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Dear reader,

The team at Elliott & Thompson is delighted to be sending you a catalogue of our forthcoming titles. In a period of turbulence, we offer a range of new and established historians, memoirists and experts to our booksellers and readers to help illuminate the past, present and future of the times we are living in, as well as bring some light relief. For our history readers, we have Evan Thomas’s Road to Surrender, about the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and Luck of the Draw, a memoir by a Second World War Airforce Bomber. We also have Politics, But Better, by social commentator Tatton Spiller and Reboot, exploring the overwhelming challenges and opportunities we face when interacting with new technologies. In our nature writing list, which includes James Aldred’s Wainwright winner Goshawk Summer, we have The Language of Trees, an outstanding collection edited by Katie Holten, and a new anthology by Waterstones Book of the Month author Nancy Campbell – Nature Tales for Winter Nights

This is just a small portion of our exciting new books publishing from June–December 2023 and we look forward to working with our friends and partners in the UK and around the world to launch these talented authors.

Here are just a few of the positive things that people have been saying about our recent titles:

‘A colourful peek into the world of summits and high-level negotiations’

Luke Harding at the Observer on And Then What? by Catherine Ashton

‘A first-rate collector of linguistic curios’

Lynne Murphy at the TLS on Paul Anthony Jones, Why Is This a Question?

‘This book soars’

Steve Brusatte on Taking Flight by Lev Parikian

‘A masterpiece of historical non-fiction’

Neil Mackay at The Herald on A Village in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd

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Road to Surrender

Evan Thomas

A riveting, immersive account of the agonizing decision to use nuclear weapons against Japan in World War II

Three men were intimately involved with America’s decision to drop the atomic bomb – and Japan’s decision to surrender: Henry Stimson, the American Secretary of War; General Carl “Tooey” Spaatz, head of strategic bombing in the Pacific; and Japanese Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo, the only one in Emperor Hirohito’s Supreme War Council who believed even before the bombs were dropped that Japan should surrender.

This suspenseful, impeccably researched history draws on new access to the diaries of Stimson, Togo and Spaatz to tell their stories, bringing these critical events to vivid life while contemplating the immense weight of their historic decision.

‘An indispensable portrait of power, anxiety, and moral ambiguity.’ Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of And There Was Light

Pub date: 8 June 2023

Price: £20

ISBN: 9781783967292

epub: 9781783967308

Audio: 9781783967339

Genre: Military History, Second World War, Politics

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 234x153 mm

Extent: 336 pages

Rights: UK & Commonwealth

‘A terrifying, heartbreaking account of three men under unimaginable pressure . . . This is history that crackles with journalistic immediacy.’ Nathaniel Philbrick, author of In the Heart of the Sea

Evan Thomas is the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestsellers John Paul Jones, Sea of Thunder, and First: Sandra Day O’Connor. Thomas was a writer, correspondent and editor for thirty-three years at Time and Newsweek, including ten years as Newsweek’s Washington bureau chief. He appears regularly on many TV and radio talk shows. Thomas has taught at Harvard and Princeton.


The Language of Trees

The Language of Trees is a beautifully illustrated love letter to trees, filled with prose, poetry and art from over fifty collaborators, including Ursula K. Le Guin, Robert Macfarlane, Zadie Smith, Radiohead, Elizabeth Kolbert, Amitav Ghosh, Richard Powers, Suzanne Simard, Gaia Vince, Tacita Dean, Plato and Robin Wall Kimmerer.

In this deeply thoughtful collection, artist Katie Holten gifts readers her visual Tree Alphabet and uses it to masterfully translate and illuminate these pieces from some of the world’s most exciting writers and artists, activists and ecologists.

Holten guides us on a journey from prehistoric cave paintings and creation myths to the death of a 3,500-year-old cypress tree, from Tree Clocks in Mongolia and forest fragments in the Amazon to the language of fossil poetry. In doing so, she unearths a new way of seeing the natural beauty that surrounds us and creates an urgent reminder of what could happen if we allow it to slip away.

Pub date: 15 June 2023

Price: £16.99

ISBN: 9781783967483

epub: 9781783967490

Genre: Nature / Gift

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 216x135 mm

Extent: 320 pages

Rights: UK & Commonwealth

Katie Holten is an artist and activist, born in Ireland and living in New York City and Ardee, Ireland. In 2003 she represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale. She has had solo exhibitions at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the New Orleans Museum of Art and Dublin City Gallery. Her work has appeared in the Irish Times, New York Times and frieze. She is a visiting lecturer at the New School of the Anthopocene. If she could be a tree, she would be an Oak.

A stunning international collaboration that reveals how trees make our world, change our minds and rewild our lives

THE The LANGUAGE language OF of TREES T rees

‘A masterpiece. Katie Holten’s tree alphabet is a gift to the printed world.’

‘A visual reminder that, like strong oaks from little acorns, we still can create the world in which we wish to live.’

Kerri ní Dochartaigh

‘An homage to trees in poetry, prose, and art . . . an appealing, celebratory offering with an urgent message.’

Kirkus Reviews



Elaine Kasket

Technology is the mediator and middleman in nearly every relationship we have in modern life: parents and kids, teachers and pupils, romantic partners, employees and bosses, midlife adults and ageing parents, we are constantly making decisions about data and devices that affect not only us, but other people.

In Reboot, psychologist Elaine Kasket disrupts common assumptions and fears about technology’s impact on us. For each phase of your life, she explores how and why you may be pulled into using and thinking about technology in particular ways, even when those ways don’t ultimately serve you or your relationships.

Come away curious about why you use technology the way you do; clear about how those choices are really working out; and with the tools to align your technology use with the kind of life and relationships you want. When you recognise and reclaim the extent of your power, what might become possible?

Pub date: 31 August 2023

Price: £16.99

ISBN: 9781783967568

epub: 9781783967575

Genre: Psychology/Technology

Format: Hardback with jacket

Dimensions: 216x135 mm

Extent: 304 pages

Rights: World English

Elaine Kasket is a psychologist, speaker and writer, and an expert on the modern challenges and opportunities brought about by technology, appearing frequently in the mainstream media as well as on podcasts and at major festivals. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and also serves as an Honorary Professor of Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. She is the author of All the Ghosts in the Machine

A leading psychologist and tech expert shows us how to navigate our digital lives in the 21st century

Politics, But Better

Tatton Spiller

An A–Z guide to rediscovering the heart of our democracy and making the world a better place

Strikes across the country. A prime minister resigning after just forty-four days. Accusations of bullying in the House of Commons. Our politics and our democracy appear to be fundamentally broken. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

Politics, But Better will look at the very fabric of our system and what improvements can be made. Exploring 26 issues in UK politics, from A to Z –including censorship, elections, insults and u-turns –it clearly lays out the problems and challenges we face, and puts forward possible solutions. Looking at a variety of ideas and real-world examples, it will encourage us to rethink the fundamental ways we do things, to question the status quo, and to chart a path towards a more hopeful future.

Respect and understanding are at the heart of this book, promoting open debate, tolerance and compassion as the cornerstones of a reformed political landscape. Politics is about improving the world – and we can do better.

Pub date: 7 September 2023

Price: £14.99

ISBN HB: 9781783967520

epub: 9781783967537

Genre: Politics

Format: Hardback with jacket

Dimensions: 216x135mm mm

Extent: 240 pages

Rights: World English

Tatton Spiller is is the author of The Breakdown and the founder of Simple Politics, the hugely successful project that makes politics clear and interesting. In complex times, people turn to him and his team: they now have over 1 million followers. Tatton does frequent media work on both TV and radio, including BBC Two, Sky News and a regular slot on BBC Radio London. With a background in classroom teaching, journalism and education at the Houses of Parliament, nobody writes about politics with such engaging clarity.


Luck of the Draw

Frank Murphy

The epic true story of an American hero who flew during the Second World War – soon to be a major TV series

On 17 August 1942, American heavy bomber crews of the Eighth Air Force took off for combat in the hostile skies over occupied Europe. The final price was staggering. 4,300 B-17s and B-24s failed to return, nearly 21,000 men were taken prisoner or interned in a neutral country, and a further 17,650 made the ultimate sacrifice.

Luck of the Draw is more than a war story. It’s the incredible, inspiring story of Frank Murphy, one of the few survivors from the 100th Bombardment Group, who cheated death for months in a German POW camp after being shot out of his B-17 Flying Fortress.

‘In the pursuit of authenticity, of accurate history and undeniable courage, no words matter more than, ‘I was there.’ Read Luck of the Draw and the life of Frank Murphy and ponder this: how did those boys do such things?’

Pub date: 5 October 2023

Price: £25

ISBN: 9781783967353

epub: 9781783967360

Audio: 9781783967391

Genre: Military History, Second World War

Format: Hardback with jacket

Dimensions: 234 x153 mm

Extent: 480 pages

Rights: UK & Commonwealth

‘A powerful and poignant memoir of survival in a German POW compound.’

the Air

Frank Murphy survived months in a German POW camp after being shot out of his B-17 Flying Fortress. His bravery earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart and the Air Medal. The incredible stories of Murphy and his 8th Air Force’s 100th Bomb Group will be featured in the upcoming Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks TV series Masters of the Air


Nature Tales for Winter Nights

Nature Tales for Winter Nights is a treasure trove of tales and tellers from across the natural world that puts winter – rural, wild and urban – under the microscope and draws us in close.

From the late days of autumn, through deepest cold, and towards the bright hope of spring, arctic traveller and poet Nancy Campbell brings together a community of familiar names and dazzling new discoveries. Here are Innuit legends, Beth Chatto’s garden and Tove Jansson’s ‘The Iceberg’; artists’ private letters, Anne Frank’s diary and fireside-stories told by indigenous voices. Join the naturalist Linneaus travelling on horseback in Lapland, frost fairs on the Thames and witchhazel harvesting in Connecticut, experience Alpine adventure, polar bird myths and courtship in the snow in classical Japan and Ancient Rome.

A hibernation companion, this book will transport you across time and country, bringing a little magic and wonder to every winter night.

Pub date: 12 October 2023

Price: £16.99

ISBN: 9781783967421

epub: 9781783967438

Genre: Nature Writing / Gift

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 216x135 mm

Extent: 272 pages

Rights: World

Nancy Campbell is a poet and non-fiction writer whose books include Thunderstone, Fifty Words for Snow, a Waterstones Book of the Month, The Library of Ice, Disko Bay and How to Say ‘I Love You’ in Greenlandic. She was appointed Canal Laureate in 2018, writing poems for installation across the UK waterways from London Docklands to the River Severn, and received the Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society in 2020. She is currently Visiting Professor of Literature at the Free University, Berlin.

As winter returns, settle in with this new collection for the festive season

Don’t Stop the Music

Explore the world of music one day at a time in this unique and entertaining almanac of pop history and trivia

Who was born? Who got married? Who died? Who released a single, an album, a film? Who was on TV? Who caused trouble? Who was in concert? Who let the dogs out?

From Haley to Eilish, from Aretha to Lizzo, from KC to K-pop, from Lennon to Legend, Don’t Stop the Music is an eclectic journey through several decades of music history, encompassing pop, rock’n’roll, hip hop, electronica, funk, punk, metal, roots, house, garage, grime and reggae. Some of these events made history at the time; others took longer to be recognised. Together they create an enlightening and witty ride through the world of music.

From familiar history to obscure and revealing nuggets, discover wild and wonderful connections, curious juxtapositions and eccentric coincidences. This is the perfect daily companion for any music fan.

Pub date: 2 November 2023

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781783967162

epub: 9781783967179

Genre: Music / Gift

Format: Hardback with jacket

Dimensions: 216x135 mm

Extent: 288 pages

Rights: World

Justin Lewis has an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music and a deep understanding of what makes it such a passion for so many people. He has been an editor, writer and contributor to various print and online music publications for more than 30 years, including the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and The Rough Guide to Rock Music. He lives in Swansea, in Wales.




The Wheel of the Year

Rebecca Beattie

A nurturing guide to reconnecting with nature’s cycles and seasons

Let Wiccan priestess Rebecca Beattie take you on a magical journey around the Wheel of the Year, from Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain to the Spring Equinox, Midsummer, Autumn Equinox and Yule.

Rooted in an appreciation of the rhythms of the seasons, every six weeks the Wheel of the Year allows us a moment to pause, reflect and look inwards. This book is alive with the ebb and flow of the natural world, helping us to connect with its rejuvenating power and offering rituals to celebrate each seasonal cycle, to live well and thrive.

‘A powerful concoction of poems, spells, incantations and rituals, all wrapped up in a blanket of warm, friendly words.’

‘An enchanting celebration of eight restorative moments in nature’s cycle’

Caught by the River

Pub date: 15 June 2023

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781783967131

epub: 9781783966806

Genre: Personal Development, Nature, Spirituality

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129 mm

Extent: 224 pages

Rights: World

Dr Rebecca Beattie grew up on Dartmoor, which gave her an early appreciation of the power and joys of nature. She has been practising solitary witchcraft for twenty years and been an initiate of the Gardnerian Wiccan tradition for fifteen. A Wiccan priestess, she is acclaimed for her highly informed teaching of witchcraft subjects. By day she is a professional in a major charity, with advanced degrees in Literature and Creative Writing.


A River Runs Through Me

Andrew Douglas-Home

An evocative account of salmon fishing, family, tradition, conservation and the Scottish countryside

Against the shifting moods and seasons of Scotland’s River Tweed, A River Runs Through Me tells the story of a lifelong relationship with one of its most iconic denizens: the Atlantic salmon. Through vivid vignettes and family memories, Andrew Douglas-Home spins a homely yet dryly witty narrative, placing this unique fish and river at its heart.

Woven into the decades, amid youthful adventure and memorable catches, are stories too of one of Scotland’s oldest families – tales of politics, friendship and stewardship of the natural world. This poignant and thoughtful book looks back at age-old practices and traditions but also forward to what we must do to secure the future of the Atlantic salmon and their rivers.

‘An absolute delight’ Tom Fort

‘The perfect fishing companion’ Jeremy Paxman

Pub date: 13 July 2023

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781783967018

epub: 9781783966264

Genre: Memoir / Nature / Fishing

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129 mm

Extent: 288 pages

Rights: World

Andrew Douglas-Home has lived on the banks of the River Tweed for most of his life. He was awarded an OBE in 2012 for his services to fishing and Scottish culture, recognising his long work helping to secure the environment of the Tweed River as well as for the role he played with the Abbotsford Trust in preserving Abbotsford House, the home and legacy of Sir Walter Scott. He was a Tweed Commissioner for over 35 years, acting as Chairman of the River Tweed Commission and Tweed Foundation for eight years between 2004 and 2012. He is, of course, a keen fisherman.


And Then What?

Catherine Ashton

A behind-the-scenes account of global crises from Libya to Iran, revealing how modern-day diplomacy really works

So much of modern-day diplomacy still takes place behind closed doors, away from cameras and prying eyes. So what does this vital role really look like in today’s world?

From 2009 to 2014, Catherine Ashton was the EU’s first High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security. Arriving in Brussels with no significant experience of international diplomacy, she faced the challenge of representing the views and values of twenty-eight nations during one of the most turbulent times in living memory. From Russia’s invasion of Crimea to the Iran nuclear deal, she led the EU’s response, charting a path towards collaboration and stability.

Now for the first time, Ashton takes us behind the scenes to show us what worked and what didn’t, and how it felt to play a part in tackling some of the major international crises of our times.

Pub date: 21 September 2023

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781783967117

epub: 9781783966356

Audio: 9781783967476

Genre: Memoir / Politics

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129 mm

Extent: 288 pages

Rights: World

‘And Then What? is breathless and conversational — and all the more readable for that. But while her tone is down-to-earth, the events that Ashton played a part in were dramatic and often historic.’

Catherine Ashton served as the European Union’s first High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy from 2009 to 2014 and was the first female EU Commissioner for Trade. She is a life peer and former Leader of the House of Lords and served as a UK government minister in the Education and Justice departments.


Why Is This a Question?

A fascinating exploration of the nuts and bolts of human language

Why don’t eleven and twelve end in –teen? The rest of our counting system sits in neatly arithmetical sets of ten, so why do these two rulebreakers seem so at odds with the numbers that follow?

Admittedly, that question might never have occurred to you. But if you’re even remotely interested in the origins and oddities of language, you’re probably now intrigued to know the answer. Nor is it the only question that might now spring to mind. Why do these letters look the way they do? Why are some uppercase and others lowercase? Why are these words in this order? How are you understanding what these seemingly arbitrary shapes and symbols mean? And what even is a question anyway?

Why Is This a Question? is a fascinating and enlightening exploration of linguistic questions you’ve likely never thought to ask.

Pub date: 2 November 2023

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781783967025

epub: 9781783966653

Genre: Language

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129 mm

Extent: 320 pages

Rights: World English

‘As entertaining as it is engrossing . . . this book will delight logophiles everywhere, and create many new ones.’ John

Paul Anthony Jones runs the popular @HaggardHawks, revealing daily word facts to 90,000 engaged followers. His books include: The Cabinet of Calm, Word Drops, The Accidental Dictionary, The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities, as well as several other books on trivia and language. He appears regularly in the media and has contributed to the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries online. He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.


The Future of Geography

Space: the biggest geopolitical story of the twenty-first century

Spy satellites orbiting the moon. Space metals worth billions. People on Mars within our lifetime. This isn’t science fiction. It’s astropolitics. We’re entering a new space race – and it could revolutionise life on Earth.

Space is already central to our economies, communication, military strategy and international relations on Earth. Now, it is the latest arena for human exploration, exploitation – and, possibly, conquest. We’re heading up and out, and we’re taking our power struggles with us, with China, the USA and Russia leading the way.

With all the insight and wit that have made Tim Marshall the UK’s most popular writer on geopolitics, this gripping book shows how we got here and where we’re going, covering greatpower rivalry; technology; commerce; combat in space; and what it all means for us down here on Earth. This is essential reading on power, politics and the future of humanity.

Pub date: 5 October 2023

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781783967247

epub: 9781783966899

Audio: 9781783966868

Genre: Geopolitics, Space

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129 mm

Extent: 304 pages

Rights: World

Tim Marshall is a leading authority on foreign affairs with more than 30 years of reporting experience. He has reported from 40 countries and covered conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Israel. He is the author of the No. 1 Sunday Times bestsellers Prisoners of Geography and The Power of Geography as well as the illustrated edition of Prisoners of Geography, Divided, Worth Dying For and Shadowplay


‘A thoroughly enjoyable, dizzyingly thought-provoking, and technologically plausible ride through the terrain of solar space.’

Everett Dolman, Professor of Comparative Military Studies and Strategy, US Air Force

‘This stirring book shows why astropolitics matters for everyone on Earth –not just the scientists and the dreamers.’

Dr Bleddyn E. Bowen, author of Original Sin and War in Space

‘Astropolitics is a word I never thought would enter my lexicon – but after reading this fascinating book, I’m hooked!’

Dr Becky Smethurst, author of A Brief History of Black Holes

‘A clear and timely introduction to a big twenty-first century story. Marshall captures the excitement, anxiety and strangeness of being at the beginning of a period of major geopolitical change. A fascinating book.’

Helen Gordon, author of Notes from Deep Time

‘If space is our future, this urgent book reveals that we’re in danger of handing it over to warmongers, plutocrats and conquistadors as rapacious as those on Earth. Tim Marshall shows us why we need to look up – fast.’

Tom Burgis, author of Kleptopia

‘Marshall again demonstrates his unique ability to write wonderfully engaging must-read books which reveal startling facts. A gripping and amazing journey.’

Ian Goldin, author of Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years

‘A chilling, insightful exploration of the political and military implications of our presence in space.’

Brian Clegg, author of Final Frontier

9781783966028 £9.99 9781783962433 £9.99 9781783964451 £9.99 9781783963973 £9.99 9781783963034 £9.99
Also by Tim Marshall


Thinking about Christmas already? We’ve got you covered with a selection of books perfect for your 2023 gift guides.


Taking Flight

The awe-inspiring evolutionary story of flight through fourteen species and across millions of years – from pterosaurs to dragonflies, butterflies to bats. Look up and drink in the spectacle of these gravity-defying marvels.

HB 4 May 2023

Nature Tales for Winter Nights

A treasure trove of winter tales from across the natural world –rural, wild and urban. Diaries, letters, poems and stories to take you from late autumn, through deepest winter, and into the earliest evenings of spring. HB 12 Oct 2023

Fifty Words for Snow

In this exquisite exploration, writer and Arctic traveller Nancy Campbell digs deep into the meanings of fifty words for snow. The perfect winter gift. PB 1 Nov 2021


The Future of Geography

The only book you need to understand the new space race; great-power rivalry; technology; economics; war; and what it means for all of us down here on Earth.

HB 27 Apr 2023

The Power of Geography

Delivered with Marshall’s trademark wit and insight, this is a lucid and gripping exploration of the power of geography to shape humanity’s past, present – and future.

PB 1 Oct 2021

And Then What?

From Serbia to Somalia, Libya to Haiti, Catherine Ashton reveals how modern diplomacy really works, and the tools needed to find our way through the many challenges we face today.

HB 2 Feb 2023


Why Is This a Question?

Linguistic phenomenon Paul Anthony Jones explores the origins and oddities of language – the perfect gift for fans of Countdown and Wordle!

PB 2 Nov 2023

Don’t Stop the Music

The ultimate pop-music trivia book that reveals the often surprising connections between Elvis, The Beatles and Jake Bugg.

HB 2 Nov 2023


The Man with Miraculous Hands

The historical biography of Heinrich Himmler’s reluctant physician Dr Felix Kersten is available for the first time in the UK, with a new foreword by Norman Ohler addressing the historical legacy of Kersten’s story.

HB 9 Mar 2023

Dancing for Stalin

The true story of Nina Anisimova, an innocent woman sent to the Gulag in Soviet Russia, and how her passion for dance gave her the will to survive.

PB 16 Mar 2023

A Village in the Third Reich

An extraordinarily intimate portrait of Germany under Hitler, shining a light on the lives of ordinary people living through extraordinary times. PB 6 October 2022

Luck of the Draw

The epic true story of an American hero who flew during the Second World War, soon to be featured in the upcoming Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks TV Series, Masters of the Air.

HB 5 October 2023

The Language of Trees

A beautifully illustrated international collaboration that gathers together the world’s most exciting writers and artists, ecologists and activists to reveal our indelible connection to trees.

HB 15 June 2023

Road to Surrender

A riveting, immersive account of the agonising decision to use nuclear weapons against Japan –a crucial turning point in World War II and geopolitical history.

HB 8 June 2023



£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783962433

Epub: 9781783961429

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ISBN: 9781783965533

Epub: 9781783965540

£8.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783964918

Epub: 9781783964925

£10.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783967414

Epub: 9781783966134

£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966998

Epub: 9781783966585

£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966394

Epub: 9781783965502

£10.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966639

Epub: 9781783966226

£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966332

Epub: 9781783965984

£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966042

Epub: 9781783965311

£9.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783966837

Epub: 9781783962365

£10.99, PB

ISBN: 9781783967124

Epub: 9781783966431

£16.99, HB

ISBN: 9781783966509

Epub: 9781783966516

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