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EAO – Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces

Series 56 with illuminated symbols

EAO, the expert in human machine interfaces, has extended the successful Series 56 range to include pushbutton switches with illuminated symbols. Illuminating the symbols significantly increases usability and helps users to find the door opening switch more easily. The devices comply with the TSI PRM 2008/164/EC directive and are consistent with ADA accessibility designations. The symbols and the outer ring illuminate simultaneously and in the same colour. Materials The materials used meet the high standards of EAO in terms of quality, functional reliability, durability and design. ■■ Lens: Polyamide 12 according to UL94 V0 with aluminium lens cap ■■ Front ring: Cast zinc, matt chrome-plated or thermoplastic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), UL94 V0 in various colours ■■ Connection cable: Halogen-free polyolefin mix, flame-resistant

Typical applications ■■ Public transport – train, bus and toilet doors ■■ Building access – powered doors ■■ Disabled lifts Electrical properties Operating voltage: ■■ 24 VDC ±30% / 110 VDC ±30% ■■ Power consumption: < 50 mA depending on operating voltage ■■ CE comliant Environmental conditions ■■ Temperature –– Storage temperature –45 ºC – + 90 ºC –– Operating temperature –40 ºC – + 80 ºC

Installation The pushbutton with the illuminated symbols features the same dimensions as all other devices in Series 56. ■■ Easy front panel mounting with three mounting screws (supplied) ■■ Rear panel mounting using three studs ■■ Glass installation or panel installation

Protection class ■■ IP67 front / IP65 back

Mechanical properties ■■ Connectors: 4-pole cable with core end sleeves ■■ Wire cross-section 0.5 mm² ■■ Cable length: 200 mm ■■ Contact material: gold plated silver ■■ Mechanical operation rating: 2 Million ■■ Resists shock and vibration ■■ Plug-in connector on request

Symbols and ring illumination Green, Blue or Yellow (analogous to ring illumination)

Symbols ■■ Door open ■■ Door close

Colours of bezels Green, Blue or Yellow

EAO – Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces

Series 56 with illuminated symbols

Technical drawings


Panel mounting, raised 5 max. 1

max. 137 VDC 200 mA

max. 137 VDC 200 mA




LED illumination



13 17.5


3.7 Raised Lens

Panel mounting, flush 3 max.

Mounting Set

Ø 75



Glass mounting, raised Cable cover extendible 5


34 3.7

87 15.7

EAO reserves the right to alter specifications without further notice.



3D product drawings are available in a range of formats to download from our website

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