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Estonia breathing innovation

ENTER ESTONIA. EXPLORE ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL SOCIETIES Built together with a forward-thinking government, proactive entrepreneurs and tech-savvy people, there are only 3 things left impossible to conduct online: getting married, getting divorced and selling or buying a house. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency – a transnational digital identity. In two years, more than 15,000 people from 135 different countries have been granted Estonian e-Residency. You can also join our digital community! LIFE IN THE DIGITAL SOCIETY • • • • • •

Digital signing of documents Starting a company in 3 hours Filing taxes online in 3 minutes Banking is done 99.8% online Digital health records Nation-wide online voting


E-RESIDENCY The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency — a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world. E-Residency offers financial technology companies a costeffective way to meet KYC/AML compliance regulations and globally scale their businesses without compromising security, legitimacy, or legality. E-RESIDENTS CAN: • • • • •

Establish and administer a company online from anywhere in the world Open an EU bank account and conduct online banking Access online payment service providers Digitally sign and authenticate documents Declare taxes online

Apply for e-Residency at: »

CARTO CARTO Mobile SDK is used by more than 60M users through different apps and enables offline maps. CartoDB Estonia OÜ Kompanii 2 51004 Tartu, Estonia Contact: Jaak Laineste +372 777 8800

About the company CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data and then makes it available to their organization or the general public in the form of location intelligence apps. The apps, built by developers or data analyst using CARTO’s self-service platform, help optimize processes, predict situations, and overall improve performance by leveraging location data.

Main activity CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world.

We offer: •

CARTO Builder

CARTO Engine


Location Data Services

ECOFLEET Vehicles and devices equipped with Ecofleet service altogether covered 3 billion km in 2016. Ecofleet Eesti Ltd Lõõtsa 2B 11415 Tallinn, Estonia Contact: Matis Indov +372 5599 7637

About the company

Ecofleet is an international IoT software company that specializes in GPS based fleet and team management solutions. Our focus is on optimizing car fleets and workflows to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue. Our expertise is in sales, service and R&D. We offer a wide range of standard solutions, but also provide scalable solutions for individual needs. We excel in being a professional and service minded business partner and supplier.

Main activity Fleet and mobile task management service that give overview of vehicles and employees, help communicate tasks and reduce unnecessary related costs.

We offer: •

Corporate carsharing with no-key solution

Mobile applications for tracking and job dispatching

Integration with 3rd party and in-house IT systems

Fleet Management services for transport companies and car fleets

Transport management for logistics companies

FORTUMO MOBILE PAYMENTS Fortumo is the first company in the world who has carrier billing coverage in 100 countries. Fortumo OÜ Ülikooli 6A 51003 Tartu, Estonia Contact: Andrei Dementjev Vice President of Operations +372 730 9500

About the company Fortumo is a carrier billing company with coverage in 100+ countries. Fortumo’s payment products work across a wide range of platforms from smartphones to smart TV-s. Fortumo provides merchants with one integration to 350 mobile operators and a single point of contact for settlements, reporting and support. Carriers connecting to Fortumo get access to additional revenue from leading app stores, game developers and digital media companies.

Main activity Direct carrier billing solutions for digital content merchants, app stores and mobile operators to increase their revenue through mobile payments.

We offer: •

For merchants: carrier billing in 100+ markets through one integration; credit card grade payment features through Fortumo’s Payments API

For mobile operators: increase in revenue from carrier billing with hundreds of leading digital merchants; analytics platform Fortumo Insight for tracking and inreasing revenue

MALWAREBYTES Distributed globally, Malwarebytes has more than 28 million active users. Malwarebytes Estonia OÜ Kai 1 10111 Tallinn, Estonia Contact: Fernando Francisco

About the company Malwarebytes is the next-gen cybersecurity company that millions worldwide trust. Malwarebytes proactively protects people and businesses against dangerous threats such as malware, ransomware, and exploits that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. The company’s flagship product combines advanced heuristic threat detection with signature-less technologies to detect and stop a cyberattack before damage occurs.

Main activity Malwarebytes proactively protects people and businesses against dangerous threats such as malware, ransomware, and exploits that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions.

We offer: •

Protection against malware, ransomware, and exploits

MOBI LAB Mobi Lab’s mission is to design the best user experience for the people on the go.

About the company

Mobi Lab OÜ Akadeemia 3 51003 Tartu, Estonia

During the past years the agency has gained a lot of experience through collaborating with clients such as Skype, Ericsson, Samsung, etc.

Contact: Andrés Gallardo +372 56969415

Mobi Lab’s main focus is designing mobile user experience and developing software for fields such as FinTech, IoT, logistics, communication, media...

Mobi lab is the most experienced mobile design and development agency in Estonia. Formed by a team of over 30 creative professionals, Mobi Lab combines visual creative art, corporate branding, software engineering and business processes.

Main activity

We offer: •

User-centric mobile strategy for any company

Smooth user experience

Outstanding user interface design

Design-driven iOS and Android development

Usability testing

MOONCASCADE Mooncascade builds software products from ideation to implementation for companies globally. Mooncascade OÜ Narva mnt 9 51013 Tartu, Estonia Contact: Karen K Burns +372 530 424 23

About the company Mooncascade offers full-stack product development, from ideation to implementation. We work with established companies providing everything from mobile apps to big data and machine learning solutions and are often brought on board when a company starts an innovation programme (Merck, Tele2). We also help bridge the development gap for start-ups in agressive growth phases, having built apps for TransferWise, Monese, ParkU and others.

Main activity Product development from ideation to implementation, mobile app and web development, testing, deisng and UX, big data and machine learning solutions.

We offer: •

Full stack product development from idea phase to implementation

Mobile app development for all native platforms

Big data and machine learning team

In-house design and QA teams

Custom-made software solutions

UX Design and development

REACH-U Serving more than 343 million subs in 25 operators globally makes Reach-U the largest LBS provider. AS Reach-U Riia 24 51010 Tartu, Estonia Contact: Juan Martin Sanchez +372 518 1690

About the company Our team combines the brightest geographers, developers and software creators to launch winning solutions for our clients. Since 1999 Reach-U has developed mobile positioning based applications for mobile operators in close cooperation with Ericsson. Our focus is to help mobile operators monetize their location-based data. Our location based big data platform Demograft was the winner in best technology category of 2014 Mobile Application Awards.

Main activity Reach-U is Leading European location-based solution provider for Telcos and Winner of GSMA Application Award in Best Technology category - BCN 2014.

We offer: •

Creating world-leading customized solutions for Telcos, Smart Cities, E-Government, Energy and Forestry

Demograft Business Inteligence Platform

MicroMarkets for segmentation analysis

ROI based Network Investments

Network Customer Experience

Location Based Advertising

Location Based Services

SK SK is the cornerstone of Estonian e-society, enabling over 200 million authentications and e-signatures yearly.

About the company

SK ID Solutions AS Pärnu Ave. 141 11314 Tallinn, Estonia,

Main activity

Contact: +372 610 1880

We offer:,

SK is the certification authority of Estonia, providing certificates for national eID carriers. SK is included in the European Trust List as qualified trust service provider. Our qualified time-stamping service and e-Seal are audited and certified by TÜViT. We provide cutting-edge eID solution Smart-ID, and other PKI-based authentication and e-signing solutions. SK is recognized with international information security certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013. •

Qualified certification and time-stamping services

Secure PKI-based authentication and e-signature solutions trusted by the EU member states

Smart-ID – eSIM ready solution for strong cross- border authentication and e-signing. Smart-ID is eIDAS compliant and accepted on the EU level. Our goal is for Smart-ID to soon meet the requirements for qualified e-signatures

Qualified time-stamping service recognized by all EU members

The first provider of qualified e-Seal on QSCD in the EU

Smart-ID new generation electronic identity

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ENTERPRISE ESTONIA Enterprise Estonia is the largest public organisation in Estonia supporting entrepreneurship. Enterprise Estonia promotes Estonian economic development by encouraging export and attracting foreign direct investments.

Export services free of charge: • Supporting Estonian companies in their search for business partners and new sales opportunities • Supporting foreign companies in finding potential sourcing partners from Estonia The website provides information about potential partners in Estonia for foreign companies. For additional information, please contact:

Investment services free of charge: • General inquiries about Estonia as a business destination • Identifying potential partners in Estonia • Preparing investment projects • Supporting the development of market entry strategies • Providing information on specific investment and business opportunities The website offers a wide range of information and advice to enterprises interested in investing in Estonia. For additional information, please contact: Follow us @EstoniaInvest Contact person in Estonia:

Contact person in UK:

Julius Stokas Investment Project Manager Lasnamäe 2 11412 Tallinn Phone: +372 627 9755 Mobile: +372 5565 3650 E-mail:

Heiki Pant Export Advisor in London Estonian Embassy in London 44 Queen’s Gate Terrace London SW7 5PJ United Kingdom Phone: + 44 207 838 5395 Mobile: + 44 750 865 8091 E-mail:

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