahoo.com

Piercarlo Abate Photography


Commercial & Fine Art Photography

Situated in what was for 100 years a church, one block off of Cesar Chavez, photography studio of Piercarlo Abate is joining East Austin Studio Tour for its first time. Since he moved from Italy to Austin Piercarlo’s work has been one of portraits. Portraits on the street, portraits during Carnivale, or portraits in the studio. The photos are a combination of film, digital, and alternative processes. Visitors to his studio will see pictures previously exposed through F8 gallery and new pieces. The adventurous visitor will have the opportunity to take part in an ongoing portrait project.

81 San Marcos St | 300-4405 | piercarloabate.com | piercarlo@piercarloabate.com



Liliana Wilson Art Acrylic | Painting | Drawing

Chilean artist Liliana Wilson creates richly colored paintings and drawings with images often drawn from the subconscious. “My images come from the subconscious. Many of the figures I create appear in “other-world” environments. Realities collide on multiple levels while beauty emanates from the subjects. Often my compositions represent moments in the lives of individuals that serve as metaphors for those lives. Recently my work hats shifted to incorporate the universe and its beauty as a


58 Waller St. | 431-5658 | lilianawilson.com


Brenna H. Byerlotzer Printmaking Brenna has dabbled in various forms of printmaking, but what most appeals to her are hand-carved blocks, which she prints by hand with the back of an old wooden spoon.

1301 Garden St | 680-7128 | bren_b@hotmail.com



Blackspeer Studio

Holly Fisher

Painting | Drawing | Illustration | Portraiture | Animation | Graphic Arts

Holly is a painter with 25 years experience. Using traditional, experimental, physical and digital mediums, she paints portraits of her environment: people and possessions, images of pools and water, in oil, acrylic, pastel and sand. She also has 15 years behind her working in art libraries to pay the rent. Blackspeer Studios is the home of Laura Schwartz and Thomas Speer. As the head of UT’s Fine Arts Library, Laura actively supports the arts and artists. Thomas is a longtime supporter of and participant in Austin’s cultural scene. Their home/studio is a center for artistic creativity and production. 14

1620 & 1622 Garden St | 789-4155 | holfish.net | holfishart@yahoo.com

Fisterra Studio


Todd Campbell & Jennifer Chenoweth

Metal | Painting | Concrete | Furniture | Sculpture

Jennifer Chenoweth

Todd Campbell

Fisterra Studio artists Jennifer Chenoweth and Todd Campbell create art, furniture and architectural details. Todd hand forges works in steel, from organic sculptural installations to functional architectural details. Jennifer specializes in color, from abstract oil paintings to architectural color selection. They collaborate on drawings, furniture design and mixed media projects for residential and commercial commissioned work. Todd teaches “Art Metals” at Austin Community College. For the 2006 Fall EAST Tour, only Todd’s metal shop at 1407 E. Cesar Chavez will be open, as we are expecting

1407 E Cesar Chavez St | 482-0747 | fisterrastudio.com | info@fisterrastudio.com



Okay Mountain Gallery

Come view a group show with the Okay Mountain Boys: Tim Brown, John Rios, Ryan Hennessee, Michael Sieben, Justin Goldwater, Nathan Green, Sterling Allen, Peat Duggins. We exhibit contemporary art.


1312 E Cesar Chavez St | 293-5177 | okaymountain.com | info@okaymountain.com

8 Mendoza’s Bellas Artes

Robert Mendoza Custom Jewelry | Silver | Gold Precious/Semi-precious stones | Beaded jewelry Mendoza’s Bellas Artes is a unique studio featuring family artists and designers. Jeweler & designer Robert Mendoza has a Masters of Fine Arts and a BFA degree in Art from the University of Texas at Austin, he studied graduate classes in jewelry design at Texas Tech University and taught jewelry classes at St. Edwards University. Robert, his wife Amparo and family, have traveled throughout Texas displaying and selling their jewelry. In their studio you will observe a variety of media such as custom designing, casting jewelry using silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones and beaded jewelry.

1407 E 2nd St | 423-6897 | reunitedone@aol.com


8 Mendoza’s Bellas Artes

Sandra Saucedo Acrylic | Charcoal | Colored Pencil Caulk | Pastels | Inks In our studio, I use other mediums such as acrylic, charcoal, colored pencils, chalk, pastels and inks in various drawings and paintings. I began drawing at the age of seven years old, following in the footsteps of my cousin Mark. Initially, I began drawing in pencil however as I progressed I started working in other mediums such as: acrylic, charcoal, colored pencil, chalk pastels and inks. I enjoy working with color and black and white equally. I am inspired by landscapes, the horizons, the vivid colors of nature and my faith.


1407 E 2nd St | 423-6897 | reunitedone@aol.com

Cesar Alexander Sylva



Over the last year I’ve been interested in the symbolic nature of classic children’s stories, Aesop’s Fables in particular, and their application to our modern day lives. I’ve also been working on a number of domestic themes in order to develop technique. My hope is to eventually combine human expression, symbolism, and a classical technique into each work. Perhaps not directly on the lines of Carevaggio or Bosch, but some dark and dirty place between. I take great pleasure in following my inspiration, and I just hope this comes out in the work. 1402 E 2nd St | 633-9728 | casylva.com



Barry George Sculpture Studio Metal Barry George began creating found object sculptures in steel in 1987, half a mile from his present studio. The found object, along with the ever stranger and scarier world that we live in...., has always been his muse. But a trip to Antigua, Guatemala in 1992 and a chance encounter with a metal working studio there taught him new methods, forging sheet steel to incorporate in his works. The sculptures today combine both found and forged elements, resulting in anything from a bird that fits in your hand to one that hovers 5 feet over your head, figurative works, many of them kinetic, all juxtaposing organic next to manufactured mechanical forms. The works often make social or political comments using whimsy and humor. They can be indoor or outdoor sculpture, just “art” for your living room, or functional, such as bird baths and bird feeders meant for the yard. After you visit the studio go see his “Do it Yourself Icarus” at city hall (through Feb. ‘07) and ride his pedal powered wings to the sun or go up to the third floor there and visit the kinetic-sound sculpture tree. This will be my last year to participate in E.A.S.T., so please come visit my studio one last time.


204 Attayac St | 775-7301 | barrygeorgesculptures.com | bgeo8@yahoo.co.uk


Archaic Stone | Sculpture | Design ARCHAIC is a design and sculpture studio that produces site-sensitive projects. For most of our work, the conceptual starting point is a cultural or spiritual event that is developed into patterns and symbols that inspire and articulate the sculptural form. As the layers emerge, our work strives to embrace history, function, craftsmanship, and ambience. During the tour ARCHAIC will only be open on Saturday the 18th (Closed Sunday)

414 Waller St | 473-8957 | archaicstone.com | holly@archaicstone.com



Graphic Glass Studio Glass | Blown | Slumped | Painted | Carved

One could look around the room and see incredible masterpieces in random places, dusty, leaning against a wall, glass statuesque pieces standing coyly in a corner. Owner Reji Thomas’s work can be seen etched into the doors and windows at the Texas State Capitol. Reji offers her paintings for sale at the annual fundraiser for the Alzeimer’s Association of Austin and she continues to be one of the best resources for unique and valuable awards and trophies.


1101 E 5th St | 443-7354 | graphicglass.com | rejiglass@yahoo.com


Obsolete Industries Inc. .

Fine Art Printing | Silkscreen Obsolete Industries is one of the fastest growing custom print and design studios in east Austin. With award winning print, and design known worldwide, we can and will take on any project big or small. If we can hold it down for longer than 3 seconds, we can print on it! We pride ourselves on the highest quality, and best rates possible. A few client like Seiko Watches, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, Art Prostitute, SXSW, Daniel Johnston, Jad Fair, Mark Mothersbaugh, The Foo Fighter, Toyota and more, have prompted us to open our new project, Lucky Flame Gallery. A unique gallery and store. We will be providing a space for artist to showcase, lecture, teach and inspire. Coming soon! Come checkout all the goods! Corndogs 4VR!

2207 E 5th St | 1-866-355-5330 & 480-8710 | obsolete-inc.com | info@obsolete-inc.com



Dumont Gallery Linda Dumont Oil | Pastel

Linda Dumont is a colorist working in a multitude of media and genres. For thirty years I have created images for the business community, government, and private art collectors. My Art Studio Gallery is located at 906 E. 5th St., Austin, Tx. 78702. The working studio is located at 815 E. 52nd St., Austin, Tx. 78751. I may be reached for appointment by calling 512.698.1890. 26

906 E 5th St | 698-1890 | lindadumont.com | linda@dumontstudio.com

Las Americas Fine Art Gallery


Augusto Brocca

Oil Painting | Sculptures

Las Americas Studio Gallery is the place where artist Augusto Brocca creates and presents his work. Brocca was born in Peru and has lived and worked in Austin, Texas since 1975. He is a sculptor and painter with impeccable craftsmanship whose work remains true to Peruvian form. Blending a dream-like quality with a harmony of colors, Brocca uses personal imagery to describe his innermost artistic nature. He has shown throughout the southwest and Peru, and has filled several private commissions in the region. 1103 E 6th St | 971-3643 | 467-7481 | augustobrocca.com | augustobrocca@yahoo.com



Clayworks Studio Gallery Clay

The Clayworks gallery is stocked with handmade wall sconces in traditional, Southwestern and Craftsman styles, as well as coordinating tile address numbers and plaques. We also feature tile murals, tables and wheel-thrown pottery. During E.A.S.T. visitors are invited to tour the production area where we mix our own clay and fashion it into finished pieces. Expect to see tile making, wheel throwing and glazing demonstrations. Firing, the last and trickiest stage of the process, requires both skill and luck for success. Since time immemorial potters have been placing tiny clay good luck pieces in the kiln along with their wares. The little Kiln God presides over the firing, fending off cracks and other unfortunate outcomes. Visitors are invited to make their own Kiln Gods during the tour and leave it with us to be loaded along with our regular ware into what should be an exceptionally lucky kiln. Come back in a few days to pick up your creation at no charge. 28

1209 E 6th St | 474-9551 | clayworks.net | clayworks@clayworks.net

Darkroom Studio and Gallery


Photography | Darkroom

The Darkroom Studio and Gallery is a work and exhibition space for photographers and artists practicing contemporary and historic, chemistry driven photographic processes. With a tenant list consisting of both amateurs and professionals, we attempt to foster a dynamic learning environment. As digital art and photography continue to grow, our goal is to give a home to artists interested in mediums and processes which are becoming less and less available. 301 Chicon St Unit E | 542-9261 | scottengle@gmail.com



Art Palace Gallery

Art Palace is an exhibition space dedicated to the presentation of new visual art from both emerging and established artists. Periodically we collaborate with guest curators and writers to investigate new ideas in contemporary art. It is part of our mission to provide a professional yet casual environment to appreciate and engage in art of our time.


2109 Cesar Chavez St | 496-0687 | artpalacegallery.com | info@artpallacegallery.com

Andrew Long


Painting | Photography

Lift Acrylic on Baltic Birch 23" x 23"

Andrew Long’s work has been exhibited across the U.S. and Europe, including commissioned work by the Institute of Contemporary Art (London) and Museum of Fine Arts (Houston). He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants and is represented by McMurtrey Gallery (Houston) and Plus Gallery (Denver). His work was recently exhibited at David Lusk Gallery (Memphis), solo at Conduit Gallery (Dallas) as well as the survey exhibition Texas Paint: Abstraction at the Arlington Museum. His studio will feature paintings as well as photographs that combine natural elements and use of color in an abstract context. 2110 & 2112 Willow St | 450-1045 | andrewlong.net | east@andrewlong.net



Barrio Mexican Religious Art Caroline Martinez

Art Skills | Creating Paintings

THE NEXT FAMOUS ARTIST My name is Caroline Martinez and I am an artist from inspiration. My artistic abilities came to me after my oldest daughter went through a life-threatening illness. She was diagnosed with a tumor in her belly; it was the size of a football. My creation came after my daughter recovered from her illness. In the appearance of my art work you will see the struggle and emotions of faith and strength that we went through. Barrio Mexican Religious Art, Abstract Art, Vision Art and Freelance Art will be available in my studio. I am pursuing with my art career for the passion of Christ and to personally say thank you. 34

2009 Garden St | studio: 825-8460 | home: 524-5556 | work: 472-7142 | art2009garden@yahoo.com


Ladybug Studio John Corry / Joao

Watercolor | Acrylic | Portrait Painting Abstract Lasdscapes | Teaching John Ashe Corry works in water color and oils for landscapes, abstract landscapes, portraiture and a visual history of the music and politics of Austin. The environs of Austin and the Southwest comprise the first group of paintings referred to such as Austin bridges and the Greenbelt here and the Green River that flows into Lake Powel in Utah. Local musicians and national ones like Tomas Ramirez & Bonnie Raitt; and local and national politicians like Max Nofsiger and Ralph Nader make up this last group. John took second place in the NYC Art contest and has taught Art in schools and workshops over the last 25 years.

2110 Riverview St | 573-6770 | corrymedia.com | jcorry@prodigy.net


22 Bad News Bingo

Amazing Hancock Brothers Charles and John Hancock

Lo-Tech Samurai Printmakers with Performance Aspirations

Charles Hancock

John Hancock

The Amazing Hancock Brothers are lo-tech printmakers from Waxahachie, Texas, originally. These mid-career artists are masters of all print mediums. They also do spoken word performances with ritualistic hi jinx and infomercial shuck-n-jive.


2403 E 2nd St | 478 9675 | hancockbrothers.com | texanesia@yahoo.com


Bad News Bingo dg

Mixed Media Found Object Collage | Mail Art Chicano Imagery! Catholic icons collide with dada punk creative mayhem For over 20 years, dg has been involved with mail art and ‘zines. She published “Bad News Bingo!” for 15 years. Mostly working with collage, small found objects, recycled junk mail, and tin cans, dg also uses her home/art space for playing in various bands. In the past 8 years she has focused her energy on working with east Austin children in after school art classes and was part of the nonprofit enrichment program LUPEarte (Latinas unidas por el arte) at Allan Elementary.

2403 E 2nd St | 478-9675 | dgrobot@hotmail.com



Venus Love Arts Mary Kraemer

Glass | Metalwork | Mosaics | Mobiles Visit the little red bungalow on east 2nd and you will find yourself believing that artist Mary Kraemer is the goddess of love reincarnated. Venus Love Arts invites you to celebrate Love with handcrafted love altars celebrating Venus, Aphrodite, and Kama Sutra. Taste the Organic Love truffles and Rose Love Syrup. Receive love advice that will get to the heart of your relationships and change them forever. Walk the gardens. Discover the secrets of how the artist designed the garden pathways and how every bloom is utilized. Celebrate love!


2405 E 2nd St | 944-0200 | venuslovehelp.com | thegoddess@venuslovehelp.com


Flux Studio Lisa Crowder

Jewelry Flux Studio is home to metalsmith & jewelry designer Lisa Crowder. Flux showcases the jewelry of Crowder along with the work of over 14 other artists in a variety of media including: painting, ceramics, metal, clothing & more. Flux opened in October of 2004 and strives to promote the work of local Austin artists. Lisa Crowder has been designing & fabricating jewelry since 1998. Lisa received a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Metals from the University of Texas at Austin. Her jewelry is fabricated from sterling silver & incorporates such techniques as soldering, riveting, stamping, forming & piercing. Her work can be found locally at Flux, Austin Museum of Art & nationally at over 20 galleries.

2401 E 6th St #2020 | 320-0753 | austinfluxstudio.com | info@austinfluxstudio.com


24 Flux Studio

Lance Bradley Drawing | Painting

I have never stopped drawing, dreaming & riding my bicycle. I am influenced by everything & everyone; where it will take me is unknown. My work ranges from small drawings to large paintings to mixed media assemblages. My subject matter is mainly derived from my subconscious.


2401 E 6th St #2020 | 567-4516 | lancebradley00@hotmail.com


José Acosta Sculpture José Acosta is a figurative artist who uses his classical training to explore modern subject matter. His current body of work juxtaposes the human figure with geometric forms and industrial materials. The scale of his sculptures range from figurines to larger than life-size sculptures. Before moving from New York City in 2001, he worked for Jeff Koons as the lead sculptor on a large-scale project and executed a reproduction of Constantin Brancusi’s “A Muse” for the Solomon Guggenheim Museum.

501 Pedernales St #2 | 565-6064 | jose-acosta.com | jose@jose-acosta.com


26 bonefire studio

Heather Parrish Mixed MediaSculpture w/ Clay, Stone, Metal Painting | Drawing Wood Block Printing This live/work space is the creative womb of a baby artist. I am exploring various media and technical processes -- two and three dimensional. There's no telling what will be on display at any given time. My background in kinesiology informs my figurative work, and growing up overseas makes me prone to wander. Come see the explorations.


2515 E 6th St | hpsauce@hotmail.com

Maggie DeSanto


Ceramics | Handmade Tiles & Glazes | Sculpture

Hand-made ceramic tiles and glazes are produced at the artist’s home studio. This year’s tour features tiled table tops based on Amish quilt design. Also, preview tile designs for the Art in Public Places 7th Street Obelisco Project. As always, boxes of tiles and other cool stuff are here. Lots of new work to see!

2711 E 3rd St | 469-2959 | maggiedesanto@yahoo.com


sarah elizabeth stevens


cut line


Ryan McKerley Procelain Ryan McKerley has been a full-time studio potter since 1995. He makes contemporary functional stoneware and porcelain vessels which are fired in a wood or soda kiln. Ryan has taught at the Laguna Gloria Art School in Austin and the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio. He continues to give workshops in schools across Texas and in his studio. “Ryan McKerley’s guitar wants to kill your mama!”


2710 E Cesar Chavez St | 477-4776 | ryanmckerley.com | ryan@artofthepot.com

Edmo Art

showing at Ryan McKerley 28

Edmund Martinez


weird and wonderful it spins my world spins dizzy here we go hold tight don’t blink buckle up rattling and shimmering

2710 E Cesar Chavez St | 472-6245 | geocities.com/edmoart | edmoart@hotmail.com


29 Rhizome Collective Studio

Metamorphosis Designs Beth Ferguson

Printmaking | Murals | Pottery Mosaic | Puppetry | Graphic Illustration Art Classes | Theatre | Gallery The Metamorphosis Designs Studio is located at the Rhizome Collective, a non-profit Educational Center for Urban Sustainability and Center for Community Organizing. In addition to providing low-rent space to community activist organizations, the space includes a community print shop, pottery studio, puppet & bicycle parade building space, community art gallery, theater, and public event space. Members have been commissioned to create public art for social change in numerous media, including puppet shows, murals, mosaics, and illustrations. Cycle Circus Austin shares the studio space and has been contracted in the past by First Night Austin to build and perform with giant insect bicycle puppets for the First Night Grand Procession, as well as by the Theatre Action Project and local elementary schools to teach bicycle repair and art classes. We offer workshops and a space for community events, and are available for commission. 50

300 Allen St | 385-3190 | rhizomecollective.org | bikesacrossborders.org | bethjeanferg@yahoo.com

Dillo Glass Studio



The studio is set up to do warm glass fusing and slumping. The two artists that conceived the studio are former glass blowers that work at Armadillo Clay & Supply. They needed a place to express themselves and warm glass was a more practical studio for them to set up. The studio is open for glass artists who need a space to create.

3307 E 4th St | 385-7311 | armadilloclay.com | craig@armadilloclay.com



Fire Island Hot Glass Studio, Inc Glassblowing

Glassblowing is an immediate and intense physical activity requiring the elegant coordination of our hands, eyes and bodies. We love the challenge of working in this molten medium and take pleasure in the mastery of the many processes involved. Our work is a reflection of many years of collaboration in design and execution. We are available for commissions and custom work. We produce and sell on site a wide variety of exquisitely crafted and brilliantly colored items including bowls, vases, sculpture and lighting. We believe that beauty matters and that living everyday with beautiful functional objects can nourish our souls. We feel so fortunate to be able to walk this path in our lives.

52 116

3401 E 4th St | 389-1100 | fireislandglass.com | fireisland@ev1.net

Laura Sturtz

showing at Fire Island


Jewelry | Chess Sets | Sculpture | Portraits in 2 & 3 dimensions | 2D art

Laura Sturtz creates jewelry, sculpture, art chess sets, and 2-dimensional art in a variety of media including: metals, clay, wood, paint, pastels, printmaking, photography, or mixed media. She has displayed internationally and has received several awards in national juried shows. She is currently an art faculty member at Austin Community College and the Art School of Austin Museum of Art. Laura says, “Making something useful appeals to my pragmatic side. Part of the reason I make chess sets, ‘furniture’, small sculptures, and jewelry is that I like the viewer to become tactilely involved with my work. The piece changes as the viewer becomes physically involved with it, either by manipulation, being worn, sat upon, or placed in a daily living atmosphere.” 3401 E 4th St | 282-9480 | www.io.com/twinck | twinck@io.com



Hard Court Studios Courtney Gray

Copper and Steel Sculpture | Wall Sconces Found Object Masks | Custom Jewelry Hard Court Studios, owned by Courtney Gray, houses 4-5 artisans at all times who work in various mediums including printmaking, various works on paper, metal works, jewelry, painting, music, etc. Courtney Gray works in the jewelry arts creating custom works such as engagement rings and wedding bands and one of a kind sculptural neck pieces. Starting out as a sculptress, Courtney stays true to her original craft by designing and manufacturing abstract wall sconces and sculptures using steel, copper, glass, and paper. She creates decorative wall masks using random found objects. She also offers classes in creative wax carving and jewelry casting to students of all levels. You can view the wide variety of Courtney Gray's creations on her website. Come check out art in its most raw and vulnerable state and meet the creators.


628 Allen St | 799-0589 | courtneygrayarts.com | courtforshort@yahoo.com

32 showing at Hard Court Studios

Veronica Ceci Works on Paper

Veronica Ceci’s turn-ons include sleeping in museums and drawing in church. When not busy depicting blasphemous, gory robots, Ceci kicks mad lithography wisdom at Flatbed Press. To the chagrin of the Citywide Vandals Taskforce her work is currently on display at the Metropolitan Ave. subway station on the Brooklyn Green Line.

628 E Allen St | touchtherobot.com | veronicaceci@hotmail.com


33 Splinter Group South

Hawkeye Glenn

Design & Fabrication: Furniture | Architectural | Landscape

High design, master craftsmanship. Simple and clean with a sensitivity to materials that is intimate and warm. Spot on in proportion and built to last centuries. Formal integrity binds metal, trademark metal techniques and surfaces with handpicked wood and stone in Hawkeye’s gemlike, precious-feeling environments. His work over the last decade has included private and public commissions for custom interiors and exteriors, hand railings, furniture and art.


405 Springdale Rd | 385-7220 | hawkeyeglenn.com | hawk@hawkeyeglenn.com

33 Spliter Group South

Joseph Zambarano Mixed Media Joseph Zambarano is an artist, craftsman and builder. Along with his league of extraordinary craftsmen and women, Joseph designs and builds fine furniture, cabinetry and homes. His projects are an elegant blend of modern forms with traditional craftsmanship. To discuss your furniture, cabinetry or home construction project, please come by and see Joseph during the tour, and check out the latest projects in the workshop.

405 Springdale Rd | 740-5324 | josephzambarano.com | joez@josephzambarano.com


DE ADLI NE for Stu dio Applica tion s & Adver tisemen ts September 1st 2007 w w . e a s t a u s t i n s t u d i o t o u r. c o m

33 Splinter Group South

Macek Solid Arts Wood

Mark Macek is a furniture designer known for intricate veneer work and restrained use of unusual woods. He is currently concentrating on his production lines, Chisel, Reno, and Magma, which take the luxe of custom and apply it to affordable, design-focused furniture pieces. The lines were shown this year at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.


405 Springdale Rd | 385-7220 | maceksolidarts.com | mark@maceksolidarts.com

Andy St. Martin

Splinter Group North



I am of the mind that painting suspends knowledge regardless of its “style�. This suspension, or transference, is a purposeful and positive disconnection from understood and taken-for-granted ways of knowing and percieving. Painting engenders space where things can be examined in a renewed context. These thoughts are the underpinnings of what about painting is important to me. I regard what I do with a sense of irony concerning both my life and the life of painting as an historical practice and a poetic circumstance. Recent accomplishments: two person exhibit with Adreon Henry at the Dougherty Arts Center, solo exhibit at Bolm Studios, cover art for New Orleans Review, Loyola University, a literary magazine. 4709 E 5th St | 385-7220 | andystmartin.com | andystmartin@hotmail.com


34 Splinter Group North

Brian David Johnson Furniture

Brian David Johnson has spent the last 4 years designing and building fine custom furniture, cabinetry and architectural details in his east austin studio, located at the Splinter Group on Springdale Road. Due to recent changes at the co-op space earlier this year, Brian can now be located in his new, expanded studio with an entrance at 4709 East 5th street, just east of Springdale and 5th. 62

4709 E 5th St | 797-8852 | briandavidjohnson.com | brian@briandavidjohnson.com

Shady Tree Studios


Pump Project Gallery

Artist Studios | Gallery

Shady Tree Studios is a non-profit artist’s studio space in east Austin which also houses the Pump Project gallery. Home to more than 20 working artists, Shady Tree Studios was established in 2005 and has been steadily growing in size and reputation ever since. Housed in an atmospheric warehouse, Pump Project gallery has played host to numerous memorable exhibitions and art events and served as a movie set during the past year. This year the gallery will have its annual all-studio show to coincide with the launch of the studio tours. 702 Shady Ln | 351-8571 | shadytreestudios.com | info@shadytreestudios.com


35 Shady Tree Studios

John Mulvany Oil & Acrylic Painting | Mixed Media John Mulvany is an artist from Ireland who has been living and working in Austin for the past five years. He is a founding member of the Pump Project gallery at Shady Tree studios. His work explores themes of cultural and personal identity in paintings and mixed media. He recently returned from Ireland where he hosted his most recent exhibition, “Strawboys”. “Most of my recent work relates to Irish history and mythology and how one’s understanding and perception of these elemental issues can take on new meanings in a different cultural context. Maybe I’m just trying to see the Irish in everybody.”


702 Shady Ln | 203-4102 | johnmulvany.com | jwmulvany@gmail.com

Taylor Winn

Shady Tree Studios 35

Painting | Ceramic | Sculpture

Surgeoil Acrylic and Paintskin on Canvas 7 ft 5 in x 10 ft


Taylor Winn’s fresh take on Abstract Expressionism brings new zest and accessibility to large scale paint and clay abstractions. The raw process of creating art is clearly valued here and viewers are mesmerized anew with the sincerity of this young man’s work. Winn’s paintings, up to 8 feet tall by 14 feet wide, feature unusually appealing color choices and striking chemical reactions between selected paints. His clay ‘stacks’ successfully distill the primal and the mod. “Each medium affects the other. The technique-driven parameters of clay sculpture bring balance and thoughtful constructions to the paintings while the painting steers the clay work away from conventional forms.” 702 Shady Ln Studio C | c: 971-1540 | h: 330-0012 | taylorwinnart.com | taylorwinn16@yahoo.com


35 Shady Tree Studios

Walker Winn Painting

Cubist #1 Oil and Resin on Panel 12 x 12 2005

“When I make art I’m usually experimenting with multiple media, testing the properties of my materials.” Walker Winn’s Drip Series features dripping tinted resin over varied surfaces to include Masonite panels, found desktops and discarded shelving. Early works involved mixing paints and resin with concrete stain, oils, bubble solution, glass, pencil shavings, Styrofoam and metallic egg tempera. Winn’s current work on the Cubist Series and Squares Series features geometric themes with emphasis on color, shading and space. Winn’s early interest in origami is evident throughout the works. 66

702 Shady Ln Studio C | c: 796-9332 | h: 330-0012 | walkerwinnart.com | walkerwinn@yahoo.com

Biking Fish


Painting | Mixed Media

Jeffrey Swanson

Andrea Hendel

Biking Fish is a spacious warehouse where creative minded people can also be productive together. We currently house two artist (who are also musicians), and musicians from local label Australian Cattle God Records (some of whom are also artists). Andrea Hendel paints abstract figurative work, primarily in oils. Jeffrey Swanson paints in mixed medium on wood. Featuring art from our artists and music from our musicians. Also featuring guest art from our musicians, and guest music from our artists. 1406 A Smith Rd | 913-4959 | bikingfish.com



Painterly Handsomes Chris Holloway | Fred Tabares | Garrett Lacy

Oil | Acrylic Painting | Collage | Collaboration

The short history of the Painterly Handsomes Group can trace its origin to a chance meeting of painting students at San Marcos’s Texas State University. Through the visual methods of Chris Holloway, Garrett Lacy and Frederick Tabares are different, these individual approaches provide the group drive to continue producing creatively. A majority of these works are done as a result of conversation(s) that occur in and out of their studio. It is because the Austin art community shares “conversation” in the same manner that the Painterly Handsomes Group has; the trio has agreed to take residence in the state’s capitol. 68

1113 Emmitt Run | 350-4298 (Holloway) | somasurreal@yahoo.com


Jaime Jo Fisher Jewelry | Art Objects The jewelry of Jaime Jo Fisher is a refreshing mix of traditional silver work and collage. Many of the stone settings are, in fact, found objects. These range from bits of plastic and glass to something as unusual as dryer lint! Jaime’s willingness to explore combinations of found objects and set them together in “families” gives her work a contemporary sensibility with a timeless quality. Jaime is a recent arrival to Austin’s East Side and is excited to be participating in the E.A.S.T. tour for the first time.

5609 Steven Creek Wy | 314-306-1565 | jaimejofisher.com | jo2_@hotmail.com



Michael Merritt Painting | Ceramics | Bronze Sculpture

John Mark Karr Oil on Tile 24" x 24"

Originally working as a production potter, Michael began to focus more on ceramic figurative sculpture eight years ago. Since that time, he has added figurative bronze sculpture to his resume as well as sculptural wheel thrown vessels. Most recently, Michael has been working on paintings of iconic images from the media and current events, ranging from OJ's mug shot to Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos. Come by and see what


5405 Stuart Cr | 350-6675 | mykole@gmail.com


Traci Goudie Photography | Design Traci is a working photographer, director and designer. She has been shooting for 15 years, the last 6 with a focus on music. Some of her clients include the London Times, People, Sony, RCA, ATO Records, Esquire, etc. She has shot portraits of Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Mindy Smith, Gene Simmons, Jack Black, EmmyLou Harris, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Mary Chapin Carpenter...to name a few. She has also been nominated twice for a Grammy in the album package design category. Currently housed in Bolm Studios, she continues to work in the music genre directing music videos, shooting portraiture and designing album packages. She has also embarked upon the idea of photo collage in a personal project called “hugs and kisses from the end of the world”, and currently “alternate realities”.

5305 Bolm Rd #2 | 762-4550 | traci_goudie@hotmail.com


40 Traci Goudie

Angela Piehl Painting

Angela Piehl is a painter who works primarily in oil on birch panel. Her recent works are abstracted from photo sources and small-scale still life arrangements. These pieces are an investigation of mass media images that relate to gender. “I am juxtaposing abstract moments from the backgrounds of advertising in ‘lifestyle’ magazines with the luxury items often used in contemporary culture to create a particular gender identity. These moments are chosen for their expressive qualities, their capacity for nostalgia, their potential malleability, and their resonance (or confliction) with my own identity. I am creating an environment in my paintings that is grandiose-overwhelming and seductive, yet ultimately very empty and lonely. My investigation stems from the observation of distress as it relates to gender stereotypes and the many complex levels this distress can embody.” Angela Piehl lives in East Austin and works at Bolm Rd. studios #2. She teaches Studio Art at Texas State University, and has lived in Austin (off and on again) since 1993. 74

5305 Bolm Rd #2 | 391-2342 | realpiehl@yahoo.com



Garry Kirks & Kirk Laktas

Design | Build

Assemblage design/build is an idea that started out big, but grew small. Assemblage has been an art school student, a freelance writer, a musician, a maker of props and film scenery, a record store clerk, a cabinet shop drone, a high school drop-out, a hip cafĂŠ waiter, a remodeling contractor, a father, a friend, a citizen of late-night, dark and smoky rooms thick with music and sex and vain, secret notions of aesthetic glory. Assemblage is a process, not a noun. Assemblage makes stuff. Cool stuff. The kind of stuff you like. The kind of stuff you need. The kind of stuff that costs too much for you and pays too little for us. If you can think it and convey it, Assemblage can design it. Assemblage can build it. Assemblage thanks you. 5305 Bolm Rd #6 | 689-9359 | assemblageaustin.com | klaktas@gmail.com



Kollin Baker Ceramic | Concrete | Thrown Ceramics Staining Concrete | Concrete Countertops My work has centered in and around concrete as of late; staining floors and creating concrete counters. I also work in ceramics, mostly in functional pottery. Both mediums compel me by their longevity and the mystery inherent in the materials. Harder is Better.


5305 Bolm Rd #7 & 8 |791-9894 | kollinbaker.com | kollinkollin@yahoo.com

Hillary McMahan


Drawing | Painting

The Bewildering World Charcoal on Paper 28" x 40"

I am working on narrative charcoal drawings that usually involve animals. The animals are depicted in situations that are intended to suggest human dilemmas. Unlike animals, humans are blessed with and burdened by the condition of almost perpetual decision-making. I am interested in the moral, psychological, philosophical and emotional factors that inform the decisions we make or avoid. On the side I make small still life paintings of humble, ephemeral objects. These paintings keep me practiced in working from direct observation and provide a structured way to explore the formal aspects of painting that most interest me. 5305 Bolm Rd. #7/8 | 350-8825 | hillarylmc@yahoo.com



Dusty Whipple Designs Metal | Concrete

I design and fabricate interior and exterior architectural objects out of concrete and metals: planters, benches, beds, couches, countertops, wall panels, sinks, and sushi platters. My work is successful when it conceals complexity and appears simple. 78

5305 Bolm Rd 8 | 775-4069 | dustywhippledesigns.com | sratadesignbuild.com | jwhipple@hotmail.com

Michael Yates Design



I design and craft custom wood furniture and cabinetry using traditional Japanese joinery techniques and clean aesthetics. This past year has also led to new larger scale projects such as entire interiors and complete home additions, as well as new media such as resins and woodblock prints. 5305 Bolm Rd 8 | 922-4640 | michaelyatesdesign.com | michael@michaelyatesdesign.com


March 1st - April 15th

Bolm Studios Dougherty Arts Center Okay Mountain Site 1808

46 Bolm Studios

Sodalitas Art Group Painting | Collage | Mixed Media Installation

Sodalitas Art Group is Shea Little, Joseph Phillips and Jana Swec. A year after forming Bolm Studios in 2002, we started the East Austin Studio Tour, and more recently were one of the founding partners of the Texas Biennial in 2005. To us, these are more than just peripheral projects - we consider this part of our art. Because we're three people attempting to work together, collaboration is an ongoing theme in our work. Collaboration, cooperation, working towards a goal unattainable as an individual, but achievable as a group. This isn't easy, and some of us are not idealists. Finding ourselves constantly challenged, we understand the difficulties and obstacles that can impede the progress of cooperative endeavors. One of our most recent projects has been a series of psuedo-anthropological 'Walks' through our city; picking up debris, discussing systems, the way we live, move and interact as a community. Attempting to gain a better undersatnding of how we function as a group, and how we function on a larger scale as a society. This project is currently the focus of an exhibit at Sewanee University in Tennessee. For E.A.S.T 2006, we are encouraging people on the tour to bring folded origami cranes to Bolm Studios, hoping to collect at least 1,000 cranes as part of an interactive installation in our gallery. For more information on this project see page 4. 82

5305 Bolm Rd 12 | 385-1670 | sodalitasart.com | info@sodalitasart.com

Joseph Phillips

Bolm Studios


Painting | Drawing | Photography | Other Things

The Island Digital Print (edition 0f 50) 12" x 17" 2006

Joseph is tall, pale and handsome. He enjoys walks on the beach, reading, debating, colorful people, music, dogs, well contained fires, and building things (although not always in that order). He doesn't like rude people or most cats. His three wishes might include an end to hunger worldwide, more time with his wife, and maybe a new camera. He likes it when people misinterpret his art, and the feeling of warm sheets fresh from the dryer. 5305 Bolm Rd 12 | 385-1670 | josephphillipsart.com | info@josephphillipsart.com


46 Bolm Studios

Shea Little Painting | Collage | Fiber

Dallas / Austin Found Object Collage 21" x 16" 2006

I wish I had more time to make art. 84

5305 Bolm Rd 12 | 385-1670 | little@bolmstudios.com

Jana Swec

Bolm Studios 46

Painting | Portraits | Art Experiments

Jana loves art. Jana does not love writing about art. 5305 Bolm Rd 12 | 385-1670 | redswec@bolmstudios.com


46 Bolm Studios

Michael Schliefke Oil Painting Michael Schliefke is a_______________living noun

in East Austin. His expressionist paintings have been described as_____________, filled with adjective

social commentary. Critics have described his work as________________. He has shown adjective

throughout ________________ in a variety of location

solo shows, and has put together large group shows like the Father's Day Show and the ______________ Unicorn Show. In addition to adjective

painting full time and teaching painting lessons, Michael



________________ period of time

documenting his art, life and ____________ noun

on his website, SCHLIEFKEVISION.com.


5305 Bolm Rd 9 | schliefkevision.com | info@schliefkevision.com


Metal | Sculpture

Willem deKooning was asked to comment on a certain abstract painting, and he answered in the negative. He was then told it was the work of a celebrated monkey, to which he replied, “That’s different. For a monkey, it’s terrific.”

5305 Bolm Rd 10 | 913-8921 | nomatt@gmail.com


46 Bolm Studios

Michelle Mayer

Conceptual Art | Video | Installation | Painting | VJ Performance

Pharma-Visions, Something for Everyone Installation View 2006 (photo by Matt Cowan)

I am a multi-media artist, VJ, editor and art director. I create scenarios that allow reflection on contemporary situations, deconstructing them through exaggeration or focus, and using concept-specific mediums.


5305 Bolm Rd 9 | 695-9449 | michellemayer.com | michelle@michellemayer.com

46 Bolm Studios

Meg Stone Ink on Paper

I design drawings that are meant to be entered into and explored. They contain a great deal of information that is heavily influenced by my extensive background in figurative and abstract sculpture. I use a series of patterns inspired by connections and actions found within the body and in nature. Geometric elements create a labyrinth of three dimensional spaces in which numerous figures are layered one on top of another. The figures themselves reflect a childlike stream of consciousness motivated by memory and emotion. The drawings are both primitive and illustrative, creating a landscape where conscious and unconscious images co-exist. The Room Ink on Paper 22� x 30� 2006

5305 Bolm Rd 9 | 905-4612 | megstoneart@earthlink.net


46 Bolm Studios

The Uber Barn Cherie Weaver & Travis Nichols

art! passion! romance! monsters!

Cherie Weaver

Travis Nichols

Uber Barn is: Best friends. Bitter enemies. Gelfling rivals. Hopeless romantics. Uber Barn can’t help but make things. Why?? Because Uber Barn has something to tell you… LOOK OUT! Polar bears are going to be searching for new places to live. Their homes are MELTING, friend!! You wanna wake up to polar bears camped out on your xeriscaping? Reading your NY Times and not putting it back together properly? Dating your mom? OUT-SOURCING YOUR JOB? The time to act was yesterday, but NOW is cool, too. Or, like, next weekend would work. We know you’re busy. Heart, UB 90

5303 Bolm Rd 10 | ilikeapplejuice.com | travis@ilikeapplejuice.com | durotiger12@hotmail.com

46 Bolm Studios

Adam Carnes Sculpture My inspiration is drawn from a comprehensive emptiness–void of conceptual limitation and philosophical certainty. The ideas that ensue do not suffer under the constrictions of conviction, nor sustain definitive perception. In this chasm, art becomes a vehicle for creative progressive thought, and a means of navigating existence.

5305 Bolm Rd 10 | adam_b_carnes@yahoo.com


46 showing at Bolm Studios

Marguerite Phillips Oil Painting

One night, about four years ago, a group of us got together for a bbq/pool party that went late into the night, and turned into a marathon game of Marco Polo. My brother took pictures that night - this series comes from those. I complete each small painting (5" x 7") in one session, forcing a quick, gestural representation, one that mimics the movement and unconstrained, carefree fun of the game and that night. 92

5305 Bolm Rd 12 | margueritephillips.blogspot.com | margueritephillips.com


Ginko Studios Sunyong Chung Ceramics | Colored Porcelain I have been working with colored porcelain for the past two decades in east Austin. My husdband is a sculptor, we have our home and studio here. If you have not been here before, you might enjoy a visit.


800 Gullett St | 389-1920 | ginkopottery.com | sunyong@ginkopottery.com



Ginko Studios

Melanie Schopper Ceramics

I am Melanie Schopper. I make functional ceramics. I assist Sunyong Chung at Ginko Studios. I love E.A.S.T. because it gives me a chance to talk about how art is made. You can find me at Women and Their Work, Blackmail, and the Downtown Austin Farmer’s Market. Ginko Studios hosts a new Spring Show: Handmade Austin Women. Myself, Sun Yong Chung, Stephanie Lindsay, Chia Guillory, Stella Alesi, Jaime Jo Fisher, Bonnie Lynch, and Jenifer Nakastu Arnston will hold the second annual Handmade Austin Women Spring Show in May 2007. Details at handmadeautsinwomen.com. 94

800 Gullett St | manyfold.org/mschopper | m.schopper@gmail.com

Philippe Klinefelter



"Hourglass Arbor" an Austin Art In Public Places project, has been installed at Webberville Road and Boggy Creek. The next project "Earth Fountain" has begun in the quarries of Marble Falls. The quarry block weights 150,000 lbs. and will be transformed into a sculpture for the City of Ft. Worth Public Art. I plan to bring this stone to my studio by this fall. 800 Gullett St | 389-1920 | philippeklinefelter.com | pksculptor@hotmail.com



Lost Pines Metalworks Colin McIntyre


Creating sculptural and architectural works of hand-forged steel and copper.


1051 Springdale Rd | 479-9941 | lostpinesmetal@juno.com

Arthur Simone

Arthur Simone Studio


Abstract Expressionist Oils on Canvas

Arthur Simone is an abstract-expressionist oil painter who has worked to reestablish himself in Austin after an unexpected move from New Orleans following a curious little storm. Growing up wanting to be a cartoonist, he fell in love with the free expression of line and color from artists like Jackson Pollock and Hassel Smith, and his own paintings just get bigger and bigger. Simone invites the discovery of danger, humor, and comfort in several layers of distorted shapes using a palette of sharp yellows, fleshy reds, and stark whites. His large home studio in East Austin makes him giddy. 3204 Kay St | 773-575-3303 | arthursimone.com | arthur@arthursimone.com


50 showing at Arthur Simone Studio

Terrence Moline Photography | Paintings

Terrence Moline is a New Orleans born, recently Austin-based life artist. He bridges the gap between color, movement and visual art via his camera, his mac and canvas or panel. His style is "Classic. Urban. Organic." His work is impressionistic. He is a technicolor dreamer. 102

3204 Kay St | 504-606-7915 | melanincreative.com | terrence@slowlytakingover.com

Blue Genie Art Industries


Commercial Art

Blue Genie Art is an Austin-based commercial art interest specializing in the design and manufacturing of all scale of art projects including sculpture, murals, displays, props, signage, promotional vehicles, and architectural detail. A partial list of clients include the State of Texas, City of Austin, GSD&M Advertising, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Seaworld of San Antonio, Star of Texas Rodeo, Schlotzsky's, Central Market, and the LBJ Library and Museum. Blue Genie Art was just voted best public artists and best painter/ sculptors in the 2003 Austin Chronicle Readers Poll. We also produce several art events held at our facility including the annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar in December. Please visit our website to find out more about the Blue Genie studio. 916 Springdale Rd #4 | 444-6655 | bluegenieart.com | mail@bluegenieart.com



Luis Abreux Oil | Acrylic | Mixed Media Luis Abreux was born in Havana , Cuba in 1971 and graduated from la Academia de Arte San Alejandro. In July of 2005 he came to live in the US in order to continue creating and continue living...

104 116

701 Tillery A4 | 407-6924 | abreux.mosaicglobe.com | luisabreux@yahoo.es

53 IDEA Studios

Benne Rockett Encaustic | Paper Casting Concrete Casting Benne is a storyteller fundamentally, and has probably been influenced by a rich tradition of Southern literature and storytelling as a part of her New Orleans heritage. She is also a story-listener or facilitator, a therapist and teacher who listens and helps people turn that story around to see all the sides of it. Her love for materials is like a writer’s love of language. It is a visceral and emotional engagement. Benne is a contributing writer to the visual ar ts section of the Austin Chronicle.

701 Tillery St. Suite A-3 | 665-0818 | idea-art.org | idea_breadfactory@yahoo.com


53 IDEA Studios

Jacqueline May Painting | Encaustic Cast Concrete Relief Jacqueline May creates artwork about ideas. Layers of thought collide and merge within her works to create a visually rich and beautiful surface, often characterized by reflective and translucent materials. She works in cast concrete, encaustic, oil, drawing and collage, video installation, and printmaking.

The Word Made Flesh

106 116

701 Tillery St. Suite A-3 | 472-3349 | jacquelinemay.com

Deanna Miesch

IDEA Studios


Art Therapy | Ceramics | Collage | Mixed Media | Painting | Photography

Returning to her private practice this fall from maternity leave, Deanna will present work both current and from her collection which explores life cycles, birth and motherhood. Her art has been reviewed in Art Forum International, the Austin Chronicle and various other Texas publications, and has been shown in Austin, Houston, Lubbock and Chicago. She is an alumna of UT Austin (BFA ’61) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MAAT ’96). She has eleven years of clinical experience in art therapy and works with people ages 5+. 701 Tillery St Suite A-3 | 385-6278 | idea-art.org


53 IDEA Studios

Tina Weitz Photography Architectural and Fine Art Photography | Mixed Media

Tina has been a photographer in Austin for 16 years and her artworks have been exhibited world-wide. Her image created for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s 5th anniversary won an international award, she has been published in books and magazines, and has been featured in a Smithsonian Institute traveling exhibition. Along with traditional photography, she explores alternative processes and using photographs with mixed media. Many of Tina’s images are influenced by the past; vintage items, seeing the value in history, and exploring the cause/effect of emotions evoked from experiencing the human condition. 108

701 Tillery St Suite A-3 | 481-8493 | tinaweitz@austin.rr.com

53 IDEA Studios

Suzanne Dulany Mixed Media | Oils | Watercolors | Collage | Sculpture

Suzanne has been a practicing artist in Austin for the past 20 years and has exhibited throughout Texas and the United States. She is attracted to materials that conjure the physical and poetic presence of trees: as in leaves, seeds, feathers, cocoons, old books and papers, scrap lumber and cardboard boxes. In various media, she captures the poignancy and beauty inherent in the collision between the human and the natural worlds. 701 Tillery St Suite A-3 | 921-7744 | idea-art.org | elementsart@sbcglobal.net


53 IDEA Studios

Germaine Keller Sculpture | Drawing

My work begins with a manipulated digital photograph of a scene that I construct in the studio or natural environment. Linear computer drawings or wire constructions are then overlaid until the work contains its own inherent integrity and reveals a complete sensory and visual event. I am concerned with the inherent form in randomness; how we perceive order in chaos. I look for congruencies. I look for the inherent logic we mistake for order. 110

701 Tillery St Suite A-3 | 809-4895 | idea-art.org | germainekeller@sbcglobal.net

Larry Sunderland

IDEA Studios



Crown of Thorns

Photography for me is a series of steps moving towards the object that reflects my own personal view. It is a delightful process often surprising in the framing and the capture. Then the work begins to hone the image until a print results that is true to the original vision.

701 Tillery St Suite A 3 | 426-0871 | lsunderland@mac.com



Catherine McMillan Photography

Catherine McMillan is a commercial photographer by trade but her passion lies in what she creates for herself. She will be showing her latest body of work, a calendar for the Town Lake Trail Foundation. Individual fiber, black and white prints of Town Lake will be for sale. The proceeds of all sales help the Foundation. 114

701 Tillery Suite A-2B | 386-9899 | mcmillanphotography.com | cathy@mcmillan.com

DeCola & Eusebi Studio /Gallery


Stained/Leaded Glass

Artisans Barry DeCola and Alexandra Eusebi have over 25 years of combined glass expertise producing unique stained and leaded glass windows, doors, and home accessories. Their work is available through private commission and at galleries throughout the country. With backgrounds in art, engineering, and design, they specialize in creating distinctive and functional art glass that is compatible with the personal style and needs of their clients, as well as the architecture and genre of the home. A variety of one of a kind works are on display at their studio and showroom.

701 Tillery St Suite A-11 | 389-2266 | decola@earthlink.net | decola-eusebi.com



Iona Handcafted Books Mychal Mitchell | Edward Bailey

Binding of Leather Journals & Photo Albums

Since 1994 Mychal Mitchell and Edy Bailey have been perfecting a variety of Venetian-style leather journals and photo albums that have found their way into the hands of philosophers, sculptors, pastors, musicians, nomads, photographers, expectant mothers, poets, monks, calligraphers, painters, peace-corps volunteers, architects, doodlers, yogis, scrapbookers, fishermen, tattoo artists, and everyday sorts of people who have something to say or save in a meticulously crafted archival book. Please join us for our 4th year of E.A.S.T., experience the photographic world of guest artist Greg Davis‌ and sample some pretty darn tasty cookies while you browse. 116

701 Tillery Suite B-2 | 247-4700 | ionahandcraftedbooks.com | stitchelves@ionahandcraftedbooks.com

Iona Handcrafted Books 56

Greg Davis Photography Digital World Travel Photography

Blanket Weaver, Vietnam

Traveling around this great big, exciting, lonely, lush, sad, bustling, wondrous, lavish, friendly, beautiful, intriguing, humorous, spiritual, generous, adaptive, dangerous, creative, sincere, simple, ever changing world of ours had been on my life list of things to do for over a decade. The opportunity to travel around the world presented itself to me in early 2004. I evaluated my choices and made the decisions that would take my life down a very exciting path, one I had always dreamed of; it would be an experience that would always live within me, mine forever. Welcome to my trip. You may order prints directly from my website, or if you have interest in a custom piece, just let me know your ideas and we will work together to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Thank you for your interest in my work. 701 Tillery Suite B-2 | 228-0995 | gregdavisphotography.com | greg@gregdavisphotography


57 Artillery Gallery

Hank Waddell Sculpture | Wood | Metal | Paint

I explore this relationship between nature and industry in my sculpture. I approach a once living and breathing thing and use my intuition and senses to bring new life to it, allowing it to continue to speak. I begin with "an Original", a branch or stump or root of a tree that finds me in my daily course. I rarely discover them and if I search they are elusive. I have to wait for them but when Originals find me, they are already laughing, crying, expressing something personal.


701 Tillery Suite B-1 | 426-4024 | chronicart.net | hank@chronicart.net

Scarlett Olson Fine Art

Artillery Gallery 57

Painting | Collage

Scarlett Olson is a native Texan and a graduate of the UT fine arts program. Scarlett's paintings reflect Mexican culture and are influenced by her upbringing in San Antonio as well as living in Mexico. She has several styles that she works in, including abstract landscapes, symbolic paintings influenced from Catholic art, collages and contemporary portraits. Scarlett strives to contrast her traditional history and upbringing with living in the world today, and she especially focuses on the virtual world of on-line commerce and communication. Her newest body of work consists of a series of collages rendered from images on eBay resulting from searches of words like love, hope, truth and beauty. She finds traditional images and collages them with contemporary items on eBay to come up with whimsical combinations. Scarlett currently works at her studio at the Bread Factory and runs Artillery Gallery with four other artists next door. 701 Tillery Suite B-1 | scarlettolson.com


57 Artillery Gallery

Shawn Camp Oil | Mixed Media

The work of Shawn Camp is expressively rendered, but geometrically derived abstraction loosely based on the landscape seen from above or the sky seen from below. In it, he explores the interplay between man and nature, structure and chaos, order and disorder. Shawn was born in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He completed work on his MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and now lives in Austin, Texas. 120

710 Tillery Suite B-1 | 289-8589 | shawncamp.net | shawnartstudio@hotmail.com


Littlebird Studios Chris Arnold

Furniture Littlebird Studios specializes in custom furniture and fixtures for your home, office, garden, or retail space. Pieces are individually built in a wide range of materials and styles. Our clients range from individuals with ideas and empty rooms to designers and architects needing specific solutions.

Casey Dunn Photography


701 Tillery Suite C | 791-2453 | littlebirdstudios.com | chris@littlebirdstudios.com



Broesche Design Furniture

Jeff McGlew has been fabricating and designing custom furniture since 1989. Each piece is individually crafted to the client’s specific needs in both residential and commercial installations. Metal combined with wood, glass, and stone are used to create a wide variety of furniture, accessories and lighting. 122

701 Tillery Suite C | 823-1414 | broeschedesign.com


Melanie Sallis Colored Pencil | Ink | Oil | Acrylic Melanie Sallis is an Austin artist who creates strong images using colored pencil, acrylic, ink and oil. Melanie’s vivid paintings use intense color to express an inner dynamic, which brings forth feeling and passion, often using stark contrast to reflect something deep and mysterious within our nature. The artwork is expressive, demonstrating a huge range of emotional complexity. In her studio, in addition to her own work, she works on commission for illustrations and portraits from photographs and creates murals for children.


701 Tillery Suite C-10 | 484-4474 | melaniesallis.com | melarte@melaniesallis.com


61 Maude House Studios

Eric M. Mills Painting Irony. The unseen catalyst. Mundane items given Iconic status. The ring of fire and Mexican depictions of the Virgin are knocking on the door. There’s a simple wooden chair begging for a portrait. And in the future is a totem pole, the likes of which the world has never seen. There’s sure to be a bicycle in it somewhere. All elements of the work of an artist born and raised in Austin, with a healthy caffeine addiction.

116 124

805 Maude St | 293-6729 | wheelieman@austin.rr.com

61 Maude House Studios

Rob Harrell Painting Harrell has been showing his figurative oil paintings around the country for the past eight years. He is also an illustrator and syndicated cartoonist. His comic strip “Big Top� is seen daily in more than fifty newspapers around the world. Rob Harrell will be displaying his figurative oil paintings.

805 Maude St | cell: 483-1427 | studio: 736-2807 | robharrell.com | rob@robharrell.com



Alonso Rey Painting

Wisdom and Arrogance(Sabiduria y Arrogancia) Oil on Canvas 7' x 4' 2005-6

The painter Alonso Rey was born on April 29, 1967 in Lima, Peru. His father a doctor and his mother an artist, he grew up watching his mother paint. Alonso studied at the Joe de Leon School of Graphic Design, but after two years he realized that painting was his passion. He entered the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú, Peru’s century old School of Fine Arts, where he learned the use of color. The artist offers in his paintings human behaviors and emotions derived from his experiences in various periods of his life. His work has been labeled psychological realism, revealing his fascinating theme and technique.


1131 Leona St | 220-5277 | austingalleries.com | loli72@hotmail.com

Texas Center for Documentary Photography



Since 1876, the Old School has been richly connected to the history of Austin. Landowners included Samuel Whiting, publisher of Austin’s first newspaper, and Svante Swenson, the first Swedish immigrant to Texas. The Ritz/Schmidt family lived in the house for 100 years. When it sold, the Old School served as a site for poetry readings and musical events and housed boarders including Wali Stopher, a.k.a. Oat Willie. The Old School is home to art, social, and political events. It is the permanent site of the Texas Center of Documentary Photography which includes Alan Pogue’s renowned and striking documentary photography. 1604 E 11th St | 478-8387 | documentaryphotography.com | alanpogue@mac.com



Peter Ortiz Paintings

Everything is a process of growth. When creating many of my works, nature’s essence inspires me- like flowers gently gliding to earth, persons strolling along, or the bud of a flower waiting to show its grandeur. Complementing this essence, music enhances the mood. Many larger paintings begin outdoors. Drenching them with water allows for the color to bleed. This, in turn, inspires the strokes that follow. After sufficient applications they’re brought indoors for detailing before completed. Generally, because they reveal themselves more easily, the energy of smaller works, such as my abstracts, is best captured indoors. 130

1212 E 10th St | 389-0648 | 391-0763 | peterortiz.com


Peter Staats

Design Studio Photography | Illustration Vanity Press is featured at the tour of Peter Staats Studios. Vanity Press is the collecting, selecting and transforming of that single image into a bound art book.It is the visual treatment of a subject that culminates in runs of a few books, or just one. I will be hosting a casual print-ondemand workshop for anyone looking to layout a professional looking book. Also, recent photographic studies, Iran and China; The Missing Intel are on view in our gallery. Information is available as podcast at our web site.

1150 San Bernard St | 473-2277 | peterstaats.com | pstaats@texas.net


65 Peter Staats Design Studio

April Garcia Soft Sculpture | Installation April Garcia expresses herself through materials of texture and common items such as fabric and bubble wrap. This year's soft sculpture installation, House of Addictions, is not about a monkey playing miniature cymbals. It is more of a general exploration for weakness that comes from the subconscious and the pleasures of the body. This will be her second year showing as an invited guest artist at Peter Staats Design Studio.

116 132

1150 San Bernard St | 473-2277 | austinpeach.com

The Factory: Expressions of Creation



STUDIES IN NATURAL PERFUMERY AT “THE FACTORY” (our workshop): For the 2nd year, we welcome those interested in fragrant plant extracts, the subjects of high-scientific and metaphysical drama on Austin’s East Side. Weekend demonstrations will cover extraction techniques and alchemical methods. Precious aromatic plant extracts will be brought out for sampling. Those with an interest in aromatic oils and fragrance should consider visiting during a guided demonstration: Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 & 4:00 (Japanese Kodo-style incense ceremony perhaps on Sunday, per demand...)

1178 San Bernard St | 499-8443 | phytophilia@mac.com



Terra Firma Studios Aly Winningham

Glass | Metalwork | Mosaics | Mobiles Aly continues to explore her favorite mediums of glass and metals. Her creativity is expressed through her dynamic mobiles, unique glass windows bursting with color and of course her mosaics. Aly’s technique of mosaics reflects her own unique and unmistakable style. Her mosaics evoke a sense of enchantment that is acquired through her mastery of her materials and skill, as well as her devotion to her art. Aly just completed the mosaic on her 10ft Gibson guitar for the “Austin Guitar Town” project. Look out for her guitar around and about Austin. She is also working on a variety of other private commissions including a large copper and glass mobile and several outdoor installation pieces. There are many objects of art for sale at the studio as well so please stop by and visit!


Tree of Life Found object mosaic relief 24" x 29"

2009 SL Davis Ave | 481-1923 | terrafirmastudios.com | aly@grandecom.net

68 Pandora Studios

Ryah Christensen Painting | Mosaic The story is the only real entity a living that journeys toward its own truth.

So said the possom Oil on Wood 3' x 4'

1180 Pandora St | 474-5229 | ryahpapaya@yahoo.com


68 Pandora Studios

Sun McColgin Sculpture | Furniture Concrete Countertops My name is Sun McColgin and I am a sculptor and craftsman in East Austin. I create abstract sculpture using steel, concrete and bronze. In addition, I specialize in custom concrete countertops, steel gates, latticework, and landscape installations.

If lungs were wings Powdercoated Steel 32" x 34" x 16"


1180 Pandora St | 474-5229 | sumac71@yahoo.com

69 Ohlerking Paintings

Painting David Ohlerking was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but was schooled in the Philippines, Belgium and Springfield, Missouri. Drawing from a wide variety of influences like Munch, Toulouse-Lautrec, Kline, Bonnard, Vuillard, Diebenkorn and Twombly, David has developed his style under the tutelage of Alex Kanevsky, a classically trained Philadelphia artist. David has a couple shows coming up – one of the ladies of 12th and Chicon that will open at Bolm Studios in the fall, and an ambitious Figurative Painting Project that features twenty Austin painters that opens at South Austin’s Gutterkitty Studios on Nov. 24th.

1209 Coleto | 300-7784 | davidohlerking.com | ohlerkingpaintings@yahoo.com


69 Ohlerking Paintings

Chris Chappell Painting

Chris Chappell is a life long Austinite who lives with his wife, three children, dog, cat, and rabbit in a recently renovated home. For years, Chris has painted toilets, both on porcelain and on canvas, and has concentrated his painting on the urban and natural landscapes around him, choosing to paint mazes of apartment complexes and tree canopies. In his spare time, Chris paints murals for businesses and individuals, has worked on an assortment of animation projects, and has managed to document his endeavors on various websites that may or may not involve food.


1209 Coleto | 350-3764 | chrischappellart.com | chrischappell@grandecom.net

ArtSpark Collective


Drawing | Painting | Sculpture | Collage | Fashion Design | Jewelry Design & Beadwork | Digital Illustration

The ArtSpark Collective is a collaborative group of artists whose mission is nestled in the fundamental idea of co-inspiration. Art parties, dubbed "Inspiration Station", occur weekly and welcome artists from any discipline to come together and create. Artists can work on cooperative projects or go solo in an inspirational environment. While all mediums are welcome and encouraged, ArtSpark predominately features Painting, Mixed-Media Collage, Mixed-Media Sculpture, Digital Art, Fashion Design, and Organic Jewelry Design. 2202 E 13th St | 469-1777 | zhibit.org/artspark | planetaim@gmail.com



Susan Wallace Metal | Lighting | Wood Transform your View! with site specific, custom design: aluminum grillwork, screens, awnings, rails, gates. Melding 3-dimensional aesthetics with my client’s desire for functional, architecturally-scaled solutions.


2012 E 16th St | 477-2740 | susanwallace.net | swallaceis@austin.rr.com

Gallery Dv8


Painting | Sculpture | Surprises

Wade Beesley, Gallery Dv8 curator, owned and operated Mojo's Daily Grind, where he showcased progressive, cutting edge artists for a decade. Having sold Mojo's and bought property on the east side, he occasionally turns his back yard into a weekend guerrilla gallery. Dv8 represents raw, innovative artists whose works often don't get recognized or appreciated by traditional galleries. 2300 E 16th | 482-0911 | gallerydv8.com | wade@gallerydv8.com



Austin Metal Authority Metalsculpture | Welding | Metal Fabrication | Blacksmithing

The AMA is comprised of six metalworkers specializing in sculptural, structural, functional, and nonfunctional metal projects. We are well-trained blacksmiths, coppersmiths, internationally certified welders, fabricators, designers, and artists. We can build you a deck or chop your bike, forge you a fifteenth century baroque gate, or fib you a motorcycle gas tank. The AMA is a juggernaut. There is neither client nor metal too dense to be cut, torched, or forged by the AMA. Live Forging Demos throughout E.A.S.T. 144

1402 Cedar Ave | 524-5885 | atxamafe@hotmail.com

Lion Tiger Bear Studios


Adele Hauser | Eric Uhlir | Justin Cox Matthew Wright | Raymond Uhlir | Ryan Launderdale

Painting | Drawing | Photography | Sculpture | Installation

Eric Uhlir

Lion Tiger Bear Studios was founded in early 2006 by a collection of hard working Austin area artists. The simple objectives of the studio are to provide working space for artists and an opportunity for creative discussion 1401B Cedar Ave | 659-8590 | ericuhlir@gmail.com



In House Gallery

Ethan Azarian Painting | Gallery Space

Winter Village Acrylic on Wood 7 x 11 2004

I have made my living as an artist for 10 years, working and hosting art shows at the In House Gallery. I enjoy being a part of and supporting the art community in Austin. I regularly contribute paintings to art galleries and nonprofit organizations in Austin. Using acrylics on canvas I take familiar subjects; city landscapes, everyday items in my kitchen, chairs, houses, cows and chickens, galaxies and UFOs, and combine them to create paintings. I am excited to be part of 2006 E.A.S.T. I will also be hosting my Christmas art show at the In House Gallery. New works include an exploration of color theory with cityscapes providing the setting and a series of cityscapes with alien abductions. 146

2514 E 17th St | 220-7198 | ethanazarian.net | inhousegallery@hotmail.com

Kala Fine Art

at In House Gallery


Painting | Graphics | Mixed Media | Drawings

Collector and independent curator Justin Marx founded Kala Fine Art in 2001 to represent artists whom he met in India. Five years later the Kala Collection based in East Austin is one of the largest collections of Indian contemporary art in the USA, representing over 50 artists from throughout India. East Austin Studio Tour will feature a selection of these artists. Kala Fine Art is happy to be collaborating with Ethan Azarian and the In House Gallery for the East Austin Studio Tour. 2514 E 17th St | 299-2101 | kalafineart.com | info@kalafineart.com



Museum of Natural &Artificial Ephemerata Scott Webel & Jen Hirt

Gallery Founded in 1999, Scott Webel and Jen Hirt’s Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata (MNAE) seeks to playfully engage the cultural institution of the museum by inviting the public into our curatorial process through calls for loans and by applying conceptual arts strategies to the form and content of natural history and technology exhibitions. MNAE currently offers curator-narrated tours of the impermanent collection, which surveys histories of collecting in the style of 19th century “dime museums”: a parade of hoaxes, replicas, and rarities! A photographic retrospective of our last themed exhibition, Machines, is on view in our studio.


1808 Singleton Ave | 320-0566 | mnae.org | mnae@mnae.org


Slugfest Printmaking Workshop & Gallery Printmaking Slugfest is a cooperative printmaking workshop providing equipment and space for printmakers to pursue their artistic vision via intaglio, letterpress, lithography and/or relief. They also offer contract printmaking services to artists who may be unfamiliar with printmaking processes. Slugfest publishes and prints the work of invited guest artists. Classes and workshops in basic printmaking techniques are occasionally offered on an entirely capricious schedule. The Slugfest Gallery shows exclusively works on paper, primarily prints, of established and emerging artists nationwide. Shows are by invitation only.

1906 Miriam Ave | 477-7204 | slugfestprints.com | info@slugfestprints.com



Flatbed Press Printmaking | Etchings Lithographs | Woodcuts Founded in 1989 by Katherine Brimberry and Mark L. Smith, Flatbed Press is a collaborative printmaking studio which specializes in original etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, photogravures, and monotypes. Flatbed is the only studio of its kind and size in the central U.S. All the impressions are created in our studios, and exhibited for sale in our galleries. Artists are local, regional, national, international, and vary from traditional to conceptual in style.


2830 E MLK Jr Blvd | 477-9328 | flatbedpress.com | mark@flatbedpress.com

78 Flatbed Press

Elvia Perrin Printmaking Recent work explores the residues and traces of the body surface. My work consists of sectional figures in which I imprint my body onto copper plates, through the printmaking process. The transfer manipulates and distorts the image of self, revealing a skin-like quality. The process modifies and displaces the human form, signifying the relationship between idealism, reality and perception of the physical self. This series of prints, like all of my work confronts the ideas between beauty and femininity.

2830 E MLK Blvd | 477-9328 | flatbedpress.com




Gat5 Studios Design | Film | Mixed Media Painting | Photography | Sculpture GAT5 is an interdisciplinary art collective committed to promoting the Austin art community through the fusion of visual art, design, film, music and theater. Artist, filmmaker and music promoter Charles Ferraro started the collective in 2003. GAT5 has organized a wide range of events and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Austin art community and various non-profits including the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and AIDS Services of Austin. During EAST the GAT5 Studio will host a group art exhibit, video installations, bands, DJs and complimentary food and beverages provided by Austin based restaurants and businesses.


3403 Larry Ln | 680-0532 | gat5art.com | info@gat5art.com

79 GAT5 Studios

Charles Ferraro Painting | Photography | Film Artist, filmmaker and music promoter Charles Ferraro is the founder of the GAT5 Artist Collective. Ferraro attended The University of Texas where he studied studio art with a split focus of painting and sculpture. Since graduation Ferraro has worked in a wide variety of mediums including: sculpture, painting, photography, film and mixed media. He has exhibited his work regionally, nationally and internationally. Locally he has established himself as a note worthy emerging artist through various group and solo exhibitions. In addition he has directed several films and has been featured at the SXSW Film Festival.

3403 Larry Ln | 680-0532 | gat5art.com | charles@gat5art.com


79 GAT5 Studios

James Ferraro Sculpture | Mixed Media | Illustration James Ferraro, GAT5 co-founder, is currently attending Texas State with a focus on illustration and metal sculpture. Ferraro's illustrative pieces depict introspective views into his interior as an artist. The work features solitary figures with words and phrases while concentrating on stylized realism stemming from life drawing studies. Ferraro's sculptures are freestanding and relief work that consist of recycled steel and found objects. The pieces have a unique industrial style, which the artist has developed over several years. His current series incorporates recycled industrial forms with organic objects taken from nature. The pieces also feature visceral text, illustrations and stencils.


3403 Larry Ln | gat5art.com | james@gat5art.com

Valerie Brown

GAT5 Studios


Design | Mixed Media

Val Brown is currently an art student at Texas State University with a concentration in communication design, typography and sculpture. A decade worth of design studies is apparent through Brown’s sculptural works. Her concept driven sculptures strongly rely on the communication of a message to the viewer in an aesthetically pleasing way. These ideas are portrayed through experimentation with many different materials including bronze, steel, found metal objects and objects found in nature. Social commentary on the materialistic nature of our modern society is very apparent through Brown’s Act Natural series and her current work. Populous Obeying. 3403 Larry Ln | gat5art.com | val@gat5art.com


79 GAT5 Studios

Bonner Fowles Painting Bonner Fowles, an Austin based artist, has been working and exhibiting locally and regionally over the past several years while attending art school. Fowles' work is currently on display at the alternative space Beast House in downtown Austin. Works to date have been large, brightly colored figurative oil and acrylic paintings including the series, Martinis and Hair-dos. In 2006 Fowles' work has evolved to include mixed media pieces like his interactive Pornography for Arbor Day. During EAST, Fowles will show new conceptual and politically spiked works laced with idealism.


3403 Larry Ln | gat5art.com | bonner@gat5art.com


Bonnie Gammill Studio Painting

Sunset TREE Oil on Panel 24" x 43" x 1" 2005

My work is flat, graphic, and colorful. The paintings discus organic beauty in manmade systems and rhythms. Looking at contemporary transportation and communication, the work focuses on our relationship to our environment.

201 Hollywood Ave | 787-3530 | bonniegammill.com | studio@bonniegammill.com


cut line


Marilyn Fenn Paintings | Encaustic | Mixed Media

Marilyn Fenn creates boldly colored paintings in oil, encaustic and mixed media. Her work ranges from abstracted paintings of musicians and iconic imagery to representational and abstract landscapes to total abstraction. Visit Marilyn’s cozy studio at her 1937-vintage home, located in the French Place neighborhood, to view a houseful of completed paintings and catch a glimpse of her new series in progress. Paintings plus prints and cards of the paintings will be available. Light refreshments. 162

3504 Robinson Ave | 476-0188 | marilynfenn.com | marilynfenn@marilynfenn.com


Karen Maness Painting | Murals | Design Artist Karen Maness enjoys painting in broad strokes to keep life and movement in her work. Trained in formal academic painting and in large-scale theatrical painting, Maness is comfortable working in a variety of scales, mediums, and styles. Her recent works display her love for painting the figure as well as her connection to the landscape of her neighborhood. Maness’ imagery often references the notion of travel, transportation, and infrastructure. “Home” and “the Journey” are reoccurring themes. Maness has worked extensively this year on commissioned murals. Her mural work can be seen at The Radisson Suites and Hotel, The Downtown Austin Marriott Hotel and The Renaissance Hotel at the Arboretum.

3902 Cherrywood Rd | 799-7528 | karenmaness.com | kmaness@78702.com



Pascal Simon Studio Glass Mosaic Munich-born Pascal Simon began working on mosaics in 1996, creating functional art that leaned more toward the crafty side of things. In the decade since, Simon taught herself various techniques and now creates intricate fine art pieces that appear romantic on the surface, but which explore the complexities of compromise in women’s lives. She is well known for her mosaic instruments, which began when she tiled a guitar as a birthday gift for her husband. “I use guitars where the face is warped or the neck is broken. It’s like giving an instrument a new life,” she says.


1706 E 38 ½ St | 320-0748 | pascalsimon.com | pascalsimon@yahoo.com

83 Pascal Simon Studio

Michael White Sculpture I am a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, with a BFA in Studio Art. My emphasis lies in the sculptural world, but in particular the technique itself. Every piece I create is the result of a long process, beginning with drawings and an assessment of what skills and abilities I already have. Once I know what things I cannot accomplish, I throw myself into those processes. This way of working results in a piece very different from the original sketch, but affords a great deal of learning and personal development. It has also resulted in many home made tools, including a furnace for casting metal and a small power hammer for shaping metal. This reflects and emphasizes my belief that the journey to the final artwork

1706 E 38 ½ St | 466-4123 | michaelwhite@whitepaperdesigns.com


83 Pascal Simon Studio

Sarah Bird Fiber Arts

I work in salvaged textiles. I use materials drawn from the bottom of the textile “food chain.” The majority of my materials are destined for landfill. I have a passion for lateral creativity. By that I mean the inventive and efficient redesign of existing objects. Up until recently I worked primarily in wool but in the last year I have expanded into cotton, linen and silk. My first love is constructing rag rugs using unusual and nearly lost techniques. I also design one of a kind hats, bags, scarves, and blankets. Most recently, I have become obsessed with children’s clothing. 166

1706 E 38 ½ St | 467-9224 | birdsh@netzero.net


Barbara Irwin Collage | Found Object | Assemblage

Barbara Irwin is a collage, found object, and assemblage artist who loves recycling anything and everything - old or new - giving things a new life. A garden implement can become a piece of modern sculpture; a birdcage turns into a stage for her latest fantasy. Barbara is also a collector of over thirty different things such as hands, mirrors, wasp and bird nests, faeries and elves, hearts and much more. Barbara’s studio and home have been described as an amazing feast for the eyes. She takes esthetics to a whole new level.

3905 B Grayson Ln | 482-8163 | foundobjectart.com



Satch Grimley Serigraphy | Painting | Collage Satch is a native Austinite who has been painting and silk screening for over 15 years. His interest in the local band poster scene and screen printing eventually led him to work as a master printer on the Serie Project for Coronado Studio. Now working out of his home studio, Satch’s recent series uses serigraphy, painting, and collage to create works exploring the collision between man-made culture and nature. The studio is also a working print shop, producing numerous gig posters and fine art prints for designers and artists worldwide.


4600 Rimrock Trail | 494-0651 | satch@grandecom.net

William Bozarth


Outdoor Furniture

William creates beautiful and functional hand crafted outdoor/indoor furniture with a modern yet rustic quality for people who want something different. Come have a seat, Austin.

4600 Rimrock Trail | 740-2659 | wmbozarth.blogspot.com | wmbozarth@gmail.com


In loving memory of Ann Richards WITH MANY THANKS TO: Al l the Par ti c i pati n g A r ti s ts P ro A r ts Wal l y Wo r km an G al l e r y Bi g Re d S u n On e Ci ty P ro p e r ti e s Cafe M u n d i Wh e ts to n e A u d i o E as t Si de Pi e s M i l l e r B l u e pr i n t Un c o m m o n Ob je c ts F ar m 2 M ar ke t Au s ti n Ur ban Di g s .c o m Cl ayton Le v y Li ttl e A rc h i te c ts Cl ifford' s Or i gi n al W i n e Bar Stu di o 1 0 7 G al l e r y E l Co r az o n South First S tre e t A r ts Di s tr i c t Sticks an d Sto n e s Stu di o s M ar x A u to S e r v i c e Li s a D' A n g e l o A r t o f th e Po t

Li g h t Fa mi l y Ac up unc t ure De an n a M i e s c h X O VO J e w e l r y D e s i g ns Stac ked S t ud i os E as t E n d D i s t r i c t Ro o m S e r vi c e Tr i pl e M i nt Re a l Es t a t e Re d S t a r t Pa i nt D e s i g n Stu di o 5 1 2 A r tw o r k s G a l l e r y Si n g u la r Aud i o G al l e r y S oc o D& J Bl ue l i ne Fine Arts Library Tw e n ty one 2 4 Lof t s d.b e r ma n g a l l e r y Wo m e n & t he i r Wor k Ar t s p a c e Sar ah S t e ve ns A m e r i c a n P r i nt e r s Je n n i fer C he now e t h Ou r fam i l i e s

E.A.S.T. is funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.




LOF TS FROM 189k For information on current and upcoming projects please feel free to contact Andrew Shaw at 512.786.6356 or via email at andrewshaw@constructiveventures.com

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