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Money 20/20 Europe 2018

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FinanceEstonia FinanceEstonia is a public-private financial sector cluster organisation with the aim to increase members’ business opportunities, enhance the development of the Estonian financial sector, support innovation and promote capital availability. We seek to raise awareness of the advantages of the Estonian financial sector in five priority niches: capital markets, credit providers, crowdfunding, financial technology and international private banking. FinanceEstonia is an organisation with 80 companies and co-operative partners gathered under one roof. By developing the Estonian financial sector and introducing our country internationally, FinanceEstonia enables the realization of new business opportunities in Estonia and promotes the creation of new jobs and improved access to capital, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. FinanceEstonia is a member of the Roundtable of European Financial Centers. FinanceEstonia and its members can provide assistance in accessing appropriate market information and setting benchmarks to support informed decision-making. It can also provide location and recruitment services to ensure smooth market entry. FinanceEstonia and its members have crucial information and valuable contacts to help you expand your business opportunities. With a staff of qualified experts, a broad professional network and extensive experience in the financial industry, FinanceEstonia understands critical success factors and can provide you with practical assistance. We collaborate closely with the Estonian government and Enterprise Estonia by introducing the Estonian financial sector to potential investors and business partners.

Contact person Anu Mßßrsepp FinanceEstonia Managing Director E-mail: Mobile: +372 5807 2385

Enterprise Estonia Experience the ease of doing business in Estonia – a dynamic, tech-friendly and futureoriented business environment for your company. We offer you world-class ICT infrastructure, a simple tax system and membership to one of the world’s most advanced digital societies. A dedicated team of professionals at Enterprise Estonia support companies investing in and expanding to Estonia. INVESTMENT SERVICES: • General information enquiries about the Estonian business environment • Organising fact-finding missions • Identifying potential partners in Estonia • Investment project preparation • Support with the development of market entry strategies • Information about specific investment and business opportunities All services are free of charge. For more information, visit: Enterprise Estonia also promotes entrepreneurship and export. Therefore, if you are looking for trade partners who have experience in fintech solutions, we can connect you with the right partners. Get in touch with us:

Contact person in Estonia: Kaspar Kork Investment Advisor Lasnamäe 2 11412 Tallinn E-mail: Mobile: +372 5807 2385

Contact person in the Netherlands: Thijs de Neeve Export Advisor E-mail: Mobile: +31 (0)6 5245 0890

E-Residency Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity that empowers entrepreneurs around the world to set up and run a global business. So far, more than 30,000 people from 140+ countries around the world have applied for e-Residency and established over 3,000 companies in Estonia. E-Residency affords the opportunity for FinTech companies, payment service providers, and others to offer services to a verified community of global entrepreneurs with companies registered in Estonia. E-RESIDENTS OF ESTONIA CAN: • Register an EU-based company entirely online • Take full advantage of the EU single market and legal framework • Access business banking and online payment providers to accept payments from customers and clients worldwide • Digitally sign contracts and other documents Apply for e-Residency at:

Bankish Bankish is a tailor-made loan management platform created by professional loan providers for professional loan providers.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Bankish is a deposit and loan administration platform for professional credit providers. It was built by a team who has extensive experience and a strong background in international finance (Nasdaq, Nordea, Swedbank, IMF) and IT (Microsoft, Tieto). The system is safe and reliable because it has been tested against GDPR by an independent auditor and is used by companies under the supervision of EU financial supervision agencies. MAIN ACTIVITY Forget Excel sheets! Bankish is a fully automated loan management platform that can be easily used by customers, loan administrators and the company’s top management. WE OFFER →→ Credit application scoring and contract management →→ A customer portal, including a mobile version →→ A user-friendly dashboard and to-do list for credit managers →→ Extended accounting and management reporting

FINORA TECHNOLOGY OÜ Tartu maantee 10 10145, Tallinn Estonia


Andrus Alber +372 658 1300

Cybernetica Sharemind lets you build data solutions for processing confidential financial data in a privacy-preserving manner.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Cybernetica is a R&D intensive ICT organization that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions and investigates and applies theoretical and practical security solutions in the areas of e-government, border control, information security and cryptographical applications. Considered a world-class security solutions provider, Cybernetica has been the architect for various Estonian e-services, incl. X-Road and internet voting. MAIN ACTIVITY Cybernetica provides consulting and develops solutions in areas related to cyber security and data privacy. WE OFFER →→ The SHAREMIND data-processing engine that allows for the processing of confidential data for smarter decision making →→ The SPLITKEY next-generation digital authentication and signature service for banks, telecom operators and e-commerce providers →→ The UXP distributed data exchange platform that allows controlled, secure exchange between any members

CYBERNETICA AS Mäealuse 2/1 12618, Tallinn Estonia


Tarvo Kärgenberg +44 20 8133 7512

DataMe DataMe gives access to consumers’ financial data and makes it sharable with companies they trust.

ABOUT THE COMPANY DataMe is the first company to offer maximum value for GDPR. For people and businesses, we offer data processing solutions that open a whole new world of personal data. With consent, DataMe gathers data from different parties and gives people tools to compare and share their credit data. People’s data won’t be held by selected parties; everyone they trust can get access to it. GDPR gives people and businesses next-level opportunities to get access to data, and DataMe is helping them to get the most out of it. MAIN ACTIVITY Partner for finance institutions, telecoms and people in the field of opening and exchanging data. WE OFFER →→ Provides secure data processing solutions, making it faster to apply for credit →→ With consent, DataMe gathers data from selected parties and gives tools to compare and share payment/credit data →→ Credit data will be managed by people and access is enabled for all trusted parties →→ GDPR gives people next-level opportunities to gain access to their data and DataMe provides them the tools to get the most out of it

DATAME LTD Uus 12 10111, Tallinn Estonia


Marko Vaik +372 5680 5509

EstateGuru EstateGuru is Europe’s leading cross-border peer-to-peer lending platform for short-term property loans!

ABOUT THE COMPANY EstateGuru is the leading cross-border marketplace in Continental Europe for short-term property loans! The firm bridges gaps in property finance by facilitating property-backed loans to developers and businesses. The company has a more than 11,000-member investor base of retail and institutional investors from 45 countries. Estonian based prop-tech company EstateGuru is currently in the middle of its A round to raise funding to expand to new geographies. MAIN ACTIVITY EstateGuru facilitates property-backed short-term property and business loans for its international investor base through its own developed marketplace model. WE OFFER →→ Short-term property-backed loans for property developers and SMEs →→ Property-backed investment opportunities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Ireland and the UK →→ Investment vehicles for institutional investors and family offices available →→ Historical annual return for retail investors since 2014 - 12.46% →→ €0 loss of capital

ESTATEGURU OÜ Tartu mnt 10 10132, Tallinn Estonia


Marek Pärtel +372 509 1791

EveryPay The fastestgrowing payment gateway in Northern Europe because we care.

ABOUT THE COMPANY EveryPay is a payment gateway built for fintech and frictionless consumer experiences, designed to grow your business through a wide variety of use cases for card payments. Industries of growth for EveryPay include financial services, e-wallets, consumer apps and subscription services. With our smart technical solutions, EveryPay´s goal is to be your partner in global business - we innovate, we educate and we help our clients reach their goals. MAIN ACTIVITY EveryPay delivers industry-leading card payment services by simplifying payments into convenient, value-added solutions. WE OFFER →→ Easy integration and excellent support →→ A client-focused and flexible payment gateway - we work with our clients to solve unique problems, providing transparent data and functionality development →→ Fraud Defender - our industry-leading tool for the flexible detection and prevention of fraudulent transactions →→ Competitive fees and instant settlement

EVERYPAY AS Kalasadama 4 10415, Tallinn Estonia


Jane Aavik +372 5757 0523

Fundebream Tradable private investments. Plug into fast, standardised deals in highly curated companies.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Companies can raise funds through syndicates, raising from a few to hundreds of investors globally, and only adding one contact point to their cap table. All investments are tradable on the blockchain, so investors can choose when to capitalize on investments instead of waiting +5 years for an exit. Furthermore, Funderbeam has free data on +180k startups and investors, helping both groups make smarter investment and business decisions. MAIN ACTIVITY Funderbeam allows investors from more than 100 countries to invest and trade in private companies. WE OFFER →→ Funderbeam is introducing tradable private investments to the world →→ The platform allows investors to access fast, standardised deals in highly curated companies that can be instantly traded →→ Founders can raise funds to fuel their growth from both retail and professional investors in more than 100 countries →→ Furthermore, Funderbeam provides a free data intelligence tool, providing valuable insights for both founders and investors

FUNDERBEAM MARKETS OÜ Telliskivi 60a 10412, Tallinn Estonia


Mads Emil Dalsgaard +45 2560 2660

Icefire Icefire is a Nordic banking and financial technology powerhouse creating life-tested answers to today’s challenges.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Icefire delivers the world’s most modern banking infrastructures – innovative concepts, state-of-the-art architectural solutions and fast execution, including: banking systems running in the Amazon cloud for Pocopay; a microservices-based banking system for BigBank; DLT/ blockchain technologies to connect stakeholders for a large financial institution; a banking-as-a-service platform and an open banking ecosystem in partnership with; ensuring GDPR compliance for Luminor; and much more. MAIN ACTIVITY We use our extensive industry experience combined with new technologies and the most modern architectural principles to build banking and financial systems for the new era. WE OFFER →→ Banking-as-a-service →→ Business transformation using cutting-edge technologies like DLT/blockchain →→ Digital transformation roadmaps →→ Fast delivery of tailored industry solutions →→ Enabling PSD2/open banking solutions

ICEFIRE OÜ Pärnu mnt 102c 11312, Tallinn Estonia


Rivo Uibo +372 5551 7911

Messente We help financial companies verify their customers and deliver time-critical notifications with SMS messages.

ABOUT THE COMPANY We focus on delivering transactional SMS messages, notifications and PIN codes. We specialize in high-quality network operator connections, which are crucial for sending business-critical messages and verification codes, as the alternative cost of an undelivered message is quite high. We have a 17-year track record in advising the financial industry, with companies like Kreditech, Inbank, FriendlyFinance, Intrum, Bondora, Ferratum Bank, 4Finance, Mogo Finance, Cream Finance and Nordea in our client list. MAIN ACTIVITY We provide global messaging and user account security services that any business can use, anywhere in the world. WE OFFER →→ Global messaging for businesses →→ User account security through phone number verification and two-factor authentication in a single API →→ Reach any phone, on any network, anywhere in the world →→ Transparent service with full reporting and analytics →→ Dedicated account manager and support included

MESSENTE COMMUNICATIONS LTD Akadeemia 3 51003, Tartu Estonia


Kaur Virunurm +372 503 8571

Mobi Lab Mobi Lab has helped companies to create digital products used by more than 100 million users worldwide.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Over the years, Mobi Lab has been tweaking its design process to make users happy and bring ROI to customers. This is how the agency achieves great results, which are supported by experience gained working with partners like Skype, Microsoft, Ericsson, Malwarebytes, Nextplus, Carto, Click&Grow and Pocopay. Mobi Lab’s ideal partners are companies who see potential in the rapidly developing mobile-focused field: companies willing to invest in the new era of mobile and augmented experiences for their customers. MAIN ACTIVITY Mobi Lab’s mission is to make complicated technologies easily usable for everyone. Therefore, it is passionate about service design and customer and user experience. Mobi Lab crafts digital products for mobile platforms as well as virtual and augmented environments. WE OFFER →→ →→ →→ →→

User behaviour research User experience analysis and design Software user interface design Software development for design-heavy mobile applications and user-facing applications →→ AR and VR software design and development

MOBI LAB Akadeemia 3 51003, Tartu Estonia


Tarmo Schmidt +372 521 4941

Mooncascade Experts in building mobile banks and fintech products. Trusted by Transferwise, Monese and Skype.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Mooncascade is the regional market leader in product development. With a team of almost 100 specialists with deep technical knowledge, we have served startups like TransferWise, Monese and Twino. We are also brought in when a large corporations require a startup-minded product development approach. For example, we acted as Merck Group’s innovation arm. We are the chosen development partner for all regional telecommunications companies, including Elisa, Tele2 and Telia. MAIN ACTIVITY Mooncascade offers software product development services. Our teams have developed mobile banks and other fintech products. WE OFFER →→ →→ →→ →→ →→

Product Development UX/UI Design Data Science Full-stack Custom Software Development Quality Assurance

MOONCASCADE OÜ Narva 9 51013, Tartu Estonia


Priit Salumaa +372 504 5119

Veriff Veriff makes online identity verification more secure than faceto-face verification

ABOUT THE COMPANY Veriff makes online identity verification more secure than face-to-face verification. Veriff’s competitive advantage is to combine all the technological tools available (facial recognition, Device ID). Veriff is trusted by the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the Finance Inspection as well as Uber, LHV, Inbank, TF Bank and Admiral Markets. MAIN ACTIVITY Veriff provides web and mobile identity verification solutions that help companies to reduce fraud and meet KYC requirements. WE OFFER →→ →→ →→ →→ →→

Fast and secure cross-platform online identity verification Increased conversion rates and decreased fraud rates Fully automated face detection and comparison Document data scan and comparison with registries Document validity and security hologram checks

VERIFF OÜ Niine 11 10414, Tallinn Estonia


Kaarel Kotkas +372 5345 4885

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