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The Human Touch EAO - Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces

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The Classic Illuminated Pushbutton Switch


Kurt Loosli

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06


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The Classic Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

More than 60 years ago our family company, EAO, was founded in the spirit of pioneers striving to turn their innovative ideas into world famous products. EAO’s first illuminated pushbutton, a cornerstone of the company’s Since then, EAO has built on this reputation experience of ergonomics and aesthetics, future, combined and flourished to become one of the world’s our advanced technology, our energy and leading businesses in the field of Human enthusiasm - to solve all your HMI problems. design excellence Machine Interfaces (HMI). Our base of satisfied customers now spans five The Human Touch is our corporate and engineering continents. Our range has expanded through philosophy and it is manifest in the quality expertise that set innovation and acquisition to comprise a full and reliability of our people, products and compliment of HMI products, from switches processes. As a worldwide company with the standard for and indicators to keypads, keyboards and a local representatives, we accept nothing less series of customer-designed solutions. than Total Customer Satisfaction. the entire industry. Our customers, and their endusers

This brochure is an insight to EAO’s

worldwide, rely on EAO products for

capabilities, so the next time you think about

applications that are used in a spectrum of

human machine interface solutions, you will

industries including transportation,

think EAO.

machinery, telecommunications, process control, panel building and many others. EAO’s success is the product of a true partnership with our customers. We use

Kurt Loosli. CEO

every resource - our knowledge and

Kurt Loosli

A Vision

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06

EAO has established leading positions in Transportation, Machinery, Process Control and Telecommunications.


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Our customers range from bus, train and aircraft cockpit builders to vending machine suppliers, from internet kiosk manufacturers to production-line equipment suppliers and panel builders. EAO’s innovative products are also used widely in audio, video and broadcast industry applications and in multimedia consumer goods. Our expert knowledge of applications within these markets enables us to work closely and creatively with original

Machinery, Process Control

innovative new products are developed.

Key Markets

Audio Video & Broadcast

From these ‘true partnerships’ many


equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), designers and third-party design houses.


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EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06



Management System

• was founded in Switzerland in 1947

• offers its customers ten EAO Sales

• is certified and managed according


and is privately owned

& Customer Service centres around

to ISO 9001, VDA 6.1, ISO 14001 and

the world

ISO/TS 16949

• has become a world leader in selected markets for Human Machine Interfaces

• has contracted and trained a network of specialist agents and

automotive manufacturers

representatives in 50 countries • is proud to employ over 650 employees across five continents

• guarantees worldwide approvals by • utilises a modern supply chain infrastructure for guaranteeing

• is professionally managed by Audio, Video & Broadcast

• is an approved A-supplier to leading

on-time delivery

the founding family, now in their second generation

• applies state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and France

Key Facts

ENEC, CB, UL/RU, CSA, SEV, German Lloyd, NFF, GOST, CE and e1

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06


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Dante Villabona Our investments in people make the difference

Makiko Tajima

Japan USA


Stanley Ng

The EAO Group crosses almost every time zone and every continent. From Northern Europe to Southern China and Japan, our customers know they can contact us at one of our offices whenever they want to. Andrea Zeltner EAO ist zuverl채ssig und kennt die Bed체rfnisse der Kunden. Weltweit!


Local Support

EAO Headquarters Tannwaldstrasse 88 CH-4601 Olten E-mail Website

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06


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Björn Wennbom Lokal expertis är nyckeln till vår globala framgång

Lynn Tobias Our customers give us the challenge, we give them the solution Barth Bakker Totale klanttevredenheid is onze drijfveer



Netherlands Germany


Andrea Buchsteiner Bei uns erwartet Sie ein ausgezeichneter persönlicher Service

Bernard Seeuws Ervaring in uw applicatie, is de kracht van EAO

David Lemadre Vos produits sont la raison de nos innovations

France Hanspeter Egli Innovative und qualitativ hochtstehende Produkte sind unsere Berufung!

Antonio Giuliani Noi accresceremo la funzionalità e la qualità dei vostri prodotti

Switzerland EAO Factories China France Germany Switzerland

EAO Sales Companies Austria Belgium China France Germany Italy Japan Netherlands Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom USA

EAO Distributors Argentina Australia Belarus Brazil Bulgaria Chile Columbia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland Greece


Hungary Iceland India Iran Israel Italy Kazakhstan Korea Latvia Malaysia Mexico New Zealand

Norway Oman Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa

Spain Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine


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The Core Values

The Products

Pioneering spirit, innovative ideas, quality

EAO was founded to develop and market

and reliability have been the core values

switchgears, high-voltage rectifiers, static

of EAO since 1947, shaping our corporate

converters, transformers and customer

culture and guiding us as we create true

specific control apparatus. In 1958, a

partnerships with customers. These

breakthrough in product design

values are anchored in EAO’s

combined with engineering expertise led

employees, products and business

to the creation of EAO’s first illuminated

processes so that we achieve Total

pushbutton, the Series 02, which set a

Customer Satisfaction.

new standard for the industry.

Series 02

A Brilliant Idea

Series 04 including Flushmount

The Founders. Olten, Switzerland, 1947: Electrical engineers and good friends, Kurt Loosli and René Thalmann, founded Elektro-Apparatebau Olten AG, now EAO Group.

Series 84 E-Stop

Kurt Loosli Snr.

René Thalmann

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06


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It Began with Customer Focus

design and durability in modern Human

The creation of the first illuminated

Machine interface applications.

Series 04 including Flushmount

pushbutton was initiated by a customer, special indicators and control devices for

Excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing

its alarm annunciator units. EAO had the

From the early stages of development,

answer, the now famous Series 02.

EAO has continuously invested in its

a local power supplier, who needed

engineering and manufacturing

Series 84 E-Stop

Progress Through Innovation and Design EAO focussed on developing a range

standards of engineering and

of modular products, and again set a

manufacturing excellence. And because

new benchmark when we introduced a

we produce in high volume, our prices

16mm diameter industrial pushbutton. The

remain competitive. Strong partnerships

design and its aperture size became an

with suppliers and a worldwide sales and

international industry standard - respected

services network have been established to

by customers and copied by competitors.

ensure a fast and uninterrupted flow of

Today, EAO’s products, like our touch-

products from the factory to the customer.

sensitive keyboards, set new standards in

Series 61 - 16mm

capabilities. We build our own automated assembly lines to guarantee our strict


Human Machine Interface Products

The famous EAO standard product

EAO’s product range has developed

range features 8, 16, 22.5 and 30mm

through 55 years of partnering our

illuminated pushbuttons, indicators,

customers to solve all their HMI needs.

rotary switches, keylocks, selector switches, emergency stops and

Every product is built from high-quality

buzzers, a range of toggle switches,

materials by skilled employees and is

plus a broad assortment of PCB-

tested rigorously to the latest

mounted miniature tactile switches.

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Illuminated Pushbuttons

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06

international standards. EAO products are extremely reliable and the most

We have also developed a variety of

cost-effective products relative to

keypads and keyboards using state-of-

service life.

the-art engineering, including touch-

Superior design skills ensure that EAO

customised to specific needs.

products have unparalleled aesthetic qualities that satisfy the demands of

With our customers, EAO jointly

modern industrial ergonomics. As a

develops products with significant

result, EAO has won many industrial

advantages to specific applications,

design awards.

including the market-leading Series 56

Illuminated Keypads

sensitive technologies, which can be

door-opening pushbutton which meets the latest regulations for access by multicolour illuminated switch for audio/video applications.

Mechanical Keyboards

disabled passengers, and the Series 95

Pushbuttons to Customised Solutions

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06

EAO recognises that every customer’s needs are unique.


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toolmakers, electrical and electronics engineers, information scientists,

We have successfully partnered

industrial designers and ergonomics

thousands of customers to develop


integrated ‘Plug and Play’ HMI products which add significant value to their

With dedicated Centres of Excellence

products and applications.

around the world - all experienced teams of engineers - we create expertly

Our customers value EAO’s skill in

designed units for ease of installation,

selecting the best components and

usage and maintenance.

services in terms of cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability.

EAO is THE expert partner in Human Machine Interface solutions.

In our search for a solution, we make use of our network of plastics specialists,

Machinery Control Panels

Transportation Control Panel

Quality & Reliability

Automotive Switches

EAO BR Human Touch_EN 08-04.qxp:EAO Corporate Brochure_UK 06


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EAO – Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces

Q Headquarters: EAO AG Tannwaldstrasse 88 4601 Olten, Switzerland

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