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Series US-501

Thermostats US-501AXRLRS


Dimensional drawings

Electrical rating :

Switching durability Operating temp. range : Differential : PTI Temp. tolerance : Circuit resistance (initial value) : Insulation resistance : Dielectric strength : Them maximum override temp

1). 240VAC 25Amps, Resistive 2). 120VAC FLA 10Amps LRA 60Amps Inductive Load 240VAC FLA 5Amps LRA 30Amps Inductive Load 100,000 times or more 0 to 180°C (32 Degrees F to 356 Degrees F) 10 to 25K (50 Degrees F to 77 Degrees F) 250V 150°C (302F) or less ; Operating temp. ±4°C / Returning temp. ±7°C 151°C (303F) or more; Operating temp. ±5°C / Returning temp. ±8°C 50mΩ or less 100MΩ or more [with a 500 VDC megger] 1,500VAC / 1 minute 235°C (455Degrees F)

*The differential varies slightly with the operating temperature

Model Code US- 501 Cover material and mounting bracket type

Terminal type

Terminal angle

RO : Stainless steel, MO : Stainless steel, RS : Stainless steel, RC : Stainless steel, DO : Stainless steel,

No bracket Movable surface bracket Stationary surface bracket Stationary surface bracket Air stream bracket

L : Brass, Equivalent to Positive Lock Connector 250 series (t0.8) N : Brass, For Screw Fastening (t0.8 : 8-32 / M4X0.7) R : Horizontal T : Vertical C : Bended 45°

Contact type

X : Open on temperature rise Y : Close on temperature rise

Contact material

A : Ag Alloy Contact

Available on request

Bracket type








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