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Earth Day Texas, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization

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Earth Day Texas (EDTx) (formerly, Earth Day Dallas) is a Texas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental education.


EDTx produces the annual Earth Day Texas event, which provides a forum for corporate, academic, governmental, and nonprofit leaders to engage with attendees on important environmental topics. In 2014, the Earth Day event theme is WATER. Attendance in 2013 topped 41,000 and we project 60,000 for 2014 supported by over 160 businesses, 85 nonprofits, 70 academic institutions and 50 governmental organizations.


This transformative experience is set in Dallas’ beautiful and historic Fair Park, which EDTx brings to life each year in a fun-for-all-ages format with its Eco Expo, entertainment, workshops, music and food.


EDTx’s Eco Expo is designed to provide attendees with information and instruction about practices, causes, products, and choices that will reduce their cost of living, improve their health, and benefit the environment.


In addition to it’s annual event in Fair Park, EDTx has several year-round initiatives that keep Texans engaged in Earth Day Texas and up-to-date on state-wide environmental conditions that affect their lives.

‣ Dates....................................... April 26 & 27, 2014 ‣ Days......................................... Saturday & Sunday ‣ Time......................................... 10 AM to 6 PM ‣ 2014 Event Theme............... Water ‣ Location................................. Fair Park, Dallas, Texas ‣ Cost to Attendee.................. Free ‣ Est. Attendance................... 60,000 !

‣ Exhibitor Mixer................... Friday, April 25, 2014 (4 PM-7 PM) ‣ Leadership Dinner……Private Dinner Party Hosted by

The Esplanade at Fair Park will be at the center of the event footprint for Earth Day 2014.

Trammell S. Crow, Saturday, April 26, 2014 (6 PM)

Aerial view of Earth Day 2014 event footprint includes The Esplanade, Court of Honor, Centennial Hall, DART entrance, Hall of State, Marine Plaza and Automobile Building.

Earth Day Texas works with its exhibitors and sponsors to ensure that they fully benefit from EDTx’s paid and earned media. According to The Richards Group, EDTx generated $1.83 million in earned media in 2013.

The EDTx iPhone App is designed to provide valuable up-to-date EDTx event and environmental information to mobile users 365 days-per-year. The first of its kind app integrates current state-wide environmental information and updates related to the Earth Day Texas 2014 event. Tx ENVIRONMENT MENU (year-round engagement)

EDTx EVENT MENU (event focused) Under the EDTx App’s “Earth Day” menu, users can browse event information, programming, exhibitors and sponsors (with their event location and website links), event map, transportation and parking information, or sign up for the EDTx newsletter.



TWO Distinct Feature Sets

Under the EDTx App’s “Environment” menu, users can view current statewide environmental conditions, including: ozone levels, reservoir levels, water usage guidelines, as well as receive consumer tips and news.

O m n i G l o b e – K i d s a n d a d u l t s l o v e to  engage with this mesmerizing spherical display.   The OmniGlobe contains approximately 180 animations / models that demonstrate certain aspects of tens of thousands of years of environmental history. Content brought to life on this 60” 3D sphere covers: oceans, atmospheric conditions, climate change, plate-tectonics, glaciations, human demographics, historical maps, volcanoes, earthquakes, carbon levels, the solar system and much more.   Earth Day Texas owns two OmniGlobes, which will be on display in schools and organizations throughout Texas before and after Earth Day Texas’ annual events. The globes will also be on display at Earth Day Texas on April 26-27th.  

726 tents / booths / exhibitor spaces occupied (40% increase over 2012).

! ‣

97% of 2013 exhibitors are interested in exhibiting again in 2014 (1% increase over 2012).

! ‣

75% of commercial exhibitors acquired new business in the two weeks following Earth Day Dallas 2013 (12% increase over 2012).

! ‣ Earth Day Dallas 2013 exhibitor demographic information.

70% of commercial exhibitors that have not acquired new business as a result of Earth Day Dallas 2013 expect to do so in the future (2% increase over 2012).

“Earth Day Dallas was a wonderful success for us, exceeding all expectations.” - Dr. Clay D. Hanks, Texas A&M Health Service Center (HSC).

! “One amusing highlight was a gentleman who gave our hybrid excavator a big hug because he just loves construction equipment. We gave him a limited edition "Hybrid" Cat cap to reciprocate. We knew there would be plenty of tree huggers present but honestly did not expect to encounter a real equipment hugger!” - Kathi Harris, HOLT CAT

! “LED GreenTech could not be happier with its results, we have already completed four large LED conversion projects and have several more in the works from leads we acquired exhibiting at Earth Day Dallas.” - Michael Moore, Jr., LED GreenTech

! “The Nature Conservancy grew its paying membership by 865 people at Earth Day Dallas, which is one of the most successful membership drives we’ve had in Texas!” - Barbara Laing, The Nature Conservancy

Sea Shepherd had its largest-ever fundraising event as an exhibitor at Earth Day 2013!

Registering to participate in Earth Day is a very simple process for both Exhibitors and Sponsors.


Exhibitors • Visit

• Earth


! or contact our sales department at (214) 310-1201.

• If registering online, select “Click Here for 2014 Pricing


• Custom

sponsorship opportunities can range from name recognition on Earth Day Texas event programming and physical locations to sponsorfacilitated programming.

& Online Registration.”

• Enter

the number of 10’ x 10’ exhibitor packages you would like to purchase by your entity type (e.g., nonprofit, academic, or government entity vs. commercial entity).


• Sponsor-facilitated


• All exhibitor spaces are sold in 10’ x 10’ increments. To


order a 10’ x 20’ exhibitor package, you would enter two (2) as the quantity of packages to purchase.

• Complete


the contact information form and electronically sign the booth lease agreement.

Day Texas offers both turnkey and custom sponsorship opportunities.


programming may include items such as ride and drives, hosted pavilions, workshops, featured speakers, company picnics, or other creative ideas that are in the spirit of Earth Day.

• Sponsor’s


entity name and logo will be listed on the Earth Day Texas website, event guide, event signage, and event guide published in The Dallas Morning News.

• Sponsors

• Select

the pay-now-by-credit card or pay-later-bycheck option.


may organize corporate volunteer opportunities in connection with the event.

• Please

contact our sponsorship department at (214) 310-1201.


Earth Day Texas’ Eco Expo provides a public forum for leaders in the corporate, academic, government, and nonprofit worlds to expose Texans to information on hundreds of environmental topics that are pressing, engaging, and actionable.

! Over 800 exhibitor spaces will fill the indoor Automobile Building and Centennial Hall and will encircle the outdoor Esplanade and its fountains.

The Eco Expo will feature colorful displays, informative demonstrations, green products, scientific innovations, as well as hands-on educational opportunities for the entire family. The indoor Centennial Hall stage showcases environmental talks with experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Texas Master Gardeners, and Texas Historic Tree Coalition.


ED BEGLEY JR. Ed Begley Jr. has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years. Filming the construction of his LEED Platinum- certified home for “On Begley Street” and writing multiple eco-friendly guidebooks, Begley truly embraces the do-it-­‐yourself outlook when it comes to environmental conservation.  

CHARITREE: CELEBRITY TREE CLIMB Under the guidance of Tree Climbers International, Chad Pregracke, Mavs Man, and other celebrities will strap on their harnesses and helmets andscale their way to the top of historic Live Oak trees in Fair Park. Supporters can pledge money for every milestone the climbers reach. Funds raised will be donated to the Dallas Urban Forestry Advisory Committee and Texas Historic Tree Coalition. Meet Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Tree   Climbers International area at the Esplanade.   THE HOME DEPOT SUSTAINABLE HOME AND GARDEN SERIES Experience hands-on workshops and displays that demonstrate sustainable practices for the  home and garden. Participate in DIY workshops  covering water conservation, organic gardening, plumbing repair, high-efficiency lighting,  eco-painting, and sustainable flooring. The Home Depot will participate in Conservation Conversations on stage for impromptu demonstrations. Bring the family to the Kids Corral for an even bigger free planting and painting activity!  

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Earth Day Texas 2014  
Earth Day Texas 2014  

Earth Day Texas 2014 Presentation for Exhibitors and Sponsors.