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Estonia Hometown of innovation

Enter e-Estonia. Explore one of the world’s most advanced digital societies Built together with a forward-thinking government, proactive entrepreneurs and techsavvy people, there are just 3 things that are still impossible to conduct online: getting married, getting divorced and selling or buying a house. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency – a transnational digital identity. In five years, more than 58,000 people from 154 different countries have been granted Estonian e-Residency. You too can join our digital community! Life in the digital society: • digital signing of documents • starting a company in 3 hours • filing taxes online in 3 minutes • 99% public services online • 99.8% of banking is done online • digital health records • nation-wide online voting Find out more at

City of Tallinn Tallinn has a 800 years history in developing and modernizing city as the capital of Estonia. Nowadays, Tallinn has become a leader in providing digital services globally and using them in everyday life for more than 20 years. Its intelligent gov-tech solutions are widely known as part of e-Estonia concept. The vibrant Start-up scene has experienced the birth of unicorns and continuous innovation. Tallinn is the City where future is now. City of Tallinn is the place for testing grounds for new innovative solutions: there are already several intelligent city solutions in live, self-driving buses and delivery robots on the streets. We support start-up ecosystems and work closely together with universities, incubators, clusters etc. We look for companies/organisations, ideas and great people to innovate the future! Share your idea with Tallinnovation.

For additional information, please contact: CITY OF TALLINN Enterprise Department Vabaduse väljak 7 15199, Tallinn Estonia Contact person: Mr Toomas Tßrk Chief of Innovation +372 640 4224


Enterprise Estonia Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is the largest public entrepreneurshipsupporting organisation in Estonia. Our aim is to promote Estonian economic development by encouraging exports and attracting foreign direct investments. To encourage exports, we help Estonian enterprises in their search for business partners and new sales opportunities. In addition to helping Estonian enterprises, we also help foreign enterprises free of charge in finding potential sourcing partners from Estonia via targeted search. For additional information, please contact: The following information and services are offered to foreign enterprises free of charge: • General information enquiries about Estonia as a place for doing business • Organising fact-finding missions • Identifying potential partners in Estonia • Preparing investment projects • Supporting the development of market entry strategies • Providing information on specific investment and business opportunities The website offers a wide range of information and advice to enterprises interested in investing in Estonia. For additional information, please contact:

ENTERPRISE ESTONIA Lasnamäe 2 11412, Tallinn Estonia Contact Kaspar Kork Investment Adviser +372 5552 7623

Estonian Smart City Cluster The Estonian Smart City Cluster aims to create an innovative city environment that boosts the competitiveness of its companies by bringing together businesses, residents, public authorities, R&D institutes and innovative enterprises. The cluster focuses on the creation, development and exploration of innovative solutions for different spheres of urban life. This is a joint project between the City of Tartu, ICT and smart infrastructure companies, and business support organisations. The cluster’s main focus areas are: • ICT in urban processes and activities • ICT and other technologies in efficient and cost-effective development of healthcare and social welfare • Energy saving in building construction and maintenance Vision By the year 2020, the Estonian Smart City Cluster will be known internationally as the leading developer and exporter of ICT- and green tech-based smart city solutions. Mission Our mission is to support the development of smart city solutions in order to improve the quality of life in cities, and to accelerate the export of enterprises. This will be achieved through an internationally renowned innovation environment where city authorities, residents, scientists, enterprises and other stakeholders co-create smart solutions based on contemporary technologies that make public and private smart city services more effective and user-friendly.

MTÜ SMART CITY LAB Lai 30 51005, Tartu Estonia Contact Gerttu Pilsas +372 522 3740

1oT 1oT is the world’s #1 eSIM provider for the IoT sector. 1oT OÜ Järvevana tee 7b 10132, Tallinn Estonia Contact Kristi Rapper-Ottas +372 5560 0346

ABOUT THE COMPANY 1oT is a carrier-independent connectivity provider (2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M) for IoT service providers. We handle the complexity of working with multiple carriers in many regions. We provide one invoice, one connectivity management platform and one eSIM card with numerous pre-negotiated mobile carrier deals in over 190 countries. Today, the company serves over 300,000 devices worldwide with its connectivity. MAIN ACTIVITY 1oT provides connectivity for IoT service providers, such as connected bike manufacturers, fleet management companies or smart city device operators. WE OFFER • 1oT eSIM: an unlocked SIM that enables you to swap mobile carriers “over-the-air” without changing the physical SIM • 1oT SIM: traditional SIM with global coverage • 1oT Terminal: self-service connectivity management platform with API • Platform-as-a-Service: platform licensing for mobile carriers and large enterprises

ASTRO BALTICS Our solutions accept e-wallets and Estonian ID cards as loyalty or payment cards. ASTRO BALTICS OÜ Raatuse 20 51009, Tartu Estonia Contact Priit Pint +372 507 0199

ABOUT THE COMPANY Astro Baltics develops environmentally friendly solutions for service sectors. Our purpose is to reduce the impact on the environment and costs for deployment, implementation and maintenance. Our newest solution allows control of all service station equipment through the cloud and turns old hardware into IoT devices. With less hardware and cloud-based management, the final result is significally lower CO2 emissions. Our company has environment managment, quality management and information security ISO certificates. MAIN ACTIVITY Development, software & hardware for self-service sectors. Environmentally friendly management and maintenance of fueling processes for ships, trains, planes, cars and buses. WE OFFER • Cloud-based service station management • Payment solutions for service stations • Integrations in self-service sector • NOOM business software • Point-of-sale systems

BERCMAN Our innovative products and solutions are ready for the future, including connected vehicles. BERCMAN TECHNOLOGIES AS Väike-Turu 5 51004, Tartu Estonia Contact Mart Suurkask +372 5340 2902

ABOUT THE COMPANY Bercman Technologies has developed a new, innovative product called Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk (SPC). SPC monitors the situation on traffic lanes and sidewalks and has implemented several safety and notification functions. The main task of SPC is to improve the awareness of road users located nearby and to notify road users of probable traffic hazards. To detect situations involving traffic hazards, narrow artificial intelligence algorithms are used. MAIN ACTIVITY Bercman Technologies develops innovative infrastructure hardware and software for smart city and smart road applications. WE OFFER • Smart and dynamic high-tech traffic signs with more than 30 different features • Safer pedestrian crosswalks with C-ITS in mind • Customer portal for data collection and processing • Traffic signs can be integrated with existing systems

BIKEEP Bikeep systems have been implemented in 13 different countries. BIKEEP OÜ Pärnu mnt 148 10117, Tallinn Estonia Contact Jakob Tamm +372 5667 9992

ABOUT THE COMPANY Bikeep is a proven solution for a majority of micro-mobility parking-related problems – through our smart infrastructure we enable more cycling and scooter usage, solve theft and vandalism problems, and also offer charging options for micro-mobility devices. MAIN ACTIVITY We are micro-mobility enablers through organizing bike/ scooter parking and charging; we also solve theft and vandalism problems. WE OFFER • Secure bicycle and scooter parking (Solving bicycle/scooter theft and vandalism) • Bicycle and scooter charging systems (e-charging options for micro-mobility) • Abandoned bike identification (we can identify the vehicle owners) • Possibility to start monetizing bicycle or scooter parking

COMODULE We have connected 150,000 vehicles and helped to launch micro-mobility fleets in 59 cities worldwide.



COMODULE connects electric vehicles to the internet to enable new mobility business models.

Dunkri 9 10123, Tallinn Estonia Contact Rivo Riistop +372 525 0902

COMODULE provides IoT solutions for Light Electric Vehicles. COMODULE has grown to 50 team members, helping to launch e-scooter sharing in 59 cities and connect over 150,000 vehicles globally. Our mission is to empower the mobility of tomorrow. MAIN ACTIVITY

WE OFFER • Sharing & Fleet management mobility services • All-inclusive connectivity solution for vehicle manufacturers & operators • Hardware device with Bluetooth, GSM/GPS • Cloud platform for fleet control and data analytics

MOBI LAB Mobi Lab’s 18 years in business have resulted in over 300 projects and more than 100 million users around the world. MOBI LAB OÜ Akadeemia 3 51003, Tartu Estonia Contact Tarmo Schmidt +372 521 4941

ABOUT THE COMPANY Over the years, Mobi Lab’s team has been tweaking its design process to make users happy and bring ROI to its customers. This is how the agency achieves excellent results, backed up with experience gained from working with partners like Skype, Microsoft, Pride in London, Ericsson, Malwarebytes, Nextplus, Carto, Click&Grow and Pocopay. Mobi Lab’s ideal partners are companies that see potential in the rapidly developing mobilefocused field, and therefore, are willing to invest in the new era of mobile and augmented experiences. MAIN ACTIVITY Mobi Lab’s mission is to make complicated technologies easy to use for everyone. We’re passionate about service design and the customer and user experience. WE OFFER Mobi Lab crafts digital products for mobile platforms as well as virtual and augmented environments. • User behaviour research • User experience analysis and design • Software user interface design • Software development for design-heavy mobile applications and user-facing applications • AR and VR software design and development

NINJA SOLUTIONS Delivering Access Control as a Service for a mobile-led real estate world. NINJA SOLUTIONS AS Laeva 2 10151, Tallinn Estonia Contact Madis Laas +372 5623 3933 madis.laas@

ABOUT THE COMPANY Ninja Solutions provides cloud-based services for office buildings that facilitate the integration of multiple vendor access-control products, on-call elevators and convenience services, efficiently delivering them through a single smartphone interface. The Ninja Solutions mobile platform delivers secure, traceable and intelligent flow for, and between, landlords, tenants, hosts, visitors and couriers over multiple locations. Our API development services can power the access controls of multi-location co-working companies through integration into their own branded customer apps. MAIN ACTIVITY Developing and delivering smart access control services to mixed-use commercial properties. WE OFFER • Integrated Mobile device access services over multiple locations • Multi-vendor integrations • API access services integrations for 3rd-party apps • Centralised courier deliver services • Distinct customisable landmark-building applications • Project IoT infrastructure consultations

TOP CONNECT Top Connect has more than 5 million users and 150 business partners in 60 countries worldwide. TOP CONNECT OÜ Väike-Paala 1 11415, Tallinn Estonia Contact Ales Kahanek +372 5434 9603

ABOUT THE COMPANY Top Connect is the Baltics’ leading alternative roaming service provider. Our products include affordable global mobile connections and management solutions for B2C, B2B and IoT connectivity. Top Connect is a fully licensed MVNO and provides solutions such as Sponsored Roaming, ESIM, E-profile and IoT connectivity for various service providers. You can take advantage of our 350+ roaming partners in over 210 global destinations. We are constantly improve our roaming footprint, focusing on affordable data. MAIN ACTIVITY Top Connect is a globally leading MVNO for roaming products and services. WE OFFER • MVNO • IoT Connectivity and Solutions • Sponsored Roaming Solutions • ESIM • International Roaming services

TULITEC Improving the information managament of the AEC Industry by using advanced e-Estonia IT solutions. BIM & 3D Solutions save you time! Right information to the right person at the right time! TULITEC OÜ Lai 2 44308, Rakvere Estonia Contact Kaur Tull +372 5385 9144

ABOUT THE COMPANY TULITEC as-built models are digital twins of a building. They contain precise information and data about the construction materials used. Moreover, if needed, a model-based costestimation sysem of the project can be built and set up. Furthermore, AR helps to link the real construction and BIM model together. Delivering exact point clouds and making a comparison control of the current situation gives an exact overview of the construction process. Providing extensive and challenging BIM & 3D solutions is our everyday activity. MAIN ACTIVITY TULITEC’s main activity is managing construction-related information from the very beginning of the cycle until the end and delivering the right information at the right time to the right person! Managing AEC Industry information from BIM objects until AS-BUILT models. WE OFFER • BIM Coordination from start to end! As-Built model • Digital twins of your products! Creation of BIM objects • BIM communication • 3D apartment configurator • Digital product catalogue for your products

UBIK SOLUTIONS/ KIBU.ENERGY The simplest, smartest and most affordable way to foster energy transition in the smart city. UBIK SOLUTIONS OÜ / KIBU ENERGY OÜ Masti 17 11911, Tallinn Estonia kibu.eregy Contact Gerardo García Díaz +372 5648 9599 gerardo.garcia@

ABOUT THE COMPANY UBIK has patented the OptiVerter® Technology, capable of harvesting up to 30% more energy from a shaded PV panel. UBIK’s technology is integrated in the Kibu Baranda, an all-inone, plug&play household battery pack with support PV panel that unlocks the simplest way to enjoy solar and storage in the smart city. The technology is currently being tested in Estonia, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Greece ahead of market launch in 2020. MAIN ACTIVITY UBIK & Kibu create sensible technology in order to convert the distributed generation and storage of energy in just another home appliance. WE OFFER • OptiVerter® Photovoltaic AC Microinverters (350W–230V) • OptiVerter® Photovoltaic DC Microconverters for DC Microgrids (400W–350 and 700V) • Kibu Baranda all-in-one, plug&play solar & storage device for balconies, gardens and terraces (350Wp, +700Wh storage – 230V)

REACH-U EyeVi mapping technology exceeds 100 000 kilometres, being present in a total of 14 countries worldwide REACH-U AS Riia 24 51010, Tartu Estonia Contact Gaspar Anton +372 5330 9423 gaspar.anton@

ABOUT THE COMPANY Reach-U DNA works with maps and geospatial data. We began developing location-based solutions for telecoms, transportation and the public sector 20 years ago. In cooperation with Ericsson, we built the world’s first live positioning service for emergency callers. Today we build geospatial data collection, analysis and decision-making tools with excellent data and working speeds. Reach-U EyeVi is a ready-to-go mobile mapping solution for anyone looking to start their own data collection. MAIN ACTIVITY Reach-U builds sophisticated software and solutions for geospatial data collection and analysis. WE OFFER • EyeVi full mobile mapping solution – from zero to mapping hero ·· High accuracy portable system ·· Automated panoramic image, orthophoto and point cloud pipeline ·· AI feature extraction platform and visual toolset • Geospatial data analysis and tools for smart city, transportation and new mobility services development • Innovation partner for your product and business

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